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Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore

Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore

Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 10:04 AM PST

Thanks to Nuffnang and Uniquely Singapore, I got to join this Uniquely Singapore one day blogger tour for free. This is part of the Nuffnang Blog Awards trip to Singapore and happened on the next day of the blog awards night. I slept quite late on the night before, spending some times on the Internet and woke up at around 7.45am, it's like 5-6 hours of sleep.

IMG_2243 by nicholaschan.

Freshen up. Put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, got my camera and off I was. The bloggers tour were divided into groups and I was in Group A with bloggers from Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Singapore too.

IMG_2244 by nicholaschan.

First stop of the one-day tour was Mint Museum of Toys which is also a cafe, restaurant and wine bar. Pretty cool right? A toy museum which is quite different with the one in my hometown here in Penang.

Located on Seah Street, very near to Raffles Hotel.

IMG_2246 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2250 by nicholaschan.

A 5 stories building with a basement, it doesn't look like a museum from it's outer contemporary view. It's a sponsored tour, so I need not to pay the S$15 entrance fee, which I would say a little bit expensive but worth it if you are a museum hopper and a toy fans. There's so much to see in this little cozy space.

IMG_2251 by nicholaschan.

We had already been divided into group, but at here, we were divided into a smaller groups to tour different floor because of limited space and guide. Randolph Chew was so kind to guide us around and told us almost everything about the toys and the stories behind.

IMG_2252 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2253 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2263 by nicholaschan.

The top floor is a bar which house a lot of old school coffee shops advertisement plates. It's like travel back in time to the olden days.

DSC_0875 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2284 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2280 by nicholaschan.

It's a very modern-ish, contemporary gallery of toys. Everything are well-displayed with very sweet lighting on the acrylic illuminated shelf, which makes photographing easy and nice.

IMG_2286 by nicholaschan.

It's all about toys from around the world, America's, Europe's and Asia's. You see the above King Kong's poster? What's so special about it is that it's one of few which features King Kong itself on the World Trade Centre instead of the Empire State Building.

IMG_2289 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2293 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2295 by nicholaschan.

The owner of the musuem is a serious hardcore toy collectors. I would say he turned hobby into investment, and he must be eff-ingly rich! Just look at the price tag and imagine how much he had spent on the toys. Oh my god, pro.

IMG_2301 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2306 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2325 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2337 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2352 by nicholaschan.

I know only a few of them, eg. Popeye, Disney's characters, Tin Tin, Star Wars, Star Trek, Astroboy and a few more. I realised that there's no Japanese cute anime figurine, where are they?!

IMG_2357 by nicholaschan.

I am not really a fan of cartoons now. Do you know that Astroboy was actually Astro(girl)? The Japanese felt weird and later changed her sex into a boy, and the girl character had became Astroboy's sister.

IMG_2372 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2376 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2365 by nicholaschan.

See the above's mouse. They are evil Mickey Mouse created by the English to defame the real Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. Interesting stories back then when there's no patent about toys and cartoon character, everyone copys.

IMG_2359 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2371 by nicholaschan.

Ugly bear.

IMG_2416 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2378 by nicholaschan.

DSC_1028 by nicholaschan.

DSC_0939 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2398 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2410 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2412 by nicholaschan.

Another cool piece is the the wagon. The wagon is not cool, but the box is because it came in from Penang's port and travelled to Ipoh and lastly, lies in this museum. Penang yeah!

Nuffnang Blog Award 2009 by NAPBAS.

IMG_2419 by nicholaschan. DSC_0990 by nicholaschan.

Free door gift too! Nice tour.

Next stop: Chinatown Heritage Centre and more!

Obese Struggle To Earn A Living - bbc online

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 08:00 AM PST

Obese 'struggle to earn living'
fat man measuring his belly.
One in three adults in the UK are expected to be obese by 2012

Obese people are struggling to earn above the national average income, according to a survey.

Just under half (46%) earn more than £20,000 a year, which is the national average, while the majority earn between £10,000 and £15,000.

The survey conducted by YouGov also indicates that only 5% of people feel their weight has held them back.

But one charity said there was no doubt obesity affected work, through prejudice and health problems.

One in three adults in the UK are expected to be obese by 2012.

Negative impact

The survey questioned a representative survey of 2,056 UK adults and was commissioned by a private health business, The Hospital Group.

More than half (53%) said they were overweight or obese compared with 45% who were normal or underweight.

There is good evidence that the less control you have over your work, the more stressed you feel, and the lower income you earn, the lower your life expectancy
Dr Ian Campbell, Weight Concern

The overweight or obese said their weight had a negative impact on their ability to take part in leisure activities - 23% mentioned cycling, swimming and running and 14% said it affected their sex lives.

They also described some of the ways their weight had held them back in their careers.

One person said they could not comply with the Marine and Coastguard Agency limits for a licence.

Another admitted they had taken too many days off because of illness.

And many of them said there was a perception at work that they were lazy but the level of their output did not support that.

However, nearly a third ( 31%) said they disagreed with the idea that their weight had held them back in their careers.

Social prejudice

Dr Ian Campbell, of the charity Weight Concern, said there was no doubt that being obese made it harder for an individual to find higher paid employment due to social prejudice and medical problems.

He said: "There is good evidence that the less control you have over your work, the more stressed you feel, and the lower income you earn, the lower your life expectancy.

"People living in lower socio-economic conditions have a greater risk of obesity through less control of their environment, poorer nutrition, and less opportunity for physical activity.

"Particularly in the current recession we are seeing more people turning away from healthy, more expensive fruit and vegetables, to cheaper processed fatty foods."


The Liberal Democrat health spokesman, Norman Lamb said: "Obesity is a massive problem in the UK and the Government has failed to address it adequately.

"NHS finances are already overstretched and unless we get more people to lead healthier lifestyles then obesity could bankrupt the health service.

"This report makes for particularly disturbing reading as it highlights the worrying link between poverty and obesity.

"Until we stop trying to dictate policy nationally and give people the freedom to tackle public health problems locally, this cycle of poverty and ill health is likely to continue."
PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 30,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing:

Era Najib Altantuya : Blog Dan Kebenaran Dengan Rujukan Kes ABC

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 08:09 AM PST

Apa yang didakwa oleh penulis-penulis blog terhadap Ust Abu Bakar Chik dalam Mesyuarat Khas PAS Pusat adalah bohong dan tidak benar. Kononnya Ust Abu Bakar Chik menyergah dan mengherdik Tok Guru dengan biadab, mengatakan Tok Guru nyanyuk, orang tua dan perlu letak jawatan sebagai Mursyidul Am.

Saya tidak mahu melayani penulis-penulis blog seumpama itu, tetapi bila ramai yang menghubungi saya akan kebenaran tersebut, saya terpaksa mencari sumber yang sebenar. Saya sendiri tidak percaya cerita-cerita tersebut, tetapi apa yang saya kesalkan penulis-penulis blog PAS turut memuatkan cerita tersebut dalam blog-blog mereka.

Saya sangat kenal dengan semua AJK PAS Pusat berbanding dengan penulis-penulis blog. Saya boleh telepon semua AJK untuk mengetahui cerita yang sebenar, Ust Abu Bakar Chik pernah menjadi Ketua Pemuda PAS Pusat dan saya salah seorang EXCOnya beberapa penggal, Mahfuz Omar juga Ketua Pemuda PAS dan saya pernah menjadi Setiausahanya, bahkan sewaktu beliau menjadi Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat saya juga menjadi Setiaushanya, sewaktu Salehuddin Ayob menjadi Ketua Pemuda PAS Pusat, Ust Idris Ahmad Timbalannya saya pula Naib Ketua Pemudanya, yang lain-lain juga saya lebih rapat dengan mereka berbanding para penulis blog.

Begitu juga Tok Guru Mursyidul Am, saya lebih rapat dan kenali Tok Guru berbanding dengan para penulis blog tersebut. Malam selepas sidang DUN 28 Oktober, Tok Guru menghubungi saya melalui Setiausaha Politiknya untuk mengetahui apa yang berlaku dalam sidang DUN 28 Oktober, saya bercakap sendiri dengan Tok Guru dalam perbualan di telepon. Begitulah dengan yang lain-lain, setiap AJK PAS Pusat dari Datuk Presiden sehinggalah semua AJK PAS Pusat saya jauh lebih kenali mereka berbanding-banding penulis blog-blog tersebut.

Kalau saya mahu mengetahui apa yang berlaku dalam mesyuarat, saya boleh menghubungi mereka semua. Tetapi itu kerja bodoh, tidak cerdik, buang masa dan tidak berakhlak. Apa hak saya ingin mengetahui perjalanan mesyuarat tersebut, yang penting apa keputusan mesyuarat terhadap isu tersebut, bagaimana cara mereka bermesyuarat, cara mereka berhujjah, tinggi ke rendah ke suara mereka, untuk apa saya tahu ?. Dan kalau pun ada di kalangan AJK yang ceritakan perjalanan mesyuarat tersebut, AJK PAS Pusat itulah yang paling tidak berdisiplin dan berakhlak dan tidak layak menjadi AJK PAS Pusat.

Walau bagaimanapun saya hubungi juga beberapa orang Jawatankuasa Harian dan AJK PAS Pusat yang sangat rapat dengan saya untuk mengetahui kebenaran dakwaan dalam blog tersebut. Ternyata semua dakwaan dalam blog tidak betul, Ust Abu Bakar Chik tidak pernah mengeluarkan kata-kata seumpama itu, tidak keluar ucapan Tok Guru Nyanyuk, orang tua, letak jawatan dan sebagainya sebagaimana yang didakwa oleh blog.

Ust Abu Bakar Chik sama macam AJK yang lain bersuara menyatakan pandangan terhadap isu-isu yang dibincangkan, beliau ada menegur Tok Guru supaya tidak menulis dalam blog bagi menyatakan pandangannya terhadap masalah dalaman parti, dan Tok Guru menerima terguran tersebut dengan hati terbuka.

Keesokan hari Tok Guru ditanya oleh wartawan di Bachok, Kelantan tentang mesyuarat khas yang diadakan, Tok Guru menyatakan kepada wartawan beliau sangat puas hati dengan perjalanan mesyuarat, Tok Guru menjawab ringkas "biasalah dalam mesyuarat, ada tegur menegur, saya ditegur, Presiden PAS juga saya tegur, Hasan Ali juga ditegur". Beliau sangat puas hati dengan perjalanan Mesyuarat Khas tersebut dan bersetuju dengan keputusan mesyuarat untuk mengadakan Seminar Memperkasakan Parti bagi menggantikan EGM yang dicadangkan.

Dakwaan penulis blog adalah palsu, liar dan berniat jahat, yang sangat dikesali ada penulis-penulis blog dari PAS juga turut memuatkan cerita palsu dalam blog-blog mereka. Mereka jadi penyambung kepada penabur-penabur fitnah ini.

Ada penulis blog yang mensifatkan wakil-wakil PAS yang menyertai seminar tidak ada teluq kalau tidak berani bertanya kenyataan tersebut. Lebih baik tidak ada teluq daripada bertanya soalan bodoh seumpama itu, kalau ada teluq sekalipun nak buat apa, kalau teluqnya dibiarkan dipicit orang lain untuk mengikut sahaja apa yang orang lain kata terhadap pimpinan PAS, lalu dimasukkan dalam blognya.

Kepada penulis blog yang mengaku ahli dan penyokong PAS, tulislah dengan jujur, jangan tulis hanya sekadar untuk mendapat hit yang tinggi setiap hari, penulis blog PAS mesti menulis untuk membangunkan PAS dan menjadi pelapor yang betul kepada rakyat, bukan penyambung kepada pembohongan dan fitnah. Jadilah penulis yang membangun bukan meruntuh parti. -misbahulmunir

Ulasan GB

Persoalan samada penulis blog berkenaan berbohong atau membuat dakwaan palsu adalah tanggungjawab penulis blog berkenaan.

Selama ini pun tidak ada yang berani mendakwa maklumat di dalam blog adalah 100% benar dan sahih tetapi ia menjadi asas kepada mencari kebenaran.

Saya menyeru agar penulis blog berkenaan tampil membawa buktinya. Jika tidak beliau mesti bertanggungjawab kerana di dalam alam siber, penyebaran maklumat adalah pantas yang kadangkala melepasi tapisan, dan kita belum ada mekanisma untuk menentukan kesahihan sesuatu berita hatta berita dari harakahdaily sekalipun. Whatever news, especially from the net are all subjected to scrutinization and verification which must be carried out by the readers themselves. Tiada jaminan isi kandungan mana-mana blog di dunia ini boleh diterima sebagai 100% benar.

Namun ada hikmah yang tersembunyi sekalipun jika berita itu palsu. Dimanakan Ust Abu Barak Chik? Mengapa beliau sendiri tidak tampil membela diri di dalam blognya. Tiada blog? Kenapa tiada blog? Pemimpin PAS Pusat perlu sentiasa up-to-date dengan maklumat terkini. Pemimpin PR yang lain kebanyakannya ada blog masing-masin termasuk DSAI dan Lim Kit Siang, tetapi dimana blog pemimpin-pemimpin tertinggi PAS, Presiden, Timbalan Presiden dan Setiausaha Agong? Mengapa tertinggal? Mengapa marah TGNA menulis di blog kalau anda sendiri pemalas untuk menulis blog? Atau jika ada blog malas pula nak kemaskini.

Blogger ada blogger. Mereka menulis dari perspektif mereka. Sewaktu kemelut politik Perak, siapa yang berhempas pulas menyampaikan maklumat kalau bukan blogger? Sekalipun berita-berita dalam blog yang ada waktu itu belum dipastikan menyebarkan berita yang 100% benar.

Ada berita yang 100% benar, ada yang sekitar 60%-90% benar, ada yang di bawah 50% tahap kebolehpercayaan berita-berita berkenaan. Cuma kita kekurangan mekanisma untuk penetapan kesahihan sesuatu berita. Namun disebarkan juga waktu itu melalui blog termasuk blog ustadz sendiri yang saya ikuti sentiasa. Itu kaedah yang lazim dilakukan di dalam disiplin kewatawanan.

Kalau hendak menentukan sesuatu berita itu 100% benar, terutama berita-berita mengenai rampasan kuasa di Perak waktu itu, mungkin ia memakan masa kerana kita perlu semak kesahihan dengan pelbagai sumber. Dan apabila hendak diterbitkan pada waktu itu mungkin berita itu telah dikategorikan "basi".

Justeru ia diterbitkan dan kemudian pihak empunya diri perlu tampil pertahankan diri jik berita itu tidak benar pada masa itu juga melalui blog-blog mereka. Jika mereka tiada blog itu salah mereka sebab "perang siber" mencicirkan mereka yang naif.

Ini zaman teknologi, bukan zaman primitif, bukan abad ke 17.

Kepada Ust Misbahul, rasa nya tak perlu mendabik dada bahawa aku kenal semua pemimpin tertinggi PAS dan boleh telefon bila-bila masa jika mahu. Itulah juga sikap yang pernah dilakukan oleh seorang ahli pathologi berbangsa India yang sebelum memulakan keterangannya di dalam kes Teoh Beng Hock, menyatakan "saya telah melakukan lebih 3000 kajian... bla bla.." untuk menunjukkan kononnya beliau ahli pathologi handalan. Yang kini rupa-rupanya macam nak terbukti beliau terlibat di dalam pemalsuan fakta .. (kena tunggu keterangan ahli pathologi Thailand untuk pengesahan pemalsuan itu)

Kemudian di dalam ulasan saya terhadap artikel itu, saya merujuk kepada kecaman ABC terhadap tetamu yang diundang PAS. Berita itu SAHIH dimana ABC dilaporkan beliau tidak boleh lihat muka Prof Abdul Aziz Bari.

Yang nyata rata-rata ahli tidak senang dengan gelagat ABC yang buruk di seminar berkenaan. Mengapa hal itu lansung Ustaz Misbahul tidak ulas dan tidak sentuh? Cuma sentuh yang palsu tetapi tak berani sentuh hal yang benar?

Royal Commission To Check MACC

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 06:54 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has formed a special team to check corruption, abuse of power and misappropriation of funds by elected representatives.

The special team, managed by its inspection and consulting division will conduct an overall study of the rules, procedures and systems used by state assemblymen and Members of Parliament in spending the allocations to close the avenues and opportunities for corruption. - Bernama.

Hello 1 Malaysia, The Commission you should form is "The Royal Commission To Check The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)" They are the commission where most culprit gether.

nizar altantuya Najib: Satisfying all communities no easy task - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 06:52 AM PST

Prime Minister Najib Razak has agreed to the setting up of a special cabinet committee to address issues relating to the indigenous communities in Sabah and Sarawak.

He said the committee comprising of federal ministers from the two states would look into matters related to challenges faced by them and that this was a way for the government look for amicable solutions to integrate the communities concerned in the unity and development of the nation.

NONE"We are rational and moderate. We think of each other. I wish to see issues resolved so as to benefit all quarters.

"So we will have this committee as a means of finding solutions (on outstanding issues)," he said when opening the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation's (Upko) national convention here today.

Najib also asked for the people to understand his capacity as prime minister in dealing with issues and sensitivities of the people.

"Please understand. It is not an easy job. I am standing on a tightrope trying to balance and satisfy the needs of the people.
(Source: Mkini - Support Mkini - Subscribe to Mkini!)

Najib is stating the obvious. Of course, it is not an easy job. Please just step down as the PM if it is not an easy job. Never mind the fact that you are an Umno-elected PM.

Sibu In The blue Ocean - Part 7

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 05:36 AM PST

Putting in a nutshell, the dreams/visions that Tan Kee Hian formulated for Sibu are as follows:
1. Home for our educated and talented sons and daughters.
2. Magnet for aspiring young people coming here to fulfill their dreams.
3. Recognised as a Centre of Excellence.
4. Dynamic and intellectually stimulating society.
5. Healthy and thriving society, by day and by night.
6. Continuous renewal and re-invention of all areas of economic, social and spiritual endeavours.
Allow me to sidetrack here a little bit before we proceed further with Kee Hian's talk.
Touching on dreams and visions as propounded by Tan Kee Hian, we tend to quiz ourselves about how likely it is for the dreams to come true.
A success case in Singapore may help to inspire us towards thinking more positively.
"The Cleaning Up of Singapore River" was a classic dream -come- true in the island nation. PM Lee Kuan Yew made a vision statement to the nation to turn the polluted Singapore River into a clean and attractive tourist spot in 10 years' time. The vision was given on 27 February 1977 and within the time frame specified, Singapore did it.
PM Lee Kuan Yew's concise vision statement carried weight and strength:
"It should be a way of life to keep the water clean, to keep every stream, every culvert, every rivulet, free from unnecessary pollution. In ten years let us have fishing in the Singapore River and fishing in Kallang River. It can be done."
Singapore River and Sibu may not be comparable in many aspects. But it is the good execution power , high efficiency and forward-looking quality of the Singapore leaders that we really have to reflect upon and emulate.
We should read PM Lee Kuan Yew's statements at the commencement and conclusion of "The Cleaning Up of Singapore River" project thoughtfully and relate it to "Sibu In The Blue Ocean".
You may also forward your comments to

Halloween at Queensbay Mall

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 05:57 AM PST

Halloween is about scary, freaky and candies but it's just another weekend for me and I guess to everyone here in Penang, reason is Halloween is just not our culture. There's a lot of Halloween competition in the malls, I should say it's fancy dress plus make up competition more. It's to see who has got the gory make up and dress of all.

To me, the Hungry Ghost Month is scarier and more happenings because at least there's the Chinese getai, concert-by-the-street. What I was expecting for Halloween was actually some horror movie like Saw 6 and Phobia 2. Saw series are always not available in our local cinema because of the gory scene, so I am waiting for the DVD anxiously. Phobia 2 was freaking good, I watched it 2 days ago and shockingly love it all.

IMG_3439 by nicholaschan.

So my Halloween weekend was at Queensbay Mall in the afternoon and went out for a steamboat gathering at night. I went to watched Michael Jackson's This Is It at noon time with Alvin and Chien Chern. You will like it if you are MJ's fan, I like it.

After the movie, I went walking around the mall. It had been a while that I didn't go to Queensbay Mall but till then, shops at Queensbay Mall are still not so interesting. I felt that malls in Penang are not-cool after visiting to KL's Pavilion or Singapore's ION @ Orchard which is the best to me at the moment.

IMG_3471 by nicholaschan.

Then I saw those Halloween's Costume Competition's contestant roaming around the mall, for fashion show and tricks and treats.

IMG_3484 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3487 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3486 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3491 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3495 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3505 by nicholaschan.

Pretty interesting with their look. They looked cute to me. Thai's horror has still got the best make up. =D Phobia 2!

IMG_3500 by nicholaschan.

Some of them were dancing zombies. They had their little in-mall street dance battle with no music. Though, I saw no MJ's Thriller, it would be very cool if there is.

IMG_3524 by nicholaschan.

After spending a little time walking the mall, found out that it's boring, I went to Borders to join Chien Chern and tall guy Fangs for a little bit of reading. I brought Biology book along with me.

IMG_3468 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3526 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3462 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3446 by nicholaschan.

Starbucks in Borders were so full of people on that day. Mostly college students, it gets noisy sometimes and afterall, I still prefer reading out at Jing Si's Books and Cafe on Beach Street. It's quieter and extremely low price beverage.

IMG_3535 by nicholaschan.

Zuanfu, Shaun and Foong.

Shaun, Foong and Zuanfu came to join us later in the afternoon. They weren't here for books but to hop on into my car to go to town together because we had a class gathering on that night.

IMG_3465 by nicholaschan.

Alvin Yang.

IMG_3463 by nicholaschan.

Tall guy Fangs and Chien Chern.

Trying to be cool. Haha.

Daily Do's Before STPM...

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 04:31 AM PST

Wake up in the morning...

Stretch stretch and exercise....

A cup of grinded coffee beans/ Nescafe/ Old Town

Back to books.. and more books for the rest of the day....

Laptop on just in case you need to search for some valuable information...

No life routine... This goes on and on till STPM is over...

Anyway, because of extensive studying.. you'll feel really hungry....

No idea what's up with me today, but I drove all the way to Pulau Gadong for 4 cups of delicious coconut shake... Heheh..

Didn't know I'm that crazy enough to queue for 45 minutes there..

Well.. look at the amount of people there.. all the way to the roadside..

I bet they make at least RM 1000 a day!

Yummyy... satisfaction guaranteed!!

Aiks.. back to studying.. 15 days to go..

32 days to freedom!!!!!

Era Najib Altantuya : Catatan Seorang Peserta Seminar

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 05:20 AM PST

Seminar Memperkasakan Parti - Beberapa Mulahazah

Oleh Ust Zolkarnain Abidin
Exco Dewan Ulama PAS Pusat


Kalau diibaratkan gulai, sama sahaja dengan gulai yang pernah dimakan sebelum ini. Mungkin yang menjadikan gulai kali ini istimewa ialah tambahan dua ramuan lain. Demikian seminar memperkasakan parti di Taman Melewar, Ahad, 7 November. Kalau tiada Aziz Bari dan Abu Hasan Hasbullah, tiada yang baru kepada seminar itu kecuali mengulangi komitmen-komitmen lama yang memang telah diketahui umum.

Sebahagian pembahas dikuasai emosi termasuk seorang pembahas dari kalangan AJK PAS Pusat. Istilah 'tidak mahu tengok muka', rasanya kurang manis diungkapkan di hadapan tetamu seperti Aziz Bari. Kita menjemputnya, kemudian kita 'tidak mahu tengok muka'nya.

Benar, Presiden perlu dibela apabila ada usaha mencemarkan wibawanya, tetapi rasanya bukan begitu. Bela dengan hujah dan fakta, bukan dengan serangan melulu. Kalau Aziz pernah menyerang Presiden dengan serangan yang 'kita sukar menerimanya', itu terpulang kepadanya. Dibimbangi, bukan serangan itu yang menjejaskan Presiden, tetapi pembelaan sembrono yang akan menjatuhkan reputasinya.

Kata orang Melayu, 'sokong yang membawa rebah'.


Terus-terang, saya dan beberapa sahabat menyertai seminar itu dengan harapan menggunung. Harapan untuk mendengar penegasan-penegasan yang lebih meyakinkan. Bukan meyakinkan ahli PAS sahaja tetapi penyokong PAS.

Penegasan melalui ucapan dan resolusi sahaja dalam menangani isu yang selama ini menghantui PAS tidak memadai. Itu sudah berulang kali dibuat.

Apa yang saya maksudkan dengan penegasan meyakinkan ialah penegasan dalam bentuk tindakan seperti pecat, gugur, amaran dan sempamanya. Penegasan yang boleh menimbulkan kewaspadaan dan kegerunan kepada mana-mana pemimpin atau ahli yang 'menyiram, membaja atau mengairi' kembali isu yang menjadi agenda seminar itu.

Saya ingin mendengar penegasan itu dalam ucapan penutup Presiden, tetapi saya pulang dengan hampa.


Penganjur mungkin berpendapat Tuan Ibrahim perlu dalam forum bersama dua jemputan untuk mengimbangi pandangan mereka yang agak kritikal dengan PAS. Bagi saya itu tidak perlu kerana banyak pembahas yang bakal mengimbangi pandangan kedua-dua penalis itu.

Tuan Ibrahim adalah Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Disiplin. Keberadaannya di situ boleh mengganggu tugasnya. Bayangkan kalau ada ketika itu pembahas yang mempersoalkan orang yang bakal disiasat, apa sikapnya?

Samada dia mengulasnya atau tidak, persepsi sebahagian audiens terhadapnya bakal serong.


Kecuali PAS tidak mahu menyertai pilihanraya, PAS bukan sekadar pengurus ahlinya sahaja tetapi penyokong dan pengundinya. Justeru, hasilan seminar itu perlu melegakan penyokong dan pengundi juga.

Sebahagian besar peserta seminar mungkin lega dengan resolusi seminar itu tetapi bagaimana dengan yang bukan ahli?

PAS ada masalah dengan persepsi ahlinya terhadap beberapa pimpinan tertentu. Namun, apa pun persepsi ahli, itu kurang membimbangkan berbanding persepsi penyokong dan pengundi. Kita mungkin selesa dengan kelegaan ahli kita, tetapi berjayakah kita melegakan pengundi dan penyokong? Pada hal, PAS tidak mampu memenangi pilihanraya kalau sekadar bergantung kepada ahlinya sahaja.

Bagi saya resolusi dan penegasan seminar itu tidak mampu mententeramkan pengundi dan penyokong. Apa yang boleh mententeramkan mereka? Sudah tentu satu bentuk 'tindakan' atau 'action' yang mereka nampak dan mampu mengembalikan keyakinan mereka kepada PAS dalam isu yang sedang dihadapi ini.

Berdasarkan kesudahan seminar, nampaknya data-data yang dikemukakan oleh Abu Hasan tidak mengeluarkan PAS daripada zon selesa. Kalau masih di dalam zon itu, mampukah prestasi kita sehebat sekarang dalam PRU 13 akan datang?


Saya duduk berhampiran kumpulan peserta dari sebuah negeri. Saya mengenali mereka dan begitu pula sebaliknya. Ada yang bekas wakil rakyat dan sekarang memegang jawatan kanan dalam organisasi PAS negeri berkaitan.

Saya sakit telinga (dan sakit hati juga), semasa Aziz Bari dan Abu Hasan berhujah, mereka bercakap sesama sendiri dan sekali-sekali menyanggah hujah Aziz Bari dan Abu Hasan. Kadang-kala mereka iringi hujah penalis itu dengan ketawa. Mereka berhujah menyokong Presiden di tempat duduk masing-masing. Tumpuan saya terganggu, tambahan pula saya berusaha untuk mencatat semua hujah Abu Hasan.

Di penghujung pembentangan Abu Hasan barulah mereka agak diam apabila mendapati hujah-hujah Abu Hasan semakin mantap. Selepas makan tengahari, mereka tidak lagi duduk di tempat asal mereka.

Kalau beginilah mentaliti (dan akhlak) sebahagian pimpinan PAS (walau pun pimpinan negeri) apabila berhadapan dengan pangan yang mereka tidak persetujui, saya fikir PAS negeri itu tidak akan kemana. Mereka perlu tahu etika (sebenarnya adab) ketika berada di dalam majlis.

Kalau mereka sendiri tidak tahu untuk beradab dengan orang lain, bagaimana mereka boleh berharap orang lain beradab dengan mereka?


Apa pun, sekalung tahniah untuk semua pimpinan PAS Pusat yang hadir dan mendengar singgungan-singgungan yang kadang-kadang menusuk hati itu. Ada pimpinan PAS Pusat yang tidak hadir, mungkin uzur.

Janji Presiden untuk mengambil tindakan berkesan ke atas resolusi seminar, mudah-mudahan mampu mengembalikan keyakinan penyokong dan pengundi kepada PAS. Masyarakat menunggu dan memerhati kita.

Namun saya pulang dengan sedikit rasa ralat. Aziz Bari bukan segala-galanya, tetapi apabila dia disinggung dengan keras sepanjang seminar itu oleh sebahagian peserta, dia mungkin agak kecewa.

Katanya, dia tidak akan menulis lagi mengenai PAS mulai Isnin ini tetapi akan menulis pula mengenai MCA. Kita lihat pula apa respon orang-orang MCA terhadap Aziz Bari selepas ini.

Sekeras sebahagian orang PAS atau tidak.

nizar Nik Aziz: MACC free to probe my son-in-law - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 04:56 AM PST

The Kelantan MB said it was the MACC'S prerogative to investigate anyone, including his son-in-law.

MACC Free To Investigate Anyone Including My Son-in-law - Nik Aziz

KOTA BAHARU, Nov 8 (Bernama) -- Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said it was the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) prerogative to investigate anyone, including his son-in-law, Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, the Chief Executive Officer of Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan.

Nik Aziz who is also PAS spiritual leader said if there was any truth in the allegations by a blogger on his son-in-law, it would personally thank the blogger but if there was no truth in such allegations, then he would bear the consequences for such an allegation.

"Twice before he was investigated and both times there was nothing. This is probably a game played by some bloggers...if there is no truth in their allegations they will pay for their sin," he told reporters at his residence in Pulau Melaka here on Sunday.

MACC recently went to Abdul Ariffahmi's office, to investigate allegations of corruption, as claimed by a blogger.

Meanwhile, speaking of the 1-3 defeat suffered by Kelantan, against Negeri Sembilan in the Malaysia Cup final at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil last night, Nik Aziz said it is something the fans must learn to accept because in sports, it is normal to win or lose a match.

"We had worked very hard to reach the final but if we are not able to win the cup, we must accept the defeat and work harder," he said.


If every blogger were to accuse or allege this and that especially corruption involving elected reps, then MACC would have a lot of work to do. Pity them. When will ever corruption be reduced at the rate things are going?

cost of transfer pricing

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 05:20 AM PST

For older tax practitioners, it probably is easy to recall that one of the tax maxims is that tax compliance should not be overly taxing and onerous on the taxpayers. Ideally, tax should not carry additional cost beyond what is required in the ordinary course of business. As far as possible, it should be a fairly easily quantifiable sum with sufficient certainty.

Yet, in the present era of transfer pricing compliance, businesses, particularly multinationals are required to prepare lengthy transfer pricing documentation not unlike an annual report, which I daresay, like annual reports, a lot of the print is hardly read or appreciated. These documentation require specialists in the field to prepare and which contributes nothing to the businesses and in many cases produce end results that are at best a ballpark figure and at worse, a wild guess.

In that backdrop, it seems odd that there is a global trend for collecting tax based on transfer pricing documentation. This trend should be reviewed. Is it just about collecting some taxes? Do businesses really think the transfer pricing exercise helps them understand what the true transfer price is between them and their related parties. Is it a case of the tax authorities wanting to collect more taxes and the businesses playing along, simply because a business' true costing for its pricing whether related or otherwise could never be revealed for obvious reasons vis a vis its competitors.

If it is really just a matter of collecting taxes, shouldn't the OECD and the tax authorities gather and reconsider a way to collect taxes, which does not require businesses into revealing its true costing for its pricing potentially threatening its business core, nor does it depend on broad economic theories, not unlike the concept of efficient market hypothesis which carried so much weight in the 80s only to be shot down in more ways than one in the 90s in that can markets ever be efficient or is it inevitably affected by noise. Let's get real, theories are theories. Businesses succeed or fail for reasons only peculiar to itself and no one else. For instance one keyman falling sick could potentially bring a multinational down. How can there be true comparables, even if there is another company selling exactly the same product type when so much goes beyond just the product, such as marketing. More so when the global economy face challenging times, every business will undertake measures of its own to cope in order to survive. Can corporate decisions be dissected into its components just by looking at its public financial records in order to compare similar factors like working capital levels, inventory levels etc.

Tax collection is about taking money from taxpayers. It can only be constitutionally appropriate if the laws which provide for the tax is clear and unambiguous. Can the laws be clear and unambiguous in the context of transfer pricing if such laws or rules require some mathematical extrapolation based on some economic theory on pricing in order to arrive at the tax liability.

Countries like Malaysia new in attempting to compete in the global arena ought to take a step back to see if they would truly want to jump into the play 'which the rich can afford to play'. One wrong tilt of the dice could mean a company closing down its business in Malaysia and that would mean loss of jobs. Malaysia is also not a high income country that is generating huge profits for multinational corporations for it to be easily replaced as a location. But that is digressing, the issue should focus on whether such an exercise is productive or merely a waste of corporates time and money when much focus should be placed on productive income generation, just so the taxman can collect its dues.

If it is about collecting tax revenue, would it not be easier to just ask for contributions similar to cess. Contributions can simply be based on turnover, agreeing on an affordable rate for businesses to pay. Take it out of the tax legislation and appeal to the corporate social responsibilities of corporates. After all it is at best a ballpark sum. The difference is it makes everyone feel empowered and happy with what they are contributing. Multinationals feel welcome to operate in Malaysia just by making contributions to the country's tabung. Malaysia then is truly boleh.

Era Najib Altantuya : Data Kajian PAS Bantu Baiki Parti

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 02:47 AM PST

Data yang mengejutkan oleh Dr Abu Hasan yang memaparkan statistik kelemahan Pas diterima dengan baik oleh ahli parti berkenaan.

Tinjaun TV Selangor di Markas Pas Taman Melewar, sewaktu Seminar Memperkasakan Parti diadakan,mendapati rata rata ahli pas bersetuju data yang dibentangkan dapat membantu Pas dalam memperbaiki kepincangan parti.

Bagi Zulkifli Mat Tam dari Pahang, beliau menganggap kajian yang dilakukan jelas menunjukkan keprihatinan pelbagai pihak terhadap parti yang disertainya dari tahun 1986.

"Ini menunjukkan Pas mendapat sokongan yang jitu, ini perkara yang positif, dan oleh itu, pucuk pimpinan akan mengkaji data ini untuk melakukan keputusan yang tebaik kepada Pas," katanya.

Mohd Razali Ramli pula menyatakan, beliau sudah menjangkakan data yang dikeluarkan akan memaparkan kemerosotan dalaman parti.

"Data tu dah dijangka dan kami yang duduk diperingkat akar umbi ini tahu sejauhmana sokongan keperingkat akar umbi dan oleh itu dengan secepat mungkin kita perlu lakukan penambahbaikan," katanya.

Dalam data yang dikeluarkan ,turut menyentuh peranan Muslimah sebagai jentera terkuat parti ini.Hal ini disokong Aziah Mohd Saad,Naib Ketua Cawangan Masjid Tanah ,Melaka.

"Kami setuju dengan data tu dan kita akan buat kajian dan akan susun strategi dan dapatkan lebih badan muslimah untuk bantu kami dalam memperkasakan parti," katanya.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Robbed by Malays, because he's not Malay

Posted: 08 Nov 2009 12:23 AM PST

It's been a while since i caught up with EJ, a friend i currently share the house rent with. On this note, im most pleased that ill be movin out to my very own place very soon - no more strangers at home, no more wanting to use the kitchen but someones using it. Not that i hated it but it just didnt feel like 'home' :)

Anyway, we caught up this morning and he told me that he got robbed on Wednesday night, at a cyber cafe situated within the Pelangi Condominium in Bandar Utama.

I wasn't surprised initially, with a robbery incident, as many of my close friends & colleagues have been somewhat involved in robberies (as victims of course) in the past months - laptop snatch, mobile phone snatch, break-into-car-handbag snatch, mum's car got broken into.. bla bla

But this was more than a 1 on 1 robbery.

This was "They took on the whole cyber cafe with Parangs"


I prompted EJ for more info.

So how was the robbery carried out?

EJ: Oh, we heard the scream of a young lady who went, "what are you guys doing", and she was very quickly pushed to her table and held to the tip of a parang. A hooded Malay guy sternly said to the lady "dont move and keep your mouth shut" (in Malay)

How many of em?

EJ: Errr.. about 4 i think

We're they masked? Did they cover their faces?

EJ: No.. they just had hoods. The cyber-cafe had CCTV cameras so the footages are being passed to the authorities.

It suddenly reminded me of how Altantuya's daddy passed a pile of documents to the police. Of course, i didn't say it... so i went on to prompt.

So did they rob everyone?

EJ: NO.. They came in and said that they were not gonna harm the Malays and asked them to move aside. They then asked all the others to take out their mobile phones & wallets.

WHAT?!?!?! ... they just robbed the non-Malays???

EJ: Err yes... why are you so surprised?

I am surprised. Fucking surprised.

Why rob just the non-Malays?

Well it didnt take more than a minute to tie things together and get to the root of that particular problem.

1. You do not rob unless you need to. Unless the "need" arisses you won't rob because every human body is attached with a human conscience. Something spiritual that will poke you and say "hey, you're doing the wrong thing" before you even conduct it. But unless, you are deprived of a fundamental need - shelter or food - it might compell you to beat the conscience. The point is, the conscience is something that's damn hard to beat, not unless you're compelled to.

So the hypothesis, or my theory is, these Malays are deprived... somehow. Could even be drugs so my above point becomes invalid. but nevertheless,

2. They only robbed the non-Malays. Meaning, they have associated their deprivation to the non-Malays. They are in my opinion getting back at the non-Malays, who they THINK caused them to be deprived of whatever they were trying to get.

Now this is DANGEROUS! Because yes, the non-Malays (mainly the Chinese) have populated the CBD and to those who are unaware, you might have the impression that the Chinese are 'greedy', controlling the Malaysian economy and marginalizing the other races.

Now, if you're reading this, you must realize that you're WRONG. You have such thinking because you have been somehow influenced by some arguments you've heard of in a ceramah or the FTA channels on TV.

Pls give my argument a chance.

I am a Chinese and i live in Malaysia and i work in the CBD. I have a white-collar job and i have no life. Why?

Because my parents forced 6 days of tuition on me for 10 years. Made education my FIRST priority, so prioritized i was grounded for 3 months before any major examination. My parents made my grandparents give me lectures about how education will determine my course of life.. bla bla bla.. education education.

My parents also stopped going overseas, stopped expensive meals, kept to the same car for a while, so they could save enough money for me & my brother to further our studies in Australia. They never bought me my own car, they didnt buy me an Optimus Prime toy, they didnt buy Air Jordans for me to play basketball, they didnt buy me LV wallets - and all these i begged for. Just because the money needs to be saved for my education.

So much importance was placed on education i wasnt given much of a choice.

And im telling you that its not easy going to tuition and your friends are in the snookeriums & cyber cafes. You get your parents to send you to a prom nite and your friends take their own CLKs & 3 series to the prom.

So when i got over the education bit, i was FUCKING relieved. But i realized that its gotten worse. I dont get my parents & grandparents drilling "education" into me no more but now i need to pay phone bills, parking bills, car loan, house rent, utilities, highway tolls, car service, insurance, road tax, government tax, traffic summons, EPF, alcohol bills, ciggarettes...............

And THANK GOD, my parents drilled that "education" thing into me.. otherwise, i would have not survived... i would have became a robber myself.

I do not get to live in DBKL homes where you pay 100+ bucks a mth for a house. I do not get 5 or 10% off a property that i buy. I do not get the lowest interest rates when i buy a house, I do not get 30% and own part of a company because i was born a certain race, I do not get grants easily, I do not get permits easily, I will not get free books for my kids next time, I will not get scholarships for my kids next time, I will not be able to place my kids in local universities next time (not that i want to), I will not get welfare if i stop work... summary is I AM IN NO POSITION TO NOT DO WHAT IM DOING TODAY. I STOP, I DIE.

So you see, I as a Chinese, need to work my ass off in the CBD, otherwise i die. Because of this i will only have max 2 kids because i have no capacity to have more than 2 kids because i need to work my ass off to make my life work. Otherwise i'll die.

So yes, FUCK THE CHINESE for taking over the CBD... for controlling a major stake in the national economy... for whatever other reasons you think.. FUCK THE CHINESE.

But, you need to understand my friend. WE GOT NO CHOICE.

And to prove my point, go look at the race split 20 years ago and look at it now. You will realize that the Chinese population is shrinking because we are working our ASSES off to make our life work. AND NOT BECAUSE WE HATE KIDS... we love sex and we love kids my friends.... just like you. We're after all the same breed - human beings, my friends.

Now, who's really robbing you my friends, are people who have misused BILLIONS of government funds on PKFZ for example. Those BILLIONS of ringgits could be used to provide you free books, welfare when you're jobless, free medicine for your sick kid, free internet for your kids to gain knowledge & immensely improve public transportation... etc etc

Blame it on people who have represented you and who have built massive balinese mansions, which they could never afford.

Blame it on those who give away giant contracts without open biddings. And korek korek korek, blame it on those who manipulate the judiaciary and make money out of it.

Now all these people are not necessarily all Malay, but my point is: Blame it on these people, your leaders... and not the Chinese in general.

We, the Chinese are victims as well... just like you.

It's came to my utmost concern that some people are starting to blame it on the Chinese in general, when the Chinese like i say again...victims as well.... just like you.

DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. Again this is just my personal opinion, but theres a giant conspiracy going on to protect certain individuals of their positions. And they will go to the largest extent to protect their positions. This "racist robbery" is a clear example. DO NOT BE MANIPULATED, i trust that you're wise enough to make your own judgement.

Thank you.

Corruption costs $56b a year

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 10:01 PM PST

'Now what we need to do is move to action,' managing director Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

DOHA - CORRUPTION costs developing nations US$20 to US$40 billion (S$28 billion to S$56 billion) each year, while emerging markets and financial centres are increasingly havens for stolen assets, a top World Bank official said on Saturday.

Managing director Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala said 'concerted global action' by both developed and developing states was needed to stem the flow of illicit funds and urged governments to ratify the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).

There's an estimate that US$20-US$40 billion a year, in terms of corruptly stolen assets, leaves developing countries to go to developed countries each year,' Ms Okonjo-Iweala, a former Nigerian finance minister, told Reuters ahead of an anti-corruption conference in the Qatari capital. 'Now increasingly, we find that emerging market countries (and) financial centres are also harbours for this money.'

The World Bank official said the pledge by the Group of 20 nations (G-20), meeting this weekend in Scotland, to help prevent illicit outflows of capital and seek the return of stolen assets to developing countries, was a welcome first step.

'Now what we need to do is move to action,' she said. 'Developed countries that have these assets have to implement the UNCAC convention and send these assets back, and developing countries need to make the move to request the assistance from developed countries.'

Adopting the UN convention would provide a framework to fight corruption, she said, and help overcome thorny legal hurdles in different jurisdictions. -- REUTERS

end of qut.

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 07:53 PM PST

acapella performance+teddy bear giving ceremony by qut+makan+lepak2

MCA Crisis

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 06:53 PM PST

Looks like we have Dato' Seri Ong Tee Keat and Dato' Seri Chua Soi Lek back at the helm of MCA. Dato' Seri Liow Tiong Lai is back to Vice- President after 19 days as Deputy President, being replaced by the very person whom he replaced initially. And with the implementation of the "Unity Plan", both individuals are confident that things will be well again. So the puzzle goes.

I have no particular interest on any of the major players in MCA. Not DS OTK, DS CSL or DS LTL. But I could not help but wonder if MCA has come out stronger from all these manoeuvring ? Or has MCA lost its plot and is headed for oblivion?

The way things are going in MCA, it does not look to good for them. I spoke to some of my Chinese friends who are supportive of the BN but not in any particular party. They are of the opinion that MCA leadership (not anyone in particular but a whole bunch of them) have become self absorbed and are not looking at the greater Chinese community. As it is, support from the Chinese community for Barisan Nasional, in particular MCA and Gerakan (the two main Chinese based parties in BN) is at its all time low as reflected in PRU 12. Even in the recent by-elections, support from the Chinese community had been found wanting. In general, roughly only 20% to 30% supported BN candidates in any by-elections save for Bagan Pinang.

Given the current developments in MCA, my friends were saying they were disgusted and could not see either MCA or Gerakan helming the Chinese community. Gerakan was at one time totally shattered and dysfunctional as a party. Only now it is trying to pick itself up and rebuild, albeit slowly and still unsure of its members and leaders. Recently, Lim Si Pin lambasted his youth delegates because less 50% turned up for the Gerakan Youth AGM. There was no camaraderie amongst them and the spirit of party brotherhood fighting for a cause was totally missing from the Gerakan Youth delegates.

MCA, being the bigger of the two and seen last time as the bastion of the Chinese community is faring no better. As I said just now, many of my Chinese friends feel that the leaders are too self-absorbed with internal politicking and in-fighting. And all these problems are costing the MCA money (EGMs and so on are expensive), time and effort (which it could ill afford) wasted and more importantly face. Respect and dignity are two very important facets and in general, my Chinese friends felt that MCA has lost them. Whichever way the story goes for MCA, its leaders are all bruised up and have had their reputation and dignity dragged down a notch or two.

MCA must close this turbulent chapter soonest possible. It must also begin positioning one or two of its leaders over and above all this fighting so that there will still be someone the Chinese community can look up to. The leaders in MCA must start to think how even with all these in-fighting, at least one or two can come out relatively not bruised with his reputation relatively intact.

UMNO went through an extremely tough time and still is even now. As I was telling my friends, UMNO had to sweat blood and a pint more just to win a little respect and confidence back. We needed to do a major overhaul (no less than the change in President and leadership) to start the ball rolling to transform UMNO. As it is, we are on the right track but still not out of the woods yet. Make no mistake, UMNO is still far off from comfort zone and is battling daily to get there.

I hope MCA can come out of this intact. Someone has got to give. Compromise for the greater good of the party and Chinese community. I know it is easier said than done, especially when I am an observer, but if not done, MCA will go into oblivion.

I am confident my colleagues in MCA can eventually do it.

Egypt: State Security Arrests Several Christians for Praying At Home

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 04:36 PM PST

Egypt (AINA) -- On October 24, 2009 Egyptian State Security arrested a Christian Copt in the village of Deir Samalout, Samalout, Minia province, for praying "without a license." He was held in prison for two days before being released on "compassionate grounds." Maurice Salama Sharkawy, 37 years old, had invited Pastor Elia Shafik, to conduct the sacrament of the 'Anointing of the Sick' for his sick father, who had suffered a stroke. State Security broke into his house while the prayers were ongoing, handcuffed Maurice, put him into a police car and took him to a police station for interrogation.

Authorities accused him of carrying out "religious rites without a license" and "causing sectarian sedation" by calling a priest into the village. A number of his cousins living in the same family house and who attended the prayers were also detained with him. More...

Yet another example that epitomizes Obama's claim made, of all the places in Cairo, that "throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality." Hat tip:Eye On The World

on having fun...

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 04:40 PM PST

Have not been blogging for a while, too much happening - at work and
at home. I will talk about work later (probably never). However,
homeschooling's getting very busy - and fun!

We recently had a very enjoyable camping trip and a session with Dato
Lat in Perak. Camping was great, I have not been out camping for a
looooooonnng time. Too long. The rain tried to stop us but we did not
allow it. We had our camp in the open. We also had our campfire. Yes,
the kids burnt (in their attempt to roast) mushy-mellows.

The morning session with Dato Lat was inspiring. It was very great to
hear the simple kampung boy stories of friendship, fun and innovation.
Friendship because there were no politically created barriers, just a
couple people trying hard to have fun. It reminded me that we need to
have fun and it's perfectly OKAY! - One thing I noticed that morning
was, Dato Lat having fun! I (others too) saw sparkle in his eyes when
he spoke and interacted with the kids. There was fun and laughter -
the kids and we adults had lots of fun as well. The best way to have
fun is with friends. Hey, even Lat's dad joined in. Thank you Lat for
reminding us one of our main purpose of life!

Dato's session also reminded that we are by nature innovative and
creative. Read Lat's book, see how the kampung boys (and girls)
device games to entertain themselves. Notice how they use leaves,
stones and whatever they could find to device games. They surely did
not have politicians to remind them that we need to be innovative and
creative *ouch*. We just need to remind ourselves that we are already
creative! Just have fun!

These memories will continue to linger on - well, untill the next
camp. If you like to check out photos, log on to

(mobile blogged, mistakes and error blamed on small phone keyboard)

Era Najib Altantuya : Katak Ada Dalam PAS.

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 05:30 PM PST

Seminar Memperkasakan PAS pada hari semalam mendedahkan banyak perkara. Positif dan negatif.

Seminar yang telah menggantikan Muktamar Khas yang dicadangkan oleh Mursyidul Am PAS, TG Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat itu disifatkan sebagai lambang keterbukaan PAS, keberanian PAS dan kematangan PAS untuk bersedia berhadapan dengan para pengkritiknya. Setidak-tidaknya itu dakwaan sesetengan pimpinan dan kita akur dengan kebenaran dakwaan tersebut.

Namun mengikuti perjalanan seminar, kita didedahkan juga dengan kewujudan kelompok mereka yang berbeza dari yang lain. Sekumpulan manusia yang menyekat proses kematangan dan menghindar kemajuan parti yang boleh juga disifatkan mereka seperti katak-katak.

Eh, mana ada katak dalam PAS? Bukankah PKR dan DAP sahaja ada katak? Tempelak seorang rakan.

GB katakan masih banyak katak-katak di dalam PAS, tetapi mereka tidak boleh dan tidak pandai melompat. Habitatnya gelap. Katak-katak PAS ini amat istimewa, mereka adalah katak yang bermahligaikan tempurung.

Mereka tidak boleh menerima pandangan dan krtikan orang lain. Mereka hanya suka kepada sanjungan dan pujian sekalipun sanjungan dan pujian itu tidak layak bagi mereka.

Mereka ini spesies "kebangsaan" yang masih wujud di dalam PAS. Perangai dan sikap yang mereka dedahkan semasa berseminar semalam menjelaskan hakikat bahawa mereka tidak boleh bertoleransi dengan masyarakat di luar kerana terlalu asyiknya mereka selama ini di dalam "mahligai gelap" mereka.

Sehinggakan ahli panel yang dipanggil untuk membuat bedah-siasat terhadap kelemahan parti dibelasah secukupnya.

Malah ada yang mencabar ahli panel untuk turun ke gelanggang politik, jangan hanya pandai mengkritik, jerkah mereka.

Ini umpama seorang pesakit mental yang menjerkah seorang doktor, "kamu gila nak suntik punggung saya, nah silakan awak duduk di katil ini, biar saya suntik kamu."

Sehingga merajuklah "doktor" itu, dengan kenyataannya semalam, saya tak akan ulas mengenai PAS lagi, saya akan membicarakan krisis MCA pula. Sinisnya teguran Prof Abdul Aziz Bari yang dikecam sedemkian rupa walaupun dia diundang sebagai panel forum untuk mempekasakan PAS, kononnya.

Rugilah PAS apabila kelompok cendekiawan mula membiarkan PAS yang sedang sakit tenat di Hospital Mental.

Naib Presiden PAS yang juga Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Disiplin, Tuan Ibrahim pula berkata:

"Justeru katanya lagi PAS mempunyai akhlak jemaah yang mesti dipelihara dan sebarang perselisihan pendapat mestilah dikemukakan melalui saluran yang sedia ada.

"Jangan emosi walaupun berselisih pendapat sehingga sahabat satu jemaah kita hentam. Kita ada saluran."

Tetapi semasa Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor menghentam kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di dalam isu Selcat secara depan-depan dan tak mengikut saluran, itu tak mengapa kerana itu prerogatifnya kerana ia datang dari kelompok yang sama dengan yang mengeluarkan arahan. Ini mengingatkan saya kisah pertengkaran kodok dengan katak di dalam lagu "Mabuk Kuasa" yang sering saya putarkan satu ketika pada setiap kali kempen pilihanraya di yang telah digantikan dengan Maha Suci Allah Yang Maha Tahu terlebih awal tentang kewujudan kelompok katak dan kodok ini sehingga memberi ilham kepada pemikin video-klip yang dilapirkan ini sejak ia belum menjadi realiti lagi. Kini ia benar-benar menjadi kenyataan.

Ia juga mengingatkan GB kisah 3 Abdul, jika "ayah buat eh eh itu tak der apa-apa".

Ia sudah semacam menjadi satu "trade mark" terhadap kumpulan mereka, suka menegur oranglain tetapi mereka melupakan diri mereka sendiri. Mereka halakan peluru kepada pihak lain sewaktu yang bersalah adalah mereka sendiri.

"Mengapa kamu menyuruh orang lain (mengerjakan) kebajikan, sedangkan kamu melupakan dirimu sendiri, padahal kamu mebaca Kitab (Taurat)? Tidakkah kamu mengerti?" (Al-Baqarah, 2: 44)

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mengapa kamu mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak kamu kerjakan? Sangatlah dibenci disisi Allah jika kamu mengatakan apa-apa yang tidak kamu kerjakan" (As-Saff, 61: 2-3)

GB katakan bahawa sekalipun mereka menyatakan UG dah dikuburkan, namun perangai mereka sebijik UMNO, memang tak perlu UG lagi kerana sememangnya kelompok UMNO sudah ada dalam PAS.

Jangan emosi, kata Tuan Ibrahim, tetapi Abu Bakar Chik semalam, Idris Ahmad dan Nasruddin Tantawi sebelum ini yang emosi tidak mengapa.

Kata Tuan Ibrahim lagi, "Setakat ini, PAS membuktikan tiada antara wakil rakyatnya yang lompat parti dan PAS juga terbukti berjaya dalam menguruskan masalah".

Benar, tetapi yang duduk di bawah tempurung itu sama bahaya dan sama merosakkan dari yang melompat.

Maka dengan sebab itu, seorang ahli panel yang diundang, Prof Abu Hassan Abdullah menggesa supaya para pemimpin PAS jangan sesekali menolak persepsi ke atas mereka kerana diabad ini persepsi sudah dianggap sebagai satu maklumat, persis satu tamparan ke muka Naib Presiden PAS yang mendedahkan kejahilan dan wibawa pemimpin PAS yang tertinggal di dalam arus perjalanan ilmu dan kemajuan ummah.

Atas dasar itu, kata Prof Abu Hassan lagi, para pemimpin PAS mesti menerima pandangan Dr Abdul Aziz Bari sebagai satu maklumat dan diambil tindakan sewajarnya dan bukan mencari bagaimana persepsi itu terbina.

Maka terngangalah mulut kumpulan katak-katak ini bahawa mereka rupa-rupanya selama ini benar-benar berada di bawah tempurung. "Persepsi" itu penting. Sebuah syarikat kadangkala boleh jatuh bangkrap bukan kerana tidak berkualitinya produk mereka tetapi persepsi negatif pembeli terhadap produk mereka berdasarkan kepada teknik pembungkusannya. Justeru apakah syarikat itu perlu "membelasah" mereka yang memberi pandangan negatif atau membetulkan semula pembungkusan produknya agar ia boleh diterima oleh masyarakat?

Mendukacitakan di dalam sessi "brainstorming", ada mereka yang bangun untuk mengherdik pengkritik dan "wistle-blower" yang sepatutnya di dalam sessi percambahan minda, tiada kecaman dan kritikan tetapi perluahan pandangan dan pendapat serta idea masing-masing. Tetapi mengapa berlaku seperti kejadian semalam? Kerana tidak berilmu. Katak dari bawah tempurung yang tidak sepatutnya hadir di dalam mana-mana pertemuan masyarakat bertamaddun apa tah lagi di dalam forum dan seminar.

Di dalam ilmu kontemporari, ia diajar di dalam "Critical Thinking" dan "Strategic Management". Itu sebab GB pernah cadangkan pemimpin-pemimpin PAS perlu dihambat untuk masuk ke dewan kuliah semula. Ilmu mereka telah jauh ketinggalan dengan perkembangan pengetahuan manusia sejagat. Tidak ramai pemimpin PAS yang gemar membaca ilmu kontemporari. Mungkin perlu diadakan kelas untuk pemimpin-pemimpin tertinggi parti. Tidak perlu panggil pensyarah luar, dalam PAS ramai pensyarah berkalibar seperti Prof Hamirdin umpamanya. Berpuloh yang lain. Tetapi mereka sering ditinggalkan dan tidak dimenafaatkan. Jangan jemput GB kerana GB tak ader PhD dan yang hanya kutahu aku akan paksa pemimpin-pemimpin ini jalan atas api, yang tak disukai oleh AT.

Kini kita di zaman membicarakan "k-workers", "k-university", "k-government", "k-itu", "k-ini" termasuklah "k-leaders". Apa itu k? "Knowledge-based" - Berasaskan ilmu pengetahuan.

Mereka yang menolak persepsi, menolak pandangan dan kritikan orang lain, sudah ketinggalan dan primitif.

Kalau PAS nak berjaya sebagai "k-organisation", ia mesti dipimpin oleh "k-leaders".

Kata Prof Abu Hassan, kelompok yang menolak persepsi bolehlah dianggap sudah primitif dan masih berpijak kepada abad ke 17 dahulu.

Ini kerana, di abad ini, maklumat bergerak dengan cepat dan tidak boleh lagi dibendung dengan penafian, penjelasan atau sebagainya.

Ia mesti ditangani dengan bijak bukan lagi dengan cara penafian, mencari punca atau seumpamanya.

Beliau menyifatkan, para peserta seminar yang marahkan penulis atau pembentang seperti Dr Aziz adalah primitif dan hanya sesuai hidup di abad ke 17 sahaja. Dengan maaf, ia adalah satu tamparan kepada Tuan Ibrahim, Abu Bakar Chik dan Kamaruzzaman Mohammad, Idris Ahmad, Nasruddin Tantawi serta sekalian yang datang dari bawah tempurung yang rata-rata dari pendokong kumpulan UG!

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Write & Wave the flag!

Posted: 07 Nov 2009 04:46 PM PST

He's into writing!

Janson could identify and say flag when he was 15-and-half-month old. Now he's 18-month old.

Thank You, Jesus for Janson's speedy growth!

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