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Posted: 07 Aug 2009 12:18 AM PDT

As you grow older, do you find that it is more and more difficult to remember where you placed your car keys or your glasses or worse still - where you parked your car? Years ago, I remember reading an article about how our brain starts to shrink every ten years once we reach thirty years of age. Lately, I have become more and more forgetful.

Someone sent me the link to this fantastic memory test.

This test will determine if you're getting enough sleep or if your mind has really lost it! The test consists of three parts:

You'll be shown 12 photos in the FIRST PART.

You'll be shown another 12 photos in the SECOND PART.

You'll be shown 48 photos in the THIRD PART and you will be asked if you saw them in the first part, the second part - or never saw them at all.

When you have finished the third part, your results will be given to you.


For those of you who are baby boomers, perhaps you might want to enjoy DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER ME by The Bee Gees while doing this test.

Please leave a comment and do share your results if you like ;-). Thanks! Have a lovely weekend, dear reader.


Posted: 07 Aug 2009 03:00 AM PDT

We know how you feel! Starting over is really difficult when it comes to love and marriage. Getting a divorce, breaking up, or losing the one you love due to their death can be overwhelmingly painful.

The simple truth is this – you entered into your loving relationship with another person expecting it to last forever. But all acts of love are, we are afraid to say, not everlasting.

As the old song goes, "Breaking up is hard to do" – whether that breakup is due to death or falling out of love – the pain is still not minimized. It is hard to start over. It is downright challenging to find true love again.

For nearly three decades, we have studied successful love and relationships. We know what makes love and relationships work. But the truth is, sometimes relationships – started with the best of intentions – don't work. And sometimes, and regrettably so, the one you love dies.

If you are faced with finding new love, we have discovered some simple truths that will help you make the appropriate transition to new love. If you pay close and particular attention to the following recipe for finding love again, you will be well on your way in your pursuit of new love.

1. Get healthy -- mentally and physically. Take time to heal and stabilize. You can't make appropriate decisions "off-balance" or in an unhealthy state. Get well first! You will be much better served. The best decisions in life come when you are healthy. Believe us when we say this!

2. Understand, you cannot find love on the rebound. Don't get in a hurry to find your next love. Doing so will only lead to disaster and disillusionment. You think you are in love with your "rebound love," but your love is not a lasting love. Be patient.

3. Recognize that your next love will come along when you find someone who shares your interests. You need to develop your interests -- be it kayaking, camping out, going to your place of worship for social events, going dancing, or whatever. You need to find your comfort zone -- a place where you can find happiness. You are much more likely to attract a potential mate if you go to places where the likelihood exists that there are others there who share your interests.

4. Enjoy what you have! If you have beautiful children, good health, and friends and family who love you unconditionally, you already have more than most people have in this world. Always keep in mind this simple notion -- being loved by your children and your family is the greatest gift of all. Don't ever take their love for granted!

5. Count your blessings! In the end, remember this – it should be your life's goal to be loved by people that matter, by people that support you, by people who believe that you are worthy, and by people who stand by you through thick and thin. In the end, these are the things that matter. These are the things that will make you happy for a lifetime. Take stock of the things in your life that really matter and then focus on your blessings.

6. The best things in life come your way when you least expect them -- when you are content to let nature take its course. The "butterfly of life" has this simple lesson -- if you find yourself in a meadow and there are butterflies all around, always remember, if you grab at the butterfly, it will fly away. If you just sit under a tall Oak Tree and enjoy all the love the butterfly brings, it will gently land on your shoulder. Don't try so hard to find love. Be patient and it will come your way.

7. Always judge people you are interested in by their actions and not by their words. Words don't matter -- only actions! You can learn a lot about a person by observing them. The simple truth is, most people are what they are -- and you can't change them -- you can't fix them. Pervasive characteristics – those recurring patterns of thought and behavior that guide actions – do matter. The litmus test of love is always about actions and behaviors -- not words! These are among the most important lessons of life.

We hope that you find the new love you want and that you find him or her soon. Having companionship is one of the most cherished gifts of life and love. Never forget these simple lessons for finding love again.

Good luck in finding love again. Love well.

Enjoy receiving our new hardback book Simple Things Matter in Love and Marriage at no cost with the purchase of our hardback book Golden Anniversaries: The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage through special publishers' closeout of hardback versions.

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

Authors of Golden Anniversaries: The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage
Winner of the INDIE Book Awards GOLD Medal for Best Relationship Book
Winner of the 2009 Mom's Choice Awards GOLD Medal for Most Outstanding Relationships and Marriage Book
2009 Nautilus Book Awards Winner for Relationships

Oh, and by the way, enjoy our next book, Building A Love That Lasts, due out in January 2010 from Jossey-Bass/Wiley!

Author's Bio
Want to know the secrets of a successful marriage? Want to know if you are truly in love? What to keep the passion alive in challenging times? Now you can order the Doctors' multiple award winning marriage book, and receive their new book, Simple Things Matter in Love and Marriage at no cost. Learn from the Doctors' thousands of interviews with happily married couples, representing 15,000 years of marriage. Their book exposes the secrets for success through these poignant, real life stories.

Affectionately dubbed "the marriage doctors" by their clients, fans, and workshop participants, Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz know that simple things matter in relationships. They understand what makes relationships work because they have conducted three decades of research on successful marriages, as well as sharing personal experience drawn from their own 43-year marriage.

During their distinguished careers the Doctors have received some 65 local, state, and national awards; published nearly 350 articles and manuscripts; delivered over 1000 speeches, workshops and public presentations; traveled throughout the world; and appeared on radio and television and in the print media. Dr. Charles D. Schmitz is Dean and Professor of Family and Counseling Therapy at the University of Missouri in St. Louis and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz is President of Successful Marriage Reflections, LLC.

Jerebu Vs H1N1

Posted: 07 Aug 2009 02:13 AM PDT

Gambar teruknya jerebu yg aku rakamkan tadi, kabus tebal..

Dari sudut jauh.

Bila jerebu ni, cahaya matahari pun takda panas sangat, redup je..

Salam to all & good day,
Hari sesak nafas betul dengan kerja yg cukup bertimbun kat opis tu, naik semak atas meja aku dengan kertas-kertas yg bermacam segala yg nak kene follow up, kerja betul2 dah macam kerbau balau kat sini, penat, sakit hati mcm2 ada, ntah kenapa le kalau kerja time shift pagi ni mcm hampeh betul, penat segala benda dari segi otak dan fizikal, maklum le aku ni kecil dan comel, jalan sikit je dah mula mengah, nasib badan dah dikurniakan dengan kesihatan yg cukup baik sehingga hari ni, masih mampu menaip dan masih mampu untuk berblog lagi, kalau tak sunyi sepi blog ni jawapnya.

Kat kilang ni pun tak terlepas dengan cerita pasal H1N1 & Jerebu, mcm2 benda menimpa negara kita sekarang ni, adakah ini satu musibah atau sekadar dugaan bagi umatnya di seluruh tanahair kita untuk menguji sejauh ana kesabaran dan musibah diri kita sendiri, tak cukup dengan H1N1, timbul pula dengan masalah jerebu, cukup pedih mata ni, tekak kering sampai batuk-batuk dibuatnya, sakit tekak tak boleh cakap, asyik kehausan je, nak minum air je kejenya, sebab tekak kalau sakit memang tak selesa, selera makan pun dh tertutup, takut juga kalau boleh jadi demam, ramai yg mula demam kat kilang ni, bila demam je, klinik tolak ke hospital besar, diorg suruh dok sana check lebih details, so bebudak kat kilang ni semua bila demam je sikit, terus medical leave.

Ramai betul yg tak datang, line prod boleh effect macam ni kalau kurang man power, tapi apa yg boleh kita lakukan adalah langkah2 pencegahan diperingkat awalan, itu yg lebih baik sebenarnya, kat kilang ni masuk kilang kene periksa suhu badan, dan ada pula yg siap pakai face mask, takut udara jerebu dan jangkitan kuman dari org yg kita tak pasti taraf kesihatanya, itu langkah bijak sebenarnya manusia macam tu, takut kerana nak sihat, bukan berani kerana kita tak takut, tu yg harus kita semua ambil iktibar, mencegah itu lebih baik dari mengubati.

Kita harus bersama-sama mulai sekarang ni mengambil langkah-langkah berhati-hati, jangan anggap diri kita ni sihat setiasa, kita ni manusia biasa, jgn taksub dengan diri sendiri, sebab org yg cakap besar sebenarnya, org tu biasanya akan terkena, bersyukurlah dengan kesihatan yg setiasa baik buat masa ni, kalau kita mampu teruskan kerjasama semua pihak untuk mencegak virus H1N1 ni, semalam aku ke bandar pun, ramai org yg dok jalan dikaki lima pun dah mula pakai mask, tapi takut pula bila org dh pakai mask ni, diorg ambil kesempatan, sebab bila dah pakai topeng muka ni, muka org dh tak kenal, so jenayah mungkin boleh berlaku, muka tak nampak, so senang le nak buat kerja.

Manusia ni selalunya akan ambil kesempatan dan kesempitan manusia lain, so kalau org mcm tu, hukumannya kalau terkena penyakit ni, baru diorg boleh sedar, tapi harap-harap takde le org yg akan buat perkara terkutuk tu, tengah-tengah org berhati-hati dan takut terkena virus ni, ada pula mcm tu, tak mau lah ok, kita rakyat malaysia, bertamadun dan merdeka, kalau nak jadi pailang mcm tu, bukan dibumi malaysia la, korg pergi dok dalam hutan tu tidur dengan binatang, sebab akal tu dh tak mcm manusia, kesiankan.

Untuk semua manusia yg ada kat malaysia ni, aku sarankan korg keluar lah rumah bila perlu, jgn ambil risiko terdedah kepada perudaraan yg tak sihat kat luar tu, dengan virus dan jerebu yg teruk sekarang ni, aku anggapkan kita lebih baik dok kat rumah dari keluar berpeleseran kat luar, kalau perlu gak keluar jgn lupa pakai mask korg tu, kalau takde pergi hospital dan minta kat sana, kalau tak pergi farmasi pergi beli satu, murah je la, baru rm1 sekeping, keluar rumah tu tutup muka dan jaga kesihatan selalu.

New Tamil Tiger Leader Arrested In Thailand or Malaysia?

Posted: 07 Aug 2009 01:02 AM PDT

UPDATE: Selvarasa Pathmanathan was arrested in Malaysia.

Now we have 2 different statment by The Star and Bernama, so which one is true?


Bernama August 07


The Star August 7

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Malaysia Boleh! Yes, we can!

Posted: 07 Aug 2009 02:00 AM PDT

What issue? "There is no issue. Once we meet up by the end of the week, there will be no issue."What 1Malaysia? 3Pakatan Rakyat is better!Closed door squabbling is the way to go. Enough with the public outbursts. We can mend all of our clumsy ways based on our (only) common ground, the common hatred towards a common enemy.Street Demonstrations are healthy. Voicing out our grievances via demos

jika BN berani sila Beri peluang untuk pendemonstrasi jalanan bersuara!

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 11:13 PM PDT

Is there any other means of business to show their dislike to the BN monarch? None could be better than street protest.

They already know that street demonstrations only bring chaos when the government's dogs came crashing.

But they still love it. They are addicted to it. It's their choice of drug. 

Well, how can you deny them their right to their drug of choice. You approved pusat serenti for drug addicts? You spent million of our money just to shelter these people who just want to have fun. 

On the other hand, the street protestors are not there for fun. They want to parade their unity. They want to prove a point to the government. They wanted to change the government or they wanted the government to change itself.
Although their way might not be the best, it is the only way they have. The only amunition in their arsenal. They wanted to stop the country from demolition by the BN. It is what their thought is and was. No malice!

Currently, the BN monarch is barking mad. Telling the protestor to stop tarnishing the country image. The protestor must stop because it is not helping the economy. Hawkers are mad, because FRU and some dogs had ruin their stalls!
Wait a minute! Who ruin their stall again?
Aaaaah... FRU! It's not them protestors. It's the damned government arm! 

Again, and again, the government is ruining everybody lives.

My million dollars worth of thought here are, the government should try to protect everybody including the protestor, the FRU and their dogs, and of course the public at large and the hawkers. 

If they don't want to ruin the hawkers business, then let the protestors be. These people will bring in money to the stall owner. Every now and then these people will get hungry and thirsty. Where else would they go. Of course they'll go to the hawkers at bay. 

When you fire your tear gas into the public, you hurt everybody! Don't fire the tear gas and nobody will get panicked. The public will be orderly and serene.

Let the protestor be protestor. Let them send their memorandum.

Will the memorandum have any effect? Of course not!
BN controlled the Kings since merdeka day and beyond that.

So what was the fuss around the protestors and their demo?
Another BN ploy to scare the people from joining the Pakatan Rakyat.

I say to the government. Stop tarnishing the country image by showing the ugly side of the FRU to the world. 

You choosed to care for the drug addicts, so you better care for them protestors too!
Oiii! The protestors are Maalaysiiaaaan, same status quo as those drug addicts you protects in those cozy serentis.

You said the protestors are paid. So, what's your problem. Payment aren't made using your belanjawan negara! With the money they have, they could spend, and the economy will flourish. When the economy flourished, every citizen will be happy!

What do these protestors need?
Not much actually! Just a plain football field or padang polo. Some PA system. And of course, some thousands volunteers to listen and applaud and make noises.

It is a thousand times cheaper than caring for those drug addicts in Serentis all over the country.

I say, next time, please provide the permit and place for these protestor. Let the protestor have their choice of drug. Designate an area for them to protest peacefully and everybody will be happy!

Dr M: Demo bukan pilihan jika ada cara lain...
Ogos 7, 09 12:57pm
Demokrasi mengizinkan demonstrasi, tetapi apabila cara lain terbuka luas, demonstrasi tidak sepatutnya menjadi pilihan, kata Mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

"Demokrasi mengizinkan demonstrasi. Sama ada demokrasi menguntungkan pengamal bergantung kepada pengamal. Jika pengamal tidak faham cara mengguna demokrasi, kebaikan dan keuntungan tidak akan tercapai," tulis Dr Mahathir dalam blognya hari ini.

Budaya demonstrasi, menurut Dr Mahathitr, adalah datang dari luar. 

"Memang dalam keadaan terlalu tersepit dan tidak ada cara lain untuk memperjuangkan sesuatu, demonstrasi jalan terpaksa diadakan. 

"Demikian semasa melawan Malayan Union, orang Melayu berdemonstrasi. Tetapi apabila cara lain terbuka luas demonstrasi tidak sepatutnya menjadi pilihan," tulisnya lagi.

Menurutnya, ini kerana yang menjadi mangsa bukan kerajaan sahaja.

"Yang jadi mangsa ialah peniaga, terutama peniaga kecil yang kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Bagi mereka ini demonstrasi adalah mala petaka yang lebih buruk daripada hujan lebat. 

"Barangan jualan terutama makanan sudah disiap dan tidak boleh disimpan. Kerugian sehari tidak dapat ditampung dengan keuntungan 10 hari atau lebih," tulisnya. 

'Pelabur jadi curiga'

Menurut Dr Mahathir lagi, peniaga lain juga akan tanggung kerugian. 

"Tetapi kerugian yang terbesar ialah pembangunan negara untuk rakyat. Kita sedar bahawa pembangunan negara membawa banyak nikmat kepada seluruh rakyat. 

"Banding sahaja pendapatan per kapita sebelum Malaysia dibangun dengan selepas kemajuan dicapai," tambahnya.

Menurutnya lagi, apabila demonstrasi jalanan diadakan, pelabur sama ada tempatan atau asing akan curiga untuk melabur. 

Bloggin From Sports Industry Convention 2009

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 11:05 PM PDT

I am now at Starbucks Berjaya Times Square taking a lunch break from the Sports Industry Convention 2009, KISMAS 09.

I was trying to live blog from the hall but my Maxis Broadband let me down. I was unable to run my coveritlive panel. This is my first experience to cover an event live. Quite difficult because of internet connection and there's no power outlet around. So have to come down to Starbucks and blog while charging the battery at the same time.

This blogging and charging my netbook battery costs me RM 12.10 which also come with a small glass of blended blackberry juice.

To read what the PM said in his opening speech go HERE.


Posted: 06 Aug 2009 08:00 PM PDT

One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared and asked, "My dear, why are you crying?" The seamstress replied that her thimble had fallen into the water and that she needed it to help her husband in making a living for their family.. The Lord dipped His hand into the water and pulled up a golden thimble set with sapphires.

"Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked..
The seamstress replied, "No."
The Lord again dipped into the river. He held out a golden thimble studded with rubies.

"Is this your thimble?" the Lord asked.
Again, the seamstress replied, "No."
The Lord reached down again and came up with a leather thimble.

"Is this your thimble ?" the Lord asked.
The seamstress replied, "Yes." The Lord was pleased with the woman's honesty and gave her all three thimbles to keep, and the seamstress went home happy.

Some years later, the seamstress was walking with her husband along the riverbank, and her husband fell into the river and disappeared under the water. When she cried out, the Lord again appeared and asked her, "Why are you crying?"

"Oh Lord, my husband has fallen into the river!"

The Lord went down into the water and came up with George Clooney. "Is this your husband?" the Lord asked.

George Clooney Pictures, Images and Photos

"Yes," cried the seamstress.

The Lord was furious. "You lied! That is an untruth!"

The seamstress replied, "Oh, forgive me, my Lord. It is a misunderstanding. You see, if I had said 'no' to George Clooney, you would have come up with Brad Pitt.

brad pitt Pictures, Images and Photos

Then if I said 'no' to him, you would have come up with my husband. Had I then said 'yes,' you would have given me all three. Lord, I'm not in the best of health and would not be able to take care of all three husbands, so THAT'S why I said 'yes' to George Clooney. And so the Lord let her keep him.

The moral of this story is:

Whenever a woman lies, it's for a good and honorable reason, and in the best interest of others. That's our story, and we're sticking to it



A husband wakes up at home with a huge hangover. He forces himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins and a glass of water on the side table. He sits down and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed. He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotless, clean. So is the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table.

'Honey, breakfast is on the table, I left early to go grocery shopping. Love You!'

Totally shocked with the note, he goes to the kitchen andsure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper.

His son is also at the table, eating. He asks, 'Son, what happened last night?'

His son says, 'Well, you came home around 3 a.m. drunk and delirious. You broke some crockery, puked in the hall, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door'.

Confused, the man asks, 'So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me? I should expect a big quarrel with her!'

His son replies, 'Oh, that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your clothes n shoes off, you said,



Self-induced hangover - $ 400.00
Broken crockery - $ 800.00
Breakfast - $ 10.00
Saying the Right Thing While Drunk – 'PRICELESS '



A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed.

He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair. While tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck. Then gets up and goes into the bathroom.

While he's in there, the husband tells his wife, 'Listen, this guy's an escaped convict! Look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist. Don't complain. Do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong. Honey, I love you.'

To which the wife responds, 'He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering
in my ear. He told me he was gay. He thought you were cute and asked
if we had any Vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey,
I love you too!!'


Proof that Men Have Better Friends

Friendship among Women

A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house. The man called his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it.

Friendship among Men

A man didn't come home one night.The next morning he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend's house. The woman called her husband's 10 best friends.. Seven confirmed that he had slept over, and three said he was still there...

Have a nice day!!

Indonesian Reggae Star Mbah Surip Dies Aged 60

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 09:08 PM PDT

Mbah Surip

Renowned Indonesian reggae singer Mbah Surip died at Pusdikkes Hospital in East Jakarta on Tuesday. He was 60 years old.

Surip rose to fame with the hit song "Tak Gendong" ("I Will Carry You On My Back"). The song also added at least Rp 4 billion ($400,000) to his bank account.

Mbah Surip died at 10.30 a.m on the way to Pusdikkes Hospital in East Jakarta, according to Tarzan, a close friend of Surip. He was taken to the hospital from a house belonging to Mamiek Prakoso, a comedian from Srimulat.

Metro TV reported that witnesses saw Surip's mouth was foaming when he reached the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. He was known to be addicted to coffee and was a chain smoker. The media is still awaiting confirmation from the deceased's family.

Surip was a street artist almost all of his life.

Mbah Surip was recognizable by his braided hair and hearty laugh. His signature greeting was "I love you full," which he would say over and over to everyone he met.

"I love singing and I don't mind doing it non-stop, once I sang for 60 hours with only a little sleep, but I'm happy," Surip once said in an interview with SCTV.

Surip will be buried at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Bengkel Teater Cemetery in Citayam, Depok, West Java.

Bro Rick Says....
Kesemua lagu-lagu beliau yg berentak reggae agak unik dari segi susunan muziknya, ada boleh seacrh di Youtube untuk mendengar lagu nyanyian beliau.....

It's A Special Day, Today..

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 09:34 PM PDT

It's currently 12:34:56 p.m on the 7 of August 09.

If you combine the numbers together, it'll form 123456789

It only happens once in a lifetime

"No one will ever be alone in this world. There are always someone out there who would be with you without you realizing it"

Paula Abdul Quits Idol?

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Twitter is now mainstream? Well, i do think its looks like that now ha! American Idol judge Paula Abdul has announced on her twitter page that she will not be returning to the franchise which brought her back to the limelight! The first announcement came on the 4th of Aug : With sadness in my heart, I've [...]

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Paula Abdul Quits Idol?


Posted: 06 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

"When you see through the eyes of the soul, life becomes a richly sensual experience and an extraordinarily exquisite dream...Dance when you are broken. Dance if you have torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you are perfectly free." Rumi.
I love everything Rumi. But the reason why I quote the above is because of the first part of the first sentence; "When you see through the eyes of the soul….." To me, a lot of life's work is about the struggle to shed the outer shell, the form, the ego, and arrive at a place where we see only from the 'eyes of the soul.'

It is our carefully constructed 'personality', and our perception of who we are and how we define ourselves through our outward allegiances and alliances that keep us distracted from an inner universal spirit. These outer shells and layers are what make us less than we are capable of being. Our make up is our break up. And it is our own undoing.

We create our own prisons. The people we attract- friends and companions, the events that unfold in our lives, our marriages, divorces, our affiliations; everything is designed to learn from, but not to keep dwelling on. I believe the desire to be with one's own stillness and look from the eyes of the soul (and not the ego) exists within each one of us. And it waits for us to break our behavioral constructs so that it may be allowed its nascence.

And we begin to realize how everything that surrounds us, that we have gathered and carefully selected to define ourselves is taking the shape of shackles. Hand-cuffs we have lovingly wrought with misery and misconceptions of ourselves. So that we may safely stay imprisoned in the business of complaining and fighting our shallow selves and thereby keep feeding the bottom less ego. A cycle perpetuated by ignorance and fed with blindness. All this so we can stay safe in the familiar misery as opposed to drawing on the courage within to 'break on through to the other side' as Jim Morrison sang so powerfully; to where the unfamiliar resides. The only side where Truth exists, the rest then seems all noise.

And then we start to seek that place beyond the body, the impressions, the self imposed limitations where the sages and the saints speak of a limitless universe. Resplendent with jewels of simplicity and openness and love. In that realm of spirit, there is no he, she or me. There is only the vast, expansive Knowing. That silent Presence. That calming elixir.

We should try as often as we can to draw on that courage within to sit in the company of our spirit, and look through the eyes of the soul, it is the struggle I choose to be involved in. As I try to stop defining myself by my own impressions of who I am. I have begun to realize that we are not just our limbs, so then why do we use them to tie ourselves down? We are free floating, expansive spirit. We are the breath of the Eternal. Everything else we have fashioned is our own trickery, our game to keep us tripping over and fooled. Our thoughts, our patterns and our behaviors are all traps we have placed for ourselves to sabotage our own spiritual growth. So that we continue to stagnate in this illusionary world.

written by Tania Kazi

Kasut Atas Kepala

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 08:39 PM PDT

Holy Kerbau? Whenever Tun M says something to point out the true situation ......every Tom, Dick(yeah u dickhead!) and the occasional Harry starts to pull out the RACE card....

Sudah dua minggu lebih gua tunggu someone to do the thankless job to provide some dollars and cents to Tun's argument.........and by that I mean statistical data with some referential integrity....or at least boleh pakai

why ban the sale of alcohol…

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 11:07 AM PDT

… when it should be ban the purchase of alcohol by muslim instead!!!

uh oh sorry, i'm being silly. muslim already not allowed to drink alcohol, so of course they will not buy alcohol.

so? then why ban the sale of alcohol?

if they (muslim) know it is 'haram' to drink alcohol, so of course they shouldn't be buying alcohol. then, in that case, what's the problem if alcohol are on sale?

oh no. don't tell me… is PAS (or whoever calling for the ban) telling us that they don't trust their own fellow muslim, that they might not have strong will power to resist alcohol because of it being on sale?

reminds me of the issue of the herald, the catholic weekly using the 'allah' word.  those muslim group who oppose the use were saying the word 'allah' used in a christian publication might CONFUSE muslim, especially the young muslim. they have so little faith in their own kind, see.

yes, why ban the sale of alcohol when there are others who don't feel it is wrong to drink it? hey, my church say it is wrong to use condom… so am i and all my fellow christians going to ask for a ban on the sale of condom? or rather will my church leaders ask for the ban? certainly not! we will just NOT buy the condoms though they are on sale. and if there are those who did buy it secretly, they have themselves to answer to god.

same logic applies to the sale of alcohol.

so, why want to ban the sale of alcohol?

They are not any better

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 12:05 PM PDT

Here's a scene I managed to catch on one of the foodie shows produced by our little neighbour down south;

Three ladies -one's pregnant- just had scrumptious desserts and was on their way out when the pregnant lady reminded her friends to NOT assist her descending some flight of steps because get this, in her own words, "I'm not a handicapped, mind you!"

I always hear good things about Singapore. From OKUs perspective in particular, the country's disabled community are well taken care of and a subject of envy to most of their counterparts in the region.

But that statement above proves no matter how advanced the disabled have progressed, general perception still stigmatises people with physical shortcoming. Its simply like, you're a cripple on wheelchair, so even if you're as healthy as an ox from the public eye you're sick and in constant need of a help.

That's a familiar story happening in our own backyard by the way.

Its not always we get to take a swipe at our southern neighbours because admittedly, they are superior to us in many ways.

But while I'm at it, let's kick on the gash and further damage their dented ego.

Their national football team sucks!

Hell YES. Sucks as in, appalling. If there's any other accurate term to describe it, its MACC.

The 5-0 drubbing by an English club side some weeks back suggested the national team are in dire need of a total revamp. Sure they can argue it was the mighty (under-strength) Liverpool they were up against but if it is news to them, our young Tigers did fairly well against a full-strength English champs!

Yes, it feels good to have a go at them, especially to be backed with facts and not just emotion alone.

Finally after a long while it reinforces my belief they are not any better than us in some ways.

Now I wonder what will happen if the two national sides take it to the field. I definitely have some good feelings about it.

Ban on alcohol sales in Muslim-majority areas, is depriving easy access to the those minorities who love their pints

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 07:32 AM PDT

There are always excuses that the Non Muslims will not be affected. Affected they will be, as they would have to drive, walk or cycle further away to get their daily pints. It incurs extra cost, extra risks, especially so with the current crime trend. Getting drunk is usually done at night, until the wee hours of the morning. Selangor PAS commissioner Hasan Ali appears to have sparked discontentment by proposing to ban the sales of alcohol in Muslim majority areas. Can he actually define what are the areas?

It is always the minorities who are on the receiving end. There are personal laws that forbid Muslims from purchasing alcohol. Thus enforcement should be against Muslim wrongdoers and not against retailers. Not against the believers of other faiths. Later it will come to the way we dress and so forth. Remember, not too long ago. The police ordered non-Muslim policewomen to wear Muslim headscarves for their annual parade, something that many non-Muslims felt set a worrying precedent.

Many other infringements violated the rights of believers of other faiths in Malaysia. Well that is a start, to slowly infringe on the rights of the believers of other religions. Our constitution is a secular constitution. Well, others have the right to disagree with this. Before you realise it, Pas (the other side) will surely in cahoots with UMNO, try to impose their beliefs on all Malaysians regardless of religion. Why not they just ban the Muslims from drinking, alcohol?

Haris Ibrahim says, "And the Camel cigarette ad where you had a cowboy, looking weary from a long walk, enter the drugstore, buy a packet of Camels and then turn to the camera and say 'I'd walk a mile for a Camel'? What's the rationale of this proposed ban? To stop Muslims in those affected areas from consuming alcohol? That wouldn't make much sense because, just like the affected non-Muslims, the Muslims in the areas in question too who fancy a beer, or a bottle of wine or any stronger stuff, like the non- Muslim in that same area or that weary cowboy in the ad, could just travel outside the affected area and buy whatever tickles their fancy.

Or is Hassan being a naughty boy and trying to stir up problems again for the Pakatan state government? Wasn't Hassan the one offered the MBship of the state when UMNO and some in PAS, Hassan included, were committing khalwat just after the March 8th GE, meeting secretly to plot an unholy marriage of convenience to thwart the then imminent Pakatan state government being formed?

Finally, how would this work? If implemented, would the state government put up signages to declare that "You are now entering a booze-free area" and "You have just left a booze-free area"Hassan doesn't wear a turban, right? Wonder then why he's displaying signs of deprivation of oxygen to the brain? Hassan, how's about just getting on with the job that the rakyat pay you to do, and leave God's business to God?

Look at what is happening to Great Britain, shariah is slowly creeping in, deliberately imposing Islamic values on the believers of other religions, where the cultural heritage of the majority is Christianity. Here is a take on what the British are currently experiencing. Those of us who argue against Shariah are sometimes asked why Islamic law poses a problem when modern Western societies long ago accommodated Halakha, or Jewish law. In fact, this was one of the main talking points of those who argued that Shariah should become an accepted part of dispute resolution in Ontario in 2005. The answer is easy: a fundamental difference separates the two. Islam is a missionizing religion, Judaism is not. Islamists aspire to apply Islamic law to everyone, while observant Jews seek only to live by Jewish law themselves. Two very recent examples from the United Kingdom demonstrate the innate imperialism of Islamic law.

The first concerns Queens Care Centre, an old-age home and day-care provider for the elderly in the coal town of Maltby, 40 miles east of Manchester. At present, according to the Daily Telegraph, not one of its 37 staff or 40 residents is Muslim. Although the home's management asserts a respect for its residents' "religious and cultural beliefs," QCC's owner since 1994, Zulfikar Ali Khan, on his own decided this year to switch the home's meat purchases to a halal butcher.

His stealthy decision meant pensioners at QCC could no longer eat their bacon and eggs, bangers and mash, ham sandwiches, bacon sandwiches, pork pies, bacon butties, or sausage rolls. The switch prompted widespread anger. The relative of one resident called it "a disgrace. The old people who are in the home and in their final years deserve better. … [I]t's shocking that they should be deprived of the food they like on the whim of this man." A staff member opined that it's "quite wrong that someone should impose their religious and cultural beliefs on others like this."

Queried about his decision, Khan, lamely replied he ordered halal meat for the sake of (nonexistent) Muslim staff. Then he backtracked: "We will be ordering all types of meat" and went so far as to agree that religious beliefs should not be imposed on others. His retreat did not convince one former QCC staffer, who suspected that Khan "intended to serve only halal meat at the home but has had to think again because of the row."

A second example of imposing Shariah on non-Muslims comes from southwest England. The Avon and Somerset police force patrols the cities of Bristol and Bath as well as surrounding areas has just issued hijabs to female officers. The hijabs, distributed at the initiative of two Muslim groups and costing £13 apiece, come complete with the constabulary's emblem. Continued here.....

We're Still The Cheapest In South East Asia, What!

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 08:10 AM PDT

I'm not really a TV person but I do have certain shows that I simply cannot miss such as CSI, CSI: New York, Numbers, Las Vegas, The Beast and the occasional movie or sporting event. To enjoy all these shows I subscribe to our local and only satellite TV station called Astro.

Well, watching shows on Astro is going to get a lot more expensive from next month onwards. Wifey was surfing a little while ago and came across this article about Astro charging its subscribers another RM12.00 a month for the sports channels. This has come as a real surprise for me cos there really was no mention about it anywhere.

Gee, forking out an additional RM12.00 a month for sports is kinda of a big deal, especially in times like these. It's not like they're not making money as it is. Practically everyone, well almost everyone are subscribing to them already so why the additional charge and why so sudden?

I don't know, maybe I've been living under a coconut shell and may have missed their announcements about the increase in subscription fees or something. But I think it's ridiculous. It's not like they're all that good anyway. Anyone with an Astro subscription will know how 'good' their service is when it rains and it doesn't even have to rain in your area to experience bad reception.

And what really irks me is the fact that they keep using the same old 'we're still the cheapest rate in South East Asia' nonsense. This 'still the cheapest in SEA' is getting pretty stale already. I mean, come on people, think up of some other sillier excuse la. It's not just Astro, even the bloody government uses the same crappy justification. Anytime they increase something, they'll always say we should be so lucky cos 'we're still the cheapest in SEA'.

I don't give two hoots if we're the cheapest in the world, all I care about is that I'm going to have to fork out more money and I don't even utilize the sports channels all that much, maybe the occasional football match or F1 race. I don't see myself subscribing to the sports channel as of this month. I don't think I'm going to be able to afford the increase. And besides I could always get my sports results live online anyway. As far as I'm concerned they've lost my subscription to the sports channel.

In hard times like these you'd expect things to not increase in cost but it's the other way around. The public transportation just took a 30% or was that 50% increase? Then there's news that the electricity tariffs are going to be going up again even though they just had a tariff increase and yes, you guess it, 'we still have the cheapest electricity tariff in SEA region' nonsense was given.

I think I should be looking for exit signs and just leave this planet, maybe stow away of that Spiff fellows rocket ship to planet Zork or something. If things keep going up at the rate it's going, I'll soon be needing a bank loan just to pay for my electricity bills! Oh, but wait, we're still the cheapest in the South East Asian region ... yippee, hooray, woohoo and all that!

Morning Jogs and Dogs

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 06:52 AM PDT

Went for a jog this morning as usual.It was darker as I left at 4.55 as opposed to 5.30 as usual (I had a morning appointment in KL). As one of the street lights were out, I did not see this black dog and accidentally kicked it.And the bugger yelped, surprised, followed by incessent barking.Stupid dog.Now I usually carry two small dumbells with me (to exercise my arms-need to lose weights la)So, I pretended to want to throw it at him.Next thing you know this stupid dog barked in 'reinforcements' and they surrounded me.
'Defeated', I retreated all the way around my normal route in an extra 3 km jog.I was late for my meeting. Stupid, stupid smelly dog. Next time I'm bringing a bigger dumbell, one that has bullet firing capabilities.

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Avaricious and insatiable

Posted: 05 Aug 2009 11:06 PM PDT

In Penang, how much you need to pay for a 1400 ft² = 130.064 m² landed house? RM500,000 perhaps? How many Penang citizens work night + day and still can't afford a 1400 ft² flat not landed house.

GREEDY. Insatiably greedy.

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Media’s right???

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 10:56 PM PDT

Muhyiddin calls for calm

[......]"It is the media's right to do so, maybe because other parties have started challenging Malay supremacy, Malay rights, Malay rulers, and things that have already been enshrined in the Constitution, definitely the various statements made by those parties cannot be forgotten, and they are more dangerous, the media only responded to the situation," Muhyiddin told reporters insisting that he was not specifically commenting on the article.[......]

He called for calm with these comments? Does he means other media could do the same? No, this will provoke hates to the society than benefit the society. Double standard? Yes, indeed.

All Malaysians should proof them you have an eudcated, mature, rational, cool brain to deferential and think.

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