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My flickr a/c got blocked... so no more picture from Doha and Tehran. Anyway, another few more days of suffering i will be back to Malaysia. June 8th 2010 is the day i'm release from this country with all the blockage... No FB and now No Flickr... what next No Blogspot ... Please don't. This is the way i communicate with my fellow bloggers.

Let's cross the finger, hopefully they don't blog my blogspot too. :p

Who says crime rate is falling? I say crime rate is rising!

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Apparently, Najib did a walkabout at Sea Park in Petaling Jaya, also better known as PJ's SS2. If Najib only knew, some neighbouring 'tamans' of Sea Park PJ, for example Taman Paramount, have their own security guards patrolling the streets . So, what say you, Najib? Do people really trust or have confidence in police to conduct patrols? ;)

what the mainstream media won’t publish (re: israel attack)

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why the fiery protests in KL against the israel attack that happened recently? why so fast… such an immeidate response to protest… without first wait first to find out further details?  even the umno youth, khairy boy was leading a protest.  woo! INIKAH BUDAYA MEREKA?

wah… how come the govt allow protests eh? hundreds of them and burning of flags too – and the police never stop them. say, our PAIN (penang anti isa network – or the gabungan mansuhkan ISA (GMI) group  should hold our anti ISA protest soon, since the govt allows protest! BERSIH (the coalition for free and fair election), now's your chance to start planning for a mammoth rally, since the rally against israel was permitted.

just wait for tomorrow – friday prayers time! also protest time! remember the after friday prayer protests? i bet penang also will see this after friday prayer protest against israel tomorrow and in KL… even more fiery than ever? that will be how they manage to get the crowd – after praying, come out to shout and curse.  nice.

a commenter in malaysiakini said:

When tens of thousands in Darfur got killed, raped, displaced by the Sudanese army and the armed tribesmen, where were all the humanitarian activists in Malaysia? Did they go to the Sudan embassy to protest? Did they burn an effigy of President Omar Bashir? Did they step on and burn the Sudanese flag? Why? Are they not colour blind?

Are our so-called humanitarian activists practising selective discrimination? Now that it is not possible for the flotilla to reach Gaza, why not take the opportunity to divert the flotillas to Sudan?

yes indeed, i echo what he or she said above!

those of you who are on facebook, do go to my 2malaysia facebook group to discuss on this issue.

here is one facebook page worth reading… what the mainstream media won't publish:


We Stand with Israel >>Top level Islamic extremists linked to Gaza flotilla: – The launching ceremony for the flotilla to the Gaza Strip was attended by several Islamist extremists in Istanbul.

While the flotilla organizers present themselves as human rights advocates whose sole goal is to assist the people of Gaza, a new report reveals the groups cooperation with radical human rights violators. – the organizers of the aid convoy were invited to unload their cargo at the Israeli port of Ashdod, where it would be transferred to Gaza following an inspection…. loaded with 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid and building materials… One of the commandos told reporters he descended by rope from a helicopter onto one of the six ships in the convoy and was immediately attacked by a group of people waiting for them. "They beat us with metal sticks and knives," he said. "There was live fire at some point against us."… "They jumped me, hit me with clubs and bottles and stole my rifle," one of the commandos said. "I pulled out my pistol and had no choice but to shoot."… The soldiers said they were forced to open fire after the activists struck one of their comrades in the head and trampled on him. A senior IDF field commander ordered the soldiers then to respond with fire, a decision which the commandos said received full backing the military echelon.

>>Freedom Flotilla's Primary Aim is to Defame Israel: 1 ton of aid per Gaza resident in last 18 months – Despite attacks by Hamas, Israel maintains an ongoing humanitarian corridor for the transfer of perishable and staple food items to Gaza. This conduit is used by internationally recognized organizations including the United Nations and the Red Cross… Well over a million tons of humanitarian supplies entered Gaza from Israel over the last 18 months equaling nearly a ton of aid for every man, woman and child in Gaza… The land crossings remain the most efficient system to transfer goods to Gaza, and the flotilla organizers are well aware of this fact… The organizers also know that since December 2008, their ships have been denied permission to land… Israel has invited the organizers of the flotilla to use the land crossings, in the same manner as all the reputable international organizations. … If the organizers were truly interesting in providing humanitarian aid – as opposed to engaging in publicity stunts – they would use the proper channels to ensure delivery of any supplies. .. Since January 2009, more than a million tons of humanitarian aid have been transferred into Gaza. In the first quarter of 2010 alone, almost 100,000 tons of supplies have been provided, including 48,000 tons of food products, approximately 550 tons of milk powder and baby food, 2700 tons of rice, 40,000 tons of wheat, 185 tons of aggregates, 2000 tons of clothing and footwear, 20 tons of iron, 25 tons of cement and more than 1000 tons of medicine and medical equipment. The fuel and electricity needs are similarly being met, and hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza come to Israel for medical treatment.

>>Boarding of Flotilla Crucial to Israel National Security
The reason for the decision to deploy such a large force against the flotilla is that if the current sail were to succeed – even partially – in reaching the Gaza port or not far from the Strip's coast, Hamas would be able to receive anything it desires, starting with Iranian money and ending with heavy rockets possesses by Hezbollah and antiaircraft missiles and weapons….
Should the Turks succeed in their efforts to open a sea line to Gaza as a result of the precedent which may be created by the current sail, the southern part of the State of Israel will be under clear and immediate danger, similar to the situation in the north…. Compared to this threat, the threat embodied in a possible clash between the sail's passengers, some of whom belong to terror organizations and have been involved in acts of terror and in funding terroristic activities, is reduced.,7340,L-3896090,00.html

>>Days Before Flotilla Arrival Israel Aware of Possible "Hefty Price in PR Arena"
Israel Defense Forces spokespeople were also there (in Haifa harbour), to document and distribute images of the interception, since the PR battle against this particular "enemy" is as important as the actual struggle. … "The reason we are deploying such a large force and after much preparation, is to minimize the PR damage we may suffer while carrying out the main mission, which is to prevent the precedent of opening an unsupervised maritime route to Hamas in Gaza." … we are aware that the other side will try to make us look bad. We will show restraint and not respond to provocations, we will do only what is necessary to carry out the mission, no more, but no less either."
… The decision was made not to allow the ships to arrive in Gaza under any circumstances, even if Israel is forced to pay a hefty price in the PR arena and in the international community's eyes.,7340,L-3896090,00.html

More news can be found at our Fanpage:


you can read further here, where there is a video… and don't forget brog's blog too.

Tahniah Sdr. Ezam... opps tuan senator

Posted: 03 May 2010 07:46 PM PDT

Tahniah kepada Sdr. Ezam, kini Tuan Senator yang terkenal dengan gaya ucapan persis Anwar Ibrahim.

Orang lain dalam UMNO bersengkang mata, berkerat rotan, berbotak beruban, baling-baling kerusi, bomoh-bomoh, juling-juling mata dibuatnya, habis duit berlori-lori, belanja tiket melancong seantero dunia… tapi semuanya tak dapat, jilat air liur je… 

Pemuda UMNO lagi lah pulak, turun padang, masuk bendang, redah paya, redah banjir, cari orang miskin yang tinggal di celah orang-orang UMNO, bagi bantuan, bagi beras, bagi klinik kesihatan, buat kelas bahasa Inggeris, buat kelas mengaji, bagi sunat free, bagi kursus jenazah, bagi jersi bola, pergi buat demo, setengah nak mampus… habuk pun presiden tak pandang…

Tapi Senator Ezam, korang tengok dia… sebab apa dia boleh naik, dia ada kelebihan, kelebihan macamana? kelebihan berdamping dengan Anwar Ibrahim… inilah yang diungkap dalam pepatah Melayu – "berakit-rakit ke Hulu, berenang-renang ketepian – bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian"…  Dia pernah kena ISA, kena tangkap, kena gas pemedih mata, dituduh pengkhianat gak, siap ada grenade launcher, molotov coctail dan segala macam senjata merbahaya…  Korang apa ada?  Polis Trafik pun tak pernah tahan.

Tahniah Tuan Senator Ezam, harapnya lepas nie Tuan Ezam akan ambil alih pemuda UMNO, punggah semua mangkuk hayun yang duduk kat pemuda UMNO, mana yang lembik tu kasi ganti dengan orang cam Fairus, Azwandin, SD Johari, Ghani Haron….  Kita tak nak layan orang yang demo, menyorok belakang polis… malu, bila kena kawat duri buat press conference… apa barang…

Nanti, bila ada election baru seronok kita "bertempur"…

Shahrul Peshawar

Keluhan Anwar Ibrahim"Kalaulah Ezam masih ada"

Posted: 20 Feb 2010 08:56 PM PST

Oleh rmf

"Kalau la Tuah masih ada, boleh la dia membuang contengan arang dimuka beta" Itu diantara kata kata  mungkin kurang tepat akan tetapi mengolahkan maksud yang sama. Keluhan tersebut adalah akibat daripada  tindakan yang  dibuat tanpa mengambil kira pandangan dan siasatan terhadap sesuatu perkara.

Sultan Melaka yang diceritakan pernah mengeluh dihadapan Bendahara negeri itu tatkala Hang Jebat sedang bermaharajalela menjad…i durjana kepada kesultanannya demi amukan kerana mahu membela Hang Tuah. Disebaliknya, Sultan Melaka secara penuh keihklasan mengeluarkan kata kata "….. kalaulah Hang Tuah masih hidup…"

Didalam politik perkara ini kerap berlaku apabila sokongan sokongan yang diberikan  kepada individu yang mempermainkan  isu isu nasional tanpa memikirkan akibat pada generasi akan datang. Sokongan ini juga akan melumpuhkan perpaduan yang telah lam terjalin  didalam masyarakat demi kesinambungan karier politik dan kepentingan diri.

Dipetik daripada Anti PKR Club

Demikianlah kisah sejarah zaman silam samada dongeng ataupun benar benar berlaku dalam sejarah epik melayu, wallahualam….

Kisah tersebut seperti biasanya akan berlaku apabila seseorang itu mula merasai kehilangan sesuatu yang terlalu besar nilainya, harganya yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya..!!

Apakah benar disaat ini terpancar diwajah Anwar Ibrahim rasa kehilangan seorang Jeneral untuk membawa gelombang serta gerakan massa menyokongnya sepertimana pernah disaksikan seluruh dunia apa yang berlaku pada tahun 1998 ~ 2000.

Siapakah yang berdiri dibarisan depan sekali ketika ribuan rakyat yang turun berdemonstrasi menyatakan sokongan padu kepada Anwar ketika itu…?

Seorang anak muda yang berani dan gagah menggadai nyawa untuk membela Anwar Ibrahim, sudah pasti kita masih ingat kepada Ezam Mohd Nor!

Lihatlah dan tatapilah sendiri gambar gambar potret kenangan abadi diatas ini sebagai kayu pengukur dimana aura yang dibawa oleh anak muda didikan Anwar Ibrahim ketika itu….

Berapa lokap yang beliau sudah menginap…? Sudah berapa gari polis yang pernah menggenggam erat pergelangan tangan beliau…?

Yang pasti Ezam pernah menjadi penghuni kepada dua penjara demi merekodkan nilai perjuangannya untuk membebaskan manusia bernama Anwar Ibrahim. Anak muda kelahiran negeri Selangor ini mengharungi serta merasai kehidupan di penjara tahanan Kem Kamunting dan juga penjara Kajang….

Tidak ada mana mana pemimpin PKR, PAS dan DAP yang kini menjilat-jilat Anwar Ibrahim mampu menyamai rekod tersebut..!

Tatkala Anwar mengarahkan beberapa ekor kuda tunggangannya bertempik untuk turun memenuhi perkarangan Mahkamah Tinggi sewaktu perbicaraan kes liwat keatas Saiful Bukhari, namun hampa dan terbukti lebih ramai wartawan daripada penyokong serta rakyat marhaen…, GAGAL..!!

Apabila mahu diadakan semula Gelombang Manusia berarak daripada masjid Wilayah ke Mahkamah Tinggi KL sebagai tanda sokongan untuk meramaikan lagi sokongan keatas Anwar, hanya ada 30 ekor barua barua murahan persis pelacur jalanan yang belum sedar siapa sebenarnya manusia durjana bernama Anwar Ibrahim, usaha ini masih lagi GAGAL..!!!

Mahu lihat lautan manusia seperti yang pernah tercipta di Masjid Negara seperti gambar gambar diatas…? Hanya ada satu jawapan untuk Anwar Ibrahim…, " in your fucking dreams bastard..!"

Lalu dipulas pula telinga Setiausaha Agung PKR, satu satunya ahli PAS yang dilantik menjadi Setiausaha Agung PKR untuk memberikan arahan supaya setiap pimpinan cabang mereka turun dan ditetapkan juga bilangan mereka untuk menjadi badut dan barua murahan memenuhi perkarangan Mahkamah Tinggi, namun masih lagi GAGAL..!!!

Kesian Anwar Ibrahim…, mana pergi sokongan padu sepertimana yang kita saksikan pada gambar gambar kenangan diatas ini..??

Setelah Anwar sendiri meliwat kepercayaan yang disemai oleh golongan reformis jalanan kerana mereka kini diabaikan tanpa sebarang hulur bantuan, maka tidak mustahil semua usaha mahu berdemonstrasi sudah tinggal bahan sejarah…

Malah agak mengejutkan juga apabila seorang tokoh reformis jalanan yang kini bergelar wakil rakyat, Tein Chua sendiri mengakui sekarang ini memang sukar untuk mengumpul bilangan yang ramai untuk berdemo dalam kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim…., mungkin ramai jentera jentera parti mereka lebih sibuk sebagai pegawai pegawai kepada Yb Yb dibeberapa kerajaan negeri menjaga kontrak dan kantung masing masing…

Tiada lagi Ezam bersama auranya untuk membawa lautan manusia menyokong Anwar bukanlah sesuatu yang tidak boleh dijangkakan…. Ini terbukti apabila penggantinya memang tidak ada langsung ketokohan untuk memimpin anak anak muda!

Shamsul Iskandar ditafsirkan sebagai bernasib baik "mewarisi" kerusi nombor satu AMK. Beliau sebenarnya bukanlah pilihan hati Anwar Ibrahim. Susuk tubuh badannya terbukti bukan "selera" Anwar! Cuma bandingkan dengan mereka yang pernah berada rapat dan mendampingi Anwar seperti Ezam, Azmin, Mustafa Kamil Ayub, Anuar Shaari, Kamarul Baharin dan beberapa pimpinan yang ada susuk tubuh badan tinggi keterampilan sebagai pemimpin… Shamsul pula orangnya ketot, gemuk, jarinya kontot malah ada seorang sahabat blogger mengatakan "kalau nak heading bola pun tak kena.."

Apakah rakyat sudah jelek, mual dan menyampah dengan kes liwat kedua Anwar kali ini..? Maka mereka berkeputusan biarlah Mahkamah yang menentukan segala galanya dan TAK PERLU lagi rakyat marhaen diheret untuk membazirkan waktu untuk membuta tuli menjadi barua murahan menyokong Anwar lagi..?

Mungkin mereka juga sedar bahawa Anwar dan Wan Azizah masih belum menghargai jasa jasa dicurahkan oleh reformis yang turun dijalanan sewaktu era Reformasi 1998 – 2000 dimana ramai yang menjadi penghuni lokap, hilang pekerjaan, hilang mata pencarian. Yang menyedihkan mereka kini apabila Anwar sedang diangkat mereka pula diabaikan…..

Persoalan juga harus kita lontarkan kepada ribuan penyokong PAS…, mana pergi mereka semua?

Sekiranya ada demonstrasi yang melibatkan pimpinan mereka seperti protes ISA, PPSMI dan BERSIH kita masih dapat melihat puluhan ribuan manusia. Tidakkah bilangan yang sama seharusnya mendokong Anwar Ibrahim disaat dan ketika ini..?

Siapakah yang masih mahu menjilat Anwar Ibrahim…?

Hanya beberapa kerat pimpinan PKR yang sedang merasai nikmat kekayaan yang diperolehi daripada karung karung kerajaan negeri yang sedang mereka robek untuk simpanan dihari tua…. Siapa lagi kalau bukan wakil rakyat wakil rakyat dan ahli majlis ahli majlis kerajaan tempatan, hanya perlu butakan mata.., pekakkan telinga…!

Tidak ketinggalan juga rakan rakan dari PAS yang kini sedang merasai manisnya kuasa dan sedang memasang cita cita untuk menjadi barisan lembu kepada kabinet Anwar seandainya orang nombor satu PKR itu menjadi Perdana Menteri….

Inilah sahaja spesis spesis yang tinggal dan golongan inilah yang sedang membiarkan minda mereka diliwat se-enak enaknya oleh Anwar Ibrahim, malah turut merelakan diri mereka disundalkan semata mata mahu mendokong sokongan kepada orang nombor satu PKR……

Top 10 BN Excuses In Permatang Pasir Defeat

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:46 PM PDT

Top 10 BN Excuses In Permatang Pasir Defeat 10. Pakatan Penang declare public holiday on that voting

What the Hell is Wrong with Our Mentality,Blind Spot and T-A-T??

Posted: 01 Jul 2009 10:06 PM PDT

The last few days we have been receiving e-mails from various sources telling us to blog on a number of local issues. What we are about to reveal will need immediate swift reaction and solutions as this involves government departments. Sad to say even an Asst. Minister in the CM's office was quoted and reminded the civil servants also not to act as "Little Napoleans". The tax payers money in keeping those who are nesting in these departments will be futile and wasted if procedures and turn around time(TAT) is above normal.

Incident No.1 on MPP gets tough with "slow contactors". The full report can be read in Borneo Posts page 4. What we are saying is that ,"How come the Engineer in question only informed in the full council meeting?" Doesn't this make a mockery of the system of tender and distribution of works? Who actually monitors which,how and who the contactors are reliable? Bad news and this must not happen in both Pakatan or BN led governments. The people expect development funds and projects to be carried out in the specified time and not dilly-dally.

This is the 21st century and if the mentality of our professionals in government departments remains lacklustre where are we heading? Are we too afraid to make complains ? If we do are we singled out as not government friendly? A lame excuse by the MPP Chairman in respect of blaming the contactor as reported should never ever be used. There are so many training and programmes the government servants attend and do they need to be tutored this," Implementation Process…??""

Incident No.2 Ever since Sesco changed its name to Sarawak Energy the Ooomph pah pah seems to have disappeared into thin air. A number of complains especially with regards to street lightings will have now to take 48 hours to implement from the time of complain. 

Procedurely this is what actually happens," The operator will ask,"Where is the place.? Who is complaining? Whats your telephone number and at the end "I'll file the complain with the contractor." A complaint was lodged by a houseowner at Taman Riveria at 20.48 and he waited and waited for action to arrive.

Unfortunatedly, nothing was done. What irked him was he needed to switch all his lights on as a deterrent for would be burglars. He said,Am I not paying for the street lights too?" He called again the next day," We are looking into it was the answer until he fumed and they say 48 hours" He told audie61 Sarawak's crime index is not actually very low is it with a bit of sarcasm added? He even said why not the CEO try this to find out whether his man are doing their job.

To make matters worse a houseowner in the area thought he found the solution to the problem. He said he knows so and so and called him at 3.00pm. Guess what the answer was? Mr.So and So has gone for TEABREAK at 3.00pm sharp. Hahaha is this how to get the boss in trouble? Certainly the face of SHOCKED was apparent and he was of course very very happy hik hik hik. This is not a JOKE and it reflects what the mentality of our governement system and the TAT is now. The PM's department or the CM's department should serioulsy look into these woes faced byt the TAXPayers and a lot of them out there are suffering SILENTLY with these attitudes of our LITTLE  NAPOLEANS.

By tthe way this above incident was also related to the relevant political parties involved in BN and Pakatan group. The YB's P.A of the constituency was informed,DAP assembly man for Batu Lintang and also PKR information chief .This is not only a political issue and if the CRIME INDEX are to be lowered all relevant authorities needs to work as a TEAM and not push the monkey around to the delight of the would be BURGLARS.

We would have thought that the MBKS cutting tree incident which we covered a couple of months ago was bad enough but this by another Asst.Minister of Infraatructure Development who was shocked that eventhough contracts are awarded they are yet to be implemented. Quoting him,"The contract works awarded is two months and with only a mont left,there is still no sigh of any work being done." He pointed out that any works awarded it was the responsibility of the contactors to ensure that any project is carried out according to specifications and completed within schedule."

What is going on? If the contactors have too many projects there are others who are more than willing to take over if they are awarded? Whose fault is this? This goes to show the implementation process is not adhered to and there is a flaw in the system. It needs to be corrected and quickly before the ROOTS ARE TOO DEEP

It should not be the I'm paid by the government how much and Im only doing this much. The politicians knows what needs to be done and how to push it and this few incidents are not too kind on a few people but we are not a charitable blog. We are with the people,by the people and for the people blog and we will get to the bottom of the TRUTH.

ACTIONS speaks louder than words. I remember one incident many years back when AnAsst.Minister true to his words had the Kuching Mayor immediatedly down to Tabuan Laru to see a problem with the grasscutters dumpng the cut grass in the drain. The reaction from the houseowners in that area was overwhelming for the Asst.Minister. Of course its not his area of constituency but being an Asst Minister is not only for that ministry but its a Sarawak Ministerial Appointment. Is this one BLIND SPOT that needs to be addressed…?

The thing with mosts of our Ministers is that they are too afraid to step outside of their jurisdiction and also are afriad of incuring the wrath of the YBs in the constituencies. Need I elaborate here.?? Better not as the Ministers/Asst.Ministers might get offended but  they know themselves.

We say as always,"Let's see some actions shall we..?????

Ezam Si Badut Baru UMNO Yang Berkokok Sendirian Dalam Hujah

Posted: 26 May 2009 10:14 PM PDT

Salam Perjuangan… Awal malam tadi mungkin ramai yang tertunggu-tunggu rancangan Hujah di TV9 y

Zahid Hamidi : Naib Presiden UMNO Yang Pengecut

Posted: 26 May 2009 03:22 PM PDT

Salam Perjuangan… Malu orang Bagan Datoh, Ahli Parlimen yang jadi Menteri Pertahanan rupanya s

Updates from Bkt Gantang (1 Apr)

Posted: 31 Mar 2009 09:10 PM PDT

7.10pm: Hee Yit Foong to hold press conference tomorrow at Bilik Gerakan Wanita BN

7.09pm: Confirmed by Mkini. TDM to campaign in Bukit Gantang this Sunday.

4.58pm: Perak CPO says police will take action if ceramah permit restrictions are defied.

11.46am: TDM –> Bkt Gantang?

11.42am: Asmuni Awi, Pas by-election operations director, says Pas will not follow the new permit restrictions on talking about sensitive issues at ceramahs, while still staying within the boundaries of law.

11.31am: Last night at Pekan Bukit Gantang, BN (Zambry and ex-Keadilan leaders Ezam, Hamdan Taha & Lokman Adam) and Pas (Mat Sabu & a former ketua bahagian Umno Jerteh) had their ceramah a few hundred meters apart. I saw three policemen, no trucks. Pas was in a house compound; approximately 150 people in attendance. BN was in a field (Dataran Bukit Gantang); approximately 500 people. Zambry talked about the Sultan issue. At Pas, according to Rocky's Bru, Mat Sabu talked about Altantuya.

Ezam: Jangan Undi Calon BN Dan PKR Dari Keturunan India!

Posted: 31 Mar 2009 03:32 PM PDT

Salam Perjuangan… Saya terbaca blog Chegubard yang melaporkan cerita mengenai ceramah Ezam Md

Haiya..Ezam,Ezam..Apa ni..?

Posted: 21 Jan 2009 06:15 AM PST

On January 15th we carried this article Eeee Ezam and today again Malaysikini has this which has headlines,"Ezam vows to diminish Anwar." We from audie61 says is it,"Personal vendetta,jealousy,unfinished HERO WORSHIPPING  or WHAT..? Haiya..Ezam,Ezam..Apa  ni..?

Ezam said," As far as I'm concerned, my role is to basically tell the truth about Anwar…as a whole I can see positive impacts (from the exposure of a letter by Anwar)," Ezam also said that he will not be deterred until he sees his former boss disappears from the political scene. Very BOLD words from someone who Anwar just brushed aside by saying,"SO WHAT"

On January 15th we said this and today we will reinforce the same statement," Today we say," Ezam are you stucked in the 1998 TIME WARP..?" That is yesterdays news and Anwar was then not even the opposition leader. He was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister and of course then he would have written a letter. Those days most bloggers I should think were not completely for him as he was still a FRESHIE EX UMNO and EX BN.

This will play a major significant as this comment from a PKR Sarawak Member Francis Ngu in his comments when audie61 last night posted,"Pressing Issues-Change.?? Najib and Anwar . We extract and posts this relevant statement instead Ezam from a former colleague of yours who makes more sense." In short, will the used-by date politicians convert to the principles of Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people?

If these detractors cannot meet the above tests and others, the rakyat will put them aside in the very near future.

Our Southern neighbour tossed out John Howard for Kevin. As I write, I am still witnessing the world on the brink of historic transformation, as the age of OBAMA has just begun.

Ezam try getting back from outer space and come back in time and let "Dr.WHO" stay where he is. Your time is already used up and I do beg BN to stop making use of you as you really have OUTLIVED your usage.

According to some some BN members who were in KT they said in their own personal capacity that Ezams issue has caused substantial losts to BN. Ground was losts and they needed to convince the "Perspective voters" not to be too bothered about him.

Some of the younger set of voters in KT reminded them and even said,"Do we hear Obama going on with personal attacks at Mccain or even at Hillary Clinton but their election machinery focussed on  real and pressing  issues like economy,health,development,education and insurance which are very dear to the voters and will ultimatedly mean an X or  an axe on the ballot papers. 

BN, the people have spoken and Pakatan seems to have played the right chord. If Ezam is again tossed into the limelight and for that matter in Pensiangan in Sabah if there is a by-election, I will not be surprised if this time,"EGGS are THROWN into his direction."

There are some who are supposed to be doing ceramahs BUT they are some who are absolutely a RIGHT TURNOFF and for sure VOTES will flow out from the camps using that speaker. We,Malaysians are sometimes to gracious and do not want to displease the hand that feeds us BUT they comes a time when TIME IS CALLED.

YOUR TIMES UP EZAM and STOP it for goodness sake.  BN ,I am still completedly BAFFLED . Maybe,just maybe  BN is saying to Ezam to continue to do it as this will prove your allegiance to be accepted as one of us in BN. However BN, this has a reverse effect and if it has a positive effect lets do a POLLS  SURVEY on Ezam. Fascinating..?

Facts,statistics and figures would not lie and this  might just propel some support back  to BN when Ezam is send to the scrap heap. He has "outlived his usage" and many will agree. Some "LOVE to HATE EZAM" though…

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Overwhelming Majority-Sorry..I beg to differ

Posted: 17 Jan 2009 11:30 PM PST

This Malaysiakini report,"Defeat spells trouble for Najib" in which an expert in Malaysian elections says," "This is going to call into question Najib's rise to the prime minister's position. There will be those who will question whether he can deliver effectively."

There are also those who say that the Malays shift is significantly leaning away from UMNO and also diminishing as this Malaysiakini report suggests If it was Wan Farid would not have got 30252 votes to Mohammad Abdul Wahid Endut 32883. Lets be realistic about the whole Perception as Politicians are so good at it. PAS did not win by 62883 and BN 252. We know,the winner even by 1 vote is a winner while if you lose by 1 is also a losts. But be more realistic about it instead of just using Malay issue running away from UMNO. In any elections its a combination of factors and even the smallest disgruntled remark can turn the tables against the political machinery.  

I have earlier remarked in my write up,"Eeee Ezam Please"  in which I should say is more than enough to tell the victor or the vanquished," I am completely BAFFLED as why BN still needs to use Ezam against Anwar. BN needs to be more innovative,creative and should avoid using character or personality assasination to impress upon the PEOPLE. There must be something wrong with all the political analysts and strategist if they still think the old ways work. Lets be very certain about this,"Are we STILL LIVING in the 80s or 90s ?" If not,use whatever you have in this technologically savvy world to captivate the VOTERS and win their HEARTS over. Is it that difficult..??

Is it an overwhelming Yes and a shift to the opposition parties in PKR,PAS,DAP and its other alliances. No,No,No,, its a shift to How and WHO is the CANDIDACY which the parties put up to the PEOPLE. It's NOW an OPEN MARKET and the PEOPLE will know who will deliver and who they can trusts. BN or PAKATAN don't need arrogant,insensitive and snobbish leaders who thinks that the Voters are STUDENTS and they themselves are the TEACHERS. Those days are long, long, long gone. 

The Peoples representative or aspiring ones needs to go back to their roots. Their constituencies needs to be looked after and they need to know what is bests for their own areas and not what is good for themselves and their POCKETS. If and when they know what the people see in them they will make a good ADUN or MP. I want to go on and on but what has motivated me to write todays report is this and I  for one thinks its a significant and down to earth political statement."Be a Gracious Winner,Nik Aziz tells PAS and Pakatan"

This is the extracted version," Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat wants Pas and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be "a gracious winner" and not utter snobbish remarks that could hurt the feelings of those who have lost in yesterday's Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election.The Kelantan menteri besar said any negative statement following the victory would put the party in a bad light.

"Don't hurt the feelings of opponents because if they are hurt, it will be difficult for us to convince them of our struggle," .

Wow..!! Its so politically right and this in itself will score hell of a lot of points. My late grandfather who was also a legislator from 1947-1960 said to us through our parents," Its what you say and what you do which people will remember. Words uttered from your mouth cannot be taken back no matter how you try.So..THINK and USE your God Given Wisdom to reach out to people." In other words we as young and rebellious grandchildren will say,Ummm..Dont speak FOUL of other people. The meaning however we know is deeper than the DEEP BLUE OCEAN if it is not already CHEMICALISED

So DPM Najib even said,"BN accepted the decision made by the voters.He said that the results showed that democracy was alive in malaysia. BN will continue to work harder to earn the trust of the people and serve the people."

This augurs well for the country and the party PAS won this election together with help from the coalition partners. UMNO has to go back to the drawing board and chart out a new UNTESTED territory. PKR won in Permatang Pauh which was their seat in the first place and PAS won this seat KT which is indeed a bitter lesson to UMNO. They will come out fighting in the next round and they will not sit on their laurels. Be very certain about that and they need to CHANGE their political strategists if it needs to be done.

Never ever use the same method in elections as the people wants and needs to see CHANGE which will benefit them and not CHANGE for the Sake of CHANGING. Don't you think the voters FEAR FOR CHANGE..? If its good they will say,"WHY NOT TRY..?" Its reinventing always and not the same methods as a little spice will add more drama to Ooohs and Aaahs!! If only BN…listen, they say MORE TO THE PEOPLE…..Times have Change and people have Change..Najib needs to ask now,"WHAT DO I NEED TO DO MORE..?" Simple Najib,get down and listen to the grassroots and +++++ You know where to find me….. 

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Ezam Crap again

Posted: 15 Jan 2009 09:59 PM PST

Ezam reveals Anwar's alleged letter to Dr M I am tired of this crap name Ezam. I believe with all my

Eeee Ezam Please..

Posted: 15 Jan 2009 05:51 AM PST

A newly registered Sarawak voter said to audie61,"WHAT IS THIS WITH AN OLD STORY..? Isn't this chasing SHADOWS.? Haven't we have had enough of Ezam. BN should be making use of Current Issues and not the Past. No wonder Anwar said,"So what..?"

In this Malaysiakini report  "So? What's the problem? Saya tak berdamai dengan siapa (Who am I not at peace with)? What is the problem? What is the problem in making peace with anyone?" asked Anwar.

Anwar said this when met by reporters after his ceramah at Kg Kubang Ikan, Kuala Terengganu, last night. At a press conference this morning, Anwar refused to elaborate on the subject.

Our earlier report touched on ," There are more pressing matters than the past and the people will want to know what TOMORROW CAN BRING and not WHAT WAS YESTERDAYS NEWS. No clocks can be turned back as we can only use HISTORY TO GUIDE US.

Today we say," Ezam are you stucked in the 1998 TIME WARP..?" That is yesterdays news and Anwar was then not even the opposition leader. He was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister and of course then he would have written a letter. Those days most bloggers I should think were not completely for him as he was still a FRESHIE EX UMNO and EX BN.

I am completely BAFFLED as why BN still needs to use Ezam against Anwar. BN needs to be more innovative,creative and should avoid using character or personality assasination to impress upon the PEOPLE. There must be something wrong with all the political analysts and stategist if they still think the old ways work. Lets be very certain about this,"Are we STILL LIVING in the 80s or 90s ?" If not,use whatever you have in this technologically savvy world to captivate the VOTERS and win their HEARTS over. Is it that difficult..??

The Future is not a Dream.It is reality when you believe it to happen and HISTORY provides us guidelines not to repeat the same mistakes and to use the knowledge of  the WRONGS to suit the PRESENT ENVIRONMENT.

Ezam Oooh Please,please, you really are STUCKED in the TIME WARP. Anwar has moved on and he has spent 6 years inside and with the amount of knowledge and solitude inside gained he is so better equipped to handle you. I cannot for once believe that Anwar does not know "What is the Game here.?" He was afterall the ex DPM were you..?" If it was Musa Hitam the former DPM he would have given more credibility to the BN.

Can you blame Anwar to just brush this aside and say "SO WHAT…?"

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Surat damai Anwar kepada Chedet - Malaysiakini

Posted: 14 Jan 2009 06:56 PM PST

Bekas Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan, Ezam Mohd Noor semalam mengotakan janjinya dengan mendedahkan is

Ooh Ezam..!! Again 6 Boxes at Anwar

Posted: 13 Jan 2009 12:03 AM PST

KT is the battlefield and as this Malaysiakini tv the people will need to reassess whether using Ezam as a tactic in attacking or slowing down Anwar is working.  There are more pressing matters than the past and the people will want to know what TOMORROW CAN BRING and not WHAT WAS YESTERDAYS NEWS. No clocks can be turned back as we can only use HISTORY TO GUIDE US.

Present day Facts and Statistics will not lie and the Voters nowadays will gauge it themselves. The mindset of the people are different now and for the parties in contention UMNO and PAS it is how they will deliver their message across to win the votes.  We have written substantial accounts on the present day voters and you will be the better JUDGE after watching this video.

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Hujah tv9 : Melayu dalam ketakutan

Posted: 09 Sep 2008 09:37 PM PDT

Rancangan hujah di tv 9 sentiasa mendapat perhatian saya kerana dapat mendengar hujah dari wakil ker

Traitors are still Traitors... i hate these 2 guys

Posted: 24 Aug 2008 10:59 PM PDT

Dulu, kini dan selamanya

Posted: 21 Aug 2008 10:04 PM PDT

I simply want to ask some of the politicians to shut up. I seriously want to. If they don't kn

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