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Christmas @ Orchard Road

Christmas @ Orchard Road

Christmas @ Orchard Road

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 10:58 AM PST

One of my friends kept asking me whether I had any nice pictures of the Christmas decorations along Singapore's Orchard Road. I had to tell him that all I saw of Orchard Road was from a moving vehicle. And you know how it is like to take photographs at low light from a moving car, especially with a cheap point-and-shoot auto-everything camera. I had about seven or eight pictures but unfortunately only one turned out acceptable. This one:

The rest have been consigned to the electronic trash can.

Never Too Late To Make 2011 Resolutions!

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 10:34 AM PST

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Look Back 2010: FEBRUARY

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:37 AM PST

Time to look back again. And here's what's on my blog in February last year. =)

Working as DiGi promoter. Rocks.

It's Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year's Eve.

Thaipusam Day. Throw coconut with Arron and Chien Chern. Fun!

High School's Graduation Ceremony! (Not in toilet by the way) =)

Hike to Moon Gate together, for the first time.

2010′s Eve.

Look Back 2010: JANUARY

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:27 AM PST

I realized that many people are doing this thingy where they share back their old blog post of the previous year. So here am I doing the same, copycat. Hehe. Don't say me, it's just the matter of sharing because sharing is caring. Some maybe new here, so welcome and happy new year, and I'm gonna share some recommended read here, going month by month.

January 2010 was not a good start of the year because several school mate passed away because of the dragon boat accident. Rest in peace my friend.

My first Hard Rock Hotel Visit.

Hat Yai Travel and I had food poisoning after I came back from there.

Some high school's graduation day photos.

A typical breakfast morning. A weekly routine with the M6.

Christmas night?! Yes, I post about Christmas in January. Spent that night at a night market.

Hospital SUCKS to the max.

First time go to AEON Seberang Perai City Mall.

Farewell with Liang Sun who went to NS.

Christmas Visit To Elderly Home.

Christmas Concert At Auto City

Press Statement regarding Case YB Jayakumar

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:50 AM PST

Today in Court, we are witnessing another example of the Federal Government discriminatory practices against the rakyat namely by denying development funds to opposition constituencies.

Federal development funds should be given to every constituency regardless of party affiliation.

These funds are granted by Parliament to the Prime Minister's Department to be distributed to the people. The rakyat should not be made hostage to discriminatory politics.

Once this case has been decided, it should include a comprehensive remedy by reimbursing all development funds owed to opposition constituencies from 1975.

These practices are examples of an autocratic and not a democratic government. Ending such practices is crucial in proving that no government can escape unscathed if found to abuse its powers.

This case is yet another addition to the long list of power abuse and democratic contradictions that we have experienced, which would include the Perak state assembly takeover, and the current Selangor state secretary appointment among others. All these are merely symptoms to one primary cause, which is the lack of democracy. With more democracy, we would have more accountability and transparency.

In the last parliamentary sitting, I had called for the Prime Minister to fulfill his promises to rehabilitate democracy. In fact Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz had concurred and agreed with me that it is about time that our nation's emergency declaration be revoked and all anti-democratic laws associated with the Declaration be repealed. Therefore Pakatan Rakyat is calling for Barisan National to adopt the bi-partisan Democracy Rehabilitation Act in the next parliamentary sitting.

The Democracy Rehabilitation Act aims to achieve the six principal requisites for a thriving democracy which include revoking all emergency declarations, repeal all anti-democratic laws such as the ISA, UCCA and PPPA, fulfil all agreements with Sabah and Sarawak, ensure a free and fair election process, restore local government elections and guarantee a free media.

A one million signature campaign for a memorandum of the Act shall be conducted beginning

January 2011 which will subsequently be submitted to His Highness the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

Let's work together for a Better Malaysia.

Nurul Izzah Anwar

MP Lembah Pantai

penang should ban parasailing

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:38 AM PST

… or any other dangerous water sports  at the beach.

after all, tourists don't come to penang for the water activities; and the beaches in penang are not wide enough for water activities.

on 31 dec, there was an incident at one of the beach in penang about a japanese girl who suffered laceration on her neck after a parasailing rope got hooked on to her neck. this for sure was not the first accident that had happened to tourists or locals on the beach concerning water activities.

a friend, andre loh, informed that in june 2010, he himself had witness (and involved) in a near parasailing accident. here is his story in his own words.

When I was holidaying at FLAMINGO Hotel on 11 June 2010, about 150 of us beachgoers were subjected to the SAME DANGER as that which befell a seven year old Japanese girl on that fateful Christmas eve. Her story was reported in The Star on 31 December 2010. This is MY Story.
At around 5.00pm, there were about 80 children among 150 of us beachgoers, including my 9 year old son Jean-Paul & 4 little girls, sisters Ho Min (13), Xuan (8) & Yin (5) & their cousin Fang Xing (9) who were under my charge that day.
From a distance I could see a parasailor and her attendant motorboat proceed towards the beach. Sensing danger, I became extra vigilant. Within 2 minutes, her parasail swooped above us but the wind carried her beyond the landing zone (a common occurrence).  Instinctively, I rushed and put my right foot on the rope, thus averting danger.  If I had failed to react correctly, the rope would have swept many, many children off their feet.  Adults too. The boatmen did the same thing but he only arrived about 20 seconds later.
Parasailing in Penang represents a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. It is VERY POSSIBLE that Children & adults will die because of Parasailing. This is because:-
i)  Penang's  BEACHES Are TOO NARROW & short for parasailing.
ii)     When the tide is UP, the beach is HALVED, thus making safe  landing very difficult.
iii)     The wind being unpredictable, makes Parasailing EVEN MORE DANGEROUS.
iv)      Many parasailors are first timers and can panic when they find it  difficult to steer the parasail.
v)       The Motorboats encroach TOO CLOSELY to bathers.
vi)      The outboard motors spew fuel/oil mixture which pollutes the sea and can cause serious skin allergy to bathers. On a daily basis.
Incidentally, my son had a very serious skin reaction that day after coming into contact with the sea water.  He had to be admitted to a nearby clinic for a few hours for immediate treatment & observation.
It is a FALLACY that parasailing draws tourists to Penang.  What DOES draw tourists back to a holiday destination is its people, their culture and how cultured the people really are.  We have to disambiguate between the perceived wants of citizens and their true needs.  Let us put our RIGHT feet down.  And say NO TO PARASAILING IN PENANG. "WE MUST REJECT PARASAILING & RETURN BEACHGOERS THEIR RIGHTFUL FREEDOM"
i understand that the penang state govt. is going to ban horse riding and beach buggies soon this year but that's about it, they said… no blanket ban on all other water sports.  water scooter riding and parasailing would be allowed but under enforcement and strict regulations.  the malaysian association of hotels penang chapter chairman,  marco battistotti said when these activities were properly regulated, the operators would have to abide to safety measures.

"Such regulations are in place in Europe, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia) and Egypt. I think the authorities would regulate them by making the designated area for water-sports larger instead of narrowing it to a smaller area."

but this is malaysia. malaysia is not known for enforcing regulations. yes i would support water sports if the activities are properly regulated and enforced… but will the authorities see to that? it's easy to come out with rules and laws but to enforce them, authorities will tend to be lackadaisical. well yes, in the beginning they will be very hard-working but as time goes by, they might not care anymore (like case of 'new broom sweeps clean', you know). so i guess the better solution is to ban water sports activities, especially the dangerous ones like parasailing.

Men's Body Sponge

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 07:36 AM PST

One Sunday morning, I woke up in the morning and switched on the TV... The TV was showing this cartoon... 

Picture from

Yup it's spongebob and friends... All of the sudden, the cartoon has triggered me to think about my long lost plan which i need a nice and comfortable sponge for my shower. A sponge which will make me refresh after my shower... 

So, one night after my gym @ the curve... I decided to walk over to Daiso, the place which sells every items for RM5. Guess what i found on the rack ...
Picture from

hmmm... I don't feel like buying these type of bath sponge (picture above) as it's so girly. So i was disappointed and turned around to prepare to leave the place without getting what i want. The moment i wanted to walk out from the Bath equipment session, i saw a guy holding a sponge and reading at the back of the packaging... Bingo! this is what i want. 

So i went over to the rack and got one myself... 

Anyway, do anyone of you want to know what is the guy reading and how the sponge looks like? 

At the end i decided to purchase this sponge and give it a try... Hey, I just took my shower with this sponge a moment ago and i felt so refreshing... 

Do any of you use bath sponge to clean yourself? If yes, what type of sponge are you using?

Rais denies raping his maid. So who is the alleged 'rapist' if not Rais? Who?

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 07:56 AM PST

Today, Rais denies raping his maid.

On Jan 3, 2011, Malaysiakini reported:
Alleged rape victim fears minister's reach
The Indonesian NGO pursuing the case of an alleged victim of rape by a minister in the cabinet of former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has said the victim and her family had pleaded for her ordeal to be kept under wraps.

This was because they were afraid of the possible impact the scandal would have on them, and feared the reach of the Malaysian minister - currently a member of the present cabinet - even in Indonesia. 

According to a purported letter by the sister of the alleged victim - who has been named in several blogs - and sent to the Indonesian and US embassies in Kuala Lumpur, she had asked for the incident to be kept under wraps because she said, "the minister has a lot of money and acquaintances in Indonesia."

[Bergambar & Video] 17 Warga Chicago Peluk Islam Setelah Lihat Iklan Di Bas

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 09:00 AM PST

17 Warga Chicago Masuk Islam Setelah Lihat Iklan di Bas

Beberapa waktu lalu, artikel Gain Peace, Berdakwah Lewat Bas Kota mengeluarkan laporan tentang kegiatan kempen tentang Islam dengan cara memasang iklan di badan bas, yang dilakukan organisasi GainPeace di Chicago. Kegiatan yang dilakukan organisasi ini ternyata membuahkan hasil, bukan hanya mampu membetulkan pandangan masyarakat Barat yang salah tentang Islam tapi setelah melihat iklan di badan bas tersebut, ada 17 warga Chicago yang menyatakan diri masuk Islam.

Salah seorangnya adalah Leslie C. Toole, seorang guru di Chicago yang sudah sepuluh tahun berkeinginan memeluk Islam. Tekadnya menjadi seorang Muslim akhirnya terlaksana setelah ia melihat iklan GainPeace di badan bas

"Saya tidak pernah sungguh-sungguh. Tapi ketika saya melihat iklan itu, saya sadar bahwa itulah akhir dari pertanda dimana saya harus melengkapi niat saya," kata Toole.

Toole mengaku pertama kali mengenal Islam secara tak sengaja. Sepuluh tahun lalu, seorang laki-laki memberinya selebaran dan mengatakan ia akan mendapatkan pencerahan dari risalah itu. "Saya pun membacanya, berulang kali dan memastikan saya memahami apa yang sedang saya baca," Toole mengisahkan.

"Bagaimana menjadi seorang Muslim, itulah yang menjadi pertanyaan utama saya," sambung Toole sampai akhirnya, ia melihat iklan tentang Islam di bas-bas Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bertuliskan "Got Questions? Get Answers" dan langsung menghubungi nombor telefon yang ada di bas tersebut.

Setelah mendapatkan penjelasan dan berdiskusi dengan pihak GainPeace, Toole mengucap syahadat pada Isnin, 29 September 2008. Kisah Toole masuk Islam hampir serupa kisah 16 Muslim Chicago lainnya yang memilih masuk Islam setelah melihat iklan GainPeace di bas-bas CTA.

Menurut Toole, iklan layanan masyarakat GainPeace yang dipasang di bas-bas merupakan idea hebat untuk menarik perhatian masyarakat. Setelah masuk Islam, Toole yang memilih nama Ilyas sebagai nama Islamnya juga mendapatkan bimbingan seorang mentor dari GainPeace.

"Saya sangat berterimakasih dengan mentor saya yang sudah sangat membantu. Beliau memberikan saya banyak buku agar saya dapat banyak belajar tentang Islam," kata Toole.

GainPeace juga memberikan layanan belajar Islam online setiap seminggu sekali untuk para mualaf, dimana mereka bisa belajar apa saja mulai dari cara solat, cara hidup seorang Muslim bahkan bahasa Arab.

Toole atau Ilyas mengatakan, semakin banyak ia tahu tentang Islam, ia semakin percaya diri bahwa ia sudah membuat keputusan yang benar. "Agama ini betul-betul sempurna bagi saya. Sulit untuk menjelaskannya ketika anda mengetahui sebuah kebenaran. Anda akan merasakan perasaan yang begitu mendalam di hati sanubari anda bahwa anda telah menemukan rumah yang benar," papar Toole.

Seperti diberitakan sebelumnya, GainPeace menggelar kempen dengan memasang iklan layanan tanya jawab tentang Islam di bas-bas CTA pada tanggal 19 September sampai 20 Oktober lepas. Dan iklan itu diperpanjang sampai 23 November mendatang kerana mendapatkan respon positif dari masyarakat Chicago.

Organisasi itu mengeluarkan dana sebesar US$30.900 dollar sebagai biaya pemasangan iklan 25 bas CTA yang melayani jalantaya di seluruh Chicago. Setelah iklan itu tampil, GainPeace menerima ribuan telefon dan lamanwebnya dikunjungi lebih dari 300.000 orang. GainPeace juga memberikan al-Quran dengan terjemahan berbahasa Inggreis, majalah The Message on Prophet Muhammad serta risalah dan buku-buku Islam bagi mereka yang ingin tahu lebih jauh tentang Islam.

Pengarah GainPeace, Sabeel Muhammad mengatakan pesanan dari iklan itu adalah untuk menimbulkan minat masyarakat terhadap berbagai informasi tentang Islam, sehingga bolehbmeluruskan penafsiran-penafsiran yang salah tentang Islam.

Selain GainPeace, kempen serupa juga dilakukan ICNA, organisasi Muslim yang berpusat di New York dan memiliki 22 cabang di seluruh AS. Namun ICNA baru melakukan kempen itu di Seattle dan New York. Di New York, ICNA menampilkan lebih dari 1,000 iklan layanan tanya jawab tentang Islam di stesyen-stesyen kereta bawah tanah.

Kerana kempen dengan cara itu berjaya, kota-kota lainnya di AS dan Kanada sudah meminta bantuan agar ICNA juga melakukan kempen yang sama di kota-kota tersebut.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Bandung Travel: Fly From KLIA To Bandung Then Check-In At Sensa Hotel

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:40 AM PST

Hello people, I think it's time to share some traveling post with you guys. As you know, I went to Bandung, the cheap outlet shopping heaven of East Indonesia. It's also my first visit and first step into the simple red and white flag, Indonesia, the neighbour country to Malaysia. I never thought of going to Indonesia all the time until I met a few Indonesian friend in university, they share about their culture and life at home then I found it's kinda interesting.

When talking about Indonesia, most people know about Jakarta and Bali, I am not sure about Bandung. I think it only started to be famous just recently with the bloom of fashion outlet business. Bandung is well-known for selling branded clothing at outlet store, don't know authentic or fake.

Anyway, I went to Bandung. =D Instead of flying from Penang, we flew from KLIA, Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It's my second time being at this airport, the first time was very very super duper young like 10 years ago? I don't really remember the outlook and the inner look of my home country's biggest airport.

I have been to quite a few big airport in the world like the Changi Airport in Singapore, Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, Hong Kong Airport and so on. KLIA is huge but it made me disappointed because it's not cool like airport at other country. The crowds were not there, it's pretty quiet and I didn't see much international flight. In term of airport shopping experience, there's not many cool shop when compare to the Changi Airport in Singapore or even the Bangkok's. Hope that they could improve their service and bring in more tourists and airport user.

So we took Malaysian Airlines to go to Bandung. As far as I know, Air Asia does fly to Bandung too and I don't know already. Since Malaysian Airlines have almost the same rate as Air Asia that time, we picked Malaysian Airline because they have better hospitality on board with air-meals.

Forgot to mention the time that I went to Bandung, it was mid-August. =)

It was a afternoon flight and we were already there since 9am. Actually dad, mom and brother came from Penang to KL and I was in KL meet up with them. After checking in our luggage and ticket, we proceeded into the departure terminal. Due to nothing to shop or see in there, we spent our morning at Old Town White Coffee.

It's a nice place to sit down and wait for flight as it's just by the window, over looking the airfield and airplanes. Just sad that there's not much airplanes going up and coming down and one funny thing is that it's all Malaysian Airlines, I didn't see other airlines, maybe that side was cater to Malaysian Airlines only.

From Kuala Lumpur to Bandung took about 2 hours. We got on the planes, sit for a while and the air-meal was served already. Not bad, kinda nice then I stuck my head on the windows all the time and didn't want to take a nap, hoping that I could see superman flying in the sky. Haha, just kidding.

Sooner, I see lands and hills, a big piece of lands, different from hometown  Penang where you will see seas, then I know I am there already. It's hilly and the terrain are not flat. Bad urban planning and it's buildings are not built "organizedly".

The plane landed and I see a mini airport, looks a bit like the old airport of Penang, or the one at Phuket, Thailand.

There's only a helicopter and our plane at there, no more and the cute thing is that there's only one landing and take off lane.

Then we walked… No connecting bridge to the plane.

And get our passport stamped at the immigration. For your information, the departure and arrival share the same hall and counters. Go in and then out. It's really a super duper duper small airport, but it's international! I think Johor's Senai Airport is bigger than this place man.

We then look for a cab to take us to our hotel, Sensa Hotel. Looking around the place, with old old buildings and people who don't look Chinese, it feels like Thailand to me. But the local people are kinda tiny to be honest. So there are many different races in Asia.

Traveling from Bandung airport to hotel is like 15-20 minutes depend on traffic. It's also the same left hand drive at Indonesia and the traffic at there not very nice. Weather felt a little bit windy, not very warm, I assumed it's around 26 degree celsius, kinda nice.

The first impression of Bandung to me was like a little bit like Thailand, then it feels like Penang to me because of the houses and lots of trees. The bungalow and houses at there have the architecture of Dutch element because it was once Dutch's settlement, long ago.

Sensa Hotel is quite a new hotel and it was ready 3 months ago before we arrived. We booked it online and it's US$80 per night. Consider cheap, provided they have very good service, free WiFi, lots of cable channel, nice view, clean, and nice breakfast. =D

Hopefully the price would not hike and stay or even lessen. Another thing is that it's located on Chihampelas Walk, which is a nice shopping district in Bandung. Though, traffic on that road is very bad, all the time, always jam!

Coming up, I will talk about shopping in Bandung, sightseeing and more! =)

Interesting Anagrams :-)

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 07:22 AM PST

Anagrams of UK celebrities/institutions

* Virginia Bottomley - I'm an evil Tory bigot
* Michael Heseltine - Elect him, he's alien
* David Melor - Dildo marvel
* The Houses of Parliament - Loonies far up the Thames
* Francois Mitterand - Mad strain of cretin
* Performance related pay - Mere end of year claptrap
* Dame Agatha Christie - I am a right death case
* The Open University - Intrusive Neophyte
* The Metropolitan Police Force - I'm fellatio, the erect porno cop
* Acorn Computers - Crap to consumer
* Benson and Hedges - NHS been a godsend
* Eastenders - needs a rest
* Home and Away - Aha..yawn mode
* Eldorado - Real dodo
* Selina Scott - Elastic snot
* Peter Ustinov - Eruptive snot
* Actors - scrota
* Robert DeNiro - error on bidet
* Rita Hayworth - Hot hairy wart
* Sir Alec Guinness - Clearing sinuses
* Mel Gibson - big melons
* Arnold Schwarzenegger - He's grown large 'n' crazed
* Kylie Minogue - I like 'em young
* Gloria Estefan - large fat noise
* Chris Rea - rich arse
* Marti Pellow - Ill tapeworm
* Madonna, the material girl - Real dim man-eating harlot
* Ossie Ardiles - Arse is soiled
* Diego Maradona - O dear, I'm a gonad
* Martina Navratilova - Variant rival to a man
* Gabriela Sabatini - Insatiable airbag
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome - O my terrible drains below
* Boddingtons, the cream of Manchester - Boddington's stomach ache fermenter

What executive power, Munir?! Mohd Sidek says royal consent a 'courtesy'!

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:59 AM PST

By Clara Chooi
January 05, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 – Chief Secretary Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan stood by his appointment of the new Selangor state secretary today, adding there was no "legal requirement" to obtain royal consent.
Breaking his silence for the first time since the row erupted in December, Mohd Sidek (picture) called for an end to the ongoing dispute, declaring he had adhered to the law when appointing former Selangor Islamic Religious Department director Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the new Selangor state secretary.
He also said that the Selangor Constitution did not stipulate the need for him to consult the state government when making such an appointment.
"The appointment of Mohd Khusrin as the state secretary was in accordance with the Federal Constitution, the Selangor Constitution and regulations under the Public Services Promotions Board, whereby there are elements of consultation with the state government through the state secretary.
"This appointment process is carried out in the selection of state secretaries in other states whether helmed by Barisan Nasional or otherwise, like the Penang state secretary," he said in a media statement this evening.
"Additionally, Article 52 of the Selangor Constitution does not state any need for the Selangor Government to be consulted before the appointment of the state secretary is done.
"As such, the lack of consultation here does not disturb the current appointment. According to convention, the Public Services Department (PSD), as the secretariat for the promotions board, can prepare its candidate choices for the state secretary post to the state government as a matter of courtesy," Mohd Sidek added.
Similarly for the Sultan, he said that the Selangor Constitution did not set conditions that the Ruler had to approve an appointment.
He said the Sultan's consent on Mohd Khusrin's appointment was merely a matter of "courtesy".
"In this process, any names presented for the Sultan's perusal is just a matter of courtesy. What is legally valid here is that the appointment is made through the 'appropriate service commission', as stipulated in the Constitution, or the promotions board, which carries out the PSD's powers, as stipulated under Article 144(5B) of the Federal Constitution," he said.
Despite opposing views from legal experts, Mohd Sidek insisted that the term "appropriate service commission" enshrined under Article 52 of the Selangor Constitution specifically referred to the promotions board and not the Selangor State Services Commission as suggested.
"In this matter, the Selangor state secretary is selected from among federal civil servants in the administrative and diplomatic services scheme (also known as PTD in its Malay acronym) and their appointment commission is the PSD.
"This is because the PTD's services falls under Article 132(2)(c) of the Federal Constitution which refers to 'the general public service of the federation'," he said.
Mohd Sidek also pointed out that Article 144 of the Federal Constitution states that all powers and functions of the PSD or the Education Commission, other than the first appointment to a permanent post or a pensioner post, can be carried out by a board chosen by the King.
"In this case, the Agong had set a regulation known as the Public Services Promotions Board 2010 to carry out the PSD's powers in the process of federal civil servants promotions and appointments.
"As such, Khusrin's appointment was entirely according to constitutional provisions," he said.
Mohd Sidek also gave his assurance that he had not obtained any political input from federal administrators, including the Prime Minister himself, when selecting the candidate for the state secretary post.
"In matters involving the appointment of the state secretary or any other federal officers on the state-level, I, as the Chief Secretary to the government and chairman of the promotions board, do not accept any political input or refer to any federal administrators including the Prime Minister.
"These matters are carried professionally in my capacity as the Chief Secretary and the the board chairman, with the state government, and through the state secretary," he declared.
Mohd Sidek's statement today comes in the heat of an intense tug-of-war between Selangor Pakatan Rakyat administrators and Putrajaya over the state secretary post.
The Selangor government, led by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, has rejected Mohd Sidek's choice for the post and has even announced its intention to amend the state constitution by month end.
The bill is supposed to return the power of appointment to the Mentri Besar as well as the Sultan, who had earlier come under fire for allegedly wading into the controversy by offering his consent on Mohd Sidek's choice.
The loyalty oath-taking ceremony for Mohd Khusrin is expected to go ahead as scheduled at 10am in Istana Kayangan tomorrow, despite pledges by Selangor PR administrators that they would boycott the event.

So, you see. Thanks to Umno for stripping the Rulers' power and Mohd Sidek for acting 'professionally'. CASE CLOSE!

Recent Interesting Science Articles (Dec ’10)

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 12:46 AM PST

"Kali ini kita hidup dalam durhaka", kata Ibrahim Ali

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 12:56 AM PST

No increase in cooking oil in near future: Ismail Sabri

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 12:16 AM PST


Posted: 04 Jan 2011 11:48 PM PST

Jadi Mangsa Nafsu Penguatkuasa PBT

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 06:55 AM PST

SSeorang wanita yang bertugas sebagai pengawal keselamatan di sebuah pejabat pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) di Selangor mendakwa bukan saja menjadi hamba seks anggota penguat kuasa PBT berkenaan, malah diperlakukan seperti haiwan selama tiga tahun oleh tiga lelaki 'durjana' terbabit secara bergilir-gilir. Gambar fail.

Suami mangsa yang mahu dikenali sebagai Mohd Hassan, 60, berkata dia tidak menyangka kelakuan isterinya yang kerap mengelak dan memberi alasan untuk pergi bekerja pada hujung minggu atau hari cuti berpunca daripada kejadian itu.

Katanya, perkara itu terbongkar apabila isterinya berhenti kerja dan pulang ke kampung halaman di Pasir Mas, Kelantan, dengan alasan mahu menjaga rumah ibunya yang menunaikan ibadat haji.

"Selepas setahun membisu dan sering didesak, baru dia membuka rahsia dengan menceritakan kejadian itu kepada saya dan ibunya. Isteri saya memberitahu, dia bukan sengaja mahu menyembunyikan perkara itu, tetapi perasaan bersalah kepada keluarga menghantui diri selain malu," katanya ketika di temui di rumahnya, semalam.

Menyedari maruah isteri tergadai sedangkan lelaki 'durjana' terbabit masih bebas, Mohd Hassan menyarankan isterinya untuk membuat laporan polis supaya dirinya mendapat pembelaan sewajarnya.

"Sehingga kini, anak-anak kami tidak tahu kejadian yang menimpa ibunya, malah saya juga rasa bersalah kerana membiarkan dia bekerja dan tinggal di rumah seorang diri," katanya yang menemani isterinya membuat laporan di Balai Polis Pasir Mas, Mac lalu.

Menceritakan kejadian itu, Mohd Hassan berkata, isterinya dirogol buat kali pertama di kawasan berhampiran rumahnya selepas menerima pelawaan seorang anggota terbabit yang mahu menghantarnya pulang.

"Sejak itu, isteri saya menurut kehendaknya kerana dia mengugut untuk mencederakan isteri saya atau dibuang kerja sekiranya keinginannya ditolak. Lebih menyeksakan apabila dia turut membuat 'promosi' kepada dua lagi rakan sejawatnya untuk turut melakukan perbuatan terkutuk itu.

"Tidak cukup memuaskan nafsu dalam kereta dan stor pejabat, isteri saya dirogol dan dipaksa memuaskan nafsu mereka di tangga serta tandas pejabat, malah ketiga-tiga lelaki itu pernah datang ke rumah kami dan membuat bising sehingga isteri saya menurut kehendaknya," katanya. -hm

Exposing the hypocrites by David Warren

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:31 AM PST

The first hard news of calendar 2011 was out of Alexandria, Egypt, where, moments after midnight a suicide bomber ignited more than 10 kilos of TNT -- impregnated with bolts and ball bearings -- into the crowd of Christian worshippers emerging from Mass in the Church of the Saints. A score of people were killed, including the Egyptian police officer who had prevented the bomber from entering the church, and of course the bomber himself. Dozens more were maimed in the blast.

The rage one feels in watching one's fellow Christians butchered by Islamist psychopaths tends only to increase upon hearing the reactions of the "moderate" authorities, in countries such as the Arab Republic of Egypt. From what I can make out from reports, at this distance, the Egyptian police (who in Alexandria, especially, are notoriously infiltrated by Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood) quickly took the Muslim side in sectarian street clashes that followed the bombing.

The Egyptian government in Cairo and the Alexandrian governate immediately and simultaneously said "foreign elements" were behind the attack, as if there were no Islamist fanatics within Egypt herself. Egyptian media, under close government supervision, began speculating that the Israeli Mossad might be behind the attack, and a leading spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood was widely quoted wondering if al-Qaeda might be under the control of "the Zionists."

What is more galling: these assertions are not contradicted, except by the occasional very brave citizen. Hani Shukrallah, who will be my example, wrote an extraordinary piece just after the bombing, which appeared -- to its credit, though only in its English-language weekly -- through the semi-official Al Ahram. In the old formula of Emile Zola's "J'accuse!" he excoriated not only Egyptian officialdom, but cowardly Egyptian intellectuals (Christians included) and all of Egyptian society for the equivocal denunciations of this latest atrocity, "variously nuanced so as to keep, just below the surface, the heaps of narrow-minded prejudice, flagrant double standards, and indeed bigotry" alive against Egypt's Copts.

After ticking off his long list of hypocrites, class by class, he writes of Egypt's moneyed establishment: "I've been around, and I have heard you speak, in your offices, in your clubs, at your dinner parties: 'The Copts must be taught a lesson', 'the Copts are growing more arrogant', 'the Copts ... are preventing Christian women from converting to Islam, kidnapping them, and locking them up in monasteries.'" He refers, for example, to the huge public outrage at opposition to the construction of a mosque at ground zero in Manhattan, juxtaposing this with complete silence when the Egyptian police halted the construction of a modest staircase in an old Coptic church in Cairo.

It is against this background that the physical persecution of Egypt's Copts is increasing. And Shukrallah adds Orwell's point, that those who will murder the language will finally murder a people, too: "I accuse you all because in your blindness you cannot even see the violence that you commit against logic and sheer common sense."

As I mentioned above, this isolated article appeared in English only and in a weekly edition designed mostly for foreign readers. This is a "problem" we have noticed right across the Middle East, and has, for instance, everything to do with the "road-map to peace" with Israel. That state is "recognized" in English only, just as the human rights of Egypt's huge and ancient Christian community are "recognized" in English only for the enchantment of foreigners.

The western media fail Christians, Jews and all other minorities in the Middle East, not so much by failing to report the atrocities that are committed against them, but by failing to inquire into the background of these atrocities. Readers outside the region need to understand what is being preached to the masses, by officialdom, in their own languages. Alas, such material is only available in translation through one specialized web-site, Memri.

Worse, the flow of good information even to the U.S. White House and State Department has largely dried up. This is because the providers of it -- scholars who were actually reading and excerpting transcripts from Arabic, Persian, Turkish -- were successfully demonized as "orientalists" and "neo-conservatives" and successively pushed out of their (typically Pentagon) offices. So that at the highest levels of government in the West, the attitude is now, "We don't want to know."

I have prayed in that Church of the Saints in Alexandria; I once interviewed a prominent Coptic churchman there (His Grace Bishop Moussa): a wise, learned, kindly, and magnificent man. I remain on the e-lists of several of the people who used to work at the Pentagon and who are still trying to inform anyone who will listen. And my own rage recedes into a deep sadness, for I am watching another of those "tragedies" unfold, of world-historical proportions. Ottawa Citizen

Bashir Gemayel’s long prediction By SETH J. FRANTZMAN

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:01 AM PST

We blame extremists, but the truth is that the murder of minorities in the Mideast is integral to the fabric of the region.

In 1980 Bashir Gemayel, the leader of Lebanon's Maronite Christian militia, the Lebanese Forces, provided an explanation for his militancy: "With all due respect to the people concerned, we refuse to be put on a par with the Copts of Egypt, or the Christians of certain Arab countries."

Today Gemayel is remembered by many Christian Lebanese, especially those who live abroad, as a patriot and romantic icon of his people. Others recall his name only because his assassination in 1982, after having been elected president of Lebanon, provoked the Sabra and Shatilla massacres.

The Gemayels are an important Lebanese political family. Bashir's father Sheikh Pierre Gemayel was the founder of the Phalange party, and his brother Amin served as president of Lebanon from 1982 to 1988. Amin's son, also Pierre, was assassinated in 2006. Amin was in the news again on January 3, when he reacted angrily to the murder of Christians on New Year's Eve in Alexandria, Egypt: "Massacres are taking place for no reason and without any justification against Christians. It is only because they are Christians."

He was referring not only the attacks in Egypt that left 21 dead, but also recent attacks in Iraq. In October, 2010 Islamic terrorists burst into the Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad. A subsequent rescue operation left 53 Christians dead. The Christian community suffered more attacks just after Christmas when bombs were detonated in a Baghdad Christian neighborhood. Three days later a Christian woman was shot in her sleep during another attack.

In Egypt the Copts have become increasingly enraged by the terror directed at them. The New Year's massacre outside the al-Qiddissin church has resulted in days of rioting. Egyptian Copts know that it is Islamists who are to blame. One declared, "A lot of us think that this is a plan to make Christians go away from Egypt. The planner is al-Qaida."

They also blame the government for a lack of security. The riots come after tensions flared in November in Cairo's Giza district over the building of a church. Egypt throws up numerous obstacles to the construction of new churches and when a recent construction project was banned by the government, riots resulted.

In other places, attacks on Christians were reported over the holidays. In Nigeria, a number of bombs were set off, one near a church in the city of Jos. It was reported by the Times of India that "the state police commissioner Abdulrahman Akano blamed the bombing and clashes on the political elite and maintained that they were not religious or ethnic in nature."

This story, of attacks on Christians, particularly on their holidays, and excuses about their nature is typical throughout the Middle East and Africa. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has claimed the bombing was made by "foreign hands."

What is interesting is that little has changed over time. When Bat Ye'or penned Islam and Dhimmitude in 2002, she included a quote from Fehmi Hilal, who described "a peaceful war of extermination, which aims to kill one member after another of the body of Christians, so that the suffering be not severe and the cries not heard."

Even in 2002 it was the same story of Muslims and Christians uniting after the attacks to confront the mysterious nebulous extremism. We see the same calls today for uniting in the face of extremism in Nigeria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt.

ONE PLACE that there is less uniting and more marked extermination is in southern Sudan, set to go to the polls on Sunday to vote on secession. South Sudan, which is dominated by Christians and pagans, fought two civil wars to obtain the right to leave Sudan, whose central government has generally been controlled by Muslim Arabs since independence in 1956. Millions died in these savage conflicts but with the poll on January 9 this hitherto minority group may obtain the independence that Gemayel once desired for his Maronites in Lebanon.

It is an autonomy that other Christian groups in the region have suffered heinously for desiring.

Armenians demanded rights from Ottoman Turkey and in 1915 that resulted in a genocide and the their complete ethnic-cleansing from Turkey. The same thing befell the Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Turkey between 1915 and 1932 and the Greeks of Turkey in 1920. Greek Cypriots were cleansed from northern Cyprus in 1974. Recent revelations have brought to light the terrible crimes inflicted on the Serbian Orthodox community in Croatia's Krajina and in Kosovo at the hands Croatian Catholic and Kosovar Muslim militias.

In our own backyard, attacks on Christians are less common but equally heinous. In Gaza it has become unbearable. One recent article in Haaretz relates the story of one Christian: "When his wife and daughter go out on the street, they are subject to stares and sometimes even verbal abuse; Muslim men yell at them to cover their hair."

In 2008 a bomb was set off outside the Rosary Sisters school and last year Rami Ayad, a Christian, was kidnapped and murdered.

We tend to take the attacks in stride. A murder here, a bombing there, soon forgotten. We blame extremists because we don't want to label whole countries intolerant. But all that obscures the reality. The murder of minorities, carried out by the extremists, is integral to the fabric of the region. It is the region's tragedy. JPost

The writer has a PhD from Hebrew University and is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies.

Inkues Benar-benar Buang Masa, Tubuhkan Segera Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 05:42 AM PST

Banyak pihak merasakan kecewa dengan keputusan Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock hari ini.

Mahkamah Koroner Shah Alam memutuskan kematian Teoh, pembantu politik kepada seorang Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Selangor pada 2009, sebagai penghakiman terbuka, iaitu tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada dia dibunuh atau membunuh diri.

Dalam keputusan, Koroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, yang mendengar inkues itu mulai 29 Julai, 2009, juga berkata tidak ada pihak ketiga yang terbabit dengan kematian berkenaan.

Teoh, 30, setiausaha politik kepada anggota Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor, Ean Yong Hian Wah, ditemui mati pada 16 Julai, 2009 di tingkat lima, koridor Plaza Masalam di sini selepas beliau memberikan keterangan di pejabat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) yang terletak di tingkat 14 bangunan berkenaan.

Keputusan itu dilihat seperti direncanakan oleh pihak tertentu di belakang tabir kerana ia hampir menyamai keputusan inkues di dalam kes kematian Gunasegaran sebelum ini di mana di dalam kes berkenaan koroner Siti Shakirah Mohtarudin telah memberikan keputusan terbuka berhubung inkues bagi menentukan kematian R Gunasegaran semasa dalam tahanan polis kerana tidak boleh dibuktikan dengan muktamad.

"Inkues benar-benar buang masa dan buang wang rakyat," tegas seorang ahli NGO hari ini.

"Pergi balik pergi balik mahkamah ini yang kita perolehi hari ini, keputusan yang tidak ada keputusan," ujarnya.

"Ia seperti mahu menutup perbuatan salahlaku pihak tertentu kerana sebelum ini keputusan yang serupa melibatkan kematian tahanan dalam polis," tambahnya

Ekoran itu juga, ahli keluarga mendiang menggesa supaya Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja ditubuhkan bagi mendapatkan keadilan Teoh.

Adik mendiang Beng Hock, Teoh Lee Lan menuntut agar Perdana Menteri Najib Razak mengota janjinya kepada keluarga Teoh - menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk menyiasat punca kematian Teoh Beng Hock, seandainya keluarga Teoh tidak berpuas hati dengan hasil siasatan inkues.

"Ketika itu Najib hanya berkata, akan 'mempertimbangkan (cadangan memperluaskan terma Suruhanjaya Diraja) sedalam-dalamnya'.

Kini kami berharap orang awam menyokong hasrat kami untuk menuntut penubuhan Suruhanjaya Diraja yang lebih profesional dan berkecuali, untuk memaklumkan PM bahawa orang awam tidak lupa untuk mengetahui kebenaran," kata Teoh Lee Lan.

Teoh family 'disappointed,' wants RCI

SHAH ALAM, Jan 5 – With tears streaming down her face, Teoh Lee Lan made a passionate plea to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to honour his vow to her family and set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into her brother's death after a coroner's court delivered an open verdict today.

Speaking in Mandarin, Teoh Beng Hock's sister (pic left) slammed the coroner's open-ended ruling, saying the family was unable to accept the a decision that did not give closure.

"We are disappointed. We are not satisfied. We want the truth," she said, repeatedly.

She called on Najib to live up to his much-publicised 1 Malaysia slogan putting the rakyat first and give the family the closure they need.

Teoh's family has demanded a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) be set up to directly probe the circumstances surrounding the 30-year-old's death to find out the real cause — including if he was pressured to jump.

Teoh was political secretary to Selangor state councillor, Ean Yong Hian Wah, at the time of death.

His body was found on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam after he had been questioned overnight by the MACC at its then Selangor headquarters on the 14th floor of the same building.

The anti-graft officers were investigating a claim his boss was misusing state funds.

The police initially classified the case as sudden death; they did not rule out foul play.

A Cabinet minister triggered a public outcry when he suggested that Teoh may have committed suicide, a claim which was denounced by the latter's family.

Teoh was to have registered his marriage with his then two-month pregnant fiancée, Soh Cher Wei, that same week.

Following the outcry, PM Najib met with the Teohs and Soh on July 28.

The PM assured the family "no stone will be left unturned in finding out the real cause of death and, if there is any foul play, action will definitely be taken".

Najib said the Cabinet has agreed to set up a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to probe further if the inquest result is not satisfactory. -TMI

Selangor kecewa dengan penghakiman terbuka

Kerajaan Negeri Selangor amat kecewa dengan penghakiman terbuka yang dibuat oleh koroner berhubung inkues kematian mendiang Teoh Beng Hock. Keputusan bahawa mendiang Teoh Beng Hock tidak membunuh diri bermaksud pihak-pihak yang bertanggungjawab atas kematian beliau masih belum ditentukan.

Penghakiman terbuka ini juga menunjukkan bahawa fakta-fakta berkenaan kematian ini masih belum disiasat dan didedahkan sepenuhnya dan Kerajaan Negeri sarankan pihak polis dan Peguam Negara untuk menjalankan siasatan lanjut.

Bagaimanapun, penghakiman ini mencerminkan kegagalan Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) untuk melaksanakan tanggung jawab untuk menjaga keselamatan semua tahanan dan saksi dalam sebarang siasatan; kita tidak hairan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kewibawaan SPRM semakin merosot.

Demi mencari kebenaran dan mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat, kita sarankan sebuah Suruhanjaya DiRaja ditubuhkan dengan segera demi membuat siasatan yang menyeluruh.

Kerajaan negeri ulangi lagi komitmen kami untuk bersama keluarga mendiang Teoh Beng Hock dalam mencari keadilan dan memastikan perkara ini tidak akan berlaku lagi.

*Kenyataan media oleh Abdul Khalid Ibrahim (gambar kanan) selaku Menteri Besar Selangor.

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