Wednesday, August 5, 2009

xBlog® "Dear Readers...Luv, Dotty"

xBlog® "Dear Readers...Luv, Dotty"

"Dear Readers...Luv, Dotty"

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 05:49 AM PDT

Dear beloved readers,

Yeah, yeah, shaddup already! I knew some of you can't access my site. Screw my webmasters! I've already packed in some C4s. Problem settled now. Clean.

Now, now, where were we? Oh wow, thank you for the overwhelming response! So do you guys (no gals allowed here, keep your dirty hands off my 1Jibby!) here like my pink theme? Oh, my hair! My hair! You all like it? That's 1Thousand quids...the same hairdresser Posh Becks got, ya' know? (Shh...don't tell the taxpayers!)

Well, what should I write in my 1St post? Hmmm...what about this 1Beotch.

This 1Beotch, aitelya! Was playing 1Eye with 1Jibby in the lift! Thinking that this 1Wife is not around! I told her that there is only 1Husband for 1Wife in 1Malaysia! Anyhoos, my docs advised me not to pressure up too much. My 1Body will explode soon, he said. :-( Both of them are already in my 1Guruji list now. Will be cleaned up soon. ;-)

Oopps, my 1Flight to London is up now. Can't blog more. See ya' all soon. Ciao!


Scorching Sibu!

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 05:11 AM PDT

A hazy Jalan Lanang. I snapped it from the roof top of Premier Hotel.

The haze condition at Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah early in the morning.

The air in Sibu has been filled with stinking smell of open-air burning. Coupled with the drought hit, the temperature here has shot up sky-high, making Sibu scorching hot. This has been going on for days and according to DCM Tan Sri Dr. George Chan, the spell of intense heat is likely to drag on for two more months.
See Hua Daily News reported that the API (Air Pollutant Index) reached 166 in Sibu yesterday. This was far above unhealthy level.
The tar smell of the air has been irritating and alarming. Our state of air condition calls for deep concern about our environmental protection.
The school compound of SMK Sg. Merah was bad too.


Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:00 AM PDT

You're rolling your cart down the supermarket aisle, when you bump into (literally), your friend whom you haven't seen in – well, awhile. She asks "Where's your husband?" and you say "Oh, I dunno – probably doing something around the house." Your friend laughs and says "Well, I knew it couldn't last – the two of you doing everything together." And that stings. Because you remember when you and your mate used to do pretty much everything together – from groceries to chores to laundry to workouts. Now it seems you do everything separately, and you don't remember when or how that happened. . .

As you think about it, you realize you spend a lot less time together, and what time you do spend together is all about the "business" of a relationship: what's the schedule, who's picking up the kids when, should we buy this or forego that, did you/he remember to do yet another on that unending list of chores, which in-laws/friends are next on the "must get together" list and so on. The intimacy has diminished in your love-life: not that you love each other any less, but that closeness, that feeling of true connection has faded.

You've complained about the lack of closeness – of course you have! You've complained to your mother, your girlfriends, your co-workers, the kids' pediatrician, your mani-pedi gal, the dry-cleaners, all of whom sympathize greatly. You've complained and nagged about it to your spouse, but all that seems to do is drive him further away.

And there you have it: women complain, men leave.

Oh, they don't necessarily leave physically, but whereas women speak up loudly in relationship about what's wrong, what's bothering them, men respond more often than not by simply leaving. First emotionally, then mentally, lastly physically.

Men are trained by our culture and society not to whine, not to complain, to be stoic and put up with hardship. They bring that attitude into their relationships as well. Which is why a wife is often surprised to find her mate has strayed, she assumed that since he wasn't complaining, all was well.

Not! What to do? Pay as much attention to the connection side of your relationship as you do to the business side. Openly express your appreciation to your mate every day, let him or her know how valuable they are – to you, to your family, to the world – every day. Purposefully join in those activities he enjoys, be that the ballgame on Sunday afternoon, his new interest in golf, or his fascination with that software program. If you can't join in, be supportive – be interested and enthusiastic. Be engaged in his work, show interest in what makes up his daily do, and engage him in yours.

Connection is automatic when we first fall in love, but it must be nurtured if it is to be maintained, and lovingly tended so you grow closer as the years go by, not apart.

Author's Bio
Noelle C. Nelson, Ph.D., is a relationship expert, popular speaker in the U.S. and abroad, and author of nine best-selling books, including her most recent, Your Man is Wonderful ( and Dangerous Relationships. Dr. Nelson focuses on how we can all enjoy happy, fulfilling lives while accomplishing great things in love, at home and at work, as we appreciate ourselves, our world and all those who inhabit it. Visit for more. Check out the Toad to Prince Contest at Deadline for entries is August 31.

How should I help?

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 03:49 AM PDT

After an appointment with the Neurosurgeon, Pei Lee and her father visited this afternoon and shared their concerns with me.

Pei Lee lost a lot of weight. The tumor in her left check has grown and distorted her face further. Her upper body lurch further forward. As Pei Lee walks, her wading hands seem like they are struggling to propel her body ahead. Generally, Pei Lee looks like she is having more difficulty keeping upright.

I also noticed how she needs to get up more slowly from the sitting position. And when she is on her feet, Pei Lee needs to pause about two seconds presumably to regain focus.

Pei Lee said her hands feel like there are electric currents in them. She also said all four limbs of hers started getting weaker two months ago.

The doctor she saw this morning scheduled an MRI of the brain to be done next Wednesday.

Pei Lee asks if I could help highlight her plight and raise funds when they decide to have surgery. I need to think of the best way for doing this. Last time, we set up a new personal savings account under her name and blog readers donated directly to the account. It was just a few thousands that she withdrew and used to pay for some minor medical needs at that time. But she will need to collect a lot more for surgery if it is warranted. Possibly between RM50,000 to RM100,000 if surgery is done at local hospitals. I shouldn't help keep tab of such a huge sum for someone else.

Maybe we could get the press involved and ask the newspaper to set up a fund for her using their own account.

I also have another dilemma. If I want to advocate for Pei Lee and generate publicity for her, I must also understand her situation very well and even find her the best possible course of treatment. Otherwise, I will be asking people to donate for a cause that I, myself, am not confident with. However, I might even have to speak with her doctors because Pei Lee and her dad have difficulty understanding what's going on. But then, I am also afraid of crossing the boundary and doing too much.

Still, to advocate for someone, I feel I must understand the cause very well before I can speak confidently.

For instance, if you look at my own fundraising campaign info, I have established very strong basis for having surgery at House Clinic – because Dr. Lekovic is one of the few surgeons in the world who learned the Contralateral Transcallosal approach from it's inventor. When using this technique to remove my Trigone Meningioma, there is far lesser risk of damaging my right field of vision.

There is, of course, a high cost involved, but I am basically vouching for myself.

Should I do all I can to find Pei Lee the best course of treatment? Or should I let her decide for herself and choose the option that is within her means of obtaining? But if it is left up to her choice, will I sill be able to advocate for her? What can I possibly say to convince? Emphasize on the fact that she's marginalized? That would be unkind.

I hope MMA will not eventually campaign against me for violating their professional relationship with the patient if I have to understand the need for her to have surgery here.

To save us the hassle of getting referred from one doctor to another, we could also send her MRIs to doctors at House Clinic for their evaluation. But if they find that she needs surgery then where should she go?

So many questions!

My love, Ahini

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 02:40 AM PDT

Influenza A(H1N1) or ahini for easier reading, has spread to my campus. Ahhhh, I heard several students are being quarantined and my school has distributed face masks for students. And that students stay in the same hostel building with me. Ahhhhhh!!!!

I hope USMkk will not close, since one more week is mid semester break and I have bunch of works have to finish and many classes have to attend.

Please...please....don't close the school.

p/s: Is it true that A(H1N1) has mutated to H1N3?


Posted: 04 Aug 2009 08:00 PM PDT

The following set of slides was sent to me by Angela. Kindly CLICK THIS LINK to view the slides. I am sorry I had to take it off this blog because the html codes for the file clashed with my rss feed. Thanks and have a nice day.


Posted: 04 Aug 2009 11:00 PM PDT

According to some experts there are only two ways to create in the world: making promises and making requests. Here are the Top 10 Ways to make those requests powerful ones.

1. Make them.

Making requests is a major source of power and some people need to start by simply making them. Make requests and make them direct ones. We often make indirect requests by communicating a need and "hoping" that the unspoken request will be heard and honored. Making explicit requests brings these "shoulds" out into the open.

2. Make sure that there's an effective listener - that the request is being heard.

Some people have a more conscious relationship to giving their word than others. Do what needs to be done to make sure that you have a conscious and effective listener to your requests. Otherwise, you could be counting on someone to honor a request that they didn't even really hear.

3. Be specific in exactly what is being asked for.

Get clear about what you need and then eliminate any room for interpretation in getting those needs met. Don't, for example, request "support in going back to school". Make the exact requests that are needed.

"I'm requesting that you take over both fixing dinner - and doing the kids' homework with them - on weeknights so that I can use that time to study."

Otherwise, you're left open to either getting "support" that doesn't actually support you, or getting "support" that you don't even recognize as support and left feeling like the request was never honored.

4. Make sure that there is agreement on the time frame.

This is not only necessary to include as part of a request for it to empower both you and the person accepting the request, it's a powerful way to avoid upsets. Even the simplest of requests like "Would you please take out the trash?" can lead to frustration and upset if there isn't an explicit agreement on the time frame.

Don't make assumptions.

Instead, "Would you please stop what you're doing and take out the trash now?"

5. Get a response.

There are three possible responses to a request: yes, no, and a counteroffer. We're all human beings and we're often tempted to say nothing at all rather than have to say "no". Getting a response makes sure that you're not assuming a "yes" when it's simply an unspoken "no". Also, without a clear cut "yes", there is no commitment being made and much of the real power has been drained out of the request.

"No" is a perfectly legitimate response to a request. If you don't think so, then you're not making requests; you're making demands or taking hostages.

Powerful requests often take some negotiating, and counteroffers are a powerful way to bring people to the "table".

When you're the one being asked to accept a request, get clear on what you would be agreeing to and be willing to say "no".

6. Make requests for something that wasn't going to happen anyway.

Making requests is an underutilized art form. The kinds of requests people often make are requests for something that was going to happen anyway. Mastering this aspect of requests is like building a muscle and it takes discipline and commitment to develop.

7. Be willing to be responsible for it no matter how it turns out.

Making a request and evoking a commitment to honor it doesn't mean we're done. Powerful requests need to be managed. Being willing to be responsible for it all means that we stay connected to what is being created by our request. Powerful requests may need to be renegotiated to ensure that everyone continues to be set up to win.

Powerful requests also need to be managed with accountability. When we don't hold people accountable for their commitment to honor our requests we send a message that will undermine any commitments they make to us in the future.

Being willing to be responsible for it all gives us the freedom we need to learn all of the lessons that that are available to us from our effectiveness, or our lack of it, at making powerful requests and at managing them.

8. Be powerful.

Be straight, risky, and clean in your communication and open the door wide to simply taking what you get as a response. Take the risk of hearing a "no".

9. Be inspiring.

Make powerful requests that inspire cooperation.

10. Be unreasonable.

Be unreasonable in your expectations of yourself and others far beyond what you think they are capable of. Also be unreasonable in your expectations of others' willingness to support you.

Make unreasonable requests! It's the only way to get unreasonable amounts of support.

Author's Bio
Tracy Phaup is the founder and President of the Tracy Phaup Group, a consulting group specializing in custom consulting services for Internet marketers, Professional Bloggers, and Infopreneurs. Affectionately known as the Social Media Marketing Maven, her specialty is relationship marketing. Share her expertise in developing relationships that rock!

Snapshot - Erra & Aleesya on SuriaFM

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 01:29 AM PDT

Want to do a promo a bit lah can yah...think i'd take it easy with this posting since the last 2 very hot fans of erra don't forget tmrw am at 7:30 my 2 ladies will be on air with our breakfast crew Tuah n Zizi (sum of u may take this the wrong way but hey trust me its juz for fun k besides my people have been pushing this idea to me for ages so lets chill n loosen abit la k)...You can also watch them live on Suria tv thru our website during the know the frequencies in ur bronx and our website juz click on the suria link on BML...

BTW...Sum donkey (sori to call u donkey, donkey...but pretending to be sum1 u r not is juz not nice ok) is running a facebook under my name without my knowledge...sum more take pics frm BML n upload them there (i hvnt seen it coz nak bukak facebook pun wa tak tau camne blogging is rocket science to me already)...i was alerted by sum1 of this juz last if any of my riders know how to trace n stop the donkey or better still know the donkey pls enlighten me k...

Nak update BML pun susah let alone have a facebook...

Forced break.

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 09:47 PM PDT

I am very sorry to those who wrote comments to my last post because I could not answer their comments. You see, on Monday, I was admitted into the GH Penang for a minor stroke.

The doctor and even Doc, Tokasid told me that it was a warning and that I should be more careful with what I consume and also inhale.

Anyway, yesterday evening I was discharged

I'll be taking a few days break from writing but I would still be reading blogs thoughl. I just need to rest a bit.

So to my visitors, sorry if there aren't any new postings this 1 week or so. You take care and don't do what I wouldn't do.


Posted: 04 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

Why an article on accountability? While hardly a new topic, the concept is widely maligned, misunderstood, or missed completely. Until we are willing to live our lives from an accountable perspective, there are always excuses as to why we can't, why our lives don't work, and why we should not even try.

Let's start at the beginning. The 3 basic levels of accountability are, briefly:

1) Accountability for our feelings: I do not have choice regarding all the events in my life but I always have choice in how I respond to those events.

2) Accountability for our feelings, choices and lessons: I co-create the experiences in my life. I choose not to waste precious energy blaming myself or anyone else. I honestly examine all of MY choices that co-create the experiences in my life and I choose to learn valuable lessons from everything I experience.

3) Spiritual accountability for everything: This level of accountability is best framed by the statement, "I chose my parents and I will choose the time, place and method of my death." The implications are many but simply put, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The experiences we co-create here on earth have some purpose or lesson for us, both at a human and spiritual level. It is our job while we are here to discover that purpose, learn and evolve.

Accountability is a massive concept; however there are some foundational ideas that assist in its integration:

1) Accountability is not "right", it is simply a way of viewing our lives and experiences that helps us to let go of the past and move forward in life.

2) Accountability is an internal experience; no one can make you accountable

3) Accountability is the foundation of freedom and personal power

In defining accountability it is sometimes easier to start with what accountability is NOT, as our society is very invested in the model of blame. If something is "wrong" then there must be someone to blame; someone or something is responsible. Accountability is NOT SELF BLAME. Too many people believe that being accountable is being responsible and most have the experience of blame attached to being responsible.

The first and most important step in understanding and applying accountability is accepting the concept there is NO BLAME. This idea, while it sounds simple, is really quite radical, and doesn't fit within belief systems held by most.

If the concept of no blame is difficult for you, simply ask yourself this question, "What if there is no one to blame?" How would that impact your life? How could it assist you and free up your energy? Would this idea support you to forgive yourself and others? Simply releasing the energy of blame can transform your life.

Become conscious of where in your life you blame others and you blame yourself. If possible, let go of the blame and see how it feels.

A concept that allowed me to stop blaming is: We all have made the best possible choices we knew how to make when those choices were made, with the information we had at the time. (Information means our entire development as human beings, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually).

The truth is, for most people, this is exceptionally difficult to accept. We have been hard wired to blame and there must be someone or something at fault. If we begin to release this idea, we can let go of the emotional energy and weight of blame in our lives. What we are aiming for is the experience of truly accepting what is.

Regardless of how much we feel blame may be justified in a given circumstance, a more important question is, "Is it your wisest choice to consume your precious life energy blaming yourself or others?"

If we choose to blame, we project our life experiences outside of ourselves where we have no power, or internally where we diminish and demean ourselves. From either of these positions we cannot learn or move forward in life. We can only stay stuck.

Next, ask the question, "What is my life lesson in this experience?" Only after answering this question can we really move forward to the power of accountability. The key to ongoing empowerment and personal evolution is interpreting and applying the lessons in our lives.

Practice answering the question "What choices did I make to co-create this experience in my life?" Answer the question in areas of your life where things are going great and areas where things are not terrific. There are significant lessons in both circumstances.

Now the most important aspect of truly being accountable is the application of the lesson(s). Accountability has become a much more commonly used term over the past 15 years. Many people now profess to be accountable and, even more entertaining, to taking accountability. I always wonder, taking it from where? The grounding of taking accountability is usually still related to the weight of responsibility and blame, yet the results in their lives never seem to shift.

Here is the measure of true accountability. Our results in life change because we apply the lessons of our life. It is a simple and powerful measure. If our results do not change, we have not learned the lessons and keep recreating similar experiences over and over again.

If we choose to accept (and apply) the concept of accountability, then no matter the circumstance, we can choose to accept, learn and grow, regardless of how challenging it may be.

The final component of accountability is the capacity to attach meaning and significance to the events in our lives in a manner that supports us to move forward, evolve and more consciously engage in our lives.

Author's Bio
Jay Fiset is a powerful speaker, a risk-taker, and a leader who reaches his goals by assisting others to achieve theirs. He has over 20,000 hours experience conducting personal development seminars. His company, Personal Best Seminars, is a leading seminar company that provides workshops promoting self awareness and stimulating personal growth. Jay enjoys living life to the fullest. He continually challenges himself and expands his comfort zone by participating in such activities as bungee jumping, sky diving, and fire walking.

His interests include television and video production, restoring vintage sports cars, running, Macintosh computers, real estate investing and learning new technology.

He is committed to personal development, conscious parenting, lifelong learining, the end of extreme poverty, community contribution and discovery.

Contact Birthdays On Google Calenders

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Im horrible at remembering birthdays and it often gets me into more trouble than i like! But there is a get out of jail card now!! Google has recently added a birthday field in Google Contacts and many people asked for an integration with Google Calendar. Creating a birthday calendar shouldn't be very difficult For some [...]

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Raja Nong Chik and His RM 200 Million Estimate

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 03:13 PM PDT

200 million ringgit is not a small figure. Figuratively, that's RM 200,000,000.00. How can a gathering of 20,000 people simply roaming the roads of KL cost the government RM 10,000 per person?? In perspective, at the lowest point of the economic downturn, we only had 19 billion ringgit in foreign reserves, so a simple gathering of folks in KL has just cost the government 1% of its foreign reserves. Meaning, if the Opposition just organized 100 rallies with 20,000 people on average, our foreign reserves would've been drained, and our economy would have crumbled.


So if I decide to walk in KL for one day holding a banner up and yelling, the government is going to spend RM 10,000 ringgit to curb me? Wow, no wonder our country has not got it right till today!That being said, I am truly disappointed with the value the government got for the RM 10,000 per person. As I was in a few rallies before this (I more or less missed this one-left halfway , date with someone) I've had my bit of tear gas and chemical water la (for those belum kena tear gas is like rubbing wasabi and soy sauce in your face, and the water cannon water is like a mild jellyfish sting- as long doesn't splash into your eyes)


I  barely got splashed twice the last time, and had nearly no police contact whatsoever (except for one Sarjan who shouted 'Pergi Belakang' and that also was directed at a hyper PKR guy next to me) so if that is all I'm getting for RM 10,000 I would be happy to lodge a MACC report on behalf of YB Raja Nong Chik; with the following arguments


1)      -The water sprinkled on protesters was cheap pipe water laced with chemicals, not truckloads of Perrier water laced with lime , SK2 Miracle Signs Uplifter Water laced with ylang ylang extracts, or better still Coca Cola laced with Jack Daniels (or the other way around). Plus, if they source the water from Selangor, the Selangor Government actually subsidizes water, though I am sure their intention is not for the subsidized water be used to spray on their own people.

2)      -The officers knocking on protesters heads with batons were mostly graduates from a local vocational academy, not PHD holders who charge RM 1,000 per hour.

3)     - Police batons are made with wood, metal and plastics, not bronze, silver and gold.

4)      -There was no lunch provided (even YB Teresa's '2 biji telur and kari' would be better than nothing.

5)      -The police band did not play songs to entertain the protesters.

6)      -No balloons, party favours, pit girls or DJ.




For the price he ended up paying, YB Raja Nong Chik should at least be getting the following


7)      -Protesters ushered in by kompang playing men in blue

8)     - The police band, police rempit squad a.k.a stunt bikers doing some 360 degree flips and interesting and creative formations

9)     - A very, very good morning coffee, lunch, hi tea, dinner and supper for protesters by Ritz Carlton, served by Russian acrobats riding unicycles balancing an elephant on their backs. Menu should at least include caviar, lobsters, abalone, an albino tiger, a blue cow and at least one roasted flightless bird nearing extinction.

10)  -An MJ tribute concert to serenade protesters

11)  -Police motorcade escort for each and every protestor home to their house, a complimentary ride in a water cannon truck, and sightseeing in KL in a FRU Black Maria.

12)  -A pair of Police sunglasses given free after it all, plus two complimentary 'Get-Out-Of-Jail-In-Case-I-Get-Arrested' passes and one free for life 'Gimme-A-Lawyer-Its-My-God-Damned-Right' card


Then OK la, 10K is still a bit pricey, but all the above, hey, I'd be happy to cash in my time deposits!



After all, 20,000 is not such a large crowd (of course I am going by MSM estimates, as they are always true :P)  St Anne's Feast has a bigger crowd than this, and the church in BM certainly spends far less than 200 million ringgit (mainly because we use holy water to sprinkle on people, it only has a little bit of salt in it, and no chemicals. On this note, the Church would like to thank BN for subsidizing salt and water.)


Even Thaipusam in Batu Caves, where 1 million Hindus converge, does not use 200 million ringgit a year on crowd control. Sure, the incense smoke hurts the eyes a little but I can live with it. I have the following suggestions instead for the Federal Government to use the 200 million purportedly spent on peaceful protesters –



  • Save Kg Buah Pala
  • Save Paya Wetlands
  • Save Putrajaya and Cyberjaya
  • Save the MRR2
  • Save the Corridors
  • Save PKFZ
  • Save the Crooked Bridge
  • Save the MATRADE Building and finally
  • Save your Souls from Eternal Damnation.





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A Death That Must Not Be In Vain

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 03:11 PM PDT

My heart stopped for more than a beat when I received the bad news yesterday. I had hoped it was a joke in bad taste, and was extremely disappointed when it turned out to be true.


I did not know the late Teoh Beng Hock very well, just the occasional hello and nods when we cross paths whenever I would visit my friend Danny or when I have forms etc to pass to Danny or YB Ronnie in the SUK. I also shared an apartment with him in a Penang trip some time back when Pakatan just took over Selangor.


Even in the few contacts I had with him, he always struck me as lively and animated. Seeing his lifeless body's photo must have been poignant for whomever who knew him. It was about 4pm when I got the SMS. My friend Danny, who works in the office next to Teoh did not know about it when I called him, neither did my friend Adrian, who coincidentally works in Plaza Masalam, only a few floors above the scene of the incident. According the press conference, they found his body at 1.30; yet no one noticed. His co-workers were unaware, neither were those in the same building. A little fishy, isn't it? All it takes is a car accident to drive most workers of a building to a window. We are after all, curious Malaysians.


There are a string of issues surrounding this death. First is the unnatural speed in which the MACC is conducting this investigating this allegation. From some of the people I spoke to, friends of mine who have been interrogated for the same case, the MACC seems hellbent on insisting many activities conducted are not 'Mesra Rakyat'


What is 'Mesra Rakyat?' People friendly. As long as people benefit, than what the fuck is your problem? Its only 5,000 ringgit la. What about the billions, maybe trillions of ringgit squandered by mysterious people? PKFZ? What about the various disproportionate spending vs. known income of so many BN people? Or the questionable allocations of hundreds of thousands of contracts in so many places? Or the volumes of encyclopedias worth of reports made by so many Opposition leaders from the time of the Seenivasagam brothers right up to the time of  Lim Kit Siang?


Its almost as though you have someone you are eager to please. You know how prostitutes feel compelled to give you a good time, after taking your money?


Or how dogs vigorously wag their tails when they see their owners, well aware of the fact that their owners feed them?


I go to Plaza Masalam pretty often, and if you look up from the floors, you see balconies of the floors below. It does not look as though you'd die jumping down if you know what I mean (not like when you look down most skyscrapers)


Why would a careered young person who is going to get married tomorrow commit suicide? Why did it take so long to move the body? Why did they assign a tiga paku investigating officer? Too many questions with too few answers.


Too all people from BN with a heart, ask yourselves, what would have happened if it was an UMNO Youth Leader who died up there?


The deceased was a to-be husband, a son, a cousin, a brother, and a nephew. His death deprived many people of many things. What is the value of one human life? And how many more must die?


We can add this to the string of accolades the Malaysian government has collected in their stride towards democracy ala Gestapo.


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Response to Taming Sari

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 03:10 PM PDT

My response to a self-bastardizing post by a certain blogger


Taming Sari is the name of the legendary kris belonging to the great warrior Hang Tuah. Hang Tuah was reputed to be a hero, one brave enough to face off mighty Jebat in a battle which is rather unbelievable, if you read the story (Hikayat Hang Tuah) either the Malay version (where Hang Tuah is the hero) or the Indonesian version (where Jebat is the hero).


Points of controversy aside, Tuah was someone with guts, who does not hide behind a mask or a pseudonym. Tuah did not hide behind his grandmother and throw poison darts at Jebat. Neither would he have the face to put up a half baked blog with articles and pieces that has as much literary value as a caveman's wall scribbling, or the artistic markings on a used piece of toilet paper.


If Tuah were alive, I have no doubt with commanding articulacy, and may even have mastered Chinese, Tamil, and most definitely English, so as to stand eye to eye with Rambo, Wong Fei Hung and other heroes produced by a global world. Its an utter disgrace therefore, that a bumbling, pathetic excuse for a blogger would have the tenacity to use the name of Hang Tuah's sacred weapon as the name of that person's blog, and definitely with poorly copied graphics and lamely stitched-togather HTML. As an IT person,I know my own blog is not exactly Pulitzer material, hence the name "Daily Dread". Should I have named my blog "Glamdring"(from LOTR) or "Excalibur" (From Arthur) or "As-You-Will-Golden-Banded-Cudgel" (From Sun Ng Hong) it would definitely be of a much higher standard. Unlike some I know.


Enough about talking about a certain blog's apparently below average IT knowledge and poor taste in HCI theory. And obvious thick racist agenda plastered in every corner of his blog, oozing as much hatred as a godless Nazi. But this post is not about Taming Sari.


Let's talk about this another person instead. Let's call this person Damning Sorry. Damning Sorry the Bastard. Damning Sorry is not the same person as Taming Sari, because Damning Sorry is a true blue bastard.




Because only a bastard would resort to speak ill of a dead person. Only a bastard and would resort to politically exploit a victim's death. A victim of a grossly unfair 'justice' system that bastard help put in place. Only a cheap, lowlife motherfucking bastard does this things. Now I am not saying the earlier blogger I mentioned in this post did it, I am just saying whoever did it, is really a bastard who deserves to burn in hell.


With blind worship and lack of ambition in life, only bastards born of an aged, herpes infected, dermatologically challenged prostitute would spew forth-foul lies in the hope of gaining cheap political mileage. That's like running a home NGV canister when everyone else is running RON97. It may get you somewhere, but eventually it will blow up with that same bastard behind the wheel. And you know what the bastard's liege lords will abandon that bastard then.


But then again, what can such bastards do? Because this bastard has probably been tasked by his liege lords to do their bidding, to spin, spin and spin some more to swing the angry masses  back to their fold. Well, I have a few tips for such bastards. Stop trying. This is the age of information. Meaning as soon as the results are out, before the police finds the experts, locksmiths, building engineers, ex policemen, forensic specialists, lawyers and other people with knowledge matter on the subject would, within seconds connect on, read it, give their expert opinion and be viewed by the world. Which means the world as we know it, is getting smarter and smaller. Only some bastards rely on news from officially sanctioned party mouthpieces ,and thus, probably is forever stuck in Jahilliyah.


Sebelum saya dicerca sebagai rakyat import atau pendatang atau lebih dashyat dari itu dituduh komunis Cina, penoreh getah India, atau penjajah Portugis, eloklah saya menulis sedikit dalam Bahasa Malaysia.


Jika saudara-saudari secara kebetulan singgah di laman blog saya dan terbaca artikel ini saya minta saudara-saudari membaca artikel di atas dalam konteks. Bukanlah tujuan saya menghina keperibadian si blogger Taming Sari. Tujuan saya hanyalah mengetengahkan sikap acuh tak acuh sesetengah makhluk bergelar manusia yang sedikitpun tidak sedih melihat seorang lagi manusia kehilangan nyawa, malah turut menjadikan kematian tragic itu sebagai modal politik dengan cerita dongeng yang hanya dapat melipatgandakan kesedihan keluarga dan sahabat mangsa.Manusia bangsat seperti ini harus dikasi, direjam dan mayatnya layak dijadikan makanan anjing.


Cuma dikhuatiri, anjing sekalipun sanggup kelaparan dari mendekati binatang tersebut.








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super duper highly seditious but…

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 10:17 AM PDT

no action will be taken of course since it is umno controlled. what's worst, it will continue on and on being seditious and racial.

i'm talking about the latest article in utusan malaysia.

read it for yourself. i'm too tired to talk about it. too angry. so is this najib's 1malaysia? 1MALAYsia??

read also about PR condemning racist utusan and tony pua's 'utusan kills 1malaysia.

Truly for Malaysia?

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 02:24 AM PDT

Only they are not racist? This is not the first times to read this kind of news articles being published in so-called MSM, yet, no firm action be taken. If other langague newspaper do so, what happen next? They do provoking hate feeling, don't they?

'Malays, don't be cowards': Utusan strikes again
Aug 4, 09 2:51pm

"What the Chinese, Indians and PAS want now is greater political and administrative powers. Not justice and democracy.

"In view of this, the Malay political power held by Umno since independence must be destroyed. This can be achieved when PAS and Anwar Ibrahim support DAP."

The above is an excerpt from the latest article published by the Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia - which is no stranger to controversy - that ruffled many feathers. The comment piece penned by Noor Azam appeared on page 10 of the broadsheet today under the heading 'Melayu jangan jadi bacul' (Malays, don't be cowards).

Among others, the author also pointed out how some quarters were fanning racist issues to create 'anger and hatred' among the people towards whatever authority that lies in the hands of the Malays.

Disgusting? YES, MageP's Lab tells you more.

Malaysia is built by herself? If not every single Malaysian contribute their blood and sweat to build this nation for last few decades, she will stands? These poeple are blind or deaf? I leave it to you to think. Proof them you have an educated, wise and cool brain. 1Malaysia?

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At Chennai

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 08:18 PM PDT

The world That I see

Today, I too am a minority by Nadeem F. Paracha

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 07:51 AM PDT

A riot is when an agitated group or mass of people clash with the police, or with another mass of agitated men and women. It is not a riot when an agitated group of people attack the homes and lives of men, women and children who are not as well armed as the attacking group, or whose best defense in this respect is to flee the scene. So why is the Pakistani media referring to the recent attack by Muslims on the Christian community in the Gojra area as 'communal riots?'

They were not riots, but an attack. An assault by an arrogant majority on a low-lying minority.

Even though the media did well to cover the episode in which Gojra's Christian community – their homes, churches and lives – were brutally attacked by mad mobs of self-righteous Muslims, it was frustrating to note that the Punjab government had more than enough information about the attacks before the actual incident took place to nip the frontline miscreants of the attack in the bud. But its officials in the area did absolutely nothing.

Sounding apologetic, the Punjab government retaliated by blaming the attacks on sectarian organizations, which, might very well be the case, especially in the event of the rising number of sectarian organisations that have proliferated in the Punjab province ever since the mid 1980s – especially with the formation of the militant Aunjuman Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (ASSP) in Jhang in 1986.

Mind you, rural and semi-rural Punjab has been the scene of similar attacks on Christians in the past as well. And the reasons given by the attackers have remained the same: blasphemy against the Muslim Prophet committed by Christians and the supposed desecration of the Qu'ran.

On a number of occasions it has been proven that the attacks in the past were nothing more than a case of a certain areas' influential landowners using the areas' mullahs to whip up hatred against Christian individuals who had homes or shops or ownership of a piece of land that the landowners were interested in getting. In spite of this, a number of Christians have languished in jails under the controversial blasphemy laws that were first enforced by the Zia-ul-Haq dictatorship. Laws that have become a scrooge for the minority communities of Pakistan and a boon for mischievous and psychopathic Muslim landlords and their mullah allies.

The Punjab government has blamed the Gojra incident on a few local Islamist leaders and clerics who had arrived in Gojra not long ago. It is believed by the province's government that whipping up communal violence is yet another tactic being used by shady sectarian organisations to continue destabilising the province.

Like I said, all this is more than likely to be true, but the more important question is, even if the instigators of the violence were clerics and sectarian organisations and their band of thugs, how would one explain the participation of the common Muslims of Gojra in the attack who were neither paid thugs nor members of the accused sectarian organisation?

When one Imran Aslam, a cleric and alleged leader of a Sunni sectarian organisation started to use the area's mosques to give vent to the rumours that certain members of the Christian community had insulted the Qu'ran, his thugs were at once joined by young Muslim men whose families had otherwise lived in harmony besides their Christian counterparts for decades in the city.

The same is the case during communal violence in India. Paid thugs and storm-troopers of fundamentalist Hindu groups are usually joined by hoards of common Hindus whose hatred towards the Muslims has more to do with poisoned religious delusions rather than the political and economic reasons and agendas that their more wily Hindu fundamentalist leaders and thugs harbor.

In Pakistan as well, the sectarian organisations, clerics and their thugs who've been directly involved in attacks on the Shia and Christian minorities in the Punjab, have interests and stakes that are usually tied to political reasons or are related to land disputes or personal enmities. On the other hand, it is a highly distorted and hate-mongering version of what constitutes as being Islam in semi-rural or rural Punjab that drives and dictates the madness of the rampaging Muslim mob that ends up becoming the spontaneous army of blood-thirsty foot soldiers of these organisations.

Observers believe that attacks such as the one that took place in Gojra were entirely uncommon in the Punjab till about the early 1980s.

It is when the state of Pakistan under a Machiavellian-Islamist dictatorship started to infiltrate and 'convert' Pakistan's non-puritanical and largely pluralistic 'mazaar culture' – of which a majority of Pakistanis were associated with – that many Pakistanis started to shift their religious orientation towards the more puritanical and myopic strains of the religion.

This the state did to radicalise young Pakistani men in its blind and self-centered pursuit to continue offering fighting men to the many mujahideen groups stationed in Peshawar and fighting a CIA-ISI-Saudi-funded 'jihad' against the Soviet forces occupying Afghanistan.

Much has been written and said about the political, economic and social price Pakistan has had to pay for its involvement in the Afghan civil war - from the proliferation of what became to be known as the 'Kalashnikov culture,' to a two-fold rise in vicious sectarian violence, to 'Talibanisation' and all the way to demonically developing a hate-prone and anarchic psyche that has engulfed the hearts and minds of many young Pakistanis; even those who have little or nothing to do with militant organisations, but can become a direct part of mobs such as the one that attacked the Christian men, women and children in Gojra.

Disturbed and angered by the episode, I made the effort to join a group of Christians who were holding a protest rally against the attack outside the Karachi Press Club. It was sad to note that there were only a dozen or so Muslims who were part of that rally. A journalist colleague of mine was surprised to see me there. He asked me what I was doing at a 'Christian rally?'

'I hate majorities,' I said, spontaneously. 'Especially if these majorities claim theri majority-ism on the basis of the supposed superiority of their collective religion and, more so, at the expense of the land's minority.'

'In that case,' said my colleague, 'today I too am a minority.' Blog, Dawn Nadeem F. Paracha is a cultural critic and senior columnist for Dawn Newspaper and

We know that this is spin in a Paki Paper

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 07:37 AM PDT

A mob of Muslim men take part in a violent protest against Christians on the street in Gojra. — Reuters . This is an editorial, all wishful thinking to do right for the minorities-edit

The frenzied mob that hit a Christian settlement near Gojra on two consecutive days last week proves how easy it is to lose all sense of reason. Masked young men, egged on by religious leaders and actively supported by locals angry over the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran by some members of the Christian community, performed a veritable dance of death in the neighbourhood. They torched houses, smashed businesses and brought routine life to a screeching halt through their seemingly unstoppable violence — until seven Christians were burnt alive and the Rangers called in. On both days the entire area around the targeted settlement was the site of arson, interspersed with stone-throwing, baton-wielding and gunfire.

It is not for the first time that an alleged act of blasphemy has triggered such brutal aggression. Nor, sadly, will it be the last if bigoted mindsets persist. Only weeks ago, Christian houses in Kasur were burnt down because the majority community there was able to allege blasphemy to exact retribution in an otherwise purely secular feud. Yet it seems little is changing to avoid the repetition of such incidents. In fact, while Gojra burnt the local administration made only half-hearted efforts to douse the fires. That is why the Christians there insisted on senior officials being booked for murder as a precondition to ending their protests. They, after all, had a duty to protect citizens no matter what their religion. Are we not supposed to be a democratic society that treats all its members, regardless of faith, equitably?

Unfortunately, the fact that we have blasphemy laws suggests that we are not. These laws have become a ticket in the hands of the majority to persecute and victimise the minority communities if they don't easily submit to their inferior status in society. In not being blind to the faith of each individual, the state is supporting bias and bigotry against non-Muslims. The narrow-minded who spew venom through their sermons against religious minorities are only the loudest and most abominable symbols of such discrimination and their growing following is an unmistakable sign of the frightening future that we are heading towards. A state held hostage by its own bigots cannot guarantee protection for religious minorities in its jurisdiction. For that to happen, the state will have to ensure that all forms of religious discrimination, including faith-based laws that victimise even innocent civilians, are done away with. Dawn

ICG 09

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 09:17 AM PDT

He he he. Ok, for those who doesn't know what is this ICG stuffs, just click here. It's short-form for Inter Campus Gathering. It's a big gathering for Catholic university/college students all around peninsular campuses (USM,UM,UPM,UKM....etc).

This year will be organized by Melaka-Johor Coordinating Council (MJCC) in Johor. I'm not ICG publicity. But, what I'm trying to say here, I WON THE ICG TSHIRT DESIGN COMPETITION! My design is chosen for the official ICG t-shirt. Ha ha ha ha ha. I'm too happy because I thought I had no change to win this since my design is very simple and plain.

I think maybe there's no other participants send their entries, so they have to choose mine. Huhu.

Sorry, I can't reveal my design here since ICG09 organizer want to keep it as a secret for the time being and only will present it during the day of ICG. Plus, my blog is read by quite a number of other Catholic students that will be joining this camp. It will not be a surprise anymore if I expose the design here, right? He he he. Sorry, people!

p/s: Where is Plentong, Johor? Anyone care to tell me?

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