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1Malaysia Hostel

1Malaysia Hostel

1Malaysia Hostel

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:00 AM PDT

Our lovely government is planning to build 1Malaysia Hostel to encourage unity among all ethnic to stay together and be unity. Will this concept work?

What would you think about the concept of 1Malaysia Hostel? I could not imagine how the concept is because i never stay in hostel during my life. When i was in University, my university did not have any hostel, we need to stay outside the campus.. btw, as all of you knew i was studied in Canada... they didn't have 1Canada Hostel too... according to my friends whom stayed in the hostel, you may choose your own roomie... blek~

Okie. Back to the 1Malaysia Hostel concept, i belief some of you are currently staying in the hostel or previously did stay in the hostel in Malaysia... what would your comment about 1Malaysia Hostel? Do you think it will work when our lovely government force the ethnic which came from different background, culture and religious to stay together in one roof? And asked the student to accommodate each other from various perspective... will this really work? I bet our lovely government really have to consider what is the impact of this concept. Please do not execute this concept until you have don't your research...

Anyway, don't put me wrong... i'm not against the 1Malaysia Hostel concept but i would like to trigger a discussion and look from the different angle and perspective of people that has experienced the hostel life in Malaysia. This would help all of us to further understand the 1Malaysia Hostel concept... Do place your comment eh~ Let's have a nice discussion on this 1Malaysia Hostel concept.

Klinik Khidmat Rakyat di Dataran Glomac

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 10:01 AM PDT

6 Oktober 2009
9.00 malam - 11.00 malam
Pusat Khidmat Rakyat DUN Seri Setia, C-1-5 Jalan SS6/5B, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Berkempen di Bagan Pinang

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 10:00 AM PDT

5 Oktober 2009
5.00 petang - 12.00 tengah malam
Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan

Sunday out to visit and a little bit of Beach Street

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:52 AM PDT

IMG_0727 by you.

I wanted to look for those mobile phone/gadget windshield mount but I am so lazy to go to the mall to get one for myself then I found out that my phone can actually place on the speedmoter and become my HUD (Head On Display). Sweet! Speedometer is useless so I'll replace it with a GPS and phone temporarily. Please only use the GPS when you don't really know the way around and concentrate on the wheel. =)

IMG_0724 by you.

But then the main thing is not about this HUD, phone, GPS, speedometer thing. It's about my Sunday outing. So today or just past today because it's 12.30 right now, I woke up pretty late in the middle of the day, have been sleeping like around 3 for the past two days, I don't want that but I just can't sleep. Had lunch at home then I went out to Pulau Tikus area to visit my sick primary school teacher.

It's quite last minute because I knew about this visit like the night before on Facebook.

IMG_0731 by you.

I don't really have a good memory, when they told me about the teacher's name, I still doubt whether I really know her or not, but there's some pieces in my mind and after thinking thoroughly, I remembered there's such person. It's like already 7 years that I had never seen her. Teacher Zhen is the name.

IMG_0733 by you.

IMG_0739 by you.

Primary school doesn't have any good memory for me, or perhaps I was just a kid and didn't bother to think or play. I like high school more, primary school was so-so only, but I met friends there and the above were all my primary school mate and are still my school mate in high school. Teacher Zhen looked weak and I really hope she can get well soon.

IMG_0743 by you.

Next stop was to Beach Street's Jing Si's Cafe, my favourite spot for tea and reading. The boys wanted to go to Gurney Plaza for food but I was fulled, so I took a detour, not following them to Gurney Plaza but to town instead. Wanted to drink some tea and do some reading. I tried a new tea today, Rosemary and it's just a lighter version of the weird Lavender Tea and it's not that bad.

IMG_0744 by you.

IMG_0745 by you.

It was pretty quiet at there, on Beach Street and also at Jing Si's. Not many student went there for reading, kinda surprise with the atmosphere, but the little people atmosphere was good for clearing my mind and quite relaxing.



Spot anything from far?

IMG_0759 by you.

IMG_0763 by you.

It's a little headache when thinking for food to eat. I spent like half an hour thinking where to go and where to eat, I didn't want go to Prangin Mall because it's late and dangerous. In the end, called Alvin, and he suggested to go to the new food court at Sungai Pinang, he came to join me too.

Sunday ended. =)

Want To Be Another Kind of Apprentice?

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:42 AM PDT

I found out about this programme from Fidel, a friend who is the PAPA Programme Coordinator. I've known her for a while now and she and her husband are very supportive of heritage arts and events of Penang. Her two children are active in Anak-anak Kota, a brilliant programme for Penang school children. In fact I know quite a few outgoing youth who used to work with Janet Pillai on her highly commendable Anak-anak Kota Programme (which also netted Janet the DIGI Award).

This is Fidel, the programme coordinator

Anyway, I had been meaning to write about this PAPA or Penang Apprenticeship Programme for Artisans for some time now. It's a great initiative under Penang Heritage Trust to ensure that dying trades have some form on continuity. History and culture are after all intertwined. Especially in Penang.

penang apprenticeship program for artisans

To take part in this PAPA Programme, you have to dedicate a good deal of time (4 hours a day I believe) as you will be taught by the the masters themselves. Their target group is essentially people who will learn the crafts and use these newfound skills to help themselves earn a good living. It is certainly not for people like me who want to learn it as a hobby! That's a no-no because it defeats the original purpose of the apprenticeship.

rattan baskets made by the apprentices

As some of these teachers are aging, it is a sad fact that when they pass on, their skills pass on with them too. Their skills are another kind of assets which matter a lot to our history and heritage. While I am wistful about this fact, it is heartening that PHT is taking the first step to ensure these amazing arts are not lost.

know your rattan 101 - different rattan for weaving baskets

For instance, Fidel tells me that a professional took a sabbatical from her stressful career to focus on learning how to weave baskets from rattan.

chinese carving programme is also available

You can also be an apprentice to a master carver for Chinese signboards. I am interested but I am not eligible for this programme for various reasons. As it is, I don't read Chinese. It will be hard on me even if I am qualified to take this programme.

interested in making manik or nyonya beaded slippers?

Nyonya beading, a patient and intricate art, is also available. I'm hopeless at such delicate art and craft so this is definitely not my kind of apprenticeship.

If you are interested or know of friend who would be keen on this PAPA PHT Programme, get details, get the form and get cracking. ;-) Or call Fidel at 012 456 5867 for details.

JABEZ: All about prayer - Prayer of Jabez - attitude

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:44 AM PDT

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 (King James Version)

9And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow.

10And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.

Prayed for:
1. Spiritual blessings
2. Enlarge his territory
3. Presence of God
4. Keep from evil

Majlis Aidilfitri DUN Seri Setia dan Keadilan Cabang Kelana Jaya Meriah

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 09:39 AM PDT


Alhamdulillah, Majlis Aidifiltri DUN Seri Setia dan Keadilan Cabang Kelana Jaya yang diadakan di Kampung Lindungan pagi tadi berlangsung meriah. Walaupun dianjurkan secara sederhana dengan semangat gotong-royong, tetapi orang ramai berpusu-pusu ke majlis tersebut daripada pagi lagi.


Antara yang hadir termasuklah wakil-wakil rakyat YB Azmin Ali, YB Gwo Burne Loh, YB Hee Loy Sian, YB Dr. Cheah Wing Yin, YB Hannah Yeoh dan YB Ir Muthiah. Selain itu pimpinan Keadilan termasuk Haji Yahya Shari, Sdr Arshad Abu Bakar dan Sdr Suhaimi Mohd Noor juga meraikan majlis tersebut. Haji Izham Hashim, YDP PAS Kelana Jaya; Sdr Othman Omar, Pengurus Besar PKNS; Karim Raslan, penulis dan pengulas; serta Sdr Zakaria Abdul Rahim, Pengurus Pasukan Bola Sepak Selangor juga sempat menjenguk program ini.


Wakil-wakil NGO, persatuan penduduk, jawatankuasa masjid dan surau, warga korporat, rakan-rakan dan sanak-saudara turut tidak ketinggalan bersama-sama kami.


Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir. Mohon maaf sekiranya ada apa-apa kekurangan.


Gambar-gambar boleh dilihat di sini.


Asian music video collection (7)

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 07:38 AM PDT

K-pop special! Korean songs from Drunken Tiger, Sandara Park, Lee Seung-gi, and HAM. All the MVs are released in the past month or two…

Drunken Tiger – Welcome to the World, Lil' Homie

A cheerful song from Drunken Tiger, and a real-to-life music video starring his wife Tasha and son Jordan…

Read the rest of this post »

Asian music video collection (7) from YeinJee's Asian Blog

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Shopping at Phuket Square in Phuket City

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 08:38 AM PDT

If you think of keeping yourself at the beach, walking along the street and night market along the beach at Patong are boring, try take the taxi or look for a local tour guide to bring you to a tour to downtown Phuket, or Phuket city. There's isn't really a downtown but somewhere far from the beach, a 30 minutes car ride from Patong Beach will takes you to their very little city.

At there, you can find shoplots, some admin office and houses. We found a local tour guide while we were shopping at Patong Beach, he offered to drive us around inner Phuket for only 500baht which started from 8am to 4.30pm. Of course, they did bring us to those jewellery, souvenir shops which are quite boring, that's the reason I don't like to go with the tour company. No choice, since we don't know the way around and a reasonable price.

A place that we went in the city is Phuket Square, a indoor shopping market which you can find stuff like clothing, souvenirs, food, toys and many more. The things are more or like the same at the beach market but the price is cheaper. I think this place are not so tourist-concentrated and are more to the local and that's why.

IMG_4481 by you.

IMG_4483 by you.

IMG_4491 by you. IMG_4493 by you.IMG_4502 by you.

IMG_4504 by you.

Well, shopping is fun for mom, but not really exciting for me, not that I dislike shopping, it's just that I got no idea what to buy at that time. Afterall, I bought a pair of pants and a T-shirt for a total of 300baht. Cheap right?

The place was pretty quiet when were there. There's like more local than tourist shopping inside. One thing I've forget to say is that this place is air-conditioned, so it's a nice to get rid of the hot atmosphere at Phuket. It's hotter at the city because there's no sea breeze like at the beach.

This shopping market, Phuket Square, is located in the city, near to the Royal Phuket City hotel.

"Mamma Mia!" "Ma, u got to see this," my daughter kept on

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 08:46 AM PDT

"Mamma Mia!" "Ma, u got to see this," my daughter kept on calling me while I was doing my teaching notes and And boy, am I glad that I did! I can safely say that I enjoyed every second of it.

The whole movie was infused with songs by ABBA, the Swedish pop group who won the Eurovision song contest many, many years ago. Meryl Streep was a big big bowl over with her performance. Meryl Streep like you've never seen her before really let her hair down on this movie. She makes older women feel so good the way she swoon and dance the teenage giddy girl dance. Wow, doing all these jigs at 59. She is a phenomenon.

You'll love this movie for trio of older woman characters. Ha, they were all so funny. Even though their singing leaves much to be desired, Streep, Bosnan(yes Mr James Bond),ultimately it was the songs of ABBA that brought back nostalgic moments of the good old 70's. It was nice to just watch and be happy with these characters and you can't help but laugh at the predicaments that they get themselves into. Sweet, sensitive, and charming I feel like "having the time of my life". Meryl Streep certainly leads the way. I really wanted to dance when the girls were dancing to 'dancing queen!' What a breath of fresh air to see an older cast given roles full of fun and energy!

How to Donate to Yen Kee

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 08:22 AM PDT

Received confirmation from Yen Kee's highschool classmates who helped creating Help Yen Kee website, on how the public can donate to her.

To read about YenKee, please go to (Click here!) and find out more about the progress and updates from this brave young girl, who has been fighting leukemia without fear.

Click here for the previous post about YenKee on JitSinExpress.

  • How to donate?

    A fund has been set-up for Yen Kee with the following bank account details.

    For those who are keen, kindly deposit your donations (cash or cheque) in favour of:

    Name: Yeoh Yen Kee
    Maybank Berhad A/C No.: 107228093292

    Thank you for your kind donations.

  • To donate via Guang Ming Daily

    1. Issue a cheque to GUANG MING RIBAO Sdn. Bhd. (Charity Fund ).

    2. Behind the cheque, please state beneficiary name's, in this case, Yeoh Yen Kee; and donor's details ie. Chinese/English name, NRIC, address and contact number.

    3. Guang Ming Daily will mail the donor the official receipt for the contribution after clearance of the cheque. For cash donations, receipt will be issue immediately.

    4. Send or submit your cheque to:

  • Guang Ming Ribao (Charity Fund)
    67,Jalan Macalister,10400 Pulau Pinang.

  • Tel No. :04-222 6783
    Fax No. :04-222 6767

  • Guang Ming Daily will facilitate the contributions received and will liaise directly with the hospital on the payment of the costs. In the event there is any excess after the payments have been made, the balance of the donations received will be channeled to other charity.

C Guevara

'Rebel' in name of the moon - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 08:51 AM PDT

Photo at Perisik Rakyat

PAS' Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin describes the BN government as being worse than the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China.

In conjunction with the Chinese mid-autumn festival in Bagan Pinang last night, the ousted Perak menteri besar said in essence, the festival is about the need to "overthrow a cruel regime" like folk tales which tell of how the 14th century Han Chinese used 'mooncakes' to pass messages of rebellion against the Yuan dynasty, Nizar urged the Chinese in Bagan Pinang to 'rise up' against BN.

I think Nizar is more Chinese than me lah...Anyway, who really cares about race except BN? ;-)
(Source: Mkini - Support Mkini - Subscribe to Mkini!)

From Groceries To Sacrifices.

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 08:56 AM PDT

I remembered when I was near my due date for our 7 child deliveries, the most important thing in my mind was to make sure that ample grocery shopping was already carried out before my absence at home began.

My younger sis is due for admission to the UMSC around noon. She has an important medical matter to attend to. When I smsed her about half an hour ago, she told me she was at Giant.
We moms are always behaving that way. Think about the kitchen larder first!!

Talk about my late mom, she didn't need to buy groceries when she had a premonition of passing away. She was already telling my siblings whos to have her various precious plates and cutlery, furnitures and all her household treasures. There was also a tiny will to the orphanage.
And she kept saying " Mak nak balik!"
May God Bless Her Soul.

And "don't forget to bathe me really my tummy really hard!" she pesan.

I saw a bit of a documentary about Nelson Mandela this morning. It was about the sacrifices of some of the women in his life.

His 1st wife worked hard to support him through law school and bore him a son. But they parted after 12 years when he became more engrossed for the anti-apartheid causes.

Then much later came the so called 'wicked' Winnie Mandela. She continued to fight for him to the extent of murdering/torturing etc.
If it was really true, she may have done so to eliminate those who were not contributive to NM's causes? she must have loved him!

And finally, NM has now earned the world respect he deserves and has settled down with a very nice lady who was the wife of a late president.

My question is..he gets a happy ending..but what about the ladies who endured so much hardship for him?

Cases of men living happily ever after without their 'heroines' are so common. sad kan?

But the rare breed of men still theres a very handsome VVVIP..his wife is very plump and even a bit older than him. Shes almost 60 years old! I was told that he loves her so much to the extent that if anyone were to comment something nasty about her, he will ignore that person for weeks! How he appreciates her sacrifices and utmost devotion, only God knows..I love happy endings!

Such is my aimless rambling for today..had it typed this morning when I was somewhere near PJ area. Stopped typing to discuss about my coming art exhibition at TV3 with a sponsor.


Just got back from KL..goodnight everyone. Hope you all had a great Sunday..

Happy Birthday!

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 07:12 AM PDT

My mom-in-law with her offspring.
We posed for a group photo before cake-cutting.

With a thankful heart, my mom-in-law blew off the candles.

My mom-in-law Mdm. Lee Ching Cho celebrated her birthday on October 2 (or on the 14th day of the eighth month of Lunar Calendar). Yian and her siblings gathered together to make it a happy occasion for their dear mom. When we clapped hands and sang "Happy Birthday" with the whole of our hearts, we brought the celebration to the climax. The atmosphere was heart-warming and the air was joy-filled.
A devoted Christian, my mom-in-law has great faith in God. She comes to God with a thankful heart, giving praises on all occasions. At times, she becomes our inspiration in our spiritual trust
in God.
The birthday brought all the offspring back for a wonderful reunion. It was almost a non-stop chatting away.
The birthday cake, dinner gathering and all the birthday wishes were a show of filial affection for their mom. But, inwardly, their love for their mom is far beyond their verbal expressions.
May God continue to guide and bless my mom-in-law!


Posted: 04 Oct 2009 04:44 AM PDT

My wife and I was in Port Dickson this morning (Oct 4th 2009) visiting the Army Museum. It was also to be a 'drive down memory lane' for we were there in Port Dickson in 1976/77.

My last visit to the museum was several years ago, and I was respectfully welcomed by the Archives Curator Major Mohamad Izam Hj.Md. Yamin and his officers. I am surprised that he even comes to work on a Sunday, when others would be at home lazing with their families.

The reason I had gone to the Army Museum was to view some of the pictorial exhibits and artifacts that I may need to put up at the Retired Armed Forces Officers Reunion Dinner to be held on Wednesday, November 11th 2009 at Felda Perdana, Kuala Lumpur.

Not having an inkling at how an exhibit is to be organised, I have requested Major Mohamed Izam to assist me, and to which he gladly obliged. Having viewed some of the pictorial exhibits, I was surprised to be told that the exhibits had costs the museum a fortune to make, and this is partly the reason why Major Mohamed Izam wants to be involve, to ensure that the exhibits are properly handled.

I was then invited to tour the various galleries in the museum. I must admit that the Army Museum has some of the finest exhibits and artifacts that are related to the history and development of the Malaysian Army, and it is certainly worth visiting. I am told that the establishment of the Army Museum was mooted by the former Chief of Army Gen Tan Sri Md Hashim Md Hussein. I am glad that the buildings that housed the exhibits and artifacts has not change a bit, and it is very much the same structure that has stood through time, since 1933.

I am sure Gen Tan Sri Md Hashim will be fondly remembered for his in-numerable contribution to the establishment of the Army Museum, and hopefully in the years to come, the museum will bear his name.

I am aware that managing a museum is not the business of any 'Dick, Tom and Harry'. It has to be managed by people who have a natural love for art, history and a mind that is ever creative. The staffs must be trained to the extend that they not only know every bit about the museum, the exhibits and the artifacts, but are also competent to act as guides to the visitors. To be experts, it takes considerable time.

But the Army has this odd culture of posting officers and soldiers once in every two to three years, in the name of career development. This certainly does not work for museum staffs. If one were to look at the staffs manning museums all over the world, they are professionals in every sense, and are on the job for years, and most till they retire. In other words, museum is a professional career in itself, and this being so, it should have a dedicated career structure that provides the staffs every opportunity to progress in their career. I do not know if Army now has such a dedicated career structure, which I know isn't the case hitherto.

While on my way home, I took the opportunity drive pass Sirusa, Bagan Pinang and Teluk Kemang areas. The area has been turned into a 'circus – like' atmosphere, lined with flags, banners, posters and billboards of political parties vying for the up-coming elections. Huge white tents were also seen along the Port Dickson - Teluk Kemang road.

From what I observed, it is obvious the BN blue colour has overwhelmed the PAS green colour, and if this is any indication of BN winning the by-election, they certainly have won, beating PAS in the battle of the colours.


Philippines looks to God as super typhoon looms - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 04:57 AM PDT

Last Friday, President Gloria Arroyo placed the entire Philippines under a "state of calamity," as a powerful typhoon, Typhoon Parma, threatened more devastation following deadly floods, her spokesman said.

As the super typhoon approached, officials were pleading for God to save the disaster-struck Southeast Asian country from more devastation while millions of terrified Philippine flood survivors hunkered down.

Thankfully, the next day, Typhoon Parma changed direction.

Indeed, God is merciful.

God hears the prayers of those who sincerely seek Him.

Father's First: Janson's first time informing he poo pooed

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 04:32 AM PDT

This afternoon, daddy and mommy were totally 'knocked out'.

We were lying on the floor in the living room.

Mommy was already fast asleep while daddy was about to fall asleep. Suddenly, I heard 'Poo Poo'.

I opened my eyes and saw Janson standing in front of me. Quickly, I got up and pulled him to me. Grabbing him, I pulled his shorts and diaper and peeped inside.

Hehe....yes, there was indeed poo poo - a piece of hard stool.

Then I woke up mommy. She cleaned and changed his diaper while I lifted his legs. Finished! Janson was happily playing again, mommy went back to sleep and daddy his resumed baby-sitting.

Slogan Najib Altantuya Agar UMNO Berubah Atau Diubah Hanyalah Palsu Bila Isa Samad Dicalonkan

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 04:00 AM PDT

Hasnah, rakan pejabat saya menghantar mesej melalui Twitter menyebut dia kecewa mendapat tahu calon Barisan Nasional (BN) di Bagan Pinang ialah Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad. Tepat dugaan ramai.

Wanita ini tidak seharusnya begitu runsing kerana dia bukan pengundi di kawasan itu. Kalaupun dia pengundi, dia diketahui tidak akan memilih Isa untuk menjadi wakil rakyatnya.

Namun, dia menjelaskan sungguhpun semua andaian saya itu tepat, dia tetap kecewa kerana segala harapannya ke atas UMNO untuk berubah hancur berkecai. UMNO mendapat tempat dalam hatinya. Bapanya, ibunya dan beliau sendiri menjadi penyokong kuat UMNO dahulu. Dia hanya 'beralih rasa' pada Mac 2008 sahaja. Itu pun dilakukannya penuh tangisan.

Episod terakhir di mana Isa dipilih menjadi calon UMNO menyebabkan keyakinan itu berkecai. "Hasnah tidak akan percaya lagi."

Cakap-cakap dan seruan agar UMNO mendengar desakan rakyat yang sering disebut oleh para pemimpin tingginya, hanyalah palsu dan tidak ikhlas. 'Berubah atau diubah' kalimat sering diucapkan Presiden UMNO, Najib menjadi asas harapan kepadanya.

Memang menakjubkan, dua kali berturut-turut UMNO memilih daripada kalangan ratusan ribu anggotanya di Pulau Pinang dan Negeri Sembilan, dua orang yang mempunyai imej yang tercalar. Seorang dikatakan menyalahgunakan akaun amanah pelanggan dan seorang lagi dihukum kerana terlibat dalam rasuah politik.

Siri kekalahan (semuanya empat iaitu, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang, Manek Urai dan Permatang Pasir) yang dihadapi UMNO bila berdepan Pas dalam PRK menyebabkan UMNO semacam lembik lutut.

Habis segala taktik telah digunakan tetapi masih tewas kepada Pas. Habis segala jentera parti dan kerajaan digerakkan membantu calon-calonnya, UMNO tetap kalah.

Bagan Pinang dikehendaki mengadakan PRK berikutan kematian Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN), wakil dari UMNO. Mahu tidak mahu, UMNO mesti sekali lagi berdepan dengan Pas.

Maka, kali ini UMNO tidak boleh kalah lagi. Ramai bersetuju kalau UMNO kalah kali ini, maka bolehlah UMNO menyertai Parti Liberal Demokratik (LDP) Jepun masuk lipatan sejarah sebagai sebuah parti yang pernah memerintah. Semua perkiraan mesti dibuat agar UMNO tidak kalah.

Faktor calon berupa hal terpenting untuk diambil kira bagi menjamin kemenangan parti. Zaman ini bukan lagi seperti zaman dahulu, di mana sesiapa yang memakai songkok UMNO boleh menang mudah pilihan raya.

Lain zaman lain keperluannya. Siapa calon sering ditanya. Calon yang boleh membawa kemenangan sahaja akan dipilih.

Berdasarkan keyakinan itu, timbul satu teori dikemukakan dalam usaha mempastikan UMNO dapat mempertahankan kerusi ini. Jangan kira batang tubuh calon, kiralah popularitinya. Jika dia popular dan boleh membawa kemenangan kepada parti, angkatlah dia menjadi calon. Pedulikan kisah silamnya.

Mengikut peneraju teori ini, dan teori inilah nampaknya diapakai oleh UMNO utamakan matlamat mencapai kemenangan dulu. Masalah lain yang berbangkit darinya akan diselesaikan kemudian hari.

Berdasarkan teori ini, pertempuran kali ini adalah penting. Ia menolak pendapat bahawa UMNO mesti memberi tumpuan untuk memenangi peperangan keseluruhannya pada masa akan datang. Pengemuka teori ini bertanya apakah ada peluang lagi untuk memenangi peperangan pada masa akan datang jika pertempuran kali ini UMNO kalah?

Kalah pertempuran ini akan menyebabkan segala semangat, akan musnah dan tamatlah riwayat UMNO. Lagipun, peperangan itu akan hanya berakhir dengan kekalahan-kekalahan UMNO dalam pertempuran. Jadi, usahakan kemenangan yang ini dulu, sebagai penaik semangat.

Maka, kata mereka, pilihlah kucing yang boleh menangkap tikus. Jangan kira warna kucing itu, hitam atau putih. Rumusannya, pilihlah Isa tanpa mengira dia kucing putih, kucing hitam atau kucing buangan. Asalkan dia boleh tangkap tikus!

Ramai orang menjangka bahawa Isa akan menjadi pilihan UMNO Teluk Kemang. Awal-awal lagi mereka memberitahu akan mencadangkan hanya satu nama, iaitu Isa. Mereka kenal Isa dan mereka mahu Isa. Mereka tahu kisah silam Isa. Hanya Mahathir dan Tengku Razaleigh yang tidak mahu UMNO mencalonkan Isa.

Malah, UMNO bahagian ini mengugut untuk memboikot PRK jika pucuk pimpinan memilih orang lain selain Isa. Sikap inilah yang Hasnah, rakan sepejabat tadi beritahu saya amat menjelekkannya.

Kata beliau, inilah corak pemikiran orang Melayu yang dihasilkan oleh UMNO. Taat setia kepada ketua membabi buta. Sudah tidak tahu membezakan yang mana intan yang mana kaca.

Jadi, nampaknya, yang tidak mahu berubah itu bukan sahaja pemimpin UMNO malah pendokong parti itu di peringkat bawahan, akar umbi. Mereka tidak sensitif dengan kehendak rakyat. Sebab itulah jeritan untuk menolak politik wang itu gagal disambut kerana ia adalah amalan peringkat bawahan jua. Mereka gembira pemimpin mereka rasuah kerana tentunya mereka boleh mendapat 'tempias' juga.

Kalau yang bersalah itu peringkat bawahan, orang atasan bagaimana? Sama sahaja nampaknya. Isa, jika dia mahu, jika dia mementingkan masa depan parti UMNO keseluruhannya boleh menolak pencalonan itu.

Setinggi mana sanjungan orang kampung terhadap anak tempatan yang berjaya dan mereka tetap mahu anak tempatan itu terus berjaya hendaklah dibalas oleh Isa dengan penuh hikmah melalui penolakan. Katalah, "Saya sanjung tinggi penghormatan itu tetapi demi parti, saya tidak dapat menerimanya."

Itu sikap pemimpin berjiwa besar. Tetapi Isa tidak berjiwa besar. Dia tetap menerimanya kerana kedudukan itu akan memberikannya kuasa. Mungkin suatu hari, dia dilantik kembali menjadi Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan. Dari aspek ini, Isa turut bersalah kerana mementingkan diri.

Kalau UMNO Teluk Kemang bersalah, Isa bersalah, bagaimana pula kedudukan orang lain?

Keputusan seperti yang diumumkan oleh Muhyidin memilih Isa itu memperlihatkan sikap kepimpinan Najib dan Muhyiddin yang lemah. Mereka tidak berani mengatakan 'BIG NO' kepada desakan UMNO Teluk Kemang.

Ini menunjukkan mereka bukan jenis pemimpin yang mampu membawa Malaysia ke tahap lain yang diterokai Mahathir jika mereka bertindak seperti kerbau ditarik hidung.

Sewaktu mengumumkan Isa sebagai calon, Muhyiddin kelihatan gembira dikelilingi oleh barisan pemimpin kanan BN. Senyuman lebar mereka menunjukkan mereka amat berpuas hati dengan pilihan itu. Mereka juga akur besar. Semua sama.

Rakyat sedar bahawa UMNO mempunyai dasar yang pelik dalam menentukan hukuman kepada wereka yang terlibat dalam politik wang. Ada yang dibawa ke mahkamah, ada yang dilarang bertanding dan diminta letak jawatan kerajaan (Isa) tetapi ada yang dilarang bertanding tetapi dibenar memegang jawatan (KM Melaka).

Apapun, pendirian Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) jelas. Satu wawancara disiarkan oleh akhbar New Straits Times pada 25 Januari 2009, Ketua Komisionernya, Ahmad Said Hamdah menjelaskaskan secara nyata bahawa politik wang adalah rasuah mengikut undang-undang dan Perlembagaan.

Ini katanya: "When you pay people to vote for you, that is corruption. People call it money politics but not us. Under the law, anybody who sells or buys votes is guilty of corruption, so we go on that basis."

Bila SPRM tidak bertindak bukan bererti seseorang itu tidak melakukan rasuah. Itu pilihan SPRM dan hanya ia tahu alasannya tidak bertindak. Rakyat hanya boleh menduga.

UMNO patut tahu apa yang rakyat duga itu. Semua laungan Najib berkaitan ketelusan dan kebertanggungjawaban hanyalah kata-kata dan janji kosong. Sepatutnya, bahagian itu ditegur kerana tidak bertindak selaras dengan hasrat UMNO yang mahu berubah. 'Berubah atau diubah' hanyalah kokokan retorik semata-mata.

Sudah banyak 'retreats' UMNO lakukan untuk membaik pulih parti. Kali terakhir dua hari lepas mereka berkumpul lagi di Janda Baik. Lain rumusan dibuat, lain tindakan diambil. Para pemimpinnya masih memilih jalan pintas yang memberikan keseronokan segera tetapi hanya menjerat diri pada masa akan datang. Sayangnya, UMNO jadi taruhan.

Pelantikan Isa sebagai calon mendedahkan bahawa UMNO berada dalam keadaan terlampau selekeh. Memang ia memerlukan kemenangan untuk melengah kegelinciran lanjut parti itu dari kemusnahan. Tetapi, ia tidak perlukan Isa.

Apakah sebuah kawasan yang pada 2004 ditawan oleh seorang calon UMNO yang tidak terkenal seperti Azman Mohammed Noor itu di celah-celah kekuatan pembangkang dan di kawasan 'bandar tentera' dengan hampir 5,000 undi pos sudah tidak boleh diyakini mampu dipertahankan oleh BN kecuali Isa yang diletakkan sebagai calon?

Kalahkah calon BN jika bukan Isa yang jadi calonnya? Jika itu keadaannya, nyata UMNO sudah diserang sakit. Penyakit hilang keyakinan iaitu satu sifat yang amat penting dimiliki dalam pertarungan. Ia satu isyarat menemui jalan kehancuran.

Apakah kekuatan Isa sebenarnya? Jawatannya selama 23 tahun sebagai Menteri Besar dan beberapa tahun sebagai Menteri yang membolehkannya memberi kontrek kepada juak-juaknya yang menyebabkan beliau popular atau apa? Isa gagal mengekalkan jawatan Naib Presiden pemilihan parti awal tahun ini.

UMNO bukannya gagal melihat denyut nadi kehendak rakyat tetapi ia sudah sebati dengan cara hidupnya yang sudah mendarah daging menyebabkan sukar dikikis.

Benarlah kata Hasnah dalam mesejnya kepada saya, UMNO tidak memerlukan sebuah pakatan pembangkang yang kuat, ia akan mereput dengan sendirinya mengikut usia. UMNO sudah tua. -Sinar Harian

Era Najib Altantuya : Azeez Pembohong

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 03:48 AM PDT

PAS mendakwa Ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) Umno, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim berbohong berhubung isu beliau dipukul oleh sembilan lelaki yang dipercayai penyokong PAS.

Malah Naib Presidennya, Salahuddin Ayub juga mendakwa Abdul Azeez sengaja mencetuskan provokasi dan mencari publisiti murahan.

"Beliau telah berbohong, beliau bercakap bohong dan beliaulah yang merupakan tokoh provokasi.

"Boleh saya katakan di samping pembohong, beliau juga merupakan pencari publisiti murahan... beliau sebenarnya tidak dipukul.

"Beliau sengaja lalu di kawasan yang telah diwartakan oleh SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) dan polis sebagai kawasan untuk penyokong Pakatan Rakyat... saya percaya beliau lakukan dengan niat," katanya dalam sidang media di Markaz Induk PAS di sini hari ini.

Salahuddin berkata demikian bagi mengulas mengenai insiden melibatkan Abdul Azeez yang mendakwa dipukul oleh penyokong PAS.

Menurut Abdul Azeez, beliau telah diserang oleh kira-kira sembilan orang lelaki yang memakai pakaian yang mempunyai logo PAS.

Jelas Salahuddin, beliau sempat bertemu dengan Abdul Azeez semalam di tempat penamaan calon pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Bagan Pinang di dewan Majlis Perbandaran POrt Dickson dan menurutnya, beliau tidak nampak sebarang kesan lebam hasil daripada tumbukan seperti yang didakwa.

"Semalam beliau datang berjumpa dengan saya, saya melihat dengan mata kepala saya sendiri, mendengar dengan telinga saya sendiri bahawa beliau mengatakan telah dipukul oleh sembilan orang pemuda PAS.

"Awak boleh bayangkan kalau sembilan orang yang pukul, tentu ada kesan-kesan tumbukan... lebam.

"Malah hari ini saya telah meneliti gambar berwarna di akhbar, saya gunakan mikroskop yang agak canggih, saya tak nampak pun sebarang kesan di leher, tak nampak pun kesan lebam," katanya.

Ditanya sama ada PAS akan membuat laporan polis untuk menyangkal dakwaan Abdul Azeez itu, Salahuddin berkata: "Saya tak nak layan pembohong ini, saya ada banyak kerja lain nak dibuat... biarlah beliau mencari publisiti dalam beberapa hari ini," katanya.

Era Najib Altantuya : Nik Aziz Tolak Tuduhan Kekecohan Dilakukan Ahli PAS Berdasarkan Pakaian

Posted: 04 Oct 2009 03:37 AM PDT

Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menolak dakwaan sesetengah pihak bahawa insiden Anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim ditumbuk semasa penamaan calon pilihan raya kecil DUN Bagan Pinang semalam dicetuskan oleh penyokong PAS berdasarkan pakaian, demikian lapor Bernama.

Menteri Besar Kelantan itu berkata pakaian (seragam) adalah dalil atau bukti yang tidak boleh diterima.

"Sebab pakaian seragam sekarang boleh dibeli di mana-mana, malah uniform polis, tentera boleh dibeli untuk digunakan atas sesuatu tujuan atau niat mereka," katanya.

Semalam Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin diselar kerana membuat tuduhan tanpa bukti kononnya sikap biadap penyokong pembangkang dari PAS yang memukul dan menumbuk penyokong Umno tidak melambangkan sikap parti itu yang kononnya memperjuangkan Islam.

Katanya, ini merupakan contoh parti yang tidak beradab sedangkan pada masa yang sama ia mengaku memperjuangkan Islam.

"Mereka kata Islam itu berhemah, berbudi pekerti, berakhlak tinggi, bermoral tetapi nampaknya mereka ini tidak seperti parti Islam," katanya kepada pemberita selepas penamaan calon Umno dan PAS di dewan Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson pada Sabtu.

"Apakah benar yang menumbuk dan memukul itu ahli PAS atau Pakatan Rakyat ataupun ianya adalah temberang UMNO BN sendiri untuk menimbulkan kebencian pengundi terhadap PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat?" tegur seorang pemimpin PAS Kawasan di sini.

"Muhyiddin perlu kemukakan bukti, siapa yang terlibat di dalam insiden berkenaan, ahli PAS nombor berapa dan apa bukti mereka ahli PAS," ujarnya lagi.

Setiap kali pilihanraya kecil atau umum, di mana-mana, akan wujud satu budaya di mana hanya parti pembangkang akan dipersalahkan di dalam setiap insiden pertengkaran yang berlaku seolah-olah ia sudah ada skrip awal untuk memburukkan parti pembangkang.

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