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bala, the missing PI, reveals all

bala, the missing PI, reveals all

bala, the missing PI, reveals all

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 09:53 AM PST

balaso have you guys read all the 5 parts of RPK's interview with balasundram, the PI from altantuya's case? if you have not, ok trust me, to think of you, i'll have the links up here (at the end of the post) for you to go to, to read.

all in all, in bala's interview he had explained where he disappeared to after his 2nd statutory collection (SD). if you guys remember, he made one SD, then the following day, he retract the SD and made another one. in the 2nd SD, he retracted his 1st SD. now at this interview, he was asked which of his SD was the true one and he said the 1st!

so do you remember what was in his 1st SD? fear not, if you don't, here comes me to the rescue. i had the SD up in my blog after he had made it. you wouldn't think i would missed posting such an interesting important thing, would you.

there are 55 points in his 1st SD. i would like to point out nos. 25 and 28, which i find the most interesting and oh well… the most incriminating to er… a certain someone who is now the no. 1 man in the country.

no. 25 is where in his chit-chat with abdul razak baginda, what abdul razak told him, while no. 28 is where in his chit-chat with the late altnantuya, what the late altantuya told him.

extract from bala's 1st SD:


25.  During this discussion and in an attempt to persuade me to continue my employment with him, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that:

i) He had been introduced to Aminah by Najib Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.

ii) Najib Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

iii) Najib Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the deputy prime minister.

iv) Najib Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had all been together at a dinner in Paris.

v) Aminah wanted money from him as she felt she was entitled to a US$500,000 commission on a submarine deal she assisted with in Paris.

28.  Whist I was talking to Aminah, she informed me of the following:

i) That she met Abdul Razak Baginda in Singapore with Najib Razak.

ii) That she had also met Abdul Razak Baginda and Najib Razak at a dinner in Paris.

iii) That she was promised a sum of US$500,000.00 as commission for assisting in a submarine deal in Paris.

iv) That Abdul Razak Baginda had bought her a house in Mongolia but her brother had refinanced it and she needed money to redeem it.

v) That her mother was ill and she needed money to pay for her treatment.

vi) That Abdul Razak Baginda had married her in Korea as her mother is Korean whilst her father was a Mongolian/Chinese mix.

vii) That if I wouldn't allow her to see Abdul Razak Baginda, would I be able to arrange for her to see Najib Razak.


end of extract.

hmm… interesting eh, esp. no. 1 ii… don't you think so?

remember to read the full SD.

of course i understand some of you might say that the SD was what bala declared happened… but where's the proof? how do we know he is telling the truth? yes sure, we won't know if he is telling the truth or not, but bear in mind that people usually don't go and made SD whenever they feel like it, like they are going to made a tailored pants.

if his 1st SD was not true, why were there people who wanted him to retract it? why did he (and his family) disappeared after his 1st and 2nd SD? well, whether you believe him or not, it's up to you.

ok, here are the 5 parts interview with RPK.

part 1 – the mystery unveiled
part 2 - bala's prison without bars
part 3 – the malaysian police catch up with bala
part 4 – bala finds his life turned upside down
part 5 - i just want the harrassment to end

in the meantime, lim kit siang said that our dear PM must guarantee the personal safety of bala to let him return to malaysia to tell the truth.  hmm… will he? if you believe bala's SD, of course you will say NO! (in fact, it might be the opposite!). however if you believe najib's swearing on the koran that he did not know altantuya, than he ought to take on what lim kit siang suggested. let's wait and see……

Went on the Singapore Flyer!

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 09:39 AM PST

IMG_2548 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2550 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2559 by nicholaschan.

Singapore Flyer, taller than the Malaysia's Eye on Malaysia, London Eye and so on, currently tallest. Finally I got chance to get on it and have a spin. I would probably don't get the chance to go on it if it isn't the tour provided by Nuffnang because my parents are probably not into Ferris Wheels, they prefer shopping, they love shopping, and eating too.

I got excited when I got to know that everything in this trip was free and this included the Singapore Flyer. It's S$30 per spin man! ($29..50 to be exact) and would be around RM70-RM80 if converted, for one round, one 30 minutes long round. Worth it or not? I don't know, but mine trip was sponsored, so it's very worth for me. Ha. Though, it's really fun if you goes with friend, you can party in the capsule! =D

IMG_2551 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2557 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2570-1 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2568 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2577 by nicholaschan.

The two Australian babies damn cute OK. At first it was one blogger started taking photos of them, sooner, a group of bloggers joined in. We were waiting for our tickets by the way. Then, the photo taking didn't end that soon, a bunch of Indian tourist, not blogger came down and saw what we were doing, they joined in too, and even have their children photographed with the two cuties kids. Just like a superstar.

Look closely to their shirt, they DIY printed it, for these event. The Australians were well-prepared. I didn't wore my DIY shirt because the print is off a bit already.

IMG_2579 by nicholaschan.

I got a ticket, complimentary from Uniquely Singapore! Thank you. =)

IMG_2581 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2582 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2583 by nicholaschan.

The capsule is a size of a mini bus. Why the Singapore can make so big but our Malaysian one so small? OMG.

They cramp everyone into one capsule, we went in by groups or partner. So let's say your group is just 4 people or less, fine, just occupied the whole thing.

IMG_2584 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2587-1 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2591 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1256 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1281 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1288 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1259 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1263 by nicholaschan.

Photo speaks. There's little bit of Singaporean bloggers and many bit of Malaysian bloggers. Tag yourself at the comment if you come across this, I can't remember a few links. Hehe.

IMG_2594 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2595 by nicholaschan.

They claimed this can see part of Johor and part of Indonesia, but I got no idea which and which is Johor or Indonesia. Not many things to see up there because it's day time. Night time will be nicer because all the lights but another ugly one would be all the construction and development going on.

30 minutes and we were off, it didn't feels 30 minutes to me, I felt like a while, probably because we were fooling around inside. It's fun for me, that's all I can comment about. Haha.

Next stop: Little bit of Royal Selangor and Clarke Quay.

some photos credit to alvin yang.

The Suffering Of Disabled People In Najib’s 1Malaysia

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 08:56 AM PST

The Star in 'Promote paralympics', says Najib (November 20, 2009) reported Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as saying that the marginalisation of disabled people is prevalent.

"The marginalisation of persons with disabilities is prevalent and in many countries there are few sports opportunities available to them," Najib added.

On a brighter note, he said there had been increasing support for the participation of persons with disabilities over the past 20 years.

In line with the 1Malaysia concept of "People First, Performance Now", Najib said it was important to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life, regardless of race, culture and religion.

I am glad Najib realises that. I hope he also meant disabled people in Malaysia when he talked about marginalisation. Disabled people in Malaysia is one of the most marginalised groups in the country. Having been a wheelchair user for the past 25 years, I can say with certainty that the government is still neglecting the needs of disabled people after all these years, irrespective of what Najib said in his opening speech at the 14th International Paralym­pic Committee (IPC) Conference and General Assembly on Thursday.

Not every disabled person can be a paralympian. Neither do many want to be when our struggles with bread and butter issues are never ending. We cannot go to school to get an education. We cannot get gainful employment. We cannot even move around conveniently. Many disabled people have poor quality of life. Many are living in poverty. They have to depend on their family for sustenance and care. Opportunity is a foreign word to them. Excelling in sports is the least of our worries when we have so many more pressing issues to worry about.

Every now and then, the government will promise to resolve the problems of inaccessibility in the built environment and public transport. All these are just empty talk. Nothing has been done to address these issues seriously. Look at the street environment around you. Are these places safe for blind people and wheelchair users to traverse? Look at RapidKL. Three years after they promised to make their buses accessible, disabled people still cannot board the buses. Likewise Rapid Penang.

Disabled people have met with former Parlimentary Secretary of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen who later became the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development and now the Minister of Tourism, former Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy and current Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. Even the Prime Minister's wife Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor mentioned about the plight of disabled people and public transport.

There were promises. There were excuses. And then there were more promises. Still, nothing happened. Disabled people advocating for accessible public transport and barrier-free environment is still being given the runaround. Dear Datuk Seri Najib, please show us where the increasing support for our participation in society is. My disabled friends and I still feel very neglected.

The Star Online
Home > News > Nation

Friday November 20, 2009
'Promote paralympics', says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Voluntary organisations, the corporate sector and disabled athletes should work together to promote the paralympic movement, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said Malaysian sports leaders were playing significant roles in the Asean, Asian and world paralympic movement.
Sticking together: Hong Kong athlete Yu Chui Yee accompanying Sidkova Marketa from the Czech Republic at the opening of the 14th International Paralympic Committee general assembly and conference in Kuala Lumpur Thursday.

"This is in recognition of Malaysia's capabilities in championing the paralympic movement," he said.

Asked whether Malaysia would host the Paralympic Games, he said that if the country were to do so, it would have to be chosen for the main Olympic Games, "which is a tall order".

"It will not happen in the foreseeable future. You have to be a strong sports nation, make an impact and be a force to be reckoned with at the global level to be considered," he said at the opening of the 14th International Paralym­pic Committee general assembly and conference here yesterday.

The United Nations estimates that there are about 500 million persons with disabilities in the world, the majority in developing countries, he said.

"The marginalisation of persons with disabilities is prevalent and in many countries there are few sports opportunities available to them," Najib added.

On a brighter note, he said there had been increasing support for the participation of persons with disabilities over the past 20 years.

In line with the 1Malaysia concept of "People First, Performance Now", Najib said it was important to provide opportunities for people from all walks of life, regardless of race, culture and religion.

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Beethoven Ode to Joy! Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee - The Story Behind The Song

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 08:46 AM PST

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee is one of my favourite hymns.

I love the words of this song that draw us to worship the Creator, Centre of unbroken praise!

For the story behind the song, click here to go to 101 hymn stories.

  1. Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee,
    God of glory, Lord of love;
    Hearts unfold like flow'rs before Thee,
    Op'ning to the sun above.
    Melt the clouds of sin and sadness;
    Drive the dark of doubt away;
    Giver of immortal gladness,
    Fill us with the light of day!
  2. All Thy works with joy surround Thee,
    Earth and heav'n reflect Thy rays,
    Stars and angels sing around Thee,
    Center of unbroken praise.
    Field and forest, vale and mountain,
    Flow'ry meadow, flashing sea,
    Singing bird and flowing fountain
    Call us to rejoice in Thee.
  3. Thou art giving and forgiving,
    Ever blessing, ever blest,
    Wellspring of the joy of living,
    Ocean depth of happy rest!
    Thou our Father, Christ our Brother,
    All who live in love are Thine;
    Teach us how to love each other,
    Lift us to the joy divine.
  4. Mortals, join the happy chorus,
    Which the morning stars began;
    Father love is reigning o'er us,
    Brother love binds man to man.
    Ever singing, march we onward,
    Victors in the midst of strife,
    Joyful music leads us Sunward
    In the triumph song of life.

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Apa Masalahnya Pilihanraya Kecil Di Kota Siputeh?

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 07:35 AM PST

Mahkamah Tinggi (Bahagian Rayuan dan Kuasa-kuasa Khas) akan membuat keputusan Isnin ini berhubung permohonan penangguhan yang difailkan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) terhadap keputusannya pada 16 Nov yang mengisytiharkan kerusi DUN Kota Siputeh sebagai kosong.

Hakim Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin menetapkan tarikh itu selepas mendengar penghujahan panjang lebar daripada Peguam Kanan Persekutuan Datuk Kamaluddin Md Said, yang mewakili SPR, dan Sulaiman Abdullah, peguam bagi Speaker DUN Kedah Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail.

SPR memfailkan permohonan itu pada 17 Nov selepas Alizatul mengisytiharkan kerusi DUN itu kosong dan memutuskan bahawa Datuk Abu Hassan Sharif bukan lagi wakil rakyat kawasan berkenaan selepas gagal menghadiri persidangan DUN dua kali berturut-turut tanpa kebenaran.

Pada 1 Sept, Dr Abdul Isa memfailkan semakan kehakiman selepas SPR menerima sijil cuti sakit Abu Hassan berikutan ketidakhadirannya dalam persidangan DUN serta mengisytiharkan bahawa tidak berlaku kekosongan bagi kerusi itu dan wakil rakyat BN itu masih merupakan ADUN kawasan berkenaan.

Di samping permohonan penangguhan, SPR dan Abu Hassan turut memfailkan rayuan di Mahkamah Rayuan.

Dalam keputusan bersejarah itu, Alizatul Khair turut mengarahkan SPR supaya mengadakan pilihan raya kecil bagi kerusi berkenaan.

Dalam penghujahannya, Kamaluddin memberitahu mahkamah bahawa jika permohonan penangguhan itu ditolak, ia akan membawa kepada satu lagi pilihan raya kecil yang membabitkan banyak wang dan SPR telah pun membelanjakan RM200,365 pada pilihan raya umum lepas di DUN Kota Siputeh sahaja.

"Ia merupakan pembaziran wang pembayar cukai selain akan mengakibatkan ketidakadilan yang sangat besar kepada suruhanjaya berkenaan,"
tegas Kamaluddin.

Beliau menggesa mahkamah supaya menggunakan kebijaksanaannya dalam membenarkan penangguhan itu atas dasar terdapat keadaan khas dalam permohonan itu di mana terdapat kemungkinan dua wakil rakyat bagi kerusi berkenaan sekiranya mahkamah membenarkan rayuan SPR selepas pilihan raya kecil itu.

Beliau berkata selain SPR, agensi kerajaan lain akan turut terbabit dalam pilihan raya kecil itu dan mereka terpaksa menanggung perbelanjaan sendiri.

Ulasan GB

Di dalam soal menegakkan kebenaran dan keadilan, sepatutnya tidak boleh ditimbulkan soal SPR terpaksa menanggung perbelanjaan untuk mengadakan pilihanraya kecil atau perbelanjaan yang telah dikeluarkan untuk pilihanraya-pilihanraya kecil yang telah berlansung sebelumnya.

Wang itu adalah dari rakyat yang membayar cukai yang mengharap SPR menjalankan tugas dengan adil. Ia bukan wang milik UMNO, BN, SPR, Datuk Sri Najib, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, Tan Sri Gani Patail, Tan Sri Yusof, Datuk Wn Ahmad, jauh sekali milik Peguam Kamaluddin.

Jadi apa masalahnya memenuhkan kehendak rakyat yang menuntut keadilan ditegakkan apatah lagi setelah Mahkamah Tinggi sendiri sudah memutuskan kerusi Kota Siputeh itu sudah kosong?

Dan mengapa terlalu ketara SPR membuat rayuan bagi pihak UMNO BN? Di mana integriti dan kredibiliti SPR sebagai sebuah badan bebas?

nizar - 1Malaysia: Parents file RM105mil suit against 11 - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 07:35 AM PST

Bridge tragedy: Parents file RM105mil suit against 11 Eleven parties, namely the headmasters of SJK (T) Mambang Diawan and SJK (T) Gopeng, the Kinta Selatan district education officer, the Perak state education department, the Kampar district chairperson, Perak Jabatan Kerja Raya state director, the commandant of Kuala Dipang 1Malaysia camp, Syarikat GS Synergy Sdn Bhd (the sponsor of the bridge), Syarikat CWL Enterprise (the contractor for the bridge), the Minister of Education and the Malaysian government, were named as defendants in a RM105 million negligence suit today filed by the parents of three pupils who died in the Kuala Dipang suspension bridge tragedy on Oct 26. The parents of the three girls later told reporters that what was more important to them was to bring to justice the culprits responsible for the accident and prevent such tragedies from happening again.

Lions kill rare white tiger at Czech zoo - bbc online

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 06:23 AM PST

Lions kill rare white tiger at Czech Republic zoo

A white tiger and cub (file image)
White tigers are rare in the wild because they stand out in the jungle
Two lions at a zoo in the northern Czech Republic have killed a rare white tigress after entering her enclosure.

The incident happened at Liberec Zoo - the only one in the country which has white tigers.

Zoo workers were alerted by the cries of the tigress, but were unable to stop the killing.
White tigers - the result of a recessive gene - find it difficult to catch prey in the wild because their colouration stands out in the jungle.

The lions - Sultan, aged 14, and Elsa, 11 - managed to open a trap door leading to an open-air area occupied by the 17-year-old tigress, Isabella.

Surviving daughter

Lions and tigers in the zoo share the same pavilion overnight, which they leave for separate open-air enclosures during the day.

But the open-air enclosures are rotated, and zoo authorities believe the lions were trying to get into the area where they had spent the previous day.
"The current security system has been in place for 12 years and such an accident has never happened before," said zoo director David Nejedlo.
There are three surviving white tigers at the zoo, including Isabella's daughter.

The zoo is the oldest in the Czech Republic and was established in 1919.

PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 30,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing:

Economy Noodles And Bee Hoon

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 05:40 AM PST

Economy noodles and bee hoon

Economy noodles, keng chey bee hon, keng chai mai fun – they are all the same description of this tasty breakfast that does not hurt the wallet. Cheap is the keyword here. The fact that they are then wrapped in old newspaper lined with plastic does not put off customers at all. It has been done like this for as long as I can remember.

One packet of economy noodles cost 30 sen in the good old days. That was like thirty years ago. It is RM1.50 now and is still one of the cheapest meals around. They go very well with condiments like pickled green chillies and garlic chilli sauce. Some stalls give tnee cheo (sweet sauce) which makes it even tastier.

On weekends and days when Wuan is on leave, she buys breakfast for me from the wet market in Pandan Perdana. I usually choose between koay kak and economy noodles. When I want something light, I go for economy noodles. Koay kak is only nice when slightly spicy – not a good thing for an empty stomach.

There are several stalls selling economy noodles but I only like a particular one because its noodles taste quite similar to the one I used to eat in Penang. My favourite is yellow noodles and bee hoon with pickled green chillies and deep fried tim chuk (dried sweet bean curd strips) which is crispy and fragrant. Tim chuk is not included anymore nowadays as it is expensive.

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Era Najib Altantuya : Wajar SPRM Soal Siasat Waktu Pejabat Sahaja

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:43 AM PST

Rakyat menyambut baik keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi (Bahagian Rayuan dan Kuasa-kuasa Khas) semalam bahawa Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia tidak boleh lagi menyoal saiasat saksi selepas waktu pejabat.

Menyifatkan keputusan berkenaan sebagai tindakan wajar, mereka berpendapat tindakan SPRM menyoal siasat saksi melebihi waktu pejabat merupakan tekanan ke atas individu berkenan.

"Bagi saya baguslah perkara tersebut dibuat.Elok sangatlah,kalau nak buat soal siasat pada waktu malam tidak sesuai dengan keadaan mental yang berserabut memikirkan banyak urusan,dan perkara-perkara yang lebih penting dan eloklah waktu yang selesa untuk bersoal jawab,kata Syukri Mohamad.

"SPRM tidak boleh menyoal orang ramai selepas waktu kerja kerana selepas waktu kerja ia sudah tidak ada kena mengena dengan hal kerja.Waktu pejabat dalam pukul 8 pagi hingga 5.00 petang,jadi selepas pukul 5.00 petang bukan lagi dalam waktu kerja.Dan sudah menjadi kebiasaan pekerja akan balik dan menghabiskan masa bersama keluarga.Jadi saya sokong tindakan yang dibuat,"jelas Saravana.

"Saya rasa elok sangatlah dibuat begitu, jangan disoal orang sampai ditengah malam,mereka akan akan tertekan dan sepatutnya dari dulu lagi langkah-langkah seperti ini dibuat,biarlah dalam waktu pejabat,"kata Halim Khalid.

"Ikut keadaan dan waktu yang sesuai sebab bila waktu malam dalam waktu tidur agak susah bagi orang hendak mengingati semua perkara dalam satu masa, sebaiknya biarlah pada waktu pejabat,"jelas Mazudin Abd Muit.

Mahkamah Tinggi semalam mengisytiharkan penahanan Tan Boon Wah oleh SPRM lebih dari waktu pejabat iaitu 15 Julai jam 9.45 pagi hingga jam 2.53 pagi keesokan harinya adalah salah.

Mahkamah juga memutuskan SPRM tidak boleh lagi menyoal siasat saksi selepas waktu pejabat seperti yang diamalkan sebelum ini.

Keputusan itu dibuat berikutan pendedahan mendiang Teoh Beng Hock disoal siasat sepanjang malam sehingga awal pagi sebelum di jumpai mati di perkarangan ibu pejabat SPRM Selangor di Shah Alam 16 Julai lalu.

Hakim Mohamad Ariff Md. Yusof dalam penghakiman bersejarah itu berkata, tindakan menahan seorang saksi untuk disoal siasat menjangkaui waktu pejabat adalah satu penahanan secara salah di sisi undang-undang.

Sehubungan itu Boon Wah berhak menerima ganti rugi terhadap penahanannya itu.-TVS

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Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:58 AM PST

Naughty cousins

Yeah, I'm home finally.

Era Najib Altantuya : Pemimpin PR Sokong Tindakan Mahkamah Tinggi

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:32 AM PST

Keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur semalam memutuskan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) tidak dibenarkan membuat siasatan waktu malam mendapat respon positif dari kalangan pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat.

Rata-rata yang ditemui menyokong tindakan itu dan dilihat ia sebagai pengajaran kepada SPRM untuk mengikut undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan.

Exco Pendidikan, Pendidikan Tinggi dan Pembangunan Modal Insan, Dr Halimah Ali berkata, SPRM sepatutnya terlebih dahulu jelas tentang perkara ini kerana menyiasat pada waktu tidak wajar.

"Inilah yang sewajarnya, SPRM ini menyiasat tentang kes memberi rasuah, bukan penjenayah…mereka tidak mempunyai orang dan logistic untuk menjaga keselamatan orang itu, jadi memang sungguh wajarlah keputusan itu.

Sekurang-kurangnya ia membuka mata kepasa SPRM supaya mereka tidak over power melampaui kuasa dalam sesuatu bidang.

Manakala Exco Kesihatan, Pekerja Ladang, Kemiskinan dan Kerajaan Prihatin, Dr Xavier Jayakumar menyifatkan keputusan mahkamah tinggi adalah terbaik.

Dengan ini katanya, SPRM akan lebih jelas tentang kuasanya yang tidak boleh melebihi kuasa undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan.

"Memang ini satu keputusan yang baik , masyarakat umum pun terima ini dengan baik.

"SPRM memang telah langgar undang-undang dia jalankan tugas sebagai satu agensi persendirian macam tiada undang-undang yang perlu diikut dari mana, dan ini adalah ajaran yang baik untuk SPRM ikut undang-undang yang ada," katanya.

Exco Kerajaan Tempatan, Kajian dan Penyelidikan, Ronnie Liu turut menyokong penuh keputusan ini kerana SPRM tidak patut memaksa saksi disiasat sehingga lewat malam.

"Itu merupakan satu objektif atau apa yang kita suka untuk mencapai selepas kematian mendiang Teoh Beng Hock, kita negeri Selangor rasa tidak baik atau tidak sihat jikah saksi dipaksa disiasat sampai tidak patutlah," katanya. -TVS

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Era Najib Altantuya : Air Percuma, Pengiktirafan Utk Selangor

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:01 AM PST

Tidak sampai 2 tahun mentadbir Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, pentadbiran Pakatan Rakyat di bawah pimpinan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim sekali lagi mendapat pengiktirafan.

Ironinya kali, pengiktirafan berkenaan diberikan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Johor di bawah pimpinan Barisan Nasional yang ternyata cuba menggunapakai pendekatan pemberian air percuma kepada rakyat oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Batu Caves, Amirudin Shari menyambut baik tindakan Menteri Besar Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman dan menggapnya sebagai satu pengiktirafan kepada Kerajaan Negeri Selangor walaupun Barisan Nasional berulang kali menafikan kebaikan langkah berkenaan.

"Idea ini tidak pernah keluar ataupun tidak pernah timbul sebelum kerajaan negeri memberi air 20 meter padu pada rakyat. Bagi saya ia perkara tidak jujurlah, tiru tapi tidak mahu mengaku perkara itu sesuatu yang baik. Bagi saya, saya alu-alukan sebab ini satu pengkiktirafan kepada kerajaan negeri," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas mengenai pengumuman Ghani Othman ketika membentangkan Bajet Johor 2010 pada persidangan DUN di Nusajaya semalam bahaw Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) akan memperkenalkan skim pemberian rebat kepada keluarga miskin tegar dan miskin bagi meringankan beban golongan berkenaan.

Ghani berkata golongan miskin tegar akan menerima rebat bil air sehingga 20 meter padu pertama atau RM12 manakalan keluarga miskin pula akan menerima rebat sehingga 10 meter padu pertama atau RM4.

Sementara itu, ADUN Subanga Jaya, Hannah Yeoh berkata tindakan berkenaan memperlihatkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional mula mengakui pemberian air percuma secara tidak langsung dapat meringankan beban rakyat.

"Ini adalah satu inisiatif di mana kerajaan Barisan Nasional telah nampak ini adalah satu langkah yang membina untuk membantu mereka khasnya rakyat biasa disebabkan tanggungang hidup yang semakin meningkat," katanya.

Beliau berkata tindakan Ghani ini juga merupakan satu penafian terhadap dakwaan pembangkang di Selangor bahawa program pemberian airt ini tidak dapat membantu rakyat.

"Ini juga merupakan satu penafian terhadap cabaran daripada ADUN pembangkang dalam Dewan Negeri Selangor yang mereka mengatakan langkah ini sebagai tidak membantu rakyat.

"Tapi hari ini kita lihat kerajaan yang ditadbir Barisan Nasional sendiri telah menggunakan cara yang sama dengan Pakaran Rakyat dan saya yakin ini merupakan satu langkah yang bagus dan baik untuk rakyat," katanya.

Sehubungan itu beliau meminta kerajaan pusat mempercepatkan usaha rundingan berkaitan pengambilan semula urus tadbir air yang dibuat Kerajaan Selangor.

"Sekarang yang lebih kita utamakan untuk Selangor kita mahu supaya pentadbiran industri air dikembalikan kepada kerajaan negeri untuk memastikan perkhidmatan yang baik kepada rakyat di Selangor," katanya. -TVS

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Baby K - Post surgery

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:51 AM PST

A few days ago, I received a text message from Mrs K, informing me that her little girl had been discharged one week after her heart op, and that they were already back home.

Coincidentally, on the very same day I got a parcel from my bank. You see, this little fella here appeared on the computer screen after one of my online banking transactions.

Am not a soft toy collector, as a matter of fact, I had never been the soft toy kinda child (I was more into hide & seek, konda-kondi and the likes), but since I do know of so many children from poor families, I figured I could give this to one of the children.

And since the parcel came on the same day as Mrs K's text message, guess who got to be the new owner of this little fella? Yep, none other than Baby K.

This afternoon I went to visit the K's. The little girl was at first quite grumpy (Mrs K said, dia baru lepas merajuk), but the moment I gave her the octo, ahh, she was back smiling again. So easy to pujuk one! :-)

Mrs K took off the girl's t-shirt to let me have a look at the scar - the cut on her chest was about 3 to 4 inches. I can just imagine how itchy it's gonna be when it dries up. I told Mrs K to put the girl's t-shirt back on so she wouldn't be scratching her chest!

The girl seemed to be doing fine. Oh yes, she does complain from time to time, but nothing serious. They just went to Ipoh GH yesterday to get the stitches off. Their next appointment in IJN will be next month.

Mrs K is on 2 months unpaid leave to take care of Baby K. It's gonna be tough for them next 2 months, especially since they need to move to another house by year end. I will be monitoring more on the children's educational needs.

I hope they have learnt their lessons and will spend more wisely this time.

Era Najib Altantuya : Mahkamah Benarkan Penduduk Bkt Gasing Cabar Perintah Datuk Bandar

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 02:20 AM PST

Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) dan sebuah syarikat pemaju hari ini gagal untuk menghalang 108 penduduk Bukit Gasing daripada mencabar satu perintah pembangunan daripada Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur berhubung projek pembangunan lereng bukit di kawasan berkenaan.

Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, Datuk Paduka Zaleha Zahari dan Datuk Mohd Hishamudin Mohd Yunus, menolak rayuan DBKL dengan majoriti 2-1, manakala Hakim KN Segara pula menentang.

Dalam keputusan lisannya, Hakim Zaleha berkata selepas meneliti hujah kedua-dua pihak, rayuan pemohon ditolak.

DBKL dan pihak pemaju, Gasing Meridian Sdn Bhd (GMSB), mengemukakan rayuan terhadap keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi pada 24 April, dalam memberikan kebenaran untuk semakan kehakiman bagi membatalkan perintah Datuk Bandar.

GMSB adalah pemaju yang terbabit dalam pembangunan Sanctuary Ridge Kuala Lumpur City, iaitu projek pembinaan 68 banglo di tapak seluas 15.5 hektar di Bukit Gasing.

Peguam R Sivarasa dan Derek Fernandez yang mewakili penduduk, memberitahu media bahawa penduduk seharusnya mempunyai hak untuk menyuarakan pendapat memandangkan kemungkinan berlaku runtuhan tanah yang menjejaskan nyawa dan harta benda mereka yang tinggal berhampiran bukit itu.

Fernandez berkata, tarikh perbicaraan untuk semakan kehakiman belum ditetapkan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi berikutan rayuan itu.

Romesh Abraham hadir bagi pihak DBKL dan Datuk RR Sethu pula bagi pihak GMSB.

Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, dalam perintah bertarikh 2 Oktober 2008 yang dikeluarkan kepada GMSB, membenarkan pemaju menjalankan kerja-kerja tanah dan sub-bahagian di kawasan berkenaan.

Dalam permohonan kebenaran itu, penduduk menamakan DBKL dan GMSB sebagai defendan.

Penduduk mendakwa Datuk Bandar gagal mengambil kira bahawa mereka mempunyai hak di bawah undang-undang lazim untuk diberikan notis terlebih dahulu dan diberikan peluang menyuarakan pendapat dalam proses membuat keputusan perancangan itu.

Mereka berkata Datuk Bandar telah bertindak bertentangan dengan dasar dan maksud Akta (Perancangan) Wilayah Persekutuan 1982. - Bernama .

Era Najib Altantuya : SPRM Digesa Siasat Dokumen Rasuah DBKL

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 02:12 AM PST

Ahli Parlimen Segambut, Lim Lip Eng hari ini ke pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia cawangan Kuala Lumpur untuk memfailkan laporan berhubung dua dokumen rasuah misteri yang dihantar ke pejabatnya Khamis lalu.

"Seseorang yang tidak dikenali menyerahkan dua dokumen ini di pejabat saya. Waktu itu saya berada di parlimen. Apabila saya kembali ke pejabat, saya membaca dokumen tersebut. Dan ianya adalah projek di bawah DBKL" ujarnya di hadapan bangunan SPRM Kuala Lumpur.

Berdasarkan kepada dokumen ini, Lip Eng berkata kedua-dua dokumen tersebut mencatatkan nama dua syarikat yang berbeza tetapi apa yang mencurigakan adalah dua entiti ini mengendalikan satu projek yang sama.

Meskipun hanya dibezakan dengan fasa satu dan fasa tiga, namun kedua-dua bill of quantity yang diterimanya mencatatkan persamaan termasuk tarikh kelulusan, lokasi, deskripsi kerja dan dan jumlah pembayaran adalah sama.

Projek bernilai 95 ribu ringgit setiap satu ini dijadualkan bermula 15 Januari 2009 dan siap pada 5 Mac 2009.

Kedua-dua tarikh untuk fasa pertama dan ketiga yang terdapat dalam dokumen tersebut adalah sama.

"Ianya adalah untuk membaik pulih tanah runtuh dan longkang di Jalan Gallagher Bukit Tunku Kawasan Parlimen Segambut".

Mengambil langkah selamat, Lip Eng telah turun ke Jalan Gallagher untuk melihat sendiri sama ada terdapat kerja membaik pulih tanah runtuh dan longkang di jalan tersebut.

Namun lokasi tersebut tidak menunjukkan sebarang aktiviti baikpulih. " Kesemua dokumen yang saya berikan kepada anda termasuk kertas tempahan kerja, sebut harga, pembayaran, kuantiti dan deskripsi kerja, setiap muka surat adalah sama" katanya. -TVS

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Oldest Zoo in Malaysia

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 09:07 PM PST

Two Sunday ago, i got this opportunities to visit the oldest Zoo in Malaysia after so many years. I still remember i visited this zoo once when i was in Primary 6.

First of all, the oldest Zoo is not the National Zoo... So it's not in Kuala Lumpur. Anyone know where is the oldest Zoo in Malaysia?

After i bought my Nikon 18-200mm lens, I'm so into taking pictures of the animals...

Mirror mirror on the camera, who is the prettiest of all... please say me~

Lazybum!!!... Study Study... i don't need to study... you need

Swing Swing Swing... come and play with me

Hmmm... what's inside there... Food?

Get out of my back or i bite you

Am i fabulous?

Errrrr... What's up doc?

Hey no picture please, i'm having my meal

My ass is so itchy... Doc please help?

I'm the smallest in Monkey business

That's all folks ...
So where is the Oldest Zoo in Malaysia?

Hello Kuantan!

Posted: 20 Nov 2009 04:07 AM PST has been raining everyday. Sometimes its drizzly and at times its a downpour. Whatever the weather, the sun is not overshadowing the rainy clouds and the clothes have no choice. They've got to go the launderette drier! Too many waiting in line!

The rainy season is actually so cooling and relaxing. Its just that the clothes cannot get dry immediately under the usual smiling afternoon sun. Luckily the alternative option is available.

When Dato' was a YB, I use to remember him busily visiting all the banjir areas within his constituency.
He would check at all times where the water-levels have arisen and how much have been done to help them thus far by the relevant authorities for eg the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.
Our flood victims have always been very well taken care off by the Adun and the relevant government agencies in Pahang.
At times, I think they are too reliant on every single help. Surely they can get prepared too.
The Pahang government even generously gives yearly monetary help to all flood victims' families.

They are not only settled and carted off to safer places, very ample food, clothings and groceries are provided yearly.
Since flooding is a yearly phenomena in the East Coast, our Pahang Government have always done their best to better and increase whatever help and services that they can offer to the flood victims irregardless of political idealogies or race.
ALL flood victim families are being treated with extreme attention and care.

I remembered clearly the banjir months before the last general election.
Dato' sak had earlier on bought the Frontier 4 wheel drive because he wanted to save some petrol consumption on his very regular visits to the many distant villages.
Cheaper to use diesel petrol..but being a manual car, I have never driven it.

I even followed him along to a village called Telok in Pekan to hand over a massive bulky machine for the kampong ladies to make baulu.
They were complaining that using the usual beating method of making baulu cakes were too exhaustive, slow and they cannot produce enough baulus to sell and make a fast business.

Boy..the machine was heavy, huge and protruding well in sight behind in the Frontier's bigboot compartment..we couldn't zip up the cover.
It was really nice and memorable to see the smiling faces of my kampong friends. I was so very delighted for them.

Then when the very heavy floods came, even though the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Department had reserved the usual supplies of sardines, oil, blankets, rice and whatever necessary, Dato' too bought and bundled loads of other types of foodstuffs to the flood victims in his Dun.

There were beautiful red onions, very fat Bentong gingers, rice-bags, sugar, eggs (the prices had tripled by then), dried chillies, fresh fishes, fresh chickens ( already slaughtered laa), pampers, chocolates, gas cylinders and even petrol stored in containers!
There were life jackets that he bought for himself and some of his assistants, raincoats and boxes of mineral water!
The list is actually longer so you'll have to ask him to write a special post on those banjir times if you want to have more info.

He used some of his personal savings and hutang first to buy all these stuff and I remembered our sympathetic Dato' Sri MB Pahang kindly reimbursing some of the amount spent when he found out about it.
The YB's allocation is very limited and claiming the amount can take months and be quite a chore.
So Dato' just couldn't be bothered to sent in the lengthy bill.
"Dapat pahala.." he said.

And MB knows Dato' sak is a very generous hearted person and was proud of his highly-spirited Adun's sincerity to help the kampong folks to the extreme.

Okay..back to now..being an Adun no more has made our life less hectic and quieter.
No more 24hour communication with those at flood prone areas, no more grandprix racing to and zig-zaging all over the constituency to answer to sos calls and the Frontier does not look like a pasar-malam trader vehicle.
No more riding in fragile boats against the gushing, strong flooding waters, dangerous with debris and creepie crawlies,wading through flood waters with knee-high rubber boots, snapping photos of areas heavily flooded and getting runny noses and fever at times.
And no more inflammable tempers towards me when he needed somebody to be angry with..yey!
Asyik tanya macam2 thats why..kenalah marah! hehee..

At one time, the Frontier was driven into wind-screen high flood waters..while other cars got stucked and their car engines got choked, the Frontier sailed through..that you have to ask him!!

Our house pun taklah rupa macam kedai store barang..otherwise penuh with all kinds of foodstuffs waiting to be transported daily during the banjir times.
I liked especially the existence of boxes of ikan kerings and piles of rice bags then..our house was 'sweet-smelling' and macam kilang beras..hehe

Dato' is off to KL with Harris. They'll be going to fetch Seth at KYUEM tomorrow.
There'll be a Parents Day too.
I have to stay behind. Hannan is in the midst of her SPM exams.
When they get back to Kuantan InsyaAllah on Sunday, then only can I drive up to KL.

I'm having a few lunch appointments... a business kind on Monday and a very 'simple, enjoyable makan type, jumpa2 friends' on Tuesday
(hooi..sifu blogger belanja lah!
Hujan2 pun must accept the invite! out..lagi lapar!)
Thank You Puteri!!

I was telling Dato' that he should shift his library to the rented house in Kota Damansara.
Since he spents a lot of time in KL, he should bring his library too.
Then I can use the small empty backroom to store the easels and paintings for my art exhibitions.

He has not agreed yet..
I guess he thinks I'm booting him out..slowly..hehe..we'll see..

Ooh..the rain is getting heavier.. I must go and grab some hot, crispy goreng pisang!!

Era Najib Altantuya : Keputusan Mahkamah Bangkit Kesedaran Rakyat

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 11:11 PM PST

Ahli Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKj), Tan Boon Wah menyambut baik keputusan yang dibuat Mahkamah Tinggi (Bahagian Rayuan dan Kuasa-kuasa Khas) semalam.

Menurutnya, keputusan berkenaan sekali gus merupakan satu titik tolak kepada kesedaran rakyat dan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) bahawa suruhanjaya itu tidak mempunyai kuasa menyoal siasat saksi selepas waktu pejabat.

"Saya rasa lega hakim memutuskan SPRM tidak ada hak menyoal siasat selepas waktu pejabat.

"Keputusan mahkamah semalam adalah untuk kesejahteraan semua rakyat Malaysia," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas mengenai keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi semalam mengisytiharkan penahanannya oleh SPRM lebih dari waktu pejabat iaitu 15 Julai jam 9.45 pagi hingga jam 2.53 pagi keesokan harinya adalah salah.

Mahkamah juga memutuskan SPRM tidak boleh lagi menyoal siasat saksi selepas waktu pejabat seperti yang diamalkan sebelum ini.

Keputusan itu dibuat berikutan pendedahan mendiang Teoh Beng Hock disoal siasat sepanjang malam sehingga awal pagi sebelum di jumpai mati di perkarangan ibu pejabat SPRM Selangor di Shah Alam 16 Julai lalu.

Hakim Mohamad Ariff Md. Yusof dalam penghakiman bersejarah itu berkata, tindakan menahan seorang saksi untuk disoal siasat menjangkaui waktu pejabat adalah satu penahanan secara salah di sisi undang-undang.

Sehubungan itu Boon Wah berhak menerima ganti rugi terhadap penahanannya itu.

Mengulas mengenai ganti rugi yang bakal diterinya, Boon Wah berkata ia bukanlah tujuan utamanya untuk memfailkan pemula berkenaan, sebaliknya mahu perkara yang berlaku ke atasnya tidak berulang kepada mana-mana pihak.

"Sebab saya memfailkan kes ini adalah bertujuan untuk mengelakkan perkara disoal siasat pada waktu malam tidak akan berlaku lagi.

"Pada masa saya disoal siasat pada tengah malam 15 hingga 16 Julai sehingga jam 2 lebih, saya rasa tindakan berkenaan seperti melanggar hak asasi manusia kerana saya rasa mereka tidak layan saya seperti seorang manusia," katanya.

Sementara itu, mengulas mengenai dirinya yang berhak menerima ganti rugi, Boon Wah berkata perkara itu tidak menjadi keutamaannya sebaliknya menyerahkan kepada pihak terlibat.

Katanya gangti rugi yang diberi tidak akan dapat menebus tekanan yang ditanggung sewaktu disoal siasat SPRM dalam masa yang panjang melebihi waktu pejabat. -TVS

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MACC can’t quiz witnesses beyond office hours, High Court rules

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 10:21 PM PST

Tan Boon Wah (right) was detained overnight at the same time as Teoh Beng Hock. — file pic

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 — The High Court here today delivered a stunning rebuff to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) investigative procedures by ruling that it has no right to question witnesses in an investigation beyond normal office hours, namely from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

It also found the MACC to have acted illegally when it detained Kajang town councillor Tan Boon Wah overnight at its Selangor head office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

Judicial Commissioner (JC) Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stressed that the meaning of the phrase "day to day" as laid down in Section 30(3)(a) of the MACC Act – which is at the core of the dispute between Tan and the MACC – "cannot mean round the clock" investigation, which includes recording statements from the witness.

Mohamad Ariff explained that to do so would "offend the legislative purpose" and limit the fundamental liberties of a person, which are clearly laid down in the Federal Constitution, under Article 5, and which the Federal Court had recently upheld must be interpreted in the "widest sense" possible.

He remarked that the MACC may have realised this when they ordered Tan to return to help in further investigations at 10am on July 20, which is well within normal working hours.

The High Court ordered the MACC to pay damages to Tan for "false imprisonment" between 9.45pm on July 15 and 2.53am on July 16, but left it up to the court registrar's office to determine the amount, which will include interest.

Tan was taken in for questioning as a witness by Selangor graft busters investigating claims of an abuse of state funds involving DAP state executive councillor, Ean Yong Hian Wah, about 9pm on July 15, the same day as political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

Teoh, who was Ean Yong's secretary, was also interrogated overnight and found dead the next afternoon on a fifth-floor landing outside the MACC office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam. His mysterious death is currently the subject of an on-going inquest.

Tan was interrogated until nearly 3am the next day and then told to go home, but stayed on to have his statement recorded later at about 11am. He finally left the MACC office around lunch time.

The suit against the national anti-graft body was filed on July 22.

Tan's lawyer, Karpal Singh, told reporters later that it was a landmark case which held great consequences on how interrogations of both witnesses and suspects in an investigation would be carried out in future.

"This affects across the board every investigation in the country; every police investigation and even the Criminal Procedure Code," the veteran said and added that it was no longer limited to the MACC's way of handling things.

"For the first time, we get a definitive ruling to the phrase 'day to day'," Karpal added, referring to the JC's stress that the law was silent on how the phrase should be read and resorted to consulting the dictionary meaning of it.

Asked to comment on the impact the High Court's decision in relation to the dead political secretary, Karpal said: "In the case of Teoh Beng Hock, death was involved. The MACC has to be sued in a wider range and not limited to just the questioning."

Karpal, who is also the MP for Bukit Gelugor, noted that the authorities had always thought they could question anyone at any time.

He marked that today's ruling paved the way for others who had been similarly affected in the past to sue the authorities for holding them beyond regular hours.

But he said that those looking to claim damages must do so quickly because the Public Authorities Protection Act limits legal action being taken against such public institutions to within the last three years.

The Kajang councillor who was in court when the decision was read out looked highly relieved. He said he had filed the suit hoping to stop the MACC's practice of questioning people at odd hours, especially after what had happened to Teoh.

"It's good for all Malaysians," Tan said.

It is unknown at this point if the MACC will appeal the High Court's decision.

While lawyers from the Attorney-General's Chambers representing the commission did not indicate whether they accepted the ruling or not, Karpal thinks they are likely to appeal because of the implications on other public authorities.

He added that they have one month to file their appeal.

In an immediate reaction, DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang lamented that political aide Teoh Beng Hock would still be alive if the MACC had followed the law.

"Teoh Beng Hock would not have died if MACC had followed the law," the Ipoh Timur MP said in a statement.

He said the landmark decision today was an added reason for MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan to resign, following Malaysia's worst Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ranking and score in 15 years in the Transparency International CPI 2009.

Love’s Tapestry Limited Edition

Posted: 19 Nov 2009 10:28 PM PST

This is the cover of the limited edition (first press of 999 copies, all imported from hong kong) of Love's Tapestry!

Retailing at RM62.90-RM65.90 (the final price will be determined by the quality of paper), this limited edition is a hardcover booklet that comes with some extra photos. It is also serialized with a unique number. To make it exciting fo you, if you order online, you can pick your lucky number from 2 to 999. just shoot an email to to make your reservation.

Besides, this is the virgin pressing, meaning it is the best sounding lot as subsequent batches would not not sound as good. Audiophiles know this too well.

There will also be a normal edition at RM42.90 which will be released 3 weeks later. The normal edition is the 2nd batch and would not sound as great as the first batch and the packaging is "plain vanilla" … this is for the non-audiophiles among you.

Take your pick!

Also, if all works out, there will be a detailed blow-by-blow technical analysis (including soundstaging and imaging analysis) of each track by audiophile guru Joseph Ki inside the cd inlay!

Make your order now!!

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