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Malaysian Muslims support “Allah Ban”

Malaysian Muslims support “Allah Ban”

Malaysian Muslims support “Allah Ban”

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 10:35 AM PST

I just read an article called Most Malaysian-Muslims support 'Allah' ban on Malaysian Insider. I assume the writer is Muslim who tries to be neutral but clearly he is not quite informed about the historical context, concept and usage of "Allah" as used by Christians in Malaysia.

I wrote a response, but my response is subject to review by the admin of the site. What the heck. I might as well publish my response here on my own blog.

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Let me help educate you a little more.  Sure, you write not to please people or for popularity but at least be informed when you write anything.

This issue is not about "fairness" or stomping on anyone's "sensitivities".

The term "Allah" has been used in the Malay language Bible "first, in the printed edition of the Matthew's Gospel in Malay (Ruyl, 1629); then, in the first complete Malay Bible (Leijdecker, 1733), and in the second complete Malay Bible (Klinkert, 1879) and the translations since." (Source: Malaysia Bible Society)

If Muslims in the Peninsula are only now aware that the term "Allah" is being used by Christians in Malaysia and are in an uproar and foaming at the mouth over it, is it the fault of the Christians?  Should Christians meekly stand down and bow to the pressures of the ill-informed Muslims and stop using "Allah" in their publications and Bibles?

Malaysian Catholics are not the only ones who will be affected by any ban on the use of the term "Allah".  All our publications, our Bibles in our mother tongue will essentially be made illegal.

Talk about insensitivity!

It is the height of ignorance and fanaticism for Malaysian Muslims to say it is OK for Arab Christians to use "Allah" but this is Malaysia, and it is not OK.  They are essentially saying that their faith is so shallow that they are easily misled, easily confused, and easily intimidated by Christians in Malaysia who use "Allah" to refer to their Almighty God!

"Allah" as used by Christians, has a context and a concept.  It is a linguistic term that is not easily substituted for "Tuhan" as many are suggesting Christians should use to pacify the enraged Muslims.  The Christian "Allah" is not the same as the Muslim "Allah" even though some might like to think so.

"Allah" has been used by Christians in this part of  the world for well over 400 years, and to ban it just because Muslims are offended, and just because a fatwa says only Islam can use the term, is clearly an exercise in stupidity, ignorance, and fanaticism, and clearly willfully ignoring the historical context, concept and usage of the term.

Instead of fanning the flames of self-righteous anger, instead of allowing protests and furthering and fostering misunderstanding and disharmony, and be the party opposing the legal decision  of the learned judge, the government should educate the Muslim population that the term "Allah" has never been and never will be the sole domain of Islam's.  No matter how much Malaysian Muslims would like it to be so.

The red and blue

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The red and blue, originally uploaded by ajimsan.

Britain is in frosty week today... the sleighs are out :D

24 hours is not enough...

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I wish i have more than 24 hours ... i utilized my 24 hours and left only 15 mins for my blogging time... Sigh~ is this my Twenty Ten Resolution? Definitely NOT. I could not sacrificed my gym and sleep time... So i have to sacrificed my blogging time temporary :'( I'm so so soooo sorry folks... just stay on I need this whole week to adapt to my new environment and need some time to adjust my time management.

Hehehe... in the office, I have so much documents to read yet so little time... moreover, i have so many new thing to learn. Oh ya! my colleagues are so friendly and helpful.... Just wanna to answer Manglish comment / question on my last post... I'm on my way to gel into the group... GELING IN PROGRESS... :)

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“ini lah budaya kami”

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 09:26 AM PST

translated – "this is our culture".

who was it was saying "ini bukan budaya kami" and even had this 'budaya' stuff advertised on tv, when the opposition (or NGO/activists) were protesting?

but yesterday we learned that THIS (protest) is budaya umno because the home ministry allows the muslim people to protest.

1malaysia, rakyat di dahulukan? (1malaysia, people first)

CRAP! it is

1melayu, orang muslim di dahulukan! (1malay, muslim first)

btw. at the last sunday morning protest in penang at dewan sri pinang  (opposite the high court), my friend who was there told me that 3/4 of the protestors were mamak!! and when he asked one policeman what was happening, the police said "their orang bodoh lah!" (they are stupid people).

in the meantime, please click on 'read the rest of this entry' to read a letter from malaysiakini. the writer, a malay, had said it articulately what i'm going to say, my true sentiments. well, for one thing, the heading says it nicely – PROTEST OVER 'ALLAH' RULING EMBARASSING. but our home minister has thick skin. he won't be embarrased.

you can read the letter from malaysiakini but i'm going to produce it here anyway as i like it very much. i will highlight (bold) what i feel strongly.

(note: the pic here was taken from this blog)



Protest over 'Allah' ruling embarrasing

A Rahman
Jan 6, 10

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Home Ministry applies for stay on 'Allah' ruling.

I fail to understand the logic of some of my fellow Muslims protesting in Penang and the federal government's (our prime minister, the Prime Minister's Department, the home minister and home ministry) stand to appeal over the High Court's decision over this issue. Why should Muslims get 'heated up' ?

The reasons given were:

1. As quoted by Syed Hassan Syed Ali, secretary-general of Malay rights group Pribumi Perkasa: 'We fear that the court victory will mean that Christian missionaries will now use the word, confusing (the identity of) Muslims and undermining religious harmony.' This is the 'confusion theory' that has been given as a reason. There is also a claim by the federal government that it will threaten national security.

2. Due to this 'confusion', it seems we Muslims are not able to distinguish between the 'Allah' of the Christians or that of the Muslims.

Now, when we debate this matter, it has to be done with a sound mind and a clear understanding of whether the ban on the term 'Allah' was done fairly to us Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Consider the facts :

1. The word 'Allah' has been used by pre-Islamic Arabs for God. There is evidence that the word 'Allah' existed before the birth of Muhammad (PBUH) for thousands of years. It is probably the oldest name man used to call God. Prophet Muhammad's father's name was Abdullah (The slave of Allah). This name was common among the Arab pagans and Jews. Abdullah bin Salam was one of the first Jews to convert to Islam in Medina.

2. We know for a fact that the Arabic Christians still use the term 'Allah' for their God. The word Allah is used in all Arabic translations of the Bible.

3. Our Sarawak and Sabah non-Muslim indigenous people have been using the word 'Allah' for God since the 1800s. I have seen, via the Internet, an 1818 version of the Christian bible, with the words 'Allah'. I am not sure of its origins though but it makes use of the word 'Allah'.

4. Other religions too do make mention of 'Allah' as their God.

a. 'Allah' in Sikhismis one of the names by which Gurunanak Sahib refers to God.

b. 'Allah' in Hinduism

i. 'Allah' in Rigveda Book 2 Hymn 1 Verse 2. Even in the Rigveda which is the most sacred scripture of the Hindus, one of the attributes given to God Almighty in Book No 2 Hymn No 1 verse II, is 'Ila' which if pronounced properly is the same as 'Allah'.

ii. Allo Upanishad. Amongst the various Upanishads, one is named as 'Allo' Upanishad in which God is referred to as 'Allah' several times.

5. I remember too that in the Quran, it states that the Christians do call their God as 'Allah', This in Al-Qur'an 5:72-73.

I am not an Islamic scholar but claiming that the use of the word 'Allah' would confuse us Muslims is really rubbish and to go beyond to claim that it will threaten national security is preposterous. Are we so weak in our faith that we cannot differentiate and we would turn apostates easily just because of the works of some Christian missionaries using this word?

Do Muslims in Sabah and Sarawak get confused? Come on, this is an insult to us Muslims. Are we saying we do not have depth in our faith that we can simply convert out of Islam just because of this? Does our Islamic faith carry such teachings? Is this more of the work of Man rather than of Allah?

We do not need Islamic scholars to tell us this. True Muslims do not need the government and self-proclaimed champions such as these Muslim groups to protest on our behalf. Their very act of claiming to protect our faith shows how shallow-minded these people are – both the protestors and the government.

They seem to capitalise on the political aspect of the situation rather than championing for the true cause of Islam. I'm not sure whether these protestors themselves understand the logic of why they are protesting. This is embarrassing us Muslims – not protecting our Islamic interests.

I shared this news with a few of my old Muslim friends overseas in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia and Jordan via e-mail. They could not even believe me when I told them that the Malaysian government bans the use of this word and that some Islamic groups protested in support. They thought I was joking!

We should observe fair administration due to the fact that many of our ministers and department heads are Muslims. We should have treated the non-Muslims fairly as well. The government has confiscated 15,000 Malay bibles of the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak even though the word 'Allah' has been in use since 1800s.

This news has been published throughout the world. We impose and claim exclusiveness on the word 'Allah' when such as act is not even found in our Islamic faith while our Holy Quran even says that Christians do, in fact, use the word 'Allah'. Is this how Muslim leaders act? Is this called fairness to the peoples of other faiths?

You know what is the talk of the town now? That the court of appeal will override the high court decision. This is already expected by the man-on-the-street. So predictable that many of my non-Muslim friends are betting on the odds that it will be overturned. This makes our court of appeal a 'kangaroo court'. Is this how the people should think of our government – of which the majority of leaders are Muslims ?

We talk so much about this '1Malaysia' and 'People First' (Rakyat di Dahulukan). Looks like this is just more empty talk. We are back to square one as far as the man on the street is concerned . The Muslim leaders in the government and some self-proclaimed 'champions of Islam' are the ones giving Islam a bad name, sad to say.

All I am saying is let us put this issue to rest with the high court's decision and let us move on as Malaysians. If this issue of using the word 'Allah' by any other religion is not prohibited by any our Islamic teachings as spelled out in the Holy Quran and the Hadith, then what is the fuss by some misinformed Muslims?

Further appeals and counter-appeals would do more damage to the nation's reputation in the eyes of the international community and to the unity of the various races of different creed within Malaysia. To the prime minister and the home minister, shouldn't the government act like true and just Muslim leaders and spend more time rectifying the economic situation rather than appealing over this issue?

Perlukah Presiden Membuat Kenyataan Balas?

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 06:45 AM PST

Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang berkata, kenyataan medianya berkaitan isu penggunaan nama 'Allah' baru-baru ini tidak merujuk kepada penghakiman yang dikeluarkan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi terhadap kes penggunaan kalimat 'Allah' untuk penerbitan Herald.

Apa yang dimaksudkan oleh beliau adalah "prinsip asas yang digunakan oleh Islam dalam menentukan kaedah penggunaan kalimat "Allah" itu secara sebenar."

Beliau membuat penjelasan ini ekoran laporan akhbar The Star yang melaporkan seolah-olah beliau menyokong keputusan mahkamah tinggi itu.

Berikut adalah kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Setiausaha Politik beliau, Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar.

Penjelaskan artikel berita akhbar The Star 6 Januari 2010

Satu artikel berita yang bertajuk "Word Allah not restricted only to Muslims, says Hadi" sebagaimana yang diterbitkan oleh akhbar The Star, muka N12 bertarikh 6 Januari 2010 adalah dirujuk.

Dalam para keempat ianya ditulis sebagai : "In supporting the High Court's decision that allowed the weekly Herald to use the word 'Allah', he said the principle of freedom of religion was championed by Islam because human beings could not be forced to profess any religion except through their own freewill".

Ingin dijelaskan disini bahawa kenyataan akhbar yang dikeluarkan secara rasmi oleh Presiden Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) pada 4 Januari 2010 itu tidak merujuk kepada penghakiman yang dikeluarkan oleh Mahkamah Tinggi terhadap kes penggunaan kalimat ‛Allah' untuk penerbitan Herald. PAS hanya menjelaskan prinsip asas yang digunakan oleh Islam dalam menentukan kaedah penggunaan kalimat "Allah" itu secara sebenar.

Oleh yang demikian, maksud yang difahami dari para keempat terutamanya merujuk kepada ayat "In supporting the High Court's decision.." yang ditulis itu adalah tidak tepat sama sekali.

Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar
Setiusaha Politik Presiden PAS
6 Januari 2010

Ulasan GB

Kenyataan media yang dikeluarkan oleh Presiden PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang sebelum ini terang dan jelas, dan adalah benar "prinsip asas yang digunakan oleh Islam dalam menentukan kaedah penggunaan kalimat "Allah" itu secara sebenar."

Tiada ada keraguan mengenai hal itu. Bererti sebarang hal yang lain darinya yang menentang penggunaan kalimah Allah tidak didasarkan kepada prinsip asas agama Islam.

Tidak ada sebarang nas yang boleh diketengahkan untuk menghalang penggunaannya dan wajar untuk sekalian ahli PAS khususnya dan masyarakat Islam amnya menerima ketetapan yang telah diambil oleh Parti.

Soal media-media membuat ulasan dengan mengkaitkan kenyataan tersebut dengan keputusan mahkamah adalah implikasi dari pendirian yang telah diambil yang "mengikut prinsip asas di dalam Islam" tersebut.

Samada kenyataan sebelum ini menyokong atau pun tidak keputusan mahkamah, bukan soalnya dan ia, sepertimana GB katakan, adalah soal implikasi dari kenyataan tersebut dan apa pun persamaan jika ada dengan keputusan itu adalah kerana faktor kebetulan.

Dan ia tidak pula dapat dipersalahkan kepada wartawan walau apa tujuan mereka sekalipun asalkan ia tidak memesongkan atau mengubah mana-mana bahagian "kenyataan" mengenai prinsip asas yang digunakan untuk menetapkan keputusan tersebut.

Justeru itu, apa yang dilaporkan oleh akhbar TheStar .. "In supporting the High Court's decision.." adalah faktor kebetulan dan ia sekadar persepsi masyarakat (dalam konteks ini wartawan berkenaan), dan tidak perlu ada kenyataan balas kerana ia tidak relevan samasekali.

Kita khuatir, terlalu kerap "melakukan pembetulan" masyarakat makin mudah untuk maragukan kenyataan-kenyataan Tuan Presiden di masa akan datang.

Useless Arguments

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 05:49 AM PST

Anas Zubedy's take:
1) See More

"The Conclusion
It is clear that it is not just permissible to use the term Allah to refer to God in the Bible, it is exactly what the Quran wants us to do. Is it not an irony?"

Dr. Asri's take:

"Saya kata: jika anda hendak tahu pendirian Islam bukanlah dengan falsafah-falsafah tentang akar bahasa itu dan ini yang diutamakan. Rujuk terdahulu apa kata al-Quran dan al-Sunnah. Lepas itu kita bincang hukum berkenaan bertitik tolak dari kedua sumber tersebut.

Justeru itu kita lihat, orang-orang Kristian Arab memang memakai perkataan Allah dalam Bible mereka, juga buku-buku doa mereka. Tiada siapa pun di kalangan para ulama kaum muslimin sejak dahulu yang membantahnya."

But my favourite is always Raja Petra's!!! I love this old man. He comes with the best come back.... In his article, his argument was purely about the Prophet's dad's name, ABDULLAH (who evidently was not Muslim, but a pagan) yet the word ALLAH was in his name.


Muhammad's father was named Abdullah. Abdullah means Servant of Allah -- a combination of Abdul and Allah; so it becomes Abdul-Allah or Abdullah when joined together.

Now, logically, Abdullah was born before Prophet Muhammad was born since the father has to be born before the son can be born. In fact, Abdullah died before Muhammad was born and that was why the Prophet was raised by his grandfather, Muttalib, and later, when Muttalib died eight years later, by his uncle, Abu Talib.

Now, what does this tell you? Muhammad received his prophet-hood and was 'converted' to Islam long after Abdullah, the Servant of Allah, died. But Abdullah was not a Muslim. Abdullah was a Pagan. So, if Muhammad's 'Pagan' father was named the Servant of Allah, that means Allah was a Pagan and not a Muslim God, so to speak.

How can Muslims (meaning Malays in particular) claim that Allah is a Muslim God and therefore the name belongs to only the Muslims? If you were to research the history of Muhammad further you will know that Muhammad and his cousin Ali (who later went on to become the Fourth Caliph) indulged in idol-worshiping and animal sacrifice to Pagan Gods in Taif, a town in the suburbs of Makkah, before the time of the Revelation.

That means Muhammad the son of Abdullah was a Pagan, as was his father, the Servant of Allah. But he carried the name 'Muhammad the son of the Servant of Allah' long before the Revelation when he 'became' a Muslim. How do the Muslims (meaning Malays) explain this if they say that Allah belongs to the Muslims? The word 'Allah' existed before the word 'Muslim' or 'Islam'.

 Told ya'! (:
Grr.. Just leave God, Allah and Tuhan alone already! 

'Allah' Divided

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 07:16 AM PST

So many news, blogs, comments have 'mushroomed' after High Court judge Lau Bee Lan's decision to overturn the Home Ministry's ban on the use of the word 'Allah' in the Malay language version of Catholic weekly The Herald last Thursday.

Just take a look at all the screenshots of the news and its related articles taken from Malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider and The Star Online:

(Click on images to go to sites)

Mat Sabu Sokong TGNA - Temukan Pemimpin Islam Dan Kristian Selesaikan Isu Kalimah Allah

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 04:37 AM PST

Mohamad Sabu menyokong penuh usul yang dikemukan oleh Musyidul Am PAS, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menemukan pemimpin Islam dan Kristian di Malaysia bagi menyelesaikan perkara berhubung penggunaan kalimah Allah.

Pemimpin Pas itu menjelaskan Islam menggalakkan dialog antara ilmuan dalam menyelesaikan titik-titik bingit antara agama, sesuai dengan iklim demokrasi hari ini.

Menurutnya lagi, penggunaan kalimah Allah tidak dibantah Al-Quran namun apa yang dikhuatiri umat Islam adalah penyalahgunaannya.

"Kalimah Allah tu di Malaysia ni, di sebelah sini memang sesuai untuk orang Islam sahaja. Tapi kalau orang bukan Islam nak guna kita tidak boleh paksa, tapi kita bimbang penyalahgunaan perkataan itu", jelas beliau.

Beliau turut berpendirian bahawa perkara ini tidak perlu digembar-gemburkan di mahkamah sedangkan ianya hanyalah bersangkut paut dengan kepenggunaan perkataan tersebut.

"Bukan soal mahkamah, di sini lebih soal sosio politik. Bukan A atau B cuma kita bimbang penyalahgunaan", tegas beliau.

Oleh yang demikian, cadangan Nik Aziz untuk menemukan pemimpin Islam dan Kristian bagi menyelesaikan kekeliruan ini adalah jalan terbaik bagi mengelak sebarang perselisihan faham antara kaum.

"Ini saya lebih setuju kita bertemu dengan orang-orang parti-parti kristian di Malaysia", kata beliau. -TVS

Jika Sabit Qazaf, Kesaksian Saiful Ditolak Selama-lamanya

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 03:56 AM PST

Peguam Kamar Ainiah Kamaruzaman meminta JAWI tidak melindungi kepentingan mana-mana pihak tetapi bergerak atas landasan agama Islam dalam membawa pertuduhan Qazaf terhadap Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Beliau berkata hanya JAWI harus tampil menjawab persepsi umum bahawa pertuduhan qazaf terhadap Saiful tidak diteruskan bagi melindungi kredibiliti beliau sebelum perbicaraan Anwar bermula di Mahkamah Sivil pada 25 Januari ini.

Ini kerana jika di sabit atas tuduhan qazaf, kredibiliti dan keterangan Saiful tidak sama sekali boleh diterima di sisi Islam, kata Kamar.

Beliau berkata Islam amat tegas berhubung tuduhan zina atau liwat sehingga yang menuduh tidak boleh mewalikan pernikahan anaknya.

Peguam berkenaan menzahirkan rasa hairan atas sikap JAWI berpeluk tubuh terhadap aduan qazaf terhadap Saiful sejak Julai 2008.

"Kali terakhir saya menerima surat daripada Jawi ialah pada Jun lalu dan mereka mengatakan siasatan masih dijalankan. Kami sudah beberapa kali menghantar surat untuk mendapatkan status siasatan tetapi tidak ada respon dari Jawi," kata Kamar.

"Siasatan sepatutnya sudah selesai tetapi saya amat hairan mengapa Jawi membisu sehingga kini?" tanya beliau.

Kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) perlu mendaulatkan sistem perundangan Islam dengan mendahulukan isu qazaf bagi memastikan hak umatnya, terjamin.

Pengerusi Biro Pemahaman dan Pemantapan Agama KEADILAN, Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty berkata, qazaf adalah hak kewajipan seseorang untuk mempertahan diri dari dicemari dan dihina.

Beliau kesal kerana isu qazaf dipolitikkan kerajaan Umno-BN, maka kebenaran tidak terjelma sedangkan ia perlu didaulat dan ditegakkan.

"Kes qazaf yang diminta Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim di mahkamah syariah, sudah lama dan berpanjangan," katanya kepada Suara Keadilan.

A letter from an excellent boss

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 04:12 AM PST

Every CEO and/or business owner should send this to his employees.

Dear employees:

As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me, since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem.. They voted for change, they should get it.

I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.


Hat tip: Eye On The World

Peace activists riot in Egypt,blame Israel

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 05:20 AM PST

(Egypt) George Galloways Viva Palestina convoy has finally arrived in Egypt's El Arish and like all leftwing Islamic prats they decided that having to do as the port authorities tells them to do. (Ever met a left wing twat who abides by the law?) was beneath them and instead decided to have a little riot. This they kicked off by breaking down the gate at the docks and marching on the police. The problem for this earnest band of Western Hamas supports is they presumed that their bullying tactics (which works with western police forces) would intimidate the Egyptian police into letting them have their way.Big Mistake. As the following video from Sky news shows, the Egyptian Police don't mess about.

The Egyptian police enthusiatically whack this bunch of terrorist supporters.

And in true George Galloway style he tries to blame Israel for the fact that around 52 peaceful members of this convoy are sporting injuries sustained from a meeting with an Egyptian nightstick. At times like this, you gotta love the Egyptians!! Hat tip: Eye On The World

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Update on Yati & her kids

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 05:03 AM PST

I finally got meet Yati yesterday. I wasn't around when her husband passed away on Christmas day, and after that I had some other things to settle so I never got to visit her. Besides, I wasn't sure if she was back in Ipoh. Her late husband's body was brought back to his family's kampong and I wasn't sure when she'd be back.

Yati sent me a text message on Monday asking if her kids were still entitled to our Children Education Fund (CEF) now that AJ is no longer around. Although their schooling needs like uniforms, shoes, etc had already been covered when I brought them shopping last month, there were still a lot of other things they need to pay now that school has reopened. Fees, workbooks, etc would come up to RM100 each.

I told her that since her children has already been approved for CEF for this year, we'd still cover for the fees.

Anyway, when I met Yati yesterday morning, she told me while the children are coping quite well without their father, the younger one is beginning to miss him. Rules for visiting patients at Ipoh GH is stricter than before - not only have the visiting hours been shortened, only 2 are allowed to visit a patient at the same time and children are not allowed at all. So, ever since AJ was warded since early December, the children had not been able to see him. And AJ was never discharged until his last breath, so all the children got to see was only his body, complete in kain kafan and all. Sad...

When I saw Yati yesterday, I asked if she had started off her small business of selling drinks. Earlier on she was too occupied taking care of her husband, she couldn't really start anything. Now that her husband is no longer around, she should be able to start something. She's actually just waiting to settle her children's schooling needs before starting off her business.

Just then, an offer came from a friend for a job as a cook at a nearby boarding school. Now Yati's unsure again. Should she proceed with her small business or should she accept the job as a cook? if she's looking for something safe, then maybe the job as the cook would be great. There is at least a fixed income every month, and Yati will also be entitled to EPF and SOCSO. She's seriously considering this second option now although she has not made a final decision.

Her only problem now is to settle her children's transportation to school. For the moment she sends and fetches them to/from school. If she can settle that part, chances are she'll accept the job as the cook.


Posted: 06 Jan 2010 03:29 AM PST

Takde apa yang pelik sangat. Cumanya memang lawak gila kot mak bapak diorang ni kasi nama anak. Agak-agaklah. Dah besar sikit lagi budak tu, sah-sah dia tukar nama baru. Macam-macam hal. Tahulah Sabah dan Sarawak memang selalu sangat kita jumpa nama yang pelik-pelik. Tapi yang ini lain macam sikit kesengalannya.

* Ini dah besar confirm jadi raja untuk orang-orang jawa. Jowo pun jowo lah, janji rowk!

Ada lagi..

* Ada la sikit iras Julia Robert tang bahagian warna rambut. LOL~

* OK! Sah peminat lagu-lagu Ajai ni. Wohha! Ajai mesti bangga ni.

* Ini peminat Ning Baizura la ni. Takut kena bayar Royalti punya pasal ubah sikit jadilah.

Mencari Adik - Pls help

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:58 AM PST

Dari email yg diterima.

Assalamualaikum kawan2,

Saya nak minta pertolongan dari sesiapa yang membaca mesej ini untuk memberikan maklumat jika terlihat Lelaki yang di dalam gambar ini

Nama dia, Azlan Bin Abdul Samat, IC # 720910-01-6155.

Lelaki ni telah menghilangkan diri bersama adik perempuan saya semenjak 27 Dis 2009 dengan memandu kereta adik saya. Butir2 kereta:

No Pendaftaran : JJK 2481
Jenis : Saga (Kereta Kebal)
Warna : Hitam
Lain2 : Tak guna sport Rim tapi guna cover rim,

Adik aku:

Nama : Norasiah Binti Alias
Umur : 23 tahun

Lelaki ini mengatakan yang beliau adalah anggota polis dari cawangan Risikan Bukit Aman, tapi family semua memang tak percaya kerana perangai macam samseng.

Budi bahasa langsung takde dan semua yang dia kata banyak auta. Tapi adik aku percaya dan akan ikut sahaja telunjuk lelaki ni, Kena marah, kena herdik depan mak bapak aku

Pun dia Cuma menurut sahaja, aku tak tahu cerita (Pasal tak duduk serumah) sampailah mak aku mengadu semuanya tentang apa yang lelaki ni dah buat pada family aku. Berasap telinga beb!

Dahla dok kat rumah mak aku macam Tuan, makan minum kena disediakan, Adik aku pun bangang, asal kenal je mana2 lelaki ajak tinggal kat rumah, ntah dari mana kenal, dia angkut bawak balik.

Bila aku balik rumah mak aku, tau pulak lepak kat dalam kereta je (Kereta adik aku la).

Polis reprt dah dibuat berkenaan lelaki ini pada 1 jan 2010 di Balai Polis Kulaijaya tapi kerana adik aku ni adalah perempuan, maka kami sekeluarga memang tak senang duduk

Bila memikirkan keselamatan adik aku ni. Telefon dia kena rampas dengan lelaki ni, bila sape2 call dia matikan telefon, Kalau tahu atau terserempak, bolehlah kiranya hubungi no2 di bawah ni

Azizi : 0197042625
Ruzaidah : 0127876277
Alias (Bapa) : 0127216458

Saya amat berharap sekiranya ada informasi terkini, bimbang orangtua dapat sakit kalau asyik memikirkan hal ni,


Azizi Bin Alias.

Nenek Terlanjur Dalam Bilik Hotel

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 03:07 AM PST

KUANTAN: Sambutan tahun baru kali ini pasti menjadi sejarah paling memalukan bagi seorang nenek lapan cucu berusia 54 tahun apabila ditangkap berkhalwat dengan seorang lelaki berusia 16 tahun lebih muda baru dikenali tiga bulan lalu.

Lebih memalukan, ketika serbuan dilakukan anggota Bahagian Penguatkuasaan Undang-undang Syariah Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (Jaip) kira-kira jam 7.20 pagi di sebuah hotel murah di Jalan Besar, di sini, semalam, pasangan terbabit dengan selamba memberi alasan sedang berbogel menyebabkan mereka lambat membuka pintu ketika diketuk.

"Takkan kami hendak buka pintu dalam keadaan bogel," kata pasangan lelaki berusia 38 tahun berkenaan kepada anggota penguat kuasa yang hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala mendengarkan jawapan itu.

Malah ketika ditahan, nenek yang juga ibu tunggal beranak enam itu tanpa berselindung mengakui kesalahan dilakukan bersama pasangannya yang bekerja sebagai jurukimpal di bandar ini.

Ketika anggota penguat kuasa meminta kad pengenalan masing-masing bagi menahan mereka, wanita warga emas yang bekerja sebagai pembantu kedai itu merayu supaya dia dan pasangannya dibebaskan kerana malu jika anak dan cucu serta menantunya mengetahui perlakuan sumbangnya.

Ketua Penguat Kuasa Agama negeri, Ahmad Raffli Abdul Malek, berkata hasil siasatan dilakukan pihaknya, pasangan terbabit mengaku sudah melakukan hubungan seks ketika bermalam di hotel berkenaan.

Katanya, wanita terbabit juga mengaku baru mengenali pasangannya tiga bulan lalu dan merancang untuk berkahwin namun terpaksa ditangguhkan kerana masalah kewangan.

"Nenek itu turut memaklumkan dia sudah menjanda selama enam tahun selepas kematian suami dan tinggal keseorangan di Kampung Kurnia, di sini. Pasangannya pula lelaki bujang berasal dari Kuala Lumpur," katanya.

Menurutnya, pasangan berkenaan turut mengakui bertemu malam kelmarin untuk menyambut tahun baru bersama sebelum mengambil keputusan memadu asmara di hotel berkenaan.

"Mengejutkan apabila nenek lapan cucu itu memaklumkan keputusan bermalam di hotel itu dibuat selepas bimbang diketahui orang kampung jika membawa pasangannya pulang ke rumah," katanya ketika ditemui selepas operasi dinamakan 'Ops Insaf' itu tamat kira-kira jam 10 pagi.

Ahmad Raffli berkata, dalam operasi bermula jam 4 petang pada 31 Disember tahun lalu sehingga semalam, 58 ditahan kerana kesalahan berkhalwat.

Katanya, dalam operasi berkenaan 20 hotel murah dan rumah tumpangan yang menjadi tumpuan pasangan melakukan maksiat sekitar bandar ini diperiksa.

Katanya, semua pasangan ditahan dibawa ke pejabat agama untuk siasatan lanjut mengikut Seksyen 145 Enakmen Pentadbiran Agama Islam dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang 1982 (Pindaan 1987).

"Jika bersalah, mereka boleh didenda RM1,000 atau penjara enam bulan atau kedua-duanya sekali," katanya.

Katanya, selain menumpukan kepada hotel dan rumah tumpangan operasi berkenaan turut dilakukan di sekitar kawasan tumpuan seperti Teluk Chempedak, Pantai Gelora, Taman Teruntum dan kawasan rekreasi Balok dalam usaha membasmi kegiatan maksiat.

"Dalam operasi di kawasan berkenaan, 25 ditahan membabitkan pelbagai kesalahan seperti berpakaian menjolok mata, minum arak dan berpeluk atau bercium di khalayak ramai," katanya.

The fight over God's name ungodly

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:24 AM PST

From: bear

Subject: Re: The fight over God's name ungodly

On Jan 6, 12:42 pm, Tanki <> wrote:

> Posted by: drchris
> God is God whatever name we call Him.

> If one truely beleives in God then he/she should stop this fight to
> own the name to call Him.Allah,Tuhan or Lord does it matter to Him
> whom we consider Almighty and all merciful?

> God is God whatever name we call Him.

> Let's put this issue to rest and continue to do what God really wants
> to - spread His love and goodwill to ALL regardless of race or creed.

> If we do the right thing God will always be on our side regardless
> what we call Him.

It just prove that these people who fight over them are not true

BORNEO: Part of Malaysia or colonised by Malaya?

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:22 AM PST

From: Tanki <>
Subject: BORNEO: Part of Malaysia, or colonised by Malaya?

Posted by: Xan9
One of the most recent news, the Bakun Dam Project:

The project was forced through to meet the demands for electricity in
Kuala Lumpur. S&S have enough electricity without needing the Bakun
Dam. Now, it's splashed across The Star that S'wak is to receive
320mil for this. For all that is destroyed, ancestral land, burial
sites, and all that is sacred to the people who own the land and
depend on it, not to mention the ecology, 320mil is sh*t. And who,
exactly, is the 320mil going to? The Sarawak State Govt, it says.
So, who is that? It's definitely not the people on the streets of
Sarawak. 320mil is going to one or two greedy pieces of sh*t while
Sawarak and its people continue to be "those poor East Malaysians who
need our (Read Malaya's) help".

Najib Akan Disiasat Oleh Polis Perancis?

Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:05 AM PST

Isu pembunuhan Altantuya Shariibuu dan dakwaan rasuah dalam pembelian kapal selam Scopene terus menghantui Perdana Menteri dengan pihak berkuasa Perancis berkemungkinan memanggil beliau untuk memberi keterangan.

Sumber-sumber mengesahkan sebuah laporan polis akan dibuat di Paris tidak lama lagi bagi menyiasat tuduhan RM540 juta dibayar kepada syarikat kroni Datuk Seri Najib Razak ( gambar ) oleh sebuah syarikat Perancis untuk pembelian kapal selam itu.

Ini berikutan keengganan pihak berkuasa Malaysia, termasuk polis dan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) bertindak telus menyiasat dakwaan itu walaupun pelbagai bukti di ketengahkan sejak beberapa tahun lalu, ketika Najib masih Menteri Pertahanan.

Menurut sumber berkenaan semua dokumen dan laporan mengenai kematian Altantuya serta dakwaan rasuah berhubung pembelian dua kapal selam oleh kerajaan Malaysia sudah diserahkan kepada dua peguam Perancis.

"Kedua-dua peguam tersebut tiba di Malaysia kira-kira tiga minggu lalu untuk berbincang mengenai laporan polis yang akan dibuat di Paris tidak lama lagi," kata sumber berkenaan.

"Pihak kami sudah serahkan semua dokumen termasuk keratan akhbar dan laporan media mengenai isu pembunuhan Altantuya dan Scopene," tambah beliau.

Altantuya adalah bekas kekasih Abdul Razak Baginda yang dikaitkan dengan syarikat Peri Mekar. Syarikat itu dilaporkan menerima RM540 juta daripada pembekal kapal selam berkenaan menerusi perjanjian yang direstui oleh Najib.

Abdul Razak adalah kenalan rapat Najib malah pernah bertindak sebagai penasihat kepada beliau.

Altantuya mati dibom pada tahun 2006 apabila beliau dikatakan tiba di Malaysia untuk menuntut komisyen USD500,000 dari hasil penjualan kapal selam itu.

Razak dibebaskan dari tuduhan bersubahat membunuh Altantuya tetapi dua pegawai polis disabit kesalahan atas tuduhan itu dan dihukum gantung.

Seorang penyiasat persendirian P Balasubramaniam yang di upah oleh Abdul Razak membuat perakuan bersumpah mengesahkan bahawa Razak sendiri memberitahunya Najib mempunyai hubungan dengan Altantuya .

Bala kini berlindung di luar negara tetapi sanggup memberi keterangan kepada SPRM dengan syarat disoal siasat di negara ketiga kerana bimbangkan keselamatannya jika kembali ke Malaysia. Tawaran itu tidak disahut SPRM.

Bala sebelum ini turut mendedahkan adik Perdana Menteri, Nazim Razak mengugut beliau untuk menarik balik akuan bersumpah mengaitkan Najib Razak dengan kes Altantuya. -FMT


Posted: 06 Jan 2010 02:31 AM PST

MY boss reaction to the Allah issue is HERE. And am sure we all had been reading, hearing and perhaps even dreaming about many more reactions. Well, time will tell whether we had handled it wisely or not. I like this Nutgraph comment. Keep it up, dear friends in Nutgraph. Me? I know Allah God bless us all somehow....


Additionally, what would it look like if the traditional media could also sing a new tune? What if instead of one-sided accounts of Muslim pressure groups purporting to speak for the Malay-Muslim majority, we instead had myriad views from different Malaysians? What if the traditional press also reported the views of Muslim and non-Muslim Malaysians who agreed with the High Court's decision?

Imagine if Utusan Malaysia wrote an editorial saying that Malay-Muslim Malaysians should respect the law and not take this issue as a personal insult. Imagine if they wrote factually about the historical use of the word "Allah". Imagine if they noted the current use of the word by other faith communities in other Muslim countries, instead of blinding readers with threats of public disorder and chaos because Malaysian Muslims are somehow "special" in how sensitive they are. READ MORE

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