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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 08:59 AM PDT

  • PutthebabyontheboobchangehisdiaperputhimontheboobchangehisdiaperputhimontheboobchangehisdiapercookcleanplaywithAlputthebabyontheboob… #
  • Had high blood pressure. Doc told me to get more rest. Saying that to a new parent is like telling a one-armed man to clap. #
  • My inability to multitask has me feeling crappy but apparently I rock at getting the baby to sleep when he's cranky so there. Yeah baby. #
  • 1) Hearing a BANG! where the aquarium is: Not good. 2) Seeing water on the floor afterwards: See 1). #
  • It freaks me out how my nephew Afiq can sleep on the floor. No pillow. He just lies there like a corpse, face-down on the hard floor. #
  • The whole cleaning & burying the uri thing was gross, but after watching Leen's C-section I find myself somewhat immune to gross now. #
  • I'll be up till abt 5am doing some work & watching the baby. But the good news: from 5am onwards I can sleep the sleep of the dead. #
  • Babycare in shifts is one of those ideas that can go bad real quick. Like throwing a surprise party for a centenarian. #
  • So far, though, the whole shift thing is working well. 6 hrs sleep does suck, but it beats getting up every 2-3 hrs. #
  • It's bad enough my nephew sleeps on the hard floor, but he also rolls around and bangs into furniture & just keeps on sleeping. #
  • Yeah I know he was really just shitting his pants, but the baby smiled at me and it was awesome. #
  • On the night shift. Who's staying up with me? #
  • The baby's sleeping next to me, the Internet works, & I've got a plate of my fave fried rice (crack on a plate kids I swear). Nice. #
  • So I said to myself, 'Self! Quit talking to yourself & go make me a coffee!' And you know what? He did. What a sweetie. #
  • That sleep I had from 730am to 130pm was only 6 hrs but wow it was the sleep of the dead I swear. Didn't even get up to pee. #
  • Ok is it really hot tonight or is it just really freaking hot tonight? #
  • May go to register Aaron tomorrow. Not sure if I'll spell his middle name Yusuf or Yusof. #

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<br><br><br><br>Finally.....................<br>Lee Chong Wei is the newly

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 10:58 AM PDT

Lee Chong Wei is the newly crowned All England Champion! But what a fight Japanese qualifier Kenichi Tago put up. A cliffhanger and nailbiting match indeed as the young Japanese trained under Park Young Joo fought nail and tooth to close the gap. It wasnt an easy victory as the stubborn Japanese despite his inexperience has a indomitable spirit and warrior's attitude till the end.

Yea...................... What a feeling!

And how he endears himself to the crowd readily shaking hands and signing autograph and displaying the Malaysian flag proudly

Even with his feet on the ground, he deserve to put himself on cloud nine as this is the first time he has won the elusive title despite clinching all other major titles.

Yea, indeed Chong Wei boleh. What a night for Malaysia to taste glory in badminton.

Visit to Friends’ Place on Day 6 of Tiger Chinese New Year

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 10:00 AM PDT

IMG_5451 by nicholaschan.

Woo, I still have many to talk about the recent Chinese New Tiger Year. It's fun, it's shiok and it's nice! On the sixth day of Chinese New Year, brother went back to Singapore already, I am back to being alone again, always look for friend. So on this day, I went to visit to my friend's house, or also call bai nian where people visit to others' house give orange and take ang bao.

IMG_5456 by nicholaschan.

First stop of the day, after dropping brother at the airport, I went to Alvin's place, a friend that I knew like 5 years back. He was just awake when I was there and looked stim stim, but cute.

IMG_5466 by nicholaschan.

Then, me and Alvin went to visit Yiphing, spent like an hour at there, talking and I played the piano. I am so noob, someone please teach me how to play.

IMG_5475 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5469 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5476 by nicholaschan.
Yong Chieh and Wei Chung.

Next stop was to Jin Jie's place near Yiphing's place. It's his new home but it's only open during Chinese New Year. Pretty nice place, though no idea why his family doesn't want to move it. I saw a lot of my high school mate there, very happy to see them, especially my 5SA1 friend, Hock Sheng, Yong Chieh and Beng Tian.

IMG_5477 by nicholaschan.

Gambled and won. Really happy. ^^ And I found pop-pop fire crackers at there, it's like so long that I didn't play this kind of thing already, let me see, it would be like 6 years already.

IMG_5485 by nicholaschan.
Beng Tian! Still so funny.

IMG_5487 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5492 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5493 by nicholaschan.
Beng Tian behind bars.

IMG_5494 by nicholaschan.
Jin Jie.

Thanks Jin Jie for inviting me over. So miss my high school friends now. So-so-so much. Last time, we were in a classroom all the time, everyday also get to meet, but now, no chance already. Everyone always busy with their own thing. I guess we need more gathering.

IMG_5548 by nicholaschan.
Good job, Caiqian!

So after Jin Jie house, it's some break time. I actually went to the camera shop to get some gear, then meal at Prangin Mall only then go to the last house of the day and it's Jen's house. The Leo Club friends had a BBQ dinner at Jen's place and I went there with Alvin. So basically, Alvin was with me the whole day.

IMG_5549 by nicholaschan.
Chin Keong with the stick.

We were there late and luckily food were BBQ-ed and I need not to spend time in front of the fire. ^^

IMG_5550 by nicholaschan.
Victor, why you laugh like that?

IMG_5545 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5554 by nicholaschan.
Lester, me and Victor.

Eat, eat, eat. There's chicken wings, satay, chicken pie, potato, lots of soft drinks, and marshmallow!

IMG_5559 by nicholaschan
Pei Chia.

IMG_5569 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5578 by nicholaschan.

IMG_5581 by nicholaschan.
Wan Pei vs Kooi Jin.

IMG_5583 by nicholaschan.

The last part was funny, it's seeing Kooi Jin making jokes in Jen's room and Wan Pei pillow fight with Kooi Jin. HAHA!

highly recommended reads

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 10:07 AM PDT

ok if today is a blue monday to you, spend your time reading these interesting articles i found here and there on the net. you don't only read them but you share them too, ok? i only provided excerpt quotes, you have to click on the link to read the full article.

(btw to brighten up your monday morning, the good news is datuk lee chong wei won the all england. hurray! he's the champion!)


In this regard, Utusan Malaysia has, for example, carried news reports, interviews and opinion pieces in support of the caning of Muslim women so why can't others respond with their own points of view? Why can't another Muslim like MarinaMahathir question the manner of enforcement of Syariah punishments in this country? Why can't P. Gunasegaram give his own views from the perspective of a non-Muslim?"


"My research on Filipino immigration to Sabah shows how Malaysia utilizes census practices and documentation to incorporate an illegal immigrant population from the Philippines. Illegal immigrants play an electoral role in Sabah because of the loosely institutionalized nature of citizenship, a feature common to many other developing countries. Our examination of Malaysia reveals several elements of illegal immigration and citizenship that are common to migratory flows in other developing countries"…..


Umno is playing a dangerous game. The next 'May 13' is not going to be the same 'May 13' as in 1969. This next 'May 13', if Umno succeeds in its plan, is going to be a civil war.

And it is not going to be a civil war of Malays versus non-Malays. It is going to be a civil war of Malays, Chinese and Indians versus Umno Malays. Yes, the Umno Malays are going to be alone against a united force of opposition Malays, Chinese and Indians. The Chinese and Indians from MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP and so on will not come to Umno's aid. Umno is going to be left all alone.


Recall elections are an electoral device that allows citizens to sack elected representatives who underperform or betray their mandate.

Already in place in America and Canada, these are an extension of the democracratic process in that it allow citizens to hold elected officials accountable during their term in office.


last but not least, the…

2malaysia facegroup! we have reach 1000 members as of 15 march approx. 0100 hrs. yippy!  17 days old only! hopefully the members will grow and grow. we need to expose all the double standards and hypocrisy that are going on.

Zahrain 'berbulan madu' tiga bulan - tiada di Bayan Lepas. Holiday di US!!

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 09:42 AM PDT

Bayan Baru MP Mohd Zahrain Hashim received a petition from more than 2,000 people asking him to quit before March 15. To be exact, the petition carried 2,108 signatures that were collected in two days from constituents residing around the Bayan Baru market and Tapak Pesta area in Sungai Nibong, Penang and was handed over to Zahrain by Bayan Baru division leader Ahmad Azrizal Tahir at the Dewan Tabung Haji in Bayan Lepas, about 4pm yesterday.

Malaysiakini could not contact Zahrain for comments last night despite several attempts on his mobile phoneno response to mobile text messsages to the parliamentarian. Also, there was no response to mobile text messsages to the parliamentarian.

State Assemblyperson for Pantai Jerejak (Pantai Jerejak is a state seat under Bayan Baru), Sim Tze Tsin said, "I was told that Zahrain was shocked, looked pale and discouraged upon receiving the petition, but he accepted it anyway, as the people have spoken." He also claimed that this was Zahrain's first visit to his constituency after a three-month 'disappearance' but the MP had clarified in a news report that he had been away in the US with several BN MPs since his resignation from the party.

Cari Makan @ Selangor: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Two weeks back, after the gym My friend and I went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co @ the curve for our dinner.

Restaurant Deco

Restaurant Deco

How's their menu like? hmmm... do you still remember what Bubba said?.. As Bubba said... "Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it"

So it's not easy to decide what for the appetizer, main course and dessert. We only ordered appetizer and main course. We skipped the dessert for that day. We ordered a beer each, 3/4 lbs Shrimper's Net Catch as appetizer, my friend order Captain's Fish and Chips for main dish and i ordered ...

One Pint

1/2 lb Shrimper's Net Catch

Shrimp Rigatoni

Main Dish come with Salad

The food was quite nice, I enjoyed the Shrimp as the appetizer and the service overall was good but if talk about value for money... I would say not really. It's a bit pricy for a dinner ended up with RM140+

Summary rating
First Impression (greeting customer) : 4/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 4/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 4/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 2/5
Overall rating : 3.5/5


My Weekend Getaway

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 10:33 AM PDT

I don't have time to write now, but I will do when I am free soon! Simply because the trip was awesome! And I'm flying to Dubai in erm... 18 hours..

Disney on Ice – Disneyland Adventure

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 09:22 AM PDT

As I am writing this Miki has fallen asleep on his own, on the couch while watching TV. This is the first time it has ever happened in the entire 25 months of his life. There was no chasing his up and down the house just to catch him and tuck him into bed, no promises about what we are gonna do tomorrow, he just fell asleep. Miracles do happen! Tomorrow Azman open table!

Anyway my bosom buddy Annahita called up this morning asking if we were interested to watch Disney on Ice – Disneyland Adventures at Stadium Bukit Jalil. She has got VIP Royal Box tickets. It was the Royal Box, if I had said no, I will kena tulah diraja dan di panah petir. Jadi nak taknak, kena pergi jugak… chewahhhhhh

Thanks so much Auntie Ita (tak bagi Miki panggil Auntie tu.. suruh panggil Kakak! Bawak2 lah tengok MyCard sendiri, apa nombor tahun tulis kat situ) Miki loved the show but Mummy Miki loved it that she got to meet you! :)

So the three of us, plus my friend the hottie Hazrina and Ita herself went to watch the 2 oclock show. It was Miki's first time watching and second time for Azman and I. I believe even if it was the 100th time, I would still be as mesmerized as though I had never laid my eyes in the legendary Disney characters.

Yes,I don't wanna grow up! I am Toys R' Us kid. Here are some pictures from the show.

mickey and minnie
Mickey and Minnie Mouse

goofy at Disney on Ice
Goofy, Mickey and Pluto chained by the Pirates of the Caribbeans

pirates of the carrebean

Pirates of the Caribbeans

disney on ice

The whole story was about The Incredibles coming to save Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse who got cursed into sleeping for thousand years…


…byMaleficent the villain of the show. After this wicked witch made her appearance, Azman focused the camera on her and Miki peered at the live view screen. Apparently he understood the storyline somehow and knew that Maleficent was a bad  person. Miki proceed babbling what sounded like scoldings to her and jentik the camera screen!

Hahahaha. tak dapat belasah orang ko belasah camera pun jadi la ehh?

train ride

Another scene when Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald got on a train ride.

Overall, I was more than satisfied with the show and happy with Miki's tolerable behaviour. He was shy with the two Aunties so the first parts of the show, Miki was very attentive and sitting down quietly enjoying all the scene. Middle parts of the show he started to show his true colors and gone exploring the empty seats and disturbing Rina (haha sorry babe!). Last parts of the show- Miki was dancing along, singing along, pulling my hair and could believe the show was over.

annahita and hazrina

Once again thanks Ladies for inviting me and my family to see this show. Kesian Miki tak puas tengok. Next year kita cari tiket free lagi ye Miki? Hint hint! wahaha

1-2 Untuk Ferrari Di Perlumbaan Formula One Litar Sakhir Bahrain

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 09:38 AM PDT

Pelumba Ferrari Fernando Alonso berjaya menjadi Juara Grand Prix Bahrain, grand prix pertama musim perlumbaan Formula One tahun ini.

Ferrari menyelesaikan perlumbaan Formula One dengan kedudukan satu dua dengan Felipe Massa berada di kedudukan nombor dua.

Alonso yang baru mulai tahun ini berlumba untuk Ferrari memulai perlumbaan dari kedudukan ketiga di belakang Felipe Massa dan pelumba Red Bull Sebastian Vettel yang berada di posisi pertama.

Pelumba Red Bull Sebastian Vettel itu telah kehilangan posisi terdepannya di psuingan ke 35 dari 49 yang perlu diselesaikan.

Kereta Vettel mengalami masalah exhaust yang menyebabkan kereta itu kehilangan tenaga.

Bukan hanya ia didahului oleh dua orang pelumba Ferrari, di lap ke 38 ia terpaksa melepaskan posisi ketiga ke tangan juara dunia tahun 2008, Lewis Hamilton dari McLaren.

Nico Rosberg dari Mercedez-Benz GP Ltd yang membawa iklan Petronas di keretanya berada di kedudukan kelima diikuti rakan sepasukannya, mantan juara dunia tujuh kali Michael Schumacher yang kembali turun musim perlumbaan tahun ini setelah bersara selama tiga tahun.

Juara bertahan Jenson Button berada di posisi tujuh diikuti pelumba Red Bull Mark Webber.

Vitantonio Liuzzi dengan kereta Force India di tempat ke 9, manakala Rubens Barrichello di tempat ke10 untuk Williams, mengutip mata yang akhir.

Sekalipun terdapat 6 orang pelumba yang terkeluar dari perlumbaaan, Lotus tidak terlibat dan berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan dengan Heikki Kovalainen di tempat ke 15Jarno Trulli di tempat ke 17, ketinggalan 3 pusingan.

Hasil Perlumbaan

1. Alonso Ferrari 1jam39:20.396
2. Massa Ferrari + 16.099
3. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes + 23.182
4. Vettel Red Bull-Renault + 38.713
5. Rosberg Mercedes + 40.263
6. Schumacher Mercedes + 44.180
7. Button McLaren-Mercedes + 45.260
8. Webber Red Bull-Renault + 46.308
9. Liuzzi Force India-Mercedes + 53.089
10. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth + 1:02.400
11. Kubica Renault + 1:09.093
12. Sutil Force India-Mercedes + 1:22.958
13. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 1:32.656
14. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth + 1 lap
15. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth + 1 lap
16. Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari + 3 laps
17. Trulli Lotus-Cosworth + 3 laps

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Happiness wards off heart attacks - bbc online

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Happiness wards off heart disease, study suggests

Happiness has been linked to improve health before
Being happy and staying positive may help ward off heart disease, a study suggests.US researchers monitored the health of 1,700 people over 10 years, finding the most anxious and depressed were at the highest risk of the disease.
They could not categorically prove happiness was

Just A Thought

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 08:36 AM PDT

For quite sometime, it was my intense love for my husband and my children that have made me persevered hard to keep the family together.
The intensity still remains.
However, I do at times feel I am not receiving the love and attention that a husband should shower on a wife.
At my age, when the husband's mind is always elsewhere, the feeling is feel so unappreciated and neglected..macam tunggul!

My son is getting married soon and of course we're all so excited.
My kids are a mixed of those already working and those still studying.
Like all moms, we just want our children to have just the simple but important things in life..great health, happiness, sound academic achievements, religious to a certain extent and enough success if not too much.

I do wonder at times whether this emotional starvation of mine will oneday erupt and that my marriage will kaboom!
If it does, you can always blame me for being senile..

Nevertheless, I will always try to remember all the good times and hope we'll always become the best of friends for the children's sake.

My children will always be the most important people in my life..
I have to be realistic...if ever I want to go my way oneday, its to give 2 old people a last shot for true love to come their way.
I thought I had found mine but I may have made a wrong assumption.
Its okay..I am not game to find any new ones for fear of making another wrong blunder.
I'm not that vain either.

How much happier will I be..gosh I don't know!
It could be worst..lonely with no money?
It could be never know whether you can swim until you jump into the pond..make sure you have a pelampung or a life-jacket?
Unfortunately, I don't have any yet.
Not even an old tyre to keep me afloat!

You lurks somewhere in my mind..and I believe its not unusual to feel that way once in a while.
So, let it out..nothing shameful. It releases some hot air! Or steam??

FREE RM100 Google Ads - Promote Your Business on Google -

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 08:05 AM PDT

I don't know how good it is but hey, it's free!

I've got no business. So, I can't sign up for it.

If you're interested, just click on image below!!!

10 rules for men to live by....

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 07:15 AM PDT

Got these 'golden rules' from a forwarded email.

Be sure to read them slowly until the end.

1. It's important to have a woman who helps at home.

2. It's important to have a woman who cooks from time to time.

3. It's important to have a woman who keeps the house clean.

4. It's important to have a woman who has a job.

5. It's important to have a woman who likes you.

6. It's important to have a woman who can be your very best friend.

7. It's important to have a woman who can make you laugh.

8. It's important to have a woman who you can trust, who doesn't lie to you.

9. It's important to have a woman who is good in bed.

10. It's very, very important that these nine women do not know each other.

Tiger Woods

From fear to hope

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 07:04 AM PDT

Source: Extracts from the, From fear to hope by Josh Hong in Malaysiakini

Browsing through a major bookstore in Kuala Lumpur some years ago, I chanced upon a book with a catchy title: World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability.

Amy Chua, the author, is a Chinese Filipino currently living in the US. She argues fervently in the book how indigenous populations the world over resent the control of the economy by a 'market-dominant ethnic minority'. In Southeast Asia, it is the Chinese; in Latin America, the Whites (mostly of Spanish or Portuguese descent); in East Africa, the Indians; and in Russia, the Jews.

I found the book very interesting and readable, for it contains a wealth of information on ethnic conflicts. The book was then almost forgotten, lying somewhere in my study.

And I only plucked it out of oblivion when Ibrahim Ali (right) of Perkasa recently warned that an economy dominated by the 'minorities' and 'taukes' would lead to political instability and social chaos, precisely the leitmotif in Chua's book.

To be fair, World on Fire is an excellent overview of how globalisation has exacerbated ethnic disparities in wealth now that the 'market-dominant minorities' enjoy disproportionate rewards. But what Chua has failed so miserably to do is to provide a credible alternative to what she sees as an unjust economic system through which a select few enrich themselves at the expense of the majority.

While she did propose affirmative action she fell short of spelling out how abuses could be minimised to ensure that such a policy benefitted the target group. The Yale professor of law also made a mistake that is commonly shared by most journalists – failing to see the wood for the trees.

While it may be true that the Chinese, who make up 3% of the population, control as much as 70% of the Indonesian economy, the majority of Chinese Indonesians are just ordinary breadwinners like everyone else.

This is because not everyone can become a Bob Hassan and a Liem Siow Liong, whose fortunes were made possible by their close links to the ruling elite in the past. Just like in Malaysia, the enormous wealth generated by YTL, Vincent Tan, Tiong Hew Kiing and Robert Kuok is not shared by the average Chinese.

Fear of instability

The Malaysian economy is indeed monopolised by a tiny group of elite, but these 'market- dominant minorities' are increasingly multiracial in nature, while the population at large is made to bear the brunt of rising costs but worsening standards of living. This is a crude reality that Perkasa and other ultra-Malay NGOs refuse to face up to. Perhaps they would rather see a few Malay billionaires 'walk tall' among others even if much of the Malay populace becomes worse off.

Coming back to Chua's book, it is still informative and thought-provoking to some extent, but falls short of suggesting alternatives. As far as Malaysia is concerned, having a handful of Chinese tycoons working closely with the ruling coalition does not solve the dilemma of the Chinese community; neither does it benefit the country as a whole.

Similarly, those who are genuinely concerned about the future of the Malay people should sit down and ponder as to whether the current system that permits a select group of Malays to dominate the economy would truly be sustainable in the long run.

How about the social-democratic model of Scandinavia, where we may not necessarily see one or two tycoons walk tall but where the people continue to enjoy one of the world's highest incomes plus a comprehensive safety net?

JOSH HONG studied politics at London Metropolitan University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. A keen watcher of domestic and international politics, he longs for a day when Malaysians will learn and master the art of self-mockery, and enjoy life to the full in spite of politicians.

Anwar Tolak Desas-Desus Adun Bakar Arang Bakal Lompat

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 06:38 AM PDT

Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menafikan desas-desus mendakwa bekas Exco Kedah, Tan Wei Shu, merajuk dengan kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat Kedah dan berkira-kira mahu melompat parti.

Bercakap kepada media selepas ceramah perdana di Kota Sarang Semut semalam, Anwar menyampaikan kekesalan Tan Wei Shu diatas spekulasi jahat ini dan berkata Adun Bakar Arang itu kekal komited kepada PKR.

"Kita berterima-kasih dan menghargai khidmat beliau, dan saya katakan bahawa kita bagi sokongan kepada Menteri Besar Kedah untuk membuat penyesuaian yang beliau fikir perlu. Penguguran Tan Wei Shu tidak bermakna kita tidak berpuas-hati dengan khidmatnya. Setiap individu ada peranan dan tugasannya," kata Anwar.

Sebuah akhbar perdana baru-baru ini mewar-warkan cerita bahawa Wei Shu merajuk hingga sanggup tidak hadir ke majlis mengangkat sumpah barisan Exco Negeri Kedah.

Di makan malam itu, Wei Shu memahami bahawa rombakan Exco Kerajaan Negeri adalah mengikut keperluan semasa, dibawah budi bicara Menteri Besar Kedah Azizan Abu Bakar. -TVS

Danish newspaper formally publish an apology for those who they may have offended by their cartoons

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 06:11 AM PDT

SOURCE: Cartoons of prophet Mohammed caused a stir in 2008Danish paper
apologizes to Muslims for cartoons

Politiken is the first Danish newspaper to formally apologize to those
who may have felt offended by the publication of the cartoons


Danish daily Politiken on Friday apologized to Muslims for possibly
offending them by reproducing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in
2008, but said it did not regret publishing the drawings.

Politiken is the first Danish newspaper to formally apologize to those
who may have felt offended by the publication of the cartoons.

It published on Friday an agreement reached with eight organizations
from as many countries representing 94,923 descendants of the Muslim

In the agreement Politiken said it regretted if it had insulted
Muslims' faith, but that it did not regret publishing the drawings and
that it did not renounce the right to publish the controversial
drawings again.

Politiken's apologies were condemned by the Danish political class,
who said the paper was caving in to pressure and had sacrificed
freedom of expression, which is considered a cornerstone of Danish

Danish daily Jyllands-Posten first published 12 caricatures of
Mohammed in September 2005.

The cartoons, including one featuring the prophet wearing a turban
shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse, angered many Muslims worldwide and
sparked angry and in some cases deadly protests in January and
February 2006.

PalArabs seething and inciting over Hurva Synagogue

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 06:05 AM PDT

The newly rebuilt Hurva Synagogue, destroyed by the Jordanian army in 1948 will finally be rededicated next week.

The house of worship was first built in the early 1700s, burned down in 1720, and rebuilt in 1864. Built in the center of the Jewish Quarter, it dominated the Jerusalem skyline (along with the Tiferes Yisrael synagogue.)

Naturally, the Muslims are furious at Jews daring to rebuild a synagogue in a spot that they had lived continuously for well over two thousand years. As I reported a few months ago, what really bugged them was the height of the structure, because in Islamic tradition mosques should always be the tallest buildings in the area. Since the Jewish Quarter is on a hill, the Hurva dome will be higher than the domes on the Al Aqsa mosque and Dome of the Rock.

Now, however, they have a new reason to seethe. Ever since Ha'aretz reported a (pretty much unfounded) rumor that the Vilna Gaon had predicted that the Third Temple would be built on March 16, 2010, they have been convinced that Israel has evil plans. Saraya, the Islamic Jihad newspaper, says that Hurva is being built on an Islamic neighborhood, and says that the construction of the Third Temple will commence on March 16th.

The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation says that the Hurva dedication will take place on Sunday and Monday, also to be followed by the public start of the building of the Third Temple, as well as more Jews "storming" Al Aqsa for Passover at the end of the month. Hey, if they are expecting it already, there's nothing to lose by doing it, right? Hat tip : Elder of Ziyon

Try to do the same!

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 07:16 AM PDT

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Hujan Beri Rahmat Kepada Petani

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 05:23 AM PDT

Hujan yang turun mencurah selepas majlis solat Istisqa diketuai oleh Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat pagi kelmarin memberi rahmat kepada petani di negeri ini.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pertanian, Industri Desa dan Bioteknologi, Che Abdullah Mat Nawi berkata, kejadian hujan itu telah kembali menyuburkan tanaman petani yang kontang sejak sebulan lalu.

"Kejadian ini adalah satu perkara aneh kerana Jabatan Kaji Cuaca meramalkan hujan hanya akan turun selepas dua bulan, bagi kami ianya doa orang mukmin yang dimakbulkan.

"Mereka yang paling gembira pada saat ini adalah golongan petani yang terjejas teruk pertumbuhan tanaman mereka sejak sebulan lalu terutamanya tanaman padi yang menjadi kontang," katanya kepada Sinar Harian ketika ditemui semalam.

Terdahulu beliau merasmikan program motivasi remaja Jajahan Tumpat di Sekolah Menengah Agama Arab Mehelliah, Getting.

Che Abdullah berkata, sebagai orang bertanggungjawab terhadap sektor pertanian negeri ini, beliau turut melahirkan rasa gembira dan bersyukur beban yang ditanggung oleh golongan petani telah terurai dengan kejadian hujan ini.

Katanya, sebelum ini beliau menerima banyak aduan daripada petani tentang masalah kekurangan air yang menjejaskan tanaman mereka, namun tiada jalan penyelesaian sehinggalah Nik Aziz mengumumkan untuk mengadakan solat Istisqa meminta hujan.

"Bila Nik Aziz membuat pengumuman, saya cukup gembira apatah lagi dalam keadaan rakyat yang memberi sokongan padu kepada ikhtiar Kerajaan Negeri untuk mengadakannya.

"Kejadian hujan ini membuktikan bahawa doa umat Islam telah dimakbulkan dengan meminta kepadaNya berbanding usaha manusia sendiri untuk menangani perkara itu," katanya.

Dalam pada katanya, beliau bertambah yakin Kerajaan Negeri akan mendapat royalti minyak kerana orang yang berdoa untuk meminta hujan juga adalah orang sama yang meminta agar Kelantan mendapat apa yang menjadi hak mereka.

"Sebagai umat Islam, kita perlu yakin dengan kuasa tuhan, dan doa daripada orang yang sama ini juga berkemungkinan besar akan dimakbulkan untuk Kelantan menerima royalti minyak," katanya. -SH

Busy weekend

Posted: 14 Mar 2010 04:11 AM PDT

The exhibition in conjunction with International Women's Day went into full swing over the weekend. With more crowd anticipated, many activities were held during the weekend.

I had however promised Kerp that I'd be attending his wedding reception in Kelana Jaya, so Saturday was my off day. After all the obstacles Kerp & Pinky (his wifey) had to go through, I made it a point to attend. I still went in the morning to Kinta City Shopping Complex to help set up the Buddies booth, and once the volunteer on duty arrived and after briefing him on what to do, I left things to him.

It was about 10.20 am by the time I made a move from Ipoh. I had promised an alumni senior of mine that I'd notify her once I leave Ipoh. She wanted to pass some goodies for me to distribute to the poor HIV families under my care, and she thought it would be better if she caught me before the wedding reception. I told her I'd usually reach the Damansara Jaya exit in 2 hours, and since yesterday I needed to take the Subang exit, I told her it would probably be 2 ++ hours.

But hey, I actually made it to Subang toll in 2 hours. I stopped after the toll, and noticed there was a text message from my senior, to say that she was waiting for me by the roadside in front of the CGC building. Got from her some clothes, pillows and a pair of ladies shoes.

Then off I went to Dewan MBPJ Kelana Jaya, where the wedding reception was held. The moment I got to the parking lot, I saw Raden Galoh and her family. RG too wanted to pass 3 bags of toys to be given to the infected/affected kids under Buddies. Ahh... great! I always prefer to make my trips to KL or anywhere else more than just a single purpose trip. This time, other than getting to attend Kerp's wedding reception as promised, I also managed to get a load of stuff to be given away to the poor HIV families.

Sorry, I didn't bring my camera along to the wedding, so no pics from me. But I did get to meet quite a number of fellow bloggers, among them were Dato Rocky, Kak Ena, Kak Ton, Mat Salo, Shah, Zorro, Elviza and of course, Raden Galoh. Many of Kerp's wheelchair friends also came.

I left right after the arrival of the royal guests, HRH The Regent of Perak & his consort. (Oh, bukan tak hormat my raja, but I had already eaten and was already outside the dewan when he arrived).

By about 4.30 pm, I was already back in Ipoh. It did occur to me to just drop by Kinta City for the exhibition, but I finally decided not to. I needed some rest myself. Besides, today, the last day of the exhibition, I was on the morning shift.

But hey, I still managed to mow the lawn (yep, using my brand new "kerbau") this morning before going for the exhibition!

Together with me on the morning shift was a young "temporary" volunteer. Temporary? Well, she was interested to become a volunteer, but she will only be around until August or so, as such we can't really take her in to meet our PLHIV clients and all (due to confidentiality issues). But taking her in to help with exhibitions and awareness campaigns wouldn't be a problem at all. And it would be good exposure for her!

2 volunteers and 2 buddy bears

Right behind our table, there were handcrafts... nope, these were not made of rattan, they were actually made using recycled magazines! Anyone interested to find out more, or if you wish to order (manalah tau, nak buat bekas hantaran ke, or nak buat souvenir items ke), you may contact Rita.

Performances on stage began at about 11.30 am or so. The Pink Champion of Perak (support group for breastcancer) started off with a mime.

Then the DJ called for 5 women to come on stage for a game. The game? Since the theme of IWD is "Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities - Progress for All", the women were supposed to spell Progress for All... backwards!


The jazzercise instructor and her team performing.

And this was the scene when she got members of the audience to join her on stage!

Oh no, I didn't join the jazzercise! Didn't want my body to shake on stage in front of everybody! Shy lah! After all, I had my share of exercise for the day when I mowed the lawn at home earlier in the morning!

But I did join the next event called "Drum Circle" organised by KAMI. Right now I can't for the life of me remember what KAMI stands for, but it's a family support group for mental illnesses. By this time, my shift was just over, and 2 other volunteers came to our booth to take over.

Yep, that's me on stage with a kompang just waiting for instructions.

Then a few of us exchanged intruments. First the kompang, then I got to hentam the... errmm... whatever-you-call-it drum.

There were a few other performances after that, but since my shift was already over, and I figured I needed some rest after a stretch of activities for the whole week, so by 3 pm I left.

Tomorrow, after office I'd better go to my NGO center to make sure that all the reports for our coming AGM are ready to be distributed. We need to send out the notice and reports to all members ASAP as our AGM will be at the end of this month.

I'd also better check out on Halimah... if her baby has been discharged from the hospital. She did mention to me that the baby had some "jangkitan kuman", but I don't really know what kind of infection she meant.

A blog reader has also donated some money through me to be given to Lin, who needs to go through an op in early April to remove her fibroid, so I'd better make sure I pass the money to her soon so that she doesn't worry too much about her finances for the time being.

Ah yes, back to normal routine...

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