Saturday, January 16, 2010

Less and less comments

Less and less comments

Less and less comments

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 08:00 AM PST

My blog was getting less and less people comments... especially after i started my work. Hey folks don't put me wrong that i'm upset of no one commenting in my blog... just curious on the sudden drop of comments... why?

Maybe it's less pictures.
Maybe it's less good information.
Maybe my blog entry is not long enough since everyone likes something LONG.
Maybe it's nothing much interesting to comment.
Maybe it's Twenty Ten... the resolution of bloggers are NO COMMENT.

Is my blog not interesting anymore or just the blog communities is very quite nowadays?

How to have your own blog?

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 09:31 AM PST

Screen Captures by nicholaschan

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Konvensyen Kepimpinan Wanita Selangor 2010

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 07:30 AM PST

Adakah anda seorang pemimpin wanita dalam organisasi, pentadbiran kerajaan & swasta, di peringkat kampung, persatuan penduduk, masjid,pihak berkuasa tempatan, NGO, dll. di Selangor?

Jika demikian, Photobucket

Penegerusi JK Tetap Hal Ehwal Wanita Selangor, YB Rodziah Ismail menjemput anda utk menghadiri Konvensyen Kepimpinan Wanita Selangor 2010, 23 Jan.2010, 9.00pagi-1.30tgh.di Kompleks Belia & Kebudayaan,Seksyen7,Shah Alam.

Wanita Berdaya, Harapan Negara – Pemberdayaan Wanita dalam Kepimpinan.

Utk sebarang prtnyaan & makluman kehadiran, sila hubungi Syuhada (0192391979).

Christmas 09 at Jelutong Night Market

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 09:00 AM PST

I know it's already 2010 but I still have so many things to share with you guys in 2009 man. Back to Christmas Day 09, it's pretty lame and spontaneous day, but yet fun and interesting. No sense of direction and plans to go and ended up at a night market at night.

I thought after going to Nautilus Bay, Gertak Sanggul, dropped Chaiwei home then I will be home, only then I realized that that day was Friday and there's night market on every Friday night, so last minute decided to go take a tour and dinner at the night market.

IMG_2171 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2172 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2173 by nicholaschan.

We were there early, so we went to Yiphing's place for a sit first before the night falls and the night market starts. Talked and prank called Chien Chern before going to the night market, pretty lame.

IMG_2174 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2175 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2177 by nicholaschan.

It's very happenings, very crowded on a Christmas night, but then the walk way is very narrow and I don't like. Feels like pushing all the way and keep moving on, hard to stop by and see something. Perhaps Farlim's night market is funner, but then I still like happening place.

IMG_2178 by nicholaschan.

It's always the same thing, clothing, junk food, hawker food, accessories but no pirated DVDs.

IMG_2179 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2182 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2190 by nicholaschan.

IMG_2191 by nicholaschan.

Met Andy and Ammerlynn at the night market, they joined us for Hokkien noodle and Char Koay Kak which I think they're so-so only, I know better one at other place.

IMG_2195 by nicholaschan.

Then try to camwhore a bit but always failed and took a lot of shot. The whole night street, it's just keep flashing, flashing and flashing, everyone was like looking at us and I didn't care and we were in the middle of the road. LOL.

Take 1: Failed, because no Chai Wei.

IMG_2197 by nicholaschan.

Take 2: Failed, because Chai Wei's face was too big and Andy was out.

IMG_2198 by nicholaschan.

Take 3: Failed, because Chai Wei didn't look at the lens.

IMG_2199 by nicholaschan.

Take 4: Failed because Andy out of focus a bit and Chai Wei was out again.

IMG_2200 by nicholaschan.

Take 6: Passed (a bit). ALL IN!

IMG_2201 by nicholaschan.

Happy new year. Haha

French Spiderman alias Alain Robert's next stop - Burj Khalifa

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 08:35 AM PST

Alain Robert aka Spiderman who scales tall buildings with his bare hands, has set his sights on on his next project - the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Last year, he successfully climbed all the way up to one of the spires of Petronas Twin Towers after two failed attempts - one in 1997 and another in 2007.

Here is the story @ Sun2Surf
'Spiderman' Robert Alain scales Petronas twin tower

Robert Alain

KUALA LUMPUR, (Sept 1, 2009) :
After two failed attempts to scale the Petronas Twin Towers using just his bare hands, world-renowned Robert Alain aka 'Spiderman' succeeded today, only to run foul of Malaysia's scales of justice.

Wearing just a dark t-shirt and a pair of jeans, the Frenchman's death-defying conquest of the 88-level tower began at 6am.

Two hours later, he reached the top of the tower, successfully completing the feat which he failed to perform in 1997 and 2007.

Having crossed one hurdle, Alain now has another to overcome.

Upon completing the climb, the 46-year-old was detained by the police to facilitate investigations for trespassing without a permit.

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Mohamad Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman confirmed that Alain was picked up in connection with the climb.

Alain was believed to have returned to Malaysia on Aug 25 to pursue his aspiration of scaling the Petronas Twin Towers after the two failed attempts. -- BERNAMA

French climber Alain Robert, known as "Spiderman"
stands on the tip of the Malaysia's landmark Petronas
Twin Towers after scaling it one of the spires of the 452m
(1,483 ft) tall building, in Kuala Lumpur today.

Updated: 09:36PM Tue, 01 Sep 2009

Read my previous post here:
'Spiderman' conquers Twin Towers on third try

If you want to get to know the self-proclaimed 'THE FRENCH SPIDERMAN', go here.

"Tuhan" Di Barat "Allah" Di Timur, Strategi UMNO Ditolak

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 07:45 AM PST

Langkah kerajaan UMNO BN yang berstrategi untuk mengguna dua undang-undang yang berbeza di antara Malaysia Barat dan Malaysia Tmur di dalam isu kalimah Allah telah menerima tentangan beberapa pihak teretentu, dari kelompok Islam dan Kristian.

Kenyataan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz semalam bahawa kerajaan membenarkan penggunaan kalimah "Allah" oleh masyarakat Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak untuk merujuk Tuhan dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

Kenyataan Nazri itu, yang dilihat sebagai usaha terbaru berkompromi untuk mengurangkan ketegangan kaum, juga dikritik pemimpin-pemimpin gereja dari Semenanjung serta dari Sabah dan Sarawak. Pandangan itu muncul ketika Sarawak sedang bersiap sedia untuk mengadakan pilihan raya negeri bila-bila masa dari sekarang walaupun mandat semasa hanya akan berakhir Julai 2011.

Namun, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) tetap berpendirian bahawa masyarakat Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak tidak harus menggunakan lagi kalimah "Allah" di gereja masing-masing untuk merujuk kepada Tuhan dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

Sehubungan itu Jakim juga berpandangan tidak harus ada dua set undang-undang dan peraturan dalam menguatkuasakan soal larangan penggunaan kalimah tersebut.

Ketua Pengarah Jakim Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz berkata semua pihak perlu menghormati undang-undang sedia ada bagi mengelakkan perkara-perkara yang bermasalah berlarutan, Malaysian Insider dipetik.

Jelas Wan Mohamad, oleh kerana sudah ada peraturan mengenai perkara sedemikian, maka adalah tidak wajar kalimah "Allah" digunakan oleh pihak gereja.

"Dalam apa pun dasar kita, kita seharusnya menghormati keputusan jemaah menteri walaupun ada undang-undang peringkat negeri.

"Kalau ikut semangat menghormati undang-undang, keputusan sudah ada di peringkat nasional, mereka tidak sepatutnya gunakan (kalimah Allah)," kata beliau.

Wan Mohamad memberitahu keputusan hanya membenarkan gereja di Sabah dan Sarawak tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah ekoran mobilisasi dan penghijrahan rakyat dari Sabah dan Sarawak ke Semenanjung dan sebaliknya.

"Itu pun tidak menyelesaikan masalah... kita di negara yang kecil ini perlu ada undang-undang dan peraturan yang standard seperti mana dalam semua urusan yang lain.

"Kita perlu lebih sistematik... tidak patut ada dua set undang-undang. Selain daripada undang-undang negeri, ada peraturan peringkat nasional (keputusan Kabinet) dan kita kena lihat aspek ini secara lebih menyeluruh," katanya.

Jakim yang terletak di bawah Jabatan Perdana Menteri berperanan sebagai agensi pusat dalam perancangan pengurusan hal ehwal Islam. Nazri pula merupakan salah seorang menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Majlis Gereja Malaysia membantah keputusan kerajaan yang hanya membenarkan penganut agama Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak menggunakan kalimah Allah namun menghalang penggunaannya di Semenanjung.

Presidennya, Rev. Dr Thomas Phillips berkata, tidak logik untuk memperkenalkan dua undang-undang berbeza dalam sebuah negara.

"Sekarang kita amalkan konsep 1Malaysia, kenapa pula perlu ada undang-undang berbeza bagi menangani satu isu yang sama?

"Apa bezanya Sabah dan Sarawak dengan Semenanjung? Pelik rasanya kita perlu adakan undang-undang yang berlainan,"

Mengulas lanjut, Dr Thomas yang juga Pengerusi Majlis Perunding Buddha, Kristian, Hindu, Sikh dan Tao berkata, kerajaan perlu mengkaji semula keputusan berkenaan kerana isu tuntutan penggunaan kalimah Allah itu bukan hanya meliputi skop Sabah dan Sarawak sahaja.

"Isu yang sebenarnya ialah bagi gereja-gereja yang menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan sebagai bahasa perantara serta beberapa bahagian dalam penerbitan Herald (Herald-The Catholic Weekly) yang diterjemah ke Bahasa Malaysia.

"Kita memang tak ada masalah bagi gereja yang guna bahasa Inggeris, kita memang tak guna perkataan Allah... tapi yang kita tuntut penggunaannya ialah apabila ia diterjemah ke bahasa Malaysia, jelas sekali ia melibatkan semua negeri di Malaysia," katanya.

Isu penggunaan kalimah Allah telah mengundang reaksi pelbagai pihak termasuk kemarahan umat Islam apabila Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur membenarkan Herald-The Catholic Weekly menggunakan kalimah Allah dalam penerbitannya atas alasan ia mempunyai hak dalam Perlembagaan.

Hakim Datuk Lau Bee Lan menegaskan, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) telah bertindak secara salah ketika mengenakan larangan penggunaan kalimah Allah dalam penerbitan akhbar mingguan itu.

Bagaimanapun, pada 6 Januari lalu, Lau membenarkan permohonan Menteri Dalam Negeri untuk menangguhkan pelaksanaan keputusan awalnya sementara menunggu Mahkamah Rayuan membuat keputusan rayuan menteri.

Selain itu, Dr Thomas berkata, pihaknya tetap mahu menunggu keputusan mahkamah berhubung perkara berkenaan.

"Lebih baik kita serahkan perkara ini kepada mahkamah, kita nantikan apa keputusannya nanti," katanya.

Muslim Man take own nude pics in public

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:34 AM PST

From: Tanki <>
Subject: Muslim Man take own nude pics in public

Do you remember Adil Sayeed, the Indian muslim teenage boy with a rich
father, sleeping with two Chinese girls, Alyssa and Jane Lo? You can
find the scandal from LimKwokWeng University in this site.

He has something new for all of us.....

Sarawak Mosque Attacked

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:28 AM PST

Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore, soc.culture.malaysia
From: FairToAll <>

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian mosque was vandalised following attacks on
11 churches, threatening to deepen a row over the use of the word

The Saturday incident in the Borneo island state of Sarawak is the
first against a mosque after the arson and vandalism attacks on
churches, and could stoke anger among Malay Muslims who make up 60% of
the country's 28 million population. Malaysia's deputy police chief
Ismail Omar said police found broken glass near the outside wall of
the mosque, and warned troublemakers against whipping up emotions*.
"Don't make any speculation. We are investigating this incident.

The situation remains peaceful and no one should take advantage of
this to create something bad," Ismail said. Ismail could not confirm
whether the bottles thrown at the mosque were that of alcoholic
beverages, which is forbidden to Muslims, but said he believed the act
was vandalism.

The row stems from a court ruling that allowed a Catholic newspaper to
use "Allah" in its Malay-language editions, which caused Muslims to
protest outside mosques on Friday last week. Most of the attacks have
been against churches but a Sikh temple was also vandalised on
Wednesday. The office of the lawyer representing the Catholic
publication in the court case over the use of the word was broken into
and ransacked on Thursday.

The use of "Allah" is common among Malay-speaking Christians, who
account for 9.1% of the population, especially in the Borneo states of
Sabah and Sarawak. Opinions are split, but many Malays have expressed
unhappiness over allowing the word to be used by Christians. A page
created in the online networking site Facebook to protest the use of
the word by non-Muslims has so far attracted more than 220,000 users.

The Berita Harian Malay language newspaper reported on Saturday that
70 Muslim-Malay groups would submit on Monday a memorandum appealing
for intervention from the titular Malay rulers who oversee Islamic
affairs in their respective states. The government has warned that
laws, including the Internal Security Act that allows detention
without trial, would be deployed to keep tensions from boiling over.

A 25-year-old Malay student was charged in court on Friday with
threatening public safety following a comment he reportedly made on
his Facebook page offering to throw petrol bombs.

The government of Prime Minister Najib Razak is appealing the court
verdict and has condemned the arson and vandalism attacks, but
analysts have said he would likely lose votes among non-Muslims
unhappy with the row.

Malaysia's mainly Chinese and Indian non-Muslim ethnic minorities, who
form 40% of the country's population, abandoned the ruling coalition
in the 2008 general elections partly due to complaints over increasing
religious marginalisation. Analysts have said the arson attacks,
though not an immediate risk, are raising worries among some foreign
investors at a time when Prime Minister Najib Razak has pledged to
lure more foreign investment.

Malaysia, which between 1990 and 2000 accounted for half of all
foreign direct investment into it, Thailand and Indonesia, has now
lost its leading position. Najib is trying to woo them back with
economic liberalisation measures.

Minister: Sabah and Sarawak can use Allah

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:19 AM PST

From: Tanki <>

Subject: Minister: It's okay to allow 'Allah' use in Sabah and Sarawak

I read this article and it's sad to see us Malaysians struggling to
solve such a simple NON-problem. They are 1Malaysia, right? If Sabah and
Sarawak can use it why not here in the Peninsula? Why are our
ministers talking before they think what their effect their words can
cause? If he's "Allah" then we should be able to call him "Allah". We
are not in a world where we have to call him "The-name-which-we-are-
not-allowed-to-say"... K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

KUALA KANGSAR: Christians in Sabah and Sarawak should be allowed to use the word "Allah" because it has been part of their custom for decades, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said.

Similarly, they must respect the sensitivities of those in the peninsula, who are uncomfortable with the use of the word by non-Muslims, and not use the word here, he said.

"I have been to a church in Sabah and I know that the Kadazans and Ibans refer to God as Allah. The Muslims there are used to it. That is their custom, let it be.

"But when they are in semenanjung (peninsular Malaysia), then they must respect our custom here, which means that you cannot use the word 'Allah', because people here cannot accept it," he said, referring to the growing number of people from Sabah and Sarawak who have moved to the peninsula.
Nazri: 'But culturally, you cannot apply the ruling in a place where Allah has always been Islam's God'

Nazri, who was voicing his personal opinion over the "Allah" issue, noted that Sabahans and Sarawakians could still conduct Mass and give sermons in Bahasa Malaysia but should not use the word "Allah" while in the peninsula.

"We must respect each other. When I go to east Malaysia, I have to respect their customs. So when they come here, they also have to listen. That is only fair," he said, adding that copies of the Bible containing the word "Allah" needed to be changed when used in the peninsula.

The same, he said, should apply to the peninsula orang asli. "They have to use Bibles in English or their mother tongue.

"It is all right to hold Mass in Bahasa Malaysia but do not use the word 'Allah'. They must use Tuhan as in the national language," he said in an interview.

Although he agreed that the word "Allah" had been long used in Christianity way before Islam existed, Nazri said: "That's why I say it is all right in Sabah and Sarawak but culturally, you cannot apply it in a place where Allah has always been Islam's God."

Asked about the publication of the Herald, Nazri said there could always be separate editions for the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak. "It's all man-made. It's not carved in stone."

On whether it was all right for the Bible to be translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Nazri said there were no laws to stop people from doing so.

"I don't think it is wrong, legally or constitutionally."

Nazri said the "Allah" matter had to be looked at from the legal and theological aspects and the customs and cultures of the people, before a wise conclusion could be made.

He also noted that states with the Sultan as the head of state and religion already had enactments barring or banning the use of words such as "Allah", "Kaabah", "baitulal", and "solat" by other religions.

In Penang, Malacca, Federal Territories, Sabah and Sarawak, the word "Allah" could be used, legally speaking, but then the Government could still impose a ban under the Printing Presses and Publications Act, he said.

A Christian Point of View

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:14 AM PST

From: Tanki <>

Posted by: ZacLoh

I am writing from my point as a Christian who draws his perspective
from the Bible. In the intense religious environment we are in right
now, I hope we Christians are able to see that we are fighting over a

Being English speaking Christian who had never ever used the word
`Allah' in devotion or worship; I don't pretend that I know what the
Bahasa Melayu speaking Christians are going through nor do I know how
they really feel.

But as fellow believers who based their faith on the Bible, I would
like to point out that we are a biblical Christian, more than a
cultural Christian, more than a political Christian. As such, we ought
to derive our behavior and action from the teaching of Jesus Christ
who is the author and perfecter of our faith.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't see fighting for our rights,
found in the Bible. Instead, Jesus taught us to give the other cheek,
to go the extra mile.

In the practical sense, Christians can make allowance even if we have
used a word for 400 years. God is still changing and transforming us.
Therefore, we can adopt another Semitic word with the same meaning.
For us, the meaning of the word is more important, and supersedes the
language. For out of the heart, proceeds good and evil.

Furthermore, didn't Jesus teach us to go the extra mile? Can we go the
extra mile to accommodate the whole lot of work of inconvenience
involved in changing a word used for generations? I believe we can,
and thus, reflect the character of Christ. By the display of our true
character, the cause of Christ will be promoted when people see this
genuine good work, and glorify God.

In return, we can request the government to allow the local
publication of the Bahasa Malaysia Bible and materials so that we
don't have to import from Indonesia. Since the government wants to
adopt a policy different from Indonesia (which is, by the way, the
largest Muslim nation of the world with 86% of population embracing
Islam), then we should be given the generosity of printing our own.

Malaysia: Students Attack Teacher

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:38 AM PST

From: FairToAll <>
Subject: Malaysia: Students Attack Teacher

Students turn on teacher

NIBONG TEBAL: A teacher who ticked off three students ended up being
slapped and attacked with plastic chairs.

South Seberang Prai OCPD Supt Shafien Mamat said the teacher slapped
one of the students on his face and he slapped her back.

He said the SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman teacher lodged a report on Tuesday,
claiming she was attacked by the 16-year-old students.

"According to her, she was teaching a class when the group from
another class came in and started making noise."

"She asked them to leave and not disturb the class but they defied her
by raising their voice and asking what she could do to them if they
refused to leave," he said.

Supt Shafien said the teacher then slapped one of the students. They
retaliated by throwing chairs at her.

The three students have been suspended for two weeks pending a police

It is learnt that they have received demerit points on several
occasions for various offences in school.

Supt Shafien said police were investigating the case for criminal
intimidation and causing hurt.

State Education director Ibrahim Mohamad said the students' parents
could appeal against the suspension.

The principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman, who only wanted to be known
as Ng, said the teacher suffered slight injuries and had been on
medical leave for the past two days.

State NUTP branch chairman Lim Ming Tzong @ Adam Alim Abdullah said he
hoped the students would be expelled.

"It is sad that many school heads, instead of taking strong action
againts students with disciplinary problems, ask them to transfer to
another school instead," he said.

Visual evidence sometimes is the best evidence

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 06:11 AM PST

Source: Malaysia-Today (by John Doe)

Published in 1986, it simply shows that the word Allah does not belong to only Arabs, Malays or any specific races. And it certainly does not belong to a specific 'religion' as well....

Sometimes, pictures speak a million words.

Hello Kitty

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 05:19 AM PST

After my pasar tani routine this morning, and after cooking for lunch (malas nak fikir apa lauk nak masak, so masak laksa je lah…) off I went to visit Zainab's family.

Zainab had sent me a text message earlier this week to inform me that she had some more receipts with her to claim for her children's education. The last time I brought them shopping, it was to buy their uniforms etc, this time the receipts were for the workbooks, fees and whatever other nonsense charged. I don't know, ever since "school fees" were supposedly abolished back in 2007 (I think), these kids seem to have to pay even more fees! Yuran PIBG, yuran komputer, yuran tambahan and whatever other yuran (pronounced: YOU RUN).

Anyway, after confirming with Zainab that it's her off day today, I told her I'd visit, get the receipts from her and reimburse her for the payments she had made to her daughter's school.

As I got to the house I used to frequent, it looked as though nobody was home. In fact, there was a sign saying, "Untuk Disewa". AIYAH!! Then I remembered Zainab telling me in December that they'd be moving to another house by year end. The landlord purportedly wanted to sell the house, but the sign I saw indicated otherwise. For whatever reason, the landlord just wanted new tenants. Maybe he wanted to increase the rental to a much higher rate.

Despite telling me that they'd be moving to another house, Zainab never gave me the address. So I had to call her to get the address. "Akak masuk aje belakang ******, jalan teruuuus aje sampai hujung." I still insisted on the address. At least I can update their contact report in the files.

The place was not that far from the old house, so it didn't take me long to find their newly rented place. Zainab's 2 daughters waited outside so I could see them without having to go through the trouble of looking for the house number. The new place is slightly bigger than the old place, and looked more comfortable too. But according to them, there are lots of mosquitoes at their new place.

Kakak and adik (Zainab's 2 daughters) were playing with a little black kitten whom they had "adopted". Oh, the 2 girls simply love cats. They'd adopt any stray cats/kittens dropping by their house.

The moment I sat on the couch, the little black kitten got away from the 2 girls and jumped onto the couch, and selamba-ly sat on my lap. Ah, a laptop kitten! Adik took the kitten from my lap and put the kitty on the floor. Again, little black kitty jumped onto the couch, looked at me and put up a "muka kesian". Only after a few minutes did he jump back down to play with the girls.

After getting the receipts from Zainab, and reimbursing her with the exact amount, I decided to make a move. As I was walking towards my car, I heard adik shouting, "Hey, nak ke mana tu?!"

No, she wasn't shouting to me. Adik was shouting to the kitten. Little black kitty actually wanted to follow me home!

Oh no, little kitty, you go back to your kakak-kakak okay? I've got enough uninvited stray cats around my house…

On another note, I think I'm almost done with all the back-to-school expenses for my many children. I'd better submit my claims before the next Board meeting.

Six killed by cold wave in China

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 04:41 AM PST

The continuing cold wave in northern and eastern China have so far six people have died. A schoolboy had become lost in a blizzard and frozen to death, the China Daily report today. In the autonomous region of Xinjiang in northwestern China since last week three people killed by avalanches. A villager after pub visit on the way home found frozen to death. In Beijing one died homeless in the cold.

New snow storms, which one sees no basis for the eyes, roared over the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. In the city of Weihai city services have all the trouble to the fresh snow from the roads to clear. The sea in Shandong is completely frozen over this winter, something the past 30 years not happened. On the coast the boats in Yantai are clamped on the frozen sea.

Also seals are trapped between the ice. Animal lovers cut holes in the ice to his sixty seals, which live off the coast of Yantai, to feed.

By afp / adv
14/01/10 09u16

Myanmar Ebook Archive

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 04:48 AM PST

Myanmar Ebooks

Myanmar Ebook Archive

Good news. You can download and read the Myanmar books here.

Zaw Gti's Beda Lan Poems, here


Deoksugung in snow, Seoul, South Korea

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 03:04 AM PST

Deoksugung, or Deoksu Palace, was the main palace of the short-lived Great Han Empire (1897-1910). Visited the place on Friday (Jan 15) in hope to watch the Guard Changing ceremony, which was unfortunately called off due to the weather.

Still an enthralling walk with all the snow around; I tried not to look overexcited, but my heart was screaming in joy like a little boy lol. The ancient architecture + modern skyscrapers + snow made a good photo combination ain't so?

Junghwajeon at Deoksugung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

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Posted: 16 Jan 2010 03:23 AM PST

Didn't I say that I heard the word 'Allah' being uttered by Christians in a church in the rural outback of Long Rusu, Sarawak in the 60s'in an earlier posting? Now, after some strong words from Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, Minister in the PMs' Department Nazri Aziz, now says that it is alright for 'Allah' to be used by Christians in the two East Malaysian states, but not yet for Malaysian Christians in Peninsular Malaysia.

Why the double standards? Does this decision have anything to do with the likely political backlash by East Malaysian political parties that are affiliated to the BN, if 'Allah' is banned in the Bahasa Melayu bible used in the two states? What makes the Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra Christians in East Malaysia so different from their non-Bumiputra Christian brethrens in Peninsular Malaysia?

And JAKIM is firm in its declaration that the ruling not to use 'Allah' by Christians applies throughout the whole country, and not just for Peninsular Malaysia. What then will be Nazri's next statement? Will he defer from the declaration made by JAKIM? And I just wonder too, why is Nazri getting involved in this issue? Isn't this a matter that should rightly be handled by the Minister in PM's Department in-charge of Islamic Affairs? Let us hear what he has got to say about this.

Come on Nazri, I think you have to admit that you are afraid that the BN will lose the support of its partners in Sabah and Sarawak, if you have said otherwise. If they do pull out of BN over this unsettled issue, you and the rest of the BN ministers will be without a job, as the strength of BN government is buttress in the BN alliance in these two East Malaysian states.

And despite more attempts to touch churches goes unabated, and even a Sikh temples for no obvious reason), Interior Minister Hishamuddin finds it most convenient to be out of the country, supposedly in search of peace and tranquility in Saudi Arabia with his cousin, the Prime Minister. Is Hishamuddin trying to seek a 'fatwa' from the Saudi King over the 'Allah' issue that is now splitting even the Malay community?

Never have we seen a large section of the Malay community, and including PAS so vehemently in support of the Malaysian Christians over the 'Allah' issue that clearly has brought this country into disrepute in the eyes of the international community. Malaysian Muslims that has been well known to the world as being moderates, have now to accept a tinted image.

I would conclude by saying that this whole affair has not been handled well by the government, and this is so obvious with so many conflicting statements made by our politicians. Now with eleven churches, one mosque and one Sikh temple vandalized and still counting, let us hear what IGP Musa Hassan has to say.


Tasyrif Hanya Kambing Hitam

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 04:49 AM PST

Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) menyelar tindakan polis menahan seorang pelajar yang didakwa memulakan tulisan berniat mendatangkan gangguan di laman social

Ketua AMK, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin berkata pelajar itu umpama kambing hitam yang sengaja diciptakan oleh kerajaan demi membayangkan gagasan itu menjalankan amanah yang diberi rakyat.

Shamsul percaya tangkapan terburu-buru itu dibuat kerana polis dan kerajaan berada dalam keadaan terdesak sementelah masih tiada sebarang tindakan diambil berhubung serangan beberapa buah gereja di negara ini.

"Ya saya ingat ini merupakan tindakan yang tergesa-gesa dan pihak polis dilihat cuba mencari kambing hitam. Memandangkan sekarang sudah 10 gereja dibakar dan dirosakkan tetapi tidak ada sebarang tangkapan".

"Apabila keadaan ini berleluasa, ianya menguatkan lagi syakwasangka kepada rakyat bahawa sebenarnya yang terlibat dengan menimbulkan perkara-perkara ini adalah kerajaan, saya bagi pihak parti membidas tangkapan yang dibuat semalam di atas asas sebarang usaha untuk mengatasi masalah ini perlu lah dibuat dengan cermat dan teliti".

Mohamad Tasyrif Tajuddin, pelajar jurusan Perfileman dari Akademi Seni Budaya, Warisan dan Kebangsaan, (ASWARA) dituduh memulakan penghantaran komunikasi dengan kata-kata 'ke nak aku baling bom petrol di sana plak? Harga boleh runding…' melalui akaun Facebook Shahrul Maizam pada 10 Januari lalu.

Tasyrif didakwa mengikut Seksyen 233(1)(a) Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998 (Akta588) yang boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen 233(3) akta sama.

Dia berhadapan hukuman maksimun denda RM50,000 atau penjara maksimum setahun atau kedua-duanya sekali.

Menurut Shamsul belia hairan dengan kekuatan polis yang ada pada hari ini, bagaimana petualang di sebalik serangan 10 buah gereja masih gagal diberkas, sebaliknya tangkapan rawak dibuat kepada pelayar laman sosial Facebook yang masih kabur kedudukannya.

Sementara itu, menurut ahli parlimen Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusuff, beliau menggesa supaya tindakan diambil terhadap media arus perdana yang terlebih dahulu sengaja mensensasikan isu penggunaan kalimah Allah.

Yusmadi yang juga seorang peguam berkata, pelajar jurusan perfileman itu bukanlah punca kepada kekecohan ini walau tidak menafikan tindakan harus dikenakan kepada penuntut tersebut.

"Rata-rata rakyat Malaysia tahu, sumber berlakunya kekecohan ini bukan di situ. Sebab bagi saya, bagi saya Facebook ini satu fenomena baru, dan bagi saya majoriti yang mempengaruhi masyarakat ini ialah media mainstream" ujarnya.

"Pada saya hari ini yang malang pada pelajar itu, sebab beliau menulis sebegitu, pada saya tindakan perlu juga diambil. Tetapi pada saya, akhbar-akhbar arus perdana yang dari awal lagi menimbulkan perkara ini, itu perlu diambil tindakan".

Yusmadi berkata, tindakan akhbar-akhbar arus perdana yang mengamalkan laporan berat sebelah memberi kesan yang besar kepada seluruh masyarakat di negara ini sehingga mengakibatkan provokasi dan gagal dibendung kerajaan.

"Saya melihat contohnya Utusan Malaysia sendiri, pendekatan yang diambil sejak awal memang agak berat sebelah. Bukan dari sudut pengamalan kebebasan akhbar, yang memberi ruang kepada dua pandangan yang berbeza untuk dipilih oleh masyarakat. Sebenarnya sejak awal lagi mengapi-apikan sentimen yang boleh membangkitkan kemarahan".

Tasyrif dikatakan melakukan kesalahan itu di Desa Mentari Petaling Jaya jam 10 pagi semalan dan keterangannya akan direkodkan di Mahkamah Sesyen Petaling Jaya Isnin depan. -TVS

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Serang Gereja Kes Ke 10 Di Seremban Serang Masjid Di Sarawak

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 02:47 AM PST

Gereja Grace Global Prayer di Rasah, dekat Seremban, diserang lewat petang semalam dengan tingkapnya didapati pecah, menjadikan kes yang ke-10 setakat ini — dipercayai berkait rapat dengan isu kontroversi penggunaan kalimah "Allah".

Polis Negeri Sembilan sedang menyiasat insiden tersebut.

Ia merupakan kejadian terakhir gereja di pelbagai lokasi di seluruh negara diserang dengan bom petrol dan perbuatan vandalisme sejak awal pagi Jumaat lalu.

Pekerja-pekerja gereja menyedari kemusnahan kira-kira 7.30 malam tadi.

"Kami sedang menyiasat dan akan mempertingkatkan keselamatan di kawasan sekitar gereja," katanya.

Sementara itu, sebuah masjid menjadi sasaran kerja vandalisme sehari selepas gereja di Seremban, yang ke-10, dibaling dengan objek besar semalam, perkembangan yang dikhuatiri boleh memburukkan lagi suasana tegang ekoran isu kontroversi penggunaan kalimah "Allah".

Insiden terbaru ini dilaporkan berlaku di Sarawak.

Ia merupakan kejadian pertama membabitkan masjid selepas 10 gereja dan sebuah kuil Sikh berhadapan dengan perbuatan serangan dan vandalisme sejak lebih seminggu lalu.

Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Ismail Omar yang dihubungi Reuters berkata, polis mengesan cermin di bahagian luar dinding masjid berkenaan pecah.

Beliau memberi amaran akan mengambil tindakan tegas ke atas mereka yang cuba mencetuskan situasi huru-hara.

"Jangan buat spekulasi. Kami sedang menyiasat insiden ini.

"Keadaan masih aman dan tiada sesiapa yang harus mengambil kesempatan dengan memburukkan keadaan," katanya.

Beliau percaya tindakan itu perbuatan vandalisme.

Dalam pada itu, polis percaya perbuatan seorang lelaki yang melempar objek keras ke tingkap Gereja Grace Global Prayer di Rasah, Seremban malam tadi yang menyebabkan kaca tingkap itu pecah merupakan perbuatan "nakal".

Ketua Polis Negeri Datuk Osman Salleh berkata jika lelaki itu berniat mahu melakukan serangan terhadap rumah ibadat itu, sudah pasti kerosakan yang dialami adalah besar.

Dalam kejadian 7.30 malam itu, kaca tingkap gereja yang terletak dalam sederet rumah kedai dua tingkat itu, pecah.

"Kita yakin akan dapat menangkap suspek kerana kita ada petunjuk selepas berjaya menemui seorang pengawal keselamatan yang terlihat perbuatan lelaki itu dari jauh," katanya kepada pemberita hari ini.

Najib, rombongan kerjakan umrah

MAKKAH: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, yang melakukan lawatan rasmi empat hari ke Arab Saudi, meluangkan masa untuk mengerjakan umrah, malam kelmarin (awal pagi semalam waktu Malaysia).

Beliau yang diiringi isteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor dan anggota delegasinya, memulakan ibadah itu kira-kira jam 11 malam dan selesai melakukan tawaf tujuh kali sekeliling Kaabah serta sa'ie kira-kira dua jam kemudian.

Ibadah yang diketuai Jamil Sulaiman Jalal, berkata beliau turut menjalankan tugas sebagai mutawif kepada bapa Najib, Allahyarham Tun Razak Hussein, iaitu Perdana Menteri Malaysia Kedua.

Pemimpin Malaysia itu menunaikan solat Jumaat dan melakukan tawaf Wida lewat hari ini (semalam) sebelum berlepas ke Jeddah untuk menghadiri perhimpunan bersama anggota komuniti perniagaan Malaysia di Arab Saudi pada petang.

Lawatan beliau ke Arab Saudi bertujuan menggalakkan hubungan lebih akrab antara Malaysia dan negara yang kaya dengan minyak itu, termasuk bidang ekonomi.

Rombongan beliau turut dianggotai beberapa menteri, termasuk Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein;
Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil; Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed; Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir dan Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam. -BH

Ulasan GB

Kalimah Allah - semuanya sudah jadi kecoh apabila petrol dituangkan ke dalam api... semakin bersemarak jadinya apatah lagi diperburukkan dengan golongan politik yang mengharapkan laba dari isu berkenaan.

PM dan Menteri Dalam Negeri berada di luarnegara tatkala negara sedang "dibakar" dengan api permusuhan antara-agama yang dimainkan oleh media massa yang pro-kerajaan.

Atau apakah mungkin kerajaan sudah tahu "kejadian-kejadian" yang berlaku itu cuma satu "permainan" pihak tertentu untuk menunjukkan konon betapa seriusnya umat Islam terhadap isu kalimah Allah?

Isu Peruntukan: UMNO BN Langgar Federalisme

Posted: 16 Jan 2010 02:14 AM PST

Isu diskriminasi Kerajaan Persekutuan menyekat peruntukan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri dan Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat jelas mengingkari amalan federalisme negara ini.

Setiausaha Politik Menteri Besar, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad menyifatkan pemimpin Umno-Barisan Nasional berfikiran jumud dan kolot hingga sanggup mempolitikkan isu peruntukan yang akhirnya menindas kebajikan rakyat selaku pembayar cukai.

Sebaliknya peruntukan itu disalahgunakan apabila disalurkan terus kepada parti Umno-BN sekaligus membantutkan usaha kebajikan rakyat terbabit.

"Wang yang disalurkan oleh kerajaan itu bukannya wang parti, tetapi wang rakyat, dan ini bertitik tolak daripada perkara yang lebih asas lagi iaitu tentang isu pembiayaan politik dan sebagainya di Malaysia masih lagi tidak ada peraturan yang jelas, dan sebab itu hari ini disalurkan dalam peringkat parti,"katanya.

Bercakap kepada Tv Selangor semalam beliau menambah Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor bersikap profesional dalam pengagihan peruntukan negeri tanpa mengira kerajaan mahupun pembangkang.

Ini kerana Pakatan Rakyat sentiasa mendukung perlembagaan negara demi kesejahteraan rakyat tanpa mempunyai sebarang kepentingan tertentu sepertimana yang diamalkan Umno-BN.

"Jadi kita bersedia sekiranya Ahli Parlimen kita misalnya menerima saluran daripada kerajaan pusat saya rasa tidak ada masalah kita akan terus serta merta kita akan bagi sama semua wakil rakyat yang ada di negeri Selangor bantuan tersebut,"katanya.

Nik Nazmi kesal sikap kerajaan persekutuan berpolitik kesukuan kerana tiada kawalan terhadap pembiayaan politik di negara ini.

Selain peruntukan, keengkaran mereka menyerahkan royalti sumber galian seperti petroleum di Kelantan jelas menafikan hak kerajaan negeri sekaligus merencatkan pembangunan prasarana dan kebajikan rakyat terbabit.

"Isu paling jelas, paling ketara permainan politik ialah isu royalti, yang mana kalau kita lihat bagi pihak sebelum ini dalam hansard pun Tun Razak dan sebagainya memaklumkan bahawa kerajaan negeri berhak terhadap royalti minyak,"katanya.

Nik Nazmi membidas kerajaan pusat kerana tidak menghormati kerajaan berperlembagaan sekaligus menafikan kedaulatan Raja-Raja yang memerintah negeri-negeri kerana menyekat peruntukan.

"Saya fikir kalau dibawa ke mahkamah dan sebagainya kerajaan negeri mempunyai hak yang jelas dan sebab itu kerajaan persekutuan begitu risau tentang tindakan mahkamah yang diambil oleh kerajaan Terengganu di bawah Pas terhadap kerajaan persekutuan dalam isu royalti minyak ini,"katanya.

Menurutnya, Pakatan Rakyat tetap memperjuangkan kepentingan hak rakyat dengan mengembalikan kuasa semua negeri menuntut royalti dan peruntukan yang wajib disalurkan oleh kerajaan persekutuan. -TVS

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