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may 13 will happen on feb 13, 2010?

may 13 will happen on feb 13, 2010?

may 13 will happen on feb 13, 2010?

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:53 AM PST

whoaa! this guy – zamihan -  is threatening that if the christians did not stop using allah, a may 13 would occured and he even stated the date – feb 13! (read about it here at the malaysian insider).

double whoaa!! ain't that highly seditious? so dear police and dear home minister, what are you doing about it? nothing? but they were so quick to act on a DAP MP! oh, of course not forgetting penang CM, LGE too – the police so quick to act on him about his so-called seditious comments on the late teoh beng hock.

i find it ridiculous this guy – zamihan mat zin from the institut latihan islam malaysia – saying that the catholic church challenging in court for the use of allah is extremism! the catholic church is merely fighting for its constitutional right to practise its religion in its own way, for its right to use a word that does not belongs exclusively to malaysian muslim – that is extremism? if you want to know what is extremism, mr zamihan, just look at kulim boy zulkifli nordin!  and you yourself too!! calling for a may 13 is for sure totally only what an extremist would do!

also, zamihan, although he is from a learning institute,  his brain doesn't seems to be at learning level at all when he said:

"Imagine if Jesus Christ, which under the Unitarian concept is considered as God to the Christians, be called 'Allah', wouldn't it be confusing? Allah is by definition a description of a singular Muslim God, but non-Muslims usage will pluralise it,"

like many others ignorant fools like himself, they like to use this argument but i don't know how many times must christians or even non christians have to explain over and over and over that they never refer to jesus as allah, allah does not feature in the trinitarian concept (the trinitarian concept is father, son and  holy spirit – bapa, anak dan roh kudus – not god, son and holy spirit – which means to use allah, bapa dan roh kudus), and yes allah use by christian is singular!!

methink there is only one word to describe all these people in the forum – insecure! they are insecure in their own faith (haha). this is evident when zamihan said that deliberate attempts were being made to degrade islam.  why are you so insecure? why are you so fearful of people degrading islam if your faith in islam is strong? if you believe others of your own faith is also strong/secure in their faith, you wouldn't worry that they might get confused over the word allah being used by christians! tsk tsk! these people (other instances too) whatever they do or say, is so telling on them!

oh i forgot apart from feeling insecure they also have the superiority complex over their religion – ketuanan islam (islam superiority)!  yep, somebody… or rather quite a lot of people… had been saying these muslim who fight for the exclusive use of allah are holding tight to ketuanan islam - it is all about ketuanan islam!

Highway Robbery: Auto Repossession in Malaysia

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 08:23 AM PST

Wednesday was turning out to be a pretty good day: I had a very smooth, efficient visit to Immigration in Shah Alam; I got paid; I got an awesome, free lunch, not to mention great company and conversation. Yes, it was shaping up to be a pretty good day. I did some banking, paid some bills, and was on my way back to Kajang when the car started to feel sluggish, heavy. Then, as I was climbing a hill, the car died. Just like that. Running one moment, then suddenly…silence and engine lights. I coasted to the side of the road, next to the Petronas station in Taman Len Sen, Cheras. I called Leen, who called a relative who lives nearby, who called a mechanic near her place. Then I spent about three hours sitting on the side of the road, waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Leen and I spoke several times on the phone. It was almost time for her to punch out for the day, so we planned to meet at Ibu's cousin's place in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. That's where Al hangs out while we're at work. At six, she left Masterskill College with her assistant, Hanim, who's been staying with us. Hanim drives Leen to work every morning; they drop Al off on the way and pick him up on the way home. The plan for Wednesday was pretty much the same, except this time they were going to wait for me at Ibu's cousin's place.

Major change of plans

Sometime after six I was still sitting there on the side of the road watching the mechanic perform battlefield surgery on my poor old Wira, when suddenly Leen called me, all in a panic. She and Hanim couldn't meet me at Ibu's cousin's place, because someone had just taken Hanim's car right out from under them. In fact, the perpetrator was still there; Leen alternated between breathlessly filling me in and ruthlessly cursing the villain. Were they being carjacked? Yes, but no. The car was being repossessed. But actually, as far as I'm concerned, it was a carjacking.

Here's the story as they told it to me: They had just left Masterskill and were driving along the road to Batu 9 Cheras when the car in front of them suddenly began to swerve left and right. Hanim honked at the driver, who would put on a turn signal but then swerve in the opposite direction. If that sounds like a dangerous thing to do on a busy road, what happened next was even worse: the driver swerved in front of Hanim in such a way that she had no choice but to go off the road, onto the strip of dirt and rocks that passes for a shoulder in that place. Then the driver of the other car got out and hustled over to Hanim's car. He banged on her window, waving a piece of paper at her, saying it was a letter from the bank and that he was there to repossess her car.

Hanim's been going through a bit of financial trouble. That's why she's staying with us: we don't charge her rent, plus she cleans our place a bit and we give her some extra money. She'd been skipping her car payments, but she'd been careful not to let it go three months at a stretch. However, her last payment had been done via online banking and apparently hadn't gone through properly. I really don't know the details, but I know she had missed three payments in a row. The bank had every right to repossess the car. She doesn't recall getting any notification to that effect, but her family recently moved, and she figures the letters went to the old address. Whatever the case, she had signed an agreement with the bank, and not making her payments meant she had to suffer the consequences.

But did she have to suffer through what she was enduring on the side of the road Wednesday evening? When she put her window down to argue with the man, he immediately reached in, switched off her engine, and pulled out the key. Hanim managed to grab part of the key ring as well, and the two had a tug-of war. Hanim's got skinny little arms, so no prize for guessing who won. The thug, whose name is Nathan A/L Supramaniam, ripped the part with all the keys right from her grip; Hanim was left with the remote for the alarm and a twisted piece of metal that used to be a key ring.

Leen was out of the car by that time, and was yelling at Nathan. Hanim got out too. Before they could even fully take in what was going on, a tow-truck that had been tailing them pulled up, Nathan hooked Hanim's Perodua Viva up to it, and it drove away. That was around the time Leen called me.

Once the car was gone, Nathan tried to pour on the charm, but the whole "Just doing my job" thing didn't make the ladies feel any better. Nor did the fact that he even gave them a lift…to the next traffic light. Leen and Hanim got out of Nathan's car (which also contained several children) and walked up a hill to a bus stop on the side of the Cheras-Kajang highway. Then Leen called me again. And again. And again. My wife, eight months pregnant and tired from a long day at work, didn't deserve the treatment she got that day. Nobody deserves that, but come on. It was nasty.

I was still standing on the side of the road in Taman Len Sen. When the mechanic had finally fixed my car, I forked over 400 Ringgit (sucks but it could have been way worse) and raced to that bus stop to get Leen and Hanim. Needless to say, they were a mess. Hanim was crying, and Leen was still swearing.

It gets worse

The next day Hanim's family managed to gather together enough money to get the car back. When she finally got it back, she asked for the keys and was told they should be with her. Nathan, she was told, had said she still had the keys. But the last time she'd seen the keys was when he'd ripped them from her hands. Next stop: the police station in Puchong, near her parents' place.

When she made a police report, an interesting thing happened: the police actually expressed concern. Now, I've dealt with the Royal Malaysian Police on several occasions, and my opinion of them is not exactly glowing. Insult a monarch and you're royally screwed, but you could very well get away with screwing over the average citizen — or, in my case, the average visitor.

And yet here were the Royal Malaysian Police expressing great concern over Hanim's safety. Okay, so she's young and slim and pretty…but there was more to it than that. They were actually concerned. According to the officers who took her statement, there have been many cases just like Hanim's, and they didn't all end well. Apparently there are syndicates that are closely tied to the repo men, who sometimes really are gangsters in every sense of the word. The repo men (or the gangsters they work for) take the keys to the car and simply wait for the owner to get the car back. Then they shadow the car and waits for the right moment to strike. Some wait till the owner leaves the car unattended; others will just run it off the road, open the door, toss out the driver, and take off with the car. Unfortunately the 'toss out the driver' part often includes violence. Terrible violence. The police officers strongly advised Hanim to change the locks on her car right away.

The fact that the police called Hanim several times to make sure she was okay didn't really comfort any of us; it just made us worry more. Hanim is afraid to drive her car now, especially alone, and especially at night. I'm not too thrilled by the idea of Leen and Al leaving her every morning in that car, either. So this morning I drove everyone to their respective destinations.

The more we talked about it, the angrier I became. I mean, I don't dispute the bank's right to repossess a vehicle when a certain number of payments are missed. Nor do I disagree with the concept of the repo man. But I think a line was crossed in this case…and, I'm told, this case is not unique. A lot of people who heard this story over the last couple of days have told me that it's quite common for repo men to bully drivers off the roads and out of their cars. In Malaysia, anyway.

Theft Vs. Robbery

We have repo men back home too. I'm sure there are probably all kinds of cases in which repo men have nasty confrontations with people whose cars are being repossessed. But there's a very important difference between auto repossession in North America and here in Malaysia. Here's a description of how auto repossession is carried out in the US, for example:

It should be pointed out that almost all state laws require that a repossession be done in a peaceful manner. Since most people get very upset when they see a repo man repossessing their vehicle, most repossessions are completed in the middle of the night or while the debtor is working without the owner's knowledge. It's really a legal steal. This gets around the "peaceful manner" state laws. The old term "possession is nine tenths of the law" applies in auto repossession. Normally, the repossession is not complete until the vehicle is off of the debtor's property. It is usually unlawful to enter a closed garage in order to complete the repossession. In such a case, the repo man usually waits until the subject is at work or he'll follow him to the grocery store or something. That way, the repossession can be completed in an easy manner.

Before the repossessor attempts to repo the vehicle, he must first make very sure he is repoing the right car. He will match the VIN number he obtains from his client to the VIN number on the vehicle. The VIN number is usually located on the dashboard on the driver's side.

The repossession agent has a number of methods in which a vehicle is removed or taken into possession.

Just about every vehicle that has been sold in the last five or six years has a key code. Key codes can usually be obtained from the title slip. A copy of the key code is usually kept on file at the car dealership. In more recent times, it has become the practice of many banks to obtain the key codes for each loan file and they will have a record of it. Some banks even go as far as having a set of keys cut and kept with the file. A key code is simply a code number used to cut the keys. The repossessor either does this himself with a key cutting machine or has a locksmith do it for him. Although many repo men have become auto locksmiths themselves, this is really not a requirement. The majority of repo men simply have an account with a local locksmith who does his work for him. With the key codes, the repo man simply has a set of keys cut and uses them to complete the repossession. However, sometimes key codes are not available and other times the debtor has had his locks changed so the key codes will not work.

Many repo men use towing as a means of repossession. Many start out making a deal with a local towing company who will give them a discount price. Later, the repo man can purchase a used tow truck if he likes this method.

You can purchase a small metal rod called a slimjim that is used to place down the door which catches the lock part that pulls up the door lock so you can open the car door. Another method is the coat hanger method. People do not know this but glass will bend somewhat.

Once inside the vehicle, the repo man uses several different methods to start the vehicle if he does not have the key. The old key housings that are located in the dash simply unscrew. Once unscrewed, all one has to do is place a screwdriver into the housing and turn. On newer models, the lock housing is on the steering column. In such a case, the repo man either pickes the lock or uses what is called a dent puller. A dent puller is a large round rod that has a sliding hammer on it. On one side is a screw type bolt that can be screwed down into the lock housing. Once in place, the lock housing can be, "hammered" or "slammed out". This item is used by auto body shops to pull out dents. Another method is a lock lifter. This is a screw type piece of equipment that goes over the lock housing. It forces tension on the lock until the housing is lifted out. Once out, the repo man simply starts the vehicle by placing a screwdriver down into the now open housing.

Note the part that calls auto repossession a "legal steal". That's basically what it is: legal theft. But there's a very clear distinction to be made between theft and robbery. What happened to Hanim and Leen on Wednesday was not theft. It was robbery, plain and simple. They were carjacked. Considering the police reaction to this particular case, I'm not even sure if we can call this legal robbery. Maybe technically it was. But whether or not it was legal, one thing is certain: this particular carjacking was carried out on behalf of a major financial institution, namely RHB Bank. The carjacker may have been working for a different company (in this case PJ Automart) that RHB Bank contracted the job out to, but the bottom line is that the guy was working for RHB Bank.

Through some contacts I managed to talk to someone from RHB Bank's Corporate Comms today, a friendly fellow named Zaihan. I explained the situation to him, and even managed not to yell. He expressed shock and dismay. There are protocols repo men are supposed to follow, he said. I'm sure there are rules these guys are supposed to adhere to, but is anyone enforcing those rules? If the rules are not enforced, and the repo men don't follow them, who is held accountable? I don't think simply terminating the services of repo men who do things like this is enough. Ultimately, RHB Bank is responsible for what happened. Mr. Zaihan apologised on behalf of RHB Bank, but I wasn't the victim here. I told Zaihan that RHB Bank should 1) apologise to Hanim and my wife, 2) replace the locks on Hanim's car, and 3) put in place a stricter policy so that incidents like this do not occur in the future.

Where to now?

Zaihan said he'll get back to me Tuesday, so we'll have to wait until then to see where this goes. I appreciate his concern, and I really hope this can be resolved amicably. This is an opportunity for RHB Bank to take the lead in putting stricter, more adequate controls on the business of auto repossession in Malaysia. Yes, supposedly there are rules in place, and supposedly there is a 'Car Repossession Code of Ethics', but it seems to me Malaysian auto repossessors are really stretching the boundaries of what is legal and ethical.

If you believe everything happens for a reason, then you might believe my car broke down so I wouldn't be able to race to where Leen and Hanim were in time to have a violent confrontation with the thug who took Hanim's car. The 400 Ringgit I had to pay the mechanic is a small price to pay for the fact that I'm sitting here and not in a prison cell doing time for seriously injuring someone. You might also believe this entire incident happened so that a spotlight could be cast upon the dirty tactics employed by repo men in Malaysia. I don't know if I believe any of that, though it is tempting. I just hope this incident ultimately leads to some positive changes, and ideally the end of bank-sanctioned carjackings in this country.

10 terrorists arrested in Malaysia

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:51 AM PST

From: Tanki <>

Subject: 10 terrorists arrested in Malaysia

AbdulMutallab: Malaysia arrests two Nigerians

Malaysian authorities have arrested 10 terror suspects, including two
Nigerians, with alleged ties to Umar AbdulMutallab, the Nigerian at
the centre of the Christmas Day attempt to bomb a United States

The development is coming on the heels of the US State Department's
denial that it had revoked AbdulMutallab's visa.

Malaysia's Home Minister, Mr. Hishammuddin Hussein, who announced the
arrests Wednesday, said they were mainly foreigners linked to a global
terrorist network.

According to The Detroit News, quoting a state-linked New Straits
Times newspaper, those arrested included two men from Nigeria, four
from Syria, and one each from Yemen and Jordan, said Mr. Syed Noh,
head of a rights group that aids people detained under Malaysia's
Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without

They were among 50 people arrested while attending a religious talk by
a Syrian university lecturer on January 21 at a home near Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia's largest city, Noh said. The others, according to
the newspaper, were later released.

The report said foreign anti-terrorism agencies told authorities that
the suspects were in Malaysia and were linked to the 23-year-old
Nigerian accused of trying to detonate a bomb hidden in his underwear
during a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day.

But the report, according to The Detroit News, did not say how it
obtained the information or how they were linked, even as the Home
Minister refused to elaborate on why the suspects were detained, but
said they posed a "serious threat" to security.

The suspects include students at a Malaysian university, Syed Ibrahim
said. He urged the government to charge them to court or release them.

Over the past decade, Malaysian authorities have held more than 100
militant suspects, mainly alleged members of an Al-Qaeda-linked
network that has been blamed for attacks including the 2002 bombing on
Bali, Indonesia, that killed 202 people.

A top State Department official said on Wednesday that AbdulMutallab's
visa was not revoked in order to protect a larger investigation.

The Under secretary for Management at the State Department, Mr.
Patrick Kennedy, said AbdulMutallab's visa was not taken away at the
request of federal counterterrorism officials following concerns that
doing so would have foiled an investigation into Al-Qaeda threats
against the US.

Reuters had reported earlier in January that the State Department had
revoked AbdulMutallab's visa.

The news agency had quoted State Department's spokesman Mr. P.J.
Crowley, as saying that AbdulMutallab was stripped of his visa after
the attempted attack, as were an unspecified number of others
suspected of links to terrorism.

But The Detroit News on Wednesday quoted Kennedy in a testimony before
the House Committee on Homeland Security as saying, "Revocation action
would've disclosed what they were doing. Allowing AbdulMutallab to
keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to
get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working
with, rather than simply knocking out one soldier in that effort."

When asked about why the State Department wouldn't revoke the visa
despite indications he was involved in a terror plot, Kennedy
reiterated his assertion that intelligence agencies sometimes request
visas not be revoked "for the purpose of rolling up an entire network,
not just one person."

The denial came during a hearing on Capitol Hill into the events
surrounding the Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam.

Washington politicians have focused criticism on two key areas: the
intelligence community breakdown that led to AbdulMutallab being able
to board the plane, and the handling of the suspected terrorist after
his apprehension.

Syrian Terrorist Arrested in Malaysia

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:45 AM PST

From: Tanki

Subject: Syrian Terrorist Arrested in Malaysia

Embassy Confirms Syrian Citizens Arrested In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Jan (Bernama) -- The Syrian Embassy here confirmed
the arrest of Syrian citizens by the Malaysian authorities.

The embassy said in a statement on Friday that it had been informed of
the arrest of Syrian suspects and was expecting more details.

"The embassy hopes the issue of the arrested Syrian suspects would be
handled within the suitable legal process.

"The embassy reassures its concern and care for the security of
friendly Malaysia and reasserts its co-operation with the related
authorities here in all that guarantees Malaysia's security and
stability," it added.

Malaysian authorities arrested 10 people recently, nine of them
foreigners with alleged links to international terrorist network,
under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The authorities remained tight-lipped over the nationalities of those
arrested but activists and reports claimed that the suspects were from
Jordan, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen.


Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:37 AM PST

A slow crawl along NS Highway
Posted by: victorchew46

Tomorrow is Thaipusam! I always enjoyed seeing the 'kavadis' and devotees pierced and spiked, tolling down the road from home to temple or from temple to temple and also the procession of the chariots at night. What a colourful sight. However, with age, one cannot participate in such activities and I have long ceased standing on the roadside watching them go by.

The only time I went out to the roadside again was when I took a few foreign students to see this sight a few years ago.

The wealth each ethnic group contributes to Malaysia is reflected in such occassions, albeit, a religious affair sometimes, yet others of other religions can still participate as appreciative viewers!

Can you imagine if we have bigots from each racial groups out to condemn each other's religious and cultural functions as 'unacceptable' just because of our own religious inclinations, the state we would be in by today? There will be lots of religious 'wars'! The fact that none of these 'wars' really occurred shows how tolerant we the majority of Malaysians are but sad to say, there are a growing number of such bigots going around doing things that should not be done just to show that they are superior to others and their reiligions!

When we link religion to politics or nationalism, where then can we accept freedom of religion to others? Politics cuts across everyone in a nation and by liniing politics to a religion are we not trying to dictate our ways of our religion on others in the way we rule a nation. (For example the Talibans, the Catholics of North Ireland on one side and the Protestants of the same place on the other side; the Jews of Israel and the Islamic Jihad on the other extreme in Palestine.)

Politics should be secular, but I would allow politicians to be religous by following their religous principles to run for office and rule. The unique nature of Malaysia makes it imperative that we keep the two apart - religion and politics!

People with strong religious principles seldom oppress or condmen others! This has been proven in the recent events in Malaysia! It is only the weak minded and the less learned in their religious teachings that resort to violence and foolish condemnation of others!

Lets celebrate Thaipusam as Malaysians tomorrow and wish our Hindu brothers a wonderful socio-cultural and religious celebration!

God bless the Rakyat of Malaysia.

Malaysia is becoming a dangerous place to visit

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:31 AM PST

What is it about the obsession of cutting heads by some religion ?

1. Cow head,
2. Sheep head,
3. Pig head,
4. Human head

And lets not forget the Molotov cocktail, stones throwing, etc, etc.

"baldeagle" wrote in message

> Three wild boar heads were found outside mosques in KL.

> This must be the work of those people who have a secret agenda to stir
> up racial tension in Malaysia.

> The Chinese have no trouble buying normal pig heads from the wet
> market...without all the trouble of buying expensive wild boar.
> Malay cannot buy normal pig head from a city market...If they did, it
> would draw unwanted attention to them.
> However, they could easily get the wild boar heads in Ulu Selangor
> where Muslims hunt wild boars for sales to exotic specialty
> restaurants in the city.

> To create racial unrest, dumping wild boar heads at their own
> mosques one of the most effect way. What will they do next !?

> Malaysia is now a dangerous place for Christian and Non-Muslim
> tourists. I have cancelled my trip to visits friends and relatives
> during the Chinese new year.

From: Wakalukong

Subject: Re: Pig heads found outside mosques KL.

On Jan 28, 9:36am, "kerry lee" wrote:
> There is doubt about it. There is an urgent need to create unrest so that
> Emergency Laws can be declared and the current government can continue to
> rule. Non Malays know that and all other religious bodies not Muslims know
> that. I do not think that the fracas on the mosques are created by non
> Muslims.
> Non Muslims are watching and waiting for the turmoil which will be raised by
> Muslims in everyone's fair view. Racialunrest is not going to benefit anyone
> especially malays. Another may 13 will be a different matter. Non Malays are
> not going to stay and be cowed. Politicians beware. It is either a country
> for all citizens of Malaysia or not at all for anyone.

Hishammuddin, the guy who habitually takes out his keris at UMNO's
annual general meetings to kiss, is Home Minister, who is in charge of
the Police. As Home Minister, he was also the guy who started all
this Allah dispute by banning East Malaysia's Christians from using
the word.

Instead of the heads of some unfortunate wild boars, Hishammuddin's
head should roll.


Why we must not eat Pork

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:23 AM PST

From: arah

My dear The Cynic

1. why must you all hate the pig?

You don't have to hate pig, Al Quran and Bible said don't eat it.

Answer: The fact that consumption of pork is prohibited in Islam is
well known. The following points explain various aspects of this

1. Pork-prohibited in Qur'an
The Qur'an prohibits the consumption of pork in no less than 4
different places. Its prohibited in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115.

Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine,
and that on which hath been invoked a name other than that of Allah.
[Al-Qur'an 5:3] The above verses of the Holy Qur'an are sufficient to
satisfy a Muslim as to why pork is forbidden.

2. Pork prohibited in the Bible
The Christian is likely to be convinced by his religious scriptures.
The Bible prohibits the consumption of pork, in the book of Leviticus
and the swine, as he divideth the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he
cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you. Of their flesh shall ye not
eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch, they are unclean to you.
Leviticus chapter 11 verse 7 and 8:

Pork is also prohibited in the book of Deuteronomy
And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud,
it is unclean unto you. Ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch
their dead carcass. Deuteronomy chapter 14 verse 8:

A similar prohibition is repeated in the book of Isaiah chapter 65
verse 2-5.

3. Consumption of pork causes several diseases
The other non-Muslims and atheists will agree only if convinced
through reason, logic and science. Eating of pork can cause no less
than seventy different types of diseases. A person can have various
Helminthes, like roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, etc. One of the most
dangerous is Taenia Solium, which in a layman's terminology is called
tapeworm. It harbours in the intestine and is very long. Its ova i.e.
eggs, enter the blood stream and can reach almost all the organs of
the body. If it enters the brain it can cause memory loss. If it
enters the heart it can cause heart attack and if it enters the eye it
can cause blindness. If it enters the liver it can cause liver damage.
It can damage almost all the organs of the body.

Another dangerous helminthes is Taenia Tichurasis. A common
misconception about pork is that if it is cooked well, these ova die.
In a research project undertaken in America, it was found that out of
twenty-four people suffering from

Taenia tichurasis, twenty two had cooked the pork very well. This
indicates that the ovas present in the pork do not die under normal
cooking temperature.

4. Pork has fat building material
Pork has very little muscle building material and contains excess of
fat. This fat gets deposited in the vessels and can cause hypertension
and heart attack. It is not surprising that over 50% of Americans
suffer from hypertension.

5. Pig is one of the filthiest animals on earth
The pig is one of the filthiest animals on earth. It lives and thrives
on muck, faeces and dirt. It is the best scavenger that I know that
God has produced. In the villages they don't have modern toilets and
the villagers excrete in the open air. Very often excreta is cleared
by pigs.

Some may argue that in advanced countries like Australia, pigs are
bred in very clean and hygienic conditions. Even in these hygienic
conditions the pigs are kept together in sties. No matter how hard you
try to keep them clean they are filthy by nature. They eat and enjoy
their own as well as their neighbour's excreta.

6. Pig is the most shameless animal
The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is
the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. It
feels no jealousy. And among people who consume pork, the practice of
wife swapping and other forms of promiscuous behaviour is common.

2. Regarding Qurban or Sacriffice of animal

An animal sacrifice in Arabic is called ḏabiḥa (ذَبِيْحَة) or Qurban
(قُرْبَان) . The term may have roots from the Jewish term Korban'; in
some places such as in India/Pakistan, qurbani is always used for
Islamic animal sacrifice. In the Islamic context, an animal sacrifice
referred to as ḏabiḥa (ذَبِيْحَة) meaning "sacrifice as a ritual" is
offered only in Eid ul-Adha. ..."Therefor to the Lord turn in Prayer
and Sacrifice. " (al-kawthar)-Al Quran, 108.2 Qurbani is an Islamic
prescription for the affluent to share their good fortune with the
needy in the community. On the occasion of Eid ul Adhaa, affluent
Muslims all over the world perform the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim
(Abraham) by sacrificing a goat or sheep. The meat is then divided
into three equal parts. One part is retained by the person who
performs the Qurbani. The second is given to his relatives. The third
part is distributed to the poor. The Muslims say that this has nothing
to do with blood and gore (Qur'an 22:37: "It is not their meat nor
their blood, that reaches God. It is your piety that reaches Him...").
The sacrifice is done to help the poor and in remembrance of Prophet
Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael at God's command.
The sacrificial animal may be a lamb, a sheep, a goat, a camel or a
cow. The animal must be healthy and conscious.

3. Reason for Stoning of Devil during Hajj

The ritual re-enacts Abraham's pilgrimage to Mekkah as explained by
the Muslim historian al-Azraqi:

When he [Abraham] left Mina and was brought down to (the defile
called) al-Aqaba, the Devil appeared to him at Stone-Heap of the
Defile. Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so Abraham threw seven stones
at him so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to him at the
Middle Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so he pelted him
with seven stones so that he disappeared from him. Then he appeared to
him at the Little Stone-Heap. Gabriel said to him: "Pelt him!" so he
pelted him with seven stones like the little stones for throwing with
a sling. So the Devil withdrew from him.[2]
All three jamarat represent the devil: the first and largest
represents his temptation of Abraham against sacrificing Ishmael, the
second represents the temptation of Abraham's wife Hagar to induce her
to stop him, and the third represents his temptation of Ishmael to
avoid being sacrificed. He was rebuked each time, and the throwing of
the stones symbolizes those rebukes.

The stoning of the jamarat also represents the repudiation of man's
self (literally the "internal despot", al-Nafs al-Amarah) and the act
of casting aside one's low desires and wishes. As one Islamic
theologian puts it,

If one is able to crush the al‑Nafs al‑Amarah during the stoning of
the Jamarah al‑'Uqbah [the jamrah of Aqaba], then one has taken the
next step in attaining closeness to Allah, and since between the
servant and Allah there is no more than the distance of one step, if
one has been able to take this step and make it past one's own low
desires and wishes, then that which follows is the level of closeness
to Allah.
During those two or three days after the Eid that one is in Mina, one
must stone the three Jamarat, meaning that one must trample upon his
internal despot (al-Nafs al-Amarah), the external despot of the
Shaitan from the Jinn (Iblis and those like him), and the Shaitan from
among the Humans (the enemies of religion and of humanity).
The stoning of the three Jamarat is in essence, the trampling upon the
despots and waging war against all of them. When one focuses on them
and the hatred for them, then one automatically focuses with complete
attention upon one's self – and rightfully so – while stoning the
Jamarat, one must focus entirely upon one's self.[3] M

I hope the explainations help you to understand Islam because Islam
mean " obedient to the Allah"


On 13 Jan, 21:18, The Cynic wrote:

> On Jan 13, 12:38 pm, nur wrote:

> > Everything in Christianity are confusing

> Agreed. I find everything in Islam also confusing. For instance, in
> one of your posts, you stated Allah created everything. I was
> confused because if he had everything why must you all hate the pig?
> But you have run away from this question by not answering. Poor me, I
> am so confused.

> Also another thing I am confused is that you claim Allah is so
> compassionate. OK but why does he require blood sacrifice of animals
> by the thousands in one day? After if all animals are created by him,
> then they are also his children, aren't they?
> Also I am so confused by all of you throwing stones at a devil. Do
> you think any devil will sit at the same spot for hundreds of years
> and wait for stones to hit him? Yes I am so confused. Please clear my
> confusion. Thank youarah, nur, janet and snake oil merchant.

> > Millions of American and European are leaving Christianity and in
> > Malaysia they fighting for the word " Allah" which mean Tuhan yang Esa
> > not Jesus, god the son or god the father.

> Oooh.. this is so confusing. Millions of Muslims are converting to
> Christianity, according to
> So who is a telling a lie?
> > Oh Allah, the Almighty God the Creator show us the truth and save us
> > from the hell fire.

> Ahh.... this hell fire so often referred to by Christians and Muslims,
> where is it? If you can show me, perhaps I can get a thermal engineer
> to convert the heat into electricity and save earth from global
> warming? The moron Crankie Lee ran away after I posed this question
> to him. Are you like him?

Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore, soc.culture.malaysia, soc.culture.indonesia, soc.culture.british, soc.culture.europe
From: German
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 07:07:30 -0800 (PST)

ALLAH is not invented by goat fucker Mohammed. He read Arabic Bible
and taken out Allah from it as his discovery. It is same as you use
computer, cars,
planes, electric lights those are all invented by Christians.
Truth will save you. Holy Bible is the Truth and not Koran.

Please don't forget 600 years differance if you still believe
Mohammed, the goat fucker,
is right. He was wrong as he wanted to fuck more women and do more

Muslim carrying bombs in a plane to kill innocent people for Islam.
Have you seen any Christian doing it for religion??

There are more Muslims who are converting to Christian religion
because of our God teaches love and peace and not killings. It
matter whateven your religion is, every human has the right to live.

From Khartoum to Hulu Langat

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:03 AM PST

Samah is a colleague of mine who just arrived from Sudan a couple of months back. She brings her family with her as well to Malaysia (her son, Salahuddin.. her mom and dad.. and her aunt just arrived to stay with her for a while).

As they are very new to the country, I thought I'd bring them over to my place for them to enjoy a little bit of the calm kampong life... They enjoyed the scenery, the river, as well as my home. They even got the chance to taste the fresh ikan bakar which is barely one minute away from my house!

Samah's mother can only speak little English while my Arabic is just as rusty. We ended up learning each other's language in the car whilst I was driving. I'm just glad that they've enjoyed themselves (:

Umno Mustapa a sycophant, Utusan a myth reporter

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:45 AM PST

@ The Malaysian Insider - Ku Li insists Kelantan gets 5pc oil royalty
The former finance minister and one-time Umno vice-president, who had unsuccessfully challenged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for the Umno presidency, had no kind words for his party during the speech and later when speaking to reporters.

He described Kelantan Umno chief Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, also International Trade and Industry Minister, as a sycophant, and party-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia as reporting fiction.

"Don't mention those names to me. Mustapa is a sycophant, Utusan is just [reporting] myths," he retorted.

In other words, Mustapa is an ass-kisser

and Utusan is just talking cock!

Beranikah Najib Pecat Ku Li?

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 09:00 AM PST

Laporan malaysiakini menyebut Umno masih meneliti kandungan ucapan seorang pemimpin veterannya Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah yang menyertai perhimpunan menuntut royalti minyak Kelantan di Kota Bharu semalam.

Katanya, beliau masih belum menerima kandungan ucapan tersebut bagi menentukan tindakan sepatutnya ke atas ahli parlimen Gua Musang itu.
"Kita sedang meneliti, belum dapat apa yang diperkatakan oleh Tengku Razaleigh jadi bagi tempoh masa kepada kita untuk dapatkan laporan apa yang diucapkannya," katanya selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat majlis tertinggi parti itu di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Jelasnya lagi, kandungan ucapan Tengku Razaleigh itu juga akan dibincangkan lanjut oleh parti.

"Pendirian kita, mesti patuh kepada disiplin parti. Tetapi macam mana pun kita akan bincang perkara ini," tambahnya lagi.

Beliau yang juga presiden BN menjelaskan, keputusan untuk memberi wang ehsan kepada rakyat Kelantan dibuat berdasarkan tanggungjawabnya sebagai kerajaan.

"Apa yang berhubung dengan rakyat kelantan, kita akan bagi. Kita tak lari daripada tanggungjawab kita. Tapi kita mesti buat apa-apa berdasarkan perlembagaan," katanya.

Ulasan GB

YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah adalah pengasas Petronas. Beliau telah menyatakan adalah menjadi kewajipan Petronas membayar royalti sebanyak 5% kepada kerajaan Kelantan.

Ucapan beliau telah dilakukan dihadapan rakyat Kelantan yang berpuluh ribu ramainya menyertai Majlis Solat Hajat di Kota Bahru malam kelmarin.

Dan kini Najib menyatakan Umno masih meneliti kandungan ucapan Tg. Razaleigh. Apa lagi, cuba ler hadapkan Ku Li ke Lembaga Disiplin UMNO. Ada berani?

Enjin Jet : Laporan PAC Banyak Kesangsian

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 08:48 AM PST

Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara (PAC) hanya menimbulkan lebih banyak kesangsian apabila mendakwa tidak ada pihak atasan Tentera Udara Diraja Malayia (TUDM) yang terbabit dalam kecurian dua enjin jet pejuang dua tahun lalu.

Pengerusi PAC Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid berkata pihaknya mencapai rumusan itu kerana tidak ada rekod TUDM digunakan untuk membawa keluar dua enjin berkenaan.

Ahli Parlimen Indera Mahkota, Azan Ismail mempersoalkan hasil siasatan itu dan menyifatkan laporan itu sebagai longgar dan perlu diperjelaskan dengan lebih teliti.

"Buat masa nie yang mengatakan tidak ada pihak atasan terlibat ini adalah satu persoalan yang besar. Adakah ia dicuri ? Kalau dicuri, soal keselamatan mereka kita pertikaikan. Tapi kalu kata dikeluarkan, bukan dicuri, bagaimana benda sebesar ini memerlukan kelulusan dari penjawat bawahan saja," kata Azan.

"PAC telah memberikan kita gambaran bahawa kaedah pengurusan pengendalian aset- aset kerajaan yang menuntut tahap keselamatan yang tinggi tidak diuruskan dengan baik setakat ini," tambahnya lagi.

Azan berkata orang awam tidak akan menerima penjelasan bahawa dua enjin jet pejuang boleh dibawa keluar dari negara ini, tanpa keperluan dokumen dan prosedur ketat.

"Benda tu perlu diangkat keluar dan melalui satu prosedur yang ketat. Ia perlukan semakan ketua komanden DEPO dan banyak lagi prosedurnya. Tapi hilang juga,"katanya.

"Mungkin benda itu dirancang dengan melibatkan individu yang mempunyai tanggungjawab yang ketat," hujahnya lagi.

Azan berkata hasil siasatan PAC perlu diperinci dan dibahas di Parlimen dan tidak boleh diterima secara bulat.

"Bila PAC kata tidak ada orang atasan yang terlibat, kita masih tidak boleh buat apa- apa tindakan sebab PAC hanya keluarkan kenyataan itu selepas bermesyuarat sesama mereka dan saya yakin perkara ini akan dibentangkan diparlimen bulan 3 ini," katanya.

"Saya akan mula mengkaji isi kandungan laporan itu dari semua sudut, prosedur, pengauditan, siasatan pengurusan kita akan tengok," katanya.

Sidang Parlimen dijangka kembali bersidang Mac ini. -TVS

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Laporan Polis Mengenai YBK : Kerajaan Selangor Tidak Gusar

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 08:28 AM PST

Kerajaan negeri Selangor tidak gusar dengan tindakan Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) membuat laporan polis kononnya Menteri Besar Selangor memburukkan kepimpinan badan itu.

Adun Seri Setia, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad berkata tindakan pengerusi YBK, Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom membuat laporan polis itu, jelas tidak mengambilkira keperluan YBK bertindak telus dalam urusannya.

Zainal, bekas ADUN UMNO untuk Batang Kali, membuat laporan di Ibupejabat Polis Shah Alam pagi tadi.

Beliau diiringi oleh beberapa pegawai YBK dan beberapa pihak lain yang membawa sepanduk mencaci Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Khalid menegur YBK kerana gagal bersifat terbuka dalam keperluan memberikan hak kerajaan negeri bersuara dalam urusan badan itu.

Hak itu penting kerana kerajaan negeri adalah antara penyumbang terbesar hartanah YBK.

Antara lain, YBK telah diberikan tanah 1'300 ekar di Serendah namun badan itu gagal memanafaatnya untuk faedah rakyat miskin di Selangor.

Selepas membuat laporan polis ini, Zainal mengakui YBK hanya memberikan butiran perbelanjaannya kepada awam menerusi laman webnya.

"Misalnya disebutkan masalah ketelusan dalam pentadbiran sedangkan yayasan sudah 20 tahun melaksanakan tugas ini dalam laman web ada kita bentangkan," ujar Zainal.

Nik Nazmi yang juga setiausaha politik kepada menteri besar berkata kerajaan negeri bertanggungjawab menekan YBK bersikap telus dalam urustadbirnya.

"Apa yang kita dedahkan dikerajaan Selangor setakat ini adalah fakta- fakta yang ada dengan kita, jadi samaada dia nak buat laporan polis ke apa ke itu hak dia. Kita kena dedahkan kebenaran. Sebab orang kena tahu tentang apa kebenaran disebalik YBK," ujar Nik Nazmi.

Nik Nazmi berkata kerajaan negeri akan melakukan apa yang perlu untuk memastikan YBK bertindak secara telus dalam pengurusan demi membela kepentingan rakyat miskin Selangor.

"Kita sekarang, yang kita nak ceritakan adalah pengurusan YBK, jadi kita fikir kerajaan negeri Selangor yang sudah banyak memberi tanah dan sebagainya, kita ada hak untuk mengetahui pengurusan YBK, jadi samaada dia hantar atau tidak itu perkara lain," ujarnya lagi.

Beliau berkata keperluan untuk menteri besar memimpin badan itu bukan atas kepentingan parti.

"Yang kita mintak dari awal YBK, untuk menteri besar ambil alih selaku menteri besar bermakna menteri besar itu dari parti mana pun, mereka tetap mendapat tempat, itu sahaja yang kita pinta," katanya lagi.

"Kita sudah dari awal kita, kata kita boleh bantu mereka sekiranya mreka dapat bekerjsama, mereka sudah bersetuju diperingkat awal jadi kita pun memang tidak ada masalah kita memang nak bantu, kalau kita tak nak bantu tidak ada usaha pun kita berbincang dengan YBK, kita bincang dari awal mereka setuju untuk menteri besar menjadi pengerusi kepada YBK pada peringkat awal tapi kemudian mereka tidak bersetuju,"katanya lagi. -TVS

Ulasan GB

Sungguh memalukan bila Zainal Abidin Sakom mengganakan kanak-kanak untuk berdemo.

Sekiranyalah yang berdemo itu Pakatan Rakyat menggunakan kanak-kanak sedemikian, sudah pasti heboh 1 Malaysia oleh media-media pencacai UMNO

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WEEKEND VIEW: A Milestone For Dogs And Cats In Klang

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 08:00 AM PST

LAST WEEK was super terrific!
It was truly a full seven days where my jobs as writer, activist for the disabled and animals – as well as city councillor all rolled in one, paid off marvellously.

The week started with an unexpected protest that I took part in with a dozen physically handicapped people in Kuala Lumpur.

We parked our wheelchairs (and walking canes) at the entrance of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency (MACC) building.

We were mad over an incident where a high ranking MACC representative – an able-bodied lawyer – made a mocking remark recently in court against another lawyer in a wheelchair about his handicapping condition.

We were simply flabbergasted that anyone – let alone such a highly learned member of the Bar of all persons – would think of uttering such a remark.

Whilst he may have thought that he was only directing his insult to one person, what he said ultimately applied to all Malaysians with disabilities in the country.

In fact it is attitudes like his that causes many handicapped Malaysians to stay locked up at home instead of coming out in our society.     

As one of the organisers of the gathering I remained speechless at the press conference until a TV news reporter prodded me for comment.

All I managed to blurt out was: "If people can't say anything positive about disabled people, then they ought to just keep their mouth shut."

Someone in our group who was paralysed from his neck down asked the media if the lawyer in question would have made such a remark if he or his family members like his children, parents or wife was handicapped? 

We doubted it.

One would have thought that the fact that the prominent disabled lawyer that he had insulted was an able-bodied person until an accident not long ago put him in a wheelchair would serve as a solemn lesson to all Malaysians that any one of us can be disabled at any time.

This is because disability is truly a respecter of nobody. 

Whilst the able-bodied lawyer offered an apology to the disabled lawyer, he didn't do the same for the disabled community.

However, a swift sorry was instead graciously given by the chief of MACC Datuk Abu Kassim Mohamad. This came in a letter the day after.

The action not only proved what a gentleman the latter was, but more importantly that obviously for him insulting the handicapped was certainly not the Malaysian way in treating the disabled.      

An unpleasant visit in the middle of the week to a five-star leading hotel in KL a week earlier ended up with a sumptuous lunch for about ten persons the week after.

I was shocked to find a lack of up-to-date disabled friendly facilities in the hotel when I visited it for a function.

My immediate complaint letter to the public relations department led me to bring a team of disability access experts from the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to conduct an access audit of the building.

We discovered several facilities that were not up to the mark even though the hotel regularly won excellence awards for its services to its patrons.

We found some ramps that were steep, washrooms that needed to be more wheelchair-friendly and the staff in need of training in how to relate to disabled patrons.

Finally I had to rush to Klang several times in the week to answer to the SOS call of dozens of dogs at the Klang dog pound that were said to be in a very bad shape.

The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) came under fire from a couple of animal NGOs that alleged that the council was mistreating the canines.

However, my visit with Selangor's first and only Canine Advisory Team (CAT) under MBPJ together with the Department of Veterinary Services revealed a different picture.

The MPK on its part had done a number of positive changes from what they used to do before. These include starting a pound a year ago and buying a proper van than using a lorry to catch and transport stray dogs. 

Whilst there is presently plenty of work for the MPK to do in improving the condition for the animals under their care, the council staff entrusted to look after the canines needed education – more than anything else – on how to go about doing it.

Measures were taken immediately to improve the situation.

One of the biggest and positive changes is the setting up of a CAT committee under MPK – making the local council to be the second in Selangor to effectively look into canine issues.

CAT held its first meeting at MPK on Thursday.

PET+BLOGSPOT is the official online blog of the Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Our blog which was first established in October 2007 currently has more than 30,000 hits. Kindly take note that views expressed in this blog are not necessarily those of Petpositive.

You may also visit our Webpage by browsing:

Video Aduka Di Mahkamah, Aduka Mengaku Tidak Bersalah

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 04:48 AM PST

Aduka Taruna, atau nama sebenarnya, Khairul Nizam Abd Ghani, 29, seorang penulis blog mengaku tidak bersalah terhadap tuduhan menghina dengan niat untuk menyakiti institusi kesultanan Johor dan rakyat antara jam 7.25 sehingga 9.05 pada 22 Jan.

Khairul Nizam dihadapkan ke Mahkamah Sesyen Seremban hari ini atas tuduhan menghina Almarhum Sultan Johor. Beliau didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu di No.297, Rumah Rakyat Panchor, Paroi, di sini antara 7.25 malam dan 9.05 malam.

Beliau sebelum ini diperintahkan ditahan reman empat hari oleh mahkamah majistret Kota Baharu. Perintah tahanan reman itu berakhir hari ini.

Beliau dituduh mengikut Seksyen 233(1)(A)Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998, yang jika didapati bersalah boleh dikenakan hukuman denda tidak lebih RM50,000 atau penjara tidak lebih setahun atau kedua-duanya.

Mahkamah membenarkannya diikat jamin sebanyak RM5,000 dengan seorang penjamin.

Sebelum itu, Timbalan Pendakwa Raya (DPP) Masri Mohd Daud mencadangkan jaminan sebanyak RM10,000.

Bagaimanapun, hakim Zamri Bakar mengurangkannya sebanyak RM5,000 dengan mempertimbangkan rayuan Khairul Nizam yang akan mengadakan majlis persandingan esok.

Pengantin yang baru sebulan mendirikan rumah tangga itu diwakili peguam Mohd Razlan Jalaludin.

Hakim juga memerintahkan passport antarabangsa Khairul Nizam diserahkan kepada mahkamah.

Khairul Nizam kelihatan tenang sepanjang prosiding tersebut. Isterinya turut hadir di mahkamah.

Pemuda itu sebelum ini menyerah diri ibu pejabat polis daerah (IPD) Kota Bharu.

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What Your Teacher Didn’t Tell You!

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 05:12 AM PST

This book is a collection of lectures about Malay history. It is written by Dr. Farish A Noor, a Senior Fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He has been a radio essayist for BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service; travels widely to do field research; collects antiques as his hobby and has a waistline that has not expanded since the age of 19.  

Among the contents of the book is the transcultural origins of the keris and how it was turned into an Ethno-Nationalist Marker, Four thousand years of feudal politics from Majapahit to Putrajaya, The construction of race politics from colonial era to the present, revisiting the sexuality in Southeast Asia in the Hikayat Panji Semirang, and the most interesting of all, Hang Tuah the pacifist.

On the whole, this book is a fascinating read. Trust me, local history has never been more interesting.  The book triggers your brain into being critical of what we perceive, reveals shocking secrets of our ancestors, and visits the unconventional history which ours teachers never told us about, the book is written in simple language and punched with some cynicism and a dash of sarcasm, but never the less containing academic vigor that one would expect from a university course. It looks at our history in the context of the present day, making it pertinent and contemporary. It forces us to question years of indoctrination about just who we are and why we are the way we are.

My personal favourite in the book is Hang Tuah the Pacifist. It unveils the second half of the Hikayat Hang Tuah which is rarely spoken of. In the first half of the hikayat we encounter the Tuah whom most Malaysians are familiar with: the warrior in service of his king, who does the bidding of his ruler with no questions asked and his epic duel against Jebat. Now the second half of Hikayat Hang Tuah depicts Tuah as the emissary of Melaka to foreign lands.  For example his visit to Indian Empire of Bijaya Nagaram where he conversed in the (no offence intended) Keling tounge with the Nagaram King.

Maka titah Kisna Rayan: "Hai Laksamana, kau ini Peranakan apa?"

Maka sembah Laksamana, "ya tuanku shah alam, patek ini peranakan Melayu, tapi patek dari kechil-kechil ke Majapahit, maka patek berlajar mengaji bahasa Keling dari pada sa-orang Lebai; maka oleh itu patek mengerti sedikit bahasa Keling itu".

Impressed by Tuah's linguistic skills and open character, the Nagaram ruler warmed up to the Melakan ambassador immediately, treating him as a member of the royal household in Bijaya Nagaram. He was later appointed as the Nagaram ambassador to China. The book elaborates the tale of how Tuah got a glimpse of the Chinese Emperor by asking for sit fried uncut Kankong for his meal. The Chinese bentara's were just about to behead our hero noticing his cunning ingenuity, when the emperor intervened:

Maka titah raja: "Hai, bentara aku, jangan ia engkau penggal. Ia-lah seorang bijaksana yang ingin membuat kebaikan pada tuan-nya; sukar menchari hamba dan hulubalang saperti Laksamana ini.

. The book continues to unveil the encounter of Tuah and the seven Samurai's of Ayudhaya (Siam), Tuah's pilgrimage to Arabia, his encounter with the Turkish Sultan and his near death experience which affected him deeply. In the second part of the Hikayat, Tuah's character serves as a narrative vehicle for the exploration of selfhood and identity. Its remarkable to read how Tuah was able to stand outside his ethnic, religious and political frontiers and understand cultural practices and norms that were not his own. In the end Tuah was not just a Malay, he became a wise man who forsakes power for wisdom and enlightenment. He became a free man, his own man, a conscious rational agent who is independent and liberated. The book portrays the Hikayat as a call upon us to accept and celebrate difference and alterity instead, and to step out of ourselves to recognize the other within.

Reading this book has challenged me to think more critically, it has inspired me to deconstruct and analyze matters from a neutral point of view, to continue learning, to further appreciate the fineness of our culture of our past and our future. It has taught me to understand how perception is built, how facts are manipulated, how truth always prevails, and how moral is more then just a code of conduct. It has taught me to research beyond what meets the eye, beyond what perception paints, to be prudent in my course and to think beyond the obvious. I think all this values has assisted me not only in my course of work, but life as a whole, and I would like to share this experience with all of you here.

I recommend this book to those who are interested in understanding our past, our present and building our future, for those who have a taste for the naked truth, for those who enjoy academic arguments, for those who have always had that little something for their history teachers. Finally before I end my review I would like to quote Professor Dr Azmi Sharom's preface to the book.

Academic freedom is a prerequisite of academic excellence. In the words of Chief Justice Earl Warren in the case of Sweezy v New Hampshire (1957):

To impose any straightjacket upon the intellectual leaders in our colleges abd universities would imperil the future of the nation. No field of education is so thoroughly comprehended by man that new discoveries cannot yet be made. Particularly is that true in the social sciences where few, if any, principles are accepted as absolute.

Avatar plagiarised Avtaar?

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 12:10 AM PST

This is ridiculously funny. don't know how the comparisons of scenes can be made that way, but I sure hell give them credits for being so observant.I think I also can give a few examples of English and Chinese movies that have the similar scenes!Maybe I should alert them too, to go file a court

Tindakan Bebal & Zalim Jawatankuasa Disiplin PAS

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 03:52 AM PST

Jawatankuasa disiplin PAS menggantung Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad daripada jawatan partinya selama enam bulan berkuatkuasa hari ini.

Pengerusi jawatankuasa berkenaan, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man berkata ahli EXCO kerajaan Negeri Datuk Hassan Ali pula diberi amaran bertulis.

Khalid didapati bersalah kerana mendedahkan maklumat sulit parti dan mengkritik Hasan.

Khalid digantung daripada menjadi Yang diPertua PAS Shah Alam dan anggota biro politik parti.

Dr Hasan juga didapati bersalah mengkritik prosedur tatacara pendengaran Selcat dan pelantikan pengurus besar PKNS, Liow Siew Moi.

Kedua-dua mereka dilarang membuat kenyataan yang menjejaskan PAS dan Pakatan Rakyat.

Ulasan GB

Seperti yang GB ulaskan sebelum ini bukan sahaja keputusan itu boleh dicabar, malah kesahihan keseluruhan Jaawatankuasa Disiplin itu boleh dicabar.

Pembentukan Jawatankuasa Disiplin tidak mengikut kehendak Perlembagaan Parti.

Juga, Jawatankuasa yang dibentuk juga lansung tidak menunjukkan integriti apabila Ketua Jawatankuasa Disiplinnya sentiasa menunjukkan siap bias di dalam kenyataan-kenyataannya.

Kesan kesalahan Khalid adalah di dalam lingkungan parti kerana mendedahkan minit mesyuarat parti sedangkan kesan keslaahan Hassan Ali lebih besar, ia menyentuh rakan-rakan Pakatan Rakyat, kerana mengkritik SELCAT.

Tetapi J/K Perwakilan yang bias menyebabkan keputusan menjadi apa yang ada pada hari ini.

Saya yakin keputusan J/K Disiplin itu ditentang oleh majoriti ahli PAS seluruh negara, bukan sekadar di Shah Alam.

Kita juga mencabar ahli-ahli Jawatankuasa Disiplin membuktikan bahawa perlantikan mereka di Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti adalah sah. Kita juga ingin tahu Perlembagaan PAS mana yang mereka gunakan, atau sekadar menggunakan "deraf" Perlembagaan yang belum diluluskan oleh Muktamar dan ROS?

PAS boleh diheret ke Mahkamah lantarannya.

This Thaipusam, NEVER forget !!!!!!!

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 05:10 AM PST

On the 27th November 2007, Indians, who make up less than 10 percent of the population of about 25 million and are disproportionately poor, led a protest march through Kuala Lumpur, the first large-scale ethnically motivated street demonstration in almost four decades. . After so many years, finally a PM is coming to Batu Caves. Guess what? He has realized the only way to get tiny drop of goodwill for a few Indian votes is by attending this function. But unfortunately he is wrong. The day when the FRU shot tear gas gun into the Batu Caves temple compound on the 26th November, 2007, that was the day the UMNO (BN) government dug themselves into a deep pit of shit. Probably Najib will throw a scrap or two, to buy the Indian votes. He should continue dreaming, only to wake up to see his 1Malaysia in tatters. The Police disrupt S'gor gov't Thaipusam function, to score points with Jibby.

At the function, Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim (right) will hand out RM1 million to Tamil schools and Hindu temples. "The Gombak OCPD (Abdul Rahim Abdullah) and other top police officers came at 6.30pm and told us it was for safety reasons," said program coordinator and Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) councilor, George Gunaraj. Najib wants to do a public relations exercise with the biggest losers in the current system, who happen to be Indians, who, according to government statistics, make up 9 percent of the labor force but hold 16 percent of menial jobs and control just 1.2 percent of equity in registered companies in the country.Indians are not aided by the affirmative action program, because it is based on ethnicity, not need.

Look at the slides when the Polices teargas the Indians inside the temple. Need high speed connection.

Indian support for the government is the worst it's ever been in the country's history,it's profound. Indians have traditionally supported the government the highest. With Chinese voters also angry at the government - mainly over its handling of the economy and educational issues. Underpinning the anger of the Chinese and Indians is an affirmative action program in place for 37 years that favors Malays and other smaller indigenous ethnic groups collectively known as bumiputra, literally "sons of the soil." Bumiputra make up 60 percent of the population but have 87 percent of government jobs. They receive discounts of 5 to 10 percent on new homes and have a reserved quota of 30 percent of any newly listed company on the stock market. Newspapers are filled with notices of government construction contracts exclusively reserved for companies controlled by bumiputra.

"It's completely unacceptable that you cannot get awarded a contract just because of the color of your skin," said Lim Guan Eng, now the Chief Minister of Penang a member of the Democratic Action Party, the leading opposition party in Parliament. "That grates tremendously. We are treated as though we are third- or fourth-class citizens." Lim points out that the father of Mohamed Khir Toyo, the former chief minister of Selangor State and currently an unemployed dentist, came from Indonesia. Yet his son is considered a bumiputra, while an ethnic Chinese person whose family has lived in Malaysia for centuries would still not qualify as indigenous.

More than economic issues, said Santiago of the Group of Concerned Citizens, Indians were infuriated by the highly publicized case of a Malaysian soldier, Maniam Moorthy, who died in 2005 and whose body was claimed by the Islamic authorities for Muslim burial. The authorities claimed that Moorthy, who was born a Hindu, converted to Islam months before his death. Moorthy's wife, Kaliammal Sinnasamy, sued in a civil court to obtain the body, but the court ruled that it had no jurisdiction because the matter had already been decided in an Islamic court. A ruling on Kaliammal's appeal has been postponed indefinitely.

The case, one of at least a dozen similar ethno-religious disputes reported recently in Malaysian newspapers, became a cause célèbre among Indians. "You can push us, you can cheat us, you can discriminate against us, but you can't tell us that we're not Hindus after we are dead," Santiago said.

When did Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei became gods?

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 01:32 AM PST

Both of you have not right to call your enemy the enemy of god.

We used to hear numerous tyrant governments labelling the freedom fighters and even opposition party leaders as enemy of state to annihilate them.

Oh I see, your country's name is Islamic Republic of Iran. So Iran is the country governmed by God. So the persons against the government are automactically called the enemy of Allah. What a rubbish idea? Think from other side, you are killing the two men that Allah created. If unfairly killed even one person, the sin is like the killing of the whole world's humans. I will give the reference later, now my patient is waiting to see me.

1. The Right to LifeThe first and the foremost basic right is the right to live and respect human life.

The Holy Quran lays down:

  1. Whosoever kills a human being without (any reason like) man slaughter, or corruption on earth, it is as though he had killed all mankind … (5:32)
  2. As far as the question of punishment for crimes, it must be decided only by a proper and competent court of law.
  3. If anyone has murdered a human being, it is as if he has slain the entire human race.

These instructions have been repeated in the Holy Quran in another place saying:

  1. Do not kill a soul which Allah has made sacred except through the due process of law … (6:151)
  2. The Prophet, may God's blessings be on him, has declared homicide as the greatest sin only next to polytheism.

Now I know clearly why the secular states are the best for the people's welfare, including Muslims'.

The doctrine of separation of Church and the State is quite good and effective but the catch point is that even some leaders of the so called advanced secular democratic countries could not separate their religion in their heart and the basic fundamental of democracy, "protecting the minorities from the tyranny of the majority" in their brain.

Just see the Dutch Minaret, French burqa ban and US leaders' Islamophobias.

Please read the article in Malaysiakini – - -"Iran hangs first two post-election 'rioters'"

Iran hanged two men convicted of being Mohareb (enemies of God), in the first executions of dissidents since protests over the disputed presidential poll in June, news reports said.

The hangings drew a strong condemnation from the United States and Britain and were also criticised by Amnesty International.

NONE"Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani (left) and Arash Rahmani Pour, whose cases were confirmed by a Tehran appeals court, were hanged on Thursday morning," ISNA news agency said, quoting the Tehran prosecutor's office.

The pair were also charged with plotting to topple the Islamic regime, ISNA added.

Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi confirmed the hanging to state-run television.

The two men hanged "belonged to the monarchist group 'Tondar' (the Kingdom Assembly of Iran). During their trials they confessed to obtaining explosives and planning to assassinate officials," he said.

"They objected to the preliminary sentencing, but the appeals court upheld the verdict and they were hanged today," Dolatabadi added.

They were the first reported hangings of people tried after the wave of protest that broke out following the re-election last June 12 of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a second four-year term.

'Will further isolate Iran'

In Tampa, Florida, deputy White House spokesman Bill Burton "strongly" condemned the executions, saying they marked a new low in Tehran's "ruthless crackdown" on peaceful dissent.

"Murdering political prisoners who are exercising their universal rights will not bring the respect and legitimacy the Islamic Republic seeks," he said aboard Air Force One.

"It will only serve to further isolate Iran's government in the world and from its people."

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he was "appalled" by the hangings, declaring: "The trials and now these subsequent executions undermine Iran's claimed commitment to justice, human rights and democratic values."

Amnesty International condemned the hangings, saying "these shocking executions show that the Iranian authorities will stop at nothing to stamp out the peaceful protests that persist since the election.

"These men were first unfairly convicted and now they have been unjustly killed. It is not even clear they had links to this group as their 'confessions' appear to have been made under duress," a statement added.

'Show trial'

Zamani was among scores of people arrested in the mass demonstrations after the election, but Rahmani Pour's lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh, denied her client had anything to do with the post-poll riots.

"He was arrested in Farvardin (the Iranian month covering March-April) before the election and charged with cooperation with the Kingdom Assembly," Sotoudeh told AFP.

NONESotoudeh said she had been prevented from representing Rahmani Pour at what she called his "show trial" in July, and added that many of the charges related to when he was a minor.

"He confessed because of threats against his family," she said, adding that she was shocked at the news of the executions because both she and her client's family had been waiting for word from the appeals court.

The prosecutor's office said nine other detained protesters have been condemned to death after facing charges of being Mohareb, trying to topple the regime and belonging to the outlawed main opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, and the Kingdom Assembly.

Dolatabadi said that out of the nine, "five were arrested on Ashura… they have been tried in two sessions, and they are now waiting for their final verdicts from the appeals court."

Massive crackdown

Official figures show that more than 1,000 protesters were arrested in the most recent wave of opposition demonstrations on December 27 during the Shiite mourning rituals of Ashura.

NONE"The other four were arrested before the Ashura incidents. They are also awaiting the verdict of the appeals court," Dolatabadi said.

The authorities in Iran arrested an estimated 4,000 people including journalists and reformist politicians in a massive crackdown in the weeks following the presidential election.

Stiff jail terms have been handed down to several people convicted of taking part in the unrest, although some have been released on bail pending possible appeals.

According to officials, 36 people were killed during the riots last June, but the opposition puts the toll at 72. The Ashura unrest a month ago resulted in eight deaths and hundreds more people wounded across Iran.

The latest hangings bring to at least 12 the number of people executed in Iran so far in 2010, according to an AFP count based on news reports. Last year at least 270 people were hanged.


UPM’s Globilization of Malaysians Faculty

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