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Posted: 30 Sep 2009 09:19 AM PDT

"There's good guilt and then there's bad guilt" says Home Minister Hishamuddin in defence of Isa Samad's nomination by the party as its candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election scheduled October 11th 2009. I don't seem to understand what Hishamuddin means by that statement. Is this the same as the good and bad cholesterol that I am so familiar with, everytime I go for my quarterly medical check-up at the IJN? I hope Hishamuddin does not come out with another statement to say that there are good murderers and bad murderers, and the good murderers are the once that should be given a reprieve.

He went further to justify that "Isa Samad is different from certain candidates who, when found guilty by the party, they are willing to curse the party that has served them. Isa Samad is a loyal servant of the party and he is the people's candidate". If this is the criteria for disciplined UMNO members to be accepted back into UMNO's fold, then I had better advice all those who were found guilty of money politics to take the cue from Isa Samad.

I also want to know who was the candidate that had cursed the party when found guilty for a party offence. Certainly not Khairy Jamaluddin or Ali Rustam. Or is he referring to that gay who was caught and charged by the Temerloh Court for attempted bribery, and is now lost in the wilderness? Or is he insinuating Azlina Othman who has been keeping a low profile since her ouster as Tourism Minister, though yet to face any charges for her connivance in money politics? Or is it Rafidah Aziz who lost the Ketua Wanita challenge and had been left in a lurch without a ministerial and party post?

You know, I was at the Tourism Ministry on two occasions and everyone seemed to be smiling and in a relax mood since Azlina Othman has been ousted. I just wonder what did Azalina do to cause the staffs of the ministry to dislike her so much.

Hishamuddin can say all that he wishes to justify Isa Samad's nomination, for what else can he say now that the final selection has been made. It is the people's candidate so says Hishamuddin, and I suppose he was only referring to the people of Bagan Pinang, but not to UMNO as a whole.

Most, including the opposition has declared that the possibility of a PR win in the Bagan Pinang by-election is near impossible. Granted that Isa Samad will be the clear winner, this will signal the beginning of a much fiercer war that the BN will face in the up-coming 13th General Elections.


Tremors @ Workplace - Quake in Sumatra, tremors in Malaysia

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At about 6:18 pm, I felt myself being swayed as I was sitting on the chair at my work station. 'I am moving...' I thougt to myself, '...but I am not moving...Is this an earthquake...?' I looked around the office. No one seemed to know.

Suddenly, one of my colleagues shouted, 'Oh my God!' We looked at him looking straight at a bottle of water on the table. 'Earthquake!' he said. 'Yes, earthquake!' I echoed him. By now, most of us were in a state of shock, followed by a commotion. We started talking about 'THE EARTHQUAKE', not knowing that there was a quake in Sumatra though some knew of the tsunami that hit Saoma.

Even though the 'quake' stopped, we did not stop talking about it until...well, I don't know when. I left the office 15 minutes later and was still having some 'aftershocks'...As I left the building into the open, I couln't help but thank God for His mercy...that there were just tiny tremors...

@ The Star Online

Published: Wednesday September 30, 2009 MYT 6:33:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday September 30, 2009 MYT 10:18:04 PM

Quake in Sumatra, tremors in Malaysia (Update 8)

Tremors felt in office blocks

PETALING JAYA: A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck off the city of Padang off the coast of southern Sumatra at about 6.17pm on Wednesday, killing at least 21 people, trapping thousands of others and causing tremors as far away as peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

The earthquake which damaged houses, brought down bridges and buildings and caused fires in Padang, also caused people to evacuate buildings in various towns and cities in Malaysia.

The epicentre of the quake was about 481km southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

At 6.38pm, a temblor measuring 5.5 in magnitude was also recorded 11km north of Padang.

So far, there has been no report of the 300 Malaysian students at Andalas University in Padang being affected by the massive earthquake.

Malaysian Consul-General Fauzi Omar told The Star that he has contacted the Sumatra Barat tourism chief and was told that there is no report of any Malaysians being hurt.

"Well at least the tourism chief's handset is still working. I have been told the Minangkabau airport in Padang is closed.

"I am trying to leave for Padang tonight. It is a one-hour flight and by road it will take at least one day because of the bad road condition," Fauzi said.

The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta is despatching a team to Padang in Sumatra to assist the Consul-General in Medan in checking on the students.

Padang was hardest hit by the earthquake.

"We are sending a team as soon as possible and our Consul-General in Pekan Baru will also be despatched to help," said Malaysian embassy charge d'affaires Amran Mohamad Zain.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre first issued a tsunami alert for Malaysia (George Town and Port Dickson specifically), Indonesia, India and Thailand, but cancelled it at about 7.31pm.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department monitored the situation from the outset, but did not issue a tsunami warning because no significant waves were generated.

In the JayaOne complex here, reports came in of shaking furniture and swaying fixtures.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Mariam Anis and her colleagues on their 21st-floor office in Plaza Sentral in Jalan Sultan Ismail felt the tremors.

"The tremors were strong and I could feel the building shaking. My colleagues and I did not waste another second and ran towards the emergency stairways to make our way down from the 21st floor.

"It was rather scary," she said.

Tremors were also felt in the federal administrative capital of PUTRAJAYA. Mohd Kamel Othman, press secretary to Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, was in his office at the Prime Minister's Department when he felt the tremors.

"I could literally see the building moving from left to right. Even the flowerpots were shaking. I immediately rallied my colleagues to leave the building.

"My minister also came out of his office as he too could feel the tremors," he said, adding while he had experienced tremors before, the ones which on Wednesday were stronger.

In GEORGE TOWN, people rushed out of several high-rise buildings in Macallum Street, Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Tokong, Gurney Drive and the inner city of George Town.

Student C.Y. Khoo, 18, said she decided to walk out from the cinema in Gurney Plaza with her friends after she felt the tremors.

"I feared for my safety. My friends and I decided to get out from the cinema although we like the movie very much," she said.

A Golden Screen Cinema spokesman said a tremor was felt at about 6.20pm for about 25 seconds.

"Some moviegoers walked out of the cinema but ... generally, the situation was not that serious," he said.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Wira Ayub Yaakob said policemen were deployed to monitor the situation.

"My men were on the look-out and would have moved in to help if the need arose," he said.

Marine Operations Force Region I commander Asst Comm Zainul Abidin Hasan said all his men, both at the base and on patrol, were put on standby.

State secretary Datuk Zainal Rahim Seman said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was concerned about the initial tsunami alert.

"The state directed all relevant departments such as the police to be on standby," he said.

A State Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said they received numerous calls from anxious residents enquiring about the tremors.

However, there were no reports of any injuries or of anybody trapped in lifts or buildings.

In JOHOR BARU, many people rushed out of buildings and the new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex halted operations abruptly and was evacuated for about 40mins.

This caused massive congestion as thousands of motorists were returning from Singapore after office hours.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel were called in to check the building before operations resumed.

The lanes were later reopened and traffic policemen deployed to control traffic at the complex.

Assistant administrative worker Wong Hook Tuck, 52, who was at his office at level six of Menara Plaza Pelangi, described the tremors as bad.

"The tremors started at around 6.15pm and lasted for about five minutes.

"I felt very dizzy and all my colleagues and I started to evacuate the building as the fire alarm had gone off," he said.

He said he was in shock and had thought that there was an earthquake in Malaysia.

In Taman Ehsan Jaya, administrative executive Surinder Kaur said she was shocked when the people in her apartment building started running downstairs, saying that there was an earthquake.

"I stay on the second floor and I didn't feel anything, but my neighbours warned me about the tremors and told me to quickly evacuate," she said.

She said one of her neighbours was having his dinner at the time and the whole table started to shake, spilling the soup he was eating.

"All of the residents quickly assembled at the ground floor; the tremors lasted for about four minutes," she said.

In SINGAPORE, residents from Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Bukit Timah, Simei and Kembangan in the eastern part, reported tremors shaking their buildings, The Straits Times reported.

A spokesman from National Environment Agency said it received calls from members of the public from Red Hill, Choa Chu Kang, Changi, Toa Payoh, the city area, Punggol, Sengkang, Sembawang and Pasir Ris.

Kee Ya Ting of Woodlands said she thought her flat was going to collapse.

"I was scared. I live on the 12th floor. I was sitting at my desk when the flat shook and I felt myself swaying from left to right. I thought my flat was going to collapse," she told the paper.

In PADANG itself, the situation looked dire. Indonesian television reported that hundreds of buildings had collapsed and many people were feared trapped under the rubble.

Footage from Padang showed flattened buildings, with at least one person trapped underneath, a foot sticking out from beneath the debris, The Associated Press reported.

"The earthquake was very strong," said Kasmiati, who lives on the coast near to the epicenter. "People ran to high ground. Houses and buildings were badly damaged."

"I was outside, so I am safe, but my children at home were injured," she said before her cellphone went dead.

The quake triggered a landslide that cut off land transport to the provincial town of Padang Pandang, which lies about 70km north of Padang, said a police officer in the town, who identified himself only as Riko. He said three cars were reportedly hit by the landslide.

Padang, a sprawling low-lying city of around 900,000, was badly hit by an 8.4 magnitude quake in September 2007, when dozens of people died and several large buildings collapsed, AP said.

Power in the city was reportedly cut and telecommunications networks were down or overloaded, making it difficult to get accurate information about the extent of the damage.

"Many buildings are badly damaged, including hotels and mosques," said Wandono, an official at Meteorology and Geophysic Agency in the capital, Jakarta, citing reports from residents.

He said a steep, sloping riverbank collapsed, houses had toppled and a fire had broken out in buildings on the road to Padang.

Wednesday's quake comes a day after a quake with a magnitude of between 8.0 and 8.3 in the South Pacific hurled a massive tsunami at the shores of Samoa and American Samoa, flattening villages and leaving at least 99 dead and dozens missing.

The epicenter of Wednesday's temblor off Indonesia lies several thousand kilometres to the west, on the other side of Australia.

Danger ahead
Geologists have said Padang, which lies near the colliding Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates, is the most likely in the country to fall victim to the next major quake or tsunami, AFP reported.

"There will be aftershocks but it's difficult to predict whether there will be a bigger quake," Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Centre head Surono told AFP.

"There are three big volcanoes in West Sumatra -- Merapi, Talang and Tandikat. We fear that this quake might cause volcanic eruptions there," he said.

Experts have said the city is most at risk from a final segment along the zone shifting to unleash a massive amount of energy.

The zone's other segments have already cracked, including a large portion off Aceh, at the northern tip of Sumatra, which triggered the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami which killed more than 220,000 people.

Plans for evacuation shelters and improved roads to provide better escape routes from tsunami have mostly not been realised.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire," where the meeting of continental plates causes high volcanic and seismic activity.

A quake on the main island of Java earlier this month killed 123 people.

nizar najib altantuya MB vs MB: Final appeal on Nov 5 - nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 07:38 AM PDT

Will it be Pakatan's Mohammad Nizar or BN's Zambry? The Federal Court is set to make a ruling on which of the two is the...


Finally, the Federal Court, the judiciary that is the final frontier for justice, will decide who is the legal MB.

In the very first, can the rakyat trust the Federal Court to make a fair judgment?

The truth shall be known on Nov 5.

Earthquake & Tsunami Warning

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 03:59 AM PDT

UPDATES: A regional tsunami warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre immediately after the quake but the alert was cancelled at 7.31pm.

Most of us here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia felt the tremors! I was in a building and everything in the office was shaking!

My first time experience and to be frank it's pretty scary. Until now I still having weird feelings on my legs. Whoever thought this kinda thing will happen in Malaysia?

Upon checking the web, it's confirmed that there was an earthquake of 7.9 magnitud in Southern Sumatra, Indonesia. Freaking 500km away from us and we felt it! And now there is a regional tsunami warning issued out. More details here. So friends in Georgetown & Port Dickson, avoid the beach ya!

And the scene at KL Monorail @ Chulan station.

Everyone is talking about it now... but there is absolutely no education on this... from what I know, for survival - don't panic, get any filled water bottle and hide under the table.


Monsoon is here

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 07:29 AM PDT

Big news! He he he. Kelantan was hit by damn strong wind this evening. I think it caused by the Ketsana typhoon which hit Vietnam this evening, and the east coast states were affected this typhoon too.

After hitting Phillipines few days ago, this typhoon moved here and hit several countries (Thai,Cambodia and Vietnam). 

You know how strong the typhoon? Look at the pictures below....I managed to snap few pictures (Konon-konon wartawan, he he he). It happened in my campus this evening. I was walking back to my hostel when I saw a bunch of people gathered around, being curious (read:busybody), I went there and saw this..........

Opsss.......the tree fell down and almost crashed the Hilux.

Can you imagine how big the tree is? See? Fuhh, really strong wind.

Look at it carefully, yes, there is a proton iswara under the tree branches. Hancur terus.

But the worst was this Hilux. Ha ha ha ha. Nevermind, this Hilux belongs to Kelantan Health Department. Government's car. Nevermind. Ha ha ha ha. Harta kera-jaan boleh dimusnahkan. Ha ha ha. But still, taxpayers' money. Ermm....

p/s: Raining season makes me lazier than before. I'll become more ''piggier''. Sleeps like pig. Sigh. Ha ha ha

Conversation With An IT Guy

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 06:27 AM PDT

IT Guy :Can I check something with you?

Me :What?

IT Guy :What does it mean when it says 'DELETED' over here?
*points to the right margin of a Word document on my computer screen*

Me :You mean, the balloon that says 'DELETED: such and such'?

IT Guy :What balloon?

Me :Here,… *points to a Comments balloon*, the thing like this one..

IT Guy :Oh, it's called a balloon..?

Tweeples Are Morons

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 05:37 AM PDT

This is a rehash of Bloggers Are Morons, an entry that I posted following the March 29, 2005 earthquake. It is still relevant now although the scenario has changed somewhat. Instead of blogging about it the conventional way, people stay put to broadcast information on the earthquake via Twitter and Facebook first before evacuating. Fear means very little to these people. It was more important to get the information out rather than worry about their own safety. The technology has changed but the stupidity has not. All hail the new media! Just in case if you are wondering, no, I did not tweet about it. That was probably because I did not feel the tremor.

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Please Help Yen Kee

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 05:47 AM PDT

I was totally taken aback when I read the news about Yen Kee, one of the top students in Jit Sin who scored 11A's in her SPM. She was awarded scholarships to study Medicine in overseas university by Public Service Department after receiving her SPM results, but her dream is so near, yet so far.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Leukemia one year ago, forcing her to relinquish her the golden opportunity to becoming a doctor. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for almost a year and her health conditions improved along with the treatments.
However, its a short-lived joy as her health is deteriorating and cancer is again threatening her life.

Her father, a small construction contractor has almost used up all his lifetime savings to save her daughter, hoping that chemotherapy would bring back Yen Kee a normal life. Till now, the family has already spent more than RM70,000 to ensure Yen Kee can receive proper treatments.

Now with her conditions worsened, they have no choice but let Yen Kee undergo bone marrow transplant that would cost them more than RM200,000; which is the only hope to save this young life according to the doctors.

The operation will take place at Ampang Hospital once the bone marrow arrives in Malaysia.

Yen Kee's family is now facing financial difficulties to support this costly yet life-saving bone marrow transplant. They have no choice but to seek for alternative financial support, hoping that donations collected can lighten the enormous burden on the whole family right now.

I beg all of you , Please, please help Yen Kee.
No matter how much you can donate, every single penny that goes into her donation fund will help Yen Kee, the once smart, cheerful and friendly girl, to survive this obstacle!

To donate, please hand in your cheque/cash at any of the Guang Ming Daily office. Remember to state her full name , "Yeoh Yen Kee" as the receipient of the donations made.

Get well soon my friend. God is with you, always!

C Guevara

Below is the original news report from Guang Ming Daily:















C Guevara


Posted: 30 Sep 2009 05:27 AM PDT

I can't allow myself to be written out from your life.

All I want is to be loved, to be lovable, and it's not really a desire for how I want to be.

I need your heart , your eyes and your ears.

Your touch and even your words.

I want you to see me, hear me, feel me, speak to me and love me.

Life has two ways, but when I choose a way to go ahead, it always turns to your side,

meaning that all my way has stopped at you, where should I go?

I need your presence in my eyes, as you're always present in my heart and in my soul.

Lets say you are mine, let me say that you are mine and I shall I allow myself to accept this fact completely.

I choose to use my own mind, to feel you, to appreciate you..

So, allow me to love you like no one has ever before...

 Yipiieee... Earthquake is here... Ain't that pathetic? Lol.. But it's a good sign that the end is near!

"A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 hit struck off the coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island, the US Geological Survey said today."

So, let's start partying! Muahaha.. Do good while you can.. enjoy and try out everything that's haven't been tried yet.. 

"A powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale struck off the coast of Padang in southern Sumatra at about 6.17pm, causing tremors as far away as peninsular Malaysia. The epicentre of the quake was about 481km southwest from Kuala Lumpur. At 6.38pm, an aftershock measuring 5.5 was also recorded 11km north of Padang. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre first issued a tsunami alert for Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Thailand, but later cancelled it at about 7.31pm, saying that no significant waves were generated. The Malaysian Meteorological Department did not issue a warning for Malaysia because it believed the waves will not reach our shores. However, the Department told The Star that it will continue to monitor the situation."

Earthquake in Malaysia

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 04:31 AM PDT

Facebook and Twitter is alive with chatter of earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale that hit off Sumatra at 6.16pm just now. A tsunami watch has been issued for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India. I did not feel a thing. Nothing moved. The water in the aquarium did not slosh about. The doors did not rattle unlike the time when even the floor moved under me for a good one minute or more and made me giddy.

Having moved to a single storey house now, I still feel for those who are staying in high rise apartments, especially people with mobility impairments. Section 40 of the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (PWD Act 2008) states that disabled persons shall have the right to assistance in the event to natural disasters, among others.

I am interested in finding out if anything has been done to address this matter since my letter to Dato' Seri Sharizat in May 9, 2005 regarding a systemtic evacuation plan for disabled people trapped in high rise buildings in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake or a fire. Dare I be optimistic and say that surely the government has done something since the PWD Act 2008 has already clearly spelt that out in as many words?

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Back To School Days

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 02:37 AM PDT

I felt like I am back to school days. You know those school days when the school will invite your parents to school after the mid-term examination to collect report cards.

Somebody read my blog and called my dad to complain that, "hey your son is writing this this this, la la la", yes it did pissed me a little as my parents called me up to remind me as a 30 years old man to avoid writing about it but I am too weak to feel angry as I had been sick since last Saturday.

Straining my relationship with my family will only come to one conclusion - you making things worst than ever! I will not want to mention names here, but as saying, "Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas!"

I mentioned one post earlier, I meant happiness now, I want all well ends well, no threat, no forcing. You can't force me to see someone that I do not want to see right?

And for the people that felt offended reading my post, there is a red X button on the top right of the screen if you are Windows user, and if you are MAC user, there's always one on the top left corner. Nobody ask anybody to read this blog. If I am writing nonsensical stuff, you can choose not to read it, go and read more interesting stuff, now get out of here lamers!

Ok, ciao outside and medicine time now!

Najib Altantuya Taja Makkal Sakthi, Samy Velu Terkedu

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 03:58 AM PDT

Parti Makkal Sakthi Malaysia yang diluluskan oleh Pendaftar Pertubuhan bukan sahaja mendapat sokongan moral Najib Razak malah juga menerima habuan kewangan lumayan daripada Perdana Menteri, menurut beberapa pihak yang rapat dengan kepemimpinan parti itu.

Menurut aktivis Gerakan Tindakan Hak Asasi Hindu atau Hindraf, M. Murugan, Makkal Sakthi dikatakan mengikat perjanjian untuk menerima lebih RM30juta daripada tabung Barisan Nasional untuk melengkapkan dirinya sebagai parti pilihan kaum India, menggantikan MIC.

Beliau mendakwa wang pendahuluan sebanyak RM8 juta telah pun diserahkan kepada salah seorang pemimpin utama Makkal Sakthi semasa pilihan raya kecil Bukit Selambau 7 April lalu.

"Saya difahamkan jumlah itu hanya sebahagian daripada RM30 juta yang dijanjikan oleh Najib kepada Makkal Sakthi untuk menarik kembali sokongan pengundi India kepada BN," Murugan memberitahu Suara Keadilan.

Beliau yang pernah ditahan polis semasa perhimpunan Hindraf di Kuala Lumpur 25 November 2007 mendakwa kemungkinan besar baki sebanyak RM22 juta akan dibayar secara tunai kepada Makkal Sakthi apabila Najib merasmikan parti itu 10 Oktober depan.

"Kita tahu latar belakang pemimpin-pemimpin Parti Makkal Sakthi Malaysia. Mereka dipecat daripada Hindraf dan sejurus dipecat terus bersengkongkol dengan pemimpin BN," kata Murugan yang mengenali rapat barisan pemimpin parti baru itu.

Pemerhati politik terkejut apabila Pendaftar Pertubuhan mengambil masa hanya dua minggu untuk meluluskan penubuhan Makkal Sakthi. Proses kelulusan untuk parti-parti lain lazimnya mengambil masa bertahun-tahun, contohnya Parti Sosialis Malaysia yang dipimpin oleh beberapa aktivis masyarakat.

Kelulusan segera yang diperolehi Makkal Sakthi adalah petanda jelas Najib mencari sekutu baru untuk meraih kembali sokongan kaum India yang berhijrah kepada Pakatan Rakyat pada pilihanraya umum tahun lalu.

Najib sudah pun mula memulau Presiden MIC Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu pada majlis-majlis perjumpaannya dengan kaum India dan kini lebih mengaitkan dirinya kepada Makkal Sakthi.

Murugan menyifatkan parti itu sebagai "alat terbaru BN untuk mendapat sokongan kaum India."

"Pengundi bukan bodoh dan sedar jika MIC gagal memperjuangkan nasib kaum India untuk 50 tahun, sebuah parti yang baru ditubuhkan dengan kelulusan khas Perdana Menteri tetap akan menemui jalan buntu selagi ia melaksanakan agenda Umno," kata beliau.

Timbalan Pengerusi KEADILAN Pahang, G. Ponusamy berkata penubuhan parti yang dipelopori oleh bekas penyelaras kebangsaan Hindraf, R.S. Thanenthiran adalah sebahagian perancangan jahat Najib dan BN untuk memecah-belahkan kaum India.

"Najib tahu sekiranya kaum India berpecah dan diwakili oleh banyak parti politik maka orang India akan lemah dan senang dipergunakan. Ini seperti penjajah Inggeris yang mengamalkan dasar "divide and rule" atau pecah dan perintah.

"Walau bagaimanapun saya yakin masyarakat India yang majoritinya kini menyokong Pakatan Rakyat sudah lama sedar permainan BN dan tidak senang termakan dengan helah politik seperti ini," kata beliau.

"Akhirnya yang untung ialah segelintir pemimpin India yang menjual maruah mereka kepada BN untuk keuntungan peribadi sementara kaum India terus terpinggir dan diabaikan," jelas Ponusamy.

Menurut Naib Ketua Cabang Keadilan Kuantan itu, Najib bukan sahaja membiayai Makkal Sakthi malah terbabit dalam penubuhan Parti Hak Asasi Manusia yang juga bertujuan untuk menarik sokongan kaum India. Parti itu kini dalam proses mendapat kelulusan.

"Saya mendapat maklumat bahawa permohonon parti itu kini berada di atas meja Perdana Menteri untuk mendapat kelulusan peribadi beliau.

"Ini jelas menunjukkan kedua-dua parti ini hanya menjadi instrumen politik Umno dan BN setelah mereka berjaya menghancurkan MIC.

Parti Hak Asasi Manusia diterajui oleh salah seorang pemimpin Hindraf, P. Uthayakumar yang bertindak sebagai Setiausaha Agung Jawatankuasa Penaja Parti Hak Asasi Manusia.

Parti yang bertapak di Semenanjung itu bercadang untuk bertanding di 53 kerusi pada pilihan raya umum ke 13 yang tentunya memerlukan belanja besar yang boleh ditanggung oleh kepimpinan Barisan Nasional.

Era Najib Altantuya : Kemelut MCA, MIC Karamkan BN

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 03:48 AM PDT

Telahan mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad bahawa Barisan Nasional (BN) bakal mengikuti jejak Parti Liberal Demokratik (LDP) di Jepun dilihat semakin menjadi kenyataan apabila parti komponen utama yang membentuk BN dilanda kemelut yang berpanjangan.

Bermula dengan kesukaran tidak dapat menerima tsunami politik 2008 satu persatu parti komponen ini dilanda masalah yang tidak berkesudahan.

Semua masalah-masalah ini adalah cerminan kepada perpecahan yang sebenarnya berlaku di dalam BN itu sendiri. Dr Mahathir berpendapat Umno dan BN mungkin akan mengalami nasib sama seperti Parti LDP Jepun yang ditolak rakyat negara itu.

Beliau berkata, situasi politik yang berlaku dalam Umno dan BN dilihat seakan-akan mengikut jejak langkah negara Jepun dan tidak mustahil pilihan raya akan datang, fenomena yang sama turut berlaku.

Menurutnya, parti-parti yang berjuang dan mencapai kemerdekaan di beberapa negara lain, telah hilang begitu saja seolah-olah rakyat di negara itu tidak tahu berterima kasih dan tidak peduli 'perjuangan dan pengorbanan' parti-parti itu dan pemimpinnya," katanya yang dipetik dalam blognya.

Krisis MCA semakin parah

MCA kini bergelut dalam krisis dalaman yang meruncing dan menentukan jatuh bangun parti tersebut. Walaupun usianya telah menjangkau 60 tahun, namun kemelut organisasi yang melanda kini masih lagi gagal diselesaikan dengan baik.

Kesan dari krisis dalaman MCA meyaksikan Datuk Chua Jui Meng menyertai Parti Keadilan Rakyat (KEADILAN). Kini Datuk Chua Soi Lek berdepan dengan usaha terancang menamatkan karier politik beliau secara total dalam MCA.

Persoalannya di sini, adakah dengan situasi yang berlaku terhadap tokoh MCA yang berasal dari Johor ini akan menyebabkan berlaku pola perubahan politik di kalangan pengundi Cina di Johor dan memungkinkan Johor akan beralih kepada Pakatan Rakyat?

Sehinggakan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak menggesa MCA supaya menyelesaikan segera masalah dalamannya sebelum ia menjadi isu besar kepada BN.

Pengarah Pilihan Raya KEADILAN yang juga Ahli Parlimen Machang, Saifuddin Nasuition Ismail, ketika mengulas perkara ini menyifatkan kemungkinan itu wujud. Namun Pakatan Rakyat tidak harus bergantung kepada situasi ini sahaja, sebaliknya harus menggerakkan usaha bersepadu dan membina kekuatan untuk menang.

"Situasi percakaran MCA sekarang ibarat yang menang jadi abu yang kalah jadi arang. Kita tidak melihat dua aktor yang bertembung dalam politik dalaman MCA ini sebagai signifikan dalam usaha mereka memulihkan semula sokongan masyarakat Cina kepada BN dan juga MCA. Ini dapat dilihat apabila tujuh daripada lapan pilihan raya kecil, pengundi Cina tidak memihak kepada BN," katanya.

Beliau menambah, "Malah yang mengejutkan, apabila Presiden MCA diserang bertubi-tubi berhubung Skandal PKFZ, tiada seorang pun menteri membela Ong Tee Keat. Ini menunjukkan pertembungan ini bukan sahaja berlaku dalam MCA malah ianya berlaku krisis dalaman di dalam BN."

Pertembungan Tee Keat selaku Presiden MCA dan juga "mantan" Timbalan Presiden MCA, Soi Lek mengheret MCA untuk megadakan Mesyuarat Agung Luar Biasa (EGM) bagi mencari jalan penyelesaian.

Isu ini memuncak apabila Presiden menggunakan Jawatankuasa Disiplin Parti MCA memecat Soi Lek pada 27 Ogos lalu atas alasan mencalar imej parti menerusi skandal DVD seks.

Tindakan ini mencabar pilihan akar umbi yang mengangkat Soi Lek secara demokrasi dalam parti. Penyokong Soi Lek menyifatkan tindakan pemecatan ini tidak wajar dan diibaratkan "menyebat mayat".

Menurut Ahli Parlimen Gopeng yang juga Naib Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat , Lee Boon Chye beliau berkomentar bahawa isu ini sebenarnya cukup besar untuk memberikan impak kepada pengundi Cina terutama di negeri yang di perintah oleh BN.

Beliau cukup yakin dengan kemelut ini pengundi Cina di beberapa negeri selatan akan beralih angin selepas penolakan Soi Lek ini.

"Respon masyarakat Cina jelas menunjukkan bahawa mereka melihat isu perebutan jawatan ini bukanlah isu orang Cina. Masyarakat Cina jelas kecewa dengan MCA yang mana ketika negara sibuk bergelut dengan H1N1, tetapi MCA sibuk berebut jawatan!" katanya.

Samy Vellu liabiliti BN

Mengekalkan dirinya sebagai manusia paling lama berkuasa dalam sejarah politik negara barangkali adalah satu kebanggaan kepada Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu. Tetapi hakikatnya ia adalah liabiliti kepada BN yang semakin terhakis kuasa politiknya.

Sokongan terbuka Mahathir terhadap bekas timbalan Samy Vellu dalam MIC, Datuk S Subramaniam yang sekian kali merebut jawatan nombor dua parti terbesar kaum India itu mengundang kemarahan yang bukan kepalang kepada MIC.

Kalungan selipar yang dicadangkan untuk Mahathir menerima reaksi yang tidak menyenangkan pelbagai pihak. Lantas para pemimpin Umno menyalak membela Mahathir yang dihina itu.

Episod cabar mencabar dan permohonan maaf akhirnya tamat apabila Mahathir bersuara bahawa beliau lebih terluka dengan kutukan ahli Umno terhadapnya sewaktu Tun Abdullah Badawi berkuasa dahulu.

Menurut Naib Presiden PAS Datuk Mahfuz Omar, perbalahan dalam MIC adalah parah dan tidak dapat dibendung lagi.

"Bukan setakat masalah dalaman tetapi ia turut melibatkan campurtangan parti induk BN itu sendiri iaitu Umno, perkara ini dapat dilihat apabila akhbar rasmi parti itu Utusan Malaysia begitu agresif menghentam Samy Vellu. Ini memperlihatkan kerjasama dikalangan BN sudah semakin rapuh," katanya.

Kemenangan pasukan presiden yang didakwa Samy Vellu ternyata tidak menghilangkan arus yang terus meletakkan Samy adalah individu yang menjadi liabiliti kepada parti.

Keputusan ini mengukuhkan lagi kedudukan Samy Vellu, yang menang tanpa bertanding bagi kerusi Presiden, jawatan yang disandangnya sejak 1979.

Walaubagaimanapun, kemenangan calon pilihan Samy Vellu ini tidak bermakna seluruh masyarakat India di negara ini menyokong Presiden MIC terbabit.

Keputusan pilihan raya umum lalu dan beberapa perkembangan selepas itu menunjukkan sebahagian besar masyarakat India lebih cenderung untuk bersama pembangkang.

Bukan rahsia lagi bahawa antara faktor MIC semakin kehilangan pengaruhnya di kalangan masyarakat India ialah kerana Samy Vellu sendiri.

Hakikat ini bukan saja diakui pemimpin BN, malah di kalangan pemimpin MIC sendiri, tetapi takut untuk bersuara secara terbuka.

Sehinggakan Najib Razak ketika merasmikan perhimpunan agung itu didakwa menyindir Samy Vellu secara umum.

Beliau mengingatkan pemimpin parti komponen supaya menjadi popular di kalangan rakyat untuk memastikan BN terus relevan pada mata rakyat.

"Tiada guna jadi popular di kalangan ahli parti saja, tetapi tidak popular di kalangan rakyat. Jika mahu terus relevan, saya ingatkan kepada Umno, MCA, MIC dan komponen BN bahawa pertimbangan bergantung kepada sejauh mana kita popular di kalangan rakyat, bukan di kalangan ahli parti saja.

Pun begitu, Samy Vellu yang terkenal dengan sikap keras kepalanya menyangkal dakwaan bosnya itu apabila mendakwa punca masyarakat India tidak menyokong BN kerana kerajaan mengabaikan mereka, bukan kerana beliau tidak popular.

"Ramai menyalahkan saya, kata rakyat menyampah dengan saya, tetapi mereka sebenarnya tidak sukakan BN, bukan saya. Saya bercakap terus terang kerana saya tidak takut pada sesiapa," katanya.

Nada keangkuhan Samy Vellu ini tenyata tidak disenangi pimpinan BN, tekanan terus diberikan kepada Samy Vellu sehinggakan membawa kepada isu peralihan kuasanya ini ke meja rundingan peringkat Perdana Menteri.

Itulah keistimewaan Samy Vellu barangkali, walaupun rakyat sudah menunjukkan jalan persaraan terhadap kerjaya politiknya tetapi beliau masih tidak akur.

Barangkali kekalahan total BN dalam pilihan raya umum yang akan datang adalah keadah terbaik menguburkan politik beliau. Bagaimanapun semua ini akan terjadi dengan restu perwakilan MIC yang kelihatan sangat taksub dengan ketokohannya.

Era Najib Altantuya : Parti Makkal Sakhti Ulang Telatah MIC ?

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 03:42 AM PDT

Kemunculan Parti Makkal Sakthi di persada politik negara membuktikan MIC hilang sokongan rakyat tapi parti baru itu juga dikhuatiri mengulangi 'telatah' jika menyertai komponen Barisan Nasional (BN), menurut bekas Naib Presiden MIC Datuk S S Subramaniam.

"Ini kerana pemimpin Makkal Sakthi juga akan mengejar kedudukan dan projek daripada BN dan mengabaikan kepentingan rakyat," kata Subramaniam.

Persetujuan Najib Razak merasmikan parti baru itu jelas menunjukkan BN terdesak mencari pasangan baru bagi meraih sokongan masyarakat India yang kian menjauhi gabungan itu.

Subramaniam mengganggap tindakan Najib merasmikan Makkal Sakthi adalah semata-mata mahu meraih sokongan kaum India, sekali gus mengelak mereka daripada mengundi Pakatan Rakyat.

"Najib sedar yang BN tidak boleh bergantung kepada MIC sedangkan BN memerlukan undi bukan Melayu termasuk kaum India," tambah beliau.

Subramaniam berkata MIC khususnya Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu pasti cuba menghalang Maakal Sakthi dari menyertai BN sebagaimana yang dilakukannya terhadap Barisan Progresif India (IPF).

"Tapi, kaum India tidak boleh berharap kepada Maakal Sakthi kerana parti itu juga mungkin mengulangi telatah MIC yang gila kuasa dan mengamal pendekatan politik jawatan. Mungkin, sebab itu mereka mahu masuk BN.

"Dalam BN, ada satu jawatan Kabinet diperuntuk kepada parti komponen. Mungkin itu yang mereka kejar. Tapi, hanya pemimpin atasan saja yang dapat jawatan sedangkan nasib orang bawah belum tentu terbela.

"Tidak boleh ada unsur kepentingan individu. Kita mahu orang yang jujur mengetuai perjuangan kaum India tapi ia tidak semestinya berasaskan pendekatan perkauman dan saya lihat hanya KEADILAN menjadi platform terbaik," katanya.

Maakal Sakthi diumumkan penubuhannya Mei lalu, diterajui bekas penyelaras kebangsaan Hindraf, R S Thanenthiran dan pelancarannya dijadualkan pada 10 Oktober ini. -TVA

Era Najib Altantuya : Kerajaan Hina Tentera

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 02:53 AM PDT

Cara persaraan Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) Jeneral Tan Sri Abd Aziz Zainal yang memecah tradisi tanpa sebarang penghormatan yang sesuai dengan kedudukkannya menimbulkan pelbagai tanggapan rakyat terhadap cara kerajaan Barisan Nasional(BN) melayan ketua institusi keselamatan negara.

Jeneral Tan Sri Abd Aziz Zainal boleh disifatkan sebagai "undur senyap senyap" , iaitu bersara tanpa apa-apa penghormatan tentera seperti perbarisan kehormat, jamuan makan malam, lawatan ataupun menemui rakan-rakan dari Negara lain, terutamanya negara-negara ASEAN. Semua itu lazim bagi seseorang Panglima ATM yang akan bersara malah ia dianggap satu "tradisi ketenteraan".

Suara Keadilan mendapatkan penjelasan beberapa pegawai ATM, yang masih bertugas dan juga yang sudah bersara, mengenai perkembangan "pelik' ini . Rata rata ramai yang bersetuju bahawa apa jua alasan, adalah tidak wajar kerajaan melayani Jeneral Abdul Aziz demikian dan seolah-olah memaksa beliau bersara secara mengejut.

Penghinaan ke atas ATM itu tentu dirasai oleh warga tentera khususnya setelah Najib bingkas melanjutkan tempoh perkhidmatan Ketua Polis Negara Musa Hassan untuk kali kedua, bagi tempoh setahun lagi.

Menurut Datuk Kapten(B) Abu Zahar Hashim (gambar) apa yang berlaku ke atas Jeneral Abd Aziz adalah di luar tradisi yang diamalkan selama ini.

"Tindakan ini semacam pihak kerajaan memperlekehkan institusi ketenteraan, ini sesuatu yang sangat tidak wajar, beliau sepatutnya diberi penghormatan sepertimana Jeneral-jeneral ATM lain yang telah bersara," katanya.

Menurutnya lagi, paling tidak,Jeneral Abd Aziz wajar diberi peluang melawat kem kem tentera seluruh negara bagi mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada pegawai dan anggota tentera dan bagi mereka pula mengucapkan selamat bersara kepada beliau. Di samping itu katanya persaraan Jeneral Abd Aziz mesti dimasyhurkan.

Amat memalukan kata Datuk Kapten (B) apabila pihak akhbar arus perdana yang dimiliki parti pemerintah tutut tidak memberi pengiftirahan dan sebaliknya hanya menyiarkan berita kecil mengenai persaraan Jeneral Abd Aziz.

Abu Zahar yang kini menyertai PAS menempelak BN yang menurutnya hanya "menggunakan" ATM bagi "memenangkan" mereka dalam pilihan raya tetapi bertindak tidak wajar terhadap pemerintah tertinggi ATM.

Jeneral Abd Aziz sepatutnya bersara pada Ogos 2007 pada umur 56 tahun tetapi selepas dilantik Panglima Angkatan Tentera pada Februari 2007, beliau ditawarkan untuk berkhidmat selama setahun berkuatkuasa dari tarikh perlantikannya sebagai Panglima Angkatan Tentera.

Tempoh berkhidmatan itu sepatutnya berakhir pada hujung Januari 2008.

Namun beliau ditawarkan setahun lagi yang sepatutnya berakahir pada Januari 2009, lebih kurang enam bulan dari umur persaraan wajib, iaitu 58 tahun. Selepas menamatkan perkhidmatan sambungan kali kedua pada Januari 2009, beliau telah ditawarkan sekali lagi sehinggalah 1 September 2009.

Sekarang beliau bercuti peralihan selama 5 bulan sehingga 31 Januari 2010. Secara keseluruhan, Jen. Aziz Zainal berkhidmat sebagai Panglima Angkatan Tentera selama 2 tahun 6 bulan.

Agak menghairankan Kementerian Pertahanan boleh mengumumkan penyerahan tugas Jen. Abd Aziz kepada Panglima Angkatan Tentera yang baru sebelum Majlis Angkatan Tentera bersidang.

Berdasarkan kepada kelaziman, Majlis Angkatan Tentera akan bersidang tentang pelantikan Panglima Angkatan Tentera yang baru dan memerlukan perkenan Yang Di Pertuan Agong sebelum sebarang pengumuman secara rasmi dibuat, dan selalunya ia mengambil masa yang lama.

Menteri Pertahanan, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi dalam satu kenyataan mengumumkan Panglima Tentera Udara Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin sebagai Panglima Angkatan Tentera yang baru.

Jeneral Abd Aziz dinaikkan ke pangkat tertinggi ATM ketika Datuk Seri ( kini Tun ) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Sebelum "pengunduran senyap' beliau, perhidmatan adik beliau , Datuk Kamarulzaman Zainal sebagai pengarah kumpulan berita ehwal semasa Media Prima Berhad-TV3 ditamatkan awal iaitu sebelum had tempoh kontrak."Persaraan" awal Kamarulzaman dikuat kuasakan sebaik sahaja Datuk Seri Najib razak menjadi Perdana Menteri.Sebelum bertugas di Media Prima Kamarulzaman ialah setiausaha akhbar Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. -TVA

Era Najib Altantuya : Jadikan Bagan Pinang Kuala T erengganu No. 2

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 02:48 AM PDT

Pilihan Raya Kecil DUN N31 Bagan Pinang memberi makna besar kepada seluruh rakyat untuk membuat perubahan ketara dalam senario politik tanah air.

Presiden Pas Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang berkata rakyat perlu mengambil peluang ini untuk menolak calon Umno-Barisan Nasional bagi menyelamatkan negara yang dilanda pelbagai wabak berbahaya.

"Kita melihat betapa gelabahnya Barisan Nasional mengemukakan slogan selepas satu-satu. Dahulunya bersih, cekap, amanah, natijahnya tidak bersih, cekup, khianat bukan amanah .

"Kepimpinan melalui teladan tidak boleh jadi teladan, menjadi contoh sangat buruk terutamanya bagi orang-orang Islam kerana Umno tidak tunjuk satu contoh Islam yang sebenar," katanya dalam majlis pengisytiharan calon Pakatan Rakyat untuk pilihan raya kecil Bagan Pinang.

Beliau berkata slogan-slogan yang dibuat Umno-Barisan Nasional dilihat seolah-olah membela nasib rakyat namun dalam masa yang sama parti berkenaan sebenarnya mengkhianati bangsa sendiri dan menzalimi bangsa lain.

Sehubungan itu Hadi berkata, Pakatan Rakyat diperkenalkan untuk mewujudkan perpaduan dengan menerima hakikat masyarakat majmuk.

"Slogan 1 Malaysia slogan baru yang ditonjolkan Umno adalah topeng yang sangat rapuh yang dikoyak rabakkan oleh Umno, MCA, Gerakan, dan Mic yang tidak bersatu.

"Kita mahu memperkenalkan Pakatan Rakyat untuk mewujudkan perpaduan dengan menerima hakikat pelbagai bangsa pelbagai agama. Tidak salah orang Cina sayang pada kaum Cina, mempertahankan hak orang Cina. Tidak salah orang India sayang pada kaum India, tidak salah Melayu sayang pada Melayu mempertahankan hak dia. Yang salah ialah kita sayang bangsa kita tetapi menzalimi bangsa lain," katanya.

Hadi yakin Pakatan Rakyat dapat menawan Bagan Pinang sekiranya semua pihak dalam gagasan itu bersatu untuk mengulangi kejayaan menawan kerusi Kuala Terengganu daripada Umno-Barisan Nasional pada pilihan raya kecil Januari lalu.

"Kalau kita bersatu sungguh-sungguh segala penipuan, penyelewengan dapat kita atasi. Buktiknya kita dalam piliha raya kecil lalu di beberapa tempat kita menang besar dapat mempertahan kemenangan boleh tawan kawasan mereka di Kuala Terengganu tidak mustahil kita boleh tawan Bagan Pinang.

"Kita mengharap arus perubahan ini akan berpindah ke selatan. Perubahan ke selatan akan bermula di bagan pinang," katanya.

Menurutnya menjelang pilihan raya kecil pada kali ini rakyat Bagan Pinang bakal mendapat pelbagai habuan oleh Umno-Barisan Nasional.

Bagaimanapun katanya habuan berkenaan hanyalah sebahagian kecil kekayaan negara yang diberikan kepada rakyat kerana sebahagian besarnya dibolot oleh pemimpin atasan.

"Kita melihat rakyat hanya mendapat sedikit habuan khusunya bila ada pilihan raya kecil banyak projek pembangunan, duit diberi, banyak subsidi itu hanya sedikit kekayaan negara.

"Sebahagian besar kekayaan ini berpusing di kalangan orang tertentu. Yang terkini isu yang hebat diperkatakan PKFZ yang menelan belanja besar, media-media dedahkan bagaimana berlakunya rasuah, mereka yang kaya beri rasuah pada orang politik, orang poitik beri projek pada yang kaya," katanya.

Politik dan amalan sebegitu telah lama menjadi budaya Barisan Nasional.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Isolation makes cancer worse - bbc online

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 01:11 AM PDT

Social isolation 'worsens cancer'

Stressed mice grew larger tumours
Social isolation may make cancer more deadly, US research on mice suggests.
Researchers found the social environment can modify the biology of the disease - and lead to significant differences in outcome.
Female mice stressed because they were separated from their mothers developed more and larger mammary gland tumours than more contented animals.
The University of Chicago study appears in the journal Cancer Prevention Research.
It is now widely recognised that stress plays a part in illness, but no-one really knows how much
Oliver Childs
Cancer Research UK
Previous research has suggested that social support can improve health outcomes for patients with breast cancer, while social isolation has been linked to an increased risk of death from several chronic diseases.
The Chicago team worked with mice genetically predisposed to mammary gland cancer.
They found changes in the activity of genes that play a role in tumour growth in the stressed animals, suggesting that they may have been directly influenced by surging levels of stress hormones.
The researchers said more work was needed to pin down exactly which cell types are affected.
New treatments
But researcher Dr Suzanne Conzen said the study raised hopes of new ways to block cancer growth.
She said: "Given the increased knowledge of the human genome we can begin to objectively identify and dissect the specific alterations that take place in cancer-prone tissues of individuals in at-risk environments and that will help us to better understand and implement cancer prevention strategies."
Dr Caryn Lerman, editor of the journal, said: "This study uses an elegant preclinical model and shows that social isolation alters expression of genes important in mammary gland tumour growth."
Professor Thea Tlsty, of University of California San Francisco, said it had long been known that psychological factors could influence disease, but not how.
She said the study added to growing evidence that chemicals circulating in the blood - such as stress hormones - could influence the development of cancer by turning genes on and off within cells with the potential to turn malignant.
Previous work has also suggested that depression can have a negative effect on cancer prognosis.
Oliver Childs, of the charity Cancer Research UK, warned against drawing any firm conclusions.
He said: "These experiments were carried out in mice, so certainly do not prove that the stress caused by social isolation causes cancer to get worse in humans.
"It is now widely recognised that stress plays a part in illness, but no-one really knows how much and there is no good evidence from controlled studies that stress contributes to cancer progression."

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Era Najib Altantuya : 2 Pemimpin Pemuda UMNO Diberkas Kerana Dadah

Posted: 30 Sep 2009 01:20 AM PDT

Polis menahan dua orang pemimpin Pemuda Umno bahagian setelah disyaki mengambil dadah dalam satu serbuan di sebuah rumah di Kampung Tengah, Kijal, Terengganu malam tadi.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik Negeri Supt Roslan Abdul Wahid berkata, kedua-duanya yang berumur 41 tahun itu, merupakan antara 74 orang yang diberkas dalam Ops Sepadu yang dijalankan oleh jabatan berkenaan dengan kerjasama Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Dungun dan Kemaman.

"Seorang daripada mereka ditahan di ruang tamu di rumah tersebut pada pukul 9 malam, manakala seorang lagi ditahan bersama abangnya dalam sebuah bilik di rumah yang sama.

"Kita merampas satu tiub straw yang mengandungi dadah jenis heroin daripada seorang daripada mereka," katanya kepada Bernama hari ini.

Beliau berkata pemeriksaan air kencing yang dijalankan mendapati ketiga-tiga mereka positif dadah.

Seorang daripada mereka kemudian dilepaskan dengan jaminan polis setelah kenyataan diambil manakala seorang lagi bersama abangnya telah dibawa ke Mahkamah Majistret Kemaman sebelum dilepaskan dengan jaminan RM3,000 seorang.

Operasi itu dijalankan oleh 100 anggota dan pegawai dari cawangan narkotik di kawasan-kawasan panas di daerah Dungun dan Kemaman dalam usaha untuk membersihkan kawasan berkenaan daripada kegiatan pengedaran dan penagihan dadah.

najib altantuya: M'sia scores US$2.5 bil deal with Saudi Arabia - nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 10:43 PM PDT

@ The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — Malaysia today made a major breakthrough in economic ties with Saudi Arabia, setting up a US$2.5 billion joint-venture company with the oil-rich kingdom.

The company is expected to spearhead flow of foreign direct investments (FDI) from the Middle East into Malaysia as well as make strategic investments in high-impact projects here.

The partnership between Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and PetroSaudi International Limited (PSI) also comes at a time when the global economy is recovering and countries are in great competition for FDI.

This venture is the first undertaken by PSI in this region and will be read by analysts and government officials as a sign of confidence in Malaysia and economic prospects here.

The 1MDB is wholly owned by the government of Malaysia and was established recently to drive strategic initiatives for long-term sustainable economic development and promote flow of FDI into the country.

PSI, based in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, is mandated to carry out investments which can strengthen the relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and key countries worldwide.

In a joint press release, the 1MDB and PSI said that the aim of the joint venture company is "to seek, explore, and participate in business and economic opportunities which results in the enhancement of and promotion of the future prosperity and long-term sustainable economic development of Malaysia." It is also expected to actively make investments in the renewable energy sector.

The JVC is also expected to be a vehicle for investments from the Middle East into the region, thereby giving Malaysia the edge in drawing investments from the cash — and resource — rich region.

PSI's Chairman HRH Prince Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud said: "Malaysia has long been a model of stability and development for developing countries. We believe that recent economic liberalisation policies announced by the Prime Minister will only make Malaysia a more attractive place for investors.

"We envisage Malaysia becoming an important partner for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.''

Also lauding the setting up of the JVC was 1MDB's chairman Datuk Mohd. Bakke Salleh.

He said: "The JVC is set to further increase foreign direct investment from the Middle East, in particular Saudi Arabia. We will leverage on PSI's strong international presence, their networks and expertise to promote Malaysia as the preferred investment destination."

This is the first major economic initiative with a Middle Eastern nation since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became the Prime Minister in April.

Several countries in the region, notably Singapore, have been courting Middle East investors in recent years.

Era Najib Altantuya : UMNO BN Kehabisan Gas Oksigen

Posted: 29 Sep 2009 10:40 PM PDT

PAS menyifatkan Umno sudah kehabisan gas oksigen untuk bernafas kerana mencalonkan Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad sebagai calon PRK di Bagan Pinang pada 11, Oktober 2009.

Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat, Ustaz Idris Haji Ahmad berkata pencalonan Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad menggambarkan Umno sudah kehilangan orang yang berwibawa dan calon yang bersih dari segi moral dan rasuah.

Calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad disabit kesalahan rasuah yang telah menyebabkan beliau kehilangan jawatan Naib Presiden dan Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan oleh jawatankuasa tatatertib umno.

Dalam kenyataannya itu, Ustaz Idris berkata kemungkinan pencalonan ISA, atas sebab Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak terhutang budi kepada Tan Seri Isa Samad sewaktu menjadi Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan satu ketika dahulu.

"Kita mengharapkan semua pengundi yang berada di Bagan Pinang adalah mereka yang mempunyai jati diri yang kukuh akan membuat perhitungan yang tepat untuk memilih wakil rakyat di kawasan mereka," ujarnya.

Sebagaimanaedia maklum Dewan Undangan Negeri Bagan Pinang mempunyai ramai pengundi tentera yang kita tahu mereka adalah orang yang berdisiplin dan bermoral tidak akan rela berketuakan orang yang telah terpalit dengan rasuah.

Menurutnya, perlantikan Tan Seri Isa sebagai calon adalah satu kayu ukur, hendak menunjukkan bahawa pemimpin Umno tidak ada kesungguhan memerangi rasuah.

Dalam kajian Transparency International (TI), Malaysia terus merudum dalam Indeks Persepsi Rasuah apabila berada pada kedudukan ke-47 pada tahun 2008 sedangkan tahun 2007 indeks rasuah hanya tangga 43.

Justeru itu katanya, PAS menyeru pengundi Bagan Pinang selamatkan negara daripada berketuakan parti perasuah yang boleh membinasakan negara.

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