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Church arson: Brothers jailed 5 years, told don't play with fire! 5 years only!!

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Church arson: Brothers jailed 5 years, told don't play with fire! 5 years only!!

Church arson: Brothers jailed 5 years, told don't play with fire! 5 years only!!

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 10:32 AM PDT

The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today found the two brothers, guilty of setting fire to the Metro Tabernacle Church near Taman Melawati in January.

Judge SM Komathy Suppiah said:
1. The defence had failed to raise any doubts
2. The evidence presented by the two was inconsistent
3. The testimony by their friend that the two were involved in burning rubbish was also in doubt. 
4. The testimony was a fabrication and afterthought

Following mitigation, the court sentenced the two to five years jail each and allowed their application for a stay of execution but raised their bail from RM10,000 to RM20,000 each.

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Raja Muhammad Faizal Raja Ibrahim (left) and Raja Muhammad Idzham Raja Ibrahim were jointly charged with mischief by fire under Section 436 of the Penal Code and were both been given five year sentences. — file pic (Image source: The Malaysian Insider)

IGP's contract due next month, expected to be extended for the third time! ;)

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 09:57 AM PDT

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang has challenged Prime Minister Najib Razak to call a referendum on whether Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan's contract should be extended.

Lim said in a statement today, having a referendum
among Malaysians or among the 2,000 top police officers from assistant superintendent upwards, would prove that an overwhelming majority have lost confidence in the police chief and  will definitely vote for a new IGP.

Though Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has been tightlipped on the matter, there is heavy speculation that the top cop's contract, due to end next month, will be extended for the third time.

"When Musa's extension of service was announced on Sept 3 2009, the media quoted former Selangor Police Chief Yahya Udin  as saying that the one-year extension should be sufficient for Musa to complete his "unfinished business".

Caroline Glick: Iran & Israel, After the Bomb

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 07:57 AM PDT

It is long, almost an hour but a must listen if you are interested in what may be unleashed in the Middle East in the not too distant future. Caroline Glick is unsurpassed on the dissemination of open-source intelligence regarding Israel and the U.S. policies in the region.

Hat tip: Israpundit

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

soalan bulan pose!

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 06:24 AM PDT

kenape kanak2 suka tanya soalan yang bukan2..kadang2 akak agak azab gak nak jawab...lagi2 soalan yang membunuh..kalau orang tua yang tanya leh gak ko maki bila2 budak2 tanya susah nak terjemahkan dengan kata2....

sedang akak ngan semua ngah berbuka ..anak buah akak yang 4 tahun tu pegi kat akak n tanya macam2 soalan....

soalan dia...

soalan satu...uda kenape uda ni cam pompuan, lambut panjang...uda ada kasut pompuan......

jawapan hati: sebelum jawab dari mulut akak jawab dalam hati dulu kay...ko berani mati tanya makcik ko soalan ni depan semua orang...ko nak kena pijak...

jawapan mulut : kenapa kakak cakap cam tu...tak baik tau dosa..uda rambut panjang rock lah...(saje je cakap rock nak selamatkan diri uollssss)

soalan dua : uda kenape dalam almari uda ada sarung tetek....sape punya..uda pondan ek?

jawapan dalam hati : ko berani mati selongkar almari aku...tu wonder bra tu..kalau rosak mak ko x mampu beli ok....

jawapan mulut : bukan sarung tetek udalah...mak wan yang punya..mak wan salah letak tu...

soalan tiga : uda ni ade pakwe ke ade makwe....

jawapan dr hati : wahai anak buah ku sayang...i woman ok..mesti lak ade pakwe..ko berani mati tanya soalan tu kat aku...

jawapan mulut : kakak rase uda ade pakwe ke makwe..mesti lah makwe...

then akak cakap ngan anak buah uda..x baik tau bukak2 almari orang bedosa...kalau kakak buat lagi uda x nak bagi duit raya..sape ajarkakak tanya banyak2 ni...

sape ajar kakak tanya soalan macam ni....

terus anak buah akak tunjuk mak akak...

then dia cakap " mak wan yang suruh tanya...makwan cakap kalau kakak tanya kakak dapat beli kopok"...

akak terus buat pandangan harimau kat mak akak...

then mak akak buat2 basuk pinggan sambil cakap..dah dah2 kakak..jagan banyak cakap..pegi solat cepat...(eleh mak tu cover lah tu)....

tapi dalam hati geger uollss..berani ke ko nak jawab jawapan benar bila permaisuri agong yang sediakan soalan interview tu......

ape lagi ...cabooottttttt


Posted: 13 Aug 2010 07:10 AM PDT

Bernama reported HERE that Boustead Holdings Bhd announced on Friday that its subsidiary Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation Sdn Bhd has secured a contract to provide in service support for the two Royal Malaysian Navy's Prime Minister Class Scorpene submarines.

The report said:

The contract worth 193 million euro (one euro=RM4.07) and RM532 million and is effective for a period ending Nov 30, 2015, the company said in a filing to Bursa Malaysia.


The cost of the contracts were significantly higher than what was previous rumoured and raised in Parliament.

"A claim that DCNS (France shipbuilder) had offered a three-year contract worth RM30 million to Boustead Naval Corporation Sdn Bhd is slander and baseless," Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told Parliament on June 8.

On June 8th, The Malaysian Insider reported HERE:

The navy took delivery of the two Scorpene submarines costing RM3.4 billion from DCNS and its Spanish partner Navantia last year.

The contract for the supply and delivery of Scorpene submarine navigation safety and combat systems, sensors and periscope simulators costing RM128.5 million was signed during the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2010, said Ahmad Zahid, adding that they were procurement of simulators used to train the submarine crew.

The Malaysian Insider reported in October 2009 HERE that Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad told the Dewan Rakyat that the purchase of two Scorpene-class submarines, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Razak, was not made through an open tender as doing so would expose the country's defence system. He also said that the maintenance cost for the two submarines, including spare parts, is about RM270 million a year and that the maintenance is being done at the Sepanggar naval base which is now fully operational.

In another report in The Star in March 2009:

THE Finance Ministry has rejected the terms and rates offered by a local company to provide rescue and support services on board the two newly-acquired submarines. Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusof said that on Aug 25, last year, the ministry approved a company's offer to provide submarine escape and rescue services for a 20-year period at RM98.4mil per year.

"However, the Finance Ministry disagreed with the rates and the ministry is now re-negotiating for a lower rental rate and shorter service period of six years," he said when winding-up the motion of thanks on the Royal Address on points relating to the ministry.

Abu Seman said the contract was awarded to the company through direct negotiations as the navy wanted to gain full knowledge on submarine rescue procedures and also to get the best terms for the services.

The figures from the various reports just do not tally:

Based on March 2009 The Star report, the cost for five years would have been
RM 98.4million x5 = RM 492 million.

Based on the October 2009 Malaysian Insider report, the maintenance cost is RM270 million a year which means that for 5 years, it is RM1.35 billion.

The latest report today puts the price at RM 1.3175 billion.

Why the tremendous increase from the March 2009 report?

If you have time, please check out the threads for this forum and also my post on Explosive Submarine Scandal Erupts.

The baffling mystery of the subs deepens day by day....I guess we are unlikely to ever get a clear answer...

Ahmed Rashid's blackmail for flood relief

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 08:13 AM PDT

This guy is a Paki, he says "unless we act decisively, large parts of flood-stricken Pakistan will be taken over by the Taliban". The Pakis are the Taliban, the way they treat their minorities! That is rich coming from this guy. Read the whole piece here.

Then there is another Paki who whines, "Are Saudis, Iranis not Pakistan's friends anymore?" Except Kuwait, Turkey and the UAE, Pakistan has failed to receive any aid for its flood victims from any other Islamic country. The three countries have offered $5 million, $269,183 and $20,027 respectively, so far. While China with $1,479,290 and Sri Lanka with $26,667 are the only neighbouring countries that have come to the country's aid.

According to statistics, the countries most hated by Pakistanis – as per various opinion polls – "Chief Infidels", the US and UK are the two major contributors so far, while the list of remaining donors does not include any Islamic country, however, prominent donors include the lesser Infidels such as Germany, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden and Australia. According to the information available, the total amount pledged to Pakistan so far is $84,294,357, much lower than what the UN has sought in its various appeals to the international community.

As far as neighbours such as India and Afghanistan are concerned, Pakistan can least expect from both, since none of the two had offered anything so far. As for India, which offered $500 million in aid during the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, the offer was refused by Pakistani authorities in the first place and whatever was allowed in was let to rot at security checkposts on the border. Well, do not expect anything from India. Read it all here. So why can they not stand in solidarity as when they go into a seething rage all over the world, over unimportant stuff like cartoons, in this times of Paki calamity?

Well look at the response of one Brit, towards Ahmed Rashid's appeal for aid or blackmail: Last time India and USA sent goods officials reported that Pakistani authorities had ripped off `made in India' and USA labels from relief material before distributing them, because it was easier to believe that India & USA had not helped out during the earthquake. India had also made a cash contribution to Pakistan's relief efforts, but Pakistan never used it, which led to a feeling of rejection in the Indian side.

According to statistics, the countries most hated by Pakistanis – as per various opinion polls – the US and UK are the two major contributors so far, while the list of remaining donors does not include any Islamic country, however, prominent donors include Germany, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden and Australia. According to the information available, the total amount pledged to Pakistan so far is $84,294,357, much lower than what the UN has sought in its various appeals to the international community.

It would be easy to deal with Taliban; if they take over the country. Instead of these Pakistani snakes. They have perfected the art of begging. If they can afford nuclear weapons , they can afford to help their people. No more money. How much aid is being given by the rich Muslims in the Middle East who have billions to spend on football clubs and solid silver Rolls Royces?

Another Brit: I was just about to say the same but you beat me to it! It was only a couple of weeks ago that Pakistanis were burning our flag (British-during David Cameron's visit) in the streets and now they want us to give them money.More...

Kerajaan UMNO BN Masih Bermentaliti Zaman Batu, Kekang Mahasiswa Berpolitik

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 04:51 AM PDT

Takutkan Kuasa Mahasiswa, Umno-BN Kekal Larangan Berpolitik

Keputusan kerajaan Umno-Barisan Nasional mengekalkan larangan mahasiswa daripada menceburi politik dianggap sebagai tidak matang serta memperlekeh dan memperkecil peranan golongan mahasiswa di negara ini.

Sebaliknya kerajaan seharusnya menerima mahasiswa sebagai rakan kepimpinan dengan menghargai peranan mereka dalam proses menyuburkan sistem demokrasi di Malaysia.

"Kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin kelmarin sangat menghina mahasiswa. Bagaimana seorang TPM boleh bertindak melulu, terus menutup pintu dan ruang perbincangan? Mengapa perlu halang mahasiswa terlibat dalam politik dengan alasan mahasiswa perlu fokus kepada kecemerlangan akademik," kata Yang DiPertua Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Universiti Malaya, Ahmad Syazwan Hassan.

Ahmad Syazwan yang dipetik daripada kenyataannya di semalam menyanggah pendapat Muhyiddin kerana tidak ada bukti selama ini aktivisme mahasiswa menjadi penghalang kepada kecemerlangan akademik.

Bahkan beliau turut menegaskan peranan mahasiswa adalah penting sebagai entiti strategik bagi membentuk hala tuju negara ini.

"Pindaan terhadap Seksyen 15 Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (Auku) kepada peruntukan yang lebih terbuka dan memberikan lebih kebebasan kononnya, memperlihatkan sikap kerajaan yang masih lagi bersifat acuh tidak acuh dalam menangani isu ini. Seharusnya mereka bersifat lebih matang," tambah Ahmad Syazwan.

Minggu lalu, dalam sebuah slot rancangan 'Soal Jawab' di TV3 yang menampilkan Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah dan bekas Naib Canselor Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Tan Sri Ibrahim Abu Shah, membincangkan mengenai kewajaran kepada mahasiswa untuk berpolitik.

Timbalan Menteri itu menampakkan sikap yang lebih terbuka berhubung kuasa autonomi yang dimilki mahasiswa, bahkan dengan usul untuk memansuhkan terus Auku berbanding dengan Irahim yang terlalu pro-Umno-BN.

"Saya yakin, walaupun mahasiswa dibenarkan berpolitik, mereka nantinya lebih suka bersikap non-partisan. Mereka akan lebih tertarik dengan politik ilmu, dan bukannya politik ampu, politik hikmah, bukannya politik fitnah," kata Saifuddin dalam rancangan tersebut.

Bahkan beliau tidak bersetuju dengan pendekatan keras dengan menggunakan kaedah undang-undang seperti yang sering diamalkan pentadbir universiti ketika menangani konflik dalam kampus.

Bagi Saifuddin, jika mahasiswa dibenarkan menjadi ahli pertubuhan politik, tiada syarat tambahan perlu dikenakan kerana peraturan sedia ada di luar perimeter kampus sudah memadai.

Pandangan tersebut turut dikongsi Pengerusi Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM), Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin yang hairan dengan kewajaran yang diberikan oleh kerajaan kerana membenarkan warganegara yang berumur 21 tahun ke atas untuk mengundi, namun dalam masa yang sama tidak membenarkan pula mereka berpolitik semata-mata hanya kerana status mereka sebagai mahasiswa.

"Kami kecewa dengan keputusan Kabinet yang tidak membina (semangat) mahasiswa, sebaliknya lebih bersifat untuk membunuh semangat mahasiswa. Jadi kepada mereka yang tidak menjadi mahasiswa, mereka lebih beruntung kerana ketika berumur 21 tahun, mereka bebas terlibat dengan politik," kata Shazni kepada Suara Keadilan.

Shazni menjelaskan hasrat kerajaan untuk menjadikan mahasiswa sebagai agen intelektual akan gagal, sekiranya pelbagai kekangan dan sekatan dikenakan terhadap mereka.

Tambah beliau, mahasiswa adalah pelaburan besar dan pulangannya adalah agar mereka berbakti semula kepada rakyat dan negara.

Muslim brothers go to jail for church attacks

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 04:15 AM PDT

Malaysian law today sentenced two brothers to five years in prison after they are found guilty of torching up a church earlier this year in a spate of religious uproar over the use of 'Allah' by non-Muslims. They deserve it, well enough. It shows a Muslim-majority country does not separate churches and mosques.

The January 7 torching of a church in suburban Kuala Lumpur, which sent tensions soaring in the multi-ethnic country, was "appalling and despicable", said Sessions Court judge S. M. Komathy Suppiah.

"You both by your shameful and dastardly acts, you have shamed the country," she told Raja Mohamad Faizal Raja Ibrahim, 24, and Raja Mohamad Idzham Raja Ibrahim, 22. "The message from this court must be loud and clear: Don't play with fire," she told them (read here).

Its time for Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, to put this ugly episode behind them. A multi-racial and multi-religion country like Malaysia must not allow any form of extremism which can jettison our effort to foster closer cooperation and understanding among us.

Some (Muslims) may ask what happens to those who attacked their places of worship as it would not be fair for this two brothers - let me answer on behalf of everybody - SHUT UP and get back to work for a better future!

Malaysia's Opposition on Trial - Anwar Ibrahim could be headed to prison again on trumped up charges. We urge the U.S. government to speak out on his

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:46 AM PDT


We come from opposite sides of the political spectrum and disagree about a great many things. However, one issue that brings us together is the case of Anwar Ibrahim, the former deputy prime minister of Malaysia who is now leader of the political opposition in that country.

Mr. Anwar has been charged under very dubious circumstances with sodomy, a criminal offense under Malaysian law. If convicted, he faces a possible 20-year sentence—effectively life in prison for a man of 63. His trial, scheduled to resume next week, threatens not just Mr. Anwar but all those in Malaysia who have struggled for a freer and more democratic nation. It is also important for the rest of the world, because it casts a troubling shadow over the future of a nation that should be a model for other Muslim countries.

Our views of Anwar Ibrahim have been formed completely independently of each other. We do not always agree with his views on foreign policy, but we do agree that as a political leader, statesman and intellectual, Mr. Anwar possesses qualities that encourage hope for the future. These qualities include lucidity and openness to debate and engagement; commitment to principles of accountability and good governance; and a serious concern for the future of his country and the world—not to mention his extraordinary courage in standing up for what he believes. We are convinced that he is committed to the values of pluralism, tolerance and freedom that are needed for Malaysia to flourish.

In the end, what matters is not our opinion of Mr. Anwar's character, but the opinion of his fellow countrymen. Malaysians should decide for themselves, through an open electoral process, who they wish to lead them. They should not be deprived of that opportunity by an abuse of judicial power.
This is the second time that Mr. Anwar has been subjected to a politically‑motivated trial on similar charges. The first time was in 1998, when as deputy prime minister and finance minister he dared to mount a challenge to then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed. Mr. Anwar was jailed, beaten severely, and condemned to years of solitary confinement after a trial that was a travesty of justice. That is not just our conclusion. It is the conclusion of the International Commission of Jurists, the International Bar Association, and a number of international human-rights organizations. It was also the conclusion of Malaysia's highest court, which overturned the sodomy conviction in 2004, after Mr. Mahathir was no longer prime minister.

Mr. Anwar now leads the coalition of Malaysia's three opposition parties, which won more than a third of the seats in the parliamentary elections of March 2008. This was the best showing that the opposition had ever managed against the governing coalition led by the United Malays National Organization, the party that has ruled the country for the past 53 years.

Three months after the election, Mr. Anwar threatened to call for a vote of no confidence in Parliament and take over the government. He was then arrested and charged again with sodomy. Like the charges 10 years earlier, the timing of these new charges carries the strong odor of political manipulation. And, if anything, the case against Mr. Anwar this time is even less credible and the violations of due process are even more egregious.

While Anwar Ibrahim is on trial before the state, the state is on trial before its people and the world. If he were to be convicted, the whole of Malaysia's political life and its standing in the world would be damaged. And for what gain? The timing of the trial has led many observers to the conclusion that the objective is to stem the ruling party's loss of popular support. Public opinion polls indicate that the great majority of Malaysians see the charges against Mr. Anwar as politically motivated. In any event, as Mr. Anwar himself would be the first to say, his imprisonment would not extinguish his cause. On the contrary, the movement he began a decade ago will continue to spread.

This is a pivotal moment in Malaysia's history with consequences that are also meaningful on a global scale. With a population of nearly 30 million, Malaysia is not a small country. But it is also significant as an example of a Muslim-majority country making its way in the world. It has been able, over the first half-century of its independence, to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve economic growth while sustaining a degree of harmony among its religiously and ethnically diverse population.

In recent years, however, the country has been sliding backwards, with increasing exploitation of religious and ethnic differences for political purposes. The trial and conviction of Mr. Anwar would intensify these problems by destroying the confidence of millions of Malaysians in the possibility of justice under the law.

We urge our own government to make clear the importance the U.S. attaches to the role of the law in sustaining a political process in which justice and freedom are natural allies. We know from experience that sensitive issues of this kind are often best pursued quietly, government to government. But time is running out. A moment of truth is approaching.

Two days ago, a judge postponed Mr. Anwar's trial in order to deal with charges of an improper relationship between a female prosecutor and Mr. Anwar's accuser. This is an opportunity. Malaysia's system of governance has the capacity to do the right thing—not only for Anwar Ibrahim, but for the millions of Malaysian citizens who look to him as a spokesman for their aspirations. We urge those in the Malaysian government who will decide this matter to act with wisdom.

Mr. Gore was the 45th vice president of the United States. Mr. Wolfowitz was deputy secretary of defense from 2001 to 2005.

[email dari pembaca] Peniaga Melayu di KLCC dan Alamanda Putrajaya tersisih ?

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:35 AM PDT

ini ialah petikan email dari pembaca yang dihantar ke cheGuBard.

Ni apa cerita ni, peniaga Melayu ditindas lagi di Suria KLCC ni ? Dulu tahun 2007 Restoran Melayu yang termaju di Suria KLCC Kelantan Delight pun tersingkir. Kalau peniaga Melayu di tengah ibu kota, sebelah Menara Berkembar Petronas pun tak terbela, apatah lagi Melayu di Pulau Pinang, Selangor, N.Sembilan, Melaka dan lain-lain tempat.

Kalau nak bela Melayu, nak tunjuk Melayu ditindas, jadi tajuk utama TV3 dan Utusan buatlah untuk semua negeri, jangan tumpu di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor saja, KESIAN Melayu tempat lain.



Peniaga Alamanda dakwa ditekan, akhirnya 'ditendang'

ruangan surat pembaca - Utusan Malaysia 10 Ogos 2010

NAMA saya Fahmi Fabilah, saya adalah salah seorang peniaga yang tidak disambung kontrak perniagaan di Suria KLCC di Alamanda, Putrajaya. Saya berniaga kemeja T buatan tempatan bernama Malaya Distro.

Alasan 'bijak' yang pertama mereka kepada saya ialah: Saya tidak dibenarkan lagi menjual kemeja T atas alasan penyewa kedai mengadu perniagaan mereka turun.

Ingin memberitahu bahawa ada yang saya lakukan ialah persaingan yang sihat.

Alasan kedua ialah kerana memiliki tiga push cart (kereta tolak). Tapi bagaimana pula dengan Pizzahut, KFC dan RASAMAS yang bernaung di bawah syarikat yang sama?

Sangat tidak munasabah jika ia dijadikan sebab untuk 'menendang' saya keluar. Apakah wujud diskriminasi di sini?

Saya boleh buktikan bagaimana terdapat diskriminasi dalam pengurusannya. Disebabkan rasa tidak puas hati, saya menceritakan perihal mereka ini difacebook saya. Gempar seketika apabila tulisan saya sampai ke KLCC. Dan seingat saya, ada sokongan dari individu yang mahukan perkara itu ditujukan kepada Tun Mahathir. Mungkin 'goyang' dengan sokongan itu, mereka telah membuat temujanji dengan saya di sebuah kafe di Alamanda untuk menyelesaikan perkara ini.

Untuk pengetahuan semua, deposit saya RM3,800 masih belum dipulangkan sedangkan saya telah satu bulan keluar dari Alamanda.

Sedangkan surat kontrak tidak disambung saya terima tiga bulan yang lepas. Pihak pegurusan memberi alasan sedang proses. Logikkah tiga bulan proses? Kenapa sewa mahu advance tetapi deposit sampai lambat sebegini rupa?

Bagaimana jika dulu kami bayar sewa lewat satu bulan? Dah pasti saya diperintah keluar. Anda fikirkan bertapa teruknya kelemahan sistem yang mereka jalankan.

Kenapa kita ditindas di tempat sendiri? Di sini suka sangat ingin saya beritahu, anda pergilah ke kompleks beli-belah ternama, anda kiralah berapa peratus peniaga 'Melayu' menyewa di situ?

Tidak sampai 10 peratus. Bukan kerana peniaga Melayu tidak mampu, tetapi kita tidak diberi tempat di situ.

Saya pernah pergi ke kompleks 'baru' di Wangsa Maju. Ruang niaga masih kosong, dan saya memohon ruang niaga. Anda tahu saya dilayan begitu teruk.

Sebulan selepas itu, ruang niaga penuh dengan kaum bukan Melayu. Di sini anda faham bukan, bukan kita tidak mampu, tapi kita ditolak mentah-mentah oleh kuasa mereka. Tetapi kenapa ia juga terjadi di Putrajaya?

Semenjak setahun lalu, Suria KLCC banyak membuat perubahan drastik. Mungkin ini juga strategi halus orang atas untuk menjatuhkan kita? Mari saya rungkaikan satu persatu.

Enam bulan lepas, kami diberi notis untuk membayar sewa pendahuluan (advance rental). Sedangkan kami telah membayar 'deposit' 1+1. Ia adalah notis mengejut ketika itu, kami terpaksa mencari wang sewa untuk dua bulan dalam masa sebulan.

Anda bayangkan betapa kami terpaksa bertungkus lumus mencari RM3,800 minggu ini, dan RM3,800 untuk lagi dua minggu. Dengan gaji pekerja, jumlah sebanyak RM9,000 sebulan, sedangkan perniagaan tidak begitu bagus ketika itu.

Taktik halus yang kedua: Mereka melagakan peniaga tanpa sedar. Ia berlaku sekarang. Caranya begini, dahulu peniaga mainan A di Utara, dan peniaga mainan B di Selatan. Perniagaan mereka sangat bagus. Cara untuk menjatuhkan salah seorang adalah meletakkan lokasi peniaga mainan A hampir dengan peniaga mainan B.

Secara psikologinya, mereka akan bersaing dan salah seorang akan jatuh. Yang jatuh itulah yang akan terkeluar. Sekarang anda nampak? Ketika itu, salah seorang dari mereka membuat rayuan untuk pindah tapak. Taktik berjaya bukan.

Taktik ketiga: Mereka mengeluarkan peniaga atas alasan produk tidak boleh dijual lagi. Ini terjadi ke atas saya sendiri.



MERDEKA ! Lagi kes peniaga Melayu disisih diKLCC

Selamatkan peniaga Melayu. Utusan Malaysia 9 Julai 2007 - Pada 19 April 2007 lalu, Utusan Malaysia menyiarkan berita mengenai peniaga bumiputera premis Levi's/Dockers yang berniaga sejak sembilan tahun lalu diberi notis keluar oleh pengurusan Suria KLCC tanpa sebab.

Syarikat tersebut mencatat jualan RM5 juta setahun dan membayar sewa kira-kira RM500,000 setahun.

Beberapa pihak seperti Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor dan Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Melayu (Gabem) telah melahirkan rasa tidak puas hati terhadap tindakan pengurusan Suria KLCC.

Hanya dengan campur tangan Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, barulah pengurusan Suria KLCC menarik balik tindakan asalnya.

Inilah hakikat keadaan yang dihadapi ramai pengusaha bumiputera di Suria KLCC. Daripada 325 premis perniagaan di Suria KLCC, sekitar 10 peratus melibatkan usahawan bumiputera.

Kadar penutupan premis perniagaan bumiputera adalah sekitar dua, tiga unit setiap tahun, sama ada kerana diberi notis keluar atau dibebani kenaikan sewa yang melampau.

Pengusaha bumiputera minta agar pihak berwajib mengambil tindakan munasabah untuk membela kepentingan mereka yang berniaga di situ.

Saya sendiri menjalankan perniagaan Restoran Kelantan Delights di Aras 4, Suria KLCC sejak 1997. Tempoh perniagaan saya di Suria KLCC akan ditamatkan pada Ogos 2007.

Pihak pengurusan Suria KLCC ada menawarkan perjanjian sewa yang baru tetapi telah menetapkan beberapa syarat baru, selain yang sedia ada. Antaranya ialah:

"Menaikkan sewa hampir 50 peratus lagi iaitu dari RM360,000 setahun kepada RM520,000 setahun. (Padahal, kadar sewa telah naik 100 peratus dalam tempoh enam tahun. Pada 2001, sewa adalah RM180,000 setahun dan sekarang RM360,000 setahun).

"Kos mengubah suai keseluruhan premis pula ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh penyewa (yang saya anggarkan antara RM600,000 hingga RM700,000).

Tindakan pengurusan Suria KLCC ini bagaikan usaha untuk 'menghalau' perniagaan saya keluar dari kompleks tersebut.

Padahal sepanjang menjalankan perniagaan di sini, saya tidak mempunyai masalah membayar sewa, gaji atau stok. Saya sudah melabur modal yang besar untuk berniaga di Suria KLCC.

Walaupun menghadapi pelbagai cabaran termasuk kegawatan ekonomi (1998-2001), SARS dan selesema burung (2002-2004) serta persaingan dari restoran-restoran lain, saya masih mampu menjalankan perniagaan yang menguntungkan.

Perniagaan saya mempunyai track record yang baik. Restoran Kelantan Delights mendapat sambutan baik daripada pelanggan tempatan serta luar negara dan antara yang paling sesak setiap bulan Ramadan.

Antara milestones restoran ini adalah menerima jemputan pengurusan Harrods London untuk mengadakan pameran makanan di Harrods London selama seminggu pada 1998 dan dipilih sebagai 'Best Halal Malay Restaurant' bagi tahun 2005-2006 oleh Halal Journal.

Restoran Kelantan Delights juga mendapat liputan dalam media massa tempatan dan asing termasuk Australia, Jepun, Rusia dan Arab Saudi. Terbaru, restoran ini dipilih untuk program pembangunan francais di bawah Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

Untuk berniaga di lokasi berprestij seperti Suria KLCC memerlukan keberanian. Namun sewa yang terlampau tinggi atau syarat yang menyesakkan boleh membunuh sesuatu perniagaan.

Sebagai peniaga, saya memahami jika sewa perlu dinaikkan tetapi peningkatan sewa yang begitu mendadak dan tidak munasabah amat membebankan.

Pada waktu ini pun, saya beroperasi sebagai restoran Melayu terakhir di Suria KLCC. Kita bangga dengan ketinggian bangunan ini, tetapi berapa orang yang sedar bahawa dalam bangunan ini hanya tinggal satu sahaja restoran Melayu dalamnya.

Bayangkan, dalam negara kita meraikan 50 tahun kemerdekaan tahun ini, hanya ada sebuah restoran Melayu di bangunan ikon kebanggaan negara dan rakyat Malaysia. Ini satu senario yang memalukan.

Satu-satunya restoran Melayu di Suria KLCC, selain Kelantan Delights iaitu Restoran Senja telah ditutup kira-kira dua tahun lalu.

Justeru, kerajaan sebagai payung perniagaan Melayu dan menjaga hak kepentingan bumiputera perlu memantau keadaan yang dihadapi peniaga bumiputera di Suria KLCC.

Berilah peluang untuk kami terus berniaga di Suria KLCC dengan kadar sewa yang munasabah. Janganlah semangat, perniagaan dan pelaburan kami dimusnahkan dengan sewa yang terlalu tinggi.

Kami tidak mohon bantuan kewangan atau wang ringgit, cuma mohon peluang dan meminta agar kebajikan kami dibela.

Matlamat saya berniaga di Suria KLCC ialah untuk membangunkan jenama restoran Melayu yang kukuh dan berpotensi untuk dibuka di luar negara dan difrancaiskan.

Saya ingin menyahut cabaran pemimpin negara dan tuntutan semasa untuk membuktikan saya boleh berjaya.

Hasrat dan matlamat kami berjihad dalam bidang ekonomi hanya akan berhasil andainya diberi ruang untuk bernafas dan berpeluang untuk sama-sama menyumbang kepada kemajuan ekonomi dan pembangunan negara.


Kelantan Delights Sdn. Bhd.

Kuala Lumpur.

[email pembaca] Malaysia beli jet pejuang enjin second hand ?

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:29 AM PDT

berikut ialah email pembaca yang dihantar dan dikongsi disini untuk perhatian semua.

Wartawan isu ketenteraan negara Marhalim Abas yang sebelum ini menimbulkan kontroversi kapal selam negara tidak boleh menyelam, kali ini menimbulkan kontroversi dan tanda tanya apabila mendakwa kemungkiinan Malaysia membeli jet pejuang baru tetapi menggunakan enjin second hand. Enjin second hand ini adalah dari jet pejuang TUDM yang lama yang dibaik pulih atau refurbish.

Apakah ada kemungkinan tersebut ? Jika ini berlaku, tiada negara lain di dunia yang menggunakan rangka jet baru tapi menggunakan enjin lama dakwa artikel tersebut lagi.

Jet pejuang yang dimaksudkan ialah jenis Aermacchi MB-339A yang telah dihantar satu ke Muzium TUDM Sg Besi. Ianya digantikan dengan Aermacchi MB-339CM. Malaysia telah membeli 8 buah jet ini pada harga 88 Juta Euro.

First Macchi MB339A at RMAF Museum
Written on August 9, 2010 by Marhalim Abas

SHAH ALAM (Aug 9, 2010): The first of the last remaining batch of the Aermacchi MB-339As was put on display at the RMAF Museum at the Sg Besi Airbase last week. The plane serial number M34-12 is pictured here courtesy of NST journalist Sager Ahmad, who has a long history working with the museum.

Sager reported that the aircraft was transported to the museum on a low-loader with the wing taken out. The appearance of the M34-12 I believed marked the retirement of the As following the delivery of the 8 MB339CM last year. However there is no official confirmation from the RMAF just yet. But since the engines of the As had been taken out to be refurbished before they were fitted on the CMs, the argument is purely academic of course.

Only in Malaysia, so claimed DHEagle to me. He said such thing has never happen anywhere else. No other airforce he claimed would put an old engine into a new plane! How did this thing happened one may asked?

Well the short answer, based on conversations I had with DHEagle and confirmed by other sources, the RMAF had been planning to replace the As since 2000. But due to long negotiations plus an added requirement from the Ministry of Transport – extra landing rights to Malaysia Airlines for Rome – the deal was finally struck in 2006. However, by that time the allocation to purchase the new CMs had been fixed at around RM600. That means RMAF can only purchase 4 new CMs with new engines and eight, if they used the old engines from the As. We all know what happened next.

I was told that RMAF did not pursue the option of refurbishing the As into the CM version as it was expensive as buying new airframes. I am told that the As were retired prematurely as the airframes and engines had still half of their service lives when the deal to purchase the CMs was finalised, which was a pity of course…

The LOI for the 8 CMs was signed at DSA2006 while the contract was signed a few months later. The deal to refurbished the engines of the As (Viper Mk623.43) for the CMs was signed at Lima 2007. All of us (reporters) , including myself, missed out on that small print as we were always looking for bigger, newer things at such functions. Oh well, at least the museum got a new toy for display….

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

No 15 Skuadron di tubuhkan asalnya mengambil perjawatan Pusat latihan Terbang 3 (Pulatibang 3). PULATIBANG 3 talah ditubuhkan dengan kekuatan 12 x pesawat pejuang ringan jenis Aermacchi MB 339A telah diletakkan dibawah tanggungjawab Komandan. Ianya telah beroperasi selama lebih kurang 10 tahun dan berjaya melahirkan sebilangan besar juruterbang tempur dan pejuang yang ada pada masa ini. Unit ini telah melahirkan sebilangan besar juruterbang tempur dan pejuang yang ada pada masa ini. Unit ini telah dipindahkan ke Pangkalan TUDM Butterworth pada 15 Dis 93.

Alenia Telah Kirimkan 8 Jet Latih MB-339CM Ke TUDM
Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 Desember 2009 -- Alenia Aermacchi Italia telah mengirimkan 8 jet latih MB-339CM ke Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (TUDM) sesuai kontrak senilai 88 juta euro pada akhir 2006.

Dua pesawat pertama diterima TUDM pada Maret 2009, diterbangkan langsung dari Italia oleh pilot Alenia kepala pilot penguji Cdr. Quirino Bucci dan pilot penguji Cdr. Matteo Maurizio.

Sedangkan dua pesawat terakhir juga diterbangkan langsung dari Venegono Italia 28 November.

Versi MB-339CM dibuat berdasarkan versi MB-339CD yang digunakan AU Italia, berkursi tandem dan bermesin tunggal serta dilengkapi peralatan pengisian bahan bakar di udara.

TUDM telah menggunakan versi MB-339A selama 20 tahun.

9 tahun rakyat N.Sembilan berputih mata

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:26 AM PDT

PAROI: Ketiadaan Sijil Layak Menduduki (CF) yang dipercayai akibat sistem pembetungan yang tidak memenuhi piawaian ditetapkan menyebabkan beberapa pembeli rumah di Fasa 2 Taman PJ Perdana di sini berputih mata untuk mendiami rumah mereka sejak sembilan tahun lalu.

Tanpa CF, pembeli tidak dapat memasuki rumah walaupun ia sudah siap. Bagaimanapun, beberapa pembeli yang tidak sabar terus mendiami rumah idaman mereka walaupun tanpa mendapat CF. Sesetengah pembeli lain pula tidak mahu menanggung risiko berikutan rumah tanpa CF tidak mendapat perlindungan insurans.

Ini menyebabkan pembeli rumah berkembar itu memohon pihak berkuasa campur tangan untuk menyelesaikan kemelut yang mereka hadapi. Pembeli, Ali Mohamad, 28, berkata masalahnya sekarang terpaksa membayar pinjaman bank kira-kira RM1,000 sebulan sejak 2001 walaupun tidak menduduki rumah itu.

Katanya, pembeli tidak berpuas hati kerana pemaju perumahan tidak memberi jawapan konkrit untuk menyelesaikan masalah mereka.

Saya minta kerajaan negeri campur tangan dalam masalah ini kerana hampir 10 tahun menunggu, masih tiada kata putus daripada pemaju. Rumah sudah siap, cuma kekurangan beberapa kemudahan infrastruktur, katanya yang terpaksa membayar pinjaman bank dan pada masa sama membayar sewa rumah.

Beliau berkata, rumah yang tidak didiami dikhuatiri digunakan untuk kegiatan menghisap dadah dan akhirnya dirosakkan.

Tinjauan Berita Harian mendapati ada beberapa rumah didiami penduduk dan sebahagian terbiar hingga dipenuhi semak. Sebuah rumah didapati mempunyai banyak kesan, dipercayai akibat kegiatan menghidu gam.

Jamaludin Hussin, 49, pula tidak peduli dengan ketiadaan CF dan terus mendiami rumah itu sejak Januari lalu dengan menyiapkan kemudahan yang tidak disiapkan pemaju menggunakan wangnya sendiri.

Saya membuat keputusan tinggal di sini kerana sudah membeli rumah ini dan tiada rumah lain. Tinggal di mana-mana pun tetap ada risiko, tetapi di sini saya akan rugi jika berlaku apa-apa kerana rumah tidak dilindungi insurans, katanya.


Jika sistem pembetungan menjadi punca rumah tidak mendapat CF, mengapa saya menerima bil ini? katanya.

Seorang pembeli yang enggan dikenali berkata, mereka bosan kerana disuruh bersabar sedangkan CF masih belum diperoleh selepas bertahun-tahun menunggu, malah sesetengah pembeli terpaksa mengeluarkan wang sendiri untuk mendiami rumah itu.

Malah, katanya, masalah sosial sudah berlaku di kawasan itu berikutan keadaannya yang sunyi serta dipenuhi semak-samun.

Kawasan ini sunyi dan dipenuhi semak memudahkan perbuatan tidak senonoh dilakukan. Penduduk sering menjumpai botol arak dan tin gam. Walaupun diadukan kepada pihak berkuasa, masalah ini masih berlaku, katanya.

Genuine Friendships

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 02:16 AM PDT

Today, I not just witnessed the sincerity of friendships but I know such friendships are valuable and genuine.


Not only they went the extra mile to witness a celebration, but to immediately return to work or whatever plans they have for the day reminded me how busy one can be. One had to rush for a meeting, while one had a funeral to attend.

And with such hectic schedules, they are still here to stand by me.

I am completely touched and they are the reason why I believe in genuine friendships. They are the reason why I believe in friendship forever.

Friends like these are rare and hard to find. It's like finding needles in the sand.

Friends Precious

I hereby toast to such friends who were there with me this morning. I love all of you.

I am definitely missing them when I am in the US.

Gelanggang sia-sia, SPRM terus buta

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:22 AM PDT

Agak-agaknye siapa kontraktor yang buat gelanggang rakyat ni ? Berapa harga kontrak yang ditawarkan ? Kontraktor dah dapat semua bayaran ke belum ? Siapa patut bawa masalah ini ke Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri ?

Gelanggang sia-sia
Berita Harian 29 Julai 2010

SEREMBAN 2: Kira-kira 700 penduduk, terutama kanak-kanak di Green Street Homes, di sini terpaksa mencari pilihan lain untuk bersukan dan beriadah apabila Gelanggang Rakyat yang dibina dengan kos kira-kira RM100,000 dan siap sejak kira-kira enam bulan lalu masih tidak dibuka kepada orang ramai.

Kelewatan ini dipercayai berikutan kerosakan pada lantai gelanggang menyebabkan kemudahan itu yang diletakkan di bawah pengawasan Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT) taman terbiar begitu saja. Keadaan ini mengundang rasa kecewa penduduk kerana tidak dapat membawa anak bermain di gelanggang itu setiap petang atau hujung minggu, manakala kanak-kanak terpaksa ke taman berhampiran untuk beriadah. Penduduk menyifatkan ia sebagai projek gajah putih, walaupun tujuan untuk menyediakan kemudahan bersukan dan beriadah.

Wakil penduduk, Rohaya Mohd Yuneh, kesal kerana hingga kini kemudahan itu masih tidak boleh digunakan walaupun sudah lama siap.

Beliau berkata, pihaknya dimaklumkan Jabatan Belia dan Sukan (JBS) gelanggang itu di bawah pengawasan KRT.

Katanya, KRT memaklumkan tindakan menutup gelanggang kerana pembinaannya belum sempurna dan berlaku sedikit kerosakan lantai yang menyebabkan air bertakung. Kami akur dengan keadaan itu, tetapi ia tidak sepatutnya terbiar begitu lama dan tindakan bagi memperbaikinya patut diambil.

KRT tidak boleh lepas tangan begitu saja sedangkan ia siap enam bulan lalu. Saya lihat sebahagian kecil saja lantainya yang tidak rata, katanya, di sini.

Korek pasir NS terjejas teruk

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:20 AM PDT

Harian Metro 30 Julai 2010 melaporkan aktiviti mengorek pasir di Negeri Sembilan telah menjejaskan dan mengancam keselamatan penduduk di negeri ini kerana dilakukan hanya satu meter dari sempadan tanah penduduk di sini. Ianya melibatkan pendudul di Kampung Paya Lebar Luar, Pilin, Rembau, N.Sembilan.

Utusan Malaysia takkan membisu ? TV3 dua kali lima juga ke ? Mohamad Hassan tak naik helikopter ke tinjau kawasan korek pasir ni ? Boleh juga tengok sekali perkembangan Masjid Pilin, Hospital Rembau, UITM Rembau yang dijanjikan, saya ulang JANJIKAN masa Pilihanraya Umum ke 12 tahun 2008 yang lalu.

Cerita lanjut isu korek pasir di Negeri Sembilan yang MEMBAHAYAKAN penduduk di negeri ini pada pautan berikut

Takkan Negeri Sembilan je, negeri lain ada juga korek pasir, Johor, Melaka, Pahang. Kalau tak cukup helikopter , boleh guna helikopter Polis, helikopter PUTD.

Will Saiful take another oath to say he was forced by Farah?

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:13 AM PDT

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

As world bodies like the Human Rights Watch continue to condemn the Malaysian government's unfair prosecution of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, ordinary folk are still digesting the latest convolution in the complex trial that Anwar himself has accused Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor of concocting.

The "tilted" trial will resume on Monday after High Court Judge Mohammad Zabidin Mohd Diah rejected Anwar's application for a postponement. His lawyers has asked to wait until an Appellate Court decides on whether the defense has the right to key documents currently held by the prosecution, which has stubbornly refused to share.

"Basic fair trial rights require giving Anwar access to the prosecutor's evidence so he can defend himself. Unfortunately, the prosecutors have tilted the playing field against Anwar by keeping key documents from his lawyers," Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.

Losing all sense of balance

But so brazen-faced have the Malaysian authorities become in their determination to stop Anwar, they seem to have lost all sense of balance in their decisions.

Yet even as Anwar moves a step closer to jail with the trial's resumption, ironically, he is also a step closer to Putrajaya, the administrative seat of power, thanks to public backlash against Najib's perceived corrupt methods in blocking out fair competition.

Malaysians are also grappling with the latest scandal within the Sodomy II case – the emergence of an alleged affair between complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan and one of the deputy public prosecutors in the trial - a lady named Farah Azlina Latiff.

Even the Bar Council has advised the authorities to do the right thing and initiate an investigation. "It is definitely is an ethical matter, as prosecutions are done in the interest of justice. You are there to put your case before the court in the interest of justice. As there is no client here, there should be no relationship between prosecutor and complainant," said Bar president Ragunath Kesavan.

Yet given the record of the trial judge, who has so far veered on the side of the government, few believe that the defense's application for a probe will be granted.

"Again, the government has gone on denial mode. There is clearly a conflict of interest if the affair is true. The court must allow an investigation by calling on Saiful and Farah to answer if it is true they had an affair," PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin told Malaysia Chronicle.

Will Saiful take another oath to say he was forced by Farah

Meanwhile, there is boiling curiosity about the identity of Farah's fiancé. The latest speculation is that he is also a government prosecutor based in a northern state and was heartbroken when Farah dumped him for Saiful.

"Will Saiful take another oath now – this time to swear that he was forced by Farah," chided Badrul.

Neither Farah nor Saiful have responeded to the allegations so far but if there is a probe, the pair may have to take the stand and confirm or deny the allegations.

Indeed, while there is some sympathy for Farah, the predominant feeling is that of disgust for Saiful who had preened for the cameras and portrayed himself as an innocent, upright youngster who was forced into an illicit sexual act by Anwar.

He even went through the media circus of taking an oath in a mosque, where he swore on the Quran that he was sodomized against his will by Anwar.

Korek pasir undang hakisan (berita yang Utusan tidak akan siar)

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:17 AM PDT

REMBAU - Projek mengorek pasir yang giat dilakukan di Kampung Pelebar Luar, Pilin, menimbulkan kebimbangan dan keraguan kepada salah seorang pemilik tanah terbabit.

Abdul Razak Alias, 51, berkata, kerja mengorek pasir berhampiran dengan tanah miliknya menyebabkan berlaku hakisan dan runtuhan tebing.

Menurutnya, keadaan itu menimbulkan kebimbangannya kerana keluasan tanah miliknya akan berkurangan daripada sebelum ini jika tindakan segera tidak diambil.

"Pihak yang bertanggungjawab dalam projek ini bertindak rakus sehingga tanah milik saya juga turut menjadi mangsa.

"Sepatutnya mereka memahami syarat kerja mengorek pasir tetapi disebabkan kurang pemantauan rapi, kini kawasan tanah milik saya pula terbabit sama," katanya ketika ditemui Sinar Harian.

Abdul Razak berkata, tanah seluas 3.2 hektar itu kini dibersihkan untuk projek tanaman getah dan gaharu tetapi pihaknya khuatir jika keadaan itu dibiarkan begitu sahaja, ia memberi kesan bagi jangka masa panjang.

"Rumah ibu saya berhampiran dengan kawasan ini. Jika tidak dibendung, tidak mustahil berlaku runtuhan yang lebih dahsyat daripada sebelum ini.

"Justeru, pihak berkenaan diingatkan supaya jangan bersikap mementingkan diri sehingga menyusahkan orang lain," katanya.

Menurutnya, kerja mengorek pasir itu juga berhampiran jambatan dan dibimbangkan hakisan akan menyebabkan kemudahan yang menggunakan kos tinggi itu akan runtuh, sekali gus membahayakan pengguna.

"Saya berharap pihak berkenaan memantau kegiatan kerja mengorek pasir ini bagi mengelakkan berlaku kejadian tidak diingini.

"Pastikan kerja mengorek pasir ini mengikut syarat ditetapkan," katanya.

Don't sweep Saiful's alleged affair under the carpet

Posted: 13 Aug 2010 03:11 AM PDT

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

PKR leader Badrul Hisham Shahrin has urged the Attorney General not to ignore recent accusations that a member of the prosecution team in the sodomy trial against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was having an affair with the complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

"We do not wish to drag up the issue but it is no point for the authorities to pretend nothing happened. They must not be afraid to probe the allegations because, if true, there will be a very unfair conflict of interest against Anwar Ibrahim," Badrul told Malaysia Chronicle.. The PKR supreme council member is also popularly known as Chegu Bard.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar's defense team has urged Prime Minister Najib Razak not to gag the media or prevent the authorities from investigating the matter.

PKR vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah too has warned of the possibility of a mistrial if it is found that Saiful was indeed having intimate relations with a lady Federal Counsel on the prosecuting team.

Earlier this week, top blogger Raja Petra Kamarauddin had broken the story and even named the lady. So far, neither Saiful nor his friend has issued any public comment.

The trial, dubbed Sodomy II, will resume on August 2. It is unclear if Anwar's legal team will wait until then to ask the court to initiate an investigation, or if they will do it earlier.

Anwar, the 62-year-old PKR adviser, was accused of sodomizing Saiful at Unit 11-5-1 of the Desa Damansara Condominium in Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

He has denied the charges and accused Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor of collaborating with Saiful to frame him and derail his political comeback.

A former star Finance Minister, Anwar was riding high when ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad slapped sodomy charges against him in 1998. Despite fighting the case and saying the accusations were trumped-up charges to stop his political rise, Anwar was sacked and jailed.

It was only in 2004, after Mahathir had retired, that he was acquitted and freed. In 2008, soon after Anwar announced he would contest the Permatang Pauh by-election, he found himself accused of sodomy again. Despite the negative publicity, he won by a landslide and returned to Parliament as Opposition Leader.


Posted: 13 Aug 2010 02:27 AM PDT

Playing the race card is an idiomatic phrase that refers to the act of bringing the issue of race or racism into a debate, perhaps to obfuscate the matter. This expression is commonly used in socio-political systems where some citizens have special access to rights and resources, based upon their membership of a racial group. Sounds familiar?

In reality, race always has a peculiar role in our country of 27 million cobbled together by historical developments. Despite all the talk about unity in diversity, we all know how some affirmative-action programs benefiting some and not all have kept tensions simmering in resentment and dissatisfaction, beneath the superficial smiles.

Is it any surprise that many who persist in playing the "racial card" are oblivious it's a losing hand that encourages intolerance, shackles free speech, and insults our intelligence? Such self-serving individuals and rabble rousers use accusations of racism, sexism and many other 'isms' to create chasms that divide our already divided society. With that, they hope to gain notoriety, undeserved attention and public support for their controversial racial politics.

Look at the infamous I. A. and A. I. Ironic that both names are palindromes!!! I refuse to mention their names lest they get more attention than what they deserve!

Playing the racial card involves jumping to conclusions without providing valid evidence. Instead, they could provide false or exaggerated claims of bias and ride on the wave of actual racist victimization.

Loading a deck of race cards seems to be a habit of some who pretend to squash dissent by claiming they are open-minded, pragmatic, and non-ideological and how they are fair to everyone with the well-being of the nation in their hearts. Of course they will then justify their stand with regards to their own narrow-minded views and premises about their own community. In other words, if you disagree with them, you must be some sort of zealot and they can laud and magnify themselves in a holier-than-thou discourse of how they are NOT racists.

To exacerbate matters, their faithful troops make the same argument about race, sometimes with sophistication, sometimes with the kind of lucid clarity only profound stupidity can provide.

And the best part is, they expect us to swallow these wholesale! *puke*

That's the way it goes - they are not transcending race but merely using the race card to bully others into acquiescence. The bullet in the mail to MP Tony Pua is a good example of such intimidation.

Even the MSM has been partaking in this despicable practice.

Back in June 2009, Zaid Ibrahim wrote about how Malays have changed but not Utusan in his post called Melayu Telah Berubah, Utusan Belum… He said:

Tapi Utusan masih mahukan gurindam perkauman. Bagi Utusan, Melayu gagal kerana orang Cina, kerana orang India. Sedarlah Utusan, orang bukan Melayu dan Melayu sendiri pun sudah dapat membezakan antara Melayu dan UMNO, tahu bahawa bila dasar UMNO dikritik, ia bukan mencabar Melayu tetapi mencabar UMNO. Usaha nak lagakan Melayu dan Cina kian hebat di usahakan tetapi percaya lah api perkauman tidak mungkin dapat menyala saperti dahulu. Usahlah mudah tertoreh hati bila sesuatu dasar UMNO dikritik dan dipersoalkan. Orang Melayu telah banyak berubah minda dan kefahaman mereka tentang Malaysia dan masa depan mereka; mereka tahu perbezaan itu. Mereka tahu apa yang menanti dalam dunia yang penuh mencabar ini. Dan apa perubahan yang perlu mereka lakukan. Cuma Utusan belum sedar perubahan ini.

Recently, Professor UKMs Professor Agus Yusoff told The Malaysian Insider that UMNO should instead focus on winning the support of the non-Malays that it lost in Election 2008. He pointed out that UMNO has been thrashing the very people they should be wooing. It was of no political profit for UMNO to continue singling out Lim as being anti-Malay, because most Malay voters are already committed supporters of either UMNO or the Pakatan Rakyat parties (PKR and PAS).

Arguing that the Malays have made up their mind who to vote for, Professor Agus predicted there will be no significant swing to the other side. The real issue for BN is to win back the support of the non-Malays. They have to find ways to get their support, fanning racial sentiments would not help; otherwise, they will have to reap what they sow if they continue to play the worn-out race card.

It is not so easy to change the tune or the name of the game because those at the helm of power have been at this game for decades. The old man who refuses to retire or to keep quiet has always had the issue of race close to his heart. Retrospectively, he gained political mileage with The Malay Dilemma which argued that Malays needed to change their "backwardness" or risk being dominated economically by Chinese Malaysians. Whilst the book was subsequently banned for some time, sadly, the message lingered far too long in the hearts of many much to our nation's detriment.

The balance of power created an imbalance whereby his iron grip on the MSM made it taboo to talk openly about race. Ops Lallang was carried out during his tenure as PM driving home the message that only the government can talk about race - usually in a simplistic and accurate (*clears throat*) manner.

Realistically, the legacy continues whereby despite whatever rhetoric about nation-building is a public relations exercise for the hegemonic cultural dominance of the majority. We have heard so much of 1Malaysia which supposedly should foster national national identity but has otherwise floundered because of many incidents where the practise of double standards takes centre stage.

Let's be honest and call a spade a spade. Regardless of whatever political rhetoric from both sides of the divide, Malaysian politics is largely communal and sectarian in nature and essence so nation-building efforts does not seem to have borne much fruit thanks to those who persist in playing the race card.

As such, is this nation more united than what it used to be in the past?

Has the affirmative action created a new divide among Malays themselves in the growing disparity between the rich who benefited and the poor who should have been the ones to reap the benefits but are instead still suffering? Does it seem as though resources have been wasted and economic dominance perpetuated? Could this be why others have been objecting to the continuous practice of affirmative action?

Until and unless politicians who are in a position to face and to admit the truth can come to terms with reality and work towards the betterment of this nation and its people without fear and favor, I guess our nation will continue to be falling behind in comparison to other Asian nations.

And do they care? They might just say "Never mind." for it is likely they'll keep trying until they find a scapegoat that works, because that is what they do. Playing the race card could be the best way to distract others from seeing the light and to maintain the suspicions, antagonism and divisiveness. Unfortunately, those who could exert social control over such despicable practices seem to condone such acts while launching an onslaught against others who speak up for justice, equality and transparency.

Let's be honest as we behold the bleak horizon. Many Malaysians are exasperated with of the fractious politics of the past and the government's failure to tackle corruption, crime and inflation. We all recognize that race-based politics is like a cancer gnawing at our social and economic progress. What we need now is a commitment by the opposition parties to stop their infighting and to put national interests fairly and equitably above all else. The best way is to end the game with race cards and for the elected leaders to execute their duties fairly, morally and responsibly by creating a society that thrives on unity in diversity and harmony.

Is that so difficult?

Polis Salahguna Kuasa Perlu Dipantau Dan Dihukum

Posted: 12 Aug 2010 11:58 PM PDT

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) dan Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) meminta Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia (Suhakam) menyiasat secara terbuka tindakan menyalahguna pasukan polis dan Light Strike Force (LSF) lalu semasa perhimpunan anti ISA dan nyalaan lilin yang diadakan secara aman dan teratur di Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya 1 Ogos lalu.

Pengerusi GMI, Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh mahu Suhakam memberi laporan kepada kerajaan untuk mengambil tindakan displin terhadap pihak polis berhubung kekerasan dan tindakan melampau ke atas peserta perhimpunan.

"Kami juga berharap mendesak Kerajaan Malaysia untuk mengkaji semula Kanun Keseksaan (Panel Code) dan Akta Polis 1967 dan mencadangkan agar memansuhkan semua bahagian yang menghadkan kebebasan berhimpun dan bersuara.

"Kami menyeru Suhakam meneruskan pemantauan dalam setiap perhimpunan aman, malah pada masa yang sama kami juga mengesa Suhakam agar lebih proaktif dengan menjadi orang tengah antara pihak penganjur dan pihak polis sebelum sebarang perhimpunan diadakan bagi mengurangkan tekanan.

"Selain itu Suhakam juga perlu mengambil inisiatif untuk mengaktifkan bahagian 'Human Right Defenders' dalam badan tersebut dan melindungi semua aktivis dan pendukung hak asasi daripada menjadi mangsa keganasan, kekasaran dan intimidasi polis serta kerajaan," jelas Syed Noh pada pertemuan dengan Pesuruhjaya Suhakam, Muhammad Shaani Abdullah di ibu pejabat badan itu semalam.

Beliau mendakwa pihak polis telah mengasari rakyat tidak berdosa serta memukul peserta.

"Seramai 39 orang ditangkap di seluruh negara tanpa sebab yang munasabah termasuk di Pulau Pinang, Petaling Jaya dan Kelantan. Ini termasuk dua juvana di bawah umur ditahan beberapa jam di balai polis. Polis juga berniat jahat dengan menahan mereka yang memakai baju t-shirt berwarna merah dan hitam.

"Pihak polis menyukarkan orang awam dengan membuat sekatan jalan di semua kawasan diseluruh negara yang menganjurkan Vigil Anti ISA, tindakan polis mengambil kenyataan daripada para peguam yang mewakili orang kena tahan merupakan pencabulan hak asasi yang serius dan intimidasi polis adalah keterlaluan. Penahanan wartawan yang sedang bertugas di Kelantan bersama anaknya berumur 16 tahun adalah suatu yang sukar diterima," jelas beliau.

Sehubungan itu, Muhammad Shaani berkata sebelum perhimpunan tersebut pihaknya telah menghantar surat kepada Ketua Polis Selangor.

"Jawapan yang kita terima polis menegaskan tidak boleh diadakan perhimpunan dan sesiapa yang hadir termasuk Suhakam akan ditahan.

"Komunikasi antara saya dengan Ketua Polis Selangor itu hanya berlaku melalui sistem pesanan ringkas saja dan pendirian polis masih tidak berubah.

"Saya lihat masa yang diberikan pihak polis bagi peserta bersurai memang tidak memcukupi dan ini melanggari hak asasi manusia.

"Suhakam akan terus hadir setiap kali perhimpunan di adakan bagi mengetahui masalah sebenar yang berlaku secara tepat bukannya hanya mengikuti apa yang dijelaskan," kata beliau. -SK

Ulasan GB

Salah satu perkara jelas harapan rakyat apabila Pakatan Rakyat memerintah nanti ialah: peranan polis perlu dinilai semula dan menangkap semua mereka yang terlibat menyalahguna kuasa selama ini yang menjadikan diri mereka badut-badut UMNO BN. Samada mereka berpangkat Ketua Polis Negeri atau anggota R/F.

PDRM perlu dibersihkan, perlu diberikan identiti murni dan mulia selepas ianya telah dikotori oleh UMNO BN sekian lama.

Musa Hassan akan dilucutkan jawatannya jika benar beliau tidak berkelayakan (menurut maklumat beliau hanya mempunyai diploma dan bukan ijazah sarjana muda seperti yang didakwa). Malah beliau boleh saja dipenjarakan kerana memberi keterangan palsu. Malah keterlibatan beliau dengan beberapa konspirasi perlu diberikan balasan setimpal.

Namun yang penting dua institusi perlu juga dibersihkan iaitu: Peguam Negara dan Kehakiman Negara. Tanpa pembersihan kedua-duanya, ia tidak memberi makna apa-apa.

Pakatan Rakyat mampu melakukannya! GB sentiasa bersama PR.

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