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Hadkan pengambilan garam

Hadkan pengambilan garam

Hadkan pengambilan garam

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 09:55 AM PDT

Garam berlebihan bawa pelbagai penyakit

TANPA garam makanan berasa tawar. Bagaimanapun, pengambilan garam yang tinggi dalam pemakanan, sebaliknya mendedahkan kepada risiko tekanan darah tinggi, angin ahmar, barah perut dan masalah pada ginjal.

Ini disebabkan tahap garam yang terlalu tinggi menyebabkan tubuh menyimpan jumlah air yang banyak, sekali gus meningkatkan jumlah cecair dalam badan.

Garam ialah nama umum untuk sodium klorida. Tidak dinafikan, sejumlah kecil sodium penting untuk kesihatan kerana kesemua cecair tubuh mengandung sodium, termasuk darah.

Namun, berapa banyakkah garam yang diperlukan? Jika mengikut diet umum, pengambilan garam mestilah antara 9 - 10 gram termasuk yang dikenali sebagai 'garam tersembunyi.' Ini merujuk kepada garam yang ada dalam bahan makanan seperti kicap, sos, mayonis, keju, ikan masin, penambah perisa dan kiub perasa.

Makanan yang siap diproses seperti sosej dan makanan dalam tin juga tidak terkecuali mengandungi garam tersembunyi ini.

Selain penambah perisa makanan, tidak ramai yang tahu fungsi sebenar garam bagi badan ini. Hakikatnya, ia berfungsi menyeimbangkan cecair dalam tubuh.

Dalam konteks ini, penting untuk tubuh menyeimbangkan tahap sodium dalam darah. Sodium juga penting dalam membantu mengekalkan konsentrasi cecair tubuh pada tahap yang tepat.

Dengan kata mudah, garam berfungsi sebagai rangsangan elektrik dalam saraf dan otot selain menyeimbangkan tekanan darah normal.

Tetapi awas, terlalu banyak mengambil garam akan menyebabkan peningkatan cecair dalam tubuh. Jika cecair yang berlebihan itu berada di otak, ia mungkin menjadi faktor risiko salur darah otak pecah yang menyebabkan angin ahmar.

Bagi jantung pula, ia mungkin menjadi penyebab masalah koronari arteri dan tekanan darah tinggi. Bagi dewasa yang sihat, garam boleh disingkir dari tubuh melalui ginjal menerusi air kencing.

Bagaimanapun, bayi yang mengambil makanan dewasa mungkin tidak berupaya menyingkirkan sodium yang terkumpul di badan. Ia mungkin menjadi punca masalah ginjal, kerosakan hati dan otak serta berkemungkinan menyebabkan maut. Ini kerana, bayi tidak memiliki keupayaan untuk memproses kuantiti garam yang banyak kerana ginjal yang belum sempurna pembentukannya.

INFO: Tip kawal pengambilan garam

Gunakan ramuan semula jadi seperti jus limau atau rempah
Kurangkan penggunaan garam dan bahan diawet
Kurangkan pengambilan kiub, makanan segera, sos, mayonis dalam masakan
Kurangkan pengambilan makanan dalam tin seperti sosej, burger , kekacang
Kurangkan mengambil makanan diawet, ikan masing, udang kering, jeruk.

Makanan tinggi garam
Sos berperisa seperti kicap, sos cili/tomato dan sos tiram - 1,000 hingga 5,000 miligram garam
Stok/kiub makanan - 3,000 mg garam. Setiap kiub 700 mg
Sos salad seperti mayonis - lebih 1,000 mg
Makanan dalam tin - 500 hingga 1,500 mg.

Makanan diawet :
Telur masin - 500 mg
Ikan masin - 1,500 mg
Buah-buahan jeruk (masin) - 1,000 mg
Udang kering - 4, 000 mg
Belacan - 1, 000 mg.

The little girl Varsha missing on UPSR day was killed bruttaly

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 09:53 AM PDT

Adults with autism 'cast adrift' - BBC ONLINE

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 09:00 AM PDT

Adults with autism 'cast adrift'

Lonely adult
Adults with autism do not get proper support, MPs say
Adults with autism in England are often not being diagnosed or supported properly, MPs say.
The Commons' Public Accounts Committee said the lack of understanding about the condition among GPs and social care staff was a key problem.
But MPs also attacked the arrangements in place to oversee the transition from child to adult services which led to people being "cast adrift".
The government said a new strategy for autism would be published next year.
There are about 400,000 adults in the country with the condition, split evenly between those with a learning disability, sometimes known as low-functioning, and those without one, known as high functioning.
Adults with autism are being left to fend for themselves with all the consequences this has for their access to further education, benefits or employment and for their mental health
Edward Leigh, committee chairman
While children are often supported through the school system, adults require a very different network of help.
They will often need concerted and individual support across health, social care, housing, education and employment.
But the cross-party group of MPs said this was not happening.
They blamed the poor transitional services being run by local Connexions services, which provide integrated services for 16 to 24-year-olds.
Such services were often unaware of the needs of their clients, the report said.
There was also a basic lack of data on the number of adults needing help.
Just a fifth of local authorities and their NHS partners were aware of the numbers with low-functioning autism, while only 12% had details of those with the high-functioning form.
The MPs also identified a weakness in diagnostic services. It is estimated that GPs see two adult patients with undiagnosed autism in each six-month period, but previous research has shown eight in 10 GPs felt they needed extra training and guidance on the condition.
Less than a third of areas commissioned specialist diagnostic services to pick up those cases not identified in childhood, the report added.
Committee chairman Edward Leigh said: "Adults with autism are being left to fend for themselves with all the consequences this has for their access to further education, benefits or employment and for their mental health."
Mark Lever, chief executive of the National Autistic Society, said: "The government cannot possibly ignore the recommendations of this influential group of MPs.
"Adults with autism have been telling us for some time that they are frequently misunderstood and discriminated against, whether it's trying to get a diagnosis, a job or access to health and social care.
"Thousands are experiencing serious mental health difficulties as a result and just 15% are currently in full-time paid employment.
"This has profound consequences for individuals, families and the wider economy."
A Department of Health spokesperson said measures were lined up to improve services for people with autism, along with research into the prevalence of autism among adults.
"Together this will help create a new approach which directly reflects the needs of people with autism and their families and will drive up standards of services.
"We will consider the detailed recommendations and make our formal response in due course."

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Missing Grandpa Dearly

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 08:36 AM PDT

I apologize for the long hiatus. I blame it on the busy & hectic schedules while I also point the fingers at my addiction with FB's application 'Mousehunt'.

I have nothing much to share except for honoring my late maternal grandpa. If you happen to have a copy of today's Sin Chew Daily, you would probably come across the obituary of 'Ng Boon Lan'. He passed away peacefully on Friday (16th Oct) morning and I got to say we will be missing him. I just pray that grandpa will seek peace eternally in life after death.

Grandpa's bday 2009

It was just like yesterday when I attended grandpa's 93rd (94th according to Chinese calendar) birthday. In fact, the birthday celebration was held very recently – 4th October. Yes, it's only 2 weeks ago.

I have to admit that it was so wrong of me to think that I would have at least another few years of grandpa's birthdays to attend in future.This preposterous thought caused me not to have a latest picture taken with grandpa. This is really giving me a tight slap on my face.

To even think about it, I have so few photos taken with grandpa. I have a few hard copies of pictures taken during my childhood. And the only ones I am cherishing so much now are the ones I have taken since digital cameras came in trend.

Grandpa 2008

Picture taken during Grandma's birthday dinner in January 2008

Grandpa 2007

Picture taken during Grandma's Birthday dinner in January 2007

Grandpa 2006

Picture taken during Grandma's Birthday dinner in January 2006

Grandpa 2005

Picture taken during Grandma's Birthday dinner in January 2005

Oh well, I am going to miss the way grandpa shouts and scolds when something agitates him. I am going to miss looking forward for grandpa's birthday dinners. I am definitely going to miss kissing grandpa's cheeks each time I say goodbye before going back to KL.

I am slightly emo now. Can't think much to write of but I am certainly missing grandpa now.

najib altantuya: Recovery of economy expected next year, says Deputy Finance Minister - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 08:59 AM PDT

Recovery of economy expected next year, says Deputy Finance Minister

KUALA TERENGGANU: The country's economy is expected to recover next year by recording a positive growth that will create employment opportunities, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin.

He said the confidence and projection hinged on the growth of the world economy as it was heading towards recovery.

"In the first and second quarters, the country's economy had registered negative growth like the world's economy.

"However, the contraction of the country's economy at the end of the second quarter was smaller at 3.9% against between 6% and 7% in the previous quarter," he told reporters after opening the Islamic College of Science and Technology's second convocation here on Sunday.

Awang Adek said for Malaysia, the retrenchment experienced during the economic slowdown was a temporary experience.

"As the economy picks up, the investment will increase, definitely more jobs will be created. Retrenched workers will be rehired.

"The export earnings had declined by 20% but with factories resuming operations, they will re-employ the retrenched workers," he said.

Awang Adek said most of the retrenched workers attended skill courses conducted by the Human Resources Ministry during the period of their unemployment.

A total of 568 students received diplomas in medical assistance, nursing, diagnostic radiography, psychology and syariah studies at the convocation.-Bernama

Deficit Manageable If Budget Well Structured - Dr Mahathir

PETALING JAYA, Oct 16 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes the government will be able to manage the budget deficit if the the budget is well-structured.

According to him, 7.6 per cent budget deficit is nothing new.

"The US budget deficit is 100 per cent but they can still manage it. As long as our budget is well structured, it is manageable," he told reporters after officiating the Menara Mustapha Kamal-PJ Trade Centre here on Friday.

The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) has stated that Budget 2010 is expected to have a bigger deficit than the 7.6 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) projected by the government.

Its executive director Datuk Dr Mohammed Ariff Abdul Kareem said the deficit was likely to exceed the projection because "this year's tax collection will fall short of the government's target".

According to him, the government will need to adjust its expenditure rather than make adjustment to revenue in order to contain the budget deficit.

"Having government revenue just barely enough to cover operating expenditure is a dangerous sign," he said.

On a hypothetical basis, Mohammed Ariff said the deficit could grow to 15.2 per cent in 2015 if the government was doing nothing to curb its expenditure.

As such, he lauded the government's intention to cut 15 per cent of its operating expenditure in 2010 even though he said "it could be a tall order to be done in one year".


Economy will pick up next year but at the same time there will be a bigger budget deficit?

I don't know much about the economy or economics but I certainly know that those in business say that things are slow - business owners of retail shops say can see a lot of cars but no customers...

DAP man wants cops to probe graft allegations against MCA’s Liow

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:34 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 - Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng wants police to investigate MCA's newly appointed deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai over graft allegations posted on the Malaysia Today website.
Giving Ringgit 500 million for 'services rendered' to your running dog? You have done it.

The website alleges an inappropriate relationship between the Health Minister and a company which has dealings with the ministry.

"We are lodging a police report today because we want to find out the truth ... whether the allegations posted on Malaysia Today on October 14 are true, or whether it is fabricated," said Lim, who was accompanied by Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne at the Sentul police station here today.

Lim said he had waited till today to lodge a report because he wanted the health minister to answer the allegations. He claimed that after waiting for five days, no answer had been given by Liow (picture) over the matter.

"We have no concerns at all with MCA internal fighting. We don't bother and do not want to interfere," said the Pakatan Rakyat MP.

"It is understood that the letter was penned by a self-proclaimed "Ong Tee Keat Supporter."

When asked why was the report not lodged with the MACC, Lim said that they were uncertain of the validity of the letter.

"We don't know if it's true. If it is, the police should forward the investigation to the MACC. If it is false, the police should take action against the publisher as well as the writer of the article."

The Segambut MP felt that the letter looked authentic as it was very detailed, and this view was echoed by Kelana Jaya MP Loh.

"I hope that the police will do their job and come up with the facts. What we are asking for is a bit more transparency so that we know whether the allegations are true or not," said Loh.

Underwater World Aquarium, Langkawi, Malaysia

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:41 AM PDT

Underwater World in Langkawi, Malaysia, is one of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia. Photos from my August 2009 trip…

Leafy seadragon

Leafy seadragon at Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia

Read the rest of this post »

Underwater World Aquarium, Langkawi, Malaysia from YeinJee's Asian Journal

Girl, two, investigated by police for 'vandalism' after being accused of hitting car with stick

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:10 AM PDT

A two-year-old girl accused of hitting a car with a stick was investigated by police on suspicion of vandalism.

The vehicle's owner called the police claiming the child had deliberately damaged his car.

It has emerged that the toddler's name and details are being held on file with Wiltshire Constabulary following the incident.

Officers say they were obliged to respond to the call-out, even though the toddler, who could barely walk, was too young to be arrested or even formally questioned about her actions.

Details of the child's brush with the law last June emerged in a request to Wiltshire Police under the Freedom of Information Act.

A spokesman for the force said the family had already been engaged in a dispute with their neighbours, who owned the car, so police visited the little girl at her home in Chippenham, Wiltshire, to prevent these long-running tensions boiling over.

Her details will not be added to the national police database but a force official admitted two was 'an astonishingly young age' to be visited by police.

They added: 'Within a street a couple of families were at severe loggerheads and one of the youngsters did something to one of the other family's property.

'Police were called, they defused the situation and relevant advice was given.'

He added: 'We aren't talking about the child being arrested, or interviewed – that can't happen – and the child's DNA was not taken as we have no lawful power to do that.

'The previous advice given to the parties involved in this street was, "You don't go and sort it out yourself, you call the police".

'As far as we are concerned, they did the right thing and the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the people whose property was alleged to have been damaged. It was a mountain out of a molehill anyway.'

But children's rights groups have condemned the decision to treat the girl as a 'suspect'.

Michelle Elliott, founder of Kidscape, said: 'You cannot have a child of two as a suspect. It is insane. It is stupid. This is the most bizarre thing I have heard of. It makes a mockery of the law.'

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling added: 'This is just madness.'

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: 'Under the Home Office rules officers must attend where an allegation has been made – irrespective of the accused person's age.

'They are obligated to do so and they are also required to record the allegation as a crime.

'But if the person is under the age of criminal responsibility they cannot be arrested. Had the little girl been ten years old, she could have been arrested.'

Thought For Today

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:37 AM PDT

Media exaggerating PKR problems

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:00 AM PDT

By Neville Spykerman

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — PKR's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim played down today Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's six months' leave of absence from the party, but conceded there were problems in the opposition party.

"He is still in the party and still in the leadership." said Anwar, who added the former Umno law minister would be going to perform the Haj during his leave of absence.
Murder most foul. You have done it.

Anwar said he did not understand why Zaid's leave was being interpreted in such a negative manner.

"I concede, yes we have to address this, if there are issues to be discuss." said Anwar, but he blamed the media for sending the negative signal that there was serious infighting in the party and that PKR was unravelling.

Anwar said the problems in PKR were not as major as those in MCA, MIC or even in Umno.

On Friday, Zaid said he would not be attending PKR political bureau meetings because he did not want to be "constrained" and instead wanted to concentrate on his primary purpose of establishing a common platform for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition.

PKR insiders have indicated that Zaid's decision stems from infighting and his decision to visit Sabah where local leaders are in open revolt over PKR vice-president Azmin Ali's appointment as state chief.

"He (Zaid) is very much in touch with us. He is now in Sabah and later, will be joining the PKR president in Sarawak for a function," said Anwar, who was speaking at the Hari Raya open house of his daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar, the Lembah Pantai MP.

Anwar said there was no problem with Zaid being in Sabah.

He said the party's stand was that national leaders should only attend functions organised by branches or divisions which had been endorsed by the state leadership.

Anwar said the reports about the open revolt in Sabah and Sarawak, where local PKR leaders oppose the appointment of Peninsular Malaysia-based vice-presidents Mustafa Kamil Ayub and Azmin as state leaders, were exaggerated and misleading.

He said the appointment of both leaders was a temporary measure and they have been given till the end of the month to obtain consensus on who locals want to lead them.

Meanwhile, Anwar said Zaid may have taken his leave of absence because he is under pressure to strengthen PR as a formal coalition which was the main priority entrusted to him.

"The leaders of all the component parties have agreed that this is our priority."

However, he said no time frame has been set.

Anwar also denied the problems in PKR were contributed because he had taken his foot off the pedal by travelling overseas rather than handling party matters.

Anwar said he only started going overseas in October and that most of his trips were during the weekends and there was no disruption in his party's affairs.

He defended his trips and said the international networking was important in the interest of civil society, democracy and international understanding.

TunkuCAT akan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk Kampung Tunku

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:11 AM PDT

[Ucapan oleh ADUN Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San pada 18 Oktober 2009 di Petaling Jaya sempena pembukaan rasmi Pusat Khidmat ADUN Kampung Tunku:] Saya berasa amat syukur pada hari ini kerana dapat bertemu dengan Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, Saudara-saudari sekalian pada hari ini sempena upacara pembukaan rasmi Pusat Khidmat ADUN Kampung Tunku. Sudah 18 bulan Pusat Khidmat saya beroperasi di premis lama


Posted: 18 Oct 2009 07:09 AM PDT


Rambutan anyone?

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 06:09 AM PDT

It's Sunday... guess what I did today?

Mow the lawn? Nope, did that a few days ago.

Join the crowd at the Perak Stadium for the 1Malaysia thingy? Nope, I usually stay away from big crowds (except in Makkah/Medinah).

I actually climbed a tree. Seriously, I did!

A rambutan tree to be exact - the rambutan gading tree. Usually I'd just use a pole to get the ripe fruits, but there were so many of the ripe rambutans high up on the tree, not reachable with the pole... even after getting on a ladder.

Since today I didn't have to worry about rushing for time to go to the office, I decided to climb the tree and cut down the most tempting-looking branch - the one with the most of those ripe yellow rambutans.

Oh, I didn't climb too high up lah... got up the ladder onto one of the branches... found myself a comfortable and rather safe position before I used my golok to cut down the branch. And yes, managed to get a few basket-loads of rambutans. Gave some to my neighbour and some to an aunt who stays nearby.

I reserved a small basket for my blog readers. So here, help yourselves...


Era Najib Altantuya : Rakyat Semakin Sedar Kezaliman ISA

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 06:22 AM PDT

Dari hari ke hari, semakin ramai menyertai gerakan rakyat memansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri.

Di Taman Keramat, lebih 300 penduduk sekitar Hulu Klang menghadiri malam kesedaran ISA anjuran Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) dan Adun Hulu Klang, Saari Sungib.

Program Malam dari Rakyat untuk Rakyat ini adalah kesinambungan usaha menyampaikan grafik kezaliman ISA, serta membawa mesej keadilan dan kemanusiaan selaras dengan tuntutan agama dan undang-undang.

"Saya fikir ini sebenarnya rentetan awal gerakkan anti ISA ini, cuma malam ini ia dilaksanakan dengan lebih teratur dengan menghimpunkan khususnya seniman-seniman bagi memperkuatkan lagi bantahan itu,"katanya.

Pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dari semua kaum dan agama hadir di acara ini, karyawan Meor Yusof, Pengerusi GMI Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh dan Adun Gombak Azmin Ali turut sama turun padang meraikan perjuangan menghapuskan warisan penjajah ini.

"Kalau ada ruang di peringkat Dun, saya akan lanjutkan program seperti ini seperti tahun lepas dimana satu konsert ISA di Medan Selera Pusat Bandar Melawati yang diadakan mendapat sambutan yang cukup baik serta turut mendapat sambutan yang cukup meluas dari Al-Jazeera, dan beberapa media antarabangsa.Dan saya harap akan mencetuskan keinginan Adun-adun di negeri Pakatan Rakyat dan Hulu Kelang merupakan modul yang pertama dengan kerjasama anak-anak muda.Saya juga mengharapkan kerjasama dari Adun-adun di Selangor ini akan mengadakan roadshow di negeri-negeri Pakatan Rakyat dan mungkin juga di Perak seandainya kita dapat memerintah semula,"jelasnya. -TVS

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Era Najib Altantuya : Media Arus Perdana Putar Belit Isu Zaid

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 06:00 AM PDT

Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata media massa arus perdana telah memutarbelitkan cuti enam bulan yang diambil oleh Zaid Ibrahim dari tugas-tugasnya di dalam biro politik parti.

Anwar berkata beberapa perkara mengenai program di Sabah yang dikaitkan dengan Zaid turut diselesaikan tanpa masalah.

Anwar berkata demikian selepas menghaidiri majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri dan Deepavali anjuran Keadilan Wilayah Persekutuan.

"Benda ini tidak berbangkit kerana dia baru telefon saya dari Sarawak bersama Presiden ada program parti. Kemudian dia hendak bercuti menunaikan haji. Program di Sabah itu kerana dianjurkan oleh cabang tanpa negeri. Dua hari lalu negeri bermesyuarat dan mengesahkan sebagai program negeri jadi selesai," katanya.

Di Sabah Zaid mengesahkan bahawa beliau hanya bercuti daripada tugasan biro politik. Selain menunaikan ibadah haji, beliau akan terus memikul tanggungjawab untuk memantapkan Pakatan Rakyat.

Ini sebagai persediaan untuk membentuk sebuah perlembagaan yang didokong oleh ketiga-tiga parti berkenaan iaitu, Keadilan, Pas dan DAP bagi membolehkan ia mendaftar sebagai satu entiti politik. -TVS

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Era Najib Altantuya : Pas Mahu Suhakam Siasat Sistem Undi Pos

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 06:06 AM PDT

Pas akan menyerahkan laporan kepincangan undi pos Pilihanraya Kecil N31 Bagan Pinang ke Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia(Suhakam).

Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat,Ustaz Nasrudin Hj Hasan At-Tantawi berkata Pas mendapati adanya manipulasi undi pos di Bagan Pinang lantas mahu Suhakam mengadakan inkuiri menyiasat kepincangan itu.

"Kita lihat ruang undi pos ini adalah sangat besar dan lebar untuk memungkinkan penyelewangan itu berlaku walau dinafi oleh pihak umno dan dewan pemuda pas pusat telah menghantar surat cabar menteri besar negeri sembilan dan juga siapa sajalah dikalangan pemimpin tertinggi Umno yang ingin mempertahankan undi pos itu bahawa ia adalah bersih dan telus kerana bagi kami sepanjang tempoh kami bekerja dipilihan raya kecil Bagan Pinang dengan meletakkan beberapa ejen-ejen kita mengawal dan juga memantau perjalanan undi pos ini kita dapati terlalu banyak penyelewangan dan juga manipulasi oleh pos itu,"katanya.

Ustaz Nasrudin berkata demikian di sidang akhbar Dewan Pemuda Pas di Pejabat Agung Pas Kuala Lumpur malam semalam.

Pakatan Rakyat sebelum ini membidas SPR kerana enggan mengubah sistem undi pos dijalankan.

Dalam PRK Bagan Pinang yang lalu, undi pos mewakili lebih 4000 undi yang terdiri dari anggota tentera.

Menyentuh isu yang sama, Setiausaha Dewan Pemuda Pas Pusat, Kamaruzaman Mohamad berkata manipulasi undi pos yang berlaku di Bagan Pinang antara faktor yang meyumbang kepada kekalahan Pas.

"Tujuan ke Suhakam ialah untuk kemuka satu bukti yang kami telah kami kumpul secara cukup lengkap, secara sistematik bagaimana undi pos ini boleh digunakan untuk memberi kemenangan secara percuma kepada parti-parti kerajaan yang menguasai undi pos, maka sudah sampai masanya Suhakam sebagai badan bebas yg dilantik oleh kerajaan sendiri utk mengambil suatu langkah yang perlu untuk menggesa supaya undi pos ini dihapuskan dan seterusnya memberikan ruang demokrasi yang adil dan telus kepada rakyat untuk memilih pemimpin secara sepatutnya siapa yang mereka mahu untuk memimpin mereka",katanya.-TVS

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Kee Ho & Yieng Ley Are Datuk & Nenek Now

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 05:32 AM PDT

Wong Kee Ho and Ling Yieng Ley are datuk (granddad) and nenek (grandmom) now!

We went at noon time today to their place to partime of their joy of receiving their grandchild to their family. In an authentically Foochow way, we were served with chicken-soup long-life noodles. Kee Ho and Yieng Ley added in some side dishes to make it a more joyful occasion.

Era Najib Altantuya : Tiada Kepincangan Dalam PKR

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 05:08 AM PDT

Permohonan cuti mantan Menteri Undang-Undang Zaid Ibrahim disensasikan media arus perdana, walhal ia bukan sesuatu yang luar biasa.

Timbalan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat Dr Syed Husin Ali berkata desas-desus pergeseran antara Zaid dan pihak tertentu dalam PKR tidaklah separah yang dikhabarkan.

Syed Husin berkata demikian merujuk kepada liputan media hari ini yang melaporkan Zaid menghadapi kesukaran susulan pergeserannya dengan Naib Presiden Azmin Ali.

Pengumuman cuti Zaid ini dibuat sewaktu muncul khabar bahawa beliau berkemungkinan meninggalkan PKR.

"Sememangnya adalah satu perkara biasa pihak BN mengambil peluang secara opotunis, sekiranya kalau ada perkembangan dalam Pakatan terutamanya dalam keadilan. Saya nampak berita tentang Zaid ini sudah terlalu dibesar-besarkan dan diselewengkan untuk kepentingan BN dan untuk menunjukkan seolah-olahnya ada krisis besar" ujarnya.

Zaid dibawa masuk ke PKR oleh Ketua Umum Anwar Ibrahim pada Jun lalu dengan tanggungjawab untuk menyatukan Pakatan Rakyat menghadapi Pilihanraya Umum ke-13.

Zaid ketika disoal media menafikan keseriusan pergeseran seperti yang dilaporkan media.

Beliau berkata permohonan cuti ini perlu bagi menumpukan perhatian merumus platform asas Pakatan Rakyat.

Syed Husin menyatakan kekesalan dengan liputan sensasi yang diberikan dan berharap semua pihak supaya bertenang sehingga kertas kerja platform Pakatan Rakyat yang diusahakan Zaid di bentang pada Persidangan Pakatan Rakyat Disember depan.

"Saya rasa ambil cuti bukan masalah, ramai yang kadang-kadang ambil cuti. Hendak cuti naik haji, hendak cuti sabbatical dan sebagainya. Jadi tidak ada sebab untuk diperbesar-besarkan. Tetapi ia telah dibesar-besarkan. Dan oleh kerana zaid telah menghantar surat kepada Setiausaha Agung untuk minta cuti, saya rasa dalam mesyuarat akan datang, surat dia akan dibentangkan dan kita akan berbincang jika perlu dan buat keputusan sama ada hendak terima atau tidak".

"Yang saya lihat perkaranya kecil. Seperti yang telah diterangkan oleh saudara Zaid sendiri, beliau mengambil cuti enam bulan dan waktu itu tidak akan menghadiri biro pilitik dan mesyuarat MPP, tetapi tugas-tugas lain sebagai ahli PKR, sebagai anggota PKR akan diteruskannya. Bahkan beliau akan memperkukuh dan memperkasakan Pakatan Rakyat sebagai parti yang lebih kuat dan bersatu"ujarnya mengakhiri perbualan. -TVS

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UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, The Wiggles, Donate Hand Washing Song

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:34 AM PDT

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nizar Once a week statement on H1N1 - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:04 AM PDT


KUALA LUMPUR, Sun: Press statements on the Influenza A (H1N1) will be issued on a weekly basis from now on in view of the current trend which shows a drop in the number of cases in the country.

Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican said the statement from the ministry on H1N1 would be issued every Wednesday.

Since the outbreak of the H1N1 pandemic in the country, the ministry had been issuing statement on the matter on a daily basis.

Dr Mohd Ismail also said that effective tomorrow, the ministry's hotline (03-88810200 or 03-88810300)would only be operational from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5.30pm.

However, he said the public could still send their enquiries on H1N1 to the Health Ministry at and to surf the ministry''s website or for latest information on H1N1.

On the current H1N1 situation, Dr Mohd Ismail said 102 new patients with influenza-like illness (ILI) were hospitalised for treatment today, while the number of discharge cases was 126.

He said there was also no new admission to the ICU today.

The current number of ILI cases still under treatment nationwide is 580 at 76 hospitals, including three private hospitals," he added.

He added that from the total ILI patients being treated, only 23 of them (four per cent) were Influenza A cases confirmed through laboratory tests, with five of them (22 per cent) in the intensive care unit (ICU).

All the five cases in the ICU had risk factors, including two children under five years of age, he added.

The death toll due to Influenza A (H1N1) remain at 77.

Globally, Dr Mohd Ismail said the H1N1 situation in the countries in the northern hemisphere, like North America, Canada, West Europe and East Asia, it was still active and showed an upward trend. -- BERNAMA

(Source: NST Online)

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