Tuesday, May 11, 2010

glory be! a million ringgit to glorify her!

glory be! a million ringgit to glorify her!

glory be! a million ringgit to glorify her!

Posted: 11 May 2010 10:08 AM PDT

who else but this woman who wants to be glorified, who wants to be in the limelight always, who must appear on tv every week, whose face must appear in the mainstream media at least twice a week (and only on first 3 pages).  who else but the PM's wife!!

please read  from the nut graph.

this woman was conferred the little known international peace and harmony award by an equally less known business and council for better understanding in US, and for that the government had to congratulate her – by placing a full colour 2 pages ad in the new york times.  that according to the nut graph investigation could easily cost as much as RM1 million ringgit.

goodness gracious me!!  wasn't that a waste of tax payers money?? yours and mine. (oops. not mine since my salary is too miserable to be entitled for tax).

do you know with that kind of amount, the government instead could afford to house thousands of homeless and poor people in low cost flats??  with that kind of amount, i could move out from my low cost flat (ties in with my miserable pay, see) and buy a house.

what further add to the indignation of knowing our govt. spent so much on the ad was that the ad addressed her as 'the first lady' of malaysia.  ya allah!!! her, first lady?? the first lady title is reserved for the queen lah, not her! my oh my, it looks like she wants to be higher than the queen.

The ad welcomed Rosmah as Malaysia's "First Lady" to New York, and carried the message: "In recognition of your effort to promote peace, harmony and understanding among the people of Malaysia and your courageous acts in making a difference to the lives of people and children around the world. Malaysia is proud of you."

what?? WHAT??? good lord! *almost faint*

oh boy! i think i had better not talk too much about her as i'm going to sleep now and i don't want to dream of her. heaven forbids!!

He is able more than able - Now to him that is able to do... - Ephesians 3:20

Posted: 11 May 2010 09:26 AM PDT

A simple yet powerful song - one of my favourites scripture songs. It is based on Ephesians 3:20

He is able more than able
To accomplish what concerns me today
He is able more than able
To handle anything that comes my way
He is able more than able
To do much more than I could ever dream
He is able more than able
To make me what He wants me to be

© 1989 Maranatha Praise Inc.

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Sand-and-sex case: PKR MPs want independent body

Posted: 11 May 2010 09:50 AM PDT

Eleven PKR parliamentarians have made the call  at a meeting in De Palma Hotel in Ampang last night, to pressure Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim to form an independent panel to investigate allegations of corruption involving Selangor state-owned Kuala Semesta Sdn Bhd, dubbed as the sand-and-sex scandal.
Following the meeting, Kapar MP S Manikavasagam said he had decided to put off his police report over the matter today.

Manikavasagam said, "They have asked me to hold on. I acknowledge my friends who are with me in this (the fight against corruption), and I am holding it (my police report). Every document is with me here..." and added, "I want the party to investigate, This is serious - it concerns the embezzlement of public funds."

No case against Anwar

Posted: 11 May 2010 08:54 AM PDT

From: "truth"
Subject: No case against Anwar

truth comment: there is just no case against anwar. it is so clear. however
in the context of the corrupt malaysian political and judicial system,
anything goes. the end result is gross injustice and malaysia reputation
goes down deeper into the dark hole.

if the judge is a real judge, then he should immediately throw out the charge. if he fudge around to allow the case to continue then right minded malaysians should take to the streets in huge numbers and do what the thais did.
KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on Tuesday challenged the basis of sodomy allegations against him, saying he was charged with a consensual act while his accuser claimed he was assaulted.

Anwar, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed on separate sex and corruption counts a decade ago, is accused of sodomising 25-year-old Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who was an aide in his office.

The 62-year-old father of six says the charges have been trumped-up in a political conspiracy aimed at ending his career after his opposition alliance made major strides in 2008 elections.

In court Tuesday Anwar's lawyers asked the judge for all statements that Saiful has made about the alleged incident, to show he had repeatedly said he was forced to have illicit sexual relations.

"It's the first time in a criminal case in this country that you have a statement to the police saying that the act was not consensual and yet the charge is consensual," Anwar told reporters.

"It is questioning the credibility of the prosecution. They looked at the evidence, they can't prove it so they changed (the charge)," he said.

"Saiful is not consistent, he is not telling the truth, so that's why we want the full statement."

Defence counsel Karpal Singh said that if they were able to prove the contradiction, the prosecution's case would collapse.

"Of course that's the end of it. It should be the end of the case," he told reporters.

In a brief hearing Tuesday before the judge called an adjournment to consider the defence request for the documents, Karpal asked Saiful if he had always stated that the sodomy was against his will and Saiful said he had.

Karpal then asked him if this had always been the case and Saiful said he was not sure.

Sodomy, even among consenting adults, is illegal in Malaysia -- a conservative and Muslim-majority country. If convicted, Anwar could face up to 20 years imprisonment.

Under the penal code, there are two alternatives for prosecutors to lay sodomy charges, for cases of either consensual or non-consensual acts.

The decision to charge Anwar with consensual sodomy had long raised questions marks among observers, given Saiful's repeated claims that he was forced into having sex with his boss.

Saiful himself has not been charged with any crime.

Human Rights Watch has urged Malaysia to drop the charges against Anwar, condemning the case as a "charade of justice" and saying his lawyers have also been blocked from preparing a thorough defence.

The trial opened briefly in February with explicit evidence from Saiful who said that Anwar propositioned him for sex shortly after he arrived at a Kuala Lumpur apartment on June 26, 2008 to deliver a document.

During cross-examination Monday when the trial resumed, Saiful confirmed he met with Prime Minister Najib Razak four days before lodging a police report over the allegedly incident.

Anwar has said that Najib, who at the time was the deputy prime minister, must now appear as a witness. The premier has repeatedly denied any involvement in the case.

Anwar spent six years in jail on the original sodomy and corruption allegations until the sex conviction was quashed in 2004.

Hisham in crosshairs for Mother’s Day insult

Posted: 11 May 2010 09:10 AM PDT

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani , Malaysian Insider

May 09-2010

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders said today that Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein should apologise after the Home Minister said that street crime in Malaysia was exaggerated by idle chatter of women while at the hairdressers.

The lawmakers agreed that the Umno vice-president's statement was insensitive and irresponsible.

Last night, Hishammuddin told students at the Malaysian Students Department in London that "chit-chat" among women has exaggerated the level of street crime in the country and caused fear among the public.

"Most victims are women. What do women do? They go to the hairdressers … they chit-chat and suddenly it is everywhere and cause people to fear," Hishammuddin said.

DAP's Ipoh Timor MP Lim Kit Siang was outraged that Hishammuddin would blame women especially on Mother's Day.

"I am also flabbergasted and outraged that Hishammuddin could be so irresponsible as to blame Malaysian women on Mother's Day for the exaggeration of the endemic crime situation in the country.

"Hishammuddin should  apologise for his insult to Malaysian women on Mother's Day and blaming women's chattering for exaggerating the crime problem and demonizing the police," he said in a press statement.

PKR's Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar said the minister's statement was an insult to women in the country.

"It really is very gender insensitive and again it is finger pointing by no other than a top minister. It showcases that government is at a loss of the real issue which is the problem of trigger happy police and structural reforms that needs to be implemented. These are serious issues which needs to be considered and is no joking matter.

"I really take offense to his statement because it is an insult to women. This is really unprofessional by our Home Minister. It was really irresponsible for him to make that statement. It is wrong to go to the hair salon? It is very insulting," she told The Malaysian Insider.

She added that Hishammuddin must not only apologise but also understand issues affecting Malaysians.

"Clearly, a public apology would only be the first step. He does not understand the real issue and reasons why public perception is so bad. Criticisms leveled against the police do not equate hatred but a real desire to see an improved service and level of security. If he fails to see this, we need a new minister," said Nurul Izzah.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok said Hishammuddin was insensitive for joking about women.

"His statement is crazy and gender insensitive. He is running down and blaming women for being victims of crime. This statement shouldn't have come out from the mouth of the Home Minister. He is the internal security minister and his job is devise ways to make the streets safer for Malaysians. Instead he takes this issue so lightly and even laughs at women and accused women of doing nothing.  This is very irresponsible of him.

"This can make people ask him what has he done to reduce street crime for the public? Hishammuddin has a wife, daughter and mother who are women and subjected to street crime too," she said.

Women's Aid Organisation's executive director, Ivy Josiah, said Hishammuddin statement was "infuriating" and "demeaning."

"This is an outrageous, ill informed and knee jerk remark. Just in the month of April, two of my colleagues had their bag snatched in Section 14 PJ. In Section 6, where I live, the neighborhood has experienced at least five snatches.

"To downplay street crime to women's idle chatter is infuriating and demeaning. Perhaps the minister needs to take a bus, walk to the shops and cross a street to understand how frightening it has become. For the record, most of us women cannot afford to go to the hairdresser," said Ivy.

Fitnah #2 trial faces ‘historic’ contradiction

Posted: 11 May 2010 07:59 AM PDT

Sodomy Fitnah 2 trial faces 'historic' contradiction

Hafiz Yatim, May 11, 10

For the first time, a Malaysian court is faced with a contradiction between the charge against an accused and the main witness's testimony.

This has occured in the sodomy trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has been charged under Section 377b of the Penal Code with having consensual carnal intercourse with former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

According to Saiful's police report against Anwar, which the former made at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital on June 28, 2008, the alleged sodomy incident of June 26 was non-consensual and, hence, should have been under section 377c of the same code.

This discrepancy between the charge faced by Anwar and what Saiful had stated in his testimony was brought to the fore today by defence lawyer Karpal Singh.

NONEKarpal, in applying for access to Saiful's statements to the police as recorded by investigating officer DSP Jude Aloysius Pereira, has also moved to impeach the star witness and alleged victim.

The defence has yet to receive Saiful's cautioned statement, a complaint which it has repeatedly raised previously.

"Clearly there is a serious discrepancy with the charge with what the witness had maintained in his police report," Karpal said.

"Certainly, there is something wrong with the prosecution in the framing of the charge," he added.

Karpal: How many statements did you make to Jude?

Saiful: Many, I cannot remember.

Karpal: When was the first time Jude took down your statement?

Saiful: It was on June 29, 2008. However, I do not know how many times he took my statements. 

Karpal: In your police report and testimony, you maintained the alleged incident was non-consensual?

Saiful: I maintain it was non-consensual. (Karpal asked this three times).

Defence wants Saiful's statement

Karpal said the defence is applying for a copy of Saiful's statement made under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code to see whether there is such a discrepancy.

azlanA person found guilty under Section 377b (consensual sodomy) stands to face a maximum jail sentence of 20 years jail and is liable to whipping. 

Under section 377c for non-consensual sodomy, a person stands to face a minimum of five years to a maximum of 20 years jail and is liable to whipping.

Karpal said is move to impeach the complainant is based on a "hunch" that the former aide had lied. 

Saiful is looking at up to seven years' jail under Section 195 of the Penal Code if found guilty of perjury.

azlanKuala Lumpur High Court justice Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah said he would make his decision known tomorrow as to whether to allow the defence to scrutinise Saiful's statement to the police.

"I realise the discrepancy between the charge and what the witness had said," said Mohd Zabidin.

"This is probably the first time in legal history in Malaysia that this has happened. I have to consider properly," he said, adding he needed time to make a ruling on this and reserved his decision to tomorrow.

Solicitor-general II Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abidin, who led the
prosecution team, argued that it was the discretion of the attorney-general to charge any person under any section.

"It is the prosecution's prerogative to charge Anwar under consensual sodomy, which is a lesser offence and entails lesser punishment, rather than non-consensual sodomy which is a much more serious charge with a minimum jail sentence," he said.

Mohd Yusof stressed that Anwar was charged with a lesser charge and punishment. 

Karpal: 'Case will collapse'

Outside court, Karpal later told reporters that the significance of the court's decision tomorrow lies in that if the defence proves the contradiction between the charge against Anwar and the witness's testimony, the prosecution's case would collapse.

"They (prosecution) are framing the charge which is not supported by their own evidence.

"Of course, that would be the end of it. It should be the end of the case where the prosecution would certainly have to drop the charge," he told reporters.

Karpal added that the prosecution could not amend the charge at this stage now, as it would look bad on the prosecution and also the complainant.

Meanwhile, Anwar attacked the credibility of the prosecution.

"It's the first time in a criminal case in this country that you have a statement to the police saying that the act was not consensual and yet the charge is consensual," Anwar told reporters.

"It is questioning the credibility of the prosecution. They looked at the evidence, they can't prove it, so they changed (the charge)," he said.

The defence needs Saiful's full statement as the witness has been inconsistent and was not telling the truth, he added.

In 1998, Anwar faced similar charges of consensual sodomy against his adopted brother Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja and his former speech writer Dr Munawar Anees.

Unlike Saiful (left) who has not been charged in this case, Sukma and Munawar were charged in 1998 and were sent to prison.

However, in 2006, Sukma was freed of the consensual sodomy charge after spending six months in prison.

Munawar's attempts to clear his name was rejected by the Federal Court when it unanimously dismissed his application.

Food-court.. too cheesy?

Posted: 11 May 2010 07:47 AM PDT

Court adjourned early today, so naturally decided to find food since my tummy was grumbling. Got some donuts, so scrumptious and yummy, ( Yes, I know! I'm a reformed skeptic ) and not only that, I even packed some home! Goes well with milo ais.

Accepting Israel as the Jewish State

Posted: 11 May 2010 08:08 AM PDT

When a major Arab state would finally sign a peace treaty with Israel, it was long assumed, the Arab-Israeli conflict would end. The Egypt-Israel peace treaty of 1979, however, buried that expectation; it had the perverse effect of making other states and also the Egyptian populace more anti-Zionist. The 1980s gave birth to a hope that, instead, Palestinian recognition of Israel would close the conflict. The total failure of the 1993 Declaration of Principles (also known as the Oslo Accords) then buried that expectation.

What now? Starting about 2007, a new focus emerged: winning acceptance of Israel as a sovereign Jewish state. Israel's former prime minister Ehud Olmert set the terms: "I do not intend to compromise in any way over the issue of the Jewish state. This will be a condition for our recognition of a Palestinian state." Olmert was Israel's worst prime minister, but he got this one right. Arab-Israeli diplomacy has dealt with a myriad of subsidiary issues while tiptoeing around the conflict's central issue: "Should there be a Jewish state?" Disagreement over the answer to that question — rather than over Israel's boundaries, its exercise of self defense, its control of the Temple Mount, its water consumption, its housing construction in West Bank towns, diplomatic relations with Egypt, or the existence of a Palestinian state — is the key issue.

Palestinian leaders responded with howls of outrage, declaring that they "absolutely refused" to accept Israel as a Jewish state. They even pretended to be shocked at the notion of a state defined by religion, although their own "Constitution of the State of Palestine," third draft, states that "Arabic and Islam are the official Palestinian language and religion." Olmert's efforts went nowhere. On taking over the prime ministry in early 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Olmert's point in his diplomacy. Regrettably, the Obama administration endorsed the Palestinian position, again sidelining the Israeli demand. (Instead, it focuses on housing for Jews in Jerusalem. Talk about the heart of the issue.)

If Palestinian politicians reject Israel's Jewish nature, what about the Palestinian and the broader Arab and Muslim publics? Polls and other evidence suggest a long-term average of 20 percent acceptance of Israel, whether in the Mandatory period or now, whether Muslims in Canada or Palestinians in Lebanon. To learn more about current Arab opinion, the Middle East Forum commissioned Pechter Middle East Polls to ask a simple question of a thousand adults in each of four countries: "Islam defines [your state]; under the right circumstances, would you accept a Jewish state of Israel?" (In Lebanon, the question differed slightly: "Islam defines most states in the Middle East; under the right circumstances, would you accept a Jewish state of Israel?")

The results: 26 percent of Egyptians and 9 percent of urban Saudi subjects answered (in November 2009) in the affirmative, as did 9 percent of Jordanians and 5 percent of Lebanese (in April 2010). The polls reveal broad consensus across such differences as occupation, socioeconomic standing, and age. For no discernable reason, more Egyptian women and Saudi and Jordanian men accept a Jewish Israel than their gender counterparts, whereas among the Lebanese both sexes rank similarly. Some significant variations exist, however: As one would expect in Lebanon, 16 percent of (largely Christian) North Lebanon accepts a Jewish Israel, in contrast to just 1 percent in the (mostly Shi'ite) Bekaa Valley.

More significantly, weighting these responses by the size of their populations (respectively, 79, 29, 6, and 4 million) translates into an overall average of 20 percent acceptance of Israel's Jewishness — neatly confirming the existing percentage. Although 20 percent constitutes a small minority, its consistency over time and place offers encouragement. That one-fifth of Muslims, Arabs, and even Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state suggests that, despite a near-century of indoctrination and intimidation, a base for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict does exist.

Would-be peacemakers must direct their attention to increasing the size of this moderate cohort. Getting from 20 percent to, say, 60 percent would fundamentally shift the politics of the Middle East, displacing Israel from its exaggerated role and releasing the peoples of this blighted region to address their real challenges — not Zionism but such, oh, minor problems as autocracy, brutality, cruelty, conspiracism, religious intolerance, apocalypticism, political extremism, misogyny, slavery, economic backwardness, brain drain, capital flight, corruption, and drought. Daniel Pipes in the NR

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Saiful Terjerat : Tak Solat Kerana MUNGKIN Diliwat

Posted: 11 May 2010 07:17 AM PDT

Berikut ialah Transkrip perbicaraan Fitnah Kali Ke Dua terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (soal balas hari pertama) semalam.

Perbicaraan tersebut didengar oleh Hakim Mahkamah Tinggi, Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd. Diah.

(10.37 pagi - Saiful Bukhari Azlan mengangkat sumpah semula dalam Bahasa Melayu)

Karpal Singh (KS): Tadi ada bersumpah? Bersumpah untuk apa?

Saiful Bukhari (SB): Untuk berkata apa yang benar.

KS: Itu tidak benar, bukan?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Benar sahaja tidak mencukupi dalam bagi keterangan? Do you speak English? (Awak boleh berbahasa Inggeris?)

Yang Arif (HAKIM): Jawab dalam Bahasa Melayu sebab saksi angkat sumpah dalam Bahasa Melayu.

KS: Baca sekali lagi sumpah itu.

SB: (Saksi membaca semula sumpah)

KS: Yang terakhir, melainkan yang benar?

SB: Ya.

KS: Bukan senang masuk dalam kandang itu? Ada kewajipan, bukan?

SB: Ya.

KS: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, kenal?

SB: Ya, Perdana Menteri. Kenal sejak kecil lagi.

KS: Ada jumpa Perdana Menteri (PM)?

SB: Ada, pada 24 Jun 2008.

KS: Jumpa di mana?

SB: Di kediaman Perdana Menteri di Taman Duta, KL.

KS: Masa itu Timbalan Perdana Menteri (TPM)?

SB: Ya.

KS: Jumpa TPM untuk apa?

SB: Saya mengadukan pada beliau tentang masalah saya.

KS: Pada 24 Jun?

SB: Ya.

KS: Lepas itu ada jumpa dia?

SB: Tidak jumpa lagi. Langsung tidak jumpa.

KS: Dengan isteri PM?

SB: Tidak pernah.

KS: Kenal seseorang bernama Mumtaz?

SB: Rakan kepada keluarga saya, kenal sejak kecil.

KS: Pernah jumpa isteri PM?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Kejadian berlaku bila?

SB: 26 Jun 2008.

KS: Pada 27 Jun ada jumpa PM? Pada 28 Jun?

SB: Tidak jumpa.

KS: PM ada menyatakan awak ada jumpa dia.

SB: (Saksi tidak menjawab)

(Karpal mengulangi pertanyaan)

Peguam Cara Negara II, Datuk Mohd. Yusof Zainal Abiden (MY): Saya tidak fikir Karpal patut terus mendesak.

KS: Ada pernah jumpa PM?

SB: Itu tidak pasti tetapi saya jumpa dia (PM) 24 Jun, langsung tidak jumpa lepas itu.

KS: Ada jumpa Asisten Supritendan (ASP) Rodwan? Sekarang dia Asisten Komisioner?

SB: Ada jumpa.

KS: Bila jumpa?

SB: 24 Jun 2008, waktu malam, di Hotel Melia di Jalan Imbi.

KS: Pukul berapa.

SB: Pada masa itu dia yang telefon saya. Masa telefon kata nak bertemu dengan saya.

KS: Tujuan apa? Apa terjadi bila jumpa dia?

SB: Masa telefon dia tidak beritahu tujuan apa. Masa jumpa, dia nak tahu masalah apa yang saya sedang hadapi.

KS: Pernah jumpa ASP Rodwan sebelum 24 Jun?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Jumpa Rodwan selepas jumpa PM?

SB: Ya.

KS: Siapa yang arahkan Rodwan jumpa kamu?

SB: Saya tidak pasti.

KS: Ada tanya mana dia dapat nombor kamu?

SB: Saya tak tanya dia.

KS: Apa berlaku lepas jumpa dia?

SB: Saya beritahu saya diliwat oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) beberapa kali.

KS: Jadi, masa jumpa PM, beritahu dia apa yang berlaku sebelum 26 Jun?

SB: Ya.

KS: Itu sahaja?

SB: Ya.

KS: Ada buat kenyataan bahawa kamu diliwat tanpa kerelaan?

SB: Ya, dalam laporan polis.

KS: Baca P3 (laporan polis).

(SB membaca semula laporan polis yang dibuat olehnya. "Saya Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan ingin melaporkan saya telah diliwat oleh majikan saya. Perkara ini berlaku tanpa kerelaan saya. .... berlaku ialah pada 26 Jun 2008. Laporan dibuat dengan tujuan mendapatkan keadilan dan pembelaan. Bimbang keselamatan diri dan keluarga jika perkara ini tersebar luas ke pengetahuan khalayak ramai. Majikan saya ialah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.")

KS: Kejadian 26 Jun?

SB: Ya.

KS: Selepas 26 Jun ada diperiksa oleh doktor?

SB: Ada.

KS: Sebelum 28 Jun?

SB: Ada.

KS: Oleh siapa?

SB: Oleh doktor di Hospital Pusrawi tetapi bukan sepenuhnya.

KS: Jumpa doktor di Pusrawi bila?

SB: 28 Jun.

KS: Kejadian 26 Jun? Laporan dibuat 28 Jun?

SB: Ya.

KS: Kamu orang Islam yang baik?

SB: Try my best to be (Cuba yang terbaik untuk jadi baik)

KS: Ada sembahyang 5 kali sekali?

SB: Ada, kalau dulu ada tertinggal.

KS: Dalam bulan Jun 2008?

SB: Semasa kerja dengan DSAI, saya kurang sikit sembahyang.

KS: Selepas itu?

SB: Selepas membuat laporan, saya kembali insaf.

KS: Dari 26 hingga 28 Jun ada sembahyang? Kewajipan orang Islam.

SB: Saya ada pergi sembahyang Jumaat.

KS: 26 Jun?

SB: 26 Jun tidak sembahyang.

KS: Kenapa tak sembahyang? Ini kewajipan.

SB: Saya tidak bersolat. Ini mungkin kerana saya telah diliwat.

KS: Pada 27 Jun?

SB: Ada sembahyang Jumaat.

KS: Ada mandi? Cuci badan semua sebelum sembahyang pada 27 Jun?

SB: Ada, mandi sedikit sahaja tetapi saya tidak cuci di bahagian dubur.

KS: Biasa mandi semua badan bukan sebahagian, bukan?

SB: Ya.

KS: Mandi junub, wajibkan?

SB: Ya.

KS: 26 (haribulan) tidak solat?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Tidak mandi wajib?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Jadi, pada 27 Jun, tak mandi wajib jadi sembahyang kamu tidak sah?

SB: Ya, tidak sah.

KS: Bermakna kamu adalah bukan seorang Islam yang baik?

MY: Ini pendapat peguam.

KS: Saya ada hak untuk mencadangkan kepadanya.

HAKIM: Kalau awak serang peribadi dia, nanti pihak pendakwaan juga boleh menyerang peribadi DSAI. Awak tak boleh membantah.

KS: Tidak apa, mereka boleh berbuat demikian. Ia bukan isu.

KS: Saya cadangkan, kamu tidak mengikut syarat-syarat dalam Islam.

SB: Pada tempoh tersebut, saya tidak.

KS: Jadi kamu bukan seorang Islam yang baik?

SB: Saya dalam keadaan darurat pada ketika itu kerana kalau saya mandi... (Saksi dihalang daripada meneruskan jawapannya oleh KS)

KS: Pada 28 Jun, ada mandi wajib?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Kamu tidak ikut cara Islam?

SB: Saya terpaksa.

KS: Dalam darurat?

SB: Ya.

KS: Pada 28 Jun, sebelum pergi Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL), ada jumpa doktor lain?

SB: Di Pusrawi.

KS: Sebelum itu ada pergi Hospital Tawakal?

SB: Ya tapi Tawakal tidak jumpa doktor.

KS: Tujuan apa?

SB: Untuk dapatkan pemeriksaan.

KS: Pada 26 Jun, ada pergi jumpa doktor?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Pada 27 Jun pun tidak?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Hanya pada 28 Jun?

SB: Ya.

KS: Apa nama doktor yang kamu jumpa di Pusrawi?

SB: Dr. Osman.

(Dr. Mohd. Osman bin Abdul Hamid dipanggil dan dicamkan oleh MSB)

KS: Ada buat apa-apa aduan sebelum diperiksa?

SB: Saya hanya kata saya sakit di bahagian dubur.

KS: Itu saja? Lain?

SB: Sakit perut.

KS: Tidak ada aduan lain?

SB: Sebelum dia periksa, saya cakap sakit perut dan dubur. Semasa diperiksa saya cakap saya telah diliwat.

(Saksi dirujuk dengan nota pemeriksaan perubatan Hospital Pusrawi)

KS: Dalam laporan ini ada ditulis "introduction of plastic into the anus (kemasukan objek plastik ke dalam dubur)."

SB: Kurang jelas tulisan ini, tidak boleh baca tulisan.

KS: (Karpal ulang baca nota pemeriksaan) Adakah ini benar perkara ini?

SB: Saya tidak pernah buat aduan ini.

KS: Doktor akan dipanggil beri keterangan, masih berpegang pada keterangan tadi?

SB: Ya, saya tidak pernah buat aduan ini.

KS: Jadi kenapa doktor tulis begini? Adakah doktor ini berbohong?

SB: Saya tidak pasti kenapa dia tulis begini. Ini bohong, tidak benar.

KS: Selepas itu ada pergi HKL?

SB: Ya.

(KS memohon untuk memasukkan nota pemeriksaan perubatan Hospital Pusrawi sebagai bukti pembelaan. Permohonan dibenarkan.)

KS: Ada kenal doktor itu sebelum ini? Sebelum 28 Jun?

SB: Sebelum ini tidak pernah.

KS: Siapa hantar kamu pada dia?

SB: Saya pergi dengan pakcik saya, Uncle Tuah.

KS: Doktor ini bohong?

SB: Mengikut laporan ini, doktor berbohong.

KS: Ada apa-apa sebab dia hendak berbohong, ada berselisih faham dengan dia?

SB: Tidak.

KS: Lepas itu HKL?

SB: Ya, itu cadangan Dr. Osman.

KS: Dalam pukul 3 petang?

SB: Ya, tiba di HKL lebih kurang pukul 3 petang.

KS: Ke Pusrawi pukul 2 petang?

SB: Ya.

KS: Dari pukul 3 hingga 9 malam ada di HKL?

SB: Tidak. Dari pukul 3 hingga 12 malam dan keesokkan harinya sebab dimasukkan ke wad.

KS: Ada Dr. Danial periksa kamu?

SB: Dr. Danial tidak periksa. Dia arahkan saya ke Pusat Khidmat Krisis Sehenti (One Stop Crisis Centre - OSCC).

KS: (Pohon Dr. Danial dipanggil untuk dicamkan).

MY: Ini adalah soal balas. Masalahnya doktor ini memerlukan sekurang-kurangnya notis lapan jam, mereka pakar bedah di HKL.

KS: Ini masalahnya apabila senarai saksi tidak dibekalkan.

HAKIM: Esok boleh datang?

MY: Kesemua doktor?

KS: Semuanya.

KS: Ada doktor ambil atau rekodkan latar belakang atau sejarah perubatan?

SB: Saya tak pasti tapi ada tanya berkali-kali tentang masalah yang saya hadapi seperti laporan saya.

KS: Buat laporan polis di HKL?

SB: Ya, di HKL.

KS: Buat di pondok polis?

SB: Tidak, di wad.

KS: Polis datang untuk buat repot? Siapa?

SB: Ya, ada 2 orang polis. Saya tidak cam.

KS: Jude Blasious ada di sana?

SB: Masa pemeriksaan, dia ada dalam bilik.

(Supritendan Jude Blasious Pereira dicamkan)

KS: Jadi, kamu diperiksa oleh tiga doktor? Lelaki?

SB: Tiga tetapi ada seorang doktor perempuan, dia tidak periksa.

KS: Pemeriksaan rapi?

SB: Ya.

KS: Adakah kamu dapat laporan doktor ini?

SB: Tidak.

(SB dirujuk dengan nota pemeriksaan perubatan HKL)

KS: Rujuk muka surat dua 'Anal examination to the external anus doesn't show any recent of injury.' (Pemeriksaan dubur di bahagian luar anus tidak menunjukkan sebarang kecederaan baru). Kamu bersetuju dengan ini?

MY: Sukar untuk saksi untuk menjawab setuju atau tidak pada soalan ini.

HAKIM: Kita dengar dulu apa jawapan saksi.

SB: Saya tak dapat lihat bahagian anus saya sendiri.

KS: Sekarang dirujuk pada kamu masalahnya. Apa pendirian kamu tentang perkara ini. Tiada masalah dengan anus kamu?

SB: Saya tak dapat tengok anus saya sendiri. Doktor yang buat keputusan itu pun kena tengok anus saya. Saya tidak dapat simpulkan laporan ini.

MY: Ini soalan patut ditanya pada Doktor.

HAKIM: Saksi dah beritahu jawapan dia.

KS: Apa jawapan dia?

HAKIM: Dia cakap dia tidak boleh tengok anus dia sendiri.

KS: Memanglah dia tidak boleh tengok anus dia sendiri. Jadi?

SB: Sebab masa saya diliwat, gunakan pelincir, jadi, saya tak pasti ...

KS: Rujuk muka surat terakhir, Rumusan/Kesimpulan. Tiga doktor menyatakan "no conclusive clinical finding of anus penetration". (Tiada penemuan klinikal yang kukuh menunjukkan kemasukan di anus). Apa komen kamu?

SB: Tiada komen.

(KS pohon nota pemeriksaan perubatan HKL dimasukkan sebagai bukti. Permohonan dibenarkan)

KS: Ada pernyataan dari kamu direkodkan oleh sesiapa, polis?

SB: Ada, banyak kali.

KS: Berapa kali kamu bagi keterangan?

SB: Tak pasti, banyak kali oleh DSP (ketika itu) Jude.

KS: Keterangan yang direkodkan ada baca balik?

SB: Ada setiap muka surat.

KS: Diliwat tanpa kerelaan?

SB: Ya, seperti dalam laporan saya.

KS: saya membuat permohonan kepada mahkamah supaya keterangan bersumpah dibacakan di mahkamah.

HAKIM: Saya perlukan pihak-pihak berhujah. Peguam minta dibekalkan dengan semua keterangan bersumpah di bawah Seksyen 112 Kanun Tatacara Jenayah.

MY: Apa asas perundangan bagi permohonan ini?

KS: Dia (SB) tidak berkata benar.

HAKIM: Ada alasan lain? Kamu menggunakan peruntukan yang mana?

KS: Kebiasaannya ia merupakan satu hak istimewa tetapi ada pengecualiannya.

HAKIM: Kalau pihak pendakwaan ingin membantu saksi untuk ingat semula tetapi ia bukan yang berlaku sekarang.

(Mahkamah berhenti seketika selama kira-kira satu jam)

KS: Kami telah berbincang mengenai perkara ini. Kami perlukan masa untuk menyediakan hujahan lengkap. Kami berharap mahkamah dapat menangguhkan kes sehingga esok.

MY: Tiada bantahan.

HAKIM: Tangguh sehingga esok?

MY: Ya.

HAKIM: Mahkamah ditangguhkan sehingga pukul 9 pagi esok (hari ini). -erapakatan

Ulasan GB

Hmm baru jelas, Saiful sendiri tak pasti dia diliwat atau tidak. Dia mengakui "mungkin" dia diliwat, lantaran itu tak solat jumaat.

Justeru tuduhannya menyatakan DSAI telah "meliwatnya tanpa kerelaaan" jelas satu pembohongan.

Percanggahan itu jelas dan nyata. DSAI perlu dibebaskan segera dari tuduhan yang jahat dan jelek itu.

I'd rather join the black (secret) society rather than MCA

Posted: 11 May 2010 08:41 AM PDT

While the MCA boss, Chua Soi Lek, was speaking in Malacca at the Machap Baru Chinese primary school hall last Sunday, a Malacca party leader stormed on stage with a placard displaying the message: "President, if you really love MCA, could you please resign?"

The Malacca party leader concerned was Malacca MCA Alor Gajah Youth division secretary Chai Ming Swee who told the media that the reason for his act was because earlier on, he had invited the son of a local MCA leader to join the party.

Chai said, "The young man replied, 'how could Chinese Malaysians put their fate on a man who has stained MCA and picked him to be the leader? I'd rather join the black (secret) society rather than MCA.'"

What a bright young man, I would say! His eyes are certainly wide open to see the shame that 'porn star' Chua has brought to himself and the Chinese community in Malaysia as a whole!

A Huge Sigh Of Relief!

Posted: 11 May 2010 07:15 AM PDT

I'm happy to say that Pebbles, though extremely weak and tired is okay :D She's been cleared of anything life threatening and has been diagnosed with a bad case of food poisoning. She's right now sleeping comfortably under her the couch, one of her favourite places in the hall.

I'm extremely relieved that nothing more serious is wrong with her. Both wifey and me were really worried. We've never experienced anything like this before and really didn't know what to do. She was still vomiting and passing motion with blood in her poop while waiting for the vet to open and that got us really worried that something really serious was wrong with her.

Once we reached the vet and got her checked out, we found out that it was because she was given a totally different food diet while we left her at the pet boarding place and when we brought her home and started feeding her her normal diet it kinda upset her sensitive little stomach and hurt her stomach lining which was the cause of blood in her poop and the bouts of throwing up.

Here she is snug between our pillows sleeping soundly and totally ignoring her favourite apple toy

The vet had her poop examined and cleared it of any virus or parasite and said that all she needed right now was to rest and to get her stomach slowly back to the way it was. He gave her a jab and some pills for vomiting, antibiotics and probiotics for her to take.

Trying to get her to take her medication was like trying to wrestle with Hulk Hogan cos though her breed may be tiny, she has the strength of ten Alsatians! And that was only trying to get her to swallow one pill, we have to get her to take three tonight before she sleeps!

Sleeping on wifeys shoulder on the way back from the vet

But I'm seriously relieved that she's okay. She's still not her perky little self yet and has been sleeping all day since we got back from the vet. I guess she won't be needing any weight loss pills cos she's definitely gonna lose weight from all that throwing up this morning. She's like a little child cos right now she just wants to cuddle up next to either wifey or me and sleep. Right now she's just repositioned herself under my chair and is curled up against my leg. I can't wait till she's back to her feisty little self again soon.

But one thing remains the same with her, sick or not sick, the moment she saw the stray cats in the backyard, she went ballistic and started screaming at them .. . LOL! And thank you all for your kind wishes for her :D I'm sure she appreciates them.

KENYATAAN AKHBAR Projek “Little India” Brickfields

Posted: 11 May 2010 05:39 AM PDT


Projek "Little India" Brickfields: Sejauhmana Perancangan Pembangunan Mempertimbangkan nasib dan kebajikan penjaja dan penduduk setempat?

Pada 7hb Mei yang lalu, atas desakan penjaja dan penduduk Brickfields, Kementerian Pembangunan Wilayah telah bersetuju mempamerkan Pelan Pembangunan Brickfields (blueprint) agar golongan berkepentingan di Brickfields akan dapat memahami serta memperolehi maklumat yang secukupnya berhubung projek pembangunan "Little India" yang bakal dilaksanakan. Sedari awal, saya bersama-sama para penjaja dan penduduk setempat yang prihatin tidak bersetuju dengan cara projek ini hendak dilaksanakan. Kami tidak menolak hasrat Kementerian untuk menaiktaraf kawasan tersebut tetapi kami khuatir projek "Little India" itu dijalankan tanpa mengambil kira pandangan penjaja dan penduduk setempat. Impaknya, kebajikan dan kualiti hidup para penjaja dan penduduk setempat di Brickfields akan terjejas sekiranya projek pembangunan ini diteruskan secara melulu.

Justeru, saya mengusulkan langkah-langkah berikut diambil bagi memastikan projek pembangunan "Little India" dijalankan tanpa memberi kesan negatif kepada para penjaja dan penduduk di Brickfields:

1. Projek "Little India" dijalankan sehingga selesai agar tidak menjadi satu lagi projek terbengkalai Kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Bahkan, proses rundingan bersama rakyat harus diteruskan sekiranya timbul isu-isu yang menjejaskan para penjaja dan penduduk tempatan sepanjang proses pembangunan. Ini adalah kerana penyertaan rakyat dalam pembuatan keputusan adalah kunci kepada pembangunan dan pentadbiran yang adil serta telus.

2. Kedua, saya menggesa pihak yang berkenaan agar dapat memberi jaminan dan perlindungan kepada kebajikan dan kesejahteraan penjaja serta penduduk setempat semasa serta selepas projek pembangunan diselesaikan.

3. Ketiga, memandangkan Brickfields mempunyai bilangan penduduk kurang upaya (OKU) yang agak tinggi, projek "Little India" haruslah memastikan bangunan serta kemudahan awam yang dibina adalah mesra-OKU.

4. Keempat, memandangkan projek "Little India" bakal menjadikan Brickfields satu pusat komersil, saya ingin menggesa, agar kedai-kedai menjual minuman keras tidak berlesen ditutup dan kawalan yang ketat dikenakan ke atas kedai-kedai berlesen. Ini adalah bagi memastikan penjualan minuman keras yang dijangka meningkat ekoran projek pembangunan ini tidak akan menyebabkan masalah sosial yang tidak diingini berlaku terutamanya di kalangan golongan muda di Brickfields.

Bantahan keras saya bersama penjaja dan penduduk Brickfields yang prihatin terhadap cara projek "Little India" hendak dilaksanakan bukanlah untuk mensabotaj atau menghasut orang ramai agar menolak pembangunan yang ingin dibawa oleh Kementerian Wilayah. Sebaliknya, saya percaya bahawa pembangunan yang membawa kebaikan kepada rakyat adalah pembangunan yang tidak mengenepikan suara kecil rakyat yang terjejas hanya kerana mengutamakan pulangan wang semata-mata.

Nurul Izzah Anwar

Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai

Manicka Ada Hati Nak Jadi MB Selangor?

Posted: 11 May 2010 06:04 AM PDT

Khalid temu MP Kapar esok berhubung dakwaan rasuah

Menteri Besar Selangor Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan anggota Parlimen Kapar S. Manikavasagam esok berhubung dakwaannya tentang kegiatan rasuah melibatkan syarikat berkaitan kerajaan negeri, Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB).

Setiausaha politik Menteri Besar, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, dalam satu kenyataan berkata mesyuarat itu membolehkan Manikavasagam secara formal menyampaikan kepada Khalid dakwaannya mengenai penyelewengan di kalangan pegawai kanan KSSB dan seterusnya merangka tindakan bagi menentukan syarikat itu bebas dari amalan rasuah.

KSSB, syarikat yang terlibat dalam industri pasir dan mineral adalah milik penuh Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI).

"Kerajaan negeri memandang serius dakwaan Manikavasagam itu dan akan mempertimbangkan segala cadangannya bagi menangani hal itu," kata Nik Nazmi, dan menambah hasil pertemuan akan diumumkan selepas mesyuarat exco negeri esok.

Manikavasagam sebelum ini mencadangkan agar kerajaan negeri membentuk sebuah badan bebas bagi menyiasat dakwaannya.

Semalam, dua pegawai dari Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) datang ke pejabat Manikavasagam bagi mengambil kenyataan beliau mengenai kegiatan rasuah itu.

Manikavasagam bagaimanapun tidak menyerahkan sebarang dokumen kepada pegawai itu, atas alasan beliau tidak yakin SPRM mampu menjalankan siasatan dengan berkesan. — Bernama

Manikavasagam: Kewibawaan SPRM dipertikai

Ahli Parlimen Kapar, S. Manikavasagam berkata, beliau tidak mahu membuat laporan mengenai rasuah dalam Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) kerana tidak percaya dengan kewibawaan Suruhanjaya itu.

"Sudah banyak laporan saya buat terhadap SPRM tetapi sebaliknya saya sebagai pengadu yang disoalsiasat," katanya kepada Free Malaysia Today hari ini.

"Sebab itu saya tidak percaya kepada SPRM kerana tidak menyiasat orang yang saya buat laporan tetapi sebaliknya mereka menyiasat saya. Contohnya dalam kes tanah di Kampung Perpat, Kapar, saya membuat aduan tetapi saya yang disiasat," katanya.

Ahli majlis pimpinan tinggi PKR itu berkata demikian ketika ditanya mengapa beliau tidak mahu membuat laporan SPRM berhubung dakwaannya pegawai syarikat tersebut mengamalkan rasuah.

Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim mahu Manikavasagam membuat laporan SPRM mengenai dakwaannya dalam Kumpulan Semesta tersebut.

Manikavasagam sebelum ini dilaporkan mendakwa bahawa pegawai atasan KSSB mengamalkan terlalu banyak rasuah dan perkara itu perlu dibersihkan segera oleh Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Beliau juga dilaporkan memberi masa 72 jam bermula semalam kepada Khalid untuk mengambil tindakan segera terhadap pegawai yang dimaksudkannya itu sebelum beliau mendedahkan nama pegawai yang terlibat.

KSSB ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan di bawah Pakatan Rakyat bagi mempelopori industri pasir dan bahan batuan serta mineral lain secara bersepadu di Selangor.

Semalam, sekumpulan pegawai SPRM dari ibu pejabat Putrajaya datang menemui ahli parlimen PKR Kapar di pejabatnya untuk mendapatkan dokumen mengenai syarikat tersebut.

Bagaimanapun, Manikavasagam tidak memberikan dokumen yang diminta oleh pegawai terbabit. -FMT

Ulasan GB

Lain macam pula perangai Ahli Parlimen Kapar ni sekalipun beliau sebenarnya tidak mempunyai sebarang track record yang tidak bagus terhadap Pakatan Rakyat.

Kemungkinan apa yang dilakukan ialah hasratnya untuk melihat sebuah kerajaan PR yang telus dan berwibawa di Selangor. Maka itu beliau menggunakan nama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk menyokong tindakannya.

Apa-apa pun, Manicka ialah seorang "wistle-blower" di dalam PR. Tetapi Manicka sepatutnya telah bertemu dengan MB Selangor terlebih dahulu daripada membuat kenyataan terbuka seperti yang dilakukannya sekarang.

Atau beliau memang tak suka Tan Sri Khalid sebagai MB, atau Manicka sendiri ada hati nak jadi MB Selangor?

Manicka, do you know what does teamwork mean?

P.212 Sibu By-Election - Part 9

Posted: 11 May 2010 06:00 AM PDT

Sibu by-election campaign has intensified in scale and turned sharp in issues. This is fueling the already heated campaign!
Scorching issues like Islamic State (回教國), theocracy (神權主義) and Allah have erupted into the blue sky of Sibu to the surprise of a lot of Sibuians.
The topics are fast becoming kopitiam talk. The local dailies took the issue up and made a full report of it.
Theocracy is very much an old dish. Warming it up is rather uninteresting! Further more, it is still an arguement whether Malaysia is a secular or a theocratic state although DM, Pak Lah and Najib have all stated categorically that Malaysia is already an "Islamic state".
Getting the issue heated up may not work that fantastically well as it did ten years ago!
Photo: Meng Lei

There is nothing in the area to build our stalls, say traders in Brickfields

Posted: 11 May 2010 05:30 AM PDT


THE temporary lot in Jalan Chan Ah Tong, Brickfields reserved for 17 traders involved in the "Brickfields' Little India' project is still not ready for business.

Traders were given notices terminating their licences and told relocate to the barren field within 30 days.

However, after more than 20 days after the deadline, the said temporary location is still not ready for them.

All ears: Nurul Izzah (left) listening to the traders.

Shocked and afraid of the consequences, the traders turned to Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar for help recently.

"We have no problems moving to the location temporarily but there is nothing there to help us build the stalls," said a food stall owner who declined to be named.

Nurul Izzah, who met some representatives on April 29, said the developer should get the site ready as promised.

"The traders were served the notice on April 6 asking them to move within the time but how can they run their business without basic amenities?"

"I hope Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister, Datuk M. Saravanan can own up to his statements in the media," she added.

Stakeholders of Brickfields are also unsure of the exact locations for the various projects related to the Little India project.

"All we have are verbal statements pertaining to this issue. Nobody knows where the exact location for the food court and other new structures in the area," said S. Paranjothy, who represented the traders.

Nurul Izzah said she would request for a blueprint of all the development set to take place in the area so that everyone would have a clear picture of the issue.

"Nobody is against development but it should not be at the expense of the people. Traders have to know if they will be affected by the overhaul," she added.

Nurul Izzah also said their next course of action would be to approach Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to solve the "Little India" problem as well as the one-way street proposal along Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad.

"We want to know the developments after the PM's political secretary met 40 non-governmental organisations of Brickfields some weeks ago," she said.

Little India Project

Posted: 11 May 2010 04:40 AM PDT

Had a pc with The Sun, The Star, Suara KeADILan, and Sinar on the fate of hawkers in the Little India Project

The Blueprint Plan LITTLE INDIA is located at Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Finally, it's up

Bernama Wujudkan Berita Palsu Untuk Kelirukan Masyarakat Sibu

Posted: 11 May 2010 04:01 AM PDT

Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin menafikan laporan media yang menyatakan Ketua AMK Sibu keluar parti dan menganggap ia sebagai satu pembohongan.

Beliau menyifatkan berita itu sengaja direka akibat tindakan terdesak Barisan Nasional untuk memenangi pilihan raya kecil parlimen berkenaan, 16 Mei ini.

"Dia bukan Ketua AMK Sibu. Umurnya sahaja sudah 42 tahun. Ini adalah taktik lapuk dan usang yang dilakukan BN menunjukkan mereka semakin terdesak untuk menang pilihan raya kecil ini,"katanya kepada Suara Keadilan.

Bernama semalam melaporkan Ketua AMK Sibu, Jee Chang Peng, 42 keluar parti dan bercadang untuk menyertai parti komponen Barisan Nasional.

Menurut Shamsul, berita itu sengaja diadakan bagi melemahkan pengaruh Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak yang kini semakin kuat dan bakal memberikan saingan sengit kepada BN pada PRK itu.

"Di Sibu bukan KEADILAN yang bertanding tetapi DAP. Tetapi mereka melakukan ini untuk melonggarkan kesepakatan dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

"Perkara ini tidak sedikit pun melemahkan kita dan kita semakin yakin untuk menentang mereka," ujarnya.

Menurut Shamsul satu sidang media akan diadakan bagi menjelaskan perkara itu oleh Ketua AMK Sarawak, Nazib Johari hari ini. -SK

Budak-budak pun dh tau dating

Posted: 11 May 2010 01:55 AM PDT

Salam to all & good day,
Semalam aku ke kedai makan yg selalu aku makan lepas balik keje, sambil aku pesan makanan, meja depan aku, aku perhatikan ada 2 org budak remaja ni dalam umur 14 atau 15 tahun la, bukan main mesra lagi aku tgk, makan bersuap, minum pun bersuap, macam laki bini yg bahagia, seronok tgk budak2 mcm ni, budak2 yg masih belum kenal dunia sebenar, hanya bahagia kerana sebab keseronokkan je, kesan nya diorg tak kan tahun kemudian nanti.

Lama jugak aku perhatikan, lepas air habis air minuman diorg, diorg tambah lagi, macam-macam diorg makan, lepas makan siap main bungkus lagi, banyak duit budak-budak ni aku tgk, mungkin mak bapak dia bagi duit banyak kot kat diorg, so boleh belanja macam-macam, zaman sekarang ni mana cukup kalau nak keluar rumah kalau dalam kocek ada rm10, kurang2 pun mau rm30 baru boleh makan dan duit untuk isi tangki minyak, minyak pun dah mcam air, kalau setakat rm10 tu kemana sangat la boleh pergi, pusing2 dh habis rm10 tu.

Bila tgk budak2 muda mcm diorg ni berbelanja, datin mating, terkenang jugak zaman sekolah dulu, zaman dlu budak2 sekolah mana muai dengan duit, kalau ke sekolah pun duit kocek ada le dalam 50 posen je, paling tinggi pun rm1, tu pun mak bapak dh mengeluh, kalau makan kat kanting mana cukup nak dating2 ni, duit ngam2 je nak mencekik seharian kat sekolah, paling kuat pun boleh beli keropok ( cekedes ) ataupun gula2, so kalau nak takel awek masa zaman sekolah dulu pun just bg gula2 ataupun keropok, tu pun jadik hahahahaaaaaaaaa......

Dating zaman sekolah dulu kalau ada air sirap satu plastik pun boleh kongsi berdua, lepas kita sedut, nak bagi awek tu, awek siap keluarkan straw tu, siap lap kat baju straw tu, hahaha, memang kelakar la kalau kita kenangkan zaman sekolah dulu, baju nak kemas, rambut belah tepi, sekema je, baru awek nak dekat, kalau selebet je, awek tgk terus blah, tapi zaman sekolah dulu, kalau kita klass yg paling hujung dan awek yg kita minat tu kelas pertama, jangan harap boleh dapat takel, awek kelas pertama tu tentu nak balak yg kelas pertama jugak, tak main kelas hujung2 ni, sampai mcm tu sekali kan perbedaan nya.

Aku ingat lagi zaman sekolah dulu, ada satu awek ni nama dia aishah, cun giler la masa tu, ada lah lebih kurang macam sofea jane, anak datuk lagi, kaya giler la, tapi memang sombong giler wa cakap, kalau kita lalu tegur dia, memang buat tak layan, sampai nak pergi ke kelas hujung pun dia tak nak campur budak kelas last ni, sebab nak jaga standard la katakan, masa sekolah dulu dia sorg je tiap2 tahun aku tgk pakai kasut SPARK, kira kasut mahal tu, mana mampu aku nak beli masa tu, dapat kasut murah pun dh kira baik, nak mintak SPARK kat bapak aku, SPARK tak dapat, nanti penYEPAK dapat, wahahaha, janji kasut.

Harap2 zaman sekolah kini adalah lagi baik dari dulu, dan budak2 pun dh semakin advance dengan pelbagai benda, tak mcm dulu, kalau tanya komputer tu menantang apa, nanti diorg cakap komputer tu benda yg tekan2 tu, lepas tekan nanti boleh keluar kat cermin, zaman ni sapa tak tau komputer? kalau tak tau rasanya memang banggang kot, buta IT tak pe, jangan buta hati, tu yg penting.

Apa2 pun, kalau semaju mana sekali pun dunia masa kini, jgn buat perkara yg dari mesra2 kat kedai makan, last2 mesra kat atas katil, nanti kene penyakit 9 bulan, mak bapak malu, last2 bayi tu dah dalam tong sampah dibuang merata, tu yg kita tak nak, nak mesra2 tu boleh, tapi batasan nya ada, setiap agama ada batasannya, jadi tepuk dada, tanya selera, mana yg baik di ikut, yg jahat kita tinggalkan......

Aku curi-curi snap pic budak2 dua org ni....

Mesra takpe ye dik, kat kedai makan, kalau tempat lain tak boleh mesra2, tak baik, ingat tu, dosa..

PRK Sibu : Polis Bantu BN, Halang Guna Isu Kalimah "Allah"

Posted: 10 May 2010 11:50 PM PDT

Parti-parti politik dilarang daripada menggunakan polemik penggunaan kalimah "Allah" — antara isu hangat — sebagai bahan kempen pilihan raya kecil kerusi Parlimen yang sedang berlangsung.

Arahan itu dikeluarkan oleh Polis Sarawak beberapa jam selepas majlis anjuran DAP bagi penganut Kristian semalam, yang mendapat sambutan, di mana pemimpin parti itu menggesa pengundi menunjukkan protes berhubung isu "Allah" pada 16 Mei ini.

Pengundian pilihan raya kecil ini akan berlangsung Ahad ini. Kempen bermula Sabtu lalu.

Larangan itu diumumkan oleh Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Sarawak SAC II Huzir Mohamed yang turut memberi amaran akan mengambil tindakan di bawah Akta Hasutan atau Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri terhadap mereka mengingkari arahan itu.

"Kami sedang memantau ceramah dan mendapati ada parti politik yang menggunakan kalimah Allah sebagai satu isu," kata Huzir pada sidang media di sini hari ini.

"Ini satu isu yang sensitif. Kami menasihatkan semua pihak daripada berhenti menggunakan isu sama sekali," kata beliau sambil menambah, jika ada mana-mana pihak yang menggunakan isu ini, "kami akan mengambil tindakan."

Dalam pada itu, dengan menamakan Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, DAP bertanya sama ada polis akan menahan mereka yang bertanggungjawab membangkitkan isu berkenaan

"Biar Perdana Menteri menjelaskan sama ada ini adalah arahan beliau," kata Penasihat DAP, Lim Kit Siang dengan menegaskan pihaknya tidak akan mematuhi arahan tersebut.

Setiausaha Publisiti DAP Tony Pua berkata, Barisan Nasional (BN) menerusi SUPP juga bertanggungjawab membawa isu-isu sensitif dalam kempen di sini.

"Jika isu 'Allah' tidak boleh dibangkitkan, mengapa mereka menggunakan isu negara Islam," katanya.

Pemimpin-pemimpin SUPP mendakwa DAP menyokong penubuhan negara Islam kerana ia bekerjasama dengan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

DAP menjadikan isu kalimah "Allah" sebagai bahan kempen utama dengan calonnya, Wong Ho Leng berjanji akan menyelesaikan perkara itu jika dipilih hujung minggu ini.

Bagaimanapun calon BN Robert Lau Hui Yew dari SUPP menganggap ia sebagai isu kebangsaan memandangkan larangan "Allah" tidak berbangkit di Sibu sama sekali.

Isu polemik kalimah Allah menjadi isu sejak 2007 selepas Kementerian Dalam Negeri menggunakan keputusan Kabinet 1986 untuk melarang bukan Islam daripada menggunakan sesetengah perkataan dalam bahasa Arab, antaranya "Allah" termasuk oleh akhbar mingguan Katolik Herald.

Bagaimanapun penerbit akhbar itu menang dalam kes mereka yang diputuskan akhir tahun lalu, tetapi ia berakhir dengan kontroversi apabila beberapa rumah ibadat diserang, kebanyakannya gereja.

Januari lalu, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz memberi jaminan kepada masyarakat Kristian di Sabah dan Sarawak bahawa larangan "Allah" tidak akan memberi kesan kepada mereka.

Kira-kira 53 peratus daripada 55,000 pengundi di kawasan Sibu merupakan masyarakat Kristian. -TMI

Myanmar dance, split personality by Nay Toe

Posted: 10 May 2010 11:04 PM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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