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Shanghai high-rise apartment fire kills 40

Shanghai high-rise apartment fire kills 40

Shanghai high-rise apartment fire kills 40

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 10:01 AM PST

A high-rise apartment building in Shanghai was destroyed by fire on Monday, killing at least 40 people and injuring 90 others. Image from Xinhuanet [Cn]

Shanghai high rise apartment fire rescue

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society of st vincent de paul – president general, first asian

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 09:44 AM PST

wkth reference to my post earlier about the flood relief operation by POHD, here is my article about it in UCAN. i hope later on, it will also appear in the herald (a more detailed one).

yeah these days i'm very busy writing articles for UCAN and herald. i love writing so i'm happy that i am doing something i love.  lately there had been a number of my articles appearing in UCAN. they are:

chuirch alone cannot makes us strong (interview with bishop of penang)

penang pipe organ sounds through the ages

after attending the freedom film fest during the past weekend, UCAN welcome me to write something about it too. i just might do it within these few days.

i notice that in this week's herald, one of my article in UCAN about the bishop was published. well, sometimes herald will pick articles from other news agencies to publish, and UCAN is one of their source.  speaking of which, my latest article in the herald is about the tamil youth selling flowers and candles during all souls day. oh, btw, under UCAN, for my byline, i use the initial of my chinese name – C.Y, so it is C.Y. lai.

ok i'm coming to the subject heading now.

again this article of mine in UCAN refers.

i had talked about one of our church's society, society of st vincent de paul (SSVP) before a few times in my blog. i'm a long time member of SSVP. used to be board member at state level, then at diocesan (northern) level and used to attend meetings at national level in KL.  now i had given up on those state and diocesan level and am just at conference (parish) level.

those who don't know much about SSVP, please visit our website, of which i'm the one who maintain it.  sorry some of the details are not really updated. this is because i did not receive the updated info from the national office or members. anyway, if you know about SSVP, you'll know that SSVP is an international society (oh we are a registered body too. SSVP in all churches are registered with the malaysia registrar of societies).  the international body is known as the international confederation of the society of st vincent de paul, and there is a 'president general' (international president) heading SSVP.  i'm proud to announce that for the first time ever, a non european member was elected as the president general. he is michael thio from singapore.  SSVP malaysia invited him to our recent 'presidents day' and i thought to take the opportunity to interview him. he was kind enough to be interviewed via email though, so it safe me a lot of work of writing out what he said. well, his interview is in UCAN.

about our 'presidents day' held in melaka, you can see the pictures at our website.  there is also a write up about the president general's visit at the international confederation website.  one also appears in this week's herald, written by another person. i will write a report for our society's newsletter instead (and also of course to put up at our website).

i'm proud to be a SSVP member as this gives me a chance to be a servant to the poor/less fortunate – to bring christ to them.  btw, the slogan of the  SSVP international logo (which you see here) which read 'serviens in spe' means 'servants of the poor'.  we, vincentians (that is what we SSVP members are known as) are glad to be of service to the poor.  we should be thankful to the poor for giving us a chance to show our christian faith in action, for in serving the poor we are serving jesus because jesus christ had said "whenever you do this to the least of the poor, you do it to me."

Ocean Potion and Kangaroo Sesat

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 09:11 AM PST

Hi! We just arrived from a 3 days weekend spent in Penang and Kedah. It was fun although a sad-sad thing has happened last Friday but like always I dont really like to write about negative feelings in the blog (ye ker???) Haha!

Anyway I have found a new skin care that I simply love and I guess I'd like to share it here. It is awesome especially to us Moms with kids that are just as pain-in-the-butt naughty as Miki. You see, Miki likes to copy everything that his Dad and I do. That's the reason why Daddy hasnt been shaving in front of him for fear he would sneakingly pick up the shavor and use it on himself! Horror!

And although I bought different sun blocks for him and myself, Miki would rather use the one which is more suitable for rough skins like mine and the elephant's instead of his kids-friendly type of products. Because it is what Mummy and Daddy is using…. boohooo…!

Talk about elephant, here is what we use to yet another trip to the zoo -

Meet my new fave skincare – Gentle and Sensitive SPF 50 by Ocean Potion. I love it because:-

1) It's Vitamin D fortified and paraben free which makes it very gentle
2) It's gentle and safe enough for babies and toddlers like Miki
3) I can just let Miki use mine without wasting my super precious ayaq liuq by explaining that you can't use Mummy's sunblock IT IS EXPENSIVE NOT SUITABLE FOR YOU!
4) Ocean Potion is affordable, if Miki spill it on the floor while trying to rub it on the refrigerator, I don't feel so much like stuffing him in the refrigerator.
5) Bottom line is, if it makes my baby happy, I am happy! I think I will stick to this Ocean Potion for awhile. It really suits our outdoor friendly lifestyle.

So finally I have found THE sunblock for this super active kid:-

Luth Mikael  – 2 years 10 months

and his MAMA TARZAN!!!! *pengsan*

perhatikan baju bertemakan fresh garden salad untuk melengkapi outfit Mama Tarzan

Miki and his naughty faces! These pictures was taken at Taiping Zoo and Night Safari. We went there recently totally without planning (else I would have worn a light T shirt but lucky I got the sun block) while we were on our way to Penang. I must say that we are Malaysian zoo experts now. And the best Zoo so far is

1) Zoo Taiping
2) Zoo Melaka
3) Zoo Negara yang mangkuk hayun tutup awal, minuman jual mahal, train kena bayar, tiket dah la cekik darah. Sekian.
Eh tadi kata taknak tulis benda negative?!

See there were lions on the background

Whatcha looking at?

Rimau tengah pose-pose Ifa Raziah

The thing that I like about Zoo Taiping is one – the free train ride although we didnt ride on it all! two – the great natural habitat that zoo adopted for the animals and three – the fact we almost exchange below kangaroo with Miki. See the zoo was totally like a safari, there were animals all over. Nasib baik bukan Rimau Ifa Raziah tu kannn?

Kangaroo lepas kandang

Miki feeds the kangaroos so happily abis botak semua semak

And below pic is expecially for Azman's fans! :)

Tired and speechless...

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 08:40 AM PST

Another few more days the system is going to live... There are still so much unrested portion. Can we manage to complete on time to roll out the system? Errr... It's hard to say...

Anyway, the whole team have been working hand in hand to place this system together. Just a couple of days to go. Let's do it team~

Okay better hit the bed now. Going to the gym tomorrow morning cause don't think I have time in the evening... Ciao~

Have great Tuesday eh~

Kara’s Karaya collection (November 2010)

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 07:49 AM PST

Korean girl group KARA modelling for their own Karaya [Kr] online fashion store…

KARA Hara for Karaya fashion

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Tiada Halangan Jika Zaid Mahu Sertai PAS - Salahuddin

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 08:50 AM PST

Tiada Halangan Jika Zaid Mahu Sertai PAS - Salahuddin

PETALING JAYA: PAS tiada halangan jika bekas Penyelaras Pakatan Rakyat, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim mahu menyertai parti itu.

Naib Presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub berkata, jika benar keputusan itu, ia seharusnya dihormati kerana dalam demokrasi mana-mana individu berhak untuk menyertai mana-mana parti.

"Bagaimanapun, sama ada diterima atau tidak beliau dalam parti bergantung kepada keputusan Jawatankuasa PAS Pusat.

"Jika Zaid mahu, beliau boleh mohon. PAS mengambil sikap terbuka maka siapa-siapa pun boleh memohon.

"Namun keputusan melibatkan semua dalam PAS dan perkara itu perlu diperbincangkan terlebih dahulu sebelum diputuskan lebih jelas dalam mesyuarat," katanya ketika dihubungi mStar Online pada Isnin.

Salahuddin berkata, banyak faktor dan pertimbangan perlu dilakukan melalui mesyuarat jawatankuasa kerana Zaid dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

"Zaid daripada PKR, sebelum itu daripada Umno. Banyak masalah dan kontroversi yang berlaku. Jadi pertimbangan sewajarnya perlu diutamakan.

"Jika dia mahu sertai PAS, itu hak dia. Tak ada masalah. Cuma sama ada lulus atau tidak untuk kita terima dia, itu belum pasti," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Umno pula tidak akan menerima bekas Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri tersebut untuk menyertai semula dalam parti itu.

Setiausaha Agungnya, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor sebelum ini berkata Umno telah 'membuang' Zaid maka tidak perlu diambil semula.

"Dia juga akan bagi masalah. Kita tidak suka orang yang beri masalah," katanya.

Zaid pada 8 November lalu menarik diri daripada merebut jawatan Timbalan Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) dan melepaskan semua jawatannya dalam parti.

Keputusan itu ekoran dakwaannya bahawa terdapat penyelewengan dan penipuan dalam pemilihan parti yang sedang berlangsung.

Bekas Ketua PKR Wilayah Persekutuan itu turut berkemungkinan akan menubuhkan parti baru sekiranya dipecat daripada parti sebelum mengumumkan keluar parti. -mstar

It's Time to Re-Assess Your Relationship With Your Computer When . . .

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 07:41 AM PST

1. You wake up at 4 O'clock in the morning to go to the bathroom and stop to check your email on the way back to bed.

2. You turn off your computer and get an awful empty feeling, as if you just pulled the plug on a loved one.

3. You decide to stay in college for an additional year or two, just for the free internet access.

4. You laugh at people with 28.8 modems.

5. You start using smileys :-) in your snail mail.

6. You find yourself typing "com" after every period when using a word

7. You can't correspond with your mother because she doesn't have a computer.

8. When your email box shows "no new messages" and you feel really depressed.

9. You don't know the gender of your three closest friends because they have nondescript screen name and you never bothered to ask.

10. You move into a new house and you decide to "Netscape" before you landscape.

11. Your family always knows where you are.

12. In real life conversations, you don't laugh, you just say "LOL, LOL"

13. After reading this message, you immediately forward it to a friend!

Pemilihan PKR Terus Pincang Di Pusingan Ketiga

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 07:15 AM PST

Petaling Jaya: Pusingan ketiga pemilihan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) yang berakhir semalam masih tidak menunjukkan kontroversi dalam pemilihan parti itu akan berakhir.

Seperti mana dalam pusingan sebelumnya, pusingan ketiga turut dipenuhi kontoversi.

Sesetengah anggota parti turut menganggap ketika ini masih tiada sebarang tanda positif kontroversi dalam pemilihan akan reda ekoran tiada tindakkan proaktif oleh Jawatankuasa Pemilihan Parti (JPP).

Di Cabang Pendang contohnya, lebih 60 anggota PKR tersebut kempunan untuk mengundi apabila kertas undian yang disediakan tidak mencukupi.

Menurut laporan sebuah akhbar edisi utara kelmarin, hanya 100 keping kertas undi diperuntukan berbanding 535 ahli parti di cabang terbabit.

Seorang anggota PKR cabang tersebut yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Yunus berkata, pihak pengurusan pemilihan harus bertanggungjawab atas kejadian yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku.

"Sebagai ahli parti bukankah hak saya dijamin oleh perlembagaan parti? Tetapi apa yang berlaku hak saya untuk memilih pemimpin telah dinafikan disebabkan kecuaian mereka.

"Perkara seperti ini tidak boleh dipandang ringan oleh parti. Kegagalan parti memberi hak yang diperuntukan oleh perlembagaan parti boleh menyebabkan tindakan mahkamah diambil," kata beliau.

Bagaimanapun, sehingga kini beliau mengakui mengetahui wujudnya gerakan untuk mengumpul bukti dan saksi untuk membawa isu penyelewengan pemilihan.

Tetapi, katanya, mereka tidak bercadang berbuat demikian.

"Sampai sekarang saya belum bercadang untuk bertindak sejauh itu walaupun saya ada terdengar ura-ura ada pihak sedang bercadang membawa isu ini ke mahkamah," kata beliau lagi.

Pada masa yang sama, di pusat mengundi cabang Batu Sapi di Sabah telah mencatatkan kira-kira 600 ahli membuang undi tanpa masalah kekurangan kertas undi.

Keputusan di cabang terbabit menunjukkan penguasaan calon Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin yang memungut 509 undian berbanding Badrul Hisham Shaharin yang hanya 8 undian sahaja.

Mungkinkah ada pakatan tentukan jumlah kertas undi untuk cabang?

Ekoran itu, intergriti JPP terus dipandang rendah apabila timbul dakwaan wujudnya tangan ghaib dalam menentukan jumlah kertas pengundian yang diedarkan kepada cabang-cabang.

Persoalan juga timbul kemungkinan pengawas pemilihan telah berbincang dengan pihak calon tertentu untuk menentukan jumlah kertas undi harus diedarkan kepada cabang-cabang berdasarkan kelebihan calon terbabit

Sementara itu, calon Pengerusi Tetap AMK, Amizudin Ahmat, melahirkan perasaan kesal terhadap kontroversi yang berlaku sepanjang pemilihan.

"Saya sama juga dengan kebanyakkan calon lain bersedia menerima kekalahan dengan hati yang terbuka. Tetapi apabila kekalahan tersebut disebabkan wujudnya penipuan oleh pihak lawan maka lukanya tentu parah.

"Saya tak benci Sam (Shamsul), Jonah (Khairul Anuar), Azmin, Zaid atau sesiapa dalam PKR ini tetapi yang saya benci adalah penipuan,
" ujar beliau.

Amizuddin merupakan calon pengerusi tetap AMK yang turut mendukung manifesto Anak Muda Penerus Momentum Reformasi pimpinan Badrul Hisham Shaharin yang juga dikenali sebagai Chegu Bard.

Husam : PAS Terbuka Untuk Terima Sesiapa, Termasuk Zaid

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 06:11 AM PST

PAS terbuka untuk terima sesiapa, termasuk Zaid: Husam

KUALA LUMPUR: Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Husam Musa berkata parti itu sentiasa terbuka untuk menerima mana-mana bekas ahli parti lain, termasuk Datuk Zaid Ibrahim yang mengesahkan akan keluar daripada Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Husam yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Salor berkata, PAS pernah menawarkan tempat kepada Zaid dalam parti itu namun ditolak kerana Zaid lebih cenderung menyertai PKR.

"Dia (Zaid) sudah dewasa kalau dia nak masuk mana-mana parti... dulupun kita tawarkan dia masuk PAS, dia menolak namun terpulanglah kepada dia mana-mana parti dia nak masuk,"
katanya kepada Bernama selepas ditemuramah oleh hos Anne Edwards menerusi rancangan Hello Malaysia di Wisma Bernama, di sini.

Mengulas mengenai kekalahan Pas di tangan UMNO pada pilihan raya kecil DUN Galas 4 November lalu, Husam yang memegang Exco Perancangan Ekonomi, Kewangan dan Kebajikan Kelantan berkata parti itu menerima kekalahan itu dengan hati terbuka namun PAS memberi perhatian khusus kepada Barisan Nasional (BN) selepas ini.

"BN nampak gembira dengan kejayaan ini, namun yang lebih penting cara BN menyusun strategi menghadapi pilihan raya umum akan datang, itu yang lebih kita (PAS) bimbangkan," katanya.

Pada pilihan raya kecil itu, calon Pas Dr Zulkefli Mohamad tewas kepada calon BN, Abdul Aziz Yusoff dengan majoriti 1,190 undi. - BERNAMA

Bermaruahkah Kemenanganmu Itu?

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 04:30 AM PST

Azmin selesa muncul timbalan presiden baru, Zaid sah keluar PKR

PETALING JAYA, 15 Nov - Naib Presiden PKR Azmin Ali sudah hampir pasti untuk mengambil alih jawatan timbalan presiden dengan memperoleh majoriti 11,350 undi selepas lapan hari proses pengundian pemilihan pusat setakat semalam.

Kedudukan rasmi Azmin itu diumumkan ketika Datuk Zaid Ibrahim pula mengesahkan beliau akan keluar PKR.

Azmin akan menggantikan Senator Dr Syed Husin Ali yang memutuskan untuk tidak mempertahankan jawatannya.

Pada sidang media di sini petang ini, Setiausaha Agung PKR Saifuddin Nasution Ismail berkata, Azmin memperoleh 14,751 undi manakala pesaingnya Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, seorang lagi naib presiden, menerima 3,401 undi daripada 165 cabang yang telah dikira pengundian.

Azmin akan mengambil alih jawatan timbalan presiden menerusi pemilihan pusat yang julung kali dilangsungkan secara langsung.

Awalnya, jawatan timbalan presiden menyaksikan saingan tiga penjuru antara Zaid, Azmin dan Mustaffa.

Bagaimanapun persaingan jawatan itu berubah menjadi pertarungan antara Azmin dan Mustaffa selepas Zaid menarik diri daripada bertanding, Isnin lalu atas alasan kecacatan dan kepincangan dalam proses pemilihan.

Dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan petang ini, Zaid yang juga bekas pengerusi PKR Wilayah Persekutuan mengesahkan beliau akan meninggalkan PKR, tetapi belum mengemukakan notis rasmi berhubung keputusannya kepada ibu pejabat parti.

"Benar saya akan keluar parti, tetapi saya belum mengemukakan (notis) keluar daripada parti secara rasmi.

"Saya akan membuat penjelasan (susulan) menerusi kenyataan akhbar Jumaat ini," kata Zaid yang menyertai PKR pertengahan tahun lalu.

Zaid bertanding mewakili PKR pada pilihan raya kecil kerusi Parlimen Hulu Selangor April lalu.

Beliau mendahului persaingan dua hari pertama tetapi dipotong oleh Azmin bermula hari ketiga.

Kedudukan Azmin semakin selesa selepas pengundian masuk hari keempat dengan memperoleh undi terbanyak dari Sabah.

Ditanya mengenai kedudukan Zaid, Saifuddin berkata, keputusan bekas menteri kerajaan pusat itu perlu dihormati, tetapi tindakannya tidak akan membawa impak negatif kepada parti.

"Zaid sudah buat keputusan, kita menghormati keputusan tersebut. Ia tidak ada impak negatif kepada parti apabila beliau keluar parti," kata Saifuddin sambil menambah, "saya doakan yang terbaik kepada beliau".

"PKR menyertai politik pada 1999 dan kita dapat sokongan 789,000 pengundi, pada 2004 kita dapat sokongan lebih 440,000 pengundi dan pada pilihan raya 2008 kita dapat 1.5 juta sokongan pengundi.

"Jadi rekod kita dah menunjukkan dengan atau tanpa Zaid, rekod kita dah buktikan," kata beliau lagi.

Minggu lalu, Azmin meminta Zaid meneliti semula sebarang hasrat untuk menubuhkan parti baru sekiranya beliau dipecat atau disingkirkan daripada parti itu.

Katanya cadangan itu diharap tidak akan berlaku kerana mengikut fahamannya, Zaid menyertai PKR dengan semangat untuk bersama-sama dengan pimpinan dan anggota PKR bagi meneruskan agenda reformasi serta melakukan perubahan.

Zaid tidak menolak kemungkinan menubuhkan parti baru sekiranya dipecat daripada PKR kerana membuat saranan supaya penasihat parti itu Datuk Anwar Ibrahim supaya berundur.

Mengenai tindakan yang bakal dihadapi Zaid berikutan kenyataannya itu, Azmin berkata perkara itu akan diserahkan kepada jawatankuasa disiplin parti untuk menentukan bentuk tindakan kepada mana-mana anggota PKR yang telah melakukan kesalahan berdasarkan perlembagaan dan peraturan parti.

"Jawatankuasa disiplin kena buat cadangan pada biro politik dan majlis pimpinan pusat untuk diputuskan dan setakat hari ini kita belum terima sebarang cadangan daripada jawatankuasa disiplin. Kita akan teliti sebaik sahaja kita terima," katanya.

Pada 8 November lalu, Zaid mengumumkan keputusannya untuk menarik diri daripada bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden PKR dan juga melepaskan semua jawatan dalam parti itu dengan alasan "terdapat penipuan dalam pemilihan".

Azmin merupakan antara pemimpin yang berada dalam PKR sejak ia ditubuhkan.

Sebanyak 57 cabang lagi akan mengadakan pemilihan pusat hujung minggu ini sebelum menuju ke arah kongres tahunan bermula 26 hingga 28 November.

Ulasan GB

Terlebih dahulu kita ucapkan tahniah kepada DSAI, Saifuddin dan Azmin kerana kejayaan melaksanakan konspirasi di dalam memanipulasi Pemilihan dengan jayanya.

Ingat, dosa tuan-tuan terlalu besar untuk disembunyikan, dan PKR akan menjadi korban dan mangsa akibat perbuatan tangan tuan-tuan bertiga.

Ketepikan GB kerana GB bukan ahli, tetapi di mana-mana, di dalam parti tuan sendiri, sudah ada ahli-ahli PKR yang bersuara tidak berpuashati dengan apa yang telah berlaku. Itu bererti bunga-bungan kehancuran.

Mana tahu silap gaya kemana saja tuan bertiga pergi, ada mereka yang memmaki-maki dalam hati. Senangkah tuan dalam keadaan demikian? Mungkin mereka tak sampai hati nak baling kasut macam yang berlaku kepada pemimpin luarnegeri. Tapi dalam keadaan sekarang, dasar dan kaedah yang diamalkan oleh parti tuan, hal tersebut tak mustahil pula boleh terjadi.

Berucap banyak mana dan setinggi mana pun suara tuan. Kebenaran dan keadilan tidak boleh anda perlakukan sesuka hati.

Bermaruahkah kemenangan jika ada sahabat yang terpaksa meninggalkan parti lantaran dicaci oleh pimpinan sendiri? Kalau GB pun dah lama GB angkat kaki kerana kadangkala cara sedemikian lebih mulia dari memperakui salahlaku mereka yang angkuh dan sombong diri. Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah berdoa begini:

Allahumma adkhilnii mudkhala sidqiin
wa akhrijnii mukhraja sidqiin
wa jaalna miladunka sultanaan nasiira

Ya Allah, masukkanlah kami dengan kebenaran
keluarkanlah kami dengan kebenaran
dan berilah kami dari sisiMu kekuasaan yang dapat menolong.

Miracle drink - worth trying

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 04:04 AM PST

This MIRACLE DRINK has been circulating for a long time long long ago. It is worth your while to take note. There is a celebrity Mr. Seto who swears by it. He wants to make it public to draw the attention of people who have cancers. This is a drink that can protect bad cells forming in your body or it will restrain its growth! Mr. Seto had lung cancer. He was recommanded to take this drink by a famous Herbalist from China . He has taken this drink diligently for 3 months and now his health is restored, and he is ready to take a pleasure trip. Thanks to this drink! It does not hurt for you to try.

It is like a Miracle Drink! It is simple.

You need one potato, one carrot and one apple that combine together to make the JUICE !
Wash the above,cut with the skin on into pieces and put them into the juicer and immediately you drink the juice. You can add some lime or lemon for more refreshing taste.

This Miracle Drink will be effective for the following ailments:
1. Prevent cancer cells to develop. It will restrain cancer cells to grow.
2. Prevent liver, kidney, pancreas decease and it can cure ulcer as well
3. Strengthen the lung, prevent heart attack and high blood pressure.
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Good for the eyesight, eliminate red and tired eyes or dry eyes
6. Help to eliminate pain from physical training, muscle ache
7. Detoxify, assist bowel movement, eliminate constipation. Therefore it will make skin healthy & LOOK more radiant. It is God sent for acne problem.
8. Improve bad breath due to indigestion, throat infection,
9. Lessen menstrual pain
10. Assist Hay Fever Sufferer from Hay Fever attack.

There is absolutely no side effect. Highly nutritious and easily absorbs! Very effective if you need to loose weight. You will notice your immune system will be improved after 2 week routine. Please make sure to drink immediately from the juicer for best effect.



Lost in Apathy or Conspiracy Theories?

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 03:17 AM PST

Some of us might feel slightly giddy or could be doggedly following with intent interest the long, contentious PKR saga played to the hilt by the big timers.

Or, perhaps, some of us aren't giddy because we are not following the goings-on right before our eyes, not because we are fairly uninterested in the fate of our nation but perhaps, more because the whole scenario is sickening to the core.

As I glean many websites, comments in many places have been greatly reduced. Could it be that some of us have lost steam in our endeavor to moot for a better nation via PR?

To be honest, as some of you might have noticed, I have been quiet lately. And why so?

The current scenario is much too complex for my simple mind. Most of us have very basic aims, ideals, aspirations and ambition for our nation, largely for our children and our descendants. We have no time for conspiracy theories.

A typical example would be what is happening in PKR and the Zaid saga. When I was writing this post, Kee Thuan Chye sent me his latest post in Malaysian Digest HERE on "Is Zaid Ditching the Opposition?" Please visit that link because he has analyzed the situation very cogently.

I have not written much lest my own theories are wrong. At the same time, I could be ignorant or misinformed or I could have misinterpreted certain developments. I do not want to condemn anyone or any party but would urge each of us to look at the scenario from a macro and not micro view. I hold on to one maxim - We cannot abandon ship when things look bleak. Tough times require teamwork, fortitude and for members to find strength in each other, instead of tearing each other apart. It is not on when disunity seems to be mounting even as the next GE looms closer by day.

Much as I respect Zaid Ibrahim for what he stood for in the past, I do agree with Chye's analysis.

At the same time, there are so many unanswered questions I have been considering. I have no answers to these but would love to hear your views, dear reader.

1. The Trojan Horse Theory

a) Is it one person or a group of persons?
b) Have we been barking up the wrong tree and could the Trojan Horse actually be the One whom none of us suspected?
c) Who commissioned the Trojan Horse and what is the ultimate aim of the one who pulls the puppet strings?
d) Is the threat from within or from without?
e) Is it to bring down i) PKR or ii) PR or both PKR and PR for a devious purpose?

2. The Deafening Silence

a) Why is it that DSAI did not address the problems raised from Day 1?
b) Why the delay in disciplinary action to discipline those who washed dirty linen in public?

3. The Songs of Contradictions

Kee Thuan Chye has analyzed various developments in a very fair manner and has alerted us to many contradictions in statements and claims. Excerpt from his article taken from HERE:

Only a month and a half ago, when he gave a dinner-lecture organised by Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM), he said the next general election would be very tough, and one of the reasons for it was that the incumbent government coalition would not give up its power without doing whatever it would take to retain it. He said in view of that, not only the Opposition but the awakened public as well should be vigilant.

He said the Opposition would have to be united and work many times harder because the next general election would be many times harder to win than in 2008.

He suggested to Haris Ibrahim, prime mover of a third force comprising hand-picked individuals of impeccable integrity to contest in the next general election, to instead offer the third-force candidates to PR instead of standing on their own. From standing with PR, said Zaid, they could achieve the goal of bringing about reform more effectively.

This is a tune quite different from the one Zaid is singing now. In fact, if he were to set up his own party, he would force three-cornered fights in constituencies where his party also chooses to stand, and this could draw votes away from the Opposition. As a result, it could help BN win those constituencies.

If BN wins big at the next general election, Zaid knows the process of reform could be further delayed. But instead of helping the Opposition cause, his setting up of a new party would subvert it. And it would contradict all that he said at the SABM dinner-lecture.

So which is the real Zaid? Which of the things he had been saying since he joined the Opposition until just before the PKR elections represent his true beliefs? How much credence do we give him now?
Not a very pretty picture, I admit. And I could go on and on to nitpick. Whatever the case, like what StraightTalking has written in Why are we fighting? , we cannot lose steam in our hopes for a better Malaysia.

We cannot find a perfect politician or a perfect party/coalition. But many of us can agree on who is the enemy.

I believe all is not lost. Perhaps some are trying to distract us, to create confusion and chaos or to sow the seeds of apathy.

We cannot lose sight of what is real, what is needed and what we can do for Malaysia. True, some of us are disillusioned with leaders but that does not mean that we lose ourselves in apathy or conspiracy theories.

I do believe there are still some amongst the leaders who are genuine and sincere in the effort to serve the rakyat. We cannot lose sight of such positive aspects of Pakatan because there is still hope.

We cannot abandon ship. Not at this point when the GE is imminent.

Please, dear reader. Let us continue to be fervent. I know it is difficult. It has been very difficult for me to continue blogging and it is the support, emails and encouragement of a few readers, especially StraightTalking, Angela, ahoo, rainstorm and others who might not want their names to be mentioned who have encouraged me to carry on and not to fall by the wayside. We know who are our true friends during bad times. They stick close whereas some would have abandoned us or kept their distance or kept silent. Thanks to all of you who have given me your encouragement to carry on.

People, no matter how dark the day, there IS hope as long as we are alive. It is up to us how we perceive the situation. We cannot lose sight of the bigger picture of things.

The time has come for us to resist being manipulated by others be it via media, cyberspace or propaganda. Let's not fall prey to their mind games and become apathetic or misguided or misled or misinformed.

May God give us wisdom to see through the con games that some are playing and to bulldoze them to ground zero in the next election. At the end of the day, the rakyat have the power via the ballot box. And we HAVE to vote. We cannot afford to lose that democratic right to elect leaders to lead this nation.

It has not been easy for me to voice my feelings on this topic but I believe we have to come to terms with the situation and to decide what we want to do and most certainly, it cannot be via political apathy but via a commitment to make a difference and not to b e sidetracked by circus acts!

So, let's stay united, focussed, on course and start preparing for the next GE. Take care and do share your views.

Have a lovely evening.

Perlakuan Iblis: Bapa Rogol Anak

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 03:00 AM PST

Lelaki rogol anak

JOHOR BAHRU - Gara-gara melampiaskan nafsu ke atas anak sendiri, seorang petani dihukum penjara 20 tahun dan 10 sebatan oleh Mahkamah Sesyen, di sini, semalam.

Hakim Salawati Djambari menjatuhkan hukuman tersebut selepas tertuduh, Jais Adon, 53, mengaku bersalah merogol anaknya yang berusia 16 tahun dan memerintahkan hukuman tersebut dijalankan bermula dari tarikh tangkapan dibuat iaitu pada 30 Oktober lalu.

Salawati berkata, perlakuan seperti itu adalah sesuatu yang tidak seharusnya dilakukan oleh seorang bapa terhadap anak kandungnya sendiri dan perbuatan itu dianggap keji.

"Ini adalah kesalahan yang paling keji. Sebagai seorang bapa, kamu seharusnya melindungi anak sendiri dan bukannya merogol dirinya. Anak kamu juga mungkin akan mengalami trauma sepanjang hayatnya," tegasnya.

Tertuduh yang hadir memakai kemeja kotak-kotak dan berseluar khakis bagaimanapun tidak me�nunjukkan sebarang reaksi dan kelihatan tenang ketika hukuman itu dijatuhkan.

Menurut fakta kes, mangsa membuat laporan polis pada pukul 12.15 pagi, 30 Oktober lalu mendakwa bahawa dirinya dirogol beberapa kali oleh bapanya sehingga pertengahan bulan lalu di rumah beralamat 1230, Jalan Bunga Dahlia, Kampung Separa, Kulaijaya.

Mangsa kemudiannya di hantar ke Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), di sini untuk pemeriksaan lanjut dan hasil pemeriksaan mendapati mangsa mengalami koyakan lama pada Hymen di beberapa kedudukan mengikut arah pusingan jam.

Tertuduh didakwa di bawah Seksyen 376(3) Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan hukuman penjara tidak kurang lapan tahun dan tidak lebih 30 tahun dan sebatan tidak kurang 10 kali.

Ketika dibacakan pertuduhan, tertuduh terus mengaku bersalah dan merayu agar hukumannya diringankan dengan alasan mengalami kecacatan di bahagian kaki selepas wmengalami kemalangan jalan raya baru-baru ini.

Namun, Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Amira Sariaty Zainal memohon hukuman berat sebagai pengajaran kepada tertuduh yang sanggup merogol anak sendiri selain pengajaran bagi masyarakat umum. -SH

PETPOSITIVE To Be Part Of Animal Welfare Council

Posted: 15 Nov 2010 02:58 AM PST

Monday November 15, 2010Groups to form animal councilBy ISABELLE LAI
PETALING JAYA: Animal welfare groups will come together in Putrajaya on Nov 25 to form a national council to push for the creation of an Animal Welfare Bill.

Petpositive president Anthony Thanasayan said the formation of the council, which was initiated by the Veterinary Services De­­

For some, Zaid has gone from hero to zero

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 04:22 PM PST

Teks Khutbah Aidil Adha TG Hj Hadi Awang 1431H

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 05:00 PM PST


Posted: 14 Nov 2010 04:49 PM PST


Posted: 14 Nov 2010 05:00 PM PST

Mayat Pekerja Projek Mega Ditemui, Isteri Dan 4 Anak Hilang Tempat Berpaut

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 09:05 PM PST

Mayat pekerja projek mega hilang ditemui

NORLAILA bersama empat orang anaknya menunggu jenazah Mohd. Nor di Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru semalam.

JOHOR BAHRU – Selepas dilaporkan hilang lebih 48 jam lalu, mayat seorang operator jentera pengorek pasir, Mohd. Nor Miskam ditemui pagi semalam kira-kira 10 meter dari lokasi mangsa tenggelam di kawasan tebus guna projek mega Lido Boulevard berhadapan Zoo Johor di sini.

Mayat Mohd. Nor, 36, ditemui pada pukul 7.30 pagi oleh pasukan penyelamat yang menjalankan kerja-kerja mencari sejak malam Jumaat lalu.

Pegawai Bomba Tinggi (Operasi), Balai Bomba Johor Bahru, Aminah Saiman berkata, ketika ditemui mayat Mohd. Nor berada dalam keadaan terapung berhampiran pelampung penyedut pasir.

"Pasukan bomba pergi ke kawasan tersebut dan menemui mayat mangsa yang telah kembung tapi lengkap berpakaian.

Menurut beliau, mayat Mohd. Nor kemudian dihantar ke Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) untuk bedah siasat.

Menurut beliau, jentera pengorek pasir yang tenggelam bersama Mohd. Nor juga telah ditemui namun ia belum dinaikkan.

Sementara itu, bapa mangsa, Miskam Yusof, 68, berkata, dia tidak menyangka anak bongsu daripada tiga beradik itu akan menemui ajal dengan cara demikian.

Kata warga emas itu, 20 hari sebelum kejadian, Mohd. Nor terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya di Simpang Renggam.

"Dalam kejadian itu, Mohd. Nor tidak mengalami kecederaan parah walaupun kereta yang dipandunya remuk teruk," katanya.

Miskam memberitahu, beberapa hari sebelum kejadian arwah menghubunginya kerana mendakwa menghadapi masalah berkaitan wang untuk membayar sewa rumah. -kosmo

Berita Sebelum

Projek Mega Telan Nyawa, Mayat Belum Ditemui

Jangan Sokong Membawa Rebah

Posted: 14 Nov 2010 05:45 PM PST

Oleh Dr. AB

"Dan jika ada dua golongan dari orang-orang mukmin berperang maka damaikanlah antara keduanya. Jika salah satu dari kedua golongan itu berbuat aniaya terhadap golongan yang lain maka perangilah golongan yang berbuat aniaya itu sehingga golongan itu kembali, kepada perintah Allah; jika golongan itu telah kembali (kepada perintah Allah), maka damaikanlah antara keduanya dengan adil dan berlaku adillah. Sesungguhnya Allah menyukai orang-orang yang berlaku adil."

QS. al-Hujurat (49) : 9

Saya ingin melahirkan rasa sedih dan kecewa melihat keadaan suasana Pemilihan Parti kali ini. Amatlah mengecewakan apabila kekalutan dan keresahan ini hadir di saat kita semakin menghampiri satu pertarungan besar iaitu Pilihan Raya Umum ke 13.

Saya menyeru agar kita semua ahli dan aktivis Parti untuk kembali fokus dan melihat agenda yang lebih besar yakni melakukan Reformasi untuk negara kita Malaysia. Perjuangan kita yang telah dimangkinkan dengan episod kezaliman ke atas Ketua Umum, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, dan komrade-komrade Reformasi yang saban minggu ditangkap dan dipukul FRU, janganlah dibiar hanyut dek kerana permainan politik dua tiga kerat pemimpin Parti yang hakikatnya telah diangkat kita semua untuk memimpin.

Di saat Parti kita diserang begitu hebat, kenapa mudah kita menurut rentak emosi yang selalunya tidak rasional. Janganlah Parti yang telah kita bina selama lebih 11 tahun ini tergadai hanya kerana perebutan kuasa dua tiga kerat pemimpin. Begitu lama kita berjuang mempertahankan Datuk Seri Ketua Umum, dengan azab yang beliau sendiri lalui tidaklah tertanggung oleh sembarangan manusia, janganlah dibiar akhirnya menjadi sia-sia.

Parti kita memerlukan pemimpin yang punya gagasan. Sejasad pemimpin hebat walau macam mana pun akan temui ajal jua, tetapi yang kekal diwariskan kepada generasi akan datang adalah gagasan. Gagasan yang mampu merubah sistem dan kehidupan masyarakat supaya menjadi lebih baik. Maka pemimpin seperti ini yang perlu kita angkat. Bukannya pemimpin yang berdiri atas kepentingan individu semata-mata, dan sanggup melanggar segala tatasusila politik demi memenuhi nafsu politik masing-masing.

Kita perlu kembali kepada fitrah perjuangan Reformasi yang telah kita juangkan selama ini. Kita berasal dari berbagai latar dan rencam, tidak berjawatan tidak berkedudukan, tiada pangkat mahupun gelaran, sejarah menjadi saksi; atas kesedaran bersama – Menentang Kezaliman dan Menegakkan Keadilan – kita sahut laungan Reformasi yang dilaung Datuk Seri Ketua Umum 12 tahun lalu kerana kita percaya bahawa ada Malaysia yang lebih baik untuk kita wariskan pada anak-anak kita.


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