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I Want To Watch Step Up 3D

I Want To Watch Step Up 3D

I Want To Watch Step Up 3D

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 11:03 AM PDT

I love dance movie and Step Up has finally come to the 3rd series and it's in 3D. I am so excited for the release next week and going to watch it at Tropicana City Mall, anyone want to join me? =D

Step Up 3D is a 2010 American 3D dance film written by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer and directed by Step Up 2 the Street's Jon Chu. The sequel sees the return of Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner, who portrayed Moose from Step Up 2 the Streets and Camille Gage from Step Up, respectively. (Wikipedia)

The eroding patriotism...

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 10:58 AM PDT

I felt like an alien while taking a drive around the capital city yesterday. So many eyes were on me, as if I was committing a crime. Why? I was (perhaps) the only one hoisting the Jalur Gemilang on my car. A few minutes later, I saw another national flag hoisted on a garbage truck.

Just 10 more days to National Day and it has been almost two weeks since the government launched the 'Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang' to encourage Malaysians getting more patriotic about their own country.

Nope! Things are not like 10 or 20 years ago when Malaysians really took part in it. What's happening here? Are Malaysians losing their sense of belonging or just couldnt care less about Hari Kebangsaan? Or they rather save their money on a RM1 flag but spend a few hundred ringgit on other things (like wine and dine), just like taking a long drive in order to avoid paying a 50 sen toll?

And how many of our kids and the younger generation today can recite Rukun Negara and understand it?

Poor Malaysia! You are being forgotten...

Kolbasti traditional Turkish dance

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 05:29 AM PDT

Kolbasti (Kolbastı, lit. caught red-handed by the police) is a Turkish dance created in the 1930s. It's still popular these days especially during weddings and parties…

I first learnt about this dance via a news in New Zealand where a Turkish man was accused of beating his wife when they were actually performing the traditional dance (caught red handed indeed lol) which involved moves that resemble punches, kicks, slaps and choking (as claimed by the defendant).

Judging from the video he might have a valid point of argument (1:00-1:20 for example), though I haven't noticed any online clips that reached the extremity of 'punching' or 'choking' yet. Regardless, it's one fun dance.


Kolbasti traditional Turkish dance from YeinJee's Asian Blog

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FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 30 (Malaysia) highest dividend yielding stocks top 30

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 08:32 AM PDT

Singapore reunion

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 07:19 AM PDT

Had a swell time in Singapore last weekend touching base with many of my old schoolmates and classmates who are now residing there.

Picture taken at the Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant at Turf City somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Don't blame me; I wouldn't know one end of Singapore from the other. Anyway, the food was fabulous. We started off with suckling pig and ended up with drunken prawns and crabs. In the picture: myself, Kok Chuan, Nai Kwang, Cynthia, Teik Kooi, Derek and Evelyn

From dinner, we proceeded to so-called supper. No heavy food - we couldn't eat any more - but there were plenty of drinks and snacks. In the picture: Teik Kooi, Nai Kwang, myself, Leong Teik, Kheng Hock, Derek, Evelyn, Anna and birthday boy Daryl.

Revive to Survive!

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 06:39 AM PDT

my health condition had not been too good for the past two months. recurring fever, prolonged cough, been visiting the doctor every other week and all. my sleeping pattern changed, didn't have enough (proper) sleep, hence, lack of concentration in classes. oh not to mention me skipping classes quite a few times already. so.

this week alone, i went to see the doctor twice.  and yesterday i finally managed to convince the doctor to do a blood test on me. after so long and god knows how many "you try these pills fist and see if they work and if they don't, you come back to me". so. the results is next week, let's hope its going to turn out negative.

wow i'm so paracetamol and cough syrup overdose.

so. ya Allah Tuhan Maha Besar why didn't i think of this thing all these while! the thought of this came across my mind yesterday, and alhamdulillah, i managed to get one.

this is Nutrilite Double X by Amway – 3 in 1 multivitamins, multimineral and  fruit & vegetable concentrate tablets. all the vitamins and minerals you need for your health and energy, in one box. and i grew up with Nutrilite, so no doubt of the effectiveness.

so yes. all these while i've taken some supplements not quite religiously, but well, not like it worked anyways. but i guess this one is pretty good. like, really good.

i took 2 dosages yesterday, re-aligned my sleeping time. went to bed at 12am and  managed to wake up on time. took another dosage in the morning, and its 930 pm and i've been sitting at my workstation since morning and i feel i'm still fine!

okay, too early for a verdict, i'll come back in a week and tell you if it really works. for now, at 3rd dosage, i am perfectly happy, it's a total turnaround! :)

so. enough of formal stuff. i promised myself i'll indulge in a great book today, so book book here i come!

weda is happy again!


This is not an advertorial material, and I am not a registered IBO of Amway.

p.s.:   Dr. Alias, i owe you a HUGE apology. for. today's. class. err.

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Girls’ Generation Japan Genie concept photo

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 06:13 AM PDT

Korean pop group Girls' Generation has revealed a concept photo (and album jacket) for their Japanese debut single Genie. Click image for full size pic…

Girls Generation Japan Genie photo

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Girls' Generation Japan Genie concept photo from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Finally, Najib speaks up

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 05:03 AM PDT

Thank you Mr Prime Minister for speaking up although it took you about 5 days after your political subordinates from Umno and MCA got involved in a silly verbal war, which many of us thought it shouldnt have taken place at all (read here).

As chairman of Barisan Nasional, you were right about the needs for component parties to resolved sensitive matters in the spirit of consensus, and not by opening up a 'free for all' bout.

However, it will be proper to discuss whatever differences behind close doors. The new media nowadays are quick at contemplating, some in your favor and some are not.

Your 1Malaysia doesnt need such batterings. If all parties abide to the true spirit of cooperation and tolerance, everybody will be fine.

Umno and MCA have internal problems too. Leaders of both sides must try hard to win the support of their respective party members and not being obsessed by petty issues. Should one party falters, the impact on BN will be disastrous!

So, Umno and MCA - put that ugly episode behind...

Moral Myopia at Ground Zero

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 04:58 AM PDT

Supporters of the mosque fail to see its true significance.

It's hard to be an Obama sycophant these days. Your hero delivers a Ramadan speech roundly supporting the building of a mosque and Islamic center at Ground Zero in New York. Your heart swells and you're moved to declare this President Obama's finest hour, his act of greatest courage. Alas, the next day, at a remove of 800 miles, Obama explains that he was only talking about the legality of the thing and not the wisdom — upon which he does not make, and will not make, any judgment.

You're left looking like a fool because now Obama has said exactly nothing: No one disputes the right to build; the whole debate is about the propriety, the decency of doing so.It takes no courage whatsoever to bask in the applause of a Muslim audience as you promise to stand stoutly for their right to build a mosque, giving the unmistakable impression that you endorse the idea. What does take courage is to then respectfully ask that audience to reflect upon the wisdom of the project and consider whether the imam's alleged goal of interfaith understanding might not be better achieved by accepting the New York governor's offer to help find another site.

Where the president flagged, however, the liberal intelligentsia stepped in with gusto, penning dozens of pro-mosque articles characterized by a frenzied unanimity, little resort to argument, and a singular difficulty dealing with analogies.

The Atlantic's Michael Kinsley was typical in arguing that the only possible grounds for opposing the Ground Zero mosque are bigotry or demagoguery. Well then, what about Pope John Paul II's ordering the closing of the Carmelite convent at Auschwitz? Surely there can be no one more innocent of the atrocities that took place there than those devout nuns. How does Kinsley explain this remarkable demonstration of sensitivity — this order to pray, but not there? He doesn't even feign analysis. He simply asserts that the decision is something "I confess that I never did understand."

That's his Q.E.D.? Is he stumped, or is he inviting us to choose between his moral authority and that of one of the towering moral figures of the 20th century?

At least Richard Cohen of the Washington Post tries to grapple with the issue of sanctity and sensitivity. The results, however, are not pretty. He concedes that putting up a Japanese cultural center at Pearl Harbor would be offensive, but then dismisses the analogy to Ground Zero because 9/11 was merely "a rogue act, committed by 20 or so crazed samurai."

Obtuseness of this magnitude can only be deliberate. These weren't crazies; they were methodical, focused, steel-nerved operatives. Nor were they freelance rogues. They were the leading, and most successful, edge of a worldwide movement of radical Islamists with cells in every continent, with worldwide financial and theological support, with a massive media and propaganda arm, and with an archipelago of local sympathizers, as in northwestern Pakistan, who protect and guard them. Continue to Charles Krauthammer's article on page 2 of the National Review.

Would you want to help Pakistan in time of it's need?

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 06:00 AM PDT

Pakistan is the epicenter of terror. Forget politics, Pakistan is drowning. Sometimes when you think of all the deaths and misery created by this artifical state, one would probably retort with, "Let it drown". Let us not forget that Pakistan was to cater for the descendents of the Genocidal conquerors of India. They killed 80 million Hindus. Today they continue killing Hindus and other minorities.

Pakistan has yet to obtain a single conviction in the largest jihadist attacks over the past 3 years. No, nobody's guilty. The bombs planted themselves, and the guns fired themselves. This story blames lack of training and a "dysfunctional" legal system, but those two factors are not nearly the whole story. At best, there is an attitude of complacency and lack of political will to overcome the "dysfunction": for many within the Pakistani government, dysfunction and corruption have served them well. At worst, and all too often, there is outright sympathy for the cause of the jihadists at appallingly high levels of government. "Pakistan: Lack of terror convictions hurts fight," by Sebastian Abbot for the Associated Press, August 20: Jihad Watch

Here is what happens to minorities in Pakistan: Rapes of Christian Girls in Pakistan Reflect Hidden Trend. Sexual assault by Muslim extremists is commonplace but rarely reported.

FAROOQABAD, Pakistan, August 16 (CDN) — The vulnerability of Christian girls to sexual assault in Pakistani society emerged again last month as a Muslim landowner allegedly targeted a 16-year-old and a gang of madrassa (Islamic school) students allegedly abused a 12-year-old in Punjab Province.

In Farooqabad, Shiekhupura district, three Muslim co-workers of a Christian man allegedly raped his 16-year-old daughter at gunpoint the night of July 21; the following evening in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi district, more than a half dozen madrassa students decided to "teach these Christians a lesson" by allegedly gang-raping the 12-year-old girl.

The students at Jamia Islamia Madrassa had been harassing Christians in the villages around Gujar Khan, said the pastor of the church to which the girl's family belongs, United Pentecostal Church. "They openly announce that 'the Christians are our enemies, we should not talk to them, eat with them or do business with them,'" Pastor Shakeel Javed told Compass.

The students often beat Christian children who come to play on the school grounds, telling them to convert or leave, he said, adding that on Sundays they throw stones at the church building. A school teacher who said she was witness to the alleged rape told Compass that when she came across the madrassa students the evening of July 22, she overheard one saying, "We will teach these Christians a lesson they will never forget."

"Three or four Christian girls were washing dishes near a pond," Rana Aftab said. "These guys ran towards them, and the girls started running. One of them fell on the ground, and these madrassa students got hold of her and took her in the fields. I tried to stop them, but they were 15-16 in number."Seven or eight of them raped the girl, whose name is withheld, while the others looked on, Aftab said. "She kept yelling for help, but no one heard her cries," Aftab said.

They left the girl in the field, and some villages took her home to her father, Pervaiz Masih, Aftab said.Masih was devastated, and the girl's mother fainted when she saw her, Masih told Compass.Masih and Aftab went to the police station to register a complaint, but the officer in charge refused to register it, Aftab said.

When Compass contacted officers at the police station, they initially refused to comment, but eventually one admitted that they are under pressure from Muslims leaders and extremists to refrain from filing a First Information Report (FIR) on the alleged crime.


In eastern Punjab Province's Farooqabad, the Christian father of the allegedly raped 16-year-old girl said he was later kidnapped and tortured. In his complaint to police, Ghafoor Masih of Kot Sandha village said he was working the fields when three men who work for his Muslim employer overpowered his daughter at home and dragged her into one of the rooms of the house at gunpoint.

His daughter, whose name is withheld, told police that the three men raped her while keeping her from screaming for help by threatening to shoot her in the forehead with a pistol. The family accused Rashid Ali, another Muslim identified only as Maan son of Muhammad Boota and an unidentified man who also worked for Masih's employer, Hajji Rashid Jutt.

The next morning, July 22, Masih went to the Saddr police station in Farooqabad, but Station House Officer Inspector Nasseer Ahmad Khan refused to register a First Information Report (FIR), labor leaders said. Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, chairman of the Bonded Labor Front, and Zia-ud-Din Khokhar, chairman of Equality for Minorities, later approached the Shiekhupura district police officer with Masih's complaint, and on July 28 the official sent an application for a FIR to Saddr Police Station.

Under pressure from the superior officer, on July 29 Inspector Khan registered the FIR under for "gang-rape at gunpoint," family members and clergy said. As Masih made his way home after the filing of the FIR on July 29, however, two other Muslims who work for his employer, Jutt, allegedly intercepted and kidnapped him, the family members said, and took him to Jutt's farmhouse. There Jutt, the two men – Muhammad Irfan and Muhammad Usman – and another worker for Jutt, Fazal Karim, allegedly shackled and tortured Masih, leaving him in critical condition.

Inspector Khan told Compass that he has arrested Jutt, Irfan and Usman for kidnapping, as well as the suspect identified only as Maan for the alleged rape of Masih's daughter. Joseph Francis, national director of the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement, condemned the alleged rape of the 16-year-old girl. "Muslim landowners and their relatives see Christian girls or women as their chattel," Francis said. "Such vicious incidents are not being stopped by the government, and day by day the rate of rapes of Christian girls is escalating instead of plunging."

Sahotra and Khokhar added that many such cases go unreported as impoverished Christian families often do not have the resources to pursue justice. Hat tip: Eye On The World. So you still want to donate your hard earned money to alleviate the sufferings of the barbaric Pakis? If you want to give, by all means do so. Think twice. The US and Britain, which are basically Christian countries would be better off helping other countries.

Myanmar Comedian Mg Myitta came to visit ‘me’

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 04:17 AM PDT

Myanmar Comedian Mg Myitta came to visit me at my clinic yesterday. Ko Tony brought him here. They went to Singapore for the Anyeint show. Arrived KL and on the way to Genting Highland, he got the news of his old friend 'Dr Ko Ko Gyi'. He met that Dr Ko Ko Gyi in England.  Mg Myitta was so happy and decided to see and pay respect to his old friend Dr Ko Ko Gyi.


But… once see me, he immediately noticed that I am not the one he was expecting. Actually that Dr Ko Ko Gyi was few years senior to me. Both of us are Myanmar Muslims, from Mandalay, studied in the same Institute of Medicine Mandalay, practiced in Myitnge and left Myanmar to work abroad. His younger brother late Dr Ko Ko Lay was my friend, we studied in the same batch.

I explained to Mg Myitta about Dr Ko Ko Gyi UK. I heard from others that he passed away few months ago.

He became obviously sad.

Anyway we became friends.

The "moderate" Imam Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 04:06 AM PDT

Are you in anyway suggesting that we the United States deserved what happened?

Rauf: ...United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.
....Osama Ben Laden was made in the USA.

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Malaysia Has Signed Disability Treaty But Problems Still In The Way

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 03:39 AM PDT

Malaysia: Disability Rights Treaty Ratification an 'Important Step' Concerns Remain on Government's Willingness to Enforce Convention FullyAugust 16, 2010
Malaysia has taken an important step to protect the rights of people with disabilities. But the convention should be seen as a springboard for changing Malaysian laws, policies, and practices that violate the rights of


Posted: 20 Aug 2010 02:45 AM PDT

Barely half an hour ago, Malayskini reported HERE that Former federal commercial crime investigation department chief Ramli Yusoff was acquitted of a charge for breaching laws preventing civil servants from being involved in private businesses.

Kuala Lumpur High Court judge SM Komathy Suppiah said that the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case as there was no evidence to prove that he was a director Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd on May 2, 2006. She said that even if that point was proven, the prosecution did not present any evidence to show that he was engaged in any form of trading while in his alleged capacity as a director of the said company.

Ramli was charged for violated the Public Officers' (Conduct and Discpline) Regulations 2002 which is an offence under Section 168 of the Penal Code. If convicted, Ramli could have been jailed for one year, fined or both.

This is the last of several cases brought against him in 2007, which he hinted was part of a wide conspiracy to ruin him. He was acquitted of all charges.

Background of the case

* 1 November 2007 - Datuk Ramli Yusoff reported at the headquarters of the Anti-Corruption came with BMW car with four lawyers.
He was indicted by the ACA for possession of assets worth RM27 million.

* 2 November 2007 - Ramli Yusuff was suspended from his duties, be detained until the court's decision on his case.

* 1 November 2007 - The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) accused Ramli Yusuff at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court , Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur of three charges. He pleaded not guilty to three charges and was released on bail of RM20, 000 in one surety pending trial 15 to January 19, 2008. Judge Komathy Suppiah to hear his case at 3:30 pm.

You can read up more on the background at THIS LINK which is a translation of Wikipedia's page on Ramli Yusoff.

On March 18th this year, Bernama reported HERE that the High Court here today dismissed an appeal by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against a Sessions Court's decision to acquit and discharge former Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Ramli Yusoff, on a charge of ordering the use of a police aircraft for his personal interest, nearly three years ago.

"After going through the relevant evidence and the grounds of judgement by the Sessions Court judge, I find she (sessions judge) was not wrong. Therefore, I hereby dismiss the appeal," Justice Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli said.

In MACC's bid to overturn the judgement, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Bache said the sessions court judge failed to appreciate the application of the law under which Ramli, a former Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Department director, was charged.

On July 27 last year, judge Supang Lian said the prosecution failed to prove a prima facie case and Ramli, 57, deserved to be acquitted and discharged.

The 59-day hearing between May 13, 2008 and July 6 last year saw the prosecution, represented by DPPs Kevin Morais and Joyce Blasius, calling 75 witnesses.

Ramli, who was then represented by Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and James Tsai, was charged on Nov 19, 2007 on charges that he had abused his powers as Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Department director for his pecuniary gain by ordering and using a Royal Malaysia Police Cessna Caravan aircraft to take him on an aerial surveillance of two lots in Ulu Tungku, Lahad Datu, in which his real estate company Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd had an interest.

The offence was allegedly committed at about 7.50am on June 15, 2007 at the Sabah Police Air Unit in Tanjung Aru near here.

Ramli pleaded not guilty to the offence which, upon conviction, carries a jail term of not more than 20 years and a minimum fine of RM10,000 under Section 15 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act, and was released on bail of RM20,000 with one surety.

He was however discharged and acquitted in 2009 by the Kota Kinabalu Sessions court of abusing his power as the Bukit Aman CCID director for his pecuniary gain.

The Kuala Lumpur Sessions court freed Ramli in March this year from three charges of failing the declare his assets, finding that the MACC-led prosecution could not prove a prima facie case against the former top-cop.

Throughout the ordeal, Ramli maintained allegations that the then Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) had mistreated officers in the CCID and that the police had failed to stand by him and his officers over the course of the ACA's investigations.

With this, Datuk Ramli Yusoff is now a 'free man' and many of us still remember his allegation that the charges against him were fixed.

For almost three years, he has not been able to serve in the police force and the nation has been deprived of his experience, talent and commitment.

This is what Datuk Muhamad said in his blog HERE about Datuk Ramli Yusoff:

Stories of him being a victim of some trampled up charges and false allegations are being repeatedly posted in the internet, but are silent in the mainstream media. Even the appearance of the IGP as a prosecution witness did not appeal to the Judge. Obviously, the IGP wasn't a good prosecution witness, and this had raised the perception in the minds of those who were following the case closely, that the allegation against Ramli is flawed. One can be forgiven if they now perceive that the IGP is himself the 'mastermind' to this whole affair i.e. a campaign of deceit and ruthless character assassination.

Ramli now has the chance to redeem himself, and to rebuild his character of a highly regarded and professional police officer that he once was. He may not be able to serve the force any longer because of his age, but the least he could do is to gain back what he had lost i.e. honour and dignity, and including all that is due to him monetarily. Certainly, he cannot be robbed of his pension and gratuity.

I have many friends in the police force, and what they say of this case is one that had brought shame to the police force. They are not too happy to see the third highest ranking police officer being treated like an outcast and shunned like a convicted person. Certainly, Ramli must have done something good for the force; otherwise he would not have been elevated to such a towering post in the force. This is where the force had failed him, and there is therefore every reason for Ramli to be 'sour' and angry.

I do not know how the ministry will react to Ramli's demand for reinstatement of his lost honour and dignity, and the two years that he has been placed in oblivion. There can be no amount of money to compensate for Ramli's losses, and even an apology from the IGP would mean little to Ramli.
Will he be given what he rightly deserves? Will he ascend to the position he rightly deserves by virtue of his experience, caliber and character?

This is indeed a blessing for Datuk Ramli Yusoff and his family during this Ramadhan season. May the Almighty continue to bless and protect him and his loved ones.

Najib: RM 480mil Remitted to State Consolidated Fund for 2012

Posted: 20 Aug 2010 12:52 AM PDT

85% of new drugs offer few benefits: Study

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 10:07 PM PDT

Lagi pengacara "dipancung" ...kini giliran stesen radio 988

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 02:36 PM PDT

Lim Hong Siang

Pengacara rancangan call-in "Say Hi to Malaysia" di stesen radio 98.8, Jamaluddin Ibrahim terpaksa "digugurkan" dari rancangan pada hari ini, lantaran daripada "tekanan politik". Jamaluddin diarahkan oleh stesen 98.8 untuk "mengambil cuti" mulai hari ini, dan tarikh tamatnya tempoh cuti ini masih tidak diketahui.

Dengan kata lain, pengacara keturunan Melayu yang terkenal dengan kefasihannya untuk bertutur dalam bahasa Cina ini, terpaksa menyusul jejak langkah pengamal media elektronik sebelum ini, termasuk Joshua Wong, Chou Z Lam dan Tan Ean Nee untuk mengundur diri.

Suara Jamaluddin Ibrahim tidak lagi kedengaran dalam rancangan pada pagi ini, yang berlangsung antara jam 8 hingga 10 pagi, dari Isnin ke Jumaat jikalau mengikut kebiasaan. Dua orang pengacara yang lain, Wong Chew Yat dan Joe Liaw gagal menahan sebak ketika mengumumkan bahawa Jamaluddin Ibrahim tidak lagi bersama dengan mereka di udara mulai hari ini.

Berikutan daripada pengumuman tersebut, stesen 98.8 telah dibanjiri dengan ribuan sms, dan deringan panggilan telefon yang tidak henti-henti pada pagi ini. Masing-masing menyatakan ketidakpuasan mereka ekoran daripada "tekanan" yang ditujukan kepada Jamaluddin, sehingga beliau terpaksa digugurkan.

Naik turunnya Jamaluddin

Jamaluddin Ibrahim, muncul sebagai pemerhati politik yang terkemuka di masyarakat Cina selepas "tsunami politik" pada 8 Mac 2008. Rata-rata tertarik dengan kefasihan beliau bertutur dan menulis dalam bahasa Cina, lantas diundang untuk menjadi panelis dalam forum dan kolumnis di media bahasa Cina.

Kemudian, Jamaluddin menjadi tumpuan media bahasa Cina dengan analisanya yang tajam ketika mengulas pemilihan parti MCA pada tahun 2008. Beliau kemudiannya menyertai 98.8, menjadi pengacara untuk mengulas isu hal ehwal semasa dalam rancangan Say Hi to Malaysia, mulai Mei 2009.

Stesen 98.8 merupakan salah satu saluran radio yang dimiliki oleh syarikat Star Rfm Sdn Bhd, anak syarikat kepada Star Publications (M) Bhd. MCA menguasai Star Publications melalui sayap pelaburan parti, iaitu Huaren Holdings.

Bagaimanapun, Jamaluddin mencungkil beberapa pertikaian terutamanya ketika perebutan kuasa antara sekta Ong Tee Keat dengan Chua Soi Lek. Beliau dilihat menyebelahi Ong Tee Keat ketika memberi komentar, dan keadaan ini mengundang ketidakpuasan daripada sekta Chua Soi Lek dan Ong Ka Ting.

Justeru itu, selepas Chua Soi Lek terpilih sebagai Presiden MCA baru pada Mac 2010, Jamaluddin menjadi tumpuan ramai - sama ada Chua Soi Lek akan "memancungnya" atau tidak. Chua Soi Lek pernah menegaskan bahawa dirinya tidak akan campur tangan dalam media yang dimiliki MCA, namun pada masa yang sama memberi amaran agar barisan pengamal media yang dilihat sebagai sekta Ong Tee Keat tidak melampau. "Pandai-pandai dan jaga-jagalah", katanya.

Rancangan call-in yang popular

Sementara itu, Say Hi to Malaysia menjadi antara rancangan yang paling popular untuk stesen 98.8, mencatat bilangan audien setinggi 600,000 hingga 700,000 orang, kerana menyediakan pentas untuk pandangan yang lebih kritikal. Biarpun media ini dimiliki MCA, namun pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat turut diberi ruang dalam rancangan ini.

Misalnya, kejadian peniaga Cina cuba membakar diri di KOMTAR sebagai tanda protes terhadap kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang baru-baru ini, rancangan ini telah menemuramah peniaga tersebut melalui telefon, Teoh Bak Seng, disusuli dengan maklum balas Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng. Tidak cukup dengan itu, panelis yang diundang pada hari tersebut juga memberi komen sebagai respon terhadap peristiwa ini.

Bukan itu sahaja, komentar yang diutarakan dalam rancangan ini juga mengungkit rasa tidak senang hati pihak tertentu. Antaranya, pengacara rancangan ini membacakan sms yang dihantar oleh audien, yang kadang-kala mengusik pemimpin-pemimpin dalam kerajaan Barisan Nasional.

Untuk sesetengah audiens, rancangan ini memberi ruang yang lebih seimbang kepada pembangkang jikalau dibandingkan dengan media arus perdana yang lain. Namun, dari kaca mata pihak berkuasa, rancangan sebegini semestinya"tidak seimbang" dan bias terhadap pihak kerajaan.

Dalam surat amaran yang diterima semalam (18 Ogos), Suruhanjaya Multimedia dan Komunikasi Malaysia (MCMC) merujuk kepada rancangan yang berlangsung pada 13 Ogos, membicarakan isu hubungan kaum di negara kita. Tetamu khas pada hari itu, OuYoung adalah warga Malaysia yang duduk di Amerika Syarikat, membandingkan hubungan kaum antara negara kita dengan negara Barat tersebut.

Tekanan daripada MCMC

Biarpun tidak menjelaskan secara terperinci hujah manakah yang melanggar undang-undang, namun stesen 98.8 kini berdepan dengan tekanan dan risiko untuk diambil tindakan di bawah Akta Multimedia dan Komunikasi 1998. Dalam keadaan sebegitu, pihak pengurusan atasan stesen 98.8 mengambil langkah supaya Jamaluddin Ibrahim "mengambil cuti dan berehat" buat sementara.

Dengan kata lain, nasib Jamaluddin tidak menentu buat sementara waktu. Seandainya beliau terpaksa mengikut jejak Joshua Wong (yang meletak jawatan sebagai protes kerana self-censorship), Chou Z Lam (yang dihentikan RTM sebelum tempoh perkhidmatan tamat mengikut kontrak) dan Tan Ean Nee (yang tidak diperbaharui kontraknya oleh RTM); maka ia semestinya petanda kepada ruang kebebasan bersuara yang semakin sempit dalam zaman pemerintahan Perdana Menteri ke-6, Najib Razak. - Merdeka Review

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Jangan Jadi Orang Gila

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 04:43 PM PDT

Aku tidak mahu menjadi orang gila kerana orang gila selalu membuat keputusan yang tersangat menyimpang dari garis - garis normal. Minum air bungkus di dalam tong sampah, bercakap seorang diri, bercakap sesuatu perkara yang tidak masuk akal dan sebagainya.

Namun aku, kamu semua sekarang dipaksa untuk menjadi gila. Sikap gila oleh sesetengah pihak dan individu tertentu. Mereka gila habis kita semua dipaksa menjadi gila. Contohnya, siapa tidak kenal Zahid Hamidi. Hari ini lagi jelas kegilaan dia. Lim Guan Eng hadir majlis pemberian zakat Zahid Hamidi keluar fatwa kata tak boleh. Nurul Izzah kata kapal selam yang bernilai berbillion ringgit tidak boleh selam dia kata Nurul Izzah penderhaka. Gila semuanya sudah gila. Zajid Hamidi produk dari Umno dan Barisan Nasional. Semua kita tahu, Umno dan Barisan Nasional dalam keadaan yang cukup bahaya. Maka tidak kira betapa gila sesuatu hujah sekali pun, serang tetap serang. Tapi Zahid Hamidi, jangan jadi gila sangat. Nak jadi gila sekali pun biarlah ada gaya. Kasihan la, menteri kita punyai hujah yang tersangatlah gila.

Selepas itu pula, kita dipaksa menjadi gila dengan isu sebutir peluru yang dihantarkan kepada Tony Pua. Pihak berkuasa kata kemungkinan ianya dihantar oleh Tony Pua sendiri. Hebat tersangatlah hebat. Nyawa orang sekarang tiada nilai di Malaysia. Ya tidak dapat dinafikan, isu ini sebenarnya membuatkan rakyat semakin jauh dari Umno dan BN. Jadi caranya, alihkan isu ini seolah - olah Tony Pua yang buat kerja gila ini. Kerja gila ini bukan datang dari penyokong Ketuanan Melayu totok. Gila, memang gila.

Dahulu bukan main lagi, sumpah keramat di sana - sini. Berjanji tidak akan meninggalkan perjuangan. Oleh kerana Anwar Ibrahim tidak belai pipinya. Tidak mengangkat dia dalam ceramah - ceramah siri Anwar Ibrahim, maka merajuk. Itulah dia Ezam Mohd Noor. Seorang manusia yang terkena penyakit KKS (Kurang Kasih Sayang). Oleh kerana terkena penyakit itu, maka dia pun menjadi gila. Serang Anwar Ibrahim, serang Wan Azizah. Asalkan dia dapat melepaskan dendam merajuk. Gila, memang gila. Ezam dan Ibrahim Ali sama sahaja. Kurang Kasih Sayang. Dahulu bukan main menjerit terpekik terlolong membela rakyat. Sekarang lihatlah. Jangan paksa rakyat Malaysia turut jadi gila.

Kita rakyat Malaysia, harus tahan mental. Jangan terikut dengan kegilaan mereka yang gila ini dan Umno khasnya. Mereka sekarang ditahap sudah mahu menjadi gila kerana kekuasaan yang mereka ada semakin tipis. Mereka bersungguh - sungguh mempertahankannya sehingga ada suatu ketika urat - urat di kepala mereka sudah mula putus. Jadikan mereka ini sebagai bahan lawak kita. Ketawa sepuas - puasnya. Bila tiba ketikanya nanti, KITA BUANG MEREKA KE LAUT CHINA SELATAN!

Parking fact of the day

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 11:17 AM PDT

Several studies have found that cruising for curb parking generates about 30 percent of the traffic in central business districts. In a recent survey conducted by Bruce Schaller in the SoHo district in Manhattan, 28 percent of drivers interviewed while they were stopped at traffic lights said they were searching for curb parking. A similar study conducted by Transportation Alternatives in the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn found that 45 percent of drivers were cruising.

...What causes this astonishing waste? As is often the case, the prices are wrong. A national study of downtown parking found that the average price of curb parking is only 20 percent that of parking in a garage, giving drivers a strong incentive to cruise.

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Hello PR, sudah-sudahlah janjikan bulan dan bintang

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