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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-07

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 07:59 AM PST

  • Found out I have osteoarthritis in my right knee. The suspects: martial arts, lots of driving, genetics, & yeah I'm getting old. #
  • My doc gave me an injection in my knee & said it'll hurt a till tomorrow. I love doctors' penchant for understatement. #ow #
  • Ok, Seemic Look is buggy. Where's the rest of that previous tweet? #
  • Waa si Rais langsung tak suka benda2 rojak. Orang, bahasa…mana dia nak cari orang dan bahasa yg dia suka? Sini takde. #
  • #yorais, I rasa lebih baik u cepat pensyen. Kerja yg u buat tak sesuai untuk orang yg tak faham dunia moden. #
  • Eh maaf ye, silap tadi, bukan pensyen tapi pencen…alamak, tu pension kan? Ya Allah BI telah diracuni oleh BI! Tidaaak! #yorais, tolong! #
  • eh silap lagi. BM telah diracuni oleh BI. Diracuni! Tidaaaak! #
  • And what was up with that host? That guy a mob enforcer or something? #
  • Ok, baik i tak tulis dalam BM malam ni. Tak reti. #yorais, I'm going to change my mode now, boleh tak? #
  • Sarimah Ibrahim's cute but she needs to stop getting Ronald McDonald to do her makeup. #
  • All I really got from that interview is that Rais can count backwards from 10 in English. Terer lah si Rais. Next! Eh maaf…seterusnya! #
  • Ok, either the painkillers aren't working, which would suck, or this IS the painkillers working, which would suck. #
  • Maaan got some wicked hiccups here. #
  • My doc was right: right knee feels way better today. Not 100% but I can walk without a limp. Nice. #
  • Some last-minute 2nd thoughts re A2's name, but I doubt we can change it since Al already calls him by a certain name. #
  • I've had wicked hiccups since last night; now the baby has them as well. I took Gavison. If A2 would come out, maybe we could help him haha. #
  • We're all watching Glee when suddenly Al shakes his head at the cheerleading coach & yells "Jahat!" (evil) #
  • The cheerleading coach on Glee would make a good love interest for Dr. House. Just imagine THAT crossover. #
  • Gotta love David Letterman singing O Canada, even if it does sound like crap. #
  • So far no hiccups today. They were so bad last night they woke me up, Leen too. Al somehow slept through it. #
  • Not surprised The Star didn't name the zoo they were shaming today. They are spineless, after all. #
  • Hey, my country has a backwards right-wing govt too: Gay rights section nixed for immigrants' guide #
  • #yorais, when #ZulWalks maybe you should follow. And keep on walking. #
  • If you haven't read my take on what Rais said, please take a look & feel free to comment. #
  • It's amazing how many ppl fall for the whole 'you can see who views your profile' stuff on FB. #
  • #yorais, how can your govt reverse the brain-drain if you make Msians married to foreigners want to stay away? #
  • I keep hesitating to pull the trigger on a blog post abt the whole Al-Islam/Catholic Church issue. Tempting but I'll get myself deported. #
  • Just looking for an excuse to share my own 'Undercover Holy Communion Infiltration' story. What. Doesn't everyone have one of those? #
  • We're going into the labour room. Here we go! #
  • Man, my wife's a trooper. I knew that, but just sayin'. #
  • She says, "Oh poor you,. you must be tired."
    "Um, it's ok darling. I'm not the one having a baby here." #
  • Dentist have strong forearms. Dentist in labour? Popeye. #
  • Finally! Aaron Yusuf Macvay, 3.68kg, born 07 Mar, 5.56am (via csec) #
  • Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes, & thanks to Azlin for helping me 'live tweet' Aaron's birth! #
  • had a wee nap at home, now off to the hospital again to see Leen & Aaron. Real sleep later (I fear later=2012). #
  • What a day! I'm home with Al now. He's sleeping next to me. Feeling really blessed. Well, that and exhausted. Going to sleep like a rock! #

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NEWSFLASH! Lawyers for animals move rejected by Swiss voters - bbc online

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 09:53 AM PST

Switzerland rejects move to provide lawyers for animals
By Imogen Foulkes
BBC News, Geneva

Opponents argued that Switzerland had enough animal protection laws

Voters in Switzerland have rejected a proposal to introduce a nationwide system of state-funded lawyers to represent animals in court.

Animal rights groups had proposed the move, saying that without lawyers to argue the animals'

well done, police!

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 09:53 AM PST

once again, you are showing us who's your big boss.

once again, you are telling us you only act against the opposition (of federal govt) or against the pakatan rakyat (PR).

once again, we see clearly 'double standard' being plaster all over your face.

once again, we find out you are not very partisan.

that's our polis raja di malayisa for you!! oops. i mean polis diraja malaysia.

on 6 march, they stop a dinner and ceramah organised by DAP kepong.

the following day, 7 march, they stop a pakatan rakyat (PR) rally at kelab sultan sulaiman. gosh, the police even sent in water canon truck.  well done, police! so hardworking eh. not much work for you to do i see when perkasa protested or when the infamous cow-head incident happened as we don't see you stopping them or bringing in water canon.

it was also reported that the police were violent – beating people!

apparently, it seems that at both incidents, they were stop because they were not allowed to give political speech. huh? how silly can the police get eh?? they were political parties so naturally their speeches will be of political nature. you don't expect them to talk about the sun and the moon or the forest and the trees.

earlier, on 4 april, it seemed that the police were questioning penang CM, LGE and some other state reps for illegal assembly and speeches with seditious contents. my ADUN (sim tze tzin) was questioned too!  even chinese new year open house organised by PR was consider illegal in the eyes of the umno police!!

this is really terrible!! such obvious double standard from the police!! grrr!! 

note: to read more about double standard, please go to the 2malaysia facebook group. invite your friends to join!

Latest Milestone Reached – TERJUN LONGKANG

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 09:07 AM PST

A 25 months old toddler, Luth Mikael son of Diyanazman has terjun tiruk-ed into the drain. Ok, it was not really a longkang, it was a pool (ayat penyedap hati)

We took Miki to Putrajaya on Saturday night to practice cycling his cute little bear tricycle. After his mom and dad suffered aching backs from all the bending over, we sat down and let Miki roam free.

Miki started to join three little sisters over the grassy part of the place and everything was fine. Until the girls started to walk away when their Mom called and Miki decided now that the chicks were gone, why not go for a swim – IN THE DRAIN!

He was so selamba kodok ok… with the corner of his eyes still eyeing his three new friends, he walked towards the "pool" and splash!!

He was drenched all over, head to toe and I didn't bring his diaper bag!!

The people around us screamed, I wanted to scream too but I was afraid the dome of the mosque might get cracked or worse – FALL DOWN so I let Azman ran after him.

Anak sapa niiiiiiiiiiiii?


Padan muka ko takde baju nak pakaiii…

Sighh… should have known Miki could never be left playing alone. Too much exploring desire he has inside and it is almost turning crazy. I knew he has always wanted to swim in there…


Standard rules for pets soon - The Star

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 08:00 AM PST

Wednesday March 3, 2010Standard rules for pets soonBy THO XIN YI
All 12 local councils in Selangor will soon have a standard set of guidelines for keeping pets.
Selangor state health, estate worker's affairs, poverty eradication and caring government committee chairman Dr Xavier Jeyakumar said the current guidelines for each council differed to some extent.
New rules:

Polis Gempur Konvesyen PR, Rakyat Bertambah Benci Kerajaan UMNO BN

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 08:16 AM PST

Konvensyen 2 Tahun Pakatan Rakyat gempar apabila polis dan 200 anggota Unit Simpanan Persekutuan dikerah menggempur majlis tersebut.

Dalam kejadian 9.55 malam tadi, ribuan hadirin yang turun untuk mendengar syarahan dari pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat terkejut dengan keganasan mendadak ini.

Wartawan kami di lapangan melaporkan ramai yang menjadi mangsa hayunan belantan, bahkan ada yang turut dipijak selepas terjatuh.

Sasaran mereka adalah pentas utama, yang menempatkan Ketua Umum PKR, Anwar Ibrahim.

Orang-ramai segera memenuhi ruang pentas, mengutuk keganasan ini. Laungan reformasi kembali bergema di padang bersejarah ini, yang pernah menyaksikan kebangkitan rakyat Malaya menentang penjajah.

Ketika kejadian berlaku, Anwar bagaimanapun belum tiba di lokasi. Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng berjaya diselamatkan, manakala Timbalan Presiden Dr Syed Husin Ali, Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali, Naib Presiden Pas Mahfuz Omar berundur dan mengekalkan solidariti mereka dari dalam Kelab Sultan Sulaiman.

"Kita tidak akan berundur, ketika menghadapi kuku besi kezaliman," laung seorang aktivis.

Laungan reformasi semakin kuat, dan polis kelihatan berwaspada dengan raifal pelancar gas pemedih mata.

Polis memberi alasan bahawa permit ceramah hanyalah untuk di dalam dewan sahaja. Dua trak meriam air dikerah ke lokasi, mendesak orang-ramai mengosongkan padang Kelab Sultan Sulaiman.

Sebaik sahaja Anwar tiba, polis memberi keizinan untuk meneruskan ceramah.

Orang-ramai kini memenuhi segenap ruang dewan, untuk mendengar amanat dari Ketua Pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim.

Ini adalah kejadian kedua polis menghalang acara Pakatan Rakyat. Polis malam semalam menghentikan makan malam anjuran DAP di Kepong.
Pada malam ini, dua tahun lalu, Pakatan Rakyat membentuk kerajaan di empat negeri dan merampas 82 kerusi Parlimen dalam satu kemenangan bersejarah yang menafikan majoriti dua-pertiga Umno-BN. -TVS Gambar ehsan MalaysianInsider

Police stop another Pakatan ceramah

Police moving in to stop the ceramah. — Picture by Choo Choy May

By Adib Zalkapli

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 — The police moved in tonight to stop a Pakatan Rakyat public rally at the Sultan Sulaiman Club here to mark the second anniversary of the coalition's landmark victory in Election 2008.

PKR vice-president Azmin Ali was stopped by Federal Reserve Unit riot police while delivering his speech to thousands attending the rally.

As the police approached him, Azmin told the crowd that the club belonged to the Selangor state government and was not "Umno property".

"I call on the policemen to embrace the Pakatan Rakyat struggle," he said to applause from the crowd.

"If we are given the mandate to take over Putrajaya, we will protect the interest of the policemen," he added before police stopped his speech.

Among those at the rally were PKR deputy president Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali, Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar.

Police later sent in two water cannon trucks to the venue, prompting Pakatan supporters to leave the club.

But Batu MP and PKR strategist Chua Tian Chang invited crowd to get into the club hall to comply with police ruling forbidding the crowd from gathering on the field.

The police last night stopped a dinner organised by the DAP in Kepong, just outside the city centre.

The Pakatan Rakyat swept through four more states and captured 82 federal seats in a historic win that denied the ruling Barisan Nasional its customary two-thirds parliamentary majority.

However, Pakatan lost Perak when three lawmakers quit to be independents last year and support Barisan as the state government.

Pakatan lynchpin PKR lost three MPs and sacked another over the past month as the leadership anguished over de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charge, the second after he was sacked as deputy prime minister in September 1998. -MI

Polis 'cemari' ulangtahun Pakatan
Mac 7, 10 10:20pm

Satu kekecohan berlaku sebentar tadi apabila polis cuba menyuraikan perhimpunan sambutan ulang tahun kedua, Pakatan Rakyat di Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Lebih seribu penyokong yang menghadiri upacara berkenaan berang dan melaungkan slogan 'reformasi' sambil bertakbir.

Beberapa penyokong juga mencerca polis yang cuba mengagalkan ceramah yang sedang mereka ikuti.

Antara pemimpin Pakatan yang hadir ialah Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng, dan naib presiden PAS, Mahfuz Omar.

Turut dijadualkan berucap pada malam ini ialah Ketua Umum, PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Lebih 20 anggota polis bersama Unit Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU) tiba kira-kira jam 9.50 malam dan terus menyerbu pentas ceramah ketika naib presiden PKR, Azmin Ali sedang berucap.

Apabila melihat kehadiran polis, Azmin tidak membuang masa dan terus 'menyapa' mereka.

"Tempat yang kita kumpul malam ini dimiliki oleh kerajaan Selangor, bukannya Umno ataupun (Datin Seri) Rosmah Mansor. Ini tanah persendirian, pemiliknya adalah MB (Tan Sri) Khalid Ibrahim.

"Kita kumpul sini dengan aman, Umno jangan takut (kepada) rakyat, polis marilah berkawan dengan rakyat," katanya.

Ceramahnya kemudian ditangguhkan ketika jawatankuasa "Majlis Ulangtahun Pakatan Rakyat' berbincang dengan pihak polis.

Pada masa yang sama dua truk FRU yang dilengkapi meriam air juga kelihatan berada di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman ini.

Selepas perbincangan kira-kira 15 minit, ceramah berkenaan dibenarkan diteruskan tetapi orang ramai diminta berpindah ke dalam bangunan kelab.

Pasukan polis dilaporkan terus berada di sekitar kawasan bagi memantau keadaan.

Azmin kemudiannya meneruskan ceramahnya di sebuah bilik yang sesak dengan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat.

Kira-kira jam 10.25 malam, Anwar tiba bersama isterinya, Datin Seri Wan Azizah.

Ketika ceramahnya Azmin mendakwa "tadi ada beberapa pemimpin dibelasah oleh polis". -malaysiakini

Darn Those Advertising Bums!

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 06:50 AM PST

You know, advertising really sells! And with saying that, I hate people in the advertising industry like myself who cons and influences people to buy products that they either don't need or fork out more money a product which has cheaper options.

My older boy has been reminding wifey that his shampoo is finished and to get him a new one. He keep telling her he wants this particular men's shampoo that he saw on TV. Now, whenever he finishes his shampoo, wifey and me will always get him a cheaper brand of shampoo than the one he asks for cos men's shampoo can really be a lot more pricey that women's shampoo.

After all, as far as I'm concerned, all shampoo are more or less the same and half the time you're only paying for the brand cos they have to get back all their money spent for those expensive TV commercials. And besides, that boy can finish his shampoo faster than you can spell shampoo. Wifey and me share a shampoo and ours last so much longer than his.

So today we went grocery shopping and he reminded her to get his shampoo again with emphasis on the brand that he wants. Normally both wifey and me will just say okay and get him some other cheaper brand and that would be it.

But today, when we were buying his shampoo, we picked up another brand other than the one he wanted, which by the way was bloody expensive and was about to put it in the shopping cart and he got angry cos we weren't getting him what he wanted. Next thing you know he's got this angry, sour face and then he storms off away from us.

Wifey didn't want to cause a scene there and decided to get him the shampoo that he wanted and I wasn't too pleased with it cos to me, I think most shampoo's are the same and that you're only paying for the brand. Now, that's the power of advertising for you. That darn shampoo ad must have been so good and effective that it would make a kid insist on getting it or else ...

I haven't seen the ad and I think I really should go and check the ad to see how it is. No, I'm not going to give it more ad space here and mention the brand cos I think the price they put on their shampoo is just bloody ridiculous. In fact, all men's shampoo have bloody ridiculous prices which is why I use wifey's shampoo which is way cheaper and yes, I have no issues using a woman's shampoo.

The thing is my elder boy is easily influenced by things he watches on TV. I suppose he is growing up and wants to use most of the things he sees on TV as it is probably 'cool' and all that but heck, I can be a fussy pot about spending on something expensive when you can find a cheaper alternative. I wonder if he saw an ad for the best acne body wash on TV, he would pester wifey to get one for him too?

Did I mention I hate people in advertising?

The Marina Mahathir's banned article

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 06:31 AM PST

From: OngBak3
The Marina Mahathir's article which The Star refused to publish because of
govt KDN's threat to withdraw licence.

Marina Mahathir wrote an exceptional article for her regular column in
the Star but alas, the newspaper refused to publish it.

Fortunately for us, here is the article....

When we want to compete with anyone in any field we seek those who are better than us. And we keep going until finally we are recognized as the best. For example, a tennis player starts at the unranked bottom and tries to play and win against better players until finally there is nobody to beat.

We do not however insist that everybody comes down to our level or to play badly in order for us to win.

This is what puzzles me about the syariah courts in our country. In 1988 a clause was inserted into our Constitution that has been interpreted as having erected a Berlin Wall between the syariah and the civil courts. Basically Article 121(1A) said "the courts referred to in Clause (1) shall have no jurisdiction in respect of any matter within the jurisdiction of the syariah courts." This has caused untold problems because real life sometimes dictates that some issues cross over both jurisdictions. But leave that aside for a moment.

Although the new clause did not say that the two separate courts were equal to one another, there are some people who are of the view that the syariah court is superior to the civil courts simply because syariah law is deemed of a higher order than civil laws. This is because apparently God made syariah laws while mere human beings made the civil laws. Never mind the fact that human beings have been changing syariah laws over the years, for instance, by loosening laws that protected women from losing all their property to their divorced husbands. Like other laws in this country, syariah laws have to be drafted, tabled and passed through our various lawmaking bodies whether at the State or Federal levels. This process leaves a lot of human fingerprints all over them.

Civil laws are drafted, tabled and passed through Parliament. The difference is that at the tabling stage , they have to be debated before they are passed. The quality of the debate may be sometimes wanting but debated they are. This process provides some sort of 'quality control' over the laws so that they are hopefully current, reflect realities and are just.

The same does not hold true of syariah laws. When they get tabled at State Excos, non-Muslims do not participate because there is the notion that they cannot partake in any such debate. That leaves only the Muslim Excos, few of whom are women. This means that if a bill affects women, the opinions of the female minority in the Exco can be ignored. Furthermore, most people are ignorant about their religion and tend to leave these matters to those they believe know best. Thus if the State Mufti or religious adviser says it's a good law, they are unlikely to challenge him. Thus are religious laws passed unscrutinised.

Until, that is, something happens such as when someone gets convicted of a syariah crime and punishment is meted out. Who knew until recently that people could get caned for drinking, or for having a baby out of wedlock until the recent cases of Kartika and the three women?

Not only are these laws not debated when they are being made but they can't be debated afterwards either, unlike civil laws. To do so, according to some people, is akin to arguing with God it seems. (There are however some who think that God welcomes such arguments just so that He can prove He is right).

If one believes that syariah laws are superior to civil laws, should they not be held to higher standards? Should they not be subjected to more rigorous debate than civil laws out of fear that they may be unjust? If syariah courts are deemed superior to civil courts, should not their processes be more transparent and efficient? How is it that there are innumerable women having to undergo tremendous suffering because syariah court orders to their divorced husbands to pay child maintenance cannot be enforced?

How is it also that we suddenly hear about women being caned without any information about the processes they went through? Did they have the benefit of legal representation and heard in an open court? If they did, who were their lawyers and what defense did they mount?

Surely the best court of law is one that strives for justice, which shows it is fair to all parties. In this case, on whose behalf was justice served?

I have no problems with syariah laws if their foundation is justice, equality and non-discrimination for all, even non-Muslims. But when their intent, processes and enforcement are unfair, they only give the impression that Islam is unjust and discriminatory. Surely to give such an image of Islam is a sin.

Mayat Bayi Disangka Patung Ditemui Di dalam Longkang

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 06:22 AM PST

Dua remaja pada mulanya menyangka terjumpa patung mainan kanak-kanak di dalam longkang yang sebenarnya mayat seorang bayi yang baru lahir.

"Kami pada mulanya menyangka ia adalah patung sehingga kawan saya menjolok dengan kayu dan menjerit kerana ia adalah bayi betul," kata Raymond Rawing, 13, selepas menjumpai bayi itu di longkang pasar komuniti di Tabuan Jaya, semalam.

Remaja bersama kawan yang hanya dikenali Ruzzie hanya berjalan-jalan sekitar laluan longkang berdekatan dengan pasar basah itu pada kira-kira jam 2.50 petang apabila terlihat sepasang kaki kecil di dalam longkang.

Dalam keadaan ingin tahu, mereka yang merupakan rakan sekelas di SMK Tabuan Jaya mengambil keputusan untuk melihat lebih dekat sebelum Ruzzie melompat ke dalam longkang dan menggunakan sebilah kayu untuk menarik keluar kaki 'patung' berkenaan.

Menyedari mereka menjumpai mayat bayi, Ruzzie terus keluar dengan secepat mungkin dan bersama Raymond terus lari ke pasar untuk mendapatkan bantuan.

Remaja berkenaan kemudian menahan pasukan polis peronda yang kebetulan lalu di situ dan memberitahu mereka telah menjumpai mayat bayi.

Beberapa minit kemudian beberapa pegawai CID dan pasukan unit forensik dari ibu pejabat turun ke tempat kejadian.

Orang ramai berkumpul dengan perasaan mual setelah melihat mayat bayi berkenaan semasa pihak polis melakukan siasatan.

"Mereka yang melakukan perbuatan ini memang tidak berhati perut," kata seorang awam yang namanya tidak mahu disiarkan semasa melihat insiden itu.

Ketua Polis Kuching ACP Mun Kock Keong mengesahkan insiden dan kes itu diklasifikasikan di bawah Seksyen 318 Kanun Keseksaan.

"Jantina mayat bayi yang dijumpai itu adalah perempuan, dan dipercayai dibuang tidak kurang daripada 24 jam," katanya.

Beliau meminta bantuan orang ramai untuk menyampaikan maklumat berhubung insiden tersebut bagi membantu siasatan dengan menghubungi balai polis terdekat.Mayat bayi tersebut telah dihantar ke Hospital Umum Sarawak untuk bedah siasat. -Borneopost

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Karpal Cabar Bekas MP PKR Jangan Datang Parlimen

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 05:46 AM PST

Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh, mencabar empat Ahli Parlimen yang keluar Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) tidak menghadiri sidang Dewan Rakyat yang dijadual bermula 15 Mac ini.

"Saya mencabar mereka tidak menghadiri sidang Dewan Rakyat kelak bagi membolehkan kerusi dalam Dewan Rakyat dikosongkan," katanya kepada pemberita di Pulau Pinang hari ini.

Katanya, perkara 52 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menetapkan seseorang Ahli Parlimen yang tidak menghadiri sidang Dewan Rakyat selama satu penggal maka jawatan mereka akan gugur secara automatik.

Empat Ahli Parlimen terbabit ialah Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim (Bayan Baru), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal), Mohsin Fadzil Samsuri (Bagan Serai) dan Zulkifli Nordin (Kulim/Bandar Baru).

Karpal Singh berkata, oleh kerana DAP adalah anggota dalam pakatan pembangkang, beliau menyifatkan mereka sebagai satu keluarga dan berhak mencampuri urusan PKR.

"Jika mereka mengatakan pemilihan mereka berdasarkan pilihan rakyat, saya cabar mereka meletak jawatan dan satu pilihan raya (kecil) diadakan untuk membuktikan kemenangan mereka memang dipilih oleh rakyat dan mereka harus ingat, jangan bermegah kerana mereka menang pun atas tiket PKR," katanya.

Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor yakin tiada lagi pemimpin PKR akan keluar parti kerana "pengkhianat" dalam PKR sudah tiada.

"Saya yakin selepas ini tiada lagi yang akan keluar parti walaupun Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, mengakui PKR menghadapi masalah apabila beberapa wakil rakyat keluar parti itu namun saya lihat ia satu proses pembersihan parti," katanya.

- Bernama

ketua Cabang PKR Buat Aduan Polis Terhadap Blog PerakExpress

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 05:00 AM PST

Seorang ketua cabang Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) membuat aduan polis terhadap sebuah laman blog kerana mendakwa difitnah berhubung tindakan Ahli Parlimen PKR Bagan Serai, Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri, keluar parti minggu lalu.

Ketua cabang PKR Ipoh Barat, Fauzi Muda, berkata beliau membuat laporan polis kerana artikel dalam laman berkenaan menuduh beliau terbabit sebagai dalang tindakan Mohsin meninggalkan PKR dan menjadi wakil rakyat Bebas.

Bercakap kepada pemberita di sini, Fauzi berkata tuduhan berkenaan berniat jahat kerana beliau telah bersama dengan PKR sejak 10 tahun lalu dan turut terbabit dengan usaha penubuhannya di Perak.

Beliau mengakui ada berjumpa dengan Mohsin sebelum pengumuman keluar itu dibuat tetapi ia hanya perjumpaan biasa.

Fauzi berkata, bukan kesalahan beliau atau parti jika ada sesiapa yang mahu keluar parti. - Bernama

: mungkin pasai ni kot yang buat fauzi marah !!!!
Semua perancangan ini dilakukan oleh Fauzi Muda. Ketua Cabang PKR Ipoh Barat. Fauzi Muda juga merupakan orang yang membuat laporan polis mengatakan Najib membayarnya 50 juta. Aku pun heran macam mana PKR masih simpan orang macam ni.

Pada 23 hb Feb, Mohsen baru balik dari Korea Selatan. Bersama-sama dengan Zul Nordin. Bila dia dapat tahu perancangan untuk mengadakan sidang media itu sudah dibocorkan, dia menghilangkan diri. Fauzi Muda tersangat marah dan melontarkan maki hamun kepada orang yang memecahkan rahsia tersebut.

Siapa Fauzi Muda? Ramai yang masih ingat macam mana dia membuat Akuan Bersumpah mengatakan Najib menawarkan 50 juta kepadanya untuk membawa ADUN PKR melompat.

Masa tu aku kutuk dia. Sebab bagi aku…tawaran 50 juta itu bukan perkara penting, tapi hubungan dia dengan Umno itu yang aku pertikaikan.

Fauzi Muda masih menjadi Ketua Cabang PKR Ipoh Barat. Tapi dalam masa yang sama, dia juga mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan 'Samurai', Pemuda Umno. Satu team geraksaraf yang ditubuhkan selepas retreat Pemuda Umno di Janda Baik tahun lepas.

- dari perakkume

Malaysians should accept each other

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 04:45 AM PST

From: OngBak3
Subject: Malaysians should accept each other

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians should accept each other as "one people, one
nation with one dream", says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

No community should make demands at the expense of another, but "what
is good for one community should also be good for every community",
said Najib, who is Barisan Nasional chairman.

This was one way to achieve the Malaysian dream of being "united,
harmonious and prosperous", he added.

Malaysians must not leave this to chance or coincidence or let it
happen by itself.

"Since this is the dream of every Malaysian, we have to take it
seriously in terms of our words, deeds and actions," he said at the
Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Sin Chew and Guang Ming dailies
here yesterday.

"We have to work together by galvanising all Malaysians, and work
towards inculcating that conscience with a deep sense of

Najib said the 1Malaysia concept called for a shift from the basic
paradigm of tolerating each other.

"Accepting each other is the apex of celebrating each other's
diversity. Once we have reached this final destination, we will think
and act as one people, one nation with one dream."

He said the open house events held in conjunction with festivals
should also be "a celebration of the values and mindset of 1Malaysia".

Earlier, Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia president Tan
Sri Pheng Yin Huah said the association wanted to see a united,
harmonious and progressive Malaysia.

Najib said as Malaysians, "we might have different paths and

"For instance, Sin Chew may have a different path from Utusan Malaysia
while other media groups may have others. But we must converge. We
must allow discourse of different opinions but we must not pull
Malaysia down."

Najib also touched on the contributions of past prime ministers,
saying that they believed in power-sharing to make Malaysia united,
harmonious and prosperous.

The first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, believed in power-
sharing and give-and-take.

On his father, second prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, who took
over the leadership after the 1969 racial clashes, Najib said: "If he
had taken a wrong turn, the country might have been ruined."

Tun Hussein Onn, meanwhile, worked for the welfare of rural folk, and
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad introduced Vision 2020.

Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had also had a national vision.

"We are here to continue their concepts through 1Malaysia," said

"I would like to see 1Malaysia as a continuation. But we need to
rationalise how we can achieve a truly united Malaysia."

He said the media had a social responsibility to build the nation, and
Malaysians should accept the country's colourful tapestry as a
strength and not as an obstacle.

"Collectively, we will be stronger. This is the spirit of 1Malaysia."

Najib also said as this was the Year of the Tiger, "Malaysians should
have the tiger's vitality and courage".

"The tiger is like the country. If we do not look after it, it will go
down. What we should be doing is leaving behind a legacy for the

Russia's Got Talent - An audition gone wrong? Accident! You be the judge!

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 04:46 AM PST

Watch this video! A guy accidentally shot his partner in the head with an arrow. I received a forwarded email with this video on 13/09/2009.

Out of of curiosity, I just did a google search for 'russia's got talent?' and found it on youtube. Then, I saw another result - ' 'Russia's Got Talent' Accident'. 

So, yeah. This is what has to say:
Claim:   Video clip shows a Russia's Got Talent contestant accidentally shooting his partner in the head with an arrow.
Example:   [Collected via e-mail, July 2009]
Origins:   The above-linked video is variously reported as an audition for the television show Armenia's Got Talent, Poland's Got Talent, or Russia's Got Talentgone horribly wrong, a haplessly comedic "William Tell" act that ends with one participant taking an arrow straight through the head. No such show exists, however (the set in the video curiously features only a generic sign reading "Talent" in English), and the clip is rumored to be a viral marketing campaign for the beverage in the red can which appears prominently in the video.
Last updated: 17 July 2009

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Ethnocentric P. Uthayakumar & Zulkifili Nordin: One break up, one boot out!

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 03:59 AM PST

Malaysia has no place for ethnocentric leaders. Zul won't touch the 'unclean' non-Muslims while the Hindraf talks about 'ethnic cleansing'. Of course, Hindraf chair-in-exile Waythamoorthy Ponnusamy in a telephone interview with Malaysiakini said ethnic cleansing did not necessarily have to mean that killings or genocide had to take place but where Indian participation was mere tokenism or virtually nil - that was a form of ethnic cleansing, citing the Malaysian civil service, the teaching service, diplomatic service, the plantation sector, government-linked corporations, government scholarships, public universities, the armed forces, police and the judiciary as examples. According to Waythamoorthy, all these are the result of the Umno government unilaterally extending special privileges to virtually every sector in Malaysia.
I have to admit that I do agree with Waythamoorthy but does that mean that only the Indians are marginalised? How about the Chinese? How about Ibans, Kadazans, Bidayuh and 'dan lain-lain'? Think!

Harussani Terlibat Dengan Politik Dengan Jubah Seorang Mufti

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 03:14 AM PST

Terkilan saya apabila Mufti Perak, Sahibus Samahah Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria menyebut nama saya secara terbuka di khalayak. Samada di dalam mesyuarat atau persidangan dewan, menyebut nama seseorang dalam ucapan secara terbuka biarlah dengan kehadiran tuan punya badan.

Sekurang-kurangnya, bolehlah kata-kata tersebut disahkan atau dinafikan. Mufti bukan orang politik yang terdedah dengan kaedah menyerang atau diserang. Mengaitkan nama saya dalam kenyataan politik seorang yang bukan tokoh politik merupakan satu tingkah laku yang tidak beretika. Justeru, apabila mufti mengambil tindakan melagukan nama saya dengan irama politik, saya harus memberikan jawapannya.

Adil juga jika saya menukilkan dahulu sebahagian ucapan beliau di program Dialog Za'ba, Perpaduan Melayu: Cabaran dan Realiti di Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), minggu lepas. Antaranya beliau berkata,

"Kenapa Pas tidak boleh bergabung untuk membentuk kerajaan yang sudah pasti akan memperoleh majoriti 100 peratus Melayu memerintah.

"Saya telah berjumpa dengan Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat di Kelantan dan berbincang hampir dua jam, pada awalnya beliau tidak bersetuju tetapi akhirnya dia kata idea itu bagus tetapi tidak dapat memberi keputusan kerana ia bergantung kepada Presiden, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

"Saya maklumkan bahawa tidak berapa rapat dengan Hadi, jadi jika cadangan itu baik saya minta beliau (Nik Aziz) maklumkan kepada Hadi. Semasa dalam perjalanan balik iaitu berada di Cameron Highlands, Hadi telah hubungi saya dan bersetuju dengan cadangan itu.

"Tetapi Hadi kata dia tidak boleh buat keputusan kerana ia bergantung pada negeri iaitu Pesuruhjaya Pas Negeri (Ahmad). Saya juga telah hubungi Timbalan Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Dr. Haron Din dan dia juga bersetuju,"

Saya ingin menyentuh berkaitan kenyataan yang menyebut beliau datang ke rumah saya. Benar atau tidak, terserahlah kepada khalayak. Bagi saya, ini di antara beliau dan saya. Cuma pertanyaan saya, tidakkah itu satu keterlibatan dengan politik? Sedarkah beliau bahawa kerajaan Perak yang dirampas dari tangan rakyat hari ini didokong oleh UMNO, sebuah parti yang meyakini bahawa politik dan agama tidak boleh bercampur? Dalam bahasa mudahnya, politik suku agama suku.

Jika mufti sendiri sanggup turun melaksanakan urusan berkaitan politik, ertinya beliau beranggapan tugasnya sebagai mufti meliputi tugas politik. Adakah bagi beliau, politik dan agama mesti selari, tidak boleh berpisah? Jika demikian, beliau telah mengiktiraf perjuangan PAS adalah benar. Jika tidak, kenapa libatkan diri dengan politik? Bukankah itu salah mengikut akidah UMNO?

Inilah yang diperjuangkan oleh PAS. Tegak berdirinya PAS dengan perjuangan menjadikan Islam sebaagai cara hidup. Tidakkah al-Quran sebuah kitab yang syumul? Isinya bukan sahaja akidah, bahkan soal ekonomi, politik, rumahtangga, psikologi dan kaunseling, semuanya ada di dalam al-Quran. Tidakkah ini merupakan tiang seri perjuangan PAS sejak sekian lama? Jika mufti Perak beranggapan politik dan Islam perlu selari, selangkah kaki beliau sepatutnya sudah berada di dalam PAS!

Jika beliau tidak berpandangan Islam dan politik perlu selari, tetapi terus terlibat dengan politik dengan jubah seorang mufti, maka dengan sendirinya beliau telah menjadi ejen. Dalam kes ini, beliau telah menjadi ejen UMNO. Hilang luruh kemuliaan seorang mufti kalau merelakan diri menjadi ejen. Apatah lagi menjadi ejen sebuah parti politik sekular.

Saya kira, jika seorang mufti yang menjadi ejen parti politik sekular, itu bukanlah lagi al-mufti (yang memberikan fatwa) tetapi al-mufta (yang diberikan fatwa). Cukuplah sekadar itu respon balas saya terhadap kenyataan beliau.

Pejabat Menteri Besar Kelantan.
21 Rabiul Awal 1431 / 7 Mac 2010

Lompat Parti: Umno Beli "Kuda Patah Kaki"

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 02:59 AM PST

TTindakan Umno membeli tiga Ahli Parlimen KEADILAN disifatkan Exco Kanan Kerajaan Negeri Kelantan Datuk Husam Musa sebagai mengguna kuda sakit atau patah kaki untuk berperang.

"Sekarang Umno dan Barisan Nasional sudah beli wakil rakyat KEADILAN dan tukar jadi wakil rakyat bebas. Dulu masa mengundi mereka menang atas tiket Pakatan Rakyat tetapi selepas ambil wang dari Umno mereka jadi bebas.

"Malangnya Umno sudah beli kuda sakit atau patah kaki. Mana ada orang pakai kuda sakit atau patah kaki untuk pergi perang," kata Husam dalam ucapan ringkas beliau pada jamuan makan malam anjuran DAP Kepong di Taman Usahawan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur semalam.

Turut hadir Ketua Umum KEADILAN Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Ketua Parlimen DAP Lim Kit Siang, Ahli Parlimen Kepong selaku tuan rumah Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Ahli Parlimen Taiping Nga Kor Ming dan Ahli Parlimen Rasah Anthony Loke.

Husam berkata jika Pakatan Rakyat dan rakyat bersatu sudah tentu Umno dan BN dapat ditumbangkan pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Menyentuh mengenai isu royalti minyak yang dinafikan kerajaan pusat kepada rakyat Kelantan, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Salor itu berkata mahkamah di Malaysia boleh dianggap sebagai mahkamah "kangaroo".

"Satu-satunya binantang dalam dunia yang ada poket ialah kangaroo. Umno sudah letak mahkamah dalam poketnya. Ia akan lompat ikut ke mana Najib arahkan.

"Itulah akibatnya jika tidak mengikut undang-undang. Dalam kes royalti minyak Kelantan apabila mahkamah sudah jadi mahkamah "kangaroo" mereka tidak mahu bayar royalti. Kerajaan akan jatuh, tamadun akan hancur dan musnah kalau undang-undang tidak mahu diikut. Oleh itu seluruh rakyat mesti bersatu padu dan komited untuk menumbangkan Umno-BN dan menubuhkan kerajaan pusat yang baru," katanya lagi. -SK

Zulkifli Noordin Dicabar Kosongkan Kerusi

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 02:52 AM PST

Presiden PKR Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail hari ini mencabar ahli parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baharu meletakkan jawatan kerana "mengambil kerusi yang bukan miliknya".

"Petang ini saya cabar Zulkifli letak jawatan. Kalau hendak lawan, kalau hendak kritik, kritiklah (pihak) lawan, bukan kawan.

"Ini isu disiplin parti, bukan isu Islam," katanya ketika menyampaikan amanat dalam konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat Selangor di Shah Alam.

Selepas dipecat daripada PKR semalam, Zulkifli - yang didapati bersalah membuat laporan polis terhadap wakil rakyat PAS Khalid Samad - enggan merayu supaya hukuman terhadapnya diringankan.

Peletakan jawatan Zulkifli semalam menjadikan jumlah ahli parlimen PKR yang meletakkan jawatan sebanyak empat orang dalam masa terdekat.

Mengulas lanjut isu ahli parlimen parti itu yang meninggalkan parti seorang demi seorang, Wan Azizah menyatakan kekecewaannya ekoran tindakan itu, lebih-lebih lagi apabila Ketua Umum PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sekali lagi menghadapi tuduhan liwat di mahkamah.

"Pada (menjelang) 16 September (tahun lepas) semua datang. Tetapi apabila saudara Anwar difitnah sekali lagi, siapa yang tingglkan kita?

"Siapa yang tinggal (bersama kita). Biarkan mereka, biarkan luncai dengan labu-labunya," katanya.

Sementara itu, dalam sidang media selepas itu, Wan Azizah ketika diminta mengulas lagi isu keengganan Zulkifli mengemukakan rayuannya terhadap partiberkata:

"Beliau sebagai seorang yang berprinsip patut mengosongkan kerusi (parlimen) itu dan memberi peluang kepada pemilih kawasan itu sama ada mereka memilih individu atau memilih parti," kata Wan Azizah.

Ditanya sama ada PKR sekarang umpama "kapal yang sedang tenggelam", beliau sekali lagi menafikannya.

"Dulu PKR hanya mempunyai satu kerusi di parlimen, tetapi kita tidak karam. Kenapa kita perlu karam, sekarang kita ada 27 kerusi.

"Tidak," katanya sambil mengangkat tangan kanannya - isyarat tidak - kepada wartawan. -malaysiakini

Pengundi Bagan Serai Desak Mohsin Letak Jawatan

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 02:47 AM PST

Pengundi Parlimen Bagan Serai berasa amat kesal dan terkejut dengan tindakan mendadak Ahli Parlimen kawasan itu mengambil keputusan keluar KEADILAN sambil menyifatkan langkah itu bermotifkan kewangan yang didalangi Umno dan Barisan Nasonal.

Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri yang pertama kali bertanding dalam pilihan raya umum 2008 lalu atas tiket KEADILAN mengumumkan keluar parti dan menjadi anggota bebas 3 Mac lalu.

Pada PRU 12 beliau memperolehi 18,943 undi dengan menewaskan Timbalan Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin dari Umno dengan majoriti 3,413 undi.

Pengundi yang ditemui Suara Keadilan berasa tertipu memikirkan samada kebajikan dan hak mereka akan terjamin oleh Ahli Parlimen Bebas seperti Mohsin.

Bagi Selamat Hashim, 41 tahun, yang membuka perniagaan berhampiran Pusat Khidmat Mohsin memberitahu beliau jarang melihat kelibat wakil rakyat itu di pejabatnya malahan beliau

sukar ditemui apabila pengundi memerlukan pertolongan dan khidmatnya.

Disoal tentang tindakan Mohsin keluar parti dan membelakangi pengundi yang memilihnya Selamat berkata tindakan itu sudah pasti akan mengguris hati mereka yang memilih beliau.

"Kalau tahu ini akan terjadi, awal-awal lagi kami tak akan pangkah dia, Mohsin dah tipu kami dan perbuatanya ini tidak bagus untuk orang yang memilihnya. Dalam agama sekalipun melarang kita mempermain dan menipu orang" katanya.

Pendirian yang sama juga disuarakan oleh Mohd Nor Faisal, 33, seorang peniaga minuman buah-buahan yang kesal dengan tindakan Ahli Parlimen mereka itu.

Tegas Faisal walaupun itu adalah hak dan pendirian peribadi Mohsin tetapi dia juga harus memikirkan kepentingan rakyat dan pengundi dan bukan hanya melihat kepada kepentingan peribadi.

Bagi Au Ken Seong, 28, walaupun Mohsin tidak lagi bersama KEADILAN ia tidak akan memberi sebarang perubahan kepada Bagan Serai kerana sejak dua beliau menjadi Ahli Parlimen kawasan itu terbiar tanpa pembangunan untuk rakyat.

"Dalam dua tahun kita dah nampak dan boleh nilai sendiri bagaimana cara dia melayan masyarakat Bagan Serai, saya pasti masyarakat Bagan Serai pasti akan bangun dan mendesak dia letak jawatan kerana itu adalah jalan yang terbaik untuk kami memilih wakil rakyat kami yang sebenar.

"Tapi semuanya bergantung pada dia lah, saya pasti dia tak akan melepaskan jawatan itu," tambah Ken Seong.

Peniaga ubat tradisional Cina, Wong Chek Wok, 55, berkata rakyat telah ditipu bulat-bulat oleh pemimpin seperti lalang ini.

Beliau memilih KEADILAN kerana melihat parti itu mampu membela rakyat berbanding dengan Umno.

"Saya tidak kenal siapa Mohsin tapi saya percayakan Pakatan Rakyat. Kalau saya tahu dia akan buat begini sudah tentu saya tidak akan mengundi dia," kata Chek Wok.

Peniaga itu berkata lebih elok Mohsin meletakkan jawatan dan mengembalikan semula mandat kepada rakyat supaya mereka boleh memilih calon yang benar-benar ikhlas dan komited sebagai wakil rakyat. -SK

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US Foreign Invading forces’ outsourced private security firm Blackwater is like Avatar-RDA corporation’s Sec-Ops

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 02:02 AM PST

US Defense or rather more appropriately renamed Offence or Foreign Invading forces had outsourced the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater (= Petrolium, see the evidence of their greed for this raw material for their energy needs and its petrol dollar) . Their action could be visualized by watching the James Cameron's Avatar (2009 film). There, RDA corporation's private military force called Sec-Ops is committing all the atrocities almost equavalant to Blackwater.

Source: Wikipedia

Avatar's underlying social and political themes attracted attention. Armond White of the New York Press wrote that Cameron used villainous American characters to misrepresent facets of militarism, capitalism, and imperialism.[209][210] 


  • ^ White, Armond (December 15, 2009). "Blue in the Face". New York Press. Retrieved December 15, 2009. 
  • ^ See also last paragraph of the above section Avatar Themes and inspirations.
  • Adam Cohen of The New York Times was more positive, calling the film's anti-imperialist message "a 22nd-century version of the American colonists vs. the British, India vs. the Raj, or Latin America vs. United Fruit".[213]^ Cohen, Adam (December 25, 2009). "Next-Generation 3-D Medium of 'Avatar' Underscores Its Message". Retrieved December 26, 2009. 

    Read this from Malaysian Insider, US concerned over Blackwater's work in Afghanistan.

    US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is concerned about possible misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater and has promised to review the issue, the Pentagon said.


    Gates made the pledge to lawmakers after receiving a letter from Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who urged the defense secretary to reconsider awarding a possible one billion dollar (RM3.34 billion) contract to the firm, now known as Xe, due to allegations of wrongdoing.

    "He is looking into it and he takes it seriously," press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters on Friday.

    Gates has told the senator that "he shares his (Levin's) concerns," Morrell said.

    The letter dated February 25 and released publicly on Thursday notes that the Defense Department is reportedly preparing to give a contract to Xe for "highly sensitive work" to train Afghan national police, despite its controversial record in Iraq and amid fresh allegations of misconduct.

    The letter cites a recent Senate hearing on a contract given to a Blackwater affiliate to provide weapons training in Afghanistan.

    Levin's committee heard evidence that alleged that Blackwater may have used a front company for the contract, lied to Pentagon officials in its proposal documents, "misappropriated" government weapons, carried weapons without approval and hired staff with serious criminal records including larceny and substance abuse.

    Blackwater's conduct may have "contributed to a shooting incident that has undermined our mission in Afghanistan," it added.

    Levin has also written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in light of accusations that the firm gave false statements to the Justice Department.

    'Technical expertise' in demand

    While acknowledging concerns about Blackwater's conduct, Morrell said there were strict legal standards that applied to government contracts and that a company could not be excluded without adhering to the criteria.

    He added that the firm had "technical expertise" that had to be taken into account for tasks that few companies were ready to take on.

    "Like it or not, Blackwater has technical expertise that very few companies do have. And they have a willingness to work in places that very few companies are willing to work," he said.

    Some Democratic lawmakers have called for banning the federal government and the US military from using subcontractors in combat zones, namely in Iraq and Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of troops are deployed.

    The secretive Blackwater was thrown into the spotlight after five of its guards were accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis in a gun and grenade attack, and wounding 18 others during a September 2007 incident at the busy Nisur Square in Baghdad.

    Earlier this month, Iraq expelled 250 former employees of the security firm.

    The North Carolina-based firm lost its contract to provide security for US embassy diplomats in Baghdad in May 2009 after Iraqis and others repeatedly accused it of adopting a cowboy mentality to duties in the country.

    - AFP


    Benarkah PAS Sedia Terima Zulkifli Noordin?

    Posted: 07 Mar 2010 01:55 AM PST

    PAS sedia membuka pintu kepada Ahli Parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin jika bekas anggota Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu ikhlas mendokong prinsip dan perjuangan parti mereka.

    Naib Presidennya, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man berkata, parti itu sedia mempertimbangkan penyertaan Zulkifli ke dalam PAS.

    "PAS sentiasa mengamalkan dasar terbuka kepada sesiapa sahaja untuk menyertai kami termasuk YB (Yang Berhormat) Zulkifli.

    "Kalau beliau mengemukakan permohonan, pihak jawatankuasa parti akan mempertimbangkannya," katanya.

    Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP) PKR yang bermesyuarat semalam sebulat suara memecat Zulkifli selepas lembaga disiplin parti itu mengambil kira tindakannya membuat laporan polis terhadap Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam, Khalid Samad berkenaan isu kalimah Allah dan kritikan beliau terhadap kepimpinan DAP.

    Zulkifli dalam sidang medianya semalam juga menegaskan tidak akan mengemukakan rayuan berhubung keputusan tersebut atau mengosongkan kerusinya sebagai wakil rakyat.

    Beliau bagaimanapun berkata akan mengkaji dan menimbang pilihan yang ada sebelum mengambil tindakan sewajarnya selain tidak menolak kemungkinan menyertai PAS sekiranya parti itu memperjuangkan Islam pada masa depan.

    Bagaimanapun Tuan Ibrahim berkata, walaupun PAS mengamalkan dasar terbuka bagi sesiapa sahaja untuk menyertai parti itu, namun berharap penyertaan berkenaan mampu mengukuhkan PAS dan tidak membebankan parti.

    "Kami harap penyertaan ke dalam PAS akan dapat membantu menguatkan lagi parti ini dan bukannya menjadi beban kepada parti," katanya.

    Selain itu Tuan Ibrahim berkata, PAS menghargai kesetiaan yang ditunjukkan Zulkifli untuk bersama Pakatan Rakyat.

    "Kami menghargaai kesetiaannya untuk terus berjuang bersama Pakatan Rakyat, walaupun dipecat daripada PKR beliau tetap mahu berjuang bersama kita... prinsip itu perlu dihargai," katanya. -MSTAR

    Tiada peluang Zulkifli kembali pada PAS

    Ahli parlimen Kulim Bandar-Baharu Zulkifli Noordin - yang tersepit kedudukannya dalam PKR – mungkin tidak berpeluang lagi berpatah balik kepada parti asalnya PAS, jika disingkirkan dari PKR.

    Setiausaha agung PAS, Datuk Mustafa Ali membayangkan gelapnya masa depan wakil rakyat kontroversi itu, termasuk tidak berpeluang bertanding lagi dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang atas tiket parti Islam itu.

    "Pernah jadi (calon) sekali, lepas itu tidak jadilah," katanya.

    Zulkifli yang terkenal dengan kelantangannya dalam isu-isu Melayu-Islam kini dihadapkan ke lembaga disiplin PKR kerana membuat laporan polis terhadap wakil rakyat PAS Khalid Samad berhubung isu penggunaan kalimah Allah.

    Zulkifli pernah menjadi ahli PAS dan bertanding atas tiket parti itu di Kuala Langat dalam pilihan raya umum 2004 tetapi tewas di tangan calon BN, Datuk Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh.

    Empat tahun selepas itu, Zulkifli secara tidak dijangka, sekali lagi terpilih bertanding dalam pilihan raya umum, tetapi memakai logo PKR.

    Bagaimanapun, status keahlian peguam tersebut sentiasa dipertikaikan ekoran pandangan politiknya yang sering tidak senada dengan kenyataan parti barunya, di bawah pimpinan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Dalam wawancara dengan Malaysiakini hari ini, Mustafa mengesahkan Zulkifli tidak pernah menyatakan permohonannya keluar PAS secara rasmi.

    "Jadi di tengah kesibukan plihan raya (2008), tidak semua perkara dibuat secara keputusan rasmi. Ada pun (kes) Zulkifli ini, secara terus terang, saya pun tahu-tahu dia sudah jadi calon PKR," jelasnya.

    "Saya rasa beliau mungkin masih ahli PAS. Beliau tidak pernah keluar PAS. Tetapi kita bertolak ansurlah sebab (sesama) kawan (dalam Pakatan Rakyat). Jadi tidak ada masalahlah (untuk bertanding)," katanya.

    Mustafa berkata, penglibatan Zulkifli dengan PKR dengan sendirinya menggugurkan keahliannya dalam PAS.

    Mustafa bagaimanapun juga enggan mengulas tempat untuk Zulkifli dalam PAS jika disingkir dari PKR dalam masa terdekat ini.

    "Saya tidak hendak jawab tindakan yang belum berlaku. Kita tengok dulu. Saya pun tidak tahu apa hendak berlaku pada beliau," katanya.

    Mengulas tindakan beberapa wakil rakyat Pakatan yang dilihat 'sukar dikawal' dalam Pakatan, khususnya PKR, veteran PAS Terengganu itu berkata:

    "Saya tidak bimbang. Dua, tiga orang macam ini biasalah dalam parti yang baru (PKR). Parti yang lama pun, DAP ada juga. Tetapi itu kes di Perak itu berlainanlah. Jadi parti yang baru ini sedang menuju kematangannya. Insya-Allah selesailah tu," katanya optimis.

    Mustafa berkata, imej pemimpin seperti Zulkifli mungkin tidak terjejas jika mereka mengambil jalan menyuarakan perbezaan pandangannya mengunakan saluran dalaman parti.

    "Perkara ini pun kalau dibuat secara dalaman tidak menjejaskan imejnya (Zulkifli) sendiri," katanya.

    Ulasan GB

    "Hakim" yang memutuskan menggantung keahlian Khalid Samad, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man tiba-tiba membuat kenyataan PAS bersedia menerima YB Zulkifli Noordin yang dipecat oleh PKR.

    Kenyataan Tuan Ibrahim mendahulu sekalian pimpinan PAS yang lain dan kenyataan itu dilihat tidak menghormati keputusan rakan komponen PR yang telah memecat Zulkifli Noordin sebelum ini.

    Zulkifli dipecat kerana membuat laporan polis terhadap MP PAS, Khalid Samad, tiba-tiba PAS pula ingin menyabut Zulkifli Noordin kedalam partinya.

    Ketara sangat bebalnya PAS dan busuk hati Tuan Ibrahim ini terhadap Khalid Samad. Itu sebab mengapa Khalid dikenakan tindakan gantung keahlian sedangkan Hassan Ali hanya diberikan amaran sekalipun kesalahan Hassan Ali jauh lebih besar dari Khalid.

    Jika dibuat pungutan suara di kalangan semua ahli PAS, GB amat percaya majoriti ahli PAS tidak akan dapat menerima Zulkifli.

    Tuan Ibrahim perlu dikenakan tindakan!

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