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Dogs Don't Lie - MPK Dog Pound Alleged Cruelty

Dogs Don't Lie - MPK Dog Pound Alleged Cruelty

Dogs Don't Lie - MPK Dog Pound Alleged Cruelty

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 09:03 AM PST

aNt's aNgle: Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) came under fire recently for allegedly being cruel to some 130 dogs under their care at their pound in the royal town.

Those hurling the brickbats were a group of animal lovers led by one or two animal NGOs.

But were the accusations true? 

I was invited by the Jabatan Kesihatan of MPK to visit the "controversial" dog pound to verify the accusations against the local council.

I went there in my capacity as Chairman of the Canine Advisory Team or CAT under the umbrella of the Petaling Jaya City Council. 

The MPK extended their invitation to me particularly because they have also been participating at our monthly CAT meetings since last year together with the various local councils in Selangor.

I was accompanied by an expert from the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), a long-time animal rescuer from Klang and the Acting Secretary of a national, non profit animal rights society from Kuala Lumpur. 

I was relieved to find out that the more than 50 dogs and puppies that were there at the time of my visit were in satisfactory condition. 

None of the canines were distressed or writhing in pain as I had expected to see based on the accusations by the group. In fact many of them were rested and quiet - they hardly barked at us or at the  presence of the media that were there.

The place was not only very clean but the dogs were wagging their tails and licking the staff at the pound - hardly a scene of cruelty of abuse.

Dogs don't lie. Many of the accusations hurled at the MPK were also not true.

If they did - or have something to hide about - why did they allow these complainants access into their pounds?

I'm not saying that there aren't issues with the MPK. There are - as there probably are points of improvement in every single pound in Malaysia.

But there obviously was and is an attempt to exaggerate or make a mountain out of a molehill of the MPK's dog pound for reasons best known to the quarters that blew up this story. 

What I don't understand is why make enemies of local councils when we want to help animals under their care? Isn't it like shooting ourselves in the foot when we do this?

The MPK was very friendly to us when we came a calling. They immediately offered to stop catching dogs at night and also said that they would not catch puppies anymore. 

Earlier today, Dr Thiba Rajoo from the DVS together with the animal rescue expert in Klang visited the dog pound to put things right.

Dr Thiba told PET+BLOGSPOT that the DVS had a most fruitful visit by the MPK officers and pound staff who did everything to help her carry out her professional duty.

The DVS provided three bottles of disinfectant to the pound staff and gave them directions on how to use them to keep the MPK van and kennels clean on a daily basis.

The Government veterinarian also taught the boys how to separate dogs according to their age groups, health status, mothers and pups and pets. They did this at once after the briefing.

Animals that were extremely sick were identified and then separated to be euthanised by the DVS next week whilst puppies in the pound would be surrendered to Paws Animal Welfare Society.

Pound workers would be provided with marking colour sticks of different colours so that they can accurately mark dogs for proper identification. 

The canines can then be kept more effectively so as to allow more room for them. Dr Thiba says that she also hopes to provide MPK with some of the mobile wire cages that was used in the Pulau Ketam rescue work by SPCA Selangor. 

"I will speak to SPCA Chairman Christine Chin about letting us use them on a temporary basis to accomodate puppies and their mothers, etc." Says Dr Thiba.

"Pound workers were also taught the proper way to handle puppies such as not dragging them with the wire loop," she adds. 

Pound staff learnt how to transfer dogs from one place to another in the right way so as to minimise stress and injury on the animals." She concluded. 

Well done, Dr Thiba!

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Open Letter to Najib (Al-Islam) by Stanley!

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 06:30 AM PST

Prime Minister's Office,
Main Block, Perdana Putra Building,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,

Deputy Prime Minister's Office,
Level 4 West Block, Perdana Putra Building,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

Minister in The Prime Minister's Department,
Perdana Putra Building,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,

Ministry of Home Affairs,
Level 12, Block D1, Parcel D,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,

Tan Sri Musa Bin Tan Sri Hj. Hassan

Ketua Polis Negara

Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia
Bukit Aman
50560 Kuala Lumpur.

20th January 2010

Ref: Al-Islam Journalist yet to be Charged in Court
Police Report No : Dato Keramat/003607/09
Date of Report: 08/07/2009
Police Station: Jalan Patani/ Timur Laut

Dear Prime Minister,
In regards to the matter above, We are deeply concerned on your administration because till today, the two journalist from the Al-Islam Magazine whom entered the Catholic Church, to spy on our rituals, received the Holy Communion and then later spat it out to be photographed for publication purposes in their magazine, is yet to be charged in court despite solid evidence the police has gained.

The Holy Communion, which is made of a white wafer, is the most sacred for Catholics. It is believed by us Catholics that, it is the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ after going through the transformation or the liturgy of the Eucharist. Catholics receives this Communion in order for their sins to be forgiven, and to be in union with God. Catholic have to go through a 1 year formation to understand the meaning of the Communion, there after received a confirmation from the Bishop, whom is the head of the Church, before being allowed to received the Holy Communion. Those whom have not received the confirmation, are strictly not allowed to receive the body of Christ. This journalist had entered our Church and humiliated the most sacred part of our worship, and even published that barbaric act in their Al-Islam Magazine, which is under the Utusan Group of Companies.

Till today, no charges has been pressed against the culprits and this is sending a wrong signal out to Malaysians. It says, it is ok to enter places of worship and spy and humiliate their worship. This message will create lots of distress and disharmony on ground of religion in our country. It is because that there was no action taken at the very beginning itself, today there are people in Malaysia whom are brave to bomb churches down. If it is true your administration is practising the 1 Malaysia Concept, why has there been no action taken till today?

It all started off with a protest in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Silibin Ipoh, by a group of people acting on a false SMS stating that we were converting Muslims to Christianity, and the government has been not successful in bringing those responsible, to justice. Later on, our church was spied, our worship was humiliated, and still no action taken against the culprits. Today our Churches are being bombed, vandalised with stones and paint and yet still no one is charged in court. I am very suspicious on your administration for not taking any action against those responsible for the 3 different incidents. Is your government against Christians in this Country? What are the police still waiting for? Are they waiting for someone to be killed? More religious disharmony will occur in our country if those responsible, are not brought to justice.

We demand an immediate response on the Al-Islam issue and for the journalist to be charged in court as soon as possible under the Penal Code Section 295 or 298a ( Causing Disharmony, disunity or feeling of enmity, hatred or ill-will, or prejudicing etc., the maintenance of harmony or unity , on grounds of religion) . The nation had loosed their trust in the Police Force and the Judiciary system. Bringing those journalists to the stand of Justice will bring back some trust on your administration that has long ago been lost. Self and written admittance in the Al-Islam Magazine itself is a solid proof for the journalist to be charged. We hope you would truly practise the 1 Malaysia Concept and stop all kinds of disharmony on grounds of religion in this country.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


K.Sudhagaran Stanley,

Human Rights Activist

Baju Merah Jambu Bantu Lembutkan Hati

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 08:08 AM PST

Siapa suruh pakai baju pink?

Seorang pelatih Pusat Pemulihan Narkotik (Puspen) terkedu seketika untuk mencari alasan sesuai selepas baju berwarna merah jambu yang dipakainya dipersoalkan Majistret ketika dia dihadapkan ke mahkamah atas tuduhan melarikan diri dari Puspen di sini, semalam.

Awang Taufik Awang Sahari, 27, dari Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang, terdiam seketika sebaik persoalan itu ditimbulkan Majistret Noorhisham Mohd Jaafar, apatah lagi soalan berkenaan menyimpang dari pertuduhan dihadapinya.

"Siapa bagi kamu pakai baju 'pink'?," tegur Noorhisham sambil tersenyum ketika mencelah rayuan dibuat Awang Taufik sebaik tertuduh mengaku salah atas pertuduhan dibacakan.

Awang Taufik bagaimanapun terdiam seketika, sebelum memaklumkan baju-T berwarna merah jambu yang juga baju rasmi pelatih Puspen Bukit Cabang, dibekalkan pihak pengurusan pusat pemulihan terbabit.

"Saya rasa baju itu elok untuk kamu, kerana kamu banyak hisap (ambil) dadah sehingga hati kamu menjadi keras.

"Jadi, pihak pusat pemulihan sengaja bekalkan kamu baju pink sebagai kaedah psikologi untuk membantu melembutkan hati. Kalau kamu diberi baju merah, pasti kamu nampak garang dan jahat," kata Majistret Noorhisham sebelum menjatuhkan hukuman penjara sembilan bulan ke atas tertuduh.

Selain Awang Taufik, dua lagi pelatih iaitu Fauzi Yusoff, 35, dan Rahilmi Maslan, 23, turut dijatuhkan hukuman penjara sembilan bulan selepas masing-masing mengaku salah atas tuduhan melarikan diri dari Puspen di pada 17 Disember tahun lalu.

Pertuduhan dilakukan Pegawai Pendakwa Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan (AADK), Mohd Hafiz Suhaili, mengikut Seksyen 19(1)(b) Akta Penagih Dadah (Pemulihan dan Rawatan) 1983 dan jika sabit kesalahan boleh dihukum mengikut Seksyen 19(3) akta sama, membabitkan penjara maksimum lima tahun atau tiga sebatan atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Sementara itu, di Mahkamah Majistret 2, Majistret M Mageshwari menjatuhkan hukuman masing-masing 24 bulan penjara dan satu sebatan ke atas dua lagi pelatih Puspen Bukit Chabang, atas pertuduhan sama.

Hukuman penjara yang bermula dari tarikh tangkapan itu dijatuhkan selepas kedua-dua tertuduh iaitu Azami Abu Bakar, 37, dan Mohd Sharizan Abdullah, 28, mengaku salah atas pertuduhan terbabit yang dibacakan secara berasingan kepada mereka. -hmetro

from wikipedia

Pink is a sister color of red, but they are very different in terms of symbolism. It is a tranquilizing color. For this reason in many prisons the cells of the most dangerous residents have been painted pink. It symbolizes spring, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, socialism, femininity, health, love, romance, June, marriage, joy, flirtatiousness, innocence and child-like features.

ISEAS New Dynamics in Malaysian Politics Seminar Series: Leaving Siege Mentality Behind in Malay Politics

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 08:22 AM PST

25 January 2010
3.00 PM – 5.00 PM
Seminar Room II, Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore
Speaker: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad

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Anti-graft NGO chief quits, may join PKR

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 07:31 AM PST

Selangor PKR chief Khalid Ibrahim is likely to become strange bedfellows with the person who implicated him of abusing his powers in the 'cows controversy'.

This is widely speculated as immediately following the resignation of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Movement (Gerak) chairperson Mohd Nazree Yunus today, in order for him to join a unspecified political party, PKR Youth announced that it would holding a special press conference tomorrow. The special press conderence is widely speculated to be a platform to announce Nazree's entry into the party.

Nazree is best known for lodging a report against Khalid with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on Jan 21 last year the slaughter and distribution of 46 cattle in the constituency during the recent Hari Raya Korban.

One year on, Kugan's mom still in anguish

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 07:14 AM PST

Last week's 'happy ponggal ', greetings triggered memories of her son's disappearance exactly a year ago.

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail had initially classified the case as murder and initially 11 police personnel were said to have been involved but it was later re-classified when the Attorney-Genenal charged constable V Navindran on two counts of causing "grievous hurt" while trying to extract a confession or information. From murder and 11 involved to "grievous hurt" and 1 charged!

Unsurprisingly, Kugan's mother, N Indra told Malaysiakini that she was unhappy with the outcome of police investigations.

Can we trust the police to investigate the police?

Burmese Malays

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 05:43 AM PST

Source: Wikipedia

The Mergui Archipelago (also Myeik Archipelago or Myeik Kyunzu) is an archipelago in far southern Burma (Myanmar). It consists of more than 800 islands, varying in size from very small to hundreds of square kilometres, all lying in the Andaman Sea off the western shore of the Malay Peninsula near its landward (northern) end where it joins the rest of Indochina. Burmese used to call the whole Malay Peninsula as Pashu Kyun Swe or Pashu Peninsula . Occasionally the islands are referred to as the Pashu Islands because the Malay inhabitants are locally called Pashu. [1] The Burmese Malays (Malay: Melayu) are descendants of the ethnic group of Austronesian peoples predominantly inhabiting the whole of Malay Peninsula including the west coast of northern part which is inside Burma and at the Mergui Archipelago. [2]





Tanintharyi Division historically included the entire Tanintharyi peninsula–today's Tanintharyi Division, Mon State and southern Kayin State. The peninsula region was part of Thaton-based Mon kingdoms before 1057 and part of King Anawrahta's Pagan Empire after 1057. Soon after the fall of Pagan in 1287, the area fell to the ascendant Thai kingdom of Sukhothai, and later its successor Ayutthaya kingdom. The region reverted back to Burmese fold in 1564 when King Bayinnaung of Taungoo Dynasty conquered all of Siam. A resurgent Ayutthaya kingdom reclaimed the southern half of Tanintharyi in 1593 and the entire peninsula in 1599.[3] In 1614, King Anaukpetlun recovered the upper half of the coast to Dawei but failed to capture the rest.[4] King Alaungpaya of Konbaung Dynasty recovered the entire region for the Burmese in 1758. The Burmese used Tanintharyi as a forward base to launch several invasions of Siam in the next three decades. The Siamese tried to retake Tanintharyi in 1792 but the Burmese repelled the attacks.[5] The British gained the region after the First Anglo-Burmese War (1824-1826). Soon after the war ended, the British and the Siamese signed a boundary demarcation treaty on 20 June 1826, and another one in 1868. [6] In the 18th century, Mergui was a port belonging to the Thai Ayutthaya Kingdom. It became an important trading center, especially for the Europeans, who would land at Mergui, travel upriver to Tanintharyi (Tenasserim) and then cross the mountains to reach Ayutthaya. The French officer Chevalier de Beauregard was made Governor of the city of Mergui after the revolt against the English there in July 1687.[7] De Beauregard was named Governor by the king of Siam Narai, in the place of the English Samuel White.[8] The French were then expelled from Mergui following the 1688 Siamese revolution. The British occupied the region after the First Anglo-Burmese War of 1826. Rakhine and Tanintharyi were transferred to British rule. In conclusion, most of the Malays who reside in southern Myanmar and Southern Thailand are of Kedahan Malay's descent as Kedah once was a great power in Southeast Asia's history. Its empire stretched from southern Myanmar division of Taninthayi to the northern states of Malaysia.


The majority of Kawthaung's population is made up of ethnic ThaiMuslim,ThaiBuddhism, Bamar and other ethnic minorities (e.g. Shan, Karen, and Mon. The Salone (Moken), Sea Gypsies, and Malays who are all called with the name, "Pashu" by locals. Burmese Chinese and Burmese Indians, who migrated to Kawthaung during colonial rule for tin mining and other industries also inhabit Kawthaung. Total population of Pashu is less than 100,000 as many of them migrated into Malaysia, Thailand and some Pashus migrated to other parts of the Burma, especially to Rangoon. The remaining Pashu were mainly inhibited in the southern most part, Kawthaung. Kawthaung (Burmese: KawthaungMyo.png; MLCTS: kau. saung: mrui.; Thai: เกาะสอง; Malay: Pulodua) is in the southernmost part of Myanmar, located in Tanintharyi Division. During British rule in Burma between 1824 and 1948, it was known as Victoria Point. At 1859, a local Chinese and Thais group is settled at Maliwan, a place with numerous of flower trees called Maliwan in Thai Language. And at 1865, an Arab-Malay group led by Nayuda Ahmed, travelling and collecting sea products around Mergui Archipelago start to form a base and village at bay of Victoria Point. [9] Burmese Malays concentrated in Bokpyin township and villages around it and few islands in the Bay of Bengal. [10]

Language, culture and religion

These Malay ethnic group is related to the Kedahan Malay and the five southernmost provinces of Thailand (Thai Malays )which historically made up the old Malay kingdom of Patani. The most common spoken language in that area is Burmese, followed by Thai and the Burmese Malays are bilingual and speak Burmese with the distinguished Myeik ( Beik ) accent like the locals as well as Malay language which is a member of the Austronesian family of languages. Malays of Burma speak the Kedah-Perlis dialect. The ethnic Malay have had a Muslim culture since the 15th century.[11] Malay was the regional lingua franca, and Malay-based creole languages existed in the southern most part of Burma. In addition to the spoken Malay and some of their elderly members can read Jawi, Malay language written in Arabic Script. (Modern Malay is also written in Roman Script). Concentrated in Bokpyin township and villages around it and many sprawling islands in the Bay of Bengal . In Kawthaung the southernmost town of Myanmar, across Ranong in south Thailand , there are many mosques, including a large Pashu mosque. [12] There are some Pashus who have intermarried with other other Muslims in Burma. Some of their youths have taken up modern Burmese secular government education but a few of them are studying in Islamic religious schools. Burmese Malays are Sunni Muslims but as they are from Shafi Madhab or sect, slightly different from other Hanafi Madhab (sect) Muslims in Burma..


The Pashus are nowadays urbanized and active in trading in the towns and trans border traiding and only very few numbers are engaged in fishing, production of rubber and coconuts, manufacture of fermented shrimp paste, the collection of edible bird's nests and pearl farming.


  1. ^ Malay of Myanmar (Burma) [1]
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2-in-1 harness buddy - good to restrain kid in malls!

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 06:17 AM PST

Last Christmas @ The Gardens Mid Valley

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Hak Asasi Manusia Di Malaysia Buruk - Human Right Watch

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 05:52 AM PST

Pemimpin Umno tetap mempertahankan bahawa mereka telah melakukan yang terbaik untuk rakyat tapi badan hak asasi manusia antarabangsa memandang yang sebaliknya.

Mereka menganggap pemimpin Umno-Bn yang perintah Malaysia masih bersikap zalim terhadap rakyat Malaysia, menekan -nekan pihak pembangkang yang tidak dapat kuasai kerajaan pusat dan tidak berlaku adil walaupun PM Najib cuba menonjolkan imej bersih pada peringkat awal beliau dilantik sebagai PM.

Pemimpin Umno boleh bohongi orang kampung tetapi mereka tidak dapat bohongi badan-badan antarabangsa yang menilai tahap pemerintahan Umno-Bn daripada perspektif yang tidak memihak. Kalau orang luar pandang kita tak bersih bolehkah kita kata kami tetap berlaku adil terhadap hak-hak asasi manusia di Malaysia?

Sepatutnya kita kata "kami akan cuba perbaiki segala kelemahan, terimakasih atas kritikkan anda". Tang mengaku kata jahat mampuih tak ngaku. Cuba kalau Human Right Watch tu puji kerajaan aku ingat siap bagi anugerah lagi pada badan hak asasi tu.

Lapor Bernama;

Human Right Watch di dalam laporannya yang dikeluarkan semalam dan disiarkan oleh akhbar The Star mendakwa kerajaan Malaysia pimpinan sekarang telah mungkir janji untuk melindungi kepentingan rakyat dan masih lemah menangani isu hak asasi manusia.

Laporan 612 muka surat tersebut mendakwa kepimpinan sekarang menindas pembangkang, menyekat hak kebebasan bersuara dan memberi layanan buruk kepada pendatang asing.

Malaysia gets poor marks for human rights - the star online
Kerajaan Malaysia tidak pernah abai isu hak asasi manusia-Muhyidin - Bernama

Ulasan GB

TPM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin cuba hendak mengajar badan antarabangsa berkenaan. Beliau berkata Malaysia tidak pernah mengabaikan isu tersebut seperti didakwa pihak tertentu.

Beliau berkata juga kerajaan sentiasa melakukan penambahbaikan dalam pelbagai isu hak asasi manusia termasuk membabitkan keagamaan di negara ini.

Benarkah demikian Tan Sri? Sedangkan hari ini sahaja sembilan pelajar universiti ditahan ketika berhimpun di ibunegara kerana membantah proses pilihan raya kampus, sesuatu yang tak pernah berlaku di negara maju. Hanya pelajar menyampaikan hasrat dan bantahan terhadap perlaksanan e-undi, mereka menjadi mangsa kerajaan BN.

Students suspended for photo ass prank

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 03:47 AM PST

A prank at an American school that left a class photograph saying something rather ruder than intended has led to the suspension of three students

Over 600 students at Cypress Ridge High School near Houston were posing for a formal photo, including a group who were wearing t-shirts to spell out the phrase 'CLASS OF 2010'.

Things were all going to plan, according to KHOU-TV, until the students wearing the letters 'C' and 'L' moved out of the row they'd been in, leaving the rest of the phrase behind.

Although not explicitly spelled out in news reports of the incident, a careful examination of the situation suggests that these actions may have left the phrase 'ASS OF 2010' behind.

Administrators at the school took swift disciplinary action - suspending the students who were wearing the A, S, and S t-shirts for three days, and fining them $135 each, which will go to paying for the retouching of the photo.

One student at the school was quoted as pointing out that this may have been a little unfair on the three students, as 'C and L ran off', while all that A, S and S did was stay where they were.

By Tom Phillips- Metro UK

Tahniah YB Fuziah, Wanita Pertama Untuk Jawatan Pengarah Pilihanraya PKR

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 03:12 AM PST

Ahli Parlimen Kuantan Fuziah Salleh dilantik sebagai pengarah pilihan raya Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), mencipta sejarah sebagai wanita pertama memegang jawatan itu.

Pelantikan itu juga dipercayai merupakan pertama kali dalam mana-mana pertubuhan politik negara ini seorang wanita diberi amanah mengetuai portfolio ini.

Beliau menggantikan Saifuddin Nasution Ismail yang akan memegang jawatan setiausaha agung parti berkuat kuasa 1 Feb ini.

Saifuddin, yang dilantik sebagai pengarah pilihan raya tahun lalu, mengesahkan pelantikan Fuziah melakar sejarah.

"Mesyuarat Biro Politik Parti Keadilan Rakyat pada 20 Jani lalu telah membuat rombakan penting dalam pimpinan tertinggi parti sebagai usaha memantapkan organisasi bagi menghadapi pilihan raya umum ke-13, yang dijangka akan diadakan pada pertengahan tahun hadapan," kata presiden PKR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Portfolio Ketua Biro Latihan yang sebelum ini dipegang oleh Fuziah kini diamanahkan kepada Mustaffa Kamil Ayub yang juga Ketua Biro Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa.

"PKR percaya dengan rombakan ini persediaan awal dapat dilakukan bagi merealisasikan PKR bertapak di Putrajaya," kata Wan Azizah.

Dalam pada itu, Fuziah yang dihubungi The Malaysian Insider menyifatkan pelantikan beliau sebagai satu pengiktirafan kaum wanita juga mampu memikul tanggungjawab ini.

"Bagi saya ini satu cabaran kerana selain sebagai kaum wanita saya juga menganggap ia satu tanggungjawab penting khususnya dalam membawa PKR dan Pakatan Rakyat ke Putrajaya dalam pilihan raya umum ke-13," katanya.

Ditanya adakah beliau bangga kerana berupaya mencipta sejarah sebagai wakil wanita mengetuai jawatan ini, Fuziah menjelaskan, "seingat saya Marina Yusof (bekas Naib Presiden) pernah mengetuai tanggungjawab pilihan raya bagi Keadilan pada tahun 1999... itu di peringkat awal (beberapa bulan selepas ia ditubuhkan)."

"Bagaimanapun, pada umumnya, saya melihat ini satu pengiktirafan dan sejarah kerana buat pertama kali mana-mana parti politik negara ini memberi kepercayaan kepada kaum wanita memilik tanggungjawab pengarah pilihan raya," katanya. -MI

Ulasan GB

Tahniah YB Fuziah. Semuga PKR lebih berjaya di dalam pilihanraya akan datang dan PR dapat melebarkan kemenangannya di Pahang.

Bagaimana PAS Pahang pula? Diketuai seorang datuk, seorang ulamak, seorang naib presiden parti, seorang Ketua J/K Disiplin lagi... jauh kanan dari YB Fuziah di PKR, sepatutnya dah boleh mula susun gerak-gempur seluruh Pahang.

Kenyataan Bersama Hadi, Mohd Nor dan Asri

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 02:48 AM PST

Kami telah dijemput sebagai mewakili parti masing-masing dan individu dalam Muzakarah Pakar anjuran Institut Kefahaman Islam (IKIM) pada 21 Januari 2010.

Laporan beberapa akhbar harian pada 22 Januari 2010 telah menyatakan sebagai berikut :

"Muzakarah Pakar anjuran Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM) hari ini mengambil kata sepakat penggunaan kalimah Allah sebagai terjemahan atau ganti nama kepada 'God' tidak tepat.

Pengerusi IKIM, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menegaskan, penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh bukan Islam juga menyalahi hakikat sebenar kerana ia bercanggah dengan konsep Tuhan yang dianjur oleh agama Islam atas dasar setempat di Malaysia".

Apa yang tidak dinyatakan di dalam laporan berkenaan ialah pendirian konsisten kami bahawa :

1-Penggunaan kalimah nama "Allah" untuk tujuan amalan agama sesama penganut agama Kristian dan Yahudi adalah dibenarkan oleh Islam, dengan bersumberkan dalil Al Quran dan As Sunnah serta pandangan ulama muktabar.

2-Demi menjaga keharmonian dan kesejahteraan negara, polemik ini hendaklah diselesaikan dengan menyuburkan budaya dialog antara agama secara matang dan bijaksana.

3-Berasaskan semangat musyawarah dan saling memahami dalam konteks masyarakat Malaysia, maka suasana dan keadaan setempat perlu diambil kira dalam menentukan penggunaan kalimah "Allah" itu.

Penggunaan kalimah "Allah" secara tidak bertanggungjawab mestilah dielakkan supaya ianya tidak menjadi isu yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian kaum dan agama dalam negara ini.

Oleh itu, satu garispanduan penggunaannya perlulah diwujudkan.

Kami juga ingin menyatakan bahawa sebagaimana yang telah dipersetujui oleh pihak penganjur dan para panel muzakarah, dan berdasarkan kepada tradisi keilmuan dan semangat perbezaan pandangan, maka tiada sebarang ketetapan rasmi telah dikeluarkan diakhir sesi muzakarah berkenaan.

Kenyataan Media oleh Tiga Panel Muzakarah Pakar :

Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang
Presiden Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS)

Dr Mohd Nur Manuty
Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)

Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin
Mantan Mufti Perlis

22 Januari 2010

Push and Pull Factors in Human migration

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 01:56 AM PST

Source: Wikipedia, 


Emigration is the act of leaving one's native country or region to settle in another. It is the same as immigration but from the perspective of the country of origin. Human movement before the establishment of political boundaries or within one state, is termed migration. There are many reasons why people might choose to emigrate. Some are for political or economic reasons, or for personal reasons like finding a spouse while visiting another country and emigrating to be with them. Many older people living in rich nations with cold climates choose to move to warmer climates when they retire.

 A memorial statue in Hanko, Finland, commemorating the thousands of emigrants who left the country to start a new life in the United States[1]
Many political or economic emigrants move together with their families toward new regions or new countries where they hope to find peace or job opportunities not available to them in their original location. Throughout history a large number of emigrants return to their homelands, often after they have earned sufficient money in the other country. Sometimes these emigrants move to countries with big cultural differences and will always feel as guests in their destinations, and preserve their original culture, traditions and language, sometimes transmitting them to their children. The conflict between the native and the newer culture may easily create social contrasts, generally resulting in an uncomfortable situation for the "foreigners", who have to understand legal and social systems sometimes new and strange to them. Often, communities of emigrants grow up in the destination areas. 

Emigration had a profound influence on the world in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, when millions of poor families left Europe for the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, the rest of Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand

Even though definitions may be vague and vary somewhat, emigration/immigration should not be confused with the phenomenon of involuntary migration, such as instances of population transfer or ethnic cleansing

Motives to migrate can be either incentives attracting people away, known as pull factors, or circumstances encouraging a person to leave, known as push factors, for example: 

Human migration is movement (physical or psychological) by humans from one district to another, sometimes over long distances or in large groups. The movement of populations in modern times has continued under the form of both voluntary migration within one's region, country, or beyond, and involuntary migration (which includes the slave trade, trafficking in human beings and ethnic cleansing). People who migrate are called migrants, or, more specifically, emigrants, immigrants, or settlers, depending on historical setting, circumstances and perspective. 

The pressures of human migrations, whether as outright conquest or by slow cultural infiltration and resettlement, have affected the grand epochs in history (e.g. the Decline of the Roman Empire); under the form of colonization, migration has transformed the world (e.g. the prehistoric and historic settlements of Australia and the Americas). Population genetics studied in traditionally settled modern populations have opened a window into the historical patterns of migrations, a technique pioneered by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

In general we can divide factors causing migrations into two groups of factors: Push and pull factors. In general: 

  • Push Factors are economic, political, cultural, and environmentally based.
  • Pull Factors are economic, political, cultural, and environmentally based.
  • Barriers/Obstacles of which Nigeria in the 1970s and 1980s is an example.

On the macro level, the causes of migration can be distilled into two main categories: security dimension of migration (natural disasters, conflicts, threats to individual safety, poor political prospects) and economic dimension of migration (poor economic situation, poor situation of national market). [AIV document] 

Push and Pull Factors


Push and pull factors are those factors which either forcefully push people into migration or attract them. A push factor is forceful, and a factor which relates to the country from which a person migrates. It is generally some problem which results in people wanting to migrate. Different types of push factors can be seen further below. A push factor is a flaw or distress that drives a person away from a certain place. A pull factor is something concerning the country to which a person migrates. It is generally a benefit that attracts people to a certain place. Push and pull factors are usually considered as north and south poles on a magnet. 

Push Factors 

  • Not enough jobs
  • Few opportunities
  • "Primitive" conditions
  • Desertification
  • Famine/drought
  • Political fear/persecution
  • Poor medical care
  • Loss of wealth
  • Natural Disasters
  • Death threats
  • Slavery
  • Pollution
  • Poor housing
  • Landlords
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Poor chances of finding courtship

Pull Factors 

  • Job opportunities
  • Better living conditions
  • Political and/or religious freedom
  • Enjoyment
  • Education
  • Better medical care
  • Security
  • Family links
  • Industry
  • Better chances of finding courtship


A memorial statue in Hanko, Finland, commemorating the thousands of emigrants who left the country to start a new life in the United States[1] 


Dragon boat accident: Even with a lifejacket, one could be pulled down

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 03:06 AM PST

@ Sun2Surf

Look at reclamation impact on channel current, say fishermen

By: Himanshu Bhatt (Tue, 19 Jan 2010)

GEORGE TOWN (Jan 19, 2010) : Inshore fishermen who ply the waters of the Penang Channel where the dragon boat capsize incident occurred on Sunday want the authorities to look into the impact of reclamation on the currents in the channel.

Traditional inshore fisherman Khoo Kay Keat points to this new shallow
shoreline along the reclaimed land in Jelutong where the Bandar Sri Penang
fishermen's jetty is built. Penang held its Pesta dragon boat race here last year.
The accident that took the lives of six people during a dragon-boat training
session on Sunday occurred about a km away from this reclaimed area.
Khoo Kay Keat, 55, a former Penang Inshore Fishermen's Welfare Association committee member, who now operates in the area, said they had observed currents changing over last 10 years or so.

He said the inshore fishermen had seen certain stretches along the coastline becoming shallower about the same time that reclamation work had taken place, while the middle portions of the channel had remained deep.

"Certain parts of the channel are as deep as 40ft," Khoo estimated.

"When you reclaim, a lot of sand is placed in places where the sea once was and the sea water is forced to flow along a more constricted route."

He also noted that the authorities had not placed warning signs or buoys to caution the people, especially those going into the channel for amateur water sports activities.

Khoo spoke to theSun near the Jelutong fisherman's jetty in Bandar Sri Pinang, where the Penang Pesta Open Dragon Boat Race was held last year.

After the dragon boat, which carried 18 rowers, was hit by waves and capsized, survivors recounted being pulled down into the waters by powerful undercurrents.

Khoo said the authorities should consult the traditional inshore fishermen, who had accumulated knowledge and experience of the waters in the channel.

"Do not underestimate the power of the currents. We fishermen know the currents here and how they are changing," he said.

"We can also gauge winds and calculate directions based on the calendar. We even know how to measure depths.

"The currents here can be very strong. Even with a lifejacket, you could be pulled down."

He said the winds and currents around the island had been particularly strong on Sunday, when the accident occurred.

"I was out in the sea and I felt very strong northerly winds," he said.

Khoo also said the state could look into the feasibility of having dragon boat races at the Pantai Jerejak coastline, shielded on two sides by Pulau Jerejak and the Bayan Lepas coastline, and where the waters were more placid.

Article's URL:

Husni, you are wrong. Like their forefathers, Malaysians emigrate because they believed that their children would have a future beyond Malaysia!

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 04:40 AM PST

@ The Malaysian Insider

Husni: Malaysians 'wrong' to abandon country

Husni stressed that the government has always ensured that Malaysians are able to own their own homes.

Sure but there is one group of Malaysians who are MORE able than others to own their own homes!

Everyone knows that there is 1Malaysia but 2Home-ownership policy.

Bdk UNITEN buat maksiat dalam keta & langgar orang sampai mati

Posted: 23 Jan 2010 01:14 AM PST

KUALA LUMPUR 16 Jan. - Akibat panik dan ketakutan dicekup berkhalwat dalam kawasan kampus, seorang mahasiswa yang sedang berdua-duaan dengan pasangannya dalam kereta bertindak memecut kenderaannya untuk melepaskan diri.

Tindakannya dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa itu bagaimanapun mengundang padah apabila pelajar Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) di Bangi dekat sini
itu gagal mengawal kenderaannya lalu terbabas dan merempuh pagar keselamatan di pintu utama universititersebut.

Rempuhan kuat itu mengakibatkan pagar besi di situ tumbang lalu mengenai kepala seorang polis bantuan yang kebetulan berada di situ sehingga
mengakibatkan mangsa cedera parah di kepala dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 2.30 pagi kelmarin.

Malangnya,setelah dua hari bertarung nyawa, mangsa, Mohd. Sufian Khamis, 25,gagal diselamatkan dan meninggal dunia di Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL)
pada pukul 4.30 petang ini.

Ketua Jabatan Ketenteraman Awam/Trafik Selangor, Supritendan Che Hussin Omar berkata, polis menerima dua laporan berkaitan insiden kemalangan
itu pada Khamis lalu iaitu daripada mahasiswa terbabit dan penyelia polis bantuan universititersebut.

Katanya, kemalangan membabitkan mahasiswa tahun dua dari Fakulti Teknologi Maklumat itu dilaporkan berlaku pada pukul 2.30 pagi.

'Mengikut laporan, mahasiswa berusia 20 tahun yang memandu kereta Perodua Viva bersama seorang mahasiswi itu dikatakan gagal mengawal
kenderaannya semasa mahu keluar dari kawasan kampus.

'Keretanya terbabas lalu melanggar pagar besi di situ lalu mengenai seorang polis bantuan,'katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata, mangsa kemudian dikejarkan ke Hospital Serdang untuk mendapatkan rawatan tetapi dipindahkan ke HKL selepas itu.

Selepas dua hari bertarung nyawa, katanya, mangsa disahkan meninggal dunia hari ini.

Che Hussin berkata, polis sudah mengambil keterangan daripada mahasiswa terbabit dan kes itu disiasat mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta
PengangkutanJalan 1987 iaitu kecuaian menyebabkan kematian.

http://www.facebook .com/group. php?v=... d=269975107800

ni ada group dalam fb tuk menuntut keadilan.. dengar cite mahasiswi tu salah sorang anak vip.. mungkin terlepas.. papehal mmg tak patut la.. da buat maksiat, langgar orang sampai mati pulak.. al-fatihah tuk arwah suffian..

yg viva tu kete bf dia.. anak vip tu gf dia.. yg drive bf tu.. bf tu mmg tak ley lari la.. tapi yg tak puas ati skang, patutnya gf anak vip tu kene sabit bersubahat gak.. tapi dia lepas sbb geng2 uniten ckp, bapak dia vip ada kepentingan. . so skang yg kene bf tu je la sorg..

"couples tu MMG naked n one above another in a locked car depan swimming pool masa guard on duty conveyed torch light n knocked d car window..pas tu dua ekor tu dah panic,terus start engine n pecut..guard on duty called postguard to close d gate,Masa sampai kat gate depan, die xnak brenti n rempuh je gate, thats why guard yang kat blakang gate tu parah..

sumber unitenkini.blogspot"

sape2 yg berkesempatan tu bolehlah datang ke masjid UNITEN pada khamis ini untuk majlis tahlil dan bacaan Surah Yassin untuk Allahyarham.


Posted: 23 Jan 2010 01:21 AM PST

Baru-baru ini saya telah mendapat satu panggilan kecemasan daripada salah sebuah jabatan kerajaan yang memberitahu saya tentang seorang kakitangan wanita daripada jabatan tersebut telah terkena sawan, dan wanita itu sedang menjalani rawatan kesuburan selama beberapa tahun. Saya diberitahu, bahawa seluruh badan wanita tersebut menggeletar apabila terkena sawan. Mulutnya berbuih dan matanya terpusing sehingga dia jatuh pengsan dan tidak sedarkan diri.

Para kakitangan di jabatan tersebut tidak tahu berbuat apa-apa melainkan cuba memanggil ambulans dan seterusnya memanggil saya untuk memberi pertolongan cemas. Malangnya, apabila saya sampai ke pejabat tersebut, saya hanya dapat memeriksa dalam waktu yang begitu singkat kerana ambulans telah pun tiba untuk membawa wanita tersebut ke hospital. Apabila saya merasai nadinya dan memeriksa jantungnya, saya dapati wanita tersebut tidak bernyawa lagi. Saya percaya, bahawa wanita tersebut telah menemui ajal ketika dia terkena sawan.

Kejadian ini adalah suatu yang sangat malang, khususnya bagi suami wanita tersebut kerana pasangan tersebut telah berkahwin selama 10 tahun dan telah mencuba untuk mendapatkan zuriat. Tetapi sayangnya, isterinya yang sarat mengandung telah terkena sawan dan telah menemui ajalnya. Dalam kes ini, bukan sahaja satu nyawa hilang, malah dua nyawa kerana bayi dalam kandungan wanita itu turut juga menemui ajal. Beginilah antara risiko terbesar yang boleh berlaku ke atas mana-mana wanita yang sedang hamil. Dari segi hikmah wanita tersebut mati syahid dan Allah S.W.T. menempatkan syurga kepada wanita yang menghadapi maut seperti tersebut. Yang pergi menemui Tuhannya, akan berbahagialah di alam baka tetapi yang ditinggalkan begitu sedih dan pilu, khususnya suami dan saudara maranya.

Dalam kisah tadi, saya ingin mengulas sedikit tentang sawan beranak, dari segi bahaya, tanda-tanda, rawatan dan cara-cara pencegahannya.

Punca "Sawan" Beranak
Sawan beranak merupakan satu kejadian yang tidak asing lagi bagi kita. Ia telah berlaku sejak zaman-berzaman. Hingga sekarang, punca penyakit sawan beranak masih tidak diketahui tetapi terdapat beberapa perkara seperti tanda-tandanya, faktor-faktor yang berkaitan dengannya dan mungkin cara-cara untuk menjauhkannya. Sebenarnya, apabila seseorang wanita terkena sawan ini, keadan penyakitnya adalah tenat. Biasanya, sebelum keadaan ini berlaku, ada beberapa tanda yang patut diingati dan memberi amaran kepada wanita yang hamil untuk berwaspada dan untuk mendapatkan jagaan yang sewajar daripada doktor perbidanan yang merawatnya. Biasanya, sawan beranak boleh meragut nyawa mangsanya walaupun ada juga sebahagian besar terlepas daripada ancaman maut.

Sawan atau eclamptic fits berlaku disebabkan saluran darah di dalam otak pecah menyebabkan pendarahan dan kerosakan otak (cerebral haemorrhage). Pendarahan yang banyak di dalam otak boleh merosakkan fungsi organ-organ terpenting seperti jantung, pernafasan dan lain-lain. Kejadian ini biasanya menyebabkan maut. Dalam kes-kes yang lebih ringan, pendarahan mungkin berlaku hanya sedikit, ataupun tidak berlaku langsung atau setakat kebengkakan otak sahaja (cerebral oedema)

"Sawan" Satu Kecemasan
Tidak semua ibu-ibu yang terkena sawan beranak akan menemui maut, tetapi jika sawan ini berlaku berulang-ulang, risiko maut semakin meningkat. Oleh itu, sebaiknya wanita ini dimasukkan ke hospital sebelum sawan berlaku, ataupun jika sawan telah berlaku ketika di rumah, wanita itu sepatutnya dikejarkan ke hospital. Apa yang penting, orang yang berada di samping perlu mengetahui tentang kaedah menyelamatkan nyawa (resuscitation) kerana wanita yang mengalami sawan ini biasanya tidak akan sedarkan diri. Dalam keadaan demikian, biasanya lidahnya akan tertelan dan seterusnya menutupi kerongkong angin.

Oleh itu, penting bagi orang yang berada di sampingnya menentukan bahawa dia tidak menggigit lidahnya dan lidahnya tidak menyekat saluran udara dengan menarik keluar dan seterusnya meletakkan sesuatu benda untuk wanita tersebut menggigit dengan sekuat-kuatnya. Ramai juga yang mati akibat daripada masalah tersekat saluran pernafasan yang disebabkan oleh lidah yang termasuk ke dalam kerongkong. Sawan beranak adalah satu keadaan yang mencemaskan dan ia sepatutnya dikendalikan sebagai satu kes kecemasan. Cara pengendaliannya sama juga seperti orang yang lemas di dalam air, orang yang kena serangan jantung dan lain-lain punca yang menyebabkan seseorang itu tidak sedarkan diri.

Bolehkah Bayi Diselamatkan?
Kejayaan untuk menyelamatkan bayi bergantung kepada beberapa faktor. Pertama, umur kandungan apabila sawan berlaku. Jika umur kandungan terlalu rendah, iaitu kurang daripada tujuh bulan kemungkinan peluang untuk menyelamatkannya adalah rendah. Kedua, berat bayi tersebut sama ada memuaskan atau tidak; sebaiknya berat bayi patut melebihi lima paun. Ketiga, secepat mana kita boleh melahirkan bayi bagi ibu yang diserang sawan. Cara menyelematkan bayi dalam keadaan ibu yang diserang sawan ialah dengan melakukan pembedahan Caeserean secepat mungkin.

Tujuan pembedahan ini ialah untuk menyelamatkan kedua-dua nyawa, bayi dan ibunya. Selagi bayi masih dalam kandungan ada kemungkinan sawan akan berulang lagi kerana kandungan khususnya uri dipercayai mengandungi bahan beracun yang dikeluarkan sekali-sekala ke dalam saluran darah hingga menyebabkan sawan berlaku. Pada masa ini dengan teknologi dan kemahiran menjaga bayi yang lebih canggih, bayi-bayi kecil ataupun bayi-bayi yang tidak cukup bulan (premature) boleh diselamatkan dengan menggunakan teknik-teknik terbaru dengan kaedah rawatan rapi.

Apakah Tanda-Tanda Awal Sawan Beranak?

Sebenarnya penyakit sawan beranak (eklampsia) adalah keadaan teruk bagi penyakit keracunan waktu hamil atau apa yang dinamakan toxemia of pregnancy. Keadaan ini lebih sering melanda ibu-ibu yang mengandung anak sulung, mereka yang berlebihan berat badannya, dan ibu-ibu yang menghidap penyakit darah tinggi. Tanda awal bagi penyakit toksemia atau sawan beranak ialah kenaikan berat badan yang berlebihan semasa mengandung. Kenaikan berat badan wanita yang hamil adalah penting untuk menentukan pertumbuhan bayi yang sempurna.

Sebaiknya, kenaikan berat badan ialah setengah kilo seminggu, dan kenaikan berat badan ini sering berlaku selepas mengandung empat bulan kerana ramai wanita tidak mengalami kenaikan berat badan pada tiga bulan yang pertama, malahan ada yang susut berat badannya dalam peringkat awal kandungan. Purata kenaikan berat pada keseluruhan tempoh sembilan bulan kandungan ialah antara 15 hingga 16 kilo. Kenaikan berat badan yang mendadak, khususnya selepas kandungan meningkat enam bulan ke atas adalah tanda awal bagi penyakit toksemia. Apabila kenaikan ini melebihi dua kilo sebulan, wanita patut berwaspada dan mengimbangkan pemakanan mereka dengan mengurangkan makanan yang kaya dengan karbohidrat, gula serta lemak, di samping melebihkan protein dan sayur-sayuran demi untuk mencegah berlakunya toksemia dan seterusnya sawan beranak.

Tanda kedua ialah bengkak kaki (edema) yang mungkin menandakan penyakit toksemia. Bengkak kaki sering berlaku di kalangan kandungan yang normal dan ini menandakan pertumbuhan bayi yang baik, tetapi jika bengkak kaki ini disertai dengan tanda-tanda lain yang akan saya huraikan di bawah, iaitu darah tinggi dan air kencing yang mengandungi albumin, maka bengkak kaki mungkin menunjukkan salah satu tanda bagi penyakit toksemia kandungan.

Air Kencing Yang Mengandungi Albumin
Apabila kerosakan berlaku kepada buah pinggang, maka protein akan terbebas melalu air kencing. Dengan itu, bagi seseorang wanita yang terkena toksemia kandungan akan ditandakan dengan air kencing yang mengandungi albumin. Lebih banyak protein yang terkeluar ke dalam air kencing lebih teruklah keadaan toksemianya, begitu juga lebih teruklah kerosakan kepada buah pinggangnya.

Toksemia kandungan adalah keadaan sebelum berlakunya sawan beranak. Apabila keadaan itu menjadi lebih teruk, maka sawan akan berlaku. Keterukan keadaan ini dapat diukur daripada ketenatan bengkak kaki, tahap kenaikan darah, dan juga banyaknya kandungan albumin dalam air kencing. Wanita-wanita yang mungkin mempunyai tanda-tanda lain seperti pening kepala, sakit pada ulu hati, terasa hendak pitam serta gangguan pada penglihatan. Tanda-tanda tersebut menandakan bahaya akan tiba, khususnya pada wanita yang pernah diserang toksemia atau kenaikan tekanan darah.

Apakah Rawatan Bagi Toksemia Dan Sawan Beranak?
Sebenarnya, tidak ada rawatan yang khusus bagi penyakit toksemia kerana kita tidak tahu apa punca sebenarnya, melainkan wanita tersebut perlu dimasukkan ke hospital untuk pengawasan dan untuk berehat seterusnya untuk mengawal pemakanannya. Wanita yang telah mempunyai tanda-tanda toksemia seperti air kencing yang mengandungi albumin dan bengkak kaki patutlah diberi rehat dengan sebanyak-banyaknya dan jika perlu, dimasukkan ke hospital. Jika keadaan ini masih ringan lagi, dia mungkin boleh diberi rehat di rumah dengan pengawasan yang rapi. Rehat adalah perkara yang terpenting dalam rawatan toksemia.

Tidak ada ubat yang khusus yang boleh mengatasi masalah toksemia. Rawatan yang mutlak bagi keadaan toksemia dan sawan beranak ialah melahirkan bayi dengan secepat mungkin. Cara melahirkannya bergantung kepada tahap ketenatan penyakit tersebut dan umur kehamilan. Jika kehamilan telah cukup bulan, iaitu melebihi 37 minggu kehamilan, bayi perlu dilahirkan dengan secepat mungkin. Jika darah tinggi dan kandungan albumi di dalam air kencing tidak teruk, kelahiran boleh dilakukan secara paksaan (induction of labour). Tetapi, dalam keadaan yang teruk ataupun setelah sawan beranak berlaku, atau di mana keadaan bayi terlalu terancam, rawatan yang sewajarnya ialah pembedahan Caeserean.

Toksemia atau sawan beranak patutlah dicegah dari awal lagi. Setiap wanita yang mengandung, khususnya mereka yang mempunyai risiko yang tinggi seperti mengandung anak sulung, gemuk badan, berpenyakit ataupun yang mempunyai sejarah keluarga yang bermasaalah, patutlah mendapat rawatan daripada doktor pakar. Jagaan kehamilan patut dilakukan mengikut jadual, iaitu setiap bulan dan di peringkat awal sehingga tujuh bulan, kemudian dua minggu sekali diikuti dengan seminggu sekali.

Kebanyakan daripada kes-kes toksemia dan sawan beranak berlaku akibat daripada ibu-ibu datang ke klinik terlalu lambat, atau langsung tidak datang mengunjungi klinik ibu mengandung dan ada pula yang mengunjungi tetapi tidak mengikut jadual. Jagaan pemakaan bagi ibu yang mengandung adalah sangat penting. Ibu yang mengandung patutlah mengawal makanan yang banyk mengandungi karbohidrat seperti gula, kanji dan lemak. Ramai wanita yang tidak boleh mengawal seleranya setelah kandungan mencapai usia lima bulan ke atas kerana mereka percaya, bahawa mereka makan untuk dua orang dan seleranya pun meningkat pada ketika itu. Di samping jagaan pemakanan, waktu rehat dan waktu tidur yang mencukupi penting bagi wanita yang sedang hamil.

Wanita hamil patutlah menjauhkan diri daripada tekanan fizikal akibat daripada pekerjaan yang berat dan teruk, tekanan mental dan jiwa. Perkara-perkara yang boleh mengganggu perasaan dan mental patutlah dijauhkan dengan kerana ini juga merupakan satu faktor yang boleh menyebabkan terjadinya toksemia dan sawan beranak. Ibu-ibu patut melebihkan masa berehat atau diberi cuti rehat apabila tanda-tanda toksemia mula timbul.

Apabila penyakit toksemia telah berlaku, ibu tersebut patut dimasukkan ke hospital untuk mencegah keadaan tersebut daripada berterusan menjadi sawan beranak. Kebanyakan daripada masalah-masalah toksemia yang teruk serta sawan beranak adalah disebabkan oleh faktor-faktor peribadi dan sosial yang telah saya huraikan di atas. Ada sesetengah wanita pula tidak mahu dimasukkan ke hospital walaupun dinasihatkan berbuat demikian atas sebab tertentu.

Ada pula yang suka balik kampung untuk mendapatkan rawatan secara tradisional. Saya ingin menekankan, bahawa penyakit toksemia tidak mempunyai ubat yang khusus. Berehat, menjaga pemakanan, fikiran yang tenang dan kelahiran bayi yang tepat pada waktunya adalah perkara-perkara yang terpenting dalam mengendalikan kes seperti ini. Semoga kejadian yang saya ceritakan dalam makalah ini dapat kita elakkan sama sekali.

No Sir, I disagree with both of you, Ministers

Posted: 22 Jan 2010 11:50 PM PST

Please may you kindly allow to differ. Don't take my differing views as dissent in politics or take in the heart. It is not related to your country's politics that I disagree with both of you. It is just my personal views and feelings only.

Source: 1. Malaysian Insider article By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani, "Husni: Malaysians 'wrong' to abandon country"

                  2. Malaysian Insider article, Twitterers poke fun at Rais

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah today criticised Malaysians who have emigrated, saying it was "wrong" and insinuating that they were betraying the sacrifices of their forefathers.

Husni, who is second finance minister, explained that "our forefathers" settled here because they believed that their children would have a future in Malaysia.

"You and me, our children, we build our lives here and we have our homes here. This is our homeland. I get very sad when I hear we have people migrating to foreign shores. To me, this is wrong.

"Our forefathers have come here, many years ago, bearing much hardship and deprivation. Why did they endure this? Because they believed that their future generations will reap the fruits of having to live on this blessed land," he said in his speech when launching the Annual Real Estate Agent Convention 2010 at PWTC here.

He then went on to dismiss public complaints as mere "discomfort".

"There is much here to strive for, there are many reasons to stay. Our fathers have given up so much and they went through so much. Surely, our complaints are merely discomfort compared to their sacrifices.

"Let us build our future in this homeland of ours and work hard together to make things better," he said.

No. 2

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 — If the government needed proof of the power of the new media, they got it on Twitter this week when Information Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim — who recently spoke out against Web lovers — became an overnight Internet sensation.

The incident highlights how the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) remains detached from young, Internet-savvy urbanites.

On Tuesday afternoon, what started on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter as a handful of jokes about Rais swiftly and unexpectedly snowballed into a torrent.

Most of the posts, or tweets, were about Rais' age and started with "Rais is so ancient…". (For example, "Rais is so ancient, he can settle the debate over who started using 'Allah' first.")

By evening, #yorais — the tag used for the topic — was on the site's "trending topic" list, making it one of the top 10 Twitter topics worldwide.

The phenomenon took the topic's creator Bong Chan Siong, 28, by surprise. An engineer by profession, he goes by the nickname "Bongkersz" on Twitter and has a steady following.

Bong told The Straits Times that #yorais had begun as "just another tweeting session" on politics with his friends and Twitter followers. He never expected it to peak in a few hours at No. 3 on the list of top 10 Twitter topics, in the process beating out other hot topics like the Haiti earthquake.

The meteoric rise of #yorais was triggered by Rais' unflattering remarks on Malaysia's Web users a few days earlier. He had said Malaysians must avoid immersing themselves in the Internet culture, especially Facebook and Twitter, as those were Western influences, and should instead remain rooted in their own beliefs and culture.

Bong feels that #yorais was a reaction to politicians like Rais, who are "out of touch with people on the ground": "They never engage with us. They see us as a nuisance, as troublemakers who are loud and only know how to complain."

The avalanche of reactions against Rais' remarks suggests ….

Broadband penetration rate has jumped in recent years, doubling from 15 per cent in 2007 to 30 per cent last year. Most of it is concentrated in urban city centres, where the opposition won the majority of their seats.

Many urban Malaysians these days turn to the Internet first for news and information. And with the government targeting 50 per cent broadband penetration by the end of this year, the medium is set to have an even greater reach.

"What the government now learns is that you cannot nowadays merely throw out a slogan if you do not mean to be consistent in your thinking and action," he said. "In cyberspace, any inconsistency is immediately ridiculed publicly." — The Straits Times

FOR LADIES ONLY: How to Tie a Tie seductively?

Posted: 22 Jan 2010 11:47 PM PST

Woman, you can now please your man by tying his tie!

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Saranan Kita Diterima, 100K Rakyat Kelantan Solat Hajat 28 Jan Ini

Posted: 22 Jan 2010 11:04 PM PST

Kira-kira 100,000 rakyat Kelantan akan berhimpun dan menunaikan solat hajat di Stadium Sultan Mohammad ke IV di sini bagi menuntut royalti minyak pada Khamis, 28 Januari ini.

Perhimpunan raksasa itu di adakan ekoran kedegilan kerajaan pusat membayar royalti minyak seperti termaktub dalam Akta Petroleum 1974, demikian menurut penganjur, Dr Abdul Halim Yusoff yang juga Pengerusi Gerakan Bertindak Kembalikan Royalti Rakyat (Gegar).

Program itu melibatkan penyertaan parti-parti politik termasuk MCA, MIC, Umno, Gerakan, KEADILAN, DAP dan PAS. Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Penasihat DAP, Lim Kit Siang dan para pemimpin lain dari Pakatan Rakyat dijangka hadir.

Mereka akan mendengar penerangan yang akan disampaikan oleh pengasas Petronas, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang dan juga bekas menteri kewangan itu dijangka menjelaskan isu-isu berkaitan Akta Kemajuan Petroleum 1974.

Menurut Setiausaha Gegar, Muhammad Hisamudin Ghazali, program itu bermula dengan solat Maghrib, solat Isya' dan solat hajat yang akan diimamkan oleh Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, menteri besar Kelantan.

Ceramah royalti minyak bermula jam 9.30 malam oleh Pensyarah di Jabatan Pengajian Media Universiti Malaya, Profesor Madya Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah.

"Gegar juga merancang untuk mengadakan debat mengenai isu royalti petroleum pada bulan Februari ini dan konvensyen pada Mac depan," kata Hisamudin pada sidang media baru-baru ini.

Pada November lalu, Perdana Menteri Najib Razak memberitahu Kerajaan Pusat akan membayar wang ehsan kepada Kelantan menggantikan royalti minyak mulai tahun ini.

Tuntutan royalti minyak diperjuangkan oleh kerajaan negeri mulai Julai lalu setelah Jabatan Perangkaan menyebut Kelantan antara negeri pengeluar petroleum sejak 2004.

Bagaimanapun, usaha kerajaan negeri mendapatkan royalti tersebut cuba dinafikan oleh pemimpin Umno, yang juga anak watan negeri Kelantan sendiri, Mustapha Mohamed dan Awang Adik Husein.

Ulasan GB

Syukur ke hadhrat Allah, akhirnya cadangan kita diterima oleh Kelantan. GB sebelum ini mencadangkan betapa PAS Kelantan Perlu Munajat Perdana Sekali Lagi.

GB menyatakan sebelum ini:

Demi untuk mengisi kemenangan, untuk menjaga kemenangan, PAS Kelantan, kita merasakan adalah amat wajar Kerajaan PAS Kelantan mengadap Rabbul-Jalil sekali lagi untuk mempastikan hak rakyat Kelantan dikembalikan oleh kerajaan Pusat.

Keangkuhan dan kezaliman manusia-manusia bernama Najib, Muhyiddin, Mustapa Mohd, Awang Adik Hussin dan lain-lain yang seangkatan dengan mereka perlu ditamatkan. Hak kerajaan dan rakyat Kelantan perlu dilunaskan sebelum mereka menjahanamkan royalti dengan nama baru - wang ehsan - untuk tujuan yang buruk, merampas Kelantan dari PAS.

Kita di luar Kelantan, marilah bersama-sama kita bersolat hajat di rumah masing-masing menyertai perhimpunan 100K rakyat Kelantan itu.

Muga Allah selamatkan PAS Kelantan, muga perjuangan Kelantan menuntut royalti miliknya akan berjaya, muga Allah akan menurunkan barakahNya dari langit dan bumi untuk PAS Kelantan. Aamiin.

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