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Throw Coconut on Thaipusam Day at Datuk Keramat

Throw Coconut on Thaipusam Day at Datuk Keramat

Throw Coconut on Thaipusam Day at Datuk Keramat

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 10:52 AM PST

Oh hello, I am back again and now I am going to talk about the Indian's big Thaipusam Day that happened two weeks ago. I am so lucky to be in one of the states that has big celebration for this big Indian/Tamil/Hindu festival. As far as I know, Penang and Kuala Lumpur are the two places here in Malaysia that have it big.

IMG_4747 by nicholaschan.

Last year, some friends did invite me to go to the festival to do some photoshooting, but because I couldn't wake up so early in the morning, so I missed it. This year was different, I didn't plan to go photo shooting too, but it's just that on the day before, Thaipusam's Eve, the procession has already started and I was going no where after the Chung Ling Memorial thing, so Chien Chern, my friend decided to go visit a friend at Datuk Keramat Road whose his dad's shop is just right in front of the Thaipusam thing.

IMG_4742 by nicholaschan.

So what they had that afternoon was the coconut throwing and some procession take place and people pays respect to the Indian god by contributing prayers thing like fruits, candles.

Till now, I still remembered it's a very hot day, the sun was hanging high in the sky, shinning down, with the heat radiating the ground. I didn't care because I wanted to shoot the festival and share it up.

IMG_4753 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4755 by nicholaschan.

The coconuts were bought by people mostly have their business along the road, they throw the coconut on the ground, break it, is to clean the road for procession, as a respect to god, a prayer, for wealth and health. It's said to be good luck to throw the coconut. I did try before long time ago when I was small, when my dad had a furniture shop at Datuk Keramat Road, it's now moved to Gottlieb Road though.

IMG_4761 by nicholaschan.
Arron and his family.

At the time 2.30pm sharp, "piak piak piak" sound can be heard and coconuts were everywhere on the ground with the juice splashing out. The scene was epic. Try not to stand near to them because the coconut can be rebounded. Hehe, just like a basketball.

IMG_4763 by nicholaschan.

Part of the road was block for this thing and people who bought coconut were at the middle of the road while me and other people like me who see for fun and takes photo were on the other side, hoping that did not get hit by the coconut.

IMG_4768 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4774 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4784 by nicholaschan.

These coconuts although are hard, but it's actually kinda easy to be squashed. At some time, some un-squashed will roll to my place and I will pick it up and join the fun too!

IMG_4806 by nicholaschan.
Chien Chern, Me and Arron.

IMG_4808 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4809 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4804 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4814 by nicholaschan.

The whole thing was like 15 minutes. The aftermath was cool with a wet coconut juiced road and coconut every where.

IMG_4821 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4818 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4841 by nicholaschan.

The MPPP people were very efficient, when everything stopped, they quickly come and swept the coconut to a side and let the real procession began and don't want to stuck the road.

IMG_4828 by nicholaschan. IMG_4826 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4845 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4848 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4849 by nicholaschan.

The next thing after the coconut throwing was the procession thing, with devotees paying respect and offerings.

IMG_4857 by nicholaschan.

They walk with their bare feet and I believed the road is not hot already because it had been juiced.

IMG_4859 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4861 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4864 by nicholaschan.

I don't really know how to describe this, so I'll let the photos speak. =)

IMG_4871 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4874 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4877 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4880 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4881 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4883 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4886 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4887 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4888 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4891 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4892 by nicholaschan.

Happy Thaipusam, super belated!

Penang Shura Council: Inaugural meeting at Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's office

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 08:40 AM PST

CENTURIES back, tribes in Arabia were said to have each consulted a gathering of elders and community leaders for guidance in making decisions for the people. The use of such a council, called the "shura", was meant to act as a congenial forum for decisions to be made in an air of mutual respect and responsibility. The shura formed one of the key characteristics of governance in the region during the early Islamic period, and even before the religion rose to prominence.

There was an interesting development in Penang last week when the Pakatan Rakyat state administration formed the first ever shura gathering for any government in the country.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng launched the Penang Shura Council which brought together some 30 persons from Islamic agencies and NGOs, as well as syariah lawyers, before it convened its inaugural meeting at his office last Friday.

The occasion turned out to be a rather warm-hearted affair. Chaired by PKR's state executive councillor Abdul Malek Abul Kassim, the council is meant to serve as an advisory platform for the state on various Islamic issues and to make recommendations when necessary.

The formation of a shura council in the only state in peninsular Malaysia with a non-Muslim majority population is a significant step for Lim and the ties that now bind secular DAP, Muslim PAS and multi-ethnic PKR.

For some time now, and to a large degree, Lim has managed to endear himself to the Muslim populace, as evinced by the ovations he received from Pakatan supporters during the by-election campaigns in Penanti and Permatang Pasir last year, and even before that, at the landmark Permatang Pauh parliamentary contest that ushered Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim back to Parliament in 2008.

And in the process, he has worked to break new ground by becoming closely bonded with Muslim groups and the masses. In fact, I have observed that there has been a concerted effort by Lim's administration to undertake activities to present the state government as being highly supportive of Muslim affairs in Penang.

As it is, folks in villages and the Malay heartland still remember him getting jailed a decade back while trying to defend a Malay-Muslim girl in an alleged statutory rape case. Then, just days after he assumed power in March 2008, Lim raised eyebrows by attending the Maal Hijrah state-level festival, becoming the first non-Muslim government leader to attend the religious event.

In fact, Lim had during a visit by PAS president Hadi Awang in April 2008, proposed the formation of a Penang Religious Goodwill Council, a suggestion that was favourably received, only to be hit by critics from the other side of the political divide. And in his administration, he has consistently been referring to medieval Islamic leader and scholar Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz as a model and inspiration; drawing praise from Muslims, including ulamaks.

Lim also initiated the conferring of monetary awards by the state for all Huffaz (people who have memorised the Quran by heart) in the state. He has stood on stage with the governor of Penang at the ceremonies where the Huffaz were given their awards.

And in the economic sphere, Lim has been a driving force, together with Malik, in establishing a halal hub in Penang; with land already allocated for the purpose, and investments now coming in.

There was, however, one particular issue that drew silent attention during the shura's first meeting – the appointment of the new president of the Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAIPP), Elias Zakaria, as a member. The Pakatan Rakyat had wanted PAS state commissioner Salleh Man to assume the MAIPP's head post after the term of the previous president, Shahbudin Yahaya of Umno, expired late last year. However, the Pakatan leadership had to acquiesce as the King stood by the royal decision to appoint Elias.

Elias was absent during the inaugural shura meeting, but there were other prominent personalities present to weigh in their support, including the state mufti, Datuk Hassan Ahmad, and Penang syariah court chief judge Yusof Musa.

Due mainly to political differences, the Pakatan state authorities had had a rather acerbic relationship with Shahbudin when he headed the MAIPP. In one of their most bitter confrontations, Shahbudin, the Umno assemblyman for Permatang Berangan, had objected to Lim employing the Arabic phrase "Amal maaruf nahi mungkar" (enjoining good, forbidding evil), a line derived from the Quran, arguing that it was not meant for a non-Muslim.

It is remarkable to note that even as Lim and Shahbudin clashed on the matter, the Muslim representatives in PR came out in support of Lim, praising him for taking heed of a noble Islamic tenet.

Now with the formation of the landmark shura council, Malek has insisted there would be a strong forum for the state to work more cohesively with MAIPP and the State Islamic Religious Department. It is, after all in that spirit of consultation and dialogue that the early civilisations of Arabia had evolved the concept of the shura. Above all, it will be most interesting to observe how the initiative for the shura develops, to further cement ties that have found new ground between Muslims and non-Muslims in PR and the civil societies in Penang.

Himanshu is theSun's Penang bureau chief. Comments:

Updated: 10:07AM Thu, 21 Jan 2010

Last day of the Ox year...

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 08:33 AM PST

Today is the last day of the year of OX... See you 12 year from now eh~.

Tomorrow will be the year of tiger. So drink more TIGER. Go more Bank of Tiger... and take all your saving out from other bank and deposit to the Bank of Tiger. :)

Anyway, it's Chinese New Year again. This year i will not celebrate the CNY with my parent. Why? They are going to Vietnam for CNY with my sister. Due to my new job, I don't have enough leave to go to Vietnam... So i force to stay back in Malaysia. But i will drive over to Penang alone for CNY celebration. Hmmm... I'm not so pathetic after all, i still gotta celebrate CNY with all my aunties, uncles and cousins in Penang.

If you have already reached home safely, enjoy your CNY eh~ For those who are going to drive today. Do take a good rest and drive safely eh~

Before seeing you next year... Let me share with one of the CNY creative clip from Namwee ... Enjoy~

And this is another clip which is from Poker Face by Lady GaGa Poker Face to all her fans wishing them a prosperous CNY... Enjoy~

Sue Utusan, Sir!

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 08:13 AM PST

No Prophet's birthday procession ban, says CM
Feb 12, 10 8:15pm
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today denied a report that his government has cancelled this year's Prophet Muhammad's birthday procession."It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie," he told Malaysiakini in response to the report in Utusan Malaysia that the procession had been cancelled by the state government.

NONELim, who participated in the procession two years ago, said that this year's procession would go ahead as planned.

The embattled chief minister has come under severe criticism over the past few weeks for allegedly being anti-Malay.

"Muhyiddin Yassin is welcomed to join in the procession," added Lim, referring to the deputy prime minister's criticism over the alleged cancellation.

Meanwhile, Bernama reported that former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has weighed in on the controversy.

Abdullah, who is also the chairman of the Malaysian Islamic Understanding Institute (Ikim), said the cancellation of the procession gave a picture as though the state government presumed that the procession would cause harm.

"Such an opinion should not have been in the mind of the state government because the Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad's birthday) is celebrated every year," he told reporters at Ikim in Kuala Lumpur today when asked to comment on the Utusan Mlaaysia report.

"If the procession is prevented, it may result in other processions from being held on that day," he said.

"This may lead to uneasiness because the procession could become a protest. This must be avoided."

Pemimpin PR Harus Tempuh Risiko Perjuangan

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 08:03 AM PST

Seseorang pemimpin berjiwa rakyat harus menghargai sokongan rakyat dan sanggup menerima apa juga risiko termasuk dipenjara, difitnah dan tetap berprinsip apabila di tawar wang rasuah.

Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata setiap pemimpin mesti mempunyai iltizam untuk membela hak rakyat dan menamatkan kezaliman.

Datuk Seri Anwar malam tadi berucap kepada kira-kira 2,000 orang di Batu Caves Selangor.

Meskipun menghadapi pelbagai kekangan polis, kehadiran begitu ramai orang untuk mendengar ucapan Anwar di sekitar kawasan mencerminkan sokongan kuat untuk beliau.

Anwar berkata beliau peka kepada suara rakyat yang mahukan pemimpin mereka berprinsip dan tidak menjual maruah diri setelah meraih kemenangan pada pilihanraya.

Rakyat mahukan pemimpin yang tidak goyah dalam menghadapi kritikan atau di sogok oleh musuh politik untuk lompat parti.

Wakil rakyat yang bertindak sebaliknya akan hilang maruah dan nilai diri untuk selama-lamanya.

"Ini yang dikatakan lazat dan nikmatnya perjuangan bersama rakyat. Orang itu sudah menang, kena ugut sedikit, dapat wang banyak, dia tinggal rakyat yang derita, korban. Manusia jenis apa ini? " ucap Anwar.

Anwar berkata, beliau sendiri tabah menghadapi fitnah dan maki hamun pemimpin UMNO-Barisan Nasional.

Ini dilakukan dengan mereka cipta pertuduhan liwat, pecah amanah, selain di labelkan menjadi agen Yahudi.

Anwar berkata semangatnya untuk berjuang demi membela rakyat masih kuat membara walapun beliau keluar masuk mahkamah, selain menghabiskan enam tahun di penjara.

"Keluar masuk penjara, bukan sekali bukan dua, tiga kali,empat masuk lokap, empat lima kali. Kalau saya pilih setelah bebas 2004, bagitahu saya sokong UMNO, saya telah insaf, saya tidak mahu lagi pembangkang, hari ini bukan Datuk Seri Anwar, Tun Anwar Ibrahim. Naib pangkat dirai, rai oleh siapa? Dirai secara rasmi, saya tidak pilih itu" tambahnya lagi.

Yang dipilih adalah misi untuk mempertahankan hak rakyat daripada kezaliman dan menamatkan pemerintahan yang rakus dan zalim.

"Saya kata Wallahil'azim, demi Allah kalau saya ditakdirkan memimpin negera ini bersama dengan rakan-rakan saya, saya akan pastikan sedaya upaya saya islah mastat'tum, perubahan dengan sebaiknya, bela nasib rakyat, pertahankan hak mereka, hentikan kezaliman" kata Anwar.

Walaupun menghadapi perbicaraan terbaru atas tuduhan fitnah liwat, Anwar tetap meneruskan program politiknya selaku ketua pembangkang di Parlimen.

Ini untuk meniupkan kesedaran awam atas pentingnya rakyat menyelamatkan Malaysia daripada penyelewengan kuasa dan pemerintahan rasuah Umno-Barisan Nasional.

It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie. In other words, Utusan a liar. So, what is new?

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 08:08 AM PST

No Prophet's birthday procession ban, says CM
"It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie," Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told Malaysiakini in response to the report in Utusan Malaysia that this year's Prophet Muhammad's birthday procession had been cancelled by the state government.

Lim who became the first non-Muslim government to participate in the Maal Hijrah state-level festival two years ago, said that this year's procession would go ahead as planned.

Awas UMNO, Saya Akan Kembali Ke Parlimen 16 Mac Ini Setelah Setahun Dihalau - Gobind

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:51 AM PST

Ahli Parlimen Puchong, Gobind Singh Deo yang digantung selama setahun tidak sabar untuk kembali berbahas ke Parlimen.

Pengerusi Biro Perundangan Nasional DAP itu kesal kerana kerajaan Barisan Nasional sering mencari kesalahan dan menghukum pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat.

Trend ini menunjukkan ketidakadilan yang berlaku di negara ini. Jika seseorang dari Barisan Nasional membuat kesalahan, ia dianggap tidak melakukan kesalahan.

Beliau percaya trend yang tidak sihat itu akan berterusan jika BN terus berkuasa di negara ini.

"Tapi di sini saya nak bagi amaran lagi. Akan kita lihat lebih pemimpin-pemimpin pakatan rakyat dituduh dalam masa terdekat. Ia pastinya akan lebih banyak dan saya di sini mahu beritahu, perlulah kita berhati-hati. Di sini apa yang perlu adalah untuk rakyat," katanya pada sesi penerangan rakyat 'Selamatkan Malaysia' semalam.

Bagaimanapun beliau kagum dengan semangat pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat seperti Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Hj Nizar Jamaluddin dan Karpal Singh yang teguh pendirian untuk membela rakyat.

Beliau membayangkan untuk terus berjuang sehingga akhir dan terus menghangatkan Parlimen sebaik sahaja tempoh pergantungannya tamat 16 Mac ini.

"Saya nak bagi amaran kepada Umno, kalau awak rasa awak boleh mendiamkan Puchong? Kalau kamu berfikir bahawa Puchong akan berdiam diri kerana dihalau satu tahun, tidak, saya akan balik ke parlimen March 16. Saya akan balik ke Parlimen," katanya. -TVS

More Injustice and Court Manipulation by Malaysian Govt

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 07:07 AM PST

From: "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad"

Subject: The voters will decide if Federal Court can ignore the Constitution

The Federal Court had unanimously declared that the Sultan or Head of
State has the absolute right to declare the majority of confidence in
a secret meeting devoid of any witnesses from all parties concerned,
contrary to the constitutional requirement that it be determined via a
vote of confidence at Assemblies.

Let us see if the majority of voters agree to this practise. After
all, the fate of Malaysia is up to the voters.

I shudder at the thoughts of all the recent Federal Court Judgements.

Anwar's fate is in jeorpardy but BN is confident of convicting him.

Malaysians should know that Anwar is not the issue. There are many
other leaders who are willing to fight for justice. Nizar is an
excellent example. In fact Nizar is an ever better candidate than
Anwar. A technically competent Professional Engineer who can speak
Mandarin and Tamil, as well as Malay and English fluently. He is much
better qualified to lead Malaysia into a Technologically Advanced Era
than even Anwar.

I admire Nizar and Anwar for fighting for justice in a peaceful way,
despite knowing in advance all the possible judgements that the
Federal Court will make. We have to fight it all the way to the
Federal Court to show to the voters and the world, how our judgments
and sense of justice really is.

Imagine in the case of Saiful vs Anwar.

A much younger person can be forced to commit anal sex with a much
older person, who is still suffering from back pain. I wonder if
Anwar's penis can still be made hard enough to penetrate the anus of a
much younger man who is not experienced in anal sex.

The anus is not used to be penetrated. It must be massaged a few times
before it can be easily penetrated.

If you read accounts and precautions during anal sex, the partners
must clean their bowels first before engaging in anal sex because
faeces will remain.

As for the account from Saiful that he didn't pass motion for 2 days
after anal sex, it is just unbelieveable but he and his team is well
prepared but this is more for the voters and citizens of Malaysia, not
for the judges. I wonder why he didn't go to Hospital immedaitely. Why
should he wait for 2 days before reporting his sexual assault case?

As for Anwar offering him scholarship, surely he can get it from the
government also. If Anwar really enjoy Saiful Anwar's sex acts to the
point of forcing it to him, why offer him scholarship in the first
place? Scholarship means studying at a university, which is certainly
further away from Anwar's office.

If Anwar can force Saiful to have unlawful and disgusting sex with
Saiful, why should Anwar had to resort to giving Scholarship in order
to entice Saiful to remain with Anwar at a room next to him?

Related Articles
Bertarung di `mahkamah rakyat', kata Nizar
Najib: 'Tidak patut bangkit lagi kesahihan kerajaan Perak'
Two things we learned from the Perak fiasco — The Malaysian Insider
Anwar mahu kes Nizar dibawa ke 'mahkamah rakyat'
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Zambry bersyukur, tak akan terpengaruh mainan politik Pakatan
MB Perak: PAS sudah duga keputusan
Despite court ruling, battle for Perak lies ahead
Accept court's verdict and move on, Najib tells PR
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 9 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Pakatan
Rakyat (PR) to accept today's Federal Court ruling that upheld his
Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition as the legitimate Perak government.

Najib said the verdict which found in favour of Datuk Seri Zambry Abd
Kadir was decided by the country's top court and that its decision is
legally supreme.

"Though those [who] lost may have a differing view of the judgment, we
have to accept the decision of the country's highest court," he told a
press conference here.

"The issue and saga of who is the rightful MB of Perak has been
decided and I hope they (PR) accept this decision and not question the
legitimacy of the Perak BN government," he said, adding that he is
happy with the decision.

He said now is the time for Perak folk to concentrate on the state's
development and refrain from partaking in "political activities
disrespectful of the decision."

"Now is the time so I hope the voters will give Zambry a chance to
prove himself by bringing development and move Perak forward.

"Let us not go here and there demonstrating. This is the time to
concentrate on the economy," said the prime minister.

He then continued by saying that the next general election will be the
best way to see if Perak voters are behind PR or BN.

The Court of Appeal ruled last May 22 that ousted Perak PR MB Datuk
Seri Nizar Jamaluddin had lost the confidence of the majority of the
Perak assemblymen when three PR lawmakers turned "pro-BN" independent
in early February 2009.

The apex court today concurred with the appellate court's ruling that
Nizar must resign after failing to get the Perak Sultan to dissolve
the state assembly and pave the way for fresh elections.

But Nizar said today that the decision will set a dangerous precedent
as "it can lead to an absolute monarchy" where the Rulers "can now
dismiss the prime minister or the mentri besar at any time."

"If this decision goes on and becomes the law of the day, it will lead
to an absolute monarchy," Nizar said.

PR have accused Najib, who was the deputy prime minister at the time,
of being the mastermind of the Perak BN "coup".

Until today, the prime minister has vehemently denied the accusation.

Fugitive blogger's son tortured by Malaysian Police?

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:59 AM PST

Raja Petra claims his son was being tortured by the authorities.
PUTRAJAYA, Feb 12 — Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has denied that fugitive blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin's son, Raja Azman, was tortured while being held under remand at the Sungai Buloh prison.

He said the Prisons Department had made a police report on the matter and that police had commenced investigations.

"We will reveal the full details when the probe is completed," he told reporters here today.

He said this when asked to comment on claims by Raja Petra that the Malaysian authorities were targeting Raja Azman to punish him (Raja Petra).

Raja Petra, who absconded from a sedition trial he was facing, claimed that his son had resorted to slashing his wrists and swallowing razor blades because he could not stand the physical and mental torture he was being subjected to at the prison.

The present whereabouts of Raja Petra, the editor of the Malaysia-Today portal, are unknown.

Raja Azman, 34, who was being remanded at the prison on suspicion of theft, has been reported to have been hospitalised at the Sungai Buloh Hospital on Tuesday after he was believed to have swallowed a razor blade.

Yesterday, Prisons Secretariat Unit head Abd Rahman Taib had said that Raja Azman had been hospitalised for self-inflicted injuries.

He said Raja Azman had admitted to swallowing a sharp object and also sustained minor injuries on his wrist.

He said there had been no signs of torture, abuse, pressure or force inflicted on Raja Azman and that besides lodging a police report, the Prisons Department had also set up an investigation board over the matter. — Bernama

Dear Mahathir - pls answer these questions

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:35 AM PST

From: "truth"

Mahathir is a fake Malay.
His father is an Indian Muslim who married a
Malay girl.
So by tradition, he should have been classified at
an Indian. Only a snake like him could have
wriggled his way into umno and then the leadership.

"wakalukong" wrote in message
DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a MALAYSIAN BY BLOOD ,

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed got his Malay blood from his Malay
mother ,
just like the Jewish tradition of jewish recognisation by
maternal descent ,
the French President Sazorky is a Jew because his mother is a
Jew from Spain .

so DR. Mahathir Mohamed is a true MALAYSIAN ,

because Chinese in Malaysia have no MALAY BLOOD .

n Feb 10, 12:18 pm, "osman saad" wrote:

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> Dear Mahathir
> January 29, 2010

> Malaysianinsider reports that you had "defended the social contract, the
> so-called unwritten agreement between the Malays and the non-Malays during
> independence, by affirming that without the agreement, Malaysia would not
> have been formed".
> They quoted you :
> "If there was no social contract, the terms and conditions of allowing
> citizenship to non-Malays would have not taken place. One million
> outsiders
> were given citizenships at the time."

> Now, this quote from you got me curious.
> Let me tell you why.
> I conferred with my aunt, who confirmed that my maternal great
> grandfather,
> Eliathamby, of whom I've written previously in a posting entitled "The
> land
> that my forefathers helped build", would have left Ceylon and arrived in
> what is now West Malaysia, around 1870. He died well before the conclusion
> of that social contract that you spoke of, so my great grandfather would
> not
> have come within those 'one million outsiders' who acquired citizenship at
> the time of independence in 1957.
> My maternal grandfather, Vellupillay T. Williams, never lived to see the
> formation of Malaya so he, too, did not make up the 'one million
> outsiders'.
> Enough of my family tree.

> Let's look at yours.
> I got this from a blog, Malaysiana :
> Perhaps, the most famous Malayalee to land in George Town was Iskandar
> Kutty, a merchant who married a Johor-Riau wife Siti Hawa Iskandar.
> They became the proud parents of Alor Star's top public school Sultan
> Abdul
> Hamid College's founder-principal and Kedah's royal educatorDatuk Mohamad
> Iskandar.
> Mohamad was the school teacher of Tunku Abdul Rahman.
> He and his wife Datin Wan Tempawan Wan Hanafi from the Kedah Bendahara's
> (Prime Minister's) clan, were the proud parents of Tun Dr Mahathir
> Mohamad,
> Malaysia's Father of Modernisation and fourth Prime Minister.
> And this from Malaysia Today :
> Born in December 20, 1925, Dr Mahathir hailed from the state of Kedah, at
> the capital of Alor Star, whose father was a school teacher. His father
> was
> Indian who migrated from Kerala, who married a malay lady and sold banana
> frittersduring the second world war. His early education was through
> vernacular school and at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in the city.
> My question, then, Doc, firstly, is whether your father was amongst the
> 'one
> million outsiders'?
> And when did you become 'Malay', Doc?
> When did you move from being a son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala
> to
> a Malay?
> Not that I care, but when?
> Speaking of Malay, do you remember your "Malay Dilemma", Doc?
> Do you remember what you said about the problem of inbreeding amongst the
> Malay community, and that whole business of genes?
> Back then, who had heard of this thing called DNA?
> Who had ever imagined that science would one day make it possible for all
> of
> us to trace our genealogy?
> Guess what, Doc?
> It seems, based on all this new DNA scientific knowledge, that there's no
> such thing as a Malay race.
> It would seem that you've gone from being a son of an Indian who migrated
> from Kerala to a 'does not exist'.

> Just like that!
> My cyber buddy, Michael Chick, has written extensively on this matter, in
> a
> three-parter in Malaysiakini. HERE, HERE, and HERE .
> See what Michael writes in his final part : "The people Malaysians call
> 'Malay', are actually only a tiny sub-component of the much larger
> Austronesian group. And all Austronesians are the end-product of extensive
> inter-breeding between the Taiwanese and Dravidic Indians. All this has
> finally been irrefutably proven by independent DNA testings from
> world-class
> faculties".
> I've never been very good at all these sciences, Doc, but if you're any
> better, and you think Michael's cocked-up big time in his conclusions, why
> don't you take him on?
> Damn, I digress.
> So when and how did you become Malay, Doc?
> Because of the definition of 'Malay' in the Federal Constitution, Doc?
> Article 160 (2)?
> That right?
> So, right up until the last moments before Tunku's declaration of
> independence, you were the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala, and
> moments later

> you were magically transformed into a Malay?
> And is not the definition of Malay in Article 160(2) stated to be for the
> limited purpose where the word 'Malay' appears in the Constitution?
> But really, Doc, I don't give a toss whether you hold yourself out as
> Malay
> or the son of an Indian who migrated from Kerala.

> Whatever turns you on.
> What pisses me off is this Bumi-non Bumi crap.
> November 19th, last year, The Star reported on Najib's balik kampung to
> Makassar in South Sulawesi. You can read the report HERE.

> Courtesy of The Star

> Najib is reported to have said : "I feel like I am returning to my roots,"
> and, when asked to comment on the possibility that some people might view
> the fact that he had roots here in a negative light, Najib said: "I am not
> apologetic about it. This is my family history and I am proud of it."
> According to the report, Najib said he was the direct descendant of Bugis
> royalty who migrated to Pahang in the 18th century.
> Well, at least this Malaysian is not ashamed of his roots!
> Now, you know that aunt I mentioned earlier?
> You know her.
> Aunty Rasammah.

> I googled her name yesterday and this is what is written of her in
> Wikipedia.
> "Rasammah Bhupalan, also known as Rasammah Naomi Navarednam or Mrs F.R.
> Bhupalan is a renowned Malaysian freedom fighter and social activist
> Born in 1927, she has championed causes such as the anti-drug abuse
> movement, women's rights, education and social justice causes.
> Rasammah was one of the earliest women involved in the fight for Malaysian
> (then Malaya) independence. She joined the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, the
> women's wing of the Indian National Army, to fight the British. She served
> in Burma during World War II.
> As founder president of the Women Teacher's Union, she fought for equal
> pay
> for women teachers and tried to bring disparate teachers' unions under an
> umbrella.
> The former school principal was the first Asian representative of the
> World
> Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession for two
> successive
> terms. She was also very active in the National Council of Women's
> Organisation (NCWO) and Pemadam.
> She was a teacher in the Methodist Boys' School, Kuala Lumpur from 1959 to
> 1964 and was the principal of the Methodist Girls School, Kuala Lumpur for
> 13 years from 1970 until she retired in 1982. On 11th November 2007,
> Mrs.Bhupalan was one of the few veteran teachers who were invited to
> attend
> MBSSKL's 110th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. The dinner was specially
> organized to honour all the former and current teachers of the school".
> Quite frankly, I think the write-up in Wikipedia does little justice to
> all
> that Aunty Rasammah has done for this country. But that is another matter.
> More importantly, Doc, why are you, the son of an Indian who migrated from
> Kerala, and Najib, the descendant of Bugis who migrated from Sulawesi,
> bumiputra, whilst Aunty Rasammah is not?

Malaysia is losing global esteem because of sodomy

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:32 AM PST

Australia lawmakers urge Malaysia to drop Anwar sodomy case

SYDNEY- More than 50 Australian lawmakers have lodged a formal protest urging Malaysia to drop opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial and warning it will hurt the country's image, an official said Friday.

The group, which includes MPs and senators from both major parties, called for the case against Anwar to be abandoned in the interests of building "confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia".

"Many friendly observers of Malaysia find it difficult to believe that a leading opposition voice could be charged with sodomy a second time, and so soon after his party made major gains in national elections," the protest letter says.

"It should be made known to the Malaysian government, that in our opinion, global esteem for Malaysia will be affected by these charges against Mr. Anwar."

"We hope that Malaysia's authorities will not pursue these charges."

Michael Danby, member of the governing centre-left Labor party and chairman of Australia's foreign affairs parliamentary subcommittee, said he handed the letter to Malaysian High Commissioner Salman Bin L Ahmad in Canberra Thursday.

"A lot of people know Anwar Ibrahim, a lot of people have been to Malaysia, and a lot of Australian parliamentarians think it's a shame that this is happening for the second time to the leader of the opposition in what is a developing democracy," Danby told AFP.

"We (feel we) should stand up and support a fellow democrat."

Former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull and Bob Brown, leader of the Greens party were among the signatories, as well as independent Senator Nick Xenophon and two minor members of the Labor Party frontbench.

Danby said the Malaysian high commissioner was well aware that there was a "wide spectrum of opinion in Australia" and the letter was not intended to inflame diplomatic relations.

"We hope it shows people in Malaysia and the opposition that we care," Danby said.

Anwar, who faces 20 years imprisonment if convicted of illicit sexual relations with a young former aide, has condemned the allegations against him as a political conspiracy to sideline the opposition.

He has accused High Court judge Mohamad Zabidin Diah of refusing to rein in "biased" media coverage of the much-delayed trial, which began last week.

Anwar was arrested in 1998 on sodomy and corruption charges but made a stunning comeback after being freed from prison in 2004.

His sexual misconduct charge was overturned after six years behind bars.

Happy Lunar New Year 2010

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:05 AM PST

Chinese New Year is arriving on Sunday. This would be the first time I'm not celebrating it in Malaysia; an early wish to my family and friends… Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sharing a CNY song (a rare English one) by Malaysian songwriter Lleon. Simple tune, cute animation, fitting theme (it's the year of tiger in Chinese calendar)…

Best wishes as well to the all other folks who are celebrating the lunar new year.

Happy Lunar New Year 2010 from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Cepat Humbankan Utusan - Azmin

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:43 AM PST

Mari bankrapkan Utusan." Itulah seruan Naib Presiden Parti Keadilan (PKR), Mohamed Azmin Ali pada ceramah Selamatkan Malaysia semalam.

Azmin mengajak semua masyarakat akar umbi termasuk rakyat, syarikat berkaitan kerajaan (GLC), sektor korporat dan swasta di negeri Pakatan Rakyat supaya memboikot dan menghentikan langganan terhadap Utusan Malaysia.

"Saya nak rumuskan, dalam ucapan pada malam ini. Saya nak menjaga orang melayu khususnya dan rakyat Malaysia. Kita kena buat keputusan yang penting pd mlm ni saya nak mencadangkan kpd rakyat Selayang, rakyat Gombak, rakyat Selangor dan rakyat Malaysia. Setuju atau tidak kita lancarkan kempen bankrapkan Utusan Malaysia,"katanya.

Azmin berkata demikian dalam ucapannya di sesi penerangan 'Selamatkan Malaysia', semalam.

Hal ini disebabkan tindakan Utusan Malaysia yang sering menyiarkan berita, gambar dan artikel yang memprovokasi keharmonian antara kaum dan memperburukkan kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat.

Menurut Azmin, Utusan Malaysia tidak memajukan langsung bangsa Melayu malahan meruncingkan lagi masalah perhubungan mereka dengan bangsa lain.

"Utusan Malaysia sebenarnya memperlekehkan dan memperbodohkan orang melayu dalam negara ini. Lagi cepat kita humban utusan malaysia, lagi cerdik orang melayu dalam negara kita," katanya. -TVS

Ang Pao – Red Envelope

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 06:06 AM PST

Citibank ang pao - red envelope
Citibank ang pao – red envelope for the Year of the Tiger 2010.

In the olden days, ang pao were actually coins wrapped in red paper – the kind that leaves red stain on the finger tips when touched. I did receive a few of such ang pao when I was a kid. Those were given by the amah chehs – unmarried servants – who usually wore white top and black bottom sam foos. I still do not know the reasons why they gave out ang pao as unmarried adults are not obliged to do that.

HSBC ang pao - red envelope
HSBC ang pao – red envelope for the Year of the Tiger 2010.

With the easy availability of pre-made red envelopes, there is no need to get the fingers stained nowadays on the eve of Chinese New Year. That is usually the time when married adults prepare the ang pao by putting money into the red envelopes. The amount put in must be even. Odd amounts are considered inauspicious.

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Jom Bali, I Don't Think So!

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:31 AM PST

If there is one thing I hate, it's bad customer service!

A few days back, wifey and me went to Carrefour. We decided to have breakfast at this place called Jom Bali, a place we've tried before. It was a pretty decent place the first time we tried it and it has this nice ambiance too, so we thought why not give it a shot again.

Besides we were both hungry and that was the best looking place in Carrefour. It was around 10.30am and the place was pretty empty with only two or three customers including us. That made it an ideal place cos our food would arrive quickly or so we thought.

We sit and the waitress, the only one mind there mind you, came promptly and took our orders. Wifey had mee Siam (a kind of fried noodles) and honey lemon tea. I had this dish called toast with chicken curry and iced cappuccino.

With the place being almost empty, we expected our food to come quickly. Then two new customers walk in and place their order. It's a while now and our simple food order hasn't arrived yet. In fact our drinks hasn't arrived yet. Let me stress that the place is not packed.

Then wifey's drink arrives and the waitress is also carrying a plate of mee Siam which surprisingly goes to the customer that ordered after us. Before I could call the waitress over, she disappears into the back of the restaurant leaving me shaking my head in utter disbelieve.

Ok, never mind I say, maybe she's gone to take our orders out. A minute later she walks out with another plate of something and heads to the other customers table, who also came after us and served them their order.

I was pissed and so was wifey. Even my cappuccino hasn't arrived and I can clearly see it on the cashier counter waiting to be served. We decided to give them 5 more minutes and if nothing arrives, we're walking out of the shop. Lucky for them, wifey's order arrives. Mine is still no where in sight.

I call the waitress over and ask her about our orders. She just looks at me blankly and says,


Yes? Is that all you can say? I felt like slapping her silly! What do you mean yes? Where the heck is my order. I keep my temper in check and politely ask her about my order of curry chicken with toast. She looked at me blankly and then headed back into the kitchen and came out a few minutes later with my order.

Let me tell you that it was the worst curry chicken I had seen or eaten in my life. It was SO watery that it was almost like soup instead of curry. Damn, I am NEVER going there again and I am most definitely NOT recommending this cafe to anyone.

If you happen to go to Carrefour Subang Jaya, the one next to Subang Parade and if you're hungry, please don't bother wasting your time and money eating here. They have horrible service and even more horrible food! The name of the cafe is JOM BALI, remember that name cos you'd get better service and more value for money eating at some roadside stall than over here.

Once again, it's called JOM BALI in case you missed the name earlier :D Yes, Yes, I can be absolutely mean. One thing I cannot stand is BAD SERVICE, I may be able to take the lousy food they dish out but not BAD SERVICE! So stay away from this place!

And after we finished and called for the bill, they even returned us less change. Good thing wifey noticed and I made a big fuss about it. The next time I'm hungry I'll eat somewhere where I know the service is good and the food is excellent which is my house with food prepared by wifey :D

I hate Ultra-nationalists or extremists who play up the racial card for their selfish politics

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:32 AM PST

Shiv Sena activists protest against the release of Shah Rukh Khan's new film 'My Name is Khan' in Mumbai yesterday. — Reuters pic

Bollywood is jittery over the fate of Shah Rukh Khan's new movie.'

I hate Ultra-nationalists or extremists who play up the racial card for their selfish politics

Why could not we practice our religion in our heart, home and places of worships?

Why could not all the human embrace another human of differing race, religion, origin, socio-economic strata, different occupation and skin colour as friends?

Why should we fight, kill, assault, discriminate, hate, avoid each other based on those difference.

Our God had created us all. Even if we believe the natural evolution or other differing origins of the world or humans, it is not a valid reason to fight each other.

We have plenty of space, resources and food on this world to survive.  But nothing is free. There is no free lunch. And after all there is a saying, "no man is an island". We could not stay alone. We need to interact, communicate, co-operate and world peacefully, fairly and justly.

I have never come across a religion ordering, sectioning or authorizing its followers to Lie, cheat, torture, rape, steal or kill other innocent people. Even illicit sex and liquor are frown upon by most orthodox religions.

But Ultra-nationalists or extremists and over-enthusiasts are misusing their GOD's names to kill others or to start numerous religious wars.

Although I am a staunch Muslim, practicing Muslim, I am sure that Religion depends on our belief. When others from different beliefs (even from other deviant Muslims) I told them that I am a Medical Doctor but there are numerous things I don't know or understand in Medicine. If I am in doubt, not sure I am not going to take the risk; I will refer to the various Specialists or experts in different fields.

If God wish to create one religion, one race and noble humans praying all the time like angels.

Now God had created different races and religions and we are different.

Now no one could convince with scientific proof that their Religion is the truth and others are wrong.  All the Religions need belief! Then we practice to be a good Muslim, good Christian, good Buddhist, good Jew, and good Hindu etc. No need to fight, just take the good path to follow our good religions, I hope we all could be surprised to meet together in Heaven.

I don't believe that just because we are Muslims, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, and Hindu or other religions only and if we failed to follow our respective religious guidelines (not extremist but moderate) and BAD humans, committing crimes on each other, so called, our respective Gods would not open the gate of heaven for us.

So if I have any problem with my belief, Islam, I would ask the advice of our (my) respective religious leaders but not from other religion. But I am just a human being; I have done a lot of mistakes, committed sins and guilty of omissions but I try to improve myself.

Sorry, my article is too long. After reading the news around the world about hated on other aces and religions, I am just trying to persuade my friends and brothers from all the different religions to just join hands in peace.

May I repeat my earlier call – - -

Why could not we practice our religion in our heart, home and places of worships?

Why could not all the human embrace another human of differing race, religion, origin, socio-economic strata, different occupation and skin colour as friends?

Why should we fight, kill, assault, discriminate, hate, avoid each other based on those difference.

 Read hese news

Bollywood and politics collide in a red-carpet standoff

Bollywood film sparks militant Hindu rage in India

Nizar vs Zambry : Lawan Mahkamah, Tunjuk Rasa Benci - Nik Aziz

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:37 AM PST

Mursyidul Am Pas, Tuan Guru Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat menyeru rakyat di negara ini melawan keputusan mahkamah yang memutuskan Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir sebagai menteri besar Perak yang sah baru-baru ini.

Menurut beliau, sikap melawan keputusan mahkamah itu boleh dilaksanakan dengan usaha menanam rasa benci ke dalam hati rakyat walau tanpa protes melalui aksi demonstrasi dan perhimpunan-perhimpunan yang biasa diadakan sebelum ini.

"Dalam perkembangan baru-baru ini, umpamanya, mahkamah memutuskan untuk merestui kepenggunaan kalimah Allah, lalu hal itu ditentang habis-habisan oleh pihak-pihak tertentu.

"Mereka mengadakan bermacam-macam demonstrasi, lengkap dengan gambar dan kata-kata bagi mempertikai keputusan mahkamah itu. Ini suatu perkara baharu di Malaysia. Ini berlaku kerana, yang buat keputusan begini bukan sebarang orang, tapi orang kenamaan," kata beliau.

Oleh yang demikian, kata Nik Abdul Aziz, keputusan yang dibuat oleh mahkamah, iaitu memberi peluang kepada Zambry sebagai menteri besar ini, boleh dilawan oleh seluruh rakyat walaupun mereka tidak melawannya secara demonstrasi.

"Cara menentang keputusan mahkamah ini ialah dengan cara sentiasa berusaha menimbulkan rasa benci ke dalam hati rakyat. Ini kerana, kemenangan ke atas Menteri Besar yang baru ini bukanlah melalui pilihan raya, tetapi melalui rampasan kuasa.

"Dan hal rampasan kuasa ini, bukan kita nampak sangat daripada kehendak orang yang melompat itu. Kerana waktu dahulu, mereka dipimpin bersama oleh ketua parti. Nampak sangat, sama ada wujudnya unsur rasuah atau paksaan dan tekanan.

"Oleh yang demikian, saya minta daripada rakyat, supaya protes walaupun tidak dengan cara demonstrasi, tetapi proteslah dengan cara benci. Dalam Islam, ada nas al-Qur'an yang meminta kita menimbulkan rasa benci terhadap kekufuran dan kerja fasiq (jahat)," tambah beliau lagi.

Nik Abdul Aziz berkata, kerja-kerja merampas kuasa di Perak ini tergolong dalam kerja-kerja kefasikan (kejahatan) yang patut dibenci manusia seluruhnya.

"Manakala, pihak yang melompat ini pula sudah pecah amanah. Mereka telah diberi kepercayaan oleh para pengundinya, lalu mereka pecah amanah. Dan, kita berdukacita kerana sikap pecah amanah ini akan berlaku lagi, insya Allah, kerana mereka semakin galak dengan kerja-kerja jahat ini.

"Maka, semakin banyaklah timbul huru-hara dalam Malaysia sekiranya hal ini berlaku lagi," kata beliau.

Ulasan GB

Itulah kaedah Islam yang sebenar.

Rasulullah s.a.w. telah bersabda di dalam sebuah hadith;

"Barangsiapa di antara kamu yang melihat sesuatu kemungkaran, maka hendaklah dia mengubah dengan tangannya (kekuasaannya), jikalau tidak berkuasa hendaklah mencegah dengan lisannya, jikalau tidak berkuasa juga, hendaklah mencegah dengan hatinya (membenci kemungkaran itu), dan ini adalah selemah-lemah iman."

Berdasarkan hadis di atas dapatlah disimpulkan bahawa sesuatu kemungkaran dan kemaksiatan itu boleh ditegah melalui tiga cara iaitu;

Pertama: Mencegah dengan tangan, iaitu dengan kekuatan atau kekuasaan.

Kedua: Mencegah dengan lidah, iaitu dengan teguran atau nasihat.

Ketiga: Mencegah dengan hati, iaitu hati kita merasa benci dan tidak redha dengan kemaksiatan tersebut.

Pencegahan terhadap perbuatan mungkar dan maksiat menerusi hati merupakan selemah-lemah iman. Jika tidak ada sedikit pun di dalam hati seseorang perasaan benci terhadap kemungkaran dan kemaksiatan tersebut, maka itu adalah tanda seseorang itu telah tiada imannya. -erapakatan

Dulu Ada Bukti Kukuh, Sekarang Dah Tak Ada

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:02 AM PST

Bekas pengerusi GERAK, Nazree Mohd Yunus mengesyaki keputusan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menutup siasatan terhadap Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim atas dakwaan penyelewengan pembelian lembu korban, adalah konspirasi badan itu menutup mulut pimpinan pakatan dari terus lantang mengkritik badan itu.

SPRM hari ini mengumumkan menutup siasatan terhadap 8 individu berprofil tinggi termasuklah Ketua Menteri Melaka, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, bekas Speaker DUN Perak, V Sivakumar, dan bekas Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Mohd Fairus Khairuddin.

Penutupan siasatan itu diumumkan Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Operasi) SPRM, Datuk Shukri Abdull (gambar). SPRM berkata, siasatan kes- kes ini terpaksa ditutup berikutan kekurangan bukti.

"Ada kemungkinan- kemungkinan yang dilakukan oleh SPRM untuk menutup kes- kes berprofil tinggi melibatkan pimpinan Umno-BN. Jawatankuasa disiplin Umno sendiri bahawa Ali Rustam terlibat dalam rasuah politik, bagaiman SPRM kata tidak ada?,"katanya.

Sebelum ini, dakwaan terhadap Ali Rustam membabitkan politik wang dalam pemilihan Umno lalu manakala Khalid mengenai dakwaan penyelewengan pembelian lembu korban.

Dakwaan terhadap Sivakumar ialah salah guna kuasa menggantung Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir dan Exconya daripada menghadiri sidang Dewan.

Siasatan terhadap Fairus pula membabitkan dakwaan beliau mempunyai kepentingan dalam meluluskan projek kuari.

Nazree membidas SPRM yang sebelum ini angkuh apabila mewar- warkan badan itu mempunyai bukti kukuh untuk mensabitkan kesalahan kepada setiap pertuduhan melibatkan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat.

"Sebagai contoh kes Tan Sri Khalid mengatakan ada bukti kukuh untuk mensabitkan Tan Sri Khalid tapi sekarang kata tiada bukti kukuh pula. Adakah ini konspirasi SPRM untuk menjatuhkan karier politik Tan Sri Khalid, dan adakah suruhanjaya itu sengaja mewar- warkan kes melibatkan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat demi untuk tujuan menjatuhkan kreadibiliti Pakatan Rakyat," katanya. -TVS

Lapan Kes Rasuah Berprofil Tinggi Ditutup

Sebanyak lapan kes rasuah berprofil tinggi yang disiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) sebelum ini, tidak akan dibawa ke mahkamah termasuk yang melibatkan Ketua Menteri Melaka Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam dan Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Timbalan Ketua Pesuruhjaya (Operasi) SPRM Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdull berkata kesemua kes tersebut telahpun selesai disiasat dan telah dimajukan kepada Timbalan Pendakwaraya, bagaimanapun ia diputuskan tiada pendakwaan akan dibuat.

"Keputusan dibuat oleh Timbalan Pendakwaraya dan ia telah dirujuk kepada Panel Penilaian Operasi, kita jelaskan sebab-sebab kenapa kes-kes ini tidak boleh dituduh di mahkamah dan panel seramai tujuh orang ini berpuas hati dengan penerangan itu, sama ada daripada pihak SPRM sendiri ataupun daripada pihak bahagian perundangan dan pendakwaan," katanya kepada pemberita di sini Jumaat.

Mohd Shukri bagaimanapun berkata, ia tidak bermakna kes-kes tersebut bebas daripada kegiatan rasuah, kerana kekurangan saksi dan bukti juga boleh menyebabkan SPRM gagal membina sebuah kes yang kukuh.

Kes-kes lain yang turut ditutup termasuklah melibatkan bekas speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Perak V. Sivakumar, Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Senator Datuk T. Murugiah, bekas Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Jawi, Pulau Pinang Tan Beng Huat, anggota DUN Batu Tiga, Selangor Rodziah Ismail serta dua anggota Majlis Tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat yang didakwa cuba merasuah calon Bebas DUN Penanti, Pulau Pinang Aminah Abdullah.

Mohd Shukri berkata: "Bukti yang ada mesti mencapai 90 peratus baru pihak pendakwaan boleh membuat keputusan untuk mendakwa.

"Bukan semua kes-kes yang tidak dituduh ini tak berlaku rasuah, tapi sesetengahnya tak mencapai tahap yang ditetapkan dan banyak kelemahan-kelemahan wujud jadi Timbalan Pendakwaraya membuat keputusan bahawa tak boleh dituduh di mahkamah," katanya.

Mohd Shukri justeru merayu orang ramai dan saksi-saksi yang terlibat agar tampil dan memberikan keterangan yang betul supaya SPRM dapat membina kes yang kukuh.

Beliau berkata siasatan kes-kes tersebut juga boleh dibuka semula sekiranya ada saksi baru yang tampil memberikan keterangan.

Ditanya mengenai kes-kes berprofil tinggi yang lain termasuk yang melibatkan bekas Menteri Pelancongan Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, Presiden Parti Progresif Penduduk (PPP) Datuk M Kayveas dan Lebuh Raya Lingkaran Tengah 2 (MRR2), Mohd Shukri berkata siasatan telahpun selesai dan telahpun dimajukan kepada pihak pendakwaan untuk memutuskan sama ada ia akan dibawa ke mahkamah.

Mohd Ali sebelum ini disiasat mengenai dakwaan mengamalkan politik wang bagi bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden Umno dalam pemilihan parti tahun lalu, manakala Abdul Khalid pula disiasat mengenai penyalahgunaan dana kerajaan negeri untuk membeli 46 ekor lembu korban bagi bahagian Parlimen Bandar Tun Razak.

Bagaimanapun dakwaan penyalahgunaan wang kerajaan untuk penyelenggaraan kereta jenis Lexus nombor pendaftaran WQR779 milik Abdul Khalid masih belum ditentukan sama ada akan didakwa atau tidak, walaupun kertas siasatan telah dimajukan kepada pihak pendakwaan.

Manakala siasatan bagi Sivakumar dibuat atas dakwaan salahguna kuasa apabila menggantung dan melarang Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir bersama enam Exco kerajaan negeri daripada menghadiri sidang DUN, Murugiah disiasat atas tuduhan rasuah dalam pemilihan PPP dan kes rasuah Mohammad Fairus dikaitkan dengan aktiviti kuari haram di negeri itu.

Manakala bagi Tan, beliau didakwa menyalahguna peruntukan untuk pembelian barangan elektrik dan Rodziah didakwa menyeleweng peruntukan kerajaan negeri.


Ulasan GB

Nak lepaskan pemimpin UMNO sahaja ketara sangat ketidak-adilan. Nak dakwa pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat, tiada bukti yang kukuh.

Jadi itulah kisahnya. Lepaskan semua.

Conspiracy 2 against Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 05:14 AM PST

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Datuk Zahrain Keluar PKR Kerana Elak Dari Dikenakan Tindakan Disiplin Parti

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 04:46 AM PST

Berhadapan dengan tindakan displin dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Ahli parlimen Bayang Baru, Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim mengambil keputusan keluar dari PKR terlebih dahulu.

Zahrain menggunakan alasan beliau keluar tidak berpuas hati dengan Setiausaha Agong DAP Lim Guan eng sebagai punca utama beliau bertindak demikian.

"Mutakhir ini cara politik sempit yang dibawa YAB Lim Guan Eng jelas membuktikan sikap cauvinis, ekstrimis, diktatorial dan berfikiran ala komunis" kata Zahrain pada sidang media ringkas pagi tadi.

Zahrain sebelum ini diminta mempertahankan tuduhannya terhadap Guan Eng itu di depan Lembaga Displin PKR.

Beliau dirujuk kepada lembaga itu kerana dilihat mencabuli prinsip Pakatan Rakyat untuk menyelesaikan sebarang perbedaan pendapat melalui saluran dalaman gagasan itu.

Namun Zahrain tidak bertindak begitu dan apabila dipanggil oleh PKR untuk menjelaskan kritikannya terhadap Guan Eng, beliau bertindak keluar parti dan mengisytiharkankan dirinya ahli parlimen bebas.

"Sebagai presiden tentulah saya kecewa dengan keputusan beliau. Tidak pernah dibangkitkan di dalalm parti atau kepada saya saya isu dasar selain daripada pertelingkahan peribadi dengan ketua menteri, YB Lim Guan Eng dan itu pun kita dengan tetapi untuk menghukum ketua menteri dengan kata-kata yang kesat kita tidak dapat terima. Jadi beliau ditegur atas dasar-dasar itu" ujar Ketua Umum PKR apabila diminta mengulas berhubung perletakan jawatan Zahrain.

Anwar berkata semua pihak dalam pakatan rakyat harus mengutamakan permuafakatan dalam gagasan itu dan tidak ghairah melontar tuduhan secara melulu.

"Saya telah mengelak daripada membuat kenyataan, selain menyatakan tidak setuju dengan serangan keras dia terhadap YB Lim Guan Eng kerana proses dan prosedur kita harus bincang dengan baik. Di Selangor Tan Sri Khalid jadi ketua, di Pulau Pinang YB Lim Guan Eng jadi ketua. Patut kita hormat prinsip itu dan saya tidak ada bukti hendak mempertahankan hujah dia itu pro-komunis ataupun cauvinis ataupun diktator kerana rundingan dengan saya, dengan pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat diteruskan" tambah Anwar lagi.

Anwar berkata dakwaan kononya Guan Eng tidak boleh ditegur adalah fitnah yang disebarkan oleh Umno untuk meracuni pemikiran pengundi Melayu semata-mata.

Zahrain adalah bekas ahli Umno dan sering dipalit dengan tuduhan sengaja menimbulkan provokasi di Pulau Pinang untuk memberi kelebihan kepada Umno-Barisan nasional di negeri itu.

"Apa yang 'untouchable'? Ini hanya persepsi yang dibawa oleh UMNO untuk menunjukkan bahawa Cina dalam MCA Gerakan itu semuanya baik, Cina DAP ini semua pelampau dan tidak boleh dikira. Pandangan saya berbeza, Cina dalam DAP kita bekerjasama dari segi soal dasar, ketelusan, tidak rasuah. Itu jelas" kata Anwar.

"Saya tidak boleh pertikai kewibawaan YB Guan Eng dari sudut menjalankan pentadbiran yang bersih dan cekap dan semua program-program untuk kepentingan Melayu, majlis agama, kontrak orang bumiputra, masalah perumahan rakyat miskin. Itu dibahaskan ada sebahagian termasuk 'microcredit'yang telah dimulakan. Yang lain kita bincang. 50 tahun UMNO jaga dengan Gerakan tak jadi isu, dua tahun kita diserang setengah mati oleh media UMNO" ulas Anwar lagi.

Sementara itu di dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) menyifatkan keputusan Ahli Parlimen Bayan Baru, Datuk Zahrain Mohd Hashim keluar parti, disebabkan takut berdepan lembaga disiplin.

"Beliau takut didapati bersalah. Surat telah dikemukakan pada 8 Februari lalu untuk meminta beliau memberi maklum balas hari ini," kata Ketua Penerangan PKR, Latheefa Koyahnya dalam kenyataan media.

Beliau berkata, PKR tidak terkejut dengan tindakan Zahrain, sebaliknya ia dilihat sebagai sebahagian proses memperkemas parti untuk berada di tahap terbaik.

Latifah berkata, mana-mana individu yang tidak percaya dengan perjuangan PKR untuk keadilan rakyat dan ekonomi, tidak dialu-alukan dalam parti.

"Proses ini memang sukar. Bagaimanapun ia akan memberi kebaikan untuk jangka panjang bagi membawa perubahan di Malaysia.

"Apabila parti berdepan cabaran, Barisan Nasional melihatnya sebagai cara terbaik untuk menghalang dengan menggunakan kuasa yang ada," katanya.

Latheefa berkata, mana-mana ahli yang tidak kuat pendirian dan goyah dengan cabaran dan akhirnya meninggalkan parti sekali gus mengkhianati rakyat yang memilih mereka.

"Bagaimanapun PKR tetap berazam untuk meneruskan kepercayaan dan mandat yang diberikan rakyat," katanya. -TVS

Anggota Parlimen Bayan Baru Umum Keluar Parti

PETALING JAYA, 12 Feb (Bernama) -- Anggota Parlimen Bayan Baru Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim pada Jumaat mengumumkan keluar dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) berkuatkuasa serta merta.

Zahrain berkata keputusan itu adalah kerana beliau kecewa dengan kepimpinan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng, serta kesal dengan perjuangan PKR dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Dengan langkah itu, bekas pengerusi PKR Pulau Pinang itu mengumumkan bahawa beliau adalah wakil bebas yang tidak menyokong mana-mana parti politik.

"Niat untuk masuk parti-parti lain tidak ada, saya akan keluar dan menjadi sebagai seorang Independent (Bebas). Saya adalah orang yang bebas," katanya semasa kelihatan tenang pada sidang media di sebuah hotel di sini.

Ketegangan dalam kepimpinan pakatan PKR-PAS-DAP tercetus apabila baru-baru ini Zahrain menuduh Lim, yang juga setiausaha agung DAP, sebagai seorang diktator dan cauvinis serta berfikiran ala komunis.

"Tindakan kerajaan pimpinan Lim membelakangkan prinsip keadilan, hak asasi kemanusiaan dan keadilan semula jadi.

"Amalan Lim dan konco-konconya bukan sahaja bersikap angkuh dan tidak boleh menerima teguran dan kritikan malahan mereka menyalahgunakan kuasa dan kedudukan mereka untuk kepentingan politik sempit dan jahat mereka," katanya.

Zahrain berkata tindakan keluar parti dilakukan kerana beliau tidak mahu dihukum sejarah dan generasi akan datang kerana tidak berbuat apa-apa dalam mencegah kemungkaran serta menjadi sebahagian daripada kumpulan yang merosakkan bangsa, agama dan negara.

"Saya telah melakukan apa yang terdaya dalam kemampuan saya untuk mencegah kemungkaran besar yang berlaku di peringkat kepimpinan PKR, namun semua bantahan dan teguran saya diremehkan.

"Sebaliknya, mereka bertindak menyingkir dan meminggirkan saya dengan tujuan untuk menghapuskan suara teguran dan kritikan dalam PKR tanpa menghormati hak asasi kemanusiaan, hak membela diri dan prinsip keadilan yang mereka laungkan selama ini," katanya.

Zahrain sebelum ini dilaporkan akan dirujuk kepada Jawatankuasa Disiplin parti kerana tindakannya mengkritik kepimpinan Lim.

Selain Zahrain, beberapa pemimpin PKR lain seperti Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim dan Ahli Parlimen Nibong Tebal, Tan Tee Beng, juga dilaporkan sebelum ini akan dihadapkan ke jawatankuasa itu.

Ditanya sama ada beliau mempunyai masalah dengan Penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Zahrain berkata beliau masih menganggap Anwar sebagai kawan cuma beliau kecewa kerana kepercayaan dan keyakinannya dalam memjuangkan parti terhakis akibat keraguan terhadap matlamat dan cara perjuangan yang bawa oleh PKR khasnya dan Pakatan Rakyat umumnya.

"Saya kecewa sebagai kawan hak saya untuk menasihati beliau (Anwar), tetapi kalau parti buat pendirian yang luar daripada apa yang saya kata sebagai ikhlas, maknanya saya kecewa kerana saya juga manusia biasa yang ada perasaan," katanya.

Zahrain memberikan jaminan kepada para pengundinya di Bayan Baru bahawa beliau tidak akan belot terhadap pengundi yang telah memilihnya serta menasihati rakyat supaya tidak meletakkan harapan yang tinggi terhadap pakatan PKR-Pas-DAP.

"Saya percaya Pakatan Rakyat tidak tahan lama. Saya tidak mahu rakyat tertipu dengan retorik Pakatan Rakyat," katanya.


Ulasan GB

Datuk Zahrain mengambil keputusan menjadi Ahli Parlimen Bebas sebelum beliau dikenakan tindakan disiplin oleh partinya.

Bagi pandangan GB, apa yang diutarakan oleh Datuk Zaid Ibrahim sebelum ini ada benarnya. Jawatankuasa Disiplin PKR sepatutnya telah bertindak pantas, cekap dan efektif daripada "procrastinate". Akibatnya, berlakulah kes seperti Datuk Zahrain. Whose fault?

Hal ini turut berlaku di dalam parti-parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat seperti PAS misalnya.

Satu-satu kes mengambil masa yang "terlalu lama" untuk diselesaikan. Kita kerap mempertikaikan kerajaan UMNO BN melalui SPRM dan PDRM melambat-lambatkan siasatan kes. Kini kenapa penyakit yang sama itu wujud di dalam Pakatan Rakyat?

Mengapa masing-masing tergila-gila meniru stail pengurusan dan pentadbiran Pak Lah yang lemah itu?

Apabila Jawatankuasas Disiplin sendiri tidak berdisiplin, bererti parti berada di lembah kehancuran.

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