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T-ara Intercrew 2010 summer collection wallpapers

T-ara Intercrew 2010 summer collection wallpapers

T-ara Intercrew 2010 summer collection wallpapers

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 10:22 AM PDT

Korean girl group T-ara modelling for the new summer collection of domestic fashion brand Intercrew [Kr]. Click image for full size (1280×1024) wallpapers…

Korean girl group T-ara Intercrew wallpaper

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T-ara Intercrew 2010 summer collection wallpapers from YeinJee's Asian Journal

Janson turns two!

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 10:07 AM PDT

Janson is growing up fast!
His development is way advanced for his age.
Colours he can recognise:
Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, White, Black...Light Green, Dark Green...
His vocabulary includes words like mosquito, alligator, hippopotamus...He can recognise cars like Waja, Kelisa, Kenari, Persona, Myvi, Viva, Vios, Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, BMW...There are many more milestones. Suffice to say, he is amazing! All blessings, honour and glory to Him! Praise the Lord! His love endureth forever!

Apa Agenda Kickdefella?

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 10:00 AM PDT

Penulis blog Kickdefella, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz hari ini telah dipanggil Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) untuk memberi keterangan berhubung dakwaannya menerima lebih RM4 juta.

Perkara itu disahkan oleh Pengarah Siasatan SPRM Mustafar Ali ketika dihubungi Bernama di sini hari ini.

Beliau berkata Syed Azidi tiba di ibu pejabat SPRM di sini kira-kira pukul 6 petang.

Baru-baru ini Syed Azidi mendakwa menerima peruntukan lebih RM4 juta sepanjang tiga tahun bagi memburuk-burukkan pentadbiran bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi .

Syed Azidi juga mendakwa beliau membelanjakan wang itu bagi membiayai pelbagai aktiviti termasuk membeli aset, peralatan, pembayaran upah operatif dan lain-lain yang bertujuan menggerakkan satu Operasi Gerak Saraf bgi mewujudkan persepsi buruk ke atas Abdullah dan memastikan PAS kekal memerintah Kelantan. — Bernama

Ulasan GB

1) Kickdefella diberi tanggungjawab "membelanjakan" RM4 juta untuk memburukkan Pak Lah? Arahan siapa dan dari mana wang itu diperolehi?

2) Tiada siapa yang percaya bahawa

a) TGNA terlibat dengan agenda memburukkan Pak Lah semata-mata nak kekalkan kuasa di Kelantan. Apa kena mengena Pak Lah dengan kerajaan Kelantan? Tidak logik samasekali.

b) Siapa Kickdefella sehingga boleh diberikan tanggungjwab sampai pegang RM4 juta oleh sebuah kerajaan negeri? Sekali lagi tidak logik.

3) Saya rasa banyak lagi perkara yang bermenafaat yang kerajaan Kelantan boleh lakukan jika benar ada RM4 juta.

4) Tiada di dalam agenda PAS atau mana-mana kerajaan pimpinan PAS menyediakan peruntukan sekian banyak untuk melakukan gerak saraf bodoh seumpama itu kecuali ianya dilakukan UMNO dengan arahan APCO.

5) Apa tujuan Kickdefella menaburkan fitnah sedemikian terhadap kerajaan PAS Kelantan kalau bukan penyakit di hati untuk membalas dendam kerana telah dipecat dari jawatannya?

6) SPRM, pantas nampaknya di dalam hal-hal yang melibatkan kerajaan Kelantan. Tetapi hal Khir Toyo yang telah sekian lama terbongkar kenapa senyap?

Damning account of 2nd withness in Aminul's death! Police protect police?!

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 09:06 AM PDT

By Neville Spykerman
SHAH ALAM, April 30 — A second witness has come forward to claim that Aminulrasyid Amzah did not reverse his car the morning he was shot dead by police, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad (pic) said today.
He urged the police must "face up the truth" and reveal all that happened when the 14-year-old schoolboy died.
"It's nonsensical for police to maintain he was shot while trying to reverse into them." the Shah Alam PAS divisional leader said.
He disclosed that a second witness has claimed Aminul did not reverse his car nor was there a parang as reported in the press.
According to the police report by Zafrullah Ahmad Zainal Abidin, there was a series of loud explosions before the car crashed.
The 27-year-old, who lived next to the house where the car crashed in a drain, was at the scene when police searched it, and did not see anything being removed from it.
(Read more @ The Malaysian Insider)


Posted: 30 Apr 2010 08:23 AM PDT

Reference my last posting, the name 'Mej Gen Dato Othman Harun' should read 'Lt Jen Dato Othman Harun'. Error is much regretted.

aeroline – new way of flying

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 08:04 AM PDT

well… that's the tagline of aeroline executive coach – the convenient way to fly… i just modified it a bit.

i took the aeroline bus this morning. it arrived ahead of scheduled!

what surprise me most was that aeroline now provides individual personalised entertainment. the last time i took it – in nov. last year, there was no individual entertainment yet. only individual music to listen too… but the music were not good at all.  now the entertainment, so much to watch and lots of music (better).

see the 2nd picture? there are 4 categories to choose for entertaining yourself on aeroline – movies, music,  photo and games.

i went to the photo category – nothing there. not sure what it is for. the games category too – can't access any games… but never mind the movies and music are enough to keep me awake and entertained the whole journey through! as i have my notebook, i intended to use internet on board but i had so many movies to watch, that i don't have to use internet.

there are about 18 movies to watch. and under documentaries – there are 10 i think.  under music, there are 5 sections to choose from.

well i first watch the movie 'fast and furious 3′. see the 3rd picture. it was a fast paced action packed thriller (pic show a lady jumping from a moving truck).  later i watched a documentary on the iced aged narrated by the famous nature (or is it environment)
scientist, richard attenborough. after that, i watched 'michael jackson – a life in pop' – which featured his best selling videos.

actually before aeroline provide personal entertainment, i already love to travel on aeroline. i was first introduced to aeroline by a friend in KL during the media freedom walk… think in 2008. before 2008, i sure knew about aeroline already but i thought it was too expensive but after trying it twice – i began to see that, with the 'adds on' actually it is not expensive at all.  (it's RM55 btw. heard that the nice executive coach is over RM60!).

what are the add-ons? i suppose more or less same like the other executive coaches. a bus hostess, bottled drinking water, hot coffee/tea, washroom (for light usage only), blanket, cushion, lounge, individual power point and of course now the individual entertainment. it's a double decker and the ride were very smooth – hardly felt any jerks/bump at all. oh and the food were nice too.

gosh i sound like i'm advertising for aeroline eh but rest assured i'm not.  perhaps this was my first time experiencing personalised individual entertainment, that was why i was so excited to tell about it and in that process also tell more!

oh almost forget… another

thing i like about aeroline is i can do online booking – to and fro journey. very convenient indeed. especially the return journey. i usually fear no tickets for return journey but since for aeroline i can buy return journey, save me headache thinking how/when to buy return journey. aeroline also has good customer relations – once i wrote in to complain about the lounge being fully occupied the whole journey, i received a response in less than a day! then i realise that after my journey, they will always email me to ask for my feedback.

ok from now on, it will be aeroline for me always – the convenient way to fly.

Old e-mails from friends 2

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 07:20 AM PDT

Yes, let us treasure dis four seasons of life !!!!!!

The following pictures are of the same place but taken under different seasons!!  (be sure to scroll on past the last)
Lessons on Life
There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.
The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in
summer, and the youngest son in the fall.
When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen.
The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted.
The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.
The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.
The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.
The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life.
He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.
If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfillment of your fall.
Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest.    Don't judge life by one difficult season.
Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come some time or
Happiness keeps You Sweet,
Trials keep You Strong,
Sorrows keep You Human,
Failures keep You Humble,
Success keeps You Glowing,
But Only God keeps You Going!  

WEEKEND VIEW: PwP's Day Of Celebration

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 07:20 AM PDT

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Old e-mails from friends 1

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 07:12 AM PDT

Have a great day my Friend!

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
Love the people who treat you right.
Forget about the ones who don't.
Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.  
If it changes your life, let it.  
Nobody said life would be easy.
They just promised it would be worth it.

Friends are like balloons.
Once you let them go, you can't get them back.
So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

Rais Seorang Hipokrit - Tamrin Ghafar

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 06:59 AM PDT

Anak mantan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tamrin Ghafar menyifatkan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim sebagai hipokrit apabila mempertikai kehadiran beliau pada dua ceramah kempen pilihan raya kecil Pakatan Rakyat di Hulu Selangor minggu lalu.

Ketika ditemuramah Suara Keadilan, Tamrin yang juga bekas Ahli Parlimen Batu Berendam selama dua penggal berkata berbanding Rais beliau tidak pernah meninggalkan Umno dan juga tidak bertindak membakar 'jambatan'.

"Tidak pernah dalam sejarah karier politik, saya tinggalkan parti tetapi Rais pernah berada di dalam parti Semangat 46 dan berkata beliau telah membakar jambatannya dengan Umno.

"Semasa di luar Umno beliau memaki hamun, mencerca dan menyerang begitu hebat sekali semua pemimpin Umno termasuk Najib dan isterinya Rosmah.

"Apabila dia perlukan jawatan Menteri kembali Rais sanggup mencium tangan yang membina jambatan yang dibakarnya," kata Tamrin di pejabatnya hari ini.

Tamrin yang juga bekas Pengerusi MARA dan Exco Pergerakan Pemuda Umno menyifatkan Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan itu sebagai seorang politikus yang licik tetapi gagal sebagai seorang anggota Kabinet.

"Rais akan berbuat apa sahaja dan cakap apa sahaja untuk memuaskan hati ketuanya asalkan jawatan dan kepentingan dia terjamin.

"Semasa menjadi Menteri Luar beliau gagal mempertahankan kedaulatan Pulau Batu Putih sehingga kita hilang pulau itu kepada Singapura.

Tamrin mengulas laporan Utusan Malaysia semalam yang memetik Rais sebagai berkata bahawa tindakan beliau menyertai ceramah Pakatan Rakyat diibarat seperti 'mendengar guruh dilangit, air tempayan dicurahkan' serta tidak mencerminkan perjuangan ayahnya, Tun Abdul Ghafar Baba.

"Sekarang ini Umno pandai bercakap mengenai perjuangan Tun Ghafar tetapi apabila sahaja ayah saya tidak lagi berada dalam kerajaan tidak ada pemimpin Umno yang peduli atau datang melawatnya. Mereka hanya datang ziarah disaat Tun Ghafar menghembuskan nafas terakhir beliau. Begitulah Umno melayan dan mengiktiraf jasa dan sumbangan Tun Ghafar. Dia hanya penting ketika pegang jawatan tinggi dalam parti dan kerajaan," kata Tamrin dalam nada kesal.

Menyentuh mengenai kehadirannya pada ceramah Pakatan Rakyat di Sungai Buaya dan Stadium Kuala Kubu Baharu, Tamrin berkata beliau mengkagumi ketokohan Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat sejak dalam Pemuda Umno lagi.

"Saya dengar Tuan Guru Nik Aziz akan berada di Sungai Buaya jadi saya pergilah. Kebetulan Datuk Seri Anwar, kawan lama saya, ternampak saya dan memperkenalkan saya kepada hadirin dan menjemput saya ke atas pentas. Apabila Tuan Guru tidak datang saya kembali keesokan malamnya untuk mendengar ceramah beliau di stadium. Baru sekarang saya dapat berpeluang untuk mendengar ceramah Tuan Guru setelah menunggu sekian lama.

"Terpulang kepada pucuk pimpinan parti sekiranya mereka ada niat untuk pecat saya. Saya sedia menerima apa juga keputusan dengan hati terbuka," kata beliau lagi. -SK

A pair of glasses for Saiful

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 06:28 AM PDT

Some time last year I wrote about Saiful's eye problem. The boy had been having vision problems since he was young but due to poverty and Sofie's marital problems back then, she couldn't afford the fares to bring the boy to the hospital for his check-ups.

When I started handling their case, initially there were too many problems that had to be settled, I wasn't aware of Saiful's vision problem. I did notice his small size though, at 11, he looked more like a 6 year old.

Later on, after the initial problems were settled, bit by bit I got to know of their other problems. Then one day Sofie told me about how she brought Saiful to an optical shop to get his eyes tested for free. The people there then told her that Saiful needed a pair of glasses ASAP as the power needed was already too high. They offered to do the glasses for him at RM200+ after student discount. Since Sofie didn't have the money, she told them she'd have to think about it first. They wrote down Saiful's details on a card and even gave them a discount voucher.

When I got to know about it, I decided to bring Saiful to another optician for a second opinion. The second optician didn't dare make the glasses for him. They could easily make some money by saying the same thing the people at the first optical shop said, but they knew it would be in the boy's best interest if he was brought to see an eye specialist first.

And so that was what I did. I brought him to the district hospital, and from there, I managed to get a referral letter to enable the boy to see the ophthalmologist  at Ipoh GH. He had gone for at least 2 appointments already.

I went to Sofie's house today to deliver this month's supply of groceries. The moment I sat down, Ika, the youngest, excitedly told me that her brother had already got the prescription from the Ipoh GH to get his glasses done. Sofie just needed to go to any optical shop, just show the prescription, and make a pair of glasses for Saiful. But as usual, she didn't have enough money to do so yet.

The moment I heard about it, I said, "Jom!"

Saiful: "Sekarang?"

Me: "Ye lah, sekaranglah. Nak tunggu siap seminggu pulak lagi."

Sofie: "Tapi nak kena bayar deposit jugak dulu kan?"

Me: "Takpe, jangan risau. Akak bayar, lepas tu akak boleh claim balik nanti."

So off we went (just me and Saiful since Sofie wasn't feeling too well) to an optical shop in town recommended by Sofie. According to Sofie, the price there is quite reasonable.

The guy got a shock looking at the prescription given. He looked at the boy and when I told him the boy's age, he got an even bigger shock.

Imagine this… the boy is 12 years old, with a weight of 21 kg (his growth got stunted ever since he was down with a high fever when he was about 3 years old) and the power needed for his glasses were 950 for one side and 750 for the other. And this was no cincai-cincai prescription, it was given by the specialist clinic at the Ipoh GH!

After choosing a frame for Saiful, the optician recommended that we do the thinner and more expensive type of glasses for Saiful. Yes, he could do the normal cheap one (RM50 for the glasses without frame), but with such high power, the glasses would be too thick. And for someone who had never worn glasses before despite his poor vision, a thick pair of glasses would be a problem for him to adjust to.

The optician then calculated the cost and told me that he'd charge RM220 frame + glasses. I started coaxing him to give some discount, telling him about the boy's poor family.

Me: "Kesian la ini budak. Mata sudah teruk pun belum pernah pakai cermin mata laa."

Optician: "Hah? Belum pernah pakai cermin mata ka? Apa pasal?"

Me: "Dia punya mak orang miskin, mana mampu mau bayar!"

Optician: "You dia punya cikgu ka?"

Me: "Bukan, saya dari NGO. Ni saya punya voluntary work saja."

Optician: "OK, itu macam frame saya kasi free. You bayar RM150 saja. Lain kali kalau ada lagi ini macam punya kes, you bawak datang sini. Frame saya tak charge!"


The pair of glasses will be ready on Thursday next week. But I have a meeting on Thursday afternoon, so I paid a deposit of RM50 and told him I'd come on Friday instead.

So yep, in a week's time, Saiful will start wearing glasses. I hope he will be able to adjust himself quick enough. The boy will be sitting for his UPSR this year…

Chinese Malaysians asking for too much?

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 06:27 AM PDT

By Zaini Hassan

WHAT else do Chinese Malaysians want? Let us put aside the reasons why they do not support the current government in Kuala Lumpur. Let us study first what else they want.

For that, we have to go back to history. The Chinese came to Malaya to seek opportunities. They had lived a hard life in mainland China for hundreds of years. Like the whites who migrated to the American continent because it was the land of opportunity, the Chinese migrated to Malaya to make their fortunes in this bountiful land.

The strategy of their forebears has borne fruit. The Chinese have attained what they wanted. They now live in the lap of luxury in this land of opportunity called Malaysia.

In fact, it is not only in Malaysia that they have attained what they wanted. They have even gained full control of Singapore.

Singapore is not their original country. The Singapore Chinese and the Malaysian Chinese were originally boat people. The difference is that those who landed in Singapore managed to gain full control of Singapore, but those who landed in Malaysia did not manage to control Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the Chinese live in peace with the Malays, the indigenous people and the Indians. In comparison, in Singapore, the Chinese control politics and the Government. In Malaysia, the Malays still control politics and the government.

The systems of both governments are the same, but it is vice versa: The Malays dominate in Malaysia while the Chinese dominate across the Causeway.

In contrast, the Malays in Singapore and the Chinese in Malaysia are very different. The Malays in Singapore lead ordinary lives while the Chinese in Malaysia lead lives that are 'more than ordinary'.

In fact, former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad once stated that if all the Chinese-owned buildings in Kuala Lumpur were lifted from the map, only the buildings in Kampung Baru, a Malay area, would remain in the city.

All the other buildings are owned by Chinese Malaysians. The well-known shopping centres in Malaysia are owned by the Chinese.

The Chinese Malaysians are fantastic. They control all the cities and major towns in peninsular Malaysia, as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

They produce the largest number of, and the most successful, professionals. The school system of the Chinese Malaysians is the best among similar school systems in the world.

The Chinese account for most of the students studying in the best private colleges in Malaysia. The Malays can gain admission into only government-owned colleges of ordinary reputation.

With regard to corporate and private organisations, it is the Chinese who dominate. The Malays number just a few; most of them are low-level employees.

In fact, knowing Mandarin is a pre-requisite for applying for jobs in these organisations.

Finally, an annual survey by the Malaysian Business magazine has found that eight of the 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese. The following is the list of the 10 richest people in Malaysia:

# Mr Robert Kuok Hock Nien

# Mr Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan

# Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng

# Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow

# Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay

# Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan

# Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary

# Puan Sri Lee Kim Hua

# Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King

# Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun

This is the reality in Malaysia, my beloved country. Is the current government, which has been in power for 52 years, cruel and totalitarian? What else do the Chinese Malaysians want?

I think I know, and I think you know too.

SOP or Standard operating procedure by Wikipedia

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 06:01 AM PDT

SOP or Standard operating procedure by Wikipedia

The terms standard operating procedure and standing operating procedure, both abbreviated by the initialism, SOP, occur in a variety of different contexts, such as healthcare, education, industry, police, the military, etc.

Police and Military use

In military terminology SOPs describe a procedure or set of procedures to perform a given operation or evolution or in reaction to a given event. There is a popular misconception that SOPs are standardized. However, the very nature of an SOP is that it is not standardized across a large military element (such as a corps or division) but rather describes the unique operating procedure of a smaller unit (such as a battalion or company) within that larger element. "Standing" operating procedures take effect until further notice, at which time the issuing authority amend or dissolve them. Therefore, the military more correctly uses the term "standing operating procedure" in lieu of "standard operating procedure."

Unit members typically promulgate SOPs, based on unit experience and local conditions. They are normally approved by the unit's Officer Commanding or Commanding Officer.

SOPs often offer guidance where official doctrine does not cover a situation, or treats a situation only in extremely broad terms. SOPs are often used to provide practical detail to the some times high level guidance of official doctrine.

Where official doctrine exists, SOPs will usually, at least in general terms, adhere to the official doctrine. However SOPs may on occasion ignore official doctrine, especially when a service/corps generally regards official doctrine as out-of-date, inadequate or incorrect.

SOPs also differ from standing orders in that personnel may legally disregard or interpret them, as required by the situation; however, acting contrary to a posted command-signed SOP is generally considered the same as violating a published order and punished accordingly.

General Order

In militaries, a general order is a published directive, originated by a commander, and binding upon all personnel under his command, the purpose of which is to enforce a policy or procedure unique to his unit's situation which is not otherwise addressed in applicable service regulations, military law, or public law. A general order has the force of law; it is an offense punishable by court martial or lesser military court to disobey one. What makes it a general order (as opposed to a direct order), is that the actor is not explicitly named, nor precisely that (or whom) which is to be acted upon.

A general order of indefinite duration may be referred to as a standing order. Standing orders are necessarily general and vague since the exact circumstances for execution occur in the future under unknown conditions. For example, in most military agencies there is a standing order for enlisted men to salute officers. The officers are required by the same law to return the salute to the enlisted person; however, the name of each enlisted man is not explicitly named in the order, nor is the name of each officer, nor is the exact time which the salute should occur

Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures are a set of documents that describe an organization's policies for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfil the policies. They are often initiated because of some external requirement, such as environmental compliance or other governmental regulations, such as the American Sarbanes-Oxley Act requiring full openness in accounting practices.

Policies and procedures have many names including but not limited to business policies and procedures, standard operating procedures or SOP, or department operating procedures or DOP.

Standard form

Policy-and procedure writing often uses a standard format within an organization, including a complete history of changes made to the document. Typically, the format includes a purpose, persons affected, scope, sometimes a background section, a policy section, definitions, responsibilities, and a procedures section. The format when put into a template can also include information about the title, effective date, revision date, and an approval section.

Need For policies & procedures

There are four very basic reasons that necessitate writing policies and procedures:[1]

  • Operational needs – Policies and procedures ensure that fundamental organizational processes are performed in a consistent way that meets the organization's needs.
  • Risk management – Established policies and procedures are identified by Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) as a control activity needed to manage risk.
  • Continuous improvement – Procedures can improve processes by implementing a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach by building important internal communication practices.
  • Compliance – Well-defined and documented processes (i.e. procedures, training materials) along with records that demonstrate process capability can demonstrate an effective internal control system compliant with regulations and standards.


  1. ^ Why Do You Need to Write Procedures, Bizmanualz [1]

General Use

A Standing Operating Procedure: A set of instructions covering those features of operations which lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness. The procedure is applicable unless ordered otherwise. Also called SOP. See FM 6-0 or FM 1-02 (FM 101-5-1).[1]

Major Stages in the Preparation of an SOP Manual

The preparation of an SOP manual is an involved task and usually involves three major stages:

1. Business systems and process study by intensive interaction with process owners, managers, operatives, etc. to understand in detail the tasks that are performed.

2. Preparation of the draft manual

3. Finalisation of the draft manual after discussion with users where any errors are corrected and process improvement recommendations are discussed and accepted or rejected.

Contents of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual

This section describes the possible contents of an SOP manual for an organization. Almost any type of organization – whether profit-making or otherwise – could use this template since the manual is concerned with business processes and operations.

1. Objectives of the SOP Manual

An SOP manual typically describes the standard operating procedures (SOPs) followed for various business processes within an organisation

Its main objectives are:

a. To systematically record all current business policies, processes and procedures currently followed

b. To clearly indicate the flow of actions performed from beginning to end of the process chain

c. To inculcate a culture of "CONTROL CONSCIOUSNESS" among process owners and operatives

d. To observe shortcomings in these policies, processes and procedures and make suitable recommendations for improvements in the policies, process effectiveness, process efficiency, internal controls and compliance, as applicable, and

e. To serve as a basis for disseminating knowledge on the above among employees dealing with the relevant business functions, to enable adequate training to be imparted to concerned personnel with a view to making the business operations person-independent.

f. To act as a reference guide for Internal Audit, which assesses the extent to which the SOP is complied with.

2. Organisation Structure

This is a macro organisation chart showing the hierarchical or reporting relationships in the organisation or business unit for which the manual is prepared.

3. Summaries of Business Processes

Each business process (such as procurement, sales and marketing, planning, quality assurance, production, maintenance, etc.) is summarised, and each summary could contain the following information:

a. Objectives of the business process

b. Micro organisation (functional) structure chart

c. Duties and responsibilities of each designated person involved in the process

d. List of tasks performed

e. Summary of Recommendations

The summary of recommended policies and procedures (e. above) lists, for each business process, the ("As-is") practice, its risks/shortcomings, and the recommended ("To-Be") practice, with its expected benefits. Indicate along with each recommended practice the area of improvement envisaged (Efficiency / Effectiveness / Control / Compliance).

4. Detailed Chapters for Each Business Process

Each business process has a chapter containing the following sections:

a. Objectives of the business process

b. Summarised Block Diagram of process flow

c. Detailed Process Flowchart

d. Outputs and inputs of each step in the process to clearly bring out the inter-dependencies between various functional units in the organisation and between the organisation and its internal and external stakeholders (customers. suppliers, etc.)

e. Detailed textual description of process steps in strict logical sequence. The steps would include both computer-based and manual procedures and are to be described precisely and in the correct sequence. The text and the detailed process flowcharts should match.

f. The description in e. above should include descriptions of procedures to handle exceptions, i.e., exceptional but anticipated events.

g. Internal controls employed in the procedures to ensure that they are correctly and completely executed. Internal controls may be built into computerised business application systems such as ERP systems (like data entry, document preparation or report generation) or may be administrative controls exercised in the non-computer procedures of a business process.

h. Recommendations to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, control or statutory compliance of policies, processes and procedures which would replace the current policies, processes and procedures if accepted by users (if thought essential, desirable or practical, as applicable) after intensive discussions.

i. Exhibits of documents, reports, computer data entry screens, manual registers, etc. that are referred to as inputs to and outputs from specific procedures

j. Accounting flow clearly showing which financial accounting general ledger accounts are operated wherever specific business transactions need to be recorded in the books of account.

5. Appendices

One or more appendixes may be added at the end of the manual, but at least the following are recommended:

a. List of inputs

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Clinical Research

In clinical research, the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) defines SOPs as "detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function". Organizations involved in clinical research—whether pharmaceutical companies, sponsors, contract research organizations, investigator sites, ethics committees or any other parties—require SOPs to achieve maximum safety and efficiency of the performed clinical research operations. All people and sites involved in clinical studies (both at the sponsor and at the investigative sites) must have appropriate SOPs in place in order to conduct clinical research in compliance with current regulations.

In the United States of America, the ICH GCP (good clinical practice) Step 5 Guideline (Section 3.2.2) also suggests that an Institutional Review Board (IRB) have its own SOPs or written standard procedures.[citation needed] This itself proves[citation needed] that the presence of SOPs form an integral part of clinical trials at all levels.

Inspections target these quality documents since the most frequent reported deficiencies during inspections are the lack of written SOPs and/or the failure to adhere to them. The risk of GCP non-compliance is high at organizations with a poor availability of clinical-research-specific SOPs. The risk of GCP non-compliance is also high where SOPs exist but the staff or the people for whom they were written lack awareness of them or of the need for them.

The training of staff using SOPs therefore becomes very important, so that staff actually become aware of why and how SOPs can play an important role in fulfilling the ICH and other regulatory requirements.

Good manufacturing practice

An SOP is a written document or instruction detailing all steps and activities of a process or procedure. These should be carried out[by whom?] without any deviation or modification to guarantee the expected outcome. Any modification or deviation from a given SOP should be thoroughly investigated[by whom?] and outcomes of the investigation documented[by whom?] according to the internal deviation procedure.

All quality impacting processes and procedures should be laid out[by whom?] in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). These SOPs should form the basis for the routine training program of each employee. SOPs should be regularly updated to assure compliance to the regulatory requirements and the working practice. A minimum review schedule of 3 years is recommended[by whom?]. Changes of SOPs are in general triggered by process or procedural changes / adjustments. The internal site change-control procedure should manage these changes.

Part of the activity list of such changes should be to update the related SOP. SOPs should be in place for all quality systems plus the specific operational activities on site. The structure of an SOP System and the total amount of individual SOPs should be carefully taken into consideration[by whom?]. Too many SOPs could lead to a collapse of the SOP System. System SOPs should not be mixed up to keep systems and interaction between quality systems easy.[1]

ISO 22000 essentially requires the documention of all procedures used in any manufacturing process that could affect the quality of the product.[2]

Information-technology industry use

The information technology industry uses the terms "Standard Operating Procedure" and "SOP" interchangeably to describe a best-practice approach to executing tasks related to the production and maintenance of hardware and software, as well as to incident and change management. A number of packages may aid in the automation of the execution of information-technology SOPs for large enterprises, note for example Creekpath, iConclude and Stratavia's Data Palette.

See also

Statement on International Labour Day

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 05:52 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR 1 May, 2010:  The first May Day in 1886 celebrated the successful struggle for an 8 hour work day. Today International Workers' Day is celebrated as a public holiday throughout the world while most migrant domestic workers are still working about 12-16 hours a day, without a day off. For hundreds of millions of domestic workers however, decent working conditions are 124 years behind.

This International Workers Day, domestic workers in Asia urge their governments to support an International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention on Domestic Work this coming June. Together we must send the message that all workers, whether in a house or a factory, are workers deserving the same rights we fought to establish over a century ago.

Last year, the Malaysian government, through its reply to the ILO had opted to only support a weaker, non-binding international recommendation instead of an ILO Convention on Domestic Work. CARAM Asia a regional network member of NGOs and domestic workers associations across the Asia Pacific region feel that the time has come for governments to rectify an immoral practise that had prevailed for centuries, that is the slavery like treatment of domestic workers!

"In many countries, including Malaysia, they are called "servants" and do not have the rights for a weekly day of, no annual leaves and all other labour rights like how you and I enjoyed. They are only entitled to claim for unpaid wages," said Cynthia Gabriel, regional coordinator for CARAM Asia.

The new ILO Convention on Domestic Work will be voted in or out by governments, trade unions and employers associations from around the world during the June, 2010 International Labour Conference in Geneva. In the spirit of International Workers Day, it is time to recognise all domestic workers as workers deserving the full and equal protection of the law. This June, it is time for governments, unions and businesses to support a specific legal instrument to protect domestic workers..

For decades, the ILO has recognised the need for a specific convention for domestic workers, but to date has excluded what is the most vulnerable section of the working class. The primarily female and migrant workforce has long been denied decent work hours, fair wages, and regular rest days. In isolated homes, domestic workers are susceptible to forced labour and physical and sexual abuse with little or no channels for redress. On top of these human rights abuses, they are denied the recognition as workers and as such are deprived of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. "Without formal workplaces, we need protection the most but governments won't protect us, and yet they deny us the right to organise to protect ourselves" expressed Eni Lestari, a migrant domestic worker from Indonesia, "because governments don't consider us workers, they exclude us from legislation on statutory minimum wages and decent work hours."

For further information please contact CARAM Asia on behalf of the United for Foreign Domestic Workers Rights (UFDWR).

CARAM Asia is NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It is an open network of NGOs and CBOs, consisting of 38 members covering 17 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Visit for more information on CARAM Asia.

The UFDWRs core committee comprises five regional and international civil society organisations that work directly with domestic workers and domestic worker organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

For further information on UFDWR please click on

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Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:44 AM PDT

Yesterday, April 29th 2010, I attended the 'Reunion of Former Officers' of 15th Battalion, Royal Malay Regiment, who had served the battalion during the era of the 70's, held at KGPA. The battalion was formally established in August 1969 at Rasah Camp, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan; in the same camp that was the home of the British Gurkha Brigade.

The first CO of the battalion was Lt Col Othman Harun (retired in the rank of Lt Gen) who was himself present at the function, and including the third CO Lt Col Ismail Salleh PGB (retired in the rank of Colonel). The second CO Lt Col Abd Rahman Lassim (retired in the rank of Colonel) was however not able to attend the function. All three were the COs of the battalion during the era of the 70's, with Lt Col Abd Rahman Lassim being the longest serving CO; reportedly for a period of 5 years.

Also making an appearance at the function was the first Battalion Second in Command, Mej Nordin Yusoff (retired in the rank of Maj Gen) and the first group of Company Commanders and battalion staff officers. In all, there were a total of 32 former officers that attended the function (including three serving officers) from a total of 78 that were listed. We were also informed that a total of 6 officers of the era are now deceased.

One may recall that it was also towards the end of the 60's, the British government had initiated a policy to withdraw all its forces 'East of the Suez'. Hence, we saw all British occupied camps in Kedah, Johore, Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Malacca were gradually handed over to the Malaysian government to be occupied by the military.

I remembered, as a staff officer of the newly raised 6 Brigade HQ, I was a party to the takeover of the two Gurkha Camps in Sg. Petani, Kedah, and including Minden Barracks (presently USM) in Penang island; the latter camp was subsequently handed over to the Education Ministry. The British vacated the camps leaving behind stacks of furniture, carpets and even some cutleries; some were later taken into stock, and some 'disappeared'.

Now, the above reunion function was held for the first time, organised by an inspiring group of retirees led by its Advisor Col Ismail Salleh and a committee of 7 retired officers. Through the effort of Lt Col Noor Mohammed and his committee, they were able to obtain and compiled details of almost all former officers that had served the battalion during the era of the 70's in a simple booklet. There are still a handful of former officers that could not be traced, as their records are not available with the Veteran Affairs Department.

I was thoroughly pleased to have met my former superiors, and almost all my platoon commanders who have all passed the 'century mark'. I would say that I was one of the longest serving officers of the battalion i.e. 5 years, and during that period I had the opportunity of commanding three different rifle companies. Being long in the battalion, I could master the names of almost every soldier in the battalion, and some are still in touch with me. I could also feel that those present at the function have not lost their soldierly spirit, their sense of loyalty to one another, and the spirit de corps; true to the saying that 'the friendship among soldiers are for a life time'.

Following lunch, the stage was taken over by Lt Col Noor Mohammed who spoke at length of having served all the three COs, and the peculiarity and idiosyncrasy that he found in each one of them. It was all said in jest, and it was meant to reminisce how the subordinate officers viewed their 'bosses'.

One may also recall that the period of the 70's were the most trying period for the army as it was the period of the revival of the communist insurgency. It is quite normal for a battalion after having been out on operations for a three months period, would only be rested for less than a month, before the battalion is recalled back into operations. There are many stories and incidences that one could relate, particularly with regards to the command proficiency and ability of COs during military operations. The period of the 70's was indeed a period where COs were tested to the limits, and when a contact with the communist was made, one could see the flurry of activities surrounding the HQ, including the sudden arrival of officers from higher HQ. Lt Col Noor Mohammed was able to reminisce some of such incidences, where many may have already forgotten.

Present too at the function was retired Lt Col Abd Manaf Kasmuri, a former officer of the battalion and also a former ISA detainee, who gave an exposition of his involvement with the Bosnian forces during the Bosnian conflict. His involvement in Bosnia was one of Jihad, and he never felt that his actions were that of a terrorist as claimed. The perception that a 'Jihadist' is synonymous to a 'terrorist' is merely a western creation; and definitely not one of a Muslim perception. His arrest, and subsequently his incarceration for a period of 3 years as an ISA detainee by the Malaysian authorities upon his return from Bosnia, can thus be debated. The question that needs to be asked is whether Lt Col Abd Manaf Kasmuri was rightfully detained for being a 'terrorist', or wrongfully detained for being a 'Jihadist'.

The final speaker to address the gathering was the first CO, retired Mej Gen Dato' Othman Harun who delved on some historical perspective of the creation of the Royal Malay Regiment, in particular with regards to what is termed as the 'Wasiat Raja Raja Melayu'. Sadly, I am not well converse with the subject while I was in service, but the brief talk by Mej Gen Dato Othman Harun gave us what we ought to know about the creation of the regiment the moment we are commissioned into the regiment. I believe not many in service today know the existence of the 'Wasiat', and I believe it is the failure of the regiment not to understand the meaning and purpose of the 'Wasiat', that have led the regiment astray.

The gathering has certainly brought the 'old timers and the forgotten ones' to reaffirm their friendship and lost comradeship. And as Muslims, the reaffirmation of friendship is a religious obligation, and must never be breached. This was what the gathering has achieved.


June Rose

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:40 AM PDT

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Stephen Tong's Evangelistic Rally In Sibu (唐崇荣萬人佈道会)- Part 14

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:39 AM PDT

Pray for Sibu that all the sins on this piece of land be pardoned by God. Ask the compassionate God to cover every inch of the land with His precious blood, so that those who are depressed or lost in the dark may be set free. Pray also for the revival of Sibu.

The above poster shows Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong's Christmas Gospel Rally themed "The Guiding Star" in Taiwan in 2009.

Shakira – WAKA WAKA – This Time for Africa

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:10 AM PDT

Lyrics: (in video)

Waka waka eh, eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa!!!

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Spose – I’m Awesome

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 04:02 AM PDT


Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…
I don't necessarily need to be here for this…
I'm gonna keep the headphones though…
Mother fucker I'm awesome!
No you're not, dude don't lie
I'm awesome!
I'm drivin around in my mom's ride
I'm awesome!
A quarter of my life gone by
And I met all my friends online
Mother fucker I'm awesome!

I will run away from a brawl
I'm awesome!
There's no voicemail, nobody called
I'm awesome!
I can't afford to buy eight balls
And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall
I'm awesome

You know my pants sag low (low)
Even though (though) that went out of style
Like ten years ago (go)
Spose, I got the swagger of a cripple
I got little biceps,
Getting fatter in the middle

And lyrically I'm not the best :)
Physically the opposite of Randy Moss and yet
So preposterous
Feel the awesomeness, the most obnoxious
Guest up at the sausage fest
Oh yes!
The girls are repulsed
So I hide in my hood like i'm joining a cult
Uh Uhh
I'm as nervous as my cattle dirty curtis
All my writtens are bitten and
All my verses are purchased
Me? I'll never date an actress
Got too many back zits
Plus my whole home aroma is cat piss
Every show i do is poorly promoted and if you like this,
It's cuz my little sister wrote it

I'm awesome!
No you're not, dude don't lie
I'm awesome!
I'm drivin around in my mom's ride
I'm awesome!
A quarter of my life gone by
And I met all my friends online
Mother fucker I'm awesome!
I will run away from a brawl
I'm awesome!
There's no voicemail, nobody called
I'm awesome!
I can't afford to buy eight balls
And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall
I'm awesome

Check it out

I'm from Maine and I don't hunt, nope
And I can't ski
Smoke weed but I can't roll blunts
*Find me* whipped by my wifey
My neck not icy
Eatin at McDonalds because Subway's pricey

Uh, and my unibrow is plucked
Just asked my mom if I could borrow ten bucks
She's like "For what?
Blunt wraps and some Heineken?
You skinny prick, go get a gym membership and vitamins!"
Find More lyrics at
I'm like, Mom please, don't blame it on me
I got my bad habits from you, Dad, and Aunt Steve
My attitude's sour but my futon's sweet,
And the hair on my ass, it is Jumanji

Suit untailored, ringtone Taylor Swift
Can't tweet up on my Twitter
Cuz I haven't done shit
Bank account red, body ungroomed
The only thing good about me is I'm off stage soon

I'm awesome!
No you're not, dude don't lie
I'm awesome!
I'm drivin around in my mom's ride
I'm awesome!
A quarter of my life gone by
And I met all my friends online
Mother fucker I'm awesome!
I will run away from a brawl
I'm awesome!
There's no voicemail, nobody called
I'm awesome!
I can't afford to buy eight balls
And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall
I'm awesome

Futhermore I'm cornier than Ethynol
Cheesier than Provolone
I spent ages eight to ten living in a motor home
With a ego the size of Tim Duncan
Even though I got shit for brains like a blumpkin
I'm twenty four, serving lobster rolls
Because I spent a decade filling optimos
And I'm not even the bomb in Maine
On my game I'm only about as sexy as John McCain
Now put your hands up,
If you have nightmares
If you wouldn't man up if there was a fight here
If you got dandruff, if you drink light beer
I'm outta breath…

But I'm awesome!
No you're not, dude don't lie
I'm awesome!
I'm drivin around in my mom's ride
I'm awesome!
A quarter of my life gone by
And I met all my friends online
Mother fucker I'm awesome!
I will run away from a brawl
I'm awesome!
There's no voicemail, nobody called
I'm awesome!
I can't afford to buy eight balls
And I talk to myself on my Facebook wall
I'm awesome

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B.o.B ft Eminem & Hayley Williams – Airplanes

Posted: 30 Apr 2010 03:57 AM PDT


B.o.B Airplanes (Part II) Lyrics :-

[Chorus - Hayley Williams]
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now
(wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

(Dreamin', I'm fallin, Dreamin', I'm fallin)

[B.o.B - Verse 1]
Lets pretend like its 98, like I'm eating lunch off of Styrofoam treys
Trying to be the next rapper coming out the A
Hoping for a record deal, to re-know my pain
Now lets pretend like I'm on the stage
And when my beat drops everybody goes insane (Ok)
And everybody know my name (B.o.B)
And everywhere I go people wanna hear me sang
Oh yea and I just dropped my new album
On the first week I did 500 thousand
Gold in the spring and diamond in the fall
And then a world tour just to top it all off
And lets pretend like they call me the greatest
Selling out arenas with big ass stages
And everybody loved me and no one ever hated
Lets try to use imagination

[Chorus - Hailey Williams]

[B.o.B - Verse 2]
Ok, let's pretend like this never happened
Like I never had dreams of being a rapper
Like I didn't write raps in all of my classes
Like I never used to runaway into the blackness
Now lets pretend like it was all-good
Like I didn't live starring in a notebook
Like I did the things I probably knew I should
But I didn't have neighbours that's why they call it hood
Now lets pretend like I aint got a name
Before they ever called me B.o.B or a.k.a Bobby Ray
I'm talking back before the mixtapes
Before the videos and the deals and the fame
Before they ever once compared me to Andre
Before I ever got Myspace
Before they ever noticed my face
So let's just pretend and make wishes out of airplanes

[Chorus - Hailey Williams]

(And it seems like yesterday it was just a dream, just memories)

[Eminem - Verse 3]
Let's Pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen
Let's pretend things would've been no different
Pretend people procrastinated had no motivation
Pretend he just made excuses that was so paper thin they could blow away wit the wind
Marshall you never gone make it, makes no sense to play the game it ain't no way that'll you win
Pretend he just stand out side all day and play with his friends
Pretend he even had a friend to say was his friend
And it wasn't time to move in school no changing again
He wasn't socially awakard and just strange as a kid
He had a father and his mother wasn't crazy as sh-t
And he never dreamed he can ripped stadiums he just lazy as shit
F-ck a talent show in the gymnasium bitch
You won't amount to sh-t quit day dreaming kid
lyrics courtesy of
You need to get ya cranium check you thinking like an alien
It just ain't realistic
Now pretend they ain't just make him angry with this sh-t
And there was no one he could even aim when he's pissed with
And his alarm went off to wake him but he did'nt make it to the rap Olympics
Left to his plane and he missed it
He's gonna have a hard time explaining to Haley and Laney these food stamps and WIC shit
Cause he never risked sh-t he hoped and he wished it
But it didn't fall in his lap so he ain't even hear it he pretends that


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