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xBlog® Siapa yang merugikan peniaga KL; GMI atau ***is?

xBlog® Siapa yang merugikan peniaga KL; GMI atau ***is?

Siapa yang merugikan peniaga KL; GMI atau ***is?

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 05:23 AM PDT

Keluhan peniaga di KL yang rugi harus diintai dengan teliti.

Siapa yang sebenarnya merosakkan, menyembur dan mengeluarkan 'gas' ke arah premis peniaga?

Sekiranya ***is memberi kerjasama dengan penganjur masalah tidak mungkin timbul.

Apa yang dikesali adalah sikap pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab membuat 'onar' terhadap perhimpunan aman, teratur dan selamat menjadi huru hara.

Pihak 'pemuda sarkis' janganlah menangguk di air keruh dengan menjaja akan membantu para peniaga yang kerugian.

Ada 'pihak' yang akan dapat malu nanti.

Cooking Eggs

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 05:29 AM PDT

Cooking hard boiled eggs can be a hassle because you have to kor hui (jaga api) or kor chui (jaga air). this method of cooking the eggs whereby you don't have to worry whether they are over-cooked or under-cooked.

1) Place two pieces of tissue paper inside the rice cooker and sprinkle them with water.
2) Put in the eggs.
3) Close the lid and press "Cook" button.

4) Wait till the button jumps up. When it does, TURN OFF THE ELECTRICITY POWER. Do not leave them too long inside the rice cooker after cooked ...only do so if you prefer a harder egg yolk.
5) The eggs are ready.

The speed is faster than using ordinary boiling method. This is because the water sprinkled on the tissue will turn into steam and compressed inside the rice cooker to cook the eggs. You can peel the egg shells off very easily. The egg yolks will turn out just nice, not too dry. And the best part is -you don't have to do any washing nor cleaning at all.

The 9Th Methodist Convention - "Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation" (Talk 2) - Part 6

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 05:55 AM PDT

Bishop Rev Dr. Hwa Yong pointed out that, in Malaysia, we can't reform just by politics.

"Political parties are not strong enough. However, Christians, if committed, can reform our society," Bishop added.

Generally, Christians in Malaysia have been reluctant to get involved in politics. Bishop cited two important reasons for this social phenomenon.

Firstly, Chinese culture plays a dominating role. As a migratory people,, we are concerned mainly with family and clan. We take care of those on the 'inside'. We focus on our own well-being and generally play safe. and if things go bad, we just pack up and leave.

Secondly, a wrong theology has led to popular misconceptions. Many 20th century evangelicals have accepted a dualistic and spiritualised understanding of salvation, the tendency is for them to advocate a withdrawal from the 'public square' and its concomitant of a 'life-boat ethics'. The world of public affairs is the place where the devil and sin hold sway. It is like a sinking ship in the midst of the storms of life. There is no point in trying to save it, whether through doing good works or socio-political change. Instead we have better jump into the 'life-boat, i.e. the church, and leave the world to sink! So don't waste time of changing the world.

The wrong theology further dictates that our priority is evangelism; socio-political concerns are secondary at best.

Many Chinese church leaders had a similar theology, including John Sung and Watchman Nee.

"Take note of the correction made by the Lausanne Covenant (1974) : 'that evangelism and socio-political involvement are both part of our Christian duty'," Bishop said.

Salut Untuk Anak Muda Yang Berani!

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 04:31 AM PDT

Aksi Seorang Demonstran

Aksi Seorang Demonstran

Aksi Para Demonstran Muda

Aksi Para Demonstran Muda

Tanggal 1hb Ogos 2009 suatu sejarah baru telah dilakarkan. Suatu demonstrasi Anti-ISA yang terbesar di sepanjang sejarahnya. Demonstrasi 1hb Ogos 2009 lebih istimewa kerana rata-ratanya para demonstran yang menyertainya adalah terdiri daripada anak-anak muda. 1hb Ogos 2009 adalah hari anak-anak muda Malaysia membikin sejarah. Sejarah yang dilakarkan oleh anak-anak muda yang berani. Sejarah yang tak mungkin terpadam. Sekurang-kurangnya untuk anak-anak muda yang turun berdemonstrasi pada hari yang bersejarah itu. Sejarah yang lahir dari jiwa muda yang berani.

Anak-anak muda yang berani adalah tanda bahawa kemanusiaan di dalam bangsa kita masih belum hilang. Anak-anak muda yang berani adalah tanda bahawa keadilan buat tanah air kita masih punya harapan. Hidup di bawah pemerintah yang memenjarakan warganya tanpa bicara, sememangnya memerlukan lebih ramai anak-anak muda yang tidak takut. Hidup di bawah pemerintah yang tidak demokratik, sememangnya memerlukan lebih ramai anak-anak muda yang berani.

Kezaliman di mana-mana pun hanya akan tewas bila anak-anak muda menjadi berani. Penindasan di mana-mana pun hanya akan tumpas bila anak-anak muda tidak takut lagi. 1hb Ogos 2009 adalah adalah titik besar di dalam sejarah perjuangan anak muda melawan tirani. Salut untuk mereka yang turun berdemonstrasi! Salut untuk mereka yang berani!

Rakaman hari bersejarah bangsa kita ini boleh dilihat di:








Sigghhh ...

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 01:05 AM PDT

This is going to be a depressing post so if you're not planning on having your day spoilt by hearing me bitch, then I'd advise you not to read on. There, don't say I didn't warn you. If you end up being depressed too, then you only have yourself to blame for being pig headed and reading this post :D

I'm a happy go lucky kinda guy. I don't really bother too much about things. For me, it's always let's leave tomorrows problem for tomorrow and live for today. But lately I've been thinking a lot (which is a small miracle to begin with) about life, about work, about what an Ugg is, about the family, about where I am in the bigger scheme of things and mostly whether I'm really satisfied with life.

And the answer is a big fat NO! Now don't get me wrong. I'm happy that I have a nice loving wife and two bratty kids. They mean the world to me. I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head. I'm thankful that I have a job. I'm thankful that I'm able to put food on the table.

But something is still missing. These days its become a chore just to wake up and go to work. I don't look forward to it anymore. I work hard, no doubts I do bum off once in a blue moon (who doesn't), but I do work my ass off. In fact I think I do more work than the entire office put together. I go way out of my job scope and do things that I'm not supposed to do all for the sake of helping the company.

But then I have staff working here who are really good for nothing, take leave whenever they like and don't turn up for work when it suits their fancy and leave all their work for others (namely me) to do. I could just as easily say, hey that's not my work so why should I do it, but then that would mean unfair to clients who actually pay to get their work done.

What they don't realize is that if the clients stop coming, then we wouldn't have money to pay their salary and it's not like we're doing all too well at the moment. And I'm the type of person who is passionate about my work. Which makes me even more depressed to see things like these happening. As good a friend my boss is to me, he's way to lenient with people that they tend to walk all over his head. But what can I do? I'm only a staff here as well.

Is this all really worth it? Working my ass off while others just take things easy? Am I really the stupid one? Working so hard and not really getting what I truly deserve? As it is I think I'm way underpaid. When it comes to work I'm really depressed. I used to enjoy coming to work. In fact I even look forward to it.

Not anymore. I wish I was rich enough to just quit, get myself a country side home fronting a lake and just live off the land in blissful peace. No worrying about useless people, no worrying about deadlines. Of course there has to be broadband connection. The other thing I'm passionate about is blogging. But right now, it's all just foolish dreams.

As it is making ends meet every month is getting harder and harder and there I am dreaming of retiring in some country side home ... siggghhh ... Maybe one day when I can open up my own business then I could probably earn a lot more than what I'm earning today and would some day afford that dream country side retirement home.

My good buddy also feels the same about work. He's as fed-up with it as I am and we've been talking for some time about opening up a business of our own together. I won't go into the details though we know what business we want to do and have set a specific year end or early next year target to get it running. We're both kinda excited about it and maybe that would turn out to be the missing piece in my life right now. Something to keep my mind off the depressing state of things these days.

But through all this depression I feel about life in general, I'm glad that wifey is there to help me through it. She doesn't say much (she doesn't need to) but the mere fact that she understands what I'm going through helps me get through these drab days a little easier. Right now, she's the brightest spark in my life and all I look forward to the entire day is to head home to her.

I hope tomorrow is a much better day!


Posted: 03 Aug 2009 11:45 PM PDT

Claude Monet Pictures, Images and Photos

I love art - especially paintings. When I used to travel a lot during my younger days, I spent many hours, if not the whole day, in museums and art galleries...especially in Louvre, Vatican, Florence, Madrid, Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, etc. Imagine my delight when I chanced upon this post written by Yumi Sakugawa featuring eight of my favorite artists! Please read the following article and immerse yourself in the beautiful lessons from ten wonderful painters.

written by Yumi Sakugawa

As a disclaimer, I do not believe the meaning of a painting should--or can--be summarized into a single sentence. It would be like playing someone a Beethoven-inspired ringtone as an introduction to classical music.

But I hope this post inspires many of you to learn more about these painters, look at their actual works in real life, and find your own deep and wonderful meanings that are oftentimes impossible to pin down into words. This is my homage to painting in all its possibilities and limitations.

1. Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) "Perception changes everything."

Monet Pictures, Images and Photos

Perception comes before nature in Monet's world. An aging church in late morning looks completely different from that very same church at sunset. Something that looks like hasty dabs of paint on a canvas become a lily pad when you step further away and look again. Our mundane world is reborn with every passing moment. Our own reality is dependent upon the flux of our own perceptions.

2. Vincent Van Gogh (1853 - 1890) "Beauty exists in the midst of suffering."

vincent van gogh Pictures, Images and Photos

Van Gogh, as many of us know, lived most of his life in poverty, cut off his own ear, and shot himself in the chest at the ripe age of 37. He also happened to bless humanity with some of the most beautiful paintings in the history of art.

3. Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944) "Death is inevitable."

The Scream- Edward Munch Pictures, Images and Photos

Somber spectres of death are present in many of Munch's paintings--lurking behind forest trees or masquerading as a guest at a dinner party, eyeing their flesh-and-blood doppelgangers with gaunt eyes and sallow faces. They accompany small children, lovers and the elderly. No matter who we are or where we are in life, we are all equally in the presence of death.

4. Marc Chagall (1887 1985) "Look at the world through your heart."

marc chagall Pictures, Images and Photos

Rumor has it that when asked by a teacher why he included angels and mythological animals in his drawings, Chagall replied that he was simply drawing what he actually saw.

5. Rene Magritte (1898 - 1967) "Things are seldom what they seem."

rene magritte Pictures, Images and Photos

The French words in the painting above translates to: "This is not a pipe." This is not a pipe. This is actually an image of an idea of a pipe painted onto a canvas in a two-dimensional world, which is completely different from a physical pipe that you can actually hold in your own hand.

6. Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970) "Return to the source."

rothko Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometime in the twentieth century, painters got bored of depicting images and decided, instead, to explore the very building blocks of what makes an image an image: color, shape, composition. Rothko's color fields are seductive and meditative. They draw us into a primordial world before language and thought exist.

7. Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954) "No matter what happens to you, you are your own goddess."

frida Pictures, Images and Photos

When Mexican Surrealist painter Frida Kahlo was 17, she was a passenger on a bus that collided with a trolley car. As a result of the accident, she broke her spinal column, collarbone, ribs, pelvis and her right leg. Her shoulder was dislocated, and an iron handrail pierced her uterus and abdomen. For the rest of her life, she suffered extreme bouts of physical pain, and was hospitalized again and again for months at a time.

Frida, however, will always be immortalized as a goddess in her many self-portraits for the rest of history. Whether she is holding her own bleeding heart in her hand or wearing a necklace of thorn in her paintings, Frida always looks at her viewers straight in the eye, undaunted by the judgment of others and the fragility of her own mortal body.

mws: I wonder if you have watched the movie " Frida" which stars Salma Hayek in the title role, was nominated for six Academy Awards and won in two categories: Best Original Score and Best Makeup. If you haven't, try to get it on DVD.

8. Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) "Change the rules of the game; no one is stopping you."

:] Pictures, Images and Photos

Andy Warhol painted Campbell soupcans and made a film of a man sleeping for six hours. He also founded "The Factory," where he hired workers to mass-produce his silkscreen prints of celebrities, car crashes and sensational newspaper photos. Not surprisingly, Andy Warhol stirred a lot of controversy and made quite a few enemies for turning the whole notion of art and artistry upside the head.

9. Inka Essenhigh (1969 -- Present) "Be seduced by the unusual."

Inka-Essenhigh-Wrestlers05 Pictures, Images and Photos

Inka Essenhigh's oil paintings are defy categorization, and straddle many visual paradoxes. They are both mythological and hypermodern. They are both cartoonish and somber. Her strange imagery completely takes us by surprise and drop us off into a completely unexplored universe of our own imaginations.

10. Kara Walker (1969 -- Present) "Nothing is ever in black and white."

kara walker Pictures, Images and Photos

Kara Walker's paintings, videos and room installations create a disturbing, seductive narrative of the Antebellum South, where white slave owners and African American slaves play the classic archtypes of fools, lovers, conspirators, rulers and murderers. Racial stereotypes are exploited, then distorted, upturning our own preconceived ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Who is the victim and the vicitmizer? Are we sympathizers or are we voyeurs? Who holds the real power in this dynamic?

Race relations and human history have no easy answers in Kara Walker's silhouette world. Neither does life.

Sorry, not interested

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 10:43 PM PDT

Rosmah launches her own website
Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has launched her own website for Malaysians to get to know her better in her role and duties as the Prime Minister's wife.

Sorry, not interested to know. Maybe, maybe she is the most high profile Malaysian Prime Minister's wife in history.

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Celebrating Kak Teh & Awang Goneng

Posted: 04 Aug 2009 02:50 AM PDT

Putri Kama & Kak Teh.... after 30 years... Tom at the back

Dr. Nor, Kak Teh & Scent of Woman .... pretty ladies

I was delighted to be invited to a special dinner for Kak Teh and Awang Goneng hosted by lovely couple Putri Kama and Pak Abu at Royal Lake Club yesterday. The Chinese food was sumptuous while the company simply amazing and full of fun and merry. Apparently Putri Kama last met Kak Teh 30 years ago and wanted so much to have a great reunion ….. I guessed she met the KPI with flying color. As usual when bloggers get together you will expect plenty of noises, laughter and surprises.

Pokku, Uncle Som, Awang Goneng and Ian..... the soup was good!

I personally was jolted with few surprises, meeting "new blogging friends" whom actually I have known for many years like Tom and Tireless Mum. Of course it was great to meet Sakmongkol, Mamasita, The scent of a women, NanaDJ and hubby, Ishak and wife and many others in person. It was also a pleasant surprise to know that Radin Galoh was a friend of my wife from Sekolah Menengah Sains Cheras. I could see that both Kak Teh and Awang Goneng enjoyed the occasion so much moving from table to table sharing jokes and latest thoughts.

How could you end a beautiful night without a song or songs? Well the short karaoke session was an eye opener by itself. Now I knew that Putri Kama can sing like an artist while many other hidden talents were finally discovered. It was a night to remember and many thanks to Putri Kama and Pak Abu, our perfect host.

Sakmongkol & Mamasita ... happy and manjanya

Elviza making faces ..... Mambang Hijau having another soup

Nuraina & Dr. Nor .... Rocky on serious talk @ back

The men bloggers .... or man on the blog* block

He is mine....... they were good singers

Rocky, Mahadzir and Jaff point ... cool

Putri Kama .... Juara Karoake Lake Club

Lovely couples ....... happy bloggers

Long lost friends ..... of Sekolah Menengah Sains Cheras


Posted: 03 Aug 2009 08:00 PM PDT

Thanks to Dr. Murali who sent me this set of inspiring slides. If it takes too long to upload, kindly CLICK THIS LINK. Thanks and have a nice day!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

My Sixth Form Family

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 08:08 PM PDT

You may feel neglected at times, but your friends always let you know how special you are to them. And when people are in dire need, you'll be the one who jump in and save the day. It's hard to believe that the stars in the sky are as beautiful as what God made you. I stop and reached as high but I realized I could never reach afar.

"Shiny phones, handsome boys" out, Taliban warn Afghans by Sher Ahmad Mon Aug 3, 2009

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 04:17 PM PDT

GHAZNI, Afghanistan (Reuters) - The Taliban have warned Afghans that possessing pictures of "unrelated women and handsome boys" was against Islamic law and owning "shiny new phones" runs contrary to their religious dignity. The Taliban have been posting "night letters" in the volatile southeastern province of Ghazni, reminding Afghans of their religious obligations and reiterating warnings that they will attempt to disrupt crucial presidential elections on Aug. 20.

In a restatement of the Taliban's austere interpretation of Islam, one letter warned people, especially the young, against using hi-tech gadgets such as cell phones with photography and video functions. "People with camera cellphones must not have pictures of unrelated women and handsome boys in their phones, which is against Islamic sharia," reads one letter, obtained by Reuters on Monday. Sharia is Islamic religious law.

"People should think of their Afghan dignity rather than buying shiny phones," it said. Mobile telephones also should not have "immoral video clips", ring tones with verses of the Koran, or derogatory messages against individuals or tribes. It regarded such offences as "a serious crime" that would be punished severely, the letter said. The "night letters" have been springing up overnight in mosques and on the walls of Ghazni villages since last Friday.

Handsome boys? You mean like these pictures of pretty Taliban boys the godless religious bigots left behind as they buggered off to Pakistan in 2001. Eye On The World

The Taliban also warned voters in Ghazni to stay home from the day before the Aug. 20election or face serious consequences. With attacks escalating across Afghanistan in recent weeks, the Taliban's leaders last week vowed to disrupt the poll, urging voters to boycott the ballot and "join the trenches of jihad". The letters in Ghazni have even been distributed by hand in one district, telling voters polling stations will be targeted. "In order that this illegitimate process faces failure, the fighters will intensively attack polling centres, and (we) warn voters to stay home one day before," read another letter.

The use of "night letters" and similar threats are a common tactic in the south and east, long Taliban strongholds.

Attacks across Afghanistan this year had already reached their worst level since U.S.-led Afghan forces toppled the Taliban in 2001 and have risen further since U.S. and British troops launched offensives in southern Helmand last month. The election, Afghanistan's second direct vote since 2001, is consequently being fought against a backdrop of increased violence despite thousands of extra U.S. troops being poured into the country this year, in part to secure the poll.

The letters were distributed in Ghazni's Qara Bagh district, the same area where Taliban insurgents ambushed a convoy of campaigners working for President Hamid Karzai on Saturday. One bodyguard was killed. One district official, who asked not to be identified, said such letters could have a big influence on residents even though most cannot read or write. "People just obey the Taliban no matter what the letters say," he said. The Aug. 20 poll is seen as a critical test of U.S. President Barack Obama's new regional strategy to defeat the Taliban and secure Afghanistan, as well as of Kabul's ability to stage credible and legitimate elections.

(Additional reporting by Hamid Shalizi) Reuters

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What is a mood ring?

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 04:43 PM PDT

Do you ever heard of mood rings? Do you know what mood rings are for? By judging the name of the ring, you can guess it right? I'm sure that my readers are wise. So maybe some of you heard of it, maybe some of don't. Well, let me give you a brief explanation what a mood ring is.

mood ring

Original Mood Ring

Mood rings are usually filled with thermochromic element like liquid crystal. The color will change according to the body temperature of the wearer. So, what has to do with mood rings? What is the connection of our body temperature and the liquid crystal? And why does it called mood ring? It is said that your body temperature reflects your emotion and if you think for a moment, you'll notice that it's true.

Get the concept? Good. So do you want to see the Mood Ring Color Chart? Sure you do!

mood ring color chart

At the first sight, the mood ring looks like just a normal ring. There's nothing fancy about mood rings at just a glance. But if you look closely, you'll notice the color of the mood ring will change from time to time. There are some ways you can test it out. The easiest way to test the ring to see whether it reflects your feelings is not is by wearing the ring while watching a movie, preferably something sad or touching. Works every time for me! Other ways to see the mood ring in action is by wearing it doing sports or going to the ghost house at the fun fair.

Mood rings are seasonal stuff from my view. They will come and go according to the market. If it was gone for a while, then you have to wait until it pops out again in your local store. But if you really want it really bad, it's always available at The Mood Ring Shop. Whatever you want to do with the mood ring, never wear it on your first date. Please take my advice. If you think you're a good liar, the mood ring will expose it!

Personal Injury Claims

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 02:13 PM PDT

Do you have a personal insurance? Some people thought it's not important to have insurance since they seldom catch themselves in any accident or trouble. Some have the best of positive thinking in their head like "just be careful, don't get into any trouble and you don't need any personal insurance or compensation claims to worry about". Sometimes I think it's true but in real world, it's just too good to be true.

personal injury claim

Imagine this. It's a cool night and the moon is shining bright. You're feeling bored at home and it's weekend. Everybody is out for a party at the town, so you decided to go cycling while getting some fresh air. You put on some bright clothes because you're aware of your safety and you want others to notice you in the dark of the night. You cycled slowly at the side of the road and not long after the cycling, you heard some tires screeching at the back. By the time you looked back, the car driven by a drunken man is too close and you can't avoid the collision. In the end, you're hit and lying helplessly on the road. Some passerby called the ambulance and they have to cut your legs in order to save your life. Now this is where your personal insurance can help you in your "Compensation Claims".
The story above is just an example on how things can go wrong in real life. Although we have been really careful with our lives, plan our journeys, above risky activities and all other things to avoid problems, sometimes which will not be enough. Most of the time, an accident didn't came from our mistakes, but came from other people's mistake, which in the example above is the drunk driver. No one really knows what will happen in the future, all we can do is just prepare for the worst.
So if you think that buying life insurance is just a waste of money, then think again. When the time comes, you will know that how important a life insurance is and COMPENSATION CLAIMS that you can have from it.

Imagine this. It's a cool night and the moon is shining bright. You're feeling bored at home and it's weekend. Everybody is out for a party at the town, so you decided to go cycling while getting some fresh air. You put on some bright clothes because you're aware of your safety and you want others to notice you in the dark of the night. You cycled slowly at the side of the road and not long after the cycling, you heard some tires screeching at the back. By the time you looked back, the car driven by a drunken man is too close and you can't avoid the collision. In the end, you're hit and lying helplessly on the road. Some passerby called the ambulance and they have to cut your legs in order to save your life. Now this is where your personal insurance can help you in your "Compensation Claims".

The story above is just an example on how things can go wrong in real life. Although we have been really careful with our lives, plan our journeys, above risky activities and all other things to avoid problems, sometimes which will not be enough. Most of the time, an accident didn't came from our mistakes, but came from other people's mistake, which in the example above is the drunk driver. No one really knows what will happen in the future, all we can do is just prepare for the worst.

So if you think that buying life insurance is just a waste of money, then think again. When the time comes, you will know that how important a life insurance is and COMPENSATION CLAIMS that you can have from it.

Firefox has more than 1Bil Downloads!

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 04:00 PM PDT

My favorite internet browser Mozilla Firefox has more than 1billion downloads! How about that! Its a amazing feat. I was following the Firefox Counter on twitter and they have since made it! In conjunction with this feat, they have launched the 1Bil+You site which gives you some interesting site of what 1bil means! What does 1Billion [...]

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Firefox has more than 1Bil Downloads!


Posted: 03 Aug 2009 03:00 PM PDT

Your personal integrity is dependent on you living according to your values. If you commit yourself to a values-driven life, you'll attract people of similar values and people who'll support and encourage you to continue to live accordingly, which will only increase the standards to which you've been living.

Ignore your values and you'll attract other people who ignore their values, which usually results in a swirling cesspool of complaints, excuses and endless victimhood (not a good neighborhood to live in!!).

With a well understood values base you'll more clearly discern your day-to-day priorities. First, it's important to distinguish what's urgent from what is vital.

Let's pause and examine those words, what they really mean, and what buttons they push. Urgent comes from the same root as the word urge-it's a pushy, sometimes panicky, word. It implies something which propels us automatically onward into action and has time pressure, has to get done fast, or you at least feel like it does. What's urgent probably is important for the moment, but it also changes from moment to moment and day to day. In this way, it's similar to the barometric reading we talked about earlier.

Conversely, what's vital refers to something central and internally crucial; something you literally can't live without, not just for the moment but over time. In fact, vital comes from the word for life itself, like vital organs-heart, brain, blood. What's vital may have less pressure and feel calmer than what's urgent, but it's much more crucial for your long-term survival and well-being. What's vital to you feeds your life force. In this way, it may remind you of your True North-a fixed and eternal need. The urgent and the vital both need to be balanced on a daily basis.

You need to be careful not to let yourself submerge what is consistently vital in what is momentarily urgent.

If you're like most people you're probably bombarded, and confused, throughout the day with what are, or what seem to be, urgent matters. Obviously, however, it's what's vital to you and to your true self which really matters most and must take top priority. You can see how standing by your values plays a huge role in deciding this. This can be challenging, so having a very simple A-B-C-D priority system can be extremely helpful. Make a list of what you know you want to accomplish today, and then rate them as follows:

A - Those absolute vital items you have-to complete.

B - Those urgent items which could wait until tomorrow.

C - The "want to" impulse items which are even less urgent and important.

D - Those items which you are unsure of or are possibly not necessary at all.

The follow-through is simple: Always do the A items first, followed by the B items and so forth. Transfer today's incomplete list onto tomorrow's plan. Reprioritize the list daily since new items will undoubtedly arise.

Setting boundaries with yourself and with others so you can stay focused on your vital A tasks.

Make a values-driven priority plan for yourself, and you'll find you're more productive while also being truer to yourself. Live your life this way and you'll find yourself on the path of your True North.

Author's Bio
Ken Donaldson has been offering counseling, coaching, and educational programs since 1987. His programs are focused on empowering people to have more successful lives, businesses and relationships. Ken is the author of Marry YourSelf First! Saying "I DO" to a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose. Claim your FREE Relationship Success Special Report at www.marryufirst.co

Should you go for a breast implants?

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 09:05 AM PDT

What is the most important and beautiful part of a woman's body? As a woman, I should say that it's the breast. It is what makes woman looks attractive and obviously looks different from a man. I think many men will agree when I say that breasts arethe first part to ogle when they look at a woman. Just like any other part of a woman's body, sometimes breasts need an adjustment when a woman grow older or when a woman is not satisfied with what she has. That is when Breast Implants Pittsburgh come in handy if you live in the area.


There must be reasons why women consider to undergo a breast implants or some people called it breasts augmentation. What I can say is in most cases, women wish to undergo a breast augmentation procedure when they feel their current breast size is too small or disproportionate to their body size. While in some other cases, it is because sometimes breast may be unevenly develop and Breast Augmentation Pittsburgh can help them to correct the abnormality. If you're wondering, Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breasts by placing a saline filled implant with a silicone shell under the breast.

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ISA – a malay institution?

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 10:16 AM PDT

bebasISA-bigso that's what the pro ISA group, which consists of ALL malays, wants us to believe.

one of my earlier post about them, mentioned about them apart from wearing the 'yes to ISA' t-shirt (back), a picture show two of them with a sash that read 'hidup melayu, hidup islam' (long live malays, long live islam), and i asked what has ISA to do with malays and islam. that picture shows only the back of their t-shirt. then i notice in the sunday star, there was a picture of mohd khairul, legal adviser of MAGARAN (majlis gabungan NGO pembela negara, which comprises some 50 organisations that support the ISA in the 'kekalkan ISA' t-shirt which shows the front, i suddenly notice below the word ' ISA' there is this small words that read:

PERTAHANKAN HAK-HAK KEISTIMEWAAN ORANG MELAYU (protecting malays' special rights)

huh? ISA is an institution that defends the malay's special rights? or it is, it is the rights of the malay to have ISA? whatever, means the same… that these clowns from MAGARAN thinks that ISA is specially for malays, that malays live for ISA (that's what i gather anyway)… or worst… like berita hairan saying MACC is a malay institution, they think ISA is a malay institution, therefore they have to defend ISA. haven't you notice that their group consists of ALL malaysa while GMI (and anti ISA group) consists of multi-racial.

this mohd khairul is really a clown. i near wanna puke when i read that he called for the 3 top PR leaders (namely anwar, lim kit siang, abdul hadi awang to be arrested under ISA. oh, and also GMI chairperson, syed ibrahim, a nice friendly man whom i had met before twice under his capacity as chairman of MAFREL (malaysian for free and fair election).

mohd khairul was heard to say:

The four, it added, should be detained in connection with Saturday's rally in Kuala Lumpur, which saw tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets to voice their objection towards the ISA.


Magaran legal adviser Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz said the four should be arrested under the ISA for practicing 'premeditated violence' when organising the rally.

premeditated violence? look who's talking! then what about your group who planned to organise the rally too? you guys chicken out at the last minute! can't get the number eh… not even 1% to match the anti ISA group! or was it that all this was well planned – you guys pretend to say you want to organise a rally on the same day that GMI organised it, then last moment, pulled out?

Meanwhile, Khairul said GMI's failure to adhere to police's orders to cancel its street rally has led to the damage of public property and caused inconvenience to the people.

haha. why don't you tell that to the police/FRU? it was they who caused the damage! by using tear gas and water canons! how on earth can a peaceful rally caused damage if they were left alone. anyway, wasn't it that you and your group had planned for the street rally on that day too??

He added that Magaran is in the process of compiling evidence of the losses incurred by businessmen and the public.

This will be used as a basis to initiate legal action against GMI.

as i had blog yesterday, the losses incurred by the businessmen were caused by the police and not the protesters. what legal action? don't make me laugh. you think this stupid idea of evidence collected can hold as a basis to initiate legal action? *sigh* there's one born every minute. oops. i might talk too soon as looking at our kangaroo court, who knows, the kangaroo might, uh oh i mean the court might accept that as evidence!!

gee, why am i wasting my time on these people ah. better go and get my beauty sleep now. i don't want to be stupid to give them publicity.

note: originally intend to publish a photo of the group taken from malaysiakini, which show some of them wearing black t-shirt that says 'daulat tunku' but had second thought.  huh? again bringing in the king? if i am the tuanku, i would be embarrassed!!)

With My Friends From Seberang...

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 10:03 AM PDT

Salam to all & good day,
Semalam aku ada tetamu dari indonesia, teman-teman yg sering ke melaka untuk melancong disini, cuma aku sekarang jarang kesana, kerana kesibukkan kerja disini, mungkin ada masa terluang nanti aku akan ke tempat mereka pula, ketibaan mereka dijemput oleh abg syah di jeti kukup semalam.

Semalam tiba masanya pula aku entertaint mereka pula, pada awal paginya aku bawa mereka ke kedai makan di sekitar bandar melaka untuk berserapan pagi, seawal jam 8.30pg aku dah pun sampai dilobi tempat mereka menginap untuk pick up diorg untuk sarapan, sarapan biasa-biasa saja untuk alas perut, cuma aku yg tak tahan mata ni, sebab baru balik kerja malam, so lepas sarapab aku suruh kawan aku abg syam untuk take over bawa mereka pergi pusing-pusing di melaka ni, aku balik tidur dulu, ngantuk giler mata ni.

Pada sebelah malamnya aku bawa mereka makan di sebuah kedai makan yg biasa kami makan disitu bersama-sama, dan makan malam disini pun sekadar simple-simple sahaja, tak ada apa yg istimewa, sebab banyak kedai yg tutup kerana hari isnin, hari minggu diorg berniaga, tapi hari isnin kebanyakkan mereka bercuti pula, so kami just makan apa yg ada dijual disitu, pak evi, kak sani, kak ros dan ijal makan apa yg mereka mahu, dan dipesan oleh mereka sendiri, ada yong tau foo, ada sate, ada nasi goreng, ada sup kambing, mcm2 diorg makan sampai senak perut diorg tu, hehehe, mesti kenyang giler tu.

Aku kalau boleh biar mereka puas makan, sebab diorg tu kalau aku kesana, diorg punya layanan tak kurang hebatnya, ada saja makanan yg dihidangkan, mcm2 makan kat sana, so bila kat sini biar aku bagi diorg makan pula, tak banyak la belanja pasal makan ni, sebab berapa byk la diorg boleh makan, aku kalau bab2 makanan ni tak kisah sangat, dari beberlanja yg tak tentu hala, baik makan, dari habiskan duit tu, so tu sebab aku besar dan sihat mcm ni, hehehe...

Esok diorg akan balik, aku tak dapat hantar sebab kerja pagi, so abg syah akan hantar diorg balik dan ke indon sekali follow diorg, so untuk pak evi, ijal, kak sani dan kak ros, terima kasih kerana sudi datang jengok kami di melaka ni, semoga persahabatan yg terjalin terus terjalin selamanya, mudah-mudahan hendaknya...

Amin, Ijal, Abg syam, Abg syah dan kak ros...ketawa-ketawa nampak, kutuk le tu...

Tgk kak ros tu, asyik dia makan tu, sedap ye kak...

Semua makanan habis licin dimakan, bagus le habis kalau tak membazir je...

Ngantuk ke abg syah oii....sampai gosok-gosok mata tu....hehe

Pak Evi, kawan yg cukup mesra...

Abg Amin pun ado...hehe

Kak Sani & Kak Ros....terima kasih ye kak, senyum lagi akak sani ni....hehehe....

Around Chennai

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 10:23 AM PDT

Around Chennai

A lovely soul.... at such a young age....she is having a Quran in her hands

More photos at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/selians/
The world That I see

Langkah-langkah pencegahan menjaga laptop anda

Posted: 03 Aug 2009 09:12 AM PDT

* Jangan letakkan laptop anda di atas katil,karpet atau permukaan yang lembut yang boleh menyebabkan aliran udara kipas laptop anda tertutup.Ini akan menyebabkan laptop anda akan menjadi Overheating.

* Jangan letak Laptop anda di pangkuan anda(di paha anda).

* Untuk menjadikan bateri lebih tahan,buka bateri laptop anda ketika ia telah penuh di cas.Hanya sambungkan kabel power untuk memastikan laptop anda berfungsi tanpa memerlukan bateri. Jika bateri sudah habis dicas, digalakkan menggunakan kuasa dari adapter. Pastikan bateri berada di bawah 10 peratus sebelum dicas semula. Jika terlalu kerap dicas, bateri akan kehilangan keupayaan menyimpan tenaga di bawah 50 peratus.

* Jangan letak laptop anda di kawasan yang basah.(juga minuman anda,Kebanyakan orang suka meletak minuman mereka di sebelah laptop mereka ketika menggunakan laptop mereka)

* Jangan biarkan laptop anda berjemur di bawah matahari yang terik ataupun di dalam kereta ketika parking di bawah matahari.

* Pastikan laptop anda diletakkan di kawasan yang rata.Laptop yang terjatuh atau terhempap akan menyebabkan perkakasan dalam laptop tersebut terjejas.

* Seboleh-bolehnya jauhkan laptop anda dari magnet…

* Pastikan laptop anda diberi rehat,jangan dibiarkan ianya dipasang hampir sehari setiap hari(ketahanan laptop berbeza dengan PC biasa).

* Papan Kunci : Letakkan sekeping kertas A4 untuk papan kekunci setiap kali tidak menggunakannya untuk menghindarkan papan kekunci dimasuki habuk. Sesekali lapkan papan kekunci dengan perlahan-lahan. Jangan terlalu kasar untuk mengelakkan butang kekunci rosak. Kalau boleh gunakan papan kekunci dan tetikus berasingan supaya kita tidak terlalu kerap menggunakan papan kekunci di komputer riba.

* Skrin LCD : Lapkan ia selalu kerana mudah dimasuki habuk. Gunakan screen saver. Power management setkan pada Turn Off monitor in minutes. Elakkan menyentuh skrin dengan jari kerana kesan jari yang berminyak menyukarkan untuk pembersihan. Jangan letakkan jari di skrin kerana boleh menyebabkan Dead pixel.

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