Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kitten Died

Kitten Died

Kitten Died

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 10:58 AM PST

When we came back after dinner, Wuan found it sprawled on the floor. Apparently kitten had diarrhea. It was too late in the night to get kitten to the vet. Wuan tried to feed kitten with some kitten biscuits soaked in water. Every now and then it would mew. When Wuan went to take a peek last, kitten was already gone. RIP kitten. You are in cat heaven now.

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60-1217 : Happy Birthday Starbucks Malaysia

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 07:30 AM PST

Starbucks a.k.a Starbie has turned 11 years old today.
Happy Birthday Starbie Malaysia
May all the Starbie oulet have good business eh~

Hehehe... everyone knows that i'm a great fans of Starbie... So far i have visited 60 outlets in Malaysia. I still have a lot more to cover as the Starbie is expanding their biz in Malaysia. More outlet is opening as days goes by ... :p

Okie~ Go back to Starbie's birthday... very sad to say i was not able to be part of the Starbie Birthday celebration. Why? This is because of my laziness to get up early today and headed to the nearest Starbie @ 11am. Yup~ All the Starbie outlet was giving out Fresh Brew coffee for free from 11am - 1pm. Hehehe... I only went to Starbie in the afternoon about 3pm. So no more Free coffee... Anyway, it's okay... I will place a big note in my Starbie Organizer and will hit one of the Starbie next year on Dec 17th 2010. Anyone can guess which Starbie I was in this afternoon?

My usual Ice Cafe Latte (Low Fat)

One of my friend even text me whether is there any further discount... Errrr.... No further discount for any drinks on its birthday day... only the usual 10% discount for J-card, HSBC credit card etc. Nothing much other than free coffee from 11am-1pm.

P/S, I marked the 60th visited outlet on last week @ Starbie SS15 - Subang Jaya... this outlet was so nice as it's was facing the two famous college in Subang i.e. Taylor and Inti. According to the Barista, it was quiet because of school holiday. Hmmm... I wondered how would the environment in a normal day? Extremely Noisy like night market?...

A walk in Cemoro Lawang, the casuarina valley

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 10:27 AM PST

A brief stroll at Cemoro Lawang, a small village on the Tengger Crater's edge where we were staying for three nights during our Bromo trip in November 2009. It's a pretty scenic place to walk around with a bit of European valleys feel…

Cemoro Lawang, East Java, Indonesia

Read the rest of this post »

A walk in Cemoro Lawang, the casuarina valley from YeinJee's Asian Journal

for all muslim friends…

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 08:35 AM PST


Here We Come A Caroling ...

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 07:10 AM PST

I haven't been in the Christmas spirit for quite a while now and with Christmas fast coming up, I'm still not entirely in a Christmas mood just yet. My buddy who is crazy about Christmas has been trying his best to get me into the mood, from trying to intoxicate me with 'spirits' of a different kind to dragging me for Christmas caroling.

So last night, I relented and went over to his place and followed him around with his caroling group. Now, let me tell you that it has been years since I last followed a caroling group around. In fact, I think it was way back when I was in my teens, around 18-19, which is a real long time back. But I must say that I can remember it vividly and enjoyed my days of Christmas caroling around the neighbourhood.

I remember that we had loads of fun during the practice sessions a month or so before the actual caroling rounds started. The whole group of carolers consisted of basically teenagers with a couple of adults to oversee us. And when the actual caroling rounds started, we all had such a great time singing and bringing cheer to people. It was all done old style with the guitar and harmonizing and all that. And not to be boastful or anything, we were pretty good carolers too.

Now, after what I went through yesterday, I think caroling has gone a few steps backwards since my time and my buddy who was also active with his own group of carolers in his time agreed with me wholeheartedly. We were practically astonished at how bad the organizing of the caroling went and also how horrible the singing was. Granted, both of us were probably croaky old toads too but when I say singing, it's more like how the songs were sung.

You should have heard how they modified some of the Christmas songs that we both thought was totally inappropriate and made it sound horrible. It was more like a bad outdoor karaoke session. They even had this little trolley (or whatever it's called) which had a host of gadgets like music players, an ipod and they used it to accompany the singing, which was in a way okay, BUT AT LEAST FIND CHRISTMAS SONGS THAT WERE ON MINUS ONE TRACKS, instead of songs with actual singing in it. Defeats the purpose of going around caroling I would think.

But then, I can't complain too much. These people were volunteers and they did what they thought was their best. But the fact that it was also let by a young girl barely in her teens who knew nothing about Christmas caroling (in my opinion) didn't help matters at all. To old timers (gosh, that makes us sound so darn old) like me and my buddy who have seen what real caroling is like, we were thoroughly disappointed. Half the time we were laughing our heads off in the back.

My favourite number, 'God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' was butchered so bad I felt like crying! And that wasn't the only song that was butchered. I shall not get into more details as it's too painful to write about ... LOL! It's sad to know that caroling has lost a lot of its shine these days. Back in my time, we'd all be really enthusiastic about it. We'd agree on a simple 'costume' or dress code so that we would look the part.

Your everyday looking carolers ... pix courtesy of Adrian

The group yesterday, though I was told by my buddy that there was a dress code, came in all their normal casual wear that it looked like any normal bunch of people walking around out there. And Santa, well what can I say about Santa? We all know Santa is a jolly fat old man with a nice bushy beard, right? This Santa accompanying the carolers looked like he lost a whole lot of weight and was by far not at all jolly!

 Notice the 'jolly' Santa in the background? Foreground is by buddy's little girl.
Pix courtesy of Adrian.

But credit given to him seeing as how no one else wanted to be Santa ... siggghhh ... how can anyone not want to be Santa? And how can anyone who is in the Santa suit not be automatically jolly? I would have loved to be Santa. I even remember a time a few Christmas' back where I donned the role of Santa for my buddy's Christmas party and I enjoyed every moment of it!

Oh well, I shouldn't be complaining, it wasn't the carolers of my area and besides some houses did provide food and drinks which did raise our spirits a little ...  LOL! All in all, both my buddy and me had an enjoyable time laughing at the carolers more than the caroling itself. Yes, yes, when we're together we can be pretty nasty people. I don't think Santa is going to give us anything nice this year, buddy ... hahaha!

Thanks for trying to bring out my Christmas spirits bud :D And please ask lil Ellie if we're there yet. She'll know what I'm talking about ... LOL!

Appeal Court overturns decision on MACC - nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar nizar

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 08:32 AM PST

UPDATED 4PM The Court of Appeal today overturned a High Court ruling restricting MACC's interrogation sessions to office hours.
The decision was made by Court of Appeal judges Hasan Lah, Ahmad Maarop and Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad after hearing submissions from senior federal counsel Amarjeet Singh for the MACC, and counsel Karpal Singh for Kajang municipal councillor Tan Boon Wah.

Karpal submitted that Lock Up Rules state that suspects must be allowed rest between 6.30pm to 6.30am and they should remain in their cells. Thus, the same rule should be applied to witnesses. Also, Karpal said the court should adopt the literal meaning of the term day-to-day to mean within office hours as was agreed by the High Court as the the adverb day-to-day could never mean round the clock investigations or interrogations.

What a shame! The three stooges don't even know the difference between 'day-to-day' and 'round the clock'. A simple search in The Free Dictionary reveals the answers:
'day-to-day' means
occurring on a routine or daily basis and 'round the clock' means without stopping.

Polis Tidak Amanah, Tuntutan Bapa Nurin Pinda Penrnyataan Didengar Rabu Depan

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 05:45 AM PST

Mahkamah Tinggi di sini akan mendengar pada Rabu depan permohonan Jazimin Abdul Jalil, bapa kanak-kanak yang diculik dan dibunuh, Nurin Jazlin, bagi meminda pernyataan tuntutannya untuk turut menamakan Lans Koperal Amran Arifin sebagai defendan dalam kes saman itu.

Tarikh itu ditetapkan Penolong Kanan Pendaftar, Wan Nor Salina Wan Abdullah dalam kamarnya selepas perkara itu dikemukakan di hadapannya untuk sebutan hari ini.

Ini berikutan pengakuan oleh defendan dalam kes saman itu -- Ketua Polis Negara, Ketua Polis Selangor, Ketua Polis Petaling Jaya dan kerajaan Malaysia -- dalam pernyataan pembelaan mereka bahawa gambar-gambar bedah siasat Nurin diedarkan oleh Amran.

Jazimin, 35, seorang pekerja di syarikat keselamatan, mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap defendan atas dakwaan cuai berikutan pengedaran gambar-gambar bedah siasat anak perempuannya itu dalam internet.

Beliau memohon gantirugi am, ganti rugi teladan dan ganti rugi teruk, faedah, kos serta relif lain yang difikirkan sesuai oleh mahkamah, dengan mendakwa gambar-gambar berkenaan bersifat sulit serta peribadi dan bukan untuk tatapan umum tetapi hanya untuk tujuan penyiasatan kes Nurin. - Bernama

Ulasan GB

Adalah tidak wajar samasekali tindakan PDRM menyebarkan gambar-gambar bedah siasat Nurin yang sepatutnya diklassifikasikan sebagai sulit.

Ini bererti rakyat mempunyai hak untuk tidak bekerjasama dengan polis jika demikian buruknya sikap dan perangai polis di negara ini.

Mujahid Ada Cuti Sakit.

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 04:49 AM PST

Harakahdaily melaporkan seorang lagi Ahli Parlimen PAS membuat penjelasan hari ini berhubung ketidakhadirannya sewaktu undian menolak Bajet 2010 pada jam 11 malam Isnin lalu.

Ahli Parlimen Parit Buntar Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa pagi tadi berkata, rasa tidak sihat menyebabkan beliau tidak berupaya menunggu di Dewan Rakyat sehingga sesi penghujahan pada sebelah malam selesai.

"Jam 3 petang hari itu, saya dah keluar Dewan (Rakyat)...sebab rasa sangat tak sihat (sakit) dan tak dapat nak sertai pengundian itu," jelasnya.

Beliau yang juga AJK PAS Pusat berkata, beliau mendapat cuti sakit sejak seminggu yang lalu namun berusaha juga untuk tidak meninggalkan persidangan dewan rakyat.

Namun gangguan kesihatan yang dihadapi beliau menyebabkab beliau terpaksa pulang untuk berehat.

Beliau turut menjelaskan bahawa hasrat Ahli Parlimen Pembangkang mahu menolak bajet sulung Datuk Seri Najib itu diberitahu kepadanya pada sekitar jam 5 petang.

Pun begitu, beliau dalam nada kesal, kecewa kerana tidak dapat menyertai undian tersebut.

Ekoran itu, beliau turut memohon maaf kepada suluruh rakyat Malaysia, khususnya rakyat di kawasan parlimennya sendiri.

Ujarnya lagi, Presiden PAS Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang turut dihubungi pagi tadi untuk menjelaskan sebab ketidakhadirannya itu.

Semalam, Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena Datuk Mahfuz Omar dan Ahli Parlimen Kuala Langat Dr. Che Rosli Che Mat tampil menjelaskan sebab ketidakhadiran masing-masing pada waktu pungutan suara tersebut dibuat.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Ahli Parlimen Kuala Krai Dr. Hatta Ramli dan Ahli Parlimen Baling masih belum dapat dihubungi bagi menjelaskan sebab-musabab ketidakhadiran masing-masing.

Isnin lalu, Bajet 2010 yang dibentangkan Perdana Menteri Malaysia merangkap Menteri Kewangan Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak diterima dengan majoriti tiga undi sahaja, iaitu 66 menyokong dan 63 membangkang.

Selain 5 Ahli Parlimen PAS terbabit, 15 Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat dari PKR dan DAP turut dikenal pasti tidak hadir pada sesi pengundian tersebut.

Manakala, seramai 7O Ahli Parlimen dari BN turut gagal menyertai sesi pungutan suara itu.

Kegagalan kesemua ahli parlimen pakatan rakyat hadir pada proses pengundian tersebut dikritik hebat oleh media khususnya blog yang mendakwa mereka penyebab Pakatan gagal menolak bajet Najib.


Posted: 17 Dec 2009 05:07 AM PST

i'm scared...
i scared to say xxx...
i'm not confidence to myself...
i scared you will leave me after you know my real character...


Majlis Berkhatan Beramai-Ramai di Desa Mentari

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 03:09 AM PST

20 Oktober 2009
10.00 pagi
Padang Blok 4, 5, 6 Desa Mentari, PJS 6

Program Gotong Royong Desaria

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 03:07 AM PST

20 Disember 2009
9.00 pagi
Taman Desaria PJS 5

Merasmikan Majlis Berkhatan Angkatan Muda Keadilan & Pemuda PAS Kelana Jaya

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 03:04 AM PST

20 Disember 2009
8.00 pagi
Masjid al-Husna, PJS 8

Hadir di Syarahan Perdana Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi di Masjid Negeri Selangor

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 03:02 AM PST

19 Disember 2009
7.00 malam - 9.00 malam
Masjid Negeri, Shah Alam
Tetamu Khas: Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Tetamu jemputan: YAB Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Hadir di Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat Pertama

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 02:57 AM PST

19 Disember 2009
8.00 pagi - 5.00 petang
Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam

Hadir di Majlis Perasmian Masjid Tengku Kelana sempena Sambutan Maal Hijrah Selangor

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 02:55 AM PST

18 Disember 2009
11.00 pagi
Masjid Tengku Kelana, Klang
Dirasmikan oleh DYMM Sultan Selangor
Tetamu: YAB Tan Sri Dato Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor

Majlis Angkat Sumpah Ranting-Ranting Cabang Klang

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 02:52 AM PST

17 Disember 2009
8.30 malam
Dewan Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang
Tetamu: YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew, Sdr Suhaimi Mohd Nor & Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431H

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 02:49 AM PST

Saya dan isteri ingin mengucapkan Salam Maal Hijrah kepada semua umat Islam.

Semoga Hijrah ini memberi kita peluang memberi peluang muhasabah diri, membaiki kesilapan dan memperbaharui tekad bagi tahun akan datang, insya Allah.

A Whole New Life

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 02:24 AM PST

All I can say right now is, I have a brand new life, with a brand new job in a challenging specialized medical industry. And I ask all of you to forgive me for the disappearing act. I know I have been on a long hiatus. Gomenasai!

Life is a little uncanny when we get to crossroads, especially when a series of epiphanies starts to kick in the mid-20's. And here I am, with God's special guidance, enlightening me when I am left in the darkness. I'm no longer focusing on selling and selling and selling like my previous jobs. This job scope is totally refreshing and requires a deep-diving experience in order to master the skills.

Day in, day out, I will be spending my time to do follow-ups for patients with heart problems. At times, I will be assisting the cardiologists performing a minor surgery (read: I can't explain such a detailed job scope here in the public). Nevertheless, all these experiences are inevitably enriching. Of course, I could not do all these by myself. I have to undergo lots of intensive training. Will be flying overseas more often as these heart cases are more frequent in the Western countries. Next week, I will be having 1-1 trainings with my current boss (read: a very nice guy indeed).

Enough of reading my ramblings. I guess it may bore you to death. It's the festive season and a week away from Christmas celebrations. I am sure all of you are embracing a joyful holiday season.

I wish all of you a Blessed Christmas, and yes, I will be back after Christmas.

Christmas tree

Yes, I gotta run now. Have another appointment now!!

Will blog more soon. xoxo

Taklimat Draf Rancangan Tempatan MPAJ

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 01:55 AM PST

Peter Tan being carried up two steps at the Dewan MPAJ Pandan Indah
Peter Tan being carried up two steps at the Dewan MPAJ Pandan Indah.

MPAJ organised a briefing on the Local Draft Plan for residents of the Teratai state constituency. It was held at the Dewan MPAJ at Pandan Indah. This local draft plan was for the development of the Ampang Jaya municipality for the next ten years. ADUN for Teratai Jenice Lee had informed me about this briefing. My main interest in this matter is to see if accessible facilities are included in the draft.

MPAJ Town Planner Awang Mustapha speaking on the Local Draft Plan
MPAJ Town Planner Awang Mustapha speaking on the Local Draft Plan.

The first inkling that it was not going to be plain sailing was when I discovered that the Dewan MPAJ did not have an access ramp into the hall. There were only steps and I had to be carried up together with my wheelchair. MPAJ will get to hear from me real soon regarding this matter. There is no reason whatsoever not to provide access in compliance with the Uniform Building By Law 34 when MPAJ itself is the authority enforcing this on all public buildings.

ADUN for Teratai Jenice Lee and MPAJ Councillors of the Teratai state constituency at the briefing
ADUN for Teratai Jenice Lee and MPAJ Councillors of the Teratai state constituency at the briefing.

When the forum was opened to the floor after the briefing by MPAJ Town Planner Awang Mustapha, I asked if the local draft plan includes provision of accessible facilities. It came as a shock to me that there were none according to Awang although such facilities were included in the guidelines for the draft. He promised to take this matter into account.

ADUN for Teratai Jenice Lee asking for clarification on some points at the Local Draft Plan briefing
ADUN for Teratai Jenice Lee asking for clarification on some points at the Local Draft Plan briefing

I was even more displeased when Councillor Chan Su San informed the floor that she did emphasise that accessible facilities should be included in the local draft plan during council meetings on the matter. I thought that MPAJ have understood that the municipality barely have accessible facilities and that after the seminar and dialogue with disabled people and the announcement by the Yang Di Pertua at the disability awareness training, such issues whould have been given more attention. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. This oversight is prevalent in local governments all over Malaysia. It is all talk without substance.

Peter Tan asking about the accessible facilities in the Local Draft Plan
Peter Tan asking about the accessible facilities in the Local Draft Plan.

It is very disappointing that a plan as important as this, even though at the draft stages, excludes the needs of disabled people, especially after all the advocacy activities we have initiated with MPAJ. I hope there will be more ADUNs like Jenice Lee and councillors in MPAJ like Chan Su Sann who understood the importance of such facilities and speak out on behalf of disabled people who do not have a representation in the MPAJ.

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  3. Menara MPAJ to be more disabled-friendly: The Star – June 1, 2009 The Star Online Metro Home > Metro > Central...
  4. Labour Day Morning With YB Yap Soo Sun My fellow advocates on disability issues, Wang and Tan, and...
  5. Meeting With YB Jenice Lee Jenice Lee with Tan Weng Aun, Wang Siew Ming and...

Siapa Sebenarnya Yang Lantik J/K Disiplin Parti?

Posted: 17 Dec 2009 12:55 AM PST

Peti email GB terus-terusan dipenuhi dengan pertanyaan dan persoalan mengenai Pengerusi Lembaga Tatatertib PAS yang kini sedang menyiasat PAS Selangor yang seperti yang dilaporkan oleh Harakahdaily di atas arahan Tuan Presiden.

Adalah menjadi sesuatu keanehan bagaimana arahan boleh diberikan oleh Presiden kepada satu jawatankuasa yang mengikut Perlembagaan PAS, J/K Disiplin ini sepatutnya dilantik oleh Majlis Syura Ulamak.

GB telah mempersoalkan hal ini di dalam satu tulisan di blog Kelab GB tetapi tidak mendapat respons kerana masin-masing tergamam mengenai persoalan "siapa sebenarnya yang telah melantik Jawatankuasa Disiplin PAS?".

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man pula nampaknya telah acapkali mengeluarkan "kenyataan-kenyataan yang bias" yang tidak menampakkan beliau mempunyai kredibiliti sebagai Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Disiplin. GB telah juga mengulasnya di SINI.

Diperturunkan kembali tulisan GB yang lepas untuk masing-masing melakukan penilaian supaya kebenaran dan keadilan itu dapat ditegakkan seperti sepatutnya.

Lembaga Disiplin PAS Ikut Arahan Siapa?

Saya telah diminta pandangan untuk membincangkan isu mengenai Lembaga Disiplin Parti Islam SeMalaysia yang mendapat arahan menyelesaikan segera beberapa isu dalaman PAS.

Lembaga Disiplin PAS telah mengadakan persidangan buat pertama kalinya pada 31 Oktober lalu yang dilaporkan memulakan siasatnnya terhadap PAS Selangor.

Lembaga ini mempunyai lima anggota yang dipengerusikan oleh Naib Presiden PAS, Ustadz Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man. Sementara jawatankuas yang lain terdiri dari peguam, tokoh agama dan anggota veteran PAS.

Lembaga Disiplin dikatakan akan akan membuat cadangan kepada Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat apakah bentuk tindakan yang akan diambil setelah siasatan ke atas isu PAS Selangor itu selesai.

Persoalan kini, Lembaga Disiplin ini dibentuk oleh parti dengan kuasa pihak mana, mendengar dan mendapat arahan dari siapa serta perlu membuat cadangan kepada pihak mana.

Berdasarkan Perlembagaan Parti Islam SeMalaysia, Fasal 7 Ceraian 3(c) yang menerangkan hal Hukum dan Kekuasaan Majlis Syura Ulama berbunyi:

Memelihara, menjaga dan mengawal tatatertib PAS dan melantik ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Tatatertib PAS seperti yang diperuntukkan dalam Fasal 75 Perlembagaan ini.

Fasal 75(2)

Sebuah Jawatankuasa Tatatertib hendaklah ditubuhkan di peringkat pusat. Adapun Perhubungan Negeri, Kawasan-kawasan, Cawangan-cawangan dan Dewan-dewan bolehlah melaporkan apa-apa tindakan dan perbuatan ahli-ahli yang didapati melanggar Tatatertib parti kepada Setiausaha Agung atau Pejabat Agung untuk tindakan sewajarnya oleh Jawatankuasa Tatatertib itu.

Pasal 75(3) berbunyi

Jawatankuasa Tatatertib itu hendaklah terdiri dari:
(a) Seorang Pengerusi
(b) Seorang Setiausaha, dan
(c) Tiga Ahli Jawatankuasa.

Fasal 75(4)

"MAJLIS SYURA ULAMAK", menurut kuasa yang diperuntukkan kepadanya dalam Fasal 7(3)(c) Perlembagaan ini adalah diberi kuasa melantik semua ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Tatatertib dari masa ke semasa.

Fasal 75(5)

Kuasa Jawatankuasa Tatatertib itu ialah
(a) Memberi amaran
(b) Melucutkan hak-hak dalam parti
(c) Menggantung keahlian
(d) Memecat dari menjadi ahli

Fasal 75(6)

Seseorang ahli yang tidak berpuashati terhadap sebarang tindakan dan keputusan yang dikenakan ke atasnya oleh Jawatankuasa ini bolehlah membuat rayuan bertulis kepada "MAJLIS SYURA ULAMAK" dalam tempoh tidak lewat daripada enam puloh hari dari tarikh tatatertib itu diambil terhadapnya. Keputusan "MAJLIS SYURA ULAMAK bersabit dengan rayuan itu adalah muktamad.

Fasal 77(7)

"MAJLIS SYURA ULAMA" dalam keadaan tertentu dalah berhak mengambil apa-apa tindakan tatatertib dengan sendirinya tanpa menghiraukan Jawatankuasa Tatatertib ke atas mana-mana ahli PAS yang diadukan kepadanya oleh mana-mana pihak yang tersebut dalam ceraian (2) Fasal ini. Keputusan dan tindakan "MAJLIS SYURA ULAMAK" itu adalah muktamad.

Senario yang ada kini nampaknya tidak memenuhi tuntutan seperti yang tercatat di dalam Perlembagaan.

Menurut Perlembagaan PAS, hal-ehwal tatatertib(disiplin) adalah di bawah urusan Majlis Syura Ulamak yang diberi kuasa untuk menubuhkan Lembaga Disiplin yang dianggotai lima orang jawatankuasa.

Namun, semenjak isu Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Datuk Hassan Ali timbul dan selepas mesyuarat khas Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat bagi membincangkan hal itu, Lembaga Disiplin seperti sudah lari dari peranannya yang sepatutnya menerima arahan dari Majlis Syura Ulamak, bukan dari pihak lain. Ini adalah kerana pembentukannya sepertimana yang ditunjukkan di atas dilakukan oleh Majlis Syura Ulamak. Jika perlantikan Jawatankuasa Disiplin yang ada pada hari ini bukan dari Majlis Syura Ulama, dengan sendirinya Lembaga Disiplin yang ada adalah sebuah jawatankuasa yang haram, batal dan tidak sah.

Justeru itu laporan harakahdaily bertarikh 30 Oktober 2009 bercanggah dengan Perlembagaan parti:

Lembaga Disiplin PAS telah diarahkan bersidang segera bagi menyiasat beberapa dakwaan kepada PAS Selangor.

Arahan ini dibuat oleh mesyuarat khas Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat baru-baru ini. Ia dimaklumkan kepada media oleh Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang dalam sidang medianya kira-kira jam 1.00 pagi 29 Oktober semalam.

Tidak ada arahan sepatutnya boleh dilakukan oleh Presiden atau Jawatankuasa Pusat atau mana-mana pihak ke atas Lembaga Disiplin kerana Lembaga Disiplin adalah bebas dari sebarang tekanan, manipulasi, eksploitasi, arahan atau apa-apa bentuk suruhan dari mana-mana pihak kecuali Majlis Syura Ulamak.

Walau bagaimanapun, Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat boleh mengambil tindakan berdasarkan Fasal 23(7)(g) tanpa melibatkan Lembaga Tatatertib

Menyelesaikan perselisihan yang berlaku dalam parti, dan berkuasa menggantung dan membubarkan serta mengambil alih mana-mana Badan Perhubungan PAS Negeri/Wilayah Persekutuan, Kawasan-kawasan dan Cawangan-cawangan dengan melantik satu Jawatankuasa tadbir sementara yang akan mempunyai kuasa sebagaimana sesebuah Jawatankuasa yang diambil menurut Perlembagaan ini untuk tempoh masa yang ditentukan.

Fasal 75 (2) yang menyatakan "apa-apa tindakan dan perbuatan ahli-ahli yang didapati melanggar Tatatertib parti kepada Setiausaha Agung atau Pejabat Agung untuk tindakan sewajarnya oleh Jawatankuasa Tatatertib itu" bukan memberi kuasa Setiausa Agung untuk mengarahkan tetapi adalah tugas Setiausaha Agong memaklumkan kepada Lembaga Disiplin parti.

Dari Perlembagaan PAS, jelas, bahawa Majlis Syura Ulamak yang dipengerusikan oleh Mursyidul Am adalah kuasa tertinggi di dalam parti yang bertakluk (bukan tertakluk) ke atas Lembaga Disiplin. Lembaga Disiplin PAS perlu mematuhi hal ini.

Kenyataan Pengerusi Lembaga Disiplin yang menyatakan "lembaga ini akan membuat cadangan kepada Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat apakah bentuk tindakan yang akan diambil" adalah tidak betul kerana mengikut perlembagaan, cadangan hendaklah dihantar terus kepada Majlis Syura Ulamak, bukan Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat kerana nantinya sebarang rayuan adalah dilakukan kepada Majlis Syura Ulamak berdasarkan kepada Fasal 75(6).

Jawatakuasa Disiplin Tidak Boleh Bias

Dato Tuan Ibrahim, selaku Pengerusi Lambaga Tatatertib (meskipun GB sehingga kini masih belum mendapat jawapan tentang pembentukan Lembaga tatatertib samada ia memenuhi kehendak Perlembagaan Parti seperti GB nyatakan di SINI) sepatutnya tidak mengeluarkan perkataan ini:

"Memang ada tuduhan, tapi tuduhan itu tak semestinya benar,"

Sebab saya menyatakan ia tidak boleh di keluarkan, awal-awal lagi ia menunjukkan ciri bias. Kerana ianya boleh ditempelak, "tuduhan itu tak semestinya salah" dan dengan sendirinya kredibiliti dan integriti Lemabaga tatatertib boleh dipersoalkan lantarannya.

Senario yang hampir sama pernah berlaku semasa Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya (SPR), yang setelah menerima surat pengosongan DUN Changkat Jering dan Behrang mengeluarkan kenyataan berikut:

"Saya telah terima surat dari Speaker Perak, tetapi saya juga telah menerima surat bantahan dari ADUN-ADUN berkenaan".

Sedangkan surat-surat dari ADUN-ADUN berkenaan sepatutnya tidak dilayan kerana tiada peruntukan undang-undang untuk Pengerusi SPR berbuat demikian.

Hasilnya, keputusan tidak berpihak kepada kebenaran yang sepatutnya pilihanraya kecil diadakan, tetapi berpihak kepada konspirasi untuk mempastikan kedua-dua kerusi itu kekal kepada BN.

Jawapan yang hampir sama diberikan oleh Persuruhjaya Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah malaysia (SPRM) sewaktu ditanya mengenai kes rasuah bekas MB Selangor, Mohd Khir Toyo.

"Memang ada laporan tentang kes rasuah berkenaan, tetapi tiada ada bukti kukuh untuk mendakwanya".

Dan Mohd Khir Toyo bebas lepas.

Itu dua contoh "hakim" yang tidak berwibawa. Itu contoh "hakim" yang menyalahgunakan kuasa. Itu contoh "hakim" yang khianat dan durjana.

Seorang hakim tidak boleh berpihak. Seorang hakim perlu adil. Seorang hakim perlu menghukum dengan kebenaran dan keadilan.

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.

"Hakim itu ada tiga macam, Satu di syurga dan dua di neraka:
1) Yang di syurga adalah hakim yang tahu kebenaran dn ia menghukum dengan kebenaran tersebut
2) Seorang lelaki yang tahu kebenaran tetapi ia menyimpang daripada kebenaran itu, maka ia ke neraka
3) Seorang lelaki yang menghukum manusia tanpa ilmu, maka ia ke neraka.
(Abu Dawud, Tarmidhi, Ibn Majah)

Sebelum ini, GB menyatakan bahawa Perlembagaan PAS menetapkan bahawa Jawatankuasa Tatatertib perlu dilantik oleh Majlis Syura Ulamak.

Jika jawatankuasa yang ada tidak dilantik oleh Majlis Syura Ulamak, tetapi oleh Presiden dan sebagainya, dengan sendirinya ia terbatal dan tidak berkuatkuasa.

Majlis Syura Ulamak sepastinya mengetahui bahawa Jawatankuasa Disiplin yang hendak dilantik perlu mempunyai kriteria seseorang itu mempunyai 'ilmu (dan sebaik-baiknya ada pengalaman) di dalam bidang perundangan dan penghakiman bersuaian dengan hadith yang dinukilkan tadi.

Ini diperkuatkan dengan satu hadith yang lain:

"Apabila sesuatu urusan itu diserahkan bukan kepada ahlinya, maka nantikanlah kehancuran" – (Bukhari)

Ketelitian pemilihan jawatankuasa disiplin atau tatatertib perlu diberikan perhatian serius oleh parti agar kebenaran dan keadilan itu benar-benar ditegakkan.

Saya dengan ini meminta supaya persoalan mengenai ahli jawatankuasa Lembaga Tatatertib disemak semula supaya melantik mereka yang benar-benar berkeahlian memegang jawatan itu sebelum PAS hancur binasa kerananya sesuai dengan amaran hadith kedua tadi.

Mohon pencerahan dari pihak tertinggi parti sebelum sbarang kesilapan (jika ada) terlajak jauh. PAS perlu diselamatkan dari tidak mengikuti Perlembagaan Parti.

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