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Chinatown Heritage Centre and Singapore City Gallery

Chinatown Heritage Centre and Singapore City Gallery

Chinatown Heritage Centre and Singapore City Gallery

Posted: 10 Nov 2009 07:11 AM PST

DSC_1053 by nicholaschan.

Hola! Let's back to some Singapore treats. So previously, I mentioned about going to the very cool looking toy museum and now I am bringing you guys to go to Chinatown. Actually we skipped a stop in the itinerary and that is "taking photos at Raffles Hotel". I was not so interested in that so that didn't really bother me.

DSC_1052 by nicholaschan. IMG_2420 by nicholaschan.

I've been to Chinatown for like 3 times before this, all the times were eating dinner at the food stalls area, but for this time, I was going there a tourist, touring to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. Frankly, I was not interested in this place and it's not a guided tour.

IMG_2424 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2427 by nicholaschan.

We were on our own at there. The 3 levels building showcase the history of Chinese immigrant in Singapore. I was wondering I am a Chinese and why am I looking around. Actually, I know quite some of stories and histories from my text book, so that place didn't really fancy me a lot. Though, it's a good experience touring there.

IMG_2430 by nicholaschan.

There's like story about how the live of Chinese immigrants were, where they lived, what they did in the olden days. Boring a bit and we were out after spending a very short while in the Chinese Heritage Centre.

IMG_2439-1 by nicholaschan.

Saw a very cool looking temple. Japanese style. Likes!

Time flies and it's almost lunch time. We took a walk to Maxwell Food Court for lunch and had the longest queue for the famous chicken rice. The queue was really long, and it took like 45 mintues. I guess I would never try that again although it's good.

IMG_2456 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2458 by nicholaschan.

Skipping the food as I won't be talking at here, the next stop was the Singapore City Gallery at URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority).

Alvin and I were actually late because we took the longest queue for the chicken rice and finished late. Everyone was already there at the gallery.

IMG_2462 by nicholaschan.

It's all about the Singapore City, the planning, the building, the places, how well the government plan for the country and etc etc. Guess you know what is it already. The first part of the gallery features a video presentation and interaction where Mr Phua Chu Kang will talk about Singapore, ask a question and we will have to vote for the answer via the buttons. It's quite funny sometimes when other people vote for some stupid answer and looking Mr Phua Chu Kang talking silly on the screen.

But the video presentation was long and we've decided to jump.

IMG_2466 by nicholaschan.

Phua Chu Kang's boot!

IMG_2470 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2474 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2475 by nicholaschan.

Guess that's all because these 2 places were not very interesting. No choice, because Singapore wanted us to see it and I didn't about it, at least I know, "Oh, that's Singapore. Cool."

Next stop: Merlion Park!

zulkifli – the next frog?

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 09:53 AM PST

zunarearlier we heard of the frog PKR's badrul jumping out of PKR. coming up next – the kulim MP, the extremist muslim, zulkifli nordin? anwar should do something to this zul boy before he hop over to umno since umno just love frogs so much.  oh no, i got it wrong. if someone like zulkifli wants to join umno, all the better! so many people were of the opinion that anwar should discipline zulkifli but i guess anwar is just too chicken to do that! or don't tell me there is a little streak of zulkifli in anwar!! despite his talk of looking at ketuanan rakyat and not ketuanan melayu, something in him is still leaning to ketuanan melayu!! *sigh* should i repeat the mantra, 'some people don't change'??

The Psychotic Goal Keeper Mom

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 08:11 AM PST

The Giant near our house has a huge playground on level 3. As it has been raining cats and dogs pretty often recently, we have been bringing Miki here to play and exercise. The playground is so cool and Miki loves this place, he can play there for hours non-stop like spunky little lamb that accidentally had too much coffee berries for breakfast.

He hops around and rolls on the floor. He "drives" the kiddy ride like was somekinda race car that was moving in the speed of light. He gets on the regular slides again and again. He even climbs those tunnel slides from bottom up.

The Giant playground also has this fun Wii –like movement detection game that keeps on running for free non stop. Miki's Mom Our kid loves that thing. Everytime we get these she Miki would definitely wanna play that game.

This evening, for some reason these was a little extra people so Miki's Mom little Miki was malu-malu sikit. So I had to carry him and join the other kids to play. I Miki had so much fun!

The motive behind the publishing of this video is to show you how black my hair is and long my legs are what loving Mom I am. After I my son created a new high score, I carried him high enough to ensure his photo is captured.

Itulah pengorbanan Ibu yang psycho penyayang.

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Munchy's Oat Krunch - Kids' Krunch Time! Yummy!!!

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 10:00 AM PST

Free advertisement for Munchy's.
Thank God this Munchy's was given by Angel Sue.

Mommy is Munchy's 'Distributor' to the kids.

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Era Najib Altantuya : Kes Zul Dan Siva Selesai

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 08:22 AM PST

Ahli Parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baru, Zulkifli Noordin berkata, beliau ingin 'menutup buku' pertelagahannya dengan Naib Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), R. Sivarasa.

Pertelagahan secara terbuka kedua-dua pemimpin utama PKR itu telah mengundang campur tangan Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim semalam.

"Bagi saya kes itu telah selesai... tutup buku. Untuk dia (Sivarasa) itu terpulang kepada dia. Saya telah nyatakan apa yang patut dikatakan,'' katanya ketika ditemui di lobi bangunan Parlimen tengah hari Rabu.

Semalam, Zulkifli Noordin telah mencabar Sivarasa untuk meletakkan jawatan dalam tempoh 24 jam dan bertanding menentangnya bagi menentukan apakah tindakan beliau (Zulkifli) untuk mempertahan dan memperjuangkan hak-hak orang Islam dan Melayu tidak relevan dalam perjuangan PKR.

Isu ini timbul ekoran kenyataan Sivarasa sebelum itu yang mentafsirkan amaran yang dikeluarkan oleh Anwar agar pemimpin-pemimpin parti itu mematuhi polisi atau dasar parti atau keluar dari PKR adalah ditujukan kepada orang seperti Zulkifli yang seringkali mengeluarkan kenyataan yang dilihat oleh Sivarasa sebagai bercanggah dengan dasar PKR.

Anwar kemudian terpaksa mengeluarkan kenyataan mengatakan beliau telahpun bertemu dengan kedua-dua pemimpin PKR itu dan dengan isu tersebut telah selesai.-MSTAR

ADV: Channel X and Facebook SMS Rocks!

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 07:53 AM PST

I love Facebook, you love Facebook. I love SMS, you love SMS. After getting myself a Channel X simpack and signed up with the Facebook SMS service, I'm loving it and it's rocks!

IMG_0001 by nicholaschan

Sorry to say this but can't deny that Malaysia is always slow in technology stuff when compare to other country which got a very high demand on tech stuff. I am a geeky person and I love to see new tech thing coming in Malaysia. As for this Facebook SMS service, Channel X is the first to bring this service into Malaysia, there's still no news about the other telco, eg. Maxis, Digi, U Mobile yet.

Because of this service, I bought the simpack to try out the service. From activation till using it, everything is doing so far so good. I mostly use to read my notifications and comments that my friend drop me, sometimes will do some status update.

IMG_0002 by nicholaschan

There's a few service like wall posts, view friend's info, poke and more you can do with just texting. Of course, not anything to do with photos, Friends For Sale, Farmville. It's just keep you update with what's happening on the go while you are not near to the computer, given that you don't own a very high tech Internet phone and don't want to pay for the bloody expensive data fee. The subscription fee is as low as RM1 per week and it's for everyone.

You can't don't want to say not-rocks right now, because everything, price, and features are so tempting and easy to use.

Can start using it now if you are a Channel X user! If not, go get a simpack like me, fast! Check out the website for more information. Good night.

More Takes

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 06:20 AM PST

Work has been keeping me too occupied to blog and by the time I get home, I'm too tired not to mention too lazy to think up of a post. I've got a lot of things running around in my mind (such as fat burners) that I would just love to put down in my blog but I can't seem to compile them into some ounce of order long enough to write them down. All I managed to do these days is to just blog hop around, then catch an hour or two of TV and head straight to bed.

In fact the moment I hit the pillows I'm out in a flash so much so that wifey has a new saying for me which goes along the lines of:

'You Maggi mee last night la.'

Which in both our terms means that I fell asleep instantly, just like a packet of instant noodles, you know cooks instantly, falls asleep instantly? Still don't get? Never mind ... LOL! Yes, yes, we do come up with all kinds of funny sayings and weird association to things. (Note to my foreign readers - Maggi Mee is a brand of instant noodles over here).

Seeing as how I don't have very much to say today, I'll just revert to one of my usual short takes posting.

Take One.

My internet connection is still hopeless at the moment. The problems I've been having with P1 Wimax hasn't been resolved yet. If anything it's gotten worse with the connection slowing down to a crawl in the early evening onwards that a snail would look like Usain Bolt in comparison. Siggghhh!

They did send over a technician to my place and after troubleshooting the issue admitted that the fault lies on their end though I don't know what is being done to rectify the issue. I think the connection has deteriorated even worse since then.

It takes ages just to open a simple page. Half the time, both wifey and me will be staring at each other while waiting for pages to load. Fastest wireless broadband indeed! I'm seriously contemplating finding other alternatives.

I think hooking up my old Motorola Lifestyles dial-up modem would probably be faster! Come on P1, I'm waiting for an answer here to how you're going to solve this problem!

And talking about P1, I heard on the radio that their radio and print 'sudah potong' (cut already) campaign is being scrutinized by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for using the word 'potong' (cut) repeatedly.

According to them, 'When we say 'potong' ... it is very vulgar. We understand (that it refers to cutting the Internet line and changing to broadband), but for most people, 'potong' hints at the act (of circumcision).

While I am at present not liking P1 very much but good god you people at MCMC, don't you have any creativity at all? Do you think people are so stupid as to think that P1 is asking everyone to get circumcised? I cannot believe the mentality of the people we have in the government!

Take Two

In my line of work I meet all kinds of people. I have clients from quite a few industries and sectors. But there's one thing in common with all of them. They all think that they're the only clients we have.

Take for instance, today we had this walk in client who needed something done really urgent (aren't they always urgent!). I've never heard of a client who walks in and says that they need something done but to take my own sweet time! Ok, I'm drifting away from the real subject here.

Anyways, this fellow comes in and says he need a bunting done. Fine, no big deal. I ask him when he wants it? Right now, he says. I tell him politely that we're already in the middle of a scheduled print run and it can only be ready tomorrow the earliest. You think he understood? Not in a million years.

'But you can print it now, right?' he says.

'No, we're already in the midst of a print run'. I tell him.

'But you can do it now, right? he asks again.

'No, we have other work to complete, your job will just have to wait in queue.' I tell him.

'But you can start now, right?'
he asks again.

'No, I have another job to complete now!
I tell him.

'But my job urgent, you can start now, right?
he says.

At this point I start to ignore him. It was either that or I start to scream at him for being a stupid idiot who can't understand the word 'No'. Why do all clients think that we open a business to solely serve them, that we don't have any other clients and that we must drop every other job instantly to do theirs? Morons, that's what they are sometimes!

Take Three

Urmmm, there really isn't a take three cos I think I've written too much already for takes one and two. Short takes indeed, I really got to go get a dictionary and find out what the word short really means ... LOL!

What’s Your Market Value?

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 07:36 AM PST

I was just flipping through my all-time favourite magazine, Cleo (October 2009) an hour ago when I came across an eye-catching title "What's Your Market Value?" at Page 136.

The usual and typical comments on women's market value we hear daily will be women who are still single at 30's and ambitious to climb all corporate ladders are the ones with low market value. This is because they scare men who are think they are incomparable away. Once a friend told me, as the lady ages into late 20's, her market value drops gradually. This is because she is no longer youthful and attractive as she used to be at her early 20's. It will be worse if she hits the big 3-0. Gosh! I'm sure you have heard this from your girlfriends.

Let me come back to this magazine. According to the author, Tania Gomez, she suggests that single ladies should know what they are worth in the market. One should know whether she is a sound investment or a major risk; for all you know, one's dating-market "value" could be pushing away potential buyers when it comes to love and relationships.

This is really interesting as I read on. The author and the people she referred to in her article, agree that the most interesting (and most vital) thing about the concept of the market value is that it plays a bigger part in your romantic success than you realise. Your market value is essentially half dependent on your own view of yourself and half dependent on market perception. Sounds deep and confusing, right?

Oh well, what the author(s) are trying to explain is, a woman have to be determined and willing to support herself for success in the open market. It is suggested that it is neither too difficult or easy to become a stock favourite. All she needs to understand is how to up her value in an appropriate upwards trend. Thus, it is ultimately important that she has to believe that she is a good investment before she expects others to think the same way as she does. If she does not have faith in herself, how does she expect others to consider investing in her? At the end of the day, it boils down to the individual woman's perspective.

For example, men actually think that a woman with one of the highest market value will be the one with non-nagging habits, allowing their freedom to be out of women's control, no preventing them from living the lifestyle they want and being the girl who is all-fun-loving-caring-but-not-clingy. Wow! Did you see that? Would you like to reread this paragraph? I did. Thrice.

Give me 3 seconds to laugh out loud. Why?

Cleo actually gives a list of Bankable Boys. Well, if men can measure market values of women, Cleo thinks that every girl's list should include the following:-
- Someone who knows his way around the kitchen (not just opening the fridge to grab your beer or Coke)
- The ability to dress/ groom himself (hair gel is a mundane, please exclude that)
- A guy with direction and lots of ambition
- A good communicator
- Someone who's thoughtful, kind and caring
- Intelligence (he doesn't need to have a Nobel Prize in Science or Literature but he should have interests more than the bachelor's degree)
- A terrific sense of humour (the one that makes me laugh the most will win my heart :P )
- A slight resemblance to errr….. errr…. (I think I better not mention it here. wishing something which is unreal is not good…)

Enough of crap from the magazine. I hope you will think of ways to goreng your market value up up up up!!

nizar - Anwar: 5.4% growth overly optimistic - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 07:43 AM PST

Projections are mere political posturing aimed at appeasing the public, says opposition leader and former finance minister.

Anwar said recent statements by premier Najib Abdul Razak and Minister in the PM's department Nor Mohamed Yakcop that we could sustain a positive growth at 5.4 percent annually was overly optimistic even though the country was in the process of recovery following negative growth. Taking into consideration consideration the current situation and economic climate, Anwar was of the opinion that we could not attract much investment.

nizar: Zuklifli, Sivarasa hug and make up - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 07:46 AM PST

(Source: Malaysiakini)
As Sivarasa was speaking to journalists, Zulkifli emerged to give the PKR VP an awkward hug.

Why hug and make up? Shoud muacks and make up lah!

Fort Hood Shooter Is A Jihadist

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 04:26 AM PST

The FBI and other federal authorities are reportedly still trying to figure out Maj. Nidal M. Hasan's motive for opening fire at Fort Hood.

Let's take a look at Hasan's June 2007 50-slide presentation, a must see to senior Army doctors to see if we can unravel this mystery. According to the Washington Post, Hasan was "supposed to discuss a medical topic during" the presentation, but instead "he lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting wars in Muslim countries."

Hasan's presentation was titled, "The Koranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military." It is fairly obvious that Hasan endorsed the jihadist view of the world in which believers are rewarded, while the infidels are punished. And only those believers who truly follow Allah's commandments will be rewarded in the afterlife. Allah's demands, according to Hasan, included participation in an offensive jihad against Islam's enemies.

On page 11, Hasan included this quote:

"It's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims."

Interestingly, Hasan's words were echoed by al Qaeda cleric Anwar al Awlaki in his post (now offline) praising Hasan's shooting spree. Awlaki said Hasan "is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against its own people."continued here in full to the Weekly Standard.....

Myvi Tops Initial Quality For New Compact Car

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 06:37 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 21 (Bernama) -- The Perodua Myvi has for the third time ranked highest for its initial quality in terms of new-vehicle ownership, in the compact car segment, according to J.D. Power Asia Pacific.

In the same segment, Myvi was followed closely by Proton Savvy, with the Perodua Viva in tow, the marketing information services provider said of its 2009 Malaysia Initial Quality Index study.

The study examines the quality of new vehicles during the first two to six months, and measures more than 200 problem symptoms covering eight vehicle components, it said in a statement here.

Meanwhile, the re-designed Honda City ranked highest in the entry midsize car segment, followed by the Toyota Vios and the Proton Saga.

As for the midsize car segment, the Toyota Corolla Altis was top, with the Honda Civic coming in second and the Nissan Sylphy in the third place.

The Toyota Innova ranked highest in the MPV/van segment for a second consecutive year, followed by the Nissan Grand Livina and the Toyota Avanza.

In the pick-up segment, the Isuzu D-max received top spot, with the Toyota Hilux as runner up and the Mitsubishi Triton in the third place.

J.D. Power conducts customer satisfaction research and provides performance analytics services in the automotive, information technology and finance industries.

The Malaysia Initial Quality Index is one of three consumer-based studies and was based on responses from 2,874 new-vehicle owners who purchased their vehicles between September and May 2009.


Era Najib Altantuya : SAH Hassan Ali Dibelakang Tindakan JAIS

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 06:24 AM PST

Exco pertahan Jais tahan Dr Asri

xco hal-ehwal Islam Selangor mempertahankan prosedur pentauliahan kepada penceramah agama di negeri itu kerana ia dapat memastikan latar belakangnya dan mengelak ajaran sesat.

Datuk Dr Hasan Ali berkata beliau tidak melihat keperluan meminda Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam Selangor berhubung pentauliahan yang kini menjadi kontroversi susulan penangkapan Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, awal bulan ini.

Beliau ditanya mengenai perkara ini berikutan usul tergempar yang dibawa oleh ADUN Hulu Kelang, Saari Sungib ketika persidangan DUN pagi ini.

Wakil PAS itu mencadangkan usul berkenaan untuk membincangkan isu penahanan bekas mufti Perlis itu oleh Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) pada 1 November lalu.

Bercakap kepada media selepas sidang DUN hari ini, Dr Hasan menjelaskan prosedur pentauliahan itu diamalkan bukanlah untuk menyekat mana-mana pihak daripada mengajar agama di negeri itu.

"Orang yang berikan khutbah dan apa juga pengajaran agama di negeri Selangor itu tidak kira latar belakang apa pun, eloklah diketahui siapa dia, latar belakang dia, apa yang nak diajar, rekod-rekod yang lepas, bukan itu bagus? Bukan kita nak menyekat," katanya.

Tambahnya, beliau tidak fikir Jais berniat menggunakan isu pentauliahan semata-mata untuk menyekat Dr Mohd Asri daripada memberikan ceramah di negeri itu.

"Saya tak fikir ada mana-mana pentadbir Jais yang ingin menyekat (Dr Mohd Asri) tapi hanya untuk kerajaan berhati-hati sebab ada yang lepas-lepas terutama yang di luar yang dikatakan ajaran-ajaran itu meragukan dan sebagainya, itu yang kita takut," katanya.

"Dalam musim ajaran-ajaran sesat yang berlaku ini, kita pun takut mereka menyeludup melalui cara-cara seperti memberikan ceramah secara terbuka dan sebagainya."

Dr Hasan turut mempertahankan tindakan Jais menggunakan khidmat anggota polis ketika menahan Dr Mohd Asri di sebuah banglo di Hulu Kelang menjelang tengah malam hujung minggu itu.

"Saya rasa peruntukan (enakmen Islam) sangat adil, tapi mungkin ada pihak yang masih tidak puas hati dan kata 'saya berpengalaman, tidak perlu tauliah' dan sebagainya," katanya.

Beliau menjelaskan, isu kehadiran polis yang ramai semasa penahanan Dr Mohd Asri itu, seperti yang dibangkitkan Saari serta ADUN Bukit Antarabangsa, Azmin Ali itu juga tidak timbul.

"Soal bilangan itu rasa saya tidak menjadi masalah, soalnya sama ada dijalankan tugas itu mengikut peraturan-peraturan yang telah ditetapkan.

"Laporan kepada saya, selepas (Dr Mohd Asri) memberikan ceramah, saya diberitahu agak lama juga mereka nak memujuk supaya (Dr Mohd Asri) keluar dari bilik tersebut hingga mereka terpaksa memanggil polis untuk sama-sama memujuk dan mengeluarkan dia dari bilik itu," katanya.

Belia turut mengesahkan menerima laporan berhubung rancangan Jais untuk menyeret Dr Mohd Asri ke mahkamah - dijangkakan minggu ini.

"Yang saya tahu, siasatan sudah siap dan yang dilaporkan kepada saya mungkin pendakwaan akan dijalankan ke atas Dr Mohd Asri," kata Dr Hasan.- malaysiakini

Ulasan GB


Saya sudh mengagak lebih awal bahawa Hassan Ali adalah dalang d belakang tindakan JAIS yang menahan Dr Mohd Asri dan yang menarik balik tauliah Khalid Samad.

Ini kerana tindakan-tindakan itu berlaku sehari selepas Hassan Ali keluarkan kenyataan "hanya exco agama dan mereka yang ditauliahkan sahaja dibenarkan membaca khutbah di Selangor".

Kini warnanya semakin jelas.

Malaysia in 20 years time

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 05:21 AM PST

This is a reposting of an article that was published on Sin Chew Daily, based on the views of Lee Kuan Yew. This article is very timely as it elaborates on my arguments in the previous post - about how the most crucial element for new-generation Chinese to secure a place in this land, will be their very own competitiveness.

I will be agreeing with most of the arguments in this article except how the shrinking Chinese population is not caused by low fertility rates among the Chinese in Malaysia.

I'll beg to differ on this point. Based on my observations & chats i've had with many mid-aged Chinese in the country, it is very apparent that we're getting more & more time pressured. This will be a classic example: Compare the hours you are clocking in at work, VS your parents.

Time pressure causes stress. Stress causes low fetility rates. Of course im not saying this is the key driving factor. It's one of the factors, coupled with migration ... etc etc

And i CANNOT agree more that MCA - Malaysian Commedians' Association - who has a very crucial task of protecting the rights of the Chinese in Malaysia, is not only neglecting their obligation but further blurring the vision of the Chinese in this country.

Happy reading.

If the Doomsday prediction never comes true, New Zealand will remain as picturesque after a hundred years, with cows and goats roaming all over the country sparesely populated by humans.

A hundred years later, Singapore's foundation will remain rock solid. The tiny city-state will continue to lure new immigrants, and many new-generation Singaporeans will see their lineages traced back to those of migrants.

How about Malaysia a hundred years from now?

Lee Kuan Yew did not seem to see things that far. He only set his sight 20 years later.
He said all constituencies in Malaysia would be dominated by the Malays in 20 years' time, and the leadership in this country would value the Chinese population less and less.

The Chinese population would continue to slide, he added, not because of the pathetically low fertility rates among the Chinese in this country, but because those who could afford would have sent their children overseas, who would decide not to come back.

"And those migrating to Malaysia will be from Islamic states, making the country's Islamisation inclination more and more pronounced."

Statistics don't lie, and the current political and social ecosystems are not here without a reason.
MM Lee's predictions are by no means novel. But his well-thought remarks have touched the hearts of many a Malaysian.

If this is what the country should look like 20 years from now, we can imagine Chinese Malaysians to be like apes in a forest sanctuary a hundred years down the road, where we need to sharpen our eyesight to carefully scan through the entire swathe of forest before we can catch a glimpse of one or two of them.

That comparison is, most certainly, exaggerated, but I really hope we will not be reduced to a rare species by then.

The ratio of Chinese population in this country has been on steady decline over the decades; so has their political status here. Very soon, they will be completely engulfed by the powerful waves of aggressive Islamisation.

This is the pessimistic side of the outlook of their destiny.

But Chinese Malaysians cannot afford to go on this way, and wait helplessly for such a destiny to befall them.

They have to take the initiative to accentuate their own strengths and be in firm control of their own fates before they can divert such a predestination.

The next ten years will be key to the future destiny of Chinese Malaysians. If the country's policies get more and more ethnically-oriented and religiously inclined, the future of Chinese community is well within our imagination, and Chinese Malaysians will exit the country in droves.

On the other hand, if community-centric ideologies get diluted, conflicts between mainstream and minority races get thinned down, the common Malaysian identity gets consolidated, and the spirit of secularity stays very much relevant, then Chinese Malaysians will have a much more promising future here.

So will Malaysia.

Whatever happens to this country or our society, the most important element for new-generation Chinese to secure a place in this land, will be their very own competitiveness.

In this age of globalisation, when national boundaries are increasingly obscured, people will find a greener pasture beyond our shores if our internal conditions remain this bleak.

We cannot afford to talk about what will happen to us a hundred years from now. We need to buck up and fight for our near-term opportunities.

Meaningless and unnecessary squabbles, like the one currently taking place within MCA, will only serve to bog down the pace of the Chinese community further, blurring their vision of the clear and present danger.

What the Chinese community urgently needs right now is high-calibre and farsighted leadership, not one engrossed with endless infighting.

(By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)

nizar: Chua offers his post to Liow - nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 05:51 AM PST

Reinstated MCA deputy president Chua Soi Lek today said if vice-president Liow Tiong Lai wanted the deputy president's post, he was willing to give up his post for Liow for the unity and stability of MCA on condition that Liow must come out in the open and say, 'I, Liow Tiong Lai, want the MCA deputy (president) post.'

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 10

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 05:11 AM PST

A key common characteristic of Blue Ocean Creators is that they are able and willing to think and act differently. In short, they are innovative in ideas.

As Albert Einstein put it, "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex....It takes a touch of genius....and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

So, what is exactly Blue Ocean Strategy? It is simply a fresh approach to innovation and profit growth by using a comprehensive set of tools and frameworks in process methodology to create a culture of passion for Blue Ocean (Value) Innovation.

Tan Kee Hian said there are two simultaneous outcomes from Blue Ocean /Value Innovation: Value to customers and value to stakeholders.

Red Ocean and Blue Ocean are two contrasting approaches with the following implications for businesses and leaders:

1. In Red Ocean, it is going head-to-head in known market space. The end result is lose-lose competition with incremental growth.
2. In Blue Ocean,it is creating uncontested market space. The end result is breakthrough value innovation.

Research by Professor Kim and Mauborgne shows that Blue Oceans are substantially more profitable.

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Photos with Pei Shan and A Day at Jing-Si Books and Cafe

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 04:48 AM PST

IMG_4380 by nicholaschan.

Pei Shan was one of the Tzu Chi people working at Jing-Si Books and Cafe, and I am one of their frequent visitor. I always go there is not that I really want to drink the tea, it's that I enjoy the environment, the air-conditioned, the quietness and the low price beverage, making it a place for me to sit down and do some reading. What I read are mostly school's book which is for exam, so basically, the place is more like a reading lounge/library for me.

IMG_4391 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4378 by nicholaschan.

It's a cafe and also a bookstore. But most of the customers are students of high school and colleges like us.

IMG_4393 by nicholaschan.

This is not Pei Shan, he is Min Sheng.

So last weekend was the last day of Pei Shan. She is not working at there already and has already changed job. She is a friendly one and kind too, like talking with her and a good person. It's a little bit bad that she's gone because there's no more other like us, there's Monica, James (self-given names by Min Sheng) which are other Tzu Chi people, which I don't think are as friendly as Pei Shan.

IMG_4395 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4398 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4382 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4383 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4381 by nicholaschan.

I didn't thought of going there in the morning. I was wanting to go to my friend's place directly to return him something, but he was at Jing Si instead, so I went to Jing Si to return him the thing and also do a little little bit of reading. You know, SPM is coming, reading is very important.

Here's photos with Pei Shan, probably don't get to see her anymore.

IMG_4400 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4423 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4430 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4425 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4429 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4415 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4409 by nicholaschan.

Bye bye.

Living in Terror

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 04:03 AM PST

Two interpretations immediately sprung up to explain the Fort Hood massacre.The military leadership, politicians, the media, and the Left focused on poor Maj. Nidal Hasan, victim of — pick your specific — "racism," "harassment he had received as a Muslim," a sense of "not belonging," "pre-traumatic stress disorder," "mental problems," "emotional problems," "an inordinate amount of stress," or being deployed to Afghanistan, his "worst nightmare."

In contrast, those of us on the right saw the assault in the light of Islamist efforts to kill infidels and bring them under Islamic law. We perceive Hasan not as victim but as jihadi. Some evidence for this view:

He yelled "Allahu Akbar," the jihadi's cry, as he fired his guns.

His superiors reportedly put him on probation for inappropriately proselytizing about Islam.

One former associate quotes Hasan's saying, "I'm a Muslim first and an American second," and recalls Hasan justifying suicide terrorism.

Another recalls that Hasan "claimed Muslims had the right to rise up and attack Americans." A third described him as "almost belligerent about being Muslim."

The jihad explanation may be more persuasive than the victim one, but it's also far more awkward to articulate; easier to blame "a sense of not belonging" than to discuss Islamic doctrines. And so the Army learns no lessons from this atrocity. (For a full version of this argument, see article "Sudden Jihad or 'Inordinate Stress' at Fort Hood?") More.....

The FBI will not admit that what happened in Texas is part of the jihad.

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 04:03 AM PST

So it turns out that the worst Islamist terrorist strike since 9/11 — an attack that killed twice as many Americans as were slain in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing — was not a terrorist attack at all. Just ask the FBI.

The initial hurried reports of thirteen people (including twelve U.S. soldiers) murdered, and dozens of others wounded, were just coming in. A pained Diane Sawyer was wishing aloud that Nidal Malik Hasan were named "Smith." Her colleagues in what now passes for mainstream journalism were risibly theorizing that post-traumatic stress disorder must have snapped this non-combat Army psychiatrist — one who'd screamed "Allahu akbar!" while mowing down U.S. soldiers about to deploy to a Muslim country for a war he'd made no secret of deploring; one whose only battlefield experience was the massacre he'd just committed against unarmed men and women in a Fort Hood training center.

Then, like the cavalry, the FBI came riding to the PC rescue. The Federal Bureau of Let's Skip the Investigation pronounced that the killing was not terrorism. Forget about Islamic (or at least Islamist) terrorism. This mass murder wasn't even terrorism. The FBI and the rest of our Islamophilic government have their story, and they're sticking to it. The terrorists' siege on our nation has nothing to do with Islam. It is the work of al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda terrorists — so the catechism goes — are not true Muslims. Sure, Osama bin Laden & Co. accurately quote Islamic scriptural injunctions to wage jihad against non-Muslims. But never mind that: Islam is an irenic, unmitigated good; in fact, it is one of our best weapons against terrorism.

Come again? If all the terrorists are Muslims and all the terrorists say scriptures that plainly command killing are inspiring them to kill, how could Islam be an asset? Don't go spoiling a feel-good theory by asking a lot of questions — that would be almost like an investigation, and when it comes to Islam, the FBI doesn't do investigation.

If it did, it might stumble onto all sorts of things we'd just as soon not know. We'd have to start acknowledging that Salafist ideology (the strain of Islam endorsed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni terrorist organizations) is prevalent in American mosques. We'd have to concede that beliefs we optimistically call "radical" are actually quite mainstream among American Muslims and predominant among Muslims overseas — including the beliefs that sharia (the law of Islam) should govern the United States, that Muslims must resist American military and law-enforcement operations against other Muslims, that the U.S. military presence in Islamic countries renders American soldiers and those who support them legitimate targets of jihadist terror, and that Israel, America's democratic ally in the Middle East, should not exist.

Obviously, this reality of Islam defies the government's wishful fiction. So the FBI doesn't do Islam. It does politics. And if you're going to do politics, you can't do preventive counterterrorism of the kind the FBI, the Justice Department, the Homeland Security Department, the intelligence community, and the rest of Leviathan promised to do right after 9/11. Continue here to Andrew C. McCarthy's article....

The media obsession with PTSD elides uncomfortable questions about Hasan’s dual loyalty.

Posted: 11 Nov 2009 04:01 AM PST

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who killed 13 of his fellow soldiers in a rampage at Fort Hood, is a most unlikely victim of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

He never experienced any combat-related trauma. He had never even been deployed overseas. Yet he had barely stopped shooting his victims in cold blood, chasing the wounded to finish them off, when the media rushed to their copy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

The New York Times headlined an analysis piece on the incident "When Soldiers Snap." It reported that in World War II, military doctors believed "that more than 90 days of continuous combat could turn any soldier into a psychiatric casualty." With Hasan, the paper stipulated, "that point may have come even before he experienced the reality of war."Time magazine blamed the stressful environment of Fort Hood where frequent deployments meant "the kindling was hiding in plain sight." The Washington Post ran a piece on Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Hasan had served, as indicative of "the ongoing tensions, frustrations and problems in the military health-care system for [returning] troops."

The press keeps mistaking Hasan for Private Ryan, when the closest he'd come to combat was counseling sessions with soldiers. Another New York Times piece raised the possibility that Hasan might have acquired PTSD from the very act of treating those patients — "in contact distress, of a kind."

The obsession with PTSD serves two purposes. First, it fits the media's favorite narrative of soldiers as victims. Here was poor Hasan, brought low like so many others by the unbearable burden of Iraq and Afghanistan. Never mind that PTSD usually results in sleeplessness, flashbacks, and — in the extreme — suicide. Hasan is the first victim of PTSD known to jump on a table and allegedly yell "Allahu Akbar" while slaughtering his fellow troops.

Two, it elides uncomfortable questions about Hasan's dual loyalty. He appears to have been most "stressed" by the tension he felt between his obligations as a devout Muslim — as he understood them — and his service in the American military.

Put aside his ongoing contact with radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, formerly a leader of Hasan's mosque. A classmate of Hasan's in a master's program said Hasan told other students he was "a Muslim first and an American second." Hasan titled a PowerPoint presentation he gave in an environmental-health seminar a year ago "Why the War on Terror Is a War on Islam." According to one witness, he said he thought Muslims should "stand up and fight against the aggressor," i.e., us. Continue to Rich Lowry's article here......

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