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Malaysia Version of Oktoberfest

Malaysia Version of Oktoberfest

Malaysia Version of Oktoberfest

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 08:00 AM PST

Oktoberfest is very popular beer drinking festival in Germany... if you wanna to know more about what is Oktoberfest... just google it....

The world Oktoberfest is held Mid of september to First week of October... total of 10 days but Malaysia version Oktoberfest was only held end of the October... which is 3 weeks later than the international. Maybe this is what 1 Malaysia about ... we wanna to be differently from others.

So what is the Malaysia version of Oktoberfest?

Wet street stall selling beer & food

Food - Served all sizes sausages

Music & Dance


Beers - lots of beer

So what exactly is Malaysia Version of Oktoberfest after seeing all the photo?... Yup! It's music, dance, women and alcohol... Errrr.... Lot's of beers :p If you haven't experienced the Oktoberfest environment... do pay visit on 2010 Malaysia version Oktoberfest eh~

We were bored in the Oktoberfest after all our food... one of the blogger decided to do some cam whoring with the sticker from the beer bottles...

He speaks no evil

He sees no evil

But he forgot to pose for He hears no evil... so he still hear all the evil from the following halloween day... kakkakaaaa....

Anyway, we left the party after we finished all the 6 bottles of the beer...

Loving metal, stones and technology

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 09:19 AM PST

"The more we use technology, the more we rely on technology, the more we lose ourselves"

"While falling in love involves the gazing of one into another's eyes and the show of affection through the holding of one's hand together with kisses and hugs, the advent of the internet led by the popularity of FaceBook has all but diminish any probability of romanticism, passion and lust, bringing forth only what is known as long distance electronic masturbation and mechanical sexual intercourse."

Kehidupan di kampung sangat tenang. Dikelilingi alam semula jadi dan jauh dari bandar, jauh dari kemudahan teknologi, kita berasa dekat dengan diri kita. Kita bukan sahaja mempunyai masa, dan peluang untuk berfikir, dan bertenang, tetapi dapat mengenali diri kita, kewujudan kita. Ini kerana kita berinteraksi dengan persekitaran. Bertindak dengan keadaan sekeliling. Melalui interaksi dan tindakan dengan dunia dan keadaan sekeliling, semangat dan pemahaman manusia diserlahkan.

Di bandar, dekat dengan teknologi, manusia dan diri kita, menghilangkan diri. Internet umpamanya diisytiharkan sebagai antara teknologi dan kemudahan paling penting pada hari ini. Semakin dekat kita dengan internet, semakin jauh kita dengan diri kita, dengan kewujudan kita, dengan manusia kita.

Facebook sebagai contohnya. Aristotle pernah berkata 'Man is, by nature, a political animal'. Kita perlu bersosial dan juga berinteraksi. Tetapi dengan kedatangan internet, pemahaman dan konsep 'bersosial' dan 'berinteraksi' telah bertukar sama sekali. Sekiranya pada masa 'bersosial' dan 'berinteraksi'digunakan dahulu adalah untuk menjelaskan perhubungan sesama manusia dan bagaimana percakapan dan pertuturan di sertai oleh gaya bahasa badan kita dan mirip wajah kita serta dengan perasaan gembira atau marah atau takut, sekarang sudah berbeza. Dalam paradigma internet semuanya berbeze sekali.

Dalam konteks aktivis mahasiswa, internet mendekatkan kita tetapi semakin menjauhi diri kita. Kalau dahulu aktivisma perlihatkan pertemuan mahasiswa secara berkumpul atau bertindak sambil perlihatkan gaya bercakap dan pergerakan demonstrasi, internet telah membantutkan kreativiti dan kebebasan mahasiswa. Sekarang mahasiswa dilontarkan ke dalam aktivisma internet dan demonstrasi internet yang semakin menghilangkan diri kita.

Kita tidak membentuk bahasa, bahasa yang membentuk diri kita, siapa kita. Kebergantungan kepada internet untuk mengerakkan aktivisma adalah bahaya, kerana pada akhirnya internet dan teknologi yang akan mendefinisikan identiti kita.

Three Councils To Spay Animals Next Year - malay mail

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 08:00 AM PST

Get them spayed in Shah Alam next year

Friday, October 30th, 2009 12:30:00

SEEKING to neutralise the problem of stray animals, three local councils — Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Subang Jaya — will jointly set up an animal neuter clinic in Shah Alam, which is expected to be ready early next year.
"The public will just have to pay a nominal fee to use the facilities for pets like cats and dogs," said PJ council canine advisory team chairman, Anthony Thanasayan.

The facility was highlighted at the Petaling Jaya City Council full board meeting on Wednesday. The team, spearheaded by the PJ council, was set up late last year and comprises representatives from all 12 councils
in Selangor, with the objective of addressing animal issues humanely and coming up with ideas pertaining to animal welfare.

Issues include how these animals should be caught and treated. The team also aims to educate pet owners on animal care in their homes.

Anthony said the council has received complaints that some owners deliberately allowed their dogs unleashed and unaccompanied outside their homes.

Some of these dogs ended up being poisoned and run down by vehicles. "The safety of the dog must be in the minds of the owners and it must be leashed the minute it steps out of the compound. For this reason, we are looking into ways to penalise owners for being inconsiderate to the animals and the neighbourhood.

"The penalty and law which will be applied is currently being discussed. If the owners can't assure its safety, then it is best they don't keep a pet."

PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 30,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing:

Thank You Riff.

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 07:53 AM PST

In another 2 days my Pahang Art Exhibition will come to a close. I have smsed En. Ashraf for an extension till Friday. Our sales are still below the target. I have not breakeven yet.
However he will have to discuss with those in charge before giving the approval.

Minus the unopened Saturdays and Sundays plus the launching day, we have so far fully utilised 7 full working days. Theres still some hope of potential buyers purchasing a few more of the incredibly beautiful artworks. Until then, the artists must pray hard that such a miracle happens.

Dato' sak has been very helpful. He managed to get JJ to come. With 2 more days to go, he has even invited Tun Daim Zainuddin to come.
Theres still however no confirmation yet. I hope Tun will'll be such an honour.

He has asked a close blogger friend to invite Dato' Seri Khir Toyo and even Dato' Mukhriz. But I don't think they will come.
Instead our good friend teased him back and suggested he invites Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor instead.
Actually, I did send her an invitation to even officiate this tiny event.
But, I am very sure her schedule was so very tight that it was simply impossible for her to come.

Yes yes..Dato' sak has even invited KJ and his friends. Again, we'll have to see whether they can make it.

Dato' Mokhtar Sir Mahmud is coming all the way from Kuantan to see the exhibition. Yes, hes an art collector like Dato' Jaflamri. Dato' Mokhtar is the 80 year old MCKK boy that Dato' sak has been blogging about sometime back. Hes one of Dato Seri Najib's cousin uncle or something like that. A very friendly and humble old man, he can drive alone all the way from Kuantan to KL and..go on a daytrip!! Both him and Dato' sak are great coffee buddies. A great family friend too.

Dato' sak did try to invite Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. But I don't think TRH is coming. Now who else? I think he tried to invite quite a number of big names..hehe

As for me, I even smsed a friend to invite Datin Seri Wan Azizah. I hope she'll come regardless of the fact that I'm an UMNO lady..that is a long shot.

Earlier, I had even smsed my longtime friend Datin A to asked her husband Dato' A.R. who recently got the sasterawan negara award to request Dato' JJ of TV3 to informally invite some of his top progress yet.
Dato' JJ of TV3 is also a sasterawan and of course geng Dato' A.R.

Like I said, TV3 is a very highly guarded security area. We can invite guests and potential buyers to come but we cannot open the exhibition to the public. I am glad I have managed to abide with that ruling for those in charge from TV3 have been so wonderful to us and treated us with loads of respect and kindness. Tak sombong langsung.
I wouldn't want to break any of their strict laws there.

So much for all the invitations we've extended. Maybe they'll all 'flower and fruit' in the last 2 days??
Hello?? Are my Pahang Artists praying hard for their paintings to be sold like goreng pisang? Oooh..I love goreng pisang! Can't wait to lepak again in the evenings at the Taman Gelora stalls!!

Final judgment: Nizar wants 11-member Federal Court bench - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 07:33 AM PST

Nizar argued that the picking of judges to be part of a panel in a hearing is a "quasi judicial" action, which has to be disposed of with fairness, impartiality and justice, and backed with strong credible judgment.

He said he believes a full quorum of 11 judges is needed and there is no credible reasons why his application should be rejected.

According to the ousted MB, the apex court had in 2005 in the criminal appeal of Public Prosecutor vs Tan Tatt Eek had decided to have a seven-member panel to decide on the issue "whether presumption of possession may be used to invoke the presumption of trafficking".
(Source: Mkini - Support Mkini - Subscribe to Mkini!)
YB Nizar, the federal court may not rule in your favour. If so, no worries. The rakyat will ensure that justice will be served in the next election.

nizar ABOLISH ISA: 10 resolutions discussed - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 06:54 AM PST

According to Malaysiakini - 'Motion for Gerakan to leave BN rejected', among the 10 motions discussed at AGM were the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA), amendments to the Printing, Presses and Publications Act (PPPA), the concept of '1Malaysia' and to reduce the financial burden of the people by urging the government to take over the North-South Highway (Plus).

The NST Online reported differently:
The wing called on the government, in its review of the Internal Security Act 1960, to reduce the period of detention to 30 days. It also wanted local government elections.

What Does Sibu Hold For Future?

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 05:41 AM PST

Sibu is ageing faster than Miri and Kuching. If you care to take a look at the past two censuses, you would realise that Sibu's population is older (in terms of median age) than that of Kuching and Miri.
The implication here is simple - Sibu has long been lagged behind in development. The resultant effect is that Sibu has been a net exporter of population. By extrapolation, the trend would make Sibu an aged town in the decade to come. This development is certainly unpromising for Sibu.
We understand fully that Sibuians are a frustrated group. There has been outcry over the stagnant situation. What does Sibu hold for our future?
The burning issue can no longer be contained at the coffeeshop level.
In the public forum "Sibu In The Blue Ocean", Tan Kee Hian is going shed light on the prospects of Sibu. In addition, Kee Hian, a renowned international consultant in business strategies, would provoke our thinking on the development issues fronting Sibu.
See you tomorrow at Kingwood Hotel at 6:30 pm.

The Darkness in Me

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 05:43 AM PST

The Darkness in Me by Radical Dreamer

My veins feel the rush, that crushes my temple into dust.
A sinister storm brews in me…
Silence fills the air, while darkness embraces the subconscious.
That familiar smile draws upon the facade.

An ecstasy of immense confidence flows through the veins.
The fallen has arise, fast steady and renewing heights.
The silence breaks, with riddlelistic rhetoric's.
The humanistic flair of the living spirits.

The orchestra plays low, inviting the beats one at a time.
The ocean of self conscience waves await the tide.
The time is right, the birth of the new divide.
Scorching the blue fires of heaven, birth in destruction.

I see the darkness, in me becoming me.
This rhythm is fascinating, in a recleansing sense.
The beautiful math's of truth and mantic of time.
The reality of life and the absence of light.

This is the other side, this is me.
This is my truth, this is my awakening.
Every step ahead is the chapter of the great future.
Light is no longer necessary, for there is only one truth.


This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

The Ghost of University Malaya

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 04:58 AM PST

During the times when we were courting, Azman and I used to go out until late at night. Astaghfirullahalazim! Maksiat Tsk tsk tsk! I was staying in the First College, University of Malaya ( UM- rank 180 in the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) – QS World University Rankings 2009, motipp bagi statistic??) and he used to fetch me there, take me out to dinner and stuff and then send me back to my residential college in time for me to catch up on my assignments and notes beauty sleep.

I remember the latest that I would reach First was about 2.30am. We probably watched a midnight movie then and I cannot remember if I have ever gone out later than that. You see Azman had to work the next day and I had to ponteng my class. So it's important that we get some sleep asap!

If you are familiar with UM, you would be able to imagine this route – enter UM from KL Gate, stop at First College, then make the big turn to KL Gate again pass the Engineering Fac, library, Science Fac, Bangunan Peperiksaan and DTC.

Between the library and Bangunan Peperiksaan, there's a bend on the road of which one side, Chemistry Dept is situated and a parking lot is on the other.

A mysterious woman in flowy white dress, unruly long black hair and flashing thick make up waved Azman to stop there. Not once but several times. At the same spot, in the same boring long white baju (skinny jeans was already in fashion then), same big hair and in exactly the same way ( she would cross the road from Chemisty Dept to the parking lot, then turn and waved to him like my then-boyfriend was some kinda teksi sapu driver…)

Funny thing is, when Azman told the story to me he was totally convinced that A GIRL STUDENT WAS TRYING TO GET A LIFT IN HIS CAR! Gang rape cases was on the news at that time and Azman the blur case was going.. "Owhh, no wonder there are such cases just look at the girls these days….!"

Then I tore my own hair off with frustration and went "ITU BUKAN ORANG LAAA ITU HANTUUUUUU!!!"

Then he went " Eh ye ke?"

Itulah masa kecik-kecik baca Gila-Gila, tengok macam aku, baca Tamar Jalis, sekilas bohsia melintas aku tahu hantu ke student!

I was pretty sentapz kay?!! with the fact that he was associating such a sleazy act of a girl menahan kereta jantan memalam buta dengan budak-budak student! Hello I was a student too at that time and my boyfriend aka HIMSELF picked me up from the college ok? Ada ke main tahan-tahan kereta? Ingat ini Unity College ke student/pensyarah nya perangai cam bohsia! Ops!

I was really astonished with him at that time, like dude how could you NOT see it? The lonely quiet night, the flowing hair, the WHITE DRESS!!? The same consistency in location and time? 2.30am in the morning? Why not eight oclock or six oclock or when he was driving with Miss Girlfriend aka ME? (eehhh dengan hantu pon nak jeles ker?).

When asked about the way her face looked, Azman described her as wearing thick red lipstick. I sure slapped my dongga head up hard coz dude, long hair, long dress and red lipstick? That's Akademi Fantasia lah! You sure it wasn't red fresh blood dripping from a fanged mouth? Tenenenenggggg tenenenengggg (twilight zone soundtrack on the background).

This happened many years ago and yesterday on Halloween I thought about it again. Kinda make me wonder how many ghosts we could have came across thinking that they are funky hair stylist from Sg Wang instead of evil spirits. Have you ever wondered too?

A few more activities for the year...

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 05:09 AM PST

We're already into the last 2 months of the year. How time flies. Thank goodness at the beginning of the year I didn't set any new year resolutions for myself. Otherwise I bet I haven't fulfilled it yet and the new year resolution would have to be "renewed" when the next new year comes!

I don't usually set any new year resolutions for myself. To me if I need to make some changes for myself, I don't have to wait for a new year to do so. BUT I do have a target for next year. What target? Not saying it yet, will only tell you when the time comes.

We still have a few more activities for this year. In three weeks time, an Ipoh International Friendship Night will be organised with the purpose of bringing together foreigners working or staying in or around Ipoh to meet, and to familiarise them with the various community associations and programmes available here. In line with that, the organisers will also organise an exhibition and craft fair in order for NGOs and charitable organisations to showcase their services, programmes and/or handicrafts.

Buddies have been invited to participate in the exhibition, and since it will only take not more than 3 hours, I don't have to worry about getting enough volunteers to take turns to man our booth. 2 or 3 people should suffice, although I hope more volunteers will be able to join us. I haven't asked around yet, as I want to wait for the organisers to come back to me with the final programme before I start contacting the other volunteers.

On 1st December, we plan to have our Fellowship Night (for our volunteers) at our centre. Usually we'd have the year-end dinner held at a restaurant somewhere... and there was one year we had a Deeparaya Night... but since it's getting very difficult to get as many volunteers to gather at the same time, this year we're combining the Raya/Deepa/Christmas/Year End dinner at the center with some fun activities planned. I do hope most of the volunteers can attend this time.

Then the first Sunday of December, if things go according to plan, for the first time we're organising something on our own for the World AIDS Day (usually even if we do participate in something, we'd just tumpang sekaki whatever other organisations had planned). And our plan for this year is to have an HIV Awareness Programme at an Orang Asli Village.

Other than all the above, I must remember to get in touch with the HIV families whose children are sponsored under our Education Sponsorship for Children. I will need to get the updates on the children's progress in school, after which I will need to send the reports to the various sponsors and start collecting the sponsorship amount for next year.

And oh, I'd better not wait till the very last minute to arrange for the back-to-school shopping for the children!

That means there will more calls and house visits for me to do within these 2 months...

nizar: Gerakan 11388 strategy - nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 05:28 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 1 (Bernama) -- Strategy 11388 Barisan Nasional (BN) component party Gerakan will capitalise on this strategy, which it formulated two years ago, but now updated with elements of 1Malaysia to continue to remain relevant.

Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon announced this at Gerakan's annual convention held at the party's headquarters here today.

The strategy broken down is as follows:

1 - One vision

1 - One Mission

3 - Three core thrusts

8 - Eight strategies

8 - Eight main areas

The convention was opened by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also BN chairman.

A booklet on the new version of Strategy 11388 was also launched by Najib at the convention.

Koh said the 1Malaysia concept would further inspire members to continue the party's struggle.

Koh said among the approaches Gerakan would take were maintaining its multi-racial stance in all its policies, acting as a "voice of reason" in the BN and support all BN reforms besides playing the role of a proactive opposition in non-BN ruled states.

Others included reinforcing its people-centric policies besides colloborating with non-governmental organisations in specific areas like human rights, environment and education.

Koh, who is also Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said Gerakan would be guided by the Constitution, the Rukun Negara and Vision 2020 in upholding its struggle.

The party, he said, was making concerted efforts to increase its membership, especially in Sabah and intensifying activities at the grassroot level to put the party back on a strong footing.

He added that Gerakan would prove to sceptics, who predicted the party's demise following its dismal showing in the 2008 general election, that it was a force to be reckoned with.

Koh also thanked Najib for his support for him and that it was a motivator for him to work even harder for the party and all Malaysians.

Some 1,400 delegates are attending the two-day convention.


11388 sounds more like Toto 5D. Jom beli! Sure kena!

Happy Belated Halloween

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 01:31 AM PDT

I know I know ... Halloween has already over. The crazy party was yesterday night... Just don't know how many people got drunk... hehehe... anyone wanna to know how i celebrated my Halloween Party? hehehe... I enjoyed my party @ this place...

Anyone know where is this place?

Nice Eh~

Ya right...

hehehe... I was not in any halloween party... i was having dinner with bloggers name M.A.M.T. We were just having a Shabu Shabu dinner gathering in Puchong :)

We arrived @ Shabu Shabu Puchong, noticed that the queue was a so soooo soooo long. Luckily, the wait was not too long... Given my tolerance on waiting is very low... i'm not usually wait for a seat on food even the food is very very good... Only very rare occasion :p

We spent hours eating (8:30pm till the shop closed). You must be wondered how many prawns that i had on our dinner last night... errrrr... Surprise!!!! Just less than 10. The prawns were not as fresh as in YUEN.

So far, i'm still prefer YUEN for its fresh seafood and Shabu Shabu for its nice pork slices... Yummy~

nizar: Salvaged speaker's robe part to be auctioned - nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 01 Nov 2009 03:35 AM PST

Pakatan convention The torn piece of the robe worn by ousted Pakatan speaker V Sivakumar is to go under the hammer as a 'piece of history'.

On that fateful budget assembly sitting on Wednesday, the police are said to have lured Sivakumar into the basement car park of the State Secretariat and physically attacked him before tearing off the gown from him.

Well, what more to say except that just like the torn robe, the reputation of police has also been long 'torn' in the eyes of the public. Shame to the police!

Wishing For A Fantastic White Christmas???

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 11:35 PM PDT

What are you waiting for?

Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Disneyland is offering a "Buy 2 Get One Free" vacation ticket!

It's like a dream come true!

Just imagine DISNEYLAND is all white, pure and cold..

and you're dancing in the snow with your loved ones.

Why not, for a change, spend your early Christmas in Hong Kong Disneyland?

It's affordable especially with the current exclusive packages and you'll have great fun!

The "Buy 2 Free 1 Package" includes:

* Round-trip Economy Class ticket to Hong Kong (from Kuala Lumpur or Penang)
* Hotel accommodation (1N at Disney-themed hotel followed by 2N at Downtown hotel)
* Disneyland Park admission ticket
* Return airport/hotel transfers (HKIA-Disney Hotel-Downtown Hotel-HKIA)
* RM180 rebate for each child travelling with adult
* "Stay and Play for 2 Days" offer
* Disney FASTPASS®
* Park meal coupon (for guests of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel only)

How could you resist all those interesting offers?

Since the sales period will be until 11 December 2009,

WHY NOT, quickly get to the nearest local CATHAY PACIFIC office! and book a package for you and your family!

Trust me! It'll be so much fun!

If it wasn't for the exams and conventions that I needed to attend, I'll surely make a reservation..

For more info, do visit

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.. another lonely year?? Perhaps not.. Lol

Pictures field in Japan

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 09:08 PM PDT

Different kinds of seeds are used on the fields, thus forming pictures when the seeds are grown into plants.

Era Najib Altantuya : Dr. Asri Dakwa Dia Difitnah

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 07:46 PM PDT

BBekas Mufti Perlis, Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin kecewa dengan fitnah yang dilemparkan terhadapnya oleh Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM) dalam satu memorandum yang dihantar kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong baru-baru ini.

Menurut beliau tuduhan berunsur fitnah tersebut timbul atas perasaan tidak puas hati pihak-pihak tertentu berikutan penawaran jawatan Yang Dipertua Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (YADIM) terhadapnya oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

"Sejak jawatan itu ditawarkan maka ada beberapa pihak yang barangkali tidak selesa, tapi itu tidak mengapa untuk mereka berikan pandangan.

"Mereka nak hantar (memorandum) kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong tak ada masalah, tapi mereka mesti berikan fakta yang benar," katanya dalam sidang media tergempar di sini malam ini.

Jelas beliau antara tuduhan fitnah yang terkandung dalam memorandum bertarikh 12 Oktober lalu yang dimuatkan dalam laman web PGSM ialah mendakwa beliau tidak mengiktiraf iktikad ahli sunnah dan keluar dari Mazhab Shafie, Hanafi, Maliki dan Hambali serta menolak hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Imam Bukhari.

Menurut Mohd Asri lagi tuduhan lain yang dianggap melampau ialah dakwaan yang mengatakan beliau telah mencerca golongan ulama seperti Imam Nawawi dan Imam Ghazali.

Oleh yang demikian beliau menuntut supaya Presiden PGSM, Mohamad Isa Abd Ralip yang menandatangani memorandum berkenaan supaya menyatakan bukti terhadap tuduhan-tuduhan berkenaan.

"Untuk buat bantahan itu hak mereka, tapi bila beliau keluarkan beberapa tuduhan yang bagi saya membabitkan soal maruah dan keilmuan sehingga boleh menyebabkan perpecahan antara orang Islam... ini tuduhan besar.

"Saya minta beliau buktikan satu sahaja sama ada tulisan atau perkataan saya yang jadi bukti terhadap apa yang beliau sebut... saya beri tempoh selama satu minggu," katanya.

Tambah Mohd Asri, beliau menyedari salinan memorandum berkenaan dimuatkan dalam lawan web PGSM pagi tadi.

Bagaimanapun hasil semakan, salinan memorandum yang diedarkan kepada media dalam sidang media itu telah dipadam daripada lawan web berkenaan.

Antara tuduhan lain yang terdapat dalam memorandum berkenaan ialah Mohd Asri didakwa sering mengambil tindakan berkonfrantasi secara terbuka tanpa menitik beratkan soal adab dan kepentingan umat Islam secara keseluruhannya.

Selain itu dalam memorandum itu juga dinyatakan pendekatan ekstrem Mohd Asri telah mengundang pelbagai akibat dan keresahan di kalangan umat Islam di seluruh negara khususnya negeri Perlis.

Juga dinyatakan bahawa cercaan beliau dan pengikutnya kepada amalan solat hajat kononnya ia satu bentuk maksiat dalam masjid telah mengundang perbalahan dan beberapa kejadian pergaduhan.

Ditanya sama ada beliau akan mengambil tindakan terhadap tuduhan berkenaan beliau berkata, "Cukuplah saya beritahu melalui media bahawa perkara ini adalah bohong, saya belum berfikir untuk saman."

Berhubung sama ada beliau berhasrat untuk membuat penjelasan bertulis kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong berhubung isu ini beliau berkata: "Saya harap Yang di-Pertuan Agong juga membaca penjelasan saya, tapi mungkin juga saya boleh fikirkan (untuk menulis penjelasan rasmi) jika ada ruang boleh juga."

Dalam pada itu, ditanya mengenai status tawaran jawatan YDP YADIM terhadapnya yang dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri pada September lalu, Mohd Asri berkata berdasarkan pekembangan terbaru ini, beliau tidak berminat dengan jawatan tersebut.

"Apabila melihat kepada perkembangan ini, saya tidak berminat... itu keputusan saya," katanya.

Selain itu menurutnya, beliau juga mengambil kira pandangan yang diberikan oleh bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang mahu beliau berada di pihak ketiga.

"Sebenarnya apabila jawatan ini timbul, saya bertanya pendapat Tun Dr Mahathir, beliau juga kurang bersetuju saya pergi mana-mana jawatan yang agak nampak di pihak kerajaan.

"Katanya elok saya jadi pihak ketiga, saya memang sedang menimbangkan nasihat beliau dua, tiga hari lepas... sebelum saya lihat memorandum ini," katanya.

Sementara itu Mohd Asri turut mencadangkan supaya Jabatan Audit Negara melakukan siasatan terhadap YADIM bagi menyemak tentang beberapa perkara.

"Apabila timbul isu YADIM ini, saya ada semak beberapa perkara, mungkin semakan saya ini betul ataupun salah.

"Saya mencadangkan kepada pihak audit negara supaya melakukan audit kepada YADIM sekarang, ini adalah perkara yang patut dibuat dan kita mungkin akan bertemu dengan banyak perkara," katanya tanpa mengulas lanjut. -mstar


Memorandum Kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni AlMarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah Al-Haj

Bertarikh 12 Oktober 2009.

Diserahkan oleh Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM)

Memorandum bagi pihak majoriti umat Islam Malaysia ini dikemukakan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin ibni AlMarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah Al-Haj supaya menarik balik pelantikan Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin (Dr Asri) sebagai Yang Di Pertua YADIM.

Alasan Memorandum ini ialah antara lainnya :-

1. NGO-NGO Islam arus perdana yang terlibat dengan Majlis Amal Islami Malaysia (MAIM) kelolaan YADIM sentiasa bekerjasama di dalam menegakkan dakwah Islamiyah di Malaysia. Hanya beberapa NGO kecil sahaja yang dapat menerima idea bahtera perubahan yang cuba dibawa oleh Dr Asri yang seringkali tidak seiring pandangannya dengan sebahagian besar ulamak dan NGO-NGO Islam arus perdana. Kerajaan sepatutnya menghormati kerjasama MAIM di bawah naungan YADIM yang telah dirasmikan oleh Ke Bawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Di Pertuan Agong. Pelantikan Dr. Asri hanya akan memutuskan tali silaturrahim yang terjalin dan MAIM akan pincang sekiranya Dr Asri menerajui YADIM.

2. Dr Asri yang terpengaruh dengan pandangan dan pendekatan ulamak tertentu juga seringkalibertentangan pandangan dengan para ulamak dan Mufti-Mufti negeri lain. Dalam berhadapan dengan perbezaan pendapat ini, Dr Asri telah mengambil pendekatan berkonfrantasi secara terbuka tanpa menitik beratkan soal adab dan kemaslahatan umat Islam keseluruhannya. Semasa menjawat jawatan Mufti Kerajaan Negeri Perlis beliau kerapkali membelakangkan pandangan Jawatankuasa Mufti peringkat Kebangsaan dan sentiasa lari dari berdialog secara tertutup dan beradab, sebaliknya mencari populariti di media. Keadaan ini akan menyukarkan YADIM dan MAIM untuk bergerak sekiranya tiada hubungan erat dengan Mufti-Mufti.

3. Dr Asri mendakwa dirinya dan pengikut-pengikutnya sebagai ahlu-sunnah tetapi mereka menolak dan tidak mengiktiraf kebanyakan ulamak dan umat Islam lain yang di luar dari lingkungan pengikutnya. Beliau juga tidak mengkitiraf iktikad ahli sunnah wal jamaah dari mazhab-mazhab fiqh seperti Mazhab Shafie, Hanafi, Maliki dan Hanbali bahkan dalam keadaan tertentu menolak hadith yang diriwayat oleh Imam Bukhari.

4. Pendekatan Dr Asri dan para pengikutnya telah mencetuskan berbagai perbalahan di kalangan umat Islam apabila mengkritik berbagai amalan umat Islam di Malaysia kononnya ia tidak mengikut sunnah seperti amalan membaca Yaa Sin pada malam Juma'at, amalan bertalqin, tahlil, doa selamat, seolat hajat, wirid selepas solat. Beliau juga mencerca para ulamak besar seperti Imam Nawawi dan Imam Ghazali yang tidak perlu disebut kehebatan dan keilmuan mereka. Bahkan akibat dan malapetaka yang bakal timbul dari pendekatannya ini amatlah besar sebagaimana yang sedang berlaku di beberapa buah negara Islam. Malapetaka ini sewajarnya dibendung dan bukan disemarakkan lagi.

5. Akibat dari pendekatan ekstrem Dr.Asri dan pengikutnya ini kebanyakan Majlis Agama IslamNegeri-negeri telah menyekat kegiatan pengajian yang dijalankan oleh mereka. Malah beberapa guru agama dan penceramah yang sealiran dengan mereka sedang menghadapi pertuduhan di mahkamah Syariah kerana mengajar tanpa tauliah. Antaranya Dr. Abdullah Yasin yang menghadapi beberapa kes di negeri Selangor.

6. Dr Asri hingga kini mempertikaikan undang-undang jenayah Syariah negara serta mentafsirkannya tidak mengikut peruntukan undang-undang dan hukum syarak yang diterima para Ulamak dan masyarakat Islam. Dengan melantik seorang yang berpandangan dan pendekatan seperti ini, ia akan melenyapkan keyakinan dan kepercayaan umat Islam bukan sahaja kepada YADIM malah kepada kerajaan keseluruhannya atas kegagalan memelihara ajaran dan amalan Islam yang dipegang selama ini.

7. Pendekatan ekstrem Dr.Asri telah mengundang pelbagai akibat dan keresahan di kalangan umatIslam di seluruh Negara khususnya di negeri Perlis. Imam-imam di Perlis yang tidak mendokong aliran Dr Asri telah diketepikan malah baru-baru ini mereka telah ditukarkan atas alasan yang sama (beritaberita sebegini telah tersiar di dalam akhbar-akhbar utama negara). Cercaan beliau dan pengikutnya kepada amalan solat hajat kononnya ia satu bentuk maksiat dalam masjid telah mengundang perbalahandan beberapa kejadian pergaduhan.

8. Sebagai seorang yang terlalu muda serta gagal menghayati budaya adab sopan umat Islam dimalaysia, Dr Asri lebih banyak mengundang kontroversi dan merupakan seorang yang keras, elstrem serta tidak dapat menerima teguran, pandangan dan kritikan orang lain. Majlis-Majlis Agama Islam Negeri-negeri lain selain Perlis, Tokoh-tokoh agama arus perdana termasuk semua para Mufti Negerinegeri (kecuali Perlis) serta tokoh-tokoh seperti Prof.Datuk Dr.Ismail Ibrahim, Tan Sri Syeikh Ghazali Abd Rahman bekas Ketua Pengarah JKSM, Dato' Hashim b.Yahya bekas Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, Dato' Nooh Gadot dan ramai lagi amat tidak senang dengan pendekatan dan pendirian sebegini.

9. Penolakkan oleh sebahagian besar tokoh agama dan umat Islam terhadap pemikiran danpendekatan beliau dalam amalan agama adalah kelemahan besar Dr.Asri dan amat tidak sesuai untuk menerajui sebuah agensi dakwah yang ditunjangi oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Peribadi yang lebih berhemah dan memahami manhaj dan metodologi dakwah di Malaysia adalah lebih wajar menerajui YADIM. Terdapat ramai lagi tokoh lain yang tidak kontroversi yang datang dari golongan Muslim arus perdana yang boleh dilantik menerajui YADIM dan diterima oleh masyarakat Islam arus perdana.

10. Dr Asri bukan sahaja ditolak oleh majoriti penyokong UMNO, malah beliau juga tidak disenangi oleh penyokong PAS yang merupakan 2 parti umat Islam terbesar. Hanya segelintir dari masyarakat Islam yang berpendirian ekstrem dalam hal furu' atau perkara cabang yang gembira dengan pemikiran dan pendekatan beliau. Kami bimbang Kerajaan Persekutuan akan disisihkan oleh umat Islam dalam kegiatan keagamaan dan amalan keagamaan yang seragam dan telah sebati di seluruh Negara tidak lagi menjadi arus perdana di masa akan datang, manakala Pihak Berkuasa Agama Negeri mengambil pendekatan berbeza dari Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Diserahkan oleh Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM)

Ditandatangani oleh:

Mohamad Isa bin Abd Ralip

Presiden PGSM

Bertarikh 12 Oktober, 2009

Badan-Badan Bukan Kerajaan Yang Menyokong Memorandum ini –

1. Persatuan Pegawai-Pegawai Syariah Malaysia

2. Yayasan Sofa Negeri Sembilan

3. Yayasan Jenderami

4. Pertubuhan Muafakat Masyarakat Sejahtera (MUAFAKAT)

5. Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malysia

6. Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia

7. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM)

8. Persatuan Alumni Kolej Islam (ALKIS)

9. Jemaah Islah malaysia (JIM)

10. Persatuan Ulamak Malaysia (PUM)

11. Yayasan Paksi Kedah

12. Persatuan Ulamak Kedah

13. Teras Pengupayaan Melayu (TERAS

Picture of the day

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 06:19 PM PDT

Blood drips from the cheek of a devotee of the Chinese Shrine Bang Neoware after having his cheek pierced prior to a street procession at the Vegetarian Festival Friday, Oct. 23, 2009, in Phuket, Thailand.

The annual festival traces its origin back to the early 1800's when Chinese tin miners and others who had been stricken with disease recovered by adhering to a strict vegetarian diet.

nizar 'Even Zakaria was better than Badrul' - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 04:55 PM PDT

Malaysiakini visits Port Klang town to ask locals about their elected rep Badrul Hisham Abdullah, but found that they have few, if any, good things to say. [VIDEO INSIDE]

For a number of Port Klang voters, yesterday was the first time they have laid eyes on elected representative Badrul Hisham Abdullah, whose face was splashed across most newspaper front-page for quitting PKR.

When Malaysiakini visited Port Klang town, most locals interviewed said they were unaware of what Badrul Hisham looked like prior to this, because they had never seen him before.

what it takes to bring UMNO/BN down

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 11:05 AM PDT

umno_logo_terbalikanother article by wan imran wan chik on facebook. it was written 7 days ago. didn't share it earlier as had other posts to made. today being sunday, is actually a day where i normally don't post anything politics (but posts fun stuffs like jokes, motivational stories) but no time to look around for those stuffs, so thought to put up imran's article. see if you agree with him on what it takes to bring UMNO down.

RPK, though said, we must bring the police down first.  the police control umno… er… umno control the police… er… same thing lah! it's like "you scratch my back, i scratch your back".  what RPK was saying was that  our PM should be sitting in jail because of the altantuya's case but he did not… all because of the IGP, musa hassan.  there's a conspiracy between the IGP/police and the PM to cover up the PM's (and also his wife) involvement in the altantuya's case. according to RPK, the IGP is scared of PR coming into power, because if they do, they will put him in jail (that's why the police is all out to get PR… just look at the perak state assembly).  so PM will make sure he doesn't go to jail since he made sure the PM doesn't go to jail. see, you scratch my back, i scratch your back.

oh dear me, i was going to post imran's article on what it take to bring umno down but was talking about RPK's article instead. ok, here's the article now (but do remember to read RPK's too! he mentioned about being prepared for some explosive exposure on the altantuya's case before christmas.). please click on 'read the rest of the entry' to read further on imran's article. btw, i had posted earlier another article by imran too on the history of umno.


What it 'really'  takes to bring down UMNO and BN
by Wan Imran Wan Chik

(found on facebook)

I think when dealing with so many human beings and the issues they bring…things probably are a bit 'kecamuk' in PR until they could properly focus on mutual strategies. But one of the BASIC problems I see going on in PR and it's component parties is the traditional method of making individual shots at the corrupted individuals, particularly of UMNO which are TOO MANY to count coz there's many MORE cases of corruption that are still UNSEEN or UNREPORTED yet.

But let's truly face the facts and FOCUS here. What we're really up against when dealing with BAZIRan Nasional which is led by UMNO is in-fact not merely individuals…but we are fighting against a SYSTEM… a SYSTEM of protectionist policies built AROUND the NEP and which is PROTECTED by it! The KEY to defeating UMNO and BN if as usual, you want to kill a snake…go for the HEAD and the HEAD of BN is UMNO as Malays are the 'majority' voters. Unless MALAYS themselves change…NOTHING will happen. As long UMNO keeps on feeding hatred and separatism by 'demonizing' other races especially the Chinese in this country…instead of promoting economic cooperation and racial understanding…NOTHING will change…and as long as our races REMAIN separate and in ENMITY towards each-other…then UMNO's ideology or RACIAL based politics will continue and REMAIN strong. It is US…WE who have to CHANGE, to SHOW and MAKE a difference in this country.

But when we're dealing and talking about a SYSTEM…we have to look at the BIGGER PICTURE here right now… every party and system has a LIFE FORCE…or LIFE BLOOD…and the system which FEEDS UMNO and it's political machine are not small…coz we're talking about almost every SOE/GLC around which has been set-up as a FRONT to so called 'protect' Malay rights while at the back it FUNDS the UMNO political party with projects and provides it with the capital. UMNO maintains it's power and CONTROL by ensuring that those people appointed at the TOP level of these GLC's along with it's Board of Directors are pro-UMNO supporters in terms of proxies who are their cronies.

We're talking about a BIG SYSTEM here that we're up against…and this is what PR has NOT been focusing on. Coz battling against UMNO is like someone saying I'd like to pick a fight with 'Mitsubishi' corporation as the SYSTEM which funds and protects UMNO is no different than the 'Keiratsu' Corporations in Japan which are almost 'fully integrated' with a Bank at it's heart.
One thing in COMMON though is…all these GLC's not only provide jobs for the Malays but are also designed to MONOPOLIZE many certain markets, whether commodities, services or even utilities…

But this system is designed so well in a way that it FAVORS putting UMNO proxies and cronies at the TOP LEVEL, enriching them that they could MAINTAIN their power for as long as this form of control and favoritism is in place while keeping the majority or Malays as merely SLAVES to the system itself at LOWER employee level.

So what we should look at is the FACT that Malaysia is actually running on TWO different economic systems that are due to 50 years of Racial Based politics…SEPARATED or SEGREGATED by race itself.

The Malay Economy is a PROTECTIONIST POLICY and a 'command economy' similar to the type of command economist in mainland China similar to a communist system fully controlled by the government, aimed at giving EASY JOBS to Malays who want the EASY WAY OUT, where the TOP EXECUTIVE positions are reserved mainly for their own cronies and proxies in the system. It's a system where the government makes the people jump through loops for them and the majority of people, who are the Malays just simply follow and have not much choice cause their JOBS depend on it. Government says do IT…everybody does IT. Government says do BIO-TECH…everybody does BIO-TECH.

But the Non-Malay part of the economy in fact is a more FREE-ENTERPRISE and OPEN-MARKET ECONOMY, which is very COMPETITIVE, with high risks and rewards and is a PROPER market economy that functions via Capitalism the SAME way it functions in the Industrialized Nations such as America, England, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Canada. This in what you could call a more NORMAL functioning economy and to endeavor in such an environment economy requires skills in evaluating RISKS and making investments as well as COURAGE. This part of the Malaysian economy which for decades has been predominated by non-Malays is NOT for the weak of heart, coz to go INTO business and entrepreneurship…1 must ALWAYS be aware of opportunities and be ready to TAKE RISK as well as LOSE money at times…something which Malays are NOT used to and even AFRAID to do as the ECONOMY built by the NEP which they are USED to has very minimal or little risk dealing with Government tenders and projects which IF and WHEN awarded…they are GUARANTEED by the Federal Government…just like someone who invests in Government Securities such as a Treasury Note, Bill or Bond.

But it is in fact this SKILL at EVALUATING RISK and TAKING it, the skills to view things from an INVESTORS point of view which from the very beginning Malays LACK the most and the UMNO led government of course never BOTHERED to make sure that Malays possessed! Coz IF the Malays were to become INDEPENDENT, if they were to ACQUIRE such skills as well as more RISK TAKING attitudes such as that of an entrepreneur businessman and investor similartumbukBN to the Chinese… this in return would give BIRTH to many or more LIBERATED Malays. Malays who are MARKET ORIENTED and FREE from the NEP system which they have built and protected all this while which is designed to KEEP Malays from truly becoming INDEPENDENT and to MAKE the Malays in general DEPEND upon the Government itself. Coz as long as the Malays continue to LIVE in FEAR, are AFRAID to venture out and TAKE RISKS…UMNO will forever be in control of them and Malays remain as ADDICTS to subsidies, hand outs and feeding FROM this system which they have built.

But one of the major KEYS here right now in weakening and probably even bringing DOWN this system is by LIBERATING the Malays, both INTELLECTUALLY as well as FINANCIALLY to make them INDEPENDENT whereas they are CAPABLE of standing on their own without government aid or help. But one of the major problems going on today, the SYSTEM built by UMNO also includes the BANKING systems where either Government Sovereign Wealth Funds such as Khazanah Nasional or PNB have their hands or grip on such as Maybank, CIMB, SME Bank, Bank Pembangunan, Bank Rakyat or even Bank Islam. The same way there is TOO MUCH concentration of power in the FEDERAL Government itself where it CONTROLS much of the finances NEEDED by the States including Royalty for oil such as for Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak. At a lower level, the SYSTEM built also controls the much NEEDED CAPITAL which Malays NEED to actually bring-up or even START-UP their very OWN businesses as most of these funds are controlled by these State-Owned-Enterprises ( SOE ) -might I remind you that SOE is the international term used most often while Malaysia is the one that likes to use the term GLC-. Although there are so called 'bumiputra loans' out there…in MANY cases I have come across, ironically…INDEPENDENT bumiputra's or Malays who are 'small millionaires' probably owning several restaurants for example…cannot even GET the Capital or Loans they need or apply for in their business which may have been running strong for over 10 years. But a very well known secret it…much of this Capital in the Millions are usually RESERVED for certain 'Dato's', Datuk', or 'Tan Sri's, who are cronies or proxies of UMNO itself both for individual as well as commercial use for their companies, kept aside READY to provide funding in terms of Bridge Loans or Gap Financing for any projects given out to them by the government. So although the banks SAY that these bumiputra loans EXIST… the LARGE PORTION of this much needed capital is not MEANT for EVERYONE! Therefore finding proper INVESTORS to HELP these Malays LIBERATE themselves from the SYSTEM and the Government is hard, as very RARELY would a Malay actually APPROACH or even THINK of finding any financial help or assistance from the NON-Malays or Non-Malay companies/corporations or even Banks for that matter due to years of ENMITY and RACIAL SEPARATISM promoted by our countries politics and this system which is like a living, breathing organism or BEAST by itself…

But there are and HAVE been many instances where Non-Malays have acted merely or solely as passive investors in Malay predominant businesses as well, simply maintaining position as a 'share-holder' or 'majority shareholder', monitoring and sometimes simply helping on the management side while the business runs itself under supervision. 1 example I have seen is in-fact in the local film industry such as MetroWealth pictures owned by Producer David Teoh which produces a lot of local Malay films. Although the quality of these films are a different issue…but because there is a MARKET for such things. David's investments in the local film industry continues to provide JOB OPPORTUNITIES in this Malay centric industry while simply maintaining his position as a Producer or Investor.

But if MANY MORE non-Malays actually LOOK at the MALAY SECTOR of the Economy purely and sorely from an INVESTORS point-of-view…they could very well see that it is a pretty much still UNDERDEVELOPED ECONOMY which still has much potential to venture in.

But if NON-Malays also look at it from a Political point of view as well… it may actually serve as BOTH a chance for investment as well as for RACIAL LIBERATION from UMNO and racial separatism and segregated economy as well.

Since the very system which has been brought up by UMNO favors UNproductive and USELESS Malays that are only useful to serving their OWN political parties agenda financially. What in-fact COULD be done by NON-Malays is FILL IN THE GAP which is missing in the local economy by taking a position as an INVESTOR to both help LIBERATE the Malays from DEPENDENCY upon the Government created NEP system towards TRAINING and TEACHING Malays to become more Market Oriented and Risk Averse in being able to stand on their own, but also learn to COOPERATE and WORK TOGETHER economically with the non-Malays in helping each-other out in business and so forth.

Since the UMNO created Government system CHOOSES and SELECTS their OWN type of Malays which have always been a BAD EXAMPLE shown towards other Malays where they see men of Wealth and Title, who simply made it through mere 'political know WHO'.

The NON-Malays in Malaysia could in-fact come up with the opposite by CHOOSING and SELECTING their very OWN Malays to bring-up who are the exact OPPOSITES of the types of Malays which the UMNO Government system has brought up or fostered.

Malays who are OPEN MINDED, more LIBERAL, who BELIEVE in hard work and self-honor and who are NOT judgmental or even RACIST for that matter. THESE particular type of Malays who are usually a bit more VOCAL and OUTSPOKEN, OPINIONED are usually PURPOSELY segregated and LEFT OUT by the UMNO NEP bred Malays as they are seen as DIFFERENT and sometimes due to their EDUCATION…a THREAT to their very SYSTEM. And there are MANY of these Malays in-fact out there.

Malays whom if brought up, in-fact have MORE potential to succeed GLOBALLY where the UMNO system could NOT succeed as it only applies DOMESTICALLY where the NEP system applies. But THESE NEW Malays if brought up, nurtured and given a 'chance' would become the BETTER EXAMPLES for other Malays to follow in their footsteps and take PRIDE in, as these Malays are those who succeeded based on their own SKILLS as well as PASSION and DETERMINATION…and not simply by KNOW WHO or getting simple hand-outs.

The KEY to dropping Barisan Nasional today is in-fact by focusing on efforst towards changing the mindsets of the majority in Malaysia who are the Malays and also in focusing on UMNO's efforts which most often FAILS and only favors it's OWN cronies and proxies.

A movement towards a Financial LIBERATION of the Malays is what is going to be needed to go up against the NEP Protectionist system which aims and targets to Financially ENSLAVE the majority of Malays and keep them UNDER CONTROL of the Federal Government and those who are in power at the TOP LEVEL of UMNO's politics.

Financial FREEDOM is the 1 difference that you could see in Barisan Nasional itself between MCA and UMNO whereby even in MCA they 'change' their leaders every now and then and could even vote 'against' them as majority of Chinese in Malaysia do NOT depend upon the NEP and government tenders & contracts. Such FREEDOM turns the table around in terms of political powers where those 'elected' have to LISTEN to the people electing them if not they will LOSE their vote of confidence. Whereas in UMNO whereby a MAJORITY of Malays DEPEND upon the NEP and work for the Government, it is the leaders who call the shots and the people who are just workers, employees or contractors have to LISTEN giving such people almost unlimited powers.

But IF for example a movement towards weakening the very NEP system, for eg. minimizing 'deposits' in GLC Banks and transferring the money/savings to more independent banks out there, this in-fact would help 'weaken' the system as many of these GLC Banks also are the main providers of capital to all the projects or mega projects developed by government. This could also be done at a more State level, especially states under Pakatan Rakyat rule.

But one of the best method in-fact would be to set-up a Trust Fund which functions almost like a Venture Capital company which helps invests in NEW MALAYS as mentioned above with the aim of LIBERATING them and TEACHING the Malays to be more business savvy and financially independent. These companies could also later be 'merged' with non-Malay companies which it invests in which have a good potential for merging to create stronger truly MALAYSIAN companies with a more diverse ethnic background not only in terms of board of directors and company executives or personnel, but through economic cooperation…such Malaysian companies products and services would truly be able to tap into a more DIVERSE market all across Malaysia and sell it's products and services to ALL races, making them much stronger. As for insurance…the companies main charter would also include EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT and Anti-Discrimination to breed out racism asides from ensuring that these Malay entreprenuers who are CHOSEN are NOT the Feudal Type of Malays of UMNO and are also NOT racist themselves.

One of the types of companies which could also be grown, may also develop into a more 'independent' Bank or Financial Institution later on which helps to provide the capital needed by smaller Malay firms themselves which could not gain capital from the GLC owned banks eventhough they qualify.

As the saying goes:

"If you give a boy a fish, he'll eat for a day. But if you TEACH a boy to fish,
he could eat EVERYDAY!"

And THIS is in-fact where UMNO and the Government has in-fact FAILED in truly bringing up the Malays, as they had not MAKE sure and more likely than not DELIBERATELY ENSURED that Malays do NOT possess the RIGHT skills to survive out there in the world INDEPENDENTLY from government by themselves. To possess the right knowledge in business and financial management and to learn how to stategically plan and invests their money for the long run, which has been a problem among Malays since the very beginning BEFORE the NEP itself when the British introduce the modern economy using currencies.

But if WE who believe in TRUE UNITY for this nation work and cooperate together and even lend a helping hand to each other. We could END this separatism and racial segregation which aims only at DIVIDING us against one another while ENSLAVING others only to some corrupted politicians benefit and their families and cronies.

All this while UMNO has taught Malays to HATE the other races, particularly the Chinese…in some ways 'demonizing' them as well as the Indians. Going as far as even claiming that the Chinese had STARTED the May 13 incident when history shows that it was in-fact UMNO and it's racism which had started that incident which sacrificed hundreds of innocent lives that later on led to the NEP which indirectly was built on the blood of hundred's of innocents.

But if WE work together as Malaysians, and together PROVIDE the skills to TEACH the Malays to become independent and business savvy, as well as work together in assisting in LIBERATING them… WE could prove all the lies told all this while WRONG!
For it is only WE who can truly make a change in this country by starting with US.

But if WE could also help bring up these NEW Malays, particularly those who are NON-RACIST, that do not SHARE the same negative values taught by UMNO and the older Feudalistic generation, these Malays who aim high and to become GLOBAL would also become a shining example to OTHER Malays that you do not NEED the NEP or government in order to succeed, just talent, skills, knowledge along with the courage, passion and determination to succeed…you CAN make it. And when Malays in general begin to SEE the success of these NEW INDEPENDENT MALAYS…it would also begin to CHANGE their minds, perspectives and views of OTHER races who had helped bring about this positive change which the government has deliberately FAILED to do…when COMPARED these NEW INDEPENDENT and MARKET ORIENTED Malays to the NEP Government bred Malays… the NEP UMNO fed & bred Malays will only SHY in comparison as they are LESS DYNAMIC, LESS INNOVATIVE, LESS CREATIVE and LESS CONFIDENT in themselves to set or even become good examples for ALL Malays to follow. This will also indirectly help people LOSE their confidence in UMNO which enforces and PROTECTS the NEP bred system itself.

If we could help do THIS…through economic cooperation and collaboration. Then our NEXT step towards ending the racial separation and segregation that exist in our country today…and our move towards RACIAL EQUALITY would come a step even CLOSER to reality.

Let's END the ENSLAVEMENT and bring down the system today!!!

(note:   pictures here are taken from the 'say no to umno' blog)

So Yesterday

Posted: 31 Oct 2009 11:51 AM PDT

I remember when Tricia Yeoh came to youth camp (Inter Campus Gathering) back in Johor last 2 months, where I was attended it. She wore a t-shirt which is quite interesting for me. It was printed on her t-shirt and it says,


How cool is that?Ermm....Ok, Tricia Yeoh is a Senior Research Analyst of the newly minted Centre For Public Policy Studies (CPPS), Asian Strategic Leadership Institute (ASLI). Well, you can say, Datuk Khalid Ibrahim's employee. (Selangor MB)

But I really like the t-shirt.....thinking of getting one from her. So that I can wear it around campus and show off to people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well, at least, let them notice and THINK about it. (^_^)/

p/s: Sapa mau?Raise up your hands!

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