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be very careful when you blog

be very careful when you blog

be very careful when you blog

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 09:30 AM PST

oh gosh, sedition guidelines for blogs now? so writing a blog is no longer personal? we can't say what we like now? so now the govt is going to tell us their definition of sedition… as they like, as it suits them? is what i blog about yesterday – about the police's double standard showing so blatantly consider as seditious?

ok i know. there had already been bloggers who were detained and some charged for what they wrote on their blog. then what about this new sedition guidelines that kerismuddin said his ministry will be releasing soon? the guidelines covers blogs and online media. now even without the guidelines, online media and blogs had already been 'disturb' by the govt. so why now? i suspect this is just for show – put up the guidelines so that they have good excuse when they charged the online media or blogs for sedition.

the sedition guidelines that will be coming up soon… will it applies to ALL media? yes, ALL, include utusan malaysia!! i'm sure not!! so mr kerismuddin, better come up with  two different set of guidelines then – one for umno (esp. utusan malaysia/perkasa) and one for others!!! this is what  has been happening now!! the DOUBLE STANDARD!! 2 sets of laws in 2malaysia!

(click on 'read more' to read the article from malaysiakini)



Sedition guidelines will now apply to online media

Hazlan Zakaria
Jan 24, 11

The Home Ministry will release its guidelines on sedition that will include online publications like news portals and blogs on Wednesday.

"The guidelines on sedition are based on four or five statutes, it has been vetted by the attorney-general.

"So people will be very clear where they stand," said Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein (right) after presenting KPI awards to officers from agencies under his ministry in Putrajaya today.

The minister had recently announced that the guidelines were in the pipeline to counter the rising trend in sedition and libel cases involving online media and social sites.

However there are those who feel that the guidelines are an attempt by the government to rein in the freedom from censorship granted to online content by the Bill of Guarantees, signed during the formation of the Multimedia Super Corridor.

The inability of the government to control online media has been a major headache for the ruling coalition as the new media continue to snipe at it with impunity.

'Police only doing their job'

Hishammuddin also today denied accusations that police interfered with ceramah conducted by PAS in the ongoing by-election campaign in the northern Johor town of Tenang.

"If you look at the ceramah sessions on an ad hoc basis, not everyone will be satisfied. Neither BN nor PAS. But on the whole, the police are only there to do their job.

"Some parties want to politicise this matter… maybe they want to garner support. They are the ones who cause chaos, and this disturbs public order," argued the BN minister, who is an Umno vice-president.

PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayob (left) made the claim in the Islamic party's organ Harakah, saying that "heavy police presence" was interfering with the party's ceramah sessions in Tenang.

The police have been accused of disrupting Pakatan Rakyat events, even during PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's visits to Johor before the by-election.

The opposition's accusations of police being strict on Pakatan's political campaigns, but giving plenty of leeway to BN component parties, has been a long standing complaint in the country.

Citizenship wait reduced to one year

Hishammuddin also announced that his ministry will implement a benchmark of one year for the processing and decision of citizenship applications. "Times are different now and security concerns are not like last time.

"In this new climate, it is possible to solve the applications in that time," said the Sembrong MP, adding that security concerns were the stumbling blocks that caused most citizenship applications to drag on.

Citizenship applications are known to have taken up 20 years or more with many moving cases of teary eyed senior citizens handed their citizenship papers after decades.

Is There A Food Conspiracy?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:30 AM PST

At my age, it is so difficult to lose weight, especially from December to February - with the festive seasons and visitors. Last week, I managed to lose four pounds and this week, I dare not step on the scales. Over the weekend, I put on two pounds and I dread to see what might happen on the scale by tomorrow morning.

As mentioned earlier, I had banana leaf rice for lunch with the Churchmans and felt quite full. I thought of skipping dinner and by 7.30p.m. a girlfriend popped by to tell me that her mom had finally chosen her wedding date. Then she asked me to accompany her for a food tasting journey at one of the hotels in Penang.

Frankly, I did not want to eat any more but went along to give my opinions. Over dinner, we talked about the wedding gown, table arrangements, tea ceremony and the usual paraphernalia needed for weddings. During dinner, my cousin from Hong Kong called and when he heard that I was at yet another dinner, he said, "Weyyyyy!!! Watch that waistline!"

Sighs...I know. :-( It almost feels as though there is a food conspiracy going on to fatten me :-(. Here's a preview of what I had tonight...

It is not just the waistline but also my reading. I have not read the news thoroughly for the past few days and have no clue as to what has been happening. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. I just hope that I can wind down by tomorrow.

Hence, I have not been able to do any social-political posts for the past few days.

Honestly, I surrender already!!! No more makan sessions please!!! I dread to think of what may happen to my already missing waistline.

Do bear with me. I will definitely write on some current issue by tomorrow!

More Pit Bull Myths De-mystified

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 08:00 AM PST

Thank you to the many responses we got on PET+BLOGSPOT and elsewhere on our posts defending Pit Bull breeds as lovable and caring canines.We had to jump to their defense when a local animal group made a huge howler recently about the particular breed possessing a "ferocious streak".  The incident reminded me of another laughable incident years ago.I was at a meeting held by the Department of

The Wanted – All Time Low

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:33 AM PST

Praying won't do it
Hating won't do it
Drinking won't do it
Fighting won't knock you out
Of my head

Hiding won't hide it
Smiling won't hide it
Like I ain't tried it
Everyone's tried it now
And failed somehow

So when you gonna let me
When you gonna let me out – Out

And if you know
How do you get up from an all time low
I'm in pieces
Seems like peace is
The only thing I'll never know
How do you get up
Get up

'Cos driving won't do it
Flying won't do it
Denying won't do it
Crying won't drown it out

What you said

When I'm standing on the yellow line
Waiting at the station
Or I'm late for work
A vital presentation
If you call me now girl
Without reservation
I would try to break through

But if you know
How do you get up from an all time low
I'm in pieces
It seems like peace is
The only thing I never know
How do you get up from an all time low
I can't even find a place to start
How do I choose between my head and heart
Till it ceases I never know
How do you get up from an all time low

A low, (repeat)
Can you hear me
A low (repeat)
Can't you hear me

And if you know…
Repeat chorus

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Kafir Chua Soi Lek under fire from all sides - Perkasa, Muhyiddin, Muslim NGO

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:31 AM PST

Malay rights pressure group Perkasa has accused MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek of insulting Islam in his ceaseless tirade against Normala Sudirman, the PAS candidate in the Tenang by-election.

MCA has been slapped on the wrist by Deputy Prime Minister and BN deputy chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin for its attempts to ridicule PAS candidate Normala Sudirman for refusing to shake hands with male voters in Tenang.

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek must apologise for his condescending remarks against Islam, said president of the Muslim Lawyers Association president Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar.

[Bergambar] Protes Merebak Ke Algeria & Yaman. Pemimpin UMNO Perlu Buka Mata.

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 09:25 AM PST

Algeria, Yaman pula dilanda protes

POLIS anti rusuhan mengawal tunjuk perasaan di Algiers, ibu kota Algeria, semalam.

Tokoh Mesir sokong bantahan ala Tunisia

Di Algiers, polis rusuhan memakai topi keledar bersenjatakan cotar dan perisai kelmarin bertempur dengan perusuh yang membaling batu dan kerusi ketika cuba berarak sebagai melawan larangan perhimpunan awam.

Sekurang-kurangnya 19 orang cedera, kata pegawai kerajaan. Tetapi, seorang pegawai parti pembangkang meletakkan angka itu lebih 40 orang.

Algeria adalah antara beberapa negara Afrika Utara dan Asia Barat dilanda bantahan terhadap pemimpin autokratik masing-masing selepas seorang pemuda Tunisia membakar diri bulan lalu, mencetuskan gelombang penentangan yang menyebabkan diktator Tunisia lari ke luar negara.

Penganjur bantahan parti pembangkang demokratik, Parti Budaya dan Demokrasi RCD membaluti sehelai bendera Tunisia bersebelahan bendera Algeria pada balkoni ibu pejabat parti, tempat perarakan bermula.

Polis rusuhan dengan sebuah helikopter dan trak pengawal orang ramai menutup pintu keluar untuk memastikan mereka yang berarak tidak dapat meninggalkan bangunan dan menyerang sesiapa yang cuba keluar. Di luar, beberapa lelaki muda mengibarkan bendera nasional dan melaungkan 'Kuasa Pembunuh!.'

"Saya seorang tahanan dalam ibu pejabat parti," kata Said Sadi, seorang bekas calon presiden yang mengetuai Perhimpunan RCD, menerusi pembesar suara dari tingkap balkoni.

Penunjuk perasaan menjerit 'Berambus Boutef!' merujuk kepada Presiden Abdelaziz Bouteflika, mengulangi penentangan ke atas Presiden Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali yang lari ke Arab Saudi 14 Januari lalu selepas bantahan besar-besaran di jalan raya Tunisia.

Kementerian Dalam Negeri menganggarkan, mereka yang berarak sekitar 250 orang.

Sembilan orang ditahan, termasuk sesetengah memiliki pisau yang dilarang.

Seorang jurucakap parti, Mohcine Belabbas, berkata 42 penunjuk perasaan dibawa ke hospital untuk dirawat kerana cedera. Pemimpin parti di parlimen, Atmane Mazouz, dipukul di muka dengan cota polis.

Di ADEN, Yaman, ribuan penduduk Yaman yang bosan dengan pemerintahan 32 tahun presiden mereka menuntut pengusirannya kelmarin dalam bantahan yang jelas cabaran besar pertama terhadap diktator terbabit.

Bantahan di Yaman pertama seumpamanya. Ramai penduduk negara itu tidak puas hati kerana kerajaan dilihat mengamalkan rasuah dan dikecam kerana bersekutu dengan Amerika Syarikat dalam memerangi al-Qaeda, ada kebebasan berpolitik dan kekurangan bekalan air.

Kira-kira 2,500 pelajar, aktivis dan kumpulan pembangkang berkumpul dan melaungkan slogan menentang Presiden Ali Abdullah Saleh serta membandingkannya dengan Ben Ali, yang mana penduduk berang dengan kesukaran ekonomi dan rasuah dalam kerajaan.

"Berambus, Ali. Sertai rakan anda Ben Ali," penentang melaungkan.

Di BERLIN, bekas ketua pemerhati nuklear Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu, Mohamed ElBaradei, berkata pembangkang di Mesir perlu mengikuti jejak langkah penggulingan Presiden Tunisia.

"Jika rakyat Tunisia sudah lakukannya, rakyat Mesir perlu lakukan perkara sama," katanya kepada Del Spiegel dalam temuramah.

Ketika Mesir terjejas akibat masalah sosial dan menyaksikan beberapa penduduk membakar diri selepas bantahan di Tunisia, ElBaradei menuding kepada perbezaan besar antara kedua negara Afrika utara itu. – AP/AFP

Ulasan GB

Apabila kerajaan terus bergelumang dengan korupsi, rasuah dan menzalimi rakyat, rakyat akan tetap bangkit. Tidak kira di negara mana hatta di negara Malaysia ini sekalipun.

The Wanted – Heart Vacancy

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 07:27 AM PST


I feel your heart cry for love,
But you won't let me make it right.
You were hurt, but I decided,
That you were worth the fight.
Every night, you lock up,
You won't let me come inside.
But the look in your eyes,
As I can turn the tide.

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I don't care who was there before.

I feel your heart cry for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
"Don't disturb" is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

This ain't the Heartbreak Hotel,
Even though I know it well.
Those no shows, they sure tell,
In the way you hold yourself.
Don't you fret, should you get,
Another cancellation.
Give me a chance I'd make a,
Permanent reservation.

[ From: ]

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
I can tell you can fit one more.
Open up make a brand new start,
I don't care who's stayed before.

I feel your heart cry for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
"Don't disturb" is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

When I, talk to you, on the phone,
Listen close.

I feel your heart cry for love,
Then you act like there's no room.
Room for me, or anyone,
"Don't disturb" is all I see.
Close the door, turn the key,
On everything that we could be.
If loneliness would move out,
I'd fill the vacancy.
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart,
In your heart, in your heart, in your heart.

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Steady PERKASA. Tapi Apasal Segan Nak Berdemo Lagi?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 06:49 AM PST

Isu salam: PERKASA sokong mufti, pendekatan Nik Aziz

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) bersetuju dengan pandangan Mufti Perak Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria dan pendekatan Mursyidul Am PAS Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat berhubung isu keengganan calon PAS bersalam dengan lelaki di Tenang.

Ketua Wira PERKASA Arman Azha Abu Hanifah (kanan) berkata, isu melibatkan Normala Sudirman yang ditimbulkan Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek berpunca akibat kegagalan memahami Islam.

"Macam pendekatan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, (apabila) mereka ini tidak faham (Islam), jadi kita mesti fahamkanlah mereka," katanya.

"(Contohnya) macam isu melibatkan DAP juga, (berlaku) kerana mereka tidak faham."

Dalam pengalaman Pakatan Rakyat, Nik Aziz antara pemimpin PAS yang kerap berbeza pandangan dengan pemimpin lain daripada DAP dalam isu agama, khususnya negara Islam.

Beliau juga sering dilapor menyimpulkan apa yang berlaku akibat pemimpin berkenaan tidak memahami Islam dan perlu dimaklumkan tentang ajaran agama yang sebenar.

Di Tenang, kenyataan Chua kelmarin mengundang reaksi keras pelbagai NGO dan tokoh Islam, antaranya Persatuan Peguam-peguam Muslim Malaysia (PPMM), Harussani dan PAS sendiri.

Senada dengan peguam Muslim

Ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini petang ini, Arman Azha berkata menjadi tanggungjawab parti-parti komponen lain dalam BN menjelaskan "apa yang salah, apa yang tidak" kepada Chua secara matang.

tenang by election day 1 230111 chua soi lek campaigning 3"Kalau kita marah pun, mereka semakin jauh. Kalau perkara itu salah, Rasulullah suruh panggil dan nasihati cara yang betul daripada kita bertindak tidak tentu arah," katanya.

Bagaimanapun, Arman Azha tetap beranggapan bahawa tindakan Chua itu salah dan menghina Islam.

Justeru, menurutnya, ahli politik veteran itu patut membuat permohonan maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh umat Islam.

"Bukan hanya minta maaf, tetapi dia juga kena memahami konteks Islam yang sebenar," katanya, senada dengan tuntutan PPMM semalam.

Ditanya sama ada pihaknya akan menganjurkan demonstrasi - tindakan yang dilihat sinonim dengan NGO Melayu itu kebelakangan ini - Arman Azha menjawab:

"Bukan semuanya kita berdemo." -mk

Ulasan GB

Apaakah isu yang menentang aspirasi UMNO saja yang akan didemokan PERKASA?

Tilite ZRA Series 2 Finally Arrived

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:06 AM PST

Cheeky and Tilite ZRA Series 2
Cheeky checking out the box with my Tilite ZRA Series 2 wheelchair.

I was informed two Fridays ago that the wheelchair that I ordered with Bike-On had arrived at the shop from Tilite and that it would be sent to the shipper in the morning. Someone from FedEx called me last wednesday to ask what was inside the box for customs declaration at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I told that him it is a wheelchair. He said he would declare it as such and there should not be any tax.

FedEx Shipment Travel History
FedEx Shipment Travel History – Where the wheelchair went before it arrived in Malaysia.

After five nail-biting days wondering about the status of the shipment, it was finally delivered this morning. (I did not have the tracking number to follow the process.) I have installed the brakes and wheels and am now waiting for Wuan to help me with the rest. The backrest angle needs to be adjusted. I specified 95 degrees but this looks like 90 degrees. Other than that, the wheelchair looks good. I cannot wait to get on it and do a few spins around the neighbourhood.

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Not An Ordinary Monday

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 04:04 AM PST

Today has been another busy day for me. After the usual sweeping, mopping, laundry and ironing routine, I took my aunt to Penang Plaza to do our groceries. My beloved aunt lives in San Francisco and comes back biennially. On our way there, she lamented about the shrinking USD. When we were at Guardian Pharmacy, she was horrified at the way prices of food items and even hair brushes had gone up so much.

On the way home, she wanted to eat apom so we stopped in front of the famous pancake stall along Burmah Road run by one of the two brothers named Ah Guan. We ordered 30 pancakes and seven curry puffs for the cousins and aunts and some curry puffs and could not believe that the total $$ paid came up to 22.50RM.

After dropping my aunt home, I made my way to St Christopher's International Primary School to pick up Mr and Mrs Churchman. As mentioned in a recent post HERE, Mr. Churchman was the principal of International School of Penang (Uplands) from 1983 to 1991 whilst his dear wife was the principal of St Christopher's International Primary School.

I waited for them at the SCIPS office while they finished their meeting with Mr J. Jones and Mr. Danny Goon. After exchanging pleasantries with Mr. Jones and Mr Goon, I took them to Passions of Kerala at New World Park to enjoy one of the best banana leaf rice in town with fried bitter gourd and other condiments.

Over lunch, we reminisced about our days in Uplands. Mr Churchman is a true blue dedicated educator with a deep love and reverence for God. Together with Mrs Churchman, they attended to the needs of the boarders as if they were their own children.

We walked down memory lane and recollected the many precocious students whom we had taught. Honestly, Mr Churchman is a very understanding and tolerant principal who could be a strict disciplinarian on one hand and yet a very caring educator on the other hand. It was truly a very emotional experience for me to meet them again after so many years. This may well be the last time we meet in Malaysia as Mr Churchman is 78 while Mrs Churchman is 76. Hopefully, I will be able to visit them in Cheshire one day.

I count myself as being blessed abundantly having served for five years under Mr Churchman. Assembly was something that we all looked forward to each Monday morning for Mr Churchman would share a short inspirational meditation with the school and then say an open prayer that could apply across the board to believers of any faith. Mr and Mrs Churchman created such a beautiful school ethos that many of those who were under their guidance are still in touch with us, even after more than twenty odd years.

Tears were brimming in my eyes as I drove them to Gurney Plaza. While waiting for Mr Churchman, I managed to share some of my saddest and life-transforming experiences with Mrs Churchman and she shared very beautiful and practical advice which touched me so much that words are unable to express how I feel, only tears. The past two years have truly NOT been easy for me. I am glad I managed to get back on my feet again and to find myself again although I must say I still live in a reclusive state and going out only when old friends are in town. Having said that, I must confess that blogging has been a very therapeutic activity for me in the light of all those circumstances and challenges.

In all my life, I have never met kinder or more loving/godly and gentle persons than Mr and Mrs Churchman. Truly, they are upright and noble Christians with such a deep capacity to love, to reach out, to understand, to accept and to touch lives simply by being who they are - a gift to those who know them.

Mr. and Mrs. Churchman - thank you for all that you have done and given to me - priceless and cherished treasures and gems of my life. May God bless you both always.

Cemas: Pelajar Tkn 3 Ingin Terjun Dari Tingkat 2 Bangunan Sekolah (updated)

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 05:17 AM PST

Seorang pelajar perempuan tingkatan tiga Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Abu Bakar di sini cuba dipujuk anggota penyelamat apabila mengugut untuk terjun dari tingkat dua bangunan sekolah itu hari ini.

Detik cemas yang berlarutan lebih sejam itu dipercayai bermula apabila pelajar terbabit diserang histeria dengan menjerit lalu melompat keluar dari kelas ke koridor melalui tingkap.

Bagimanapun tindakan pantas pasukan penyelamat terdiri daripada Bomba, Polis dan Jabatan Pertahanan Awam (JPAM) berjaya menyelamatkan nyawa pelajar terbabit. -- fotoBERNAMA

Berita terbaru

TEMERLOH - Pelajar dan guru sebuah sekolah di sini, cemas seketika apabila seorang pelajar perempuan yang mengalami histeria cuba terjun dari tingkat dua bangunan sekolah itu hari ini.

Detik cemas itu berlarutan lebih sejam sebelum anggota Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat serta Jabatan Pertahanan Awam berjaya menyelamatkan pelajar tingkatan tiga berkenaan.

Suasana kecoh dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 8.30 pagi itu turut menarik perhatian petugas Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Temerloh.

Pegawai Pelajaran Daerah Temerloh, Mohd Nadzri Ab Wahab berkata, beliau difahamkan pelajar terbabit tiba-tiba menjerit ketika berada dalam kelas, sebelum bertindak keluar ke koridor menerusi tingkap.

Pelajar itu juga bertindak membaling tingkap kaca ke bawah sebelum membuka tudungnya dan berlari-lari di sepanjang koridor yang mempunyai kelebaran satu meter dan tidak berpenghadang, katanya.

Keluarga pelajar tersebut yang datang selepas dihubungi pihak sekolah juga gagal memujuk pelajar itu, katanya.

Mohd Nazri berkata, kejadian histeria telah beberapa kali berlaku di sekolah terbabit namun kejadian pagi tadi disifatkan paling mencemaskan.

Pelajar itu dihantar ke Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Temerloh untuk rawatan lanjut. - Bernama

Who are the Palestinians?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 03:34 AM PST

Bapa Bolek Anak Lintik: PAS Saman Anak Soi Lek

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 03:39 AM PST

Didakwa fitnah Cikgu Mala, PAS mahu saman anak Soi Lek

Normala Sudirman dengan gaya sendiri menjawab soalan pemberita pada sidang media sempena kempen hari ketiga hari ini.

LABIS, 24 Jan — PAS Johor mahu mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap Ahli Parlimen Labis Chua Tee Yong kerana didawka telah memfitnah calon PAS-Pakatan Rakyat Normala Sudirman ketika kempen pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Tenang.

Laporan akhbar harian China Press hari ini memetik Chua, anak Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, sebagai berkata Normala ada bertanya kepada seorang peniaga Cina "kenapa jual minuman arak" ketika berkempen.

Menurut Timbalan Pesuruhjaya PAS Johor, Dzulkefly Ahmad, pihaknya akan menyaman Chua kerana telah membuat tuduhan yang tidak berasas.

Selain itu, Dzulkefly memberi tempoh 24 jam kepada Chua untuk membuktikan tuduhan tersebut.

"Tuduhan itu adalah satu pembohongan, dalam masa 24 jam kita minta Tee Yong untuk buktikan nombor kedai, tempat dan masa kejadian itu berlaku.

"Kalau gagal kita akan hantar surat peguam dan memfailkan saman fitnah di mahkamah.

"Calon kita tidak lakukan perkara itu, jadi kita minta Chua Tee Yong buktikan kepada kita," katanya.

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Publisiti DAP Tony Pua menggesa Chua supaya meminta maaf kepada Normala kerana telah membuat tuduhan palsu.

"Chua Tee Yong (gambar) kata Normala pergi ke sebuah kedai kopi dan jumpa dengan bos kedai itu kenapa jual arak?

"Ini adalah satu tuduhan palsu yang dibuat oleh Chua Tee Yong, saya dah maklumkan kepada PAS dan Normala sendiri menafikan perkara itu," katanya.

Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara itu percaya tuduhan yang dibuat Chua itu adalah kerana mahu menakut-nakutkan pengundi-pengundi bukan Melayu di kawasan Tenang.

"Ini adalah untuk takutkan pengundi Cina, ia adalah satu kenyataan yang tidak bertanggungjawab, dia (Chua) perlu minta maaf kepada Normala," katanya.

Sebelum ini MCA telah menimbulkan kontroversi mengenai cara bersalam Normala yang enggan bersalam dengan lelaki.

Kontroversi itu terlebih dahulu ditimbulkan Dr Chua dan ia diikuti beberapa pemimpin MCA yang turut mempertikaikan pendekatan Normala itu.

Selain itu, Naib Presiden PAS Salahuddin Ayub pula berkata tuduhan itu dibuat kerana mahu menimbulkan keresahan di kalangan pengundi bukan Melayu khususnya orang Cina.

"Cikgu Mala (Normala) telah menafikan sekeras-kerasnya bahawa itu adalah tuduhan berniat jahat.

"(Ia) satu perancangan yang jahat untuk menimbulkan keresahan dan ketakutan orang Cina," katanya.

Gelanggang kempen kerusi DUN Tenang dibuka secara rasmi kelmarin dengan menyaksikan persaingan satu lawan satu antara calon Barisan Nasional (BN) dan Pakatan Rakyat.

BN menurunkan Mohd Azahar Ibrahim iaitu bekas Penolong Pentadbir Tanah Daerah Kecil Rengit.

Pilihan raya kecil DUN Tenang diadakan berikutan kematian penyandangnya dari BN, Allahyarham Datuk Sulaiman Taha pada 17 Disember lalu.

Hari pengundian adalah Ahad ini. -TMI

PAS nafi calonnya tanya 'kenapa jual arak'

PAS menafikan laporan sebuah akhbar berbahasa Cina - China Press - yang memetik ahli parlimen Labis Chua Tee Yong sebagai berkata calon PAS Normala Sudirman bertanya kepada seorang peniaga Cina "kenapa jual minuman arak".

"Cikgu Mala telah menafikan sekeras-kerasnya bahawa itu adalah tuduhan berniat jahat," kata naib presiden PAS, Salahuddin Ayub.

"(Ia) satu perancangan yang jahat untuk menimbulkan keresahan dan ketakutan orang Cina," katanya dalam satu sidang media di bilik operasi PAS di Tenang hari ini.

NONESehubungan itu, Salahudin yang juga bekas ketua pemuda PAS Pusat mencabar Chua menyatakan di mana, bila dan tempat, calon PAS Normala (kiri) bercakap sedemikian.

"Itu tidak benar sama sekali,"tegas Salahudin.

Mengulas mengenai kejadian provokasi seperti membakar bendera, pengedaran risalah daripada pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan kumpulan bermotor membuat bising di tengah malam, Salahudin berkata semua perkara tersebut bukan daripada PAS.

Sementara itu, ketua penerangan PAS Johor Mazlan Aliman berkata beliau menghantar surat tawaran berdebat dengan Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Ahmad Maslan berhubung isu berkaitan dengan Felda.

Surat tersebut akan diserahkan oleh naib presiden Persatuan Anak-anak Peneroka Felda (Anak) Shamsul Bakri pagi esok, yang akan mewakili beliau.

Bagaimanapun masa dan tempat akan dimaklumkan kemudian kepada pihak media. -mk

Ulasan GB

Bapanya borek anaknya rintik.
Huh sama jer anak dan bapak. Suka main borong dan memfitnah.
Now its time for the allegation be tested in court.

Grabbing the Spoon FAIL

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 02:12 AM PST

epic fail photos - Grabbing the Spoon FAIL gif
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UMNO Sah Penderhaka!

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 02:13 AM PST

1.1. Dewan pada hari ini akan mencipta dua sejarah. Sejarah yang pertama ialah Pakatan Rakyat (PR) berjaya membawa satu pindaan yang merupakan satu perubahan struktur dengan tujuan untuk memperbetulkan kesilapan masa silam. Sejarah yang kedua ialah jikalau UMNO dan BN menyokong pindaan ini, makan sejarah akan tercipta di mana politik partisan yang usang sudah tiada tempatnya lagi. Walaupun

Command responsibility should be applicable if anyone is raped, tortured or killed in Myanmar Military Conscripts

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:45 AM PST

The General's Daughter

Image via Wikipedia

POWER must comes together with RESPONSIBILITY.
If want power, the leaders MUST take responsibility.
Command responsibility is applicable if any one is raped, tortured or killed if the TOP LEADERS failed to protect or put sufficient check and balance system or proper channel to report and respond impartially for grieviences and complaints. 
Command responsibility, sometimes referred to as the Yamashita standard or the Medina standard, is the doctrine of hierarchical accountability… in cases of war crimes.

My friends in military and the memoirs published in the Internet Burmese Online Magazine revealed the shocking bullying of the seniors in DSA.

I personally experienced the bullying of the camp officers during my Zaya 56, Phaunggyi training. Actually the training was meant for 41/2 months but because of numerous holidays, Thingyan holiday and closure of camp for few days because of a freak storm, our batch had to endure for 51/2 months of military training.

Once again, although a fiction, it shows that there is a possibility that even in US, the rape and killing of even the daughter of the General could be covered up by the father General to protect the reputation of his military.

 So in Myanmar, with the accusation of alleged rapes in custody, at border areas and of porter women, could we trust the military with the safety of our women?

The General's Daughter (novel) From Wikipedia

The General's Daughter is a 1992 novel by Nelson DeMille about a military investigation agent named Paul Brenner who is put in charge of investigating the death of Ann Campbell, the daughter of a legendary general.

Summary from DeMille's official website: "Captain Ann Campbell is a West Point graduate, the daughter of legendary General "Fighting Joe" Campbell. She is the pride of Fort Hadley until, one morning, her body is found, naked and bound, on the firing range. Paul Brenner is a member of the army's elite undercover investigative unit and the man in charge of this politically explosive case. Teamed with rape specialist Cynthia Sunhill, with whom he once had a tempestuous, doomed affair, Brenner is about to learn just how many people were sexually, emotionally, and dangerously involved with the army's "golden girl." And how the neatly pressed uniforms and honor codes of the military hide a corruption as rank as Ann Campbell's shocking secret life."

The General's Daughter (film) From Wikipedia

The General's Daughter is a 1999 film starring John Travolta. The plot concerns the mysterious death of the daughter of a prominent general. The movie is based on the novel by the same name written in 1992 by Nelson DeMille, and was directed by Simon West. The film was a box office success grossing $22 million in its opening weekend and $102 million in its total domestic run.[1]

Topics of interest include the integrity of junior officers in bringing justice against senior ones at great odds and at personal peril. There is also interesting background material regarding the militia movement, "Freedom Fighters", and the prospect of military use of urban and psychological warfare tactics.

The plot of the movie is significantly different from that of the novel although the outcome is the same. For instance, in the novel Brenner never meets Elizabeth Campbell. The first time he sees her is at the murder scene.

Chief Warrant Officer Four Paul Brenner (John Travolta), a Vietnam Veteran of the 196th LIB, is in Georgia masquerading as First Sergeant Frank White at a local army base, to broker an illegal arms trade with a self-proclaimed freedom fighter. While on the base, his car gets a flat tire. Without a lug wrench, a pretty young officer arrives and helps him change the spare. The officer is Captain Elisabeth Campbell (Leslie Stefanson), the base commanding general's daughter and army captain in psychological operations. The next evening, she is found murdered. Brenner and another warrant officer, Sara Sunhill (Madeleine Stowe) are brought in to investigate, as both are part of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. They find Captain Campbell's nude body staked down with tent poles, strangled, and presumably raped.

They search Elisabeth's home off base and find it typical of a career Army officer, with one exception: through a false door in the basement, they find what appears to be a sexual dungeon of sorts, with handcuffs, harnesses, and a camera connected to a VCR. Sunhill goes to their car to make a call from her cell phone, and while Brenner gathers the tapes, he is attacked by a masked figure armed with a steel snow shovel. The culprit manages to disorient Brenner long enough to steal the videotapes.

I had witness with my own eyes, my father, as he was an army (food) contractor in Kalaw, had the previlige of getting special exemption of 2 cars from CHAW SWE, (pulled the cars for army's FREE use for few weeks or months) but 3 drunken soldiers scolded, shouted, threatened with the rifles and pulled my father, put him on their jeep pointing with rifles to his head. I was just a teenage boy in 1960′s during Ne Win's rule. Kalaw is in Southern Shan State and roads are winding and very rough. Our whole family was scared that if the drunk soldiers accidently pull the trigger, my father could easily die there.

And no SOB from Ne Win to those soldiers would take responsibility and would conveniently claim that my father tried to run away or tried to fight back etc. Draft officers would try to extort money from the people who wish to avoid entering military. This is currently done to people who are "abducted" for porter duty.

If people could prove with EVIDENCE, those kind of soldiers and their commanders MUST BE SEVERELY PUNISHED from 10-20 yrs IN JAIL!

Command responsibility, sometimes referred to as the Yamashita standard or the Medina standard, is the doctrine of hierarchical accountability in cases of war crimes.

The doctrine of "command responsibility" was established by the Hague Conventions IV (1907) and X (1907) and applied for the first time by the German Supreme Court in Leipzig after World War I, in the 1921 trial of Emil Muller.

The "Yamashita standard" is based upon the precedent set by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita. He was prosecuted in 1945, in a still controversial trial, for atrocities committed by troops under his command in the Philippines. Yamashita was charged with "unlawfully disregarding and failing to discharge his duty as a commander to control the acts of members of his command by permitting them to commit war crimes."

The "Medina standard" is based upon the 1971 prosecution of US Army Captain Ernest Medina in connection with the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.[9] It holds that a commanding officer, being aware of a human rights violation or a war crime, will be held criminally liable when he does not take action. However, Medina was acquitted of all charges.

Developing accountability

Hagenbach on trial, from Berner Chronik des Diebold Schilling dem Älteren

In The Art of War, written during the 6th century BC, Sun Tzu argued that it was a commander's duty to ensure that his subordinates conducted themselves in a civilised manner during an armed conflict. The trial of Peter von Hagenbach by an ad hoc tribunal of the Holy Roman Empire in 1474, was the first "international" recognition of commanders' obligations to act lawfully. Hagenbach was put on trial for atrocities committed during the occupation of Breisach, found guilty of war crimes and beheaded. Since he was convicted for crimes "he as a knight was deemed to have a duty to prevent" Hagenbach defended himself by arguing that he was only following orders from the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, to whom the Holy Roman Empire had given Breisach. Despite the fact there was no explicit use of a doctrine of "command responsibility" it is seen as the first trial based on this principle.

During the American Civil War, the concept developed further, as is seen in the "Lieber Code." This regulated accountability by imposing criminal responsibility on commanders for ordering or encouraging soldiers to wound or kill already disabled enemies.

The Hague Convention (IV) of 1907 was the first attempt at codifying the principle of command responsibility on a multinational level. It was not until after WWI that the Allied Powers' Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of the War and on the Enforcement of Penalties recommended the establishment of an international tribunal, which would try individuals for "order[ing], or, with knowledge thereof and with power to intervene, abstain[ing] from preventing or taking measures to prevent, putting an end to or repressing, violations of the laws or customs of war."

Similarly, in the Bible (Kings 1: Chapter 21), with the story of Ahab and the killing of Naboth, Ahab was blamed for killing Naboth even though he didn't literally kill him. Just like Hagenbach, Ahab was blamed for killing Naboth because Ahab (the king) is responsible for everyone in his kingdom, including Jezebel (the queen) who literally gave the orders to kill Naboth. Also, even though Ahab claimed that he didn't know anything about it, he really did know that it was his wife (Jezebel) who gave the orders to kill Naboth. He knew this because it says in the Bible (Kings 1: Chapter 21: Verse 7)"And Jezebel his wife said unto him: 'Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? arise, and eat bread, and let thy heart be merry; I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezreelite." 

Introducing responsibility for an omission

Command responsibility is an omission mode of individual criminal liability: the superior is responsible for crimes committed by his subordinates and for failing to prevent or punish (as opposed to crimes he ordered). In Re Yamashita before a United States Military Commission, General Yamashita became the first to be charged solely on the basis of responsibility for an omission. He was commanding the 14th Area Army of Japan in the Philippines when some of the Japanese troops engaged in atrocities against thousands of civilians. As commanding officer, he was charged with "unlawfully disregarding and failing to discharge his duty as a commander to control the acts of members of his command by permitting them to commit war crimes."

By finding Yamashita guilty, the Commission adopted a new standard, stating that where "vengeful actions are widespread offences and there is no effective attempt by a commander to discover and control the criminal acts, such a commander may be held responsible, even criminally liable." However, the ambiguous wording resulted in a long-standing debate about the amount of knowledge required to establish command responsibility. The matter was appealed, and was affirmed by the United States Supreme Court In re Yamashita 327 U.S. 1 (1946) After sentencing, Yamashita was executed.

Following In re Yamashita, courts clearly accepted that a commander's actual knowledge of unlawful actions is sufficient to impose individual criminal responsibility.

In the High Command Case, the United States Military Tribunal argued that in order for a commander to be criminally liable for the actions of his subordinates "there must be a personal dereliction" which "can only occur where the act is directly traceable to him or where his failure to properly supervise his subordinates constitutes criminal negligence on his part," based upon "a wanton, immoral disregard of the action of his subordinates amounting to acquiescence."

In the Hostage Case, the US Military Tribunal seemed to limit the situations where a commander has a duty to know to instances where he has already had some information regarding subordinates' unlawful actions.

Following World War II, the parameters of command responsibility were thus increased, imposing liability on commanders for their failure to prevent the commission of crimes by their subordinates. These cases, the latter two part of the Nürnberg tribunals, discussed explicitly the requisite standard of mens rea, and were unanimous in finding that a lesser level of knowledge than actual knowledge may be sufficient.


The first international treaty to comprehensively codify the doctrine of command responsibility was the Additional Protocol I ("AP I") of 1977 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

 Article 86(2) states that:

the fact that a breach of the Conventions or of this Protocol was committed by a subordinate does not absolve his superiors from …responsibility … if they knew, or had information which should have enabled them to conclude in the circumstances at the time, that he was committing or about to commit such a breach and if they did not take all feasible measures within their power to prevent or repress the breach.

Article 87 obliges a commander to "prevent and, where necessary, to suppress and report to competent authorities" any violation of the Conventions and of AP I.

In Article 86(2) for the first time a provision would "explicitly address the knowledge factor of command responsibility."


In the discussion regarding "command responsibility" the term "command" can be defined as

ADe jure (legal) command, which can be both military and civilian. The determining factor here is not rank but subordination. Four structures are identified:[4][5]

  1. Policy command: heads of state, high-ranking government officials, monarchs
  2. Strategic command:War Cabinet, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  3. Operational command: military leadership; in Yamashita it was established that operational command responsibility cannot be ceded for the purpose of the doctrine of command responsibility – operational commanders must exercise the full potential of their authority to prevent war crimes, failure to supervise subordinates or non-assertive orders don't exonerate the commander.
  4. Tactical command: direct command over troops on the ground

International case law has developed two special types of "de jure commanders."

  1. Prisoners-of-war (POW) camp commanders: the ICTY established in Aleskovski that POW camp commanders are entrusted with the welfare of all prisoners, and subordination in this case is irrelevant.
  2. Executive commanders: supreme governing authority in the occupied territory – subordination is again irrelevant, their responsibility is the welfare of the population in the territory under their control, as established in the High Command and Hostages cases after World War II.

BDe facto (factual) command, which specifies effective control, as opposed to formal rank. This needs a superior-subordinate relationship. Indicia are:[4][5]

  1. Capacity to issue orders
  2. Power of influence: influence is recognized as a source of authority in the Ministries case before the US military Tribunal after World War II.
  3. Evidence stemming from distribution of tasks: the ICTY has established the Nikolic test – superior status is deduced from analysis of distribution of tasks within the unit, it applies both to operational and POW camp commanders.

Additional Protocol I and the Statutes of the ICTY, the ICTR, and the ICC makes prevention or prosecution of crimes mandatory.

Application of Command Responsibility

Nuremberg Tribunal

The Süddeutsche Zeitung announces

Image via Wikipedia

The Süddeutsche Zeitung announces "The Verdict in Nuremberg." Depicted are (left, from top): Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop, Keitel, Kaltenbrunner, Rosenberg, Frank, Frick; (second column) Funk, Streicher, Schacht; (third column) Doenitz, Raeder, Schirach; (right, from top) Sauckel, Jodl, Papen, Seyss-Inquart, Speer, Neurath, Fritsche, Bormann. Image from Topography of Terror Museum, Berlin.

Main articles: Nuremberg Trials, Subsequent Nuremberg Trials, and Nuremberg Defense

Following World War II, communis opinio was that the atrocities committed by the Nazis were so severe a special tribunal had to be held. However, critics[who?] have accused the prosecution of the Nazis as being victor's justice. The Nuremberg Charter determined the basis to prosecute people for:[12]

Crime Description
Crimes against peace the planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing.
War crimes violations of the laws and customs of war. A list follows with, inter alia, murder, ill-treatment or deportation into slave labour or for any other purpose of the civilian population of or in occupied territory, murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war or persons on the seas, the killing of hostages, the plunder of public or private property, the wanton destruction of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity.
Crimes against humanity murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhuman acts committed against any civilian population, before or during the war, or persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds in execution of or in connection with any crime within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal, whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated.

The jurisdiction ratione personae is considered to apply to "leaders, organisers, instigators and accomplices" involved in planning and committing those crimes.

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

The ICTY statute article 7 (3) establishes that the fact that crimes "were committed by a subordinate does not relieve his superior of criminal responsibility if he knew or had reason to know that the subordinate was about to commit such acts or had done so and the superior failed to take the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent such acts or to punish the perpetrators."

In The Prosecutor v. Delalić et al. ("the Čelebići case") first considered the scope of command responsibility by concluding that "had reason to know" (artivcle 7(3)) means that a commander must have "had in his possession information of a nature, which at the least, would put him on notice of the risk of … offences by indicating the need for additional investigation in order to ascertain whether … crimes were committed or were about to be committed by his subordinates."

In The Prosecutor v. Blaškić ("the Blaškić case") this view was corroborated. However, it differed regarding mens rea required by AP I. The Blaškić Trial Chamber concluded that "had reason to know," as defined by the ICTY Statute, also imposes a stricter "should have known" standard of mens rea.

The conflicting views of both cases were addressed by the Appeals Chambers in Čelebići and in a separate decision in Blaškić. Both rulings hold that some information of unlawfal acts by subordinates must be available to the commander following which he did not, or inadequately, discipline the perpetrator.[4][5][7][17]

The concept of command responsibility has developed significantly in the jurisprudence of the ICTY. One of the most recent judgements that extensively deals with the subject is the Halilović judgement of 16 November 2005 (para. 22-100).

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

International Criminal Court

English: The building of the International Cri...

Image via Wikipedia

The International Criminal Court in The Hague

Following several ad hoc tribunals, the international community decided on a comprehensive court of justice for future crimes against humanity. This resulted in the International Criminal Court, which identified four categories.[12]

  1. Genocide
  2. Crimes against humanity
  3. War crimes
  4. Crimes of aggression

Article 28 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court codified the doctrine of command responsibility.[7] With Article 28(a) military commanders are imposed with individual responsibility for crimes committed by forces under their effective command and control if they:

either knew or, owing to the circumstances at the time, should have known that the forces were committing or about to commit such crimes.
It uses the stricter "should have known" standard of mens rea, instead of "had reason to know," as defined by the ICTY Statute.[5][17]

The Bush administration has adopted the American Servicemembers' Protection Act and entered in Article 98 agreements in an attempt to protect any US citizen from appearing before this court. As such it interferes with implementing the command responsibility principle when applicable to US citizens.[19]

War on terror

Further information: War on terror

Manfred Nowak, United NationsSpecial Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment

A number of commentators have advanced the argument that the principle of "command responsibility" could make high-ranking officials within the Bush administration guilty of war crimes committed either with their knowledge or by persons under their control.[20]

As a reaction to the September 11, 2001 attacks the U.S. Government adopted several controversial measures (e.g., invading Iraq, introducing "unlawful combatant" status, and "enhanced interrogation methods"[21]).

Alberto Gonzales and others argued that detainees should be considered "unlawful combatants" and as such not be protected by the Geneva Conventions in multiple memoranda regarding these perceived legal gray areas.[22]

Gonzales' statement that denying coverage under the Geneva Conventions "substantially reduces the threat of domestic criminal prosecution under the War Crimes Act" suggests, at the least, an awareness by those involved in crafting policies in this area that US officials are involved in acts that could be seen to be war crimes.[23] The US Supreme Court challenged the premise on which this argument is based in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, in which it ruled that Common Article Three of the Geneva Conventions applies to detainees in Guantanamo Bay and that the Military Tribunals used to try these suspects were in violation of US and international law.[24]

On April 14, 2006, Human Rights Watch said that Secretary Rumsfeld could be criminally liable for his alleged involvement in the abuse of Mohammad al-Qahtani.[25]Dave Lindorff contends that by ignoring the Geneva Conventions the US administration, including President Bush, as Commander-in-Chief, is culpable for war crimes.[26] In addition, former chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials Benjamin Ferencz has called the invasion of Iraq a "clear breach of law," and as such it constitutes a war crime.[27] On November 14, 2006, invoking universal jurisdiction, legal proceedings were started in Germany – for their alleged involvement of prisoner abuse – against Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzales, John Yoo, George Tenet and others.[28] This allegedly prompted recently retired Donald Rumsfeld to cancel a planned visit to Germany.

There are also allegations by human rights groups and opponents of the Bush administration of deliberate or disproportionate targeting of civilians by US forces, mainly through aerial bombardment but also alleged shootings, during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq by US forces and allied private security contractors, and controversy over depleted uranium munitions and cluster bombs.[citation needed]

Former Army Lt. Ehren Watada refused to be deployed to Iraq based on his claims of command responsibility. Although his own deployment was not ordered until after Security Council Resolution 1511 authorized a multinational force in Iraq[29], Watada argued that the invasion of Iraq was illegal, and as such he claimed he was bound by command responsibility to refuse to take part in an illegal war. He was discharged from the Army in 2009.

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 is seen as an amnesty law for crimes committed in the War on Terror by retroactively rewriting the War Crimes Act[30] and by abolishing habeas corpus, effectively making it impossible for detainees to challenge crimes committed against them.[31]

Luis Moreno-Ocampo has told the Sunday Telegraph he is willing to start an inquiry by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and possibly a trial, for war crimes committed in Iraq involving British Prime Minister Tony Blair and American President George W. Bush.[32] Though under the Rome Statute, the ICC has no jurisdiction over Bush, since the USA is not a State Party to the relevant treaty—unless Bush were accused of crimes inside a State Party, or the UN Security Council (where the USA has a veto) requested an investigation. However Blair does fall under ICC jurisdiction as Britain is a State Party.

Nat Hentoff wrote on August 28, 2007, that a leaked report by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the July 2007 report by Human Rights First and Physicians for Social Responsibility, titled Leave No Marks: Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and the Risk of Criminality, might be used as evidence of American war crimes if there was a Nuremberg-like trial regarding the War on Terror.[33]

Shortly before the end of President Bush's second term, newsmedia in other countries started opining that under the United Nations Convention Against Torture the US is obligated to hold those responsible for prisoner abuse to account under criminal law.[34] One proponent of this view was the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Professor Manfred Nowak) who, on January 20, 2008, remarked on German television that former president George W. Bush had lost his head of state immunity and under international law the U.S. would now be mandated to start criminal proceedings against all those involved in these violations of the UN Convention Against Torture.[35] Law professor Dietmar Herz explained Nowak's comments by saying that under U.S. and international law former President Bush is criminally responsible for adopting torture as interrogation tool.[35]

[edit] War in Darfur

Further information: Darfur conflict, International response to the Darfur conflict, War in DarfurTimeline of the War in Darfur, and Janjaweed

Human Rights Watch commented on this conflict by stating that:

…individual commanders and civilian officials could be liable for failing to take any action to end abuses by their troops or staff. …… The principle of command responsibility is applicable in internal armed conflicts as well as international armed conflicts.[36]

The Sunday Times in March 2006, and the Sudan Tribune in March 2008, reported that the UN Panel of Experts determined that Salah Gosh and Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein

had "command responsibility" for the atrocities committed by the multiple Sudanese security services.[37]

Following an inquiry by the United Nations, regarding allegations of involvement of the Government in genocide, the dossier was referred to the International Criminal Court.[37] On May 2, 2007, the ICC issued arrest warrants for militia leader Ali Muhammad al-Abd al-Rahman, of the Janjaweed, a.k.a. Ali Kushayb, and Ahmad Muhammad Haroun for crimes against humanity and war crimes.[37] To this day Sudan has refused to comply with the arrest warrants and has not turned them over to the ICC.[38]

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, announced on July 14, 2008, ten criminal charges against President Omar al-Bashir, accusing him of sponsoring war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.[39] The ICC's prosecutors have charged al-Bashir with genocide because he "masterminded and implemented a plan to destroy in substantial part" three tribal groups in Darfur because of their ethnicity.[39] The ICC's prosecutor for Darfur, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, is expected within months to ask a panel of ICC judges to issue an arrest warrant for Bashir.[39]

[edit] Zimbabwe

For his conduct as President of Zimbabwe, including allegations of torture and murder of political opponents, it is suggested Robert Mugabe may be prosecuted using this doctrine.[40] Because Zimbabwe has not subscribed to the International Criminal Court's jurisdiction it may be authorised by the United Nations Security Council. The precedent for this was set by its referral to bring indictments relating to the crimes committed in Darfur.[41] Otherwise a Zimbabwean regime following Mugabe's would have jurisdiction over his alleged crimes (in the absence of any amnesty law) as would the numerous countries with universal jurisdiction over torture, including Britain.

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Apabila Kedudukan Dalam Zon Bahaya... Maka "Mengipas" Tugas Paling Utama

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 01:58 AM PST

PM selalu nasihat menteri hormati hak kaum lain

JELEBU: Menteri Penerangan Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, berkata Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak sentiasa mengingatkan jemaah menterinya supaya mengiktiraf hak rakyat mengikut kaum dan agama masing-masing.

Katanya, Najib sering menasihatkan menteri Kabinetnya bahawa perpaduan dan kesatuan kaum ini boleh menjadi retak jika ada menteri mengenakan syarat dalam pembangunan sesuatu kaum.

"Kita seharusnya jangan mencabul apa-apa hak itu. Apa yang menjadi asas kepada sesuatu komuniti tidak menjadi rintangan kepada perpaduan," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Dewan Karisma Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Undang Jelebu di sini, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Najib kelmarin yang mahu agensi swasta dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan bersama dengan kerajaan dalam memastikan golongan tidak berkemampuan terus mendapat pembelaan.

Beliau berkata, hak setiap kaum di negara ini dijamin oleh Perlembagaan dan dengan itu hak-hak itu tidak dicabul.

Sementara itu dalam ucapannya, Rais menekankan bahawa galakan kerajaan dalam membudayakan pengetahuan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi termasuk pemberian komputer riba percuma kepada pelajar bukan untuk disalahgunakan.

"Jika kemudahan dan pengetahuan internet ini telah memberi kebaikan, kita rasa amat bersyukur," katanya.

"Keburukan juga banyak ada dalam internet seperti penyebaran fitnah dan pornografi, tetapi pengguna jangan terus membiarkan budaya mereka hanyut dalam arus permodenan ini walaupun komputer, internet dan perisian dicipta oleh masyarakat luar negara," katanya. – BERNAMA

Ulasan GB

Rakyat melihat, mendengar dan mengikuti gelagat menteri yang bernama Rais Yatim, tokoh yang amat kontroversial sejak Wikileaks terbocor.

Dan kenyataan di atas dibaca dengan senyum simpul oleh semua. Komain laju Rais mengipas Najib. Ada yang mencelah:

Kalau tak ada apa-apa masakan tempua bersarang rendah.

Semasa era Pak Lah sebagai PM, sampai begini Rais lakukan:

Siapa Sebenarnya Yang Syok Sendiri Di Selangor?

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 12:39 AM PST

BN bidas k'jaan Selangor 'syok sendiri'

Ketua pembangkang DUN Selangor, Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman - ketika membahaskan cadangan meminda Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri - mendakwa kerajaan negeri 'syok sendiri'.

Katanya, Umno Selangor tidak akan sesekali menyokong cadangan itu kerana menurutnya ia bertentangan dengan perlembagaan persekutuan dan bermotifkan politik.

Menurutnhya lagi, kerajaan BN terdahulu tidak pernah membelakangi Sultan, berbeza dengan menteri besar baru yang didakwa tidak dapat menerima pelantikan Mohd Khusrin Munawi sebagai SUK yang telah mendapat perkenan Sultan.

Satim mula membahaskan usul tersebut selepas selesai ucapan Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Ketua pembangkang itu turut mempersoalkan tindakan Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim memanggil sidang DUN tanpa notis 14 hari.

Teng bagaimanapun menegur kembali Satim supaya mengingat peraturan tetap dewan sebelum membangkitkan sebarang perkara atau beliau akan diminta keluar untuk mengingatinya.

Penyokong Pakatan ketawa besar.

Dewan mula bersidang jam 10 pagi. ADUN Pelabuhan Kelang Badrul Hisham Abdullah - yang kerusinya diisytihar kosong oleh speaker - duduk di bilik yang dikhaskan kepada petugas media, tingkat atas di dalam dewan.

Setiausaha dewan membacakan ucapan diraja bagi pihak Sultan Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

Dalam ucapannya, Sultan bertitah supaya ADUN membahaskan cadangan pindaan itu dengan sebaiknya tanpa beranggapan pekenan yang diberikan baginda sebagai menyokong mana-mana pihak dalam dewan.

Baginda juga memberitahu ADUN supaya tidak menariknya sama dalam politik. Istana sentiasa tidak mencampuri urusan politik, titahnya lagi.

Ia diikuti dengan ucapan Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim. Menurutnya, berdasarkan perkara 10(3) peraturan dewan, kerajaan Selangor membentangkan pindaan terhadap Undang-undang Tubuh Selangor 1959 terhadap perkara 52(1).

Katanya, pindaan itu dicadangkan supaya generasi akan datang tidak lagi tertanya-tanya dan tiada pihak yang berani melanggar kuasa kerajaan negeri dan Sultan, kata Khalid.

Pakatan Rakyat, tegas Khalid lagi, memberikan komitmen menjunjung perlembagaan negara dan undang-undang tubuh negeri serta Rukun Negara, yang menjadi asas kepada kerajaan Selangor hari ini.

Pakatan juga, tambahnya, berhasrat menegakkan kedudukan dan peranan Raja-raja Melayu yang dinyatakan dalam perlembagaan persekutuan.

Ulasan GB

Siapa yang sebenarnya syok sendiri?

Yang syok sendiri pakai gelaran Dr walaupun dengan PhD palsu tu siapa ya?

Menyentuh Sidang Khas Sultan sudah pun megizinkan DUN bersidang malah memberikan titahnya yang telah dibacakan oleh Setiauaha Dewan.

Justeru itu tindakan wakil rakyat UMNO jelas tidak menghormati Sultan Selangor. Begitu juga 500 orang yang berarak ke Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah di sini untuk menyerahkan memorandum bantahan pindaan Undang-Undang Tubuh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor 1959.

Jenis tak reti bahasa. Noh Omar punya kerja.

Campaigning under a giant PAS flag in Tenang by-election

Posted: 23 Jan 2011 11:20 PM PST

Fokus jangan sehingga menyusahkan rakan PR

Posted: 23 Jan 2011 11:25 PM PST

Sejak 22 Jan, lewat petang che'GuBard mendapat banyak sms juga panggilan telefon yang bertanya betulkah SAMM dihalau oleh sebuah lagi 'NGO' yang menjadi front kepada PAS dalam menangani isu Felda iaitu ANAK ?

Setelah difahamkan rupanya semua spekulasi itu wujud ekoran satu posting dalam blog AMK Johor yang menggunakan nama Ketua AMKnya Zabidie Abas yang juga merupakan Setiausaha ANAK.che'GuBard segera mendapatkan respon Zabidie mengenai perkara ini. Beliau menafikan yang beliau terlibat menulis artikel tersebut, sebaliknya ditulis oleh seorang anggota AMK Johor yang juga punya akses ke blog tersebut.

Zabidie juga mengambil tindakan segera menarik keluar artikel tersebut yang seharusnya berada dalam link

Menerima penjelasan tersebut saya bersama beberapa teman SAMM mengambil keputusan meneruskan semua program yang dirancang tanpa mempedulikan provokasi murahan dari pihak tertentu itu tersebut. SAMM tak faham maksud pencetus perkara tersebut adakah mahu melihat SAMM bergaduh dengan ANAK atau mahu memberi ruang kepada Bn memanipulasi perkara ini ?

Namun che'GuBard selaku seorang pendiri SAMM ingin juga menjelaskan beberapa perkara :
  1. SAMM bukan dipunyai oleh mana- mana parti politik. SAMM ialah gerakan muda yang bebas politik kepartian tetapi mengambil sikap politik dan mendokong parti tertentu berdasar isu dan kepentingan anak muda ganerasi masa depan negara.

  2. SAMM yang wujud sejak 2004, menolak undang - undang kuno negara yang mengekang kebebasan berpesatuan rakyat maka kerana tidak mengiktiraf dan menolak maka kami tidak mendaftar dibawah akta pertubuhan. Kami tidak mahu dilihat 'menyanggah di depan akur dibelakang'. Namun kami berdaftar dibawah 'SSM' seperti mana banyak 'ngo' progresif lain dalam negara ini.

  3. Keputusan mendokong calon PAS di Tenang bukan diambil dengan mudah tetapi setelah perbincangan panjang sila rujuk

  4. Untuk mengekalkan 'independent' SAMM berdiri sendiri sepanjang kempen PRK di Tenang tanpa bantuan kewangan dari mana - mana pihak termasuk PAS. Kewangan kami dari sumbangan semua penyelaras SAMM, sumbangan orang ramai melalui penjualan buku dan lain - lain barangan.

  5. Sebaik sahaja SAMM membuat keputusan untuk turun bersama berkempen di Tenang, SAMM menemui beberapa pimpinan PAS untuk memaklumkan dan meminta nasihat kerana PAS yang bertanding.

  6. Cuma ada pimpinan PKR yang melahirkan rasa kurang senang dan minta SAMM melaporkan program mereka kepada PKR, mungkin mereka tidak sedar SAMM bukan 'front' kepada PKR dan bukan anggota PKR, maka kami maklumkan dengan baik perkara ini.

  7. SAMM menamakan 3 orang Penyelarasnya Roslee Shariff, Khairul Fauzi Muhammud dan Azlan Ishak sebagai Penyelaras Kempen sepanjang PRK di Tenang dan mereka sudah pun membuat 'ground work' seawal 2 minggu sebelum penamaan. Menemui pimpinan PAS-PR tempatan, pimpinan masyarakat tempatan dan pimpinan NGO termasuk ANAK untuk penyelarasan gerak kerja.

  8. Maksudnya semua gerak kerja dirancang awal dan dimaklum oleh pihak terbabit khususnya menghormati PAS yang bertanding.

  9. Pada hemat kami perkara iniadalah angkara 'budak-budak nakal' dalam PKR yang tak senang dengan SAMM yang berjaya mengembeling tenaga muda baru walaupun dalam scale yang kecil berdasar kemampuan kewangan dan logistik kami.

  10. Perkara ini juga muncul kerana isu pemilihan yang tidak ada penghujung. Siasatan yang tiada hujung pangkal. Yang menuntut siasatan terus bercakap dan yang konon menang dari hasil penipuan terus mempertahankan kedudukan.

  11. PKR seharus melihat perkara ini dengan serius jika tidak mahu PKR ditertawakan.

  12. Nasihat che'GuBard bagi pihak SAMM kepada 'budak-budak nakal' tersebut kena belajar bila nak serang musuh dan bagaimana nak 'bergurau' dengan kawan. Jangan masa perang seperti ini, nanti jangan sampai kawan dalam PR lihat politik dalaman PKR ini menyusahkan mereka.

  13. Kepada pimpinan besar PKR lihat perkara ini segera. Jangan bila ada orang bangkit bercakap soal keadilan dan ketelusan dilihat kianat tetapi 'budak-budak nakal' yang duduk dalam politik naungan itu buat apa saja dibiarkan. Keadilan bukan sahaja perlu dilaksana tetapi perlu dilihat dilaksana.

  14. SAMM ingin ucap terima kasih kepada PAS kerana beri ruang SAMM teroka ruang baru dalam mendekati anak muda dan sesungguhnya kesempatan ini tidak dipersia. memang kemenangan sukar namun SAMM akan cuba bantu sebaik mungkin dengan sumbangan SAMM yang amat kecil dalam mendekati anak muda. Kepada ANAK dan organisasi masyarakat yang lain kesudian bekerjasama dalam menjayakan beberapa program juga amat dihargai.

  15. Dalam gerak kerja PRK ini SAMM menumpukan pendekatan mendidik anak muda menggunakan kuasa politik melalui pendidikan hak warga. Disamping dalam pendekatan penuh mesra dan meminimakan sebarang konfrantasi.

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