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[Highlight] A weekend in town, Prangin Mall and Jing Si

[Highlight] A weekend in town, Prangin Mall and Jing Si

A weekend in town, Prangin Mall and Jing Si

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 09:55 AM PDT

I went to town last Sunday as early as 10.30am, parked the car at Beach Street and met up with Alvin at the Rapid Penang bus terminal at Jetty to take the bus to Prangin Mall.

IMG_0070 by you.

The reason that we don't want to park our cars at Prangin Mall because the parking rate at the mall is blood sucking, it was once I got sucked up RM5 for only a 2 hours movie and I don't want to park there anymore unless I am forced to, else I would be taking the bus to town.

IMG_0074 by you.

Since it's Sunday, parking at Beach Street was free and the whole thing was going to Jing Si's Books and Cafe to read up some book but since it's early, so we went to Prangin Mall to look for food first.

IMG_0076 by you.

It has been a long time since I had boarded the bus at this terminal, the Rapid Penang bus company revamped the terminal and gave it a better look then before. Still remember the last time I always get on the bus was 2 years back when I was a frequent visitor to Jing Si's as that time I was having PMR examination.

IMG_0079 by you.

We've waited for the free CAT (Central Area Transit) bus for a long time but it didn't show up at the time we wanted it to be, so we were forced to hopped on the lousy old bus to get to KOMTAR.

IMG_0084 by you.

IMG_0086 by you.

Well, we walked around and had lunch there. Saw that Maxis Broadband was having a roadshow there and I went to played some Facebook's typing game and got a free goodies bag for myself. I love free stuff. It was just just quite simple, just play the game and free goodies bag I got.

IMG_0089 by you.

Back to the bus station, we successfully hopped on the CAT bus this time and saved up RM1.40 to go back to Beach Street.

IMG_0093 by you.

Since I didn't really know where to stop, I suggested to stop at Pitt Street then take a walk as exercise after lunch to Beach Street.

IMG_0094 by you.

It's only about 1km away and I was leading the way because Alvin doesn't really know the way around in town.

IMG_0097 by you.

IMG_0100 by you.

It's lovely to find the Peranakan Mansion along the way which I have never been in before but now I can tell people that I've passed by this place before. Hehe.





I then spent my whole afternoon sitting at Jing Si's Books and Cafe, for tea and also revision for the trial exam that is happening right now. I ordered a very weird tea, the Lavender Tea and it smells like soap. Not guarantee that I will never order it again but for now, I'll prefer not ordering again. Hehe.

Went to Tesco last Saturday

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 09:31 AM PDT

IMG_0042 by you.

I've actually planned for either going for a movie or stayed at home to do my revision, but it turned up nothing same as my plan. Mom wanted to go to Tesco and she don't want to go there alone so asked for my company, since I want to be a good son, I went along with her. I grabbed my camera with me and hope I can capture something but it's just some very random shots that I took in the supermarket.

That day's weather was not so good, it's not sunny and it was like cloudy all day long.

IMG_0044 by you.

I haven't been to Tesco for quite sometimes and to me, I got nothing to buy. I don't really buy things on an unexpected visit to the supermarket. I prefer making a list in my mind so that buying and finding stuff make easy.

IMG_0046 by you.

I will not shop for electric appliances in Tesco.

IMG_0047 by you.

Hungry Ghost Festival is over and the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Sweet. Conserve the Chinese tradition, don't buy electric toy lantern, it's so uncool.

IMG_0048 by you.

Cheap snacks for sale, as low as RM1.69. I don't like it.

IMG_0049 by you.

My favourite fresh milk. ^^

IMG_0050 by you.

IMG_0054 by you.

The Not-Halal Pork department separated from everything.

IMG_0055 by you.

Tesco's packaged coffee, will you get it?

IMG_0062 by you.

Brandless local rice. Will you, too?

IMG_0063 by you.

IMG_0067 by you.

Bring your own bag (on every Monday's non-plastic bag day).

IMG_0066 by you.

Mom. ^^

Well, I did buy something there, a pack of DVD-R, a pack of 80gms A4 paper for printing usage and fresh milks. =D

Docs Want Booze Advert Ban - bbc online

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 09:20 AM PDT

aNt's aNgle: I came across this interesting article on the strong call by UK doctors to ban all alcohol advertising - including sports and music sponsorship.

With the recent criticism over PAS's call to ban Black Eyed Peas's concert for the same reason, I wonder what the Islamic party's critics will say now over the latest UK development.

Blame UK doctors' for being PAS followers.

There was clear merit over our Government's (Barisan Nasional) for their concerns too. Perhaps now people may be more willing to see it from a medical point of view rather than a religious one.

Doctors want booze marketing ban

By Nick Triggle
Health reporter, BBC News

Red wine
A third of the people are drinking above the recommended levels

There should be a ban on all alcohol advertising, including sports and music sponsorship, doctors say.

The British Medical Association said the crackdown on marketing was needed, along with an end to cut-price deals, to stop rising rates of consumption.

The industry spends £800m a year on promoting drinks - just a quarter of which goes on direct advertising.

Doctors said action was essential as alcohol was now one of the leading causes of early death and disability.

Only smoking and high blood pressure is responsible for a greater burden of disease, according to the World Health Organization.

Carling lager - Sponsors the football league cup in England and also has deals for shirt sponsorship of Celtic and Rangers in Scotland
John Smith's - Title sponsor of the Grand National plus other race days at the majority of UK racecourses
Magners Irish Cider - Sponsors two British rugby unions teams as well as Irish, Scottish and Welsh leagues
Johnnie Walker whisky - Sponsors of Formula One team McLaren

The cost to the NHS for treating injury and illness linked to drink has been estimated to be anything up to £3bn a year in the UK.

It comes as alcohol consumption has been rising rapidly in recent years with over a third of adults now drinking above the recommended amounts.

But the report said there was particular concern about the impact of marketing on young people.

The report points out that while the money spent on alcohol advertising - nearly £200m a year - remained significant, there had been a growth in more subtle types of marketing.

The alcohol industry had, in particular, become a major sponsor of sports events - second only to the finance sector in terms of overall funding.

But the report also highlighted merchandising, competitions and loyalty schemes as influential forms of marketing that needed to be tackled.

Balance's Colin Shevills: "We need to look at not just advertising but also the price of alcohol"

And as well as calling for the outright ban marketing and advertising, the BMA said there needed to be a reduction in licensing hours and tougher rules in place on price.

The doctors' body once again reiterated its call for minimum pricing to be introduced to help combat promotions such as happy hours and two-for-one purchases and higher levels of tax.


Minimum pricing has already been proposed in Scotland, and the chief medical officers in all the other UK nations have signalled their approval for such a move.

But so far the Department of Health has resisted such calls, preferring to encourage the industry to sign up to voluntary codes to encourage responsible drinking.

However, it has signalled its intention to push through legislation to stop cut-price promotions if necessary.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the BMA's head of science and ethics, said: "The BMA is not anti-alcohol. As doctors our focus is to ensure that individuals drink sensible so they do not put their health and lives in danger."

Excessive consumption is linked to 60 different medical conditions, including liver and brain damage, some cancers and other diseases such as stroke and heart disease
The cost to the NHS for treating injury and illness linked to alcohol is estimated at anything up to £3bn a year
But the costs to the wider economy are even greater with loss of productivity said to be more than £7bn a year

Alison Rogers, chief executive of the British Liver Trust, said the report put a "compelling case for change".

"Alcohol is now marketed as a staple part of our diet in the UK.

"The way it is advertised, positioned in stores and its sheer cheapness leads people into feeling that buying and consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly is just the same as life's essentials like bread and milk."

And Don Shenker, of Alcohol Concern, added: "There's no longer any doubt - the heavy marketing and promotion of alcohol, combined with low prices - are encouraging young people to drink at a level our health services are struggling to cope with."

But the Department of Health said its current approach was working, saying measures such as the £10m Know Your Limits public health campaign to encourage responsible drinking were having an impact.

A spokesman added: "We're working harder than ever to reduce alcohol harm — but it's not always right to legislate. We take all evidence into account and react proportionately."

Jeremy Beadles, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, said the measures proposed by the BMA would hit the pockets of millions of consumers and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of people working in the drinks industry, media, advertising and television.

He said: "Britain already has amongst the highest taxes on alcohol in Europe.

"It should be obvious by now that higher taxation and higher prices don't curb alcohol misuse.

"The drinks industry is funding a major campaign to change drinking patterns amongst young adults.

"We believe culture change is more likely to be achieved through long term education and tough enforcement."

PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 25,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing: www.petpositive.com.my


Posted: 08 Sep 2009 08:46 AM PDT

I have many non Malay friends, and I even had one Chinese friend from Kedah whom my parents have taken him to be their adopted son. This was because my father was the person who had circumcised him when he was a student in Kuala Lumpur many years ago. Our relationship with him and his family has always been one of an extended family and even during his moments of death, he would not fail to call to convinced us that he is alright.

Being older than me, I would call him brother and every time I get to Kedah, my itinerary includes a call on him and his family. My wife would normally prepare some cookies that he loved very much, and the moment we meet, his first words to me would be, "Macam mana Mak Chik", referring it to my mother, and speaking in a heavy Kedah accent.

Now that he is gone and so is his loving wife, there is nobody else to fill the lost of my Chinese adopted brother and the only thing that can remind me of him is his phone number that is still listed in my hand phone.

Very early in my postings, I have also written about some of my Indian neighbours whom I had befriended during my formative years and are all within reach of me till today. Some had even brought their aging parents to visit me, and what an excitement I get when their parents would start to remimisce about my childhood days that I could hardly remember. I am fully aware of their 'taboo' when I comes to serving them food. Beef is strictly forbidden; just like pork to a Muslim. And even if I have Indian visitors to my home whom I am not too familiar with, I would tell them what to eat and what not to eat.

Having been raised in a multi racial environnment, I am extremely sensitive to the taboo of my non Malay friends. I feel that I will betray their trust if I were to play ignorant of their racial and religious sensitivities. Likewise, I do not expect them to be ignorant of my sensitivities too. And this has always been my strict observance of the sensitivities of my many non Malay friends.

But of late, we notice that there is a growing disregard for the sensitivity of one race by another, and a good illustration would be the recent Shah Alam 'Kepala Lembu' incident, where even Ministers and some 'rumble rousing' politicians have come forward to claim that what the protesters did was not wrong, and they did it without malice. My spontaneous reaction to this is that they are talking rubbish, and if only my father was alive, he would call them 'Gobblok'. That's been my father's way of venting his anger; though mild but it hurts one's ego.

Clearly, today's politicians have not contributed enough to strengthening racial harmony and tolerance that our founding fathers had hoped to inculcate in the people of this nation. Leaders of today would say one thing, but do otherwise, just out of fear of losing popular support, position and power. They do not care much about what will be the consequence of their words and action, but would say or do anything that will boost their popularity. I suppose what really matters to them is the financial gains that they will harvest by towing the line of their masters.

An incident like the Kepala Lembu must not be allowed to happen ever again, because it it does, the consequences would be beyond rapproach. And to my many Indian friends, the ugly incident at Shah Alam is viewed with utter disgust by the vast majority of Malays who profess that the Quran clearly forbids them from ridiculing people of other faith.

And in this holy month of Ramadan, my only hope is for my many Indians friends who have been grievously hurt by the incident, to forgive the protesters for their ignorance and stupidity, and to allow the law to take its course.


’samseng’ in action

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 09:21 AM PDT

well good now that the AG will charged the cow-head protestors. what about those samseng (hooligans) at the town hall meeting, especially the pony-tailed young man in black t-shirt? they also should be charged! oh especially the one who threatened to rape rodziah. (don't forget, one also threatened the MB's life).

anyway, several of those hooligans at the meeting are also the same people at the protest like the chairman of the penaja umno cawangan sek. 23 – haji azmir md zain. believe it or not, he was the one who uttered the vulgar word pu***ak (which was also a vulgar word where some umno members used much earlier against DAP – see the picture here).

don't believe? well thank good for video – the proof is all there. please do watch the video below taken from zainulfaqar blog, the same blogger who posted up proof of several umno members involve in the protest, complete with pictures and names.

yes clearly, videos are proof of whatever was going on – so is this the reason why the malaysian communication and multimedia commission (MCMC) is asking malaysiakini to take down the protest video and the video where home minister, kerismuddin made a fool of himself?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

non relevant

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 06:48 AM PDT

Are you a guard in a prison, maximum security?
Do we stay home all the time cuz you want me to yourself?
Or am I locked away, out of fear that I'd find someone else?
Or is this just my sentence, am I doing time?

If this is love, real, real love, then I'm staying no doubt.

Protected: Baby, all I do is try…

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 06:45 AM PDT

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


15 Malaysia Down

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 08:42 AM PDT

Get your daily dose of Delirium via Reader or delivered via Email

15 Malaysia seems to be down?! High bandwidth or something went wrong? I didnt realise they run wp for 15Malaysia, check out the favicon.

RON 95 compatible: Car Model - nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 08:23 AM PDT

Run-Up To Jing Cai Zhi Ye - Rehearsal!

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 07:11 AM PDT

We are now into the countdown to Jing Cai Zhi Ye which is scheduled to take off on Sept. 12 at The Masland Methodist Church at 7:00 p.m.

On the run-up to this district-level fellowship night, we made arrangement for a rehearsal this evening to let the participating MAFs to familiarise with the venue.

Not all needed to rehearse. Those who turned out gave me an excellent preview of their presentations.
The rehearsal would not have been so smooth-running and fruitful without the technical assistance of James Lau. My heartfelt appreciation to James for giving us a much-needed hand.
On the night of Jing Cai Zhi Ye, James Lau shall team up with Terrence Tan to take charge of PA, powerpoint and lighting controls. I have full confidence in the duo.

Lawatan ke Pasar Ramadan Masjid al-Husna Bandar Sunway

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 07:36 AM PDT

10 September 2009
6.00 petang
Perkarangan Masjid al-Husna, PJS10 Bandar Sunway

Majlis Berbuka Puasa DYMM Sultan Selangor Bersama Rakyat anjuran Gapurna

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 07:33 AM PDT

9 September 2009
5.45 petang
Masjid Tengku Kelana Putera, SS7 Kelana Jaya

Berbuka Puasa, Solat Maghrib, Isyak dan Terawikh di Blok 8, Desa Mentari

Posted: 05 Sep 2009 07:22 AM PDT

8 September 2009
7.00 malam
Blok 8, Desa Mentari, PJS5

Berbuka Puasa, Solat Maghrib, Isyak dan Terawikh di Masjid al-Amin

Posted: 05 Sep 2009 07:17 AM PDT

7 September 2009
7.00 malam
Masjid al-Amin, Taman Dato' Hormat, PJS10

Networking / Buka Puasa with Young Keadilan Leaders

Posted: 05 Sep 2009 07:06 AM PDT

6 September 2009
5.00 PM
Gloria Jeans Mont Kiara
Panelists: YB Amirudin Shari, YB Nurul Izzah Anwar, YB Chang Lih Kang, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Sharifah Shahidah, Lee Khai Loon

najib altantuya 'Leaked documents' details RM10 mil transfer - nizar nizar teoh beng hock

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 07:22 AM PDT

It has detail descriptions of how Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing allegedly transferred RM10 million to MCA president Ong Tee Keat.
Tiong had confirmed the veracity of the document. The document was a witness statement from one of his political aides. The political aide witnessed the money changing hands. According to Tiong, the political aide was now in hiding for fear of his safety due to the 'leaked documents'.
In the statement, the aide said the RM10 million was transferred to Ong on three different occasions:
First occasion: Tiong ordered the aide to count RM5 million in cash and asked to place them in two fruit boxes.
Second occasion: Tiong told the aide to remove a yelllow 'A4 paper box' of RM1 million from the former's office and take it to Armada hotel in Petaling Jaya in the latter's car.
Third occasion: Tiong and the aide counted the money, put it into two 'A4 paper boxes' and was transported to Carcosa hotel, Kuala Lumpur in Tiong's Mercedes.

NanaDJ's letter to the Star..dated 6th September 2009 (Sunday)

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 06:55 AM PDT

Datin, am forwarding the letter. They publish it word for word! This is my true experience with my latest maid. Yesterday she was gathering all the dead leaves etc and putting them in the garbage bag. When my brother in law who lives next door asked her about it, she said that Ibu nak jual kat orang beli suratkabar lama. My instruction to her was not to mix dead leaves with normal garbage because Alam Flora fussy pot, they will collect garden refuse on different day. See what I mean!

Dear Editor,
With reference to the suggestion(?)/proposal(?) by HE the Ambassador of Indonesia to Malaysia that the maids should be paid RM800 per month I have this to say.
Can he assure us that the maids come with basic skills and knowledge about hosekeeping plus positive attitude as well. I have been having Indonesian maids for more than ten years. They come from a respectable Agency and are selected after viewing a video recording of them, telling us demurely all their virtues and what they can do or promised to do. I must say that while the salary is on the rise the quality of maid has deteriorated tremendously.
My kitchen has become like a preschool class with labels and instructions everywhere - e garbage collectors schedules, reminders to lock the door, switch off the lights and electrical gadgets etc, list of items to set the table for breakfast/lunch/dinner, time to heat up lunch for my grandson(note: heat up not cook) etc.
Ther are supposed to have undergone basic training before we employ them so how come
washing powder are being used to mop the floor as well, washing up liquid does triple function as widow cleaner and counter top cleaner and toothpaste for them worked equally well to whiten school shoes. So we become kindergarten teacher again, pointing to the pictures on the box, cans etc. Onions are peeled the way fruits are being peeled and ended up having moonlike craters and much smaller than the original size. Prawns and squids are creatures from outer space and they have no inkling what to do with them. The lists goes on...
They can't take too many instruction either because they either listen to the first or the last one. So I have resorted to talking in short sentences. Instructions are also to be given when the current task is completed otherwise it would be abandoned in the haste of doing a new one.
I have come to the conclusion that the only training that they have been given is to be hard of hearing, look blank, be as slow as they can in doing anything (ironing can take as long as 5 hours), pretend not to know anything and in our frustration we end up doing most of the work. All they need to do is wash and iron the clothes, mop the floor (they are very well trained in this) and do the washing up. For these we have to pay RM800 a month, Sir?

Thanks NanaDJ for sharing your letter with all of us.

And so the saga of the Indon maids crops up again. What now? A leap in their monthly salaries? For what kind of better services can they offer? By the way..are maids paying taxes like everybody here..?

Waah..we pay for their upkeep. We always close an eye on their weaknesses and mediocre services. Some majikans being so desperate would even scold and side their maids if their kids were to quarrel with their 'precious' helpers.
Why? Takut diaorang berhenti nanti!

And now we may have to give them higher salaries..800 is too ridiculous..unless its worth it! If the maid has worked for a number of years and has shown her utmost housekeeping dedication to her employer..well..why not!

p.s..luckily I do not need to use an Indon housemaid anymore..I am done with that! We had the 'terpaksa tutup sebelah mata kind' of maids..' jangan takde maid langsung' kind and ' asalkan boleh buat sikit2 kerja selekeh2 pun takpe' kind..banyak lagi lah..but its all in the past.

This is your job, MACC

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 05:48 AM PDT

It's time for MACC to save back their few cents worth of credibility now. With a district officer revealing how Barisan Nasional had misspent the state allocation just before the previous general election 308, the corrupted ones can barely defend themselves from what that have done. Hundreds of thousands of Malaysian taxpayer's ringgits had been swept into the pockets of these politikus; and this is only considered "duit kecil" among the whole pack of robbers in Barisan Nasional.

Act Now, MACC.
Stop Killing. Start Acting.

The below article is taken from The Malaysian Insider.

DO alleges BN men abused state allocations


By Neville Spykerman

SHAH ALAM, Sept 8 — A district officer today revealed that Barisan National (BN) assemblymen under his jurisdiction had misused their state allocations ahead of the March 8 general elections last year.

Gombak District Officer Huzaini Samsi, who testified before the special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat), also admitted that there was even a 'possibility that the annual allocations were used for campaigning".

He admitted it was morally wrong and extraordinary for the state lawmakers and exco members to spend their entire annual allocations in just two months.

BN state lawmakers received RM500,00 while state executive councillors received an additional RM100,000.

He said normal monthly expenditure only amounts to between RM20,000 and RM50,000 but during the general elections the lawmakers maximise their expenditure.'

"They try and spend as much as possible before the general elections."

Huzaini, who became the Gombak District Officer in 2007, gave a candid account of how there was virtually no accountability and safeguards on how previous BN assemblyman spent their annual allocations.

He was the second witness to testify at the first of the public inquiry into how state allocations are spent by state law makers by the previous and current administrations.

Huzaini, who is in charged of overseeing allocations to six constituencies, said it was his personal opinion that lawmakers were entitled to the allocations while his office merely tried its best to ensure applications are approved with minimum delay.

He said assemblymen would call his office to expedite applications for funds but he initially denied there was any direct pressure to approve.

"We usually just approve all applications because we want to avoid confrontation," he said, adding that they were frequently caught in a difficult position.

"We are wrong if we approved and wrong if we didn't."

Huzaini said normal applications for funds are approved within two weeks but state lawmakers would often asked for applications to be processed and funds to be issued earlier.

However he was stumped when shown the spending patterns of previous BN assemblymen whose constituency are under his jurisdiction.

The previous Batu Caves lawmaker for instance made 90 applications amounting to almost RM500,000 on Feb 12 last year and all the funds were paid out within 9 days.

"Fantastic, I did not know my staff could work so hard," said Huzaini.

He also could not explain how RM70,000 in cash was paid out to one individual."

Another example shown was that of the Paya Jaras state constituency, where 165 applications amounting to RM504,500 were made between Jan 17 and Feb 1, 2008.

The entire amount was paid to a single individual.

Huzaini also confirmed that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had recently raided the Gombak land office but said he did not know if they were checking only on the files of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers or the previous BN assemblymen

Earlier Petaling District Officer Datuk Zulkepli Ahmad was at a loss to explain how approval for state allocations for BN lawmakers was given even after the state assembly was dissolved and even after the new PR state government was sworn-in.

Both Huzaini and Zulkepli requested for time to check their records. Huzaini is scheduled to return on Friday while Zulkepli requested two weeks.

Meanwhile Selcat chairman Teng Chang Khim said all nine District Officers will be called along with other necessary witnesses during the inquiry which will continue until Sept 14.

He said any current and previous state lawmakers who wish to clarify or dispute the testimony of the officers can come forward and testify during the public inquiry.

"They can contact the secretariat of the state legislative assembly and arrangements will be made for them."

C Guevara


Posted: 08 Sep 2009 05:44 AM PDT

You may call it a 'booby' trap but woman's breasts are really a man's first fixation, a new study has revealed.

An international team, led by University of Wellington in New Zealand, has found that virtually half of blokes first look at a woman's breast — and, men glance at them for longer than any other body part, the Daily Mail reported.


A third of the so-called "first fixations" are on the waist and hips, while fewer than 20 per cent look at the face, the study has found.

Though it's claimed the reason might be evolutionary, as women with larger chests and slim waists have higher levels of the female hormone oestrogen, indicating greater fertility, researchers say there may be a more prosaic explanation.

"Men may be looking more often at the breasts because they are simply aesthetically pleasing, regardless of the size," they were quoted as saying.

In their study, the researchers presented a group of subjects with six images of the same woman, digitally altered to increase or decrease the size of her bust, waist and hips.

They recorded which areas men looked at first, the number of times they looked, and how long their gaze lasted, using both cameras and mirrors to measure tiny eye movements.

"Eighty per cent of first fixations were on the breasts and midriff. Men spent consistently more time looking at the breasts and also made significantly more fixations upon them than other regions," the researchers said. — Hindustan Times

Link here......


Ok, I try to forget about politics for a while......he he he....

No wonder so many women out there rather spend thousands of ringgit just to get a breast implant or whatever you call it. Ha ha ha ha. I laughed like crazy when reading this.

Girls, better ''fix'' your breasts properly from now on. Or at least get a water-bra so that your breasts look sexy and UMMMPPHHH! That is our most powerful weapon. Fuhhh!

p/s: Can't help laughing......muahahahahaha! XD

Job Openings in Petpositive

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 05:18 AM PDT

PETPOSITIVE IS LOOKING FOR YOU; if you love animals and like to work with the disabled and elderly.

1) Would you - or know of someone - who likes to work to work as a Personal Assistant for Our President?

It will be an eight hours job, six days a week with Saturday being a half day.

The hours are flexible.

2) We are also looking for a 24-hour worker to live-in our Petpositive Therapy Centre in Petaling Jaya.

Both candidates must be male. We prefer guys who are around 25 years old or younger.

Please call 012 220 3146 for details.

PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 25,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing: www.petpositive.com.my

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