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Liverpool 2 United 0

Liverpool 2 United 0

Liverpool 2 United 0

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 09:24 AM PDT

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Liverpool FC 2 Manchester United 0! After a 4 game loosing streak, the Reds bounced back with a good win against the Devils. Im glad that the team has bounced back with a performance against the defending champions and hopefully get their season underway. I think its going to be a very open season this year [...]

Local Bird That Can Forewarn Earthquakes - malaysiakini

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 09:30 AM PDT

Forget the hi-tech computers and sensors, it appears that mother nature has provided us with a feathered friend who could warn of imminent earthquakes.

According to Ade Edwar, head of West Sumatra's disaster coordinating agency, the Kuwau (Argusianus) is believed to have an instinct to detect such disasters.

NONEHe said the bird which is one of the Argusianus species, is reportedly able to detect an imminent major earthquake up to two days before it strikes.

"This bird will be acting rather unusual and sings very often which is a sign that a major earthquake is coming," he was quoted as saying in a Bernama report.

Ade said that as the sound of the bird singing may reach as far as up to 1 kilometer, it may be useful to keep a Kuwau as an early earthquake warning system.

"The problem now is that this bird is now very hard to find," he added.

Conduct a scientific study

Ade also said it would be good to conduct a scientific study on the Kuwau's ability to detect a major quake because theoretically a big earthquake is always preceded by an initial small quake.

"If science can prove this, a Kuwau would be a great asset to highly quake-prone regions in the country", he said.

Before the big earthquake struck three weeks ago, Ade was disturbed and restless by his Kuwau singing very loud and too often.

This bird is also quite big, and its length may reach 120 cm weighing up to 11.5 kg. Its feathers are very much like those of a bird of paradise.

"In West Sumatra, the Kuwau is better known as a Ruwai. It is only found in the dense forests of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Malaysia," he added.

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Half Time – Man Utd vs Liverpool

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 07:56 AM PDT

Miki at McDonalds

"Mummy gives Miki dadong! Miki loves dadong! But Miki don't have appetite. Manchester United is playing against Liverpool. Miki wonders who will win?! Hmmm…."

* dadong – jagung – corn

Forgive them for they know not what they do -

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 09:26 AM PDT

Interestingly, you can find the phrase 'Forgive them for they know not what they do' at The Phrase Finder.

This phrase was prayed by Jesus when He was crucified on the cross at Calvary.

Luke 23:33-35 (King James Version)
23:33 And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him, and the malefactors, one on the right hand, and the other on the left.
23:34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.
23:35 And the people stood beholding. And the rulers also with them derided him, saying, He saved others; let him save himself, if he be Christ, the chosen of God.

nizar najib altantuya Pakatan losing public confidence: Kit Siang

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 08:07 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR - Veteran lawmaker Lim KIt Siang warned Sunday the opposition alliance was suffering from a "bout of loss of public confidence" after it enjoyed unprecedented success in national polls last year.

The Pakatan Rakyat alliance seized control of a third of seats in parliament in the 2008 elections, dealing the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition its worst results in the half-century it has governed Malaysia.

However, the three parties in the unlikely opposition alliance - the conservative Islamic party PAS, the liberal Democratic Action Party (DAP) and multi-racial Keadilan - have each been hit by infighting since.

hadi-lim-anwar.gifLim Kit Siang, the DAP supremo, urged the alliance to "impose discipline among their leaders" to protect the opposition's image, especially after its defeat in a by-election earlier this month.

"Pakatan Rakyat had been suffering a prolonged and unceasing bout of loss of public confidence... to convince the Malaysian electorate in its credibility, cohesion, integrity and common sense of purpose," he said in a statement.

Lim cited BN's recent Bagan Pinang by-election victory as an example, saying the opposition "cannot take the setback lightly and must not be in denial about its weaknesses and faults".

Trouble brewing in PAS, PKR

BN had lost seven out of eight special votes held since 2008 polls but it ended the opposition winning streak with a thumping victory in the latest vote, although it was criticised for fielding a popular but graft-tainted candidate.

The main Islamic party PAS is dogged by infighting after its spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat called for a special party vote to remove several top party leaders he described as "problematic".

Nik Abdul Aziz, a highly respected figure in PAS, made the proposal over his unhappiness that some of the party leaders were keen on pursuing a pact with Umno, the largest party in ruling BN.

The Keadilan party was also divided after Zaid Ibrahim, a former cabinet minister who quit last September and later joined Keadilan, recently announced his plan to go on a six-month leave from the party.

Zaid reportedly said he did not want to be "distracted by any internal party politics", fuelling speculation on the growing discord within Keadilan, led by former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. - AFP
(Source: Malaysian Mirror)

Pak Hailam Kopitiam @ Tesco Extra Cheras -

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 08:43 AM PDT

Another one of those 'new' kopitiams like Old Town...

Hot coffee tasted so-so only.

Hot Coffee: RM2.40

Fried rice - too oily...otherwise, not too bad...
That piece of sotong was from my wife's Tom Yam Meehoon

Fried rice: Rm5.90

Tom Yam Meehoon: RM7.90

Blackcurrent Lychee: RM6.50

Peanut Butter & Kaya Toast: RM1.80

Didn't get to take more pictures of food and drink...

Felt warm inside the kopitiam. Just wanted to finish eating and ciao!

Overall rating of my first-time experience at Pak Hailam: so-so only and slightly better than Old Town...

Malaysian baby gets free AirAsia flights for life

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 05:57 AM PDT

A premature baby boy who was born on board an AirAsia flight last Wednesday night will be given free flights for life with the Malaysia-based budget airline.

Malaysian baby and mum free flights for life with AirAsia

The aircraft made an emergency diversion to Kuala Lumpur when the mother went into labour, but the baby was smart enough to pop out before the plane landed, thanks to the great assist by Dr. Ronald who happened to be on board.

The mother will enjoy the same free flights for life as well; wonder if there's any bonus for the doctor though… guess not.

Congrats to the mummy & baby; and a pat on the back for Dr. Ronald :)

Malaysian baby gets free AirAsia flights for life from YeinJee's Asian Journal

nizar najib altantuya Councillor cries foul over MACC's conduct again

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 07:19 AM PDT

Among others, Tan Boon Hwa claims he was prohibited from speaking in Mandarin to a friend while under interrogtion.

Kajang municipal councillor Tan Boon Hwa's latest complaint was based on de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz's statement in the Dewan Rakyat that witnesses or suspects who were not arrested could not be treated like detainees.

In his statement made on Oct 20, Nazri said witnesses should not be "controlled" or have their movements followed by MACC officers.

In Tan's case, MACC officers followed him wherever he went, even to the pantry and toilet!

MACC officers are very caring indeed! Tan should be happy!

Era Najib Altantuya : Saya Dah Tua Untuk Didalangi, Nik Aziz Jawab Harun

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 06:21 AM PDT

Saya dah tua tak perlu jadi didalangi orang dah. Seperti yang saya katakan saya hanya hendak jaga parti saya supaya dihormati sampai bila bila. Masalah letak jawatan tu… Selagi umur saya ada, banyak lagi perkara yang belum berakhir."

Inilah penegasan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat terhadap beberapa kenyataan kononnya bukan Nik Aziz yang membuat kenyataan agar diadakan satu mesyuarat khas untuk menukar kepimpinan partinya.

Nik Aziz menafikan tuduhan kononnya dia telah didalangi pihak tertentu dalam membuat kenyataan atau cadangan tersebut dan tindakannya itu adalah sebagai tindakan terakhirnya sebelum melepaskan jawatan.

Antara yang membuat kenyataan seolah-olah Nik Aziz hanya membuat kenyataan berdasarkan pandangan orang lain adalah Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS, Datuk Harun Taib dan Ketua Penerangan PAS Selangor, Roslan Shahir yang tidak percaya kenyataan itu datang dari Nik Aziz sendiri.

Harun berkata, beliau tidak percaya Nik Abdul Aziz yang menulis di dalam blog berhubung muktamar khas itu.

"Setakat ini saya masih tak percaya Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz buat keputusan seperti itu," ujarnya kepada media selepas merasmikan Majlis Penutup Sambutan Jubli Perak Pasti Negeri Terengganu di Dewan Banat Maahad Darul Quran, Rusila, petang ini.

Katanya, walaupun perkara itu terdapat di dalam blog tok guru, namun siapa sebenarnya yang menulis tidak diketahui.

"Saya tak percaya tok guru kata. Saya rasa bukan tok guru (tulis). Saya kenal tok guru," ujarnya.

Baginya, dengan kecanggihan yang ada sekarang, sesiapa sahaja boleh menulis dan memasukkannya ke dalam blog Menteri Besar Kelantan itu.

Kenyataan kedua-duanya membayangkan seolah-olah Nik Aziz dipergunakan oleh sesetengah pihak yang rapat dengan beliau untuk membuat kenyataan sebegitu. Yang menjadi sasaran adalah bekas Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Husam Musa yang dianggap sangat rapat dengan Menteri Besar Kelantan itu.

Ketika ditanya media mengenainya, Nik Aziz menegas, beliau sudah tua dan tidak perlu jadi dalang orang.

Beliau memberitahu, apa yang diluahkan tidak ubah sebagai melontarkan buah pikiran demi menjaga keluhuran parti kerana parti PAS adalah sebuah parti yang dihormati oleh seluruh masyarakat.

Dan umum pun sudah maklum bahawa PAS sebelum ini memang bertindak dalam membuat sesuatu keputusan ialah secara kolektif iaitu malalui Majlis Syura yang juga berfungsi sebagai tempat membuat dasar.

"Jadi kalau ada orang yang tidak setujupun tidak mengapa, saya tidak kecewa. Saya Cuma beri idea bila timbul sesuatu yang memaksa saya buat begitu," katanya yang juga sedikitpun tidak merasa kesal terhadap penolakan PAS Selangor mengenai cadangan itu.

Beliau bercakap kepada pemberita selepas perasmian masjid baru, masjid Nuraini di Pasir Hor, dekat sini. Hadir sama pada majlis tersebut ialah Pengerusi Lembaga Disiplin Umno, Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen.

Semasa menjawab soalan media kemungkinan menarik balik cadangan itu atau mungkin ada pendekatan lain dalam usaha menjernihkan keadaan Nik Aziz yang juga Menteri Besar tetap bertegas tidak ada sebab untuknya menarik balik kenyataan itu kerana baginya ia adalah realiti di dalam PAS, dan juga tidak ada pendekatan lain perlu dilakukan kerana ia adalah hanya satu teguran, bukan satu perbalahan.

Dalam pada itu Nik Aziz yakin perkara yang berbangkit itu adalah bukan satu gambaran konflik dalaman membawa kepada perpecahan PAS.

Sementara itu, pada majlis yang sama, Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub, berharap perkara tersebut tidak dimanipulasikan oleh semua pihak termasuk ahli PAS sendiri sebelum kenyataan rasmi parti dikeluarkan.

Selari dengan kenyataan Nik Aziz, beliau juga menafikan wujudnya perpecahan di dalam parti.

"Saya rasa tidak ada isu dalaman parti" jelasnya ringkas sambil memaklumkan akan membawa amanah Nik Aziz berhubung perkara berkenaan kepada parti samaada presiden ataupun pucuk pimpinan tertinggi parti dalam masa terdekat ini. -MI

Kara wanna be your maid

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 05:30 AM PDT

Korean online games portal HanGame [Kr] has created a cafe game featuring Korean pop group KARA; below are the girls' commercials, dressing in maid-cafe-kinda-cosplay-costumes to endorse the game…

Order Queen Hara

Read the rest of this post »

Kara wanna be your maid from YeinJee's Asian Journal

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We Are Social-Caring

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 05:43 AM PDT

We posed for a group photo after the session.
Chinese tops the statistics of the racial groups in Rumah Seri Kenangan. The figure is really ironical, considering that we Chinese have been emphasizing so much on filial piety!

The folks are seen getting ready.

I made a short address.

All in full attention.
Rev Jonah Tang sharing the message of God.

The folks opened themselves up.

Peter Goh and Sia Yiik Ming led the singing.

Our gifts of love!
I tell you the truth,whatever you did for one of the least of the brothers of mine, you did for me.

MAF of Sibu East District reached out their caring hands to Rumah Seri Kenangan, an old folks' home at Mile 13.5 of Jalan Oya, this afternoon. This was our annual project aiming at sharing our love with the less fortunate group in our society.

Little as it might be, we did it honestly in the name of our God. As Matthew 25:31-46 spells it out clearly: I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of the brothers of mine, you did for me. Going together with us were Rev Jonah Tang, Peter Goh, Stephen Wong and the committee members.

It was a heartwarming session of singing out to God, praising Him and sharing. Peter Goh flung his fingers through guitar cords to come out with melodious music. Sia Yiik Ming led the session in dual language - Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia to suit the multi-racial audience.

Rev Jonah Tang shared the salvation of Jesus christ with the old folks. "Open up and receive Jesus Christ into your life," the speaker called on the audience.
The session ended with handing out gifts of love to the folks.

Reset Your Head la P1 WiMax!

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 03:37 AM PDT

A couple of months ago, I spoke volumes about P1 Wimax. I spoke about how incredibly fast they are. In fact I was even trying to get people to sign on. Well, let me eat my own words and beg you people not to even bother signing up with P1 cos since the time I started using their service, it has deteriorate to a point that it's driving me up the wall.

When I first started using P1, it was excellent. I was surfing constantly at speeds that were promised to me and downloading stuff was heavenly. Surfing was stressless and I was laughing out loud every time I read someone complaining about their useless Streamyx connection. These days just to get connected to a network takes ages and when I do, a snail could move faster than the speeds they give me. And they claim to be the fastest wireless broadband network in the country! My foot and a half!

I've called their customer service people a million times and trust me, none of the conversations with them were ever friendly ones. I think they have my picture and number pasted on the wall and probably dread to answer my calls. The thing is I wouldn't be so pissed off if they did admit that the fault is on their end. Here are some of the silly and ridiculous excuses they give me:

Maybe your modem is facing the wrong direction.
Oh I see, where should it be facing then? Planet Pluto? That modem has been in that position since I purchased it and it worked fine without any problems before.

Maybe the network is congested with too many new subscribers.
Then stop signing up new subscribers if you cannot cope with the demand or upgrade your bloody network!

Maybe you're sharing too many PC's.
I only have two systems connected to the modem, one is a desktop and one is a laptop. And It worked fine all the while so don't give me crap excuses like that!

Maybe your laptop is too near the modem (I'm using their WIFI enabled modem with built in router)
Too near? Too near you say? Now that's a new one. Hey morons, it's the same even if I sit in the toilet with my laptop.

I'm seriously getting fed up of all the excuses they've been dishing out. All I know is that it worked great before and now the service has gone totally down the drain. It's not like I'm using it for free, I pay a monthly fee every month without fail and on time at that. In fact, I pay more than than what I'm supposed to pay every month so I EXPECT to get what I'm paying for!

This is unfortunately the sad tale of all Malaysian companies. They start out promising the world and for a while, they do deliver the world, then they slowly but surely start dishing out crap and expect the public to just keep taking it without making a fuss. Well, I'm sorry to say, I'm not taking this lying down. If I have to call up their customer service everyday and give them hell I will.

In fact, just last night I gave them hell to the point I think the poor fellow almost cried on the phone ... hahaha! Here's a small part of the conversation. Mind you, I was boiling already from the earlier excuses he was giving me.

P1 Customer service (P1 CS):
Try resetting the modem.

Me: Reset your head la! You know how many times you people have told me to reset my modem? Can't you come up with something better?

P1 CS: Urmmm sorry sir, but try resetting the modem cos maybe your IP is jammed.

Me: (With a huge exasperated sigh!) Ok, ok, I'll try it again.

After going through the motions of resetting, I'm still unable to connect.

Me: Now what? You want me to run out naked with the modem on my head and dance?

P1 CS: Urmm, no sir but everything looks fine here.

Me: Do you want to come over to my house and see for yourself. I can even come and fetch you.

P1 CS: Sorry sir but it looks fine, maybe I'll generate a report for you to get our technical people to look into it.

Me: Sorry, sorry, sorry, that's all you people say.

P1 CS: Sorry sir but our technical people will get back to you in 48 hours.

Me: Yeah right they will, just like the other 20 times I called and you guys told me the same thing. Your technical people are not very good are there?

P1 CS: Sorry sir but they will call you in 48 hours.

I can't remember what I screamed at him and hung up before I started swearing vulgarities at him. That's actually almost the same way all my conversations with P1 go these days. If nothing is really done, there is going to be a time I will personally go over to their office and create a ruckus they will never forget. You might even read about some maniac being arrested for walloping some P1 customer service people ... LOL!

Seriously though, I'm not going to let them get away with this. I think the time has come for letting companies dish out crap service and not be challenged is way overdue. I'm going to get my moneys worth even if I have to take this up all the way to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)!

Fortunately today, the connection seems decent and I hope it stays that way :D Oh ya, I heard that YTL will be launching their version of Wimax soon, so if any of you are even considering P1, I'd say wait a little bit and see what they have to offer. I know I'll be checking it out when they do launch.

Note: To be fair, P1 did give me a one month waiver on subscription.

My trip to Kedah...

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 05:14 AM PDT

Yep, I was in Kedah yesterday. Merbok, to be exact. My school alumni had been invited by Tuan Hj Romli Bakar, better known as Paksu, the orang kuat behind the setting up of Kelab Pendidikan, Sukan dan Kebajikan, Kg Bujang; to join a camp they were organising at tebing Sg Merbok, Kg Batu Besi; called Perkhemahan Perpaduan Kanak-kanak Antara Kaum.

As mentioned in one of my earlier posting, I was going to bring along Saiful and Ika with me for the trip.

After a few exchanges of emails amongst a few of my alumni members, I agreed to meet up with Kak Shahid, a senior of mine, at MRSM Merbok, before going to the camp site together.

I left home as early as 6.35 am, equipped with my new toy, a GPS, heading north using the state road to fetch Sofie's kids. Oh they were ready when I got there, not 2 of them, but 3 of them. Sofie's second son, Azman (who was earlier at his school hostel when I asked the children if they wanted to follow me) wanted to join me for the trip too. Sofie felt better that way too, as she didn't want me to be burdened with the task of having to look after the kids. Azman can look after his younger siblings.

Of course we still had our concerns. Ika, the youngest, is known to have "car-sick" problems. Sofie made sure she took her ubat muntah before the trip, and told me the girl would need to take another of the pills before I started my trip home.

We got in the PLUS expressway via Kuala Kangsar, and yep, as expected, before long Ika was already dizzy. We told her to sleep. Good thing Azman joined the trip. He's quite a chatty boy, telling me about all his "adventures", so at least I had someone in the car to keep me awake.

Confident of the route with the assistance of my GPS (I had earlier set the speed warning to shut up after continuously irritating me during my earlier "test run" in town - telling me "you're over the speed limit, please drive carefully" when I was going 60 kmh at a 70 kmh road!), we reached MRSM Merbok at about 9.20 am. Earlier, on the way to MRSM, I did notice a small junction, with the sign "Kg Sg Batu Besi", the kampong where the activities were supposed to be held. But since I had promised Kak Shahid to meet up in front of MRSM, I drove straight to MRSM, which was just nearby anyway.

But when I called up Kak Shahid, she was still in Alor Star (baru nak tutup gate!) and would need another 40 minutes or so to get to Merbok. Since Bee, another friend cum second cousin from KL had just called to inform me she was almost there, I told Kak Shahid I might as well go straight to the camp site. After all, I saw the signboard earlier, so I didn't have to worry about Kg Batu Besi not listed in my GPS map.

So yep, pusing balik to the road where I saw the junction heading to the camp site, and on the way, Bee called again, saying she was in front of MRSM. Duh, I thought she was heading straight to the camp site. So, I waited for her by the roadside, and we went into the junction heading to Kg Sg Batu Besi together. Waaah... I was glad I didn't wash my car earlier.... it was jalan tanah merah...

Anyway, the moment we saw tents, banners, stalls etc, we knew we had reached the camp site.


Met up with Paksu, and he introduced us to Hafiz, his ex-student who benefited from his tuition programme, who is now heading another similar run outfit in Kg Belau nearby. We were also introduced to a group of Canadians, who joined the camp.

The morning games for the camp participants (the children had been camping there since Friday) were about to start, so I handed "my kids" over to Hafiz so they could join the activity as well. The morning activity was held at a nearby mangrove swamp (complete with pelantar and all).

pelantarmorning game

After a while, Kak Shahid called to inform me she had arrived at the camp site. Bee and I decided to walk back to the camp to meet up with her.

We were then brought by Paksu to a cool and shady area as he wanted to explain to us in details about his activities, his plans, etc. Quite a number of my alumni members had been giving cash donations for the running of his place, and so Paksu wanted to make sure he gave us in detail what he had done with the money and what else he intended to do.

It was during the discussions that another call came in on my hand phone. It was Lyana (yep, bini Pak Usop) asking me where I was. She had just arrived at the camp site and was trying to look out for me. I went to look for her, and although I was tercangak-bangak at first, I finally saw the easily recognizable Pak Usop, and so had no second thoughts about which one was Lyana...

So yeah, I finally met up with Lyana and the gang (of course, Emil & Odin were there too!).

lyana and sons

I took them to join us listening to Paksu's "briefing".

discussionThe man wearing the white kopiah is Paksu.

Apparently while I got up to look for Lyana, my friends were telling Paksu about my involvement with HIV families. Coincidentally, Paksu is planning for some sort of HIV awareness programme some time next year, and upon hearing about my involvement in HIV cases, was hoping I'd be able to help him out. I left him my name card (my NGO name card, not my business card).

Paksu then told us to follow Hafiz who would be showing us their 2 centers, one in Kg Bujang and the other in Kg Belau, both located not too far from the place (but not within walking distance lah, we'd still have to take the cars). Lyana and gang followed us too. My kids followed in my friend's car, while I joined Lyana.

First we went to Kg Bujang, Paksu's house, also used as club center...

rumah paksukgbujang1kgbujang2 tuition

Hey, scare-crows now wear helmets, do they?


Then off we went to Kg Belau, where we dropped off a boot full of books, contributed by my alumni members.

At Kg Belau...


There was no tuition on yesterday, but these 2 ayam kampong probably were not informed about it...


And there was even a mini-museum at the Kg Belau center.


Notice the batu giling? Well, Saiful started handling the batu giling, and the way he was holding it, I somehow sensed he knew how to use it properly.

"Tau guna ke?" I asked.

"Tau! Pernah guna kat rumah Mak Yang," he replied.

Ahh... if there was a pertandingan giling rempah between me and the boy, he'd win hands down! My rempah giling would probably end up falling off the sides of the batu giling...

After Kg Belau, we headed back to the camp site. There were supposed to be other activities in the afternoon.

After saying goodbye to Lyana who had to attend a neighbour's kenduri, we had our lunch, prepared by the kampong folks. Then off for prayers at the surau.

Some games were supposed to start at 2 pm, but for one reason or another, it didn't start until about 3.30 pm. My kids were getting restless, they were just so eager to jump into the river. Ika dah tukar baju, asking me to hold her towel for her. So I sangkut the towel on my left shoulder. Saiful took off his jeans (he was already wearing his trackbottom underneath) and asked me to hold his jeans for him. So I sangkut the jeans on my right shoulder.

While waiting for the games to start, saw this guy selambaly walking by...


See the arrow? That's a snake he's holding. Bet if he had found it on Friday, the girls would have had second thoughts about sleeping in the tents!

The games finally started off with the giant terompah game for the children...

giant terompah

Then the pertandingan mendayung perahu for the adults. The YB was there to flag off the race, and he was supposed to be brought to the starting point in a boat. My alumni members, by virtue of being the organisers guests, were also invited for the short boat ride. And Pi being Pi, suka adventure, naturally accepted the offer - got onto the boat, without life jackets whatsoever despite not knowing how to swim! So yep, there was this makcik, with a camera bergantung kat tengkuk, towel sangkut kat bahu kiri and jeans sangkut kat bahu kanan, joining the YB on the boat. And my kids, upon seeing their makcik getting in the boat, quickly jumped in too! I wasn't too worried about the boys, as they were good swimmers. But I was quite concerned about Ika, who claims she can swim if the water is up to her knees... :-)

Participants of the mendayung perahu race getting ready...

dayung perahu1

The YB starting the race...

dayung perahu2

Scene of the race from inside our boat...

dayung perahu3

After the mendayung perahu race was the much awaited pertandingan menangkap itik. At first the race was meant only for the adults as the organisers were concerned about the safety of the children in the waters, but finally they gave in to the requests of the children. Of course, they put nettings around a certain area that's not too deep, and to avoid the ducks to escape to the deeper side of the river.

Both Azman and Saiful went to register for this, but they only allowed Azman to take part as Saiful was rather small and they were concerned about his safety.

The ducks in the water, still oblivious to whatever was going to happen next...

duck race

Then came big splashes of water when the adults started jumping in the water to catch them...

duck race2

Then came the children's turn... with even more participants!

duck race3

Saiful, although not a participant, but tempted by the waters, jumped right in to join the other boys. I saw the satisfaction on their faces upon getting all wet in the water! But they were both later complaining, "Masin betul air dia!!" They probably thought it would be air tawar since it was SUNGAI Merbok; not knowing that the river was at a kuala, directly meeting the sea.

Ika was the only one still to fulfill her intention of jumping in the river. She would have probably jumped in too if there were any girls amongst the participants, but nope they were all boys!

After that there was a pertandingan memukul bantal for the adults...

pillow fight

While Azman and Saiful were able to take care of themselves, I took the opportunity to bring Ika to another end of the place where the waters were not too muddy (due to too many people splashing around at the area) and not too deep as well so she could at least berendam for a while in the river.

By 5.15 pm, although the games were not over yet, I rounded up my kids, telling them to change as we needed to head home. I didn't want to go home too late. Their mother may get worried. Heck, my mother would get worried too if I got home so late!

The kids were so tired, they all slept within minutes of getting into the car. We reached the Gunung Semanggol R&R at about 6.40 pm, so I decided to stop for makan-makan and wait for Maghrib.

We made a move from Gunung Semanggol at 7.30 pm, by then the kids were wide awake and were chatting away. Amazingly, even Ika, the one who usually gets car-sick, was also so chirpy. I guess she only gets car-sick if she travels during day-time.

Taking the Kuala Kangsar exit, I finally managed to deliver the kids to their doorstep at 8.30pm. They did invite me to come in but it was getting too late. I promised I'd visit them later after I get their photos printed.

And I myself finally reached home a few minutes after 9 pm...

Era Najib Altantuya : Keluarga Mahu Mayat Beng Hock Digali Rungkai Pembunuhan

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 03:03 AM PDT

Keluarga mendiang Teoh Beng Hock mahu bedah siasat dijalankan buat kali kedua bagi merungkai misteri kematian mangsa.

Peguam Gobind Singh Deo berkata pihak keluarga mahu patologis terkenal Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand dari Kementerian Undang-Undang Thailand menguruskan bedah siasat itu.

Langkah ini perlu bagi melihat apakah ada unsur pembunuhan disebalik kematian mangsa. Gobind menambah pihaknya akan memfailkan permohonan untuk bedah siasat kehadapan Koroner Azmil Muntapha Abas selewat-lewatnya Selasa depan.

"Kita tak mahu tunding jadi pada mana-mana pihak. Kita hanya mahu keadilan kepada mendiang. Keluarga mangsa bersetuju untuk menggali kubur mendiang dan kita akan hantar permohonan pada Mahkamah Majistret Shah Alam esok," katanya.

Mangsa ditemui mati pada 16 Julai lalu di bumbung tingkat 5 Plaza Masalam dipercayai terjatuh dari tingkat 14 ibu pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia Selangor.

Mangsa yang merupakan pembantu kepada Exco Negeri Ean Yong Hian Wah dipanggil sebagai saksi dalam satu operasi besar-besaran SPRM terhadap kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor.

Teoh Beng Hock ditemui mati selepas disoal-siasat 10 jam tanpa henti oleh pegawai penyiasat SPRM.

Dr Pornthip dilantik kerajaan Selangor bagi membantu inkues menyiasat punca kematian mangsa. Beliau mencetuskan kegemparan di inkues Rabu lalu selepas penemuannya mendapati ada 80 peratus kemungkinan mangsa telah dibunuh.

Penemuan Dr Pornthip bercanggah dengan laporan bedah siasat patologis tempatan dan polis yang mengumumkan bahawa mangsa telah membunuh diri.

Dalam siasatannya mendapati ada kemungkinan mangsa dicekik terlebih dahulu, dan duburnya ditusuk sesuatu, sebelum terjatuh dari ibu pejabat SPRM.

Penemuan ini dibuat berdasarkan kepada laporan bedah siasat awal dan dokumentasi sekitar kematian mangsa.

Peguam Gobind Singh Deo berkata Koroner Azmil Muntapha Abas mempunyai kuasa untuk membenarkan kubur mendiang digali semula mengikut Seksyen 335 Kanun Acara Jenayah.

Keluarga mangsa yang meragui teori bunuh diri seperti yang ditawarkan pihak polis mahu Dr. Pornthip diberi kepercayaan untuk mengetuai bedah siasat kedua ini.

Gobind bagaimanapun menambah pihak keluarga mahu pasukan patologis pertama menyertai bedah siasat ini.

"Dr Pornthip akan buat pembedahan itu, dan dia berharap pasukan pertama datang dan lihat bagaimana doktor ini buat bedah siasat dan bincang kalau-kalau ada yang terlepas pandang dalam bedah siasat pertama," kata peguam itu.

Dalam akuan Dr Pornthip di inkues tempoh hari, beliau menyatakan kesediaan untuk menjalankan autopsi keatas tubuh mangsa namun Koroner Azmil berkata ia mungkin sudah terlewat.

Sementara itu, adik mendiang Teoh Lee Lan mewakili keluarga mendiang bersetuju supaya permohonan untuk kubur mendiang mangsa digali dan bedah siasat baru dijalankan.

"Keluarga bersetuju untuk bedah siasat kedua, untuk mencari keadilan buat abang saya. Kami berharap kes ini akan berjalan lancar," katanya.

"Kami terkejut melihat gambar kesan cekik pada leher Beng Hock," tambah Lee Lan. -TVS

nizar najib altantuya: Post-MCA crisis: Quo Vadis Liow? - nizar nizar

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 07:30 PM PDT

UPDATED 10.30PM Now called a 'betrayer' after his attempted coup, Liow finds himself sidelined in the new MCA peace plan

I guess for Liow, he is learning the painful lesson of 'you reap what you sow'.

All the MCA CHINA men really sad lah.

Nizar alleges plot to attack PR lawmakers - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 07:05 PM PDT

UPDATED 10.05PM Ousted MB Nizar Jamaluddin has appealed to the Perak sultan to put off the budget sitting as he fears that there may be violence.

Ok, just click here to go to The Malaysian Insider to read all about it.

MK reported the news as 'Thugs-for-hire' in Perak assembly sitting.

This 'thug' thing related to BN is not surprising lor.

Look at the way Sivakumar was dragged out of the assembly.

Era Najib Altantuya : Quo Vadis PAS?

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 06:31 PM PDT

Segala-galanya bermula apabila pimpinan PAS tidak mahu dan tidak mampu menerima kritikan dan teguran orang lain.

Didalam kerangka "Pemikiran Kritikal", Prof Abdul Aziz Bari telah bertindak sebagai "wistle blower", dan kemudian ianya tidak disambut dengan baik sebaliknya telah diberikan hentaman dan kritikan balas oleh pimpinan terutama oleh Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat sendiri, Ustadz Idris Ahmad, dan Ketua Penerangan PAS Selangor Roslan Mohd Shahir.

Dan apabila PAS tiba-tiba menjadi fokus seluruh negara, kini orang-orang yang mula-mula menimbulkan kekecohan itulah orang yang meminta ahli-ahli PAS bertenang setelah mereka beriya-iya mengambil sikap tidak mahu mendengar kritikan orang lain sebelumnya.

Sememangnya kumpulan pro-UMNO di dalam PAS ini adalah mereka yang mengambil sikap tidak boleh disentuh dan tak boleh dikritik. Tetapi mereka boleh sentuh dan boleh kritik orang lain, malah boleh bertindak dan lantik dan pecat sesuka hati.

Contohnya Presiden PAS yang mempunyai kuasa yang diberi oleh Perlembagaan parti, telah melantik Mustafa Ali sebagai Setiausaha Agung sekalipun Mustafa Ali telah diketahui adalah orang yang menimbulkan kekecohan di dalam parti ekoran dari rancangan sulit "Kerajaan Perpaduan" yang telah terbongkar apabila bekas Perdana Menteri Abdullah AHmad Badawi sendiri mendedahkannya.

Contoh lainnya di Selangor, sewaktu Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor dikritik oleh mereka yang tidak bersetuju dengannya, beliau telah mengambil langkah "memecat" Khalid Samad dan Shaari Sungip dari Dewan Harian PAS Selangor untuk digantikan dengan mereka yang mengikut istilah politik kaki ampu dan kaki bodek kepada ketua.

PAS sepatutnya menjadi parti contoh di dalam rakan-rakan Pakatan Rakyat, sebaliknya kegagalan untuk berlapang dada menerima kritikan menjadikan PAS sebagai sebuah jemaah yang kaku dan jumud yang gagal untuk bersaing di arena politik kepartian negara sehinggakan PAS daripada menjadi parti contoh tetiba menjadi parti yang disisihkan oleh arus masyarakat yang mengharapkan sangat perubahan lanskap pemerintahan negara segera berlaku.

Ada yang menyatakan kepimpinan ulamak tidak boleh dipersoalkan dan barangsiapa yang mengkritik kepimpinan PAS yang ada kini adalah mengkritik ulamak-ulamak sekalipun banyak tindak-tanduk ulamak di dalam saf kepimpinan itu sendiri yang mengundang kritikan bukan dari para ahli sahaja, juga mereka yang tidak menjadi ahli parti tetapi menyokong perjuangan PAS selama ini.

Kemudian ada yang terlajak menuduh tanpa justifikasi bahawa kononnya mereka yang mengkritik kepimpinan PAS adalah golongan Anwariyyun yang tak suka Hadi menjadi PM jika Pakatan Rakyat berkuasa.

Dan ada pula yang menyatakan bahawa yang menentang kepimpinan PAS kini adalah mereka yang ditarbiyah di luar kerangka PAS sendiri seperti IRC, ABIM da seumpamanya.

Kegagalan untuk melihat PAS sebagai sebuah harakah Islamiah, tidak sedikit ahli-ahli PAS terkeliru untuk melihat bahawa di dalam hirarki tanzim, Mursyidul Am PAS itu lebih tinggi keududukannya daripada Presiden. Malah ada yang melatah meminta Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dipecat apabila Tuan Guru Nik Aziz mencadangkan satu muktamar khas diadakan untuk menyelesaikan pemimpin bermasalah di dalam parti.

Sesuatu kejanggalan berlaku apabila ahli-ahli PAS tidak memahami konsep kepimpinan harakah Islamiah dengan menyamakan PAS dengan organisasi sekular yang meletakkan Presiden sebagai pemegang kuasa tertinggi.

Malah Mursyidul Am PAS selaku pemimpin tertinggi jemaah, telah dikritik hebat dengan tanpa ilmu dan tanpa segan silu oleh mereka yang pro-UMNO ini dengan pelbagai tohmahan dan tuduhan apabila Tuan Guru Nik Aziz mencadangkan Muktamar Khas diadakan.

Saya tertarik dengan pendirian Ust Zolkharnain Abidin, sekalipun sebelum ini beliau adalah diantara penyokong UG yang tegar, tetapi kini beliau menampakkan ciri-ciri yang lebih terbuka dan sedia menerima kritikan malah menegur Ketua Penerangan PAS, Ustadz Idris Ahmad supaya "berkepala dingin".

"Anjakan paragdima" - satu konsep yang sering kedengaran dari mulut Presiden PAS Sendiri perlu berlaku bukan sahaja untuk ahli-ahli PAS tetapi oleh pemimpin-pemimpin PAS juga jika benar-benar PAS mahu diterima sebagai parti yang bukan sahaja memimpin ummah, tetapi memimpin negara ke arah "baldatun tayyibun wa rabbun ghaffur" (negara yang aman sentosa yang mendapat keampunan Tuhan).

Credit Card Service Tax?

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 04:56 PM PDT

1 Citibank x RM 50
1 CIMB x RM 50
1 Maybank x RM 50
2 Maybank x RM 25
Total RM 200 per year.

Increase my credit card charge by 200%.
But decrease my annual income tax only by 1%?

GREAT! Just awesome...

Soi Lek disagrees with Hisham over ROS

Posted: 25 Oct 2009 09:23 AM PDT

UPDATED 4.50PM The Registrar of Societies is empowered to decide on the rightful deputy MCA president, insists Chua.

Chua, told a press conference today that was ostensibly held to share his views on Budget 2010 as MCA's government policy monitoring bureau chief that he begged to differ with the minister. He explained that the constitution for all political parties are approved by the ROS. Thus, ROS had the power to intervene.

Moreover, Chua said that should the ROS have no power to intervene, it would then be not necessary for organisations to subject their constitutional amendments to ROS scrutiny.

aliran dinner

Posted: 24 Oct 2009 12:09 PM PDT

aliran_dinner4the aliran dinner was held last night at the chee hon moral uplifing society in macalister road. i went with christina and we were one of the early birds. reached there 10 to 7., and the door was still closed! why? the aliran singers were still practising last minute. anyway at 7.00, the door opened for us to go in. i thought the dinner started at 7.30pm as told by christina to me but it started at 8.00pm. met so many of our catholic members at the dinner (even the bishop was there). guess we catholics support aliran very much.

the food was catered by fisherman's wharf. good food. our table had only 6 people… which means more share for us. haha. the special guest that day was pete teo, a multiple award singer, songwirter, actor and film producer.  some of you are familiar with the 15malaysia films. well, he was involved in it as a producer. he entertained us with a few songs.

the best entertainment, however, came from the aliran singers!  (you can see them in action at the 2nd picture, and 2 other pictures). comprising of, of course, the aliran members themselves.  the ones that i know – anil netto, dr prema, andrew and dr francis loh and 5 others whom i'm not familar with. they used songsaliran_dinner by one of my favourite group, abba, to sing… of course changing the lyrics to fit the current political situation.

the songs they used are 'waterloo' which they change to 'march 8′ at the part of 'waterloo…' (chorus).

'i do, i do' they change to 'bubar, bubar' talking about to 'bubar' (dissolve) the perak state assembly.

'mama mia' was change to 'mama BN'. just remember the last line 'why can't you live without BN!'

'dancing queen' was change to calling people to vote for change something like 'you can dance, you can sing, you can make this space grow, vote for democracy'.

the other songs used are 'fernando', 'super trouper', 'i don't wanna talk about it'.

there was one song where they sang about sg siput and dr jeyakumar (dr jeyakumar was present at the dinner!).

the best of all the songs was 'honey honey' – a mixture of english and bahasa. for bahasa in place of 'money money money', they used 'manis manis manis'.


this one line stuck in my mind: "manis manis, jangan takut OSA, ataupun ISA, rakyat mest berani".

the aliran singers received an encore and some

people gave them standing oviation too! so much so they had to be brought back and they gave a rendition of 'money money money' again. yep they were great indeed and how i wish they would have sing more songs.

one of the picture shows the aliran singers with the popular song 'honey honey' lyrics are shown on the screen.


ahh… last picture shows my table. the sixth person, richard loh, a blogger too, was the photographer, thus missing. i'm in the picture of course.


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