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61-1227 - 3 2 square Starbie

61-1227 - 3 2 square Starbie

61-1227 - 3 2 square Starbie

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 06:00 AM PST

Two Sunday ago, i wanna to explore a new place in Klang Valley... Yup, a new place for me but might not be a new place for some of you... it's has been a landmark in PJ quite sometime ago... This is a business park called Three 2 square... Have you heard about it?

My friend and i was having lunch over in Boston @ this place

After lunch i saw the Starbie @ the corner and i was so excited to mark my 61st outlet before end of year 2009. Yup! It was my last marking of Starbie in the year. This Starbie is quite big and spacious... at least it's bigger than the outlet @ Jaya-One. The Starbie in fact was very quiet too when we were there.

Okay! Let's forward to Jan 9th 2010... As you know i go to FF Maxis for pilate every Saturday... so i went today for the class too. After the class, we headed to the curve for a quick lunch and headed over to the Starbie @ Borders for some coffee and spent my first relaxing Saturday after a whole week of busy work... Guess what? i met the first blogger in Year 2010... I met Jay Tee who is the medical student base in Sabah now... :)

@ about 6:45pm... we left the place and headed home ;p


Posted: 09 Jan 2010 08:11 AM PST


Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, in anticipation of the protests to be held, said during a press conference :
"I will use everything that is necessary to make sure that the country is safe. ISA is not personal and political, but it is for security."

He knew it was coming yet he did nothing to preempt the situation. After all, isn't ISA a preemptive law? The country was unsafe last Friday. There was a climate of fear. People felt insecure. Why did he not use the ISA since he said he would use everything that was necessary? He had failed his job! Anyway, right from start, the government had already conceded defeat when the PM said he could not stop people from protesting. Powerless PM!

A Bag Full Of Books ...

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 07:35 AM PST

Wifey used to tell me that when my younger boy comes back from school he always complains of being tired. I normally drive them to school in the mornings and they walk home from school in the afternoons. I live not too far from the boys school, just a short 5-10 minute walk.

But wifey says that my younger boy would always come home from school red faced and panting and complaining that he's exhausted. Sometimes he's so exhausted that he'll forsake his lunch and take a nap first. The poor guy.

Then a few days ago, I was checking the little fellows bag. Wifey said that some of stitches were coming loose and to see if I could mend it for him. Now, the moment I picked up his bag, I almost snapped my spine! It felt like I was trying to lift a sackful of bricks.

Just what the heck does he have in his bag that is so heavy? I decided to open his bag and take a look and I discovered that the little genius packs his bag with every single text, work and exercise book he has, not to mention his pencil case, drink bottle, his cap and even his raincoat!

I look at wifey and ask her why in heavens name does he take all his books to school? Doesn't he have a timetable? I'm pretty sure he doesn't need at least half the books in there. No wonder he's exhausted by the time he walks home. In fact I'm amazed that he can even lug that knapsack and reach home without fainting halfway. I would have fainted at the weight of his bag.

Wifey tells me that he has a timetable but he's too darn lazy to arrange his books and take only what he needs so the little genius just takes every book he has with him to school. Good god, during my school days, I hardly took any books to school. The lighter I could make my bag, the better it was.

In fact, me and my classmate would make a deal where he brought half the books and I brought the other half and we would share during lessons. That would lighten the loads of our bags by half. Well, the class teacher wasn't too pleased but she didn't make too much of a fuss. At least we brought some books to school ... LOL!

I mean, I was lazy back in my school days and I'm not surprised that my little fellow is lazy but at least be lazy on the smart side and not suffer and lug a bag that feels like it has 32 pieces of bricks in it and then some.

That boy is a real lazy little fellow. I found out wifey actually keeps on nagging him to arrange his books according to the school timetable but he never does it so much so that she's fed up of telling him already. She says if he wants to carry that darn heavy bag to and from school, then it's up to him.

Well, I didn't take none of that. I whipped out his timetable and arranged his books for school the next day and I actually managed to reduce the weight if his bag by more than half. I called him up to his room and gave him a lecture about laziness with wifey snickering in the background.

She said that I'd be better off explaining what los cabos is to a baby than trying to talk to him about his laziness. And she even said that he'd probably take all his books to school again the day after tomorrow cos he would just be too lazy to arrange them. She does have a point though cos he would most probably do it too.

He's so lazy at times that he'd rather suffer and lug all his books to school than to take just five minutes of his time sitting there and arranging just what books he really needs for school.

The strange thing is you would think that having to lug a heavy bag to and from school would firm up his body but it's the complete opposite. He's putting on more weight growing sideways than upwards and his weight is even catching up to me and I'm 42 years old at that! He's even starting to look like a Michelin boy again.

Oh well, I tried my best. If he wants to lug around a bag that weighs a tons then it's his choice. No wonder wifey gave up nagging him about it. But then, the amount of books the school requires these days for lessons is mind boggling. For a single subject a minimum of one or two work books, one text book and one exercise book is needed. I don't remember having that much books in my school days. The again, I didn't bring much books to school to begin with.

Maybe I should get that boy one of those bags with wheels on it. He can just drag that bag home every afternoon. Then again maybe not cos knowing that boy, he might just sit on it and slide his way home. Trust me, he's liable to do something like that! He's as mischievous as he is lazy!

Otaku’s New Year party at Akihabara

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 06:43 AM PST

Interesting (or absolutely bizarre depends on how you see it) video of how some Japanese otaku celebrated their New Year's Eve at a maid cafe and idol stage in Tokyo's Akihabara… [video via Japanprobe]

Otaku's New Year party at Akihabara from YeinJee's Asian Blog

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Entertainment roundup (Jan 9, 2010)

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 05:36 AM PST

Korean celebrity couple Kim Hye-soo and Yu Hae-jinLove is in the air!!! Korean actress Kim Hye-soo is dating actor Yu Hae-jin (pic) [1]; while J-pop star Namie Amuro is reportedly seeing Lonboo's Tamura [2][3].

Unfortunate news for Korean singer Lee Min-Woo, who was hospitalised after a serious accident [4]; bad news as well for some 450 Japanese celebrities and entertainers whose blog passwords were hacked [5].

Comeback… Chinese pop diva Faye Wong is making her anticipated return after five years of hiatus [6], while HKG star Gillian Chung is back to acting after a long break following her sex photo scandal [7].

Korean news… Park Shin-hye shares love in Nepal during Xmas period [8]; Kim Ha-neul launches online magazine [9]; Wonder Girls did Barbie Girls for EXR [10]; Kim Hyun-joong selected as the most suitable star to wear Hanbok [11]; and Jun Ji-hyun to appear in new film with Chinese star Zhang Ziyi [12].

Rounding this up with a photoset of Korean model Kim Ha-yul [13] and an interview of Malaysian singer Zee Avi with MTV Iggy [14].


Entertainment roundup (Jan 9, 2010) from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Nasib Hassan Ali, Khalid Samad Ditentukan Minggu Depan

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 06:41 AM PST

Jawatankusa disiplin PAS yang selesai mendengar keterangan dua pemimpin parti itu dari Selangor akan membuat keputusannya minggu depan.

Jawatankuasa itu memutuskan demikian selepas selesai mendengar keterangan Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor Datuk Dr Hasan Ali selama tiga jam petang ini.

Bekas timbalannya Khalid Samad telah memberi keterangan kelmarin dengan membawa seorang saksi.

Ketika ditemui The Malaysian Insider di Ibu Pejabat PAS di sini lewat petang ini, pengerusi jawatankuasa itu Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man berkata, pihaknya boleh membuat keputusan membabitkan kedua-dua mereka hujung minggu depan.

Beliau ada tarikh ditetapkan untuk tujuan itu.

Jawatankuasa pusat PAS akan bermesyuarat pagi esok tetapi ia tidak akan sentuh kes mereka.

"Kami rasa hujung minggu depan sudah boleh membuat keputusan... sudah agak lama juga siasatan dijalankan," kata beliau.

Bagaimanapun jelas beliau pihaknya menanti satu dokumen yang hendak dikemukakan oleh Hasan dan saksi yang beliau bawa hari ini.

Hasan membawa tiga saksi hari ini, kata Tuan Ibrahim yang juga naib presiden PAS.

Saksi Hasan terdiri daripada Timbalan Pesuruhjaya II PAS Selangor Iskandar Abdul Samad, Setiausaha PAS Selangor Mohd Khairuddin Othman dan Bendaharinya Yusof Ludin yang juga bekas setiausaha perhubungan negeri.

Hasan berhadapan dengan tuduhan membuat yang merugikan Pakatan Rakyat dan sebagai Exco Kerajaan Negeri sepatutnya menggunakan saluran rasmi untuk melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati. Tuduhan ini dirujuk kepada kenyataan beliau mengenai Selcat dan pelantikan pemangku pengurus besar Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor awal tahun lalu.

Dalam pada itu Khalid berhadapan dengan tuduhan mempertikaikan Hasan sebagai pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor dengan membuat kenyataan terbuka meminta beliau dipecat.

Selain itu Khalid juga dikenakan tuduhan mendedahkan maklumat mesyuarat perhubungan kepada publik.

Jawatankuasa disiplin menyiasat mereka selepas PAS mengadakan mesyuarat khas Nov lalu ekoran gesaan Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat agar diadakan muktamar agung khas.

"Tidak ada saksi lain akan dipanggil.

"Jawatankuasa disiplin merasakan cukup maklumat cuma dokumen tambahan yang akan dibekalkan oleh pihak Datuk Hasan.

"YB Khalid tidak ada apa-apa dokumen tambahan lagi. Jawatankuasa disiplin berpuas hati dengan penjelasan mereka yang diberikan ruang yang luas," katanya.

Terdahulu Hasan yang juga Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor tiba di pekarangan Ibu Pejabat PAS di Jalan Raja Laut di sini kira-kira pukul 2.53 petang tadi.

Beliau menghadap jawatankuasa disiplin yang dipengerusikan oleh Tuan Ibrahim mulai 3 petang.

Pertemuan itu sepatutnya diadakan sebelah pagi tadi tapi ditangguhkan sehingga 3 petang ini.

Penangguhan itu ekoran majlis taklimat isu-isu semasa anjuran parti itu di Shah Alam.

Hasan yang didampingi The Malaysian Insider sebelum memasuki pejabat PAS enggan mengulas apa-apa.

Bagaimanapun ketika selesai sesi pendengaran yang berakhir 6 petang, Hasan berkata, "saya OK kerana telah diberikan kemudahan dan masa untuk memberikan penjelasan."

"Sama ada gembira atau tidak ia adalah subjektif," katanya.

Turut mengiringi beliau ketua penerangan PAS Selangor Roslan Sharir dan Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS III Selangor Dr Che Rosli Che Mat.

Pada akhir bulan lalu jawatankuasa disiplin PAS mengesahkan pihaknya sudah mengenal pasti adanya kes kukuh terhadap Hasan dan bekas timbalannya Khalid Samad.

Khalid telah memberikan keterangan lebih dua jam kelmarin.

Tanggal 7 dan 9 Jan telah ditetapkan untuk memanggil mereka menghadap anggota jawatankuasa disiplin.

Sebelum ini Tuan Ibrahim menjelaskan bentuk hukuman bergantung pada penjelasan susulan mereka.

Jawatankuasa disiplin mempunyai tiga pilihan hukuman iaitu memberi amaran bertulis, menggantung jawatan yang disandang ataupun memecat dari parti, bergantung pada tahap serius kesalahan dilakukan.

Bagaimanapun mereka yang disabitkan kesalahan boleh merayu kepada jawatankuasa pusat dan majlis syura ulama. -MI

Ulasan GB

Kita juga ingin tahu apakah sikap J/K Disiplin terhadap kenyataan Hassan Ali yang terang-terangan menentang pendirian parti.

Hassan Ali telah bertegas menyatakan penggunaan kalimah Allah tidak boleh digunakan oleh penganut agama lain bagi mengelak salah faham umat Islam.

Sedangkan pendirian PAS di dalam isu berkenaan telah diketahui umum bahawa PAS mengambil sikap sederhana membenarkan penggunaan kalimah Allah kepada penganut agama samawi, hanya sanya tidak mahu ianya disalahgunakan.

Apakah nanti Tuan Ibrahim akan menyatakan tiada laporan salahlaku Hassan Ali sedangkan akhbar tempatan telah jelas membuat laporan berkenaan dan setakat hari ini, Hassan Ali sendiri tidak menafikan?

GB ingin bertanya sekali lagi kepada Tn Ibrahim, mengapa sewaktu Khalid Samad membuat kenyataan tiba-tiba Tn Ibrahim mengarahkan Khalid supaya berhenti keluarkan kenyataan yang kononnya bertentangan dengan pendirian parti (skalipun akhirnya terbukti pendirian parti menyokong kenyataan Khalid)?


Tidakkah Tuan Ibrahim itu sendiri yang perlu diheret ke Jawatankuasa Disiplin kerana telah bertindak bias dan pilih kasih secara terang dan nyata?

Jika PAS tidak boleh membetulkan J/K Disiplin Parti, kita terpaksa menyerahkan kepada Allah s.w.t. kerana GB yakin, bukankah Dia sebaik-baik Hakim? (Alaisallaahu biahkamil haakimiin- At-Tiin 8).

One of the youngest mother in the world

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 06:48 AM PST

11 year-old Bulgarian girl had a daughter, and she gave birth in hospital where she was taken on the second day of the wedding ceremony.

She met her 19-year-old husband on the playground when he defended her from bullies.
The guy admitted that he thought she was fifteen years-old, that's why he started going out with her.

Their child was conceived a week after they were dating. And when he learned that she was pregnant he had to marry her as it was his duty. Still, he is facing 6 years of prison for having sex with a minor.

The young mother won't be attending the school anymore, because as she said she is a mother now. And here's what she said: 'I'm not going to play with toys any more - I have a new toy now.'

Slogan 1Malaysia Punah Dalamasa Kurang 24 Jam

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 04:17 AM PST

Parti Keadilan Rakyat kesal Umno-Barisan Nasional mewujudkan suasana tegang dan menyemai prasangka antara Muslimin dan Kristian melalui media massa.

Ketua Umum Anwar Ibrahim berkata liputan media arus perdana menuruti tunjuk perasaan tempoh hari memaparkan sikap konfrontasi pimpinan Umno-Barisan Nasional.

"Saya telah bersama pimpinan Parti Keadilan, PAS dan DAP membuat kenyataan mengutuk keras serangan itu. Pimpinan UMNO harus memikul tanggungjawab kerana mereka telah menggunakan media selama ini untuk menghasut rakyat benci kepada Kristian yang menuntut nama Allah digunakan," tegas Anwar.

Beliau berkata, media milik UMNO-Barisan Nasional harus lebih berwaspada dalam melaporkan isu-isu keagamaan dan perkauman.

"Media yang membawa aliran, fahaman perkauman dan mendokong perasaan benci kepada kaum dan agama harus menjawab dan dipertanggungjawabkan," tambahnya.

Pemimpin reformasi ini berkata slogan 1Malaysia punah dalam masa kurang dari 24 jam berikutan serangan keatas gereja-gereja semalam.

Beliau berkata pemerintah merestui tunjuk perasaan tempoh hari kerana layanan yang berbeza diberikan untuk ceramah pembangkang dan perhimpunan anti-kenaikan harga minyak dan tol, atau demonstrasi anti-ISA.

"Kerajaan yang selama ini keras terhadap ceramah aman sekarang ambil tindakan umpamanya memberi laluan kepada demostrasi kononnya demostrasi aman boleh. Padahal selama ini kita ditekan dengan kasar sekali," jelas Anwar.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


Posted: 09 Jan 2010 04:03 AM PST

Back in 2007 (the year when the lost of the RMAF jet engines were detected), the Malaysian army acquired a passive defence sensor from the Czech Republic at a cost that is unknown to the tax payers, supposedly on grounds that the purchase is deemed highly classified' which in reality is the contrary. The commercial name for the equipment is VERA-E, and reports has it that a similar equipment is also manufactured in Ukraine under the commercial name of KOLCHUGA, developed by a consortium that took eight years (1993-2000) of research and development...........details of the equipment is readily available in Wikipedia.

Apparently, the decision to acquire VERA-E was decided by a few 'top notch' military officers (predominantly army) without it having to go through the usual technical evaluation, considering that the operational nature of equipment will impact upon other Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems that are in service with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and the Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN). An all paid visit by some military officers to the Czech Republic was all that was necessary.

Reports have it that initially, the RMAF were coerce to accept the equipment, but the RMAF for reasons of its own, refused to have anything to do with the equipment. Since the decision to acquire have been made, army is now saddled with the responsibility to operate and maintain it; rightly or wrongly.

Wikipedia describes VERA-E briefly as follows:

'VERA-E a passive radiolocator is an electronic support measures (ESM) system the uses measurements of time difference of arrival (TDOA) of pulses at three or four sites to accurately detect and track airborne emitters'.

'The System is generally line-of-sight limited, with a nominal range of 450 km, the normal radio horizon'. (KOLCHUGA has a detection range in excess of 450 km)

'Up to 200 targets can be automatically tracked simultaneously, with an output rate adjustable from 1 to 5 seconds'.

While I cannot dispute the need for army to be equipped with ESMs in this modern day battlefield; the question that needs to be asked is whether VERA-E with a 450 km detecting range is tactically and operationally prudent to meet the battlefield ESM needs of the army. Isn't the deployment of VERA-E is best served by the RMAF whose role is to maintain surveillance of the airspace well beyond the horizon? And why does army require an ESM system which has a detection range that far exceeds the optimum range of its largest guns and missiles? Or is the army now thinking of acquiring rockets and missiles exceeding the range of 450 km? I am no battlefield strategist, but I feel VERA-E acquisition far exceeds the requirement of army.

Now, the million dollar questions that one needs to ask are as follows. First, on what basis was the acquisition made? Was it based on a professional or a business imperative? If it was the latter, then it is not too far fetch to presume that there were solicited kickbacks to sponsors of the acquisition.

Second, who actually toyed with the idea of acquiring the VERA-E from the Czech Republic and why?

Third, was the decision to acquire within the planned acquisition programme, or was it a 'spontaneous' purchase devised by someone with financial expectations?

Fourth, why was it so necessary that the acquisition be made through direct negotiation, rather than by the open tender system?

Fifth, who was the agent or middleman that was linked to the contract?

Six, since ESM deployed in the battlefield has impact on other likely ESM operated by the other sister services, was there any consultation made with the two sister services?

Lastly, is army thinking of fighting alone without the support of its two sister services; hence a 450 km passive defence sensor? Have army dumped the Joint Warfare doctrine and if so, why does the Armed Forces need the Joint Force HQ?

Lets us hope that in this particular acquisition, the name Sydney Franklin does not come into play at all, or another tailoring company being offered the contract in a platter.

Honestly, I am sick and tired of hearing contracts being awarded through some dubious process, because some 'top-notch military officers' decided so, without any professional consideration, thought and planning and worse still, without taking into account the expectant operational inter-play of the other two services. For a capital purchase of such significance to the entire the Armed Forces, it cannot be decided by 'a selected few', and worse still by just one man.

This deal certainly has the trimmings of corruption and abuse, and it must be thoroughly investigated to bring to justice all those who were a party to this outrageous unsavory act. The nation must never allow the greed of a few to compromise national defence and security.

Will Mindef be ready to open up a preliminary investigation into this acquisition?


Pembakar Gereja Berani Kerana Sedar Diri Mereka Dilindungi

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 02:57 AM PST

Pihak yang merasa diri mereka tidak dilindungi tidak berani membakar dan menceroboh beberapa gereja di Lembah Klang semalam, kata Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat, Mohamad Sabu.

"Saya percaya, hanya mereka yang merasa dilindungi yang berani berbuat demikian," katanya sambil merujuk serangan-serangan sedemikian ke atas pejabat-pejabat parti-parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat (PR) dan rumah para pemimpin parti-parti tersebut.

Beliau juga mengecam Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein yang disifatkannya memberi kata-kata pembakar semangat kepada mereka yang memilih cara yang provokatif dalam menangani isu antara kaum dan agama yang sangat sensitif.

"Umpamanya, kalau si ayah kata anaknya tidak boleh dihalang apabila si anak hendak memilih provokasi terhadap jiran, tentulah anaknya fikir bakar rumah jiran pun si ayah tak akan halang," katanya.

Mengenai apa yang disifatkannya sebagai kata-kata pembakar semangat itu, Mohamad merujuk berita Bernama yang melaporkan bahawa Najib berkata, kerajaan tidak akan menghalang para penunjuk perasaan jika mereka mahu berhimpun di sekitar kawasan masjid selagi ia di dalam lingkungan batas kawasan itu.

Utusan Malaysia pula melaporkan Najib berkata, mereka yang hendak berhimpun membantah penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh penerbitan agama lain "tidak boleh dihalang untuk berhimpun asalkan di dalam pagar masjid".

Bernama juga melaporkan Hishammuddin berkata, kerajaan tidak menghalang rakyat untuk menyuarakan pendapat mereka berhubung penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh majalah mingguan Katolik, Herald ketika diminta mengulas mengenai rancangan beberapa pertubuhan untuk mengadakan demonstrasi membantah penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang-orang bukan Islam.

"Sepatutnya mereka mencari jalan meredakan suasana tegang memandangkan Mahkamah Tinggi telah menangguhkan pelaksanaan perintah yang membenarkan penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam penerbitan majalah Herald itu," kata Mohamad.

Mengenai amaran Hishammuddin bahawa kerajaan tidak teragak-agak untuk menggunakan apa jua cara termasuk Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA), beliau mengingatkan Menteri Dalam Negeri itu bahawa penggunaan akta tersebut tidak akan meredakan perasaan mereka yang telah diransang dengan kata-kata pembakar semangat tersebut.

"Ketegangan tidak akan reda kerana kerajaan Umno tidak akan menangkap dalang-dalang utama ketegangan seperti yang berlaku dalam Operasi Lallang 1987 dahulu.

"Kita tahu, mereka akan mengambil peluang untuk melepaskan dendam terhadap para pemimpin pembangkang.

"Sejarah Operasi Lallang mungkin akan berulang di mana pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang yang tidak terlibat mencetuskan ketegangan telah dijadikan mangsa untuk menutup kesalahan Umno menggunakan isu perkauman ketika itu," kata beliau yang turut dimangsakan operasi tersebut.

Beliau berharap mereka yang tidak berpuas hati terhadap penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh majalah Herald supaya tidak mengambil kesempatan untuk melepaskan geram secara tidak bertamadun.

"Semua orang ada hak untuk bersetuju atau tidak bersetuju tentang sesuatu perkara. Tetapi, perbuatan membakar gereja tidak akan menyelesaikan rasa tidak puas hati mereka malah akan menyebabkan orang-orang Islam dipandang negatif.

"Soal kaum dan agama sangat sensitif, apa salahnya memilih cara yang lebih tenang seperti mengadakan perbincangan?" katanya.

Jika perbincangan diadakan, katanya, banyak perkara boleh dibincangkan dengan sikap yang lebih matang termasuk Perkara 11 (4) Perlembagaan Malaysia yang melarang penyebaran ajaran bukan Islam kepada orang-orang Islam.

Tiga gereja dilempar bom api, dipercayai ada kaitan dengan kontroversi penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh majalah Herald.

Kejadian pertama membabitkan Gereja Metro Taber Nacre A/G Catholic di Taman Melawati disusuli Gereja Assumption Assunta, Petaling Jaya dan Gereja Chappel, Damansara. -harakahdaily

Burn the Mosques to stop further attack

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 12:47 AM PST

From: "lee ah kow"
Subject: Churches in Malaysia were bracing themselves for further attacks by Muslim protesters today

This will not stop until a retailiation takes place. Now if a few mnosques
were bombed, the police will begin to take serious action. Currently they
are either complete idiots or plain ignoramous unable to have any clues who
is behind all these bombings. As soon as a few mosques get bombed, many
arrest will take place.

If this is allowed to continue, the Pope may have to step in to defend the
integrity of the church and volunteers to form the Crusaders may be called
to find their way to Malaysia to defend the faith. Once mayhem sets in,
there will be many who may just rejoice but the outcome may not be what they
expect. I suggest just shoot those who call for mayhem

Vandalisme Di Kota Tinggi Bukti Rakyat Semakin Tolak UMNO?

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 12:28 AM PST

Siapakah yang punya angkara membaling cat merah ke kediaman dan gambar bekas Menteri Dalam Negeri, Syed Hamid Albar di Kota Tinggi? Sehingga hari pihak polis terus menyiasat siapakah 'dalang' di sebalik tindakan vandalisme yang berlaku Februari lalu.

Selepas peristiwa jelik enam pemuda Kota Tinggi ditahan dan tersiar panas didada media, pada 5 Disember lalu, berlaku lagi vandalisme berbaur politik.

Jika sembilan bulan lalu, rumah dan gambar Syed Hamid serta rumah bekas setiausaha akhbarnya, Rosleli Jahari di baling cat merah, kali ini, nama Rosleli, Syed Hamid yang ditulis sebagai 'Arab', Najib dan Rosmah pula jadi sasaran di tembok pintu pagar masuk ke pejabat Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi (MDKT).

Pada tembok pejabat itu tertulis 'Rosleli Perasuah, Arab$, 1Najib Pembunuh Altantuya dan C4 Rosmah' Susulan kejadian yang disedari pada awal pagi itu, ramai orang awam yang melalui jalan itu turut merakam contengan itu termasuk ahli-ahli dan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Kota Tinggi.

Walau bagaimanpun, contengan memalukan yang turut menghina pemimpin nombor satu negara segera dipadam oleh pihak berkuasa.

Sehubungan itu, PR Kota Tinggi dalam kenyataannya menafikan sekeras-kerasnya tindakan itu adalah perbuatan ahli-ahli PR.

Sebaliknya, menyifatkan tindakan itu dilakukan oleh orang profesional, ada latar belakang politik dan tentunya musuh sesama ahli Umno itu sendiri.

Ketua PR Kota Tinggi, Kamaldin Tahir, berkata sejak kejadian Februari lalu dan terbaru ini, mesej yang ingin disampaikan jelas iaitu Umno sudah semakin tidak relevan dan pemimpinnya terbukti perasuah.

Beliau berkata, kejadian itu sekali lagi menjadi ketakutan kepada Umno dan pemimpin-pemimpin yang menyokong dibelakangnya. Tindakan pihak individu atau pihak berkuasa yang segera memadam contengan itu juga adalah bukti kes itu serius dan pemimpin yang dimaksudkan itu ada melakukan kesalahan.

Kata Kamaldin,"nama Umno yang diconteng sebelum ini, pejabat Umno yang dilontar cat sebelum ini dan rumah pemimpin Umno yang dibaling dengan cat membuktikkan rakyat sudah benci pada Umno"

"Mereka mungkin tidak benci kepada kerajaan, tetapi lebih benci kepada pemimpin tertentu termasuk Syed Hamid, Najib, Rosmah serta mereka yang berada dalam kepimpinan Umno itu" katanya.

Susulan kejadian itu, beliau menyeru penduduk Kota Tinggi yang begitu kuat menyokong Umno supaya menilai semula pilihan mereka dan mengalihkan sokongan kepada PR dalam pilhan raya umum ke-13 akan datang.

Sebagai kubu terkuat Umno Johor dan Umno Malaysia, tidak mustahil satu hari nanti Kota Tinggi boleh dirampas oleh PR terutama apabila kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) sudah tumbang di peringkat nasional.

Meninjau pandangan pemimpin Umno Kota Tinggi dan mereka yang tidak sebulu dengan Syed Hamid, mengatakan semua yang berlaku berpunca daripada Ketua Umno bahagian itu sendiri.

Sejak pertelagahan team 'A' dan team 'B' yang panas sejak Jun tahun lalu, sehinggalah kepada kemuncaknya apabila Syed Hamid hilang semua jawatan.

Ramai pemerhati politik juga mengakui dan menyifatkan, Umno Kota Tinggi sedang melalui jalan-jalan luka yang menyakitkan dan hitam.

Kepimpinan Syed Hamid dan sikap konco-konconya yang dibenci oleh sebahagian besar ahli membuatkan Umno bahagian itu berpecah.

Namun, barisan kepimpinan sedia ada daripada team 'B' dikatakan masih setia dibelakang Daing Malik A. Rahaman, yang sebelum ini mengetuai menjadi pencabar kepada Syed Hamid.

Seorang pemimpin pemuda Umno mendakwa, tindakan yang berlaku pada Februari lalu dan 5 Disember lalu itu sebenarnya didalangi oleh penyokong-penyokong Syed Hamid sendiri. Beliau tidak percaya tindakan itu dilakukan oleh penyokong-penyokong PR ataupun penyokong Daing Malik.

"Ini semua kerja orang yang sudah sah didakwa bersalah dan bersalah dalam Umno. Tindakan memburuk-burukkan pemimpin sendiri itu hanya provokasi mereka, dan membolehkan orang menuding jari itu semua kerja orang yang benci Rosleli dan Syed Hamid"

"Saya percaya, kami penyokong kumpulan Setiakawan tak buat kerja bodoh macam ini. Lihat sajalah nanti kalau polis berjaya siasat dan tahan mereka yang buat kerja bodoh itu.

Kami pun tak puas hati kerana ramai kalangan kami kena siasat akibat tindakan baling cat bulan Februari lalu" katanya.

Siasatan polis untuk kes pada bulan Februari lalu masih gagal menahan individu yang membaling cat berkenaan. Termasuk tindakan terbaru menconteng tembok itu. Polis dilaporkan ada menahan suspek, tetapi tiada bukti kukuh untuk menahan mereka yang disyaki itu. -FMT

1FrivolousMalaysia: 1 Statement, 1 Book, 1 Church

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 03:08 AM PST

Najib's baby 1Malaysia is suffering from a frivolous syndrome.

(Image source: Malaysiakini)

It all started with private investigator P Balasubramaniam's statement (or allegation) that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's younger brother Mohamed Nazim had coerced the private investigato to hush up. (Malaysiakini - Najib dismisses Bala's claims as 'frivolous')

Next we have the call by Tun Dr M to set up a royal commission to investigate his losing 100 billion Ringgit of Government money and what happened to the RM270 billion received by the previous Government from Petronas. Najib's response: There is always this call for a royal commission, everything you want royal commission, but (this) is not appropriate to call for a royal commission just because somebody has written a book. (Malaysiakini - Najib rejects royal commission to probe Dr M)

(Image source: The Star Online)

Simple "Feel Good"

Posted: 09 Jan 2010 04:28 AM PST

I am going to make sure that the items in the list below will be ticked before the year ends. Wait a minute. Err, adopt a pet from a local compound? But I hate CATS. So, what should I adopt? Ben is considered pet too, no? I'll adopt him lah. lol. Or maybe get a hamster instead to replace his (: ... skippy.

Racism and moral authority

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 10:41 PM PST

Source: Hafiz Noor Shams' article, "Racism and moral authority"  in the Malaysian Insider

In an ideal world, moral authority is unnecessary for a person to hold a position, to raise a point, to criticiSe it, to object to an action, to advocate it or anything similar. What is of value is the argument itself. It is most regrettable however that we live here down in the mud where the difference between ideal and reality is self-evident. That affects many things, including effort to address racial issues.

The sure way to avoid unnecessary disappointment in this jaded world is to assume that each person pursues his or her own interest. It is true that there are altruists even in this world but that is no reason to revise that assumption regarding self-interest. If one does meet an altruist, one should consider such meeting as a bonus, no matter how frequent such encounter is.

While self-interest has proven to be a driver of human progress, it does have its downside. It is because of self-interest that far too many individuals say and do far too many things not because they believe in it, but because it is convenient to say or do so. Honesty simply cannot be taken for granted. SCepticism is always a justifiable position.

With the recognition that we do not live in an ideal world and with the assumption that one needs to make in order to avoid disappointment, moral authority becomes a useful indicator in determining the worth of an argument to some extent. Here, moral authority refers to the appropriateness of a person's action or position in a particular issue in the eyes of others or even one's own in an earnest way. It provides context for us to assess the level of honesty of a particular argument.

In discussing racial discrimination or downright racism in Malaysia, perhaps it is sometimes useful to look at the issue through the prism of moral authority.

There are various ways to gain moral authority but with respect to racism, one significant way is by becoming a victim of racial discrimination, or simply hatred grounded on race. By becoming a victim, one experiences actual stress caused by racism. This may sound like a tautology but such experience requires stressing so that the point made here is clear.

For example, US senator and war veteran John McCain has the moral authority — or at least he has greater gravitas compared to other politicians — to speak on the issue of prisoners of war because he was a prisoner himself. Without being one, he would have little authority to speak on the matter. Others would not give his opinion the necessary weight otherwise, controlling for other factors such as consistency.

As much as his personal suffering gives McCain his moral authority on a particular subject, a victim of racism gets elevated above others untouched by racism. Victims speak from experience, unlike innocent others. Lacking personal experience, the innocent others may look at the victims for leadership or as heroes until the innocents become victims themselves, if ever. In the same line, since the victims speak from experience, the victims may see themselves as the logical opinion leaders or heroes in the issue among the innocent others.

As a result, any person that does not speak from experience, but only speaks from the position of knowledge, suffers some sort of dismissal by others in speaking against racism compared to those who speak from experience, even if the point is the same. Such is the curse of a world less than ideal.

As such, moral authority is a marvellous resource if utilised against all versions of racism.

The same moral authority unfortunately can be a resource to promote further racism in the reversed direction and in doing so, exacerbating the problem. The perceived moral authority may explain why there are individuals who respond to racism by espousing racism. With the moral authority as victims, they consider their racist actions as justified.

When a person sees his or her racism as justified, it becomes hard to convince them why such racism is wrong. This is especially so when such racism is justified in the person's eyes but in the eyes of others too. What moral authority conferred by others reinforces the moral authority a person perceives that he or she has.

Despite so, when victims of racism use their moral authority to commit further racism, there are reasons to think how that negates their moral authority on the issue. From a third party perspective or the innocent others, if the victim commits the very same act he or she suffered from onto another person, the new victim will gain a moral authority to speak out against racism, or perpetuate it. When both victims have such moral authority following a game of tit-for-tat, a third person will not be able to decide who has greater moral authority in the case. As a result, the victim gains moral authority only to lose it.

What is the case in one's own eyes? If a person thinks that his or her racism is justified because he or she has gone through victimhood, then one must necessarily find others' act of racism against him or her as justified when others obtain their moral authority by the same way the person obtains his or hers. Here lies the danger. The original victims and subsequent victims trapped in a racist loophole may consider themselves as obtaining additional moral authority in commit racism in the process, each time they become victims yet again.

When individuals find themselves trapped in the loop, the ones who may be able to break the cycle are a third party and the victims of racism who use their moral authority to speak out against all kind of racism instead of committing racism in the reversed direction.

The third party, who are the innocent others and presumably impartial parties, may highlight how racists lose their moral authority from a third person perspective. Unfortunately, because the third party is the innocent others, the racists' perception — racists born out victimhood of racism — that the innocent others do not have the moral authority to speak out against racism may limit the influence of the innocent others.

This leaves victims of racism who do not perpetuate racism in return as a formidable force in effort to break the loop of racism from the point of view of moral authority. In their own eyes, they do not see any act of racism as justified — unlike the other victims — while having their moral authority intact. In the eyes of third parties as well, they certainly have moral authority intact unlike the other victims of racism who exacerbate the problem of racism.

Therefore, if the effort to address racism is to be successful in terms of moral authority, then voices of these victims who use their moral authority to speak out against all kinds of racism have to be amplified. We have to give them space to speak out against racism. Not only that, we need to encourage them to speak out.

Hafiz Noor Shams blogs at


Perbuatan Khianat : Empat Bas Musnah Terbakar Di Ipoh

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 09:56 PM PST

Empat bas musnah, membabitkan kerugian ratusan ribu ringgit, dipercayai akibat perbuatan khianat dalam satu kebakaran di stesen bas Medan Kidd di sini.

Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Ipoh, Supt Ibrahim Abu Bakar, berkata ia berlaku kira-kira 3.30 pagi ini.

"Tiada kecederaan atau kemalangan jiwa dilaporkan," katanya kepada pemberita.

Beliau berkata, polis dengan kerjasama Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat sedang menyiasat punca kejadian dan telah mengambil keterangan daripada beberapa pengawal keselamatan yang berada di stesen bas berkenaan bagi membantu siasatan.

"Siasatan sedang dijalankan dan kita menunggu laporan daripada forensik," katanya ketika ditanya sama ada polis mengesyaki berlaku perbuatan khianat.

Tiga daripada bas yang musnah itu dimiliki Syarikat Reliance Omnibus Company Sdn Bhd dan sebuah lagi kepunyaan Kinta Omnibus Sdn Bhd.

Jurucakap Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat berkata, pihaknya menerima aduan pada jam 3.44 pagi dan 14 anggota yang bergegas ke tempat kejadian berjaya memadamkan api selepas kira-kira sejam.

Sementara itu, seorang pengawal keselamatan stesen berkenaan, Yeo Sin Hock, 49, mendakwa ternampak sebuah lori memecut keluar dari kawasan berkenaan semasa api sedang marak.

"Saya nampak lori itu keluar semasa (saya) berlari untuk melihat api," katanya.

Pengarah Urusan Reliance Omnibus Company Sdn Bhd, Mohd Syaful Abdullah, berkata pihaknya menyerahkan kepada polis untuk menyiasat kejadian itu.

Beliau berkata, pihaknya telah menyerahkan rakaman kamera televisyen litar tertutup (CCTV) yang dipasang di stesen berkenaan kepada polis. - Bernama

Level Heads and Calm Minds

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 05:38 PM PST

When I was a much younger, I remember I was shuttled into the Agama class of my school for looking 'Malay'(my parents are Indian and Chinese, respectively, I look quite Malay) .I remember my old school friends were mainly Malay. I have attended a string of their weddings recently and we laughed together happily remembering the old times at school. Race then was just a field in our forms, just a formality, it did not matter, apart from the fasting month.In my two classes where I was accidentally placed in Agama,  I remember one of the first lesson I learnt was the name of God, I learnt how to write Alif Lam Lam Ha. Alif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet. When I entered Form One, I read a translation of the Thirukurral, arguably one of the best religious books written in Tamil.The first lines of it was 'A Leads the letters of the Alphabet. The Lord leads the entire World. The first name of God I thought of was Allah, naturally.Anything with the name of God in it sounded awesome to me. Abdullah, son of God, sounded 'complete'. Michael, 'Who is Like God?' sounded powerful. Fast forward 10 years later, we are faced with a potential ignition point that threathens our very social fabric and way of life as Malaysians.All in the name of God.
Religion, both my own or otherwise, is a topic close to my heart.Being born into a mixed family,with Muslims, Christians. Hindus, Buddhists and such, religion fascinated me as a child. Books by Swami Prabupadh, Peter Yancey, Ronald Tacelli, Karen Armstrong,Zakir Naik are scattered in my room. My KJV study bible sits next to my most prized book of all, a nearly coverless 1920 Longman published, Yusuf Ali translation English Al-Quran.So forgive me, if I really do not see the problem here.Much has been said about the history of the early Church in East Malaysia, the etymological origins of the word Allah, how it is used the world over, how its use is even mentioned in the Al Quran et cetera, et cetera. I am not a biblical scholar, nor am I a Coptic Christian. But I am a Semenanjung Catholic. I have been singing 'anak Domba Allah'  in Doxology during Mass since I was in primary school. I am Selangorian.I have been singing 'Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku' for 12 years in school, and in every state function.So I really did not see the deal in it.If there is a big deal with it, let's talk about it.
The way I see it, History thinks it is OK- Herald has been around for more than 10 years, why the fuss now?A political party whose raison d 'etre is Islam, says its OK. An influential Islamic magazine in the US, along one of its most influential Muslim association says its OK. Quite a few local religious figures, local and abroad says its OK.Christians believe it is OK. Sikhs thinks its OK. Bahais think its OK.Sabahan and Sarawakien Christians thinks its OK. So who exactly thinks its not OK?And if its not OK, tell us why. Why burn down our churches? Why bully us because we are small in number? Why intimidate us using scare tactics?It is disheartening.
One does not provoke with his left hand and attempt to reconcile with his left. Please do not throw a stone and then pretend to pick it up and scold the imaginary person who threw it.You look stupid, and more importantly, you are toeing a dangerously precarious line.Please, there's politics and there's political prostitution.Be a politician, not a prostitute.
A colleague today asked me not to worry, when I told him that two churches had been torched, and I worried for mine, my priest and my family. He assured me most Muslims would not march with Pribumi Perkasa and a few other government connected non government organizations.God, and the world is watching he told me.The day PAS moved to diffuse the tension created by some quarters, I sent an SMS to my good friend in the PAS committee, thanking him, and told him that I owed their leaders a big hug. His reply was ' We just say it as it is, but we always welcome a hug'
Somehow, all this made me feel a little better.After all, God, and the world is watching.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters,
Those who know me well enough probably know the respect I have for every religion. Please consider this a personal plea. Let's let dialogue and conversation, prevail over street hooliganism.Before you proceed with the 'we are under siege',  'you guys started it', 'this is provocation!', 'you guys are getting big headed', and 'This is a Muslim country' usual arguments, please please just ask yourselves these questions.
1. Which religion is growing in Malaysia, which is shrinking?
2. How many Catholic- Muslim converts do you know? And how many vice versa?
3. Whose places of worship got torched?
4. Whose followers got threatened?
5  Who is forced out of their places of worship?
Please ask these questions, and tell me, who should be worried about the position of their religion.
Peace to us all.There is no way to peace, peace is the way.And God knows best.


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BN will lose next General Elections - thanks to "Allah"

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 05:52 PM PST

From: Tanki <>
Subject: BN will lose next General Elections - thanks to "Allah"

It is going to be an uphill task for the Barisan Nasional, in
particular Umno, to remain in power after the next general election
which have to be held within the next two years.

With the 'Allah' usage sensitivities being played up by Umno,
seemingly to protect the sanctity of the name which is also considered
holy to any Bible-believing Catholic and Christian in Malaysia, BN may
suffer a backlash in both Sabah and Sarawak, two states which had
helped the ruling coalition to stay in power.

Malaysians have generally accepted 'Allah' as the name of the creator
God. The name 'Allah" used in the Selangor anthem would not have posed
a problem with the non-Muslims. On the contrary, in the national
anthem, the name 'Tuhan' is used.

If 'Tuhan' is the right word to be used for the Christian God, as
claimed by people like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, then we should have two
versions for the national anthem – the modified version for Muslims
and the original version for people who cannot claim 'Allah' as their

What Mahathir has failed to realise is that God does not need
corrupted people to protect His great name and no Catholic or
Christian would ever profane the name of God the Almighty as to
preach, 'God is dead'. I say this in response to Mahathir's blog
posting which claimed that some Christians in America are saying that
God is dead.

Mahathir has failed to differentiate between an atheist and a born-
again Christian. In his attempt to play on Muslim sentiments, he has
also stepped on the toes of people of other faith. It is, in fact, an
insult to any born again Christian what Mahathir wrote in his blog.

It clearly shows he has lacks depth of thinking and is merely trying
to create a controversies, a feature for which he is well-known for.

I plead with all parties to remain calm until this 'Allah' issue is
discussed and settled. Whatever the outcome, I foresee that BN will
lose badly in the next general election. In a country which has been
ruled by one party for past 52 years, Malaysians of all races and
walks of life generally want to do away with the one-party-rule-all

Both in the economic and political senses, monopoly breeds arrogance
and complacency. The worst is still corruption.

Stephen Ng

Serangan Gereja Untuk Operasi Lalang Ke II

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 04:14 PM PST

Naib Presiden Pas Mahfuz Omar melahirkan rasa bimbang sekiranya serangan keatas gereja sekitar Lembah Klang merupakan isyarat awal 'Operasi Lalang II'.

"Operasi Lalang suatu ketika dulu menyaksikan sentimen Melayu begitu kuat sehingga ada pihak menyeru supaya orang-orang Melayu bersenjata ke Kuala Lumpur untuk membunuh orang-orang Cina," jelasnya memetik laporan Harakahdaily.

"Perhimpunan tersebut akhirnya tidak berlaku, tetapi beberapa pemimpin pembangkang pula ada (yang) ditangkap (oleh Kerajaan) atas nama menjaga keselamatan negara. (sedangkan) pemimpin- pemimpin tertentu dalam Umno (dan) BN yang menjadi punca tercetusnya (Operasi Lalang) itu selamat (tidak ditangkap)," jelas Mahfuz.
Mahfuz tidak menolak kemungkinan ada 'tangan ghaib' yang sengaja mencetuskan suasana tidak tenteram.

Setakat ini, kes serangan gereja dilaporkan berlaku Lembah Klang dan Selangor. Setakat ini, tiada kes di luar negeri Pakatan Rakyat ini dilaporkan.

Kerajaan Selangor turun padang hari ini meninjau gereja-gereja yang terjejas dan menyeru orang-ramai supaya berwaspada.

"Kita (PAS) tidak menuduh mana-mana pihak, tetapi saya menyeru seluruh rakyat Malaysia tidak kira orang Islam atau bukan (Islam) (supaya) lebih berhati-hati kalau ada 'tangan-tangan ghaib' yang sengaja mencetuskan provokasi (berkaitan) isu ini untuk kepentingan politik mereka," katanya.

Mahfuz turut memperagui Kementerian Dalam Negeri yang membiarkan media massa menguja emosi negatif rakyat.

"Saya begitu meragui apabilan KDN tidakpun mengenakan tindakan yang tegas ke atas beberapa media arus perdana yang saya lihat seolah-olah melaporkan isu ini (guna nama Allah) dalam rupa yang cukup negatif sehingga membawa suatu suasana saling membenci dan berprasangka antara satu sama lain," tegasnya.

Ulasan GB

Tangkap dan hukum Si Pemabakar Gereja, tajuk satu entri di dalam sebuah blog.
Soalnya siapa si Pembakar Gereja itu?
Apakah ada pihak yang sedang bersandirwara?

Will they kill non-Muslim next...

Posted: 08 Jan 2010 03:47 PM PST

From: baldeagle
Subject: Malaysia is being taken over by Muslim terrorists who burn churches, ..Will they kill non-Muslim next

Malaysia is in serious danger of becoming a terrorist country.

It started when the Malaysian authorities impose a rule to ban
Christians from using the world, Allah for God.... some time ago.
In recent months, authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 20,000
Bibles because they refer to God as "Allah,"
Last year, the National Fatwa Council -- the country's top Islamic
body -- banned Muslims from practising yoga, banned girls from wearing
jeans or wearing short hair..
Authorities in some states have forbidden bright lipstick and high-
heeled shoes...
An Islamic court judge upheld a verdict to cane a Muslim woman(the
wife of a Singaporean) for drinking beer in public.
Last year, a Sikh family lost a court battle to cremate a relative
(Islam radical seize his body
and buried him as a Muslim)

A few days ago, Islamic police stormed many hotels and arrested 52
young couples (mainly university students) and they will be fined and
jailed... for being in love and 'found in close proximity'
Yesterday morning, three churches were fire-bombed and burnt.
In a demo held Yesterday, extremist Muslims shouted "Allah Akbar"
repeatedly. The Malaysia police (mostly Muslims) did nothing to stop
them, and in so doing, tacitly encouraged the extremists to become
even more radical.

Clearly Malaysia is being radicalised. What will happen next ?
They Islamic extremists will certainly not stopped at just shouting
"Allah Akbar". This is just the beginning of more drastic actions ....
to create social unrest and riot. . may be like May 13 racial riots a
few decades ago.
It is sad...very sad.

Islamic extremists are taking over ...Malaysia is going to the dogs and pigs.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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