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My Diwali

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 This year's Deepavali had been a little quiet. Realized I'm missing those "Indians" badly. Yeah.. Stephanie Ong, Bhavik, Ashveen celebrating their Deepavali overseas.. That's why it's a little quiet. Anyway, life goes on. Just need to remember them... After all, this year's Deepavali ain't that bad. I had my stomach filled with delicious food.... This is not gonna be an emo post.. Just doing a little comparison on what's missing between last year's Deepavali and this year's.

"Every good memories make you cry"

Last year's sweet Deepavali in Sanjiv's house..

This is a REALLY SWEET pic k!

This year.. minus the noisy yet funny Stephanie..

Leaving Ester the only girl..

Stormed Tatva's house after that and got chocolates! Lots of them!.. Didn't have that this year..

Not forgetting too, the delicious tandoori and fun times in Stephanie's open house with Caryn there....

"Good old memories are what bind people from different world together"

Back to this year..

Definitely more camwhoring pics..

Had quite a fun time in Shobana's house..



The Three Pusketteers

See.. "Char siew".. told you we'll meet again..

*Even when a cup of coffee is to strong or weak, it's still good to me"

Happy Diwali 2009!

Hope we'll meet again next year!

"Every hellos end with a goodbye"

*My heart aches when you ignore me...*

Zaid takes six-month leave, cracks in PKR? - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar najib altantuya

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UPDATED 8.40PM The PKR leader and former minister announces that he will be going on a six-month leave amid talks of a tiff with a senior...

Zaid Ibrahim today announced that he will be going on a six-month leave, strengthening rumours that all is not well in the opposition party amid talk that he is locked in a squabble with PKR vice-president Azmin Ali.

Reason being both Azmin and Zaid are seen to be potential candidates to fill the post
with PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali ready to bow out of the party soon.

What is this lah? So fast get sucked in struggle for power?? Why is PKR just like MCA or Umno??

Welcome to Noah's Ark (Hong Kong) -

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Years ago, I read about a replica of Noah's Ark that would be built or was being built in Hong Kong.

Today, I found out that it was already built!

Click here to visit the Noah's Ark!

Maldives government meeting underwater ..?

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A Visit By MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church

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The singspiration time.
A lively dance presentation given by MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church.

It was such a lovely swaying.......

Dr. Alan Kok spoke on the modern diseases.
The talk was engrossing.
Morris Hii seemed to have a point to make.

A memento for Dr. Alan Kok.

A souvenir from MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church.

A powerpoint presentation by the visitors.

MAF of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church came visiting us (MAF of The Masland Methodist Church) yesterday and joined us in our fellowship gathering. It was a heartwarming time and in a brotherly atmosphere that we worshipped God together.
The adult fellowshippers of Xin Fu Yuan Methodist Church are a lively group. They brought with them a dance item and a powerpoint presentation for sharing with us. It was thoughtful of them to present themselves in this manner.
The programme for this evening's gathering was a medical talk given by our guest speaker Dr. Alan Kok Kim Hing, a locally renowned Chinese physician. The speaker enlightened us on the six major modern illnesses encroaching us daily.
Dr. Alan Kok spoke with eloquence and clarity. His good sense of humour sent the audience to burst into rounds of laughters. As a whole, the talk was beneficial and educational.
We ended the gathering with a tea reception which was also time for mingling around.
The last photo shows the tea reception time.
Photos: Daniel Chew


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Though late, I however wish to congratulate you for having rose to the exulted post of the new Chief of Defence Force (CDF) of the Malaysian Armed Forces. I certainly do not know you well enough to personally call you and to congratulate you. But I did post a congratulatory note in my blog on August 29, 2009.

Your rise to the number one slot in the Armed Forces must be in recognition for your outstanding performance and contribution to the nation, while you were the Air Force Chief. And being at the pinnacle of your career now, you can no longer be yourself and to savour the freedom that you once enjoyed when you were a junior officer.

I was told by my superior once that being at the top can be very lonely. Your subordinates no longer feel the freedom, nor will they be at leisure to meet you unless it is for some official purpose. Even if you are at the golf course with them, do not think that your subordinates are at ease playing with you. They enjoy losing the game, not because they are not good at the game, but they lose out of respect for you. This is the privilege that you enjoy and you ought not to blame yourself for this. It is the military culture I suppose i.e respect to a superior is utmost, even at a game of golf.

Now, let me get to the more serious aspect of this letter, the reason for which I do not want you to fall into the things being said of your predecessor that had brought himself and the good name of the Armed Forces to odium, disrepute and be the talk of the town. I know many in the Armed Forces, in particular the Army knows what all he has done, and the reasons why he had to leave in such haste. I am puzzled as to why was there no action taken against him, should he do anything wrong that had brought him and dragged the service to odium.. Was there a fear of retaliation? Or has the rot creeped into the entire system, that it is now beyond redemption?

The burden to raise the good name of the Armed Forces back to its former 'glory' now lies with you. You have to shoulder that responsibility and to do that, you have to have the unequivocal support of all the three service chiefs. You should demand support and loyalty from them, and should they weaver to the detriment of the service, sack them. And for goodness sake, keep a tight watch on the activities of the the three services, because to claim ignorance of any failures found in the three services, is not an acceptable answer to come from the CDF.

You should set the tone by setting good personal examples; exemplary leadership; make firm and fair decisions; discard cronyism; disengage yourself from ever being involved in business or being seen among contractors and business associates; do not allow family members to use you in their business with Mindef; never request favours from any businessmen; be extremely weary of the people around you, and last but not the least, do not ever feel beholden to politicians. Be a professional soldier, and you will gain gratification and respect from your men and the nation.

I seem to be teaching you to suck eggs, but it is better to be sucking eggs than to lose honour and pride of being a member of the Armed Forces by your unsavoury acts.

You may not have access to the talks that lingers outside the corridors of Mindef, but I do. And it is the love that I still have for the Armed Forces that I am force to tell you what ails the Armed Forces under the leadership of your predecessor. Call me a busybody if you want, but I would rather be called that, then to see the Armed Forces slip into decadence.


Festive Lights And Firecrackers

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It's actually a public holiday here for the Hindus who are celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights but judging by the atmosphere, you probably couldn't tell, save for last night when the house opposite me decided to blast firecrackers (which are banned here mind you) at 12.00 am sharp and jolt the entire neigbourhood awake.

Wifey jumped out of bed with Pebbles scurrying out from under the bed in fear and jumped up on the bed into wifeys lap. Now I'm not against celebrations in fact I enjoy celebrations but I thought they went about it for way too long, close to an hour of firecrackers and whatnot's with children screaming and I mean really screaming at the top of their lungs.

Both wifey and me basically couldn't fall asleep after that with Pebbles snugly hiding out in on my pillow every time a firecracker exploded which lasted for an hour. I wonder just where the heck they got all those supposedly banned firecrackers from. Maybe some video surveillance equipment would help find the culprits who sell these stuff!

But all that aside in the spirit of celebration and all, I would like to wish all my Hindu friends a very happy Deepavali :D I was supposed to go for an open house, well more like an open restaurant today but had to cancel cos I was not up to it. It's something my good buddy and me do every year.

This restaurant called Sri Paandi which we used to frequent every day and night at one time always has this open house breakfast for all its customers on Deepavali morning and we've never failed to go every year. I just wasn't up to it this year though.

But my buddy was there for breakfast yesterday and got an invite from the owner for us to attend his personal open house tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be sure to take loads of pictures of the incredibly good food that I'm sure will be on hand at the open house :D

Till then, hope you all are having a blast of a weekend :D

PETRONAS should be free from ANY political interference

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"Sedarkah anda 45% daripada pendapatan kerajaan adalah daripada RM yang disumbangkan oleh PETRONAS. "Kerajaan Malaysia adalah pelabur paling bijak di dunia" kata Presiden PETRONAS (tanyalah orang PETRONAS bila kata-kata ini diucapkan). Kenapa? Kerana dengan hanya melabur sebanyak RM10juta, kerajaan memperolehi pulangan lebih 400 billion dan nilai terkumpul ini akan bertambah setiap tahun. Tatkala pendapatan PETRONAS merudum tahun lepas, pembayaran kepada kerajaan Malaysia pula kekal dengan trend menaik!

Alhamdulillah, PETRONAS berjaya melaksanakan tanggungjawab kepada pelaburnya dan hasilnya dinikamati oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Persoalannya : Bagaimana jika pada tahun 2017 (bukan lagi 2014), hasil petroleum dan gas kita habis. Daripada mana pula kerajaan nak dapatkan wang untuk perbelanjaan negara? Lingkuplah Malaysia jika PETRONAS sudah hilang sumber pendapatannya! Apa akan jadi dengan ekonomi kita nanti? Apa akan jadi dengan rakyat kita nanti? Apa akan jadi dengan anak-anak kita nanti?

Hasil bumi yang diselenggarakan dengan baik oleh PETRONAS ini dijangkan habis dalam tidak sampai 10 tahun lagi. Apakah persediaan Malaysia untuk menghadapinya. Kita mewah hari ini kerana kita ada minyak. Tapi jika kita gagal merancang dan menguruskan wang ini dengan baik Malaysia akan terkebelakang 10 sepuluh tahun daripada Singapura. Pelikkan, Singapura lebih maju walaupun ia tiada hasil bumi langsung! Malaysia juga boleh lakukannya jika kita bermula daripada sekarang. Janganlah dibazirkan lagi wang untuk projek-projek mengarut seperti Piala Monsoon!

Pakatan Rakyat terpekik terlolong tika kerajaan tidak menaikkan subsidi untuk menampung kenaikan harga minyak dunia tahun lepas. Jika minyak sudah habis nanti, harga minyak dalam negara ini akan melambung dan kerajaan BN mahupun PR tidak akan mampu mensubsidi lagi kerana Malaysia sendiri terpaksa mengeksport minyak untuk keperluan rakyat. Papa lah Malaysia jika kita terus bersikap seperti hari ini.

Rakyat yang bengap akan berkata PETRONAS bermula dengan modal kerajaan maka seharusnya ia bertanggungjawab membantu kerajaan bermati-matian." Tahukah anda, tatkala syarikat persaing minyak dunia melaburkan semula 57% hingga 70% daripada hasil jualan petroleumnya untuk pembangunan syarikat mereka supaya terus kompetitif dalam industri Oil & Gas, PETRONAS cuma dibenarkan melaburkan semua 21% daripada hasil pendapatan tahunannya untuk terus berkembang. Itu pun ada rakyat yang bising kata 21% itu pun patut digunakan untuk mensubsidi harga minyak untuk rakyat! Bungkuslah PETRONAS nanti kerana tiada modal pusingan. Rakyat dan kerajaan Malaysia masih bengap, berfikiran jangka pendek.

Tahukah anda, cuma 25% daripada pendapatan PETRONAS adalah daripada hasil minyak dan gas yang digerudi keluar daripada hasil bumi Malaysia. Manakala 75% lagi adalah hasil daripada pelabur PETRONAS di luar negara. Penerokaan peluang perniagaan diluar negara adalah dengan inisiatif PETRONAS sendiri. Kepakaran kakitangannya yang membantu menaikkan PETRONAS hingga tersenarai dalam Fortune 500 companies dan ranking ke 8 (tahun 2008) dalam senarai syarikat yang menjana pendapatan terbanyak di dunia. Tapi pendapatan PETRONAS hari cuma 1/4 sahaja daripada pendapatan EXXONMOBIL! Jadi, jauhkan politik daripada PETRONAS jika Malaysia sayangkan PETRONAS.

Malaysia perlu menyiapkan diri untuk mencari alternatif pendapatan selain daripada PETRONAS. Hari ini PETRONAS dibebankan dengan tanggungjawab 'memberi makan' Malaysia. Ibarat Bapa dan anak. jika tiada bapa, anak mati kebuluran."


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巫统重犯错误,在屠妖节举行代表大会,再次证明巫统要成为全马来西亚人的政党是口惠而实不至。巫统这么做也和首相所提倡的"一个马来西亚"精神背道而驰。没有人能够否认我国族群之间的关系在近几年来一直在走下坡。因此现在是时候让我们不分彼此共同打造真正的国民团结。没有任何时候比现在更为迫切地要求我们共同放下各自的歧见,努力缔造一个真正和谐的马来西亚社会。 纳吉所提倡的"一个马来西亚"概念对我们并不陌生。我国许多政党团体在过去数十年一直高喊不同但一致的口号来加强马来西亚的国民团结。行动党所提倡的"马来西亚人的马来西亚"以及"马来西亚人优先"概念就是最典型的几个例子。对许多马来西亚人来说,口号只不过是外观而已,最重要提出这些口号的人士是否言行一致。许多人对"一个马来西亚"的口号抱持存疑的态度,原因是过去许多政客曾经提出许多亮丽动听的口号,可是却没有付诸于行动。数年前,印裔社会不满巫统罔顾印裔社群的感受,

Era Najib Altantuya : Penjelasan Zaid Ibrahim Bercuti 6 Bulan, Tumpu Perkukuh Platform PR

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 11:47 PM PDT

Mantan Menteri Undang-Undang, Zaid Ibrahim mahu menumpu sepenuh perhatian merumuskan platform asas untuk Pakatan Rakyat sempena Persidangan Pakatan Rakyat Disember depan.

Sehubungan itu, Zaid memohon cuti enam bulan dari PKR supaya beliau tidak dikekang dari hal ehwal politik.

"Fokus saya sekarang adalah membantu Pakatan Rakyat di mana saya untuk merangka dasar-dasar dan memastikan tidak wujud perbezaan di dalam PR," katanya.

Zaid telah menghantar surat rasmi menjelaskan hasrat ini kepada Setiausaha Agung Parti Keadilan Rakyat Salehuddin Hashim.

Mantan Menteri Umno itu dibawa masuk Ketua Umum PKR, Anwar Ibrahim awal tahun ini. Beliau diberi tanggungjawab untuk merumuskan platform PR menghadapi pilihanraya umum ke-13, dengan matlamat merampas Putrajaya dari Umno-BN.

Zaid berkata platform PR kini berada di peringkat terakhir dan draf akan dihantar kepada pimpinan kanan PKR, DAP dan Pas minggu hadapan.

Beliau berharap Persidangan PR nanti meluluskan usul tersebut.

Di ruang maya, Zaid berkata menghadapi tentangan dari kelompok tertentu dalam PKR,
beliau menafikan desas-desus perseteruan dengan mana-mana pihak.

Sementara itu, pejabat setiausaha Agung PKR mengesahkan menerima surat bercuti daripada Zaid. -TVS

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Era Najib Altantuya : MCA Parah, Ong Tee Keat Madah Berhelah

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 11:47 PM PDT

Jangkaan presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat akan meletakkan jawatan setelah menerima undi tidak percaya oleh perwakilan nampaknya jauh meleset.

Ong Tee Keat tetap berdalih untuk memegang jawatan itu dan dalam mesyuarat jawatankuasa pusat parti itu semalam Ong Tee Keat mengumumkan akan mengadakan satu lagi mesyuarat agong luar biasa (EGM).

Beliau semalam telah mengarahkan setiusaha Agungnya, Datuk Wong Foon Meng untuk mengadakan EGM mengikut peruntukan Perkara 30.1 perlembagaan MCA.

EGM kali ini untuk menentukan sama ada perlu atau tidak pemilihan parti diadakan sekali lagi bagi menyelesaikan permasalahan parti itu.

TV Selangor turun padang mendapatkan respon daripada beberapa orang ahli politik Pakatan Rakyat berbangsa Cina untuk mengetahui pandangan mereka terhadap isu ini.

"Walau bagaimanapun, kita nampak selepas EGM ini presiden MCA masih enggan berundur dengan pelbagai alasan. Saya berpendapat ianya akan mengundang lebih banyak percakaran dalam parti sesama kumpulan beliau dan ini telah dijangka. Dan masyarakat Cina menganggap apa yang berlaku dalam MCA ini sudah parah", ujar ADUN Sekinchan, Ng Suee Lim.

Malah Suee Lim berpendapat, keengganan Ong Tee Keat meletakkan jawatan seperti yang telah dijanjikan sebelum ini,menggambarkan sikap pemimpin itu yang tidak berpegang pada janji.

Sebelum ini Ong Tee Keat dengan lantang menyatakan pendiriannya yang akan meletakkan jawatan sekiranya hanya menang minoriti pada EGM 10 Oktober lalu.

Namun apa yang berlaku sebaliknya dan tindakan beliau meletakkan Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai sebagai Timbalan Presiden hanyalah sebagai helah politiknya.

"Ong Tee Keat selama ini kita nampak sebagai seorang berprinsip. Cakap serupa bikin. Pendekar kononnya. Tetapi setelah memegang jawatan presiden MCA perwatakan beliau banyak berubah. Itu satu pertukarakan yang terlalu nyata dan saya nampak Liow Tiong Lai hanya sebagai perkakas yang diletakkan di situ sahaja", tambah beliau.

Menurut Suee Lim lagi, apa yang berlaku dalam MCA jelas berlunaskan kepada perebutan kuasa dan kepentingan diri sendiri.

"Sekarang kita nampak perjuangan dan pergelutan sesama pemimpin mereka berlandaskan dua faktor. Faktor pertama kuasa, kuasa bukan untuk memperjuangkan kepentingan rakyat dan yang kedua, untuk mendapat jawatan. Ini semua bertentangan, jauh sekali bercanggah dengan perjuangan MCA untuk membela masyarakat Malaysia khususnya kaum Cina".

Sementara itu, bagi ADUN Damansara Utama, Cheah Wing Yin, MCA pada masa ini telah memasuki zon merbahaya sehingga terpaksa menggunakan segala bentuk perundangan dalam parti itu dan mangsa keadaan ini tentunya para perwakilan dan ahli-ahli MCA sendiri.

"Nampaknya ini sudah memasuki ke peringkat yang sangat kompleks dan ia sudah tertakluk kepada perundangan parti itu. Dan ini akan membuat keadaan itu bertambah rumit dan menyebabkan bukan sahaja parti itu bertambah bingung bahkan ahli-ahli parti itu juga tidak tahu bagaimana cara mahu memilih".

Sementara itu bagi exco kerajaan negeri Selangor, Ronnie Liu, apa yang berlaku dalam MCA hanyalah perebutan kuasa semata-mata.

"Nampaknya krisis dalam MCA ini akan berlarutan. Sebelum itu ada dua puak iaitu puak Chua Soi Lek dan puak Ong Tee Keat tetapi sejak keputusan EGM itu, puak Ong Tee Keat juga telah berpecah. Nampaknya orang kanan dia seperti Liow tiong Lai mahu naik dan menggantikan tempat dia. Tetapi nampaknya Ong Tee Keat pula belum rela untuk turun walaupun dia janji kalau dia gagal dia gagal dalam undi keyakinan itu, dia akan letak jawatan". -TVS

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UMNO repeats mistake this year to hold General Assembly on Deepavali Day

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 10:48 PM PDT

UMNO's aim to become a "party for all" is a slap on its own face when it chooses to hold its assembly on Deepavali Day. In fact it is an even bigger slap on the on the face of the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who propagates the idea and vision of "1Malaysia". Nobody can deny the fact that inter-ethnic relation in this country for the past few years had gone downhill and it is time for all of us

Final Day in Northern Thailand

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 07:27 PM PDT

What a lovely weather now in Hong Kong. A beautiful Saturday and before continuing on my life here in Hong Kong, I wanna finish up the posting on my recent trip to Northern Thailand. For easier track back, please check out here, here & here.

In brief, Northern Thailand population is mainly made of hill tribes people from Burma who came to Thailand to seek asylum during the civil war there. The Thai government recognized these people as the 2nd class citizen of Thailand which means they will not have the privilege like other Thai citizen to enjoy government subsidized benefits, for example education, etc.

Northern Thailand or the Golden Triangle was once best known for its notorious drugs production & dealing. In the past, those hill tribes who seek asylum in Thailand would grow poppy plants to make a living.

All this however change thanks to the royal presence when the late Princess Mother built the Doi Tung Villa. Thai has very strong passion on its monarchy, that is why it is very important for tourists and foreigners to know this point because unnecessary and unpleasant remarks about the monarchy will land them in hot soup. To stress again, never ever poke fun on Thai's monarchy, the King & the monk.

Ok now on the Doi Tung Villa, a summer palace on the slopes of Doi Tung near Pa Kluay Reservoir, which is now open to the public as a museum. The royal initiative also educated on new agricultural methods to stop slash and burn practices. Opium has now been replaced by crops such as, coffee, teak and various fruits. Thus the life of these hill tribes changed so whenever I asked them about the late Princess Mother, they will passionately described her in many good ways. The rest of the property, including the Mae Fah Luang Garden and Mae Fah Luang Arboretum, is also open to the public. Please note that no photograph is allowed inside the Doi Tung Royal Villa.

At the peak of Doi Tung, 1800m above sea level, Wat Phra That Doi Tung is built around the twin Lanna-style chedi. The chedi were renovated by famous Chiang Mai monk Khruba Siwichai early in the 20th century. What was captivating here to me, the two rows of temple bells, pilgrims bang on the usual row of temple bells to gain merit.

All in all, my this trip there had opened up my eyes in a lot of ways; Thai's culture, its way of living, its food and the home-stay in village had been a great experience for a city boy like me. God willing, I will love to visit it again during the Songkran festival. For those who are seeking advice on this area, do email me, I will try to assist as much as I can :)

As for me now, its my first week here in Hong Kong, the first few days always been exciting when you bump into a new place & new environment, but as time passes, I start to miss friends back home. In Hong Kong, long stay here is not easy, the moment you step out of your house, you start to burn a hole in your pocket so can guess that I most probably home most of the time, or perhaps just go around the neighborhood for a walk. I am currently home alone for a few days here. I am invited for a post mid-autumn celebration party tonight @ the Hong Kong International Airport World Trade Center, was there last night and the view was amazing, will try to snap more pictures & upload it to my Facebook.

Oh ya, not forgetting too, taking this opportunity to wish all my Hindu friends & readers a very happy Diwali, I am so gonna miss the food! Ciao!

Back from Egypt

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 09:08 PM PDT

Mimie's back from Cairo, Egypt. Well, not for good. Just for the

She's darker now.. thanks to the heat of Egypt. Muahahaha. Now I'm not
the darkest in the family anymore, for now at least.

Happy Deepavali

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 07:49 PM PDT

Wishing all Malaysians a happy and meaningful Deepavali !

C Guevara

Era Najib Altantuya : PAS Belum Buat Post-Mortem Bagan Pinang

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 11:08 PM PDT

Bagan Pinang telah mencatatkan sejarah airmata dan kecewa di kalangan mereka yang telah bertungkus-lumus untuk memenangkan PAS di dalam pertandingan satu lawan satu berhadapan dengan calon BN, Mohd Isa Samad yang telah meraihkan kemenangan besar di dalam pilihnraya N31 Bagan Pinang N9 yang diadakan minggu lalu.

Namun setelah sseminggu berlalu, PAS gagal melakukan post-mortem dan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Hj.Abdul Hadi Awang menjelaskan kepada kita betapa "lembabnya" PAS bekerja sekalipun kenyataan berikut telah dikeluarkan:

Apa yang pasti ialah Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) akan melakukan post-mortem bagi meneliti pelbagai aspek 'politik tempatan dan nasional' untuk menentukan punca sebenar kegagalan PAS memenangi kerusi DUN Bagan Pinang dari tangan BN.

Kepimpinan parti tentunya akan mengambil langkah strategik yang bersesuaian tanpa mengorbankan prinsip perjuangan parti dalam melaksanakan penambahbaikan.

Sementara itu saya meminta semua ahli di pelbagai peringkat dalam PAS supaya tidak menuding jari dan menyalahkan sesiapa sebelum punca sebenar ini dapat dikenalpasti.

Dalam suasana keriuhan kegagalan kita memenangi kerusi DUN Bagan Pinang ini, semua ahli PAS diminta bertenang dan tidak keliru dengan status-quo kemenangan BN yang dirayakan oleh mereka.

PAS menyedari bahawa semua pihak menaruh harapan yang tinggi untuk mengambil kerusi DUN Bagan Pinang dari milikan BN.

Hakikatnya ialah kita menyertai pilihanraya ini dengan penuh maklumat bahawa ianya merupakan satu tugas yang mencabar dan penuh dengan insiden provokasi oleh pihak lawan.

Presiden PAS dilaporkan berada di Syria. Justeru itu post mortem ditangguhkan.

GB sebelum pernah mengkritik tentang kesukaan pemimpin tertinggi Pakatan Rakyat yang lebih selesa meladeni program-program di luarnegara daripada menumpukn perhatian hal-hal parti di dalam negera yang sepatutnya diberikan prioriti yang lebih tinggi.

Contohnya Presiden PAS juga pernah satu ketika berada di Palestine yang mana sepatutnya beliau menghadiri sidang parlimen yang pada waktu itu kepeluan mendesak Pakatan Rakyat untuk berada di parlimen kerana adanya undi belah bagi untuk menentukan nasib seorang ahli parlimen yang kemudiannya dikalahkan kerana ketidak-cukupan undi di Parlimen sehingga menyebabkan MP Puchoong di gantung dari menghadiri sidang parlimen selama dua tahun.

Persoalan kini, mengapa hal prioriti (fiqh-awlawiyyat) seringkali diabaikan?

Post-mortem ditangguhkan sehingga "pesakit" yang sepatutnya menerima rawatan mendesak telah terabai.

Hal ini amat berbeza dengan apa yang ditunjukkan oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. sewaktu umat Islam tewas di dalam Perang Uhud di tahun ke 5 Hijrah.

Di dalam Perang uhud, selain memberikan pelajaran berharga bagi ummat Islam ini dengan permasalahan yang menyebabkan kekalahan, juga memberikan semangat juang yang tidak pernah surut walau di timpa kekalahan cukup dahsyat.

Hanya sehari setelah uhud, Rasulullah SAW, memberikan komando pada para sahabat yang pada saat itu belum kering luka yang di derita tetapi belum hilang semangatnya, untuk kembali mengejar pasukan musuh yang sehari sebelumnya telah memporak-porandakan mereka sebelumnya.

Sebuah deskripsi kondisi psikologis yang amat sangat luar biasa yang dimiliki oleh para sahabat pada saat itu. Kekalahan besar di uhud, dilakukan pembedahan segera dan tidak menyurutkan semangat dan keberanian para sahabat untuk mengejar pasukan yang baru mengalahkannya itu.

Di era teknologi digital ini saya menjadi hairan mengapa ianya tidak dimenafaatkan untuk membuat "mesyuarat" atau konference di dalam talian supaya post-mortem itu disegerakan, malah boleh dilakukan sebaik saja keputusan diumumkan.

Campakkan sahaja laptop yang dibimbit sekiranya ia hanya sebagai tempat untuk melayari bahan-bahan pujian dan sorakan.

Analoginya, membiarkan "pesakit" berulat tanpa segera dilakukan pembedahan adalah petanda yang amat malang menimpa PAS dan ianya menjadikan perjuangan mengenakkan kebenaran dan keadilan serta penghapusan kemungkaran dan kezaliman tertunda ke satu detik yang hanya perlu dijawab oleh Tuan Presiden sendiri.

Lewatnya melakukan post-mortem dengan alasan Tuan Presiden mempunayi aturcara di luarnegara hanya akan menjadikan post-mortem itu sesuatu yang sudah basi dan tidak lagi relevan di dalam dunia yang bergerak pantas ketika ini.

Selain dari masalah kelembapan itu, menyangkut juga persoalan porioriti, sewaktu Pakatan Rakyat sibuk-sibuk bersiap untuk menghadapi pilihanraya kecil Bagan Pinang, Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim lebih selesa untuk berada di program di luarnegara menyebabkan beliau hanya berkempen di saat akhir di Bagan Pinang yang sewaktu itu telah dilaporkan sambutan majlis-majlis PR disambut dingin oleh penduduk Bagan Pinang.

Minggalkan medan perang, sebelum dan selepasnya, terutama oleh para jenderal yang sepatutnya berada di barisan paling depan seperti yang ditunjuki oleh Rasululullah s.,a.w. yang merupakan jenderal perang terhebat, telah menjadikan perjuangan seperti dipermainkan dikhianati oleh mereka yang bergelar pemimpin ini.

Ia merupakan petanda malang bagi jemaah, PR khususnya, yang memberikan isyarat jelas penempahan kegagalan di balik kekakalahan.

Oh, patutlah Allah menangguhkan dan melambatkan penghantaran PR ke Putrajaya. Ia adalah hasil dari kelembapan dan sikap "lemah cangok" pemimpin-pemimpin mereka sendiri!

Teoh DIED because of FOUR documents!!!! - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar najib altantuya teoh beng hock

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 04:38 PM PDT

Counsel accuses MACC intelligence officer of breaking down the political aide and going on a fishing expedition.

The 'fishing expedition' orders had came from Selangor MACC investigation unit head Hairul Ilham Hamzah.

NONEThe Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission intelligence officer from Putrajaya, Arman Alies, told the hearing that he and another officer made Teoh go through a bundle of files to locate
four missing invoices which had letterheads but minus the signatures from 10.30pm to after midnight.

Counsel Gobind Singh Deo questioned the need for two hours searching for the files, describing the episode as "ridiculous".

Proton Jumbuck aka Arena tops Kiwi 'unsafe' list - ANCAP: Vehicle Crash Report - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 16 Oct 2009 04:25 PM PDT

The Arena, a pick-up truck manufactured by Proton, is so unsafe that it should be taken off the road, warned a consumer group in New Zealand.

The Arena, which is known as Jumbuck in overseas markets, has produced the worst crash test scores of vehicles being sold in New Zealand.

proton arena jumbuckThe utility vehicle, or ute, was given the lowest possible one-star rating in tests done by independent organisation Ancap (Australasian New Car Assessment Programme), according to the New Zealand Herald.

Ancap scores vehicles from zero to five stars, depending on the safety features and protection of the driver and passengers.

"The ute's cabin was severely deformed in the 64km/h offset crash test. It offered poor head protection for the driver and passenger, and poor leg protection for the driver," reported the newspaper.
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Go to the New Zealand Herald.

Go here for ANCAP: Vehicle Crash Report

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