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satu lagi projek baziran nasional (BN)

satu lagi projek baziran nasional (BN)

satu lagi projek baziran nasional (BN)

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 09:39 AM PST

(translated: another  national waste project)

the new istana negara at jalan duta!

on my return trip from selangau, sarawak, i stayed over at sharon's and in the morning she bought me to the new istana construction site and i took several pictures of the site… from a far, the opposite side. luckily i have my new olympus 26x zoom camera, where i can take close up pictures though i'm far away (all the pictures were taken standing at the same distance). of course we dare not stand too close to take pictures as the workers will wonder who we were spying on them, so the best thing to do was to stand opposite the construction site.

another picture showing a wider view.

i wonder how many of you remember this project which was announced in as far back as 2006? and scheduled to complete in 2009! but look at it now – 2010 – it's not even half complete, i think. i was told by sharon that the site of this new istana was suppose to be a park but now they had turned it into a very expensive exclusive project.  there is already an istana in jalan istana, sg besi, why the need for another one?

i believe when the project was announced, there were a lot of controversy eg no high cost of the project, no open tender, contract awarded to small, unknown company.  also, according to this blog, this new istana project is that will cost as high as RM1 billion is not what the king wanted but the project is for certain parties with hidden agenda to profit using the royalty's name.

Kos pembinaan Istana Negara baru di Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur,yang menelan belanja RM 1 billion disifatkan sebagai bukan atas kemahuan Yang Dipertuan Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin tetapi disebabkan oleh pihak berkepentingan yang mempunyai agenda tertentu untuk mengaut untung yang lebih dengan menggunakan nama institusi raja-raja.

if you want to learn more about the project, you can visit maverick's blog or the malaysianjustice blog or the star.  you can also do aa google search on 'istana negara baru' and you'll see many blogs and websites talking about it.

who was the contractor who got this project? see here, the signboard… maya maju.

to know more about maya karin, again go to maverick's blog (or again do a google search).

i understand that originally this site where the istana negara baru was constructed was meant to be a public park.  with KL being turned into such a concrete jungle, don't you think a park would be much better? a place for the busy, stressed out KLites to relax after a hard-day's work.  well, a park won't cost that much – that's good news for people like us, tax payers but ahhh… not so good for the BN and their croonies! after all, you know lah, BN is famous for its baziran nasional project.

The 'Supper' Man!

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 07:50 AM PST

I was watching TV this evening, well more like late evening and all of a sudden I had this urge to eat something. More specifically I had cravings for some mee goreng (friend noodles). I normally get cravings like these from time to time.

There is a restaurant nearby but I was too lazy to get up and driver all the way there just to buy a packet of mee goreng to satisfy my cravings. When I have cravings like these I expect the food to magically appear in front of me.

It was exactly at this precise moment when I begin to wonder what happened to the old mee goreng seller that used to ride along on this motorcycle with a side car that had this mobile stove with his ingredients to fry the mee goreng for you right smack in front of your house.

I remember back in my youth, which by the way was a very long time ago, we had this guy who would drive along our road at nights with his mobile mee goreng stall, honking his horn and offering his mee goreng frying services to hungry people like me in need of some supper.

I was a a glutton back then and would be perpetually hungry even after having a hearty dinner. Whenever I heard his honking in the distance, my face would instantly light up and I'd run into  the kitchen and grab a big plate and rush outside to stop the fellow and get him to whip up a healthy serving of fried noodles.

Back then people were more environmentally friend and would bring their own plates for him to dish out the noodled into frying them right there in front of your doorstep. I can still remember standing there waiting eagerly and watching him fry the noodles. The air would be smoke filled with the lovely scent of friend noodles being fried and I'd always ask him to add more pork lard or more onions, etc, etc ... I was never satisfied with just the regular menu he had.

I wasn't the only one, most of the neighbours would be stopping him as he passes along their houses and by the time he finished with our road the entire stretch would smell of fried noodles in the air. Back then people tended to stay home more and the restaurants came to you instead of the other way round.

The fried noodle man wasn't the only mobile food fellow around. There would be the pau (dumpling) man also with a motorbike and sidecar and the chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) man who would also make their rounds nightly. And they would always turn up without fail which would assure you of some late supper coming right to your doorstep should you be in the mood.

But these mobile door to door 'supper' men are a thing of the past. I don't see them anymore these days. In fact these days even the 'roti' (bread) man is a thing of the past. If I get the cravings for some supper now, I'd have to dress up, drive out to some restaurant or roadside stall to satisfy my need which is something I'm too lazy to do.

Call me old school but I sure do miss the old mobile 'supper' men where all you did was wait longingly outside your gate holding on to your biggest plate listening for that distant honking. In fact I'm in need of some sinfully mouth watering mee goreng right this very minute. I can even hear my stomach growl!

Wait, do I hear a honking in the distance? But alas, it's only my childhood imagination playing tricks on me. I guess I'm going to have to settle for a slice of bread with butter to stop that growl I hear coming from my tummy. No character and how boring!

Oh, how I long for the old days ...

Cari Makan @ Penang: Sg Tiram Food Court

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:00 AM PST

Last year before Xmas, I went to Penang with my parent... My uncle bought us to this food court near the Bayan Lepas International Airport. What so special about this food court? This food court actually served variety of Penang hawker food... from O-Jian (Oyster omelet to all kinds of fried noodles to Rojak (mix fruits) etc... anyway their specialty is the Char Tuak Ban (fried Broad rice noodles).

BBQ squid with Sambal

My uncle has ordered two types of Char Tuak Ban... one is dry and the other one is wet... hmmm... which one is better? Actually both also taste good.

Char Tuak Ban (wet)

Char Tuak Ban (Dry)

Fry Noodles with Fish head

Since i was not full yet, my cousin has order me another specialty which is the Fry noodles with Fish Head. This was the first time i had fish noodles fried. Usually we would have fish noodles in the soup. It taste a bit like Mee Goreng mamak...

Anyway, I enjoyed so much on all the food that my uncle and cousins ordered... YummY~

Summary Rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 2/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 1/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 3/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 4.5/5
Overall rating : 2.6 / 5

Tol Bakal Naik Lagi?

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:42 AM PST

Menurut laporan kajian Maybank investment bank, terdapat 10 lebuh raya dalam negara yang akan dikaji semula harga tol-nya pada Januari tahun ini. Menurut kontrak konsesi lebuh raya, lapan lebuh raya sepatutnya menaikkan harga pada tahun 2009, tetapi ditangguhkan selama setahun.

Menurut jadual waktu, kadar tol lapan lebuh raya berikut akan dikaji semula pada Januari tahun ini, iaitu NKVE, Federal Highway R2, Kajang Ring Road, SPRINT, NPE, Besraya, Penang Bridge dan Ampang Elevated.

Selain itu, dua lebuh raya yang ditangguhkan kenaikan tolnya pada tahun 2008 dan 2009, dengan pampasan oleh kerajaan, iaitu PLUS' North South Expressway dan East Coast Expressway 1, juga dijangka akan dikaji semula kadar tolnya pada tahun ini.

Antaranya, PLUS' North South Expressway yang dijangka menaikkan kadar tol sebanyak 10% pada tahun 2008, telah ditangguhkan selama dua tahun, dengan pampasan daripada kerajaan sebanyak RM375juta (telah dibayar RM278juta). Di samping itu, East Coast Expressway 1 juga dibenarkan menaikkan tol pada kadar 10% tahun 2009 menurut perjanjian, tetapi ditangguhkan buat setahun.

Menurut laporan kajian bank pelaburan tersebut, hasil kaji semula kadar tol sepatutnya dihabiskan pada Disember tahun lalu, dan dijangka akan dibincangkan dalam mesyuarat kabinet seterusnya. Oleh kerana kadar tol isu yang "sensitif", yang perlu dikendalikan kerajaan secara berhati-hati, maka hasilnya diramalkan akan diumumkan pada akhir Januari atau awal Februari, tahun ini.

Seandainya kerajaan menyerap "penambahan" kadar tol tersebut, maka kerajaan perlu mencari keseimbangan, antara kesan kenaikan tol kepada ekonomi secara keseluruhannya, dengan mengurangkan subsidi untuk meringankan tekanan defisit (perbelanjaan melebihi pendapatan).

Kenaikan tol ringankan beban kerajaan

Kerajaan persekutuan terpaksa mengemukakan pakej ransangan ekonomi sebanyak RM67 bilion untuk berdepan dengan krisis ekonomi global. Lantaran itu, defisit belanjawan negara kita melonjak ke 7.4%, paras tertinggi dalam tempoh 22 tahun kebelakangan.

Kerajaan Najib telah menyatakan niatnya untuk menurunkan paras defisit kepada 5.6% dalam Belanjawan 2010, dengan keutamaannya untuk mengurangkan kos operasi dan subsidi. Penganalisis OSK Research meramalkan bahawa kerajaan akan memilih untuk menaikkan kadar tol, sebagai langkah mengurangkan defisit, berasaskan keputusan mengurangkan subsidi gula baru-baru ini.

Seorang lagi penganalisis menyetujui pandangan ini, menganggap kerajaan mungkin memilih "biar sakit sekaligus"-iaitu mengangguk kepada kenaikan harga tol, agar meringankan beban subsidi kerajaan dalam isu tol sewenang-wenangnya.

Sememangnya, kenaikan tol adalah satu dasar yang tidak popular dalam politik, terutamanya untuk parti pemerintah, Barisan Nasional. Kerajaan Persekutuan mungkin memilih untuk melanjutkan tempoh kontrak, sebagai syarat tidak menaikkan harga tol, atau membayar subsidi kepada syarikat konsesi, sebagai syarat mengekalkan keadaan asal, malah menurunkan kadar tol.
Bagaimanapun, syarikat konsesi akan terlindung di bawah perjanjian yang berat sebelah, walau apa pun keputusan. Syarikat konsesi kekal sebagai pihak yang mengaut untung bersih. Kerajaan persekutuan pula perlu berdepan dengan dilema, antara mengorbankan rakyat atau mengorbankan dirinya.

Seandainya kerajaan memilih untuk mengekalkan kadar tol dengan bayaran pampasan (daripada kerajaan), maka kerajaan perlu menanggung beban subsidi yang berat. Sekiranya diambil contoh PLUS' North South Expressway, kerajaan telah membayar pampasan sejumlah RM2.8370 bilion, bersamaan puratanya RM1.4185 bilion setiap tiga tahun. Seandainya dikira berdasarkan skala ini, dari tahun 2010 hingga 2038 (tamatnya tempoh kontrak konsesi), kerajaan perlu membayar pampasan sekurang-kurangnya RM13.71217 bilion kepada PLUS.

Namun, seandainya kerajaan memilih untuk mengorbankan rakyat, memberi lampu hijau kepada kenaikan tol, maka akan menjurus kepada peningkatan kadar inflasi dan menghakis daya beli pengguna, dan mengurangkan pendapatan boleh guna rakyat.

Perlu diingatkan, punca utama kenaikan kadar tol bukannya berasal dari peningkatan kos atau tekanan inflasi, sebaliknya berasaskan haknya untuk menaikkan kadar tol setiap tiga tahun, sebagaimana yang termaktub dalam perjanjian. Syarikat konsesi tetap untung walaupun tidak dikira pampasan yang dibayar. Misalnya, untung selepas cukai syarikat PLUS pada tahun 2008 ialah RM1 bilion, setelah ditolak wang pampasan, masih meraih untung bersih sejumlah RM270 juta.

Pada hakikatnya, kewujudan perjanjian syarikat konsesi adalah salah satu punca inflasi. Kadar tol lebuh raya hanya mencakupi 0.86% dalam CPI (Consumer Price Index), yang menjadi kayu ukur inflasi. Seandainya dilihat dari angka, jelas kesan tol terhadap inflasi adalah lebih rendah berbanding makanan dan bahan api.

Namun, kenaikan kadar tol akan memberi kesan kepada kos pengangkutan, yang sememangnya akan membawa kesan rantaian. Peningkatan kos akan menimpa perkhidmatan penghantaran dan pengangkutan awam. Secara umumnya, pengusaha pengangkutan akan memindah kos tersebut kepada pengguna. Jadi, kita tetap gagal mengelakkan diri daripada kesannya walaupun bukan pengguna lebuh raya.

Rakyat yang baru melalui kenaikan harga gula dan roti kini berkemungkinan besar berdepan dengan kenaikan harga minyak dan kadar tol, malah Cukai Barangan dan Perkhidmatan (GST, Goods and Services Tax) yang bakal diperkenalkan. Tekanan inflasi semakin memberat. Seandainya tiada jaring pengaman sosial (social safety net), atau pendapatan gagal mengejar rentak inflasi, maka rakyat mungkin terjerat dalam bingkai "working poor", meskipun survive dalam zaman inflasi tinggi ini. -MR

The Possibility Of ETs More Likely Now - bbc online

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:00 AM PST

Astronomers hopeful of detecting extra-terrestrial life

By Pallab Ghosh
Science correspondent, BBC News

Roswell incident
The possibility of alien life has provoked excitement for centuries
The chance of discovering life on other worlds is greater than ever, according to Britain's leading astronomer.
Lord Rees, the president of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal, said such a discovery would be a moment which would change humanity.
It would change our view of ourselves and our place in the cosmos, he said.
His comments come as scientists gather in London for an international conference to discuss the prospect of discovering extra-terrestrial life.
Scientists have been scanning the skies for radio broadcasts from intelligent life for 50 years, and so far they have only heard static.
But the chances of discovering life now were better than ever, Lord Rees said.
I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms that we can't conceive
Lord Rees, Royal Society president

He said: "Technology has advanced so that for the very first time we can actually have the realistic hope of detecting planets no bigger than the earth orbiting other stars.
"(We'll be able to learn) whether they have continents and oceans, learning what type of atmosphere they have.
"Although it is a long shot to be able to learn more about any life of them, then it's tremendous progress to be able to get some sort of image of another planet, rather like the earth orbiting another star."
The recent deployment of space telescopes capable of detecting earth-like planets around distant stars now make it possible to focus the search.
"Were we to find life, even the simplest life, elsewhere that would clearly be one of the great discoveries of the 21st Century.
"I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms that we can't conceive.
"And there could, of course, be forms of intelligence beyond human capacity, beyond as much as we are beyond a chimpanzee," he added.

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Umno, tajaan PDRM? PDRM, sponsor of Umno?

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 07:44 AM PST

@ YB Hannah Yeoh's blog:
I was in Melaka for Christmas. This banner caught my attention. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the sponsors and their logos for this particular UMNO event. Polis Diraja Malaysia (PRDM) supposedly an impartial institution, was a sponsor for this particular ruling political party. We see for ourselves the political patronage system employed by UMNO-BN here. The federal government sets aside budget for the police force, and in turn, the police force returns the money/resources back to UMNO via sponsorship such as these. How will PDRM claim to be apolitical?

Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: One Eye, Two Guns, Three Tunes & Twenty-five Cents

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:08 AM PST

My great-grandfather, John Rory MacLeod, was born on the 9th of March 1887 in Glencoe, a small Gaelic-speaking community on River Denys Mountain (there are several distinct places up there associated with my family, such as Glencoe Mills and Upper Southwest Mabou, but my grandfather always refers to them collectively as Glencoe), on the island of Cape Breton. The island had seen several waves of immigrants over the years, mostly Scots. But in the early 20th century, long after the last ships full of Highland settlers had arrived on its shores, Cape Breton began to see more and more outmigration, as men from the island went off in search of work elsewhere.

Some only went as far as the island's industrial western edge, to work at the newly-built steel mill or in the coal mines. Some went down to what they called "the Boston states". Others went to work as lumbermen in New Brunswick. Many went further west to Ontario, a province whose mines and factories would claim the lives of two of John R's brothers in 1928: John Mor (who died in Windsor) and Duncan (who died in Timmins). John R worked in many of those places, from New Brunswick's forests to Ontario's mines. He even ventured up into the Yukon, where he worked in mines and searched for gold. The great Klondike gold rush had long since ended, but there was still gold to be found and fortunes to be made, and the Yukon was still a very rough-and-tumble place. According to my grandfather, John R carried a revolver on each hip during his time up north.

Fortune eluded John R, however, and he returned to Cape Breton, where on 12 April 1915 he married Mary Gillis, daughter of farmers Archibald and Mary Ann Gillis of Grand Mira. John R and Mary began having children and John R did his best to make a living. He briefly worked as a fireman, but he was fired when his superiors learned he was blind in one eye. I'm not sure if he was born that way, or if he was injured during his time working away from the island. I suppose the reason didn't matter at the time. John R was out of a job. Lucky for him, the Dominion Iron and Steel Company was always looking for labourers.

Life had more tests for John R, though. Only a few years into his marriage, his wife Mary died of cancer. He soon married again, this time to Susan Powell, from the small island of Fogo, Newfoundland, daughter of Eliza Leyte and a fishing boat captain named Nathaniel Powell. John R and Susan welcomed their first child together on 22 November 1927 in the house they lived in on Townsend Street. It was a boy; they named him Duncan.

John Rory MacLeod
John Rory MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod, my grandfather, has happy memories of his father. He told me he had to read the Saturday morning paper to his father because John R was illiterate. Duncan — Papa — would even read the little speech balloons as he and his father looked at the comics. Papa told me his father had a fiddle and claimed to know three tunes, though he only ever played one, Red Wing (here's a video of someone playing that tune).

Something else Papa remembers about John R is that he and Susan never fought, never argued at all. Papa only ever saw his mother get angry at his father once. It was just after a blizzard, and John R left the house to make the long, difficult walk to the steel plant to shovel snow. He'd been gone a long time but suddenly reappeared at the door. When Susan asked him what he was doing home, he said he'd got halfway to work when a drunk asked him for money; he didn't have any so he'd come home to get a quarter. That was the only time Duncan MacLeod ever saw his mother get angry at his father.

John R and Susan had several more children and, though every extra mouth to feed meant life would be more difficult, they were happy. But on the 2nd of June, 1937, all that came to an end. John R was walking home from work when a truck carrying a full load of hot slag (the stuff left over when coal is burnt) lost control and crashed, dumping its contents right on top of him. He suffered horrific burns; so horrific, in fact, that while he was still alive when Susan got to the hospital, she was prevented from looking behind the curtain. John Rory MacLeod died in the hospital that very day. He was 50 years old.

Life was hard while John R was alive; now that he was gone, Susan and her children were about to find out just how hard it could be. But that's a story for another day.

Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod is a series of posts on my MacLeod ancestors. Some are based on information I dug up myself but most are stories told to me by my grandfather, Duncan MacLeod. Here are the other posts in the series:

Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: The Swans of Eigg
Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: The Gardener's Crossing
Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: Duncan's Kilt
Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: Crooked-Neck MacLean

Malaysiakini new Chief Editor

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 08:18 AM PST

Malaysiakini, the country's premier online news website, today named Fathi Aris Omar as its chief editor.

NONEFathi, 41, will replace K Kabilan, who is leaving Malaysiakini to pursue further studies.

Kabilan, 41, who joined Malaysiakini in 2000, took on the chief editor's post four years ago, at a time when the country was undergoing tremendous changes.

"I have had a wonderful 10 years in Malaysiakini and it is time now to move on to face other challenges, including taking some time off for studies," he said.

"I am sure Fathi and the new team will ensure that Malaysiakini continues to remain the market leader."

Malaysiakini editor-in-chief and co-founder Steven Gan described the choice of Fathi to helm the nation's leading news website as a "natural one".

"Fathi was one of Malaysiakini's original team of editors. He will lead the Malaysiakini team as we move into our second decade and I look forward to working with him in further consolidating Malaysiakini's mission."

NONEFathi joined Malaysiakini as Bahasa Malaysia Desk news editor 10 years ago.

In 2005, he won a Nippon Foundation scholarship to do a one-year research on political Islam in Indonesia.

On returning to Malaysia, he joined the BM section of Star Online. Fathi returned to Malaysiakini two years ago to resume his previous post as news editor.

"Unlike the first few years of our operation, these coming years will be more challenging and interesting. There is more competition as well. Malaysiakini will need to exploit this new 'mediascape' to reach out to as many readers as possible," says Fathi.

Gan also expressed his gratitude to Kabilan for his many years of service in Malaysiakini.

Other changes too

Malaysiakini also announced a number of changes at its various desks.

NONEFormer TV3 news and current affairs executive editor Wee Yu Meng will assume Fathi's vacant post of BM Desk news editor. He will be helping BM Desk editor Nash Rahman in coordinating Malaysiakini's BM website.

Meanwhile, Jimadie Shah Othman has been selected as the new chief reporter for the BM Desk.

Over at the English Desk, Andrew Ong has been promoted from chief reporter to acting assistant news editor while senior journalist Hafiz Yatim will now be the new chief reporter.

The Chinese Language Desk will continue to be helmed by editor Yong Kai Ping and news editor Ng Ling Fong.

Lucky Star brings 1 billion yen to Washimiya town

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 06:25 AM PST

Japanese town of Washimiya estimates that the Lucky Star anime has brought over one billion yen (~ US$11 million) into the local economy after the town's main shrine, the Washinomiya Shrine, was featured in the popular anime in 2007.

Lucky Star Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi figurine at Washinomiya Shrine, Washimiya, Japan

The full economic impact of Lucky Star cannot be determined for certain; but the sales of related goods alone have been pegged at 70 million yen.

Visitors during the New Year's holidays (Japanese would traditionally visit a shrine) increased from 90,000 in 2007 to 450,000 in 2010; that's plenty of tourism money for a small town with less than 40,000 of population. LUCKY star indeed.

[via Animenewsnetwork][image by Hideki][Jp]


Lucky Star brings 1 billion yen to Washimiya town from YeinJee's Asian Blog

In a screwed up state,called Pakistan : Abuse, death of 12-year-old girl highlights plight of Christian domestic workers

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 06:09 AM PST

Qur'an 4:3 permits Muslim men to have sexual relations with captives and slaves, and it is the supposed divine endorsement of the idea that makes it so persistent in Muslim countries -- most notoriously in Saudi Arabia, but not only there. "Lahore: 12-year-old Christian domestic worker killed by Muslim employer," from Asia News, January 25:

Lahore (AsiaNews/Agencies) - A 12-year-old Christian girl died on Friday as a result of physical violence inflicted by her employer, a rich and powerful Muslim lawyer in Lahore. The case has led to protests by the Christian community, which demonstrated before the provincial assembly of Punjab in Lahore. The authorities are trying to appease people and have pledged that justice shall be done. Pakistani President Zardari has also promised to pay compensation to the family.

A Protestant NGO, Sharing Life Ministry Life (SLMP), reported the case of Shazia Bashir, 12, who was employed for the past eight months as a domestic worker in the household of Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem, a lawyer and former president of the Lahore Bar Association.Local Christians say that during that period the girl was the victim of constant harassment, and that she was raped and tortured before she was killed. SLMP chief coordinator Sohail Johnson said the girl worked under constant stress and experienced emotional and psychological trauma. She was also denied the agreed salary (Rs 1,000 or about US$ 12 per month).

Shazia "would get insults whenever she raised the subject of payment," the Christian activist said.Three days before her death, her employer tortured her, he noted. Afterwards, he tried to have her treated at his home without informing the parents of her health situation. In the end, the medical care she did get proved inadequate and she had to go to Lahore's Meo Hospital."Shazia's parents were not allowed to meet her. They did not know what she was going through," said Razia Bibi, the girl's 44-year-old uncle.

Shazia died last Friday from her injuries.Sohail Johnson said that her body showed signs of torture with at least 12 marks of injury. "Shazia was admitted to the hospital with a broken jaw," he said.Initially, Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem's family tried to pay off Shazia's parents with Rs 20,000 (US$ 250) to stop them from filing a case against them. Eventually they fled, but were arrested yesterday under pressure from the federal government.

On Saturday, Christians demonstrated in front of the Punjab Provincial Assembly. The Lahore Bar Association has instead sided with the powerful Muslim lawyer. Local Christians have expressed scepticism about the impartiality and efficacy of the police investigation; however, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that outside interference would not be tolerated and that justice would be done. Sohail Johnson said that 99 per cent of Christian girls from poor families are hired by wealthy Muslims, and are often physically, psychologically and sexually abused. "In some cases, their employers marry them off to Muslim servants, and forcibly convert them to Islam," he said.

"These vulnerable Christian girls do not have any state protection. We urge the government to ensure protection of these disadvantaged girls," the SLMP coordinator said.Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has promised Rs 500,000 (US$ 6,000) in compensation to the girl's family and urged the Punjab government to provide financial help as well. The money is expected to cover the cost of Shazia Bashir's funeral, which is scheduled for today in Lahore. Jihad Watch

Quote from Dr. MamaTeh

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 07:00 AM PST

Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore, soc.culture.malaysia
From: "bob day"

Subject: Re: Quote from Dr. MamaTeh

Can we change direction and instead have a write up about his many loves if
he has any? This ramblings of his is just boring. If that is not possible,
can we have a write up of his wealth here and abroad with hints o how he had
successfully accomplished them. We don't here very much from his much
appreciated botak wife

"Alexx" wrote in message

> Quote from MamaTeh:
> "Often it is misunderstood as a religion of the terrorists but the fact is
> Islam is a very peace and loving religion."

> A religion where cruel punishment like chopping off hands and limbs,
> stoning people to death and beheading is in fact a "very peace and loving
> religion" :):)

Aduka Oh Aduka

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 05:43 AM PST

Kes penulis blog yang didakwa menghina Almarhum Sultan Iskandar ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail kini disiasat oleh Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia, Bukit Aman, kata sumber polis.

Difahamkan penulis berkenaan - dikenali sebagai Aduka Taruna - menyerah diri kira-kira pada jam 4.40 petang tadi di ibu pejabat polis daerah (IPD) Kota Bharu.

Ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini, seorang anggota balai polis Kota Bharu mengesahkan kes tersebut dikendalikan Bukit Aman.

Selepas kemangkatan Sultan Johor Jumaat lalu, Aduka Taruna didakwa menyiarkan artikel di blognya yang didakwa menghina Almarhum.

Tulisan tersebut mencetuskan kemarahan orang ramai. Sekurang-kurangan 25 laporan polis dibuat terhadap penulis blog berkenaan.

Ketua Polis Johor Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff dilaporkan berkata, pihaknya menubuhkan satu pasukan khas bagi menyiasat perkara itu dan seterusnya "mengheret penulis berkenaan ke mahkamah".

Susulan kemarahan itu, Aduka Taruna kelmarin menyiarkan permohonan maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia terhadap keterlanjurannya.

Beliau juga menarik balik artikelnya itu sebagai tanda mengaku salah dan berjanji akan memperbaiki tingkah laku dari masa ke semasa.

Ketika menyerah diri hari ini, Malaysiakini juga difahamkam, Aduka Taruna ditemani beberapa rakan penulis blog daripada negeri itu.

Setakat jam 6.45 petang tadi, masih belum pasti sama ada polis akan memohon perintah reman terhadap penulis berkenaan..

Butiran lain penahanan, termasuk seksyen beliau disiasat setakat ini, juga masih belum jelas. -malaysiakini

Sinopsis Semerah Padi oleh Wikipedia

Dua sahabat akrab, Aduka (P.Ramlee) dan Teruna (Nordin Ahmad) ditugaskan mentadbir kampong Semerah Padi berpandukan aspek-aspek keislaman.

Dara, anak ketua kampong mempunyai hubungan cinta dengan Aduka tetapi ditunangkan kepada Teruna. Dara merahsiakan hubungan mereka supaya tidak durhaka kepada ayahnya dan Aduka, supaya tidak menyakiti sahabat akrabnya.

Negeri dilanda lanun dan Teruna dikerah ketua kampong berkhidmat dengan Sultan. Semerah Padi pula diserang Borek dan kuncu-kuncunya yang menculik Dara. Aduka pergi menyelamatkannya. Cinta membawa kecundang bila nafsu mengatasi segalanya. Aduka dan Dara terlanjur berzina.

Mungkin cerita ini yang membuat perjalanan pulang ku melayang ke filem lama ini. Aku tidak pernah lupa satu cebisan dialog dari satu babak yang aku sendiri pernah lakunkan di pentas sekolah.

Dalam suasana hujan yang sedang lebat, Aduka membuat pengakuan mengenai hubungannya. Taruna berteriak sedih, "Aduka! Aduka! Lupakah kau pada tuhan! Lupakah kau pada ugama Islam!"

Hati ku tidak tenteram. Ramai yang sudah lupa kepada tuhan. Ramai yang lupa pada nilai-nilai keugamanaan. Ramai yang sudah tinggalkan "perjuangan yang belum selesai." Ramai yang berlakun pura-pura. -anotherbrickinwall

Ulasan GB

GB mengambil masa yang panjang untuk menetapkan pendirian mengenai AdukaTaruna (AT).

Memang di satu aspek, GB tidak pernah gembira dengan tatacara penulisan AT. Semenjak beliau menjadi fourmmer TKO. Di ketika itu GB yang bertugas sebagai Pembantu Webmaster sentiasa memantau posting AT yang GB lihat "keterlaluan" sekalipun hujjah-hujjahnya tersusun dan kritikannya berasas.

Benar kata AT, bahawa dahulu, di TKO, GB adalah penyokong paling depan kepada Presiden PAS, TG Haji Abdul Hadi. Itu era pra-UG.

AT menulis:

Hari ini juga lu tgok Greenboc turut kritik Hadi. Dulu, kat TKO, dialah manusia selevel mod PUTRAJAYA dan BOLOQ skang. Pantang isu mempertikaikan Hadi, PAS dan pimpinan, ghaib punya. Dulu nak buat tindakan kat satu2 thread kena letak nombor mod. So, kita boleh tahu siapa yang lakukan dan atas alasan apa.

dan tulisnya lagi
Dulu, masa gua kat TKO, abah lu pernah buat satu thread beb. Pasal isu apa ntah gua lupa la. Tapi yang pasti pasal merajuk. Masa tu dia belum dilantik jadi SU Akhbar kepada Presiden lagi. Dia buat thread kerana merajuk, ingat nak tarik simpati suruh pembaca pujuk, tapi kena belasah dengan gua sebab merajuk.

Yang backing dia masa tu moderator si greenboc. Last2 bila semakin ramai meluat thread tarik simpati dengan dia, dia keluarkan kenyataan nak test market. Ada word test market. Itu gua ingat sampai skang. Bila dia wat kenyataan thread tu just nak test market (market kepala paip dia), dan GB malu2 kucing kerana ter-bermati2an backing sebelum itu, terus dia (GB) ghaibkan thread tersebut.

Presiden berhak untuk mendapat sokongan kerana belum melakukan apa-apa kesalahan prinsip. Tetapi GB tidak pula menafikan hak forummer untuk mengkritik seiapa juga, hatta Presiden PAS kerana perkembangan intelletualisme tidak sepatutnya disekat.

Hanya sanya jika kritikan itu sudah melewati garis akhlak seperti ada unsur makian tanpa batas, maka GB terpaksa bertegas. Kerana itu tanggungjawab. Kerana itu kewajipan. Kerana itu perintah Allah (wa la tab ghau - jangan kamu melampaui batas).

Di era UG, GB sudah tidak dapat bersama lagi dengan Presiden. Kerana bagi GB, perjuangan Islam yang dibawa oleh PAS telah mula ternoda. Telah mula cuba dirosakkan dan telah mula lari dari garis yang telah ditetapkan oleh Perlembagaan PAS sendiri.

GB melakukan kritikan, tetapi malangnya wadah yang ada iaitu TKO semasa itu tidak senang dengan pendirian GB yang menentang Presiden secara terbuka. Kerana bagi mereka tidak ada adab jemaah. GB rela dilucutkan jawatan, ditarik dari menjadi DJ TKOfm yang sentiasa lantang menentang gagasan UG.

Tetapi, ramai yang tidak mengetahui bahawa yang GB tentang ialah pendirin Presiden PAS, yang GB tentang ialah gagasan UG, yang GB tentang ialah kelemahan-kelemahan Presiden PAS yang dilihat menjadikan PAS sebagai jemaah yang mundur dan lemah. GB tidak tentang batang tubuh TGHH, GB tidak tentang ilmu TGHH. GB tidak tentang status ulamak TGHH.

Pun begitu, apa jua tentangan, hendaklah dilakukan dengan ilmu, dengan dalil, dengan fakta. Bukan tentangan semborono. Bukan tentangan yang menggunakan perkataan mencarut, memaki atau mengaibkan peribadi.

Begitulah juga apabila GB menulis kritikan terhadap Timbalan Presiden, Ust Nasharuddin, Naib-naib Presiden, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, Mahfuz dan Salehuddin. GB juga pernah menulis kritikan terhadap Timbalan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Dr Harun Din.

GB juga mengkritik polis, menteri malah tuan-tuan hakim.

Namun sebagai umat Islam, GB sentiasa mesti mempastikan bahawa tulisan kritikan kita mematuhi akhlak Islam.

Ada bezanya akhlak Islam dengan akhlak jemaah. Akhlak Islam adalah tetap dipandu oleh Alquran dan hadith, akhlak jemaah bersesuaian dengan waqi', bersesuaiean dengan masa, bersesuaian dengan keadaan, ia tertakluk kepada angkubah-angkubah jemaah sendiri dan lingkungannya.

Status ulamak sesetengah pimpinan hendaklah dihormati walaupun belaku kritikan terhadap pendirian dan tindakan politiknya.

Malah selepas mengkritik TGHH, GB sentiasa juga masih ke Rusila apabila bertandang ke KT. GB juga selalu menyiarkan artikel pimpinan ulamak yang tidak GB gemari political standing maisng-masing. Kerana didalam Islam, ulamak itu pewaris Nabi - itu hadith Nabi, kena akur, kena patuh.

Namun sayangnya AT tidak memahami kaedah itu. Kritikan tetap diperlukan, terbuka atau tersembunyi. Kerana kritikan itu adalah semakan dan pembetulan terhadap kelemahan dan kekurangan. Tetapi wajib di dalam lingkangan batasan yang ditetapkan oleh Allah dan RasulNya - wa la tabghau - jangan melampaui batas. Jangan hina ulamak kerana ilmu ugamanya.

Sebab utama AT bertindak sedemikian ialah beliau bukan ahli jemaah. Beliau tidak pula mempunyai asas ilmu keagamaan yang baik. Apatah lagi umurnya masih muda belia. Beliau menggunakan passprot "free-lancer" untuk melakukan kritikan liar sehingga terbabas menggunakan kaedah-kaedah di luar norma hidup orang beragama. Itu jelas satu kesalahan serius.

AT wajar dididik. AT wajar diberi peluang untuk memperbaiki diri. AT pula wajar menerima teguran dan nasihat. AT wajar "dimandikan limau, bunga dan air tujuh masjid" untuk menghapuskan segala aura kotor (dirty energy) yang menjadi "sial" yang menetap di dalam dirinya. Jika boleh, AT perlu mengadap ke istana Johor memohon maaf kepada Sultan Johor yang baru ditabalkan diatas keterlanjuran dan perangai "budak baru nak hidupnya" mengeluarkan perkataan yang tak sepatutnya dikeluarkan terhadap al-marhum ayahanda Sultan Johor. Terpulang kepada baginda, apa hukuman yang perlu dikenakan.

Bagi GB, hal ini kecil, dan AT perlu menutup blognya sementara waktu supaya sebelum ia dapat kembali semula dengan AT yang baru. PAS perlu memimpin AT menjadi ahli yang baik, bukan terus-terusan menyerangnya lagi. Di luar sana ramai yang menyokong perjuangan PAS tetapi perangainya masih di luar adab Islam. Salah siapa?

After 2008 scare, China finds more toxic milk products

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:20 AM PST

A farmer pours away milk at a cattle farm in China. — Reuters pic

I have come accross quite a lot of patients with blood and pus in the urine. It is quite common to see UTI in females. But there are a lot of male patients and curious thin is after almost complete examinations such as X-ray KUB, U/S Abdomen, IVU and even CT abd. results NAD. May be the effect of  melamine?  I had seen the nephrotoxic effects of Jaring. Quite similar. No complete research reports seen yet.

Reuters, Malaysian Insider

BEIJING, Jan 25 — Authorities in southwestern China have ordered three batches of milk products off shelves because they contain a chemical that killed at least six children in 2008, causing global concern over the made-in-China brand.

The health department in Guizhou province stopped the sales of dairy products made by three Chinese companies, the state-run China Daily newspaper said.

The products were found to contain melamine, which can cause kidney stones and is meant for making plastics, fertilisers and even concrete. Its high nitrogen content allows protein levels to appear higher when it is added to milk or animal feed.

Guizhou health authorities were unavailable for comment.

China executed two people in November for their role in a huge melamine-tainted milk scandal that killed at least six children and sullied the made-in-China brand.

Nearly 300,000 children fell ill in that scandal in 2008 after drinking milk intentionally laced with melamine, sold mainly in that case by the now bankrupt Sanlu Group. —

 Jering or Jengkol

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Archidendron pauciflorum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Mimosoideae
Genus: Archidendron
Species: A. pauciflorum
Binomial name
Archidendron pauciflorum
(Benth.) I.C.Nielsen

Jengkol is common name of the tree Archidendron pauciflorum (also known as Pithecellobium jiringa, Pithecellobium lobatum and Archidendron jiringa), native to Southeast Asia. Its beans are a popular food in Indonesia, and are also consumed in Malaysia (where they are known as jering), Myanmar (where they are called da nyin thee or ngapi nut, named for their odour, which is similar to that of ngapi (shrimp paste)) and in Southern Thailand, where it is called luk-nieng or luk neang.[1] The large brown legumes are very popular and cooked as satay or curry, especially rendang, in Indonesia.

The beans are mildly toxic due to the presence of djenkolic acid, an amino acid, which causes djenkolism (jengkol bean poisoning). It causes "spasmodic pain, gout, urinary obstruction and acute renal failure". [2]

The condition mainly affects men, and is not determined by how the beans are prepared, and individuals can consume the beans on multiple occasions without incident, to develop renal failure on another occasion.[3]


  1. ^
  2. ^ Wong, J. S., et al. (2007). Acute anuric renal failure following jering bean ingestion. Asian J Surg 30:1 80-1.
  3. ^ Adler, S. G. and J. J. Weening. (2006). A case of acute renal failure. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 1: 158-165.

Myth 5: The Crusades were also waged against the Jews.

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:17 AM PST

No pope ever called a Crusade against Jews. During the First Crusade a large band of riffraff, not associated with the main army, descended on the towns of the Rhineland and decided to rob and kill the Jews they found there. In part this was pure greed. In part it also stemmed from the incorrect belief that the Jews, as the crucifiers of Christ, were legitimate targets of the war. Pope Urban II and subsequent popes strongly condemned these attacks on Jews.

Local bishops and other clergy and laity attempted to defend the Jews, although with limited success. Similarly, during the opening phase of the Second Crusade a group of renegades killed many Jews in Germany before St. Bernard was able to catch up to them and put a stop to it. These misfires of the movement were an unfortunate byproduct of Crusade enthusiasm. But they were not the purpose of the Crusades.

To use a modern analogy, during the Second World War some American soldiers committed crimes while overseas. They were arrested and punished for those crimes. But the purpose of the Second World War was not to commit crimes.

The Crusades were just medieval colonialism dressed up in religious finery.

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:14 AM PST

It is important to remember that in the Middle Ages the West was not a powerful, dominant culture venturing into a primitive or backward region. It was the Muslim East that was powerful, wealthy, and opulent. Europe was the third world. The Crusader States, founded in the wake of the First Crusade, were not new plantations of Catholics in a Muslim world akin to the British colonization of America. Catholic presence in the Crusader States was always tiny, easily less than ten percent of the population.

These were the rulers and magistrates, as well as Italian merchants and members of the military orders. The overwhelming majority of the population in the Crusader States was Muslim. They were not colonies, therefore, in the sense of plantations or even factories, as in the case of India. They were outposts. The ultimate purpose of the Crusader States was to defend the Holy Places in Palestine, especially Jerusalem, and to provide a safe environment for Christian pilgrims to visit those places.

There was no mother country with which the Crusader States had an economic relationship, nor did Europeans economically benefit from them. Quite the contrary, the expense of Crusades to maintain the Latin East was a serious drain on European resources. As an outpost, the Crusader States kept a military focus. While the Muslims warred against each other the Crusader States were safe, but once united the Muslims were able to dismantle the strongholds, capture the cities, and in 1291 expel the Christians completely.

Crusader Myths Part 3

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:08 AM PST

This is a continuation of previous posts. When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099 they massacred every man, woman, and child in the city until the streets ran ankle deep with the blood.

This is a favorite used to demonstrate the evil nature of the Crusades. Most recently, Bill Clinton in a speech at Georgetown cited this as one reason the United States is a victim of Muslim terrorism. (Although Mr. Clinton brought the blood up to knee level for effect.) It is certainly true that many people in Jerusalem were killed after the Crusaders captured the city. But this must be understood in historical context. The accepted moral standard in all pre-modern European and Asian civilizations was that a city that resisted capture and was taken by force belonged to the victorious forces. That included not just the buildings and goods, but the people as well.

That is why every city or fortress had to weigh carefully whether it could hold out against besiegers. If not, it was wise to negotiate terms of surrender. In the case of Jerusalem, the defenders had resisted right up to the end. They calculated that the formidable walls of the city would keep the Crusaders at bay until a relief force in Egypt could arrive. They were wrong. When the city fell, therefore, it was put to the sack. Many were killed, yet many others were ransomed or allowed to go free. By modern standards this may seem brutal. Yet a medieval knight would point out that many more innocent men, women, and children are killed in modern bombing warfare than could possibly be put to the sword in one or two days.

It is worth noting that in those Muslim cities that surrendered to the Crusaders the people were left unmolested, retained their property, and allowed to worship freely. As for those streets of blood, no historian accepts them as anything other than a literary convention. Jerusalem is a big town. The amount of blood necessary to fill the streets to a continuous and running three-inch depth would require many more people than lived in the region, let alone the city.

The monthly delivery begins

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 02:50 AM PST

As mentioned in one of my earlier postings, a particular charity club has agreed to sponsor monthly groceries for Sofie's and Lin's family. Yesterday, I finally got the go ahead from the lady in charge to start getting the stuff from a particular minimarket near my office and deliver the stuff to the respective families.

Since each family is getting RM300 worth of goods, I was not about to get the things for both families at one go. So this morning I told the minimarket owner that I'd be taking the stuff for the first family in the afternoon while for the next round for the second family, I'd come again on Saturday morning.

I decided to visit Lin first. I sent her a text message yesterday saying that I'd be coming today to her pisang goreng stall. She replied, asking me to come to her home because she had not been doing any business for the past 3 days as advised by the doctor.

This afternoon, I went over to the minimarket, stuffed my Kenari with rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour, milk, canned food, anchovies, onion, garlic, dried chilly, eggs, soap, laundry detergent and whatever other goods prepared by the minimarket owner, then off I headed to Lin's house for this month's McPi McDelivery!

The moment Lin opened the door, I saw her right wrist in bandage. She had been feeling some pain at her right wrist for some time already, but since to her "takda kerja" means "takda gaji", she went on with her daily routine at her pisang goreng stall. That was until last Friday when she wanted to do something in her kitchen and she suddenly felt a sharp pain. After that her wrist became somewhat swollen and the pain became more and more unbearable, so she sought the help of a friend to bring her to the hospital. Done the x-ray, nope, no broken bone. The doctor just bandaged her wrist, gave her some pills and told her to take a complete rest for at least a week.

"Doctor bagi surat cuti tak ni?" I teased Lin. "Kalau ada pun saya nak bagi kat siapa?" Lin replied, laughing away.

I guess the delivery of the groceries couldn't come at a better time! Lin may miss one week's worth of pisang goreng sales, but today she got one month's worth of groceries, more than what she used to buy.

And oh, remember the last time I brought them shopping for schooling needs… her youngest daughter Marlia was not around because she was enjoying herself at her paternal grandma's house? Well, apparently their father, Mr Darling, had bought Marlia's school uniforms etc but didn't bother to buy anything for Rahim, Marlia's older brother. When Marlia finally returned home, she showed off all the new school stuff their father had bought for her, just to make him jealous. How do you think Rahim must have felt? Well, Rahim didn't want to lose out either. He went to his room, took out all the stuff bought for him when I brought them shopping, and it was his turn to show off to his little sister, "Alaaa… tak heran lah. Makcik Afizah hari tu belikan untuk abang lagi mahal lah!" Hehehe… it was Rahim's turn to make Marlia jealous.

Anyway, amongst the excuses Mr D gave to Lin when he was late in giving her the monthly alimony, was that he was short of cash after having to buy all the school stuff for Marlia. So I conspired with Lin… I told her to get the receipts for all the school stuff Mr D bought for Marlia, and since both Rahim and Marlia are under our sponsorship programme, I'd reimburse LIN with the exact amount Mr D had spent.

Guess what? Lin did manage to get the receipts (and whaddaya know, the supermarket where Mr D bought the stuff is called Pasaraya Borong Sakan!") totalling RM145. And so today I reimbursed Lin with that amount. At least that will cover part of the alimony she's supposed to get from Mr D. But of course, it's hush hush lah… Mr D doesn't know anything, otherwise he won't pay the alimony at all!

I think Marlia must have been pampered when she went to stay with her paternal grandma during the last school holidays. Chances are, to jaga hati, whatever she asked for, she got. When school reopened recently she was pestering Lin, saying she wanted to go stay with either her father or her grandma. And the girl kept on pestering even when Lin was busy at her pisang goreng stall. I think Marlia was just trying her luck with her mother, who knows, maybe if her mother didn't want Marlia to stay with the father, then she (Lin) would more easily give in to Marlia's other requests.

Well, it didn't work out that way. Lin of course wanted Marlia to stay with her, but she got so fed-up, she picked up her phone, and right in front of Marlia she called Mr D, telling him to come fetch Marlia after work so Marlia could stay with him. "12 tahun saya jaga dia, dia dah tak nak dok dengan saya. Abang ambillah dia, tukar sekolah semua sana terus, senang cerita!"

Mr D got worried. I don't think he worried that Lin got mad – he worried that if Marlia stays with him, he'd have to spend more monthly. He seems to spend a lot on his present wife and step-daughter, and so having Marlia staying with him may trouble him even more financially. The older children who visit their father from time to time, always come back reporting to their mother, "Kita dulu kalau makan, satu lauk aje. Dengan mem baru ni, berderet lauk…"

After that incident (the call from Lin asking him to fetch Marlia), Mr D didn't answer anymore calls coming from Lin or any of his children. When his 3rd daughter tried to call him to get a copy of his salary slip (for scholarship application purposes), he didn't answer either. The daughter finally sent him a text message, and a few days later the reply came, telling the daughter that he left his salary slip on the TV set at their Opah's house.

He seems to avoid meeting the children. (hmmm… must have been lectured by present wife for spending so much on Marlia already!) But you know what? His 3 older daughters are all already in higher learning institutions, including one studying overseas. In a few years time, they'll be working. I betcha it will be Mr D who'd be wanting to see his children more often then…

Tian Chua in accident, escapes unhurt

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 03:54 AM PST

The Star Published: Monday January 25, 2010 MYT 6:02:00 PM
Updated: Monday January 25, 2010 MYT 6:23:38 PM


PETALING JAYA: Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategic director Tian Chua met with an accident near the Bukit Beruntong interchange on Monday evening.

Chua, who was heading for a PKR talk in Kedah from here, said his driver smashed into a ramp at KM400 of the North-South Expressway near the interchange at 5.20pm.

He said the road was slippery because of the rain and his car, a Toyota Camry, swerved and hit the ramp.

"I am okay, but my car is in bad shape," said Chua, who did not sustain any injury.

He said his car had been towed and he was on his way to Bukit Beruntong police station at 6pm to lodge a report on the accident.

On whether he would proceed to Kedah for the talk after that, he said, "That depends on whether I can get transport."

Tian Chua first reported his accident on the Twitter online social network

Nizar unfazed over Feb 9 decision

Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:17 AM PST

IPOH, Jan 25 — Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin said today he was not anticipating a positive result ahead of the Federal Court's decision on February 9 over his appeal to be declared the rightful Mentri Besar of Perak.

The ousted state chief was nonchalant when he told The Malaysian Insider today that he felt the entire exercise in the courts was pointless and merely "academic".

He maintained that no matter what the Federal Court decides, the Perak crisis would never be solved until the state legislative assembly was dissolved.

"So no, I am not waiting anxiously to see what the court has to say because the decision of who should govern the state is not the prerogative of the judiciary; it is the people's choice," he said.

The Bukit Gantang MP however hinted that he and his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) friends were already prepared for the decision to swing in favour of his arch-rival, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir. "In fact, it would be totally mystical and mysterious of the decision goes in our favour because it has already been delayed for months," he said.

He added that the fact that it had taken the court about three long months to deliver their decision had given a negative perception on the impartiality of the judicial system.

He added that the best solution would be for Zambry to approach the palace and seek for a dissolution from the Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah even before Feb 9 arrives.

"I mean, how long does he plan to prolong this crisis? Because the state has to move on and in order to do so, there will be a need for state assembly sittings.

"Until and unless the assembly is dissolved, these sittings will be just as chaotic as the previous ones," he said.

Meanwhile, Nizar said he was focussing his strengths on serving the people and reminding them of what he has described as the Barisan Nasional's coup de tat on Feb 6 last year.

He added that the PR's "Remember One Black Perak" campaign to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the power grab was now in full swing.

"We have received good response from the rakyat and in many places that we go, the people are coming out in droves to listen to what we have to say," he said.

The PR secretariat is expected to release its itinerary for the campaign by tomorrow.

The campaign is expected to include nightly ceramahs running at simultaneous venues across the state until Feb 6.


Posted: 25 Jan 2010 04:05 AM PST

K.A.M.I (Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independen) pada pilihanraya kampus 2010 kali ini telah meletakkan tiga orang calon mereka untuk bertanding di kerusi Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan UKM. Hilman Idham dan Woon King Chai bertanding di kerusi Tahun 1 & 2 manakala Mohd. Hariszuan pula bertanding di kerusi Tahun 3.

Sempena dengan Pilihanraya Kampus UKM kali ini, sidang penulis DISKOPI ingin mengucapkan selamat maju jaya kepada mereka dan semoga agenda perubahan yang mereka perjuangkan ke arah pemerkasaan mahasiswa dan suasana kampus yang lebih bebas, kritis, adil dan demokratik dapat direalisasikan.

Lagu ini ditujukan buat mereka dan semua mahasiswa dan mahasiswi yang terlibat aktif di dalam membantu kempen calon-calon daripada KAMI ini dengan ucapan "biar poyo jangan paip!" Hahaha.

Paip adalah singkatan nama kepada "pemuda anti-ilmu pengetahuan".

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