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Turun Ke Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya serta Ziarah Kg. Lindungan dan Desa Mentari

Turun Ke Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya serta Ziarah Kg. Lindungan dan Desa Mentari

Turun Ke Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya serta Ziarah Kg. Lindungan dan Desa Mentari

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 10:28 AM PDT


Minggu lepas saya telah turun ke Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya serta menziarahi beberapa orang penduduk di Kg. Lindungan dan Desa Mentari.


Di Pasar Tani Kelana Jaya saya mengedarkan risalah Suara Seri Setia serta edisi khas Keadilan (yang dilancarkan sempena penamatan permit akhbar Suara Keadilan). Saya turut menjalankan operasi pendaftaran pengundi serta bertanya khabar orang ramai yang menziarahi pasar tersebut. Saya disambut mesra oleh AJK Pasar Tani, Jabatan Pertanian dan FAMA.


Kemudian saya ke Kg. Lindungan bagi menyampaikan sumbangan kepada seorang pekerja yang tercedera ketika mencari rezeki. Seterusnya saya menyampaikan bantuan kerusi roda serta sedikit sumbangan untuk seorang wanita tua di Desa Mentari. Akhirnya saya melawat seorang kanak-kanak yang menderita Cerebral Palsy. Selain bantuan kebajikan, pihak DUN Seri Setia juga sedang berusaha mendapatkan khidmat guaman untuk mangsa.


Gambar-gambar boleh dilihat di sini dan sini.



Posted: 25 Jul 2010 10:11 AM PDT

should i still talk about our wedding? probably i should, because i hadn't done so. yeah like, after almost eight months. wow eight months! how time flies!

ok probably it's the time to bring back the memories.

ok yeah. these aren't news anymore. this is me taking myself (and you) down my memory lane.

so this is our pre-wedding photo shoot. Infra red photography by Aji Yusop (thank you so much Abang Aji).

good night, sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite.

p.s.:  lucky i'm in love with my best friend.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 08:59 AM PDT

  • Having a great day so far after sleeping off a wicked migraine. But sad to hear of the passing of my friend Dalilah. She was a great lady. #
  • Even though it was cancer that took Dalilah, I'll always remember her as a cancer survivor. That's what she was, right to the end. #
  • I'm wearing my Brazil football t-shirt as I type this, & rolling my eyes at the ignorance of Malaysian 'muftis'. #
  • RIP Benjamin McKay. Only met him once, at No Black Tie. He told a story about a Filipino underwear model. Funny stuff. #
  • Last night the guy who enumerated me for the census was back at our bldg. 20 more units to go, he said. At least they're being thorough. #
  • I slag Msia for attempting a census, but Canada's planning to scrap the mandatory long-form census. At least Msia's moving forward. #
  • I find censuses interesting because as an amateur genealogist that's where I've found a lot of info about my ancestors. #
  • Just cooked up a big scoff of potatoes, broccoli, spinach, green pepper & sauce made from green bean flour. A very green lunch. #
  • Oh, and tuna. I'm happy to report the tuna wasn't green. #
  • Mmm used the potato skins to make salt & vinegar chips. Yummilicious. #
  • The criticism of Sandra Bullock for adopting a black child reeks of 'stick to your own kind' bullshit. Objections noted but it's bullshit. #
  • It amazes me America still buys into the concept of race to the point that a white woman adopting a black child is a huge thing. #
  • I couldn't agree more. Also, notice the boneheaded reader comment: #
  • Dental supplier knows a lady fr Cape Breton living in Kajang. We called her; she went to school with my dad! Wow, small world! #
  • Hey ladies, if you want to bare your tummy in The Star, your chances increase if you don't have a bellybutton, haha. Check pg. M12 today. #
  • Since I'm shitting on The Star today I'll throw in a dig at the fact that the Parenting pull-out contains nothing but advertorials. Boo. #
  • Babysitter's kid is sick so I've got Aaron today. Not even going to bother trying to get work done. Just going to play all day, heehee. #
  • Hats off to the head of StatsCan for resigning over the Harper govt's census blunder: #
  • Awesome article by Nick Kristoff. Basically, those who think either men OR women are better are wrong: #
  • Playfighting with Al. Me: Hah! I got you now! Al: No! I can do anything! Me: Prove it! Al: That's not a good idea. #
  • Man opening a clinic is expensive. If anyone's looking for a writer/editor/teacher/whatever, let me know. Need a 2nd job. #
  • Also, if anyone feels like investing in a dental clinic, feel free to toss abt RM3k in our direction. #
  • At one point Leen suggested I become the clinic's receptionist, but I think I'd scare customers away, haha. #
  • Babysitter can't take Aaron tomorrow either. Something abt high blood pressure this time. Another day of fun. Oh joy. Oh bliss. #
  • Yessir, another whole day of focusing 100% of my time & attention on my cute, adorable, teething, cranky, clingy baby. Yessir can't wait. #
  • RT @TheNutGraph M'sia: The "failed brain transplant". Foreign spouses and M'sia's brain drain. @debbieloh writes. #
  • You know you're a parent of a small child when you hear yourself saying "It's okay, you can come out now. The butterfly's gone." #
  • Yesterday I was home with the baby & almost went bonkers. Today: home with the baby AND his big brother. Oddly, I may go less bonkers today. #
  • Could have sworn that was a tiny earthquake. I live on the 18th flr so yeah, maybe it was. #
  • Was going to say something to refute this article but hey look it's by Newt Gingrich, so it refutes itself! Ta-daa! #
  • It's so mindblowing that a childhood acquaintance of my dad not only married a Malay & moved to Msia but also lives 5 mins from my place. #
  • Marina's tribute to Dalilah: #
  • I guess the best way for me to pay tribute to Dalilah is to just keep on rolling. Nonsense to you but that would have made her laugh. #
  • EARTHQUAKE. Wooo… #
  • Anyone else feel that earthquake? I thought I felt a small one yesterday but this time Leen & I were both like WHOAAAAA EARTHQUAKE #
  • Most recent quake on USGS site was in Mindanao, Philippines. Maybe this one was in Indonesia & hasn't shown up on the site yet. #
  • Yup, I was right. Magnitude 5.7 in Northern Sumatra: #
  • Magnitude will likely be adjusted as they get more info. Hopefully no major destruction. And no tsunami! #
  • So many things I want to write. Unfortunately I want to write them all at the same time. Such is the ADD mind. Every channel on at once. #
  • Just got home after a yummy BBQ at Farah & Jeremy's place. Good food, good company. #

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abolish ISA! no need to amend!

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 09:46 AM PDT


place:  speakers square, esplanade, penang

date/time:   sunday 1 august, 9.00pm

UMNO Jadikan Perpaduan Melayu Sebagai Benteng Akhir Sebelum Tersungkur Ke Bumi

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 09:41 AM PDT

Hentikan kezaliman, tegakkan keadilan: Penyelesai isu perpaduan Melayu, Islam — Dr Muhd Nur Manuty

Untuk kesekian kalinya, isu perpaduan Melayu ditonjolkan oleh Umno lagi. Parti yang bernafas lama hasil luapan sentimen perkauman ini amat menyedari bahawa kedudukan politiknya adalah semakin terdesak dan terancam. Sokongan orang Melayu terutamanya generasi muda semakin menurun.

Sokongan orang bukan Melayu pula kini amat terhakis. Gelombang sokongan rakyat di Sabah dan Sarawak jelas sudah beralih kepada Pakatan Rakyat. Lantaran, Umno sedang menggunakan politik michevelli yang dianutinya. Isu perpaduan Melayu dikumandangkan lagi sebagai strategi perang psikologi memecahbelah Pakatan Rakyat.

Ini dilakukan selepas gagal menggunakan fitnah "liwat", membeli wakil-wakil rakyat PR dan menuduh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai pengkhianat Melayu, agen Yahudi, CIA dan Amerika Syarikat serta berbagai tuduhan lagi. Dalam masa yang sama media penyampai maklumat kepada rakyat cuba disekat dengan harapan "psywar" yang dilancar ini menjadi.

Sebenarnya, perpaduan yang dijaja ini hanyalah untuk menyelamatkan politik Umno itu sendiri. Umno ditolak rakyat bukan kerana perpecahan kepimpinan Melayu. Ia diakibatkan oleh segala kemungkaran dan kezaliman yang dilakukan oleh mereka sendiri.

Segala khazanah negara sedang di "faraid" sesama sendiri dengan pelbagai cara. Tabung simpanan felda susut teruk dan yang terbaru ini harta Petronas pula sedang dikeringkan. Seluruh instrumen pentadbiran negara telah dikembirikan demi menjaga survival Umno.

Ekonomi negara sedang menguncup dan para pelabur semakin menjarak diri dari kita. Kehidupan rakyat semakin tertekan dan tersepit. Kita semakin bimbang bagaimana nanti rakyat miskin di bandar-bandar dan luar bandar terutama di Sabah dan Sarawak dapat meneruskan kehidupan mereka yang sudahpun sengsara sekian lama. Menyedari rakyat semakin meminggirkannya, Umno melagang isu perpaduan Melayu.

Hakikatnya, pelbagai agenda perpaduan politik Melayu telahpun dicuba sebelum ini. Namun, semuanya berakhir dengan kegagalan. Paling jelas, gabungan PAS dan Umno di dalam Barisan Nasional pada tahun 1971 berkesudahan PAS di tendang keluar dari BN.

Kegagalan ini mencetuskan percubaan bentuk baru oleh Anwar Ibrahim, apabila beliau dan rakan-rakannya dari ABIM berijtihad untuk aktif dalam Umno. Ia berakhir dengan satu kemelut besar yang paling menyayat hati dalam sejarah politik Melayu Islam. Beliau disingkir dari jawatannya sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Presiden Umno secara cukup hina dan mengaibkan. Tidak pernah berlaku dalam sejarah Melayu seorang pemimpin hebatnya dijatuhkan dengan fitnah "liwat" seperti ini. Begitu pelik dan luarbiasa, namun ia boleh berlaku di dalam budaya politik Umno.

Jelaslah, perpecahan politik Melayu tetap berlaku meskipun para pemimpinnya berada dalam wadah yang sama, sama ada Umno atau BN. Lupakah kita dengan peristiwa pembunuhan Allahyarham Datuk Mohd Taha di Gemencheh Negeri Sembilan?

Apakah kita lupa dengan pergolakan politik di antara Team A dan B di dalam Umno hingga menyebabkan Umno di bubarkan pada tahun 1987 dan kemudiannya mengakibatkan tertubuhnya Umno Baru dan Parti Semangat 46?

Meskipun kemudiannya Parti Semangat 46 dibubarkan dan kembali bergabung di dalam Umno, namun isu perpaduan Melayu tidak juga berkesudahan. Malah, penggabungan Semangat 46 ke dalam Umno seakan-akan sengaja dirancang sebagai persediaan untuk mencipta krisis baru politik Melayu dengan peristiwa penyingkiran DSAI dari Umno beberapa kemudiannya.

Bagaimana mungkin Umno mengemudi perpaduan Melayu sedangkan perpaduan itu tidak wujud dalam tubuh badannya sendiri? Umno kini adalah bagai enau dalam belukar, melepaskan pucuk masing-masing.

Umno umpama sebuah bangunan yang kelihatan besar dan hebat, sedangkan segala tiang, rasuk dan gelegarnya telahpun hancur luluh dimakan bubuk dan anai-anai. Ia bakal runtuh bila-bila masa sahaja. Dengan pelbagai perkembangan mutakhir yang berlaku, kita meramalkan satu krisis baru yang amat menggemparkan akan berlaku di dalam kepimpinan Umno tidak berapa lama lagi. Percayalah!

Perjuangan para pemimpin Umno bukanlah untuk menegakkan agama dan keadilan kepada rakyat. Asas perjuangan mereka adalah kecintaan kepada dunia dan ketakutan kepada mati. Maka, amalan rasuah, kronisme, penipuan, khianat, memfitnah sesama sendiri dan jatuh menjatuhkan merupakan suatu kemestian demi merebut dan mengekalkan kuasa.

Dana dan sumber negara di mana jua akan diperah dan khianati semahunya. Maka judi sukan yang jelas haram menjadi halal demi memperkayakan mereka yang sudah kaya dan menjadikan rakyat yang miskin semakin papa kedana.

Hakikatnya, perpaduan sejati apa jua kelompok tidak akan wujud apabila tiadanya nilai-nilai teras yang merealitikan perpaduan itu iaitu keikhlasan, kejujuran dan keadilan serta saling menjaga rukun dan adab dalam muamalah dan perhubungan. Inilah yang dapat kita fahami dari firman Allah yang bermaksud:

"Dan berpegang teguhlah kamu semuanya kepada tali (agama) Allah dan jangan bercerai-berai….." (Ali-Imran: 103)

Isu perpaduan Melayu dan survival Islam di Malaysia ini tidak akan dapat diselesaikan jika kita masih melihatnya melalui teropong Umno dan para kuncunya. Ia perlu dikaji dari perspektif baru dalam fenomena baru realiti politik berasaskan demokrasi di Malaysia.

Jika Umno benar-benar ikhlas, hentikan segala kezaliman, penindasan dan kemungkaran yang diamalkan selama ini. Suburkanlah iklim demokratik di Malaysia berasaskan perlembagaan negara yang ada. Wujudkan ruang persaingan yang terbuka dan sihat dan berasaskan syariat yang ditetapkan Islam. Ini akan menjadikan kita lebih kreatif dalam usaha menyampaikan khidmat yang terbaik untuk seluruh rakyat tanpa mengira kaum dan agama berasaskan kebenaran dan keadilan.

Dengan ini Islam yang murni akan lebih terserlah. Barisan kepimpinan Islam yang bertaqwa, bijaksana dan adil akan dapat dilahirkan. Masyarakat bukan Islam akan lebih memahami Islam dan melihatnya secara objektif dan tepat.

Perkara ini sedang menjadi kenyataan. Masyarakat bukan Islam tidak lagi menjadi fobia kepada Islam apabila bersedia mengundi parti Islam di dalam pilihanraya, selepas sekian lama, Umno telah menjadikan segala berunsur Islam sebagai momokan kepada mereka.

Perkembangan inilah yang amat menggerunkan Umno sekarang ini, lantas menjadikan slogan perpaduan Melayu sebagai gendang perang terakhir sebelum terus tumbang di telan gelombang rakyat yang menuntut keadilan.

* Dr Muhd Nur Manuty ialah Pengerusi Biro Pemahaman dan Pemantapan Agama, Parti KeADILan Rakyat.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or the publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

almost there?

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 08:45 AM PDT

how strong more should i be? i'm not whining. neither am i complaining. i just feel like letting out.

what happened, happened. no point listing out and giving myself room to look back in despair. or whatever i should call it.

but really, how strong more should i be? or i guess these all will make me stronger. oh yes at least that sounds better.

i feel like i'm done. but i guess i'm almost there. almost, almost there.

ok i guess i feel better now. phew.

p.s.: it feels good to monologue again.

p.p.s.: probably not a good entry to say "hello" again with, but at least there's a strong reason of coming back to where i've always felt good. :)

p.p.p.s: hello, again.  :)

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Posted: 25 Jul 2010 08:17 AM PDT

Pagi tadi, saya terkejut bila Ezza sms saya memberitahu bahawa cerita perihal rumahtangga saya telah di siarkan dalam Kosmo.
Ini gurauan ker?

Apahal ni? Takkan diaorang boleh ambil cerita dari blog saya tanpa kebenaran saya?

Adoi Kosmo ni..saya dituduh sebagai manusia pertama dalam Malaysia meminta cerai melalui blog!

Bila pulak? Dahlah ambil cerita dan disiarkan tanpa kebenaran..diiktirafkan saya sebegitu.

Mana etika Kosmo hari ini?
Hanya kerana hendak lariskan 'goreng pisang' hari Ahad, di tulis BESAR2 pada muka depan tajuk yang mengelirukan..a misleading headline.

Tolonglah Kosmo..saya tidak menuntut cerai melalui blog dan tolong jangan pandai2 tuduh saya melakukan perbuatan meminta cerai melalui blog.

Cubalah baca artikel2 saya perlahan2 kalau bahasa yang saya gunakan terlalu susah untuk diinterpretasikan.

Dahlah tu, rajin2 pergi tanya pada ulamak berdasarkan tuduhan yang tidak benar.

Saya memohon pada pihak Kosmo meminta maaf terhadap kesilapan yang mungkin tidak disengajakan.

Tolong siarkan satu 'public apology' besok lusa..dan janganlah sensasikan dengan tajuk yang tidak tepat.

TERIMA KASIH..harap saya dapat kerjasama dari pihak Kosmo dengan secepat mungkin.


Posted: 25 Jul 2010 07:17 AM PDT

MY COMMENT: With due respect to Tun, we, Myanmar Muslims are also angry and sometimes HATE all the world's Muslim Political leaders, OIC leaders, OPEC leaders for almost totally ignoring the plights of downtrodden Muslim minorities but keep on shouting and supporting Palestine cause and blaming US and Israel only. They never support the other Muslims in need dare not condemn Russia, China, India, or even Myanmars e.g. Buddhist Karens destroying Mosques…..


1. Americans seem incapable or more likely unable to accept the real reason why they are hated by Muslims.

2. After 9/11 Bush was reported to have said, "I don't know why they (the Muslims) hate us".

3. Later on answering his own question, Bush declared that "they hate our democracy. They hate our freedom".

4. Since then more and more reasons have been suggested as to why Muslim individuals are prepared to tie explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up in order to kill Americans.

5. Books have also been written about Islam and Muslims to explain their hatred of the Americans and the West. Much of the blame is placed on the teachings of Islam, in particular that which is concerned with jihad or holy war and martyrdom.

6. There have also been attempts to exonerate Islam and to attribute the violence against the West to the wrong interpretations of Islam by people with vested interest.

7. But the Americans almost invariably refuse to acknowledge that it was their seizure or their backing of the seizure of Palestinian land and their subsequent support of Israeli violence and oppression of the Palestinians which has caused the Muslims to hate the Americans. Each time the Palestinian tried to regain their land, the Americans would ensure that they fail by giving massive support for Israel. It is well-known that they provide financial support to sustain the state of Israel. Every time the Israelis set up settlements and build walls to break up Palestinian families, the US would back it. Israeli intransigence, Israel's disregard and breaches of international laws, disregard for normal human behaviour America would staunchly back Israel. To the Americans, Israel can do no wrong.

8. All these happened before the attack against the New York World Trade Centre. After that came the "shock and awe" invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq with the loss of life of hundreds of thousands of these people and the total destruction of their cities and countries.

9. Since the invasions the Americans have remained in occupation of these two countries, where American soldiers continue to kill civilians with impunity. Many innocent people have been detained and tortured. Muslim countries which are friendly towards the United States are not spared.

10. The so-called "war on terror" is clearly a war against Muslims. It is enough for a person to have a Muslim or a Muslim sounding name for him to be ill-treated and sometimes detained without trial for years.

11. Only Muslim countries have been attacked or are threatened to be attacked. Non-Muslim countries building nuclear weapons may be threatened but no real action would be taken.

12. So why do they, the Muslims, hate Americans? Is it because they hate democracy and freedom? Only the most stupid can suggest this. They hate Americans and Europeans generally because they aided and abetted in the seizure of Palestine, in the unquestioning support for Israel's oppression and brutalities, in Israel's settlements on Palestinian land, and all the other crimes committed by Israel.

13. They hate the Americans because without American support for Israel they, the Palestinians, could have regained their land. As it is they are not even allowed to call their land Palestine. They are just the Palestinian Authority.

14. When they are unable to withstand the oppression and the killing of their people and they hit back their action is not reported as retaliation against Israel's action. Instead when the Israelis hit with overwhelming force, killing hundreds and thousands as happened in Gaza, they were described as Israeli retaliation against the primitive Hamas rockets which did very little damage.

15. Americans should not kid themselves that they are hated for their democracy and freedom. They are not. They are not hated even for religious differences. They are hated because they join the Israelis in all their brutalities, in their illegal occupation of Palestinian land, in the protection they afford Israel intransigence against the rest of the world. And now of course in their terror attacks against the innocent peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries.

16. It is important that the Americans know and admit the true reasons for the hatred against them. It is important because until they do they will not be able to come up with any solution to the present costly war. This war can go on forever because future generations of Palestinians, of Muslims, will never forget the injustice inflicted on them by Americans.


When Ibrahim Ali plays the Malay hero...

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 07:45 AM PDT

Dissolve Umno and Pas, form a new 'Malay and Muslim' unity party. That's what suggested by Ibrahim Ali, Member of Parliament (Independent) for Pasir Mas and the president of Perkasa. A good proposal (read here), in fact but its actually easily said than done.

Perkasa now boasts an organisation to fight and protect the rights and the interest of the Malays, so they claim. Umno boasts of being the largest Malay (all Malays are Muslims) party in the country while Pas represents another group of 'Muslim fundamentalist'.

While Ibrahim's suggestion has yet to draw any response from both leaders of Umno and Pas, many would cast doubt over it, especially when Ibrahim himself used to be with both parties. Pas gave him the green light to contest the Pasir Mas parliamentary seat in 2008 at times when his relations with Nik Aziz and the rest of Pas leadership was so intact. Not an overboard statement to say that he contested on Pas ticket.

However of late, he subsequently falls out with Pas, notably after founding Perkasa which receives tangible support from the Malay and Umno leaders and members, including former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who once chided him as 'frog' for his bad political habit of party hopping - from Umno to Semangat 46, back to Umno and then Pas before declaring his 'independent' within a short span.

Umno expelled him when he contested as an Independent for Pasir Mas in 2004 (he lost). "I didnt leave Umno... it was Umno that sacked me..." was his words then.

Now, in suggesting the 'merger' of Umno and Pas, Ibrahim (maybe) has forgotten the role of Perkasa should that idea materialises. What would Perkasa be then, its function and role? Would it be another political party or just maintaining its status quo as a powerful Malay NGO?

The non-Malays, who already made a big fuss about Perkasa (calling it a racist and anti 1Malaysia organisation) would not feel very easy should Perkasa joins the 'new party'. As a hero by then for making such a brilliant idea, he would definitely join it if Perkasa is not turned into another political party.

And again, the non-Malays would feel very uncomfortable to see a 'Malay chauvinist' sitting together with Najib Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin, Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang. DAP will be the most stung by it as the Pakatan Rakyat has lost a component party.

(Ever since the formation of Perkasa, the Chinese and Indians too have formed theirs. Even Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin said all races can form anything similar to Perkasa. The Malays dont like it actually and start to call them racist, too. Is this healthy for national integration?)

Ops... another thing. Why didnt Ibrahim suggest for Parti Keadilan Rakyat to also consider the Umno-Pas 'new party'? PKR members are mostly Malays, too. He can always tell PKR non-Malay members to either opt for MCA, MIC, DAP, PPP or others. Why didnt he think of that?

If you are too concern about Malay unity, dont leave anybody behind, right? Not fair. Anwar Ibrahim is a Malay too. Maybe we can suggest to the judiciary to call off Anwar's court case (we can kautim anything in Malaysia, right?) and let him join the new party for the sake of Malay Unity!

Anyway, I kinda like his idea. He is a true Malay, isn't he? Can we call him a Malay hero?

Guan Eng may behave like 'opposition' but Soi Lek is Umno's running dog

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 07:14 AM PDT

Soi Lek says Guan Eng behaving like 'opposition'

By Clara Chooi
July 25, 2010
KLANG, July 25 — MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today accused Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of behaving like he was still in the opposition for initiating the ongoing spat with a federal officer. Dr Chua (picture) mocked Lim's attitude and how he had chosen to handle the tiff, pointing out that the DAP secretary-general could have used a more civilised channel to voice his grievances against State Development Officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunus.
"Look at how Lim Guan Eng handled the issue with the SDO. From there, you can generally conclude that he (Lim) himself is not aware of his own role as an administrator," he told reporters after opening the Selangor MCA convention at Centro here this afternoon.
He said that as the chief minister, Lim had the right and the responsibility to evaluate Nik Ali's performance and come up with an official verdict through the state government.
"He can evaluate the SDO and make a decision during the state executive council meetings. Through that channel, he can present the state government's views to the Chief Secretary to the Government," said Dr Chua.
He added that the chief secretary would have "no choice" but to accept and respect the views of the state government.
"But by forwarding your views out in the open like that, the SDO would be forced into retaliating to defend himself.
"In the end, the issue does not get solved," he said.
Dr Chua claimed that if the spat, which has now turned into a full-fledged war between the Penang state government and the federal civil service, failed to be settled, it would be the people who would suffer.
"He (Lim) still acts like he is from the opposition party although they are actually the ruling government in Penang," he said.
The debacle between Lim and Nik Ali began when Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhamad Farid Saad alleged recently that illegal sand excavation was taking place at a plot in Kampung Kenanga, which had been earmarked for a government polytechnic.
Lim had responded to the allegation by saying that the state had not been able to probe the matter as Nik Ali was not co-operative.
He had also accused Nik Ali of refusing to respect the principles of accountability by answering queries on the Penang Botanical Garden, the illegal sand excavation at the Balik Pulau polytechnic and how federal projects were being carried out without approval from the local councils.
The accusation escalated into a verbal war between Nik Ali and Lim with the federal officer retaliating by calling Lim "insolent, uncivilised and a coward" at an Umno function.
Since then, other leaders including DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and even Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan have joined the fray, turning the spat into an all-out battle between the civil service and the DAP.
Mohd Sidek has so far accused Lim of being "excessive" in his remarks and has given his assurance that Nik Ali would not be reprimanded for criticising a chief minister.
Lim then retaliated by accusing Mohd Sidek of preferring to protect "little Napoleans" than defend the integrity and professionalism of the civil service.


As soon as OTK went all out expose the PKFZ scandal, all hell broke lose and he had to pay the price for doing right in a corrupted system. CSL now has to do the bidding of his master. He has to be grateful to his master for reviving his political career despite his fall from grace! Lucky 'porn' Chua!

A holistic approach to healthcare

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 06:27 AM PDT

EVER so often, we come across appeals for donations to pay medical bills. In a typical case, the illness requires immediate treatment and the patient has to go to a private hospital. The trouble is, not everybody can afford healthcare charges based on commercial rates.

Months ago, it was reported that a 10-year-old boy needed over RM100,000 for a bone marrow transplant. Two bone cancer patients sought donations to undergo surgery. A three-month-old baby diagnosed with multiple ventricular septal defects was in dire need of funds.

Another man had nose cancer and needed financial help, and two days ago, a nine-year-old boy asked for more funds for his bone marrow transplant although his parents had already spent RM300,000.

These are heart-wrenching stories – the young and old fighting for their lives and depending on charity for a lifeline. They are the most vulnerable group and even insurance companies are reluctant to give them coverage.

The government hospitals do not turn away patients no matter how poor they are but having to wait for an appointment to see a specialist or to have surgery can be costly.

When the public sector cannot fully satisfy the demand for healthcare services, it is left to the businessmen to fill the gap.

"The Malaysian healthcare has emerged from a government-led and funded public service system to a dual-tiered parallel system with a sizeable share and thriving private sector," says Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president-elect Dr David K.L. Quek.


The waiting time is not the only issue with public healthcare. There is also the need to keep up with technological advancements. Is the Government spending enough to give citizens the latest and the best in treatment options?

About 7% of the national budget is allocated for healthcare. Budget 2010 proposed a reduction from RM13.7bil last year to RM13.1bil. In comparison, the US healthcare spending reached US$2.3 trillion, representing 16.2% of the American economy.

In Malaysia, says Quek, about US$400 per patient is spent on healthcare every year but some of our neighbours are spending in excess of US$1,000. Treatment for chronic diseases alone is said to make up 75% of most countries' healthcare spending.

But it is unfair to say our public system is bad. The doctors and nurses are stretched and they are doing their best. In fact, some of the brightest talents are in the public sector and it is small wonder that the private sector is constantly luring them.

But the workload in the public sector is daunting. The sector has about 50% of the country's doctors who attend to 80% of the population while the remaining 50% of the doctors in private practice treat 20% of the population. That explains the long queues at public hospitals. But how many of us can afford treatment at private hospitals?

There is, therefore, a disparity and reform is the way forward. "We welcome a change to the current healthcare system as there is a gap and hopefully, the new system will bridge it. Healthcare should be available to all,'' says Tropicana Medical Centre consultant cardiologist Dr Haizal Haron Kamar.

Healthcare for all

There is a gap in the current system. Hopefully the new system will bridge it… DR HAIZAL HARON KAMAR

The principle is that there should be universal access to healthcare, whether young or old, rich or poor. The Government has been talking about a revamp for nearly two decades.

Recently, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai announced the intention to implement the National Health Financing Scheme (NHFS). That is supposed to provide healthcare for all.

The details are still sketchy but the idea is for all Malaysians to have access to primary healthcare at any public or private clinic. Liow was reported to have said that NHFS would also look at secondary healthcare coverage and the illnesses and treatments it might be able to cover.

Globally, the challenges in healthcare are the rising costs, quality issues and the waning consumer trust. The NHFS will need to address these as well.

There are many options but somewhere along the line, wage earners will have to pay via scheduled monthly contributions or other mechanisms. The self-employed, those who have an independent income as well as employers would also have to contribute and all these will be based on wage scales.

It is said that the rich will pay more. The concept is the rich funds the poor, the able helps the disabled, and the young helps the old.

The implementation

Although the details are still being hammered out, those in the private sector are anxious about their part in the NHFS. "We need a blueprint and we need to know the role of private hospitals and clinics,'' says Haizal.

Liow could not be reached for comments but from previous news reports, it appears that the NHFS will be split into four phases and will take 10 years to implement.

The first stage is to look at the governance and standards of care issues; the second is to grant more autonomy to primary healthcare providers in areas like human resources and management; the third is to integrate all public and private clinics in a common network so that people can access either one; and the fourth is to introduce a national health insurance under the NHFS.

According to the Minister, the National Health Financing Authority, a statutory body under the Ministry, will manage the funds. New legislation may have to be passed and existing ones amended to pave the way for this scheme. Regardless of how much one contributes, everyone will enjoy the same standard of care.

Whatever the shape of the new scheme, it should not burden consumers. The patients' waiting time should be reduced and the rakyat should get access to healthcare.

Separating the pharmacies from the system may be a good move, but there should be a proper control of medicines so that there is no profiteering.

Also being considered are training and the need to embrace developments in technology. Identifying general practitioners who will be the patients' first touchpoints is critical as well. Linking the private and public sectors is another big hurdle.

To Liow, the scheme will control escalating costs better; let consumers choose between going public or private; offer better quality care; and be more effective, efficient, viable and sustainable.

The Ministry is still looking at the best mechanism for collection; rates and conditions of contribution; how to pay to the clinic or hospital; the illnesses to be covered; the ratio of co-payment; and the financial implications to the Government.

What doctors, insurers say

Quek, whose association represents some doctors but not all, hopes for dialogues and discussions with the Ministry so that the doctors can give feedback. Their concern is understandable, as there is a thriving private healthcare industry that needs to know where it will fit in the whole scheme of things.

He says: "We understand that the country needs some form of universal coverage for Malaysian residents but feedback from all is necessary. The consultants can give their views but the views of the various stakeholders – the private hospitals and clinics and the citizens – are critical in determining the robustness of the plan.

"We want a system that the public will benefit from at reasonable costs. And the public buy-in is needed because the cost of healthcare is expensive.''

Haizal, who has worked as a doctor in Britain for six years and is therefore familiar with the National Health Scheme (NHS), says in Britain, the private hospitals are not part of the NHS.

Equally anxious are the insurers. Today, people with insurance policies can walk into any private hospital to get treatment. Will that be the case when the NHFS comes into play?

To them, the scheme is a "good start for better and more accessible healthcare services in the country'' and if properly managed, it can be like similar schemes in Britain and Australia. But there are potential pitfalls, of course.

Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) president Md Adnan Md Zain says abuse and fraud are the main challenges facing insurers in offering such coverage, adding that being prudent and offering selective types of coverage will help manage the loss ratio effectively.

According to the association, there is a tendency for doctors to charge higher when billing patients covered by health insurance.

What the consumers want

What the consumers want is not to have to worry about crippling healthcare bills. Yes, there is a price to healthcare but it should be manageable. One thing that everyone fears is illness or disease in old age. It is difficult to get insurance for the very old as coverage usually stops at 70. Many people have to dip into their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) accounts, which is supposed to be for their retirement years.

Observers says the usage of EPF funds for medical treatment is "unacceptable" as the EPF savings should not be depleted. It is meant for old age, not illnesses.

With the NHFS comes the potential of taxes going up so as to enable the Government to fund it. If healthcare is to improve, the money has to come from somewhere.

Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (Fomca) secretary-general Muhammad Sha'ani Abdullah says the scheme is essential as the current insurance-based model does not provide affordable coverage for those in need of healthcare protection.

The Government needs to get more funding if it wants to implement NHFS but it should not overburden the consumers. And for those who want something better than a standard room, for example, they have to pay for the extras. This is to ensure that no one abuses the healthcare system.

It will be tough to streamline the healthcare system but being a late starter, we can learn from those who have done it. We know the British model is not perfect and that the Australians are looking to improve its current system. In the United States, the new healthcare bill has just been passed after much debate.

What we want is a holistic approach to healthcare. Therefore, engaging with the relevant stakeholders is crucial so as to cover all angles and make it a success.

Staying on course to make sure it become a reality this time around will be a huge challenge. But there is no denying that the citizens need the NHFS. The cost of healthcare will triple in two decades and the man in the street may not be able to afford to fall sick then.

SOURCE:A holistic approach to healthcare By B.K. SIDHU

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Posted: 25 Jul 2010 06:04 AM PDT

After spending quite a bit of time going from one mall to another, one digital park to another, one sundry shop (yes, really) to another, I finally found what I was looking for. No, it wasn't any wrinkle filler or anything like that. In my previous post I wrote that I was scouring the entire town looking for a armband MP3 strap for my running sessions and couldn't find a single one.

I went to practically every mall and place that I could think of and just couldn't find any, not even one in shocking pink and a big huge Hello Kitty motif was to be found. Some of you wise guys (you know who you are ... LOL!) suggested I duct tape my MP3 player to my arm that even had wifey asking me to follow that advise!

Well, it's a good thing I didn't heed those really 'good' advise (LOL!) and duct tape the darn contraption to my arm cos yesterday I dragged wifey, whose first words out of her mouth was 'What? We're going shopping? AGAIN?' to Sungei Wang Plaza and I actually found one shop and only one shop that was selling the darn armband strap.

I was jumping for joy even though it was an imitation armband strap I grabbed it off the shelve immediately in case someone else came along and took it as it was the ONLY one left! As you can see from the picture below, it's actually for an iPod Nano but my cheapo Philips player still fits in there nicely and that's all that matters to me :D

At least now, I can go running with the player strapped to my arm nicely instead of using that 'duct tape' suggestion I got! And yes, I have my eye on you duct tape suggesters ... LOL!


Posted: 25 Jul 2010 04:43 AM PDT

Malaysian cyberspace is ablaze with the news of falling FDIs of 81% as announced HERE by Tony Pua and HERE by RAM Holdings group chief economist Yeah Kim Leng. I thought things were bad but not THAT bad. What to do? It seems that corruption and incompetent leadership is a lethal combination for the nation's economy but does it appear that those who COULD make a difference IF they wanted to, are alarmed, concerned and/or taking remedial action? Oh yes, they are taking remedial action indeed to protect their own turf!

The upright have no political power to keep the country astern. Malaysia is NOT facing a shortage of competent people who are prepared to serve the country but most tragically, it is that they are NOT given the opportunity to do so.

Look at some who are in the limelight. Probably 50% of them would not be able to enter international companies because of their dismal achievement and yet these very ones are running the country??

A classic example is the issue of subsidy cuts. After the announcement of such a supposedly remedial move, we hear of other *clears throat* horribly surprising overtures and proposed projects/expenditures that make a mockery of the first one. Competence?

If they had been at the helm of billion dollar companies, they would have been sacked before they bankrupted the company but yet, those responsible for bankrupting the country and yet denying it in a hunky dory!!!

Those two articles I cited have provided data that show in no uncertain terms that we are faring VERY badly economically.

Definitely, Malaysia faces a leadership problem. RPK has expressed it succinctly in his post WHAT WE SHOULD FOCUS ON:

Some lament about the FDI. Some scream about Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu). Others worry about what T-shirt or jersey we wear. There are those who would like all Malays absorbed into just one political party for the sake of 'Malay unity' -- and so on and so forth. But all these people overlook one important thing -- and that is the quality of life in Malaysia and what your Ringgit can buy.

So instead of making our country a better place, instead of pulling our economy out of the doldrums, they are spending their time ensuring that the world at large laughs at us. Which other country in the entire planet is doing this? Golly, not even in Africa!!! So are we worse than Zimbabwe or Nigeria now?

Actions taken by some and words spoken by some show the complete idiotic political immaturity which is both pitiful and pathetic. Much effort is spent in attacking the other side. For instance, while the Penang State government has achieved some progress in its CAT governance, it is evident some are plotting to run down the administration via sabotage or stupid spats! Others like I.A. and the old man are intent on their old habit of 'kacau' here and 'kacau' there hoping there will be ''kacau" everywhere!

The level of stupidity and reported alleged corruption (alleged because it has yet to be proven despite many Auditor-General's Reports) have reached a record high.

Singapore has a water and land problem which has not hindered their high level of development - instead they have a low level of corruption. Thailand is politically rocked with instability but even so, they have come out economically better than Malaysia. Indonesia has plenty of water and land and USED to be more backward than us but their economic achievement has outstripped us!

Wawasan 2020?

In reality, there are those working to set our country back!

All countries are MOVING FORWARD EXCEPT US!!! Our politicians talk about obscure and unimportant details/projects that SPEND $$ rather than MAKE $$. Yeah -they are spending spending spending on mega million/billion dollar projects as if there is no tomorrow. Are these of optimum use or potential white elephants? Many are questioning such expenditure at a time when out country is supposed to be going bankrupt and some wonder if kickbacks could be the incentive. Sadly, people seem to be as poor or even poorer than in the past because of the rising cost of living.

1Malaysia, 2Malaysia, 3Malaysia or 4Malaysia? Nothing will change the situation as long as THOSE who are responsible for this horrible nightmare are still allowed and glorified as the Freddy Krueger of our country!

So should we suffer this lethal combo any more?

We had better make the RIGHT CHOICE or die with the wrong one at the next GE!!

Salah Seorang Atau Kedua-dua Adalah PENDUSTA

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 02:03 AM PDT

Nik Aziz tidak mahu Umno-BN gigit tangan PAS kali kedua

PAS tidak memerlukan peranan orang tengah jikapun parti Islam itu mahu mengadakan perbincangan dengan Umno mengenai soal penyatuan Melayu, kata Mursyidul Am Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat malam tadi.

Bagaimanapun Menteri Besar Kelantan ini terus dengan pendirian yang telah dicapai parti itu pada muktamar-muktamar tahunan mereka sejak 2008 bahawa PAS tidak akan menjalin kerjasama politik dengan Umno agar "tangan PAS tidak digigit kali kedua."

PAS mahu kekal dengan kerjasama dalam Pakatan Rakyat yang turut dianggotai DAP dan PKR, kata beliau.

"Ada orang hendak menjadi orang tengah, mimpi... kalau saya (PAS) mahu, saya boleh jumpa Perdana Menteri, tak perlu (orang tengah)," kata beliau pada majlis ceramah isu-isu semasa anjuran PAS Kuala Terengganu di sini.

"(Ini macam) hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong," tambah Nik Aziz dengan merujuk kepada tindakan beberapa pihak termasuk Umno yang menimbulkan semula syor kerjasama perpaduan dan penyatuan Umno dan PAS sejak kebelakangan ini.

Pakatan Rakyat yang menurunkan calon PAS memenangi kerusi Parlimen Kuala Terengganu daripada penguasaan BN pada pilihan raya kecil Januari 2009.

Malah Nik Aziz berkata, beliau tetap dengan pendiriannya menolak sebarang perbincangan atau kerjasama dengan Umno kerana menganggap parti itu telah menyimpang daripada perjuangan Islam.

Malah Nik Aziz mengulangi bahawa Umno terus menunjukkan minat mahu membincangkan kerjasama dengan PAS selepas menyedari kedudukannya menjadi lemah pada pilihan raya umum ke-12 dua tahun lalu.

"Bila dah kalah baru cari kawan... selepas 13 Mei, (Allahyarham) Tun Abdul Razak datang jumpa PAS, kami ingat ikhlas, sebab saya orang yang paling kuat menerima jemputan (daripada Tun Abdul Razak).

"Tetapi bila sudah gemuk (selesa kedudukan), gigit (tangan PAS)... dia orang (akhbar menulis) PAS keluar (BN), tetapi bukan keluar, tetapi ditendang, macam mana punya wartawan tulis macam itu,"

Oleh itu dengan merujuk kepada Umno-BN, tambah Nik Aziz, "kami kenal siapa anda."

"Orang kata kita bodoh, tak mengapa (kali pertama)... tetapi gigit lagi (tangan PAS), kamu memang bodohlah," katanya Nik Aziz seolah-olah tidak mahu pengalaman lalu berulang dan mahu mengelakkan kerjasama dengan Umno-BN.

PAS menyertai BN pada 1974 dan kerjasama itu berakhir empat tahun kemudian.

Nik Aziz mengatakan demikian ketika timbul semula idea kerjasama politik antara kedua-dua parti berkenaan.

Antara lain pada 17 Julai lalu, Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria berkata beliau mahu terus menyatupadukan orang Islam dan Melayu di negara ini walaupun terdapat pihak tidak menyenangi usaha murni beliau itu.

Namun Harussani berkata, beliau tidak pernah berputus asa demi mengekalkan kebaikan dan perpaduan umat Islam di negara ini, khususnya antara Umno dan PAS.

Harussani berkata terdapat pemimpin kedua-dua parti Melayu berkenaan yang datang berjumpa beliau baru-baru ini bagi membincang dan meminta pandangan beliau berhubung cara untuk menyatupadukan kedua-dua parti tersebut.

Bagaimanapun beberapa jam sebelum ucapan Nik Aziz di sini malam tadi, Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor Datuk Dr Hasan Ali mengakui ada menemui Harussani tetapi menafikan pertemuan mereka ada menyentuh soal kerjasama politik antara PAS dan Umno.

Dua hari sebelum kenyataan Harussani itu, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin memberitahu, beliau akan menentukan masa yang sesuai untuk pertemuan dengan Nik Aziz bagi membincangkan syor kerjasama Umno-PAS yang muncul sekali lagi awal bulan ini.

"Saya menghargai sikap Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz yang terbuka dalam hal ini," kata Timbalan Presiden Umno ini selepas merasmikan persidangan perwakilan Umno Bahagian Jeli, Kelantan.

Muhyiddin berkata kerjasama itu perlu dibincangkan atas permintaan beberapa pihak yang mahukan orang Melayu bersatu kembali.

Nik Aziz juga berkata beliau sedia bertemu dan berbincang dengan Muhyiddin yang juga Timbalan Perdana Menteri mengenai "apa juga perkara" tetapi perjumpaan itu biarlah tanpa diatur mana-mana pihak ketiga sebagai orang tengah.- TMI

Ulasan GB

Itu suara Mursyidul Am PAS. Tetapi anihnya ada juga pemimpin PAS yang begitu teruja untuk melaksanakan apa yang dikatakan "perpaduan orang Melayu" sekalipun segan untuk menyebut ungkapan "perpaduan PAS dan Umno".

Lidah yang bercabang digunakan sebaiknya untuk "spin" perkataan supaya tidak nampak ketara tentang Kerajaan Perpaduan yang telah ditolak Muktamar.

Sama fe'el dengan Najib dan UMNO BN yang spin menggunakan hujjah pelarasan subsidi dan seumpamanya untuk menaikkan harga barangan. Yang jelas fenomenanya sama - untuk "menipu" orangramai.

Memang "dia" seorang yang mahir menipu atau memang sejak azali beliau seorang penipu. Dulu sewaktu PR menang di Selangor, dilakukan pertemuan dengan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO walaupun tidak ada mandat untuk beliau melakukannya bagi membincangkan perpaduan UMNO PAS. Bila disergah ramai, maka diputarkannya menjadi ..."oh saya mengumpulkan ADUN-ADUN PAS supaya mereka tidak dicuri oleh musuh..."...

Sketsa itu berlaku lagi, kat Hassan Ali:

"Dengan cara ini sistem pengurusan dan pembangunan negeri terus dapat dipertingkatkan.

"Pertemuan saya dengan Mufti Kerajaan Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan pada kira-kira dua bulan yang lepas merupakan salah satu daripada 'engagement' sedemikian yang dilakukan atas sifat saya sebagai ahli Exco Kerajaan Negeri yang bertanggungjawab secara langsung antara lainnya portfolio Hal Ehwal Islam dan Adat-adat Melayu.

"Pertemuan tersebut diatur bagi membolehkan saya meninjau ilmu dan pengalaman beliau secara amali mengurus hal ehwal Islam dan adat-adat Melayu," katanya.

Dan Mufti Perak pula juga memutarkan lidahnya:

Kata Harussani, kedua-dua mereka tidak membincangkan kerjasama politik Umno dan PAS tetapi mengenai perpaduan orang Melayu di negara ini.

"Kami memang tidak membincangkan langsung pasal kerjasama Umno dan PAS tetapi perpaduan orang Melayu di negara ini kerana kami melihat orang Melayu semakin berpecah... TMI

Walhal sebelumnya Harussani sendiri mengeluarkan kenyataan:

terdapat pemimpin kedua-dua parti Melayu berkenaan yang datang berjumpa beliau baru-baru ini bagi membincang dan meminta pandangan beliau berhubung cara untuk menyatupadukan kedua-dua parti tersebut.

Seorang mufti dan seorang Pesuruhjaya PAS Negeri rupa-rupanya PENDUSTA.

Dan pendusta-pendusta ini sedang memimpin umat Islam untuk dibawanya ke neraka!

Umno no longer as “action” as before - less 'action' but still 'action'

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 12:37 AM PDT

UPDATED @ 08:23:45 PM 24-07-2010
By Clara Chooi
July 24, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, July 24 – Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared today that Umno and Barisan Nasional had eaten humble pie and was no longer as "action" as before, amid continuing speculation about snap polls.
In his speech when attending a "Juara Rakyat" programme at the Gombak wet market here this afternoon, the Umno deputy president claimed that the BN had proven itself over the past two years after its dismal performance in Election 2008.
"Why did we lose Wangsa Maju? Perhaps some people (here) had felt left behind... perhaps some were dissatisfied. They said we were a little action (conceited).
"But now, Umno and the BN are no longer action. Our appetites have changed, we go down to the ground, we meet with traders," he told the crowd.
During the 12th general election in March 2008, the Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat was won by PKR's candidate Wee Choo Keong. Wee however has since left the party to become an independent and is now a part of a five-member pact called Konsensus Bebas, comprising four other former PKR MPs.
Muhyiddin (pic) said that the BN admitted to its past mistakes and had now "changed".
"Perhaps we made mistakes before but we have worked towards changing ourselves, towards repairing those mistakes. I believe that over the past two years until today, we have proven ourselves to the people.
"That is why I am saying that if the Prime Minister calls for snap polls tomorrow, there is no reason why we (BN) will not win Wangsa Maju with an even bigger majority," he said.
He reminded the Wangsa Maju folk not to be swayed by PR because he claimed voting them in would destroy the nation's future.
"I would like to remind you – do not be mistaken. They will promise you the sun, the moon and the stars but nothing comes out of it.
"They keep calling us a racist government but how can we be racist when there are people of all races in the BN? We are a government that is truly representative of the people.
"I want the people to be aware... do not destroy our futures by believing the accusations and allegations made by the opposition when in truth, they are the ones who do not have the ability to manage a government," he said.
Muhyiddin cited Selangor, helmed by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim of the PKR, as an example of what he claimed was a badly-run state government.
"Look at what happened to Selangor... they do not know how to handle the water issue, the sand issue. It is not that difficult.
"When you fail to solve a problem, you lose the people's confidence, investor's confidence. Yet, they claim they can do anything but in truth, 'cakap mereka tak serupa bikin' (their words differ from their actions)," he said.
With a smile, Muhyiddin then likened PR leaders to the "kakaktua" bird (cockatoo) as they were only good in talking.
"They can sing but in truth, they do not know what they are doing. Can we have confidence in these sort of leaders? Everyday, they travel the country, telling lies about the government.
"Everything that the BN does is wrong. But I am confident now that the people have begun to realise (the truth)," he said.
Muhyiddin claimed that BN had been consistent in its struggle for the people, pointing out that the very essence of the Prime Minister's 1Malaysia platform was to place the people as top priority.
"This is why from before until today, we have never shirked our responsibilities. That is why the PM, who is also the Umno president and the BN chairman, always tells us not to separate ourselves from the people.
"No matter what the situation, we want to ensure that we will always give the people whatever help we can to ensure that they will lead comfortable lives," he said.
Muhyiddin said that one of the government's primary aim was to raise the income level of Malaysians and achieve an income per capita of US$10,000 in 10 years' time.
He urged petty traders not to become complacent and to have big ambitions to own bigger businesses of their own in the future.
"We want our income, our economy to see exponential growth. That is the purpose of the New Economic Model," he said.

Firstly, Umno-led BN has no right to be 'action'. You had better remember WHO your BOSS is! If you continue to be arrogant and insolent even though no longer as 'action' as before, you will surely die in the next general election.

A Tale of Two Temples

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 10:04 PM PDT

While meandering about in downtown Saigon recently I chanced upon the Sri Mariaman temple close to Ben Thanh market. It was an interesting visit to say the least, for the riotous colour of the temple were matched by the riotous conjunction of many faiths that had come together in that singular enclosed and sacred space.

The reasons for this are obvious to those familiar with Vietnam's recent history: In 1975 when Saigon finally fell to the triumphant North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong, practically all the foreigners and migrant residents had made a bee line for the dock. The temples, churches and mosques of Saigon – thenafter renamed Ho Chi Minh city – were left vacant and the devotees wondered if they would be allowed to remain standing at all after their departure. At the height of the Cold War the Vietnamese Communists were seen as a rather uncompromising, tiresomely dogmatic, no-fun bloodthirsty lot and many had assumed that the religious texts would be recycled as toilet paper (as the Khmer Rouge treated the Bibles and Qurans that fell into their hands later) and that the sacred sites would be desacralised in the most outlandish manner.

But what followed next was a surprise to many: They, the dreaded Commies, not only allowed the religious buildings to remain, but they also made use of them in a host of imaginative ways. Many of the churches and mosques were restored and preserved, and some were turned into schools or clinics. Not a stone was touched, save by the restorer's paint brush.

Today the Sri Mariaman temple in central Saigon has once again become a religious site for many, but ironically most of the devotees happen to be Buddhists and Taoists, not Hindu – for there are scarcely a dozen Hindus left in the city. So I sat and watched as mothers and aunts, grannies and grand-kids perambulated around the precinct of the temple, offering their prayers and sending up their hopes and wishes to the Gods of the Himalayas on a cloud of incense smoke. The Hindu priests are still there, though one wonders what they make of it all, with Buddhists and Taoists coming to offer prayers and light joss-sticks before the many avatars of Lakshmi, Durga, Kali and Krishna. If human beings have proven their intolerance time and again, at least the Gods seem more kindly and benevolent to entertain the vainest of wishes even from strangers.

Hop of the next cheapo flight and find yourself here in multi-culti Malaysia, just in time to see the bulldozers smash through another Sri Mariaman temple in Selangor. It was a double blow to me to return to KL in transit to hear the news that not one, but two, Hindu temples had just been flattened on the same day by our endearing developers in the vicinity of Shah Alam. Even less heart-warming were the accounts of the devotees of the temple who were manhandled and forcibly marched out before the hammers came down, some at gun point. If nefarious Commie Vietnam can protect their temples, why can't we 'plural, multicultural, multiflavoured' Malaysians extend the same comfort and protection to our fellow Malaysians too?

Of course there will be the nay-sayers who will point me to the legal fine print and remind me of the legally dubious status of some of these temples. Then there will be those who will insist that this is an Indian-Hindu issue which I should not stick my nose in (even though the issue is a Malaysian one as these are Malaysian temples being destroyed on Malaysian territory and Malaysians are affected). Then there will be the gung-ho testosterone-driven macho types who will yelp and whinge about Malay identity being the paramount defining factor that defines what being Malaysian is, etc. etc.

But prattle and legalese notwithstanding, the bottom line is this: These happen to be Malaysian temples built on Malaysian soil with Malaysian devotees and the Malaysian government is presiding over their systematic and calculated destruction, one by one. One shudders at the thought of the long-term global repercussions of this campaign, for already recorded footage of these temple demolitions are being transmitted to websites all over the globe and the issue taken up by Hindu conservatives in India.

Nor are the parallels being drawn an attractive one: If the Taliban could have leveled the Bamiyan statues of Buddha with a flick of the trigger-finger (to be followed by the mass slaughter of goats and cows all over the benighted land, which did not make it to the headlines); then what is happening in our plural wonderland called Malaysia? How are we to hold our heads up high and invite the world to visit our wonderfully diverse and colourful country when the very same landscape is being flattened in a rather indecorous way at the same time? Taliban, Wot? Here? Blimey!

The tragedy of course is that the deliberate reconstruction of Malaysia's urban landscape is being done in broad daylight under the flag of a nebulous formulae of 'moderate Islam' that is said by some hopefuls to be the last chance to save the pluralist spirit of the country. However one finds it hard to accept such talk of mutual love and inter-communal cuddlyness when the bulldozers parked outside don't look all that cuddly. Nor do the cops with their tear gas canisters and batons. Or the Orcish horde of construction (or should we say destruction) workers with mallets and hammers slung precariously over their shoulders, ready to rock and roll. Looking back at the fate of the two Sri Mariaman temples, the question remains: Who were the ones who protected the rights of the religious minorities better? The Godless Commies or the faithful Malaysians? These are the times when I am not proud to admit that I am a Malaysian, I have to say.

by Farish A. Noor


Posted: 24 Jul 2010 04:44 PM PDT


Nik Aziz hipokrit kelas paling tinggi, kata Ibrahim Ali.

Nik Aziz juga yang approve candidacy Ibrahim Ali dalam pilihanraya umum 2008


Posted: 24 Jul 2010 12:21 PM PDT

Zamry sempat jadi MB Perak. Mungkin kerana berjumpa dengan SB Harussani

Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Datuk Hasan Ali hari ini mengakui bertemu dengan Mufti Perak,Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria pada kira-kira dua bulan yang lalu tetapi tanpa agenda sulit. (sila Klik)

Walhal, Sebelum ini SB harussani mendakwa bahawa pertemuan itu ada kaitan dengan usaha kerjasama antara PAS dan UMNO.

Ekoran itu, harakahdaily melaporkan;

"Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar menuntut Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada PAS dan seluruh orang Melayu Islam berikutan penjelasan Ahli Jawatankuasa Kerja PAS Pusat dan Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor, Datuk Dr Hassan Mohamed Ali yang menunjukkan mufti itu berbohong" (sila Klik)

Cuma, setelah hasan ali mengakui bertemu dengan SB Harussani itu, timbul banyak soalan dan persoalan. Antaranya adalah, hasan Ali mendakwa bahawa pertemuan itu tidak sulit, walhal sebelum ini, SB Harussani berkeras tidak mahu mendedahkan nama pimpinan PAS yang berjumpa dengannya itu. Kalau ia tidak sulit, mengapa SB Harussani berkeras tidak mahu dedahkan nama pimpinan PAS itu [hasan ali]?

dan jika ia tidak sulit, mengapa di zaman IT dan kecepatan maklumat, agak lambat Hasan Ali mengeluarkan kenyataan?

"takkan tak leh berjumpa dengan mufti Harussani kot?" soal seorang kawan.

Tidak mengapa kalau berjumpa dengan Mufti Tamyiz, mufti Selangor. yang peliknya, berjumpa dengan mufti UMNO, yang mempunyai 'saham' dalam menjatuhkan kerajaan pakatan Rakyat di Perak, iaitu SB Harussani. bertemu dengan mufti yang sering mempromosi idea gabung PAS-UMNO. Masakan Mufti UMNO, kalau jumpa paderi UMNO atau sami UMNO pun orang akan persoalkan.

Dan lagi, Kalau yang jumpa itu adalah pimpinan PAS yang tidak ada skandal pertemuan sulit, ia tidak menjadi satu yang besar. Tetapi, jika yang bertemu itu orang yang sudah diketahui umum mempunyai skandal, seperti usaha menjatuhkan Tan Sri Khalid, orang yang ada pertemuan sulit dengan Khir Toyo di awal 8 mac 2008 lalu, sudah pasti ia melahirkan perbincangan di kalangan rakyat.

Opss... jangan soal dan persoalkan. nanti jadi fasiq, munafiq atau kafir....

Hasan Ali dakwa, "tidak ada perbincangan kerjasama UMNO - PAS". SB Harussani dakwa, "ada perbincangan kerjasama UMNO - PAS".

Siapa pula orang dalam bulatan merah ini? Dikhabarkan, orang yang berada dalam bulatan merah ini tahu isi perbincangan antara Hasan Ali dan SB Harussani di PNB Park pada akhir bulan Mei yang lalu. Betul ke?

Chemistry Joke

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 08:59 AM PDT

Before showing you the joke, you need to understand basic nomenclature for benzene compounds.
Now, the real 'joke':

Rosmah undang Robert De Niro

Posted: 24 Jul 2010 07:46 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR - Hollywood Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro slipped into town late on Thursday evening on a private visit. He flew in via Singapore, according to an Immigration Department source at KLIA, the reported.

"Mr De Niro checked in by using a different name. . .He seriously doesn't want to be identified," the source was quoted as saying.

The Hollywood iconic star is expected to stay in Malaysia till this weekend.

It is learnt that his visit here is at the invitation of Rosmah Mansor, the Prime Minister's wife, who met him in April during an event in New York.

Rosmah was quoted in a recent report as saying that De Niro had come to the event as a guest "and saw the other side of Malaysia".

Earlier, Rosmah told Sabah's Daily Express that De Niro has accepted her personal invite to come and visit Malaysia.

He had reportedly told Rosmah: "You are very progressive, you are very engaging. I would like to come to your country."

And Rosmah had reportedly responded: "Please come because, otherwise, you would listen to all the wrong things about Malaysia. It is very important to put things in the right perspective."

A Hollywood film industry source said the 66-year-old actor is scheduled to meet the Prime Minister's wife during his stay here.

The versatile actor, director and producer who is best remembered in classics like The Godfather: Part II, 1900, Raging Bull and The Good Shepard.

DS Rosmah ternyata proaktif mempromosikan Malaysia. Semoga Robert De Nero dapat sama-sama berganding tangan dengan Datuk Shah Rukh Khan untuk menaikan imej Malaysia.

Harap-harap selepas ini kita akan sama-sama melihat lebih banyak filem-filem Hollywood akan menjadikan Malaysia sebagai lokasi pengambaran mereka.

Apa pun kita mohon FINAS menapis dahulu filem mereka supaya tidak memaparkan visual Kampung Baru nanti memalukan kaum Melayu.

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