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The Blind Can See Again

The Blind Can See Again

The Blind Can See Again

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 10:30 AM PST

From BBC Online: 3 November 2010 Last updated at 00:49 GMT Implanted chip 'allows blind people to detect objects' By Neil Bowdler Science reporter, BBC News
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catholic church helping the flood victims in kedah

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 09:24 AM PST

… irrespective of race and religion.

on 9 nov., tuesday, two staff of the penang office for human development (POHD), together with a few volunteers went to alor setar for the church's flood relief operation. they brought along lots of food supplies. i was suppose to follow them (we are colleagues but different ministry),  but too bad i cant' go because i have to fill in the place of someone on leave in the office.  anyway the reason for me to be there, is of course first of all to help in the work (cleaning, washing, packing food supplies, etc) but second reason is to let me experienced it myself so that better for me to write about it (to two of our catholic publication i mean). anyway, stanley, who was there, has update what happens, with lots of photos in his facebook.  oh, the photos here are taken from his facebook. i hope you can go to his facebook album to see the rest of the photos.

there were about 7 of the volunteers from penang and butterworth and on the second day, they were joined by 15 catholic students from UUM. i read from stanley's facebook that tomorrow the alor setar's church's parish human development committee members might join in the relief work.  if not mistaken, they will be back today but they might be going again

next week.  ahhh… then this time i can go along with them! hurray!

my colleagues helping out in the kedah flood relief operation reminded me of the great aceh tsunami in 2004. our office was turned into a relief centre and we went to help the residents in tanjung tokong area to clean their houses. see my write-up from these links.
packing relief centre (office)
helping on site (tg tokong) (photo album)
tsunami a year ago
btw, this sunday, the 2 northern state presidents and the national president of our society of st vincent de paul will be visiting the society in alor setar to see what aid they need, beside monetary aid (which was collected from members all over malaysia).
don't forget to click on stanley's facebook album to see the photos and read some updates. i hope non facebook users will be able to access the album.

NOTE:  first picture shows kevin, one of POHD staff giving rice to a victim. the last picture show two of the volunteers cleaning up a house.

AKB48′s Beginner sold over a million copies

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 08:37 AM PST

Japanese pop group AKB48′s latest single Beginner has sold over a million copies, a feat which was last achieved by Akikawa Masafumi's Thousand Winds in 2007.

AKB48 Beginner Japanese single album

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AKB48′s Beginner sold over a million copies from YeinJee's Asian Blog

An Unforgettable Benchmark For PJ Soon

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 08:37 AM PST

Unanimous thumbs up from everyone

MALAYSIAN WITH DISABILITIES had a rare opportunity yesterday to get a glimpse of "a new Petaling Jaya", in the state of Selangor.

"The new city" will be marked by a brand new 12-acre commercial land development area called the PJ Sentral Garden City. 

Located in Section 52 in PJ, and currently being occupied by PKNS, the upcoming


Posted: 11 Nov 2010 07:47 AM PST

Anyone going to participate on the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) next weekend. The hotels in Penang seem fully book already. Luckily i was able to book a hotel. Will be travel with my friend on next Friday and will be hanging out in Penang for a day before the run.... 

if you haven't book the hotel... better act fast eh~... otherwise you will have to stay in Queensbay mall.

All the best to all the participant eh~

Drifting Through Time

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 07:38 AM PST

When I was a child, I woke up in the morning and I took the public bus to school.
When Miki is a bigger child,  he would wake up in the morning and jump into the car that would send him right into the compound of the school.  Does that mean we can now afford a better transport or the streets have gotten more dangerous for kids?

When I was a child, I got to eat MacDonalds once in a blue moon. When Miki is a child he gets to eat the American food almost a couple of times in a week. Has the family gone westernize or have we become slave to unhealthy food?

When I was a child, I learned my alphabets from Gila-Gila and the newspaper. When Miki is a child, he learns his alphabets from Youtube and online kids activity websites. Have we become more technologically advanced or have we lost the love for knowledge in books?

When I was a child, I was told not to go out when it is dark because Hantu Tetek was out there to get me.
When Miki is bigger child, I am going to tell him not to go out in the dark because the Police might shoot him! Have we become more intelligent or the Hantu Tetek now have guns and wear blue uniforms?

There are many things that I could have never dreamed of when I was a child but Miki gets to enjoy and hardly appreciates. But there are also many things that the boy never even knew that he was missing.

Modernization is not always good. I want you to remember something Miki, that is always remember your roots.

Love, Mummy

Makan nasi ayam bersama makcik2 di sana

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 06:58 AM PST

Maruah PKR Ke Tong Najis Bila Pemilihan Diteruskan

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 10:34 AM PST

Sah, PKR tidak tangguh pemilihan walaupun aduan banyak, kata pengerusi JPP

PETALING JAYA, 11 Nov – Pemilihan pusat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) yang berlangsung sekarang akan diteruskan walaupun ada gesaan agar ia dibatalkan dan diadakan semula proses pengundian ekoran dakwaan kepincangan dan kecacatan.

Ketika dihubungi petang ini, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Parti (JPP) Dr Molly Cheah berkata ia antara keputusan yang dicapai pada mesyuarat Biro Politik yang diadakan semalam.

"Ya, ia hasil mesyuarat Biro Politik, dan diputuskan pemilihan tidak akan ditangguhkan, akan diteruskan seperti yang telah dijadualkan dan diputuskan sebelum ini," kata Dr Cheah.

Keputusan itu ekoran memorandum yang dikemukakan oleh salah seorang calon timbalan presiden Mustaffa Kamil Ayub kelmarin.

Dr Cheah berkata beliau telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan Mustaffa tengah hari tadi untuk menjelaskan keputusan, antara lain meminta bukti dan penjelasan berhubung aduan-aduan yang dikemukakan dalam memorandum beliau.

Mustaffa memberitahu beliau akan mengadakan sidang media pagi esok untuk mengumumkan pendiriannya ekoran keputusan yang disampaikan oleh JPP.

"Ada masanya kita kena amalkan (prinsip) ambil dan beri, saya akan umumkan pada sidang media esok," kata Pengerusi PKR Perak ini.

Ketika ditanya sama ada beliau berpuas hati dengan keputusan itu, Mustaffa yang kini merupakan Naib Presiden PKR berkata: "Ya, puas hati."

Mustaffa berkata pertemuan dengan Dr Cheah berlangsung kira-kira sejam.

Ketika ditanya sama ada Mustaffa diberikan sebarang tempoh untuk mengemukakan bukti dan penjelasan yang diminta, Dr Cheah berkata beliau berharap ia akan dikemukakan dalam waktu terdekat.

Ditanya hujung minggu ini, kata beliau, "ya, saya harap beliau akan kemukakan dengan segera."

Dr Cheah juga yakin pemilihan membabitkan baki cabang mulai esok akan berjalan dengan lancar memandangkan tiada masalah besar setakat.

Dalam laporan pagi tadi, The Malaysian Insider melaporkan, Biro Politik PKR yang mengadakan mesyuarat khas malam tadi untuk membincangkan memorandum kata dua calon timbalan presiden berhubung pemilihan pusat tidak membuat keputusan muktamad atas alasan memerlukan bukti kukuh dan keterangan susulan.

The Malaysian Insider difahamkan mesyuarat itu yang dipengerusikan oleh Presiden parti Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, berlangsung kira-kira dua jam, memutuskan untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak maklumat daripada pengadu.

Memorandum yang diserahkan oleh Mustaffa menggesa parti mengambil tindakan segera dalam 48 jam - tempoh yang akan berakhir petang ini.

Ia menggesa agar proses pemilihan dibatalkan dan digantikan dengan pengundian baru walaupun 87 cabang sudah selesai mengadakan pengundian sepanjang lima hari pertama, sehingga Ahad lalu.

Sehari sebelum itu seorang lagi calon timbalan presiden Datuk Zaid Ibrahim memutuskan untuk menarik diri daripada bertanding atas alasan wujud banyak kepincangan dan kecacatan dalam proses pemilihan.

Malah Zaid juga melepaskan semua jawatan dalam parti dan menggesa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan seorang lagi calon timbalan presiden Azmin Ali keluar parti.

Biro Politik mengadakan mesyuarat mingguan malam tadi tetapi calon-calon yang bertanding pada pemilihan kali ini termasuk Mustaffa sendiri tidak hadir.

Dr Cheah yang dipetik Bernama menyebut, pemilihan parti tidak boleh dihentikan dengan begitu mudah semata-mata kerana ada pihak mendakwa berlaku kepincangan dalam sistem pemilihan.

"Orang kena faham, untuk membuat sesuatu keputusan ia perlu ambil masa, setiap aduan kita perlu teliti dahulu," katanya.

Pemilihan pusat yang berlangsung pada 29 Oktober lepas dan akan berakhir 21 November ini melibatkan sebanyak 218 cabang. Ia disusuli dengan Kongres Nasional Tahunan PKR selama tiga hari mulai 26 November di Dewan Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Esok, sebanyak 12 cabang akan mengadakan pemilihan iaitu empat di Kelantan dan lapan lagi di Kedah dan 41 lagi pada Sabtu ini.

Ulasan GB

Cukup degil. Walaupun Saifuddin yang sebelum ini begitu galak buat kenyataan untuk Pemilihan telah berdiam diri, ternyata Presiden dan Pengerusi JPP, Molly Cheah pula tak tahu impak apabila pemilihan diteruskan.

Azmin akan menang, tapi menang dengan maruahnya sebusuk tong najis. Demikian juga maruah PKR sendiri.

Ini kerana sekalipun bukti-bukti sukar untuk diperolehi untuk membuktikan wujudnya penipuan (kerana keseluruhan pemilihan sebelum ini dikawal ketat oleh pimpinan tertinggi yang antara lain untuk mempastikan tiada bukti dapat dikesan - sama macam kes Sosilawati jugak) tetapi satu dunia dah tahu PENIPUAN memang wujud.

Baca ni:

Many of them, including women, from Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Negri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor and Pahang did not mince their words when they criticised the PKR leadership and its central election committee (CEC) for the current state of affairs.

Although they did not mention names, they were clearly expressing their frustration at Anwar for keeping quiet over questionable practices in some divisions such Libaran, Sabah, and a few other places.

It was highlighted in the online media that the voter turnout for Libaran was fewer than 100 members. But the official result showed Azmin obtained 881 votes, Mustafa Kamil Ayub (the other contestant) eight and Zaid six.

A youth leader from Perak highlighted the discrepancies in the number of ballot papers printed and the actual membership of a division. "Why was it that in some divisions only 15% of the ballot papers were printed when the actual numbers of members could be higher?

"But in Libaran about 900 ballot papers were printed but how did the CEC know in advance that there would be a high voter turnout?" he asked

Burma bummer

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 06:20 AM PST

Flag of National League for Democracy
Image via Wikipedia

Source_MKini:Burma bummer by Dean JohnsNONE

Whenever I see pictures of General Than Shwe, the current dictator of Burma, I wonder who he imagines he's kidding with all those fancy medals he wears on his chest. Burma hasn't fought a foreign foe in living memory, so I guess all the gongs must be some kind of jest. Unless, of course, he's awarded them to himself for the glorious victories he and his army keep winning in their ceaseless war against the Burmese people.

Not that they win every battle. After half a century of attempts to crush minority tribes like the Karen, the Burmese army with all its generals and all their medals still can't control the entire country.

In fact so inept and inefficient is the Burmese military in combat against armed opponents that, according to international press reports, an estimated 1.5 million ethnic minority voters were denied participation in this week's general election because the regions they inhabit were deemed too dangerous for polling to take place.

burma arrest 010604And if the world needed any further proof that, even as dictatorships go, the Generals' Burma is a total bummer, there was the pitiful spectacle of the election itself. Boycotted by the National League for Democracy (NLD), which won over 80 percent of the seats in the previous general election in 1990 and was then forcibly denied office, this 2010 poll was as phoney as Than Shwe's campaign decorations.

NONEWith the military's Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and its proxy the National Unity Party fielding 2,100 of the 3,000 candidates, 25 percent of the total seats allocated to the military, total repression of public assembly and state censorship of the media, gun-toting troops on hand to help get out the vote, and no foreign observers or reporters permitted to witness the proceedings, it was a total sham.

Especially considering that the leader of the NLD in its 1990 landslide electoral victory, Aung San Suu Kyi (right), is still under house arrest and, according to Amnesty International, well over 2,000 other critics and opponents of the illegitimate military regime are in jail.

'Neither free nor fair'

This fraudulent election has been condemned by a good many democratic governments around the world as "neither free nor fair".

But as US President Barack Obama pointed out in a speech in New Delhi the other day, India, the country that bills itself as the "world's biggest democracy", has been strangely silent, no doubt due to its commercial appetite for Burmese natural gas. And of course the world's biggest one-party dictatorship, China, also needs Burma's gas and the Middle-East oil it pumps through the new trans-Burma pipeline.

asean meetingBurma's partners in Asean don't appear to be too bothered by the junta's abuse of its citizens either.

To be sure, as the Asean website proclaims, the "fundamental principles" of Asean include "mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity" of its members, "the right of every (member) state to lead its national existence free from external interference, subversion or coercion," and "non-interference in the internal affairs of one another."

But Asean Vision 2020 also lists among its aims being "bonded together…in a community of caring societies," working towards "the empowerment of civil society that gives special attention to the disadvantaged, disabled and marginalised and where social justice and the rule of law reign," and the governing of member nations "with the consent and greater participation of the people with its focus on the welfare and dignity of the human person and the good of the community."

Social justice? Rule of law? Government by the conset of the people? Focus on the welfare and dignity of the human person?

myanmar burma aung san su kyi trial 250509 04That doesn't sound much like Asean to me. The government of Laos, from all I hear, is as lousy as Burma's. All the other members but Singapore are riddled with government-enabled corruption. And all including Singapore put political control, repression or outright autocratic rule way before such humane considerations as the welfare and dignity of the human person, let alone universal human rights.

Admittedly some Asean members are showing signs of improvement. The people of post-Suharto Indonesia enjoy more freedoms these days, as long as you don't count the downtrodden population of Irian Jaya. The new president of the Philippines is the son of an opposition leader that the Marcos regime murdered, though he'll have his work cut out cleaning-up the Marcos-style violence and corruption that still plague the Filipino people.

Still going downhill

But other Asean members appear to be still going downhill. Burma for one, despite this sham election. And Malaysia, still sinking steadily in the world press freedom and corruption rankings, and still in the death-grip of its fraudulent Barisan Nasional regime, with its raft of repressive laws and politicised police, judiciary, election commission and other civil institutions.

A great many Malaysians are pinning their hopes for a sorely-needed change of government on the general election due to be held before 2013.

rangoon burma pagodaBut pessimists are predicting that, if opposition parties win that polls despite all the state resources stacked against them, then BN will use its police and its sinister paramilitary force, Rela, to foment unrest as a pretext for declaring a state of emergency, thus maintaining the status quo, just like the Burmese generals did two decades ago.

And just as Burma has kept the figurehead of popular resistance to the ruling regime, Aung San Suu Kyi, under house arrest for most of the past 20 years, Malaysia's BN has already imprisoned reformasi leader Anwar Ibrahim once on a bum sodomy rap, and is currently striving to repeat the performance.

So it seems that, far from protesting against Than Shwe's and his generals' outrageous mistreatment of their citizens, Malaysia's BN regime seems hell-bent on taking a similar path, and could eventually turn Malaysia into as big a bummer as Burma.

DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he mentors creative writing groups. Already published in Kuala Lumpur is a third book of his columns for Malaysiakini, following earlier collections 'Mad about Malaysia' and 'Even Madder about Malaysia'.


Jawapan Menteri tentang soalan saya di Parlimen–mengenai kontrak sosial

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 06:18 AM PST

Berkenaan dengan soalan sama ada kontrak sosial yang wujud ketika merdeka diiktiraf
oleh kerajaan sebagai satu kontrak rasmi, dimaklumkan bahawa istilah "kontrak
sosial" merupakan satu konsep yang bersifat politik. Di Malaysia, terma "kontrak
sosial" membawa erti bahawa ia adalah hasil daripada kompromi antara etnik Melayu, Cina
dan India mengenai hak bersama dan masing-masing, kedudukan istimewa dan
persetujuan di antara raja-raja melayu dengan British bagi mewujudkan suatu kerajaan
dengan sistem demokrasi, beraja, bersekutu(federal) serta tidak teokratik.

Kontrak sosial tersebut telah diterjemahkan ke dalam peruntukan-peruntukan
Perlembagaan Persekutuan yg merupakan undang-undang utama negara. Justeru,
kontrak sosial tersebut merupakan suatu kontrak rasmi yang mengikat dan perlu
dipatuhi oleh rakyat.

Untuk makluman yg berhormat, draf Perlembagaan Persekutuan telah digubal oleh
Suruhanjaya Reid berdasarkan beberapa siri pendengaran awam di seluruh negara
dan maklumat yang diterima daripada pelbagai persatuan dan orang perseorangan yang
terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum di Malaysia.

Draf perlembagaan persekutuan tersebut dikemukakan kepada Her Majesty the Queen dan
majlis Raja-raja Melayu pada 21 februari 1957. Sejurus itu satu Working Party
telah ditubuhkan di Persekutuan bagi mengkaji draf Perlembagaan yang digubal oleh
Suruhanjaya Reid tersebut. Kemudian, working party tersebut (melalui white
paper) telah mengemukakan beberapa cadangan pindaan dibuat terhadap draf
perlembagaan tersebut kepada Majlis Raja-Raja dan Federal Executive Council.
Cadangan pindaan yang dibuat melalui White Paper antara lainnya memasukkan
peruntukan mengenai tanggungjawab Yang Dipertuan Agong bagi melindungi kedudukan
istimewa orang melayu di bawah Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Untuk makluman Yang Berhormat, Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang ada kini adalah hasil
draf Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang dibuat oleh Suruhanjaya Reid dan beberapa
peruntukan yang dipinda melalui White Paper seperti yang dinyatakan di atas.

Berdasarkan beberapa siri rundingan yg berlangsung dalam menggubal Perlembagaan
Persekutuan, perkara-perkara seperti kedudukan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan,
pemeliharaan tanah rizab melayu, kedudukan Raja-raja Melayu dan adat resam serta
pengagihan jawatan dalam kerajaan telah dimasukkan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan
berkenaan. Bahasa Melayu juga telah dipersetujui sebagai bahasa kebangsaan manakala kaum
Cina dan India masih boleh menggunakan bahasa masing-masing sebagai perantara
komunikasi tidak rasmi.

Pemimpin Cina dan India juga menuntut agar kewarganegaraan yang diberikan menjadi
suatu hak yang tidak boleh dibatalkan(could not be annulled). Mereka juga menuntut
supaya mereka boleh mengekalkan bahasa, agama dan budaya dan sebagai
warganegara, mereka menuntut supaya mempunyai hak yang sama dari segi politik
warganegara yang lain.

Semua persetujuan ini dinyatakan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Bagi setiap perkara
yang diberikan kepada kaum Melayu terdapat juga peruntukan yang diberikan kepada kaum
bukan melayu

Seperti yang dijelaskan sebelum ini, selepas Rukun Negara diisytiharkan, kerajaan
telah mengambil langkah meminda Perlembagaan Persekutuan melalui Akta Perlembagaan
(pindaan) 1971 [Akta A30]. Akta A30 antara lainnya telah memasukkan Fasal (4)
Perkara 10 ke dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi mengenakan sekatan kepada semua orang
drp Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi mengenakan sekatan kepada semua orang daripada
mempersoalkan keistimewaan yang diberikan dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan demi
menjamin keamanan dan keselamatan Persekutuan. Fasal (4) Perkara 10 ini juga
dimasukkan untuk mengingatkan kepada semua rakyat di Malaysia supaya tidak
mempertikaikan terma kontrak sosial yang dipersetujui sebelum merdeka.

Seterusnya Mahkamah juga telah mengesahkan kedudukan kontrak sosial ini seperti
dalam kes Mark Koding v Public Prosecutor (1982) 2 MLJ 120. Dalam kes tersebut,
Mahkamah Agung telah menjelaskan bahawa terma kontrak sosial yang diperuntukkan dalam
Perlembagaan Persekutuan tidak boleh dipertikaikan demi menjamin keamanan

Nasib baik la Ust Azizan tak tampar wartawan tu.

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 02:48 AM PST

Kena Tang Anak Buah, Terus Kata Tak Syirik

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 05:45 AM PST

Letak ancak: Mufti Perak kata Zambry tak syirik

Tindakan Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir meletakkan ancak iaitu menaikkan tiang seri rumah di Kampung Guar, Manong, Kuala Kangsar, bulan lalu tidak melakukan syirik dan khurafat, kata Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria.

Harussani seperti dilapor Berita Harian berkata, Zambry tidak mempunyai niat melakukan perkara itu, malah tidak mengetahui majlis berkenaan yang diatur penduduk boleh membawa kepada unsur syirik.

"Menteri Besar memaklumkan beliau hanya memegang tiang dan menolaknya bersama-sama orang ramai. Tiada jampi mentera, sebaliknya hanya membaca doa selamat.

"Beliau cuma melakukan itu (menaikkan tiang seri) atas permintaan orang ramai, malah dia pun tak tahu ancak dan mengatakan tak ada niat pun. Jika begitu, itu bukan melakukan syirik dan khurafat," kata Harussani, semalam.

Bagaimanapun, Ketua Penerangan PAS Perak, Khalil Idham Lim berkata Harussani sebenarnya belum menjawab apa yang dipersoalkan oleh pemuda PAS Perak, mengenai upucara itu sama ada bercanggah dengan Islam atau tidak.

"Jawapannya juga saya lihat untuk menyelamatkan Zambry. Namun bagaimana mereka yang hadir pada hari itu,"
katanya kepada HarakahDaily.

Dewan Pemuda PAS baru-baru ini menghantar memorandum kepada Harussani mendakwa Zambry melanggar ajaran Islam dengan menghadiri upacara meletakkan ancak pada tiang seri rumah.

"Sesudah ini adakah bermakna siapapun boleh hadir dalam apa sahaja yang bercanggah dengan hukum Islam, asalkan tidak mempunyai niat melakukan perkara itu?," soalnya.

Khalil yang juga ADUN Titi Serong berkata, apa yang aneh apabila Zambry beria-ia mempertahankan tindakannya dengan mengungkit perbuatan beliau dan Datuk Seri Muhammad Nizar yang memegang lilin pada sidang akhbar berkaitan kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

"Saya menafikan dengan keras bahawa kami melakukan upucara sembahyang. Seingat saya ia sebagai tanda protes kepada kezaliman sehingga menyebabkan kematian seorang warganegara Malaysia yang sepatutnya tidak berlaku.

"Namun dalam soal ini Harussani ternyata tidak adil dengan berpandukan kepada gambar semata-mata dan soalan yang dikemukakan oleh wartawan dia terus mengatakan tindakan kami itu haram," katanya lagi.

Harussani sebelum ini berkata tindakan memegang lilin oleh masyarakat Islam sebagai tanda memprotes dan mengingati orang mati adalah satu perbuatan haram di sisi agama.

Perbuatan itu juga ujarnya menyalahi hukum Islam kerana seolah-olah menggambarkan ajaran kristian.

"Kalau begitulah kenapakah tindakan Zambry tidak dikatakan oleh Harusssani adalah menggambarkan ajaran agama Hindu dan juga hukumnya haram.

"Sebenarnya memegang lilin dalam masyarakat Cina tidak sekadar merujuk kepada pemujaan, atau berkabung.

"Sebaliknya, dalam masyarakat Cina, memegang lilin tidak sekadar dilakukan di kala berlaku kematian, bahkan ia digunakan sebagai satu simbol dalam melakukan sesuatu protes," katanya.

Sehubungan itu, disebabkan perbuatan Zambry yang dakwanya serius dan menyangkut akidah umat Islam, beliau turut mencadangkan agar Jawatankuasa Fatwa mengeluarkan fatwa.

Ulasan GB

Siapa berbohong ni? Beliau berkata : "Menteri Besar memaklumkan beliau hanya memegang tiang dan menolaknya bersama-sama orang ramai.

Dalam gambar JELAS SANGAT, ukan sekadar tolak tiang, Zambry siap ikatkan bendera merah kat tiang. Sama-sama melakukan perbuatan syirik itu.

Ini Islam pakai niat sahaja pun satu hal jugak. Patutlah UMNO BN rampas negeri tak mengapa. Tak da niat nak rampas.

Kena batang hidung sendiri baru ler ternganga. Kalau perompak masuk rumah Mufti dan rompak semua yang ada termasuk anak isteri, lalu perompak itu kata, tak da niat nak rompak...

Gambar bilik air di Kg Melayu, Bintulu

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 05:42 AM PST

Ada Ura-ura Nak Pecat Zaid?

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 04:45 AM PST

Pecat Zaid dari PKR tidak timbul

PETALING JAYA: "Apa yang saya tahu, sekurang-kurangnya hingga ke hari ini tidak ada sebarang cadangan untuk memecat Datuk Zaid Ibrahim dari PKR".

Demikian ujar Pengerusi PKR Pahang, Dato Fauzi Abdul Rahman ketika mengulas laporan sebuah akhbar portal yang memetik Zaid sebagai berkata beliau akan menubuhkan Parti Keadilan Baru jika dipecat dari PKR.

"Saya percaya PKR bukanlah sebuah parti yang dengan sewenang-wenangnya memecat ahlinya hanya kerana wujudnya perbezaan pendapat.

"Kita dalam PKR bukan macam Umno, akan memecat ahli atau pemimpinnya kerana wujudnya percanggahan pendapat," kata beliau kepada FMT hari ini.

Mengulas enam resolusi yang diputuskan melalui Rapat Anak Muda yang dianjurkan oleh calon Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), Badrul Hisham Shaharin (Chegu Bard) yang diserahkan kepadanya, beliau menjelaskan ia satu niat baik dari anak-anak muda untuk parti.

"Mereka memilih saya mungkin disebabkan saya bersikap neutral terhadap mana-mana calon dalam pemilihan parti ini. Saya rela bertindak sebagai 'Mr Postman' untuk menyampaikan hasrat yang baik ini kepada pemimpin tertinggi parti," kata beliau lagi.

Gobalakrishnan, Chegu Bard sependapat

Sementara itu, ketika dihubungi FMT, Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai, N Gobalakrishnan dan Chegu Bard sependapat bahawa Zaid tidak akan dipecat dari PKR.

"Saya tidak percaya ia akan berlaku (memecat Zaid). Kalau benar berlaku sekali pun, saya akan tetap bersama PKR yang ada sekarang," kata Gobalakrishnan.

Badrul yang lebih dikenali sebagai Chegu Bard pula berpendapat langkah memecat Zaid dari parti adalah tindakan yang merugikan parti.

"Saya percaya parti tidak akan memecat Zaid hanya kerana perbezaan pendapat. Apatah lagi, langkah memecat Zaid hanya merugikan parti kerana kehilangan seorang lagi pemimpin yang berwibawa," kata Chegu Bard.

Ketua Umum PKR, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dilaporkan pernah berkata baru-baru ini, Zaid tetap mempunyai peranan dalam PKR.

Berani bertindak di luar dugaan

Sementara itu, beberapa pemerhati politik tanah air berpendapat Zaid merupakan ahli politik yang berani bertindak di luar dugaan.

"Ketika sebagai seorang Menteri yang menawarkan pelbagai kelebihan politik dan kuasa pun beliau boleh tinggalkan, apatah lagi dalam PKR yang tidak menawarkan apa-apa selain soal prinsip.

"Tapi kalau PKR sendiri sudah tidak berpegang kepada prinsip-prinsip yang diperjuangkan, keadilan untuk semua dan sebagainya, maka sukar orang seperti Zaid untuk terus kekal dalam PKR,"
ulas beberapa pemerhati politik baru-baru ini di beberapa akhbar tempatan.

Zaid sebelum ini pernah meletakkan jawatan sebagai Menteri Kehakiman demi mempertahankan prinsip yang didukungnya dalam beberapa isu terutama berkaitan ISA. -FMT

ASEAN must strengthen UN efforts to bring about peace and justice in Burma/Myanmar

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 04:10 AM PST

Source: ASEAN must strengthen UN efforts to bring about peace and justice in Burma/Myanmar

For the AIPMC, the election in Burma/Myanmar was already a foregone conclusion.
We did not consider them an election at all. In fact, we named them a non-election for the country's people.

Our conclusion was based on careful scrutiny of the facts on the ground, including a strictly controlled constitution-drafting process, a rigged referendum in the midst of the disaster caused by Cyclone Nargis, the use of the election laws and other laws to exclude the opposition, the widespread intimidation of political candidates and the exclusion of significant sections of the electorate from the electoral process.

Today, we are horrified that our worst fears are turning into reality. The counting process of the votes has not been transparent, and complaints about advance voting fraud and other irregularities are growing stronger. Burma/Myanmar's Union Election Commission now needs to heed the call of the country's citizens and political parties to ensure a transparent counting process, investigate all claims and refuse to certify any results until these investigations are complete.

ASEAN has welcomed the elections in Burma/Myanmar as a significant step forward in the implementation of the regime's seven-step road map. The AIPMC does not share this assessment. These elections were a fake. They are not going to bring about a government by the people, with the people and for the people, a government that will wholeheartedly seek the sustainable development of Burma/Myanmar and its people.

Together with many others, the AIPMC had previously stated its belief that elections under oppression are unlikely to bring peace. Instead, they are a route to increasing violence and growing instability. Sadly, it did not take long for our predictions to come true. The polling booths had hardly closed on Election Day when fighting erupted along the Thai-Burma/Myanmar border, sending scores of refugees across the border to safety in Thailand.

More disaster is looming. These elections have reignited ethnic tensions. This week's fighting confirms the views of those skeptics who had opposed the manner in which these elections were conducted in the first place. But the situation could deteriorate further. In a worst case scenario, Burma/Myanmar could see a return to the civil war that has already wrecked havoc on the country and its people.

The AIPMC fully share the position of ASEAN that Burma/Myanmar needs to continue to accelerate the process of national reconciliation and democratization, for stability and development in the country.

AIPMC also shares ASEAN's view that Burma/Myanmar needs to work with ASEAN and the United Nations in this process. But ASEAN needs to put its words into action. The credibility of the organization is at stake over the crisis in Burma/Myanmar. ASEAN now needs to focus its efforts.

Burma/Myanmar's recent cooperation with the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Burma/Myanmar is a good step, but hardly sufficient. ASEAN must take a lead in pressing upon Burma/Myanmar the need to work closely with the UN.

The most severe violations of human rights in Burma/Myanmar are taking place in ethnic nationality areas. Credible reports have in recent years stated that these abuses could amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. A return to fighting would increase the risk of fresh abuses and of new waves of refugees entering neighbouring countries.

The AIPMC therefore calls on ASEAN to support a proposal by the UN Special Rapporteur to establish a Commission of Inquiry under UN auspices to look into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Myanmar, and to take practical steps towards its establishment

The root cause of the crisis in Burma/Myanmar is the lack of national reconciliation. The UN has long sought to facilitate a process for tripartite dialogue between the military regime, the pro-democracy opposition under the leadership of Aung San Suu Kyi, and the ethnic groups.

The AIPMC calls on ASEAN to put in place a peace-building mechanism that will enable the UN to play this role more effectively so that such a tripartite dialogue can truly come about.


British student fee protest turns violent

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 04:03 AM PST

Source_Star: British student fee protest turns violent By Anna Yukhananov

LONDON – Protesters against higher university tuition fees broke into the headquarters of Britain's governing Conservative party on Wednesday, smashing up the glass reception area and streaming up onto the roof.

Protesters scuffled with police and made a bonfire outside the building, a short distance from the Houses of Parliament.

The angry scenes took police by surprise and it was several hours before reinforcements brought the area under control.

It was the first violent protest against 81 billion pounds ($130 billion) of spending cuts ordered for the next four years by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition to tackle a record budget deficit.

Until now Britain had seen only muted anti-austerity protests compared with those which have rocked other European countries such as France and Greece.

Manchester University student Emily Whitby, 22, one of the protesters who broke into the building, said previous peaceful demonstrations had failed to accomplish anything.

"This isn't a time for polite lobbying, this is a time for action," she said.

Police made 32 arrests and said 14 people were injured, including seven officers. Some rooftop protesters hurled placards and other small objects onto the police below them.

The violence broke out during an otherwise peaceful march by thousands of students and lecturers against government plans to triple the tuition fees universities in England can charge.

Carrying placards saying "Stop education cuts" and chanting "They say cut back, we say fight back", the marchers passed parliament, where politicians will soon vote on proposals to lift maximum tuition fees to 9,000 pounds ($14,500) a year.

"We did not expect this level of violence," the capital's top policeman Paul Stephenson told Sky News. "This was thuggish and loutish behaviour by criminals. It's not acceptable, it is an embarrassment for London and for us."


London Mayor Boris Johnson called for the "full force of the law" to be brought down on those responsible.

"Whatever the merits of the points they are making, there is absolutely no excuse for a tiny minority to engage in acts of savage and unnecessary brutality," he told Sky News.

The National Union of Students (NUS), which helped organise the march, blamed the aggressive action on "anarchists" who had hijacked the protest.

Sophie Farren, 22, a student at London's South Bank University, said the building invasion was stupid. "It makes people less likely to listen to our cause because they will think they are just smashing things because they are students".

Trade unions have forecast there will be large-scale strikes against the deficit cuts, which are expected to lead to half a million public sector workers losing their jobs.

The government plans to cut 2.9 billion pounds of annual state support for universities to help tackle a budget deficit which soared to near 11 percent of gross domestic product following the global financial crisis.

It says the higher student fees, financed by government-backed loans, will cover the shortfall and allow Britain's universities to compete against international rivals.

(Additional reporting by Stefano Ambrogi)

(Writing by Tim Castle)

Tiga Binatang Ganjil

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 03:40 AM PST

3 Binatang Ganjil

Kes 1

BEIJING - Seekor anak kura-kura dilahirkan dengan mempunyai dua kepala di sebuah taman hidupan liar di Hefeia, selatan China, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

"Kedua-dua kepala kura-kura itu berfungsi dengan sepenuhnya dan ia makan berasingan dan kelihatan amat gembira," kata seorang penjaga di Taman Hidupan Liar Xiaoyaojin, Hefeia.

Menurut para penjaga haiwan itu, satu sahaja masalah yang dihadapi oleh kura-kura tersebut apabila ia dilihat tidak sehaluan semasa mahu memutuskan arah perjalanan. - Agensi

Kes 2

Katak 1.3kg 'teman baik' budak 5 tahun

TEMAN ISTIMEWA...Muqri menunjukkan katak digelar 'Chica' yang dibelanya.
PASIR MAS: Berbanding kanak-kanak seusianya yang lebih gemar memelihara burung atau kucing sebagai haiwan peliharaan, Mohd Muqri Ramli, 5, pula mempunyai minat pelik apabila menjadikan katak seberat 1.3 kilogram (kg) sebagai 'temannya'.

Menurutnya, meskipun ramai geli melihat apatah lagi memegang katak tetapi dia tidak sedikit pun berasa sedemikian kerana menganggap amfibia jinak itu sebagai comel dan tidak berbahaya.

Harian Metro yang berkunjung ke rumahnya di Kampung Chica Tinggi itu mendapati ramai penduduk datang melihat katak terbabit berikutan saiznya agak besar berbanding katak biasa ditemui.

Mukhriz berkata, katak belaannya itu sentiasa menjadi perhatian ramai termasuk rakan-rakannya yang singgah daripada sekolah tetapi kebanyakan daripada mereka takut memegangnya.

"Saya tidak berasa geli memegangnya kerana sudah biasa malah menganggapnya sebagai teman baik dan memanggilnya dengan gelaran 'Chica'.

"Walaupun orang ramai geli tetapi bagi saya katak ini istimewa kerana tidak mengganggu orang lain yang datang membeli di kedai runcit emak saya," katanya.

Sementara itu, bapa Muqri, Ramli Jaafar, 53, berkata dia pada awalnya menemui katak itu berdekatan sekolah dan membawanya pulang untuk ditunjukkan kepada anaknya.

Katanya, kerana tidak mahu membuangnya, dia memberinya kepada Mohd Muqri untuk dijadikan peliharaan kerana menganggapnya sebagai istimewa berdasarkan saiznya yang luar biasa.

"Memang ada rakan daripada bangsa Cina dan Siam yang mahu membelinya tetapi ditolak kerana anak saya tidak membenarkannya.

"Sehingga kini, katak terbabit dijaga olehnya kerana menganggapnya sebagai teman istimewa malah turut disayanginya," katanya mengenai katak sepanjang hampir 0.4 meter itu.

Sementara itu, Pengarah Jabatan Perhilitan Kelantan, Pazil Abdul Patah, berkata katak ditemui di Pasir Mas itu jenis katak biasa iaitu daripada spesis Limnonectus yang boleh mencapai tumbesaran antara 10 hingga 15 sentimeter.

Kes 3

Ayam Betina Berubah Jadi Jantan

Ayam betina milik Rudi ini pernah bertelur puluhan kali, tetapi sejak beberapa bulan terakhir berubah. Ayam ini senang berkokok di pagi hari dan bentuk fisikalnya pun menyerupai ayam jantan.

TANJUNGPINANG, - Aneh tapi nyata. Seekor ayam kampung betina yang sudah pernah bertelur berkali-kali, berubah bentuk menjadi seekor ayam jantan. Perubahan fisikal ayam milik pasangan suami isteri Rudi Ramlan dan Susanti ini, terus menjadi heboh warga sekitar.

Ditemui di rumahnya di Jalan Salam Gg. Salam III No 157, Kecamatan Bukit Bestari, Tanjungpinang, Selasa (9/11/2010), Rudi mulai menyadari perubahan bentuk fisikal dari ayam jantan tersebut sejak tiga bulan lalu. Saat itu, jengger ayam betina tersebut mulai membesar seperti ayam jantan.

Tak hanya itu, ceker di kakinya pun mulai berubah bentuk mirip ayam jantan.

Puncaknya, ayam betina tersebut menunjukkannya kejantanannya dengan berkokok saban pagi layaknya ayam jantan. "Awalnya saya hairan, mungkin ada ayam berkokok di kandang ayam saya. Padahal, semua ayam saya adalah betina," kata Rudi.

Merasa ganjil, purnawiran Angkatan Darat ini pun terus menjenguk ke kandang ayam miliknya untuk mencari asal kokok tersebut. Betapa terkejutnya Rudi ketika mendapati yang berkokok adalah ayam betina kesayangannya.

‘Gaji buta’ Civil servants especially EPF, SOCSO and Postmen are not patriots

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 02:53 AM PST

Because of my stationary nature of work and office works I recently found out that some of the staff from Post Malaysia (Postmen), EPF and SOCSO are lazy, not doing their jobs in time but quick to punish the persons who complaint. If there is any majour festival, postmen would take more than 10 to 15 days to deliver even the letters sent from KL to KL. And EPF (Danau Kota br) and SOCSO would punish with INTEREST and exuberant PUNISHMENT fines.

Postmen refused to deliver the registered letters to our clinic, because they are lazy and just prepared from their homes the FALSE CARDs that wrongly stated that we were not open at the delivery time. (They seem to be lazy to even collect our coffee money of RM 10.00 for each delivery or maybe they do not realized the offer). If we go and collect at the said Carrfour W.Maju, there usually a long queue because there is only one countre and there is no countre to collect those letters. We have to waste time, manpower and taxi fees. And sometimes the letter is already sent to the Gombak office. Once we complaint and 4-5 postmen came to our clinic and scolded and threatened us. It was followed by no delivery or lost of our letters, Telephone bills, EPF / SOCSO forms / receipts and bank statements for few months. At last, because of our complaints to higher authorities, Gombak officer marked our letters so that it won't loss.

EPF and SOCSO officers will keep on sending the forms with our old staffs' names who had already resigned for a very long time.

When I wanted to get a EPF house loan, I went to the Danau Kota EPF and found out that my boss at that time skipped payments for 2-3 months after 3-4 months' payment.

When I requested to look for the previous years accounts they refused to show me. I told them that I never took nopay leave or even annual leave and to investigate for those missing money, they advised to write a formal complaint. I dare not write because I was still working with that boss and I never got back those payments that were deducted by my old boss and his statutary contributions.

But now they are too efficient to punish me. As my letters containing checques were sent through Jusco countre, I have the proof that I sent them before 3 rd. of the month, EPF insists on their late Bank-in date. Who could guarantee that those 'Gaji buta' officers/staff bank-in or record my payment checques immediately?

After paying DOUBLE POST-STAMP fees, increased salaries, if Post Malaysia took more than FIVE working days to deliver a letter for INTRA-one city, KL to KL they are responsible for any fines or interests imposed for late delivery.

If EPF and SOCSO staff even could not update the list of staff within six months, how can we believe their claim that our checques were late after the middle of the month (EPF).

Now let us read some of the letters I edited from the Source_MKini, "Civil servants political dependents, not patriots"

Allow me to introduce the notion of 'salary'. It is important to pause here to bring out the relations that existed between the salary and the constitution of political subjects. In theory, a salary is a remuneration obtained for work done or service or duty performed. By 'work' is understood the time and the effort devoted to the production of what is 'useful'.

But here, that is not the case. Have you never heard of the term 'gaji buta'? Here, as in most post-colonial nation-states, one could get rich without actually much effort if one is in the civil industry or the military.

Or more appropriately, one could devote time to the production of things that were perfectly useless or, at any event, contributed nothing to the formation of the common wealth. Does the common rephrase, "not my department, don't know lah," sounds familiar to you? I can assure you the rakyat are sick, tired, and embarrassed by such ethics of our civil servants, be it in here or in her overseas consulate offices. In these contexts, the prime purpose of the salary was not to remunerative productivity; it constituted, above all, a purely ascriptive type of allocation.

As such, the salary that one is remunerated as a civil servant or a military personnel is essentially caught in your typical 'patrons and clients' relationship. Simply put, it acts as a resource the ruling regime – read Umno – could use to buy obedience, gratitude, and votes.

The salary was what legitimised not only subjection but also the constitution of a type of political exchange based, not on the principle of political equality and equal representation, but on the existence of claims through which the state created debts on its civil servants.

The ruling regime is fully aware of this. Otherwise, why is it that only civil servants posted overseas and their families, and military personnel are the only ones allowed to vote through postal votes and not the multitude living overseas?

In other words, by transforming the salary into a claim, the ruling regime granted a means of livelihood to all its military personnel and civil servants under a certain obligation, making then a dependent of the state. The means of livelihood he or she received is not designed to reward a process of converting effort into wealth, but is helping shape a particular figure of submission and domination. This, moreover, is why, in some public speeches, these claims are treated as, if not favours, at least privileges.

So, it is not about patriotism among your military personnel or those in the civil services. It is about buying allegiance.


Syukur Alhamdulilah - Part 12

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 02:46 AM PST

Assalamualaikum & Salam Mesra To All,

Sambungan dari part ke - 11, setelah buku nikah dan borang dari JAIM telah di sahkan oleh Kedutaan, keesokkan harinya aku sekali lagi ke pejabat JAIM di melaka, kali ini aku bawakan semua dokemen didalam satu file book untuk di hadapkan kepada Ustaz Halim, apa yang penting atau tidak penting, semua sekali aku bawakan, malas lah kalau asik nak berulak alik kat pejabat JAIM tu, sampai muka ni semua orang dah kenal, naik segan jadinya, macam lah aku ni buat salah besar, sedangkan nak mendaftar nikah kat sini, rasanya sejak dari mula-mula mendaftar nikah hingga sekarang, rasanya lebih sepuluh kali duk panjat pejabat JAIM tu, penat tak terkata, kaki longlai bak dipijak dengan kuat.

Kali ini semua agak berjalan dengan lancar, segala dokumen persuratan telah aku bawakan, semua aku cuba berikan yang terbaik, sebab aku nak settlekan dengan cepat, sebab nanti passport isteri aku akan tamat 5 hari lagi, tak tahu sempat atau tidak, aku serahkan buku nikah yang dah disahkan, salinan passport isteri aku, borang kebenaran bernikah yang dah di sahkan oleh kedutaan dan gambar nikah, itu antara syarat yang harus dibawa semasa menghantar borang tersebut ke JAIM, setelah hantar di kaunter bawah, aku harus membayar Rm80 lagi sebagai wang untuk mendapatkan sijil nikah bila diluluskan dalam masa 1 minggu lebih lagi.

Duit sekali lagi menjadi permasalahan, memang tak cukup duit satu lori, aku bawakan treller pula, kalau duit dalam treller ni habis, aku bawakan feri pula nanti ikut jalan laut, nak buat macam mana, belanja untuk urusan ini dan itu je dah makan ribuan ringgit, mahu tak mahu tinggal sedikit sahaja bukit yang harus aku capai, aku teruskan, dengan hati yang cekal, tak mampu pandang belakang lagi, semuanya dah aku jalani dengan penuh kesabaran, aku kini dah bergelar suami dan ada isteri, aku cuba buat apa yang aku mampu untuk isteri aku yang aku sayang.

Aku call Ustaz Halim lepas dua hari untuk bertanyakan tentang surat nikah aku tu, dia tanya aku nak bila, sebab dia sudi nak membantu, dengan alasan yang aku berikan sebab isteri aku nak apply VISA pula, sebab passportnya akan tamat lagi 3 hari, so aku minta dia tolong aku sebab 30.10.2010 passport dah expired, so Ustaz Halim cakap datang 2 hari lagi, then boleh ambil surat nikah aku, kalau biasanya harus tunggu seminggu, tapi kerana aku perlukan pertolongan dia untuk dapatkan cepat sedikit surat nikah tu, maka dia nak pula menolong, thanks la to Ustaz Halim yang banyak membantu.

Jadi 29.10.2010 petang baru aku dapat surat nikah, esok passport isteri aku dah expired, tak sempat nak apply VISA, duit pun tak cukup masa tu, terpaksa meminjam bobot sikit dulu, then aku korek sikit-sikit sana sini, aku nak dapatkan Rm1200 dulu untuk pendahuluan nanti, so kerana passpoert isteri aku dah expired, aku terpaksa keluar dengan dia dari malaysia ke indonesia, apa nak buat, kalau tak keluar, tak dapat pula extend untuk 30 hari lagi, passport indonesia ni, kalau diorang nak duduk kat malaysia hanya dibenarkan untuk 30 hari je tu lecehnya guna passport, kalau guna visa boleh dapat sampai 3 tahun maximum untuk tinggal dimalaysia.

So apa nak buat, dah nasib badan, esok ( 30.09.2010 ) aku harus keluar dari malaysia untuk sambung passport isteri aku, harus aku lakukan.....

Ok la kawan-kawan, tunggu lagi sambungan cerita aku nanti, bawa bersabar ya semua....terima kasih sudi membaca blog aku, tunggu part ke - 13 nanti, Assalamualaikum semua....

Corrupt (military and government) leaders are the real unpatriotic

Posted: 11 Nov 2010 01:52 AM PST

Extracts edited from_MKini, "Corrupt politicians are the real unpatriotic"

Rent seekers and corrupt politicians are the real unpatriotic by Chris

Accusing People being less patriotic for not joining the Armed Forces. He must be more honest and speak the truth without fear or favour.

Our honourable (Myanmar) military leaders should rightly say who is unpatriotic.

  1. Those who don't do work but warm the chair in their offices,
  2. those who get contracts but deliver sub-standard work,
  3. those who plunder our country's coffers
  4. and those who are corrupted
  5. and those who act against our common interest

are the real unpatriotic people in our beloved land.

Who are the real patriots? Sara


  1. Those who toil and built this country
  2. or those who terrorise the people to hold on to power so that they can continue to enjoy handouts all their life long?

In the past, there were more Indians and Singhs's than any other race in this country in the army. When the promotions were reserved only for the preferred, the next generation shied away from the profession. Why did no one blame them? People like the minister were the problem from day one, treating others as second class citizens. The color of the skin was more valued than merits.

Religious tolerance too has dropped to a new low. Padang jarak padang terkukur. One day we will be reduced to.fighting amongst ourselves for petty reasons like in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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