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penang says no to sports gambling

penang says no to sports gambling

penang says no to sports gambling

Posted: 28 May 2010 10:15 AM PDT

so finally the penang govt. has decided to ban sports betting.

when our dear PM decided to legalise sports betting and gave the license to his crony, vincent tan, everybody jumped up and made lots of noises. there were protests here and there.  in the penang CM's wesak day message yesterday, he announced that ascot sports (vincent tan's gaming company) is not welcome in penang.

no doubt, many people welcome this move, including me. well i never ever get involved in any sports betting.  well, at first glance, it looks like a good move on the part of the penang govt. but if we were to look back, we'll see that there are pros and cons involved.

of course it's good to discourage any form of gambling. further sports gambling usually involved the youth. gambling is wrong in the eyes of all religion of course but to me gambling in moderation is okay.   problem is when people get obssessed with gambling and as a result wreck their lives, their homes, their families. well, since sports gambling has not been started in penang (not counting the illegal ones!), it's better not to start it -so it was a good move of the penang CM to not allowed legalised sports gambling. however, people will say, that is even worst… if sports gambling can't be done openly (legalised), then it encourage many  'underground' sports gambling.

another thing is when LGE banned sports gambling, the fear is that some umno (or BN) people might come out to say why not also ban other form of gambling e.g. the 4-digits numbers betting from magnum, magnum, toto.   well, already someone did! 3 persons from the penang municipal council.

from malaysiakini:

Meanwhile, three Penang municipal councilors, who claim they represent all Muslims in the council, want the state to go a step further to stop the issuance of permits to all gambling and alcohol premises.

gee, they claim the represent ALL muslims in the council? sure or not? oh no, they also mentioned alcohol!

The trio who held a press conference at the PAS operation centre in Jelutong today, said the state must consider the 'sensitivities' of Muslims and take immediate action on these vices as they were considered haram.


"Also these vices hurt the sensitivity of the Muslims and as part of the government, we cannot be a patron to these vices," added Mohammad Yusof, who is also PAS Jelutong chairperson.

*sigh* there the go again – their sensitivities'. why is it always their sensitivities that should be consider (perkasa's ikerismhim ali will say because they are the majority). how many times must i repeat myself that sensitivities work both ways.

and when another councilor said this:

"Coffee shops and food courts are actually not allowed to sell alcohol because this is too public and are patronised by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, including children," said Zikri.

a commenter in malaysiakini rightly then asked, will the muslim consider the sensitivites of the hindus and not allowed coffee shops or food stalls to sell beef?

this is really silly!!

coming back to the issue of gambling, then this silly illogical man zikri said  pointed out that four-digit outlets caused traffic jams during peak hours.

"In Jelutong, it is noticeable that when it is 'numbers day', there are massive traffic jams outside the outlets and this has brought many complaints, including those from non-Muslims," he added.

so what? using that as a reason to ban gambling? hey when you people have your 'after friday prayers protest', it also cause traffic jam with curious on-lookers stopping by, but it was not stop by police, no announcement to ban 'after friday prayer protest'.

to me, these existing  '4 ekor' numbers gambling that is going on, should remain and not be banned… but since sports gambling hasn't been started yet, so let it not start – so LGE was right to not allowed it.  hey i don't gamble… serious. i don't buy numbers at all… oh but i do buy the bi-monthly lottery tickets.  yes although i don't gamble (except the lottery), i respect those who want to gamble. it's their rights.

i do not agree on a ban on these gambling outlets but i do agree that new permits for gambling should not be issued.

(please click on 'read more' to read the press statement from the penang CM)

Penang Wesak Day Message By Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng In Komtar, George Town On 28.5.2010.

Penang State Government Directs The Two Local Councils MPPP & MPSP To Exercise Section 101(v) Of The Local Government Act To Bar Sports Betting In Penang Given By BN To Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.

In the spirit of peace and tranquility, I wish a very happy Wesak day to all Buddhists in Penang and Malaysia. On this auspices day, we are reminded of the teachings of Lord Buddha who among other things has preached enlightenment and tolerance.

The Penang Government in conjunction with Wesak Day celebrations would like to express our intent to promote a healthier and more responsible lifestyle for Penang families. We are concerned at the excessively high number of draws -12 draws or special draws conducted weekly by the three gaming companies licensed by the BN government, which should be reduced.

The Penang state government is not opposed to betting or gaming outlets in Penang. However we are concerned at the excessive number of draws and special draws being conducted by these licensed operators have placed a very heavy burden on many families. Many of the breadwinners feel obliged to 'chase' after each draw with all three operators resulting in substantial loss of income to the family and their children.

Therefore, in order to discourage the excessive number of draws and special draws as well as to promote a healthier social fabric, the Penang state government has decided to reject the application of the new sports betting licensee, Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd or other related parties to conduct the sports betting business in Penang.

Under the Local Government Act Section 101(v), the local council is empowered to deal with issues concerning the municipality's safety, health and convenience.

The Penang government believes in the right of the people to partake in gaming activities and hence will not ban the number of gaming shop of activities.  However, the Penang state government feels that the number of draws and special draws should not be too excessive and  be reduced  so that they do not become addictive and destructive to our healthy lifestyles.

Penang state government is not in favour of the BN Federal Government decision  early this month to award the sports betting license now in the interest of protecting the Malaysian social fabric and reducing the negative economic impact on them. We will be writing to the sport betting concessionaire to inform them of the Penang government's decision.

Penang State Government shall direct The Two Local Councils MPPP & MPSP To Exercise Section 101(v) Of The Local Government Act To Bar Sports Betting In Penang Given By BN To Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.

Once again a very Happy Wesak Day to all Penangites and Malaysians.

Lim Guan Eng

Banana @ Iran

Posted: 28 May 2010 08:12 AM PDT

Banana in Iran is huge and nice...

I sneaked out one huge banana from the breakfast place in the hotel... This was my snack for the day. Hmmm... if you asked me how this banana taste, i would tell you it didn't taste as good as banana in Malaysia.

Anyway, after eating this huge banana i still felt hungry, what should i have for dinner?

Away to PLKN (Day 63): Chen Yuen/Raykee’s 18 Birthday at Tao, Autocity

Posted: 28 May 2010 09:49 AM PDT

IMG_7627 by nicholaschan.

On Chen Yuen a.k.a. Raykee 18th birthday, he invited me and them to Tao at Autocity. He invited us but the driver for that day was Arron. He drove his 7-seater Naza to drive everyone go. Oh yeah. The attendees for the birthday night at Tao was me, Arron, Raykee himself, Chien Chern, Zez Chien, Yiphing, Sher Reen, and Jane.

IMG_7620 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7622 by nicholaschan.

Everyone dress up very smart and pretty that night. I like that feel. From Penang Island, passes the bridge to Autocity is not very far only, it's 20 minutes drive from the bridge. Near and I love Autocity. There's many nice restaurant.

IMG_7630 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7632 by nicholaschan.

Tao is a Japanese restaurant that has ala-carte buffet style dinner. We need not to take our food, we just ordered and eat-all-we-can for just a price. RM50++. The place was pretty crowded on a Thursday night, luckily we reserved a place or else no place to sit already.

One funny thing that day was we keep discussing whether to go to Tao at E-Gate or Tao at Autocity and I kept calling the place to change the reservation. In the end, we picked Tao at Autocity.

IMG_7636 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7640 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7642 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7644 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7648 by nicholaschan.

It's my first time going to Tao, Autocity. I have went to Tao at E-Gate a few times already and I found this place rocks. The Autocity's has a better interior design and the atmosphere is nice. Our place needed us to take off our shoes like the Japanese does.

IMG_7650 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7653 by nicholaschan.

It's eat-all-we-can and so we kept ordering. The girls didn't eat much though, guess they have a little tummy. We were there from 7pm till 10pm. Really very long.

IMG_7655 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7672 by nicholaschan.

At some part of the dinner, I dropped my phone somewhere, I was so nervous and luckily Jane found it and Yiphing kept it. Woah, I really must be more careful already.

IMG_7674 by nicholaschan.

Present giving time:

IMG_7676 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7677 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7679 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7682 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7683 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7684 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7686 by nicholaschan.

Group shot time:

IMG_7688 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7689 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7690 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7691 by nicholaschan.

Forgot to mention the waiter, Alan was really very friendly. Good job.

IMG_7693 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7694 by nicholaschan.

Malaysia's Anwar in Stress, Under Fire

Posted: 28 May 2010 09:48 AM PDT

Defections, disorganization dog Malaysia's opposition party

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, under the stress of a long-running trial accusing him of sexual perversion, is under increasing strain as the point man for his Parti Keadilan Rakyat, or People's Justice Party as he continues to be harried politically as well.

"Some analysts would point out that Anwar has to get PKR's house in order," a think-tank analyst in Kuala Lumpur told Asia Sentinel. "There is growing frustration within Anwar's coalition and his own party." In particular, PKR has lost five members of parliament and five statehouse members to defections in the two years since the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition stunned the Barisan Nasional, or ruling national coalition by breaking its two-thirds hold on parliament. By contrast, Parti Islam se-Malaysia and the Democratic Action Party have only lost one each.

With a number of PKR state assemblymen now wavering and clearly considering defecting, it is possible that the opposition coalition could lose the states of Selangor and Kedah, which they won in the 2008 election. The state of Perak has already been reclaimed by the Barisan although critics say it was through skullduggery rather than legitimate political action.

"Because it is Anwar's party, Keadilan was supposed to be the anchor, but it has been weak from the very start," said a source in Kuala Lumpur. Parti Keadilan is largely made up of young, urban professional ethnic Malays.

"The problem is that Keadilan, like Anwar himself, are mostly ex-members of (the United Malays National Organization) and a lot of them are in there for a quick buck – like Umno itself, I guess. Anwar is bogged down with his legal sodomy case-but more importantly, there is a loss of confidence in his leadership."

What should have given a wakeup call to both Anwar and his colleagues in the opposition Democratic Action Party, which is largely ethnic Chinese, was an announcement earlier this week that Parti Islam se-Malaysia the fundamentalist Islamic party with its roots in the rural northeast, will take in non-Muslim members and even allow them to stand as PAS electoral candidates.

As Asia Sentinel first reported last November, it is PAS that is capitalizing on the situation, rather than the Barisan Nasional, or ruling national coalition. Despite defections, the opposition coalition has won eight of 11 by-elections since the March 2008 general election. The latest was in Sarawak on May 16 when, despite three visits by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and a cornucopia of educational goodies, voters again turned away from the Barisan, an indication that the Barisan and particularly UMNO continues to suffer from perceptions of corruption and political favoritism to cronies.

PAS's latest move, announced last week, was to allow members of its Supporters Club to become full members of the Islamic party, with the right to attend annual meetings as delegates. The Supporters Club has some 20,000 members, almost all of them Chinese, who have turned away from the Barisan Nasional. According to the think tank source in Kuala Lumpur, PAS may have more Chinese voters than the DAP

The Chinese, says the source, -- an ethnic Chinese as well -- are comfortable with PAS despite the Islamic party's emphasis on fundamentalist Islam because, unlike the Barisan and particularly UMNO, PAS has no designs on the Chinese business community's ownership of the economic sinews of the country. The country's New Economic Policy, in place for four decades, has been designed to transfer as much as 30 percent of the economic activity of the country to ethnic Malays.

"The proof is that we recognize supporters as our official party wing," PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang told his party's newspaper Harakah Daily. The Islamic party has already placed a non-Muslim in a Terengganu constituency to contest as a PAS candidate.

"Whether this is for real or a political gambit, it is hard to say," the analyst said. "But it does suggest PAS is going after the Chinese vote."

That isn't to say there won't be tension. There are plenty of Islamic firebrands in PAS who detest Chinese dietary freedom – to eat pork and drink beer, for instance -- and lack of discretion in dress for women. There have been attempts by PAS to limit beer sales in some communities. Nonetheless, the source said, PAS may have even wider resonance among voters than the Chinese-oriented Democratic Action Party, another leg of the opposition coalition.

In the meantime, Anwar and Parti Keadilan have come under constant criticism for the quality of the candidates they have fielded and for disorganization and political infighting in the party itself. Abdul Hadi Awang and DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, among others, have urged Anwar to look into the weaknesses in his party that have caused the defections. Anwar has repeatedly spoken of the need to find better candidates.

Anwar has been under a cloud since June of 2008, when a then-24-year-old former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, filed charges accusing the 62-year-old opposition leader of forcible sodomy. Sodomy in Malaysia is punishable by caning and up to 20 years in prison. The charges have since been reduced from forcible rape to consensual sex, which is still illegal under Malaysian law. The trial has droned on in a Kuala Lumpur courtroom for months, with Anwar's lawyers seeking delay after delay that has frustrated his followers, a growing number of whom say the trial so far appears to have been conducted on its merits rather than the previous sodomy charges brought against him in 1998 that put him behind bars for six years.

J.Lo I know but who are Jho Low and Big Mama?

Posted: 28 May 2010 09:00 AM PDT

PKR CONGRESS This Wharton School of Business graduate is a close friend of the PM's son with links to a 'Big Mama', said Samsul.

PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, as part of the 'shocking exposé' promised yesterday, called on the authorities to investigate one Taek Jho Low, who is reportedly a big spender at various Los Angeles nightspots and said, in his opening address at the wing's annual congress in Kota Bharu this morning, "We hear that this Wharton School of Business graduate is a close friend of the prime minister's son with links to a 'Big Mama'."

He challenged the premier to reveal whether this person is behind the Sungai Besi air force base contract, which will be one of the biggest projects by the BN government this year. 

The Height of Racism in Malaysia – Educational Discrimination

Posted: 28 May 2010 08:28 AM PDT

It is so heart-wrenching to watch Sugentha Subramaniam's interview carried on Human Rights Party Malaysia website today. The tears swelling in her mum's eyes and the pain of discrimination on her face was not unnoticed! Yes! It is that time around again, when we get to hear all the heart breaking stories of Indian students being denied scholarships and university places despite the fact that they are equally bright or far brighter than their Malay counterparts!

Year in year out, for the past twenty years or so, it is the same story! It is an annual phenomenon for the Indian students. Deserving Indian students are denied their rightful places in the local universities. Nevertheless, ironically, Malaysian public universities are offering thousands of places to foreign students from Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia, Africa and many other Islamic countries. Many of these students are here on some Islamic scholarships, grants and fellowship awards offered by Malaysian government! Subsequently, there are many Muslim lecturers from around the world in the Malaysian public universities whose places were robbed off the Indians, pushed to the private educational institutions! Where do the Indian students stand in their own soil? What is MIC doing, what is PKR, DAP and PAS doing, GOD knows! I have no words to console Sugentha and many other such bright and deserving Indian students whom have been denied their rightful places in the higher learning institutions in Malaysia.

Who will not be in tears and pain over such blatant educational discrimination in a country that has flourished in every direction possible, except racial equality! No study will be able to examine all the nuances of racial discrimination taking place in the Malaysian education system. Discrimination in education is so blatant on the Indians! From Tamil schools being denied lands to transform them into fully-aided government schools, to denial of university places for the bright Indian students, name it, all forms of educational discrimination is there for them!

Education is one of the many important civil rights issues affecting the Malaysian Indians today! Racial discrimination in education arises from actions of institutions or individual state actors, their attitudes and ideologies, or processes that systematically treat students from different racial/ethnic groups disparately or inequitably.

The effect is detrimental to the lives of the victims as one can imagine! Access to good education is the key to good jobs, quality housing, healthy life and political influence. Such discriminatory policies in education will limit or bock all opportunities for intellectual growth among Indians in all fields! The UMNO-led BN government has very systematically, and very deliberately, written and implemented educational policies to massacre the bright Indian community from flourishing, to subsequently end up as factory workers and private company clerks with yet another form of blatant discrimination to prosper and grow! They will be completely wiped out from the mainstream development in this country in no time soon!

Zafiris Tzannatos (2009) in his journal, "Reverse racial discrimination in higher education in Malaysia: Has it reduced the inequality and what cost to the poor?" reported that in the last twenty years, economic and social policy in Malaysia has been dominated by discrimination in favour of the Bumiputras and against the Chinese and the Indians. The preferential treatment of the Bumiputras is pursued in association with other objectives. In no other area of public policy has reverse discrimination been more acute than in higher education. His paper shows that past and present educational policies in Malaysia have resulted in allocation inefficiency. The prime beneficiaries of such policies have been better-off Bumiputras!

That's right! The better-off Bumiputras, UMNO Bumiputras precisey!

By definition and purpose, education is the development of human capital towards meeting the individual and social needs of learners and their societies (Apple, Michael W., 2009). Sugentha and many other such bright Indian students with straight As could have well been the most precious human capitals for this country they call home! Alas! Higher education has now become limited to the fiscally advantage portion of the society, the better-off UMNOputras and financially sound Chinese, certainly not poverty stricken Indians! Hence, an Indian student like Sugentha can only dream of becoming a doctor!

The importance of education is clear to people from all over the world. And most certainly, the UMNOputras know the value of good education! Thus, they have hijacked most of the universities' and other higher learning institutions' places for mostly Malay-Muslims only! They know, if they allow too many Indians to graduate as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, chemists, scientists, accountants, etc…..they will become too smart to control! It is better to keep them stupid in cow-shade like Tamil schools and block all opportunities for their further education, including derecognising the universities where they are furthering their (medical) studies and denials of loans for courses famous among Indian students!

Education is an essential human right and every child in the world is entitled to it, EXCEPT Indian children in Malaysia. UNICEF strongly believes that education, like all human rights, is universal and inalienable—everyone, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or economic status, is entitled to it. It is critical to our development as individuals and as societies, and it helps pave the way to a successful and productive future. Education enhances lives. It ends generational cycles of poverty and disease and provides a foundation for sustainable development. A quality education better equips girls and boys with the knowledge and skills necessary to adopt healthy lifestyles, and take an active role in social, economic and political decision-making as they transition to adolescence and adulthood. In addition, a rights-based approach to education can address some of societies' deeply rooted inequalities. These inequalities condemn millions of children, to a life without quality education – and, therefore, to a life of missed opportunities.

Indians in this country must wake-up! Wake-up to the reality that good education is not free for their children in this country anymore! They face a very powerful and pernicious discrimination in all areas of education. In Tamil schools, they struggle to get chairs and tables from their own pockets for their children to sit and study, as the UMNO government or MIC, DAP, PAS or PKR couldn't care less! What more to say on the pathetic land for Tamil schools issue. In secondary, their children need to battle all sorts of racism, from being called 'Keling / black' to being slapped or head shaved for some petty offences! Then, if at all they didn't drop out and pull through, higher education, especially, good courses like medicine, engineering, pharmacy, accounting, teaching, computer studies, English courses, etc. will be just a dream! They can only make it a reality if and only if, they have good bank-balance to finance their children's education or some properties to sell or mortgage in the bank! Good education is not free for the Indian children, the most disadvantaged, excluded and vulnerable, in this country!

To realise the educational benefits, and to bring about essential structural changes that are necessary to achieve social justice and equal education for the Indian children, Indians must get together and make HRP's Indian Political Empowerment Strategy a reality! There is no other political party or NGO or social movement that looks into the nuances and nitty-gritty of the educational discrimination on Indians in Malaysia and offers a solution to it as HRP/Hindraf do!

Yes, the ONE and ONLY solution to all these acute discriminations practised by the UMNO-led government is Indian Political Empowerment Strategy! Empower your own selves and elect Indian lawmakers on Indian majority votes and send them to parliament to fight for your rights, failing which, you can kick them off the next time around! Absolutely practical strategy and you, the vast majority Indians, whom the 'masters' ought to duly serve, will have the power in your hands, as per the Indian Political Empowerment Strategy! You vote for your own selves!

Education is our unalienable right and we do not need to beg the authorities to give it to us! Nor is it begging to demand our birth rights! Only some so called 'elite group fools' will question us on why we are begging the government to help us instead of us helping ourselves by tapping the financial resources readily available from the 'rich Indians' whom we have never heard of. Why are they not coming forward to help students like Seguntha? What are they waiting for? Where are they? Who are they?

The truth is UMNO or MIC or DAP, PKR or PAS politicians or any other rich Indians will never care two hoots about the poor and downtrodden Indians nor will they make any effort to amicably solve the critical Indian issues to compensate for the past and present injustices towards Indians!

We have to empower ourselves and pursue our happiness on our own! We do not want any more Seguntha stories! Let this be the last! It is only possible with the Indian Political Empowerment Strategy!


Ex-special branch's opinion: MACC is pro government!!

Posted: 28 May 2010 08:09 AM PDT

Today, I happened to meet a 76-year-old man who worked in the Special Branch during the Emergency. He told me a personal story of how he interrogated a girl who was in her 20s by using soft and hard approach. Soft because it was a case against an ideology. This girl was classified as a 'hardcore' communist. She finally gave in to the pressure of a 72-hour interrogation.

Since he was talking about interrogation, I took the opportunity to ask him for his opinion on Teoh Beng Hock's case. He said, 'You have to understand, MACC is pro government...'

NBH 5564

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:44 AM PDT

Tadi dapat call dari orang kampung gua.. dier bagitau ader makcik kat kampung gua tue dah terlampau susah hati... anak dier dah hilang lebih sebulan bawak kereta Perodua Kancil plet nombor NBH 5564 berwarna oren... hilang dikhuatiri dipergunakan oleh orang untuk tujuan jenayah wang ringgit

Ini informasi orang kampung gua yang ilang tue...

Nama : Farouk Arafat Bin Nordin
Umur : 37 Tahun
Perwatakan : Badan gemuk dan pendek (tinggi dalam 5 kaki sahaja) berkulit cerah.
Kereta : Perodua Kancil berwarna oren berplet NBH 5564
Lokasi hilang : Sekitar Kuala Lumpur dan Shah Alam

Kalu ader sesapa yang tau kat mana kereta atau individu nih.. boleh telefon terus abang dier.. Hamdan Bin Nordin di talian : 019 213 5461

.... tolong aaa... mak dier dok dah beberapa minggu dah tak dapat tido asik nangis jer..


Posted: 28 May 2010 07:56 AM PDT

You cannot imagine how relieved I am that my son's exams are over. Some of you might think I teach my son at home but I don't. All I do is ensure he has good and proper meals and that he has his quiet time to study, enough time for his piano and violin practices and of course his play and reading time. I have never ever checked his homework or school bag and believe kids should be taught to be independent from nursery. Before the exams, I did not watch any movies so it has been a real 'merdeka' for all of us when his exams ended last week. For a treat, I decided to take my family to E & O Hotel for the Traditional English Afternoon Tea.

We made our way there and were led to our table smack in the middle of the parlour. From my days as a little girl, that hotel always fascinated me because of its history. Located in the heart of Penang, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel is a tranquil haven with a nostalgic kind of old colonial charm. Needless to say, its furnishings and service are impeccable.

Our English Afternoon Tea was at 1885, a very appropriate name indeed seeing that the hotel was founded by the Sarkies brothers in 1885. Since then, famous guests have patronised the place including Noel Coward, Douglas Fairbanks, Hermann Hesse, Rudyard Kipling and Somerset Maugham. Despite its price and small size, still the hotel remains a favorite with discerning travelers who are looking for more than just a place to sleep.

It was my second time at 1885 which is situated on the ground floor of the hotel. Guests can enjoy their tea on the lovely terrace but of course yours truly chose to hide from the blistering heat in the comfortable and cosy parlor to be attended hand and foot by the attentive and warm staff.

I ordered Creme Orange Tea while my husband had Sweet Berries Tea and my little hero chose Minty Fresh Tea. Soon after they brought our tea in silver pots, a friendly waiter brought a silver two-tiered rack of scones and finger sandwiches including salmon sandwiches, cucumber and dill sandwiches and the roast beef sandwiches too.

The scones were served with freshly whipped cream, strawberry jam and butter.The chef gave us complimentary sausage rolls which were absolutely scrumptious.

Of course, the most delightful platter of sweets were served very elegantly.

I could see that each piece was a work of culinary art, prepared with tender loving care and meticulous finishing touches. Needless to say, we enjoyed our tea with silver utensils and crockery made from fine bone china.

With the pleasing and comfortable ambiance of the place coupled with the finely brewed teas and savory plus sweet offerings, my family and I had the most delightful English Afternoon Tea. We were so full that we did not have dinner. If ever you are up in Penang, do make your way to 1885, E & O Hotel - you will not be disappointed!

Surau Hotel Punya Ugutan

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:27 AM PDT

Weekend lepas, aku diperlukan berkampung di sebuah hotel berhampiran Plaza Lowyat. Hari pertama check in, (check in pukul 2.30petang), aku tumpang sembahyang di bilik officemate yang biliknya available lebih awal. Aku tercari-cari juga dimana surau hotel ini, almaklumlah, kalau ada surau tak perlulah nak tumpang bilik orang. Tak jumpa dan tak tanya staff pun. 

Untuk dua hari pertama disebabkan kami bermalam disana, jadi tidak ada masalah untuk sembahyang. Balik bilik sahaja. Hari ke tiga mesyuarat, check out time adalah 12.00pm. Dan ini bermakna kami kena cari surau la jugak.

Okey, untuk Zuhur, aku pun bertanya dengan staff. Suraunya terletak di level B1. HANYA BOLEH DIACCESS MELALUI LIFT UNTUK STAFF YANG MEMANG TERSOROK. Tidak ada sebarang sign dari level tempat kami mesyuarat. Tempatnya agak horror. Untuk Asar dan Maghrib, kami dah tak berani turun sorang-sorang ke B1 tuh. Tempat solat perempuannya sangatlah sadis. Disebalik langsir, penuh dengan tilam-tilam hotel yang sudah buruk. Stor room converted to surau? Itu takdelah aku heran sangat. Kat pejabat pun, kami disediakan ruang sembahyang kat bilik fail je pun. 

Paling aku rasa insult ialah kertas yang ditampal diluar as per gambar yang aku tampal neh. Wow! Tak susun terompah balik, siaplah... surau tu akan ditarik balik. Mana sensitiviti beragama? Aku tau la hotel tu bukan hak milik orang Islam tapi tak payahlah tampal ugutan macam tu. Bukan staff kau aje sembahyang kat situ, yang datang attend conference macam aku pun pergi situ jugak. Kat atas bukan main canggih manggih, grand. classy, kat surau kau tampal ugutan? 

Entri ‘mood’ cuti

Posted: 28 May 2010 04:23 AM PDT

Selamat bercuti :)

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Chief Minister, You Just Haven't A Clue, Have You?

Posted: 28 May 2010 06:44 AM PDT

aNt's aNgle:
Malacca's Ali Rustam was damn right about one thing in his speech to the press today: He certainly doesn't have the foggiest!
And it is for this very reason why the Chief Minister of the state badly needs to sit down for a serious powwow with animal rights and welfare groups asap.
It is time for anyone to start worrying when a Chief Minister comes out in the open and declares that he

We hate the fact that our students whine when they don't get

Posted: 28 May 2010 06:34 AM PDT

We hate the fact that our students whine when they don't get A's and B's. We hate their sense of entitlement. And because we dish out A's and B's so freely, many of these students whine and cry foul when they do not land on the scholarships they apply for. And yet quite a lot of us award those grades even when students haven't earned them. Does anyone seriously believe that the A+ grade is for score above 90?

The whole higher education culture now seems built around keeping the customers happy. When exams scores are the only measurement of teaching effectiveness, it is surely tempting to play the game and come out a "winner." It is better in the long run to do what is right, rather than what is easy or expedient.

The unearned A's and B's we keep giving our students are but a reflection of facts no one really wants to face. We have an inflated grading system in our schools and colleges that can be traced to the inflated opinion we have of ourselves. We keep awarding unearned A' s and Bs.

In the end, the ones being hurt the most are the students. The ones we are trying to avoid and appease -- or discipline. They will be living with the fall-out of this mess we've made. We can't fix the whole system, but we can be truthful about the grades they are earning in public examinations.

Can you imagine during the 70's only a handful (less than a hundred) throughout the whole nation can only achieve the maximum A's? In the 70's the maximum number of subjects taken then for the MCE(SPM now) was eight and if one score something like five or six distinctions, that was a matter of pride.

Finally, in regard to the complaints of failing to clinch a scholarship, many do not know how to do anything BUT complain when things don't go their way. In the minds of the complainers, the world does not seem right or fair, the rules for success are hard to figure out, being mediocre is entirely acceptable, blaming others instead of taking responsibility is a way to get out trouble, and talking the loudest or going to the press seem to get the most attention.

Most of our students think they are in A range. We are not and we are screwing their future. It's only when they study in high ranking universities in Hong Kong and Singapore, that they realize where they stand. It is so telling our standard when they put themselves in competitive situation. My student in Nanyang Technology University was telling me how top scorers in STPM find the going tough studying alongside with students from the Republic of China who achieve perfect score in Mathematical discipline with ease.

Courtesy Call on Cik in Kemaman

Posted: 28 May 2010 06:20 AM PDT

It was a quick visit after not seeing Cik for quite some time.
We left around 5 something in the evening and arrived at 6pm at Cik's house.
After an hour of exchanging family conversations, we drove back to Kuantan.
Luckily, Kemaman is so near.

Snapped an old photo of my late parents from Cik's dressing mirror.

With Cik, my abang Atta and his family.

My good friend did not want to be left out of the picture.

I love you just the way you are...

Vell Paari apologises... OK laaarrr!

Posted: 28 May 2010 06:04 AM PDT

Its OK, bro. We accept your apology to Prime Minister and Umno President Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. When you accused Umno of being the hidden force to oust your father as MIC President, you didnt know the actual story. Its OK.

Umno members and the Malays are not such. Never had they interfered in other party's business. When MCA and MIC were plagued with domestic problems, of course Umno leadership were worried, Umno members were worried too. Why, Because you people help strengthen Barisan Nasional, our ruling party.

We didnt interfere, except advising the leaders or MCA and MIC to find amicable solution in solving problems to their respective parties. A weak component will also weaken our bonds. To step a foot in your domestic affairs is beyond our level-headed minds.

I think you should focus what is happening in MIC now. Your daddy needs to explain to MIC members why he sacked four members of the central working committee (CWC). Even party sec-gen S Murugesan has openly questioned such an action (read here).

The Gerakan Anti-Samy (GAS) is also your domestic problems. So, help your father to address it. V Mugilan, one of the sacked must have reason to launch his GAS.

The Malays have high regard for MIC contribution in Barisan Nasional. If we want to continue being partners, its best that we dont make any controversial statements and stop screwing each other. Not nice la.

The next time we meet, I will buy you 'arevekade mutte, rende'!

Lesen Judi : UMNO BN Bakal Lingkup. Biarkan!

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:45 AM PDT

1000 Orang Berhimpun, Bantah Kerajaan 1Malaysia Lulus Lesen Judi Bola Sepak

Rakyat Selangor terus bangkit membantah tindakan kerajaan 1Malaysia meluluskan lesen judi bola sepak.

Tunjuk perasaan di Masjid Jumhuriyah Taman Dato Harun hari ini menyaksilan hampir 1,000 orang berhimpun mengecam kegelinciran Umno-BN dari landasan moral kerana menghalalkan operasi judi sukan di negara ini.

Pakatan Rakyat dan penduduk kawasan setempat menyahut suara bangkangan seluruh negara dengan mengadakan tunjuk perasaan selesai solat Jumaat hari ini.

Laungan takbir bergema disebalik kain rentang dan sepanduk mengingatkan kerajaan 1Malaysia bahawa judi itu haram, mencemar moral dan peruntuh institusi keluarga.

Beberapa wakil dewan pemuda Pas memberi ucapan dengan lantang membantah keputusan kerajaan meluluskan lesen judi bola sepak.

"Anak-anak muda minat bola. Sebagai umat islam yang sayangkan agama dan bangsa. marilah kita menentang pemberian lesen judi. ini menjadi tanda kerajaan BN ingin jadikan negara ini negara judi."

Wakil dewan pemuda pas juga berkata dalam ucapannya menegaskan bahawa PAS menentang keputusan kerajaan meluluskan lesen judi sukan dan mendesak kerajaan menarik balik keputusannya itu.

"Dengan membiarkan judi berleluasa, dengan membiarkan negara ini ditadbir dengan wang judi, dengan membiarkan negara ini ditadbir oleh pencinta-pencinta judi dan percaya masyarakat Islam, tidak kira latar belakang politik adalah benci kepada judi."

Sebanyak 500 risalah membantah kelulusan kerajaan memberi lesen judi turut diedarkan kepada orang ramai.

Sokongan padu yang ditunjukkan oleh seluruh rakyat yang hadir pada petang itu menampakkan kekuatan semangat yang ditunjukkan untuk menentang habis-habisan keputusan kerajaan Umno-Bn meluluskan lesen judi bola.

Minggu lalu, lima buah negeri, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor, Terengganu dan Negeri Sembilan telah mengadakan bantahan terhadap tindakan kerajaan itu.

Kemuncak bantahan hari ini di negeri-negeri adalah di rumah Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Awang Adek Hussin di Bachok sebelum bantahan besar-besaran di Istana Negara yang dijadual pada 3 Julai depan. -TVS

Demo Bantah Lesen Judi Di Depan Kediaman Awang Adek

KOTA BHARU 28 Mei - Tindakan kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional meluluskan lesen judi sukan sempena musim bola sepak Piala Dunia terus mengundang tentangan dari segenap lapisan rakyat Malaysia.

Dewan Pemuda PAS hari ini melalui Kempen Anti Judi (KEJI) telah menganjurkan perhimpunan di hadapan kediaman Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin di Bachok bagi menyatakan bantahan terhadap beliau yang mengumumkan keputusan keputusan lesen judi tersebut.

Ahli Parlimen Kuala Krai menjelaskan perhimpunan yang diadakan di Bachok ini sebagai satu langkah simbolik terhadap orang yang pertama yang membuat menyentuh mengenai lesen judi.

"Demo hari ini adalah salah satu siri bantahan kita terhadap kelulusan lesen judi tersebut, kita memilih Bachok adalah sebagai simbolik tentangan kita kerana orang yang pertama bercakap tentang lesen judi adalah orang yang berasal dari Bachok iaitu Awang Adek itu sendiri.

"Inilah calon Menteri Besar Kelantan pada pilihan raya umum 2008 yang lepas, jelas tidak ada langsung tokoh yang dipilih oleh Umno untuk dijadikan Menteri Besar. Saya merasakan tindakan yang bijak telah diambil oleh seluruh penduduk Bachok dengan menolak beliau semasa PRU yang lepas.

"Demo bantahan ini akan terus dilakukan sehinggalah satu perhimpunan terakhir melibatkan 100,000 orang yang akan hadir di Kuala Lumpur pada 3 Julai depan untuk memberi sokongan agar kerajaan membatalkan kelulusan tersebut," jelasnya.

Beliau menekankan kerajaan tidak pernah peka dengan apa yang mereka lakukan dan tindakan tersebut menyebab judi sukan menjadi satu budaya yang akan berkembang hebat jika tidak dikawal.

"Selain itu juga tindakan tersebut akan menyebabkan malapetaka menimpa negara ini dan ia perlu di halang segera. Malu dengan sikap Awang Adek sebagai seorang Islam mengumumkan tindakan tersebut.

"Saya akan membangkitkan kelulusan lesen judi ini di parlimen bagi mengetahu apa sebenarnya alasan kerajaan atas tindakan yang diambil," kata beliau lagi.

Beliau memberitahu jika kerajaan tidak mengambil apa-apa tindakan terhadap bantahan kita ini menyebabkan perhimpunan tersebut akan diteruskan dan bersedia untuk menghadapi apa-apa jua tentangan.

"Kita sanggup menghadapi apa jua tentangan tidak kira pihak berkuasa ataupun sesiapa sahaja, bagi kita tentangan itu kecil jika dibandingkan dengan hukum dari Allah berikan kepada umatNya jika kita menghalalkan sesuatu yang haram. Kita akan terus berjuang untuk menyelamatkan negara ini dari menerima laknat dari Allah," katanya lagi.

Normalisasi Muqaddimah Zina

Posted: 27 May 2010 07:09 PM PDT

"Susah, ustaz. Macam mana nak solat dalam kapal terbang kalau pakaian kotor" kata seorang anak muda.

"Nak berangkat ke UK pun pakai baju kotor? Tak sempat basuh ke?" tanya si ustaz.

"Bukan macam itu. Pakaian yang dipakai sudah tentu bersih. Tetapi semasa ke tandas di KLIA, di situlah pakaian jadi kotor" jelas beliau.

"Mengapa? Ustaz ke tandas tiada masalah pun" si ustaz 'pura-pura tidak tahu'.

"Ustaz lainlah" ujar anak muda itu lagi.

"Apa pula lainnya. Awak lelaki, ustaz lelaki. Masuk pun ke tandas yang sama. Cuma, awak kencing berdiri ya?" si ustaz bertanya terus ke topik sebenar.

Anak muda itu ketawa kecil. Apa yang beliau tidak mahu menyebut, telah disebut oleh sang ustaz.

Memang sukar.

Jika bersolat di dalam pesawat terganggu oleh kesukaran menentukan arah kiblat, ada penyelesaiannya. Andaikata bermasalah untuk berdiri, ada penyelesaiannya. Jika sulit mahu mengambil wudhu', ada kaedah-kaedahnya. Tetapi jika pakaian tidak bersih, memang susah mahu diselesaikan. Bayangkan, dalam kesesakan ratusan penumpang kapal terbang, si anak muda mahu menyalin seluar dengan memakai kain pelekat, mahu sahaja disikunya orang di kiri dan kanan.

Justeru, jika kita jenis orang yang bersolat kerana Islam, maka Islamlah semenjak di rumah dan di Lapangan Terbang. Jangan tiba-tiba mahu mengambil Islam, memang banyak 'kerosakan' yang terpaksa diuruskan!

Sama juga dengan perempuan. Andaikata solat itu hendak dikerjakan semasa berada di dalam pesawat, selain pakaian perlu bersih, pastikan juga ia sempurna menutup aurat. Andai pakaian yang dipakai itu tidak cukup syarat untuk membolehkan kita bersolat dengannya, memang sukar kalau tiba-tiba di dalam pesawat, mahu disarung telekung. Mahu terserkup orang di sebelah!

Demikianlah Islam.


Di pangkal, di tengah atau di hujung, Islam ada caranya yang tersendiri untuk berfungsi. Tetapi sebagai sebuah sistem, Islam mesti diambil seawal langkah yang pertama.

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah kamu ke dalam agama Islam (dengan mematuhi) SEGALA hukum-hukumnya; dan janganlah kamu menurut jejak langkah Syaitan. Sesungguhnya Syaitan itu musuh bagi kamu yang terang nyata" [al-Baqarah 2: 208]

Demikian Allah berpesan.

Apabila Islam diambil, ambillah ia secara sempurna. Pakej yang lengkap. Menerima sebahagian dan meninggalkan sebahagian yang lain, adalah cara Syaitan menyesatkan manusia, sedangkan Syaitan itu adalah musuh manusia yang amat nyata. Kelihatannya di sepanjang sejarah manusia, Syaitan itu makhluk yang sabarnya sering mengatasi manusia. Syaitan tidak tergesa-gesa untuk mencapai misinya. Segalanya berlaku secara berperingkat, sedikit demi sedikit, dalam kealpaan manusia yang tidak menyedarinya.

Itulah enjin di sebalik musibah buang bayi di negara kita.

Buang bayi kerana berleluasanya zina.

Berleluasanya zina kerana pencegahannya tidak mengambil acuan Islam.

"Dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina. Sesungguhnya ia adalah suatu kecelaan dan seburuk-buruk jalan pilihan manusia" [al-Israa' 17: 32]

Allah tahu, zina itu sedap dan nikmat. Menolaknya jika sekadar menolaknya, terlalu sukar. Justeru sama seperti maksiat-maksiat yang lain, Allah bantu kita untuk mengelaknya dengan menutup pintu-pintu kepada zina. Sesungguhnya menolak zina hanya menjadi realiti apabila MUQADDIMAH ZINA dilihat sebagai muqaddimah zina yang mesti dihindari.

Apakah muqaddimah zina yang mesti dicegah itu?


Tingkap itu yang mesti dipelihara. Jendela penglihatan yang turun ke hati dan kemaluan. Menundukkan pandangan itu bermaksud memelihara penglihatan daripada melihat perkara haram. Perkara yang merangsang libido dan mengundang diri kepada zina. Firman Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'aala:

"Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad) kepada orang-orang lelaki yang beriman supaya mereka menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang yang haram), dan memelihara kehormatan mereka. Yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka; sesungguhnya Allah amat mendalam pengetahuannya tentang apa yang mereka kerjakan." [al-Nur 24: 30]

Wanita-wanita yang beriman itu juga diberikan saranan yang sama. Di dalam ayat yang menyusul perintah di atas, Allah memerintahkan kaum wanita seperti kaum lelaki, sama-sama memelihara pandangan daripada melihat apa yang tidak diharuskan baginya melihat.

"Alahai, takkanlah baru tengok sudah mahu berzina!" seorang manusia mahu berbijak-bijak berhujah dengan Tuhan.

Dia lupa, fitnah penglihatan dan zina bukan urusan rasional. Ia urusan nafsu dan kemaluan. Urusan hati yang membuat pertimbangan. Justeru itu Allah berpesan, "yang demikian itu lebih suci bagi mereka". Muqaddimah zina ini bukan hanya urusan di peringkat individu. Ia bertujuan membentuk suasana yang sihat. Saling bekerjasama untuk mewujudkan suasana yang tidak mengundang zina.


Menundukkan pandangan daripada perkara haram menjadi lebih mudah apabila perkara haram itu tercegah dalam daerah halalnya. Anggota tubuh yang perlu diberi perlindungan, adalah cara seseorang memuliakan dirinya sendiri dan menghormati orang lain yang bermata lagi berhati, juga bernafsu.

Peliharalah aurat.



Sama sahaja.

"Dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya; dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka…" [al-Nur 24: 31]

Perintahnya bukan perintah menutup rambut.

Perintahnya adalah perintah memelihara aurat.


Menutup aurat itu cara Allah mengajar kita membentuk diri. Biar dengan menutup aurat itu kita belajar menganut sifat malu, belajar mengenal batas-batas diri yang mewujudkan rasa berTuhan dalam kehidupan dengan batasan-batasan itu.

"Dan hendaklah kamu melazimkan diri berada di rumah kamu serta janganlah kamu mendedah, menghias dan menonjolkan diri seperti yang dilakukan oleh orang-orang Jahiliyah zaman dahulu" [Al-Ahzaab 33: 33]

"Saya sudah menutup aurat!" kata seorang perempuan yang bertudung.

Beliau terlepas pandang, tudungnya memang bertudung tetapi solekan di bibir dan kelopak matanya sangat keterlaluan, di dalam tudungnya ada bonggol sanggul yang sengaja ditolak ke atas meninggikan kepala, kakinya memakai rantai berloceng, hingga setiap inci tubuhnya menarik perhatian untuk dilihat dan direnung, biar pun beliau itu bertudung.

Daripada Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu 'anhu beliau meriwayatkan bahawa Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam telah bersabda :

Dua golongan yang termasuk dari kalangan ahli neraka yang tak pernah aku lihat iaitu yang pertama mereka yang memegang cemeti seperti ekor lembu (bentuk cemeti itu seperti ekor lembu yang berbulu-bulu dan berambut-rambut) dan mereka memukul manusia dengan cemeti tersebut. Yang kedua adalah perempuan memakai pakaian tetapi keadaanya umpama telanjang (ketat), dan perempuan ini berjalan sambil berlenggang lenggok dan sanggol rambutnya (ataupun sekarang ikatan rambutnya) umpama bonggol unta.Dan perempuan yang sebegini keadaanya tidak akan mencium bau syurga. Ketahuilah bau syurga sudah boleh diciumi dari jarak begini dan begini. [Hadith riwayat Muslim no. 2128]

Bertudung. Tetapi masih mahu menarik perhatian orang memandang dan membelek.

Justeru hilanglah hikmah memelihara aurat.

Biar pun rambut ditutup, dia masih kaya dengan elemen Jazb al-Intibah (menarik perhatian dan pandangan orang).


Bekerja, belajar, bermesyuarat, berjiran dan bermasyarakat, semuanya harus.

Namun keharusan itu harus dipandu oleh batasan.

Silang jantina perlu mengenal keperluan dan tujuan, jangan hanya berpandukan kemahuan.

"Dan apabila kamu meminta sesuatu yang harus diminta daripada mereka maka mintalah kepada mereka dengan perantaraan hijab. Cara yang demikian lebih suci bagi hati kamu dan hati mereka" [al-Ahzaab 33: 53]

Sama ada hijab itu berupa tabir yang fizikal, atau sekurang-kurangnya mengekalkan batas pergaulan antara lelaki dan perempuan.

Bermesyuaratlah, tetapi biar seadanya.

"Hai, takkanlah sembang-sembang sudah terangsang?" hujah seorang bijak pandai di syarikat Multinasional.

"Cara yang demikian lebih suci bagi hati kamu dan hati mereka" jawab Allah.

Dia yang memiliki hati. Dia tahu sifat baik dan buruk hatimu. Justeru nasihat-Nya tentang hati itulah nasihat terbaik untuk manusia yang mahu berhati-hati.

Lihatlah di pejabat, siapa di meja sebelah, siapa di kubikel depan, keluar makan tengah hari dengan siapa, dari Stesyen LRT ke pejabat tumpang kereta siapa, pergi ke site atau bertemu pelanggan naik kereta siapa, semua itulah yang perlu dipertimbangkan kembali, kerana melakukannya tanpa batasan adalah MUQADDIMAH ZINA.


Dengar suara, mahu orangnya.

Itu akibat manusia-manusia yang hatinya berpenyakit.

Sakitnya pula letak di hati yang tidak kelihatan. Justeru jangan cari penyakit. Jangan lunakkan suara semasa berbicara. Bersahaja, sederhana, seperti biasa, jangan dimanja-manja, jangan mengada-ngada.

"Andaikata kamu benar-benar beriman, maka janganlah kamu lunak-lunakkan suara semasa berbicara. Nantinya orang-orang yang hatinya berpenyakit menjadi tamak. Justeru berbicaralah dengan perbicaraan yang maaruf" [al-Ahzaab 33: 32]


Mencegah lebih baik daripada mengubat… bukan slogan tanpa asas!

Cabarannya, bagaimanakah penerimaan kita terhadap saranan-saranan Allah ini?

Percaya bahawa kita lebih bijak daripada-Nya?

Semua perintah dan larangan yang dihimpunkan itu tadi (sebagai memetik sebahagiannya) telah mengalami normalisasi. Semuanya sudah diterima sebagai satu cara hidup semasa.

"Make sure you balik before Midnite, ok. This is my house. You follow my rule!" kata si ayah yang 'cool'.

Anak lelakinya keluar menonton wayang dengan rakan silang jantina.

Muqaddimah zina sudah jadi biasa. Sudah tidak lagi dianggap salah. Ia diterima sebagai satu cara hidup kontemporari, tidak hanya di kota malah di desa. Sudah jadi biasa. Lantas buruk benar kalau ia tiba-tiba digelar sebagai Muqaddimah Zina!


"Alaa, she's still young. Let her taste the excitement. Just be herself. Jangan hipokrit. Nanti bila nak pakai tudung tu, dia pakailah. Kita doakan!" kata si emak melihat anak perempuannya keluar rumah dengan penuh gaya.

Memaksa diri bertudung kerana di dunia ini ada Tuhan, namanya hipokrit?

Akhirnya, menutup pintu Muqaddimah Zina dianggap kolot.

Walhal itulah hidup bertamadun. Hidup yang tahu membataskan diri.

Bergaul sesuka hati, menyentuh sesedap rasa, menunggang tak kenal agama, itu Lifestyle rimba.

"Nampakkah kamu keburukan keadaan orang yang menjadikan hawa nafsunya sebagai tuhan yang dipuja lagi ditaati? Maka dapatkah engkau menjadi pengawas yang menjaganya jangan sesat? Atau adakah engkau menyangka bahawa kebanyakan mereka mendengar atau memahami (apa yang engkau sampaikan kepada mereka)? Mereka hanyalah seperti binatang ternak, bahkan (bawaan) mereka lebih sesat lagi." [al-Furqan 25: 43-44]

Saksikanlah ya Allah bahawa aku berusaha menyampaikan!

68000 AMPANG

Ingin berkongsi usaha menggerakkan server Saifulislam.Com? Perkongsian anda kami dahulukan dengan ucapan jazakumulaahu khair al-jazaa'

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Penang bans sports betting licensed by Umno-led BN!!

Posted: 28 May 2010 05:00 AM PDT

UPDATED 4.32PM The CM will instruct the state's two local councils to issue letters to lottery operators informing them of the new measure.

In conjuction with his Wesak Day message, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that the state wanted to promote a "healthier and more responsible lifestyle" for all Penang families and announced that its two local councils will be directed to bar sports betting issued by Barisan Nasional to Ascot Sports Sdn. Bhd.

At a press conference in Komtar today, he said, "We are concerned at the excessively high number of draws -12 draws or special draws conducted weekly by the three gaming companies licensed by the BN government, which should be reduced."

Surat yang di'celaka'kan oleh media cetak

Posted: 28 May 2010 12:09 AM PDT

[..] Saya memilih menulis surat ini secara terbuka kerana media cetak dan elektronik aliran perdana lebih berminat membesar-besarkan isu lain yang remeh,ini terbukti apabila saya selaku Naib Presiden Pertubuhan Mantan Wakil Wakil Rakyat UMNO (PAKKU) mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar pada 18hb Mei 2010 meminta Kerajaan membatalkan serta merta lesen judi tersebut tidak ada satu pun media cetak dan elektronik aliran perdana mengeluarkan kenyataan tersebut..[.]

Tamrin Ghafar

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Segala puji bagi Allah swt, Tuhan Yang Maha Mengasihani dan Menyayangi hamba-hamba-Nya. Dialah Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk manusia berbanding manusia itu sendiri.

Selawat dan salam kepada junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad s.a.w yang sangat kasih kepada umatnya. Baginda sentiasa merasa begitu berat melihat penanggungan umatnya di dunia lebih-lebih lagi di akhirat.

Yang Berhormat Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Dato' Jamil Khir Baharom

Terlebih dahulu saya berdoa agar Allah s.w.t agar memberi keterbukaan di hati Dato' sewaktu membaca surat ini seperti mana saya cuba membuka hati saya sewaktu menulisnya. Saya penuh sedar bahawa saya bukanlah insan yang tidak berdosa, tetapi saya yakin Dato' sedia maklum bahawa dosa-dosa kita sama ada yang terdahulu, kini dan masa akan datang tidaklah wajar menjadi penghalang untuk kita mengingatkan sesama muslim.

Maka atas dasar itulah saya memberanikan menulis surat ini. Rasulullah saw bersabda:

"Barangsiapa di antara kalian yang melihat kemungkaran, hendaklah ia mengubahnya dengan tangannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan lisannya; jika tidak mampu, hendaklah dengan hatinya. Akan tetapi, yang demikian itu (dengan hati) adalah selemah-lemahnya iman." [HRMuslim]. Dalam riwayat lain disebut, "dan di luar itu, sudah tidak ada lagi sebutir keimanan pun".

Surat ini ditulis dengan tujuan menyatakan pendirian terhadap isu kelulusan lesen perjudian bola sepak sempena kejohanan Bola Sepak Piala Dunia akan datang yang telah diluluskan oleh Kerajaan baru-baru ini. Mudah-mudahan dengan misi surat ini Dato' sebagai menteri yang dipertanggungjawabkan dalam hal ehwal agama, akan memikirkan dengan wajar, bijaksana dan penuh berhati-hati terhadap hak Allah dan hak sesama manusia.

Saya memilih menulis surat ini secara terbuka kerana media cetak dan elektronik aliran perdana lebih berminat membesar besarkan isu seperti pernikahan yang menyalahi undang-undang syarak walaupun ianya telah menepati hukum ALLAH. Mereka seolah-olah mendapat arahan untuk melenyapkan pandangan dan teguran-teguran yang tidak menyokong tindakan Kerajaan meluluskan lesen perjudian tersebut.

Ini terbukti apabila saya selaku Naib Presiden Pertubuhan Mantan Wakil Wakil Rakyat UMNO (PAKKU) mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar pada 18hb Mei 2010 meminta Kerajaan membatalkan serta merta lesen judi tersebut tidak ada satu pun media cetak dan elektronik aliran perdana mengeluarkan kenyataan tersebut.

Yang Berhomat Dato',

Sesunguhnya, pertimbangan pengeluaran lesen judi atas alasan untuk mengawal dan mengetahui jumlah wang pertaruhan (seperti yang dinyatakan oleh Timbalan Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussien) adalah tertolak di sisi Islam. Dalil pengharaman judi adalah qatie' dan tidak boleh dipertimbangkan lagi. Kawalan seharusnya tertumpu pada usaha kerajaan menyekat judi yang gelap mahupun terang dengan melipatgandakan modus operandi agensi-agensi penguatkuasaan dan mengenakan hukuman yang lebih berat, bukan 'menghalalkan'nya. Saya ingin bertanya di manakah letaknya kesahihan kenyataan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman bahawa polis sudah mengenal pasti suspek dan lokasi sindiket judi bola itu? Jika demikian, mengapa tidak dihapuskan kegiatan itu sama sekali? Apakah polis tidak berupaya menghapuskan sindiket-sindiket tersebut? Apakah meluluskan lesen judi tersebut merupakan pendekatan terbaik untuk mengatasi ketidakupayaan polis?

Jika itu alasannya maka mengapa tidak Kerajaan menghalalkan sahaja perkara-perkara haram yang lain seperi pelacuran, pengedaran dadah dan lain-lain kemungkaran atas alasan untuk 'mengawalnya' pada masa akan datang?

Padahal, kerajaan seharusnya mesti lebih serius, kreatif dan komited untuk membanteras semua perkara haram itu sama ada melalui kaedah dakwah dan tarbiah (pendidikan) mahupun dengan penguatkuasaan undang-undang. Kita seharusnya berfikir ke arah bagaimana hendak mengikut hukum yang telah ditetapkan Allah, bukan mencari jalan untuk menyimpang daripada hukum-Nya.

Saya dimaklumkan bahawa kedua-dua mantan Perdana Menteri sebelum ini telah menolak permohonan syarikat tersebut untuk mendapatkan lesen judi ini. Kelulusan lesen judi yang terbaru ini juga menimbulkan persoalan apakah keuntungan RM500 juta yang dikaut oleh individu tertentu dalam sekelip mata itu tidak mengalir kepada beberapa lagi orang tertentu?

Saya ingin bertanya apakah Yang Berhormat Dato' selaku Menteri yang bertanggung jawab tentang hal-hal Agama telah turut sama merestui meluluskan lesen judi ini apabila Menteri Kewangan mengemukakan cadangan tersebut. Walaupun jika sekiranya atas sebab-sebab tertentu cadangan tersebut tidak dibincangkan dalam msuarata kabinet apakah Dato' sebagai orang yang jauh lebih arif dari saya tentang hukum ALLAH tidak menyatakan pendirian dan menentangnya habis-habisan?

Marilah sama-sama kita merenung kembali firman Allah yang telah kita dengar sejak dahulu lagi tentang pengharaman judi ini.

Ertinya : Mereka bertanya kepada mu tentang arak dan judi. Katakanlah: ""Pada keduanya itu terdapat dosa besar dan beberapa manfaat kecil bagi manusia, tetapi dosa keduanya lebih besar dari manfaatnya" ( Al-Baqarah : 219)

Dan juga larangan selanjutnya:

Ertinya ; Hai orang-orang yang beriman, sesungguhnya (meminum) arak, berjudi, (berkorban untuk) berhala, mengundi nasib dengan panah, adalah perbuatan keji termasuk perbuatan Syaitan. Maka jauhilah perbuatan-perbuatan itu agar kamu mendapat keberuntungan. ( Al-Maidah : 90)

Yang Berhormat Dato'

Saya amat terpegun apabila ada teriakan dari organisasi-organisasi bukan Islam termasuk parti DAP yang telah beberapa kali meminta segala bentuk perjudian dihapuskan sama sekali di negara di mana Islam adalah agama rasminya. Amatlah memalukan sekali, apabila pada masa yang sama kerajaan yang mana UMNO menjadi tulang belakangnya terus menghalalkan aktiviti yang jelas haram di sisi Islam ini. Bukankah ini nanti akan membuktikan bahawa pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO telah melanggar perlembagaan UMNO itu sendiri?

Sehubungan itu, saya menjemput ahli-ahli UMNO menyemak buku perlembagaan parti. Di manakah letaknya perjuangan UMNO dalam hal menegakkan Agama Suci ini? Hati kecil setiap manusia yang cintakan kebenaran dan kedamaian sama ada Islam atau pun bukan Islam sudah mengakui akan keburukan judi menerusi pengalaman hidup dan juga pemikiran yang waras (oleh orang Islam dan bukan Islam). Bukankah Islam itu sesuai dengan fitrah manusia? Sepatutnya kita ' berhijrah' dari yang buruk kepada yang baik, bukan sebaliknya.

Saya ingin mengingatkan bahawa satu kemungkaran boleh menjadi 'mata rantai' kepada kemungkaran yang lain. Justeru, judi atas apa jua jenis dan bentuknya akan menyebabkan berlakunya beberapa keburukan yang berikut:


Akan berlaku krisis antara suami isteri akibat habisnya wang belanja keperluan rumah untuk berjudi. Anak-anak akan menderita akibat krisis rumah tangga.


Orang yang berjudi tidak pernah senang. Ramai yang terpaksa berhutang kerana memburu kemenangan yang tidak pernah datang. Tidak mustahil ada yang akan kembali mencari Along untuk berhutang.

Ia sudah pasti akan mendorong kanak-kanak di bawah umur turut terlibat tanpa dapat diawasi oleh ibu-bapa mereka, apatah lagi kalau ibu-bapa mereka sendiri terlibat. Duit ibu bapa akan di curi jika mereka tidak mencuri di luar. Dalam erti kata yang lain ianya akhirnya akan mendorong kanak-kanak menjadi pencuri dan lain-lain kegiatan tidak bermoral.

Budaya berjudi akan menyebabkan kelembapan dalam kerja dan usaha kita dalam usaha menjadi negara maju dengan acuan tersendiri. Kalau dulu ada yang leka menonton bola sepak secara keterlaluan, kini keadaan bertambah buruk apabila ketagihan judi bola sepak pula menular. Dan ada yang mula terbiasa dengan cara mencari keuntungan secara singkat dan cepat tanpa usaha dan mempertingkatkan kemahiran diri.

Yang untung dalam hal perjudian ini amat kecil dan oleh segelintir individu yang kecil pula. Yang rugi dan menderita akhirnya kelak terlalu ramai di samping kita mendapat kemurkaan Allah.

Itulah beberapa hikmah mengapa judi diharamkan Allah swt. Ia adalah hukum yang telah disepakati secara Ijmak' oleh para ulama. Malangnya tidak ramai tokoh agama seperti Mufti Perak yang berani menegur secara terbuka tindakan Kerajaan ini. Umat Islam tertanya tanya mengapakah Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan membisu seribu bahasa dalam perkara yang amat penting ini sepertimana mereka membisu dalam isu Kerajaan membayar RM77 juta kepada Apco, sebuah syarikat Zionis Yahudi yang mana seluruh dunia tahu mereka membunuh dan berlaku kejam terhadap umat Islam di bumi Palestin dan merampas Tanah Suci Baitul Muqaddis.

Lihat saja pasport antarabangsa kita hanya sebuah negara saja yang kita rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh lawati ia itu Israel. Apakah mereka juga berfungsi seperti media cetak dan elektronik aliran perdana yang seolah-olah telah mendapat arahan tidak resmi untuk menenggelamkan isu ini?

Justeru, dengan rendah hati saya merayu agar DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong dan Raja-Raja Melayu selaku Ketua Agama memainkan peranan agar lesen perjudian ini dibatalkan serta merta. Saya sering mengingatkan diri saya sendiri pangkat, kedudukan dan kemewahan di dunia ini adalah sementara sahaja. Kita semua akan menghadapi-Nya jua suatu masa nanti. Semua pihak akan dipertanggungjawabkan di mahkamah Allah Khadi Rabbul Jalill.

Saya yakin kita sama-sama akan berpegang kepada peringatan Allah melalui firman-Nya:

"Dan janganlah kamu mengatakan terhadap apa yang disebut-sebut oleh lidah mu secara dusta 'ini halal dan ini haram', untuk mengada-adakan kebohongan terhadap Allah. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang mengadakan kebohongan terhadap Allah tiadalah beruntung" an-Nahl 16:116.

Akhir sekali, saya memohon agar Yang Berhormat Dato' memikirkan juga apakah akibat yang akan berlaku jika kemungkaran judi ini diteruskan oleh pihak yang berkuasa. Saya, Dato' dan kita semua tidak mahu azab Allah turut terkena ke atas Malaysia yang tercinta ini kerana kealpaan dan kederhakaan kita. Sabda Nabi SAW,

"Allah tidak menghukum suatu bangsa kerana kesalahan beberapa orang di antara mereka, sampai mereka melihat kemungkaran (dilakukan) di antara mereka, sedangkan mereka mampu menghentikannya, tetapi mereka tidak menghentikannya. Apabila mereka berbuat seperti itu (tidak menghentikan kemungkaran), maka Allah akan mengazab (orang yang melakukan kemungkaran) secara khusus dan (bangsa itu) secara keseluruhan" [HR Ahmad].

Saya akan menyokong siapa sahaja sama ada individu mahu pun mana- mana organisasi yang menentang segala bentuk perjudian di negara tercinta ini. Saya berdoa agar seluruh rakyat Islam bangkit bersama menentang sekeras-kerasnya perjudian ini kerana cintakan bangsa, negara dan agama adalah teras kebahagiaan kita di dunia dan akhirat.

Untuk yang Berhormat Dato' saya ucapkan terima kasih atas kesudian membaca seterusnya meneliti isi surat ini. Semoga Allah mengurniakan taufik dan hidayah buat kita untuk menjalankan amanah-Nya sebagai hamba Allah dan khalifah di muka bumi. Amin.

Sekian. Wassalam.

Yang benar,


Sk :
Kebawah DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong Kebawah DYMM Raja Raja Melayu YAB Datuk Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak,
Perdana Menteri merangkap Presiden UMNO

YAB Tan Sri Haji Muhyiddin Yassin,
Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Timbalan Presiden UMNO
Ahli Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO Ahli Ahli Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan Mufti Mufti Media Cetak dan Elektronik

Kolej Universiti Zulkifli Muhammad (KUIZM) 80 peratus siap! Presiden PAS lancar dana di Peransang Templer Golf Resort Rawang

Posted: 28 May 2010 01:34 AM PDT

Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang berucap melancarkan dana KUIZM, di Peransang Golf, Templer Park, Rawang 22 Mei lalu.

Sebagai simbolik dan gimik pelancaran, Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi menyentuh glob yang mempamerkan tulisan KUIZM memusing bercahaya.

Hampir 80 peratus pembinaan bangunan dan ubahsuai KUIZM siap. Hanya mengecat dan kerja-kerja kecil yang belum selesai.

NUN jauh di sana, Presiden PAS melancarkan dana Kolej Universiti Islam Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad (KUIZM). Sudah 80 peratus pembinaan bangunan dan ubahsuai siap. Hanya mengecat dan kerja-kerja kecil yang belum selesai.

Presiden PAS, Dato' Seri Abdul Hadi Awang ketika berucap melancarkan dana KUIZM, di Peransang Golf, Templer Park, Rawang 22 Mei lalu, menekankan peri pentingnya ilmu pengetahuan ditanam kepada umat Islam, sebagai pendinding dan petunjuk genarasi akan datang.

Atas kesedaran itu, tegasnya, PAS menubuhkan KUIZM bagi menawarkan pendidikan formal kepada masyarakat untuk melengkapkan diri dengan ilmu-ilmu yang berkaitan aqidah supaya dapat menangkis segala salah faham terhadap Islam.

Lebih 300 tetamu menghadiri Majlis Makan Malam Pelancaran Dana KUIZM itu. Selain Ustaz Abdul Hadi, turut hadir Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub, Ketua Penerangan, Ustaz Idris Ahmad, Ketua Pemuda, Ustaz Nasruddin Hassan, Ahli Majlis Syura, Ustaz Hassan Shukri dan EXCO Dewan Ulama, Dato' Husin Awang.

Ustaz Abdul Hadi bersama isteri, Salahudin dan Ustaz Hassan masuk ke dewan makan diiringi Pengerusi KUIZM, Dato' Mahfodz Mohamad dan Rektornya, Dr. Shahbudin Ngah. Beliau disambut oleh para hadirin sepanjang laluan menuju ke pentas.

Setelah Dr. Mahfodz mengalu-ngalukan majlis, Ustaz Abdul Hadi berucap dan melancarkan dana KUIZM. Sebagai simbolik dan gimik pelancaran, beliau menyentuh glob yang mempamerkan tulisan KUIZM memusing bercahaya.

Kemudian diikuti tayangan slide berkenaan kepentingan ilmu dan perkembagan terkini pembinaan KUIZM. Para hadirin disegarkan dengan nasyid dendangan Kumpulan Nasehat, sepanjang menikmati juadah makan malam.

Pelajar baru dijangka masuk mulai Julai depan. Yuran yang dikenakan hanya RM1500 seorang untuk satu semestar. Sebagai permulaan dua program ditawarkan iaitu Diploma Muamalat dan Kewangan Islam dan Diploma Dakwah dan Komunikasi.

Sesiapa yang berminat, borang-borang boleh diperolehi di Pejabat KUIZM, Lorong Haji Hassan, Off Jalan Batu Geliga, Taman Melewar, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor (Telefaks 03-61865616) atau muat turun di, atau hubungi Ustaz Mohd Norhan (017-9503455) dan Ustaz Wan Ahmad Rasyidi (012-3484140).

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