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teoh beng hock and yong vui kong

teoh beng hock and yong vui kong

teoh beng hock and yong vui kong

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 10:28 AM PDT

both young men… one is dead… one is going to die soon…

but of course we hope that yong vui khong will not die. that all the petitions and campaign to get his death sentence abolished, will be successful.

ok so yesterday, attended two events – the 'malaysians for beng hock' forum and the 'say sorry day' at speakers square, penang.

the forum at han chiang college, was very well attended. full house with many people standing behind and at both sides. i think many came to see teoh lee lan, beng hock's sister. alas… she did not turned up. what a disappointment as i too had wanted so much to see her in person. anyway, the forum was good. as lee lan can't be present, they show a video of her, addressing us, in mandarin. brief translation was done of what she said in the video.

basically she talked about beng hock's case at first, about najib's promise that he 'will not leave any stones unturned', about pornthip. she also mentioned about the evidence produced by MACC – the suicide note.  she said that how can MACC keep the note for so long? and she also said because of this, it made her suspect, who knows, what other evidences (that show TBH was killed) MACC with-hold.  she hit out at the judiciary too. in the end she appeal to all of us to fight justice with her and her family. although i don't understand mandarin, but i can feel her pain and frustration as she talked.

first speaker was ramakrishnan, aliran president. he talked mostly about teoh beng hock (TBH) case, and also on the 'comedy in action' during the last inquest where the MACC lawyer made a fool of himself.  rama also called for a royal commission. these are the 3 points i remember he made:
"najib said he will leave no stones unturned to solve this case but now so many stones had been turned already and yet…"
"the lawyer demonstrate how to strangle oneself. how i wish he succeeded."
"the lawyer asked pornthip if she had ever try jumping off a building – how i wish someone had asked him to demonstrate how to jump off a building."

nora murat, from amnestry international malaysia, was the next to speak. she spoke more on laws, regulations, human rights, the institutions.  she received several applause when she made some points e.g.
"we don't trust the police anymore. we run away when we see the police."
"we are the boss. we must show them that they have to respect human rights."

like rama, nora also said a royal commission should be set up and she stressed on the forming of the royal commission should be very transparent. the last point, i thought was very good, when she said:
"you have to speak up. when you speak up, you create awareness and awareness will bring action… so it all began with YOU!"

dr toh, who spoke next, said he was over-whelmed with the huge turnout. he said that once lee lan expressed her concern that interest in the TBH case seems to be dwindling but now with the huge turnout here, she should be happy to note that we still care, we are still interested.

dr toh talked mostly about the anger we felt at the injustice towards the TBH case. he was also glad that this 'malaysians for beng hock' group was started and the group is focusing on 'a torture  free society'.  he mulled the thought of whether can an anti-torture act be passed in parliament. "in malaysia, people get detained, questioned, tortured, then died!" he said that to applause and someone shouted "malaysia boleh!".

there was a Q&A time. one man was skeptical of forming a royal commission, saying look at what happened to the royal commission for the lingam tape case – nothing! rama responded with some explanation.

someone was mentioning about something "we cannot change it… unless we change the government". then suddenly everyone in the crowd roared "change the government!" and shouted and clapped.  rama even went on to say BN is a rotten government, we must change the rotten government.

ok, that's about the TBH forum. after the TBH forum, i went to speakers' square and was surprise to see the 'malaysians for beng hock' group there (who were at the forum) were there too. they have some say about TBH and even bought TBH t-shirts to sell to the people at the speakers' square.

after their talk, andre loh, with his guitar, lead the people into singing michael jackson's 'heal the world'.  then it was followed by a short sketch by suaram. six people formed a circle. one of them was the 'govt' and he scolded all the other 5 who represented 'the media', 'the radio', 'namewee', 'yong vui kong', 'a university student'.  scolded them for what they did. as they were being scolded, they squatted down. then after all had squatted down, one by one slowly rose up, at the same time saying something (why they did what they did), which ended with "minta maaf" (i'm sorry).

after the sketch was over, dr toh kin woon gave a short speech, in english and mandarin. he talked about yong vui kong.

suaram, then showed to the crowd, with 3 laptops, a short video clip about yong vui kong. after the clip, they presented the crowd with a small beautifully wrapped gift box, where it was explained, that is is for us to write on a piece of paper the name of the persons, whom we want to say sorry to or want to forgive and place it inside the box.  after we had say sorry to them, then we can remove the paper.

you can see more photos at my facebook album:
malaysians for beng hock forum
'say sorry day' at speakers' square
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Explain before you go, IGP!

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 10:25 AM PDT

Yes, outgoing IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan must answer this nonsense. He knew what actually happened. For the police to act such, approval must be sought from him or his deputy. Only Musa and his deputy (and of course Home Minister) can approve it.

When the U-Tube (July 22) about the Police Special Force (UTK) storming Sultan Kelantan's motorcades on May 4, 2010 was made available, many readers came back to me (some did call) asking whether the Sultan was really there in the MPV as the video failed to proof anything. They doubted it.

However, God is Great. One of the UTK members involved in that ambush 'defected' out of his conscience and handed over a copy of the video he took on that day (he was carrying a beta-cam to record the disgusting and disgraceful event). Many thanks to him.

Watch for yourself how the UTK members pointed semi-automatic rifles at the MPV which carries the Sultan, and a photo of the defenseless Sultan inside it.

Now, Musa and Hishamuddin Hussein must answer this. Musa, especially must explain in details what actually took place, who requested it, why did Kelantan Police Chief comply to the request and sought Bukit Aman's approval.

Before you leave the police force for good, clear your name and image of this embarrassment. If you dont, then PDRM is not fit to use the word 'Diraja'. I am sure you, Hisham and few people at Bukit Aman and KDN know the actual truth and got copies of the video.

'Memalukan' is precise to describe what they did on May 4 outside Istana Mahkota, Kubang Krian. When you point a gun at a Raja Melayu, what is the penalty if you are found guilty?

To Hisham, its your responsibility too. You were given a copy of the second video CD but you ignored it on promises that the ministry would investigate and issue a statement. Are you also part of the conspiracy to ambush, hijack and kidnap a Malay Ruler?

Prime Minister knows about it too but he is 'lost in words'! He rather wash his hands than meddling with this insulting episode that smears the good image of his government, the Home Ministry and PDRM.

As I mentioned many times, I have been very supportive of the police but NOT this one!


Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:54 AM PDT

What come to your mind when you see the title Riding?

TZ horse riding @ Eagle Ranch Resort

Stepping onto the horse

Riding horse

TZ riding bicycle @ Kijal Awana

TZ riding Ostrich @ Ostrich farm

Hmmm... what else? How about this...

Maher zain- Alhamdulilah

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 09:25 AM PDT

Najib, how do you account for this Muslim not appropriately attired in surau?

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:38 AM PDT

Ini juga gambar Rosmah Isteri Najib yang dibanggakan oleh
penyokong UMNO/BN.. juga memperlihatkan aurat didalam Masjid.
(Source: Anak Sungai Derhaka - also, appeared in Malaysia Today)

The Right Of Being Stupid

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:13 AM PDT

Everyone has a right to be stupid but this one guy is abusing the privilege. What kind of university this "cow" is graduated from? For law graduates out there, here are the 8 videos on "HOW TO FAIL YOUR LAW EXAM"


This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Program Jejak Akar Ramadhan Zon Jeniang 2010

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:16 AM PDT

What Sort of Palestinian State?

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:03 AM PDT

President Obama is the latest in a long line of political personalities to think that establishing a Palestinian state would allow the Middle East to live happily ever after, and he has been pressing for it urgently. Superficially, such a state seems a properly human outcome that would at last allow the Palestinians to take control of their lives, as people ought to. At various points in the past, such a state could very possibly have been negotiated, but each time Israel and the Palestinians had demands that neither was willing to concede to the other.

The proposed state of Palestine consists of two entities, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But the time is long past when president Mahmoud Abbas, who has just resumed direct negotiations with his Israeli counterpart, could speak for both parts. Hamas, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, has seen Israel retreat from Gaza and mounted a coup there against Abbas, evolving into a small but fierce force in the global Islamist jihad. Iran, the engine of the jihad, is the unacknowledged presence in the Washington negotiations.

The most heartening development in this disheartening situation is that conditions on the ground in the West Bank are improving: With financial and technical assistance from the United States, the European Union, and from the hated Israelis themselves, there has been significant work done to build the machinery of governance. Abbas's security forces — which operated in Yasser Arafat's day as independent gangs of hoodlums at war with all and each other — are being transformed into a legitimate police force, with U.S. training conducted in Jordan. The transformation is incomplete, to be sure, which is why the best outcome of these talks —whether they break down, founder, or continue — is one that buys Abbas sufficient time to develop more of an infrastructure of governance, thereby heading off a complete Hamas takeover of the Palestinian proto-state.

Abbas is not popular. He stays in office because he has postponed elections on the West Bank. Both he and the Benjamin Netanyahu government fear that another crisis could place both parts of the state of Palestine in the hands of Hamas. This coincidence of interests has strange consequences. Unable to fully to control his territory, Abbas still has to rely for security on Israeli forces, some of them operating under cover and at night. By the same token, Israel has to rely on Abbas to crack down on Hamas and detain those planning jihad. Needless to say, this unspoken deal is shadowy, fraught with betrayals and double crossings.

Abbas holds thousands of Hamas members in prison and has been busily purging schools and mosques. But as the recent murder of Israelis on the West Bank shows, Hamas is still capable of causing murderous havoc outside of its base in Gaza. Its spokesmen like to say that whatever Abbas may agree to in Washington does not obligate anyone.

It is not realistic to expect Israel to maintain the 75-year-old Abbas in power as a mini-dictator indefinitely. Yet in the event that Hamas were to succeed in taking over the West Bank, a bloodbath would follow, with survivors from the Abbas administration, and perhaps Abbas himself, running for their lives into exile. Such a Hamas victory would also enable Iran to open a new front, with Tel Aviv and central Israel within close range of its missiles and air force.

A Hamas takeover is the second-worst possible outcome. The worst outcome is open regional war, with the atomic ayatollahs allied with Hamas. The status quo may be fraught and unnatural, but it is endlessly preferable to those options. The question touching the Palestinian state is not so much "When?" as "What sort?" The foremost priority in these negotiations should be to ensure that it is not one dominated by Hamas or by Iran.Editors in the National Review

<div style="direction:rtl;text-align:right">Maher Zain – Insha Allah | ماهر زين – ان شاء الله</div>

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 07:21 AM PDT

Program Jejak Akar Ramadhan Zon Bedong 2010

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 07:01 AM PDT

Alhamdulillah, Program Jejak Akar Ramadhan Zon Bedong telah dapat dijalankan. Walaupun tidak dapat menziarahi kesemua rumah, namun saya bersyukur daapt menziarahi dan melihat sendiri kehidupan dan keadaan penerima-penerima sumbangan.

Dan terimakasih kepada rakan-rakan yang telah membantu dan berjalan bersama-sama. Moga Allah akan membalas segaal budi dan jasa rakan -rakan semua.

abdul razak musa: everyone on Facebook, Twitter, is talking and laughing!

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 08:45 AM PDT

Pornthip-Razak verbal joust video a hit online

By Clara Chooi
September 05, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 5 — Similar to the 2007 Datuk V.K.Lingam "correct, correct, correct" video, a new recording has been making cyberspace waves since its debut — showcasing MACC prosecution chief Datuk Abdul Razak Musa and Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand.
During the forensic expert's second testimony for the Teoh Beng Hock inquest on August 18, Pornthip made the headlines for infamously asserting "I work for the rights of the dead" and followed-up by asking Abdul Razak on whether he was indeed a lawyer.
With that story appearing relentlessly on newspapers, online sites and television, the public waited with bated breath for its online release.
The three-hour long 805MB video clip was however only uploaded on the Attorney-General Chambers website more than a week after the lively proceedings, after much public pressure.
Now, the video clips can be found across cyberspace, with thousands clamouring for it.
Already this latest blockbuster has received thousands of hits online and may likely go down Malaysia's history as one of the most laughable displays of the Malaysian civil service at its worst.
On broadcast site, the clip was divided into eight parts, labelled under the title "Malaysia's funniest and tragic court video".
The first clip, which is 10 minutes long, has attracted 138,782 views and almost 500 comments as of this afternoon. The remaining seven clips attracted between 30,000 and 60,000 views each.
On her own the experienced Dr Pornthip is quite a character to have, made rich by her trademark rockstar look and impressive resume.
But paired alongside Abdul Razak, in his penguin suit and feeble attempts to speak English, it is no wonder the video has caused such a stir.
Comments on the site centre zero-in on Abdul Razak's poor English and his "illogical line of questioning". One person even suggested that the video be used in law schools to show "how to fail your law exam".
Indeed, what was meant to be a cross-examination session turned instead into courtroom comedy with Dr Pornthip successfully outwitting her co-star Abdul Razak with her calm confidence and unfettered testimony.
Despite Abdul Razak's relentless attacks on her professional qualifications, Dr Pornthip held her own and even succeeded, several times, to trigger applause from the packed court gallery with her quips.
At one point, Dr Pornthip scolds Abdul Razak for his attempt to discredit her graduating university, Mahidol University, by pointing out that Malaysia's medical laws did not recognise it.
"I think the quality of the work does not depend on the certificate (from the university). You cannot look down on Asian experts," she said.
She then pointed out that Mahidol University was one of Asia's top five universities.
Abdul Razak scrambled with a comeback of his own when the gallery erupted in mocking laughter and said: "Either top one or top two, its nevermind but we have the law. We have the law – the medical act. So that's why you are not allowed to conduct the second post-portem. Because you are not qualified."
His reply only triggered sniggers from the audience.
Perhaps one of the most memorable comebacks made by the expert was when she reminded the court of her role in the case, which was not to side with any particular party but to carry out her duties as a forensic expert.
"You have to understand. I work for the rights of the dead, not for the Selangor, or for the Malaysian or for the Thailand governments. So in this case, I try to find whether I can help from the evidence... without the benefit from anyone," she said.
Her statement was followed by a round of rousing applause from the gallery and already, the line has been repeatedly used as a quotable quote by many bloggers and politicians.
Perhaps buoyed by the apparent support she had from the watching crowd, Dr Pornthip later even dared to question Abdul Razak's own credibility as a lawyer.
When discussing the fracture found on Teoh's head, Abdul Razak pointed out that he had spent three days to read through Dr Pornthip's autopsy report.
Giggles were heard in the audience and defence lawyer Gobind Singh Deo was heard muttering that his opponent needed a few months to study the report.
When Abdul Razak asked Dr Pornthip what type of weapon could have caused the injury, she flippantly said, "I have question, whether you are a lawyer or not?".
The laughter that erupted was deafening.
"Maybe I'm younger than you but I already serve 24 years as a lawyer," said Abdul Razak, in reply.
Yet another scene in the video that has become much talked about is when Abdul Razak suggested that the political aide Teoh had strangled himself then jumped out the window.
Abdul Razak, in pointing out that no other doctor had found evidence of strangulation, asked if Teoh had strangled himself.
Gobind leapt to respond to this and asked Abdul Razak how a person could do such a thing.
"You can," Abdul Razak claimed.
"Can you show us how you...," Gobind replied.
"Like this...," said Abdul Razak and while using both hands, one in front and the other at the back, grabbed his own neck and demonstrated to the courtroom just how a person could strangle himself.
DAP Socialist Youth chief Anthony Loke described Abdul Razak's suggestion as the "joke of the century".
"It is really a big joke. I laughed and laughed when I heard it and now, everyone is laughing," he said, noting that Abdul Razak would find it hard to live down this sore point in his career.
Now, added the Rasa MP, the story has become a hot topic for Pakatan Rakyat leaders in their ceramah speeches.
"The audience loves the story. They laugh and laugh whenever we tell the story that Teoh could have strangled himself then jumped off the window sill," he said.
He added that another stupid assertion Abdul Razak had made was when he asked Dr Pornthip whether she's ever jumped out of a window.
 "It is stupid. Are you saying that when you get a pathologist to testify in a rape trial, you are going to ask her if she has been raped before? Because if she has not been raped before then she would not be able to tell if the person had been raped?" said Loke.
Loke noted that the video would likely mark a black spot in MACC's (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) professional integrity.
"It just reflects badly on the level of competency of our MACC people," he said.
PKR chief strategist Chua Tian Chang said he was more embarrassed by the video clip then amused, pointing out that it was a clear reflection of the farce that the whole inquest had become.
"I do not even need to speak about it... everyone else already is, on Facebook, on Twitter, everyone is talking about it and they are laughing. And now the video is online... so the whole world can laugh at us. This is a total embarrassment... it shows the mindset and mentality and quality of the MACC lawyer," he said.
He agreed that like the Lingam video, this new clip would likely become an object of entertainment for the Malaysian public.
Indeed, if one were to mention to any politically savvy Malaysian the line "correct, correct, correct" meant, they would likely laugh and repeat those famous words themselves.
In fact, the video, which shows Lingam allegedly brokering the appointments of top judges over the phone, is still used by many opposition leaders as anecdotes to punctuate their political speeches.
Chances are also that the same person who knows the "correct, correct, correct" line would likely also be able to describe MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's physical attributes and what his partner had worn when they were caught on camera at the hotel room in Johor in 2007.
They would also likely have seen Namewee's latest "Nah!" clip or his old "Negarakuku" production and may have also once admittedly made jokes once about PKR's Elizabeth Wong, after her private photos were exposed to the public.
"Well what can I say, we seem to be getting a hang of producing things like this for public consumption. Its all a big farce," Chua said.

Heheh...I think Abdul Razak Musa should look at the bright side - he's so popular now! He should consider joining the Comedy Court!

Incidentally, the top keyword that brings visitors to my blog this month is 'abdul razak musa'. ;)

Have Your Life To The Full - "Night of Excellence"(精彩之夜) 2010

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 05:31 AM PDT

It was truly an evening of testimony of God's love! As a thousand of brothers and sisters gathered together in The Masland Methodist Church, they gave thanks to God for His love!

It was a heartwarming fellowship gathering for the MAFs in Sibu East District. This annual fellowship night has been on for more than six years. Praise Lord for His mighty hands to lead us through!

Quoting John 10:10, DS Rev. Wong Koi Foh, speaker for the evening, reminded the adult fellowshippers to "have a life to the full". He called on them to excel in their service to God.

The programme was smooth-running throughout. It lasted longer than anticipated.

See you next year!


Posted: 05 Sep 2010 03:57 AM PDT


Hahaha...sorry for being in long hiatus. Anyway, I've been busy working and just bought beruk-band recently. So, you will read my posts again.

So far, working place is fine but of course tired dealing with various kind of patients in the hospital. Penang is a good place, but, seriously, I hate the driver's manners. No manners at all!

I hate Penang weather, sooo hoooot!

p/s: I like rapidPenang!

Sleeping With The Enemy - Watch Our For Bed Bugs!

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 03:51 AM PDT

2 September 2010 Last updated at 23:42 GMT

Don't let the bed bugs bite
"Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bed-bugs bite…" It's long been a favourite rhyme to send children off to sleep. But with experts warning of a worldwide bedbug pandemic, will any of us be able to sleep once we've turned out the light, asks Tom de Castella. In today's Magazine Why are bed-bugs on

Mad Said Terlondeh Lagi, Projek Uniform Sekolah Diberi Tanpa Tender

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 03:50 AM PDT

MB T'ganu didakwa beri kontrak uniform sekolah tanpa tender

Dalam perkembangan lain, kontrak uniform sekolah diberi tanpa tender juga berlegar di pejabat Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said.

Dipercayai wanita misteri itu bernama Mek Hawa binti Abdul Rahman yang mendapat kontrak tanpa tender selepas mendapat surat terus dari menteri besar.

Di percayai sekitar November 2008, syarikat yang diberi nama Hamie Enterprise menghantar surat terus kepada menteri besar menyatakan syarikat itu membekalkan pakaian sekolah dengan jenama 'Ganu Kita."

Dalam surat itu, dinyatakan Hamie Enterprise memohon membekalkan uniform sekolah kepada kerajaan negeri.

Surat Hamie yang ditandatangani oleh penama, Azreen bin Ami Nordin telah diluluskan oleh menteri besar sebagai syarikat pembekal uniform sekolah.

Pada November, Ahmad dilaporkan bahawa rundingan memilih Hamie Enterprise untuk membekalkan uniform sekolah untuk 2008 telah berjaya.

Berdasarkan rekod Suruhanjaya Syarikat Syarikat Malaysia, Hamie Azreen bukan pemilik atau rakan kongsi kepada Hamie Enterprise yang ditubuhkan pada 1994. Mek Hawa binti Abdul Rahman adalah pemilik Hamie Enterprise.

Setelah diluluskan oleh menteri besar, Mek Hawa binti Abdul Rahman sebagai pemilik tunggal telah mendapat tender amie Enterprise sebagai pembekal uniform sekolah kepada 53,300 pelajar RM7,995,000.

Sejak keputusan dibuat pada akhir tahun, perbelanjaan yang seharusnya dibuat melalui tender oleh kerajaan negeri hanya diberi melalui rundingan.

Berikutan kekurangan masa uniform dan peralatan dibeli dari China tanpa membuat rujukan terhadap keperluan saiz secara mendalam.

Keputusannya, sehingga sekarang, walaupun selepas dua tahun uniform termasuk stokin dan kasut belum habis diagihkan kerana saiz tidak sesuai.

Mengikut laporan pejabat pendidikan daerah Hulu Terengganu, hanya selepas dikira semula 5 Otober 5, 2009, mengesahkan simpanan masih ada di pejabat itu adalah seperti berikut:

Kasut – 5402 pasang
Seluar panjang – 5066 helai
Baju lengan pendek – 4222 helai
Baju kurung putih – 4415 helai
Kain sarong biru – 936 helai
Tudung – 2910 helai

Pembaziran tidak hanya dipersoalkan oleh PAS dam sidang Adun sejak sesi lalu, tetapi oleh wakil kerajaan mengenai kewajaran Ahmad memberikan projek tanpa tender bernilai RM7, 995,000 kepada Hamie Enterprise.

Ulasan GB

Habis Ahmad Said, terlondeh lagi. Selepas e-book, kini kontrak uniform sekolah.

Itu yang dapat dikesan. Banyak lagi yang masih misteri. Yang akan terbongkar satu demi satu.

Memang dah dasar puak UMNO BN ini apabila memerintah, mereka mentekedarah dan membazirkan wang rakyat.

Jadi, ingat, jangan silap lagi.

Pilihan Usia

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 12:42 AM PDT

Semasa ke Rumah PENA beberapa bulan yang lalu, saya terjumpa sebuah kumpulan puisi Baha Zain, Jalan Desa Ke Kota yang tidak pernah saya temui sebelum ini. Selepas dibelek, ternyata buku tersebut terbitan Pustaka Cipta tahun 1994.

Kebetulan Dato' Baha juga ada di Rumah PENA pada waktu itu, lantas saya membeli saja kumpulan puisi tersebut dan lekas-lekas mengejar Dato' Baha untuk mendapatkan tanda tangan. Saya fikir perbuatan ini sudah masuk dalam senarai hobi; mendapatkan tanda tangan penulis.

Kumpulan puisi 55 muka surat ini boleh saya sifatkan 'mewah' dengan kualiti kertas yang bagus dan ilustrasi kulit depan yang dihiasi sketsa 'rumah kampung penyair, 1965' oleh Latiff Mohidin. Malah, Cik Yana juga sudah memberi komen dari sudut pandangan seorang 'pembuat' buku tentang betapa mahalnya kos untuk kumpulan puisi itu.

Berbalik tentang kumpulan puisi tadi, ada sebuah puisi yang menarik minat saya. Pilihan Usia. Bila aku dua puluh / aku tidak memilih angin / tetapi api. Entah saya sudah berada dalam keberanian itu; memilih api. Atau masih terbayang ketakutan kerana hidup dalam keadaan terlalu selesa.


bila aku lapan belas
aku tidak memilih kesenangan
tetapi cinta
bila aku dua puluh
aku tidak memilih angin
tetapi api
bila aku tiga puluh
aku tidak memilih perubahan
tetapi revolusi
bila aku empat puluh
aku tidak memilih resah
tetapi sepi
bila aku dewasa
aku tidak memilih khayalan
kecuali yang pasti
tanpa ketakutan lagi.

Baha Zain

Ulasan Buku

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 12:29 AM PDT

Buku Mutiara Kata Nik Aziz Mengenalkan Peribadi & Politiknya

BARU semalam saya membaca buku Mutiara Kata Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Sepanjang 2010 yang disusun oleh Setiuasaha Akhbarnya Ahmad Fadihli Shaari. Buku itu saya terima dua minggu lepas. Terima kasih diucapkan kepada Fadhili kerana ingat dan mengirimkan buku berkenaan kepada saya. Seingat saya Fadhlilah satu-satunya setiausaha akhbar Nik Aziz yang mengirimkan bahan seperti itu kepada saya. Walaupun Tok Guru sudah mempunyai empat orang setiausaha akhbar sebelum ini, saya tidak pernah menerima apa-apa cenderamata berkaitan Nik Aziz.

Terima kasih dan ingatan itu amat saya hargai.

Buku Mutiara Kata Nik Aziz itu mempunyai 110 kata-kata hikmat atau falsafah politik Menteri Besar Kelantan itu dari berbagai aspek. Kepimpinan, agama, politik, pentadbiran dan juga mengenai dasar dan pendekatan Pas di era kepimpinan ulamak.

Buku ini sangat berguna untuk mengenali watak dan pemikiran Nik Aziz. Buku ini juga dikira menarik kerana disertakan ulasan ringkas mengenai kata-kata hikmat berkenaan. Kerajinan Fadhili menyusun buku ini dan mengaturkanya dengan gambar berkenaan perlu dipuji. Saya yakin kalau tidak ada inesiatif dan kesungguhan buku itu tidak akan terbit walaupun ianya hanya setebal 122 muka surat saja.

Saya rasa masih banyak lagi kata-kata Nik Aziz yang tidak tercatat atau terlepas pandang. Mungkin kalau ada pencatat sejak hari pertama beliau jadi MB hari ke hari ini (20 tahun jadi MB) kata-kata hikmat itu akan jadi tebal beribu muka surat. Mungkin ia akan jadi sebuah buku kata-kata hikmah muktabar dari seorang ulamak yang boleh dijadikan panduan bukan saja untuk Malaysia tetapi dunia juga.

Tetapi saya rasa masih belum terlibat untuk mengerjakan tugasan itu. Ia juga tidak sulit untuk mencungkil dan mencari itu semua kerana setiap ucapan, ceramah, perbualan dan kuliah beliau dicatat dan dirakam dengan berbagai cara. Kalau rajin menyelidik dan menyelongkari ia pasti akan berjumpa. Baik juga diusahakan agar kata-kata dan buah fikiran beliau itu tidak lenyap begitu saja.

Suka saya mencadangkan kepada Fadhili atau sesiapa yang hampir dengan Tok Guru, catatlah juga cara hidup seharian beliau. Cara beliau makan, bergurau, bergaul hinggalah cara beliau duduk atas sejadah. Rasanya segala kelakuan dan perbuatan beliau banyak yang boleh ditiru oleh generasi akan datang khususnya mereka yang bercita-cita untuk jadi khalifah politik.

Selain itu cubalah selidik beliau juga mempunyai kisah-kisah menteri yang cukup menarik yang setengahnya belum terungkap hingga kini. Cuba tanya orang-orang sebaya dengannya, atau mereka yang seiringi politik dengannya sebelum tahun 1980. Saya juga memiliki beberapa kisah dan atau kisahnya yang diceritakan pada setiap kali pertemuan saya dengan beliau, ataupun kisah beliau yang diceritakan orang tentangnya yang dalam simpanan dan pengetahuan saya. Kalau Fadhili atau sesiapa ingin susun saya sedia membantu.

Sekali lagi diucapkan tahniah dan syabas kepada Fadhili. Mudah-mudahan jadilah penerbitan buku pertama itu sebagai perintis untuk menerbit lebih banyak lagi buku. Dan sekali lagi terima kasih atas kiriman buku berkenaan kepada saya. [wm.kl. 3:45 pm 05/09/10]

Gani Patail Tetap Akan Terima Balasannya

Posted: 05 Sep 2010 12:52 AM PDT

Serah Dokumen Sulit, Peguam Negara Berat Sebelah

Dokumen Akta Rahsia Rasmi sekalipun akan didedahkan sekiranya ia boleh membantu pembelaan pemimpin-pemimpin kanan Barisan Nasional di mahkamah.

Sebaliknya pelbagai kekangan dikenakan sekiranya Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim membuat permohonan yang sama.

Ahli Parlimen Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Tian Chua, membidas sikap berat-sebelah Pejabat Peguam Negara yang beria-ria membantu pembelaan tertuduh dalam kes Zon Bebas Pelabuhan Klang, Dr Ling Liong Sik.

Pasukan pendakwaraya bagaimanapun tidak menunjukkan kesungguhan yang sama, bahkan begitu liat mahu menyerahkan dokumen perubatan dan sampel spesimen yang diminta Anwar Ibrahim bagi tujuan pembelaan dalam kes konspirasi dua.

"Saya nampak macam ada berat sebelah, kalau pembangkang minta walaupun dari Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,atau dalam kes PKFZ".

"Ini akan menjadi persoalan besar kenapa tindakan hanya dikenakan ke atas Ling Leong Sik tetapi tidak mengheret ahli-ahli politik yang lain ke mahkamah kerana mereka membuat keputusan bersama" ujar Tian kepada Tv Selangor.

3 September lalu, salah seorang peguam Ling, Wong Kan Kheong berhujah, dokumen-dokumen sulit berkenaan Zon Bebas Pelabuhan Klang diperlukan bagi membantu pembelaan anak guamnya.

"Pihak peguam bela memerlukan dokumen-dokumen seperti minit mesyuarat, pertemuan jawatankuasa kabinet dan kertas pasca kabinet di bawah Akta Rahsia Rasmi (OSA) 1972".

"Kita memerlukannya untuk mempersiapkan hujah bagi pihak pembelaan" katanya kepada mahkamah.

Pasukan pendakwaraya yang diwakili oleh Dzulkifli Ahmad pula berkata pihaknya boleh membantu mendapatkan dokumen yang diminta tertuduh, tetapi memerlukan sedikit masa dari mahkamah.

"Kami tidak keberatan ke awal lagi tetapi kami rasakan itu tidak mungkin kerana kita perlu waktu untuk bertindak pada beberapa permintaan dari pihak peguam bela," ujar Dzulkifli.

Mengulas lanjut, Tian tidak yakin kerajaan akan membekalkan dokumen-dokumen PKFZ yang boleh mengugat kedudukan pemerintah.

Ujarnya, sekiranya dokumen kabinet ini didedahkan, bukan hanya tembelang Ling Liong Sik sahaja yang terbongkar, sebaliknya keseluruhan kabinet akan diheret ke muka pengadilan.

"Saya nampak mungkin ini satu permulaan yang Ling Liong Sik mahu buktikan bukan dia seorang sahaja yang terlibat. Kalau dia minta supaya kertas kabinet ini didedahkan,akhirnya kalau kabinet rasa terugut, terancam, mereka mungkin tidak akan menjatuh hukuman yang berat kepada Ling Liong Sik supaya semua boleh selesai dengan cara dalam keluarga". -TVS

Ulasan GB

Rakyat secara umumnya memang tidak suka dengan Peguam Negara ini. Tetapi UMNO BN memandang beliau sebagai satu aset bernilai untuk selamatkannya.

Oleh itu Najib belum lagi rela melepaskan Gani Patail, selagi kes liwat 2 tidak selesai. Kerana nama "Anwar" amat menghambatnya.

Nama dan rekod Gani Patail semakin hari semakin hanyir. GB yakin apabila Pakatan Rakyat memerintah, salah seorang yang TETAP masuk penjara ialah Gani Patail.

Banyak hal yang kalau diselongkar, begitu busuk manusia yang bernama Gani Patail ini.

Kerana kebusukan itulah, Gani Patail perlu letak jawatan segera. Jika tak mahu, Najib perlu pecatnya. Jika tak pecat, rakyat yang akan melakukannya. Jika rakyat belum berkemampuan, Tuhan tetap akan membalasnya. Balasan Tuhan terhadap perkara yang buruk lebih dasyat. Sedasyat Rahim Nor dan Musa Hassan yang dipaksa turun dari kerusi KPN.

Bear witness, we have warned you, Gani!

Teo Semakin Popular, UMNO Dan Perkasa Semakin Bangang

Posted: 04 Sep 2010 10:30 PM PDT

Tindakan UMNO terperangkap sendiri: Hu

KOTA BHARU - Tindakan UMNO yang berterusan memainkan isu perkauman termasuk memanipulasi tindakan Ahli Parlimen Serdang, Teo Nie Ching memasuki ruang surau menyebabkan parti itu memerangkap diri.

Ketua Dewan Himpunan Penyokong Pas (DHPP), Hu Pang Chaw berkata, tindakan berterusan menyalahkan Teo kerana masuk ruang solat surau hanya mempopularkan lagi Ahli Parlimen Serdang itu.

"Tindakan ini sebenarnya tidak menguntungkan parti itu (UMNO) malah kepada Islam sendiri, apa yang dilakukan itu sedikit sebanyak menjauhkan orang bukan Islam yang mahu mengenali Islam," katanya kepada Sinar Harian semalam.

Menurutnya, mengikut kefahamannya Islam merupakan agama toleransi yang diturunkan kepada semua kaum yang ada di dunia dan adalah perlu Muslim sendiri yang harus memberi penerangan kepada orang bukan Islam.

Beliau memberi contoh bagaimana kakitangan masjid di negara China yang mesra kepada orang bukan Islam yang mahu melawat dan memahami agama Islam secara dekat.

"Saya sendiri beberapa kali berkunjung ke masjid di negara tersebut, mereka memberi layanan yang cukup mesra dengan menerangkan tentang hal ehwal agama termasuk sewajarnya, jadi apa salahnya pendekatan itu turut digunakan di negara ini," katanya.

Katanya, tindakan berterusan menghentam Teo menyebabkan beliau lebih popular di kalangan masyarakat yang menganggap Ahli Parlimen itu mahu mendekatkan diri dengan ajaran Islam. -SH

MP Serdang kini popular 'YB Surau', sangkal sumbangan 'hina Islam'

Sementara kira-kira 30 kariah menunggu dengan sabar sambil berbual mengenai perkembangan semasa, sekitar pukul 11 malam tadi, Ahli Parlimen Serdang Teo Nie Ching singgah di Surau At-Tholabiah, Sungai Ramal Luar berhampiran Kajang.

Wakil rakyat itu sepatutnya berada di surau itu pukul 10 malam untuk bertemu dengan mereka selepas berakhirnya majlis tarawih. Bagaimanapun beliau lewat sejam kerana terpaksa singgah di Madrasah Cheras Perdana untuk memenuhi permintaan saat-saat akhir.

"Maaf, saya tiba lewat. Ada program saat-saat akhir. Mereka memanggil saya datang," kata beliau dengan tenang ketika melangkah ke Surau At-Tholabiah, yang terletak di tepi Lebuh Raya Sik.

Madrasah Cheras Perdana antara yang mengundang beliau bertemu dengan umat Islam meskipun tercetusnya isu kunjungan ke Surau Al-Huda.

Permintaan Madrasah Cheras Perdana dan kesungguhan pengurusan Surau At-Tholabiah menandakan Teo yang sudah mula dikenali sebagai "YB Surau" menandakan terus menerusi semangat dan sokongan di sebalik debat mengenai isu ini berterusa.

Dengan berpakaian baju kurung berwarna kuning dengan selendang, yang dihadiahkan oleh salah seorang peminatnya baru-baru ini, Teo berkata: "Apa yang berlaku sekarang ini adalah satu ujian."

Beliau telah menerima enam selendang setakat ini,
termasuk selendang dari Mesir yang dihadiahkan oleh "Datuk Zin". "Kalau ada jemputan saya akan datang, menjadi tugas saya untuk datang.... saya melakukan ini bukan sahaja ketika Ramadan, tetapi sepanjang tahun... saya pergi bertemu dengan semua orang tidak kira agama dan kaum," katanya.

Kehadiran di Surau At-Tholabiah adalah persinggahan beliau yang terakhir pada bulan Ramadan. Awal pagi ini beliau bertolak di Sarawak sebagai sebahagian daripada persediaan DAP menghadapi pilihan raya umum negeri itu.

Ahli Parlimen penggal pertama berusia 29 tahun itu tiba-tiba menjadi 'popular' ekoran kontroversi yang dibangkitkan oleh Umno dan Perkasa dua minggu lalu.

Dalam ucapannya Penasihat Surau At-Tholabiah Mohd Yusof A. Kadir berkata, "walaupun berhadapan dengan isu kontroversi, kami berharap beliau (Teo) akan terus bersemangat untuk berkhidmat sebagai wakil rakyat."

"Kami berharap semangat YB tidak jatuh, tetapi pada masa yang sama kita akan ikut arahan orang atasan," kata beliau mengalu-alukan kedatang Teo yang menyampaikan sumbangan pada majlis ringkas yang diadakan di ruang luar.

"Ini duit rakyat," kata Teo ketika menyerahkan sumbangan kepada Pengerusi surau Abdul Rahman Mohd Tahir seolah-olah mahu menangkis kritikan sesetengah pihak yang mempertikaikan wakil rakyat bukan Islam menyampaikan sumbangan dan derma di kawasan masjid dan surau.

Ketika ditemui The Malaysian Insider dalam satu pertemuan kira-kira 10 jam sebelum itu, Teo berkata, kunjungan beliau ke masjid atau surau sama sekali tidak harus dilihat sebagai tindakan menghina agama Islam.

"Mengapa saya perlu memberi sumbangan untuk menghina agama lain, tidak... tidak," kata beliau ketika ditemu bual di ibu pejabat DAP di Petaling Jaya tengah hari semalam.

"Kalau saya nak menghina, adakah saya hendak memberi sumbangan, saya rasa kenyataan itu (dakwaan menghina) itu tidak masuk akal, tidak betul," kata wakil rakyat kelulusan undang-undang ini.

Teo mengulangi bahawa Umno dan Perkasa sengaja memperbesarkan isu ini dan menolak bahawa beliau menggunakan kunjungan ke masjid atau surau untuk kepentingan politik.

"Saya juga terkejut. Saya tidak panggil wartawan ke program saya. Ini lawatan biasa," kata beliau sambil menambah, "saya pergi ke sana dengan niat yang suci dan ikhlas iaitu untuk memberikan sumbangan."

"Umno memang ada cakap saya telah memperalatkan surau untuk meraih publisiti untuk diri sendiri.

"Tetapi saya tidak berniat untuk buat demikian lagipun pada hari itu juga saya tidak jemput wartawan untuk datang.... kalau saya pergi saya dan bawa wartawan mungkin boleh tuduh saya gunakan surau untuk jadikan saya lebih popular," katanya.

Selepas isu ini diperbesarkan, Teo mengakui sudah melawat beberapa surau lagi.

"Ini adalah tugas saya jadi saya perlu jalankan tanggungjawab seperti biasa," katanya lagi.

Sebenarnya kata Teo, kebanyakan program telah disusun sejak sebelum Ramadan lagi dan ada juga jemputan yang baru selepas isu ini tercetus.

"Macam malam ini baru terima jemputan dua hari lalu, mereka tidak takut kerana faham.

"Selain masjid dan surau saya juga ada pergi ke bazar untuk beri buah kurma.

"Respons syang saya terima sampai hari ini agak menggalakkan... ada orang cakap ia bukan satu isu, ada juga yang cakap mereka itu (pengkritik) cemburu," kata Teo sambil menambah, beliau akan melakukan apa yang sepatutnya perlu dijalankan selaku seorang wakil rakyat.

Menjawab soalan bagaimana beliau menghadapi isu semasa ini, Teo juga berkongsi bahawa pada hari pertama dan kedua beliau memang tertekan dan ada menangis.

Teo berkata, beliau menitiskan air mata semasa dalam perjalanan ke rumah dan ketika berada di rumah sehari selepas Majlis Agama Islam Selangor mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa Sultan Selangor murka dan akan mengeluarkan surat amaran.

Malah kenyataan itu menjadi tajuk muka depan media pada Sabtu lalu.

"Hari Sabtu, saya rasa begitu susah," katanya.

"Memang saya rasa tertekan kerana saya ingat ia salah saya," kata beliau tetapi mengaku tidak menjejaskan kerjaya politiknya.

Bagaimanapun kata Teo, beliau seolah-olah merasakan telah membuat satu kesilapan yang boleh menjejaskan reputasi parti dan juga ahli jawatankuasa Surau Al-Huda.

"Memang rasa begitu, tidak senang dan sedih kerana ahli jawatankuasa telah digantung kerana tindakan saya.

"Pada saya, jika pada malam itu mereka tidak menjemput saya masuk ke ruang solat, ia tidak akan jadi satu isu yang begitu besar.

"Walaupun mereka jemput saya dengan niat baik dan ikhlas, layan saya dengan baik dan akhirnya apa yang saya bawa kepada mereka adalah masalah.

"(Oleh itu) saya menangis sendiri bukan depan orang," katanya.

Teo juga berkongsi bahawa beliau menerima banyak panggilan daripada pemimpin parti dan mereka sebenarnya tidak marah.

"Semua orang hanya simpati dan faham bahawa pada hari pertama dan kedua saya berada dalam satu kedudukan yang sangat sukar.

"Mereka hubungi dan memberi nasihat kepada saya... apabila (Lim) Kit Siang dan Lim Guang Eng hubungi saya, bila mereka hubungi mereka cakap jangan risau, saya rasa ini satu sokongan moral daripada mereka," katanya lagi.

Teo, antara calon pilihan raya umum 2008 yang menggunakan pendekatan kreatif untuk mendekati pengundi memberitahu beliau tidak sama sekali terfikir untuk meletakkan jawatan kerana isu ini, tetapi rasa takut dan risau kerana "saya tidak mahu membawa masalah kepada parti."

"Saya rasa begitu ketika itu kerana pada saat itu kita belum terima begitu banyak nasihat, sokongan dan panduan daripada PKR dan PAS lagi.

"Tok guru (Menteri Besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat) juga ketika itu masih belum keluarkan apa-apa kenyataan pada masa itu," katanya lagi.

Teo, penolong setiausaha publisiti kebangsaan DAP berkata, beliau sememangnya bimbang sama ada telah buat satu kesilapan yang akan mengakibatkan orang Melayu menganggap DAP sebuah parti anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam.

"Ini kerana saya rasa telah mencuba dengan begitu bersungguh untuk meyakinkan masyarakat Melayu bahawa DAP bukan sebuah parti 'Chinese, Chauvinist dan Communist (CCC)' sebagaimana didakwa oleh musuh kami," kata beliau dengan merujuk kepada usaha DAP yang cuba meyakinkan orang ramai bahawa ia adalah sebuah parti yang berkhidmat untuk semua kaum.

"DAP adalah sebuah parti untuk semua rakyat Malaysia... memang saya takut bahawa usaha-usaha yang kita lakukan selama ini akan terjejas oleh sebab saya telah lakukan kesilapan atau boleh kata kecuaian yang bodoh," ujar beliau.

Selain menangis, insiden ini juga membawa kepada Teo membeli telefon BlackBerry untuk mengikuti perkembangan semasa dengan lebih dekat.

"Sebelum ini saya tidak guna BlackBerry, lepas insiden tersebut saya beli pada 31 Ogos. Saya perlukan BlackBerry sekarang, pada hari ini saya perlukan BlackBerry untuk dapatkan banyak informasi," katanya.

Beliau masih melihat ke depan untuk berhadapan dengan cabaran dan tanggungjawab lebih besar sebagai wakil rakyat.

"Selepas melihat komen dan Tok Guru mempertahankan saya dan sudah menjelaskan bahawa dari segi Islam memang tidak salah orang bukan Islam masuk masjid dan surau, dari sana saya telah mendapat kekuatan dan selepas insiden itu, ramai orang telah keluarkan kenyataan mempertahankan saya termasuk (Naib Presiden PAS) Datuk Mahfuz Omar, Dewan Muslimat pusat dan Selangor juga ada datang jumpa saya untuk beri semangat - satu jumpa di Kajang dan satu jumpa di Balakong.

"Saya rasa selepas hari Sabtu, komen daripada masyarakat agak positif.

"Ada orang yang kata saya tidak buat apa-apa kesalahan dan kata tiada masalah orang bukan Islam masuk masjid dan surau.

"Ada juga fikir bahawa tidak pakai tudung itu adalah tidak sopan kerana saya sepatutnya pakai tudung," katanya yang mengaku telah meningkatkan pemahaman tentang Islam berbanding Mac 2008.

"Lepas kejadian itu, masyarakat sekarang lebih kenali saya. Saya mengaku walaupun telah jadi wakil rakyat lebih daripada dua tahun tapi masih ramai yang belum kenal siapa saya.

"Tetapi selepas insiden ini saya pergi ke bazar mereka sudah tahu siapa saya.

"Walaupun tidak dapat sebut nama saya tapi mereka panggil saya "YB surau", tapi saya rasa mereka peka dengan isu ini dan telah kenal saya,"
katanya lagi.

Teo juga merasakan telah menerima banyak simpati daripada masyarakat berkata, beliau sebenarnya merasakan telah menerima sokongan yang begitu banyak.

"Hari-hari, sekarang saya terima selendang dari kawan-kawan Melayu dengan mengatakan bahawa supaya mereka (pengkritik) tidak bising

"Hari ini saya dapat satu lagi emel - ada pihak yang mahu mendermakan RM5,000 kepada saya untuk membuat satu program di kawasan saya," kata Teo.

Ulasan GB

Orang desperate seperti UMNO dan Perkasa, apabila cuba mengekploitasi sesuatu isu yang disangkakan bernilai untuk mengangkat darjatnya semula yang telah terhumban ke longkang, akan sentiasa melakukan kesilapan yang mendedahkan kebangangannya mereka yang melantun-lantun.

Kesian UMNO dan Perkasa ini. Penyudahnya mereka laksana Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat yang menghunus keris sesama sendiri. Sang Sultan menonton siapa yang bodeknya lebih kepada istana. Semua dah nampak pertentangan Ibrahim dengan Khairy. Tetapi Sang Sultan juga nanti yang akan terpaksa melarikan diri. Itukan juga dari sejarah, takkan tak reti-reti!

LLBs and CLPs that do not read the law

Posted: 04 Sep 2010 10:30 PM PDT

Met Hassan Skodeng himself two nights ago over iftar. He looks calm and confident. Why would he not?

Art Harun had highlighted an important legal point on Hasan Skodeng's charge which embarassingly made one wonders. Does anyone read the law in the Attorney General and MCMC office?

Jeez .. there are supposed to be lots of LLBs and CLPs at the AG office. The Minister in charge for Multimedia have LLB and CLP with a doctoral law degree. How could they miss such an important point?

However, Barking Magpie wrote here claim the Minister is acting like a Little Napolean carrying around a stick. For the Minister's knowledge, rumours are circulating in blogosphere is that Barking Magpie can whisper to someone higher than him and could put the Minister in trouble.

So, please rid yourself of those old out-dated neurons.

According to Art Harun here, Hasan Skodeng was charged ...
... under section 233 (1) (a) Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Act. If convicted, he can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed up to a year, or both.

Section 233 (1) (a) of the CMA states that:
(1) A person who —
(a) by means of any network facilities or network service or applications service knowingly —
(i) makes, creates or solicits; and
(ii) initiates the transmission of,
any comment, request, suggestion or other communication which is obscene, indecent, false, menacing or offensive in character with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person, commits an offence.
Here is the foolishness of MCMC according to Art:
A good friend of mine - a big wig legal eagle in an international corporation - prompted me to the Content Code of the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF).

CMCF mind you, was established by non other than the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission itself. CMCF came out with the Content Code.The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission itself. CMCF came out with the Content Code.

The interesting thing about the content code is its Chapter 2 on "Guideline on Content." Item 7.3 of Chapter 2 says:
"7.3 Content which is false, is expressly prohibited except in any of the following circumstances:
(a) satire and parody;
(b) where it is clear to an ordinary user that the content is fiction."
So, satires and parodies are expressly and very clearly excluded from the definition of "false" content.
Should put the faces of the MCMC people in the dictionary, next to word incompetent and inconsistent.

Can the press ask Doctor of Law, Rais Yatim for comment on this?

Hope he say something clever. He is supposed to be Information Minister!

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