Sunday, January 24, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:59 AM PST

  • I like Sunday nights, even though they're full of Monday morning. #
  • It's interesting that we still use something as outdated as race to determine who's mixed. It's silly. I mean, I'm mixed. So are you. #
  • Malays & Chinese calling each other different 'races' reminds me of how English people said that of the Irish ages ago. It's that silly. #
  • Sleep is ignoring me but oatmeal and coffee still want to be my friends. Aww, I love those guys. #
  • Germany asks its citizens to stop using Internet Explorer #
  • Man it's awesome when Leen goes to these dental conferences. We won't have to buy toothpaste/brushes/mouthwash for months. #
  • - @unmsia Here's another one you might like. #
  • Oh Coffee, I like you, I really do…but honestly I'm just doing this to make Sleep jealous. #
  • The best article I've seen so far on the 'Allah' issue: #
  • Either I just heard a jet with a really messed-up engine flying overhead or someone's car is badly in need of servicing. #
  • Follow @CBCReporters for Canadian journos' 1st-hand accounts of what's happening in Haiti. #
  • Finding Dr. King's Roots in Slavery×38jy #
  • Under the 'Allah' rules etc, I suppose Tony Eusoff (org S'rawak) can still play a Malay on tv but Hans Isaac (org JB) can't. #Allah #
  • Experimenting with replacing my daily coffee intake with green tea. So far so good. #
  • Given the heat lately, this cool post-thunderstorm breeze tiptoeing in off my balcony is the most refreshing thing EVER. #
  • Rais is so ancient, you know the only way he'll go away is if a giant meteor hits earth and blacks out the sun. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he's still bitter over someone building those darn pyramids and ruining his favourite desert view. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient his ears are still ringing from the Big Bang. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient, in his day social media was all on cave walls; his username was dudethrowingspearatbuffalo7. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he remembers when flooding in the Klang Valley caused lots of lava damage. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he once saw a papyrus scroll & said 'This writing thing will never catch on.' #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he remembers when this chick was HAWT: #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he totally won't see the humour in all this. Actually, he totally won't see this. #yorais #
  • Rais is so ancient he remembers when Venus de Milo had arms. #yorais #
  • Tun says Avatar means the US could've done 9/11 themselves. So does he also think Star Wars means they faked the moon landing? #
  • Didn't notice #whentwitterwasdown because I was playing with my kid. I'm no addict. Awww, ain't that tweet? Uh I mean sweet. #
  • Dah la Al cakap BI dengan slang Melayu, tapi dia melatah jugak. 'Alamak!' 'Oh pocut!' Yang paling best: 'Oh mak kau jatuh!' #
  • Not sure what's worse: that Al says certain words with a Malay accent, or that he's just copying the way his daddy talks. #
  • Leen's phone mysteriously died like a day after the warranty expired so guess who's hogging the Blackberry Celcom gave me to review. #hmmm #
  • Animals rafted to Madagascar I like to move it move it, she like to move it move it, he like to move it move it… #
  • Shooting an Elephant: Film documents the brutality of Operation Cast Lead #
  • 'Lesson number one, I thought: you're lucky to be in a wooden building.' #
  • Now they're trying to burn down suraus in Muar? What a bunch of twats. #
  • RT @netraKL RT @phrTweets: Use the #closegitmo hashtag today, the 1 yr anniversary of Obama's executive order to close Gitmo. Pls RETWEET. #
  • The Heavy doing 'How You Like Me Now' on Letterman. WICKED. #
  • 'I'm fairly sure if they took porn off the Internet there'd be only one website left, & it'd be called 'Bring Back the Porn'.' Dr Perry Cox #
  • FedEx dude at the door was probably a bit shocked to see a mat salleh wearing kain pelikat LOL #
  • Just finished watching A History of Scotland: Language is Power. Moran taing to Colin Tan for the DVD! #
  • WTF? St. John's man fined for not driving car #
  • God bless the children. They can still smile. (via @CBCReporters) #
  • Get Fiona J Mackenzie's song Loch Maruibhe- Loch Maree for free in exchange for one tweet: #TFAT #
  • Al: Apa tu Mummy? Leen: Tu burung hantu. Al: Look daddy! Me: Yes, it's an owl. Al: No Daddy, it's a ghost bird. #bilingual kids rock. #
  • Ho. Lee. Shit. The heat. #
  • Saw two Malays with family names on TV today: one named Fenner, the other Ross. Then I spent the day with a Malay kid named MacVay. #

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Shots in Portuguese Settlement

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 09:26 AM PST

Dr Mahathir – a creation of the US!

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 10:04 AM PST

an article by my friend, martin jalleh.


For a very long time the US government was looking for a political lackey to do its bidding in South East Asia. They scoured the earth and soon found their man in Bolehland – a land where anything is possible. He was none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad (Dr M). They would mould, modify and manage him into a perfect make-believe.

They first portrayed Dr M as the savior of his nation. He would make great speeches about the grave threat of recolonisation but for his own political survival he would hone to perfection and use a gamut of archaic repressive laws left behind by the Colonial Master. US professors in history and politics would then write about the tragedy of how the once-oppressed are now the oppressors in the Third World!

Next they projected him through the foreign press as a Voice of the Third World. Dr M would invite Nelson Mandela to stand next to him in Kuala Lumpur to declare his anti-apartheid vehemence. The same media would then go to town with his racist stance at home reinforced recently by a Cabinet minister who crowned him a "Bloody racist" and a "Father of racists"! It was an excellent smokescreen for racism in US.

The US singled him out, shored him up and saluted him the hero of the Muslim world. Dr M would declare his country an "Islamic State" and preach on Islamic values. Yet, his party was corrupted to the core and his Federal ministers and Chief Ministers (Menteris Besar) were guilty of sexual immorality and many other sins.  The West pounced on the tragic contradiction and used it to smear the good name of Islam.

The US gave him free rein with his occasional anti-semitic invective. He would blame the problems of his country and the world on the Jews, though he had official Jewish financial advisors to his government, such as Salomon Smith Barney and Goldman Sachs. The more he attacked Israel, the more it gave the US the excuse to defend and protect them!

He was pictured as fearless in criticising and castigating the US for its many human rights abuses, whilst the US collected evidence of every human right violation he had committed especially those related to the Internal Security Act. Every year such evidence would fill the pages of the annual reports by US agencies on human rights abuse in the country which are sent to potential investors of Malaysia.

"Mahathir, despite his nationalistic rants, signed a secret security agreement with the United States in 1984 that gave the Americans access to a jungle warfare training school in Johor and allowed them to set up a small-ship repair facility at Lumut and a plant in Kuala Lumpur to repair C-130 Hercules transport aircraft," wrote Barry Wain, author of the 'Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times'.

The US recognized him as the man behind Malaysia's economic success but at the same time it would point the finger at him for the nation's stagnant economy and for the scandalous amount of money lost during his premiership. As Barry Wain would also reveal: "Malaysia has squandered an estimated RM100 billion on financial scandals under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir Mohamad."

In spite of the big show he had put up in demonising the US, Dr M would seek to return to the US for re-engineering and to receive further instructions. The government paid RM4.6 million for the services of disgraced US lobbyist Jack Abramoff to secure an audience with the then US President George W Bush, whose many crimes against humanity gave an elated Dr M a longer anti-US script to act out.

Dr M said recently that if the US can make 'Avatar', they can make anything, even 9/11!

Alas, how true, they can even make their very own Dr Mahathir Mohamad, one who would do anything at the behest of the US to satisfy his craving for the attention and adulation of his country and the world, and the adoration of his many followers who consider him their very avatar of power!

Martin Jalleh

(25 Jan 2010)

PKR ought to sack its kulim-bandar baharu MP!!

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 10:01 AM PST

zulkifli nordin, the fanatical extremist bigot did it again! this time, he made a police report against PAS's shah alam MP, khalid samad (pic)!  why? read about it at the star online.

Challenging Khalid to quit PAS for derailing the party's Islamic struggles, Zulkifli hit out at the MP from Selangor for saying that the Selangor Non-Islamic Religion (Control of Propagation Among Muslim) Enact­ment 1988, which forbids other religions from using the word Allah, was outdated.

Zulkifli said his report at the Masjid India police station was made with reference to an article posted by a Web portal on Friday quoting Khalid as saying that when the enactment was passed, the Muslims' understanding of Islam was probably too low that they needed to be protected.

"I believe Khalid's statement is seditious in nature. He has insulted the Sultan of Selangor, the Selangor Legislative Assembly (that passed the enactment) and Muslims in general," he said.

who the hell is he to speak up for the sultan of selangor, the selangor legislative assembly and muslim??? how sure is he what khalid had said insulted them? it was he himself who felt insulted! and why he felt insulted? because he is a true fanatic muslim!!! and you know, just like why should muslim get confused over the word 'allah'… it was because their faith is not strong… why should one feel insulted, like this zoo guy… er… i mean zul guy? because he is very insecure in his own faith!!

i salute khalid for being brave to admit and say it out, that the enactment was out-dated.  the enactment was passed in 1988 – 22 years ago! as long as the time dr m was PM. surely that means out-dated! ancient! so what's wrong with khalid calling for the enactment to be reviewed? do you know that, that enactment, either than prohibiting the use of 'allah' also prohibit 24 other words  including ilahi, wahyu, imam and nabi.  in 1988, people's thinking may be different from their thinking now… after 22 years, so khalid was only being logical and very right when he said  "muslim's understanding of islam was probably too low at that time".  surely after 22 years, people's thinking will matured and be more intellectual… but if zul boy get insulted at this remark of khalid, means that zul boy himself doesn't think much of muslim's intellect… that their thinking can't grow!! see, it is zul boy himself who insulted muslim then!!

zul boy had the cheek to say (from malaysiakini):

"I recommend that disciplinary action be taken and that he be dismissed from PAS because of his attitude and conduct, which have had adverse effects on the party and led to negative impressions of PAS struggle to uphold Islam."

let me rephrase that to "i recomment that diciplinary action be taken against zulkifli nordin and he be dismissed from PKR with immediate effect, because of his attitude and conduct, which have had adverse effects on the party and led to negative impression of PKR's struggle to uphold islam."

yes! zul boy should be kicked out of PKR! long time ago, he should be kicked out already as he is a well known fanatic (everybody remember his famous hooligan antics when he barged into the malaysian bar council forum).  i remember, if not mistaken, once he did mentioned that he will do anything for islam, he will die defending islam – doesn't that sound fanatical? oh, he had also said "i'm a muslim first, a MP second".  on this issue of his report against khalid he said "i'm obligated to defend islam". wow! obligated? who is he? guardian of islam?

haris ibrahim, who is a lawyer (zul boy is a lawyer too!) said in facebook  "i have had to work with him in the syariah law committee of the bar council before. he does not have an ounce of compassion in him.he is an out an out bigot. we should not have to tolerate him holding public office."

ah. bigot. see?

but why is it that anwar do not seems to want to sack zul? is it because anwar feel there is no reason to sack him? that if he sack zul on the grounds of him (zul) being a bigot,  he might be accused as betrayer of islam? which means that he sort of did not fully oppose all the 'bigotry' zul had done!

well i believe 99% of the rakyat do want to see zul out of PKR!! he's an umno material! so let him join umno (and cause damage in umno!).  if zul continue to reign in PKR, PKR (and subsequently PR) will surely lose support come the next election.

we have enough of zulkifli nordin, PKR's MP for kulim bandar baharu!! kicked him out of PKR!! he should not be part of PR!!

A While at Kuan Yin Temple

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 05:51 AM PST

So many bad and sad things happened lately, the dragon boat tragedy, I got food poison and went into the hospital, and camera gear spoil. Mom asked me to go to the temple for a pray for good luck and good in everything. Chinese New Year is coming and I also hoped that I will have good luck all the time.

IMG_4338 by nicholaschan.

Long time didn't go Kuan Yin temple already. The last time, was like before SPM which we were having temples hopping in Penang.

IMG_4339 by nicholaschan.
Flock of birds.

So last week, I went there with Arron and Chien Chern. Bought praying materials and went to pray in the temple. The whole process took like 15 minutes.

IMG_4349 by nicholaschan.
Chien Chern.

IMG_4351 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4353 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4360 by nicholaschan.
Pitt Street in Chinese name, literally means Foot Of Coconut Street.

IMG_4367 by nicholaschan. IMG_4366 by nicholaschan.

After pray, I went home. Very fast, and very short while. Didn't spend much time out there because it was getting late and I don't want to be stuck in the traffic jam.

Messing Around @ D&D's Reception :)

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 09:25 AM PST

I'm so happy for Diana & Din :) And she looks just so pwweetttyyyy....

Love the ceremony (bersanding, silat, dances, food, etc.)
Love the couple
Love the company.... I think you can figure out who by now..
Love MESSING AROUND at the wedding with the girls...
Love the company.... owh, I already mentioned that..

In photos: Shila & Hubby & Daughter, Nazli, Lia & Byn, B, Wak Udin & Cik Ruby, Salwa & Hubby, Wani, Abadi, D&D

Penang dragon boat accident: Money cannot bring my son back, says dad

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:57 AM PST

(Source: Sun2Surf)

January 20, 2010 14:25 PM

"Money Cannot Replace My Son's Life" - Father Of Victim

PENANG, Jan 20 (Bernama) -- "Money cannot replace my son's life because he was an excellent student and took up the German language to continue his studies in Germany after Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) this year," said Yeoh Cheong Hean, the father of Brandon Yeoh who was among six who drowned while practicing for a dragon boat competition here on Sunday.

Yeoh who thanked everyone for their kind contributions said he was still in a state of shock as he had vested so much hope and expectations on Brandon.

Brandon was the chairman of the Science Design Club and had won numerous awards in the state for his designs while his ambition was to become a famous designer one day, but all that hopes had been dashed, he said.

The body of Brandon will be cremated Khoo Kongsi Crematorium and his ashes will be kept at the Kek Lok Si Temple.

Yeoh had earlier received RM3,000 from the Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) which was handed by Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan from Parti Gerakan.

Teng said the state BN had decided to give RM3,000 to families of the victims who died when their boat capsized at the Gat Lebuh Macallum seafront on Sunday while training for a dragon boat race.

"Apart from handing out the contributions, BN will also form a committee to investigate the cause of the tragedy and the necessary steps to be taken to avoid a similar incident," he told reporters here Wednesday.

During the incident on Sunday, a teacher was among six from Chung Ling High School who drowned when their boat capsized after being hit by a wave, about 100m from the shores at about 8.45am.

Those who perished in the tragedy were Chin Ai Fang, 28 (teacher), Jason Ch'ng, 17, Goh Yi Xiang, 15, Brandon Yeoh, 17, Cheah Zi Yun, 17 and Yong Xiang, 16.

Twelve others who were also on the boat during the incident, managed to swim to safety while some were rescued by boats that were in the area.


Tun Ghazali Shafie Meninggal Dunia

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:31 AM PST

Bekas Menteri Dalam Negeri Tun Ghazali Shafie meninggal dunia di kediamannya di Subang Jaya di sini kira-kira 7.45 malam ini.

Kematian Ghazali, 88, disahkan oleh cucunya Farah ketika dihubungi.

Ghazali, dilahirkan di Kuala Lipis, Pahang, meninggalkan dua orang anaklelaki Bachtiaer dan Sheriffudin.

Isteri beliau Toh Puan Khatijah Abdul Majid meninggal dunia pada April 2008. -Bernama


Ghazali Shafie
dari wikipedia

Tun Ghazali Shafie lahir di Kuala Lipis, Pahang, pada 22 Mac 1922. Beliau merupakan ahli politik Malaysia era Tunku Abdul Rahman hinggalah era Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad iaitu dari 1970-1984.

Beliau melanjutkan pelajaran di University College of Wales dan London School of Economics.


Beliau menjadi penasihat tetap Suruhanjaya Cobbold bagi meninjau pendapat rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak untuk menyertai Malaysia. Peranan beliau dalam pembentukan negara Malaysia dengan penyertaan Sabah dan Sarawak cukup signifikan.

Beliau pernah menjadi Menteri Penerangan Malaysia (1970) dan Menteri Luar Negeri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas semasa Perdana Menteri Malaysia Tun Abdul Razak. Kedua-dua mereka berasal dari negeri Pahang. Sebagai Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas merangkap Menteri Penerangan Malaysia, beliau bertanggungjawab membentuk, merangka dan melaksanakan Dasar Ekonomi Baru serta merangka Rancangan Malaysia Kedua 1970-1975.
Dasar luar semasa zaman Tun Abdul Razak diperkukuhkan dengan pembentukan ICG iaitu Majlis Antara Kerajaan-Kerajaan.

Beliau pernah menjadi pegawai kerajaan dan duta kanan ke Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu. Peranan beliau amat berkesan bagi menghadapi kebanjiran pendatang haram Vietnam ke Pulau Bidong, Terengganu pada 1975.

Beliau bertanggungjawab terhadap pembentukan Rukunegara iaitu satu prinsip perpaduan negara selepas Peristiwa 13 Mei. Cogan kata Bersatu Bertambah Mutu bagi Malaysia juga adalah hasil inisiatif beliau sebagai Menteri Penerangan pada tahun 1970.
Dari 1993-1995 beliau menjadi penulis tamu di Institut Alam dan Tamadun Melayu (ATMA), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Terselamat dalam nahas Cessna

Pada 10 Januari 1982, pesawat Cessna 206 yang dipandu Tun Mohd Ghazali Shafie, ketika itu Menteri Luar Negeri Malaysia terhempas di Kampung Janda Baik. Ketika mereka dari Kelab Penerbangan Diraja Selangor, Kuala Lumpur dalam penerbangan ke Kuala Lipis, kawasan pilihan raya yang diwakilinya. Bagaimanapun Mohd Ghazali terselamat kerana jatuh di atas rimbunan pokok buluh. Manakala pembantu juruterbang dan pengawal peribadinya (ASP Charon Daam dan co-pilot Vergis Chacko) terbunuh. Dua mayat ditemui dalam helikopter yang terhempas jam 3.00 petang dan diterbangkan ke Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. Isteri Tun Ghazali iaitu Puan Sri Khatijah Abdul Majid ,anaknya Sharifuddin dan Bakhtiar menanti di Kuala Lumpur.

Pada 22 Jun 1983, coroner Abdullah Sidek di Mahkamah Majistret Bentong, Pahang memutuskan kematian dua orang penumpang itu kerana kemalangan udara. Perbicaraan berlangsung dari 14-18 Mei 1983. Juruterbang membuat keputusan merempuh awan di Waterworks Gap. Vergis patah di leher dan pendarahan dalaman. Sementara Charon cedera teruk di tengkorak dan leher.

Hasil tulisan

Ghazali Shafie's Memoir on the Formation of Malaysia (2nd printing). 2004. Ghazalie Shafie. Penerbit UKM: Bangi ISBN 967-942- 364-6 (paperback)
Ghazali Shafie: Malaysia, Asean and the New World Order. 2000. Ghazalie Shafie. Penerbit UKM: Bangi ISBN 967-942-479-0/ 967-942-487-1 (international Edition).
Tamadun Melayu: Menyongsong Abad kedua Puluh Satu. 1997. Ismail Hussein, Wan Hashim Wan Teh & Ghazali Shafie. Penerbit UKM: Bangi ISBN 967-942- 379-4 216 hlm.
Rumpun Melayu dan Bangsa Malaysia Menjelang Tahun 2020. 1995. Ghazali Shafie. Penerbit UKM: Bangi ISBN 967-942-326-3.

The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now - The New York Times -

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:12 AM PST

The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now

Read all about it @ The New York Times

Just to be sure, I checked my 'Privacy settings' again after reading this article.

They are all set to either 'Friends and Network' or 'Friends of Friends'.

So, is my 'privacy' guaranteed? ;)

Two Haitians saved after 10 days, man survived 11 days on Coca-Cola

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 06:21 AM PST

Two Haitians saved from quake rubble after 10 days

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) – An elderly woman and a young man were rescued Friday after spending 10 days buried in the rubble of Haiti's quake-hit capital, as the death toll from the disaster soared to more than 110,000.The miracle rescues of 84-year-old Marie Carida Roman and the unnamed 22-year-old man came despite aid workers saying they were winding down efforts to find people trapped in the worst disaster on record to hit the Americas. Read more @ Yahoo! News

Haiti quake victim 'drank Coke to survive'

A 25-year-old Haitian man rescued after spending 11 days buried in the ruins of a grocer's shop survived on snacks and Coca-Cola, he told AFP in a hospital interview. Read more @ 9NEWS

Get Listed Here

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 03:46 AM PST

Do you have a blog or website that mainly focus on Bursa Malaysia, FKLI or FCPO? Get it listed here. Contact me and let me know your site URL, just click on the icon below.

Afternoon Walkaround in Hat Yai City

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 05:02 AM PST

After checking into the hotel, Novotel Central in Hat Yai, mom went to do her shopping on her own, dad went to look for massage and I was alone walking around on the street. It's the downtown or city center of Hat Yai and it's both tourist and locals populated area, everyone is here, very easy to roam around and I didn't even have a map on my hand.

IMG_3796 by nicholaschan.

Right below my hotel is a shopping centre, Central. I didn't went in to see, it's a department store. Instead, I started off my walk from the shopping centre which is right across the street, Lee Garden. I was attracted by the large Lacoste logo and Apple logo. Cool, imagine such a small city has Lacoste and Apple. I only can find Lacoste in Kuala Lumpur here in my own country.

IMG_3798 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3800 by nicholaschan.
Enjoying the view and wind. =D

It's nice to see people walking on the street. I always love happenings street and we usually can't find it in Penang. Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur is happenings though. It's not very hot in the afternoon, sun shines were blocked by the building so it's shady.

IMG_3804 by you.

Lee Garden is a very small shopping mall. I notice that most Hat Yai's teenager and youngster come here to hang out just like I always go to Gurney Plaza with friends here in Penang.

IMG_3805 by nicholaschan.

Although it's small, there's many thing to see. The Lacoste shop is in there and Apple too! There's little area in the mall called Idea Market, it's like flea market and can see a lot of handmade stuff, and the best part is that it's air-conned and pop music blasting around. Pretty cool.

IMG_3801 by nicholaschan.
Big prawn! Dare to eat?

IMG_3802 by nicholaschan.
I like coconut juice. Do you?

I didn't really buy things because nothing interest me there. It's just the same as in Phuket, Bangkok which I had visited several times before.

IMG_3807 by nicholaschan.

I only bought a mobile sim pack which was used to contact my parents and post photo to my Away From Computer.

IMG_3803 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3810 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3811 by nicholaschan.

Keep walking along the street and found another departmental store, Odean Shopping Mall. Although I am not a fan of departmental store, I did go in to take a look to see how different is their departmental store with us. Surprisingly, interior was not pretty but there's many people inside and many brands too.

IMG_3812 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3819 by nicholaschan.

What to buy in Thailand? Thai made funny shirt, I have a few already so I was not interested. Fake AA imitation product? Even if I do buy, I don't dare to take out also. Genuine FTW!

IMG_3813 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3820 by nicholaschan.

Food stalls are everywhere. Every few walks, you will see food stalls, cooked and not cooked. Thai's street food seems delicious but I scared it's not clean. I only drink coconut juice by the road side before only.

IMG_3822 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3823 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3825 by nicholaschan.
A motel's lobby. A bit scary.

Walked a few street and things were the same. It's just like an exercising walk for me on that afternoon, hanging a camera around my neck. For sure, I am a tourist there!

IMG_3826 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3827 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3829 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3834 by nicholaschan.
Cute kitty. Do you want to zh'ng (pimp) your car like that?

IMG_3836 by nicholaschan.

Walked until very far, didn't know where was I but I still know the way back the hotel. I believe I walked to Kim Yong Market. There's many things to see and I was just getting into it, and my mom called me for afternoon tea. Oh shit, didn't get to roam the whole area.

Another thing I wanted to say is there's many 7 Eleven convenience store in just a small area. Every few turn into different street, I saw 7 Eleven, I think I saw 3-4 7 Eleven outlets there.

IMG_3838 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3840 by nicholaschan.
Many fruits! Apple, you like?

I asked her to wait for a while before I was quite far away from her. Another 10 minutes walk only can reach her, she was at a coffee shop near Odean. =D

Jom Makan Satey

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 03:55 AM PST

ha uolllss cahantek ke tidak......amacam cuti ujung minggu korang?...meriah ke tidak?...ujung minggu akak sedih...seba dintis...
ok ni akak nak sambung citer akak...

kan akak citer jiran akak makan telur biawak kan...semalam biawak yang bertelur tu pulak yang menjadi santapan mereka...

sian akak tengok almarhum itew..sekarang biawak itew dudah menjadi kenangan

akak tengok ngan mata kepala akak sensiri diorang tangkap biawak tu uolss...meninggal ok...biawak tu besar nak mampus...

wah siap bergotong royong tangkap biawak ni...lepas tu melapah biawak bersama2 katanya...

uolss tau biawak tu dia orang uat ape?....

buat satey....

meh lah rasa uol....sedap uollsss..makan ngan kuah satey sekali
wah ramai sedara mara endon tu datang nak menjamu satey biawak katanya..selama ni akak ingat biawak buat kari je..rupanya buat satey pun sodap....

meh rasa uollssss....

waktu diorang bakar satey biawak tu asap di sampai keumah akak baunya...nak termuntah2 akak ngan mak akak..baunya macam satey ayam, daging gak...cuma kita dah tau tu satey biawak..tu yang rase nak pengsan tu...

yang penting siap offer mak akak rasa satey tu...ape lagi menyumpah2 lah mak akak kan...


pelik akak kan..biawak pun diorang nak makan...sedey lah uollsss...


Nazree Pilih PKR

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 04:36 AM PST

Prinsip Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) mendokong ketelusan dalam setiap susur galur galur perjuangan parti itu mendorong mantan Pengerusi Gerakan Rakyat Integriti dan Anti Korupsi (GERAK Malaysia), Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus untuk menyertainya.

Nazri menyifatkan penyertaan beliau dalam sayap pemuda Keadilan sebagai usaha membantu menggalas perjuangan parti ke arah membawa pembaharuan dalam sistem politik negara.

Kemasukan Nazri dalam Angkatan Pemuda Keadilan AMK diumumkan oleh Ketuanya Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin pada sidang media di ibu pejabat parti di Tropicana Merchant Square petang tadi.

Semalam, Nazree meletak jawatan sebagai pengerusi gerak setelah memimpin badan itu kira-kira dua tahun.

Beliau mengambil alih jawatan itu daripada Ezam Mohd Nor yang meninggalkan Gerak untuk menganggotai Umno.

Walaupun dikaitkan rapat dengan Ezam, Nazree mempunyai asas prinsipnya sendiri dan memilih untuk menyertai perjuangan Pakatan Rakyat.

"Saya umumkan saya meletakkan jawatan saya pasa 23 Januari 2010 yang mana saya secara serius mahu menyertai parti politik dan memulakan fasal baru dalam perjuangan saya. Keputusan ini saya ambil setelah berjumpa Ketua Umum keadilan, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim," katanya.

Beliau menegaskan keinginannya untuk menyertai Keadilan begitu kuat apabila meneliti dasar perjuangan parti itu yang menjurus kepada mendaulatkan ketelusan dalam setiap susur galur perjuangan mereka.

"Apapun penyertaan saya dalam PKR bersifat komplimentari, saling melengkapi kepimpinan yang sedi ada dalam parti. Yang lebih peting dari itu adalah kelompok- kelompok reformasi yang sudah lama berjuang dalam parti dan atas asas itu saya lihat penyertaan saya melengkapi ahli- ahli yang sedia ada," katanya.

Nazree berkata beliau berharap untuk memberi sumbangan kepada parti dari segi membudayakan integriti dan anti rasuah sebagai amalan utama dalam urus tadbir negara ini.

"Fokus saya untuk memberdayaan integriti dan bersama- sama perjuangkan ketelusan pentadbiran," katanya.

Samsul berkata kemasukan Nazree akan mengukuhkan Keadilan dan sayap pemuda parti itu secara keseluruhan.

"Saya dengan ini mengesahkan saudara Nazree sudah menghantar surat untuk menjadi ahli angkatan muda keadilan," katanya.

Penyertaan Nazri dalam PKR dilihat sebagai mengisi kepimpinan pelapis parti selain terus memberi kredibiliti kepada usaha PKR untuk menarik pemimpin muda yang bertekad membawa pembaharuan bagi menamatkan era penyelewengan kuasa dan rasuah. -TVS

Ulasan GB

Semenjak Datuk Seri Anwar, Ketua UMUM PKR dikenakan dengan pelbagai serangan dan tuduhan, semakin ramai pula yang menyertai PKR. Diantaranya, Bekas Ahli Parlimen Kuantan, Datuk Fauzi Abdul Rahman, Bekas Menteri di JPM, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, Pengerusi Gerakan Wilayah Persekutuan, Datuk Dr. Tan Kee Kwong, Bekas Naib Presiden MCA, Datuk Dr. Chua Jui Meng, Bekas Naib Presiden MIC Datuk SS Subramaniam, Naib presiden Parti Progresif Rakyat (PPP), V Nagarajan, Bekas ketua cawangan Umno Bukit Bendera Mentakab Datuk Alimudin Syawal dan ramai yang lain lagi.

Dan kini bekas Pengerusi Gerak, Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus.

Demikian PKR. Wajar kita mengucapkan tahniah kepada Datuk Seri Anwar dan PKR sendiri yang berjaya menarik perhatian orang-orang ternama ke dalam PKR.

Dan apa khabar PAS? Kelambu dah bakar ke belum?


Posted: 24 Jan 2010 01:00 AM PST

My mom knocked @ my door ...

Mom: Son, we are leaving for Kuantan...
Me: Have a nice trip eh~

Then i continued my nice sleep until about 9am. I felt better after visiting HKL yesterday and got some medicine from the doctors over there for RM1.00. I slept the whole boring Saturday to get myself back up again.

Now, I'm @ Station 1 Cafe, Jaya One now writing this blog entry. This blog entry has already took me 1.5 hours... just trying to upload the pictures to my Flickr a/c. It's due to the sucks connection in Station 1 cafe. This would be my last time to sucky Station 1 Cafe for internet access. Finally, we decided to move over to Starbie and i managed to get this done... Yup it's done!

Anyway, let's roll back... A relaxing Sunday after 1.5 hours of gym this morning... Had a nice and quick Korean lunch @ Kimchi-haru. They have set lunch with one Ice Lemon Tea for around RM20 per pax.

Hmmm... not sure what to have for dinner now and i will be home alone tonight and tomorrow night... Anyone wanna to cook for me? :p

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Mahu Zul Kulim Dikenakan Tindakan Disiplin

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 02:35 AM PST

Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) menggesa pucuk kepimpinan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) mengambil tindakan disiplin terhadap wakil rakyatnya Zulkifli Noordin yang membuat aduan di Akta Hasutan terhadap Ahli Parliman Khalid Samad.

Ketua AMK Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin berkata Zulkifli Noordin tidak sewajarnya membuat aduan polis meminta rakan sejawatannya dari PAS itu disiasat di bawah Akta Hasutan.

"Tindakan Zulkifli Noordin bertentangan dengan prinsip dan semangat Pakatan Rakyat," kata beliau pada sidang media di sini hari ini.

Zulkifli, yang pernah disiasat Jawatankuasa Disiplin PKR dua tahun lalu berhubung isu lain, semalam membuat aduan polis ekoran saranan Khalid agar enakmen agama Islam Selangor disemak atas alasan ia sudah ketinggalan zaman.

Sambil menyifatkan tindakan Zulkifli semalam sebagai ala Umno, Shamsul Iskandar berkata pihaknya mahu pucuk kepimpinan mengambil tindakan tegas ke atas anggota Dewan Rakyat itu.

"Kami sangat kesal dengan tindakan beliau yang bertentangan dengan rangka kerja bersama Pakatan," kata beliau selepas mesyuarat AMK di sini.

"Kami juga mencabar beliau tampil dan menjelaskan kepada AMK berhubung tindakannya... kami mencabar beliau agar berdebat dengan kami atas prinsip agama Islam dan ilmu.

"Surat formal akan dihantar kepada beliau dalam waktu terdekat," kata beliau dan menambah pihaknya berpandangan isu berkenaan sudah selesai selepas Penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mengadakan pertemuan dengan lebih 100 ahli politik, sarjana dan pemimpin NGO Islam baru-baru ini.

"Nampaknya tidak dan ia berterusan dengan tindakan Zulkifli," katanya lagi.

Semalam, Zulkifli berkata, laporan polis itu dibuat berhubung kenyatan Khalid yang menyebut enakmen larang kalimah "Allah" ketinggalan zaman.

"Saya dah buat kenyataan dua hari lalu meminta supaya Khalid segera meminta maaf kepada Sultan Selangor dan umat Islam dan menarik balik kenyataan itu tetapi beliau tidak berbuat sedemikian malahan tidak menunjukkan sebarang penyesalan setelah dipanggil menghadap Sultan," katanya.

Pada 21 Jan lepas, Khalid berkata enakmen agama Islam yang melarang penggunaan nama Allah dan perkataan-perkataan lain berkaitan Islam sudah ketinggalan zaman dengan alasan pada masa undang-undang itu diluluskan mungkin tahap kefahaman umat Islam terhadap agama Islam begitu lemah sehingga perlu dilindungi.

Kenyatan Khalid itu merujuk kepada Enakmen Ugama Islam (Kawalan Perkembangan di Kalangan Orang Islam) Negeri Selangor 1988.

"Saya percaya kenyataan Khalid adalah berunsur hasutan dan menghina Tuanku Sultan Selangor dan Dewan Undangan Negeri dan umat Islam secara umumnya," kata Zulkifli.

Laporan polis itu dibuat bagi membolehkan Khalid disiasat sama ada mengikut Akta Hasutan, Seksyen 298A Kanun Keseksaan atau enakmen atau undang-undang berkaitan Islam bagi negeri Selangor.

Menurut Zulkifli, Khalid juga seharusnya tidak lagi berada dalam PAS dan menubuhkan partinya sendiri memandangkan tindakan beliau sejak kebelakangan ini, dilihat sering bertentangan dengan pendirian PAS dan dasar Pakatan Rakyat.

Kedua-dua Khalid dan Zulkifli sudah 'permusuhan' dalam isu ini sejak awal bulan ini.

Ditanya sama ada beliau sendiri bersedia sekiranya PKR bertindak terhadapnya kerana tindakannya, Zulkifli berkata: "Saya tak akan halang PKR dari mengambil tindakan kalau mereka perlu ambil tindakan."

Shamsul Iskandar menjelaskan PKR dan sayap pemudanya sentiasa konsisten bahawa Islam adalah agama rasmi di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan tetapi tindakan Zulkifli bertentangan dengan pendirian bersama PR dalam isu kalimah "Allah".

PR, yang turut dianggotai PAS sebagai komponen yang lazimnya berpendirian konservatif dalam soal-soal berkaitan agama, berpendapat bahawa bukan Islam boleh menggunakan kalimah "Allah" selagi ia tidak disalahgunakan, ekoran keputusan mahkamah yang membenarkan akhbar mingguan Herald menggunakan perkataan itu dalam edisi Bahasa Malaysia.

"Apa yang beliau lakukan bertentangan dengan prinsip musyawarah," kecam Shamsul Iskandar.

Bagaimanapun ketua AMK itu tidak menjelaskan apabila ditanya bentuk tindakan tegas termasuk kemungkinan Zulkifli dipecat dari parti, yang patut diambil ke atas beliau.

"Saya pasti parti akan melihat perkara itu," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Shamsul Iskandar berkata, AMK akan mengedarkan 100,000 salinan risalah bertajuk "Kes Qazaf Saiful" di masjid-masjid utama di seluruh pada Jumaat ini.

Ia menyentuh bahawa kes liwat melibatkan Anwar, yang didakwa oleh bekas pembantu peribadinya Saiful Bukhari Azlan, wajar dibicarakan di bawah sudut qazaf di Mahkamah Syariah. -MI

The Malaysian Rebellion

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 03:08 AM PST

Whether or not the Malaysian Authorities would want to admit it, Malaysia is currently facing a rebellion. The every day Malaysians are now rebelling against their government that has been in power for the past 53 years. The number of protest and demonstration by all sects of society is seen as the legacy of living 22 years under the semi-autocratic leadership of Dr Mahathir Muhammad.

The rebellion is strongly coming in from the Islamic Youth movement, which is seen as a religiously motivated tide of discontent. The other rebels seem to be the total opposite of the Islamic inclined struggle. It consist of head shaking, rocking, hopping, intoxicated young independent youths. Whats even more surprising is that this frowned upon teens are actually brilliant, bright students and young professionals.Driven by the ideas of social justice, humanity, and knowledge these group of youngsters albeit passive are tactically sharp and are putting their acquired knowledge in the effort of overthrowing the status quo.

Albeit the unique social development, there are also plenty of young bloods who are not concerned about the future and obey the Government heart and soul. This is the same group of youngster that go to University simple because its necessary to secure a well paying job with a Government Linked Company. The same bunch of teens that think the Government is the legislator, executive and judiciary, prosecution, judge and executor. A group that would rarely understand what the rebels are fighting for.

The rebellion is nothing new as it actually begun back in 1997 when the then Deputy Prime Minister was sacked for alleged corruption, and sex scandals. The spirit of reform was born then, when the Reformasi protest fired up. Dr. Mahathir quickly silenced the voices of dissent by abusing the notorious Internal Security Act. The people gave Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a chance to lead with hopes of reform and transformation. Abdullah did open up some space for democracy and voices of dissent, which later reignited the dying flames of Reformasi.

The Government has been immensely paranoid about youths who have begun thinking critically. The Government has begun demonizing them by labellings them as nuisance and law breakers. However what they seem to overlook is that this rebellion is coming from educated students, who are concerned about their future. Like it or not, THESE ARE the leaders of tomorrow, and it is only a matter of time till they organise themselves better.

The Government has been trying all means in their effort to kill these voices of dissent. It is sad, yet the battle is only getting more violent. The mass rally of Bersih is just one of the many civil action on the Government. It is suspected that more of such efforts are in the pipeline. It is astonishing as to how the police put so much time and effort to supress these youths. Some of the youth movement leaders have Special Branch police officers following them very frequently.

The latest arrest of 9 university students, has depicted how the Government is giving preferential treatment to some propaganda which is organized by them such as the "Allah" or even the cow head demonstration held a few weeks back, where nobody was detained. However the peaceful demonstration by the university students saw immediate action from the police.

Malaysians are taking charge of their future and stepping up for what they deserve. One can only dream how changes are going take place, but after half a century of being in power it is doubted that the status quo would back off gracefully. However it is predicted that the harder the suppress the harder the rebels. The best part out of all of this, is that the rebels look like they are here to stay, giving civil society movements a better bite at things.

Tribute to Almarhum Sultan Iskandar

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 02:36 AM PST

Sudah dua hari tak mengadap laptop. kenapa? Terkejut dengan kemangkatan Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Mutawakil alAllah Sultan Negeri Johor Darul Takzim dan Jajahan Takluknya. So sehari suntuk mengadap TV menonton upacara pemakaman baginda kerana tak sempat balik Johor. Ingat hati nak je bawa Kamera balik JB.

Walau apa pun kita pernah dengar tentang Baginda semasa muda dulu, saya tetap menghormatinya sebagai Sultan Negeri Johor. Baginda sebenarnya seorang yang tegas, berhemah, mengambil berat hal-ehwal rakyatnya, cuma ada kala caranya yang terlalu tegas. Apa yang amat disanjung, Baginda tidak mementingkan protokol atau membezakan darjat.

Anakandanya yang dilantik sebagai Sultan pun semasa muda terlalu banyak cerita tapi Alhamdulillah banyak kebaikan & kebajikan yang baginda telah sumbangkan. Diharap sifat-sifat mulia ini berterusan...

Kedua-duanya adalah Senior saya di English College (kini dikenali sebagai Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar)

Word for the parents

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 02:32 AM PST

I. The Duty
The Basic Duties: 1. Provide food, shelter & basic skills, 2. Protect children from harm, 3. Provide education, 4. Provide behavioral guidance

II. The Authority
1. Role Models - (Deu 10, 28 & Prov), 2. Power to bestow blessings or even curses - (Gen 49), 3. Power to protect and preserve descendents - (Gen 6:7-9, Gen 7:1)

One man's story: Noah
1. Noah "...found (grace) in the eyes of the Lord" - Gen 6:7
Noah's qualities: i. He was a just man, ii. He was perfect in his generation, iii. He walked with God
He was referred to as righteous before God in his generation (Gen 7:1)
2. Noah fulfilled his God-given assignment

I Am Not Anti-Christian :Tun Mahathir

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 12:02 AM PST

From: "bob day"

You are a joker. It is not funny. You are anti everybody except yourself.
You are a shit stirrer. You have effectively tried very hard to divide the
Nation into Malays and non Malays. It looks like you want civil strive to
take place. You are hard at work trying to divide the Nation.
I feel sorry for Malaysians. They do not have much to look forward to as
long as there are people like you harping on disunity and clamouring that
there are this first class and second and third class citizens.
Do you get excited to see civil strive and all Malaysians at each other's
PENANG, Jan 23 (Bernama) -- Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied claims that he is trying to stir up anti-Christian sentiments by saying that the Sept 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York was staged.

"Many people may think that I am trying to stir up the matter by publicly commenting that the attack on the United States was staged but I am firm with my point of view," he told reporters after attending a dinner organised by the Penang Medical Practitioners' Society here on Saturday.

The former prime minister said there were groups of people who thought that he was trying to stir anti-Christian sentiments by commenting on the attack at this point of time.

"What do I gain from a publicity stunt? I'm not going to run for Prime Minister again."

Earlier in his blog, Mahathir said that he had watched a three-hour video showing the attack and suggested that the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings collapsed due to controlled demolition.

"A lot of people in America (the apologists will dismiss them as conspiracy theorists) questioned whether the towers collapsed because the planes crashed into them or that something else caused them to come down.

"These people have reproduced videos taken by media people showing the attack and the collapse of the towers, pointing out certain peculiar features.

"If you have seen the three-hour long video which is widely distributed you would be convince by it.

"People fear of saying anything political on this issue, especially when we are accusing the government of a very powerful country of doing something wrong.

"Don't forget they (even) told lies to go to war," he said.

On another note, Tun Mahathir said Malaysia should not solely depend on foreign direct investments (FDI) and should instead build up its own economy.

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