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Kek Lok Si Visit Number 1 During Chinese New Year

Kek Lok Si Visit Number 1 During Chinese New Year

Kek Lok Si Visit Number 1 During Chinese New Year

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 09:49 AM PST

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang most famous pagoda temple, also very famous with big big Kuan Yin statue in South East Asia, perhaps Asia. During the past 15 days of Chinese New Year, the temple was lighted up with lamps and LED at night. The only problem is that they only light it up during the Chinese New Year and not during normal day, no idea why and don't like not lighting up during normal days.

IMG_6314 by nicholaschan.

Road towards Kek Lok Si temple was jam with cars going up to the temple every day for the past 2 weeks. I wanted to go there to take photos for a long time already, and I have got chance. Why Visit Number 1 because that I went up twice, this was my first time, with the Leo Club people and I was there late, so didn't take many photos.

IMG_6309 by nicholaschan.

Stupid traffic jam made me stuck in the car for almost an hour. It's really that crazy, the road is so narrow and we were hanging there. Reached the temple at around 10pm and it's late already. Didn't really have the mood to shoot and there's too many people, I don't like people without camera waiting me to take photos, because they will be just standing there looking at me with the tripod. So, I thought of going there the other day.

IMG_6359 by nicholaschan.

More over, due to time constrain, I can't shoot the whole Kek Lok Si, every corner of it.

IMG_6364 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6360 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6344 by nicholaschan.
KOKahKOK, user of Canon EOS 400D.

IMG_6341 by nicholaschan.
Alvin Yang, user of Nikon D90.

IMG_6351 by nicholaschan.
Him Keat, no camera.

IMG_6352 by nicholaschan.
Lion Ong Lai, user of Canon EOS 500D.

IMG_6338 by nicholaschan.
Wallace, no camera.

IMG_6353 by nicholaschan.
Kenny, user of Canon EOS 400D, most powerful with 17-40 F4/L Lens.

The Leo Club people was Lion Ong Lai, Kok Sheng, Tze Yang, Tee Jin, Him Keat, Kenny and Wallace. Some were there early already, so they get to shoot more, and for me, who were late, only get to shoot a little.

IMG_6356 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6368 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6375 by nicholaschan.

We took the lift up to the Kuan Yin statue there, unfortunately, it's late and we only get to go up but not down. Paid RM2 for it and met a long-time-no-see friend, Ah Leng.

IMG_6386 by nicholaschan.

Got up but didn't get the chance to go near to the foot of Kuan Yin statue and when I wanted go up, they closed the lights already. OMG, that's why, I planned to go there again on the other.

IMG_6392 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6400 by nicholaschan.

Although lights closed, we took some group shot before walking down to the car park, in the dark! Stay tune for the post of my next visit. =)

PKR’s young leaders optimistic despite defections

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:37 AM PST

PKR's young leaders optimistic despite defections

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani (Malaysian Insider)

KUALA LUMPUR, March 4 — Nurul Izzah Anwar stepped into the forefront last night, stressing that the future of a PKR wracked with resignations lies in the younger generation.

The Lembah Pantai MP said the voice of the young is being lost in the aftermath of three resignations that have rocked the party which is led by her father, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"I believe it is important that the public at large realize or know the voices or aspirations of the younger leadership in the party which sometimes can be left behind and forgotten in the calamity that has ensued," the first-term MP told a forum here.

Bagan Serai MP Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri yesterday became the third MP to quit PKR and turn independent after the resignations of Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim and Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng.

"I think of all us here has differences of opinion and that the fact we are here and still committed to the struggle is basically testament that there are sufficient avenues to air opinions especially from the younger generation. If you are truly a reformist then you will do the best to address the differences and work together to come out with a workable solution.

"People who decide to leave the party should just be labelled opportunists because you are leaving the struggle," she said.

Dubbed "Puteri Reformasi" when leading the movement to free her father years ago, she said the party needed the young to succeed.

"When you talk about the future direction of the party, you cannot succeed without the support and the younger generation coming together," she told her audience.

Nurul Izzah said the country's political landscape had been shaped by Barisan Nasional with many of the institutions getting young people to be involved in money politics.

"You have to understand the realities of being involved in opposition politics. You are facing real trials and tribulations even a harsh future without financial renumeration so how do you educate the younger generation to be part of the political process. You should be incorruptible when you are young and should not be together with those people who are willing to sell their souls to do anything so that you can the rich or to be very successful.

"So this is very important struggle for me which is beyond the struggle of Pakatan Rakyat," she added.

Seri Setia assemblyman, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, added that the party defectors were not used the party's new politics.

"We want to show that we are defection proof unlike the mentality of the old guards that have tried to play with the media.

"PKR as a new party is bringing a new culture of politics which maybe stranger for those used to old politics. It is difficult for certain people so we have to go through this process," said the political secretary to the Selangor Mentri Besar.

He noted that Anwar had apologised for the quality of candidates following other spate of resignations in the past.

"Of course, we have to improve certain things but I think we just have to bite the bullet and face it," said Nik Nazmi.

Since the 12th General Election, PKR has lost six assemblymen beginning with the Perak "frogs" Behrang assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Changkat Jering assemblyman Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu, and followed by Lunas assemblyman Mohd Radzhi Salleh, Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah and former Penanti assemblyman and former Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

Another PKR assemblyman, V. Arumugam (Bukit Selambau) had also quit the party in April last year due to personal marital issues. He had contested as an independent in March 2008 but subsequently joined PKR.

All Clear And Moving Forward: DVS Spot checks MPS Pound.

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 08:00 AM PST

PET+BLOGSPOT got the scoop yesterday that more than half a dozen enforcement officers from the Department of Veterinary Services or DVS conducted an unceremonious visit to the controversial Rawang dog pound in Selangor. 
The spot check executed on the same day was made at about 11am. The DVS action, we have learnt, was based on newspaper allegations early this week that the dog pound - run by

Ramai Sokong Langkah Ahmad Awang Anjur Solat Hajat

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:54 AM PST

Banyak pihak mengalu-alukan langkah Ahli Majlis Syura Ulama PAS Ahmad Awang yang akan menganjurkan solat hajat selama tujuh hari tujuh malam supaya Ahli parlimen Bagan Serai yang melompat parti, Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri diberikan hukuman setimpal kerana mengkhianati perjuangan.

"Pengkhianatan Mohsin tidak dapat dimaafkan. Ini kerana di dalam Al-Quran (Al-Anfal:27) jelas tercatat ayat yang melarang orang-orang yang diberikan amanah mengkhianati amanah-amanah yang dipercayakan kepadanya," tegas seorang pemimpin PAS Kawasan.

Malaysiakini melaporkan Ahli parlimen Bagan Serai, Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri diberi tempoh tujuh hari untuk mengosongkan kerusinya ataupun menghadapi tindakan dikenakan solat hajat supaya dihukum oleh Allah.

Ahli Majlis Syura Ulama PAS Ahmad Awang berkata pihaknya akan menganjurkan solat hajat selama tujuh hari tujuh malam supaya Mohsin diberikan hukuman setimpal kerana mengkhianati perjuangan.

"Kita beri tempoh tujuh hari supaya beliau letak jawatan. Jika tidak kita akan anjurkan solat hajat tujuh hari tujuh malam supaya Allah menghukumnya kerana khianat pada perjuangan.

"Bentuk hukuman tersebut, biarlah Allah sahaja yang menentukannya," kata Ahmad yang juga pesuruhjaya PAS negeri Perak pada pilihan raya umum sebelum ini.

Bekas naib presiden PAS itu mengulas tindakan Mohsin yang keluar PKR dan menjadi wakil bebas dengan alasan tidak bersetuju dengan pendirian PKR berhubung isu kalimah Allah.

Pada sidang media bagi mengumumkan perkara itu semalam, Mohsin (kanan) dilaporkan berkata, beliau telah membangkitkan perkara itu melalui saluran dalaman tetapi mendakwa ia tidak dihiraukan.

Ketika menghubungi Malaysiakini semalam, Ahmad berkata, tempoh tujuh hari yang diberikan kepada Mohsin untuk meletakkan jawatan sebagai wakil rakyat bermula semalam apabila pengumuman itu dibuat.

Ditanya sama ada program berkenaan akan dianjurkan oleh PAS negeri, Ahmad berkata ia anjurannya sendiri yang bertanggungjawab menerima Mohsin sebagai calon kawasan tersebut pada masa itu.

Bagaimanapun, tambah Ahmad, beliau juga mengajak pengundi kawasan itu, penyokong PAS sekitar kawasan parlimen berkenaan dan kira-kira seribu pelajar daripada sebuah pusat pengajian agama yang diasaskannya di Perak bagi menyertai solat tersebut.

Ahmad sebelum itu telah dua kali bertanding pada pilihan raya umum di kawasan parlimen tersebut pada 1999 dan 2004. Bagaimanapun beliau tewas kedua-dua kali di tangan calon BN.

Mengimbau semula detik-detik ketika Mohsin dipilih sebagai calon bagi Pakatan Rakyat, ketika itu Ahmad berkata, bukan sahaja pengundi, tetapi penyokong PAS juga tidak mengenalinya.

"Semua orang tanya siapa beliau," kata Ahmad yang berkata pihaknya bertungkus lumus berusaha bagi memastikan Mohsin menang.

"Waktu berkempen itu, kita bawa dia, iring ke sana ke mari. Saya (sendiri) cakap pada pengundi-pengundi, kalau tuan-tuan undi Mohsin, samalah macam tuan-tuan undi saya," katanya.

Ahmad juga dilihat menunjukkan keraguannya terhadap tindakan politik Mohsin tersebut yang menurutnya berlaku secara tiba-tiba.

Katanya, beliau difahamkan, ketika seorang aktivis PAS kawasan tersebut berhubung dengan Mohsin kelmarin, soal peletakan jawatannya tidak timbul langsung.

"Berdasarkan sidang media beliau, daripada cara dia baca kenyataan akhbar, dengan salah sebut beberapa kali, saya rasa itu bukan beliau yang buat," kata Ahmad.

Sementara itu, kira-kira jam 10 pagi ini, sejumlah 200 orang berhimpun di depan pejabat Mohsin di Bagan Serai bagi mendesak wakil rakyat itu meletakkan jawatan segera.

More Darn Takes ...

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:57 AM PST

It's been a busy day for me checking out all those careers available for an exhibition project that I'm looking into and the weather is not helping my mood one single bit. So I'm just going to do a couple of short takes for today.

Take One

I was out this afternoon with wifey looking for a birthday gift for my best buddy's little girl who will be 5 years (five right, buddy?) old this weekend and also for my other best buddy's little boy who turned 2 last Sunday.

Now let me tell you that it is not easy trying to look for gifts for little children. Wifey and me went to two malls walking around from shop to shop trying to figure out what to get for the little fellows. While we eventually managed to get something at Toys 'R' Us for the little 2 year old, my buddy's daughter on the other hand was a tougher case.

Apparently the little girl is now in her 'I love anything that has to do with Tom & Jerry' phase and let me me tell you that there isn't a single Tom & Jerry item in the whole of Kuala Lumpur! Why, oh why couldn't she still be in her 'Ben 10' Phase, that would have been so much easier cos there's tons of Ben 10 items around.

Anyways, we ended up buying her a book, which I thought would be a better alternative to hunting for non existent Tom & Jerry items. Now, the book we bought her was not our first choice. I wanted to get her something else but that particular book was out of stock and they had only one book left on the shelf which I wouldn't have minded purchasing except for the fact that it was so badly damaged!

What is it with people who go to bookstores and look through books and don't handle them properly, damage it and just leave it on the shelf like as if they owned the store. This is actually not the first time I've seen damaged books in bookstores. I understand the fact that sometimes you want to browse through the book before actually purchasing it, even I do it, but at least be a little careful about it. Just because you're not going to buy the book, you can just be rough with it to the point of damaging it?

I was pissed that the only copy of the book I wanted to buy as a gift was so badly damaged and it was just my luck that it happened to be the last copy ... siggghhh ... To me a book is sacred and meant to be taken care of. Even when I read my books at home, I'll be extra careful not to crease the spine too much so much so that I'll be holding the book in awkward positions.

I wonder how much of money these bookstores loose a month due to damaged books ...

Take Two

After buying off the gifts, wifey and me strolled around the digital mall section cos I was on the hunt for a new cell phone. Wifey said that if I closed a big project, I could treat myself to a phone of my choice and earlier today I managed to close an Annual Report project for a corporate client of mine. So that gave me reason to splurge on myself. I've got my mind set on a HTC model which I've been eyeing for ages.

So there we were browsing through all the mobile phone booths and everytime we passed one, without fail, some salesperson would always look at us and say,


Everyone of them would say the same thing, whether you looked at them or not, they would always say 'yes'. But I didn't even ask them anything. I mean come on, can't a guy just browse in peace without someone harassing you?

I know you're only trying to get a sale but seriously people, if I wanted help or info about something, I would most definitely ask you. But until then, please leave me alone!

It can get really annoying when you stop at every cell phone booth and they all go 'yes'. It turns me away from even wanting to inquire about their products.

Sometimes I just want to look around without any assistance. Haven't they heard the term window shopping? One of these days, when one of these sales people says 'yes' to me, I'm going to answer with a 'no' ... LOL!

Take Three

There is no take three. I actually do have a take three but I'm so tired from all the walking I did today and I have a long day tomorrow supervising an installation for a signboard project I'm doing. That would probably take all day and I do need my beauty sleep (not that it'll make any difference, mind you) or I'll be cranky all day tomorrow.

Marked increase in investor confidence

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:03 AM PST

From: Politikus
Nowadays you just can't trust what the government tells you... ;-p

Marked increase in investor confidence, says Mukhriz

SEMPORNA, Feb 28 – There has been a marked increase in investor
confidence among local and foreign investors to invest in various
economic sectors in Malaysia since early this year, says Deputy
Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir

The investors' keen interest was a positive development, signifying
that the country's economy was well on the recovery path, he said, but
did not disclose the number of investors who have expressed interest
to invest or made enquiries.

You're talking with a APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:01 AM PST

Hehehe... finally I received my APICS CSCP certification ... ;-)
How much should i charge?

BTW, i could place APICS CSCP in my business card in the future :p

Sexy beach babe

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:22 AM PST

Bukan Soal Pendirian Kalimah Allah

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 07:20 AM PST

Tumpuan Lembaga Disiplin Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dalam kes melibatkan Ahli Parlimen Bandar Baru Kulim, Zulkifli Nordin adalah berkaitan tindakannya membuat laporan terhadap rakan parti gabungan, bukannya isu kalimah Allah.

Hal ini ditegaskan Setiausaha Agung PKR, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail yang menyatakan lembaga disiplin itu tidak memberi tumpuan kepada pendirian Zulkifli berhubung isu kalimah Allah yang berbeza dengan parti.

Saifuddin berkata demikian kepada TV Selangor apabila diminta mengulas mengenai tindakan Zulkifli yang menjadikan kehadiran tiga daripada empat panel bukan Islam sebagai alasan menghalalkan perbuatan meninggalkan sidang Lembaga Disiplin.

Panel Lembaga Disiplin itu terdiri daripada Tuan Syed Kamarulzaman selaku Pengerusi Lembaga, Chew Swee Yoke, Goh Keat Peng dan P Kumar.

"Zulkifli dihadapkan ke lembaga displin bukan kerana pendiriannya dalam isu kalimah Allah, sebaliknya kerana tindakannya membuat laporan polisnya terhadap Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad.

Pada 23 Januari lalu, Zulkifli memfailkan laporan polis terhadap Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad selepas pemimpin Pas itu berkata Enakmen Agama Bukan Islam Selangor 1988 perlu dikemas kini mengikut peredaran semasa.

Sebelum ini, perbalahana Zulkifli dan Khalid sekitar isu kalimah Allah dalam blog dan sidang media masing-masing berpanjangan hingga kesempatan itu diambil media arus perdana untuk memutar belit fakta.

"Parti menghormati perbezaan pendapat. Parti mempunyai pendirian dalam isu kalimah Allah, dan kebetulan pendirian Zulkifli berbeza dari parti tetapi parti tidak bertindak.

"Akan tetapi, kerana beliau menyerang parti rakan (dengan membuat laporan polis terhadap Khalid mengikut Akta Hasutan), Zulkifli disiasat," katanya.

Terdahulu, Zulkifli pada sidang media selepas meninggalkan sidang lembaga disiplin di ibu pejabat PKR di sini, turut enggan mengiktiraf lembaga disiplin berkenaan.

Mengulas hal itu, Saifuddin, Ahli Parlimen M achang menyifatkan tindakan Zulkifli meninggalkan sidang berkenaan sebagai tidak menghormati Lembaga Displin sebagai salah satu institusi penting PKR. -TVS

Fairus no loss to PKR

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 06:58 AM PST

From: Politikus
Subject: Fairus no loss to PKR. Any gain to Umno?

UMNO just wants a story? ;-p
Fairus no loss to PKR. Any gain to Umno?

PENANG, Mac 1: Umno is at it again. It is picking up the PKR's
'rubbish' – and some even say paying through its nose for the unwanted
On Sunday night, at a function in Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Najib
Razak was at hand to personally roll out the red carpet for former
Penang deputy chief minister Fairus Khairuddin.

Fairus's decision to leave PKR comes hot on the heels of Bayan Baru MP
Zahrain Mohd Hashim, who quit last week amid allegations that he had
tried to get Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to endorse a RM40
million golf management deal to a RM2 company, but failed.

Crossing over empty-handed

As for Fairus, he had surrendered the coveted DCM post in April 2009
amid a cloud of suspicion that he had accepted bribes from several
quarry companies. A month before that, he was detained at the Johor
customs checkpoint while on his way to Singapore and quizzed by the
Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Fairus also had to relinquish his Penanti state seat, paving the way
for a by-election which was won by his PKR colleague Dr Mansor Othman.

Dr Mansor won by a stunning majority, taking 6,052 of the 7,100 votes
cast despite a poor voter turnout. He went on to replace Fairus as the
deputy chief minister and later also took over from Zahrain as the
Penang PKR chief.

"Of course, it will not affect PKR or Pakatan Rakyat. The stability of
the Penang government is also not in question at all. Fairus has
already given up all his official posts. Why did he suddenly choose to
join Umno is for him and Najib to disclose," Mansor told Harakahdaily.

"All the information prior to him giving up the Penanti seat and the
DCM post has already been splashed out in the media. All the press
reports about the MACC closing in on him are there on record for
everyone to read and draw their own conclusions."

Najib: It's a victory for Umno and the Malays

Fairus and Zahrain have now joined the league of recalcitrant PKR
members who have openly declared support for Umno.

Their most notorious predecessors are none other than Jamaluddin Radzi
of Behrang and Mohd Osman Jailu of Changkat Jering – two Perak
assemblymen who quit PKR amid corruption charges pressed by the MACC.

Unsurprisingly, the MACC has often been accused of being Umno's tool
in forcing defections, openly using its powers to harass and charge
Pakatan politicians on its target and then retracting or freezing
those very same charges once it is politically convenient to do so.

Yet Najib – the Umno president – has tried to gloss over his party's
penchant for taking in PKR's dubious cast-offs by packaging Fairus's
defection as a victory for his party and the Malay community.

"In the name of the Umno president, this young man named Fairus will
be accepted with an open heart because I know he made the decision as
a matter of principle, for the struggle - to be an Umno member," Najib
boasted in his welcoming speech.

"So we have to take care of him, he can play a role for the party,
race and religion."

Massive outflow of funds out of Malaysia

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 06:55 AM PST

From: little richard

Subject: Re: Latest report affirms massive outflow of funds

On Mar 4, 3:52 pm, "shukor mohd" wrote:

> All the thieves and crooked politicians included have taken their money out
> of the country. MACC is still asleep!

Over at MACC....their staffs can't take money out (of the country) but
they took away lap-top and stationary.

Hai sayang

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 06:34 AM PST

When a guy, MF, called me up during the CNY break, asking if we could provide a speaker for a talk on HIV/AIDS they plan to organise at their college, I told him it shouldn't be a problem as long as he didn't give us short notice. I made it clear that we are all volunteers, we have our own jobs, and as such it wouldn't be easy to meet last minute requests.

At first MF mentioned 5th March, but with an option to having it on another date more convenient for us. I asked if it could be done in the afternoon, as it would be easier for me, but he insisted it would be easier to get more students to attend in the morning. So we finally agreed to have it on the morning of 9th March.

But all those arrangements were by phone calls; and so I told him to at least send us an official letter either by fax or by email, for our records. I gave him both Buddies' fax number and email address.

I waited but the letter never came. Then last week MF called, just to confirm with me that the talk is on, but he had been busy so he asked if it's okay for him to send me the letter this week. He didn't ask for anything else, he just asked me if I am still okay for the 9th March talk.

Monday morning, after I came back from Kuching, I received a text message from MF (whom I believe is a student of the college), saying that the CEO at his college requires the biodata of the speaker. I was rather busy in the office then, and thinking that since the talk is next week, there's ample time for me to write my biodata and email to MF later.

But later in the afternoon, this guy called me up, saying that his CEO wanted to see my biodata on that very day and asked I could give my biodata there and then! I understand the CEO's concern – surely he didn't want to have any Tom, Dick or Harry to give the talk on such a serious topic to the students in the college. But really, MF should have asked me for my biodata earlier and not give me last minute notice. What… he thinks I have nothing better to do, is it? He's so busy he couldn't send me the letter I requested, yet he thinks I have all the time in the world to prepare my biodata there and then?

But I figured he must have already been scolded by his CEO for not getting all the required info ready, I just typed a very brief biodata of myself and emailed it using my personal email address. The first email bounced, so I asked MF if he could give me another email address. He did, and I think this time he gave his personal email address.

The next morning, I received another SMS from MF – saying that his CEO requires a more detailed biodata, like a file attachment. I told MF that I'd be busy the whole day, and so if he insisted on a more detailed biodata, I'd only give it to him the next day. Actually I could get my biodata done in the afternoon, but I was getting rather pissed off. I mean… he's the one who's not properly organised; why is it that I, as the invited speaker, who's getting pushed?

A few minutes later, I received a call from the college, this time not from MF, but from the student affairs officer. This officer was more professional in his approach. Anyway, based on the short biodata I gave earlier, and looking at my name, 2 of the officers at the college recognised the name. They were personal friends of my business partner and one of them even joined us during our Kuching trip. The moment the lady saw my name, she exclaimed, "Eh, I baru gi Sarawak dengan dia!"

I guess after that they didn't worry too much about whether I was "qualified" to give the talk. The student affairs officer just asked what I needed them to prepare for my presentation. So I just told him that my presentation would be in powerpoint format and so they'd need to prepare the computer, projector etc. I will just bring along my external hard drive where all my files are kept. I took the opportunity to tell him that I was still waiting for the official letter from them inviting us for the talk. "Laaa… takde pulak dia bagitau saya pasal surat. Nanti saya tanya dia balik!" said the officer, commenting about MF.

This morning when I downloaded my emails, one email caught my attention. With an email coming from a "hai sayang" as the sender's name, when all other emails had proper names as sender, naturally I thought it was one of those spam emails. I almost deleted the email without opening it, but suddenly I noticed the subject line of that very email - "Jemputan Ceramah AIDS". Mak aihh! It was MF, attaching the official letter that I was waiting for!

Hai sayang??!! I bet he uses that name to communicate with his girlfriend and forgot to change the sender's name when he wanted to send the official letter to me. I purposely replied the email just to say, "Noted, TQ" just so that he'd notice that he just "hai sayang"-ed me. Muahaha!

I betcha he'd be quite embarrassed to meet me next week!

Mereka Yang Melompat Adalah Pemimpin Yang Bermasalah (updated)

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 05:53 AM PST

Timbalan Presiden KEADILAN Dr Syed Husin Ali berkata parti akan tetap kukuh dan mantap walaupun beberapa daripada pemimpinnya bertindak keluar meninggalkan perjuangan.

Malah tindakan mereka dilihat sebagai proses penyucian parti daripada elemen yang boleh merosak masa depan dan melemahkan parti kata beliau.

"Peristiwa beberapa orang Ahli Parliamen melompat keluar dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat merupakan proses penyucian yang dialu-alukan.

"Kami percaya apabila sudah tidak ada daki, kulit menjadi lebih bersih dan badan lebih sihat.

"Sejarah menunjukkan PAS dan DAP mengalami cabaran lebih buruk pada peringkat permulaan mereka. Beberapa pimpinan utama mereka keluar parti. Dari DAP Goh Hock Guan (Setiausaha Agung), Richard Ho (pemimpin kanan), Lee Lam Thye dan lain-lain keluar parti. Ada pihak menganggap DAP akan lingkup. Sebaliknya ia menjadi lebih kuat sehingga kini," jelas beliau yang juga anggota Dewan Negara.

Begitu juga nasib yang pernah menimpa PAS apabila beberapa pemimpin parti itu bertindak keluar namun PAS tetap kekal sebagai sebuah parti yang kuat dan berpengaruh.

"Daripada PAS pula, Asri Muda (Presiden), Osman Abdullah (Setiausaha Agung), Nakhaie Ahmad (Naib Presiden) dan ramai lagi meninggalkan parti. Para pemimpin Umno menyangka dan mengharapkan PAS akan gulung tikar. Tetapi apa berlaku? PAS menjadi lebih teguh seperti yang terbukti sekarang.

"Kita jangan lupa Umno juga melihat ramai pemimpin, termasuk tiga orang Presidennya – Onn Jaafar, Tunku A bdul Rahman dan Hussein Onn - keluar parti dan tidak masuk semula sehingga mati. Tidak seperti Mahathir Mohamad, yang bercerai sekejap dan kemudian rujuk kembali. Berbeza dengan PAS dan DAP, Umno lebih parah keadaannya kini," tegas Dr Syed Husin dalam kenyataan beliau hari ini.

Dr Syed Husin berkata pemimpin yang keluar daripada KEADILAN mempunyai masalah peribadi yang menjejaskan prestasi mereka sebagai wakil rakyat.

"Ahli-ahli Parlimen yang melompat katak dari KEADILAN akhir-akhir ini, seperti Ahli-ahli Dewan Negeri yang berbuat serupa terdahulu darinya, menghadapi masalah pribadi serta kewangan dan ada yang mula disiasat oleh pihak SPRM (Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah).

"Selain itu mereka tidak menjaga kawasan, tidak pernah menyuarakan rintihan apatah lagi membela hak rakyat. Mereka tidak menunjukkan prestasi yang baik dalam Parlimen – tidak pernah atau jarang sekali bercakap atau berbahas.

"Pimpinan Umno meraih peluang dari kelemahan mereka. PM Najib Razak dan isterinya Rosmah Mansor menemui hampir semua sebelum mereka keluar – termasuk juga beberapa orang bukan ADUN atau AP yang boleh diperalatkan – dengan menjanjikan berbagai-bagai habuan untuk memikat mereka. Kami mendapat maklumat bahawa berpuluh juta dana disediakan oleh PM serta kroni korporatnya untuk membeli ADUN dan AP, terutama dari KEADILAN.

"Najib dan pemimpin Umno yang lain berikrar konon hendak berusaha menghapuskan korupsi. Sebaliknya mereka sentiasa melakukan korupsi politik dan kewangan besar-besaran. Tindakan korupsi mereka pasti akan menjadikan KEADILAN lebih teguh dan mantap dan disokong rakyat ramai," ujar beliau lagi.

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Zulkifli Noordin Hanya Cipta Alasan, Tiada Kaitan Penggunaan Nama Allah Lagi

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 06:03 AM PST

Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi KEADILAN Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty (gambar) berkata Zulkifli Noordin perlu memahami bahawa KEADILAN adalah parti untuk semua kaum dan sudah tentu ahli panel dalam lembaga disiplinnya juga dianggotai bukan Islam.

Beliau yang juga Pengerusi Biro Pemahaman dan Pemantapan Agama (BIPPA) diminta mengulas tindakan Zulkifli hari ini yang enggan menghadap lembaga Jawatankuasa disiplin parti, sebaliknya bertindak keluar ketika pertemuan itu berlangsung atas alasan tidak mahu ahli panel lembaga tersebut terdiri dari kalangan orang bukan Islam.

Zulkifli hari ini dilaporkan berkata panel yang sepatut menentukan masa depannya itu perlu dianggotai oleh orang Islam kerana ia membabitkan penggunaan isu kalimah Allah dan agama Islam.

Beliau dihadapkan ke jawatankuasa terbabit bagi memberi penjelasan berhubung kritikannya terhadap Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng dan membuat laporan polis ke atas Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad.

Ketika diminta mengulas isu ini, Dr Muhammad Nur berkata pimpinan ulama dalam Pakatan Rakyat telah pun membuat keputusan mengenai isu penggunaan nama Allah yang dianggap telah selesai.

"Pengunaan nama Allah telah selesai, Pakatan Rakyat dan ijma ulama telah menyatakan pandangan bahawa soalnya ialah berbeza pandangan. Kita telah meminta pemimpin bukan Islam supaya menghormati asas kebimbangan ini dan apa yang penting ialah langkah pelaksanaan dan kawalan," katanya.

Tambah beliau, Zulkifli dihadapkan ke lembaga disiplin parti itu kerana soal disiplin dan tiada kena mengena dengan isu penggunaan nama Allah seperti yang beliau perkatakan.

"Perkara itu sudah tidak menjadi isu. Ijma pimpinan ulama dalam Pakatan Rakyat samada dalam KEADILAN atau PAS dan ulama muktabar dunia sudah menyatakan bahawa tak timbul soal hukum tetapi cuma perbezaan pendapat. Kita hormat pandangan yang berbeda dan keprihatinan terhadap orang Islam yang bimbang dalam isu ini," ujarnya. -SK

Pembelot Bergayut Kepada UMNO BN Yang Kolot

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 05:30 AM PST

Kenyataan Media

Pada 8 Mac 2008, kami dipilih warga Malaysia di kawasan kami yang mengundi untuk sebuah harapan dan perubahan menggantikan kejumudan. Rakyat mahukan politik baru yang menolak desakan perkauman, rasuah dan salah guna kuasa. Objektif yang kami terus usahakan apabila mewakili Parti Keadilan Rakyat ialah untuk membentuk "masyarakat yang adil dan negara yang demokratik, progresif dan bersatu-padu".

Namun, ada mereka yang berfikir bahawa dengan kemenangan, perjuangan ini sudah tidak perlu diteruskan. Mereka berhenti berkhidmat kepada rakyat sebagaimana yang sepatutnya dan mahu menjadikannya sebagai "masa mengaut hasil rampasan perang".

Apabila ini tidak dapat dilakukan, mereka menuntut 'pampasan' dari parti, membuat tuntutan di luar kewajaran demi kepentingan diri mereka sendiri.

Apabila dinafikan, mereka bertindak seakan mengugut dan kini meninggalkan parti. Mereka mengisytiharkan diri mereka bebas sedangkan semua melihat mereka sedang bergantung dengan corak rasuah dan pendekatan kuno masa lalu. Ada yang mahu insiden ini dilihat sebagai perpecahan dalam Pakatan Rakyat, namun ia sebenarnya satu lagi usaha berterusan mereka yang mahu terus berkuasa.

Barisan Nasional menyedari bahawa cara politik usang yang mereka bawa kian tiba ke penghujung. Untuk melengahkan hakikat ini, mereka menggunakan strategi serampang dua mata.

Pada satu sudut, mereka cuba menggambarkan bahawa mereka sedang menjuarai perubahan yang kami canangkan. Pada sudut lain, mereka merosakkan kepercayaan rakyat dan memanipulasi jentera kerajaan untuk menghancurkan Pakatan Rakyat.

Pendakwaan terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, serangan perkauman terhadap kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang dan tindakan memperlekehkan Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat sebagai pemimpin utama PAS di Kelantan dan Malaysia adalah sebahagian contoh jijik yang ada.

Dengan memilih untuk mendokong tindakan jahat ini, mantan pimpinan Keadilan yang bertindak keluar parti ini telah memilih untuk terus memandang ke belakang. Mereka telah mengkhianati harapan rakyat biasa di Malaysia yang memilih untuk perubahan dua tahun lalu. Tindakan mereka membuktikan bahawa mereka tidak peduli malah sesungguhnya memusuhi masa depan negara dan rakyat.

Mungkin ada yang percaya bahawa ada lagi yang akan mengikuti mereka, tapi kami pimpinan muda dalam Pakatan Rakyat, yang dipilih oleh rakyat, berikrar bahawa kami akan kekal berjuang biarpun berdepan dengan cabaran, pujukan dan penindasan yang ada.

Kami tidak akan berpatah balik. Kami mahukan perubahan untuk Malaysia, kami mahu berkhidmat kepada rakyat. Kami akan memenuhi kepercayaan yang diberikan rakyat. Kami tahu bahawa agenda Keadilan yang inklusif dan tidak bersifat perkauman adalah ruang terbaik untuk kami meneruskan agenda membawa negara ke hadapan.

Selama ini semua anggota parti mempunyai ruang memberi pandangan terhadap agenda yang dibawa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kepada rakyat, yang telah disepakati dengan semangat musyawarah.

Pakatan Rakyat telah mencipta sejarah dengan Kerangka Dasar Bersama yang memaparkan persetujuan tulen rakyat Malaysia untuk abad ke-21. Kami akan turun bersama rakyat untuk berbincang dan bertukar fikiran dengan seluruh masyarakat bagi merealisasikan prinsip ini. Berikan kami dokongan juga nasihat dan pandangan. Kami mahu belajar daripada anda, dan bersama anda.

Dengan cara ini, kami berharap dapat menggembeling rakyat yang perihatin untuk menghidupkan semula Perlembagaan dan semangatnya, menyatukan rakyat dan merealisasikan impian yang disebut oleh Bapa Kemerdekaan kita dalam Pemahsyuran Kemerdekaan, "…menjadi sebuah negara merdeka dan berdaulat serta berdasarkan kebebasan dan keadilan dan sentiasa menjaga dan mengutamakan kesejahteraan dan kesentosaan rakyatnya dan mengekalkan keamanan antara segala bangsa".

Ini adalah impian mereka dan kini kami. Ini adalah impian bersama kita rakyat Malaysia. Kami akan mempertahankan dan menghidupkannya dengan seluruh jiwa dan maruah yang ada.

Kami telah berikrar menyumbang usaha Pakatan Rakyat menyelamatkan negara ini, dan kami akan menunaikannya.

Disepakati oleh
YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Wilayah Persekutuan)
YB Amran Ghani (Ahli Parlimen Tanah Merah, Kelantan)
YB S. Manikumar (Exco Pelancongan Pembangunan Masyarakat dan Sumber Tenaga Manusia Perpaduan dan Hal Ehwal Masyarakat India dan ADUN Bukit Selambau, Kedah)
YB Amirudin Shari (ADUN Batu Caves, Selangor)
YB Gan Pei Nei (ADUN Rawang, Selangor)
YB Yunus Jamhari (ADUN Kuala Kurau, Perak)
YB Chang Lih Kang (ADUN Teja, Perak)
YB Chan Ming Kai (ADUN Simpang Pulai, Perak)
YB Sim Tze Tzin (ADUN Pantai Jerejak, Pulau Pinang)
YB Kesavan (ADUN Hutan Melintang, Perak)
YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (ADUN Seri Setia, Selangor)

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Do unto others quietly …

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 05:08 AM PST

TQ  Lim Ka Ea for the another lovely article. The best reward from helping others is that we are left with happy peaceful mind.  We do not need to wait till the hereafter; we used to get the unexpected help from others when we need. If we are bad on others, even if we think we could avoid the backlash, our mind or conscious is tainted and we could not get the real happiness. 

Please may you kindly allow me to copy and paste the gist or extracts of your article in my blog?

Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.

Jeffrey Wattles holds that the golden rule appears in the following statements attributed to Muhammad:(Jeffrey Wattles, The Golden Rule (New York: Oxford University Press, 1996) 4, 191-192, Questia, 24 July 2007)

  • "Woe to those . . . who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure, but when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due"( Qur'an (Surah 83, "The Unjust," vv. 1-4)
    Wattles (191)
  • The Qur'an commends "those who show their affection to such as came to them for refuge and entertain no desire in their hearts for things given to the (latter), but give them preference over themselves"  (Rost, H.T.D. The Golden Rule: A Universal Ethic, 100. Oxford, 1986)
  • "None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." (Qur'an (Surah 59, "Exile," vv. 9) Wattles (192)Rost (100)
  • "Seek for mankind that of which you are desirous for yourself, that you may be a believer; treat well as a neighbor the one who lives near you, that you may be a Muslim [one who submits to God]."[34]
  • "That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind."[34]
  • "The most righteous of men is the one who is glad that men should have what is pleasing to himself, and who dislikes for them what is for him disagreeable."[34] Sukhanan-i-Muhammad (Teheran, 1938) [English Title: Conversations of Muhammad] Wattles (192)
    Rost (100) Donaldson Dwight M. 1963. Studies in Muslim Ethics, p.82. London: S.P.C.K

Please read The Golden Rule from Wikipedia at

Source: Do unto others quietly … by Lim Ka Ea in Malaysian Insider

Anyway, a few days ago, I received a pleasant surprise from an old Afghan colleague of mine.

I had spent two years living in Afghanistan back in 2003. During that period of time, I had met some remarkable Afghans.

One of them was a young chap named Mohammad Tahir.

Thanks to Facebook, Tahir managed to find me and added me as a friend recently. We had not been in touch for more than five years.

"Dear Madam Ka Ea Lim. I am really happy to find you in Facebook. Please accept my warm regards. I hope that you are well in your daily routine. I looked for your email address or any other ways to contact you but to no avail. So it is really great to find you now. I want to say something about myself. I am no longer the Tahir who was a child whom you once took care of. I am now a man. I have two children. My daughter is four years old and my son, one and a half. I will never forget you when you gave me the opportunity to work with the UN during the first Presidential election. It was the first step in my life. Except you, all the other Electoral officers were against my recruitment due to my age. I am always grateful to you for this. I am now working as a Language Assistant for an American company."

When I read this message, I was stunned because I had no idea of the impact I had made in his life.  I didn't even do anything to deserve this except to demand for the recruitment of what I saw as the most suitable candidate for the role of an electoral public information officer.

Tahir received my support because what others saw as a juvenile and inexperienced boy, I saw a young man with great potential and a secret weapon.

He was a musician who played local traditional music. He was also extremely likable. He had a humble and sunny disposition and what appeared to be a natural ability to feel and care for others deeply.

In the end, nobody regretted the choice that was made. Not only did Tahir impart vital voter registration information through his music, he brought joy and comfort to so many Afghans who had been deprived of music for so many years.

He reminded them the beauty of life and how it felt like for one's soul to be stirred by the strings of a dombura again.

Tahir also reminded me of the time when we had to fight hard with Taliban sympathisers who refused to allow the local women to participate in anything outside the boundaries of their homes.

Our fight did not go in vain when we saw the women smiled and with their eyes shut as they rocked their bodies forward and backward gently and quietly to the soothing sound of Tahir's voice.

For many, it might have been a picture of complete bliss and utter happiness but to me, each of the women looked as if Tahir was singing for her alone and the songs written were just for her and no one else.

This is what I remember most about Tahir. Not of what he owed me or what I had done for him. But I must confess that I do secretly revel in the thought of giving him something and at some level perhaps also helping to change his life.

I have been trying to think of someone who had helped change my life positively without him or her intentionally doing so. In the beginning, no one came to mind but after much probing, I realise that many people have played that role.

What I realise is this.  It is not often when someone whom we know comes along and tells us how indebted they are towards us but it is even rarer for us to acknowledge the act of a stranger; such as the woman who prompts you to her parking space as she is about to leave the mall, the man who hops on his motorbike so that he can guide you back to the main road when you're lost, the waiter who returns your missing passport and a child who makes you burst into unrestrained laughter as he dances clumsily but yet uninhibitedly in the middle of the mall.

These strangers have helped to create an impact on my life. They continuously remind me of the goodness of this world and the people living in it. Without such random and unintentional acts of kindness or sheer innocence, I would have given up my faith in humanity a long time ago.

One of the most intriguing advices I've read from H. Jackson Brown Jr.'s Life Little Instruction Book is to make someone happy without the person knowing it. It sounds like a real challenge because most of the time, not only do we want the person to know it, we want the entire world to see it (such as in my case now that I've told the story).

But let me say this, if you manage to do so, it is undeniably one of the most wonderful feelings you can ever get.

And so, I wrote to Tahir:

"I just want to tell you 3 things."

"You're a delight to work with. You brought something so beautiful and joyful to so many people. You made a huge impact through your music, positivism and beautiful smile. I will never forget that."

"You're who you are today because of you and I wish you all the happiness you deserve."

The writer would like to know what sort of kindness you have shown to others lately.

90% Mahu DSAI Dikekalkan Ketua Pembangkang

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 04:55 AM PST

Di dalam undian SMS Edisi 7, didapati 90% responden menyatakan Ketua Pembangkang tidak perlu ditukar sekalipun PKR kini memiliki jumlah kerusi yang kurang dari DAP.

Sebelum ini, Pas dan DAP telah menyatakan sokongan tidak berbelah-bahagi kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim selaku Ketua Pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat, walaupun beberapa Ahli Parlimen Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) mengumumkan keluar parti itu dan mengisytiharkan menjadi ahli Bebas.

Penasihat DAP, Lim Kit Siang, berkata, partinya sentiasa memberikan sokongan padu terhadap kepemimpinan Anwar sebagai ketua pembangkang.

"Anwar akan terus menjadi ketua pembangkang meskipun Ahli Parlimen PKR kurang daripada 28 ahli (jumlah yang kini dimiliki oleh DAP)," katanya dalam kenyataan media.

Lim berkata, apa yang berlaku dalam PKR sekarang dalam proses pembersihan yang dilihat perit dan pedih tetapi diperlukan bagi menjamin kredibiliti demi masa depan PKR dan Pakatan Pembangkang.

Di GEORGETOWN, Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng, berkata pihaknya memberikan sokongan kepada Anwar sebagai ketua pembangkang tanpa sebarang syarat dan sebulat suara.

"Tidak kira berapa ramai Ahli Parlimen dari PKR yang keluar, DAP akan tetap sokong Anwar sebagai ketua pembangkang dan bakal Perdana Menteri.

"Janganlah gembar-gemburkan dan cuba mempertikaikannya kerana ini bukannya satu isu," katanya.

Ditanya jika DAP bersedia mengubah pendiriannya sekiranya ada desakan daripada Ahli Parlimen parti itu, Guan Eng yakin perkara berkenaan tidak akan berlaku.

"Selagi saya menjadi Setiausaha Agung DAP, kedudukan ini (menyokong Anwar sebagai Ketua Pembangkang) tidak akan berubah," katanya.

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Ong Tiada Pilihan, Pemilihan Semula MCA Perlu Diadakan

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 04:31 AM PST

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek Khamis meletak jawatan sebagai Timbalan Presiden MCA dan mahu agar pemilihan baru diadakan dalam tempoh sebulan untuk menyelesaikan krisis parti itu.

Ketika mengumumkan keputusannya itu pada satu sidang akhbar di Wisma MCA di sini Khamis, beliau berkata tujuh lagi anggota jawatankuasa pusat (CC) MCA juga telah meletak jawatan.

Sebelum ini, 13 anggota jawatankuasa itu berbuat demikian. Ini bermakna 21 orang iaitu dua pertiga daripada anggota CC yang dipilih telah meletak jawatan bagi membolehkan pemilihan baru diadakan.

Ketika ditanya sama ada beliau telah memberitahu presiden parti Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat mengenai tindakannya itu, Dr Chua berkata beliau tidak berbuat demikian.

Beliau juga meminta supaya mesyuarat agung tahunan MCA hujung minggu ini ditangguhkan.

"Peletakan jawatan ini adalah untuk memenuhi janji saya pada EGM (mesyuarat agung luar biasa) tahun lepas di mana saya telah mengutarakan pandangan bahawa kita mungkin perlu pemilihan baru agar kemelut parti dapat ditangani.

"Yang penting ialah parti bukannya soal pemimpin atau kepentingan diri melebihi parti," kata beliau.

Chua berkata sejak Januari hingga semalam, beliau telah menerima surat peletakan jawatan daripada tujuh anggota CC yang dipilih.

Mereka ialah naib presiden Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha yang juga Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Datuk Gan Tian Loo, Dr Por Choo Chor, Datuk Seri Tan Chai Ho, Tee Siew Keong, Datuk Chong Itt Chiew dan Loh Seng Kok.

Dr Chua berkata beliau dan kumpulan yang telah meletak jawatan itu tidak akan menghadiri mesyuarat CC esok atau mesyuarat sayap Pemuda dan Wanita dan juga sambutan ulang tahun parti itu esok.

"Kami tidak akan hadir kerana kami telah meletak jawatan. Saya minta semua ahli CC yang terpilih seharusnya mereka sedar dan insaf tentang tanggungjawab dan hak mereka.

"Saya kata tidak ada satu pemimpin yang lebih penting daripada parti, sebab itu saya tolak tawaran sebagai pengerusi akhbar The Star," katanya.

Ketika ditanya sama beliau akan bertanding semula jawatan timbalan presiden atau jawatan lain pada pemilihan akan datang, Dr Chua berkata beliau akan membuat keputusan selepas parti menetapkan tarikh penamaan calon dan pemilihan parti.

Mengikut Fasal 41 perlembagaan MCA, pemilihan perlu diadakan dalam tempoh sebulan jika 21 anggota CC meletak jawatan.

Antara 13 anggota CC yang meletak jawatan sebelum ini ialah naib presiden Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai yang juga Menteri Kesihatan.

Tindakan Dr Chua hari ini adalah satu pergolakan terbaru dalam kemelut kepimpinan yang melanda MCA sejak Ogos tahun lepas apabila beliau dipecat kerana didakwa mencemar nama baik parti ekoran skandal video seks melibatkannya.

Bekas Menteri Kesihatan itu bagaimanapun diterima semula sebagai ahli parti pada satu mesyuarat agung luar biasa yang turut meluluskan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap Ong sebagai presiden parti.

Pendaftar Pertubuhan kemudiannya mengisytiharkan Dr Chua kembali menjadi timbalan presiden, menyebabkan Liow yang mengisi jawatan itu, mengambil semula tempatnya sebagai naib presiden.

Dr Chua juga telah berbaik-baik semula dengan Ong bagi mewujudkan satu pelan damai parti tetapi terus mendapat tentangan daripada Liow dan penyokong-penyokongnya termasuk Ketua Pemuda Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong dan Ketua Wanita Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, yang masing-masingnya mahu supaya pemilihan baru diadakan.

Ini merupakan kali kedua Dr Chua meletak jawatan daripada parti. Pada 2 Jan 2008, beliau meletak jawatannya ketika itu sebagai naib presiden setelah mengaku bahawa dirinya adalah orang yang dipaparkan dalam satu video seks yang tersebar luas.

Namun, Dr Chua, 62, terbukti masih popular dan menewaskan tiga yang lain bagi jawatan timbalan presiden pada pemilihan yang lepas.

Sementara itu, presiden MCA Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat berkata beliau akan mengumumkan tindakan beliau seterusnya apabila tiba masanya.

"Saya akan bertemu penyokong-penyokong dan pasukan saya tidak lama lagi dan akan mengumumkan keputusan apabila tiba masanya," kata Ong dalam blognya selepas timbalan presiden Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, naib presiden Datuk Kong Cho Ha dan enam anggota lagi Jawatankuasa Pusat (CC) MCA yang dipilih mengumumkan keputusan meletak jawatan pada Khamis.

Sebelum ini, 13 yang lain termasuk seorang lagi naib presiden Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai meletak jawatan bagi mendesak supaya pemilihan baru diadakan bagi menyelesaikan krisis kepimpinan parti itu.

Disebabkan 21 anggota CC iaitu dua pertiga daripada anggota yang dipilih meletak jawatan, perlembagaan parti menetapkan supaya satu pemilihan baru perlu diadakan dalam tempoh sebulan.

Dalam blognya itu, Ong tidak menyentuh mengenai tindakan Dr Chua atau Liow itu kecuali mengucapkan terima kasih kepada penyokong-penyokong dan mereka yang bersimpati dengan beliau kerana menelefon atau menghantar SMS dan e-mel bagi memberi kata-kata semangat.

"Saya diberitahu 21 anggota CC dipilih meletak jawatan untuk membolehkan pemilihan baru diadakan dalam tempoh 30 hari seperti yang dikehendaki oleh perlembagaan parti," katanya.

Beliau berkata pemilihan baru merupakan satu daripada penyelesaian secara demokratik kepada krisis MCA dan berharap ianya dijalankan dengan adil dan teratur.

Ong, yang memimpin MCA sejak Oktober 2008, berkata beliaulah yang mula-mula mencadangkan supaya pemilihan baru diadakan tetapi ini dibantah keras oleh pelbagai pihak.

"Pada masa itu, saya berkata bahawa kita perlu mengambil kira tentang waktu yang sesuai bagi pemilihan diadakan dan juga supaya parti meletakkan keutamaannya dengan betul," katanya.

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Posted: 04 Mar 2010 03:47 AM PST

EEBOT: Let us go back to basic. We have been wading against the current for no apparent reason. Surely life is not meant to be such as difficult as this.
BUDDY: Are you giving up, my friend? Hey, Minnie, I think our friend here is on the verge of desperation.
MINNIE: Did I miss anything?
BUDDY: Eebot here is sounding different. And you, Minnie, seemed to be out of touch. How lah like this?
EEBOT: Seriously, look around us. Better still, analyze our surrounding. MCA still could not take care of its own party. SPDP too in disarray. PKR or even PR is pre-occupied with fire fighting within its own party. Umno? Others? Then the many earthquakes in Chile, Taiwan, the Philippines. In the meantime, at our own backyard, even just outside this coffee shop, there are so many not good things.
MINNIE: I think I understand you a little bit now, Eebot.
BUDDY: Oh, you can actually understand? But Eebot, with all that you have said, is the solution as simple as going to basic? I have my doubts.
EEBOT: Well, we have to start somewhere. And I reckon going back to where we begin is a good start.
MINNIE: Are you saying that the world was wrong from the very beginning? Why cannot we trace where we go wrong and begin the corrective measure from there? Why waste time going back to basic?
BUDDY: Wow, what a wisdom, Minnie. Alright, where do we begin?

Zulkifli Noordin Enggan Hadap Lembaga Disiplin

Posted: 04 Mar 2010 03:33 AM PST

Ahli Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin, bertindak keluar sesi panel lembaga disiplin Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) berhubung isu kalimah Allah kerana tiga daripada empat anggotanya adalah bukan Islam.

Zulkifli mendesak supaya panel lembaga disiplin bagi menyiasat kenyataannya berhubung isu kalimah Allah itu dianggotai umat Islam.

Menurutnya, panel sedia ada terdiri dari seorang Muslim, dua penganut Kristian dan seorang beragama Hindu. Panel bagaimanapun menolak tuntutan itu dan berkata kuasa untuk melantik panel terletak dalam bidang kuasa Majlis Pimpinan Pusat.

Demikian itu, Zulkifli menyeru MPP untuk melantik panel baru sebelum Selasa minggu hadapan. Jika tidak, beliau mengugut akan meletak jawatan.

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