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Ibrahim Ali's s*#^ @ broadband speed - STILL ON IBRAHIM ALI'S S*#^ 3x

Ibrahim Ali's s*#^ @ broadband speed - STILL ON IBRAHIM ALI'S S*#^ 3x

Ibrahim Ali's s*#^ @ broadband speed - STILL ON IBRAHIM ALI'S S*#^ 3x

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 10:42 AM PDT

Ibrahim Ali's s*#^ @ broadband speed

On the way to work a couple of weeks ago, I received an SMS about the launch of Telekom Malaysia's UniFi High Speed Broadband service.
Finally, I thought. No more hours spent twiddling my thumbs waiting for YouTube videos to load.
Watching that red bar slowly inch forward is, to me, the most irritating thing in the world.
Well, to be honest it is kind of a tie between that and filling out tax returns which I would have to get around to doing soon.
Anyway, a few days ago it took me 25 minutes to load, via YouTube, the Al Jazeera video with the now infamous Ibrahim Ali interview. The great brown hope was asked whether affirmative action policies giving Malays, regardless of their income, advantages in housing, education and employment makes Malaysia a racist country.
His answer was, and I quote, "If they say that oh we feel that we are second class citizen, don't talk s**t la I tell you. You see. Don't talk s**t. I... I... I... I... I... I... I... I... I repeat, don't talk s**t three time. We the Malays have forgive a lot of thing to these people. We have sacrificed a lot of our interest."
No prizes for guessing the winner of the 2010 Zainuddin Maidin We Have Erection in Malaysia Award for the Best Interview and Best English categories.
I... I... I... digress.
Back to my High Speed Broadband adventure. I rushed into the office and eagerly surfed for information about initial areas covered by the service and the packages offered. Happily, I discovered that my area was among those covered.
Excitedly, I called the number on the screen. A young chap answered. I gave him my address. He checked the system. Wait for it. Let me give you a rough verbatim.
"I'm sorry Sir, your area cannot" he says.
"Why not?" I ask.
"Because, actually your area got the thing, but there is a technical problem so only when can already, I will call you" he replies.
We went on to have a long conversation about the packages on offer and so on. His jovial nature and grasp of the information about the packages available was about the only credit to TM in this conversation.
Why in the world would you launch something if it is not entirely functional in all the areas that you claim it is functional in? Why launch the service within selected areas of selected areas?
Well at least I have Streamyx at home unlike my friend who just moved into a new development in the Summit USJ area. Last week, he popped into the TM shop nearby and enquired about getting Streamyx installed.
A young man dealt with his application. He gave the man his address. The man checked the system. Wait for it. Let me give you a rough verbatim.
"Your place cannot," the man said.
"Why?" my friend asked.
"Tempat you takde port. So tak boleh," said the man.
"What do you mean takde port? What is a port?" asked my friend further.
"Port is port. Takde port. So cannot," repeated the man.
My poor friend then drove home only to find out from his condominium management that a team of technicians from TM had recently installed Streamyx for some other residents there. The management even had the number for the TM technician that had installed the Streamyx.
Confused, my friend drove all the way back to the TM shop and asked the same person what the whole issue was about. He even persuaded the person to speak to the TM technician that had carried out the said earlier installation.
After much talk, the guy at the TM shop puts the phone down, looks at my friend and says with a serious face: "Ya la, ya la ini port system kena update dulu. Lepas itu kita hantar orang buat survey."
I have no idea when TM will call me back with the good news that the High Speed Broadband is active in my place. I also have no idea when the so-called survey will be conducted at my friend's place of residence.
But the point is this. We really do need to get our act together when it comes to broadband services. And we should really start by ensuring that every place in the country is given quality access to the World Wide Web.
The only way to do this is to first ensure that all necessary "surveys" are done as soon as possible.
Next, we should ensure that the prices are not too prohibitive. It was reported that in Singapore, a 1Gbps (gigabit per second) line costs RM200 a month while TM's UniFi High Speed Broadband costs RM249 a month for a 20Mbps (megabit per second) line which is in fact 5 times slower.
Besides, the even slower 5Mbps line from TM costs RM149 a month or RM1788 a year. How many of us can spare that kind of money?
I hope TM and the Government reduces the UniFi subscription rates. This will go a long way towards achieving the Government's high broadband penetration target.
Failure to do so may result in the whole exercise going the way of the UniFi blimp on the official UniFi website front page. The blimp appears at the top-left of the screen and slowly floats downwards across the screen and finally ends up disappearing into a blue space that resembles the sea. (BY DAVID D. MATHEW/MySinchew)

I just feel like talking crap

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 09:38 AM PDT

I am short sighted. I have been that way for the past 14 years. I wear contacts for the past 11 years. The three years in between I was in denial.

My power for one eye is 550 and 500 for the other. I can't remember which is which. Last year I bought new glasses.

The movie 2010 inspired me to have them. In case of Armageddon, how do I cheat death if I can't sanitize my lens?

Everyone says I look like a nerd in glasses. Azman thinks I look like a teacher. My friend Yin thinks I look like a teacher too, only role-played by a po** star.

Well, my friend Yin is a genius.

Another genius is my hairdresser Amy. Somehow she is the reason that I vomit blood on daily basis.

People keep asking about the genetic origins of my son's curly hair. I think if I used Amy's straightening iron, I can seal their lips together. You see, I have very-very dark skin and curly hair. If I go to Congo they would think I am local.

The pictures of me in FB are all deceiving. Although I don't photoshop, I am photogenic. Gagaga!

Sexy Kellan (Twilight) Lutz Talk About His Dog Kola For PETA

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 09:00 AM PDT

Smoldering Twilight star Kellan Lutz stars in a PETA ad with his adorable rescued mutt Kola to tell fans, "Adopt, Don't Buy." Every time someone purchases a dog or cat from a pet store or breeder, one fewer home is available for an animal desperately waiting in an animal shelter or roaming the streets.

Kellan Lutz and Kola for

UMNO Kena Ajar PERKASA Pula.

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 08:55 AM PDT

Perkasa mahu 'ajar' pemimpin MCA, Gerakan

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa (Perkasa) mahu "mengajar" Ketua Gerakan Pulau Pinang Datuk Teng Hock Nam dan Timbalan Setiausaha MCA, Low Chew June mengenai Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Perkasa memberikan tempoh 48 jam berkuat kuasa Jumaat lalu kepada mereka untuk memohon maaf berhubung kenyataan dibuat susulan mesyuarat agung tahunannya.

Ketua Wira Perkasa Arman Azha Abu Hanifah berkata, tindakan itu diambil kerana kedua-dua pemimpin tersebut mengatakan perkara-perkara tida sepatutnya dan melabelkan Perkasa sebagai sebuah pertubuhan rasis dan haluan kanan.

Kedua-dua pemimpin berkenaan akan dihadiahkan senaskhah Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

"Kita mengambil tindakan ini kerana kedua-dua individu ini seolah-olah 'buta perlembagaan' dengan mendakwa Perkasa sebagai perkauman.

"Sebagai warganegara Malaysia adakah mempertahankan hak, maruah dan martabat Perlembagaan serta fasal-fasal dalam Perlembagaan negara dianggap rasis, perkauman dan haluan kanan?

"Dalam erti kata lain menjadi tanggungjawab setiap warganegara untuk memahami Perlembagaan dan mempertahannya tanpa mengira bangsa, kaum dan agama," katanya pada sidang media di pejabat Perkasa di ibu negara.

Menurutnya, Perkasa hanya bertindak mempertahankan Perlembagaan yang menjadi teras utama perjuangan pertubuhan tersebut.

"Dalam erti kata lain adalah mempertahankan dalam Perlembagan yang mempunyai hak-hak istimewa pribumi negara dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain.

"Adakah ini dikatakan pertubuhan rasis, perkauman dan haluan kanan? Sila nilai dan kaji perkara ini secara matang terutama kepada kedua-dua pemimpin itu.

"Jadi kepada pihak-pihak yang sebelum tidak memahami perjuangan Perkasa harus membuka mata dengan jelas," katanya lagi.

Arman Azha berkata, Perkasa mahu kedua-dua pemimpin tersebut memohon maaf kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang didakwanya turut diberikan label yang sama.

"Sebagai pemimpin mereka sepatutnya mempertahankan Perlembagaan kerana itu tanggungjawab kita semua sebagai rakyat.

"Sebelum ini kita lihat mereka turut melabelkan beberapa pemimpin Umno sebegitu juga kerana mempertahankan Perlembagan.

"Kini ingin saya tegaskan jika mereka warganegara Malaysia yang seharusnya menghormati Perlembagaan mereka perlu meminta maaf atau kami akan mengambil tindakan kerana tidak menghormati Perlembagaan Negara," katanya. -MI

Ulasan GB

Tak der beban batu digalas. Itulah nasib UMNO bila terima PERKASA sebagai NGO yg mesra BN kononnya.

PERKASA semakin rasis, semenjak menjulang keris kita keris dihalakan kepada mereka yang bukan Melayu - sesuatu yang pastinya meletakkan UMNO dalam keadaan serba tak kena.

UMNO ada tugas besar, untuk mengajar PERKASA pula. Apalah malang nasibmu UMNO.

Umno understandeth NOT the difference between FEDERAL and STATE!!

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 08:34 AM PDT

Published yesterday, Monday 05 April, 2010, in The Sun, page 6.
The two news were juxtaposed as below

Reading the Umno's man rant really makes you wonder how low Umno's intelligence can be! Can Umno compare Penang state government with another state government that gives annual aid to the elderly?

tis ladee tokking nonsense

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 07:46 AM PDT

believe it or not… this lady who is the women, family and community development minister, and a datuk too.

go and read at the malaysian digest her nonsense talk.  but i have to highlight the most nonsense of all her tok tok:

Thank God we have a federal government and a Barisan Nasional government for that matter, to take care of the people's welfare. If not, the poor in Penang will be starving.

"I would like to offer my sympathies to senior citizens in Penang because they worth less than RM10 a month as far as the Opposition-led state government is concerned,"

what nonsense!! the poor in penang will be starving? for your information, lady, first of all the RM100 is NOT for poor people but for ALL senior citizens;  the penang govt. showing their appreciation to senior citizens.

utter nonsense! federal govt and BN govt taking better care of the senior citizens? oh but this lady is a little low on intellect, she was refering to the poor (while the RM100 is appreciation NOT to the poor), so she meant federal/BN govt take better care of the poor.  really kah? but look at the poor malays in kampung… they are still poor… after BN's rule of 52 years. hey, it was UMNO who said it! remember their protest in komtar  after GE12? they were the ones who remarked the malays had been marginalised.

2nd part though, this lady… oh she's no lady… i mean this woman then mentioned 'senior citizens' (not 'poor&#8217… but what super duper nonsense was it that she offered her sympathy to the senior citizens??? she should come personally last saturday to see the very happy faces of all the senior citizens… or watch some videos on the net (esp. on malaysiakini) – all of them were so happy so who the hell need her sympathy!!

sharizat, save your sympathy for UMNO!!!

(picture here it taken from niamah blog, with editing by witsO)

Sarawakian First....haha

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 07:38 AM PDT

When I read this article, it kinda makes me laugh. Don't know why. I believed most Sarawakians (Sabahans too), will answer differently when they being posed such question. Are you Malaysian first? Or Iban first? Or Dusun first?

I think my answer would be, I'm SARAWAKIAN FIRST, MALAYSIAN SECOND :-P <---- is that racist statement? hahahaha..

So, Borneons? What are you? :D

p/s: Don't talk shit......(Ibrahim Ali, 2010).

More than 3 1/2 years later…

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 07:18 AM PDT

It has been quite a while since I last visited Fuzi's family. If I recall correctly, my last visit to her house was some time in December last year. Even then, it wasn't really a house visit - I went to fetch them at home and brought them shopping for the children's schooling needs.

Fuzi's case was first referred to me in August 2006. She had no source of income then, with 5 other mouths to feed including a 3 month old baby boy. The family depended on whatever a few neighbors and other good Samaritans gave them. Her whole neighborhood knew about her HIV due to a mulut murai nurse staying in the same kampong. In addition to that, her youngest child was conceived not with her late husband (who had died a few years earlier). Somebody broke into her house and raped her.

Finding out about her pregnancy after that was devastating enough. Finding out about her HIV infection was like the end of the world. With an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, and HIV to add, the thought of the stigma and discrimination she was to face was a situation she never imagined.

Fuzi was confident that she got the HIV from the rape case. After giving birth to the youngest, Fuzi was concerned that her baby, Iwan, may be infected. She made sure she didn't miss any appointments at the hospital although sometimes she only had enough to pay for her bus fares to Ipoh, but not to go back home.

After her case was referred to us Buddies, and to me personally as her buddy, we tried our best to help her out. In her case, moral and emotional support alone was not enough. She needed financial help as well. But other than our Children Education Fund (CEF) which is solely meant for children's education, we didn't have specific funds for their other needs. I got our Client Welfare Coordinator to help Fuzi apply for Welfare Aid, but that would usually take some time before approval. So what would Fuzi and her children eat meantime?

With a baby whom Fuzi couldn't breastfeed because of her HIV, she'd need milk powder. And diapers too. Both these items aren't cheap. Well yes, she could use cloth diapers, but there were times, especially during rainy seasons, when she'd run out of diapers.

I wrote about Fuzi's financial woes here.

Fuzi's problems didn't end there. By the time her eldest daughter needed to get her MyKad done, Fuzi had other problems. You see, Fuzi, being Indonesian, married her late husband, a Malaysian, in Narathiwat. Trusting her husband fully that the marriage would be registered in Malaysia later, Fuzi wasn't aware that her marriage had not been registered here. It wasn't much of a problem when her husband was still alive. All her 4 children with her late husband had their birth certs done without any problems, indicating clearly that their father was a Malaysian citizen. But after her husband passed on, and Fuzi herself went to bring her daughter to apply for her MyKad, the citizenship problem began. She was told to get her marriage cert legalised before proceeding with her children's citizenship confirmation. I wrote about this problem here, here and here.

While Fuzi was concerned that her youngest child would be infected, she did bring all her children for blood tests, just in case. While her first 3 children got the A-okay clearance from the doctor, Ijam was asked to come for a second test. But it wasn't easy to bring Ijam for tests as he was afraid of needles. Every time he knew his mother planned to bring him to the hospital, he would run out of the house and hid somewhere until he knew it was too late to go to the hospital! Fuzi did finally coax (read: bribe) him to go by promising to buy him toys. And how heartbreaking it was to find out that Ijam was indeed confirmed HIV positive as well.

So Fuzi didn't get HIV from the rape case after all. She must have got it from her late husband! You can read about this here.

The above problems were more than enough for Fuzi to handle. You think? Well, it didn't help that her 3rd child was such a naughty boy. The boy, Faiz, was caught by his teacher in school for "menghisap" as told by Fuzi to me. I took for granted Fuzi meant "hisap rokok". You can read about it here. Little did I know then that it was something worse than that. Not even drugs. What could it be then? Find out for yourself here. Just the thought of it gave me the creeps!

Well, financially we managed to help Fuzi out. Other than getting month financial aid from the Welfare Dept (of RM115 per month – to feed 5 children!), after I started my blog and posted her story, an anonymous blog reader agreed to remit a certain amount into Fuzi's bank account every month. Her children's schooling needs are covered either by our CEF or by our Sponsorship program.

As for legalising her marriage cert and confirming her children's citizenship status, all I could do was to forward her to trusted sources to seek help from, ie those who wouldn't take advantage of her.

There wasn't much I could do about little Ijam's HIV, except to give Fuzi some moral support, and to make sure the boy doesn't miss his hospital appointments and medication.

I used to visit Fuzi's family frequently on a monthly basis. After about 2 years and after I was confident that Fuzi would be able to stand on her own with the financial help she was already getting, I reduced the frequency of my visit. I didn't want her to start depending too much on me and Buddies.

Well, today I decided to visit her. I did bring along some foodstuff with me plus a bagful of used baju kurung still in good condition, donated by someone who had cleaned up her wardrobe (to get new ones maybe?).

I didn't even tell Fuzi I was coming. She seldom goes out except to the hospital. Only Fuzi, her eldest daughter Wina, and her youngest boy Iwan, were home. The rest were in school. Iwan will be 4 years old next month. How time flies!

I was pleased to note that this time around Fuzi didn't have any new problems to tell me. In fact, her earlier problems seemed to be heading the right direction. Iwan has been confirmed to be spared from HIV. Fuzi has already got her marriage cert legalised. With that she managed to proceed with her daughters' citizenship status, but procedures are procedures, it may take at least 6 months before the children can get their MyKad. But in their birth certs their citizenship had been verified and Wina's teacher agreed to help out with Wina's registration for PMR this year even without a MyKad. Of course, it did help that Wina is one of the brighter students and so the teacher went out of her way to help register the girl for her PMR.

As for the other children, they are doing okay in school. Not as good as Wina, but at least they look forward to school. And Faiz is no longer giving Fuzi the problems he used to give her. Fuzi resorted to "blackmailing" him – telling him that if she hears of any more troubles caused by him, "Nanti Mama minta tolong Makcik Afizah hantar kamu pergi rumah anak yatim!"

Hmmm… that wasn't the first time my name was used for blackmailing purposes…

Uthaya to back Zaid for Hulu S'gor if...only two IFs - one small if, one BIG IF!

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 06:53 AM PDT

One does not need to read further than the news caption above that the two conditions are, needless to say, related to Indians!
Why oh why? HRP, the unofficial political wing of Hindraf, stands for that stands for 'Human Rights Party' but I think it should be changed to IRP!

For those who are curious to know the two IFs, they are:
1. To approve land for all the 98 Tamil schools in Selangor
2. Selangor state government take the lead to stop 'mandore politics'

Agen Perisik Israel Terlibat Dalam Projek IT Polis

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 06:43 AM PDT

Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim membuat kejutan sekali lagi apabila mendedahkan penglibatan dua bekas anggota perisikan tentera Israel dalam Projek Sistem Maklumat Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

Projek yang dikenali dengan nama kod APCO P25 diluluskan oleh Kementerian Dalam Negeri dengan menelan belanja RM999 juta di bawah kelolaan APCO International.

"Kebimbangan saya adalah kerana ia ada kaitan dengan syarikat sama yang diberikan kontrak bernilai RM900 juta untuk mengusahakan 1,100 ekar Taman Teknologi Sungkai oleh Kementerian Pertahanan dan perkara ini telah didedahkan pada Julai 2008 dan disahkan melalui kenyataan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

"Ada dua orang yang bertugas di bilik server Bukit Aman di tingkat 2 dan 3. Tugas mereka meneliti bagi pihak APCO dan perkara ini telah disebut oleh Ketua Polis Negara. Pada bulan Julai 2008, Exco Yayasan Pencegahan Jenayah Tan Sri Robert Phang menyerahkan sebahagian dokumen berkenaan projek tersebut kepada Badan Pencegahan Rasuah dan pada bulan Oktober berikut, Ahli Parlimen Ipoh Timur membangkitkan isu ini di Parlimen dengan beberapa maklumat tetapi pencdedahan beliau terus diketepi dan dinafikan oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri.

"Pada November dan Disember 2008 pula, laporan polis telah dibuat oleh pegawai polis dan perkara ini telah disiasat oleh ASP Saerah tetapi dan pegawai tersebut dipindahkan ke Taiping dan tiada kemajuan tentang siasatan itu.

"Pada 23 November 2008, Menteri Dalam Negeri ketika itu mendapat taklimat khas pada jam 4.00 petang di Bilik VIP KLIA kerana Jabatan Logistik, Ketua Polis Negara dan Cawangan Khas membangkitkan isu tentang kehadiran Perisikan Israel di Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat PDRM.

"Pada 1 Disember 2008, Pengarah Jabatan Logistik Datuk Mahsuri Zainal menulis kepada BPR mengenai projek APCO 425 yang dikenali sebagai "Police Reporting System" Fasa Ketiga Pembekalan dan Penyelenggaraan 123 kepada syarikat Masterplan Consulting Sdn Bhd (MPC). Dalam surat tersebut bertarikh Mei 2008 Pengarah Logistik menerima laporan daripada Pengarah Cawangan Khas berkenaan penglibatan dua bekas Perisikan Tentera Israel di dalam projek PRS-PDRM oleh MPC.

"Dalam surat bertarikh Ogos 2008, Cawangan Khas mengesahkan penglibatan Israel melalui syarikat Asiasoft Malaysia sebagai subkontraktor dan mempunyai dua pemegang saham iaitu B System Sdn Bhd dan Asiasoft PLC. Asiasoft PLC didaftar di Singapura dan dikuasai oleh Asiasoft Global PLC yang berpengkalan di Israel," dedah Anwar lagi semasa membahaskan bajet tambahan Kementerian Dalam Negeri di Dewan Rakyat hari ini. -SK

Cervical cancer and vaccination

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 06:36 AM PDT

Note: Malaysian government is starting the programme to vacinate all the school girls below 13 yr. (FOC)

Pemimpin UMNO Sedang Sibuk Tebalkan Poket

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 04:57 AM PDT

Pemimpin UMNO di negeri ini didakwa sedang berlumba mengumpulkan harta kekayaan masing-masing setelah menyedari Barisan Na-sional (BN) tidak berpeluang untuk menang pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Penolong Setiausaha Pas Terengganu, Hanafiah Mat berkata, ia terbukti apabila majoriti tender projek yang dikeluarkan kerajaan dimonopoli pemimpin UMNO, sekali gus membuktikan hakikat bahawa parti itu mengutamakan kroni.

"Cerita pemimpin UMNO sedang 'besarkan perut supaya kenyang' sudah menjadi buah mulut rakyat khususnya di kedai kopi dan lebih mengejutkan, penyokong kerajaan sendiri turut bercakap mengenainya.

"Ini berlaku kerana mereka tahu rakyat tidak akan memberi mandat kepada BN pada pilihan raya umum nanti kerana mengalami krisis kepimpinan yang begitu serius," katanya kepada Sinar Harian.

Menurutnya, mengumpulkan harta dilihat sebagai perkara penting kepada orang UMNO dan atas sebab itu kebajikan rakyat bukan lagi fokus utama melainkan usaha memperoleh projek yang mampu 'menebalkan' poket.

Beliau berkata, memang benar penubuhan UMNO satu ketika dahulu khususnya zaman pemerintahan Tun Razak Husein adalah berjuang membasmi kemiskinan dan membantu rakyat namun sekarang matlamatnya jauh tersasar.

Malah katanya, sikap mencari kemewahan bukan sahaja berlaku di negeri ini, sebaliknya turut berleluasa di negeri pimpinan BN lain termasuk kepimpinan Kerajaan Pusat sendiri.

"Perjuangan UMNO sudah jauh tersimpang dan Pas bersama pakatan pembangkang akan berusaha mengembalikan semula hak rakyat.

"Rakyat sudah bosan sebenarnya dengan sikap pemimpin UMNO dan mereka akan jatuhkan kerajaan BN pada pilihan raya umum nanti," katanya. -SH

"Borneo Comes Together in Cyberspace"

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 05:02 AM PDT

"Borneo comes together in cyberspace" is the title of the lead story of today's update of Insight Sabah, a State Government-sponsored web site or portal, if you like, with the tagline "The Voice of Sabahans".

And rightly so, for the story is about the historic launch of a new portal dedicated to Borneo called k@Borneo which stand for key to knowledge on Borneo by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman (photo courtesy of Insight Sabah). Next to Musa is Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, whose federal ministry helped fund the project.

The best part is that the birth of this site was the result of the collective effort, for the first time, of relevant organisations from the three countries found on Borneo island - Indonesia (represented by Kalimantan), the Sultanate of Brunei, and Malaysia (represented by Sabah and Sarawak).

I took a look at the new site (www.kborneo.com). Just like anything new, give it time to grow. But what immediately attracted my attention was that there are already more than 140 books/titles about Borneo listed under the Bibliography section of k@Borneo. This is a treasure chest and should be useful to scholars and researchers alike.

Since my site is also about Borneo in general, I feel duty-bound to help introduce and promote k@Borneo. However, in order not to be accused of plagiarism, I leave it to you to find out more at www.kborneo.com and insightsabah.gov.my.

Congratulations to both k@Borneo and Insight Sabah and happy surfing to my visitors.

Thank you.

Bank Islam Diperintah Serah Dokumen Kpd Khalid Ibrahim Dalam Masa 14 Hari

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 04:51 AM PDT

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) diberi tempoh 14 hari untuk menyerahkan semua dokumen yang dipohon oleh Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berhubung saman membabitkan saham Guthrie Berhad.

Perintah tersebut dikeluarkan oleh Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi Datuk Rohana Yusuf dalam kamarnya hari ini seperti permohonan mendapatkan dokumen dikemukakan Abdul Khalid ke atas bank tersebut.

Menurut peguam Abdul Khalid Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, jika bank berkenaan gagal berbuat demikian saman balas yang dikemukakan terhadap Abdul Khalid boleh ditolak.

Tambah Malik Imtiaz berkata anak guamnya memerlukan semua dokumen berkenaan bagi memahami dan mengenal pasti perkara- perkara yang berkaitan dengan lebih jelas menjelang perbicaraan pada 4 Mei ini.

Kes ini melibatkan dua saman antara Abdul Khalid ke atas bank itu, dan juga saman balas bank terhadap Menteri Besar terbabit.

Abdul Khalid menyaman BIMB pada 18 Mei 2007 kerana mendakwa bank itu telah melakukan kesalahan melupuskan saham beliau dalam Guthrie yang diperoleh menerusi pinjaman Al-Bai Bithaman Ajil (BBA) pada 30 April 2001.

Beliau memohon perintah bahawa terdapat kontrak cagaran antara beliau dan bank itu berhubung pinjaman berkenaan.

Abdul Khalid, yang merupakan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Guthrie dari 1995 hingga 2003, juga memohon ganti rugi daripada BIMB.

Bank itu pula mengemukakan saman balas pada 24 Mei 2007 bagi mendapatkan balik RM66.67 juta kerana mendakwa Abdul Khalid melanggar perjanjian kerana tidak membayar balik pinjaman itu.

Pada Ogos 2009, Abdul Khalid diperintah oleh mahkamah membayar balik RM66.67 juta itu kepada BIMB tetapi Mahkamah Rayuan pada 3 Mac lepas memerintahkan kes itu didengar semula di Mahkamah Tinggi.

Martin Jalleh sodomises Matthias Chang

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 04:42 AM PDT

Martin Jalleh (MJ) responds to a letter purportedly written by Matthias Chang (MC) before he chose to go to jail after being charged for contempt of court by the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

MC: Message from Matthias Chang. To My Dearest Friends and Colleagues

MJ: Dear Matthias, I was shocked that you have been charged for contempt of court. You must in synergy with your former boss who was most contemptuous of the courts!

MC: I have fought against injustice throughout my life and as a practising lawyer

MJ: Perhaps it would be more accurate to say throughout your pre-political-secretary life? The rest of your life you have been faithfully fighting for your former Master, Mahathir.

MC: …upholding justice when there are abuses by the judiciary

MJ: Alas, these abuses began when your former boss sacked the judiciary in 1988 and it has never recovered since then.

MC: and the state machinery calls for sacrifices

MJ: You mean, when Dr M made the judiciary part of the State and it began sacrificing justice at the altar of political expediency?

MC: and I have never shirked from that call to duty.

MJ: Indeed you were the epitome and great exemplar of subservience, an errand boy whom the Master would one day turn into a public figure extraordinaire!

MC: On Thursday, I became a victim of injustice inflicted by an errant Judge in the High Court of Malaya.

MJ: You were warned of the growing existence of "errant" and "corrupt" judges but you insisted there was "no proof". Anyone who linked the rot in the judiciary to your Master, was challenged to an open debate. I guess there is no need of such duels anymore.

MC: In this case, I was the litigant, the plaintiff suing the defendant…(letter continues)

MC: Most of you are aware of my opposition to the previous regime headed by the 5th Prime Minister. (Letter continues.)

MJ: Pak Lah opened the floodgates to further and new revelations by Salleh Abbas, Param Cumarasamy, Ian Chin, Syed Ahmad Idid, Jayanti Naidu (the former secretary of Lingam) that drowned whatever remained of Dr M's integrity and credibility when it came to the judiciary.

When Anwar released the V.K. Lingam video clip, you called him a "convicted criminal" whose "lies and allegations must be exposed". Ironically, the Royal Commission of Inquiry "exposed" the authenticity of the tape and that tampering (fixing) in the appointment of judges did take place. It recommended that an appropriate course of action be taken against six individuals, Dr M being one of them! Your former boss was left licking his wounds! Fortunately, you being his personal boot licker was always there for him.

MC: I counter-claimed against that crony likewise for defamation against me and exposed his corruption in conjunction with the son-in-law of the then Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi. My defence against the RM 50 million claim was justification, the crony was corrupt to the rotten core. The case has been in limbo ever since.

MJ: Many cases and even police reports against BN leaders (especially during Dr M's reign) were in limbo. Lame and laughable excuses were given. What a legacy your former Master left behind!

MC: Therefore, this case that came up for hearing is not as simple as it looks.

MJ: Many cases like the sacking of Salleh Abbas and two other judges and the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim were not as simple as they looked, though you trivialised them and mocked those who suffered from the injustice.

MC: There were forces ready to pounce and humiliate me at every turn.

MJ: Just like how Dr M used the judiciary, to harass and humiliate Anwar in the sodomy-turned-corruption and sodomy (I) cases? His legacy continues on in the latest sodomy case or circus.

MC: From the word go, my three Counsels were treated without due respect. My Counsel was denied the right to make an Opening Statement, a right which every litigant has.

MJ: At least you got your case heard. Some cases have been thrown out on the slightest and tenuous technicalities. Further, never go to court insisting on your rights. What you need is a "right" judge.

MC: I was called to testify immediately…(letter continues) the judge pounced on me and declared everyone before her court will be treated equally and I had no need to declare my past and or the need to "impress" her. She further said that "so what if I was previously the political secretary to the Prime Minister and a senior lawyer of over 30 years experience."

MJ: Since Dr M "took over" the judiciary, good reputation amongst judges has become almost extinct, so much so it is something the judges no longer look for in witnesses! As for respect and recognition that comes with years of service and experience, even in the judiciary the more senior and experienced judges are shunned, shoved and shelved. Only judges who are ready to bow, bend and do the bidding at the Master's behest will be bountifully rewarded.

MC: My Counsel objected and told her that…(letter continues)

MC: The Judge resumed the hearing in Open Court, whereupon I addressed the Court and said: "(letter continues)....In my over 30 years of practice, no judge has ever abused me and or was rude to me. I intend to make a complaint to the Chief Justice and would now take leave and retire."

MJ: Don't waste your time with the CJ, Matthias. He has been as silent as the grave even after the respected retired Justice NH Chan found certain judges in the appellate courts to be a "bunch of idiots"!

MC: (Letter continues)

MC: The Judge incited by that lawyer (for the defendant), directed the police officer in attendance to arrest me and place me in custody in the Lock-up at the basement of the Court Complex. The professionalism of the police officer was such that he did not handcuff me, but merely invited me to follow him…(letter continues)

MJ: Luckily they kept you at the basement and not on some top floor! Luckily you had such a professional officer and not the nation's top cop who beat up Anwar to near death, and whose severe injuries were dismissed by a less-than-a-human-being as being "self-inflicted". Continued here.....

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Posted: 06 Apr 2010 04:00 AM PDT

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周金亮 说唱会:想说话的歌

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 03:30 AM PDT

发愿要在今生创作千首歌曲的大马资深音乐人,周金亮在完成第188 首的歌曲之际,音乐通胜特策划《周金亮说唱会:想说话的歌》,并由凭舞台制作,假423日及24 日晚上8点于仁生剧场,邵氏广场登场。
入场票价为成人RM25,学生RM18。每张票将乐捐RM2 至慈悲关怀服务会,充慈善用途。
周金亮说唱会是由余仁生盛情赞助,并荣获安乐书窝、大将出版社及Tutti Recording Studios 鼎力支持。
有兴趣者,请联 系:012-2033599 吴友凭 / 017-6586513 Suli

1Malaysia Tidak Lebih Dari Sekadar Slogan Kosong

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 03:12 AM PDT

Konsep 1Malaysia yang diperkenalkan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tidak akan tidak menarik perhatian rakyat di negara ini, Kata Pengerusi Dewan Perhimpunan Penyokong Pas, Hu Pang Chaw.

Menurutnya, Gagasan 1Malaysia hanyalah berkisar kepada nama yang gah, sebaliknya tiada pembaharuan melalui pemerintahan yang diterapkan Perdana Menteri.

"Tiada apa yang baru, ia hanyalah sekadar nama yang sedap tetapi tiada pengisian yang jelas," katanya kepada Sinar Harian ketika mengulas konsep 1Malaysia yang diperkenalkan Najib selepas genap setahun mengambil alih kepimpinan negara.

Sebelum ini, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mendakwa pembentukan gagasan tersebut mendapat nasihat daripada syarikat perunding Apco Worldwide (Apco) iaitu syarikat yang dikaitkan dengan pembentukan slogan 1Israel pada tahun 1999.

Phang Chaw turut mempersoalkan kewajaran Perdana Menteri yang memperkenalkan konsep itu sedangkan ia sepatutnya ia sudah menjadi teras kepada mana-mana pemimpin yang menjadi ketua negara.

Dalam pada itu, ditanya adakah konsep itu akan diuji dalam pilihan raya Hulu Selangor, beliau berkata, rakyat memberi undi berdasarkan kepada parti yang menjaga kebajikan rakyat.

"Saya tidak nampak ia menjadi kelebihan kepada BN, malah jika Perdana Menteri mahu konsep 1Malaysia, sudah tentu beliau tidak perlu berfikir panjang untuk meletakkan calon MIC," katanya.

The Sojourner’s Tale

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 02:22 AM PDT

Hong Kong was a good break.

We were there for 10 days but we did not go to HK Disneyland, having heard that it wasn't such a big deal. Moreover I'd been to Ocean Park before so I didn't want to spend a precious day at a theme park.

Funnily enough, most people go to HK on a whirlwind 5-day, 4-night trip to cover the must-see sights and popular spots. Fair enough.

But to truly understand a country, one must take time. Time is what you have the least when you have money. That is when you most need to get away.

HK, small as it is and dense as it may be, deserves more time particularly if you really want to get under their skin and find out what makes the Hong Kongers such a resilient, smart and quick workforce. They're like ants, forever industrious and forever moving along speedily.

We had 10 days to explore and literally stop to smell flowers. In my case, I was forever stopping to bend over some osmanthus bushes to inhale the gorgeously sweet fragrance. Osmanthus (or "kwai fah" in Cantonese) is also a herb which you can make into a nourishing tea. You can get dried golden osmanthus flowers even here in Penang at herbalist shops.

But nothing beats the real thing, of course.

And stopping to truly close one's eyes to smell the osmanthus is something one does not get to do everyday, not in tropical Malaysia where I heard this temperate plant cannot really grow too well.

In my head, I am always the journo with a keen eye for sights and sounds. Particularly when I travel, I try as much to absorb the experience so I can come home and transform these insights into my blog or journal.

Having said that, our trip to Hong Kong wasn't so much of a break as it was an escape into the novel and new. Sometimes we get away so that we can be refreshed with ideas.

Many famous artists and poets recommend travelling and living abroad for a few years, if only to foreground the familiar. Comparisons, while odious, can be make easily because we humans thrive on differences.

We can only see differences if we get out of our familiar surroundings and stimulate our brains. In a new place, our brains work better somehow.

In an alien land, we start to 'see'.

And so, this trip – worthy of more than a couple of blog posts – will be a subject for a few weeks at least.

There's so much I want to share with you, if only to remind myself what humorous episodes we experienced or what culture shocks we had.

I spoke a lot more Cantonese in HK than I ever did in my life.

I started to really value how versatile and multifaceted we are here because we could speak in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Bahasa Malaysia. (We met a Taiwanese man who was totally surprised we could speak Hokkien. The Hong Kongers we met often looked impressed that we could bark back at them in Cantonese, coloured by our Malaysian accent, nevertheless! And to bitch about the locals while riding the MTR, we used BM.)

In our 10-days in chilly HK where temperatures fluctuated between 14 to 18C and the day was mostly grey and overcast, I appreciated the sunshine a lot more when we landed in hot old Penang.

Heck, even landing on Malaysian soil and handing my passport over to the Immigration officer felt so familiar and comfy. In HK, the Immigration officer just throws the passport back at us, which I find (and I am sure I am not the only one) totally rude! (Hong Kong Tourism Board, you may have spiffy campaigns and great ads but you sure have to educate your Immigration officers on civil behaviour.)

We learnt so much about what made Hong Kongers tick which a 5-day trip would never uncover. It helped that we stayed with a Malaysian friend who works in HK. We had a temporary home for a while.

In travels, one can be a tourist or one can be sojourner. Nic and I do not wish to be the typical tourist, wanting to cover all tourist spots just so we could show off photos of where we've been or where we ate.

Travel is a private endeavour because only you and you alone can understand what you see and felt. And there's really nothing more boring to your friends than forcefully showing them your hundreds of digital photos – they weren't there and they really don't quite care. What they cared about are your stories of your travels. The photos are secondary.

A sojourn is one where lots of reflection takes place as the new land unfolds its magic.

In the beginning, all is wondrous and strange. Then one finds one's way slowly, navigating along, being curious about everything.

In a way, it is like becoming a child again. Everything fascinates, even the grumpy old lady who sells hot sweet potato and hot chestnuts. Everything feels new, like watching with growing interest as the piles of people busily flocked this way and that, while we stood at the kerbside, eating our ice creams.

Come back as our stories get told…

Badrul Muhayat Mengaku Tak Bersalah Cederakan Isteri

Posted: 06 Apr 2010 01:16 AM PDT

Pelakon filem dan drama, Badrul Muhayat Ahmad Jailani, mengaku tidak bersalah di Mahkamah Majistret Ampang di sini hari ini terhadap dua pertuduhan mencederakan isterinya dua minggu lepas.

Bagi pertuduhan pertama, Badrul Muhayat, 42, didakwa dengan sengaja menyebabkan kecederaan kepada Julia Daud, 29, dengan menumbuknya di muka dan menendang di perut di rumahnya di Lot 313E, Jalan 49B, Bukit E, Kampung Cheras Baru, Hulu Langat pada 7 pagi, 24 Mac lepas.

Bagi pertuduhan kedua, dia didakwa dengan sengaja menyebabkan kecederaan kepada Julia dengan memukulnya menggunakan batang penyapu di punggung dan kaki pada waktu dan di tempat yang sama.

Dia didakwa mengikut Seksyen 323 Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan hukuman penjara maksimum setahun dan denda RM2,000 atau kedua-duanya, jika sabit kesalahan.

Majistret Wan Karimah Wan Abdul Ghani membenarkan Badrul Muhayat diikat jamin RM2,500 bagi dua pertuduhan itu dan menetapkan 13 Mei untuk sebutan semula kes bagi membolehkan pelakon berkenaan melantik peguam bela.

Terdahulu, Pegawai Pendakwa ASP Dr A.Vasu memohon mahkamah mengenakan ikat jamin RM3,000 ke atas Badrul Muhayat bagi dua pertuduhan itu kerana ia berpatutan dengan kesalahan yang dilakukan.

Badrul Muhayat kemudiannya merayu kepada mahkamah agar mengurangkan wang jaminan kepada RM500 atas alasan dia kurang mendapat tawaran kerja ekoran laporan media berhubung kes itu. — Bernama

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