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an unhappy chinese new year?

an unhappy chinese new year?

an unhappy chinese new year?

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 10:44 AM PST

(by Martin Jalleh)

A Chinese new year has dawned. The PM declares that Malaysian Chinese should be more daring to help build a more dynamic 1Malaysia. Such a dramatic invitation by Najib is made against the dark and depressing background of jarring discordant voices by Umnoputras which the drums and deafening firecrackers fail to drown out and exorcise.

We hear the disturbing insult of all the Ahmad Ismails labelling the Malaysian Chinese "immigrants" and "squatters" and adding that they have no right to equal treatment with the Umnoputras – who just happened to migrate here a little earlier than the rest of us.

We hear the deranged Nasir Safars spitting on us in 1Malaysia seminars with their vile claim that our mothers and grandmothers came here to sell their bodies, whilst never mentioning how the Umnoputras sell their principles, souls and even the country away.

We hear the devious speeches of Umno "intellectuals" in the Biro Tatanegara such as the ridiculous claim of a Chinese conspiracy with Singapore, when the Malays are disunited, to topple the Malay government, when very obviously the BTN courses are meant "to promote certain government leaders" (Nazri Aziz) and to protect, perpetuate and preserve their political power!

We hear the disgraceful racist rant of all the Abdul Rauf Yusohs in closed-door Umno functions abroad and at home calling non-Malays "'bangsa asing" and accusing them of "trampling on the Malays in 'Tanah Melayu'", when the glaring reality is that of Umnoputras trampling on each other and on ordinary Malays to grab and gobble the largest piece possible of 'Tanah Melayu' that is left!

We hear the despicable and highly racist hysteria of Perkasa whose president Ibrahim Ali has hopped back as the saviour of the hapless Malay by waging war against the supposedly avaricious Chinese, whilst hiding the fact that the real enemy of the Malays are people like him and his cohorts who have been Umno's self-serving sycophants who suck up to the powers that be to satisfy their insatiable greed.

We hear the dementiated views of Dr M claiming (without any substantiation, solid evidence or statistics) that the Chinese are the real masters of the country – when in reality it is he, his cronies and a few Chinese capitalists whom he had created who are the real "tuans". He is also the real mastermind of Umno's racist policies – the "Father of all racists" as Nazri Aziz has crowned him!

We hear the disgusting attempts to make the Chinese the scapegoat of Malay poverty when for the last 39 years of the NEP it was the Umnoputras who have squeezed and bled this country dry, siphoned and stashed their ill-gotten gains overseas and sent their children abroad to study in premier schools, whilst deceiving, denying and depriving the poor Malay of what was due to them.

We hear the deafening silence of the Umnoputras on the many bail-outs, buy-outs and the mind-boggling billions wasted and still more which went missing without being accounted for or anyone held responsible for, especially during the Mahathir years, and which goes on unabated till today, whilst the Chinese are accused of getting richer at the expense of the Malays!

We hear the derogatory remarks of Umnoputras against the Chinese newspapers while Umno-owned English and Malay papers, especially the Utusan Malaysia, are allowed to go on a spree of spinning falsehood, spouting lies, spewing seditious articles and spreading what Nazri Aziz calls "outdated racist propaganda" with impunity and immunity by the Umno Home Minister.

We hear the diabolical voices in Umno who politicise religion for the party's survival by creating unfounded fears and insecurities amongst Muslims, deepening distrust of adherents of other religions and derailing sincere efforts at inter-religious dialogue whilst declaring those who detest their devious ways as anti-Islam and anti-Malay.

We hear the desperate attempts by Umnoputras to manufacture imaginary threats and bogeymen such as the Chinese wanting to conquer this country from the Malays, the Christians hell-bent on confusing and converting every Muslim and even the CIA having covert operations here! Alas, Umno can only survive with a siege mentality which Khairy Jamaluddin had urged it to abandon.

We hear the deceiving hypocrisy of Umnoputras who portray themselves as the protectors of the Malays to revive their comatosed political careers, and when in actuality Malay rights have always been outlined, stated and guaranteed clearly by the Federal Constitution (Professor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari), i.e., the Malays do not need further protection from Umno or the likes of Ibrahim Ali!

We hear the Umnoputras' drummed-up danger of the Malays losing their rights – when they in fact control all the (Malay) institutions, dictate all laws and policies, own all the state-owned companies, GLCs (Petronas), banks and national assets and resources and are accorded priorities and privileges when it comes to properties, public contracts and scholarships! If indeed the Malays do lose their rights – it is to the Umno elite!

We hear the delirium of the Umno warlords who are drunk with power, warning non-Malays not to push the Malays too far (who is pushing?) or they would go amok, create a bloodbath and start another May 13 "or Feb. 13", when it is obvious that such intimidating threats of thuggery and mob violence are meant to defend "the most corrupt institution in this country" (Lim Kit Siang), Umno!

We hear Najib's voice spurring the country towards oneness, but will it be silenced by Umno's cacophony of racism? Will the PM show spine, substance and nerves of steel and stop the mounting dissonance by the Umno warlords, government officials and extremist groups like Perkasa or will he be satisfied in being a sloganeer and somnolent PM and meet the same tragic fate as his predecessor?

We hear Najib's invitation to the Malaysian Chinese to be more courageous, committed and to contribute to a more dynamic 1Malaysia. At the same time Umnoputras are allowed to gamble away the country by playing the racist card to the hilt! Is this part of Najib's charade and chicanery of "concrete change" on Chinese New Year's Day? If it is, he and Umno will not last very long.

Martin Jalleh

19 Feb. 2010

Balls and Crepes

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:56 AM PST

Pesalah Syariah Insaf Selepas Dirotan. Tapi Kenapa Nafikan Anwar Untuk Dapatkan Keadilan Melalui Mahkamah Syariah?

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:28 AM PST

Tiga wanita yang menjalani hukuman sebat syarie menyatakan rasa reda dan insaf mereka terhadap kesalahan yang dilakukan selepas pelaksanaan hukuman pada 9 Februari lepas di Penjara Wanita Kajang.

Pengakuan mereka dinyatakan oleh Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, berdasarkan maklum balas yang diterima.

"Mereka melahirkan rasa keinsafan sebab mereka merasakan hal ini melepaskan diri mereka daripada dosa dan rasa bersalah kepada Allah SWT," katanya kepada pemberita semasa Program Pemukiman agensi di Jabatan Perdana Menteri di Genting Highlands hari ini.

Jamil berkata, mereka kini sedar perbezaan antara sebatan syariah dan sivil, selain terharu selepas mengetahui apa yang didengar tentang sebatan syariah sebelum ini ternyata tidak benar.

Sebatan syariah tak sama sebatan sivil

"Kata mereka, 100 sebatan syariah tidak sama walaupun dengan satu sebatan sivil. Dia rasa keinsafan kesedaran sehingga dia memohon supaya rakan-rakan yang lain untuk tidak melakukan kesalahan seperti yang dilakukan mereka," katanya.

Ketiga-tiga mereka turut diberi khidmat kaunseling dalam konteks keagamaan sebelum dan selepas menerima hukuman bagi menyedarkan mereka tentang kesalahan yang dilakukan.

Tiga pesalah wanita itu dihukum sebat mengikut Seksyen 23(2) Akta Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan 1997 (Persetubuhan Haram) selepas didapati bersalah melakukan persetubuhan luar nikah.

Sementara itu, Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia (PGSM) menyokong penuh pelaksanaan hukuman sebat dan membuktikan kerajaan serius mahu melaksanakan hukuman itu.

"Pelaksanaan ini (hukuman sebat syarie) menyangkal pandangan sesetengah pihak yang menggambarkan seolah-olah hukuman sebat adalah zalim dan tidak berperikemanusiaan," kata Presidennya, Mohamad Isa Abdul Ralip, dalam satu kenyataan.

Beliau berkata, orang ramai tidak perlu takut dengan hukuman sebat syarie kerana ia sebenarnya bertujuan mendidik, memberi pengajaran dan keinsafan kepada pesalah.

Mohamad Isa berkata, hubungan sebat ke atas model sambilan Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor harus disegerakan bagi mengelakkan orang ramai memandang rendah institusi keadilan Mahkamah Syariah. - Bernama

Ulasan GB

Dalam mengalu-alukan hukum sebat dilaksanakan kita tertanya-tanya kenapa pula di dalam kes Qazaf, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri tersebut, Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom dan dua yang lain telah memfailkan bantahan awal bagi membatalkan permohonan qazaf Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim terhadap bekas pembantu peribadinya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan?

Pada 7 Januari lepas, Anwar memfailkan permohonan bagi mendapatkan perintah untuk mengarahkan Shamsuddin, selaku Ketua Pendakwa Syarie Wilayah Persekutuan, supaya mendakwa bekas Mohd Saiful dengan tuduhan qazaf.

Dalam permohonan itu juga Anwar turut menamakan Shamsuddin, Jamil Khir dan Che Mat sebagai responden.

Mengikut Seksyen 41 Akta Kesalahan Jenayah Syariah Wilayah Persekutuan 1997, qazaf ialah tuduhan terhadap seseorang yang melakukan zina tanpa membawa empat orang saksi lelaki.

Seksyen ini adalah bagi mengelak seseorang menuduh orang lain berzina.

Jika sabit kesalahan, pesalah boleh dikenakan denda RM5,000 atau penjara sehingga tiga tahu atau kedua-duanya.

Jamil Khir, Shamsuddin dan Che Mat juga memfailkan satu afidavit bersama bagi menyokong permohonan bantahan awal itu.

Tidkkah menteri itu tidak rasa berdosa dan rasa bersalah kepada Allah SWT kerana menafikan keadilan buat Anwar melalui hukum syarak?

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Canines On Death Row Saved From Hulu Selangor Recently

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:00 AM PST



(KKB Stray pictures courtesy by SPCA.) 

A NUMBER OF DOGS trapped by the Hulu Selangor Local Council District (MDHS) and facing certain death, were rescued at the last minute last week. 

This, thanks largely to the initiatives made by several animal rights and welfare organisations in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

The first to spot the stray canines

Kugan's death in police custody: Trial begins, first witness ASP Rodney Pasla Harris testifies

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:23 AM PST

PETALING JAYA, Feb 18 (Bernama) -- The police have the rights to initiate investigations on any crime suspects, the Sessions Court was told Thursday.

ASP Rodney Pasla Harris, 31, of the Taipan police station in Subang Jaya said the investigations would begin once approval was granted by an investigating officer.

Harris, who is from the serious crime branch, said the number of policemen assigned to pursue a case would depend on the seriousness of the case.

The Taipan police station is not equipped with a lock-up, he told the court during the examination-in-chief by deputy public prosecutor Abazafree Mohd Abas.

"Normally, a suspect is held in custody at the Puchong Jaya police station and will be brought to the Taipan police station for questioning before being sent back to the lock-up," said Harris.

Harris is the first witness at the trial of a constable with the Subang USJ police station, V. Navindran, 28, who was charged with causing grievous hurt to A. Kugan, 23, who died while in police custody.

The offences were allegedly committed at the interrogation room of the D9 office of the Taipan police station at 7am and 4pm on Jan 16.

Navindran, who is represented by Datuk P.M. Nagarajan, faces two alternative charges of causing hurt to Kugan at the same place and time.

Kugan was detained by the police on Jan 15 on suspicion of being involved in a car theft but died several days later.

Judge Aslam Zainuddin will visit the Taipan police station on Monday.

The trial continues Friday with testimonies from a doctor and a police photographer.


Supernatural - Series 2

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:10 AM PST

Continuing from my earlier supernatural post, well sort of supernatural anyway, here is the second series of my encounter with the almost supernatural :D

Once a long time back, close to 15 years ago when I was still studying in one of the local Graphic Design colleges here, Sean, Adrian and me decided to have a party in this rented house that Sean was staying in at that time.

The people Sean was renting the house with were away for the holidays or something at that time, I can't really remember cos my memory is not quite as sharp as it was before. So, we call a few guys, go out and buy some bottles of hard liquor and get the music set up and we're all done.

We weren't too worried about food cos it was after all a dance and boozing party. Adrian, you probably wouldn't remember this supernatural story cos you were ... urmmm ... well, you know la, this was the 'however do you want me, however do you need me' party. I'm sure you remember it pretty well ... LOL!

Anyways, the party was a smashing success judging by the amount of totally stoned people crawling around :D After most of the guest left, a couple of us were still around cleaning the place up. After the late clean up, we were all feeling kinda hungry and no best appetite suppressant was going to help us so decided to hit the streets looking for a late night mamak (road side stall) that was still open.

It was really pretty late and we couldn't find any so we decided to hit 7-11 and get some snacks and head to this place called Bukit Gasing, a hill that was mostly patronized by amorous couples. It was the place to bring your girl friend back then cos it was high up with a great view of the city and most importantly it was secluded ... LOL!

So, we drive up there with our snacks and drinks and head to our favourite location overlooking the city. To get there, we have to park the car and walk through this slightly dense jungle area which in the daytime isn't such a big deal but in the middle of the night can be pretty spooky. It opens up to this empty area and is really a nice place to hang out and watch the city lights among other things ... LOL!

Ok, now there were about 5 of us in this group including me and Sean. Our other buddy Adrian was home sleeping off the ... urmmm ... spirits of the party so to say. It was around 1.00am or so, I can't really remember and we were all chit chatting and laughing away when suddenly one of the guys says he saw something in the bushes, something in white kinda moving around.

We all just laugh at him thinking he's still slightly intoxicated from the earlier boozing. But then suddenly another two of the guys including Sean sees this white figure moving stealthily through the bushes. He screams, we all turn around and scream along with him and before you know, all five of us are bolting it out of there so fast it would make Usain Bolt seethe with envy.

We run like our lives depended upon it straight to the car which is parked slightly further uphill from the white figure area. The moment we reach the car, we all and I mean all of us jump in the front section of the car and high tail it out of there. You can imagine the scene. There were five people cowering away in fear in the front of the car while the driver struggles to get us away from there.

We need to drive pass that area where we saw the figure to get out of this hill and as we were speeding along, the white figure emerges from the bushes and what we saw made us all burst out in laughter with the driver almost ditching the car from laughing too!

There coming out of the bushes, more scared than us was this jinjang (don't know how to translate that in English) Joe Chinese guy, really pale, decked out in an all white (probably just from a night out at some club or disco or something) attire hurriedly running out of the bushes with his equally jinjang jane girlfriend. He was probably more worried we were out to mug him or something. Don't even ask me what he was probably doing in the bushes with a girl in the wee hours of the morning ... hahaha ...

We stop the car by the roadside and all of us get out laughing and rolling around on the floor in side splitting laughter. Trust me, to us he did look like a ghostly white figure skulking around in the bushes. I guess he was probably trying to quietly leave the area without being seen by us. But as luck would have it, we were more cowardly than him ... LOL!

The moral of the story here is not all things in white are ghostly in nature :D Look out for series 3, yes, there's more of this making a fool of myself 'ghostly' incidents :D

Terpelecok/Terkehel/ Tergeliat

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 10:24 AM PST

When we stopped by at the R n R Temerloh enroute to Kuantan around 8 last night, I did not expect a sprained ankle..

Some of the tiles were already depressed and I happen to step into one..waah..bergegar satu Temerloh..

You can be aware of such a problem during the day but at night you cannot judge whether the tiles are of the same level or otherwise..

So be careful everyone..luckily it was me and not some very old person or a small kiddo..

I will survive..had a much bigger sprained left ankle during my primary schooldays..and till today my ankle will give a clicking sound when I walk downstairs..

And had a few more ankle sprains after that..small matter..

But it is such an inconvenience..household chores are slower, aerobics got to be temporarily halted, you walk like a lame duck and the cats look at you and wonder why you are dragging your feet downstairs to give them their tuna.

Dr M blamed me instead of himself: Soros - interview with Malaysiakini

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 07:21 AM PST

EXCLUSIVE Controversial currency speculator George Soros says he received bad press in some Asian countries due to Mahathir's comments.

Soros told Malaysiakini in an interview in Hong Kong that it really started with Mahathir blaming him instead of accepting responsibility (for the Asian financial crisis 1997-98). Soros also said Mahathir blamed him instead of accepting blame for his excesses, which led to the crisis.

Isn't that the most convenient thing to do - to pass the buck? ;)

Nevertheless, Soros was quick to credit Mahathir for his response to the financial crisis.

BN dan PR dalam Nujum Pak Belalang

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:07 AM PST

BBN dan Pakatan Rakyat dalam Nujum Pak Belalang
Oleh Masdar Wahid

Soalan 1

Tukang Soal : 'Didalam baju hamba, ada sebatang kayu yang telah dipilih,bagaimanakah kita mahu tahu yang mana Barisan Nasional (BN) dan yang mana Pakatan Rakyat (PR)..??'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Mintak pada hamba..!! Apabila sebatang kayu diletakkan di dalam air, yang condong ke bawah itulah BN dan yang menegak ke atas itulah PR..'

Tukang Soal : 'Sebabnya...!!??'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Sebabnya... Kita pun tahu sekarang ini parti BN hampir tenggelam dengan setiap sekutunya termasuk di Sabah dan Sarawak terus bergoncang dan dilanda krisis berterusan, manakala PR walaupun berasal dari ideologi berbza namun berjaya disatukan demi agenda perubahan untuk rakyat dalam PRU akan datang'

Soalan 2

Tukang Soal : 'Dua ekor anak itik yang baru menetas, yang manakah BN dan yang
manakah PR..??'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Ini senang saja, kita letakkan ke dua-dua anak itik ke dalam bekas berisi air, yang mengejar itulah PR dan yang lari itulah BN..'

Tukang Soal : 'Sebabnya...!!??'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Sebab PR konsisten menuju ke Putrajaya dengan agenda perubahannya yang jelas seperti yang ditekankan di Shah Alam 19 Disember lalu, manakala BN khasnya Umno masih kekal dengan isu perkaumannya.

Soalan 3

Tukang Soal : ' Ada sebuah masealah,

Satu... baaaanyak-banyak!!... Dua... sedikit-sediiiiikit....!!! Tiga... jarang-jarang!!!... Empat... kad-dang, kad-dang,

Apa itu..???'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'BN!!!'

Tukang Soal : 'Buktikan..!!'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Satu... Baaanyak-banyak... Ertinya, ahli BN memang banyak dalam negara ini...

Dua... Sedikit-sediiikit... Ertinya, sedikit sahaja yang berani bersuara dari
bilangan ahli BN yang banyak itu...

Tiga... Jarang-jarang... Ertinya, jarang-jarang yang kita dengar pemimpinnya berani melawan rasuah dan kemungkaran walaupun ia di depan mata...

Empat... Kad-dang, kad-dang... Ertinya kad-dang, kad-dang kita dengar dan
lihat ada pemimpin tertinggi BN yang mahu mendengar suara ahlinya...'

Soalan 4

Tukang Soal : 'Di manakah terletaknya kekuatan Laksamana BN khasnya Umno..? Di kerisnyakah? atau di jenteranyakah..?'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Kekuatan Laksamana Umno bukan terletak pada kerisnya ataupun pada jenteranya...'

Tukang Soal : 'Di mana terletak kekuatannya..?'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Kekuatan Umno hanya terletak pada TOYOL-TOYOLnya!!'

Tukang Soal : 'Buktikan!!'

Ahli Nujum Negara : 'Laksamana Umno begitu bergantung kepada toyol-toyolnya untuk menonjolkan kekuatannya... Iaitu toyol dari Media Prima, toyol dari Berita Hairan, Hairan Metro, Polis serta toyol dari Kosmos dan Utusan Meloya.. Toyol-toyol inilah yang menampakkan Laksamana UMNO nampak hebat walaupun hakikatnya mereka luka parah...'

Soalan Extra

Tukang Soal : 'Kalau Ahli Nujum telus mata dan betul bijaksana...!!! Apakah yang ada di dalam genggaman beta...????'

Ahli Nujum Negara : '........... ISA !!!..'

ISA di sini ada dua maksud, satu Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) dan satu lagi calon Umno/BN di Bagan Pinang, Isa Samad. Kemenangan Isa dipuja dan dipuji walaupun jelas rekodnya sebagai perasuah besar dalam Umno. -erpakatan

Various updates

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 06:02 AM PST

Since I will be away during the last weekend of this month, I'd better make the necessary arrangements to deliver this month's supply of groceries to Lin's and Sofie's family. Chances are I'd deliver the items on weekdays. Which is not really a problem for Sofie, as she'd be home most of the time. The problem is delivering the stuff for Lin, as she will be at her goreng pisang stall almost every day. The groceries cost a total of RM300 – a whole load of things, which, if I deliver to her stall, she'd have problems taking them home on her motorbike.

Usually I'd choose a weekend if I need to visit Lin at her home. She usually goes to her stall after 11 am, so I'd be able to catch her at home if I visit her in the morning. If I visit in the afternoons, I usually go straight to her stall. I don't want her to close her stall just because I want to visit.

So how? Looks like I still need to deliver the items on a weekday, so maybe what I can do is to get the items from the minimarket during one of the weekdays next week (they usually only open after 9.30 am) and deliver the stuff early morning the next day before I go to my office. Lin's house is about 20 – 30 minutes drive away.

As for Sofie, I'd probably send her stuff after I come back from my Kuching trip.


On another note, the date for the HIV talk at a private college here in Ipoh has finally been fixed. Eventually, when the student in charge called me, he said it's on the 5th of March, then later he called and said they're rather flexible on the dates but want the talk to be held in the morning. I had asked if it is possible to hold the talk in the afternoon, but according to him, there may not be many students around if it's held in the afternoon (takut tertidur dengar ceramah kot?). Finally we decided to hold the talk in the morning of 9th March. He requested that the talk be in Bahasa Malaysia, but since the powerpoint presentation that I have specifically for youths is in English, I will use the English slides and give the explanation in BM. Or speak my usual Manglish… as long as the message gets through, I don't care!


My fellow volunteer who's the coordinator for client's welfare has managed to get a letter from the Welfare Department, addressed to the hospital director, asking for Halimah to be exempted from paying for hospital charges. Hopefully with that letter Halimah and hubby will no longer be given the runaround the next time Halimah needs to be warded. And hopefully I no longer need to "bail" her out whenever she's discharged but the nurses won't let her out of the ward until they see the receipt.


I'm done with all my reports for the coming AGM. Yaayyy!! I had given a deadline to all the respective coordinators to get their reports ready by our board meeting next week. Hopefully all the reports will be ready by then as I want to read through everything before we get our part time staff to compile everything and make enough copies of the annual report for distribution purposes.

Remember the 20K grant we got during Ramadhan last year? We're supposed to send a report to the Yayasan after 6 months. Well, the 6 months will be up in March. So yeah, we need to get the reports ready soon!

There will be no board meeting next month as we will be having our AGM. No committee elections this year, so I hope to make it a short meeting just to adopt the reports. Then we can just makan-makan! After all, AGMs are for makan-makan, right?

Huh? No?! I thought AGM is short for Aku Guarantee Makan? Isn't it?!

Hasbie Dibebaskan Daripada Tahanan SPRM

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 05:07 AM PST

Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) hari ini membebaskan Hasbie Satar, bekas setiausaha politik Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop dengan ikat jamin RM50,000, empat hari selepas beliau ditahan 12 Februari lalu kerana memiliki RM2 juta wang tunai.

SPRM berkata mereka menahan sebuah kenderaan dan sejumlah wang tunai ketika beliau ditahan, lapor Malaysian Insider.

Isnin lalu, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri itu berkata dalam satu kenyataannya bahawa setiausaha politiknya telah meletak jawatan.

Bagaimanapun, Nor Mohamed tidak menyebut kenapa Hasbie meletak jawatan tetapi sumber SPRM berkata ia ada kaitan dengan penahanan itu.

Pembantu Nor Mohamed itu ditahan kerana disyaki melakukan kesalahan di bawah Akta Penggurupan Wang Haram dan Akta Pembiayaan Anti-Pengganas 2001, termasuk kesalahan di bawah Akta Suruhanjaya Anti-Rasuah 2009.

SPRM dilaporkan telah membekukan beberapa asetnya dan akaun bank bagi memudahkan siasatan. -FMT

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Badan Kehakiman, Apakah Masih Ada Kebenaran Dan Keadilan Di Sana?

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 05:21 AM PST

Ketua pasukan pembelaan, Karpal Singh menggesa Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Gani Patail meneliti semula kesemua kertas sisasatan terhadap pertuduhan yang dihadapi Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sekaligus menggugurkan pertuduhan liwat II itu.

Karpal berkata tindakan itu perlu kerana pertuduhan yang dihadapi Anwar jelas tidak berasas berikutan laporan tiga pakar perubatan dari Hospital Kuala Lumpur bahawa tiada kesan tusukan ke dubur pengadu, Mohd Saiful bukhari Azlan.

"Tidak sangsi lagi Peguam Negara perlu meneliti semula keseluruhan kertas siasatan terhadap kes Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim terhadap tuduhan dan proses pendakwaan yang sedang berjalan. Pada pendapat saya tuduhan itu tidak berasas dan ia penting untuk Peguam Negara segera menganggap ia wajar digugurkan," tegas Karpal.

"Di mata dunia tuduhan bergantung kepada bukti perubatan, laporan perubatan sangat jelas 3 pakar dari Hospital Kuala Lumpur mengesahkan dan membuat laporan bahawa tiada kesan tusukan konklusif dan ia adalah bahan fundamental," katanya.

Karpal turut menyifatkan tindakan Mahkaham Rayuan menolak rayuan pembelaan supaya kes ini digugurkan walaupun dengan hujah yang kukuh, akan menjadikan Malaysia sebagai bahan ketawa serata dunia.

"Saya terkejut bagaimana Mahkamah Rayuan semalam tidak menerima bantahan kami, walhal ia kukuh. Saya rasa kita akan dijadikan bahan tertawa dunia jika pertuduhan ini dibenarkan untuk diteruskan," katanya.

Ulasan GB

Semalam Mahkamah Rayuan menolak permohonan Anwar dengan beralasan:

"Laporan perubatan bukan satu-satunya bukti terhadap Anwar. Ia hanya keterangan sokongan mengenai apa yang hendak disampaikan oleh doktor," kata Abu Samah dalam penghakimannya.

Katanya afidavit pendakwaan telah menyatakan bahawa mereka akan bergantung kepada keterangan secara lisan dan keterangan forensik bagi membuktikan kes terhadap Anwar.

Bersandarkan kepada hujjah hakim-hakim Mahkamah Rayuan, ini bererti asas pokok pendakwaan : wujudnya kes prima facie melangkaui keraguan munasabah (beyond reasonable doubt) sudah tidk terpakai lagi.

Cukup dengan keterangan lisan dengan membuat pertuduhan, kemudian boleh direka-reka untuk mewujudkan pula keterangan forensik, maka sudah boleh dijalankan pendakwaan!

Tidak perlu dibuktikan wujudnya perkara utama di dalam sesuatu kes yang melangkaui keraaguan munasabah, misalnya di dalam kes Saiful, bukti klinikal wujudnya tusukan ke duburnya.

Jelas apa yang berlaku kini ialah institusi kehakiman negara telah dilacurkan sedemikian rupa. Ini mengingatkan kita kes "correct, correct, correct" yang disiasat SPRM di mana wujudnya hakim durjana yang hanya sekadar membaca keputusan yang telah siap ditulis oleh peguam yang terlibat di dalam kes yang dibicarakan olehnya. Hakim itu lansung tidak disentuh dan didakwa.

Setakat ini, Mahkamah Rayuan dan Mahkamah Persekutuan telah membuat keputusan yang tidak berpihak kepada sesiapa dan apa-apa yang dikaitkan dengan Pakatan Rakyat. Ia satu kebetulan? Tiada yang waras akan mengatakan YA.

Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi yang memutuskan Nizar sebagai Menteri Besar yang sah satu ketika dengan secepatnya telah ditukarkan. Apa saja kes yang dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat di peringkat Mahkamah Tinggi akan diterbalikkan oleh Mahkamah Rayuan dan kemudian disahkan oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan.

Jadi apalah diharapkan lagi dengan sistem kehakiman yang busuknya sebusuk bangkai tikus di dalam kuah roti canai?

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Gold! Gold! Gold!

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 04:44 AM PST

The gold superbull market took off in 2002 at the price level of US$200 per ounce. Malaysian investors sadly missed the bull because there were no instruments available in the market for investment in gold. I asked around, only to be told to go to foreign markets (Hong Kong, Australia, etc.) to buy gold certificates.

After a few years, some local commercial banks pushed out to the market Gold Investment Account, much to my delight.

The international gold price now hovers around US$1,100 per ounce. When you compare it with the start-off level, it represents a whopping 450% jump. At this price, is gold still a buy?

Let's take a look at the following report by Forrest Jones of Moneynews:

Investors should buy gold even if the price continues to dip, because the precious metal is merely in a correction phase of an upward trend, says investment guru Marc Faber.Gold could fall to as low as $950 an ounce from current levels of around $1,089 an ounce, Faber says.But prices will rise again as governments continue to print money to narrow deficits in moves that will ultimately pump up inflation rates, the building blocks of higher gold prices.The present correction, Faber says, is due to a temporary surge in the dollar's value."The weakness that gold has shown recently is no reason for investors to get out of gold investments," he tells Commodity Online."I still believe gold should continue to be part of every investor's wise investment portfolio."Concerns about Greece's budget deficit woes have sent the euro on a roller-coaster ride and have some investors running to gold as a safe haven.

Last year when the gold price reached US$850 per ounce, my friend asked me where the precious metal was a good buy at that level. I asked him to go in with no hesitation. If he had taken it up, he would be laughing his way to bank now!
We posed for a group photo in front of Dewan Undangan Negeri Complex. Snapping for us was a policeman stationing at the entrance check-point. Our visit to DUN Complex was a memorable one. The courtesy of the policeguard who guided us around deeply impressed us. The photo shows (L to R) Tiong, Michael, me and Ngui.

Mustafa Ali Perlekeh Aduan Ahli

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 03:21 AM PST

Pejabat agung PAS menolak aduan exco Pemudanya, Abdullah Karim yang mendakwa terdapat ahli parti itu terlibat dalam "konspirasi menjatuhkan Pakatan Rakyat" kerana tidak cukup merit.

"Bila saya lihat, beberapa perkara yang beliau sebut itu tidak tepat. Jadi tidak cukup meritlah hendak serah pada jawankuasa disiplin," kata Setiausaha Agung PAS Datuk Mustafa Ali.

"Jawatankuasa disiplin pun perlu lihat semua fakta, betul ke tidak. Kalau fakta itu sendiri sudah tidak tepat, jadi saya tidak serahlah (pada jawantakuasa itu)."

Abdullah - pemimpin paling lantang mempertikaikan keputusan jawatankuasa disiplin PAS terhadap Khalid Samad dan Datuk Dr Hasan Ali pada 29 Januari - dilaporkan membayangkan jawatankuasa itu dan pejabut agung parti berat sebelah kerana memejamkan mata terhadap aduan-aduan tertentu.

Dalam kenyataannya sehari selepas keputusan kontroversi itu, Abdullah berkata, aduannya sendiri kepada kedua-dua badan tersebut dipendamkan setelah dua bulan laporan dibuat.

Tindakan Abdullah itu juga menyebabkan berlaku tuding menuding di kalangan pemimpin parti itu yang mengambil pendirian berbeza – antaranya melibatkan naib presiden Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man dan pesuruhjaya PAS Pahang Dr Hamzah Jaaffar.

Dalam wawancara dengan Malaysiakini hari ini, Mustafa berkata, pihaknya telah membuat semakan dengan pemberi maklumat asal dan pihak-pihak yang disebut dalam aduan Abdullah tersebut tetapi aduan tersebut "tidak kuat" dan "banyak khabar angin".

"Saya tidak serahlah (kes itu) pada jawatankuasa disiplin. Tidak perlu (berbuat demikian). Tidak kisahlah beliau (Abdullah) hendak kata apa pun. Kalau beliau hendak datang jumpa pun saya boleh terangkan perkara ini," kata Mustafa.

Sementara itu, diminta menjelaskan status aduan terbaru terhadap tiga pemimpin kanan PAS oleh seorang penulis blog terkenal Abdul Rahman Talib - atau dikenali sebagai 'Tulang Besi' – Mustafa berkata, dakwaan itu masih dalam siasatan pihaknya.

Jumaat lalu, bekas pegawai kepada pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor itu membuat aduan terbaru kepada bekas bosnya, Dr Hasan serta kepada timbalan mursyidul am Datuk Dr Haron Din dan timbalan presiden Nasharuddin Mat Isa.

Abdul Rahman yang sering mendedahkan isu-isu dalaman PAS dilaporkan mendakwa, Dr Hasan dan Nasharuddin harus dibicarakan jawatankuasa disiplin kerana menggeluarkan kenyataan yang menjejaskan parti kepada penulis blog.

Manakala Dr Haron pula didakwa mengeluarkan kenyataan yang bertentangan dengan pandangan rasmi parti berhubung isu penggunaan kalimah Allah.

Mustafa menjelaskan, aduan terhadap Dr Hasan dan Nasharuddin tidak perlu lagi dipanjangkan kepada penelitian jawatankuasa disiplin kerana telah diselesaikan di peringkat jawankuasa pusat.

"PAS pusat sudah bincangkan perkara itu dan kita sudah beri peringatan supaya pimpinan tidak mengadakan pertemuan dengan penulis blog yang boleh menjejaskan, memberikan kesan negatif kepada parti," katanya.

Sementara tindakan Dr Haron pula 'dimaafkan' kerana telah menyelaraskan pandangan selari dengan parti ekoran pertemuannya dengan presiden Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dalam sebuah program penerangan parti.

Walaupun kedudukannya sebagai setiausaha agung dianggap kerusi panas ekoran kritikan demi kritikan yang disasarkan padanya kerana dipertanggungjawabkan menapis aduan terhadap jawankuasa disiplin, Mustafa masih kelihatan tenang dan sering berjenaka.

"Tidak payah mana. Tak banyak. (Aduan) yang sampai pada saya ini daripada orang yang suka buat aduanlah," katanya sambil ketawa ketika diminta ketika menjelaskan "betapa sukarnya menjadi setiausaha agung PAS". -malaysiakini

Ulasan GB

(Aduan) yang sampai pada saya ini daripada orang yang suka buat aduanlah," katanya sambil ketawa

Demikian kisahnya sebuah parti Islam yang mempunyai Setiausaha Agong lantikan Presiden yang memperlekehkan aduan ahli-ahlinya.

Apabila dilakukan aduan dengan mengikut saluran yang betul, diperlekehkan. Apabila kita kritik dan minta penjelasan atau kritik melalui blog dan seumpamanya, kita dikatakan tidak mengikut saluran yang betul.

Apa yang GB dapat tahu, ramai ahli PAS yang dah meluat dengan cara dan karenah Setiausaha Agong yang baru ini.

Sudahlah satu ketika dahulu, golongan cendekiawan yang mengkritik parti diperlekehkan oleh "geng Terengganu" ini.

Kita tidak lagi mengadu kepada Pejabat Agung PAS selepas ini. Lebih afdhal kita mengadu kepadaNya .. hasbunallah

Setiap Kali Biacara, Ada 4WD Misteri Edar Risalah Anti-nwar

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:38 AM PST

Eisalah anti-Anwar disebar ditemui berselerakan di luar Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta, ketika perbicaraan konspirasi dua berlangsung.

Risalah tersebut menuduh pemimpin reformasi itu sebagai pengkhianat dan penipu, menuduh Ketua Umum PKR itu terdesak mempolitikkan perbicaraan tersebut untuk mengelirukan pandangan masyarakat.

Tidak cukup dengan itu, dalang disebalik risalah ini turut menyerang ahli keluarga Anwar.

Nurul Izzah Anwar, yang juga Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai dituduh mengabaikan kawasan parlimennya dan berkata rakyat Lembah Pantai menderita sejak beliau menjadi wakil rakyat.

Penyebar risalah ini mendakwa mereka mendapat maklum-balas dari warga Lembah Pantai.

Pegawai keselamatan mahkamah memberitahu bahawa sebuah kereta pacuan empat roda dikesan meronda sekitar kompleks pada jam 5 pagi tadi dan menyelerakkan risalah itu sebelum bergegas dari tempat kejadian.

Dilaporkan juga bahawa kegiatan ini berlaku setiap kali perbicaraan berlangsung.

Bantahan AS, Australia Tidak Bercanggah Dengan Amalan Demokrasi Berparlimen

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:32 AM PST

Tindakan Lebih 50 Ahli Parlimen Australia meminta pertuduhan konspirasi kedua terhadap Datuk Anwar Seri Ibrahim digugurkan, tidak menyalahi menyalahi amalan demokrasi berparlimen.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kampung Tunku Lau Weng San menyamakan tindakan Australia itu dengan protes kerajaan Malaysia terhadap kemelut politik di Myanmar, walaupun negara ini tidak mengamal dasar campur tangan.

"Malaysia pernah menubuhkan Kokus Parlimen Parlimen bagi menyatakan pendirian dan gesaan terhadap pergolakan politik Myanmar yang boleh menjejaskan kestabilan politik dan ekonomi serantau.

"Apakah ia juga satu bentuk campur tangan?" soalnya dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini, yang menyelar Pemuda Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak memahami sistem demokrasi berparlimen.

Beliau menyifatkan demontrasi anjuran Pemuda Barisan Nasional (BN) dan badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) depan kedutaan Australia, semalam, menunjukkan kejahilan mereka terhadap fungsi demokrasi berparlimen amalan negara-negara komanwel termasuk Malaysia dan Australia.

Secara terperinci, Weng San berkata, Jawatankuasa Parlimen (Parliament Select Committee) adalah jawatankuasa yang ditubuh dan dianggotai Ahli Parlimen yang tidak memegang jawatan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan.

Katanya, ia berfungsi sebagai satu cabang memantau dasar dan pelaksanaan dasar oleh badan eksekutif selaras dengan semangat pengasingan kuasa antara legislatif (parlimen), eksekutif (pentadbiran) dan judisiari (kehakiman).

"Dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen yang matang, parlimennya ada berpuluh-puluh jawatankuasa sebegini. Berdasarkan prinsip ini, Jawatankuasa Pilihan Hal Ehwal Luar Negara ditubuhkan Parlimen dan tugas mereka menilai dan menegur dasar luar negeri.

"Apa yang dilakukan oleh ahli Parlimen dari Australia dan Amerika Syarikat ini adalah tugas mereka sebagai Ahli dan Pengerusi kepada Jawatankuasa Pilihan Khas/Kecil Parlimen mereka mengenai hal ehwal luar negeri," katanya.

Malangnya, beliau berkata, Malaysia yang mengamalkan demokrasi berparlimen dan mewarisi tradisi parlimen ala-Westminster, jarang-jarang menubuhkan jawatankuasa pilihan khas untuk memantau hal ehwal pentadbiran kerajaan.

Minggu lalu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kecil Hal Ehwal Luar Negeri untuk Parlimen Australia, Michael Danby menyerahkan surat mendesak pertuduhan terhadap Anwar digugurkan, kepada Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Malaysia di Canberra Salman Ahmad.

Selain itu, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Hubungan Luar Senat Amerika Syarikat, John Kerry pula mahu perbicaraan itu dijalankan dengan adil dan saksama. -TVS

Ahli Parlimen PR Serah Memo Desak Gugur Kes Anwar

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:23 AM PST

Ahli-ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat (PR) hari ini mengecam tindakan Ahli-ahli Parlimen daripada juak Umno-Barisan Nasional (BN) yang membuat demonstrasi di hadapan pejabat Suruhanjaya Tinggi Australia semalam, sebagai tidak wajar dan tidak mewakili hati dan pemikiran mereka.

Malah demonstrasi itu jelas menunjukkan ketakutan pihak Umno-BN yang mendapat tekanan daripada 50 Ahli Parlimen Australia baru-baru ini, meminta kerajaan Malaysia mengugurkan pertuduhan kes liwat terhadap Ketua Umum KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Menurut Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Timur, Lim Kit Siang tindakan demonstrasi itu langsung tidak menggambarkan keseluruhan pemikiran dan pandangan umum malahan ia hanya mewakili segelintir juak-juak Umno-BN tersebut.

"Ahli-ahli Parlimen PR hari ini mahu memberitahu seluruh dunia bahawa tindakan demonstarasi Umno-BN itu langsung tiada kaitan dengan pandangan dan pemikiran kita," katanya yang turut ditemani Ahli-ahli Parlimen PR di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Tambahnya lagi, Ahli-ahli Parlimen PR sepakat akan menghantar memorandum kepada Peguam Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail agar menggugurkan pertuduhan ke atas Anwar secepat mungkin.

Malah mereka akan memohon satu tarikh bagi mesyuarat tergempar kepada Speaker Dewan Parlimen, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Utama Pandikar Amin Mulia sebelum Parlimen bersidang Mac depan.

Sementara itu menurut Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena, Datuk Mahfuz Omar kes itu perlu ditarik balik kerana tidak mahu Malaysia dan badan kehakiman secara keseluruhannya dianggap sebagai raja lawak.

"Kes perlu ditarik balik kerana jelas wujud konspirasi untuk menjatuhkan Anwar dan kami tidak mahu kes tersebut menjadikan Malaysia dan mahkamah Malaysia menjadi raja lawak sedunia," katanya dalam sidang media selepas kes Anwar ditunda ke 25 Mac ini.

Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang turut serta dalam sidang media ini termasuklah Timbalan Presiden KEADILAN, Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali; Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gantang, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin; Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua dan Anwar sendiri.

Bekas Timbalan Menteri Persekutuan Sokong Pakatan Rakyat

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:11 AM PST

Tamparuli: Bekas Timbalan Menteri Persekutuan, Datuk Kalakau Untol, hari ini mengumumkan perletakan jawatan beliau dalam syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan keahlian beliau dalam Barisan Nasional (BN).

Beliau mengumumkan pelepasan jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Superpanel (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, sebuah anak syarikat milik penuh Lembaga Pembangunan Perumahan Bandar (LPPB) serta sebagai ahli Lembaga Pengarah Perbadanan Pembangunan Ekonomi Sabah (Sedco), dalam satu sidang akhbar di sini.

Kalakau, 55, pernah berkhidmat sebagai Timbalan Menteri Buruh pada 1986 hingga 1990 dan juga Ketua Pemuda Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (Upko) Sabah selama 12 tahun sejak 1985.

Dengan peletakan jawatan dan keanggotaan dalam BN, beliau juga mengumumkan keputusan untuk melibatkan diri dan menyokong dasar-dasar kumpulan pembangkang Pakatan Rakyat, seterusnya membantu mereka menyebarkan penjelasan ke seluruh negeri dalam usaha merakyatkan dasar Pakatan Rakyat untuk mendepani pilihan raya umum ke-13.

Kalakau menjelaskan walaupun pemimpin dari Sabah dari dulu sehingga sekarang telah melakukan yang terbaik untuk mempertahankan hak-hak negeri Sabah, namun pucuk pimpinan negara dan sebilangan pemimpin Persekutuan nampaknya tidak begitu serius dan komited dengan saranan dan tuntutan-tuntutan para wakil rakyat dari Sabah dan pihak kerajaan negeri Sabah sendiri.

"Saya yakin dengan kesepakatan pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat dalam konvensyen yang pertama yang diadakan tahun lalu, di mana mereka bersetuju menyemak semula kepentingan negeri Sabah dan Sarawak seperti yang termaktub dalam 20 Perkara untuk Sabah dan 18 Perkara untuk Sarawak, seperti yang telah dipersetujui dalam rundingan pelbagai pihak semasa penubuhan negara Malaysia pada 1963.

"Perkara dan agenda ini hanya akan dapat direalisasikan dengan pembentukan sebuah kerajaan persekutuan yang baru di bawah pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat. Begitu juga dengan isu pendatang tanpa izin (Pati), perkara ini yang telah berlarutan sekian lama tidak akan dapat diatasi oleh pemerintahan kerajaan BN," katanya.

"Pakatan Rakyat pada konvensyen berkenaan bersetuju untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja. Jadi saya bertekad membantu Pakatan Rakyat memberi penjelasan ke seluruh negeri," katanya.

Menjawab satu soalan, Kalakau bagaimanapun berkata beliau belum menyertai mana-mana parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat.

Kalakau, yang juga presiden Persatuan Dusun Sabah Bersatu (Usda), juga pernah berkhidmat sebagai Senator sehingga tamat penggalnya pada Disember 2005.

Suicide Bomber Surrounded and Shot Dead by Marines

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 02:57 AM PST

He had a hand grenade and he was trying to throw it inside a vehicle . He was shot dead

Holiday is Over

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 05:55 AM PST

So, no more holiday for me after this. Just came back spent my CNY holidays with my relatives. This year CNY coincide with V's day, so-called the ''Hari Pecah Dara'', I heard from one of my friend. Ha ha ha. Hari Pecah Dara? Erm...I don't know.

After hearing that words, that same night, I was dreaming, very weird and funny dream too. I dreamed about Manji, my friend, was pregnant, caused by her BF. Ngahahahahahhaha. I'm soooo sorry Manji, I don't know why suddenly I dreamed about you getting pregnant by your little ''Teddy Bear''. Ha ha ha ha. OMG.

In that dream, I was frustrated because Manji so-called has sold her pride to her BF. I was really sad and eventually I left her stranded alone because I couldn't accept the truth that she is PREGNANT. For me, she did a sinful act. Ngahahahahha. Yalor, frustrating when one of your best friend has done something which you couldn't tolerate with, some more, I kinda don't like the father of the child (in my dream only, k?). Ha ha ha ha. In that same dream too, I always think Manji deserved a better man. Aduiii, hahahaha....funny thoughts, eh....

And to Manji, yes, I was jealous when you sent me sms about you spending your V's day, while I was alone in my bedroom, doing nothing. Sigh. Ha ha ha ha.

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