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Israeli soldiers in trouble dancing to Ke$ha Tik Tok

Israeli soldiers in trouble dancing to Ke$ha Tik Tok

Israeli soldiers in trouble dancing to Ke$ha Tik Tok

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 09:28 AM PDT

A clip which saw six Israeli soldiers doing a coordinated dance at the streets of Hebron to American singer Ke$ha's hit song Tik Tok has gone viral online…

It's no big deal for soldiers to enjoy a bit of fun, but it's a problem when they were doing so at the wrong place and wrong time.

The original video was taken down but it was too late as it's already picked up by other channels [video above via Theitalianpress@Youtube]. The soldiers have been identified and is facing investigations.

Israeli soldiers in trouble dancing to Ke$ha Tik Tok from YeinJee's Asian Blog

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the malay community will be wipe off from penang state?

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 09:18 AM PDT

…so umno wants us to believe.

the most recent case refers – susan loone's report 'developers persecute malays due to split in umno'.  quoting from the report to comment:

Jelutong Umno members have refuted state party chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's claim that the marginalisation of Malay villages in Penang is due to the heavy price which had to be paid for a switch in political allegiance.

Abdul Wahab Abdullah, Pantai Umno branch chief, blamed instead the marginalisation of the villages on the well-known split of the party in the Jelutong division.

Abdul Wahab (left), who claimed that many of his branch members were affected residents soon to be evicted from Kampung Jalan Pokok Asam, said that developers were "taking advantage" of Umno's split in the area to persecute the Malay community.

pigilah! don't blame others, blame yourself! blame your own umno division. blame the split. this is like using the developer as a scapegoat.

He said developers supported by the state government have "conspired" to wipe out the Malay community from the face of Penang.

huh? is it that serious? WIPE OUT THE MALAY COMMUNITY FROM THE FACE OF PENANG!! i thought you have people like ibrahim ali shouting 'melayu tak kan hilang dari dunia' all the time.  so you think that the 'melayu' will 'hilang' from penang?

He added that the developers, who mooted the project about five years ago when BN was still leading Penang, had compensated the residents poorly, merely offering them a package about RM10,000 to RM70,000 for each family.

see, what an idiot abdul wahab is. first of all he mentioned the state govt. conspiring with the developers but now he said the project was mooted by the developer about 5 years ago. hello, kawan, 5 years ago the present state govt. is not leading penang so why blame the present state govt. now? you should blame BN! or more like it, umno! your own party!

"This amount is a kind of persecution towards the Malay community; it is not even enough to pay for rent or buy a new flat when the residents move away from their homes," he said during a press conference in Penang yesterday.

"The residents and their forefathers, who are considered original people of the area, have lived there for more than 80 years, so whatever the developer is doing to them is heartbreaking," he added.

tell that to the govt. 5 years ago! they were the one who agreed with the developer for the amount compensated.

anyway, this umnoputera is talking like perkasa members – everything also like to say 'persecuting the malays' like what perkasa like to say 'questioning malay rights'.

Recently, while officially opening the Kemaman division delegates meeting, Ahmad Zahid said that Malaysians, especially the Malays, had to realise that Umno, which was the backbone of the BN, always championed the interests of everyone.

aha! here an umnoputera admitted it – the govt at that time is umno! BN=umno, umno=BN. umno was, and is, and will always control BN. (surelah, according to ahmad since it is BN's backbone. if umno no more, BN will die).

anyway where the hell did he get the idea that umno always championed the interests of everyone? don't make me laugh eh. the only thing umno champion is their own pockets.

Abdul Wahab said villagers of Kampung Tengah, also inside Jelutong, who had been evicted due to high-rise development projects, were also compensated very poorly by the developer.

"This high-rise project took place five years ago, it has affected about a hundred houses or 400 people, and all of them are Malays," he said.

"We are not rejecting development but please be fair to the original residents of these villages, who are the Malays, don't let it bring injustice to us," he added.

there he go again – "happened 5 years ago". then for allah's sake, quit blaming the present state govt!! what an idiot!!

NOTE:  please read the  highlighted (chosen)  comments from malaysiakini tittled 'umno scores own goal with sob story'.

God Controls Everything

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 07:37 AM PDT

Have you ever wonder how the world just stop spinning around you? Have you ever bear the anxiety of things revolving around you?

Has life been hard to deal with lately? Has everything that was once a safety zone suddenly turned to uncertainty?

Some of us can be anxious about our future, our health, our families, or our work. Sometimes we struggle with pinpointing the exact cause of anxiety. However, God tells us that we do not need to be anxious about anything.

Waves Crashes

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed. (2 Corinthians 4:8,9)

But we are all humans. Both you and I may throw a thousand or a million questions for ourselves to answer.

Are things changing for you? Are you afraid of change? Has something happened to you that threatens your peace of mind?

Waves Crashed

And the questions will never stop coming until we throw all these back to God's hands.

God controls the future. We do not need to worry since God is our Father. God is the object of our faith; and finally, we don't need to worry because God knows and controls the future.

Waves Crashing

That ultimately reminds me of Matthew 6:31-34. What we do not know of, will be taken care by our dearest Heavenly Father.

God is definitely in control.


Posted: 07 Jul 2010 08:04 AM PDT

WELL, have we not heard it all? Labs. KPIs. NKRAs. NKEAs. GTP. And what not. I post this here mainly for record purposes. And to remind me once in a while how complicated it is to manage our lives. Worst still, the country. Still learning. But hoping to graduate immediately.


KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 — A total of 118 projects and 35 business opportunities worth RM500 billion that can generate up to 2.2 million jobs by 2020 have been identified by laboratories in the Najib administration's push for a high-income nation.

It is understood the projects were formulated from the ongoing National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) labs run by the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) which will submit its full report cabinet at the end of July.

Pemandu has identified 12 NKEAs which include oil and gas, palm oil and related products, financial services, wholesale and retail, tourism, information and communications technology (ICT), education, electrical and electronics, business services, private healthcare, agriculture and Greater Kuala Lumpur revitalisation.

The government will be using recommendations from the NKEA labs to formulate initiatives to transform the nation into a high-income economy though it's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).

According to documents made available to The Malaysian Insider, the NKEA Labs have identified 118 Entry Point Projects (EPPs) and 35 business opportunities with estimated annual gross national income contribution of approximately US$156 billion (RM500 billion) in 2020.

The preliminary estimate is that these 118 EPPs will be 80 per cent funded by private sector investment and can potentially open up 2.2 million job opportunities by 2020.

The Najib administration wants the private sector to be a critical partner and the key driver in the ETP, akin to the Malaysia Inc under Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's long rule.

The government also expects private sector's participation in local projects to increase by more than 50 per cent so that country could reduce its expenditure and increase its economic reserve through subsidy rationalisation programmes.

The government wants private sector to undertake projects that normally done by the public sector such as the construction and management of schools and hospitals, according to the documents.

The NKEA lab are currently ongoing over a period of eight weeks between June and July and Pemandu has invited 425 lab members with 80 from government agencies and ministries, 18 from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and 327 from the private sector.

There are also currently 211 companies that have attended the labs including Shell, Exxon-Mobil, MYDIN, Sime Darby, Genting Plantations, Petronas, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Celcom, Ericsson, Maybank, Tesco, Sunway Medical Centre, Masterskill University College, The Body Shop, AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, RapidKL and Digi Telecommunications.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will be making his first visit to the NKEA labs later today and will meet with the lab members.

It is learnt that Pemandu will conduct NKEA Lab Open day for the public in August.

The ETP roadmap, which is expected to drive the country towards vision 2020, will be published at the fourth quarter of this year.

Pemandu had previously conducted National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) labs for the Government Transformation Programme (GTP). However recent revelation by Pemandu's CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala that country could risk bankruptcy has drawn heavy criticisms from Barisan Nasional leaders.

The Ministry of Finance also released its own report disputing findings made by Idris which was a major embarrassment for the minister charged with overseeing the administration's key performance indicators (KPIs). THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER

Brazil finds a new player, after its's loss to the Netherlands, in preparation for the next World Cup

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 07:35 AM PDT

Licensed To Rape Our Environment?

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 07:32 AM PDT

This afternoon I was informed of some land burning again. The thick smoke filled up part of the sky, making me wonder whether this was another land burning with a licence.

I grabbed the opportunity to snap the ugly scene for sharing with my readers.

Zionist attitudes towards Arabs in the wake of the Balfour Declaration

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 07:32 AM PDT

The World Zionist Organization published a book of speeches made by Zionist leaders immediately after the Balfour Declaration, called "Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews." Since the Internet is so filled with (usually bogus) statements of how Zionists were hell-bent on ethnically cleansing Arabs, I thought that it is worthwhile to publish the words of Nahum Sokolow, then secretary general of the World Zionist Congress and as mainstream and important a Zionist leader as any at the time.

We appreciate deeply the important remarks offered by our distinguished friend Sir Mark Sykes on the subject of the relations between the Jews, the Arabs, and the Armenians. My reply to these remarks is: We are Zionists—not only Zionists for ourselves, but also for the Arabs and the Armenians as well. Zionism means faithfulness to one's own old country, to one's own old home. Zionism means consciousness of a nation. Can we Jews be ignorant of the fact that the Arab nation is a noble nation which has been persecuted? Is not the co-operation between the Arabs and ourselves, the Jews, in the Middle Ages for civilisation and for true culture written in our hearts and deep-rooted in our conscience? Our membership of the Semitic race, our title to a place in the civilisation of the world and to influence the world and take our share in the development of civilisation, have always been emphasised. If racial kinship really counts, if great associations exist which must serve as a foundation for the future, these associations exist between us and the Arabs. I believe in the logic of these facts. In the principle of nationality lies the certainty of our justice. There lies also the certainty of our brotherhood with the Arabs and the Armenians. We look most hopefully to the happy days when these three nations will create—in fact they have already created in the consciousness of some of their leaders—an entente cordiale in the countries of the Near East which have been neglected for so long.

We are not going to take away anvbody's property or to prejudice anybody's rights. We are going to find the land which is available and to settle down wherever there is room, and to live in the best relations with our neighbours—to live and to let the others live. Palestine is not yet a populated, civilised, prosperous country. We are going to make it so by investing our means, our energies, and our intelligence. I was glad to hear that some of your speakers had been to Palestine. They have seen how the country looks. You may have read in The Times that one of its correspondents described the hills of Judaea as roadless, barren hills. But they were not always roadless and barren. In old times these hills were covered with terraces. Now the Jews have again gone there and have rebuilt some of these terraces. If there is anything left of civilisation, of modern agriculture, and of industry in the country it is due to the efforts of that handful of Jewish settlers working under the most difficult conditions.

I would like to say also a few words on the religious question. I had the honour to speak on this question to some representatives of the Church of England and to the head of the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope. (Applause.) I made to them a statement, which I can repeat to you here. We Zionists hate the word toleration, and Sir Mark Sykes really struck the very point when he condemned the word. We don't like mere toleration by non-Jews, and we don't want them to be tolerated. We know that Palestine is full of sanctuaries and of holy places, holy to the Christian world, holy to Islam, holy to ourselves. Are we blind not to see that there are these places of worship and of veneration? Palestine is the very place where religious conflicts should disappear. There we should meet as brethren, and there we should learn to love each other, not merely to tolerate each other. (Applause.) I declared this to the representatives of the great Churches and I can repeat it here.

Also, in an earlier rally, the crowds heard from two Arabs who felt that the Balfour Declaration would be a precursor to kickstart a similar Arab nationalist movement:

Shahk Ismail Abdul-al-akki then addressed the meeting. He spoke in Arabic, and his speech was translated by Mr. I. Sieff, who mentioned that the speaker was under sentence of death by the Turkish Government for having joined the Arab national movement. Shahk Ismail said he desired to tender deep gratitude to the British nation and the British Government for affording his countrymen and himself help and asylum in their hour of persecution. His country was held in chains by the Turks, who were supplied with German gold, and he looked with confidence to England and France to deliver them from bondage, as he believed in the ultimate good over evil, and was confident in the victory of the Allies. He not only spoke as an Arab, but as a "Moslem" Arab, having studied five years in Theological Schools and being granted a Degree, and it was the duty of every Moslem to participate in the movement for the liberation of their countrymen. The meeting was to celebrate the great act of the British Government in recognising the aspirations of the Jewish people, and he appealed to them not to forget in the days of their happiness that...

An Armenian leader echoed the same sentiments concerning an independent Armenia that could have been heralded by a similar declaration - that never came. Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon

Paul the Octopus

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 06:20 AM PDT

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of all... so what the mirror answer?

By now i don't think i need to introduce Paul... hmmm... not Paul the gym bunny... this Paul like sport especially football. BTW, he can predict who will win the game in the World Cup 2010 too.

Another few hours to go ... Germany will play with Spain. So what Paul has to say?

So, do you believe Paul the octopus?

Dari Menteri Berbudaya Kepada Menteri Berkepala Buaya

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 06:33 AM PDT

Menteri tak budaya' punca khazanah sastera hilang

Datuk A Samad Said menyifatkan kenyataan Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim sebagai "kurang berbudaya" apabila mempersoalkan apa lagi yang dimahukan oleh Sasterawan Negara itu.

"Kalau dia (Rais) tanya apa lagi yang saya mahukan, kalau dulu dia bertanya, saya akan huraikan. Cuma caranya bertanya itu kurang berbudaya.

"Maka sekarang, saya (jawab) tidak mahu apa-apa lagi dari dia (Rais)," kata A Samad ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Rais minggu lalu bahawa terlalu banyak dibelanjakan oleh kerajaan untuk memperoleh bahan atau artifak seni budaya.

Rais, menjawab kekecewaan A Samad terhadap layanan kementeriannya dalam menyediakan penempatan untuk khazanah sastera yang dimilikinya dilaporkan berkata, hampir RM485,000 buku sasterawan itu, tidak termasuk sajak yang telah dibeli.

A Samad sebelum itu dilaporkan mahu menempatkan khazanah yang dimilikinya di sebuah rumah seni di New Zealand selepas kecewa terhadap layanan yang diberikan kementerian dalam menyediakan penempatannya.

Ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini, A Samad yang lebih mesra dengan panggilan Pak Samad, menjelaskan bahawa beliau menjual, justeru tidak ada langsung konsep "hutang budi" dalam perkara tersebut.

"Kalau saya ada duit, saya mahu ambil balik. Berdegar sangat beliau (Rais) bercakap. Ia sepatutnya sesuatu yang peribadi dan menjadi rahsia," kata Sasterawan Negara ketiga itu.

Menurut beliau, khazanah berharga itu termasuklah buku tulisannya, manuskrip, diari, proses penciptaan, surat-menyurat, rekod-rekod lagu dan lukisan - sebahagiannya dibeli daripada pengkarya muda di seluruh negara.

Ada antaranya telah sudah disimpan selama 50 tahun, kata pengarang yang terkenal dengan novel Salina itu.

Sementara itu, ditanya tentang status rundingannya dengan pihak asing, A Samad memberitahu beliau agak "keberatan" mendedahkannya buat masa ini kerana ia adalah "rahsia".

"Yang boleh saya katakan, ada (bahan) yang sudah setuju, ada yang belum," katanya yang tidak dapat menjangkakan bila rundingan bagi penempatan di rumah New Zealand bakal selesai.

Tambahnya, jika perkara tersebut menjadi kenyataan, akan terdapat sebuah rumah di negara Kiwi itu yang menempatkan karya-karyanya "seperti Rumah Tagore di India, Rumah Shakespeare di Barat dan Rumah Iqbal di Pakistan."

Ditanya apakah beliau tidak sayang karya dan koleksinya yang amat bernilai itu hilang daripada tangannya, Pak Samad menjawab mesra: "Iya, cuma hilang daripada saya...."

Ulasan GB

Siapa yang tak kenal Rais Yatim. Menteri yang kononnya membakar jambatan setelah keluar UMNO.

Tetapi rupanya beliau paling awal setelah Ku Li berpatah balik ke pangkuan UMNO. Malah Rais lebih hebat mengampu dan membodek pimpinan daripada Ku Li sehingga beliau berjaya menempatkan dirinya semula di dalam kabinet.

Kini, beliau adalah species makhluk zaman batu sebarisan Taib Mahmud dan lain-lain yang masih ada di dalam UMNO dan dipertahankan oleh PM. Bebal dalam teknologi maklumat tetapi jadi Menteri yang menjaga hal ehwal multimedia setelah meninggalkan kementerian yang hanya menjaga budaya.

M'sia needs gambling taxes - Barry Wain

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 06:28 AM PDT

Malaysia needs gambling tax badly. Otherwise, its economy will find it difficult to sustain. This is what Barry Wain (pic), the author of 'Malaysian Maverick - Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times wrote in the Asian Sentinel.

Throwing his full support for Vincent Tan and his Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd while at the same time lambasting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak for not allowing Tan to run the World Cup betting syndicate, Wain said the PM himself realised how important taxes derived from gambling licenses has helped the government.

"While Najib has pleased many Malaysians by refusing to allow businessman Vincent Tan to expand his gambling empire, the prime minister's image has suffered because of his secretive attempt to revive sports betting..." he said in a bias article titled 'Malaysia's Najib and the Crony Culture'.

Tan, he said was given a gambling license by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir in 1987. When Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was prime minister, he vetoed it.

"By seeming to allow the license to go to Ascot Sports in a non-transparent fashion, Najib drew attention to what looked like his broken promises to be more open. He also appeared to be condoning gambling, which is forbidden in Islam and opposed by many Malays...

"... in reality Najib needed increased gambling tax to help reduce Malaysia's officially projected budget deficit from 7 percent to 3 percent of gross domestic product by 2015. One industry group estimated illegal sports betting turnover at RM20 billion to RM30 billion, and calculated potential government revenue at RM1 billion to RM3 billion."

The writer - known as one of many foreign journalists who support Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, also implied that gambling (although prohibited by Islam) should be open to non-Muslims.

Polis Pekakkan Telinga Supaya Jangan Sesuka Hati Menembak Mati

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 05:24 AM PDT

SUARAM merujuk kepada insiden penembakan mati empat orang suspek penjenayah samun di rumah Wan Adnan di Kuantan pada 5 Julai 2010 yang lalu. SUARAM menghargai pengawai polis yang menjalankan tugas untuk menjaga keselamatan rakyat dalam kes tersebut, namun pihak polis tidak sepatutnya menggunakan senjata api dan menembak mati keempat-empat suspek tersebut. Pihak polis sepatutnya cuba untuk menahan supaya mereka boleh dibicarakan di mahkamah kemudian. Dengan menggunakan senjata api untuk menembak seseorang sampai mati, pihak polis telah mencabuli hak asasi setiap suspek yang telah ditembak mati ketika proses penahanan.

SUARAM sebagai sebuah badan hak asasi manusia, menyeru kerajaan Malaysia supaya memastikan pihak berkuasa terutamanya PDRM menghormati hak untuk hidup setiap manusia semasa menjalankan tugas. Dalam Deklarasi Hak Asasi Manusia, Artikel 3 menyatakan bahawa "Setiap orang berhak untuk hidup" dan Artikel 5 menyatakan bahawa "Tiada sesiapa pun boleh dikenakan seksaan atau layanan atau hukuman yang zalim, tidak berperikemanusiaan."

Artikel 4 dalam Prinsip Asas Penggunaan Kekerasan dan Senjata Api oleh Pihak Penguatkuasa 1990 (Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials) oleh Pertubuhan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (PBB) menyatakan bahawa "Pegawai-pegawai pihak penguatkuasa, dalam menjalankan tugas seboleh mungkin menggunakan cara tidak keras sebelum terpaksa menggunakan kekerasan dan senjata api."

Mengikut statistik rasmi kerajaan, antara tahun 2007 hingga 2009 <*1>, terdapat sebanyak 183 nyawa dikorbankan akibat ditembak mati oleh polis. Pihak polis sepatutnya menggunakan alternatif lain selain daripada senjata api dalam operasi penangkapan suspek penjenayah. Malah, rakyat risau dan bimbang dengan penggunaan senjata api oleh pihak polis khususnya, kerana sehingga hari ini tiada satu mekanisme dan akauntabiliti dalam kes-kes penggunaan senjata api oleh pihak polis.

Akhirnya, kami menyeru kerajaan untuk mewujudkan satu mekanisme yang telus dan jelas tentang penggunaan senjata api di kalangan polis serta mendedahkan Perintah Tetap Ketua Polis Negara (IGSO) dengan segera agar penyalahgunaan kuasa polis tidak berulang lagi dan pemeriksaan awam dapat dijalankan terhadap penggunaan senjata api oleh pihak polis.

<*1> Pemberitahuan Pertanyaan Bagi Jawab Lisan, Dewan Rakyat, Rujukan No: 2357 , 18 March 2010.

*Kenyataan oleh Yap Heng Lung selaku penyelaras SUARAM.

Polis tembak mati 4 lelaki cuba samun rumah exco Pahang

Polis sedang memburu seorang penjenayah yang berjaya melarikan diri selepas empat rakannya ditembak mati selepas memecah masuk kediaman seorang exco kerajaan negeri Pahang di Jalan Teluk Sisek di Kuantan, awal pagi tadi.

Dalam kejadian pada kira-kira 3 pagi itu, mereka memecah masuk kediaman Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Belia dan Sukan Pahang Datuk Wan Adnan Wan Mamat untuk melakukan samun.

Menurut polis, penyamun berkenaan mengumpil pintu sebelah tepi rumah dua tingkat itu.

Ketua Polis Pahang Datuk Robiah Abdul Ghani berkata Wan Adnan bersama enam anggota keluarganya dan dua pembantu rumah tidak cedera.

"Datuk Wan Adnan dan keluarganya ketika itu berada di tingkat atas rumah dan bertindak menghubungi polis," kata Robiah kepada pemberita di Kuantan hari ini.

Beliau berkata ketika tiba di tempat kejadian, polis melihat kelima-lima lelaki terbabit bergegas keluar dari rumah berkenaan.

"Suspek cuba menerpa dengan parang, dan polis terpaksa melepaskan tembakan menyebabkan empat suspek mati di tempat kejadian, manakala seorang lagi melarikan diri," katanya.

Robiah berkata semua lelaki terbabit yang berumur dalam lingkungan 30 hingga 40 tahun itu ditembak di kawasan berhampiran rumah exco berkenaan. Bagaimanapun identiti mereka belum dikenalpasti.

"Suspek yang melarikan diri itu dipercayai mengalami kecederaan ketika melarikan diri dan bukannya akibat ditembak. Dia memakai baju berwarna merah," katanya.

Polis menemui sebilah parang, satu alat pemotong, sebilah pisau pemotong daging dan penyungkil tayar.

"Suspek juga dipercayai menggunakan tong gas untuk memecahkan pintu. Berdasarkan modus operandi yang sama dengan beberapa kes samun sebelum ini, polis percaya kumpulan itu juga terbabit dalam kejadian samun lain," katanya.

Beliau berkata polis kini melancarkan gerakan bagi memburu lelaki yang melarikan diri itu.

"Kami meminta semua klinik atau pengamal perubatan melaporkan kepada polis jika didatangi lelaki berumur dalam lingkungan 30 hingga 40 tahun yang mahu mendapat rawatan kecederaan," katanya.

Beliau berkata siasatan awal mendapati peluru senjata api kepunyaan Wan Adnan dilapor hilang. Bagaimanapun jumlah peluru yang hilang belum dipastikan.

- Bernama

Ulasan GB

Polis MASIH berani untuk berdegil menggunakan taktik TEMBAK MATI sekalipun sebelum ini rakyat telah membicarakan tentang kewajaran polis bertindak sedemikian di dalam menjalankan tugas mereka.

Kisah serupa di dalam mana-mana kejadian sebegini - tembak mati - alasan: anggota diserang dengan parang dan dikatakan "polis menemui sebilah parang, satu alat pemotong, sebilah pisau pemotong daging dan penyungkil tayar".

Tidak ada kejadian berbalas tembak, menunjukkan hanya polis yang memiliki dan menggunakan senjati api untuk menembak sekalian 4 orang yang dikatakan penjenayah.

Itu polis pengecut dan bacul namanya! Dah tembak mati sebelum jenayah dibuktikan berlaku.

Nak tembak GB? Tembak... lepas tu esok akhbar akan melaporkan bahawa polis dalam sidang medianya menytakan GB serang polis dengan parang!


Posted: 07 Jul 2010 05:13 AM PDT

Singapore, our nearest neighbour with a population of 5.1 million (3.2 million) excluding foreigners, enjoys a per capita income of more than USD 37,293. In sharp contrast, Malaysia has a population of 27 million and a per capita income of USD6897!!! (Source: Wikipedia)

Due to its size and location, Singapore's expenditure on defense is premised on the belief that security threats do not disappear. As such,the government has allocated a steady defence budget that accounts for 5 per cent of GDP is necessary to maintain readiness of the SAF. (Information from HERE). That website states that Singapore's military expenditure is based on a few considerations namely:

a)real-time and long-term security needs
b)long-term view of actual security needs
c)rigorous evaluation system guided by the principle of seeking the most cost-effective system.
d)size of the country
e)strategic planning, defence doctrine and strategic posture

I would encourage you to visit that LINK which rubbishes the claim of a Malaysian geostrategist. Our country is much bigger but has a lower GDP and a very high military expenditure which has been a bone of contention for many concerned citizens.

Allow me to draw your attention to a Malay Mail post HERE which said:

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman remains at the Teluk Sepanggar naval base in Sabah as problems have again resulted in the submarine being docked.

The Malay Mail was informed by defence industry sources that the unspecified problems were detected after the submarine completed its tropical water trials last month. A routine maintenance check later revealed the problems.

Since then, the submarine has remained at the naval base unfixed.

It is learnt although the vessel obtained its Initial Operational Capability (IOC), it may take longer to be declared fully operational.
A few weeks earlier, it was reported that there were unresolved maintenance issues wrt the subs. Needless to say, we all know the many other issues related to the subs and can probably sing it backwards!

Another article HERE in The Malay Mail reported that the government is not expected to allocate funds for a new multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) until 2015 or beyond. The report quoted local defence analyst Isaak Zulkarnaen who told The Malay Mail that due to the economic crisis, the government was not expected to have enough funds for the MRCA programme, that would easily cost more than RM2 billion. He said the Defence Ministry was expected to be allocated with not more than RM5 billion under the 10th Malaysian Plan (RMK10) that was to be tabled in July next year. He said that the allocation is not adequate to pay for other more important projects, including the Nuri replacement programme, the navy's NGPV second batch and the army's 8X8 replacement programme.

This website HERE at the World Bank says that the military expenditure of Malaysia is 1.96% of the GDP.

This website HERE at the World Bank says that Malaysia's GDP was 222billion USD in 2008.

Wikipedia HERE on the Malaysian Armed Forces states that the budget for military expenditure is 3.5 billion USD or 0.9% of GDP.

The data HERE from Sipri and listed in Wikipedia states that Malaysia's military expenditure is 4,078,000,000USD or 2.0% of GDP in 2008 whereas that for Singapore is 7,966,000,000USD or 4.1% of GDP.

Singapore has a military industry so whatever money is spent on equipment, they can also gain in R &D work. Singapore exports ultimax and howitzers and other stuff. You can read more HERE. I am just so amazed at the information! Obviously, the small red dot has to carry a big cane. :-)

I sincerely hope that our country will one day have its own military industry like Singapore and be able to export equipment. At the same time, I hope that our country's military expenditure will be based on short-term, long-term and strategic needs not forgetting the needs of our rakyat. In the mean time, let's hope that the submarine issue can be resolved and that they can be put to good use. After all, they did cost our country A LOT in terms of $$$ and national prestige.

Chinese group backs NEM’s meritocracy pledge

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 02:00 AM PDT

Careful What You Ask For...You May Get More Than You Expect...

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 03:19 AM PDT


Posted: 06 Jul 2010 05:00 PM PDT

Birth certificates and fathers’ details

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 08:17 AM PDT

There would seem to be a difference between what the law states about children born out of wedlock and what is carried out administratively. Might it be a case of administrators punishing those who do not comply with society's apparent moral code of conduct, wonders Ms Batik.

Updating Dr M on who runs the country

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 10:42 PM PDT

Berita Harian Online | 50 Buku Setahun 2010

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 05:46 PM PDT

Shared by mudin001
"Impian itu bermula pada tahun ini melalui idea seorang pengendali kami, Najmuddin Yusoff, dengan 28 ahli sudah menyertai program ini sehingga Mei lalu, sekali gus menjadikan jumlah bacaan buku keseluruhan 640.
Malaysia's Largest Malay Newspaper

World Cup: Sex and soccer go hand in hand, soccer boosting sex tourism!!

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 04:01 AM PDT

With a million football fans splurging thousands of dollars during the World Cup, sex tourism in South Africa's number one tourist destination, Cape Town, is at an all time high. Be it the famous Long Street, the exotic Sea Point or the breathtaking Waterfront, sex workers are having a heyday at the popular spots of this beautiful port city, famous for the Table Top Mountain.
As the sun sets in this Mother City - that's what South Africans prefer to call it - party fever rises and soccer fans venture out to glitzy bars to have their flings.
"Long Street is the most happening street in this city as the bars stay open till late in the night. So you can have all sorts of entertainment. Flings are common and fans are not afraid of taking a risk," said Peter Andre, a British fan.
The lodges and the backpackers' inns in the city centre are overflowing with Dutch and Uruguayan supporters and that's where business is booming.
"In this part of the world you have to be very careful. The best thing is that there are no fixed rates and you can bargain," Rafel de Villiers, a Dutch fan, who stays in a backpackers lodge on Long Street, told IANS.
Long Street was once famous for sex workers and drug dealers. While the local authorities have come down hard on the latter, they have been able to do little to rein in prostitution.
From the streets, sex workers have made their way into the bars. They bribe the bouncers and get easy entry into bars for potential clients.
But sex workers now fear business will not be as good as it was for the last one month.
"Business was good. And several sex workers from nearby countries also made their way into Cape Town. But we fear it won't be as good after the World Cup. During the World Cup we used to get three to four clients everyday," said Aneqaah who runs an escort agency.
"We had a huge demand for white and coloured girls because all the fans who came here were from European countries. We got the best deals from British fans," she added.
The authorities have run a campaign during World Cup to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in the city, with South Africa having the highest incidence of the disease in the world.
"We talk about responsibility, but not much of this is about tangible action. The tourism industry has the opportunity to spread a huge amount of awareness about responsible tourism," said Cape Town Tourism CEO Mariette du Troit-Helmbold.
"We want locals and visitors to have fun during the World Cup, but to remain responsible while having fun by practicing safe and responsible sex."
A total number of 160,000 condoms were distributed in 30 Cape Town accommodation establishments during the period of the World Cup by Cape Town Tourism.
One of these was the famous Daddy Long Legs Boutique Backpackers, which is now brimming with European soccer fans. The hotel authorities were the first to engage with the project and have boldly distributed condoms.
"Our philosophy at the Grand Daddy Group is to have fun, but we are aware of the fact that having fun creates risk. This is why it is very important for us to help create awareness about the very serious issue of HIV/AIDS that we face globally," said Sergio Dreyer, general manager of the Grand Daddy Group.
While sex and soccer went hand in hand during the World Cup, the controversial subject has sparked heated debate over legalising the profession throughout the country.
Many non-profit groups have complained that South Africa should use this global event to step up its fight against HIV/AIDS. But many say they are being blocked along the way.
South African AIDS organisations have accused football's governing body FIFA of blocking access to condoms and HIV education materials at World Cup stadiums and fan parks.
"To date FIFA has not permitted any civil society organization to distribute HIV or health-related information," claimed the AIDS Consortium, the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society and several other organisations in a statement.

New Councillors List Out - Three Disabled Names In

Posted: 07 Jul 2010 03:41 AM PDT

<a href=";tile=3;sz=120x600;ord=182232082?" target="_blank" ><img src=";tile=3;sz=120x600;ord=182232082?" border="0" alt="" /></a> <!-- end ad tag --> <!--ad_skyscraper--> <!--END story_navigation--> <!-- google_ad_section_start --> aNt's aNgle: The

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