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Posted: 01 Feb 2010 08:01 AM PST

A bunch of my blogger friends were having dinner last night. One of our topic was about the application Your Luck [Daily] @ Facebook (FB). hehehe... I always like to click on the lucky today and see what is my luck of the day... :p

How many of you actually play this application @ FB? If you did, do you believe the luck represent your luck of the day for you?

Monday morning, I woke up and login into the FB before hitting to the office... i wanna to check what is my lucky today... so i quickily click on the application and tada... the application presented my lucky today was 92%. Clap clap... TZ has 92%, everything must be smooth...

Okay let's fast forward...

I reached office @ about 9:30am. Finished all my email sent by my other colleagues who worked during the weekend... guess what? nearly 40 emails. hmmm... don't scare by 40 email... It has been the routine job for me since i joined especially on Monday morning... When I was happily reading some of the email notification about issues that have been resolved during the weekend. Kudoz to my colleagues over the other end of the world.

Anyway, when my other colleague came in... he reported there was a big issue waiting for us to solve... I told myself WTF i got 92% lucky today... how can i get this kind of unpredictable, sucky issue on Monday...

Anyway, let's see what is the lucky today now since already pass 12:00 and no longer Monday... So all the BLUES should be off ... guess what? the system response

so i need to go back on 12:15am to check... Hopefully i got a better luck in a better day. Looking forward for the new Easy Step as Teoh/Scott said that they wanna to modify the step a bit to accomodate the intermediate people like me... :p

It's 12:15am now ... Let's check.... *drum please* the result is

How? that's my lucky today... :(

Malaysian PR: A Brief Update

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 07:58 AM PST

Today Leen and I drove out to Shah Alam and braved the labyrinth that is Kompleks PKNS to submit the documents to the Immigration Dept. for renewal of my pass. I was pleasantly surprised by a few things today:

1) I only needed to submit three forms: the declaration of marriage (stamped by a commissioner of oaths), an extension form, and a visa application form. I thought I'd been given the wrong forms, or not enough forms, but it turned out those three were all I needed.

2) I didn't need a mountain of supporting documentation. Besides those three forms, I only had to submit one photocopy each of my passport (the main page and the page with my valid pass), Leen's IC, and our marriage certificates.

3) The immigration officers were friendly and, dare I say, pleasant. Two of the three we spoke with today even smiled. I kid you not.

4) My new pass (one year) was processed in just a few hours. I'd never submitted all the required documents and got my pass all on the same day before this. I was impressed.

But this is a post about PR, right? Okay, so we also talked to one of the officers who handle PR. Here's what we learned:

1) The Malaysian government is still serious about giving PR to foreign spouses.

2) However, if you're a foreign spouse, you need to have been here at least five or six years (I can't remember which).

3) Also, you need to have been here the entire time on a spouse visa. If you recently married a Malaysian and just got here, you need to stay here for several years on the visa that recently replaced the spouse visa, which is pretty much the same thing, before you can apply for PR. If you've been here for several years but weren't on the old spouse visa (for example, if you were on a regular work visa), then those years won't count and you'll still have to wait several years before you can apply for PR.

4) Even if you've been here the minimum number of years on the old spouse visa (like me), if you were to apply for PR now your application would definitely be rejected. That's because every time you got your spouse visa in the past there was a little note the Immigration people had in their system that said something like "This poor sod can't even apply for PR." They're currently changing their system so that previous years people spent here under the old spouse programme will count towards new PR applications. But we were told today that process is ongoing and won't be completed until at least February. So if you've been here several years and spent most or all of them on a spouse visa, you can apply for PR but you should wait a couple more months.

I just got a one-year visa, plus I've got a kid on the way, so I'm going to wait until maybe April to apply for PR. Then we'll see how long it takes for a decision, and whether it's a good one. I know better than to expect the best possible outcome, but if today was any indication then it's possible this story may have a happy ending after all. We'll see.

For some perspective, here are my last few posts regarding immigration and the quest for Permanent Resident status in Malaysia:

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Malaysian PR: Some McVay Guy's Thoughts (and Mine)
Malaysian PR: Another Hopeful Sign
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Kartika: Just get it over with

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 08:18 AM PST

S Pathmawathy
Feb 1, 10

Behind the media frenzy and religious debates, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno is a heartbroken woman who just wants a second chance at a normal life.

NONEThe 33-year-old part-time model (left) made international news last July after she became the first woman in the country to be sentenced six strokes of the rotan for consuming alcohol.

Speaking to Malaysiakini in an exclusive interview, Kartika said the entire ordeal had destroyed her marriage, strained her family and two children.

Kartika was detained by the Pahang religious authorities last year for consuming beer with five other non-Muslim friends at a hotel in Cherating.

Fine paid

Half a year later, she has paid the RM5,000 fine meted by the Syariah Court and but legal and political wrangling have put her whipping sentence on hold unofficially and indefinitely.

NONEHer canning sentence was deferred, at the eleventh hour, on Aug 24 ostensibly to observe the month of Ramadhan last year.

The following day, she was advised to appeal the sentence by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"I don't know why there is a delay. My lawyers said the authorities cannot carry out the punishment because they don't have people trained to carry out such punishment.

"(Furthermore, my lawyers said) there is pressure from the Sultan (of Pahang) as he does not approve of the sentence," she said, during the interview at her family-owned resort in Kuala Kangsar.

Toll on marriage

Kartika said she has not received any written notices about her sentence which have impaired her ability to plan for the future.

"I have accepted my fate and repented. I just want to get this over and done with," she said.

The first casualty to the uncertainties faced by Kartika had been her 13-year marriage with network engineer Muhammed Afandi Amir, 38, which have ended in divorce since the court sentence.

NONETogether, they have two children Mohamad Azfar, 7, and Wann Kaitlynn Saridewi, 5 (right), which are in Kartika's custody.

According to Kartika her husband had "changed" since the incident and could not cope.

"Of course I still love my husband and I know he made a mistake and did not purposely say he wants a divorce, as at the time, he was under pressure," she said, while in tears.

"If we are meant to be together, all I ask (of him) is to let me settle my things first. I want to be a good and a loving wife. If I'm still in this situation I don't want to go back to him," she added.

Currently, Kartika is living with her parents at her birthplace of Kuala Kangsar and is hoping to patch her relationship with family and friends.

Not a publicity seeker

Her father Shukarno, expressed his wish for the authorities to carry out the whipping sentence because it was what prescribed in law.

"I don't want the prime minister to use his power to stop the punishment. I don't want him to use his veto powers. It is not nice. I worried that canning would harm her but I trust that the judgement was made according to Islam and we respect it," he said.

NONEMeanwhile, Kartika has denied claims that she was cashing in on her ordeal with plans of releasing a book on the entire episode.

"If I wanted publicity, I wouldn't want it in this form. This incident has brought so much shame to my family," she said.

She adds that the book was dedicated to her five-year-old daughter and hopes she would one day understand what happened to her mother.

"The reason I am writing is to explain to my daughter, one day when she grows up and she must know about my life. I am worried what she will think about me," she revealed.

Kartika promises a poignant tale with a complete account of the drinking incident and her experience in court.

VIDEO| 9.48 mins

Gadis Hilang/ Missing Girl - Tolong/ Please Help!

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 08:44 AM PST

Salam semua,

Sahabat saya Pn Shariffa bt Jari dari Semenyih telah kehilangan anak gadisnya sudah 6 hari.

Minta bantuan rakan-rakan semua sekiranya tahu dimana gadis ini berada sekarang.

Hilang dari sekolah pada 20.1.2010, hari Rabu yg lepas...sehingga kini tidak pulang ke rumah.

Beliau bersekolah di SMK Taman Jasmin 2 Kajang. Beliau rendah.. kecil molek dan manis orangnya....

Nama: Nurliyana Ashikin bt Azmi
Umur : 16 tahun

Contact # PN SHARIFFA :
(R) 03-87233184 ATAU H/P 0123970018

Terimakasih kepada yg tolong forwardkan email ini.

Yg benar,
Sahabat Pn Shariffa

Kaedah seludup sicantik manis,terkantoi

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 08:44 AM PST

Selcat : Ronnie Ditegur Perbaiki Pengurusan Peruntukan

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 08:17 AM PST

Selcat hari ini membuktikan kritikan Umno-Barisan Nasional kononnya badan itu hanya mensasarkan wakil rakyat gabungan itu adalah meleset.

Badan itu meminta Adun Pandamaran yang juga ahli Exco kanan dari Pakatan Rakyat Ronnie Liu memberi penjelasan mengenai peruntukan lebih setengah juta ringgit yang diagihkan oleh pejabat beliau dalam tempoh enam bulan.

Ronnie sendiri berpendirian tindakan Selcat meminta penjelasan dari beliau mencerminkan kewibawaan badan itu dan beliau tidak bermasalah Selcat memerinchi peruntukan itu.

Ronnie adalah antara yang dipanggil oleh Selcat hari ini untuk menerangkan bagaimana dana awam berjumlah RM611,933 dibelanjakan dalam tempoh enam bulan lalu.

Adun Pandamaran itu menerima baik peluang berdepan dengan Selcat dan berkata semua pihak harus menerima hak Selcat untuk memerinchi perbelanjaan dana awam.

Meskipun disiasat dengan terperinci oleh anggota panel Selcat, Ronnie bersikap professional dan berharap jawapannya dapat membantu siasatan Selcat.

"Pada keseluruhannya saya berpuas hati dan Selcat merupakan satu-satunya jawatankuasa yang Exco kita sendiri yang memberi kelulusan dan mengharapkan Selcat menjalankan tugas untuk ketelusan, kebertanggungjawaban dan kecekapan jadi kita setujulah, saya harap Selcat berpuashati dengan jawapan yang saya bagi tadi", jelas Ronnie kepada pemberita.

Ronnie memberitahu Selcat bahawa 40 daripada 168 permohonan untuk peruntukan itu dibuat oleh badan-badan keagaamaan dan persatuan.

"Hanya persatuan yang benar-benar memerlukan bantuan saya minta daripada saya kerana ini akan berulang dan tidak salah persatuan-persatuan ini pergi kepada Adun-Adun yang lain, kalau dia pergi kepada Adun yang lain, benda ini akan diseimbangkan, tapi ini tidak bermakna saya akan tolak mana-mana permohonan saya akan teruskan memberi sumbangan", katanya lagi.

Pengagihan bantuan oleh pejabat ahli EXCO ini kepada pihak yang memerlukannya tidak menimbulkan sebarang bantahan.

Namun Ronnie akur dengan keperluan untuk menepati segala keperluan birokasi demi memastikan ketelusan dalam setiap urusan.

"Setiap ringgit setiap sen yang saya janji kepada persatuan ataupun perbadanan agama ataupun individu memang telah sampai, sampai hari ini tak terima apa-apa aduan katakan wang tak sampai, dan saya memang berhasrat untuk menambahbaikan cara pengagihan peruntukan tetapi saya kena memberitahu media bahawa tekanan kepada saya sebagai Exco di kawasan Klang ini memang agak luar biasa", ujarnya lagi. - MOHD SAHRULNIZAM MOHD ZAIN (TVS)

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

California: CAIR throws a hissy fit, plans to file a complaint about mayor's remarks with the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 06:10 AM PST

So what do you think caused the outrage of the self-appointed "Muslim advocacy" group? Apparently, the mayor's statement that the town of Lancaster is "growing a Christian community".

(LA Times) Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris drew criticism from a leading Muslim group today after saying in his annual State of the City address that the high desert town was "growing a Christian community."

"We're growing a Christian community, and don't let anybody shy away from that," Parris told the audience of ministers gathered for his address."I need [Lancaster residents] standing up and saying we're a Christian community, and we're proud of that," the mayor said.

The Greater Los Angeles area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations denounced the statement and said it plans to file a complaint about the mayor's remarks with the civil rights division of the U.S. Justice Department.


"Elected officials should not use their public positions to impose their religious beliefs on others," said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of CAIR.

You just gotta love it when a Muslim supremacy group tries to teach somebody that they shouldn't impose their religious views on others.

I like the mayor's response. The mayor, reached by telephone today, said his remarks did not intend to impose his faith on others, and he said he would make no apology."This is just about very few people wanting to get their 15 minutes of fame," he said. "I guess they got it."

Kudos to the Lancaster mayor for telling the bitches that they are just that, bitches. Hat tip: Eye On The World

Secret Behind Happy Married Life

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 06:03 AM PST

Once I was asked by my friend, "What is the secret behind your happy married life?" I said, "You should share responsibilities with due love and respect each other. Then absolutely there will be no problems."

He asked, "Can you explain?"

I said, "In my house, I take decisions on bigger issues where as my wife decides on smaller issues. We do not interfere in each other's decisions."

Still not convinced, Friend asked me "Give me some examples"

I said, "Smaller issues like, which car we should buy, how much amount to save, when to visit home town, which Sofa, air conditioner, refrigerator, monthly expenses, whether to keep a maid or not etc are decided by my wife. I just agree to it"

He asked, "Then what is your role?"

I said, "My decisions are only for very big issues. Like whether America should attack Iran, whether Britain should lift sanctions over Zimbabwe, whether to widen the African economy, whether Barrack Obama should retire, etc etc and do you know one thing, my wife NEVER, EVER objects to any of these decisions."

1Malaysia vs Jakim: PM vs Prime Minister's Dept! Please stop the talk if you cannot walk the talk!

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 07:38 AM PST

Just read YB LKS's blog post entitled:

Cabinet must condemn and take action against Jakim's insubordination and open insurrection against Najib's 1Malaysia concept

Of course, the above posting is related to speakers in a forum organized by Jakim of the Prime Minister's Department who blamed Christians for 'Allah' row (Click here to read @ The Malaysian Insider).

Kartika's wish to be whipped is delayed by 'the powers that be'

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 07:14 AM PST

It has been almost half a year since the deferment of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno's caning sentence. [VIDEO INSIDE]

Behind the media frenzy and religious debates, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno is a heartbroken woman who just wants a second chance at a normal life. Kartika, a 33-year-old part-time model, made international news last July after she became the first woman in the country to be sentenced six strokes of the rotan for consuming alcohol.In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini , Kartika said the entire ordeal had destroyed her marriage, strained her family and two children.

A few factors for the delay:
1. The authorities don't have people trained to carry out such punishment
There is pressure from the Sultan (of Pahang) as he does not approve of the sentence
The prime minister wanting to use his power to stop the punishment (Kartika's dad objects to it)

(Image source: The Star Online)

Honda Dan Toyota Tarik Balik Beberapa Model Kereta

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 06:16 AM PST

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd mengumumkan penarikan balik 16,025 unit Honda City dan Honda Jazz kerana masalah pada kekunci utama tingkap automatik.

Model kereta Honda yang ditarikbalik adalah 12,935 unit dari generasi kedua Honda City keluaran 2008. Selain itu, 3,090 unit Honda Jazz buatan 2003 juga ditarikbalik. Pengumuman rasmi ini dikeluarkan hari ini.

Honda Malaysia hingga saat ini mendakwa belum ada kemalangan di Malaysia dari masalah power window master switch yang berpotensi terbakar jika kaca dibiarkan terbuka dan air hujan masuk ke sela-sela "power window switch" tersebut.

Di Amerika Serikat (AS), Honda menyatakan ada dua kejadian dengan masalah yang sama dan satu kejadian di Afrika Selatan yang mengorbanlan jiwa seorang kanak-kanak berumur dua tahun bernama Vanilla Nurse.

"Kami akan menulis dan memaklumkankan secepatnya kepada para pengguna kereta kami mengenai masalah ini. Kami akan bertanggungjawab untuk penggantian komponen yang bermasalah," ujar Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Honda Malaysia Toru Takahashi.

Sebelum ini, Toyota telah memohon maaf di atas langkah syarikat itu menarik balik berjuta-juta kereta keluarannya di seluruh dunia berikutan kegagalan pedal minyak yang telah menjejaskan reputasi gergasi automotif Jepun itu dari segi mutu keluarannya.

"Kami benar-benar kesal kerana telah menyebabkan pelanggan berasa tidak senang," kata Akio Toyoda kepada stesen televisyen NHK, kenyataan pertamanya berhubung perkara berkenaan sejak kejadian itu meluas ke seluruh dunia.

"Ketika ini, kami sedang mengumpul fakta dan menyediakan penjelasan supaya ia dapat menghilangkan kerisauan di kalangan pengguna secepat mungkin," katanya.

Toyota menarik balik 1.8 juta kenderaannya di Eropah, Jumaat lalu - jumlah terbesar dalam siri penarikan balik itu yang telah menjejaskan kira-kira lapan juta kereta Toyota di seluruh dunia - lebih tinggi daripada jumlah jualan global Toyota tahun lalu yang berjumlah 7.8 juta unit.

Toyota, yang memintas kedudukan General Motors sebagai penjual kenderaan tertinggi pada 2008, berdepan pelbagai isu keselamatan yang menimbulkan tanda-tanya sama ada ia telah mengetepikan soal mutu yang sebelum ini begitu disebut-sebut sehingga menjadikannya pengeluar nombor satu dunia.

Tamparan hebat diterima Toyota apabila ia mengumumkan menarik balik 2.3 juta kereta di Amerika Syarikat (AS) minggu lalu kerana kebimbangan terhadap pedal minyak, masalah sama yang dihadapi 75,000 kereta Toyota di China.

Ia juga menarik balik kira-kira 5.3 juta kenderaan di AS bagi menggantikan alas lantai yang mungkin tersangkut pada pedal minyak.

Sekurang-kurangnya 1.7 juta kereta telah ditarik balik di luar Eropah disebabkan kedua-dua masalah itu, kata Toyota.

Ulasan GB

Toyota, mengingatkan GB mengenai kemalangan yang dialami oleh Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin yang memandu Toyota Camry, yang terlibat di dalam kemalangan beberapa minggu lalu.

Apakah ia ada kaitan dengan kegagalan pedal yang dimaksudkan, lalu terbabas dan terbalik?

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Bid to cite MACC man for contempt denied

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 05:51 AM PST

UPDATE 7.38PM Attempts to initiate contempt proceedings against an MACC officer have been denied.

The MACC officer is Raub Ghani who lodged a police report on New Year's day alleging Pornthip leaked her post mortem report to PKR party organ Suara Keadilan. Following the police report, Pornthip who was only allowed to observe the second post mortem, had informed the Selangor government that she was afraid to return to Malaysia over fears of being arrested.

After the inquest proceedings, both Karpal and Ipoh Timur MP Lim Kit Siang issued scathing statements at newly appointed MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed - Karpal wanted Abu Kassim to initiate disciplinary actions against Raub for causing delays to the inquest while Lim questioned if MACC had sanctioned Raub in lodging the police report.

Trial of Opposition Leader Could Reshape Malaysian Politics

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 05:19 AM PST

February 1, 2010
The New York Times


BANGKOK — During more than three decades in politics, Anwar Ibrahim has spent a good share of his time behind bars — from his detention during his days as a rabble-rousing student leader in the 1970s to his imprisonment a decade ago on charges of abuse of power and sodomy.

On Tuesday, a new trial begins for Mr. Anwar, 62, the charismatic but polarizing politician who leads the country's resurgent opposition.

The accuser is new, but the charge is again sodomy. A conviction this time could end the career of Mr. Anwar and reshape Malaysian politics.

For Malaysia's 26 million people, the trial is the latest chapter in the bitter struggle for power between the governing coalition, which has ruled since independence from Britain more than five decades ago, and the diverse but ascendant opposition parties.

"This is as much a court case as it is a battle for public opinion," said Ibrahim Suffian, the director of the Merdeka Center, an independent polling agency in Malaysia.

The accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, is in his early 20s and was a former campaign worker for Mr. Anwar.

The trial is being greeted with wariness by many of those who remember the first one, a decade ago, when a stained mattress was introduced as evidence and newspapers were filled with debates and testimony about the exact details of the sexual relationship. The largest newspapers and television stations are controlled by the governing coalition and were cheerleaders for a guilty verdict.

This time, the trial is likely to divert attention from the country's communal tensions and economic weakness. Churches and mosques have been attacked in recent weeks over the issue of whether non-Muslims should be allowed to use the word "Allah" for God.

Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is modern, and the country's globe-trotting elite is cosmopolitan, but the question of whether the ban on sodomy should be repealed has never gained traction beyond a small circle of activists. In India, which shares many laws from its British colonial heritage, a similar ban was overturned last year by a court on the grounds that it was discriminatory.

In Malaysia, sodomy, or "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" as described by the penal code, is illegal for both heterosexual and homosexual couples and is punishable by 20 years in prison.

Even a relatively short prison term could sideline Mr. Anwar, the head of the People's Justice Party, from politics for a long time. Any sentence over one year would automatically impose a ban on holding political office for five years from the date of release.

"The people are aware that we are not going to get a fair trial," Mr. Anwar said in a telephone interview Friday. "The party is prepared," he said with typically combative vigor.

Mr. Anwar did not elaborate on preparations by the opposition beyond saying that contingency plan was in place to name a successor in case he was found guilty.

During his last imprisonment, his wife, Azizah Ismail, ran for his seat and won. Some supporters now look to their daughter, Nurul Izzah, who was elected to Parliament two years ago, for leadership.

Mr. Anwar has played a key role in holding together an improbably diverse opposition alliance composed of his own multiethnic party, a conservative Islamic party, Pas, and the left-leaning Democratic Action Party, made up mainly of ethnic Chinese.

His absence would pose a major challenge to the opposition in its quest for power. But Mr. Ibrahim and other analysts also believe it could also strengthen their popularity, especially if Mr. Anwar is perceived by the public as a victim of a government smear campaign and a kangaroo court.

Sympathy could win Mr. Anwar crucial votes among his own ethnic group, the Malays, and cement the allegiance of the Chinese and Indian minorities. Mr. Anwar has toured the country in recent weeks, speaking to large crowds and lashing out of the government.

"We are going on the offensive," he said in the telephone interview. "We are dealing with a very oppressive regime."

Throughout his career, Mr. Anwar has perhaps been most comfortable as the underdog.

Mr. Anwar spent nearly two years detained without trial during the 1970s, when he led a conservative Islamic student movement against the government, and he served six years for sodomy and abuse of power in allegedly trying to cover up the allegations. The sodomy conviction was overturned in 2004, but appeals over abuse of power were ultimately rejected.

Unlike those previous legal battles, he has the advantage this time of being able to make his case on the Internet, which remains relatively free in Malaysia and features many blogs and news sites free from government censorship.

And until now, Mr. Anwar appears to have had a receptive audience: only 11 percent of Malaysians surveyed in a poll conducted soon after the sodomy charge was announced two years ago believed it. That may change once the trial begins Tuesday.

On Friday, Mr. Anwar was dealt a pretrial setback when the country's highest court denied him access to evidence gathered by the prosecution that his lawyers had argued were important to his defense.

"The appellant is not entitled to know by which way the prosecution intends to present the facts," Abdull Hamid Embong, a judge in the Federal Court, said in denying access to the evidence. "This remains the prerogative of the prosecution."

Sankara Nair, one of Mr. Anwar's lawyers, said in an interview Saturday that Mr. Anwar would demand that the trial be postponed Tuesday because a preliminary application to have the case thrown out had not been resolved.

Goodbye Selangor

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 03:51 AM PST

Read also:
Submitted by pekwan on Monday, February 1st, 2010
UiTM deal in Malacca approved on Jan 21
Monday, February 1st, 2010 10:42:00

PETALING JAYA: Goodbye Selangor, hello Malacca.

That sums up the fate of the proposal by Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) to build the new Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus in Serendah as ownership of the 448-acre plot, where the campus was to be, has now reverted to the Selangor government under controversial circumstances.

YBK chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom told The Malay Mail the deadline set by the State government for the foundation to settle outstanding quit rent of RM5.6 million expired last Friday.

This was despite the offer made by Yayasan Melaka to settle the foundation's quit rent as the offer came a little too late, since the Selangor government had already rejected the foundation's application to extend the quit rent payment deadline.

Zainal Abidin said the foundation was informed last Friday evening via a letter from the State government that their application to extend the payment deadline was rejected.

All is not lost for the foundation's plan as the Malacca government has already approved a 200-acre plot in Kampung Seri Mendapat, Mukim Semujuk, Jasin to build the UiTM campus there.

The Malay Mail learnt that the deal was approved by the Malacca government on Jan 21.

The foundation would now conduct discussions with Yayasan Melaka for a joint-venture project to develop the land. Only then would the foundation decide if it should proceed with the proposed UiTM campus project there, originally planned to be handled by its subsidiary, Permodalan YBK Sdn Bhd.

"I am thankful to Malacca chief minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and Yayasan Melaka for their concern and assistance," said Zainal Abidin.

On efforts by the foundation to seek help to settle the quit rent arrears earlier, he said the foundation tried to seek help from government-linked companies and private institutions but they had to pull out for various reasons.

Although the Selangor project has been cancelled, Zainal Abidin said the foundation would continue with their legal suit against the State government for defamatory claims as well as to claim due loss.

Last Friday, YBK had lodged a police report against the Selangor Menteri Besar's office for alleged defamatory statements on the charitable body and its trustees.

The State government had allegedly used the inability of the foundation to settle quit rent arrears for portions of its 1,642-acre land bank as "bargaining chips" to get the Selangor MB and State exco member Rodziah Ismail appointed to YBK's board of trustees.

In justifying the State government's demands, Selangor MB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim had stated the government's involvement in YBK would ensure transparency and accountability in managing resources handed over to the foundation.

YBK has since appointed a team of lawyers to look into the matter and its legal panel head, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, had recently said YBK's trustees were not empowered to appoint another trustee to the board as it is a private trust board created under the Trustee Incorporation Act 1952 and the trust deed.

Even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has entered the picture and are studying whether there are possible elements of power abuse in the State government's post-for-project demand in YBK.

The State government had retaliated last Friday by issuing a statement saying that they are determined to ensure transparency in YBK by declassifying information relating to all assets and funds given to YBK.

"The police report by the foundation's chairman Datuk Zainal Sakom will not derail the State's efforts to unveil the foundation's activities, ownership of property and land, methods of obtaining them and all its programmes," said the statement released by Khalid via his political secretary, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

It also stated the MB's office has been receiving and collecting numerous documents from various government units and agencies to compile and summarise the assets, funds, projects and activities regarding YBK into documents which will be released as soon as possible.

Despite losing the 448 acres to the State government, Zainal Abidin told The Paper That Cares that the foundation still owns the remaining 900 acres in the area.

"This land belongs to us as long as we are paying taxes to the Selangor government. I hope we will be able to do whatever we want with the land without their intrusion."

Alleging unfairness, Zainal Abidin said: "There are lots of other undeveloped plots of land whose owners have not paid due taxes to the State government. I hope the Selangor government would be fair and will not only target YBK land.

"I am sorry for the Selangor people, especially the people in Serendah, for not being able to develop the land.

"As a son of Selangor, I am disappointed as the foundation's plan could have brought much benefit for the people there. But, what can we say if the State government itself is not willing to co-operate?"



Jan 6: Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) rejects an order by the Selangor State financial officer, Datuk Mohd Arif Ab Rahman, in a letter dated Dec 7, to appoint Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and Batu Tiga assemblyman Rodziah Ismail as trustees of the foundation. This results in YBK's Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus project on a 448-acre site in Serendah, Selangor, not getting the green light to take off. In its letter to the State government, YBK explains that it needs the State's go-ahead for the project so that it could pay off its quit rent arrears.

Jan 8: YBK says it will seek legal advice on whether to lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on the State government's post-for-project demand. Its panel of lawyers advises that this be done. The Selangor government explains that a seat for it on the YBK board will ensure the foundation's transparency and accountability in handling funds.


Jan 9: The Malacca State government offers YBK an alternate site in Jasin for its UiTM campus project.

Jan 11: A non-governmental organisation called Bersih Bangun Selangor (Bebas) files a report with the MACC against Abdul Khalid over the UiTM campus project issue. Bebas chairman, Mohd Abdul Raof Mokhtar, says the report is to ensure the matter will be investigated by the commission.

Jan 13: The Selangor State government demands audit reports of YBK's financial accounts and administration matters for the past five years. The foundation responds that it need not submit such reports to the State government, but only to the Attorney-General's Chambers.


Jan 18: YBK says it is willing to sell its 1,300-acre plot of land in Serendah — part of which is for the UiTM project — to the Selangor State government at half the price if the land indeed costs RM540 million as alleged.

Jan 21: YBK's legal panel poured cold water on Abdul Khalid's demand that the trustees appoint him as foundation chairman because the trustees don't have the power to do so.

Jan 29: YBK lodged a police report against the Selangor Menteri Besar's office for allegedly spreading defamatory statements on the body and its trustees. The foundation learnt their application to extend the deadline for quit rent payment has been rejected by the Selangor State government via letter.

Police Report against Selangor MB

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 03:43 AM PST

YBK- Is it about the poor?

31/01/2010 by drrafick

  1. The Malay Mail reported that the YBK chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom (ZAS) made the report against Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his officers at the district police headquarters for allegedly spreading defamatory statements on the body and its trustees. The record shows that ZAS has literally been begging the streets to raise RM5.6 mill to pay the Selangor State in quit rent arrears or they will lose 448 acres of land alienated to it.
  1. Is it impossible for YBK to raise RM5.6 mill? I believe ZAS and his friends can raise the money over a game of golf and advance it the money to YBK and then YBK can move on.Records show that have more than RM20 mill in accumulated funds in their account and yet they chose not to pay the Selangor state. I think with the kind of assets YBK has, the trustees can walk into any bank and ask for an Over draft facility. My conclusion is that YBK has the capabilities and the capacity to settle this issue but they did not.
  1. Politician thinks in a very unusual manner. They always look at political mileage for everything that they do. It is quite clear that YBK trustee and the Selangor UMNO(BN) has weigh the cost and benefit and they chose not to pay. They feel they can make political gains on this issue especially among the semi urban areas of Selangor. They are focusing on the emotional group of people that can easily be influenced by playing the sympathy and victim card.
  1. In the Malay Mail the paper shows the image of former inmates and orphans of the YBK Hostel carrying posters of Khalid with horns (which imply that he is a devil). Who put up these children to this entire act? Maybe there is some good artist among the children and they have connections with printers that can produce such pictures. Clearly, the politicians are taking advantage of these gullible children. Isn't there a law against the use of children for political purpose? I believe the Child Act 2001
    speaks volume. I am surprised that Shahrizat Jalil had not said anything about this matter.
  1. In my previous writing, I had analysed YBK Annual Report and I had pointed out that there is a very strong probability that the organization is top heavy.
    The board remuneration is very high compared to its gross profit. I also had pointed out that the Financial and admin expenses is much more then the project expenses. I assume the project expenses itself has an admin and financial cost. This means that the final benefit expenses to the needy is very small.
  1. Further review of the YBK website showed that in 2006, almost all the project appears to be focussed on the Malays. They even went to help earthquake victims in Sumatra. Isn't there any poor people among the non Malays in Selangor and if we looked at the programs listed in 2008, there appears to be more meetings, conferences, farewell programs and politically related programs than helping the needy.
  1. If YBK is really serious about helping the poor, it should focus itself on its activity. It should stay away from politics. It is clearer to me now that the YBK is more interested in politics then really about helping the needy. It is a political tool which works as vehicle to enrich certain people and helping a few poor souls in between. Helping the poor and the needy is a secondary objective. Now they have not paid the quit rent, the state can take back the land and create a State based agency in helping out the poor. Give the land to a State Agency that is dedicated to help the poor. Do not create another political based foundation. Create a new agency and work with the existing government agencies in helping the poor and the needy irrespective of their skin colour.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Sibu In The Blue Ocean - Part 51

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 05:39 AM PST

In response to Councillor Robert Lau's views on the next developmental cycle for Sibu, Tan Kee Hian offered his personal opinions in respect of the points being raised. Kee Hian's reply was posted to MPI Forum Website. I reproduce it herebelow for the benefits of more of my readers.

Robert,It's really good to see your article, sharing your personal dream and vision for Sibu. Chang Yi (Sarawakiana2), among others, has posted many excellent ideas and comments, and she must have felt rather "lonely". Rather than comment directly on your thoughtful ideas now, I hope your article provides further encouragement to those who have logged on to this blog to also contribute their own ideas and views. Of course, I hope more people will log on to this and Tony Hii's blog as a result of the interesting postings. To those you are shy, rest assured that there are no right answers and no one has the monopoly of good ideas. I do want to comment on the final sentence of Robert - "All the above industries require plenty of capital, time, energy and the willingness to take risk. Can Sibu take up the challenge?" I don't think Sibu has any choice but to take up the challenge. From where we (Sibu) are today, a sunset city/town, business-as-usual will undoubtedly take us beyond sunset, towards oblivion! The risk to the citizens of Sibu, of doing nothing is far greater than any risk associated with change. To me the challenge is not in finding the right ideas and strategies, but in mobilising the leaders of Sibu (from business, political, community, religious, etc) to step up to the plate. I am confident we can succeed if we have with the right leadership and the political will. How can we encourage those people in positions of power, influence and financial wealth to create a brighter future for Sibu? What can we do to motivate them to get out of their comfort zone? I believe the citizens of Sibu have voiced their concerns with the current trend, and nothing much have changed. I have now made three public attempts in the last 12 months to "stir the pot" and will raise the temperature further. Trust me to do it! We also need ideas on how to mobilise resources for Sibu. This need not necessarily be restricted to people currently in Sibu, but includes people living and working outside Sibu - anyone who cares about Sibu! Regards,Kee Hian

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Posted: 01 Feb 2010 04:36 AM PST

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Selcat fireworks: Teng switches off Ronnie - DURIAN RUNTUH!

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 04:15 AM PST

UPDATED 7PM State watchdog committee chairperson kept trading verbal punches with his DAP colleague Ronnie Liu during the morning session over the latter's style of disbursing constituency allocations. The verbal punches even reached the stage where Teng decided to switch off Liu's microphone to stop him from speaking.

The biggest controversy surrounding Liu's testimony was over the RM16,583 spent on organising three 'durian festivals' - one of them costing a whopping RM10,000. Liu did not provide the number of durians served when quizzed by Selcat member Saari Sungip with the former replying to the latter that he was out to serve "quality durian" to the people.

Wah! This must be 'durian runtuh' for the rakyat or is it 'durian runtuh' for the durian supplier(s) and Liu? ;)

Tindakan UMNO BN Cuba Rampas Selangor Dikecam

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 04:40 AM PST

Tindakan UMNO BN memperalatkan agensi-agensi kerajaan pusat disamping memperkudakan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah (SPRM) dan Polis untuk merampas Selangor dari Pakatan Rakyat menerima kecaman hebat dari Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) Selangor hari ini.

AMK menuntut agar kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) di peringkat persekutuan menghormati mandat rakyat Selangor yang telah memilih Pakatan Rakyat pada PRU-12 lepas.

"Justeru, AMK Selangor menggesa agar kerajaan persekutuan menghormati konsep federalisme yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan," kata Ketua Penerangan AMK Selangor, Mohd Ezli Mashut dalam satu kenyataannya hari ini.

Beliau berkata, AMK Selangor mengulangi desakan agar kerajaan persekutuan bersikap profesional mengenai peruntukan dan geran pembangunan yang telah termaktub."AMK Selangor juga berharap kerajaan persekutuan tidak mensabotaj sebarang usaha untuk membawa pelaburan langsung asing (FDI) ke Selangor," jelas beliau.

"Kita berharap usaha giat membawa FDI ke Selangor dapat memperbaiki kedudukan ekonomi negara yang kini masih memerlukan pemulihan dan suatu usaha bersepadu kerajaan persekutuan dan negeri," tambahnya.

Kata Mohd Ezli, "suara pilihan rakyat dalam PRU-12 perlu dihormati. Justeru kerajaan persekutuan di bawah Umno-BN tidak harus menganaktirikan negeri-negeri di bawah Pakatan Rakyat jika pimpinan persekutuan mempunyai jiwa besar memajukan negara."

"Kita tidak mahu ada usaha-usaha mana-mana menteri persekutuan menghalang mana-mana agensi kerajaan persekutuan untuk berbincang dan bertukar-tukar kepakaran bersama agensi di bawak kerajaan negeri Selangor," tambahnya.

AMK Selangor juga menggesa agar tiada kekangan dan sekatan peruntukan geran pembangunan yang sepatutnya disalurkan kepada kerajaan Selangor dilencongkan menggunakan apa jua alasan yang tidak profesional dan terkongkong dalam persepsi politik sempit.

"Kita menggesa agar kerajaan persekutuan menghentikan sebarang usaha yang cuba mengganggu-gugat kerajaan Selangor disebabkan perbezaan dan pandangan politik," ujar beliau.

Sementara itu pemerhati politik berpendapat bahawa tindakan UMNO BN yang memperlatakan agensi kerajaan pusat, SPRM dan Polis untuk menekan bagi menjayakan missi rampas Selangor tanpa menunggu pilihanraya umum sebagai keterlaluan dan tidak boleh dimaafkan rakyat.

"Mereka telah berjaya melaksanakan kudeta di Perak, kini mereka cuba di Selangor dan di Pulau Pinang dibantu pula oleh media-media arus perdana untuk memburuk-burukkan pemerintahan PR di negeri-negeri tersebut," tegas seorang pensyarah IPTA.

Sayalah polis yang tangkap awak (dulu)...

Posted: 01 Feb 2010 04:56 AM PST

Polis Dan Hak-Hak Asas Anda
Oleh Puspawati Rosman

Hujung minggu lalu ketika saya sedang berehat selepas mendaki Bukit Gasing dan bersarapan pagi, saya telah dihubungi dan dimaklumkan tentang penangkapan sembilan orang mahasiswa oleh polis dan mereka telah meminta bantuan guaman. Penangkapan dikatakan berlaku di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, yang mana pihak polis mendakwa bahawa mahasiswa-mahasiswa tersebut telah terlibat dalam satu perhimpunan haram.

Sejak kebelakangan ini, saya memang mengikuti perkembangan kebangkitan mahasiswa-mahasiswa universiti tempatan kita yang semakin berani menyuarakan pendapat dan ketidakpuasan hati mereka terhadap sistem pentadbiran universiti dan lain-lain isu yang berkaitan dengan kebebasan akademik dan orang ramai secara keseluruhan. Saya pernah menghadiri beberapa siri forum yang mana terdapat beberapa wakil mahasiswa bersuara, dan pendapat yang disuarakan sangat tajam, bernas dan berani.

Rancangan AUKU gagal

Justeru itu, saya tidak terkejut sekiranya kerajaan persekutuan kini sudah mula berasa takut dan risau, walaupun isu yang dibangkitkan oleh golongan mahasiswa ini kebanyakannya adalah isu politik kampus dan bukannya negara, tetapi nampaknya rancangan kerajaan untuk melahirkan lebih banyak lagi mahasiswa-mahasiswa kurang bijak melalui AUKU (Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti) nampaknya sudah tidak berjaya.

Ketika mahasiswa-mahasiswa tersebut menghubungi saya, saya telah meminta mereka memberikan saya nama pegawai polis yang bertugas dan jikalau boleh, mendapatkan nombor telefonnya sekali. Selepas lebih satu jam, salah seorang rakan mahasiswa yang ditangkap telah memberikan nama pegawai yang bertugas tetapi beliau gagal mendapatkan nombor telefonnnya. Maka saya telah menghubungi sendiri balai polis di mana mahasiswa-mahasiswa tersebut ditahan dan minta dihubungkan dengan pegawai terbabit.

"Sayalah polis yang tangkap awak (dulu)..."

Baru saja saya memperkenalkan diri saya sebagai "Puspa" kepada pegawai polis tersebut yang berpangkat ASP, beliau menyambung "Puspawati Rosman". Jadi saya sangkakan bahawa mahasiswa-mahasiswa yang ditahan telah memaklumkan kepada beliau bahawa saya adalah peguam yang mereka telah hubungi untuk khidmat guaman. Akan tetapi, pegawai tersebut berkata "tidak, tapi saya ingat nama tu. Sayalah polis yang tangkap dan lepaskan awak di Masjid Jamek tahun lepas". Saya tidak tahu reaksi bagaimana yang harus saya berikan selepas mendengar ayat penyata tersebut.

Pegawai tersebut memberitahu saya bahawa beliau adalah pengadu di dalam kes tersebut dan bukannya pegawai yang bertugas, dan pegawai penyiasat masih belum ditentukan untuk kes tersebut. Selepas lebih sejam, saya dan dua orang lagi peguam daripada Pusat Bantuan Guaman, Murnie dan Latheefa pergi bertemu dengan pegawai yang bertugas, yang berpangkat Inspektor.

Pada waktu yang sama, saya telah dihubungi oleh salah seorang daripada mahasiswa yang ditangkap yang memberitahu saya bahawa Inspektor tersebut telah mendesak supaya mereka menghubungi dan menyuruh ibu bapa masing-masing datang ke balai untuk mengikat jamin mereka.

Diperbodohkan oleh polis

Pada pendapat saya, permintaan daripada Inspektor tersebut adalah keterlaluan dan tidak masuk akal. Kebanyakan mahasiswa yang ditahan bukan berasal daripada Kuala Lumpur. Adakah polis sengaja hendak menyusahkan mereka, sedangkan tidak ada peruntukan di dalam mana-mana undang-undang pun bahawa ibu bapa wajib datang ke balai untuk menjamin anak yang sudah cukup umurnya?

Pegawai Inspektor tersebut juga bersikap dingin ketika kami para peguam meminta untuk dibenarkan berjumpa dengan anak guam. Katanya "tak boleh, saya masih menyiasat". Dengan penuh sabar kami bertanya kepada beliau atas dasar apakah permintaan kami ditolak dan Inspektor itu hanya menjawab "pergi periksa undang-undang".

Yang itu memang benar-benar menguji tahap kesabaran saya, kerana itu bukan pertama kali saya rasa diperbodohkan oleh polis. Di dalam Kanun Prosedur Jenayah, terdapat beberapa keadaan di mana hak anak guam untuk berjumpa dengan peguamnya boleh dinafikan, tetapi ia hanya boleh dilakukan oleh seorang pegawai polis berpangkat DSP ke atas atau di atas arahan DSP ke atas, bukan Inspektor. Inspektor di dalam kes masa kini bukan sahaja tidak memberitahu kami atas keadaan yang mana satukah penyebab hak anak guam kami dinafikan, tetapi beliau juga telah menyalahguna kuasa dan pangkat Inspektornya untuk menafikan hak anak guam kami.

Peguam diminta keluar

Selepas bertikam lidah dan membuat beberapa desakan melalui pelbagai cara selama lebih dua jam, akhirnya kami dibenarkan untuk berjumpa dengan anak guam dan menemani mereka memberikan keterangan. Kami pun berpecah. Akan tetapi terdapat satu insiden di mana ketika rakan saya Murnie menemani dua orang mahasiswa memberikan keterangan, tiba-tiba beliau telah diminta keluar daripada bilik siasatan oleh pegawai yang bertugas, kononnya kehadiran beliau di situ menyebabkan anak guamnya enggan memberikan kerjasama apabila memilih untuk tidak menjawab beberapa soalan yang diajukan. Murnie enggan keluar.

Terdapat peruntukan undang-undang di dalam Kanun Prosedur Jenayah di mana seseorang itu berhak berdiam diri atau tidak mahu menjawab soalan yang diajukan ketika siasatan, sekiranya beliau berasakan bahawa jawapan yang diberikan boleh menyebabkan beliau dikaitkan dengan mana-mana jenayah atau penalti atau perlucutan hak. Malah, hak ini wajib dibacakan oleh pegawai penyiasat sebelum proses pengambilan keterangan bermula. Maka salahkah para mahasiswa tersebut menggunakan hak mereka itu?

"Kamu nak buat kacau saje, kan?"

Ketika saya pergi berjumpa dengan Inspektor bertugas yang menyuruh saya memeriksa undang-undang tadi, saya bertanya secara elok kepada beliau berapa ramaikah lagi mahasiswa yang masih belum diambil keterangan mereka, kerana saya mahu berada bersama mereka. Inspektor tersebut membalas "kamu ni nak buat kacau saja kan, tak payahlah". Beliau merujuk kepada insiden yang berlaku ketika Murnie dibenarkan menemani dua orang mahasiswa tadi, dan menunjukkan kertas keterangan dua orang mahasiswa itu kepada saya.

"Ni apa ni? Tak nak jawab soalan! Kamu ni memang mengganggu kerja saya!" Kali ini saya tidak boleh bersabar lagi.

"Puan, ini kan memang hak mereka di bawah seksyen 112(2) Kanun Prosedur Jenayah", kata saya.

"Mana undang-undang pasal hak tu? Tunjuk pada saya!" Reaksi balas Inspektor itu memang memeranjatkan saya. Ini adalah kerana Kanun Prosedur Jenayah mewajibkan seseorang polis itu membacakan hak di bawah seksyen 112(2) tersebut kepada orang yang ditahan sebelum keterangan diambil!

Macam halau anjing...

Perang mulut berlaku di antara kami, yang mana akhirnya Inspektor tersebut mengugut untuk membuat laporan polis terhadap saya selepas saya menyifatkan bahawa cara beliau menghalau saya adalah seperti menghalau anjing.

Secara sindiran, saya serahkan kad saya kepada beliau bagi memudahkan beliau membuat laporan terhadap saya. Selepas itu, saya menuju ke kaunter pengaduan dan membuat laporan rasmi terhadap Inspektor tersebut yang telah menyalahguna kuasanya dan bertindak tidak mengikut undang-undang. Rupa-rupanya, rakan saya Latheefa telah terlebih dahulu membuat laporan polis terhadap Inspektor tersebut atas sebab yang sama.

Tidak lama kemudian, Murnie telah menyertai kami. Beliau memberitahu bahawa Inspektor tersebut telah marah-marah kerana ketika sesi mengambil keterangan. Mahasiswa tersebut tidak memberikan jawapan seperti yang beliau mahukan, dan Inspektor itu menyatakan hasratnya untuk mengambil semula keterangan semua mahasiswa tanpa kehadiran peguam.

Jelas sekali Inspektor tersebut tidak faham dengan peranan sebenar peguam di dalam situasi sedemikian. Dalam apa jua keadaan sekalipun, peguam adalah dilarang melatih dan memberikan anak guam jawapan untuk soalan ketika siasatan. Kami berada di situ hanya untuk memastikan supaya anak guam kami dilayan mengikut undang-undang dan supaya anak guam kami boleh menggunakan segala hak yang diperuntukkan kepada mereka dengan bebas. Ketiga-tiga kami mengeluh.

Walaupun saya tidak dapat menemani anak guam ketika mereka memberi keterangan, tetapi saya tetap menunggu di luar balai bersama-sama dengan kumpulan mahasiswa lain yang memberikan sokongan kepada rakan-rakan mereka yang ditahan. Mereka ini juga telah menguruskan proses ikat jamin dengan bantuan beberapa ahli keluarga mahasiswa yang ditahan. Saya pulang dengan ke rumah dengan keyakinan bahawa mahasiswa-mahasiswa ini sudah mampu mengawal situasi dan menguruskan proses ikat jamin sehingga selesai. Tugas saya berakhir setakat itu sahaja. Mahasiswa yang terakhir dilepaskan pada kira-kira pukul 12:30 tengah malam.

Polis buta undang-undang?

Saya seringkali berfikir di manakah silapnya sistem keselamatan dan kepolisan negara kita, sehingga pegawai polis yang sepatutnya bertanggungjawab menjaga keamanan dan undang-undang sendiri tidak tahu apakah undang-undang dan prosedur yang patut dipatuhi ketika menjalankan tugas (atau mungkin mereka tahu tapi sengaja buat-buat tak tahu?).

Adakah hak asasi orang kena tahan, yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak bernilai langsung di mata mereka? Kadangkala saya menyalahkan diri sendiri apabila anak guam saya dinafikan hak untuk mendapat bantuan guaman yang sewajarnya walaupun saya berada dekat dengan mereka, kerana saya tertanya-tanya adakah ia berlaku selepas saya bertindak agresif melawan polis yang buta undang-undang itu?

Tapi, siapa yang mampu menahan sabar dengan manusia yang begitu?

*Puspawati Rosman ialah seorang peguam, juga Ketua Projek Jawatankuasa Kesedaran Undang-undang Pusat Bantuan Guaman (PBG) - Merdeka review

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