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Tenang: Who got the extra card...

Tenang: Who got the extra card...

Tenang: Who got the extra card...

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 10:50 AM PST

Its nomination day for Tenang state seat by-election. Irrespective of how many candidates are taking on Barisan's Azhar Ibrahim, the party workers must bear in mind that its a new 'war game' this time around.

After 21 years without any by-election in Johor, dont take for granted that the political scenario is similar to what we had back in the 1980s. The playground is getting bigger, the players have multiplied while the modus operandi gets more sophisticated.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin has threw a challenge for BN to chalk 'at least 5,000 majority' victory on January 30 poll, almost double from the 2,492 votes registered in the 2008 general election. Who would translate that challenge into reality?

The party workers will have to bear such a big responsibility. Confidence in winning is there - knowing Johor is BN's strongest stronghold - but the figure can either be enhanced or reduce significantly.

I just want to see BN workers start working in the morning and not to wait until the sun is down, unlike the Opposition party workers (especially Pas) who are accustomed to start wooing voters after the Subuh prayer.

I have covered almost all general elections and by-elections since 1981 and I noticed how Pas campaign machinery start cracking in the morning while the government supporters taking their sweet time before getting on the job.

When Pas party workers have already distributed about 10,000 pamphlets, the BN workers were just about to begin!

As both candidates, including Pas' Normala Sudirman are known to be fully-respected by the people in Tenang, character assassination is expected not to be part of campaigning issues. Even locals are not used to such 'dirty tactic' and badmouthing, thus sending a signal to both sides (including bloggers) not to start one.

Tenang folks are also united in so many ways. As to whether they are members of Umno, Pas, MCA, PKR or what, they dont mind sharing the same coffee table and chat as friends. Their political ideology may differ but not their line of friendship.

So, bloggers and journalists alike, you need to be more careful as this is not Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang or Galas. There is almost no major issue in Tenang.

The only issue is to display our extra cards in wooing their support for BN. Do we have that?

Otak Yang Tidak Hancur Itu Milik Seorang Pendakwah

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 08:58 AM PST

Otak milik pendakwah

SEBERANG PRAI - Keinginan orang ramai untuk mengetahui pemilik sebenar otak manusia yang ditemui masih elok dalam liang lahad oleh dua penggali kubur di Tanah Perkuburan Islam Permatang Tok Labu, Penaga di sini sembilan hari lalu akhirnya terjawab.

Selepas lebih seminggu menjalankan siasatan dan kajian sebaik kejadian aneh itu didedahkan pada 13 Januari lalu, otak yang ditemui timbul di permukaan air itu dipercayai milik seorang pendakwah dari Indonesia yang dikenali sebagai Tok Haji Hassan Acheh.

Beliau datang ke Tanah Melayu sekitar tahun 1870an untuk berdakwah dan tinggal berdekatan Mas­jid Permatang Tok Labu yang dahulunya adalah sebatang anak sungai yang menjadi laluan utama ketika itu.

Othman Hassan (gambar di atas), 67, yang mengaku piut Allahyarham berkata, selepas bermastautin di sini kira-kira lima tahun, Tok Haji Hassan Acheh berpakat dengan seorang ulama tempatan, Tok Labu untuk membina masjid berdekatan anak sungai itu sebagai kemudahan pengguna berhenti rehat dan bersolat.

"Masjid berkenaan dibina daripada kayu hutan dan menjadi tumpuan pedagang sebelum diubah suai penduduk selepas beberapa tahun kemudian," katanya.

Othman berkata, Tok Labu diangkat menjadi imam masjid manakala Tok Haji Hassan Acheh membantunya.

"Selepas kematian Tok Labu, beliau dilantik menjadi imam. Penduduk pernah mengesyorkan nama beliau diabadikan pada masjid itu tetapi Tok Haji Hassan Acheh menolak," katanya.

Othman berkata, Tok Haji Hassan Acheh juga dikenali sebagai seorang yang rajin membaca al-Quran di samping mengamalkannya dalam kehidupan seharian.

"Beliau berkahwin dengan penduduk tempatan dan mempunyai tiga anak. Sebelum meninggal dunia sekitar tahun 1940-an beliau dikatakan berwasiat agar dikebumikan bersebelahan masjid kerana ingin 'melihat' masjid itu terus diimarahkan sepanjang masa.

Othman berkata, beliau meminta maaf jika terdapat kesilapan dari segi fakta kerana beliau hanya menceritakan apa yang didengarinya daripada waris yang terdahulu.

Berita sebelum ini

Penggali Kubur Jumpa Otak 20 Tahun Dalam Tanah Masih Elok

MCA, look at yourself in the mirror by Sebastian Loon

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 07:13 AM PST

Star, MCA-owned and therefore is the party's mouthpiece, published today a laughable report quoting its president Dr Chua Soi Lek's campaign trail in Tenang. It is not only laughable, it lacks intelligence. It lacks innovation because Chua continued to play race and religious issues in his pathetic bid to win Chinese votes. After 53 years, the tainted MCA president continues to rely on old and stale issues, devoid of any innovative thoughts to forward Malaysia as one nation.

Chua's comments, published by an equally sub-standard political newspaper, shows that Chua has failed to look at himself in the mirror when raising issues to attack his political rivals. In fact, every paragraph of the report can be rebuked easily, revealing Chua, the MCA and Barisan Nasional (BN)'s hypocritical politics.

Let's rip apart Star's report from its headline down to its news text and you will see what it really means.

The headline, 'Chua: Don't risk it on PAS' can be easily replaced with 'Chua: Don't risk it further on BN-Umno-Perkasa-Utusan Malaysia'.

The text, "Labis: A vote for PAS means endorsing its Islamic state concept and once given the support, even the DAP would be unable to influence the party or protect Chinese interests, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said."

What a joke that MCA is able to influence Umno or protect Chinese interest. It may as well read, "A vote for Umno means further endorsing Umno-Perkasa's Islamic state."

Star: "'Such an endorsement would bring the dream of PAS – turning the country into an Islamic state – a step closer to reality,' he said when addressing devotees of the Teng Toh Tong temple here yesterday."

Let's face reality - BN-Umno-Perkasa has already declared Malaysia an Islamic state. What's the difference?

Star: "'The PAS brand of Islamic state would paralyse development in the country because their priority is to get people to base their lifestyle on what they (PAS) think is proper,' he said."

Is that so? Is Kelantan paralysed?

Star: "Apart from this, Dr Chua added, PAS rule would derail the 1Malaysia concept where all Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion, would be taken care of in the country's development."

Is that so? Is MCA defending us against the racist and unity-destroying Utusan Malaysia, the mouthpiece of Umno? I only hear PAS and PKR defending non-Muslims against the racial slurs vomited by Umno-Perkasa.

And what about Umno leaders who say "Balik China, India, Cina, India semua penumpang saja," (Go back to China, India. Chinese, Indians are only squatters in the country) and the classic, "Kita tidak perlu undi orang Cina, India untuk menang," (We don't need Chinese, Indian votes to win), as uttered by Umno leaders in Titiwangsa , Malacca and Penang?

For your information, this chappie is the Managing Director of CI Holdings . The Company among others, operates Pemanis which is the maker of Pepsi, 7Up, Mirinda, Evervess, Frost, Kickapoo; zero sugar/ zero calorie carbonated beverages, such as Pepsi Max and Pepsi Light; energy drinks; coffee; water; tea; isotonics, and juice. CI Holdings. So you fellas out there know which company and political party you support each time you open a soft drink. You decide. Smiles everyone. For posterity here is the video clip again. Chinese New Year is here again, you Chinese still want drink the crap produced by a supremacist's company? Got this via e-mail-edit

Star: "'Do you want to give up what you have been enjoying and risk putting your future and that of your family in the hands of PAS?' he asked," may as well read, "Do you want to give up whatever that you may have left after 53 years of Independence and risk becoming beggars under BN-Umno-Perkasa."

And Chua also cautioned the Chinese that PAS was using its Pakatan Rakyat partner – the DAP – to lure them. This is stupid - so, what is MCA doing now campaigning in Tenang? Isn't it for Umno-Perkasa? It's an Umno candidate, Chua, or have you been blinded?

As for Chua saying "DAP is in no position to influence PAS or protect you after you have given them the support," who would believe that you or MCA is in any position to influence or dictate to Umno?

This is only one of many ridiculous reports being dished out by the MCA newspaper year in and year out. Why are people still paying to read such garbage? I got mine online, for free. Malaysiakini

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public rally: respect the voice of the public in selangor

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 07:08 AM PST

sunday, 23 jan. at kelana jaya stadium, petaling jaya, selangor. 4.00pm to 7.00pm

those of you in selangor, do attend to give support to PR! do attend if you don't want to see selangor fall like perak.

ALL ARE INVITED: Say NO to the appointment of Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the new Selangor State Secretary, organized by Hormati Suara Rakyat Selangor – a coalition of non-governmental organizations.

The issues that will be raised at the rally include:
» Deserving individuals and groups not receiving welfare / aids services and allocations;
» Ignoring measures to relief traffic congestion proposed by civil societies;
» Abandoned housing projects;
» Rejection of local government proposal to provide auxiliary police personnel to provide security for Selangorians and reduce crime;
» Water coupons meant for low-cost flats and high-rise housing not reaching their intended residents; and
» Arbitrary demolition of traders and hawkers stalls and place of business.

promo video

watch the press conference videos here:

part 1, part 2, part 3

facebook event

So What's The Difference?

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 06:46 AM PST

When you take a long time, you're slow.
When your boss takes a long time, he's thorough.

When you don't do it, you're lazy.
When your boss doesn't do it, he's too busy.

When you make a mistake, you're an idiot.
When your boss makes a mistake, he's only human.

When doing something without being told, you're overstepping your authority.
When your boss does the same thing, that's initiative.

When you take a stand, you're being bull-headed.
When your boss does it, he's being firm.

When you overlooked a rule of etiquette, you're being rude.
When your boss skips a few rules, he's being original.

When you please your boss, you're apple polishing.
When your boss pleases his boss, he's being cooperative.

When you're out of the office, you're wandering around.
When your boss is out of the office, he's on business.

When you have one too many drinks at a social, you're a drunken bum.
When your boss does the same, he appreciated women.

When you're on a day off sick, you're always sick.
When your boss is a day off sick, he must be very ill.

When you apply for leave, you must be going for an interview.
When your boss applies for leave, it's because he's overworked.

Keep smiling and have a great weekend!

Airbags to be made compulsory for passenger cars (except 4WDs) in Malaysia from 2012!

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 03:12 AM PST

Fantastic news such as this doesn't come very often for Malaysian motorists – according to Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, local car manufacturers such as Proton and Perodua have agreed in principal to make at least one airbag standard issue in all passenger cars by 2012. This will mean the most basic Proton Saga will be equipped with at least one driver airbag next year, and the same goes for the Perodua Viva.

Hopefully this will also spur all foreign badges to make airbags standard in their cars as well, although nearly all foreign makes already have at least one airbag in their cars. For some reason though, 4WD vehicles are excluded from this "gentleman's agreement".

Nevertheless, it's about time the government did something to reduce road accident fatalities. Next – how about stability control and ABS brakes?

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This story originally appeared on Paul Tan's Automotive News on Fri, 21 Jan 11 14:14:07 +0000.

Politik Rosmah mampu jatuhkan Najib pada PRU-13?

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 12:39 AM PST


Pembaziran demi pembaziran ke atas wang rakyat dilakukan oleh 'first lady' (wanita pertama) yang bernama Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sejak Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak bergelar Perdana Menteri.

Nama Rosmah Mansor terus meniti dibibir masyarakat, hampir semua media arus perdana sering melaporkan apa sahaja aktiviti yang dijalankan isteri Perdana Menteri ini.

Penampilan Rosmah dilihat sangat berbeza dengan isteri beberapa Perdana Menteri yang sebelum ini, antaranya Allahyarham Tun Hendon Mahmood dan Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali yang jauh lebih sederhana, tidak dilihat mengganggu pentadbiran PM.

Selepas mendapat jolongan 'de fakto PM', Rosmah mendapat habuan besar dalam Projek Permata Negara yang bagi pandangan umum ia satu lagi 'kemusykilan' besar kepada rakyat, apakah seorang isteri PM boleh mendapat keistimewaan dengan mendapat belanjawan khas dalam Belanjawan Negara.

Jika era Perdana Menteri kelima, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sering diserang oleh bekas PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad kerana dikatakan menempatkan menantunya di tingkat empat Jabatan Perdana Menteri (JPM), kini Najib pula didakwa menempatkan pejabat isterinya di bangunan yang samaRosmah ketika ini dilihat sedang menikmati kedudukan beliau sebagai isteri PM apabila bukan sahaja berjaya mencuri tumpuan malahan menjadi satu-satunya isteri PM yang menerima peruntukan yang tinggi dan pejabat khas di Putrajaya untuk beliau.

Rosmah bukan sahaja memiliki pejabatnya sendiri malah turut mempunyai bahagian atau jabatan yang dinamakan Bahagian Wanita Pertama Malaysia atau First Lady of Malaysia Division.

Bahagian tersebut yang hanya ditubuhkan dan diketuai oleh Pegawai Khasnya Dato' Siti Azizah Sheikh Abod disamping lima lagi pegawai lain.

Selain dianggap keterlaluan, tindakan tersebut turut dianggap satu pembaziran apabila melibatkan perbelanjaan tambahan dana kerajaan seperti gaji pegawai dan kakitangan, ubah suai pejabat dan pelbagai kos lain yang berkaitan.

Rosmah juga didakwa menderhaka kepada Yang Dipertuan Agung dan Permaisurinya kerana menggunakan gelaran Wanita Pertama Negara yang sepatutnya gelaran bagi Permaisuri Agung seperti yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Negara.

Kontroversi gelaran ini yang telah lama ditimbulkan semenjak isu iklan satu muka surat penuh di akhbar New York Times yang memaparkan beliau sebagai Wanita Pertama Malaysia tidak berapa lama dahulu, telah diserang hebat oleh media pro pembangkang.

Bagaimanapun serangan pihak pembangkang yang seakan menyedari bahawa Rosmah sebagai satu lagi 'titik lemah' Najib, tidak memberi apa-apa kesan apabila Rosmah dilihat berusaha menjadikan gelaran tersebut sebagai gelaran rasmi terhadapnya apabila menganjurkan Sidang Kemucak Wanita Pertama selama tiga hari yang menelan belanja RM4.5 juta.

Malahan sesetengah pihak menganggap dari hari ke sehari, Rosmah dilihat begitu dominan dalam pentadbiran Najib dan dikatakan sebagai pihak di belakang tabir dalam beberapa keputusan pentadbiran Najib.

Memetik blog bedukcanang.blogspot, dalam laporannya awal tahun 2010, pengendali blog tersebut melihat tingkah laku Rosmah sebagai tidak mustahil sekiranya beliau mempunyai cita-cita untuk terjun ke dunia politik sepenuhnya dan langkah-langkah awal untuk mempromosi dirinya sedang giat dijalankan sebelum Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13.

Beberapa blogger menggelarkannya sebagai 'Suami Perdana Menteri'.Mungkin ia sinonim dengan 'kelakuan' Rosmah yang cukup menjelekkan mata teman-teman bloggers dan rakyat kebanyakan.

Keputusan Najib dalam Belanjawan 2011 yang memperuntukan sejumlah RM111 juta bagi Pusat Anak Permata Negara yang dinaungi isterinya sebelum ini telah mendapat bantahan keras dari ahli-ahli parlimen blok pembangkang.

Tidak cukup dengan itu, terkini ramai yang mempertikaikan kos sebenar penginapan Rosmah di Hotel Atlantis, Dubai yang didakwa mencecah RM 140 ribu untuk satu malam.

Antara yang mempertikainya ialah Ahli Jawatan Kuasa PAS Pusat, Dr Lo'Lo Mohd Ghazali mahu Najib atau Kementerian Luar memberi respons segera mengenai kos penginapan dan operasi sepanjang lawatan Rosmah ke Dubai kerana ia melibatkan wang rakyat.

Isu ini bukan sahaja ditujukan hanya kepada 'batang tubuh' Rosmah, namun lebih berat kredibiliti Najib selaku Perdana Menteri dan suami yang sewenang-wenang melepaskan 'wang rakyat' kepada isteri.

Tabiat isteri kesayangan Najib itu juga ditegur oleh bloggers, Badrul Hisham Shaharin yang menyifatkan Perdana Menteri gagal melihat bahawa Rosmah seorang yang boros dan gemar berbelanja besar.

Telahan Badrul Hisham mudah, kerajaan pimpinan Najib kerap memberi alasan untuk memotong subsidi rakyat disebabkan kos pengurusan ekonomi negara meningkat setiap tahun.

Dalam pada masa sama Najib merayu rakyat agar mengubah cara hidup dan tidak boros berbelanja.

"Peliknya, Presiden Umno itu kekal membisu apabila pemborosan melibatkan isterinya Rosmah Mansur. Sebab itu, saya melihat Rosmah ini sudah menjadi beban utama kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Najib perlu berani menegur isterinya," kata Badrul Hisham.

Rimas rakyat dibuatnya.Najib tidak harus lupa akan kecaman umat Islam ke atas Rosmah dalam isu Pertunjukan Busana Islam di Monte Carlo tahun lalu yang mana Rosmah didakwa menghina Islam dengan penganjuran tersebut.

Selaku penaung, Rosmah sendiri gagal menjawab isu-isu yang dibangkitkan ramai, termasuk kepimpinan politik dan bloggers dimana pakaian model sangat menjolok mata, selain ada model yang mengenakan pakaian dengan logo kalimah Allah diterbalikkan.

Apabila isu itu dibawa ke Parlimen, Najib dan menteri-menterinya berdiam diri, tidak mampu menjawab hatta persoalan daripada mana datangnya wang penganjuran yang hanya menambah malu kepada negara.

Sebelum ini, ada cadangan dari Rosmah untuk menganjurkan tilawah Al-Quran bagi orang-orang buta,Entah apa gerangannya Rosmah yang sangat dipertikai ini mengutarakan cadangan sedemikian, apakah ianya hanya satu lagi bentuk 'retorik politik' untuk mengaburi mata awam?

Blogger Mohd Sayuti Omar dalam blognya ada menulis, cadangan Rosmah itu nampak lebih untuk menjaja akan keperihatinan Malaysia kepada orang buta dan tidak lebih dari itu dan bukan usaha yang serius untuk memberi kelegaan kepada orang buta atau memertabatkan peranan Islam oleh negara".

Kata Sayuti jika ingin memertabtkan Islam, apa yang harus diutamakan ialah martabatkan diri kita dulu. Dalam konteks ini Rosmah perlu menjadikan dirinya Wanita Pertama yang mantap Islamnya termasuk soal menutup jambulnya.

Tabiat Rosmah bukan sekadar terhenti dengan soal pemborosan, beliau juga semakin 'jelek' di mata rakyat kerana sering menonjolkan diri sebagai 'wanita pertama' mengalahkan baginda Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Nurzahirah.

Bloggers pula menyifatkan Rosmah sebagai liabiliti besar kepada Najib yang mampu menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri itu dalam pilihan raya umum akan datang.

Telahan bloggers tersebut mudah, pandangan sisi rakyat bahawa Najib perlu menyelesaikan antara cabaran utama BN menjelang PRU-13 yang salah satunya ialah menjinakkan 'waris jari hantu' belaannya.

"Kami sebagai rakyat sudah naik jelak dengan tindakan, arahan, kenyataan dan aksi-aksi terlampau 'suami' Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke-6 yang saban hari memenuhi ruang media mengalahkan menteri kabinet sendiri," tulis bloggers berkenaan.

Rakyat sudah lama menganggap wanita tidak bertudung itu (Rosmah) adalah Perdana Menteri sebuah negara Islam yang masih belum sedar dan sebagai liabiliti kepada BN.

Apakah anggapan rakyat ini akan menjadi suatu kenyataan pada PRU-13 nanti, Najib pastinya resah akan 'cakap-cakap' mengenai isteri kesayangannya itu yang mampu menjatuhkannya sepertimana Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi jatuh kerana anak menantunya.

Kenapa ramai wakil rakyat kita meninggal dunia?

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 01:36 AM PST

Ajal maut adalah ketentuan Allah yang Maha Esa. Kenapa akhir-akhir ini begitu ramai wakil rakyat kita meninggal dunia? Adakah rakyat dan pengundi sudah jemu dengan senario politik di Malaysia sehinggakan banyak keluhan mereka tidak kedengaran lalu mereka mendoakan kematian wakil rakyat di kawasan mereka? Cukup-cukuplah suasana politik yang ada di Malaysia ini, buatlah kerja masing-masing.

Kita gawat iman, gawat akhlak, gawak mental, gawat ekonomi, gawat politik. Tumpukanlah pada tugasan kita masing-masing, muhassabah diri sendiri. Hidup di dunia ini terlalu amat singkat hanya sekelip mata, hidup di akhirat kekal sampai bila-bila.

Setiap apa yang berlaku itu ada hikmah, ada mesej untuk mereka yang memerhatikannya.

Kisah benar seorang Wakil Rakyat dapat surat minta dia cepat mati di

The Star Friday January 21, 2011
Highest number of by-elections in history

PETALING JAYA: The death of Merlimau state assemblyman Datuk Mohd Hidhir Abu Hassan will result in the country's 15th by-election.

The number of by-elections since the general election in March 2008 is definitely the highest in the country's history.

The police spent nearly RM40mil on the first five by-elections to maintain peace and security: RM2.8mil in Permatang Pauh, RM15.3mil in Kuala Terengganu, RM10.7mil (Bukit Gantang), RM6.4mil (Bukit Selambau) and RM4.6mil (Batang Ai).

Former Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Rahman, who served with the commission for 27 years prior to his retirement, said there had been "no more than a dozen" by-elections during a single term.

"We are only halfway through the term (of five years) and I can safely say it is the highest number of by-elections," he told The Star.

All the by-elections were triggered by the deaths of the elected representatives, with the exception of Permatang Pauh, Penanti and Bukit Selambau.

On Wednesday, Selangor state assembly Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Khim declared the Port Klang state seat vacant, which is likely to lead to another by-election.

Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah is disputing the decision.

In Kedah, the Kota Seputih seat was declared vacant by the High Court in 2009 after state Speaker Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail told the EC that Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif had failed to attend two consecutive meetings without leave.

The EC then declared the seat not vacant.

However, the High Court declared the seat vacant. Subsequently, the EC appealed the ruling, which is still pending.

All states have experienced at least one by-election, with the exception of Perlis, Pahang and the Federal Territories.

Abdul Rashid said the EC would have to hold a by-election within 60 days of the seat turning vacant.

However, a by-election need not be called if the seat falls vacant within two years before the term expires.

"The term's expiry is five years from the first Dewan Rakyat session, and not from the date of the last polls," stressed Abdul Rashid.

On the Port Klang seat, Abdul Rashid said the EC should carry out the by-election as the Speaker had already declared the seat vacant.

By-elections since March 2008
Parliament seats:
Sabah: Batu Sapi – Nov 4, 2010
Sarawak: Sibu – May 16, 2010
Selangor: Hulu Selangor – April 25, 2010
Perak: Bukit Gantang – April 7, 2009
Terengganu: Kuala Terengganu – Jan 17, 2009
Penang: Permatang Pauh – Aug 26, 2008

State seats:
Malacca: Merlimau – to be announced
Johor: Tenang –Jan 30, 2011
Kelantan: Galas – Nov 4, 2010
Negri Sembilan: Bagan Pinang – Oct 11, 2009
Penang: Permatang Pasir – Aug 25, 2009
Kelantan: Manek Urai – July 14, 2009
Penang: Penanti – May 31, 2009
Kedah: Bukit Selambau – April 7, 2009
Sarawak: Batang Ai – April 7, 2009

Polis Minta Orangramai Pulangkan Wang Syiling.

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 02:34 AM PST

Orang ramai diminta pulangkan duit syiling

SEREMBAN - Pihak polis meminta kerjasama orang ramai untuk memulangkan semula duit syiling yang jatuh dari sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 244 Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan arah selatan, berhampiran susur keluar Pedas-Linggi, dekat sini, petang Selasa lalu.

Ketua Polis Daerah, Asisten Komisioner Saiful Azly Kamaruddin (gambar) berkata, mereka boleh berbuat demikian secara sukarela di mana-mana balai polis berhampiran.

"Semua individu terbabit perlu sedar, duit syiling yang mereka kutip di sekitar lokasi kejadian bukan milik mereka.

"Sehubungan itu, saya nasihatkan mereka agar menyerahkan duit syiling kepada polis supaya boleh dikembalikan kepada pemiliknya," katanya, di sini, semalam.

Menurutnya, pihak polis boleh mengenal pasti individu terbabit menerusi gambar dirakam media ketika kejadian.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 3 petang itu, duit syiling pelbagai denominasi dianggarkan bernilai RM74,000 bertaburan di sekitar lokasi kemalangan selepas sebuah Toyota Hilux yang membawa muatan itu dikatakan dilanggar dari arah belakang oleh sebuah kereta mewah jenis BMW.

Sekurang-kurangnya 20 pengguna lebuh raya dilihat mengutip duit syiling yang bertaburan, malah ada yang sanggup menggadai nyawa melakukan perbuatan itu di tengah lebuh raya yang sibuk dengan kenderaan.

Tindakan mereka itu turut mengakibatkan kesesakan lalu-lintas sepanjang kira-kira tiga kilometer di kedua-dua arah lebuh raya menghala ke lokasi kejadian. -Bernama

Ulasan GB

Apa pasal masa orangramai kutip wang syiling semalam polis lansung tak halang?

Sekarang janganlah nak harap mat-mat rempit tu nak pulangkan balik.

Tok Pa: RM3,000 ‘higher’ – but not high – income

Posted: 20 Jan 2011 09:41 PM PST

Satim Diman Guna PhD Palsu?

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 07:13 AM PST

Ijazah PhD Satim Diman diragui

Satim perlu menyerahkan transkrip dan sijil penganugerahan kepada Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Kim bagi tujuan pengesahan oleh Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (MQA).

PETALING JAYA: Seorang Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor meragui kesahihan Ketua Pembangkang Selangor Datuk Mohamad Satim Diman (gambar) yang juga Adun Seri Serdang memperoleh sijil penganugerahan ijazah sarjana doktor falsafah (PhD) yang membawa gelaran Dr.

Exco Pemodenan Pertanian, Pembangunan Usahawan dan Pengurusan Sumber Alam Negeri Selangor Dr Yaakob Sapari yang meraguinya menggesa Satim menyerahkan transkrip dan sijil penganugerahan kepada Speaker Datuk Teng Chang Kim bagi tujuan pengesahan oleh Lembaga Akreditasi Negara (MQA).

Selain mendesak agar mengumumkan kepada rakyat bentuk program pengajian yang diambil dan universiti yang menganugerahkan PhD tersebut, Dr Yaakob juga menggesa Satim supaya mengisytiharkan taraf pendidikannya bermula daripada ijazah pertama, sarjana sehinggalah kepada doktor falsafah.

"Satim telah menggunakan gelaran Dr secara berleluasa dalam poster pilihan raya dan dicetak pada rehal untuk diedarkan di beberapa masjid dan surau sekitar DUN Sri Serdang," katanya dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Dr Yaakob yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kota Anggerik berkata hal ini membimbangkan kerana ramai masyarakat sekarang sanggup membeli PhD melalui sindiket tanpa perlu bersusah payah mendalami ilmu,memperkembangkan kajian dan mempercambahkan nilai keilmuan.

Katanya, perbuatan membeli PhD itu merupakan sebagai satu jenayah sekaligus merendahkan martabat universiti dan menganggapnya sebagai satu penghinaan kepada dunia akademik.

Beliau turut menegur segelintir institusi pendidikan yang menawarkan kursus pengajian yang berasaskan keuntungan tanpa melalui akreditasi dan piawaian negara. -FMT

Ulasan GB

Beberapa kes yang melibat orang ternama menggunakan PhD palsu semakin menjadi-jadi. Beberapa bulan lepas, dikejutkan dengan pendedahan Fazley, Menantu Rosmah Miliki Ijazah MBA & PhD Palsu.

GB masih ingat di suatu masa seorang Datuk Bandar bernama Datuk Elyas Omar yang menggunakan "Dr." dipangkal namanya sedangkan beliau bukan seorang pemegang Ph D ataupun seorang bekas pelajar perubatan.

Akhirnya terbongkar, memang sahih beliau tidak ada ijazah berkenaan, maka diarahkan beliau menanggalkan gelaran itu daripada namanya. Mujur ada pangkat Datuk, jadi ramai tak perasan mengenai ketiadaan sebutan Dr lagi pada namanya. .

Source: Top 10 good luck symbols around the world from MInsider

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 05:49 AM PST


  1. Top 10 good luck symbols around the world from MInsider
  2. Shirk (Islam)From Wikipedia

Tourists pose with the Charging Bull sculpture in New York. The bronze sculpture of a bull, which represents prosperous times, has become a symbol of the financial district of New York and is a favourite tourist attraction. — Reuters pic

In Islam, shirk (Arabic: شرك‎ širk) is the sin of idolatry or polytheism, i.e. the deification or worship of anyone or anything other than the singular God, or more literally the establishment of "partners" placed beside God. It is the vice that is opposed to the virtue of tawhid (monotheism).[1]

Within Islam, shirk is an unforgivable crime; God may forgive any sin except for committing shirk.

The word širk is derived from the Arabic root Š-R-K (ش ر ك), with the general meaning of "to share". In the context of the Qur'an, the particular sense of "sharing as an equal partner" is usually understood, so that polytheism is "attributing a partner to Allah". In the Qur'an, širk and the related word (plural Stem IV active participle) mušrikūn (مشركون) "those who commit shirk and plot against Islam" often clearly refers to the enemies of Islam (as in verse 9.1–15) but sometimes it also refers to erring Muslims.

LONDON, Jan 21 — Stumbled across an indentation in a stone slab or a shiny spot on a bronze relief on your travels? That's a sign you've found a local symbol of good luck. Travel website ( has compiled a list of "Ten Great Good Luck Symbols" around the world to help the superstitious tourist. Reuters has not endorsed this list:

1. Statue of Juliet, Casa di Guilietta; Verona, Italy

Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave over this one. Visitors to the tragic heroine's statue rub her right breast in the quest for good luck. The truly romantic also leave love letters on the walls of her house.

2. Van Mieu (Temple of Literature); Hanoi, Vietnam

In a long-standing tradition, students with pending exams come here to touch the heads of the courtyard's 82 tortoises for luck. The pupils in this area must have extraordinarily high grade point averages as the stone heads of the tortoises have become virtually soft from the repeated touching.

3. St John of Nepomuk Statue; Prague, Czech Republic

The rules for this one are a little complicated but for the very superstitious it's worth the effort. Touching the reliefs on the statue of St John of Nepomuk is said to bring good luck, but if you want good fortune that's a little more specific, walk a few steps towards Old Town and find the cross with five stars on the left parapet of the bridge. Touch each of the five stars with a finger and rest your left palm on the cross and make your wish!

4. Rock of Luck; Kusu Island, Singapore

Visitors to this oddly shaped, bright yellow monument will notice a plethora of four-digit numbers written all over its surface. For those unfamiliar with the Singapore lottery, these are "picks." Believers have defaced this rock in the hopes of becoming rich.

5. Worther-See-Mandl; Klagenfurt, Austria

Legend has it that in an effort to remind a group of late-night partiers that Easter was the next day, this little guy uncorked a barrel of water and in so doing, created Lake Wörthersee. In spite of this somewhat daunting story, visitors today come here to rub his outstretched finger for good luck.

6. Toritos de Pucara; Cusco, Peru

Those who find themselves in residential areas of Cusco will undoubtedly notice the profusion of somewhat goofy-looking ceramic bulls that sit on the roofs of area homes. In spite of their frightened, bug-eyed expressions and often outstretched tongues, people here take their powers of sending good fortune very seriously.

7. Charging Bull; New York City, New York

Someone forgot to tell the person who started this tradition that the expression is "Take the bull by the horns" not something else. While Wall Street has been an exceptionally unlucky place to be lately, it's said that touching the private parts of this bull will bring good luck.

8. La Chouette; Dijon, France

Although Dijon is associated more with its mustard than its good luck symbols, the town's beloved owl is thought to bring such good luck that it's nearly rubbed out. Carved into the wall of a centuries-old church, the figure is said to bring luck to those who touch it with their left hand.

9. Magellan Statue; Puenta Arenas, Chile

Although clearly taken seriously by many, this tradition feels a little like something drummed up by an office of tourism. Those who rub the foot of the Pantagon man who sits at the base of this statue are said to be sure to return to the area.

10. Grgur Ninski Staute; Split, Croatia

Measuring over 20 feet in height, this enormous statue is a source of great pride for the Croatian people. Depicting Bishop Grgur of Nin who fought to retain the right of the Croatian people to hold religious services in their own language, the statue is thought to bring good luck to those who rub its big toe. — Reuters


Islamic commentators on the Qur'an have emphasized that pre-Islamic Arabic idolatry made a number of godlings (most memorably the three goddesses al-Manāt, al-Lāt and ʻUzzā) equal associates of Allah (as the Qur'an discusses in the 53rd surat) and the word mushrikūn (singular: mushrik) is often translated into English as "polytheists".

Other forms of shirk include the worship of wealth and other material objects. This is pointed out in the Qur'an in one of the stories of the Children of Israel, when they took a calf made of gold for worship,[4] and for which Moses ordered their execution. Another form of shirk mentioned in the Qur'an is to take scholars of religion, monks, divines or religious lawyers as Lord/(s) in practice by following their doctrines, and/or by following their rulings on what is lawful when it is at variance to the law or doctrines prescribed by God's revelation.[5][6] Yet another form, is to treat a prophet, such as Jesus, as God.

Theological interpretation

In a theological context one commits shirk by associating some lesser being with Allah. This sin is committed if one imagines that there is some other spirit than Allah whom it is suitable to worship. Many Islamic theologians extend the sense of worship to include praying to some other being to intercede with Allah on one's behalf, rather than taking one's case to God Himself. The limits of the concept of worship are quite elastic and theologians often describe excessive veneration of some artifact here on earth as shirk.

Atheism is described as shirk because it denies the position of Allah as the unique creator and sustainer of the universe (tawhid ar-rububiyya, the unity of creation). In the same way, the act of shirk is extended to include such things as the notion that God possesses human-like anthropomorphic qualities as well as acts of worship or piety whose inward goal is pride, caprice, or a desire for public admiration.

Greater and lesser shirk

Shirk is defined in various ways. Some argue that there is only one type of shirk.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad has classified shirk into two categories[1]:

  • Greater shirk (Shirk-e-Akbar): open and apparent
  • Lesser shirk (Shirk-e-Asghar): concealed or hidden

Greater Shirk

Greater shirk or Shirke-e-Akbar means open polytheism.

Muhammad describes major shirk in two forms[1]:

  • To associate anyone with Allah Taala as His part. (To believe in more than one god)
  • To associate Allah's attributes with someone else. (Attributing, considering, or portraying God's knowledge or might to being those of anyone else)

Other interpretions also derived from the Qur'an and the prophetic tradition (Sunnah) divide shirk into three main categories:

Shirk in Rubūbīyah (Lordship)

This category of Shirk refers to either the belief that others share God's Lordship over creation as His equal or near equal, or to the belief that there exists no Lord over creation at all.

  • Shirk by association: This is the shirk concerned with associating 'others' with Allah.
  • Shirk by negation: This is Shirk in Rubūbīyah (Lordship)
Shirk in al-Asma was-Sifat (the Names and Attributes)

Shirk in this category includes both the non-believer practices of giving God the attributes of His creation as well as the act of giving created beings God's names and attributes.

  • Shirk by humanization: In this aspect of Shirk in al-Asma was-Sifat, God is given the form and qualities of human beings and animals. Due to man's superiority over animals, the human form is more commonly used by idolaters to represent God in creation. Consequently, the image of the Creator is often painted, moulded or carved in the shape of human beings possessing the physical features of those who worship them.
  • Shirk by deification: This form of Shirk in al-Asma was Sifat relates to cases where created beings or things are given or claim God's names or His attributes. For example, it was the practice of the ancient Arabs to worship idols whose names were derived from the names of God. Their main three idols were: al-Lat taken from God's name al-Elah, al-'Uzza taken from al-'Aziz, and al-Manat taken from al-Mannan. During the era of Muhammad there was also a man in a region of Arabia called Yamamah, who claimed to be a prophet and took the name Rahman which, in Islam, belongs only to God.
Shirk In al-'Ibadah (Worship)
Further information: Opposition to Tawassul

In this category of Shirk, acts of worship are directed to other than Allah and the reward for worship is sought from the creation instead of the Creator. As in the case of the previous categories, Shirk in al-'Ebadah has two main aspects.

This form of Shirk occurs when any act of worship is directed to other than Allah. It represents the most obvious form of idolatry which the prophets were specifically sent by God to call the masses of mankind away from. Examples of this shirk, asking forgiveness, admittance to paradise, and other things that only Allah can provide, from other than Allah.

Lesser Shirk

Lesser shirk or Shirke-e-Asghar means hidden polytheism.

A person commits hidden polytheism when he says tawhid, there is no god except Allah, but his thoughts and action does not reflect his belief.[1]

Lesser shirk fundamentally stems from an underestimation of God. This intellectual defect leads to pride, arrogance, and self-delusion.[7]

  • Muhammad said[1]

"One who offers the ritual prayers in an ostentatious way is a polytheist. One who keeps the fast, or gives alms, or performs the Hajj to show the public his righteousness or to earn good name is a polytheist"

  • Other accounts

"Mahmud ibn Lubayd reported, "God's messenger said: "The thing I fear for you the most is ash-Shirk al-Asghar."

The companions asked "Oh! messenger of God, what is that?"
He replied "Ar-Riya (showing off), for verily God will say on the Day of Resurrection when people are receiving their rewards, 'Go to those for whom you were showing off in the material world and see if you can find any reward from them."

"Mahmud ibn Lubayd also said, "The Prophet came out and announced, 'O people, beware of secret Shirk!'

The people asked, 'O messenger of God, what is secret Shirk?'
He replied, 'When a man gets up to pray and strives to beautify his prayer because people are looking at him; that is secret Shirk."
  • In Wahabbi Islam

Swearing by other than Allah is considered lesser shirk, unless the one who swore believes that whomever sworn by is even with Allah's worth.

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16 Banduan Lari Dari Penjara Sesak Kerana Dilarang Solat

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 05:30 AM PST

Cotabato: Seramai 16 banduan yang bersesak-sesak dalam penjara Filipina memboloskan diri dengan menggergaji palang besi di sel mereka sebelum menggunakan selimut untuk menuruni dinding pusat tahanan itu, kata pihak berkuasa semalam.

Datuk Bandar Cotabato, Japal Guiano, berkata seorang daripada mereka sempat ditahan hanya sejam selepas melarikan diri pada malam kelmarin.

"Bagaimanapun, 15 banduan lain masih diburu," katanya.

Antara kesalahan banduan yang belum ditahan itu, katanya, adalah membunuh, merompak dan mengedar dadah.

Banduan yang berjaya diberkas semula, Darwin Herbias, berkata mereka memotong palang besi di belakang penjara Cotabato sebelum menjadikan selimut untuk menuruni tembok setinggi 4.5 meter.

Katanya, mereka kemudian terjun ke sungai yang ada di tepi penjara berkenaan.

Herbias kini menunggu untuk dibicarakan kerana merompak ditahan polis di sebuah kampung berhampiran.

Kata Herbias, pihak berkuasa di pusat tahanan itu melarang mereka mengerjakan solat dalam penjara berkenaan yang kini dihuni 220 tahanan walaupun sepatutnya hanya menempatkan 100 orang. - AFP

Mandalay and Zay Cho Market ( ေစ်းခ်ိဳ)

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 05:18 AM PST

Most famous and Biggest wholesale market of Mandalay. Zay Cho market is well-known for its' cheaper-price. It is situated at the corner of 26 (B) Street and between 84-87 streets in down town area. These photo are not so good coz I was taking from the backseat of motorcycle.

Hope Mandalay native love to see it.
TQ Tun Tun for your photography blog.


Isu Panas: Kenderaan Diwajibkan Pasang Beg Udara Mulai 2012

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 05:05 AM PST

Semua kenderaan wajib pasang beg udara mulai 2012

RANTAU PANJANG: Mulai tahun depan, semua kenderaan kecuali kenderaan pacuan empat roda diwajibkan memasang beg udara, kata Menteri Pengangkutan Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.

Beliau berkata langkah itu bagi mengelak risiko lebih tinggi termasuk kematian terhadap pemandu atau penumpang yang terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya.

Katanya, kerajaan memandang serius kadar kemalangan jalan raya sekarang terutama yang membabitkan kemalangan maut akibat tiada peralatan keselamatan yang cukup pada kenderaan awam.

"Mulai tahun depan, kerajaan akan mewajibkan semua kenderaan dipasang beg udara bagi keselamatan pemandu dan penumpang kenderaan," katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Pelancaran Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya sempena Tahun Baru Cina 2011, di sini, hari ini.

Katanya, kementerian berkenaan akan memastikan kenderaan yang diperbuat di negara ini termasuk kereta nasional memasang alat keselamatan berkenaan sebelum ia dikuatkuasakan sepenuhnya mulai tahun depan.

Kong berkata kenderaan import mungkin tidak menghadapi masalah kerana kebanyakannya telah dipasang alat keselamatan berkenaan sebelum dijual di negara ini.

Beliau berharap dengan peraturan-peraturan baru yang diperkenalkan itu kerajaan dapat mengurangkan kadar kemalangan maut terutama yang membabitkan penumpang bahagian depan kenderaan.

Katanya, hasil kajian Institut Penyelidikan dan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (MIROS) mendapati kebanyakan kes kemalangan maut adalah membabitkan penumpang bahagian depan kenderaan yang tidak menggunakan alat keselamatan, termasuk beg udara dan tali pinggang keledar. - BERNAMA

Ulasan GB

Rakyat dibebankan lagi dengan pemasangan beg udara. Belum pun dihabiskan siasatan kebakaran kenderaan yang munkin berpunca dari RON95, tiba-tiba rakyat dibebankan dengan pemasangan beg udara.

sPICE To Spice Up Penang?

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 03:52 AM PST

According to The Malaysian Insider, Penang residents have been given a two-week window to provide their feedback on the state government's plan to construct the Penang People's Park (PPP), which includes a RM300 million international convention centre.

image from sembang-sembang forum

Beginning today, the public will be allowed to view the plans for the multimillion ringgit project from 9am to 5pm for two weeks at the main entrance of the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa). Members of the public can communicate their views on the project directly at the venue or via email to MPPP council president at in the next two weeks.

In a press statement this morning, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said that public consultation was a key aspect in the state government's "CAT" governance of competency, accountability and transparency.

The PPP is a five-feature construction that includes the country's first subterranean RM300 million Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre (sPICE), a seven-acre public park, a refurbished and upgraded Pisa, a refurbished and upgraded Aquatic Centre and a four-star hotel with retail outlets and a spacious parking lot.

The Penang CM announced that the project has been awarded to Eco Meridean Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of property developer SP Setia Bhd, which was among the three firms that submitted formal responses to a request for proposal in an open tender system for the project in 2009.

"Three key requirements were considered in awarding the open tender — best value for money pricing, best product quality and whether it can be maintained to match world-class standards," Lim said today.

He reiterated that the company's proposal for PPP and sPICE had passed all three requirements and had also fulfilled the state government's plans to protect the environment.

"sPICE will be a green building and will provide a new seven-acre public park. As it is underground, the park will be at ground level and not at rooftop.

"The public park will be open to the public free of charge and no charges imposed as alleged by some," he said.

Earlier, Lim had announced that the MPPP would be investing a net sum of RM11.5 million in the RM300 million project, through a public-private partnership agreement with Eco Meridean.

According to LGE, that while the council was to invest RM50 million in the project, savings from the RM25 million repair works on Pisa and the Aquatic Centre and the purchase of land at RM13.5 million to construct the four-star hotel would save the council some RM38.5 million.

For SP Setia, he added, the firm was confident that by managing and maintaining sPICE for 30 years, it would be able to recoup its investments through rentals and other related activities.

"This is a vote of confidence for Penang that the state will be a preferred choice of investors, tourists, young and talented residents who desire a sustainable habitat.

"SP Setia's confidence is also backed by other foreign and local investors who made Penang the champion state in Malaysia for the first time in history with RM 12.2 billion in investments in 2010, the highest total ever for Penang," he said today.

Here's background information that I received in an email from Sembang-Sembang Forum:

1. They renamed PICC as sPICE (sub-terranean Penang International Convention and Exhibition Centre) since it will be a sub-terranean building -Tetuan Eco Meridean Sdn.Bhd, a subsidiary company of S.P. Setia Bhd is awarded the project via open tender/ RFP(request for proposal) in the format of BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer)

2. The decision was make after considering the quality, best price and management standard that could provided+ green element that offered.The design seem to be ppl friendly(OKU facilities) and holistic with iconic and international level architectural, potential to become a new landmark of Penang. The developer had presented a clear business model and development plan including return+expanses analysis.

3. Total construction cost is RM300milion, MPPP invests RM50million meaning Eco Meridean bears the rest RM250million.

4. Eco Meridean will allowed to operate the sPICE for 30 years, to recoup their investment through rental and related activities before hand it back to MPPP.

5.Eventually, the entire area of PISA will convert into a PPP (Penang People's Park) that comprised of 5 major items: sPICE, PISA, Aquatic Centre, 4 Star Hotel+retails outlet + carpark and Green Park.

6. Eco Meridean is obliged to upgrade and refurbish PISA and the Aquatic Centre as well. They will start doing so after signing contract and get all necessary approval within 3-6 months.

7. The new sPICE built up area is more than 70k sq feet, the green lung area within the whole PISA compound will double frm 3.5 arce to 7 arce for public use.

8. The sPICE will have one ballroom 23k sq feet, one exhibition hall 23k sq feet, both hall can fully open up to 51k sq feet. if including the pre-function hall, total area will around 70k sq feet.

9. They wil refurbish PISA 2nd floor arena to temporarily create space for renting, keep the arena capacity as 50k sq feet, upgrading Aquatic Centre 17k sq feet and f&b shops nearby.

10. They will build a new 2 storey car park and expand the recent car park space to achieve a total carpark lot of 2200.

11. They said will conduct a professional traffic study to modify the traffic flow but there are no details for the media yet.

12. The whole project is estimated to be completed within 3 years.

This afternoon, I also received a statement via email from Coalition for Good Governance Penang (CGGP)on the launching of sPICE as follows:

CGGP statement on the launching of sPICE.

To the Chief Minister of Penang YAB Lim Guan Eng:

The Coalition for Good Governance Penang (CGGP) wishes to commend the Penang State Govt for having the courage and ambition to pick an innovative design concept for the sPICE project. The sub-terranean design with a roof garden is an engineering and technological challenge.

The ratepayers are now stakeholders of the project as millions of ringgit of ratepayers money will be used. In the interest of accountability and transparency, CGGP urges the Penang State Government to :-

1) Disclose details of the concessions and tender terms given to the developer including penalty clauses in case of non-performance, project delay etc.

2) Disclose the financial returns to the State / MPPP.

3) Disclose the total project cost including infrastructure, repair and maintenance and which party is bearing these costs.

4) Proactively engage the public, especially the residents living within the vicinity of sPICE on the traffic dispersal system through feedback and dialogue.

We wish to state that the rakyat have suffered due to the lopsided concessions given to GLCs such as PLUS, Penang Bridge etc which only came to light 20 years after the agreements have been signed.

Contact person: Tan Seng Hai
Phone: 019 478 2395
Copies to:
- YDP Puan Hj Patahiyah Ismail
- State Exco
- Councillors
- Aduns
- Press

Personally, much as I acknowledge how the current state government has wrought positive changes for Penang, I believe that that Penang does not need sPICE. It will boomerang around coz of the anti RM5Billion Merdeka Tower. Malaysia needs Brains, and NOT tall buildings. Also to note that Komtar has been a Beautiful White elephant. Instead of spending more money building on sPICE, why won't the government try to fill up KOMTAR first? Money should be spent developing HUMAN CAPITAL which our country desperately needs to stay ahead of competitors.

I urge all concerned Penangites and Malaysians to view the plans for the project and to communicate their views on the project directly at the venue or via email to MPPP council president at in the next two weeks.

Please remember that in the past, the rakyat had suffered from lopsided concessions given to government-linked companies. A very good example is what has been explained in THIS POST written by Joe Hakim which should be read by all Malaysians.

There are OTHER cheaper and better ways to spice up the situation in Penang without spending so much and letting Penangites pay for its externalities.

What say you?

Recommended Reading: Penang Does Not Need the RM50million PICC.

Menjelang Penamaan Calon PRK Tenang Esok: SPR Asingkan Penyokong

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 03:52 AM PST

Labis: Para penyokong parti yang bertanding pada Pilihan Raya Kecil (PRK) Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Tenang akan ditempatkan berasingan di sekitar kawasan Majlis Daerah Labis pada hari penamaan calon esok, kata Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

Gambar: PENGERUSI Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof (kanan) bersama Pegawai Pengurus Pilihan Raya, Md Asri Amir ketika meninjau Pusat Penamaan Calon Pilihanraya Kecil DUN Tenang di Pejabat Daerah Labis, hari ini. - Foto Rosdan Wahid

Penyokong calon Barisan Nasional (BN) akan ditempatkan di sebelah kiri dewan manakala penyokong calon PAS di sebelah kanan dewan, katanya.

"Kita harap dua parti ini sajalah yang bertanding esok. Dan kalau ada calon bebas, dia boleh duduk di mana-mana. Kita pun tak sediakan tempat untuk calon Bebas, tapi kita juga sediakan khemah untuk VIP, orang-orang yang dipilih parti masing-masing seramai 100 orang, serta khemah-khemah untuk penyokong-penyokong parti bertanding," katanya dalam sidang media di Majlis Daerah Labis di sini hari ini.

Setakat ini, dua calon telah diumumkan untuk bertanding bagi kerusi tersebut iaitu Mohd Azahar Ibrahim mewakili BN dan Ketua Muslimat PAS Labis Normala Sudirman mewakili PAS..

Abdul Aziz berkata penamaan calon esok dijadualkan berlangsung sejam dari 9 pagi sehingga 10 pagi, masa bantahan dari pukul 10 hingga 11 pagi, dan sekiranya semua berjalan mengikut jadual, pegawai pengurus akan buat membuat pengumuman sama ada berlaku pertandingan.

Beliau juga memberitahu sebanyak tiga pusat mengundi yang digunakan bagi DUN Tenang semasa Pilihan Raya Umum lepas telah dipindahkan ke lokasi yang lebih sesuai berikutan pusat-pusat mengundi tersebut terletak di bawah DUN Bekok.

Pusat mengundi di Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Labis dipindahkan ke Dewan Serbaguna Kampung Paya Merah, Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (SRJKC) Cina Labis dipindahkan ke Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Kamarul Ariffin; dan Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SRJKT) Labis dipindahkan ke Dewan Bola Keranjang JKKK Labis, katanya.

"Pusat-pusat mengundi baru ini telah kita wartakan lama dah, bukan sebab PRK ini. Jadi kerana bertukar tempat mengundi, saya dah mintak signage besar diletakkan, supaya bila dia (pengundi) pergi tempat mengundi lama, dia akan nampak," katanya.

Beliau turut meminta pengundi melakukan semakan seawal mungkin bagi memastikan nama mereka ada tersenarai dalam maklumat SPR, sekaligus mengelakkan masalah yang akan timbul pada hari mengundi nanti.

Pengundian, jika ada pertandingan, ialah pada 30 Jan ini.

Mengulas mengenai kerusi DUN Merlimau yang kosong akibat kematian penyandangnya Datuk Mohamad Hidhir Abu Hassan, 54, semalam, Abdul Aziz berkata, tidak perlu terburu-buru untuk mengumumkan mengenai kemungkinan adanya PRK.

"Saya baru tanya pejabat saya, surat pun tak ada lagi, kebumi pun belum, saya kata kepada pengarah saya di Melaka, kita hormatlah, jangan tergesa-gesa. Biarlah dia dikebumikan baik-baik, yang kita terburu-buru kenapa?

"Jadi kita hormatlah terutama kepada keluarga, kerajaan negeri Melaka…Saya akan adakan mesyuarat dalam masa sepuluh hari setelah terima surat dari Speaker Melaka. Sekarang ni tak eloklah," katanya. - Bernama

A symphony of corruption

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 02:40 AM PST

Random facts of American' corruption you probably didn't know:

1. Michael Chertoff was part of prosecution team that helped blow the 1993 World Trade Center investigation

2. Patrick Fitzgerald who was Chertoff's boss on the WTC non-investigation is now in Illinois prosecuting political opponents of Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama

3. Rahm Emanuel's father was an Israeli terrorist who specialized in bombing buses and killing British troops in Palestine 

4. Emanuel and Obama both used a Washington DC townhouse provided to them by a BP lobbyist when Emanuel was a Congressman and Obama was a Senator

5. Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel were members of the same gay bath house in Chicago

6. A former staffer of the woman who rented Emanuel the townhouse just a her garage...behind her house. Her husband is a top Obama staffer Dan Turton. 

7. Larry Silverstein - leasee of the World Trade Center - is now the owner of the Chicago Sears Tower

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

If you ever wondered why Obama is carrying out the corporate-fascist agenda of the Bush family, you'll understand everything after watching this video 

Polis Minta Orangramai Pulangkan Wang Syiling.

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 02:34 AM PST

Orang ramai diminta pulangkan duit syiling

SEREMBAN - Pihak polis meminta kerjasama orang ramai untuk memulangkan semula duit syiling yang jatuh dari sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 244 Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan arah selatan, berhampiran susur keluar Pedas-Linggi, dekat sini, petang Selasa lalu.

Ketua Polis Daerah, Asisten Komisioner Saiful Azly Kamaruddin (gambar) berkata, mereka boleh berbuat demikian secara sukarela di mana-mana balai polis berhampiran.

"Semua individu terbabit perlu sedar, duit syiling yang mereka kutip di sekitar lokasi kejadian bukan milik mereka.

"Sehubungan itu, saya nasihatkan mereka agar menyerahkan duit syiling kepada polis supaya boleh dikembalikan kepada pemiliknya," katanya, di sini, semalam.

Menurutnya, pihak polis boleh mengenal pasti individu terbabit menerusi gambar dirakam media ketika kejadian.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 3 petang itu, duit syiling pelbagai denominasi dianggarkan bernilai RM74,000 bertaburan di sekitar lokasi kemalangan selepas sebuah Toyota Hilux yang membawa muatan itu dikatakan dilanggar dari arah belakang oleh sebuah kereta mewah jenis BMW.

Sekurang-kurangnya 20 pengguna lebuh raya dilihat mengutip duit syiling yang bertaburan, malah ada yang sanggup menggadai nyawa melakukan perbuatan itu di tengah lebuh raya yang sibuk dengan kenderaan.

Tindakan mereka itu turut mengakibatkan kesesakan lalu-lintas sepanjang kira-kira tiga kilometer di kedua-dua arah lebuh raya menghala ke lokasi kejadian. -Bernama

Ulasan GB

Apa pasal masa orangramai kutip wang syiling semalam polis lansung tak halang?

Sekarang janganlah nak harap mat-mat rempit tu nak pulangkan balik.

Awas lu

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 12:06 AM PST

hamboi hamboi korang..aku x hupdate sikit kemain lagi cercaan bertubi2 yer...

ko nak tau sebab ape aku x hapdate?

aku busy buat ni ....


gila ke hapa...sebenarnya akak x bayar brodband lagi sundel..sebab tu lah jarang hupdate.. nak hupdate kat opis boss cerca nanti...PAHAMMMM...

jahanam mulut korang kan...nak kena cili...gitewwwwww....

ok ade citer skit...

korang ingat x akan cakap yang ada bangla comel duk sebelah umah akak?
kawan dia lagi comel uollsss...dua tiga menjak ni kawan dia tu duk selalu bertapa kat umah pintu rumah dia betul2 mengadap dekat tingkap akak...

so ape je akak buat kalau akak bukak tingkap dia leh nampak....

ari tu betul2 kawan dia comel tu duk isap rokok... so akak pun duk lah libas2 rambut.. pose2 bedak skit...pakai baju seksi2..feeling2 bollywood kat dalam bilik bagi dia nampak...blehhh

nak bagi dia perasan lagi akak siap pasang lagu "dola dole devdas...bleh"...akak yang blah kanan tu kalau nak tau...

then uollsss dia perasan akak..dia tengok je akak.. dia senyummm...

ada respon ni...ia datang ke tingkap akak....

dan berkata.....

"Abang u pasang banyak bagus lah lagu"...

sentap....habis pixy akak tepek..dia panggil abang...

ape lagi tutup lagu tutp tingkap...


rupanya dr pandangan dia akak cuma berwajah ini...matilah...


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