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Najib Menipu Bangsa?

Najib Menipu Bangsa?

Najib Menipu Bangsa?

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 09:54 AM PDT

Mendaya: Adakah Najib 'menjalankan tipu daya'

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Okt: Perkataan 'mendaya' yang digunakan Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pada ucapan dasarnya 'Mendaya Bangsa Meneraju Kemakmuran' dilihat mengelirukan.

Menurut Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) Edisi Ketiga, tafsiran rasmi 'mendaya' adalah ialah "menjalankan tipu daya (muslihat), menipu".

Kamus yang dicetak pada 1997 lalu turut menjelaskan contoh penggunaan kalimah 'mendaya' yang tepat.

"Apabila sudah begitu, mudahlah mereka mendayakan kami spt (seperti) yg (yang) sudah diperdayakannya beberapa orang pelayan," dipetik dari halaman 278 kamus tersebut.

Pun begitu, Utusan Malaysia (muka surat 2) hari ini melaporkan, "ucapan bertajuk 'Mendaya Bangsa Meneraju Kemakmuran' yang disampaikan dalam nada yang serius itu berjaya memaku para perwakilan dan pemerhati selama satu setengah jam untuk sama-sama menghayati menghayati isi hati dan wawasan perjuangan beliau (Najib)".

Dijangkakan kalimah 'mendaya' yang digunakan Najib bakal menggamit polemik awam khususnya pada sambungan sidang Dewan Rakyat, Isnin depan. -harakahdaily

shame! umno admit they are weak!

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 09:24 AM PDT

from the malaysian insider.

"By promoting the free market concept, without taking into account the reality that markets are not always perfect, we worry that it will benefit the strong — that is, non-Malays — and cause the weak, or the Malay race, to lose out," he said when debating the motion on economy.

and they admit that they want to be 'the baby that can't grow up' at all:

"So Wanita is giving ultimatum. Either maintain the 30 per cent Bumiputera equity or increase it to 60 per cent to reflect the population if they are still questioned," said the Kluang Wanita Umno chief.

yep. after 52 years, they still need the 30%.  oh because they are weak lah!

obviously these two umnoputera did not heed their big boss' advise when he said:

Najib also urged the Malays not to plead weakness and reminded them the importance of knowledge and information.

"As the Umno president, I cannot accept the excuse that the Malays are still weak because of five centuries of colonialisation,"

cannot accept, mr PM? but one of your anak lelaki just announced publicly 'the malay race is the weak race' and your anak perempuan still want to cling to the 30% (not only that but to add another 30% to it!), showing malays cannot compete with other races – what does that tell?

oh well, the umno general assembly has not end yet. let's see what else they will spill out that reveal their weakness! let the show begin!

(picture taken from here)

A tale of two mechanics

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 05:55 AM PDT

Why is it that we'd never get to see a mechanic smile? They are all so sullen-faced. All the smiles are probably left behind at the customer service desk. You pass through the door that connects the customer service desk to the workshop and it's a world of a difference. I'll tell you what happened.

Today, I finally had Proton Edar to look into the steering wheel problem of my daughter's new Saga. Since a few months ago, the steering had been squeaking ever so softly whenever it's turned in either direction. Many people may not take notice of it but when they do, it will become a conscious squeak in their mind until there is no way that they'd be able to ignore it.

Last 14 Oct when I took the car for its scheduled service at their main service centre in Juru, I had complained to the service desk and the problem was referred to the mechanic. About an hour later, the mechanic told me that there was nothing wrong with the car.

"But there is a squeak," I insisted, so he called in his supervisor. They talked briefly and the supervisor said his mechanic would look into the problem. After another hour or so, he told me the car was ready, and said he had tried to reduce the noise as much as possible but it would still be there. Maybe I should have persisted with the complaint but I was fast running out of time. So I collected the car and told him that I'll be back.

Thank goodness for Proton Edar's customer feedback service. A few days later, someone rang me to ask whether I was satisfied with the service rendered. No, I replied, the steering problem had not gone away.

No problem, the voice at the other end told me. If I had the time, please bring the car back to their service centre. So today, I was there again and this time, I jolly made sure the mechanic - a different person - sat down beside me as I took the car for a spin. He listened and agreed that there was a soft squeak from the steering wheel.

Three hours later, I collected the car from them. The job sheet said that he had degreased the sterring column and shaft. And yes, the sound has disappeared. Unlike the first mechanic, this second one had solved the problem. And I hope the problem has gone away for good.

Now, what I'm concerned about is why the first mechanic - let's call him Syukri - was unable to solve the problem or reluctant to solve the problem and chose to give me a cock and bull story? Incompetent? Lazy? Attitude? Whatever. It's people like him who will give their employer a bad name.

The second mechanic - let's call him Mazlan - was different. He wasn't incompetent. He wasn't lazy. He didn't have an attitude problem. He listened. And he solved the problem. That is the type of employee that contributes positively to his company. Good for him.

Now, having said all this, I still have no answer to my original question. Where are all the smiles when the mechanics interact directly with their customers??

Try Saying....

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 02:35 AM PDT

The following is a fictitious memo sent to me by a friend. Next sopo post will be up later. Take care and do swing by again after dinner. Thanks!

FROM: Human Resources

It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers. Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will be no longer tolerated.

We do however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers, therefore, a list of "TRY SAYING" new phrases has been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner without risk of offending our more sensitive employees.


Perhaps I can work late.
When do you expect me to do this?

I'm certain that is not feasible.
No way!!

You've got to be shi**ing me.

Perhaps you should check with...
Tell someone who gives a sh**.

Of course I'm concerned.
Ask me if I give a sh**.

I wasn't involved in the project.
It's not my problem.

That's interesting.
What the ....?!?!

I'm not sure I can implement this.
**** it, it won't work.

I'll try to schedule that.
Why the hell didn't you tell me sooner?

Are you sure this is a problem?
Who cares?

He's not familiar with the problem.
He's got his head up his a**.

Excuse me sir?
Eat **** and die.

So you weren't happy with it?
Kiss my a**.

I'm a bit overloaded at this moment.
So? I'm on salary.

I don't think you understand.
Shove it up your ....

I love a challenge.
This job sucks.

You want me to take care of that?
Who the hell died and made you boss?

I see.
Go away.

Yes, we really should discuss it.
Another meeting!!!

I don't think this will be a problem.
I really don't give a ****.

He's somewhat insensitive.
He's a *****.

She's an aggressive go getter.
She's a *****.

I think you could use more training.
You don't know what you're doing

But of course, reality is different ....:)

Cheers and have a great weekend! Please swing by later! Thanks!

What Lies Ahead?

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 07:02 AM PDT

Few can deny that we are probably living in the most challenging period of our nation. Our National Debt is at a record high, national expenditure runs into millions. While FDIs are on the decrease, cost of living is on the increase. Never has there been a situation where there is so much unhappiness, dissatisfaction and disagreement in the history of our nation.

In his latest post, RPK wrote:

The ongoing Umno General Assembly appears to be about warning the non-Malays as well as the 'traitor' Malays to not question the Social Contract, unless they want to see a 'May 13 Version 2'. Even the Umno running dog, MCA President Chua Soi Lek, has been told to shut up.
Over in Malaysiakini HERE, we learn that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has launched another investigation into Malaysiakini, this time over two reports on the on-going Umno general assembly that the independent news portal published yesterday.

The reports, both on Umno president Najib Abdul Razak's opening speech at the party's 61st AGM at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, are We must defend Putrajaya at all costs: Najib and PM moves to snuff out racial debates.

MCMC investigator Mohd Syukri Jamaluddin said that Malaysiakini was being investigated under Section 211 and 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

MCMC, a government agency under the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry, is empowered to regulate matters relating to communications and multimedia activities undertaken by amongst others, private TV and radio stations as well as Internet websites. Read more HERE.

In early October, Bernama reported HERE that National Civics Bureau (BTN) deputy director Hamim Husin today lodged a police report against the Malaysian Insider and reporter for a posting that he had made a racist statement.

Hamim claimed that the pro-opposition news portal had misinterpreted his statement and that it could adversely affect racial ties.

Reporters Without Borders released their Press Freedom Index 2010 which revealed that Malaysia has plunged 10 notches to 141 - notably the lowest in nine years. In my post Drop in ranking? Expected!!, I listed a few possible reasons for this.

Based on recent trends, I do not foresee a positive forecast where freedom of expression in our country is concerned. As such, I want to draw your attention to Ray Bradbury's book Fahreinheit 451 which you can read OVER HERE. I first read the book over 20 years ago and have since gone through the book three or four times - short, simple to understand and yet holds a powerful message for all of us.

According to Wikipedia HERE:

Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury which was first published in a shorter form as "The Fireman" (Galaxy Science Fiction, Vol. 1 No. 5, February 1951). The short novel presents a future American society in which the masses are hedonistic and critical thought through reading is outlawed.

The central character, Guy Montag, is employed as a "fireman" (which, in this future, means "bookburner"). The number "451" refers to the temperature at which book paper combusts. Although sources contemporary with the novel's writing gave the temperature as 450 °C (842 °F), Bradbury is believed to have thought "Fahrenheit" made for a better title. However, in an introduction to the 40th anniversary edition of the novel, Bradbury states that a person he spoke with at the local fire department said "Book-paper catches fire at 451 degrees Fahrenheit". The "firemen" burn them "for the good of humanity". Written in the early years of the Cold War, the novel is a critique of what Bradbury saw as issues in American society of the era."

Wikipedia states that the novel is frequently interpreted as being critical of state-sponsored censorship, but Bradbury has disputed this interpretation. He said in a 2007 interview that the book explored the effects of television and mass media on the reading of literature. The title of Bradbury's book has become a well-known byword amongst those who oppose censorship.

What lies ahead for Malaysia? Will there come a time when we face very strict censorship to the extent that dissident voices can be heard no more?

The time has come for us to be less dependent on agenda setting techniques by the media. Each of us must be able to rationalize and do the right thing because of what we know - facts, figures and records. Alternatives have to be developed and we cannot rely on news portals and the internet for what if one day, these no longer exist?

We cannot let others rob us of our thinking skills. We cannot let others set the agenda for us. In the 1920's, famous journalist Walter Lippmann argued that the public responds not to the real environment but to the pseudo-environment created by the media.

Agenda-setting theory holds that the media's pictures of the world may be conceptualized in terms of agendas of items. Those elements of the real world that the media make prominent become those elements the public considers prominent. The public comes to accept as important those elements the media emphasize.

Now imagine this scenario - what if there is a very tightly controlled media one day? What sort of agenda would they be setting? By then, if the Opposition still exists, it would be most difficult for it to regain lost territory from the status quo.

Now what would happen to the rest of us then?

What a frightening thought!

And it is up to us to make sure that does not happen!! So, if there is a snap polls soon, be very sure who you vote for!!! One wrong tick and we could be suffering the wrong choices made by misguided populace.

And so, it is up to you and me, all of us to ensure that as many register as a voter and that we are not misled by the manipulation of the media which was probably crafted to cloud our vision.

Let's keep the good fight and always remember who is the foe and friend.

And not lose that focus. So, onward march, Malaysians. In the face of difficulties and challenges, that is when we have to find strength and perseverance from within to press on.

We have to do it - for the sake of our nation and all of us.

World’s largest sushi mosaic

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 06:49 AM PDT

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council set a new world record last week at China's Shanghai Expo in celebration of the arrival of Norwegian Salmon No. 10,000,000 to China (and perhaps a bit of peace making for the Nobel prize).

World largest sushi mosaic in Shanghai, China

The record-setting sushi mosaic featured 8,374 pieces of sushi made from different types of Norwegian seafood, primarily salmon, but also cod, mackerel and prawns. The mosaic covered 20.13 square metres, used 120 kilos of rice and 65 kilos of Norwegian Salmon, and took 6 hours and 15 minutes to complete.


World's largest sushi mosaic from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Kuwait phone number sold for $745,000

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 06:25 AM PDT

A mobile phone number, 555-55555, was recently sold in Kuwait for KD210,000 (~USD745,000). The international code for Kuwait is 965 btw; give the rich folk a call whenever you are bored… if you could afford the long distant charges lol.

It's not the world record for most expensive phone number though… the number 666-6666 was sold in Qatar for a million Qatari Riyals, or about 2.75 million US Dollars in 2006 during a charity auction.

On side note… Saudi Arabia is officially going to build the new world's tallest building (more details later). The current world's tallest, UAE's Burj Khalifa, is unsurprisingly located in the oil-rich region as well.

Kuwait phone number sold for $745,000 from YeinJee's Asian Blog

MCA, MIC & PPP Bakal Terpinggir Bila UMNO Desak Serahkan Kerusi Yang Kalah

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 09:04 AM PDT

PRU-13: Komponen BN digesa serah kerusi kalah kepada Umno tanding

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 Okt — Umno Negeri Sembilan membawa idea tegas hari ini dengan meminta Barisan Nasional (BN) mengkaji semula sistem kuota peruntukan kerusi — menggesa supaya parti-parti komponen perikatan menyerahkan kawasan-kawasan yang mereka kalah kepada Umno untuk wakili pada pilihan raya umum ke-13.

Sehubungan itu, Timbalan Ketua Umno Jelebu Datuk Jalaluddin Alias berkata, sebagai ganti komponen BN terbabit boleh dilantik sebagai senator dan diberikan kedudukan dalam Kabinet pusat ataupun negeri.

Beliau berkata BN tidak memperlihatkan prestasi baik disebabkan kekalahan teruk dialami oleh parti-parti komponen pada 8 Mac 2008.

"Sistem kuota (pembahagian kerusi) perlu ditukar, beri kepada Umno, kerana kita kalah besar ketika pilihan raya adalah kerana parti komponen yang kalah.

"Keputusan pilihan raya umum ke-12 (adalah) kerana ketidakkemampuan parti komponen lain.

"Calon komponen parti MCA (menang) tidak sampai 40 peratus, MCA juga begitu, begitu juga calon PPP.

"Saya mewakili Umno Negeri Sembilan mencadangkan agar kuota ini ditukar, beri peluang kepada MIC yang tidak bertanding, kita beri jawatan senator... begitu juga MCA dan PPP, beri mereka jawatan dalam Kabinet," kata beliau pada sesi perbahasan Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2010 di sini hari ini.

Pada 8 Mac 2008, BN dinafikan penguasaan kerusi majoriti di Parlimen — kali pertama dalam sejarah pilihan raya negara ini.

Berbanding 198 kerusi Parlimen dikuasai pada 2004, BN hanya mempertahankan 140 kerusi dua tahun lalu. Bakinya dimenangi oleh pembangkang.

MCA, MIC, Gerakan dan PPP menyaksikan kekalahan teruk. Selain itu, lima negeri pula dikuasai oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

Di kalangan komponen BN di Semenanjung, Umno hanya memperoleh 78 kerusi, MCA (15), MIC (tiga) dan Gerakan (dua) manakala PPP kalah di satu kerusi yang ditandinginya.

Jalaluddin menambah, Umno juga perlu memberi mandat kepada golongan muda untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang.

"Umno perlu terus bertahan dan kita perlu pastikan bahawa parti ini terus kekal.

"Kita sudah tidak ada pilihan lain, perubahan perlu dilakukan segera. Ini penting untuk mendapatkan semula keyakinan rakyat kepada kita," kata beliau.

Jalaluddin juga mahu perang psikologi antara parti komponen ditamatkan serta-merta demi perpaduan kaum.

"Saya cadangkan perang psikologi antara parti komponen ditamatkan supaya perpaduan antara kaum dapat dipertingkatkan.

"Kalau tidak mahu dengar, mereka nak juga sama rata, depan belakang sama sahaja, kita letak garis panduan kepada mereka.

"Selama ini kita tidak pernah cakap pasal hak kaum lain tapi mereka cakap macam-macam tentang kita. Mereka jadikan perhimpunan mereka sebagai medan untuk bantai orang Melayu," katanya.

Beliau juga mahu pemimpin parti komponen BN supaya tidak lagi mempersoalkan hak keistimewaan orang Melayu.

"Saya minta kepada pemimpin parti komponen supaya tidak lagi mempersoalkan hak orang Melayu kerana selama ini kita tidak pernah mempersoalkan hak mereka, katanya. -TMI

Ulasan GB

Egonya UMNO. Macamlah UMNO tak der yang kalah. Silap gaya MCA & MIC boleh balas balik ucapan perwakilan UMNO itu, serahkan kerusi yang UMNO kalah kepada MCA & MIC.

Sebenarnya pokok utama ialah seluruh BN itu telah ditolak oleh rakyat, tak kira apa parti pun bertanding. Tsnami akan terlaku untuk membersihkan negara dari pemerintah yang korup dan rasuah. Dan hampir hampir tsunami kedua ini lebih besar daripada yang berlaku sebelumnya.

Jika Tsunami politik yang berlaku pada PRU12 mampu meruntuhkan kerajaan-kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang, Perak, Kedah dan Selangor, tsunami yang akan datang ini bakal melipuuti seluruh negara sehingga Putrajaya pun akan bertukar-tangan. Najib menghidunya lantaran itu terpaksa bertempik menyatakan... 'walau berkecai tulang dan juga badan, walau bercerai jasad dari nyawa...'

Kali ini, penjajahan UMNO di atas buminya sendiri, ke atas rakyatnya sendiri bakal ditamatkan oleh rakyat yang berpakat menegakkan kebenaran dan keadilan sejagat.

Anti-Warisan Merdeka Facebook campaign hits 100,000

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 06:54 AM PDT

Hak Melayu terjamin tanpa Umno, hak Rosmah yang tak terkunci kemas

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 12:01 AM PDT

UMNO Hanya Mampu Memfitnah, Geram PAS Letak Calon Wibawa,

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 04:15 AM PDT

Tidak sampai 24 jam selepas diumumkan bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil DUN Galas, calon PAS Dr Zulkefli Mohamad menjadi sasaran media rasmi Umno - Umno Online - yang melaporkan bahawa beliau pernah ditangkap berkhalwat.

Media rasmi Umno yang memetik laporan beberapa blog mendakwa Dr Zulkefli pernah ditangkap khalwat dengan 'isterinya' sekarang, Ramelah Mat Jusoh.

Dalam reaksinya terhadap laporan itu, Dr Zulkefli yang juga pemangku Yang Dipertua PAS Gua Musang menafikan perkara itu.

Malah, katanya, Ramelah yang dilaporkan itu adalah ibunya.

Dr Zulkefli, sebaliknya menjelaskan isterinya bernama Zainab Jalar.

"Fitnah semata-mata, - boleh buat semakan di mana-mana pejabat agama di Kelantan dan seluruh Malaysia," katanya dalam jawapannya melalui SMS kepada Malaysiakini.

Selain mendakwa Dr Zulkefli pernah ditangkap berkhalwat, Umno Online juga memperlekehkan Mursyidul Am PAS, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang sebelum ini mengenakan syarat untuk menjadi calon adalah bukan perokok dengan memberikan gambaran seolah-olan beliau adalah perokok.

"Saya tidak merokok. Semoga Allah mengampuni dosa mereka yang membuat fitnah," kata Dr Zulkefli.

Ulasan GB

Kalau tak memfitnah, bukan UMNO namanya.


Posted: 22 Oct 2010 06:37 AM PDT

  1. When Najib announced about construction of the 100 storey Menara warisan, I felt my initial comment should be enough to reflect what I felt about the project. I believe I am probably among the first few that highlighted that project has nothing to do with the government. Najib in his excitement to have a big showcase budget had a made a political boo boo. Whoever that prepared the budget speech has most likely to have been reassigned as a kitchen helper.

  2. It doesn't take much for an intelligent man to see the opposition that is attacking the project as fools who are as disillusioned as Najib and the same goes with politicians that defended the project. What thing for sure it shows how stupid some of the politicians that we have on both side of the fences. They can't separate a government project and a private sector project. Worst still they purposely misled the nation that this is a project that has a negative impact on the government. Otherwise how else one explains that within a week, 100,000 people has registered with Facebook that is against with the project. From the comment in the facebook, it is clear that a large significant proportion is commenting based on inaccurate information.

  3. In my personal view, the 100,000 views probably mean nothing. They should have focused their energy and time against the massive rise in the PM office expenditure. I would not have been so abrasive if these 100,000 people were to question the PM on the massive inflated budget for the PM office. They should have also focused their time and energy I questioning why majority of key opposition political leaders are silent on many issues of the budget. There is many thing wrong with this budget and the 100 storey building has nothing to do with it.

  4. PNB Chief has explained that the tower will be built on a piece of land that they bought in 2000 from Danaharta at the price of about RM310million. He also explained that the tower construction will be financed either by borrowings on internal funding depending on which is provides the cheaper cost of funds. Being an investor and unit trust holder since the inception of ASB, I have a very strong faith with the management of PNB. How many unit trust managers in this country with such gigantic funds can give returns of 3-4x more than the banks? Even EPF cannot match them. The only other organization that can beat them is LTAT which consistently pays twice than what PNB gives.

  5. I find the statement by Mahfuz Omar is simply irresponsible and shows his weak knowledge of business. For a giant organization like PNB, I sensed that it will be a non issue for them to filled up the tower in such a short time. This is because the various PNB unit managers can easily relocate the various companies HQ into the building. Out of thousands of companies that PNB has majority share, surely they can get 100 companies to fill it up? If I am the owner of PNB, that is what I would do

  6. I am a unit trust holder. In my assessment, I gave my full confidence towards PNB management to do what is best in making money using my money. They have not disappointed me so far. To the critics, I would suggest that they focus on issues related to the construction, traffic dispersal as well the other important issues in this country. Unless of course if someone has some evidence to show that Najb and Rosmah wants the tower to be built against PNB advice.

  7. I suggest it is better that we use this opportunity to assess the politicians that we have on both side of the fences and the things that they says. See whether we can put our trust in this people to run the country in the next GE. I am not sure if I want to support a man that wants to lead PKR to Putrajaya when he can't seem to do much in Bukit Antarabangsa and has been very silent on many major issues that affects the country.

Adukataruna Mula Dibicarakan

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 06:35 AM PDT

Seremban – Mahkamah Sesyen di sini, semalam memulakan perbicaraan kes remaja yang didakwa menghina institusi kesultanan Johor menerusi laman blognya.

Khairulizam Abdul Ghani, 29 atau dikenali sebagai adukataruna adalah seorang juruteknik komputer didakwa memuat naik secara sedar beberapa ayat menghina institusi kesultanan Johor dalam blognya.

Dalam perbicaraan semalam, dua saksi dipanggil memberi keterangan iaitu jurugambar polis, Konstabel Wan Khairul Al-Jufri Hashim, 24 dan Penolong Pengurus Maybank Seremban, Fazlita Abd Wahab, 42.

Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Mahmud Abdullah memaklumkan, sepanjang perbicaraan yang dijadual berlangsung selama tiga sehingga esok, beberapa saksi terlibat akan dipanggil untuk memberikan keterangan.

Khairulizam yang memakai kemeja putih hadir ke mahkamah diwakili peguam bela, Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin.

Tertuduh didakwa melakukan perbuatan tersebut antara pukul 7.25 malam dan 9.05 malam, pada 22 Januari lepas di No. 297, Rumah Rakyat Panchor, Paroi, dekat sini.

Jika disabitkan kesalahan, Khairulizam boleh didakwa mengikut Seksyen 233(1) (a) Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia 1998 dan boleh dihukum di bawah Seksyen 233(3) akta yang sama yang memperuntukkan hukuman denda maksimum RM50,000 atau penjara tidak melebihi setahun atau kedua-duanya.

Khairulizam bertindak menyerah diri di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kota Bharu, Kelantan 26 Januari lalu atas perbuatannya itu. -SH

Mufti Wanita Pertama ...?

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 01:32 AM PDT

Gambar hiasan.

Siapa mufti wanita pertama di dunia...?
Fatwa pertamanya `Busana Pakaian Wanita Islam` ...?
Kah, kah kaahhh ...?

Mufti wanita pertama tentunya sebok ...
Sebab, dia memang kaki sebok ...
Kah, kah kaahhh ...

Mufti wanita pertama tentulah berpangkat ...
Sebab, dia memang gila pangkat ...
Kah, kah kaahhh ...?
Hancuzs ...?

Gambar-gambar untuk pencinta Islam ....

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:52 PM PDT

Sumber gambar di sini.
Dukacita di sini.
Marah di sini.

Fesyen Islam UMNO bapa Islam Hadhari
Kah, kah kaahhh ...?
Kancuzs ...?

(title unknown)

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:52 PM PDT

Shared by mudin001
Islamic, bro... Islamic ni!

Tulisan Muhammad yang diterbalikkan

Soalan: Hampir saban tahun IFF diadakan dan ia menerima kritikan, khususnya daripada segi pakaian model yang dikatakan tidak melambangkan Muslim sejati kerana tidak menutup aurat, rambut terdedah dan berpakaian tipis. Komen Datuk?

Jawapan: Saya tidak melihat kritikan itu menjatuhkan, sebaliknya melihat dari sisi positif walaupun orang mengaitkan ada negatif. IFF sebagai landasan baik untuk pereka kerana baru-baru ini saya ke Jakarta dan seorang pereka di sana mengatakan jualan busana Muslimah meningkat ke 80 peratus sejak IFF pertama diadakan. Berbalik ke isu tadi, memang ada yang mengatakan kenapa masih membenarkan model tidak menutup aurat dibenarkan mengadakan pertunjukan, tetapi jawapan saya mudah saja dan akan sama sepanjang masa iaitu, saya tidak mahu melakukan sesuatu dengan ekstrem atau keterlaluan. Pada saya sekiranya model mengenakan selendangpun sudah cukup baik. Saya tidak mahu kalau terlalu ketat syaratnya, maka golongan bukan Islam takut untuk datang menyaksikan IFF. Memang saya tahu soal aurat, tetapi saya tidak mahu 'memaksa' orang menerima cara sebegitu. Pada saya biarlah usaha menutup aurat itu datang secara sendiri tanpa paksaan kerana ia lebih ikhlas. Lambat laun apabila kerap mendengar mengenai IFF, mungkin ada yang terbuka hati untuk mengenakan tudung dan menutup aurat

Petikan Temubual dengan Pengerusi dan Pengasas IFF, Datuk Shah Rezza


Anda rasa macam mana? Bila tengok gambar di atas ni teringat sebuah syarikat televisyen didenda RM 50,000 kerana menyiarkan iklan yang dianggap menghina islam pada hari raya lepas, yang ni macam mana ya?

[Bergambar] Pengumuman Dr Zulkefli Sebagai Calon PAS Bagi PRK Galas

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 06:00 PM PDT

PAS Calonkan Dr Zulkefli Mohamad Sebagai Calon Di Galas

GUA MUSANG: Pengamal perubatan yang juga Pemangku Yang Dipertua PAS Kawasan Gua Musang, Dr Zulkefli Mohamad dipilih sebagai calon parti itu untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) kawasan Galas 4 November ini.

Pengumuman nama calon itu dibuat oleh Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang juga Menteri Besar Kelantan, pada ceramah perdana sempena 20 tahun pemerintahan Islam di Kelantan kira-kira 12 tengah malam ini di Dataran Ilmu GuaMusang.

Barisan Nasional akan mengumumkan nama calonnya untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil itu Ahad ini.

Dr Zulkefli, 44, yang memiliki sebuah klinik di Ciku, Gua Musang, merupakan anak bekas Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Guchil, Mohamed Awang pada tahun 1974 dan merupakan anak ketujuh daripada 10 beradik.

Beliau pernah kalah kepada Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah ketika bertanding merebut kerusi Parlimen Gua Musang dalam pilihan raya umum 2008, dengan majoriti 4,394 undi.

Kekalahan itu merupakan kali kedua beliau tewas kepada Tengku Razaleigh dalam pilihan raya umum bagi kerusi Parlimen Gua Musang. Pilihan raya kecil DUN Galas diadakan berikutan kematian penyandangnya Chek Hashim Sulaima, 46, daripada PAS, yang meninggal dunia akibat kanser usus pada 27 September lalu.

Menurut Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya, 11,553 pengundi layak untuk mengundi dalam pilihan raya kecil itu iaitu Melayu 7,125 orang atau 61.7 peratus, kaum Cina 2,317 atau 20.06 peratus, India 185, Bumiputera Siam 10 orang dan Orang Asli 1,889 orang. - BERNAMA

foto ehsan Topeng Perak

The Most frightening Fish in the World

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 07:30 AM PDT

KINSHASA - After a fight of eight days passed the famous Brit Jeremy Wade managed one of the most frightening to catch fish in the world: the goliath tigerfish. Wade hit a sample of about five feet and 45 pounds on the hook during an expedition to the Congo River in Africa.

The tiger - more deadly than the piranha - 32 has murderous teeth, with size equal to that of a white shark. The tiger is on people and even crocodiles, reports the Daily Mail.

River Monsters
Wade made his catch for a British TV show about people who have been attacked by unknown samples. "It's very rare to catch such a specimen," said Wade in the TV show Monsters River. "Certainly for an outsider, because only in remote and difficult places to find. On the part of the Congo are no guides or shelters."

Rod 91 pounds
Wade had a rod of 91 pounds. He used as bait catfish. He was greatly shocked by the angsaanjagend fish. "Very dangerous to the surface. If you're not careful you're as lost a finger or worse," he said.

After the photo session with his trophy Wade threw the tiger back into the river quickly.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Perwakilan UMNO Salahkan "Pemimpin Dahulu" Sebabkan Melayu Pulau Pinang Kritikal

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 07:30 AM PDT

Keadaan orang Melayu pulau Pinang kini kritikal, kata wakil Umno negeri

Keadaan orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang sangat kritikal terutama dalam isu pemilikan tanah dan ketika ini kira-kira 7,000 penduduk negeri berhadapan dengan risiko diusir dari rumah yang mereka duduki, demikian menurut wakil Umno Pulau Pinang Mohamad Farid Saad.

Beliau yang mendedahkan hasil maklum balas kajian Badan Perhubungan Umno Pulau Pinang yang dikumpul dari 13 ketua bahagian berkata, penduduk dari 60 perkampungan di Pulau Pinang didapati akan kehilangan tempat tinggal kerana tanah rumah yang didiami sekarang bukan milik mereka.

Katanya kerajaan Pulau Pinang di bawah pimpinan DAP dilihat semakin melampau apabila mereka mula membuka tanah yang selama ini dipertahan, untuk dibangunkan, dan beliau memberi contoh satu lot tanah yang di Sungai Burung yang dikhaskan untuk sawah dikeluarkan dari gazet, dan satu lagi kes yang membabitkan sebahagian daripada Taman Negeri yang dibuka untuk dibangunkan sebagai kawasan perumahan.

"Kes ini akan membuka laluan kepada pembukaan kawasan-kawasan lain dari kategori yang sama. Ini semua adalah penyalahgunaan kuasa yang mesti dihentikan," kata Anggota Umno Bahagian Balik Pulau itu ketika membahaskan usul ucapan presiden di Perhimpunan Agung Umno hari ini.

Mohamad Farid berkata apa yang berlaku di Pulau Pinang sekarang merupakan contoh kes pengusiran melalui polisi dasar, selain berlakunya pengusiran secara fizikal, psikologi dan terang-terangan.

Mohamad Farid berkata kerajaan perlu mempunyai kuasa untuk menghalang pembangunan di kawasan yang digazet, seperti kawasan-kawasan yang sensitif dalam menjaga alam sekitar di semua negeri.

"Jika tidak, lebih cepatlah orang Melayu diusir. Hari ini tanah milik orang Melayu di daerah timur laut hanyalah 1.16 peratus saja, tanah di Balik Pulau hanya 15.07 peratus, di Seberang Perai 44.2 peratus, Seberang Perai Tengah 23.5 peratus dan di Seberang Perai Selatan 18.09 peratus sahaja milik orang Melayu," katanya dan menambah ketika ini hanya 20.41 peratus sahaja tanah di Pulau Pinang dan Seberang Perai adalah milik orang Melayu.

Beliau berkata orang Melayu sudah lama bertapak di Pulau Pinang, tetapi hari ini, sedikit demi sedikit tanah yang dimiliki turun temurun dijual dan bertukar tangan.

Menurutnya jika generasi dahulu boleh bertolak ansur, generasi baru tidak ada lagi belas kasihan, di mana yang ada kini hanyalah 'you keluar dari sini, kalau tak puas hati jumpa di mahkamah nanti'.

Mohamad Farid berkata hakikat yang perlu diterima ialah keadaan ini berpunca daripada kealpaan "pemimpin dahulu".


Social media the new political battleground

Posted: 22 Oct 2010 07:21 AM PDT

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Extracts from this Source_The Star: Social media the new political battleground. WHY NOT? By RASLAN SHARIF

Excerpts from YouTube, which cannot be controlled or influenced, shape the thoughts of youth, not statements or comments by ministers in the traditional media.

Khairy or KJ called for_

  1. a "politics based on thoughts and ideas" where
  2. "those who challenge our political ideology must be defeated through the sharpness of our intellect and the superiority of our arguments".
  3. The primary reason was because "young people today increasingly relish political choices that appeal to their cognitive abilities".

Khairy went on to argue that_

  1. "the spread of information through social media such as Facebook and Twitter is now a choice over traditional mass media" and that
  2. "their (the youth) thoughts are not shaped by statements or comments by ministers in Buletin Utama or Warta Perdana
  3. but by excerpts from YouTube that cannot be controlled or influenced".
  • It is not a novel argument, as similar ones have often been made elsewhere by others in the country.
  • But such arguments seem to have not yet come to be fully accepted as a fact-on-the-ground by many people.

That will change, I believe.

  1. If anyone needs proof, "Exhibit A" can be the substantial opposition expressed online to Permodalan Nasional Bhd's (PNB) plans to build a 100-storey tower called Warisan Merdeka.
  2. As Khairy was delivering his speech on Wednesday, the Facebook page set up to channel protests against the tower was racking up fans by the thousands, and word of it had spread far and wide.
  3. PNB called a press conference on the same day to explain the reasons and rationale behind Warisan Merdeka.
  4. As of Thursday, more than 60,000 Malaysians have said "no" on Facebook to the building of the tower.
  5. It is a noteworthy protest
  6. and undoubtedly our politicians will have taken notice,
  • especially the Umno president,
  • who is probably the most technology and social media savvy Prime Minister we have had.
  • He has called for_
    1. a new political model for his party,
    2. and I am sure the youth and the power they wield online will feature prominently

as he expounds further on it at the general assembly.

> Raslan Sharif is no longer in the "youth" category but is always inspired by their idealism.

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