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im confused.

dont know what to do.
dont know what i want.
i want something that i cant get, maybe?
do i really know what i want?
do i know myself?
am i being honest enough to myself?
how about other people?
do i know them?
do i care for them?

i need to restart again. i really do.

All Hail The Queen ...

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'... The Shih Tzu is one of the smallest and cutest dogs you can take as a pet. This elegant dog breed from China was the most cherished and pampered pet of royal families in the early times. They have an air of royalty and love to be pampered and given more attention ...'

I got that excerpt off a site that specializes in Shih Tzu's and I have to tell you that every single one of those words are absolutely true, especially the part about air of royalty. Pebbles, my little lovable dog, thinks she's the queen of this house and has of late become so pampered that she insists on making wifey feed her by hand!

She sure acts the royalty part by strutting around the house like a princess and demanding attention. But she is a lovable, extremely loyal and friendly little dog though a little on the pompous side at times.

We've had Pebbles for more than a year now and in that time she's gone from being a timid little dog that follows us around (she still does follow us around) to one that now acts like she's the queen of the house. She's so manja (pampered) these days that if she doesn't get what she wants, she'll go and sit in a corner and sulk. And she's good at sulking.

She knows how to make this incredibly pitiful face that you'd just melt and do all her bidding ... well, most of the time anyway. Both wifey and me are wise to her little tricks but she's so good at it that we always end up falling for it ... LOL!

These days, she's got wifey to hand feed her her dinner even. She's gone from just eating dog biscuits (which she totally ignores these days) to eating home made chicken and rice meals and her favourite JerHigh packed food (her favourite is chicken crumble in gravy). Those home cooked chicken and rice meals are cooked personally by wifey where she'll boil the chicken and then tear the chicken into strips and mixed it with rice and some gravy.

We feed her alternately between the home cooked meals and the packed ones and she always insists on making wifey hand feed her like a little child! Wifey will prepare her meal and put it in her dog bowl and she'll just come up to it, look at it, walk away and sit a few feet away from her bowl and won't eat her dinner until wifey has to go and feed her by hand and only then will she eat her dinner!

Gee, even I don't get that kind of preferential treatment! Maybe next time wifey prepares my dinner, I'll look at it, smell it and walk away too ... LOL! She really has gone from being just a pet to a spoiled brat. You should see the amount of treats she has lying around the house. And she knows those are her treats cos everytime she wants one, she'll come and look at me or wifey and then at her treats indicating that she wants one right this instant. Of course she doesn't always get her whims answered.

I think she's the only dog I know that must have breakfast. Every morning, after wifey and me come back from our running sessions, she'll wait for us to take our bath and then rush downstairs to eagerly wait for us to prepare her breakfast. Sometimes we'll be a little late and she'll give us this, I'm hungry already look and rush us to go downstairs. Like I said, she thinks she's the queen of the house ... LOL!

But queen or no queen, she is an adorable little dog. She's extremely loyal and doesn't really need much of anything except to be loved. She enjoys our company as much as we enjoy hers. Even right now as I type this post and listening to wifey's Samsung player, she's fast asleep right at my feet at the very edge of my chair that I don't dare move my chair for fear of rolling over her. She has this habit of sleeping or walking so close to you that half the time I'm almost tripping over her as she runs along between my feet.

She's very close to wifey and especially me, probably because I'm the first person she knew in this house. Every time wifey and me go out, we'd leave her with the boys and when we get back a little later than normal, she'll run to the gate and start barking at us as if to say,

'What took you guys so long'

And she would jump so high from excitement at seeing us. It's a sight to warm the heart :D But royalty, pompous or pampered, I don't think we could do without her around barking at the neighbors dogs, growling at the stray cats in the backyard or even just cuddling up between wifey and me as we watch TV. She's more than just a pet. She's part of the family now.


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Lim Lian Geok Cultural Development Centre, in conjunction with SUARAM and Sembang-sembang Forum Group, will be screening the highly acclaimed film "Gadoh" by KOMAS on Saturday night @ 8.00p.m. at the PCGHS hall.

Gadoh produced by Anna Har and directed by Brenda Danker and Namron tells a story of a group of teenagers who fought each other along racial lines; a cycle of hatred and violence further escalated by their environment and school system.

What was to be a quick resolution to improve the school's bad image, was taken as an opportunity for one teacher who believed that real change was possible. She ropes in the help of an old friend and reluctant maverick theater activist for this arduous task.

Is there hope amidst the cycle of discrimination that surrounds us?

Watch Gadoh for their story, and what it may very well tell us about ourselves. The 70 minute film features Namron, Nicholas Liew Davis, Zahiril Adzim, Amerul Affendi and Maya Tan Abdullah.

The film screening will be followed by a sharing session by a group of youths on their experiences in "Living in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society".

The Lim Lian Geok Cultural Development Centre was formed in 1985. Its main objectives are to uphold the principles of democracy, human rights and respect for individuals and ethnic diversities. It also aims to cherish a culture of solidarity, friendship, cooperation and constructiveness. The Centre was formed in memory of the late Mr. Lim Lian Geok (1901-1985) who was a pioneer Chinese educationist and former leader of the Jiao Zong. The current chairman of the Lim Lian Geok's Cultural Development Centre is Dato Dr. Toh Kin Woon.

Penangites - please mark this event in your diary and try to catch this movie. See you there!

*This post was written based on information from Sembang-Sembang Forum and Gaduh.

World Cosplay Summit 2010 Parade

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Cosplay parade at the 2010 World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan…

Video via Hakuto0505@Youtube. Heaven for cosplay fans lol.

World Cosplay Summit 2010 Parade from YeinJee's Asian Blog

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Bahagianya kecelakaan, celakanya kebahagiaan

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Benarkah kamu hebat? Mereka kata kamu mempunyai akal dan rasional. Boleh bertindak dan berfikir. Miliki, mengawal kebebasan untuk membina dan mengubahsuai alam mental dan fizikal. Adakah begitu?? Didengar kamu dicipta lebih kurang 200 tahun dahulu. Seluruh dunia berpesta menyambut kedatangan kamu. Pernah ditulis, banyak dikorban untuk menerima kamu.
Mati untuk apa? Kerana kamu la! Kamu ini, yang dikatakan membawa cahaya pencerahan. Yang dapat mengubati mereka yang sakit, membawa kekayaan kepada mereka yang miskin, naikkan keadilan menentang penindasan, dan membuka mata yang sebelum ini buta. Semua datang la melihat ciptaan yang agung ini.

Tidak! Kamu jangan menipu! Yang ada hanya kemusnahan dan penindasan.

Kemusnahan dan penindasan?? Ini kekuatan. Yang lemah mesti disingkirkan! dijatuhkan! naikkan, tegakkan api pencerahan! Kebebasan, keadilan, kesaksamaan. Nilai yang suci, pegangan suci. Kini bebas, dengan rasional dan hak alam. Untuk bawa kebaikan kepada yang lemah, yang tidak berpendidikan, yang tidak faham.

Tunggu! Hormat lah, jangan angkuh! Pernahkah kamu fikir dari mana kamu datang?  Kamu wujud untuk sebab, untuk tujuan yang lebih besar, yang lebih bermakna. Datangnya kamu, kehadiran kamu, hanya kerana izinnya. Kamu di sini untuk membuat kerjanya.

Kelahiran kamu dibenarkan. Kamu dilahirkan hanya kerana saya! Tanpa saya tidak mungkin kamu wujud! Tidak akan wujud! Ikut la cakap, ikut la perintah dan semua akan dilindungi, dijagai. Yang ingkar, yang angkuh, yang mencabar, akan dihukum.

Semua yang diperlukan telah sedia ada. Jangan berfikir! Jangan bertanya! Kenapa hendak berfikir, bila semua yang sedia ada, yang diberi, sudah penuh sempurna?

Tunduk! Dengar kata-kata saya! Bacalah kata-kata saya! Yang disampaikan untuk sepanjang zaman. Kembalilah sebelum terlambat. Semua akan dimaafkan, diberi peluang.

Apa yang kamu merapu? Mengarut! Kamu ini yang tidak wujud, tidak kelihatan. Bukankah kamu sudah mati sejak dulu lagi? Berambuslah! Janji kepada nilai-nilai, impian, yang tidak dapat dicapai, diperolehi.

Lihatlah datangnya manusia merdeka, manusia berfikir. Ciptaan, pencapaian terunggul. Tuan kepada segala-galanya. Kamu bebas! Buat lah apa sahaja yang kamu ingin. Ciptaan teragung, ciptaan terhebat. Tiada, tidak ada yang menghalangmu. Suara karut, kata-kata yang menggilakan sudah, mesti dibisukan.

Bangkitlah! Runtuhkan lah segala-gala yang menghalangmu. Penderitaan adalah kegembiraan. Kesengsaraan adalah kecantikan. Pembunuhan, keindahan.

Bagaimana lagi kalau tidak begini? Ciptaan terunggul. Ciptaan kebanggaan.

Musa Hassan Wajar Dibersarakan

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IGP tidak pasti kontraknya akan disambung

Tan Sri Musa Hassan berkata beliau tidak pasti sama ada kontraknya sebagai Ketua Polis Negara yang berakhir pada 12 September ini akan disambungkan untuk kali ketiga.

Ketika diajukan soalan itu oleh wartawan pada satu majlis di Putrajaya, Musa enggan mengulas khabar angin bahawa kontraknya itu mungkin disambung lagi.

"Saya tidak mempunyai sebarang pengetahuan mengenainya," kata Musa yang kemudiannya beredar.

Kontrak Musa, 59, sebelum ini dilanjutkan selama dua tahun pada 2007 dan disambung lagi untuk setahun pada 2009.

Ketua setiausaha Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Datuk Mahmood Adam berkata pihaknya tidak menerima sebarang permohonan bagi melanjutkan kontark Musa.

"Kalau ada apa-apa, kita yang pertama akan mengetahui tetapi setakat ini kita tiada maklumat (berhubung sambungan kontrak itu)," katanya ketika dihubungi.

Khabar angin kontrak Musa akan dilanjutkan timbul baru-baru ini kerana ada pihak yang mendakwa ketiadaan calon yang sesuai untuk dilantik sebagai ketua polis negara yang baru.

Menurut khabar angin itu, Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan pentadbirannya berpuas hati dengan prestasi Musa.

Pihak pembangkang, bagaimanapun membantah tempoh Musa sebagai ketua polis negara dilanjutkan. Ini khususnya kerana pembabitannya dengan perbicaraan liwat yang melibatkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada 1999.

Beberapa kenyataannya sebelum ini juga menimbulkan pelbagai kontroversi dan kritikan. Terbaru, pada April lalu, beliau mencadangkan polis berundur daripada meronda berikutan bantahan orang ramai berhubung cara polis menangani kes seorang remaja, Aminulrasyid Amzah yang ditembak mati polis. -mk

Ulasan GB

Musa Hassan. Itu namanya. Dikenali pertama kali oleh rakyat Malaysia sebagai pengangkut tilam di dalam kes liwat Anwar. Kemudian dinaikkan pangkat, naik, naik sampai pegang Ketua Polis Negara.

Beliau mempunyai rekod yang paling hodoh sebagai KPN, malah beliau menipu kelulusannya. SIla ikuti laporan di bawah:

Ahli Parlimen Subang R Sivarasa hari ini membuat laporan di Balai Polis Damansara Utama, di sini terhadap keterangan palsu Ketua Polis Negara Musa Hassan yang mendakwa beliau (Musa) mempunyai kelulusan Ijazah Undang-Undang.

"Musa telah melakukan kesalahan jenayah dengan memberi keterangan palsu kepada mahkamah berhubung kelulusan akademiknya," kata Sivarasa yang turut diiringi oleh Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Selatan Hee Loy Sian.

Beliau yang juga Naib Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat berkata, "apa yang dibuat oleh Musa adalah satu kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 191 Kanun Keseksaan dan boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen 193 Kanun yang sama."

Menurut beliau, Musa mendakwa beliau memiliki Ijazah Undang-Undang ketika memberi keterangan bersumpah dalam satu pembicaraan kehakiman iaitu dalam perkara Pendakwa Raya melawan Anwar Ibrahim dalam Wilayah Persekutuan Perbicaraan Kes No: 45-48-98 dan 48-49-98 pada 14 Disember 1998.

"Pada hal, beliau sendiri ketahui bahawa beliau hanya memiliki kelulusan Diploma in Law (diploma biasa) sahaja dan tidak pernah memiliki Ijazah Undang-Undang daripada mana-mana Universiti dalam atau Luar Negeri," katanya.

Sivarasa berkata, "kenyataan palsu Musa ini bersifat material kerana ianya mempengaruhi kredibiliti dan keboleh-percayaan peribadi beliau dalam pembicaraan kehakiman ini.

GB pernah mengulas hal ini dimana GB menyatakan:

Jika benar Musa Hassan menipu mengenai kelulusan akademiknya berarti wang gaji yang diterimanya selama ini tidak sah dan perlu dibayar semula kepada Perbendaharaan Negara.

Selain itu ia adalah "wang haram" kerana gaji yang diperolehi adalah tidak bersih kerana terdapatnya unsur penipuan untuk membolehkan beliau menjawat jawatan KPN.

Bagaimana seorang anak kepada seorang ustaz (Hassan Azahari) boleh memakan harta dengan cara yang tidak betul dan bersih?


Posted: 06 Aug 2010 06:14 AM PDT

Melioidosis (also called Whitmore disease or Nightcliff gardener's disease) is an infectious disease caused by a Gram-negative bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei, found in soil and water. It is of public health importance in endemic areas, particularly in Thailand and northern Australia. It exists in acute and chronic forms. Symptoms may include pain in chest, bones, or joints; cough; skin infections, lung nodules and pneumonia.

B. pseudomallei was thought to be a member of the Pseudomonas genus and was previously known as Pseudomonas pseudomallei. It is phylogenetically related closely to Burkholderia mallei which causes glanders, an infection primarily of horses, donkeys and mules. The name Melioidosis is derived from the Greek melis meaning "a distemper of asses" with the suffixes -oid meaning "similar to" and -osis meaning "a condition" i.e. a condition similar to glanders.


Melioidosis is endemic in parts of the world of southeast Asia (including Thailand,[1] Singapore,[2] Malaysia, Burma and Vietnam), Taiwan[3][4] and northern Australia.[5][6] Multiple cases have also been described in southern China[7] and Hong Kong, Brunei,[8] India,[9] and Laos, and sporadic cases in Central and South America, the Middle East, the Pacific and several African countries. Although only one case of melioidosis has ever been reported in Bangladesh,[10] at least five cases have been imported to the UK from that country, which suggests that melioidosis is endemic to that country and that there is a serious problem of underdiagnosis or under-reporting,[11] most likely due to a lack of adequate laboratory facilities.

Northeast Thailand has the highest incidence of melioidosis recorded in the world (12.7 cases of melioidosis per 100,000 people per year).[12] In Northeast Thailand, 80% of children are positive for antibodies against B. pseudomallei by the age of 4;[13] the figures are lower in other parts of the world.[14][15][16][17]

Melioidosis is a recognised disease in animals, including cats,[18] goats, sheep, and horses. Cattle, water buffalo, and crocodiles are considered to be relatively resistant to melioidosis despite their constant exposure to mud.[19] An outbreak at the Paris Zoo in the 1970s ("L'affaire du jardin des plantes") was thought to have originated from an imported panda.[20]

Burkholderia pseudomallei is normally found in soil and surface water; a history of contact with soil or surface water is therefore almost invariable in patients with melioidosis;[5] that said, the majority of patients who do have contact with infected soil suffer no ill effects. Even within an area, the distribution of B. pseudomallei within the soil can be extremely patchy.[21][22] Contaminated ground water was implicated in one outbreak in northern Australia.[23]

The single most important risk factor for developing severe melioidosis is diabetes mellitus. Other risk factors include thalassaemia, kidney disease, and occupation (rice paddy farmers).[24] The mode of infection is believed to be either through a break in the skin, or through the inhalation of aerosolized B. pseudomallei.

There is a clear association with increased rainfall: with the number (and severity) of cases increasing following increased precipitation.[25][26][2][27][28]

[edit] Clinical features

[edit] Acute melioidosis

In the subgroup of patients where an inoculating event was noted, the mean incubation period of acute melioidosis was 9 days (range 1–21 days).[29] Patients with latent melioidosis may be symptom free for decades; the longest period between presumed exposure and clinical presentation is 62 years.[30] The potential for prolonged incubation was recognized in US servicemen involved in the Vietnam War, and was referred to as the "Vietnamese time-bomb". There is a wide spectrum of severity; in chronic presentations, symptoms may last months, but fulminant infection, particularly associated with near-drowning, may present with severe symptoms over hours.

A patient with active melioidosis usually presents with fever. Pain or other symptoms may be suggestive of a clinical focus, which is found in around 75% of patients. Such symptoms include cough or pleuritic chest pain suggestive of pneumonia, bone or joint pain suggestive of osteomyelitis or septic arthritis, or cellulitis. Intra-abdominal infection (including liver and/or splenic abscesses, or prostatic abscesses) do not usually present with focal pain, and imaging of these organs using ultrasound or CT should be performed routinely. In one series of 214 patients, 27.6% had abscesses in the liver or spleen (95% confidence interval, 22.0% to 33.9%). It has been suggested that B. pseudomallei abscesses have a characteristic "honeycomb" or "swiss cheese" architecture (hypoechoic, multi-septate, multiloculate) on CT.[31][32]

There are regional variations in disease presentation: parotid abscesses characteristically occur in Thai children but this presentation has only been described once in Australia.[33] Conversely, prostatic abscesses are found in up to 20% of Australian males but are rarely described elsewhere. An encephalomyelitis syndrome is recognised in northern Australia.

Patients with melioidosis usually have risk factors for disease, such as diabetes, thalassemia, hazardous alcohol use or renal disease, and frequently give a history of occupational or recreational exposure to mud or pooled surface water.[34] However, otherwise healthy patients, including children, may also get melioidosis.

In up to 25% of patients, no focus of infection is found and the diagnosis is usually made on blood cultures or throat swab. Melioidosis is said to be able to affect any organ in the body except the heart valves (endocarditis). Although meningitis has been described secondary to ruptured brain abscesses, primary meningitis has not been described. Less common manifestations include intravascular infection, lymph node abscesses (1.2–2.2%),[35] pyopericardium and myocarditis, mediastinal infection, and thyroid and scrotal abscesses and ocular infection.

Chronic melioidosis

Chronic melioidosis is usually defined by a duration of symptoms greater than 2 months and occurs in approximately 10% of patients. The clinical presentation of chronic melioidosis is protean and includes such presentations as chronic skin infection, skin ulcers and lung nodules or chronic pneumonia, closely mimicking tuberculosis, sometimes being called "Vietnamese tuberculosis".[36] Chronic melioidosis can mimic tuberculous pericarditis.[37]

Read all at the source_ Wikipedia:Melioidosis

Just drinking the soft-drink tins without washing could be dangerous (Leptospirosis and melioidosis)

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When I was in UHKL, one of the Professor's younger brother, a very high level Central Bank (Bank Negaa) official was admitted to our hospital. Only at the serious stage when his internal organs start to fail, the cause was found out. The Professor was furious. Actually at the retrogade interrogation only we found out that he bought soft drink tins which were contaminated with rat urine and without cleaning, just opened the lids and drunk.

Many Foreign illegal immigrants including many Myanmars died at various Malaysian Immigration detention camps because of the contamination of the drinking water with animal urine.

Special Team To Study Melioidosis, Leptospirosis Bacterial Mortality


By: Ramjit


KUANTAN, July 29 (Bernama) — A special team will be formed to study the mortality of the melioidosis and leptospirosis bacteria, especially in the three high-risk areas of Pahang.

State Local Government, Environment and Health Committee chairman Datuk Hoh Khai Mun said from reports by the medical specialists, the three areas were Jerantut, Lipis and Maran which had experienced the disease outbreaks before.

"The state government has agreed to form a committee through the Health Department to undertake a comprehensive study on the bacterial mobility in the areas at risk," he said after presenting awards for the school-level recycling campaign by F&N Beverages and the Kuantan Municipal Council, here Thursday.

Hoh said the team would be joined by an expert on bacteria from the International Islamic University Malaysia.

He said the findings of the study would enable the state government to take early precautionary measures to prevent a recurrence of the disease outbreak.

However, he added, the special team would only begin work after the situation in the Lubuk Yu recreational forest in Maran returned to normal.

Hoh said so far, seven among several people involved in a search and rescue operation to look for a man drowned in the waterfall area had died after they contracted melioidosis and leptospirosis.

Newspapers on Thursday reported that a 15-year-old from Bentong had died on July 21 from melioidosis infection after he had a cut on his left knee in a game of football at a school field in the district.

However, the death of the teenager, Ng Wai Kin, who was also diabetic, was reported to have no connection with the cases in Lubuk Yu as he had never been to the area.

Hoh advised the public not to panic, but said those at high risk especially diabetics, should seek immediate treatment if they have symptoms of the two diseases.

He said all those who died from the diseases so far, had been confirmed to have diabetes.


Leptospirosis (also known as Weil's disease, Weil's syndrome, canicola fever, canefield fever, nanukayami fever, 7-day fever, Rat Catcher's Yellows, Fort Bragg fever, and Pretibial fever) is a bacterial zoonotic disease caused by spirochaetes of the genus Leptospira that affects humans and a wide range of animals, including mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. The disease was first described by Adolf Weil in 1886 when he reported an "acute infectious disease with enlargement of spleen, jaundice and nephritis". Leptospira was first observed in 1907 from a post mortem renal tissue slice. In 1908, Inada and Ito first identified it as the causative organism  and in 1916 noted its presence in rats.

Though being recognised among the world's most common zoonoses, leptospirosis is a relatively rare bacterial infection in humans. The infection is commonly transmitted to humans by allowing water that has been contaminated by animal urine to come in contact with unhealed breaks in the skin, eyes or with the mucous membranes.

Leptospirosis is caused by a spirochaete bacterium called Leptospira spp. that has at least 5 serovars of importance in the United States and Canada causing disease in dogs (Icterohaemorrhagiae, Canicola, Pomona, Grippotyphosa, and Bratislava)[5]. There are other (less common) infectious strains. Genetically different leptospira organisms may be identical serologically and vice versa. Hence, an argument exists on the basis of strain identification. The traditional serologic system is seemingly more useful from a diagnostic and epidemiologic standpoint at the moment (which may change with further development and spread of technologies like PCR).

Leptospirosis is transmitted by the urine of an infected animal and is contagious as long as it is still moist. Although rats, mice and moles are important primary hosts, a wide range of other mammals including dogs, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, cows, sheep, raccoons, possums, skunks, and certain marine mammals are able to carry and transmit the disease as secondary hosts. Dogs may lick the urine of an infected animal off the grass or soil, or drink from an infected puddle. There have been reports of "house dogs" contracting leptospirosis apparently from licking the urine of infected mice that entered the house. The type of habitats most likely to carry infective bacteria are muddy riverbanks, ditches, gullies, and muddy livestock rearing areas where there is regular passage of either wild or farm mammals. There is a direct correlation between the amount of rainfall and the incidence of leptospirosis, making it seasonal in temperate climates and year-round in tropical climates.

Leptospirosis is also transmitted by the semen of infected animals.[6] Slaughterhouse workers can contract the disease through contact with infected blood or body fluids.

Humans become infected through contact with water, food, or soil containing urine from these infected animals. This may happen by swallowing contaminated food or water, or through skin contact. The disease is not known to be spread from person to person and cases of bacterial dissemination in convalescence are extremely rare in humans. Leptospirosis is common among water-sport enthusiasts in specific areas as prolonged immersion in water is known to promote the entry of the bacteria. Surfers and whitewater paddlers [7] are at especially high risk in areas that have been shown to contain the bacteria, and can contract the disease by swallowing contaminated water, splashing contaminated water into their eyes or nose, or exposing open wounds to infected water.[8] Occupations at risk include veterinarians, slaughterhouse workers, farmers, sewer workers, and people working on derelict buildings, rowers are also sometimes known to contract the disease.[5]


Leptospiral infection in humans causes a range of symptoms, and some infected persons may have no symptoms at all. Leptospirosis is a biphasic disease that begins with flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, myalgias, intense headache). The first phase resolves, and the patient is briefly asymptomatic until the second phase begins. This is characterized by meningitis, liver damage (causing jaundice), and renal failure. The infection is often wrongly diagnosed due to the wide range of symptoms. This leads to a lower registered number of cases than actually exist. Symptoms of leptospirosis include high fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting, and may include jaundice, red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and rash. The symptoms in humans appear after a 4–14 day incubation period.

The incubation period (time of exposure to first symptoms) in animals is anywhere from 2 to 20 days. In dogs the liver and kidney are most commonly damaged by leptospirosis. Vasculitis can occur, causing edema and potentially disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Myocarditis, pericarditis, meningitis, and uveitis are also possible sequelae.[5] One should strongly suspect leptospirosis and include it as part of a differential diagnosis if the sclerae of the dog's eyes appear jaundiced (even slightly yellow). The absence of jaundice does not eliminate the possibility of leptospirosis, and its presence could indicate hepatitis or other liver pathology rather than leptospirosis. Vomiting, fever, failure to eat, reduced urine output, unusually dark or brown urine, and lethargy are also indications of the disease.

Read all at the Source: 1. Wikipedis, Leptospirosis

2, A review of leptospirosis in Malaysia

Journal Veterinary Research Communications
Publisher Springer Netherlands
ISSN 0165-7380 (Print) 1573-7446 (Online)
Issue Volume 12, Numbers 2-3 / March, 1988
1El Jalii, I. M. and 2Bahaman, A. R.
1Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Khartoum, Sudan
2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Universiti Putra Malays ia
43400, Serdang, Selangor

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Not at Ground Zero

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 04:56 AM PDT

The story of the proposed mosque at the site of the World Trade Center has been thoroughly misrepresented, as have the parties behind the project. They present themselves as ambassadors of moderate Islam. Daisy Khan, executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, says the project aims to put the Muslim community "at the front and center to start the healing."

Ms. Khan knows better, because she is also Mrs. Feisal Abdul Rauf, the wife of the main Islamic cleric behind the project. Rauf is no moderate. He presents himself as a peacemaking Islamic Gandhi, but he is in fact an apologist for the terrorist outfit Hamas, which he refuses even to identify as a terrorist organization. Nor is Rauf exactly full-throated in his rejection of terrorism, offering only this: "The issue of terrorism is a very complex question." While he cannot quite bring himself to blame the terrorists for being terrorists, he finds it easy to blame the United States for being a victim of terrorism: "I wouldn't say that the United States deserved what happened, but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened."

As National Review's Andrew C. McCarthy has documented, Rauf's book, published in the West as What's Right with Islam Is What's Right with America, had a significantly different title abroad: A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa in the Heart of America Post-9/11. "Dawa" means Islamic proselytizing, a process that ends in the imposition of sharia. The book was published abroad with the assistance of the Islamic Society of North America and the International Institute of Islamic Thought, which are two appendages of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization behind much of the world's murderous Islamic terrorism. The Islamic Society of North America was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case . The co-founder and president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Shaykh Taha Jabir al-Awani, was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Sami al-Arian terrorism case.

This dispute has been presented as a question of whether an Islamic center and mosque should be built in proximity to the scene of the worst act of Islamic terrorism — and the worst act of political violence — ever committed on U.S. soil. But at least as germane to the dispute is the question of whether these particular parties ought to be doing so. The fact that an apologist for terrorists and an associate of terrorist-allied organizations is proceeding with this provocation is indecent. We have thousands of mosques in the United States, and who knows how many Islamic cultural centers in New York City. We do not need this one, in this place, built by these people. We're all stocked up on Hamas apologists, thanks very much.

The libertarians among us are wrong to take a blasé attitude toward this, asking, "If their permit applications are in order, why not?" Here is why not: because this is not just a zoning dispute. The World Trade Center is, in effect, the gravesite of 3,000 Americans who died at the hands of Islamist radicals, and to build a mosque on this site — particularly a mosque with Muslim Brotherhood connections — would be extraordinarily unseemly. We will not appeal to the official powers to use the machinery of government to stop this project. We appeal, instead, to the sense of decency of the American Muslim community, and to its patriotism.

Beyond that, Americans should make their displeasure with this project felt economically and socially: No contractor, construction company, or building-trades union that accepts a dime of the Cordoba Initiative's money should be given a free pass—nobody who sells them so much as a nail, or a hammer to drive it in with. This is an occasion for boycotts and vigorous protests — and, above all, for bringing down a well-deserved shower of shame upon those involved with this project, and on those politicians who have meekly gone along with it. It is an indecent proposal and an intentional provocation. The Editors in the National Review


Posted: 06 Aug 2010 04:23 AM PDT

The various headlines of online news portals and MSM tell us one thing - that our political parties are in a crisis situation. A crisis can be any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of a group usually brought on by adverse or negative media attention. Politicians from BOTH sides of the divide have been affected either directly or indirectly. Naturally, any onlooker is likely to conclude that response to the crisis situations have been far from appropriate.

There is one difference though - whilst the BN may be getting the brunt of adverse media attention, we must remember that they have at their disposal, professional consultants to steer them out of troubled waters. Obviously, PR practitioners can attest to the fact that if a crisis situation is handled correctly, the damage can be minimized.

The most crucial remedy to a crisis such as in the PKFZ scandal and many other controversies plaguing our political landscape is for the authorities to tell it all, tell it fast and ultimately tell the truth. Now if they can succeed in doing that, then I am sure BN will win in the next GE.

The question is, are they willing to tell all and to tell the truth. If not, why?

Many may be numbed by the horrifying amounts involved in the various controversies. If the authorities are also as concerned, they should be aware of what actions to be taken.

For instance, once the scandal emerged, those authorities concerned should have created a team that comprise of key personnel such as the CEO, Public Relations Manager, and all the staff who were directly or indirectly involved in the situation that has brought about the crisis or any one else such as lawyers and others who might be able to shed some light on the situation such as eye witnesses.

The next step would be a plan of action and appointment of the spokesperson to speak with the media. Obviously, the Public Relations personnel should have a PR pack ready that includes a summary of key personnel involved and an official summary of the situation.

Clearly, our politicians are ill-advised as to how to tackle bad media publicity because many of the statements they make independently cannot really protect the integrity and reputation of the party and could be doing the opposite!

As we see the various developments, rarely do we see OFFICIAL announcements/clarifications for the crisis situation such as in the Selangor DAP spat. The individuals concerned issue statements that project the impression that they are more intent on protecting their own turf than that of the party.

Shouldn't the parties concerned have an internal disciplinary meeting and/or enquiry and to advise members NOT to speak to the press until all is resolved?

When members are not disciplined, naturally they will do and say whatever suits their whims and fancies and I am speaking objectively. I feel so disappointed that some cannot observe basic decorum. Granted that in this IT era, information can be transmitted speedily with the click of the mouse but that should only impress upon them the need for uniformity and consistency in the official messages that are broadcast to the public.

It is the same with the status quo. We all know that our PM has mooted the 1Malaysia. Putting aside our feelings for 1Malaysia, I am appalled that a former PM can be speaking negatively about 1Malaysia (with the DPM agreeing with him) while our Prime Minister is ON LEAVE!!! I believe that this should be addressed face to face when the PM is around and not in this way. Click HERE for a report on this issue.

Does that not reflect badly on those who made those statements?

At least one faithful soldier defended the PM. Let's look at Nazri's response from The Malaysian Insider:

Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defended the Najib administration's 1 Malaysia concept today, claiming that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed was in "no position" to criticise the government slogan as Malaysians have yet to understand the latter's own "Bangsa Malaysia" slogan.

The former prime minister said on Monday that 1 Malaysia needed further "explanation" to prevent it from being interpreted differently by various races.

"What is the true issue here? What is the fuss? If there was no need to explain Bangsa Malaysia back when he was prime minister, why does Dr Mahathir now want the government to explain 1 Malaysia? We don't even understand what is Bangsa Malaysia about, the purpose of his concept," said the minister in the prime minister's department.

I am really aghast with horror as to how different people are approaching crisis situations. And that is only ONE example of how a situation is being handled.

On one hand, we all know that one must never try to lie, deny or hide involvement in an issue but this means telling the truth and how many are ready to do that? A good example would be the PKFZ scandal.

Some say ignorance is bliss but if you ignore the situation, it will only get worse. A classic example is the Selangor DAP issues.

Any decision that is made wrongly, even with good intentions may cause the crisis to escalate.

The cause of almost all crises fall into two broad categories:

One would be overt acts to cover up and the other would be acts of omission in disclosure of information.

The rakyat always want reports on issues of competence or lack thereof in matters of public perception. If a mistake has been made, just admit it up front and work hard to re-establish credibility and confidence with the rakyat. A good example can be found HERE where Immigration director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman put his head on the chopping block over two break-outs at the Sepang Immigration Detention Centre by his statement, "IF I have not delivered, then I am prepared to face the consequences."

Crisis situations are true tests for our politicians or anyone for that matter. How we handle ourselves in the middle of a crisis reflects our character. Unfortunately, we never know for sure how well we'll do or what to do until the situation arises. However, simple common sense tells us that all of us can prepare ourselves in principle.

In the first place, as public servants, avoid a crisis by practising competency, accountability and transparency in all deliberations and transactions. If a crisis situation arises, the parties concerned must quickly address and resolve crisis issues before they escalate.

For example, when RPK talked about The Bizarre Case of Sodomy 2, DPP Farah Azlina Latif wasremoved from the prosecution team in Anwar Ibrahim's current sodomy trial and from the prosecution division of the Attorney-General's Chambers to avoid negative public perception of the prosecution team in the wake of his allegation that she is romantically involved with lead witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan (as reported by TheSun HERE). Imagine what would have happened if nothing was done. At the same time, that move raised many questions as well!

Suffice to say, many situations have not been handled well by various parties from both sides of the divide. It is about time they read up on public relations strategies (no need to spend millions of RM from tax payers' money) to seek possible ways to turn any crisis into an opportunity of conquest.

Until and unless they learn to do so, I guess we will have to sit back and observe how some will be sinking in the quicksand of disgrace and booby traps laid by their so-called peers or even enemies. The best defense is a good offense but the players still insist on playing their defense in worn-out ways that proved futile in the past by proclaiming innocence or singing the song of denial. They have to look for a new opportunity in the middle of a crisis. Then only can they move from crisis to conquest!

Computer junk

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 03:22 AM PDT

At the back of my mind, I keep remembering the words "Let go, you must let go. You shouldn't have attachment, you must learn to let go." So today, I finally decided to let go of the state-of-the-art computer junk that I had been accumulating all these years. I cleared the old storeroom of the old, useless computer components parts including this set of memory cards: 512MB SDRAM, 256MB SDRAM, 64MB SDRAM and yes, even 32MB SDRAM. Anyone wants them before I finally chuck them away?

Not forgetting too two old CD-ROM drives and two so-called "high speed" dial-up modems. I would like to say "out, damn spots, out"but I've got to be very thankful to the dial-up modems. They practically saved my life when I moved to Bukit Mertajam from Seberang Jaya.

What happened, you may ask? More than five years ago when I was still staying in Seberang Jaya, I was already using TMNet's Streamyx service. But when we moved to Bukit Mertajam, I had a rude shock. There was no Streamyx service in my neighbourhood. So I had to fall back on dial-up while I kept pestering TMNet about their Steamyx.

This in itself is another story. The first time I contacted TMNet, they claimed that their equipment could not support Streamyx as the telephone lines in my neighbourhood were all running on new fibre-optic lines. I told them off. Nonsense, I said, don't tell me that a modern telecommunication company like TMNet just haven't got the technology for that? Fibre-optic lines are not something new; they have been around for ages. And why would TMNet want to lay fibre-optic lines when they cannot provide even their own simple Streamyx services?

Then they came clean. It's just that they haven't enough equipment at their exchange, they said. Not enough ports. So when are you bringing in the extra equipment, I asked. Soon, soon, that was all they were prepared to say. Give me a date, I told them. Give them a month, they said. Okay, I told them, I'll wait for a month; then they'll be hearing from me

The month came and went. Still no Streamyx service in my neighbourhood. Fuming mad, I tell you. Finally, I met one TMNet senior executive at a computer fair in Penang. Ho, just the right opportunity to complain to Someone who could do more than just give excuses. He listened to me and then gave an assurance that he'd be looking into the complaint. Sure enough, within a week, I had TMNet contact me and say that I could have my Streamyx service connected immediately. 


New study blasts theory that women do more work

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 02:57 AM PDT

MY COMMENT: Women and men are same. Depends on individual's work attitude, mentality, motivation, training and experience e.t.c.

LONDON, Aug 6 — He may leave his socks lying around and avoid emptying the dishwasher, but a new study shows husbands do as much work as their wives.  

London School of Economics sociologist Catherine Hakim's research shows that when both paid work and unpaid duties such as housework, care and voluntary work are taken into account, men do pull their own weight.

"It's true that women do more work in the home, but overall men and women are doing the same, which is roughly eight hours per day," Hakim told Reuters.

In fact, the study of how people use their time found that men in Britain spend slightly longer on "productive" work each day than women.

"Feminists are wrong to claim that men should do a larger share of the housework and childcare because on average, men and women already do the same number of hours of productive work," Hakim said.

She said the data overturns the long-standing theory that women work a "double shift," juggling a job with household chores, and working longer hours than their husbands.

The study, "(How) can social policy and fiscal policy recognise unpaid family work?," used data from Europe-wide Time Use Surveys.

"Results were similar across Europe, except in the ex-socialist European countries, where there is less of a tradition of men chipping in," Hakim said.

In Scandinavian countries, men were found to work more hours than women.

Hakim hopes to draw attention to the bias of government policy across Europe, which tends only to see paid jobs as real work and said there is evidence that men are beginning to demand the same options and choices as women, with more claims of sex discrimination from men.

"One-sided policies that support employment and careers but ignore the productive work done in the family are, in effect, endorsing market place values over family values," she said.

"Policy-makers need to be aiming for gender-neutral policies." — Reuters, 

New study blasts theory that women do more work

Sistem Kehakiman Negara Ketinggalan Zaman. Laksanakan Sistem Juri.

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 02:44 AM PDT

Keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan Sahkan Teori Konspirasi Umno-BN Terhadap Anwar

Keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan menolak permohonan Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim untuk mendapatkan nota perubatan Hospital Kuala Lumpur bagi membantu pembelaannya dalam perbicaraan Fitnah II, membuktikan kes ini tidak lagi mengambil pendekatan undang-undang, tetapi bertindak di luar amalan perundangan Malaysia dan negara Komanwel serta sekali gus mengesahkan teori konspirasi.

Ahli Parlimen Balik Pulau, Yusmadi Yusoff menjelaskan mendapatkan bahan bukti adalah asasi pihak yang dituduh dan keputusan mahkamah mencerminkan prinsip ini telah dinodai.

Apatah lagi permohonan Anwar dibuat selaras dengan peruntukan Seksyen 51A Kanun Acara Jenayah yang dipinda pada 2006 yang membenarkan pendakwaan mendedahkan bukti kes secara automatik sebelum perbicaraan.

"Tidak pernah terjadi sebelum ini pihak pembelaan dinafikan hak ke atas dokumen berkaitan sedangkan ia merupakan prinsip asas, iaitu pihak yang didakwa mempunyai hak penuh untuk membuat pembelaan sebaik mungkin.

"Ada wujud satu pepatah perundangan yang mengatakan 'Adalah lebih baik melepaskan sepuluh orang yang bersalah, daripada menghukum seorang yang tidak bersalah,'" kata beliau.

Yusmadi menjelaskan, mahkamah sepatutnya memberikan 'benefit of doubts' atau 'keraguan pertuduhan' kepada mereka yang didakwa kerana keraguan yang muncul sepanjang perjalanan kes tersebut memungkinkan kes ini digugurkan.

Tegas beliau perkembangan yang berlaku dalam perbicaraan tersebut setakat ini secara jelas mengesahkan teori dan persepsi wujudnya konspirasi untuk menjatuh dan mencemar karier politik Ketua Umum KEADILAN itu.

Panel tiga Hakim Mahkamah Rayuan yang diketuai Datin Paduka Zaleha Zahari, Datuk Abdul Malik Ishak dan Datuk Clement Allan Skinner hari ini menolak permohonan Anwar untuk mendapatkan nota perubatan daripada tiga doktor HKL. -SK

Rayuan Anwar untuk nota perubatan ditolak

Mahkamah Rayuan Putrajaya hari ini menolak rayuan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada mendapatkan nota-nota perubatan dari tiga doktor Hospital Kuala Lumpur yang merawat pengadu kes liwatnya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Hakim Datin Paduka Zaleha Zahari yang mengetuai panel tiga hakim berkata keputusan itu dicapai selepas berbincang dengan panjang berhubung takat bidang kuasa.

"Ia tidak menolak hak tertuduh. Untuk menjawap soalan oleh perayu, sama ada ia menolak hak tertuduh, jawapan kami adalah negatif.

"Justeru, kami menolak rayuan itu," katanya

Zaleha berkata mahkamah juga bersetuju dengan penghujahan yang dibuat oleh Peguam Cara II Negara, Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden.

Hakim-hakim lain yang bersidang hari ini adalah Datuk Abdul Malik Ishak dan Datuk Clement Allan Skinner.

Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur pada 18 Julai lalu menolak permohonan Anwar Ibrahim bagi mendapatkan semua laporan perubatan yang disediakan oleh tiga doktor yang terlibat.

Hakim Datuk Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah dalam keputusannya berkata tidak ada peruntukan atau asas undang-undang yang mengatakan dokumen itu perlu dibekalkan.

Permohonan itu dikemukakan oleh peguam Anwar pada 4 Jun lalu.

Beliau meminta semua nota klinikal dan laporan perubatan, bahan, spesimen, emel, nota bertulis tangan, surat-menyurat, catatan dan pemerhatian oleh ketiga-tiga doktor yang telah memeriksa pengadu kes itu, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan pada 28 Jun 2008, dua hari selepas mendakwa dia diliwat oleh Anwar.

Selain itu, peguam Anwar juga mahu pihak pendakwa menyerahkan peralatan yang lazim digunakan semasa ujian untuk serangan seksual diberikan kepada mereka.

Pihak pembela juga ingin mendapatkan maklumat berhubung kelayakan dan pengalaman ketiga-tiga doktor berkenaan yang merawat Saiful - Dr Khairul Nizam Hassan, Dr Mohd Razali Ibrahim dan Dr Siew Sheue Feng.

Dr Mohd Razali adalah pakar bedah di HKL yang telah memeriksa bekas pembantu Anwar dengan pakar rawatan kecemasan Dr Khairul Nizam dan pakar patologi forensik Dr Siew.

Semasa pemeriksaan utama, Dr Mohd Razali mengesahkan berlaku penetrasi zakar berdasarkan laporan kimia yang menunjukkan kehadiran air mani pada empat kapas kesat yang diambil daripada Mohd Saiful.

Anwar juga gagal bagi mendapatkan dokumen utama termasuk sampel spesimen DNA Mohd Saiful sebelum bermulanya perbicaraan kes liwatnya, apabila Mahkamah Persekutuan menolak permohonan bagi semakan keputusan Mahkamah itu yang tidak menyebelahinya pada 2 Februari tahun ini.

Anwar dituduh meliwat bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful, 25, di Unit 11-5-1, Kondominium Desa Damansara, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, antara jam 3.01 petang dan 4.30 petang pada 26 Jun, 2008.

Anwar boleh dipenjara 20 tahun dan sebatan, jika sabit kesalahan.

Seorang pakar forensik yang didatangkan khas dari Australia oleh pihak pembela, Dr David Wells, sebelum ini mengadu bahawa beliau tidak dapat menjalankan tugasnya jika dokumen berkenaan tidak dibekalkan.

Profesor dari Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine itu berkata peranannya sebagai penasihat pihak pembela akan terjejas tanpa dokumen berkenaan.

Prosedur lazim bagi kes jenayah adalah bagi pihak pendakwa membekalkan semua dokumen berkaitan kepada pihak pembela sebelum permulaan perbicaraan. -mk

Ulasan GB

Sistem kehaikman yang digunakan di negara ini sudah ketinggalan. Laksanakan sistem juri. UMNO BN takut untuk melaksanakan sistem juri kerana mereka tidak akan dapat memperkudakan institusi kehakiman negara lagi nanti.

"Rancangan politik kerajaan adalah untuk menghumban Anwar ke penjara supaya pembangkang menjadi kucar-kacir dan tidak bersedia. Kemudiannya, pilihan raya mengejut diumumkan dan mereka akan menang dengan mudah," kata duta Amerika Syarikat ke Malaysia, John R Malott, melalui rencana pengarangnya yang disiarkan di The Wall Street Journal - akhbar yang paling tinggi edarannya di Amerika.

Menurut Malott adalah mustahil bagi Anwar bagi menang pada perbicaraan itu, lebuh-lebih lagi apabila bukti-bukti penting kes itu dinafikankepada peguamnya. Malah, media-media yang dikuasai kerajaan telah juga menghukumnya dengan mendapati beliau 'bersalah' dalam laporan mereka.

"Malaysia tidak mempunyai sistem juri. Keputusan ditentukan oleh seorang hakim yang dilantik oleh kerajaan yang sama yang mahu Anwar dikeluarkan dari politik," katanya.

Dalam artikelnya itu juga, Malott mendakwa kerajaan BN sekarang dibelenggu oleh pelbagai masalah dan mereka bertekad untuk mengurung Anwar agar segala kepincangan itu tidak dihebohkan.

$5.9m of drugs seized

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 11:27 PM PDT

Istana Negara: Queen’s presence was on official invite, not in personal capacity

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 08:16 PM PDT

Sekolah pelajar hamil bukti perzinaan serius

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 07:28 PM PDT

First woman to bag top SAF scholarship

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 03:00 PM PDT

Russia: Pro-Kremlin Youth Movements Forge Photos

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 12:01 PM PDT

By Alexey Sidorenko

Blogger mr-bison posted a research [RUS] of photos published by a number of pro-Kremlin Youth Movements ("Nashi" and "Molodaya Gvardia"). He points out that all the photos of the pro-Kremlin activists where they "were fighting with wild fires" are forged.

Pakistan: Anger Mounts At President's Apathy

Posted: 05 Aug 2010 12:46 PM PDT

By Sana Saleem

Flood relief distribution in Pakistan, Ausgust 2, 2010. Image by Flickr user Globovisión. CC BY-NC

Over 1500 people have lost their live in the recent episode of torrential rains resulting in floods in various areas of Pakistan. Thousands have become homeless and many more are fleeing fearing hunger and death. According to the United Nations estimates over 4 million people have been effected by the recent disaster. While heavy floods have wrecked havoc in the northern areas of the country, target killing and ethnic clashes continue to haunt the metropolitan hub, Karachi. At least 62 people have lost their lives, in three-days of violence following the assassination of a politician. The grief turned in to fury as the President embarked on a foreign trip despite the abysmal conditions in the country and overlooking staunch opposition.

Many on twitter, including politicians, have joined in to criticize President's Europe Trip:

@ijazulhaq: The President continues his private vacation while the people are suffering. Leaders moving for photo opportunities.

@Naeem705: Welcome to pakistan! <zardari pvt limited>, we are a limited liability company! (taxes apply @ 10%)

@Amna_Saeed: Can't believe Zardari is chilling in Europe while our people are dying in these floods. Wth!? How does he sleep?

@bentusman: The New York Times, Telegrah, The Independent The Sun, The Daily Mirror +others reminded Asif Zardari to return to Pakistan #shame #pkfloods

@fbhutto: 32 killed in Karachi over MP's murder. 2.5 million affected by floods. President chilling in the UK. And begging. Mostly chilling though.

Needless to say Pakistan is going through a critical phase. With death toll mounting everyday the need for better disaster management strategy becomes crucial, may it be natural disasters or civil unrest. However, with the President being indifferent to the worsening situation, getting the situation under control has become tougher.

In a post titled "A Time For Governance" Naveen Naqvi emphasized on the importance of governance, with a tinge of anger:

The financial capital of Pakistan is made a ghost town with deserted streets, business at a standstill, and petrol pumps, offices and shops closed. It is not as though we could not have predicted the flare up of tension. After all, the target killings of MQM and ANP activists or the armed conflict between Muhajirs and Pathans has been continuing unchecked for a few months now (..) Where most Pakistanis have been complaining about the long wait for governance, here is yet another opportunity missed. An increasing number of people are questioning the sincerity of an already unpopular leader, Asif Ali Zardari. Why would the President cancel his visit to Europe? Why would he stay with his people at their hour of need and weather the storm with them? The answer that seems to come most readily is that he does not care.

Kalsoom Lakhani at CHUP reiterates the anger and frustration at the President:

Given this enormous devastation, [as well as the wave of targeted killings in Karachi that have killed 47 people after the assassination of MQM's Raza Haider], it is no bloody wonder that the country is pissed off at President Asif Ali Zardari, who is off on a jaunt around Europe while Pakistan is drowning. Regardless whether Zardari is needed to make decisions related to disaster relief or he is merely a figurehead, the decision to press forward with his tour comes across as callous and disconnected, and does not bode well for his already dismal popularity ratings.

Towards the end of her post Kalsoom makes a very valid point:

While this is certainly a time to be angry at our leadership, or lack thereof, it's also a time to concentrate our energy towards helping the many people in need.

Perhaps what Pakistan needs the most now is to concentrate on helping those that have been effected by the floods and focus on the need to control the growing civic unrest. The title of Kalsoom's post is most apt - Pakistan needs to turn it's grief into action.

The all new Honda Freed – a Yummy Mummy’s review

Posted: 06 Aug 2010 01:18 AM PDT

I test drive Honda's new compact MPV, Freed with 32 other Advertlets bloggers about a week ago. It was great fun!
A day out in the all new Freed was held at SOULed OUT where we got together with the internationally prominent auto blogger Paul Tan. We were grouped in fours and fives each in a Freed, and drove in a convoy from Hartamas to Putrajaya.  That was no problem at all because Freed can fit up to 7 people!

I was in a sleek gray Freed with the oh so fabulous Hafiz Cutecarry Mustapha, Ridzuan Richie, Hafiz and ops sorry dear I forgot your name!

That guy in red is Paul Tan! I was supposed to receive a gift too but I went back early! boohoo! pics by

I have to say this new MPV is just like any other Honda – is packed with style! I love it. It's really sleek and doesn't look bulky but the enterior is super spacious!

Being a Yummy Mummy I feel like this car is a complete must any family with 3 or more members.
Performance wise, the Freed carries a powerful 1.5L 118PS i-VTEC engine with Shift Hold Control and Grade Logic Control for an exhilarating driving performance. I have no problem driving it, after all it is no sports car and made exactly as a family transporting MPV, not for speeding! But one thing I really admire about Freed is its small turning radius!

Dudeee.. I can make a complete u-turn with only one hand on the wheel! This is so awesome! I can put on my mascara with one hand and drive with another! How cool is that?? Eh.. I mean I wanna change the gear with one and drive with another! Takkanlaaa I nak pakai mascara masa drive… kan bahaya tu.. hehehe *ops*

After all safety has always been my number one concern in contemplating the cars of my choice after how diva it makes me look while driving. Freed has dual airbag – a must!! If your husband wants to get a car with one airbag only! Say no! He is looking forward for wife number two, I am telling ya!! It is a conspiracy! Imagine in case of accident, your driving husband will saved by the airbag dan KO MAMPUS SORANG-SORANG NYAHHH!! Apa ertinya ini??? Amboihh! Hmmph!

In view of Miki, Freed has a great feature called Automatic Sliding Doors with Anti-Pinch which generally means the door won't kepit you! Ok? This is awesome super hyper kiddoes like my lil Miki. Freed's door is also only 410mm from the ground with grip handles to make it easier for kids to get on board.  The doors open to a "walkthrough cabin" that has four "captain chairs" for the first two rows and third row seats that fold up sideways. Captain chairs are great because they are compatible with all baby car seats, so there is no need for you to buy new car seat to suit your new car.

41omm off the ground! sportyyyy!

Really spacious!

All the space you could ever need! Great for blogging on the go!

hahaha! I loike this pic!

Among other things that make Freed excellent for a family ride is its huge walkthrough Cabin with a 200mm walkway for easy access; its big cargo capacity and its many compartments for keeping knick-knacks and stuff.

Priced at Rm112,ooo on the road. I'd say Freed is an excellent buy! After all it's a Honda.

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