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UFO and Rais - among the believers

UFO and Rais - among the believers

UFO and Rais - among the believers

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 10:17 AM PST

One of Singapore's senior politician recently claimed that he saw UFO in 1999. In his article published on sgpolitics on 3 Jan, 2011, the secretary-general of National Solidarity Party (NSP) Goh Meng Seng said he has seen the alien craft and described it as "no human technology can explain or did what that object did" (here).

"Such image is still imprinted in my mind deeply. Just too bad I didn't have any video camera back then to record the whole process. From then on, I always keep an open mind about UFO sightings. Some UFO sighting reports around the world coincide with my own witnessing experience… such objects just zip and zoom out of sight within seconds..."

Well, he believes in what he claimed he saw... at least.

And back home, many people still believe in what they didnt see. The same people who believe Rais Yatim did rape his Indonesian maid about 4 years ago although the latter has confessed that such an 'orchestrated incident' never took place.

This people are the same humans who believe in angels and devils but cant proof their existence. The same mouths who keep on telling others that Rais may have 'bought' his innocence by paying an amount of money to the maid. Still, they dont have anything to proof.

Someone who claimed that he/she saw the UFOs are described as nutty. However in Goh's case, he said he did see it although he produced no alibi. In Rais case, nobody saw him raping his maid but they stood by their theory that he actually did it.

Even after the maid's confession, they went on spinning the issue - that Rais or someone paid the amah to shut her up. And they do believe that money was involved in order to safe Rais' family and the government of all the blushes.

And to support their theory, they will keep on digging. They wont give up easily as they, too want at least a single tangible evidence to support their claim and safe them from the blush of being called 'liars'.

Well, what else should we dig apart from Rais case? Have they quit on the submarine commission issue, the actual story behind Ali Rustam and KJ found guilty of money politics, Malaysian politicians who have savings with Bank of Israel, Zarinah Anwar of the Securities Commission, Nor Mohd Yakcop and Kalimullah linkages, etc?

Or why not help the court to implicate Anwar Ibrahim in his 'everlasting' legal proceedings? How about the Altantuya murder case!

I used to write unpleasant things about an African nation in the mid 1990s, based on twisted Western foreign reports to belittle its government and people. However, my perception changed when I was there...

Huaarrrggghhh!!! Am really worn out and sleepy but I cant sleep. This nightmare of seeing Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin battling for the No.2 post in the next Umno elections keeps on coming... I didnt like it initially...

Almost Fooled!

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 08:45 AM PST

Shortly after a dinner with family and friends this evening, I surfed the net for my usual dose of news. I came across RPK's latest post The Christmas Eve 'party' at the Istana Terengganu whereby he gave a very articulate speech in Bahasa Malaysia about that fateful event a few weeks ago.

Gingerly, I listened to his message and was pleasantly surprised that I had absolutely NO PROBLEM in understanding that very riveting message which RPK shared so eloquently.

It is too much for me to translate his speech but I would really encourage each and every one of you to listen to that recording. Leave behind your worries about your fluency. Believe me - this is one important speech that you MUST listen to if you want to understand events in the past and what may befall us in the future.

To give you a background to that event, here's what a few websites and writers have written recently.

It all began with the disclosure by Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat on online portal HarakahDaily that he had met secretly with Premier Najib Razak last year, but refused to comment further. On January 3rd, Malaysiakini HERE reported:

"It is a closed meeting, so I can't reveal to the public (what it is about). That is against the rules," said the PAS spiritual advisor on online portal HarakahDaily today.

The PAS leader (left) reportedly met with Najib on Dec 25 last year, fueling rumours of a resurrection of the PAS-Umno unity government talks that some say is favoured by certain factions in Umno and the Islamic party.

"Of course there are certain things that we talk about, one cannot meet with the PM just for small talk," added the MB when asked, after officiating the Wira Negara campaign in Kampung Cherang near Kota Baru this afternoon, what transpired with Najib,

Nik Aziz also refused to comment whether the meeting touched on the sensitive subject of the Malay royalty.

On January 4th, NST reported:

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said today that his recent meeting with Yang Dipertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin at Istana Terengganu in Kuala Lumpur was not related to politics at all.

The Kelantan Mentri Besar said he had gone to Istana Terengganu at the command of the King conveyed to him by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who visited him at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia last month.

"I had an audience with the King with several PAS leaders, including party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, at Istana Terengganu in accordance with our tradition of respecting the royal command," he said.

Of course cyberspace and many Malaysians went into overdrive speculating what could have transpired and its implications.

On January 7th, The Malaysian Insider reported HERE that:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak joined PAS' spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat today in refusing to divulge details of their recent Christmas Eve dinner, adhering to to the Agong's wishes.

"We have to respect the understanding of the meeting and the Yang di-Pertuan wishes it to be a private meeting," he told reporters in a press conference at his office today.

More conspiracy theories emerged - far too many to list here. I did not blog about it then as I felt there was certainly more than meets the eye. RPK's latest post certainly clears the cobwebs in the picture which is now crystal clear.

The series of events can be perceived as a brilliant tour de force, a clever political ploy to confuse Pakatan Rakyat, its leaders and also Pakatan's fans. And we were almost fooled!

Sometimes, we have to read between the lines and see what lies beneath. Was the meeting set up by BN to give the impression that unity talks are the name of the game again?

Many would feel that if PAS is seen at any meeting (whether social or official) with BN, particularly where the PM and DPM are attending, the normal unsuspecting mind will imagine that the players have something up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, that meeting totally blown out of proportions - both deliberately and innocently by some quarters.

What can be more innocent than for PAS to receive an official invitation to the Palace to socialize with the King, even if PAS knew that BN leaders will be attending? Such a scenario is common especially in Open Houses held during the various festivals.

The way things had been reported or perceived or interpreted caused many to develop doubts and suspicions among Pakatan circles even though Tok Guru had himself publicly announced HERE that nothing strategic and/or important were discussed but that the party was merely a social function which they could not avoid because the invitation came from the King.

In a clever ploy, many clamored for an "explanation" from PAS about the meeting - choosing to believe or spreading the belief that all was not well in the PAS front. Somehow, some seem to be ready to believe the worst of PR anytime, anywhere. Let's continue to keep the good fight and remain focused and supportive of the Opposition. They need our undivided support more than ever NOW, especially with the imminent GE.

It was really a tour de force that shook the confidence of many but ironically, it was a nothing because someone succeeded in making something out of nothing.

Allow me to end this post with an exchange I had with a regular reader/commenter StraightTalking who wrote:

Remember, always read between the lines...sometimes things may not be what it seem to be. Professionally speaking, I find Pakatan's public relations skills very lacking. It is like two candidates vying for the same job at an interview. The better qualified candidate may not necessarily get the job because he don't know how to sell himself. On the other hand, a suave con man will get the job because he knows how to impress the interviewer and will hide his weaknesses and present only his strength. Of course the employer is in a fix when he later discovers that they had hired a thief. In the Malaysian politics context, that employee is the Rakyat. I just can't fathom why they keep re-electing BN back time and time again despite overwhelming evidence that BN is incompetent. The people are literally throwing away a better future and that of their children.
So, are you still going to throw away your own future and that of your children by voting wrongly?

It is up to US to make our future better. With the next GE looming round the corner, remember Voter-Get-Voters' tag line:

Vote for a BETTER Malaysia

Vote For A Government bent on eradicating Corruptions,Racism,Abuse of Human Rights, ISA, OSA
A Government of the People, by the People & for the People

It is up to US to make CHANGE happen in Malaysia. Vote wisely! Together, we CAN!!

P.S. Please listen to RPK's recorded message AT THIS LINK to make sense of the chain of events.


Posted: 08 Jan 2011 08:46 AM PST

Sometimes, life is funny. It's so full of coincidences. There I was, sitting in a cafe along Armenian Street in George Town with some people and suddenly, I happened to turn around to see a banner inviting people to an art exhibition right upstairs from where I was. What caught my attention was a name, a very peculiar name for a Chinese, one with a double-barrelled surname. That by itself wouldn't surprise me, a lot of people had double-barrelled surname, like AuYeong or SeTo. What surprised me, however, was that it was the name of one of my long-lost relatives, one whom I haven't met for close to 30 years, or even longer. And feeling all intrigued, I rushed upstairs to look at his art work. Among all the pieces there, he had two paintings on display. I didn't expect him to be there and indeed, he wasn't. I texted him. He was in KL, at another art show. But he would be back. And we promised to meet up the next time I am on the island.


[Bergambar] Sultan Kelantan Turun Padang Lawat Mangsa Kebakaram

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 08:47 AM PST

Sultan Muhammad Ke-V Di Gua Musang

Alhamdulillah, pada hari Jumaat, 7 Januari 2011, Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Al-Sultan Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad Ke-V, yang di dalam keberangkatan pulang dari Kuala Lumpur ke Kota Bharu melalui jalan darat, telah meluangkan masa selama sehari semalam untuk bersama-sama dengan penduduk di sekitar jajahan Gua Musang.

Aturcara Tuanku pada hari itu dimulai dengan majlis solat Jumaat bersama-sama para penduduk di Masjid Mukim Sungai Terah yang diikuti oleh pengurniaan sumbangan kewangan kepada masjid tersebut, pengurniaan bantuan zakat kepada 100 fakir miskin dan pengurniaan geran tanah kepada 31 penduduk di sekitar jajahan tersebut.

Setelah santap bersama-sama para pembesar, pemimpin dan pegawai kerajaan di Istana Persinggahan Gua Musang, Tuanku kemudiannya meluangkan masa untuk melawat tapak kebakaran membabitkan 43 keluarga di Bandar Lama Gua Musang di samping memberikan bantuan material dan sokongan moral kepada kesemua mangsa yang terlibat.

Pada sebelah malamnya pula, Tuanku meluangkan masa untuk meraikan kira-kira 200 penduduk kaum asal di sekitar jajahan tersebut dengan menganjurkan satu majlis barbecue khusus untuk mereka di Istana Persinggahan Gua Musang. Bagi melahirkan penghargaan mereka kepada Tuanku, penduduk-penduduk asal tersebut telah menyajikan beberapa persembahan tradisional, termasuk tarian rewang, kepada Tuanku.

Disertakan di sini beberapa keping gambar yang berkaitan untuk tatapan semua.

Terima kasih.

umber: thekelantaninsider

How to prevent or reduce further aggravation of the Sports Injuries

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 06:19 AM PST


  1. Top 10 Ways to Avoid a Sports Injury
  2. Five ways to avoid sports injuries

Most of the people around the world are conscious about their health. Exercise and diet is like a daily routine for quite a lot of them. With the exercises: aerobic and anaerobic or indoor/outdoor or personal single personal exercises or team works/exercises many patients are presenting with sports related injuries. At least a quarter of them could avoid the injuries and sufferings if they know the preventive measures.

You must make sure that you are fit to do the particular type of activities by checking with your family doctor or if possible sports physician/surgeon or orthopaedic surgeon.

You should wear the particular sport attire. Make sure that they are from the reputable company. Branded ones are expensive but beware of imitations. Wear proper protective gear. Helmets are essential for biking, skiing snowboarding, and rollerblading; as well as for team sports such as football, hockey and baseball. Protective eyewear and mouth guards especially in boxing are equally important to prevent injuries. In addition, make sure your equipment is correct for your sport. Running shoes are great for marathons, but don't offer enough support for basketball, soccer or tennis. Needless to say, all equipment must be well fitting and in good condition. It is particularly important to check children's' equipment before the start of each season since their sizes can change so rapidly.

If you are jogging and particularly if you have joint injury or joint pains, try to choose the type of the ground of your jogging track. Avoid hard surfaces like cement or tar, choose the softer ground or grass field or padded tarmac.   Make sure the tarmac or your playing field is in good shape and free of debris, well lighted and ventilated if possible air conditioned. So, it is clear that indoor stadiums or sports facilities should be the preferred choice.

Choose the safe place as if you are alone in some of the gardens or tracks, you could be mugged. Swimming pools without the life savers on duty may be sometimes dangerous.

Slow and steady is a good policy. Increase the physical load or speed or duration gradually. Never rush or try to show off or greedy or compete with others in the early stage of your activity. Know your limit. Don't ever try to push your limit. You should understand that you are the best person to know and understand your limits. When you are out of breath, palpitate (consciousness of rapid heartbeats) or too tired or want to faint, slow down the pace and activity. But don't ever try to lie down on the field or tarmac immediately because there is a danger of all your blood in your lower part of the body rushing back immediately into your heart. Build up your stamina gradually. Don't try to do too much too soon. Slowly increase the time and intensity of your work out routines. If running, don't increase your mileage or overall time by more than 10 percent per week. In weight training, avoid increasing the resistance or repetitions too drastically too quickly. Overuse injuries occur when you increase your exercise intensity more quickly than your body can adapt to the change.

You need to do warming up and warming down before and after each physical activity. You need to stretch your muscles and joints before every sport. Warm up and stretch before you start. A good warm up should last 15 – 20 minutes. Start with an easy cardiovascular workout to raise your body temperature and heart rate, and finish with slow easy stretching. Stretch slowly and don't bounce. Stretching lengthens muscles while it increases blood flow and muscle temperature. When you're finished, your muscles are ready to perform and are less likely to be injured.

If possible hire a professional instructor for your physical activity. If not work out together or play together with the experience person and make sure that you discuss with him about do and don'ts about the particular sports activity you wish to start. And you should read in advance about the facts or recommended methods or theories of that sport.  Training with a coach or sports trainer to learn and maintain good form can prevent bad habits and prevent chronic injuries in the future. Sprained ligaments and strained muscles often result from poor technique. Good body mechanics will help to prevent a lower back injury while swinging a golf club, hockey stick, or baseball bat. Good form increases efficiency and prevents overuse injury.

Drink enough water or in other words, hydrate. Enough water or fluid intake is important for athletes and all sportsmen/sportswomen before, during and after exercise.

Don't overdo it. Don't train hard every day; avoid overuse injuries by alternating hard and easy days as well as hard and easy weeks. Understand your body and watch for signs of fatigue. When you're feeling down, cut-short your section.

You should learn about the "Cross training". If you are a body builder: training in Gym, try jogging or swimming as a cross training exercise. If you are badminton, tennis, squash player try gym, jogging, treadmill and swimming. Varying exercise routines and styles prevents boredom, burn out, and overuse injuries. You should not only concentrate on strength and skills but should increase your stamina with the cardiovascular exercises. Mixing routines and workouts allows for an increased number of muscles and positions to be used and again can prevent overuse injuries.

Don't force to continue playing when you're injured. Don't try to "play through" the pain. Rest and let the injury heal before returning to sport. Continuing to play can only make it worse and may lead to chronic problems. Taking a few days off, may prevent the loss of an entire season or career. Finally, remember RICE: Rest, Ice-Compression, and Elevation, the best treatment for an acute injury. Don't use heat: hot water bags or hot towels or dip in hot water. Heat will increase the swelling because it reactivate or increase the internal bleeding (haematoma) because of increased blood flow.

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It's Been A Hard Day's Night ...

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 06:06 AM PST

The year 2011 looks like the year where I don't get to spend much time to blog. Ever since the year started, I've been up to my neck with work. I'm really drained out already and it's still early January. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but work seems to be coming in by the buckets and it doesn't seem like stopping.

I suppose having work to do is always better than no work at all. Besides, I do need the money to support both wifey's and my fetish for buying loads of running gear and outfits ... LOL! But seriously though, I've been working from morning till late nights on a daily basis and will even have to work till the wee hours of the morning tomorrow to supervise some ambient media works for a telco in KL.

And I don't think it's going to end there cos I have a few more projects lined up that I haven't even looked into yet. Even one of my best buddy's has some work he needs done and I haven't even gone and seen him yet. Bad Nick!

The Chinese New Year is also just around the corner and that looks like a good time to take a short holiday with wifey and the boys. We were supposed to go somewhere for the Christmas holidays but that didn't turn out well cos my break was disturbed with me having to head back to the office to help out with some work.

The thing is, wifey and me really don't like traveling during the festivities cos the roads will be packed with cars and not forgetting some moronic drivers, especially those behind the wheels of buses which these days I stay as far away from as possible. I suppose staying home during the CNY holidays would be the best thing to do seeing as how the town just might be empty.

I say might be empty cos unlike those days when the place would be a literal ghost town during the CNY holidays, more and more people seem to be coming into town than heading out! Darn you people, why can't you all just go crowd some small town and let the city become a ghost town for a few days ... LOL!

I remember back when I was a wee bit younger, during the CNY festivals, the entire place would be deserted and quiet and trying to find an open restaurant was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was so empty that my best buddy and me on one occasion even managed to lie flat on the Federal highway in the middle of the afternoon without being run over. If we did that now, somebody would probably have to scrape us off the road ... LOL!

At least one thing still remains constant even though I have tons of work. I still manage to squeeze in my running sessions with wifey and we're both enjoying it more and more these days. Wifey is also pretty enthusiastic and more determined than ever with her running coupled with the fact that she's running faster and faster these days :D To think only 9 months ago, she never wanted to have anything to do with running ... LOL! One of my aims this year is to take part in a full 42KM marathon and I've been training hard to achieve it.

The boys are also back to the daily grind of going to school again with the new school year starting last week. This time wifey and me played it safe and didn't rush around like a headless chicken to get the boys stuff. We just took our time and even bought their books only on the second day of school unlike last year when we lined up for hours a week or so earlier for their stuff.

At least with them going back to school wifey has some peace and quiet at home for a couple of hours. Even Pebbles seems to be basking in the silence when the boys are at school. She's terrified of my younger boy cos he's perpetually bullying her ... hehehe ... He's a little brat and hopefully he doesn't come and ask me for any homework help with his school work. I can't understand a thing in their school books these days. I dread the time when he starts going to secondary school cos he'd probably ask me for some chemistry help or even physics help and I'd probably just faint ... LOL!

Ok, I'm going to head to bed cos my eyes are heavy and I'm thoroughly exhausted from my run session this morning coupled with having to go in to work and help out with some labourious installations for one of my partner's client. You all have a great weekend :D

Sungguh Binatang: 3 Beradik Perempuan Dirogol Datuk Dan Pakciknya

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 06:59 AM PST

Kuching: Seorang bapa dan anak lelakinya diperintahkan untuk direman selama 7 hari kerana didakwa merogol tiga beradik yang diletakkan di bawah jagaan mereka

Tertuduh pertama berusia 64, seorang buruh manakala seorang pekerja binaan dari Sg. Bedil berumur 36 tahun, masing-masing adalah datuk dan ayah saudara kepada tiga beradik perempuan tersebut.

Kedua-dua suspek telah berkahwin dan mempunyai anak. Ketiga-tiga orang perempuan tiga beradik diletakkan di bawah jagaan mereka apabila ibu bapa mereka bercerai.

Kakak yang tertua telah dirogol semenjak usia 10 tahun. Dia kini hamil 5 bulan

Dua adik perempuannya yang lain juga masih remaja. Pihak Jabatan Kebajikan kini mengambil alih penjagaan adik beradik perempuan tersebut.

OCPD Kuching, Mun Kok Keong mengesahkan kes berkenaan dan menyatakan beliau laporan polis telah diterima dan ketiga remaja permpuan itu sedang menjalani pemeriksaan lanjut di Hospital Besar Sarawak.

Pokok Ru Hempap Kedai Keropok

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 05:28 AM PST

Pengusaha Keropok Rugi RM40,000 Selepas Kedai Dihempap Pokok Ru

KUALA TERENGGANU: Seorang pengusaha keropok kerugian kira-kira RM40,000 selepas kedainya di Kuala Ibai di sini dihempap sebatang pokok ru pagi Sabtu.

Kejadian berlaku ketika angin kencang dan hujan lebat melanda kawasan itu kira-kira 5.30 pagi tadi.

Pemilik kedai berkenaan, Anna Izawati Hamzah, 41, berkata kejadian disedari pada 6 pagi oleh seorang pekerjanya yang datang untuk membuka kedai.

Beliau bergegas ke tempat kejadian selepas dimaklumkan oleh pekerjanya dan terkejut melihat kedai yang diusahakan bersama suami, Wan Yusoff Wan Ngah, 47, sejak enam tahun lalu, hampir ranap.

"Bagaimanapun, saya bersyukur kejadian berlaku semasa tiada sesiapa di kedai termasuk pekerja," katanya ketika ditemui pemberita pada Sabtu.

Turut rosak akibat pokok tumbang di kawasan sama ialah lima buah rumah dan sebuah lagi kedai keropok.

Bagaimanapun tiada kemalangan jiwa dilaporkan.

Sementara itu, Pegawai Pembangunan Dewan Undangan Negeri Batu Buruk Datuk Che Mat Jusoh berkata pihaknya akan mengkaji bentuk bantuan kepada pemilik rumah dan kedai terbabit.

"Pihak Majlis Bandaraya Kuala Terengganu MBKT diharap dapat mengambil tindakan segera untuk mencantas dahan pokok ru berhampiran premis penduduk yang ada antaranya setinggi 15 meter.

"Ketinggian itu berbahaya, lebih-lebih lagi ketika angin kencang di musim tengkujuh," katanya ketika melawat tempat kejadian.

Pegawai Kesihatan Persekitaran MBKT Razali Mohd pula berkata sejak semalam, banyak aduan berkaitan pokok tumbang diterima.

Sehubungan itu, beliau berkata Bilik Gerakan Bencana pada musim tengkujuh telah dibuka dan orang ramai boleh menghubungi talian 09-6203179 atau 09-6203180 bagi memaklumkan sebarang kejadian agar tindakan segera dapat diambil. - BERNAMA

2010 in review

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 04:02 AM PST

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here's a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 44 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 340 posts. There were 12 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 2mb. That's about a picture per month.

The busiest day of the year was May 27th with 61 views. The most popular post that day was Da Chang Jin.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for 我知道我变漂亮了, life after twenty, da chang jin steamboat, being human jack neo, and seafood platter.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Da Chang Jin March 2009


The Victoria's Secrets Black Speedy Bag September 2009


石欣卉 – 我知道我变漂亮了 July 2008


Pityriasis rosea (PR) December 2008


Jack Neo BEING HUMAN March 2010

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1st Day Of 2011 At Tao Auto City And Snow At Sunway Carnival Mall

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 03:38 AM PST

The first week of 2011 new year has passed, I want to wish you all Happy New Year, Happy One Week. =D Today I want to talk about a part of the happenings on the first day of 2011 which falls on a Saturday, last week of today. Last year, I can't recall where I went, the first day usually simple and just a normal day to me because the night before was a blast, late sleeping and stuff. Rested for the whole morning and afternoon on the first day, then I went to Tao Japanese Buffet at Auto City with the Leo Club friends.

It had been some times I didn't go out in a such a big gang already. The people present that night has total of 25. Woo. It's actually also a surprise celebration of someone which you will see down below.

We went for the early session which starts from 5.30pm until 8.30pm. It's eat-all-you-can buffet style where you order as much as you can and they will serve you. The last visit was March 2010 to celebrate Zhen Yuen's birthday at there.

This time wasn't so enjoying because there's too many people and the waiter couldn't serve each of us well. Food came in very slow and the 2 side tables beside the main one always get neglected, turn up people sitting beside, like me has to steal food from the main table. Haha.

Met friends that haven't been seeing for sometimes, met new friends that I never see before. But it's kinda nice dinner because everyone can sit down, chit chat and jokes about stuff.

Then the birthday cake came in out of no where. I didn't even know it was a birthday surprise celebration for 18 years old Tict Chyn and the birthday cake just came in suddenly.

Her birthday was actually 5 days later but it's an early surprise celebration. Not bad. We get free cakes to eat. =D I am not sure Tao got expensive or it was a public holiday, a person costs RM58 after +, expensive? I thought last time was around RM50. Hmm.

Me, Joel and Jocelyn.

After eat, after desserts then it was a little bit of photo session. Didn't really take much photo because there's 3 more DSLR on-site and they are better photographer than me. Me is just life-logging. Haha.


Caster, me and Daniel.

Kah Sing and Lansi Jocelyn. =D

Cindy, Jocelyn, me, Min Xiang, Kah Sing, Yi Jun.

It was still early after having our super full dinner. It was just 8.30pm and we have no place to go and out of no where, a voice said "To Sunway Carnival Mall We Go". And so we journeyed to Sunway Carnival Mall. I was so gladful that I arrived there without using a GPS. =D The reason I was not using a GPS was because I am pro, no, it's because I couldn't find the POI on it. Haha.


Walk around the mall pointlessly, simply walk and talk and do stupid things like talking loud in Parkson shopping centre. Then we stood still at the centre atrium for 5 minutes, less than 25 people mini flash mobs. I can't resist myself to smile during that time but still turn up to be a nice effect in the mall. =D

Then suddenly it felt warm because of 2 spotlights at the ceiling and in a suddenly, white floss coming down from the sky, no it's not snowing, it's snowing, no it's not snowing practically, but it's snowing, fakely.

A nice scene and moment of form-made artificial snow drop down from the ceiling. It's beautiful.

Happy New Year people. =)

Lepas Kes Curi Getah Kini Kes Curi Kelapa Sawit

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 04:30 AM PST

Harga naik, kecurian buah sawit pun meningkat

LUMUT, 8 Jan — Pengusaha ladang dan kebun sawit di Manjung dinasihati supaya meningkatkan kawalan keselamatan di kawasan kebun mereka ekoran kegiatan mencuri buah sawit yang semakin meningkat sejak kebelakangan ini, kata Ketua Polis Daerah Manjung, ACP Mohd Jamil Osman.

Beliau berkata polis menerima banyak aduan mengenai kes kecurian buah sawit yang didapati semakin menjadi-jadi berikutan peningkatan harga kelapa sawit di pasaran.

Beliau berkata polis Khamis lepas menahan seorang remaja berusia 18 tahun dalam satu serbuan ke sebuah ladang kelapa sawit di Ayer Tawar.

Bercakap kepada pemberita di sini hari ini, beliau berkata dalam serbuan pada kira-kira 4 pagi itu, sekumpulan lelaki didapati sedang sibuk memuatkan buah kelapa sawit ke dalam sebuah lori.

Bagaimanapun, katanya kumpulan itu sempat melarikan diri sebelum pemandu lori berusia 18 tahun itu diberkas di sebuah rumah tidak jauh dari ladang berkenaan.

Mohd Jamil berkata polis sedang mengesan rakan pemuda terbabit dan kumpulan itu dipercayai antara beberapa kumpulan yang sedang giat menjalankan aktiviti jenayah berkenaan di daerah ini.

Dalam perkembangan lain, beliau berkata dua lelaki berumur 26 dan 22 tahun diberkas kerana disyaki menyamun tiga buah kedai 24 jam di Seri Manjung dan Sitiawan pada Selasa lepas.

Beliau berkata dua suspek itu diberkas semalam di sekitar Kampung Koh dan polis turut merampas sepucuk pistol mainan, sebilah pisau dan topeng muka daripada mereka. — Bernama

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Harga Getah Naik Kes Curi Getah Pun Naik

Isu SUK Selangor: Khalid Nafi Bekas SUK, KSN Maklum Pelantikan Khusrin

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 03:28 AM PST

SHAH ALAM: Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim menafikan bekas Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri (SUK) Selangor, Datuk Ramli Mahmud dan Ketua Setiausaha Negara (KSN), Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan memaklumkan kepadanya mengenai pelantikan Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi sebagai SUK yang baru.

Setiausaha Politik kepada Menteri Besar, Faekah Husin, berkata sebaliknya KSN
telah menyerahkan senarai nama calon SUK kepada Sultan Selangor melalui Ramli tanpa memaklumkannya kepada Abdul Khalid.

"Menteri Besar menegaskan bahawa beliau telah dibelakangkan dalam semua urusan penyerahan nama ke istana sebelum 17 Disember 2010 dan cara ini ternyata tidak menepati prosedur serta membelakangkan Menteri Besar selain mengetepikan amalan telus dan profesional.

"Begitu juga maklumat dari KSN diserahkan kepada Ramli dan beliau tidak memanjangkan kepada Menteri Besar," katanya dalam kenyataan media di sini hari ini.

Semalam, Ramli dalam satu kenyataan berkata beliau telah menyenaraikan lapan nama yang layak dipertimbangkan untuk mengisi jawatan SUK dan senarai nama itu telah dipersembahkan kepada Sultan Selangor serta salinannya turut diberikan kepada Menteri Besar dan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA), kira-kira tiga bulan sebelum beliau bersara.

Faekah berkata perkara itu terbongkar apabila pada 21 Disember lalu, Setiausaha Sulit kepada Sultan Selangor, Datuk Mohamad Munir Bani telah menghantar surat kepada Setiausaha Sulit Menteri Besar dengan mengepilkan surat bertarikh 10 Disember 2010 yang beliau hantar kepada Ramli berkenaan perkenan Sultan Selangor melantik Mohd Khusrin sebagai SUK.

Beliau berkata antara 10 hingga 21 Disember lalu, Ramli telah menghadiri dua Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri, dua mesyuarat Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Selangor (MTES) dan majlis persaraan beliau tetapi dalam kelima-lima pertemuan itu Ramli tidak pernah menyebut bahawa Sultan Selangor telah memberi perkenan kepada Mohd Khusrin.

"Justeru, kenyataan KSN dan Ramli bahawa Menteri Besar telah dimaklumkan sebelum 21 Disember ternyata salah. Tidak juga terdapat surat berkaitan dengannya sama ada dari KSN mahupun dari Ramli," katanya.

Sehubungan itu, Faekah berkata Menteri Besar berharap KSN dan amnya Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) akan sanggup bekerjasama untuk mencari penyelesaian terbaik dalam masa terdekat.

"Tidaklah perlu memanjangkan perkara ini dengan menimbulkan isu lain kononnya Menteri Besar terlewat menghantar nama dan sebagainya. Menteri Besar percaya hanya dengan bertindak secara profesional serta jujur pada amalan, isu ini boleh diselesaikan," katanya. - BERNAMA

Ramli: Saya serah senarai calon SUK pada MB
Jimadie Shah Othman
Jan 7, 11
Kongsi 65
Bekas Setiausaha Kerajaan (SUK) negeri Selangor Datuk Ramli Mahmud menafikan beliau menyerahkan cadangan penggantinya kepada Sultan Selangor tanpa memaklumkan perkara itu kepada Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

NONE"Senarai ini telah disembahkan kepada DYMM Sultan Selangor, diserahkan kepada YAB menteri besar dan saya meminta beliau berbincang dengan DYMM Sultan.

"Dan satu salinan kepada JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam) untuk pemilihan bagi memastikan SUK Selangor orang Selangor dan mempunyai pengalaman bekerja di Selangor bagi mengetahui adat kerja," katanya.

Dalam kenyataan kepada Malaysiakini hari ini, Ramli berkata, beliau tidak terlibat langsung dalam menentukan Datuk Khusrin Munawi sebagai SUK Selangor.

Berikut kenyataan penuhnya berhubung kontroversi pelantikan bekas pengarah Jabatan Agama Islam (JAIS) Selangor itu:

Saya tidak terlibat langsung dalam menentukan Dato' Kushrin sebagai SUK Selangor. Saya hanya terlibat dalam menyenaraikan calon-calon yang layak dipertimbangkan berdasarkan seniority (kekananan) dan saya percaya pada seniority.

Sebanyak lapan nama layak dipertimbangkan dan Dato' Kushrin adalah calon kelima berdasarkan kekananan.

Senarai ini telah disembahkan kepada DYMM Sultan Selangor, diserahkan kepada YAB menteri besar dan saya meminta beliau berbincang dengan DYMM Sultan.

Dan satu salinan kepada JPA untuk pemilihan bagi memastikan SUK Selangor orang Selangor dan mempunyai pengalaman bekerja di Selangor bagi mengetahui adat kerja. Senarai telah diserahkan lebih daripada tiga bulan sebelum persaraan saya.

Mereka semua pegawai saya dan saya tiada preference kerana saya tiada personal interest (kepentingan peribadi).

JPA telah menyenaraipendek tiga nama dan minta disembahkan kepada DYMM Sultan seperti yang dititahkan, berdasarkan integiriti, kredibeliti dan pengalaman. Nama Dato' Khushrin yang teratas dan dua nama lain.

Saya telah bertanyakan senarai negeri beberapa kali daripada (exco Selangor) Dato' Hasan (Ali). Kali pertama dimaklumkan belum selesai wawancara Dato' Nordin yang bercuti dan sekali lagi dimaklumkan telah diserahkan kepada YAB Menteri Besar.

Saya perpendapat perkara ini akan di bawa untuk berbincang sendiri dengan DYMM Sultan Selangor. Saya telah kemukakan tiga calon JPA kepada DYMM Sultan Selangor.

Dan DYMM Sultan telah perkenan Dato' Kushrin melalui surat kepada saya yang disalinkan keapda YAB MB. Saya telah memanjangkannya kepada JPA dan perkara ini masih embargo sehingga pengumuman dibuat oleh JPA.

Saya didakwa tidak memaklumkan kepada EXCO kerana saya kira kalau hendak pecahkan rahsia biarlah YAB menteri besar sebab beliau juga mendapat salian surat kerana sebagai YAB MB beliau biasanya kebal, manakala jika saya yang memaklumkannya dan keadaan jadi macam sekarang sudah tentu saya akan dipersalahkan dan boleh didakwa di bawah akta rahsia rasmi.

Keadaan yang senyap menyebabkan saya beranggapan perkara ini telah dibincangkan oleh beliau dgn DYMM Tuanku dan tiada masalah.

Manakala pengarah JAIS tiada masalah, kalau calon saya adalah Dato' Asmawi berdasarkan kekananan, the most senior (yang paling kanan).

YAB menteri besar menulis memo meminta Tuan Haji Marzuki, saya sembahkan kepada DYMM Tuanku sebagai ketua agama Islam dan Baginda telah perkenan.

Saya berpendapat keadaan disebabkan communication brokedown (kegagalan komunikasi) dan juga lack of communiction (kurang komunikasi) di pihak saya dengan YAB menteri besar yang menyebabkan banyak sangat assumption (andaian) digunakan. -mk

Top 10 fashion news of 2010: Uniqlo, first Malaysian store, largest in South East Asia

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 02:52 AM PST

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Thou Shall Not Tell The Truth

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 02:20 AM PST

At last, someone has the conscience and righteousness to come up and speak the truth about what is behind UMNO and its terrorist branch called UMNO Youth.

UMNO-owned mouthpiece seeks to muzzle truth-teller

Utusan Malaysia, the flagship Malay-language newspaper of the United Malays National Organisation is seeking to fire Hata Wahari, one of its leading journalists, for defending the independence of the press and calling for moderation in reporting on Malaysia's tense race relations.

Hata, a 16-year veteran reporter with Utusan who was elected president of the country's National Union of Journalists in September, is expected to face a disciplinary hearing on Jan. 17 into charges that he tarnished the newspaper's image with statements he made calling for press freedom that he issued to independent media between Sept. 21 and Oct. 14 of last year.

The country's political parties own all of Malaysia's major dailies and television stations, in Malay, English, Chinese or Hindi. Opposition parties also own their own publications. The Internet largely supplies the country's only independent journalism, a fact that appears to account for fast-growing online readership.

"I just issued a press statement asking the editors to please go back to our real function, to submit unbiased information to the public," Hata said in a telephone interview. "At the moment, Utusan is doing propaganda for the government. They have raised up racial issues, so that is why they are losing the trust of most of the community in Malaysia. Everybody, even the common public, feels the same way.

"We have to go back to our original mission, not act as a propaganda tool for the government," he told Asia Sentinel. "That is why I issued that statement. I feel I have the support of all of my friends, from the political parties and from other NGOs."

He said he would defend himself vigorously in the disciplinary hearing, partly because if he were to lose he would also lose his right to be the National Union of Journalists president. He is also president of the Confederation of Asean Journalists. "We will fight to the end," he added.

V. Anbalagan, general secretary of the National Union of Journalists, called Utusan's claim that Hata had tarnished the organization's image with his public statements "ludicrous".

"Hata, in his capacity as NUJ president, issued the statements in defense of press freedom and the welfare of members," Anbalagan said in a prepared statement.

Under Malaysia's complicated labor laws, employers must first submit evidence to a disciplinary hearing. Any employee who feels he has been dismissed without cause can take it up with the Director General for Industrial Relations within 60 days, then a reconciliation proceeding must be held to see if a settlement can be arrived at. If not, the labor minister then must decide if the case should be referred to the Industrial Court for adjudication.

Once Malaysia's biggest-selling Malay-language daily, with a circulation of 250,000, Utusan has slumped to 170,000 per day and it is now the No. 6 paper in the country. The continuing loss of circulation, Hata said, stems from the paper's determination to act as a mouthpiece for UMNO and its inflammatory reporting on race and politics.

Certainly, the controversy over Hata hasn't slowed down Utusan's strident racial rhetoric. On Jan. 5, the paper raised the possibility that the state of Selangor, which is controlled by the opposition Democratic Action Party, which is predominantly Chinese, could possibly join Singapore as another "country belonging to China outside mainland China."

According to a translation by the website Malaysian Chronicle, assistant editor in chief Zaini Hassan asked in his column: "Do we Malays [already so few in the world] want to allow another country belonging to China or India outside their own lands? It should be enough with Singapore [a country belonging to China outside mainland China]. Do we also want to give away this homeland?"

In an interview shortly after he was elected NUJ president, Hata told the online publication Malaysiakini that Utusan had lost its way: "People no longer read it, because it is not relevant. If they want to be relevant, they must return to their origins," he said, adding that ultimately the public would give up reading the mainstream papers altogether.

In the interview, he cited what he called Utusan's irresponsible behaviour by daily headlining the news of a Christian preacher who allegedly delivered a speech insulting Islam in a church in Kuching in East Malaysia. Although other papers, including the UMNO-owned Berita Harian also carried the news, it was not given the prominence that the Utusan gave it, he said.

"They focus on stories of Malays disparaging other races, then they run stories of other races making insulting remarks of Malays," he told the website.

Malaysian Police is the real "Killing Machine"

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 02:00 AM PST

Another 3 men killed by trigger-free policemen of Malaysia. It seemed that they were trained to shoot-on-sight the moment they get nervous. When in Malaysia, the last thing that you should get near to is the police force, not the terrorists.

Families want answers to police killings
Teoh El Sen
KUALA LUMPUR: Last year, police shot dead three youths – and today their families want answers to their unsolved "murders".

The trio – Mohd Shamil Hafiz Shafie, 15, Mohd Khairul Nizam Tuah, 20, and Mohd Hanafi Omar, 22 – were gunned down in Jalan Kerjaya, Glenmarie, on Nov 13, after allegedly robbing a petrol station in Jalan U1/1 nearby.

The families of the victims this morning handed over a memorandum to the Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar at the entrance of the federal police headquarters at Bukit Aman here.

They want the police to investigate and charge those responsible for shooting the three youths "at close range".

Speaking to reporters, Shamil's mother Norhafizah Mad Razali said that the three families simply wanted answers.

"My son was only 15 when he was shot dead. I just want justice. Why was he shot? I don't think he had ever done the things the police accused him of," she said, adding that her son was shot in the middle of his head and chest.

"The police also said my son and the other two boys were armed with parangs, but where are the parangs? " asked Norhafizah, 36, who was comforted by her husband when she broke down in tears.

Khairul Nizam's sister, Norhaliza Tuah, 27, said her brother's death did not make sense.

"I don't believe he is a criminal. We were shocked when this happened. When we saw his body, there were bruises on his face. Was he hit before they killed him? We don't know. The police must answer.

"The police even lied. They told us that he 'had an accident' and asked us not to worry. But when we reached the hospital, we saw his bullet-ridden body," said Norhaliza.

Hanafi's father, Omar Abu Bakar, 56, said police did not update the families even after reports were lodged two months ago.

"I am not satisfied. My son was shot in the right ear and if the police said he was attacking them, why wasn't he shot from the front? This means my son was driving at the time. I want the police to speed up their investigations and take action against the people who killed my son," he said.
Also present were human rights NGO Lawyers for Liberty (LFL), Suaram members and Opposition MPs Nurul Izzah Anwar and R Sivarasa.

The memorandum urged the IGP to:

* investigate the fatal shooting of the three youths and prosecute the policemen who fired the shots;
* stop abusive and arbitrary practice in the discharge of firearms;
* make public the Inspector-General Standing Order on police guidelines in the discharge of firearms;
* support the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to function as an external body to investigate complaints about police conduct; and
* support human rights education and training programmes to change the attitudes and methods of law enforcement personnel.

"We are here because the police have committed murder and we can prove it. The three youths were shot at close range. It looked like all three were kneeling when they were shot. Why are the police covering up? We have lodged a police report on Nov 20 and nothing has been done," said N Surendran, a lawyer from LFL.

"We are worried for the people. There is a real need for an IPCMC. We are here for all the other teenagers in Malaysia who are in danger as well. We intend to pursue this until there is justice for the families of the victims."

No accountability

Fellow LFL lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri said Malaysia was faring badly in terms of extra-judicial killings in comparison with other countries.

"Is it so hard for the police to be responsible? Even if the victims were criminals, should they be shot like that? We are troubled and puzzled. We want the police to prosecute those who have been cruelly murdered. They say they are 'seasoned criminals' but they don't even have a single police record."

Added Nurul: "This is not a political issue. It's about the future of our children. We want a better system so that this sort of incident won't recur."

Sivarasa said: "This incident has all the traits of a murder case. It is not isolated. The police simply do have any accountability whatsoever."

Surrounded by a crowd of about 40 people, Bukit Aman public relations department chief inspector Saipul Anuar Razali received the memorandum.

"The investigations are still ongoing. I am here to receive the memorandum. The IGP will answer all your questions later, " he told the family members.

When pressed for answers on the status of the investigations, Saipul left to check but returned later to say it was a Saturday and he could not get in touch with any officers.

He promised to have the answers on Monday.

In the incident, the police claimed the three youths were members of the notorious "Geng Minyak" and were wanted for preying on petrol stations in isolated areas.

The trio were apparently fleeing the scene when they bumped into a team of policemen who were patrolling the area.

A car chase ensued. When the car skidded and stalled by the roadside some 2km away, the police said the trio alighted and tried to assault them, forcing them to open fire.

All three sustained similar gunshot wounds to the forehead and chest.

The families of the victims later lodged reports urging the police to investigate the killing, which they regarded as "murder".

Kes Tembak 3 Remaja: Keluarga Mahu Polis Jelaskan

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 02:32 AM PST

Keluarga mahu polis jelaskan kes tembak 3 remaja

Anggota keluarga kepada tiga remaja yang maut ditembak dalam satu kejadian pada 13 November lalu hari ini menuntut polis membuat penjelasan berhubung kes berkenaan.

Anggota keluarga itu diwakili peguam Fadiah Nadwa Fikri yang turut menyerahkan satu memorandum kepada ketua polis negara, antara lainnya bagi menggesa supaya segera mendedahkan siasatan berhubung kes berkenaan.

Tiga remaja berkenaan, Mohd Shamil Hafiz Shafie, 15, Mohd Khairul Nizam Tuah, 20, dan Mohd Hanafi Omar, 22, maut ditembak dalam kejadian pada awal pagi 13 November tahun lalu di Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Dalam memorandum berkenaan, peguam berkenaan turut menuntut supaya polis mengambil tindakan tegas, termasuk pendakwaan jenayah terhadap anggota yang bertindak melepaskan tembakan tersebut.

Memorandum itu juga mempertikaikan kenyataan pemangku ketua polis Selangor Datuk A. Thaiveegan berhubung kes berkenaan.

"Datuk A. Thaiveegan membuat dakwaan tak munasabah bahawa kesemua yang meninggal dunia merupakan 'penjenayah tegar'.

"Polis mendakwa suspek yang meninggal dunia itu merupakan sebahagian daripada geng yang dikenali sebagai 'Geng Minyak'.

"Mereka juga mendakwa bahawa suspek, apabila dikepung telah meluru ke arah polis dengan parang dan polis menembak mati kesemua mereka dalam mempertahankan diri (mereka).

"Kami dapati cerita daripada polis ini sangat tidak boleh dipercayai," menurut memorandum tersebut yang diserahkan oleh peguam Fadiah Nafwa Fikri.

Dalam memorandum itu juga, tuntutan dikemukakan supaya polis mendedahkan prosedur yang perlu diikuti oleh anggota polis sebelum melepaskan tembakan.

Ia turut mempertikaikan, sekiranya benar suspek berkenaan hanya bersenjatakan parang dan bukannya senjata api, mengapakah perlu menembak mati kesemua remaja berkenaan.

"Adakah apa-apa tembakan amaran dilepaskan? Ianya sangat dipercayai bahawa orang bersenjatakan parang akan meluru ke dalam hujan peluru," memorandum itu dipetik.

Memorandum berkenaan diterima oleh pegawai perhubungan awam Bukit Aman Cif Insp Saipul Anuar Razali kira-kira jam 10.40 pagi ini.

Ketika bercakap kepada keluarga mangsa sebelum itu, beliau memberi jaminan bahawa perkara itu akan dijelaskan oleh ketua polis negara sendiri.

"Insya-Allah pada hari Isnin ini ketua polis negara sendiri akan beri jawapan," katanya yang tidak dapat menjelaskan apakah status sebenar siasatan ke atas kes berkenaan.

Beliau sebelum itu diminta menjelaskan demikian oleh naib presiden parti itu N Surendran yang turut mengiringi keluarga mangsa berkenaan.

Turut mengiringi keluarga mangsa bagi menyerahkan memorandum itu ialah dua ahli parlimen PKR, R Sivarasa (Subang) dan Nurul Izzah Anwar (Lembah Pantai). -mk

Teoh Beng Hock - coroner's verdict is he died naturally or killed by Aliens

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 02:05 AM PST

Now how else can we conclude from this strange verdict of the Coroner? Clearly he is under pressure not to take side. So he stood in the middle. So Teoh's death has to be a misadventure, or attacked by vampires or seventh-month ghosts and spirits. Puzzled.

Teoh family questions AG's motive
Nantha Kumar and K Pragalath

KUALA LUMPUR: Teoh Beng Hock's family has questioned Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail's motive in seeking a revision of the coroner's findings announced on Wednesday.

"Does he want it to be suicide?" asked Gobind Singh Deo, the family's lawyer.

"I think the AG should tell us why is he filing a revision. What is he unhappy about?"

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas delivered an open verdict, saying Teoh's death was neither suicide nor homicide.

Gobind, speaking at a press conference here, said the AG should instead direct investigations into the coroner's findings.

The inquest revealed weaknesses in police investigations into Teoh's death, including a failure to find out how he got bruises in his neck.

He also questioned the rationale behind the government's decision to exclude the cause of death from the terms of reference of the royal commission of inquiry, as announced by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak today.

Najib said the commission would study only the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) procedures to "determine whether there has been a violation of the human rights of Teoh Beng Hock during the investigation".

Gobind said: "How are you going to ascertain the procedures did not violate Teoh's human rights when we do not know what actually happened to him?"

He said he was "disturbed and disappointed" at the narrow scope of the inquiry.

"Why hold a royal commission now to look into the investigation procedures by the MACC? That aspect should have been looked into long ago. At the end of the day, everybody wants to know how Teoh died."

Teoh Lee Lan, Beng Hock's sister, said the family was still hoping for a royal commission that would investigate her brother's death.

Responding to Minister in Prime Minister's Department Nazri Aziz's call to the family to accept the coroner's decision, she said: "Would Nazri accept the decision if it was a member of his family who died?"
Just who is politicising Beng Hock's death, MCA?
Jackson Ng
This was what the Sun reported today in their article 'Don't politicise TBH inquest verdict: MCA':

"The MCA has extended its sympathy and condolences to the family of political aide Teoh Beng Hock, and criticised the Opposition for politicising the inquest decision.

"At a press conference today, MCA president Chua Soi Lek said: 'The unfortunate death of Teoh Beng Hock has been used as a political instrument to discredit the government.

'While we admit it has not been handled very well from the beginning, nor has it inspired confidence in the government, it should not be used as a political weapon. Doing so will only prolong the suffering of his family,' he said.

"He added that the MCA will discuss the matter in its next central committee meeting on how to help move this case forward …"

What a load of bull.

Nineteen months after Teoh's death and the conclusion of a lengthy coroner's inquest, the MCA president Chua Soi Lek says his party central committee will discuss the matter in its next meeting.

That is all our so-called Chinese leader had to say in response to an unacceptable open verdict by the coroner.

The self-confessed adulterer doesn't even have the courage to call for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) into the death of a Pakatan Rakyat DAP aide while under the custody of the Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

And he criticises the Pakatan for politicising the inquest decision. Now, who in the first place is politicising the death?

Was it the Pakatan government that took Teoh into custody for questioning as a witness who then failed to emerge alive?

Chua, please, don't play politics when a precious life has been lost.

Irrespective of political affiliation, Teoh died in custody and do you expect Malaysians to believe that no one in MACC knows what happened?

Sounds more like a cover up to protect those responsible for causing Teoh's death, directly or indirectly.

Chua also gave an illogical advice that prolonging the issue would mean prolonging the suffering of Teoh's family.

Please don't insult our intelligence this way. It is the government's lack of will to deliver justice for Teoh's death that is prolonging the issue.

Just find the culprits responsible for Teoh's death and the case will be closed. Period.

Or, are you too scared to push for this for fear of your own personal transgressions?.

I certainly don't place much hope on you and the MCA to take care of the rakyat's interest.

Najib Chided as Irresponsible in Rais' Rape Case

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 01:30 AM PST

Najib is buying time. And now it is time to buy out the maid, make sure she is stuffed with so much money in her mouth, she couldn't say the word rape anymore, for the rest of her life. :)

Rape row: Gerakan Youth leader rebukes Shamsul
Athi Shankar
ALOR STAR: A Gerakan Youth leader today rebuked PKR national Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Akin for criticising Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's call on all to stop passing judgments on the "Rais Yatim" case

Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said he was upset that Shamsul and the PKR Youth movement could not accept a simple advice from the premier.

He said that in a fair and democratic country, a person shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Hence, he pointed out that one cannot be prejudged and sentenced prematurely until one was found guilty following completion of a proper investigation and a fair trial.

"Although Pakatan Rakyat is all geared up to conquer the country, its mission shall not be accomplished at the expense of the country's legal system based on fairness and democracy," Tan said in a statement today.

The embattled Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim is embroiled in an alleged rape case that happened in 2007 involving his former Indonesian domestic maid.

The case has burst into the hottest public topic in the country today, prompting Najib to make a public call to all to stop commenting about it until a full probe was completed.

"We cannot prejudge and pronounce something against someone before proper investigation is done. In any case, what happened was in 2007, the question is why (bring it up) now," he was quoted as saying in press reports.

Double standards

Shamsul has chided Najib's call as irresponsible and a practice of double standards.

"It shows two sets of law being applied here, one for Umno and another against the opponents of Umno," Shamsul has reportedly said.

After weeks of speculations on "who's who" of the case, Rais finally came out in the open this week to vehemently deny he was the alleged minister involved.

Another of his former domestic maid, Sumati, came in support of him to dismiss the rape claims.

A video featuring Sumati dismissing the allegations as untrue has appeared on several pro-Umno blogs since yesterday.

Sumati is said to be a friend of Robengah, the woman at the centre of Internet rumour of the alleged rape case,.

Sumati is said to have worked alongside Robengah at the minister's home at the material time.

"For as long as I have worked here, I never heard of any rape stories," she said a five-minute video clip dated Jan 6, 2011.

Sumati, who said she knew Robengah since she started work on Aug 23, 1999, said as room mates, Robengah had never once skipped sleeping in their room, responding to a question whether there had been any night Robengah was absent.

Robengah returned to Indonesia in 2007.

Political factions

Sumati also said that they were happy with the treatment from Masnah, Rais's wife, during their employment.

"If not, I would not have lasted so long," she added.

Tan said Shamsul's criticism against Najib has put the country's political standards at its lowest ebb.

He accused certain political factions of pressing on false allegations against Barisan Nasional leaders merely to serve their selfish agenda.

He alleged these quarters are prepared to sow seeds of suspicion among Malaysians that all BN leaders were criminals as charged without proper probes and trials.

He expressed disappointment that these quarters were willing to deploy any unethical methods to achieve their political goals.

He said the whole episode had already unfairly tarnished the image of Rais and his family, as well as the country's international reputation.

"Are these principles of justice and democracy advocated by Pakatan?" asked Tan.

Standby: Lights, Camera, Action!

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 12:50 AM PST

On August 1st 2007, Teganita posted a statement HERE about an unnamed Malaysian senior minister in an alleged rape case of an Indonesian Maid named Robengah who was then currently under Migrant Care investigation.

There was no official response about that allegation for a long time. I am not sure if Teganita (in the 3. 5yrs since that report) has received any official response either.

In late December 2009, Rocky Bru, Sakmongkol and Another Brick in the Wall also blogged about a said Wikileaks series of diplomatic whisper in 2007 regarding the alleged rape of an Indonesian maid by a Cabinet minister then.

Note: There was NO reaction from the parties concerned after these were posted in cyberspace. In fact, SILENCE prevailed till 5th January, 2011.

On 5th January 2011, The Malaysian Insider reported that a representative of a PKR-linked group called Malaysian Youth Solidarity (SAMM), Norazizi Aziz, lodged the report based on a document that has been circulating on the Internet since late last month.

Hours later on the same day, The Malaysian Insider reported HERE that Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim denied the allegation today that he had raped his maid in 2007.

"I deny every allegation made, whether it involves raping any individual four years ago or other accusations published by wild writers on the internet or any political party," said Rais in a statement published through state news agency Bernama.

Today, The Star and Free Malaysia Today reported that the Indonesian maid, said to be the rape victim of Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, has denied the allegation. Both sources quoted THIS SITE without giving the exact link.

Anyway, I searched the site and found the exact report AT THIS LINK in the article titled Migrant Care Stop Advokasi Pemerkosaan TKI Atas Permintaan Korban written by Elvan Dany Sutrisno. Excerpt from the report:

Jakarta - TKI Rubingah (46) mengatakan tidak pernah diperkosa menteri Malaysia Rais Yatim. Migrant Care yang pernah menerima pengaduan Rubingah pun menghentikan advokasi sesuai permintaan dia.

"Advokasi di tahun 2007 kami hentikan karena korban tidak mau kasus tersebut dipublikasi atau diteruskan ke ranah hukum," ujar Direktur Eksekutif Migrant Care, Anis Hidayah, kepada detikcom, Jumat (7/1/2011).

Anis menuturkan, Migrant Care melakukan advokasi kasus Rubingah atas permintaan KBRI Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur. KBRI meminta bantuan Migrant Care untuk memberikan advokasi setelah Rubingah melaporkan pemerkosaan yang dialaminya.

"Waktu itu kami ikut membaca pengaduannya dan keluarganya yang mengatakan diperkosa oleh majikannya yang pejabat tinggi Malaysia ke KBRI yang dibuat di surat resmi dilengkapi foto," ungkap Anis.

Translation available HERE in Google Translate.

I am not blogging about the rape case now since parties concerned have issued OFFICIAL denials but rather, I want us to consider the time frame of various developments.

This whole scenario is MOST puzzling. Here are a few UNANSWERED questions.

1. Why have the authorities been moving in slow motion when responding to such a serious allegation?

A lapse of three years five months is a long time for any one to deny the allegations.

2. Why did the maid take over three years five months to deny the allegations?

3. If indeed the rape did NOT happen, why then did Migrant Care issue the statement that was carried by Teganita?

4. With the denials by both parties, I hope that Migrant Care and Teganita can help shed light on this situation.

Or is it a case of Standby: Lights, Camera, Action?

Dr Porn Chua has no sympathy because Teoh Beng Hock is not his son!

Posted: 08 Jan 2011 12:59 AM PST

...and he is Umno's good dog! Well done, Chua. You don't even fight for justice, let alone the Chinese.
UPDATED @ 01:59:22 PM 08-01-2011
By Boo Su-Lyn
January 08, 2011

The crowd for Teoh Beng Hock Inquest verdict day.
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 — Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek today dismissed calls for a royal commission to probe Teoh Beng Hock's death, whose scope has been limited to anti-graft investigation methods.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the formation of a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to review the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation procedures.
"The Attorney-General already said he would file for a revision (of the verdict) to look into the cause of death," Dr Chua told reporters today.
On Wednesday, the Coroner's Court returned an open verdict in Teoh's inquest, which means it could not ascertain how the 30-year-old DAP political aide had fallen to his death in 2009.

The PM said Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had expressed his dissatisfaction with Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas's verdict and would file for a revision soon at the Shah Alam High Court.
Najib has also said the RCI could not look into the cause of Teoh's death as the law mandated such investigations to be done through the coroner's office.
Teoh's family, the Bar Council and the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), however, have demanded the PM to expand the powers of the RCI.
The Teoh family's lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo, said yesterday it was meaningless and a waste of public funds to set up an RCI that could not investigate how Teoh had plunged to his death.
Bar Council president Ragunath Kesavan also stressed that the Najib administration was obliged to give the family closure.
Teoh's sister Lee Lan accused Najib yesterday of failing to honour his promise that the Teoh family would know how her brother died.
She expressed her disappointment with Najib's announcement of setting up an RCI that lacked the powers to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding Teoh's death.
Lee Lan pointed out that the coroner had noted there were pre-fall injuries and had singled out the injury to Teoh's neck.
She also said when the family met Najib two years ago after Teoh died, the PM personally pledged he would see to it the family will know how Teoh fell nine floors to his death.
The former political secretary to Selangor state executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead on the fifth floor service corridor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam on July 16, 2009.
MACC officials had earlier interrogated him overnight at its then-Selangor headquarters on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam on allegations that his former boss had abused state funds.
Today however, Dr Chua questioned Lee Lan's claims of Najib's vow to the family.
"Do you know what the prime minister said to the family? Were you there?" he asked a reporter who had highlighted Lee Lan's claims.
"It is not fair to say what the family said is true and what the prime minister said is not true," added Dr Chua.
He also stressed that Teoh's death should not be used to gain political mileage.
"We extend our fullest sympathy but it should not be politicised," he said.

Well, Dr Porn Chua, were you there to know what the prime minister said to the family? I bet you were not there as well. Were you in a hotel room f***ing a Chinese lady? Come on. You don't have to stoop so low to defend your master. Here's a good chance for you to defend the Chinese but you just blew it! Why not you balik Cina since China cannot and will not do anything to help Teoh Beng Hock too!

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