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Say NO to Nuclear Power Plant

Say NO to Nuclear Power Plant

Say NO to Nuclear Power Plant

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 10:33 AM PDT

I don't need to explain much on what happen in Japan... Anyway, given that Japan is facing the Nuclear state of emergency and the people of Japan is facing the worst, the most challenging and dangerous moment... 

On the other side of the world, the German has come out and protest to request their government to shutdown all the nuclear power plant and abolish them for the safety of the people but also for the good of the people around the world. 

Look @ how dangerous Japan facing and 40,000 German has stood up to say NO to nuclear power plant. Why our lovely government still considering to build Nuclear Power Plant by 2021? The next most important question... where is the power plant going to locate? Which part of Malaysia?

Me: See what happen to Japan on Nuclear Power Plant. Our government still wanna to build? Sad Sad...
Colleague: What to do? They can earn from buidling it.
Me: I wonder where are they going to place the nuclear power plant?
Colleague: I think they will most probably will build in Sabah.
Me: I think they should place it in Putrajaya.
Everyone: Laugh... 

Dear lovely government, 
Please abolish the idea of building the nuclear power plant if your slogan is the People of Malaysia comes FIRST... hope you could exercise what you have promised... "THE PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA comes FIRST" So what would you say? In this case, i think the lovely government should abolish.

Folks, what do you think? ...

Why does Najib sound so much like Raja Petra? Bread and butter issues?

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 10:19 AM PDT

Najib said there were enough development projects in states like Selangor  but people in the urban areas wished to see social justice and a government administration that was efficient, transparent and free from corruption and power abuse..."These are bread and butter issues," he said, adding that the government had also set up 1Malaysia Development Bhd which, through its social service project, financed the rehabilitation of dilapidated homes of the hardcore poor.

Does the government really care?

If yes, why the rampant corruption in Sarawak?

Sarawak Report is doing MACC a big favour by exposing 'Taib's abuses' yet there is no investigation until now.

Raja Petra said something like 'The Umnoputras - the selected few that include those from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and Bumiputeras from Sarwak and Sabah - are the ones who are enriching themselves" in his recent talk at the ANU.

ex PM, mahathir, should be charged under the sedition act

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 10:18 AM PDT

… so said, international islamic university of malaysia law professor abdul aziz (pic)l,  for violating the sedition law by questioning the status of vernacular schools.

but wait…! he's not you and me. he's not from the opposition.  so you'd better dream on if you want to see him being charged.

prof. abdul aziz was commenting on article 152, which  guarantees the status of chinese and tamil schools while recognising bahasa melayu as the official language. mahathir, had in his blog entry titled semenanjung tanah melayu 2″,  called for all malaysians to be "speaking and teaching in one national language" and practising one national culture.

"mahathir can be arrested and charged under the sedition act because he questioned the status of vernacular schools, which are guaranteed by article 152," abdul aziz said.

prof abdul aziz also confirmed to us that the extremist, racist group, perkasa ('extremist' and 'racist' are my own words, not prof abdul) is all the time only acting like monkeys jumping up and down making lots of noises (again my own words) regarding malay special privileges.  he pointed out that the federal constitution already recognised the special privileges, the this part of the constitution cannot be amended at all without the consent of the rulers.

i'm sure perkasa are aware of that.  well, didn't they, when becoming monkeys, keep on harping on that fact? "don't question malay's special privileges. it's enshriend in the constitution." they would said. or "those who question malay's special privileges should be detained under the ISA."

yes, we are not stupid (unlike them!). we know the special privileges are enshrined in the constitution and that particular act can't be amended just like that. so of course we wouldn't dare to question these special rights they are privileged to have.  however each time, we so much as bring up something to do with how the malays and non malays are treated, perkasa will come out with their 'stop questioning our special rights!" cry. well, what else can they respond with, with their minute minds?

special rights… special privileges… whatever, the word 'special is there. have you heard of 'special child'? what does a special child means? a retarded child. well…. perkasa (and many other umnoputera) holding on to their special title… what does that means???



Perkasa 'illogical' for playing up Malay privileges issue

Wong Teck Chi and Tan Hong Kai
Mar 15, 11

Malay rightwing group Perkasa is "illogical" in playing up the issue of Malay privileges because the federal constitution guarantees their rights, which cannot be amended without the consent of the rulers.

In saying this, International Islamic University of Malaysia law professor Abdul Aziz Bari also criticised former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad for violating the sedition law by questioning the status of vernacular schools.

"The constitution stipulates that only certain articles can be amended with the consent of the Rulers' Council, including articles 152 and 153, which touch on Bahasa Melayu and Malay rights.

"These articles cannot be amended, even with 100 percent support from Parliament.

"Hence, to me,the demand by Perkasa is illogical because the constitution protects Malay rights and the Malay language," Abdul Aziz said at a discourse on "Federalism: Justice in distrubuting national wealth",organised by the office of the Selangor state economic adviser.

He said article 152 guarantees the status of Chinese and Tamil schools while recognising Bahasa Melayu as the official language.

Hence, he said, Mahathir could be charged under the Sedition Act for his blog entry questioning the status of vernacular schools.

In his blog entry titled "Semenanjung Tanah Melayu 2″, the former prime minister called for all Malaysians to be "speaking and teaching in one national language" and practising one national culture.

"Mahathir can be arrested and charged under the Sedition Act because he questioned the status of vernacular schools, which are guaranteed by article 152," Abdul Aziz said.

He added that the relevant articles were vital in ensuring that racial and religious issues were not played up by politicians and made controversial.

Anwar cries foul on 'discrimination'

Meanwhile, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who spoke in his capacity as economic adviser to the Selangor government, said the four states ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat coalition were discriminated against by the federal government in terms of allocations.

At a press conference after the discourse with state civil servants, Anwar said although Selangor taxpayers pay RM16 billion in taxes to federal government every year, yet the state only got back RM400 million in grants, which was a mere 2.9 percent of what was paid to the federal government.

The sum is "too small, and not rational," he added.

"The powers of the state, which are guaranteed by the constitution, have been eroded, not only in Sabah and Sarawak, but also in the states ruled by Pakatan."

Anwar also said federal grants given to the former Selangor government were a lot more compared with what was now given to the state under PKR Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

According to the PKR de facto leader, the Penang government also faced the same problem.

He said he understood that the government needed to help the poorer states by using taxes collected in the richer states, but the ratio of 2.9 percent for Selangor was not reasonable.

Anwar called on the federal government to set up a mechanism to manage allocations to the states in order to distribute the resources reasonably.

Lelaki Itu Mahu "Bogelkan" Ummi Hafilda Sekali Lagi

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 09:42 AM PDT

Baginda pula jelajah 'bongkar' Ummi Hafilda

Bekas rakan niaga Ummi Hafilda Ali hari ini mengancam menjelajah ke seluruh negara bagi berceramah untuk mendedahkan apa yang dikatakan "skandal" wanita itu di masa lalu.

Baginda Minda, yang mendakwa rakan niaga untuk projek berkaitan pembinaan Lapangan Terbang Antarangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA), berkata beliau tidak dapat menahan lagi dakwaan Ummi terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Baginda mendakwa, ketika Ummi membuat pelbagai dakwaan, termasuk tentang moral ketua pembangkang itu, wanita itu sendiri mempunyai skandal dengannya di London.

Menurut Baginda, Ummi tidak jujur apabila terlibat dalam kempen pilihan raya kecil Merlimau dan Kerdau awal bulan ini.

Beliau yang mendakwa cukup mengenali Ummi mendakwa, wanita itu tidak akan melakukan sesuatu perkara jika tidak dibayar.

Menyingkap perbicaraan liwat pertama terhadap Anwar pada lebih 10 tahun lalu, Baginda menuduh Ummi membuat perjanjian dengan bekas menteri kewangan Tun Daim Zainuddin supaya membuat pengakuan yang menentang ketua pembangkang.

Baginda mendakwa perjanjian itu memerlukan Ummi berbohong di kandang saksi bagi membolehkan diberikan bahagian kecil dalam projek KLIA yang bernilai berbilion ringgit.

Justeru, Baginda mendakwa Ummi telah ditipu Daim yang menyebabkan dia tidak mendapat apa-apa dan terpaksa "menjaja" isu Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan bagi mendapatkan wang. -mk


Lelaki Ini Pernah Mengaku Dalam Mahkamah Lakukan Hubungan Seks Dengan Ummi Hafilda

Sesi perbicaraan kes Liwat 1 sekitar tahun 2003 yang lalu

Saya Pernah Lakukan Hubungan Seks Dengan Ummi"- BAGINDA (gambar kanan)

Saksi pembela dalam perbicaraan fitnah salah laku seks dan tuduhan liwat DSAI memberitahu Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur bahawa beliau telah mengadakan hubungan seks dengan saksi utama pendakwa iaitu Ummi Hafilda Ali.

Norazman Abdullah @ Baginda anak Minda memberitahu bahawa hubungan seks antara beliau dan Ummi berlaku semasa mereka tinggal bersama di London.

Baginda, 40, juga memberitahu bahawa beliau sudah mengenali Ummi sejak 1992 tetapi hubungan itu menjadi akrab semasa mereka berada di London dalam bulan Jun 1998, bersama-sama ahli perniagaan yang dikenali sebagai MP S'ng Chee Hua dan seorang kawan yang lain.

Menurut Baginda lagi, Ummi memberitahunya, apabila kembali ke Malaysia bahawa dia akan membayar wang berjumlah RM200,000 kepada isteri Baginda supaya mereka boleh berkahwin secara sulit di London. Ummi juga berjanji akan memberikan saham sebanyak 25 peratus dalam projek iklan yang bernilai RM10 juta.

Ummi pernah membuat kejutan beberapa ketika lalu dengan mengistiharkan dirinya masih 'dara'. Beliau juga bersama-sama Azizan Abu Bakar menulis surat kepada PM Mahathir bahawa beliau mengetahui rekod salah laku seks bekas TPM, DSAI.

Baginda juga memberitahu mahkamah semalam, bahawa pada mulanya Ummi memberitahunya kes salah laku yang melibatkan bekas TPM DSAI itu adalah benar belaka. Tetapi selepas hubungan mereka (Ummi dan Baginda) akrab, Ummi mengakui bahawa 'kes salah laku DSAI' itu hanyalah diada-adakan (rekaan).

Baginda juga memberitahu mahkamah bahawa Ummi memberitahunya bahawa dia telah memaksa Azizan mengaku telah mengadakan hubungan seks (liwat) dengan DSAI. Ummi bagaimana pun tidak menjelaskan kepadanya bagaimana dia memaksa Azizan supaya mengaku diliwat, kata Baginda lagi. Ini semua dilakukan kerana dia (Ummi) bencikan DSAI dan abangnya Azmin Ali kerana tidak mahu membantunya dalam pemberian projek-projek perniagaan.

Ummi juga telah memberitahu Baginda bahawa apabila DSAI disingkirkan kelak beliau akan mendapat projek iklan bernilai RM10 juta di KLIA dari Tun Daim.

Semasa beliau dan Ummi berada di London, Ummi ada memberitahunya bahawa Mahathir adalah 'dalang' di sebalik Buku 50 Dalil: Mengapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi Perdana Menteri".

Selain Mahathir nama-nama yang disebut Ummi terlibat dalam penyediaan buku fitnah itu ialah Tun Daim, Rahim Thamby Chik (bekas Ketua Menteri Melaka) dan Setiausaha Eksekutif UMNO Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Menurut Baginda, beliau diberitahu oleh Ummi bahawa penulis buku itu ialah Khalid Jeffri sementara ianya dibiayai oleh Tengku Razaliegh Hamzah, Tun Daim dan Tengku Adnan.

Baginda menambah, Ummi memberitahunya pada suatu malam dalam bulan Ogos 1998 bahawa bapanya Haji Ali tidak mengakuinya sebagai anak kerana membantu menyediakan kandungan dan maklumat yang tidak benar dalam penulisan buku fitnah tersebut.

Ummi menjelaskan kepada Baginda bahawa beliau tidak dapat tidur kerana bapanya (bapa Ummi) telah menghalaunya dari rumah.

Azmin Ali sebelum ini pernah memberikan keterangannya bahawa Ummi bukanlah seseorang sebagaimana yang didakwanya dan beliau telah tidak diakui anak oleh bapa mereka lewat 1998 kerana melarikan diri bersama lelaki yang sudah bernikah ke luar negara.

Baginda memberitahu mahkamah semalam, bahawa Ummi Hafilda telah memberitahunya dia sudah menulis surat kepada Mahathir tentang salah laku seks DSAI tetapi kandungan surat itu akan ditapis dan dipinda oleh Aziz Shamsuddin, Setiausaha Politik Mahathir.


Posted: 15 Mar 2011 08:12 AM PDT




Saya menjunjung kasih Titah Ucapan DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong sewaktu pembukaan Mesyuarat Pertama Penggal Keempat pada Isnin yang lepas dan saya mengucapkan terima kasih kerana diberikan peluang untuk turut serta di dalam perbahasan titah ucapan ini.

Saya Menyahut dengan penuh taat sebagai rakyat akan saranan titah DYMM agar patuh kepada kedaulatan undang-undang dan keluhuran Perlembagaan dan tidak mempersoalkan agama Islam sebagai agama Persekutuan dan kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu serta anak negeri Sabah dan Sarawak serta kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain yang telah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Tetapi bila kita bercakap soal perlembagaan saya ingin tekankan bahawa Kerajaan BN tidak memperkasakan perlembagaan negara malah terus menjadikan perlembagaan yang sering dipinda sebagai alat penjajahan politik masa kini.

"Di sini saya hendak membuat deklarasi bahawa Barisan Nasional adalah kerajaan anti-demokratik dan juga deklarasi bahawa Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Polis."

Sekiranya BN bukan kerajaan anti-demokratik dan Malaysia bukan sebuah negara Polis, kerajaan BN mesti melaksanakan Reformasi Politik secara menyeluruh sekarang.

Pada bulan Oktober 2010, saya telah menulis secara rasmi kepada YAB PM mencadangkan agar elemen reformasi politik ditambah, kerana tidak tertera di dalam Agenda Transformasi Negara  yang berpaksi kepada 4 tiang atau prinsip iaitu 1Malaysia, GTP, ETP dan Rancangan Malaysia ke-10 dan ke 11, dengan penuh insaf untuk bersama-sama kerajaan membina negara Malaysia yang lebih baik, lebih makmur, lebih sejahtera dan lebih demokratik.

Sesi parlimen kali ini wujud satu peluang untuk Perdana Menteri dengan jelas dan terang menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara yang lebih demokratik dan membuktikan bahawa Malaysia bukan negara polis dengan hanya melakukan tiga perkara asas yang saya kira mudah dan dapat dilakukan tanpa kesulitan dan kerumitan. Ketiga-tiga ini hanya memerlukan daya politik atau kehendak politik dan kejujuran didalam 'mendahulukan rakyat' dan 'memajukan negara'. Tiga perkara asas yang saya maksudkan adalah ;

1)  Meluluskan Rang Undang-Undang Akta Pemansuhan Darurat 2011

2) Membenarkan dakwat kekal ditanda pada jari selepas pengundian di dalam pilihanraya sebagai usaha paling minima sebelum mereformasikan keseluruhan sistem pilihanraya negara.

3) Mewujudkan Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) yang dicadangkan oleh Suruhanjaya Diraja Penambahbaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan PDRM yang dipengerusikan oleh Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah, dibantu oleh bekas ketua mereka sendiri, Tun Mohammed Haniff Omar sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi dan 14 anggota.

Di atas kesedaran dan kepercayaan bahawa titah DYMM mesti dihalusi dan dituruti maka saya telah sebelum ini menyarankan agar Demokrasi Berperlembagaan dipulihkan segera bermula dengan cadangan Akta Pemansuhan Darurat 2011 yang masih berjalan di negara ini. Sudah 54 tahun negara kita Merdeka, tetapi sehingga kini masih lagi wujud 4 Pengisytiharaan Darurat:

1) Deklarasi Darurat 1964, iaitu hasil konfrontasi dengan Indonesia. Walaupun konfrontasi tersebut hanya selama hampir dua tahun, deklarasi tersebut tidak ditarik balik.

2) Pengisytiharan Darurat Sarawak 1966, hasil krisis perlembagaan di negeri tersebut. Walaupun tiada insiden kekerasan yang berlangsung menerusi krisis tersebut, kerajaan masih lagi mengisytiharkan darurat, yang terhad di negeri Sarawak. Krisis tersebut sudah selesai, namun darurat masih berkuatkuasa.

3) Deklarasi Darurat yang berkuatkuasa seluruh negara 1969, selepas demonstrasi besar- besaran serta keganasan yang berlangsung akibat sentimen perkauman yang berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969 di Kota Kuala Lumpur. Walaupun selepas kerajaan berperlembagaan kembali berkuasa pada Februari 1971, keadaan darurat masih terus berkuatkuasa hingga sekarang melalui Akta Darurat (Kuasa-kuasa khas) 1979 (Akta 216).

4) Pengisytiharan Darurat Kelantan 1977 yang terhad kepada Negeri Kelantan sahaja selepas krisis politik di negeri tersebut.

Saya merasakan sudah tiba waktu dan ketikanya dalam menghormati semangat Perlembagaan, Kerajaan perlu menghapuskan dan melenyapkan terus undang-undang dan peraturan yang jelas menyimpang dan bertentangan dengan semangat Perlembagaan.

Di negara kita akta darurat ini digunapakai untuk memerangi komunis dan musuh luar ketika konfrontasi tetapi sekarang ini siapakah musuh-musuh luar yang masih mengancam kita? Tetapi sekiranya akta darurat ini dikekalkan untuk mengekang rakyat, ini bukan sahaja anti-demokratik, malah satu bentuk penjajahan baru yang menzalimi rakyat dan mencemarkan semangat perlembagaan. Oleh itu ini menjadikan BN sebuah rejim yang anti-demokratik.

Malaysia di bawah BN, jelas menutup pintu demokrasi. Jika benar pemimpin BN di sebelah sana ingin menyuburkan Demokrasi, saya cabar dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang, BN menggunakan dakwat di jari. Jika perkara kecil sebegini pun tidak mampu dilaksanakan, usah bercakap soal Reformasi Politik!

Saya ingatkan perbahasan mengenai keperluan penggunaan dakwat kekal yang ditanda di jari di dalam forum anjuran Bersih 2.0 pada 21hb Februari 2011 kepada Timbalan Pengerusi SPR Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, di mana saya bangkitkan jawapan Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, yang menyatakan  ketika menjelang PRU 2008, walau kabinet memutuskan untuk membazirkan sekitar 2.4 juta ringgit  dengan membatalkan penggunaan dakwat atas kononnya alasan keselamatan, SPR sebenarnya punyai kebebasan untuk meneruskan juga penggunaannya.

Tetapi ini tidak berlaku dan kita masih tidak mahu menggunakan belanja RM 2.4 juta yang jauh lebih kecil daripada RM3.4 billion untuk kapal selam dan RM6 billion untuk kapal OPV yang dibelanjakan untuk pertahanan negara, kenapa Kerajaan BN tidak mahu menggunakan dakwat yang akan mempertahankan integriti paling asas sebuah demokrasi iaitu pilihanraya?.

Perkara ketiga adalah untuk Mewujudkan Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) yang dicadangkan oleh Suruhanjaya Diraja Penambahbaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan PDRM yang dipengerusikan oleh Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah, dibantu oleh bekas ketua mereka sendiri, Tun Mohammed Haniff Omar sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi dan 14 anggota.

Tiga perkara yang asas dan tidak besar belanjanya iaitu:

1) Meluluskan Rang Undang-Undang Akta Pemansuhan Darurat 2011

2) Membenarkan dakwat kekal ditanda pada jari selepas pengundian di dalam pilihanraya sebagai usaha paling minima sebelum mereformasikan keseluruhan sistem pilihanraya negara.

3) Mewujudkan Suruhanjaya Bebas Aduan dan Salah Laku Polis (IPCMC) yang dicadangkan oleh Suruhanjaya Diraja Penambahbaikan Perjalanan dan Pengurusan PDRM yang dipengerusikan oleh Tun Mohamed Dzaiddin Abdullah,

Dan saya yakin dengan adanya kebebasan media, perkara ini iaitu reformasi politik melalui pemulihan demokrasi akan terus menjadii fokus dan perhatian rakyat melalui permohonan, saya untuk satu permit penerbitan sebuah akhbar mingguan Bahasa Malaysia iaitu Utusan Rakyat dan akhbar ini adalah cetusan dwipartisan yang akan diwakili oleh Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Nasional dan NGO-NGO yang terlibat.

Tadi saya ada menyatakan bahawa; "Kerajaan BN adalah anti-demokratik dan Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Polis" sememangnya menggambarkan sikap BN sebagai LANUN POLITIK dengan izin 'POLITICAL PIRATES' jika tidak ada Reformasi Politik untuk memulihkan demokrasi negara; sekarang saya pula hendak mendedahkan sikap kerajaan BN sebagai LANUN EKONOMI dengan izin 'ECONOMIC PIRATES'.

Sikap LANUN EKONOMI dengan izin adalah menjadikan 'ECONOMIC PLUNDERING' iaitu "PEROMPAKAN EKONOMI' melalui Projek Maha Membazir disulam pula dengan Amalan Rasuah menggugat ekonomi negara yang sudah pun didahalui sebuah negara jiran yang jauh lebih kecil sebagai ekonomi ketiga besar di Asean amat membimbangkan.

Projek-projek Maha Membazir sebagai contoh seperti Menara Wawasan, pembelian Kapal Selam yang akhirnya boleh menyelam dan banyak lagi membuktikan bagaimana LANUN EKONOMI beroperasi. Negara perlu berhutang untuk membayar kos projek yang sengaja dimahalkan untuk keuntungan pihak yang sedikitdan merugikan rakyat terbanyak.

Oleh itu, Pakatan Rakyat ada menyarankan agar projek MRT yang berjumlah RM36 billion sekarang dan akan bertambah mahal sehingga RM46 bilion mengikut beberapa pengiraan apabila diambil kira kos-kos pembelian laluan tanah dan sistem jentera keratapi dan sebagainya; mesti diberhentikan dan sebuah jawatankuasa pilihan parlimen diwujudkan untuk mengkaji apakah mungkin alternatif pengangkutan awam yang jauh lebih murah tetapi berkesan dapat di pilih secara telus dan professional.

Selain daripada itu, Pakatan Rakyat didalam 'Buku Jingga' yang menjadi sumber rujukan dan tiruan kerajaan BN menyarankan agar perjanjian konsensi lebuhraya bertol dan penjanaan kuasa elektrik disemak semula untuk kepentingan rakyat mesti dilaksanakan.

Dan baru-baru ini satu lagi Skim Cepat Kaya Kroni yang melibatkan Petronas yang sepatutnya secara beretika dan moral mesti diletakkan dibawah kawal selia Parlimen dan bukan Jabatan Perdana Menteri akan membelanjakan RM250 billion didalam usaha eksplorasi dalam negara dan penggunaan konsep RSC dengan izin Risk Sharing Contract yang melibatkan dengan izinMarginal Oil Fields akan pada anggaran konservatif sejumlah RM400 billion wang hak rakyat disalurkan kepada syarikat-syarikat kroni yang akan bertentangan dengan semangat Akta Pembangunan Petroleum 1974 mesti ditelit, diperhalusi oleh jawatankuasa pilihan parlimen juga.

Pakatan tidak menentang Pembangunan Ekonomi TETAPI Pakatan menentang LANUN EKONOMI yang mengambil dan melemahkan kebolehan ekonomi negara untuk manfaat semua rakyat.

Sudah cukuplah negara ini dijajah oleh LANUN POLITIK  dan dijajah pula oleh LANUN EKONOMI.

Oleh demikian, marilah kita berkerjasama untuk membangunkan negara dengan reformasi politik sekarang dan juga transformasi ekonomi secara saksama untuk membina Malaysia yang lebih baik untuk semua rakyat.
Nurul Izzah Binti Anwar
Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai

Ethnic Indian appointed as Singapore Army Chief by Krishna Singh

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 08:07 AM PDT

Brigadier-General Singh (left) will take over from Major-General Chan (right) as Singapore's Chief of Army.

Singapore: The appointment of Brigadier-General Ravinder Singh, a Sikh, as the next chief of the Singapore Army is the culmination of a long tradition of the community serving in uniform, both as policemen and in the armed forces, in the city-state.

Their role in Singapore belies their small number: There are only an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 Sikhs in Singapore, a nation of five million people. Their number is small even when compared to 100,000 Sikhs living in Malaysia. Sikhs came to this part of Southeast Asia as soldiers and policemen during the British era.

Brig. Gen. Singh will replace Major-General Chan Chun Sing as army chief March 25.

Singh, 46, currently deputy secretary (technology) in the defence ministry, was previously commanding officer, 3rd Signal Battalion; commander, 2nd Singapore Infantry Brigade and assistant chief of general staff (plans); head joint communications and information systems department.

He has also held the posts of head joint plans and transformation department; commander 6th Division and chief of staff - joint staff. Singh holds a Master of Arts (Engineering Science) from the University of Oxford, Britain. He also holds a Master of Science (Management of Technology) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.

He joined the Singapore Armed Forces in December 1982. Brig Gen Singh is also the first non-Chinese Chief of Army in nearly 30 years. Colonel Mancharan Singh Gill was the first ever when he took up the post in 1982, the report said.

Hat tip: Colonel Mike Nasir via e-mail. Note: This will never happen in UMNO/BN led Bolehland, as discrimination against minorities is policy.

Dtk Tiger leaves office

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 07:46 AM PDT

Director-General of Broadcasting Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya aka blogger Dunia Tiger leaves office tomorrow (March 16) after serving Datuk Rais' ministry for less than three years. He is not even 51 yet.

For all I know, the minister refused to extend his contract for no solid reason. Or, did PM Najib decline to interfere in Rais' decision?

Dtk Tiger has been sentimental in reshaping up the ministry's broadcasting portfolio and he even helped to save some million ringgits in expenditure by means of prudent money management and control.

I guess internal politics play a role here.

However, I agree that he should leave. As a DG in charge of broadcasting, all TV stations should come under his purview but such a responsibility was never his! He was made a puppet on the strings!

Its OK, bro. Kata nak bukak kedai tomyam, nanti aku makan kat sana!

Apabila Bini Najib Perasan Dirinya Lebih Pandai Dari Pakar-pakar Jepun

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 08:18 AM PDT

Tsunami Jepun: Komen Rosmah dikritik hebat

Rosmah seolah-olah tiada perasaan belas kasihan dan naluri sensitiviti terhadap kesusahan rakyat Jepun - Zuraida

PETALING JAYA: Komen Rosmah Mansor bahawa berlakunya tsunami kerana kerajaan Jepun tidak menitik-beratkan faktor alam sekitar dan perubahan iklim dalam pembangunannya dikritik hebat dan menjadi tajuk utama berita antarabangsa, di laman sosial Facebook dan Twitter.

"Dakwaan isteri Perdana Menteri itu bahawa kejadian tsunami di Jepun sebagai pengajaran kepada kerajaan Jepun amat dikesali," kata Ketua Wanita PKR Zuraida Kamaruddin dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini.

Beliau berkata, kenyataan yang dilaporkan kepada Awani, menjadi tajuk utama berita antarabangsa CNN dan kini menjadi pendebatan hangat di laman sosial Facebook dan twitter.

"Ini menunjukkan bahawa Rosmah seolah-olah tiada perasaan belas kasihan dan naluri sensitiviti terhadap kesusahan rakyat dan kerajaan Jepun yang kini sedang dalam keadaan getir menghadapi bencana yang melanda," katanya.

Katanya lagi, "ini amat memalukan dan bertentangan dengan pengakuan beliau dan kerajaan Malaysia kononnya sebagai "First Lady" beliau banyak membantu dalam hubungan diplomatik dengan negara-negara lain.

"Akibat komennya yang dangkal, seluruh Malaysia diketawakan dan dicemuh dunia. Ini lebih teruk kerana ia berlaku selepas kontroversi kartun yang menghina sensitiviti rakyat Jepun dan seluruh dunia," ujar beliau.

Kejadian tsunami kuasa Allah

Zuraida yang juga Ahli Parlimen Ampang berkata, "kami ingin mengingatkan seluruh rakyat Malaysia bahawa peristiwa yang berlaku di Jepun adalah kuasa Allah yang telah menjadi ketentuanNya.

"Malah, rakyat Jepun patut dipuji kerana tenang dan menerima ujian ini dengan sabar. Semasa Malaysia dilanda tsunami dalam tahun 2004, Jepunlah antara negara pertama yang menghulurkan bantuan.

"Oleh itu, Rosmah patut minta maaf kepada rakyat dan kerajaan Jepun kerana sikap tidak sensitivitinya ini dan juga kepada rakyat Malaysia kerana memalukan nama Malaysia," tambahnya. -FMT

Dead Jews Is No News by Mark Steyn

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 07:27 AM PDT

On Friday night, twelve-year old Tamar Fogel came home to find both her parents, Ruth and Udi Fogel, two brothers Yoav (11) and Elad (four), and her three-month old sister Hadas murdered in their beds. They had had their throats cut and been stabbed through the heart.

That's not shocking: There is no shortage of young Muslim men who would enjoy slitting the throat of a three-month old baby, and then head home dreaming of the town square or soccer tournament to be named in their honor.

Back in Gaza, the citizenry celebrated the news by cheering and passing out sweets.

That's not shocking, either: In the broader Palestinian death cult, there are untold legions who, while disinclined to murder Jews themselves, are content to revel in the glorious victory of others.

And out in the wider world there was a marked reluctance to cover the story.

And, if not exactly shocking, that was a useful reminder of how things have changed even in a few years. On 9/11, footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets and handing out candy turned up on the world's TV screens, and that rancid old queen Arafat immediately went into damage-control mode and hastily arranged for himself to be filmed giving blood. This time round there was no need for damage-control, because there was no damage: The western media simply averted their eyes from their Palestinian house pets' unfortunate effusions. The Israeli Government released raw footage from the murders, but YouTube yanked the video within two hours. The hip new "social media" are developing almost as exquisitely refined a sense of discretion as the old Social Register.

As Caroline Glick writes:

A decade ago, the revelation that French ambassador to Britain Daniel Bernard referred to Israel as "that shi**y little country," was shocking. Now it is standard fare.

Today the delegitimization of Israel is all but universal: Indeed, these days Palestinian leaders pay more lip service to the "two-state solution" than Europeans. On Israel's national day, prominent Britons of Jewish background write to The Guardian to deplore the existence of the Jewish state. And "Israeli Apartheid Week" is multiculti Toronto's gift to the world.

Demonstrating his uncanny ability to miss the point, the head of the Canadian Jewish Congress tweeted today:

Anonymity breeds ugliness online.

You would think even this sad, irrelevant fool might have noticed that the striking feature of today's "ugliness" is how non-anonymous it is. Year on year, the world is more cheerfully upfront about its anti-Semitism. Maybe he could ask John Galliano, or Julian Assange.

But sometimes, as when a baby has her throat slashed, what's not said is just as telling. Recently I was talking to a Hungarian Jew who lived in hiding in Budapest during the Second World War: By 1944, the pro-German government was running short of ammo, so they were obliged to get a little creative. They'd handcuff Jews together in a long chain, stand them on a bridge, put a bullet in the ones at each end, and then push them into the Danube to let the dead weight drag down the ones in between. You have to have a strong stomach for such work, perhaps almost as strong as for killing three-month olds. But, as my friend told his tale, I thought not of the monsters on the bridge, nor even those on the banks cheering, but about the far larger numbers of people scurrying about their business and rationalizing what was going on. That's what made the difference, then as now.

UPDATE: Claire Berlinski, who is on the scene in Itamar, writes that Hadas was, in fact, decapitated:

Anyone who in any way tries to rationalize or minimize this or to suggest that this is a fitting punishment for anything needs to go out and look at a three-month-old baby and ask himself what it would take to climb over a fence, climb in a window, and cut off that child's head. National Review

The Other Tsunami by Dennis Prager

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 07:24 AM PDT

It is very difficult to hate babies. It takes a special person.

As morally wrong as it is to murder innocent adults, mankind seems to have a built-in revulsion against killing babies. If a baby does not evoke any tenderness, if a baby is regarded as worthy of being deliberately hurt or murdered, we know that we have encountered a degree of evil that few humans — even among murderers — can relate to.

That is why what Palestinian terrorists did to a Jewish family on the West Bank this past weekend deserves far more attention than it received. Normally Palestinian atrocities get little attention — certainly far less attention than an Israeli apartment building on the West Bank receives. But this particular atrocity got even less attention than usual because the world was focused on the terrible tsunami that hit Japan.

On Friday night, Palestinian terrorists slipped into a Jewish settlement, entered a home, and stabbed the father, the mother, and three of their children to death: an eleven-year-old, a four-year old, and a three-month-old baby.

In order to understand what those actions mean, a seemingly separate incident needs to be recalled: the prolonged sexual attack by up to 200 Egyptian men on Lara Logan, chief foreign-affairs correspondent for CBS News, in Tahrir Square, Cairo, a few weeks ago. It was reported that after stripping her naked and then molesting and beating her, the men kept shouting "Jew, Jew!"

The two incidents tell the same tale. In much of the Arab Muslim world, and some of the non-Arab Muslim world (such as Iran) today, "Jew" is not a person. "Jew" is not even merely the enemy. In fact, there is no parallel on earth to what "Jew" means to a hundred million, perhaps hundreds of millions of Muslims.

Think of any conflict in the world — Pakistan–India, China–Tibet, North Korea–South Korea, Tamil–Sinhalese. There are some deep hatreds there, and atrocities have been committed on one or both sides of each of those conflicts. But in none of those conflicts nor anywhere else is there something equivalent to what "Jew" means to millions of Muslims.

There really is only one historical parallel, and it, too, involved the word "Jew." The Nazis also succeeded in fully dehumanizing the word "Jew." Thus, for Nazism, it was as important (if not more so) to murder Jewish babies and children — often through as cruel a means as possible (being burned alive, buried alive, or thrown up in the air and impaled on bayonets) — as it was to murder Jewish adults.

The human being does not have to learn to hate. It seems to come pretty naturally. Nor does the human being have to learn to murder, steal, or rape. These, too, seem to be in the natural human repertoire of evils.

But the human being does have to learn to hate children and babies, and to regard the torture and murder of them as morally desirable acts. It takes years of work to undo normal protective human attitudes toward children.That is precisely what the Nazis did and what significant parts of the Muslim world have done to the word "Jew." To them, the Jew is not just sub-human, the Jew — and his or her children — is sub-animal. 1 | 2 | Next > National Review

ALERT: Dangerous Radiation Levels!!!

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 06:38 AM PDT

No joke. This is for real!!! To think our government announced HERE that Malaysia is taking note of the Japan nuclear crisis when implementing its plan to build two nuclear power plants in the future, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

The latest report from CBC News headlined Japan's PM warns of dangerous radiation levels AT THIS LINK said:

Dangerous levels of radiation leaking from a crippled nuclear plant forced Japan to order 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors Tuesday after an explosion and a fire dramatically escalated the crisis spawned by a deadly earthquake and tsunami.

In a nationally televised statement, Prime Minister Naoto Kan said radiation has spread from the four stricken reactors of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant along Japan's northeastern coast.

The region was shattered by Friday's 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that is believed to have killed more than 10,000 people, plunged millions into misery and pummelled the world's third-largest economy.

Japanese officials told the International Atomic Energy Agency that the reactor fire was in a storage pond and that "radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere." Long after the fire was extinguished, a Japanese official said the pool, where used nuclear fuel is kept cool, might be boiling.

"We cannot deny the possibility of water boiling" in the pool, said Hidehiko Nishiyama, an official with the Economy Ministry, which oversees nuclear safety.

That reactor, Unit 4, had been shut down before the quake for maintenance.

CLICK HERE for more!!!

New York Times carried a report HERE about how Japan's nuclear crisis verged toward catastrophe on Tuesday after an explosion damaged the vessel containing the nuclear core at one reactor and a fire at another spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air, according to the statements of Japanese government and industry officials.


"We are on the brink. We are now facing the worst-case scenario," said Hiroaki Koide, a senior reactor engineering specialist at the Research Reactor Institute of Kyoto University. "We can assume that the containment vessel at Reactor No. 2 is already breached. If there is heavy melting inside the reactor, large amounts of radiation will most definitely be released."

Computerworld said that Foreigners in Japan rely on Twitter for breaking news.

BBC News reported HERE on Radiation Fears after the blast.

See pics of nuclear victims HERE!

May God deliver us from these terrifying times of trouble!!! May help come to those victims in Japan and may solutions be found soon!!!

In the mean time, do read this article on How to minimize exposure to radioactive substances from NHK News :

Here are some points to be careful of in radiation leaks.

Radioactive substances emitted from nuclear power plants contain iodine and rare gases.

In order to prevent exposure indoors, windows and doors should be closed and air conditioners and other forms of ventilation turned off.

When outdoors, people are advised to wear masks or cover their mouths and noses with wet towels or handkerchiefs to prevent inhalation of radioactive substances.

Skin should be exposed as little as possible.

Measures should also be taken to prevent internal exposure through inhalation and consumption of food.

If radio active substances accumulate, the human body could be affected over the long term.

Upon returning home from outdoors, people should change their clothes and wash their hands and faces.

They should also avoid drinking well water and eating food that has been left outdoors.

Malaysia Enggan Belajar Dari Kesengsaraan Jepun, Mahu Teruskan Juga Projek Nuklear

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 07:22 AM PDT

TPM: Malaysia akan teruskan cita-cita nuklear

Di sebalik kebocoran radioaktif di Jepun berikutan gempa bumi kuat yang mengegarkan negara itu, Malaysia tetap dengan cita-citanya membina loji tenaga nuklear, kata timbalan perdana menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Katanya agensi tempatan akan melakukan yang terbaik bagi menjamin keselamatan di dua loji tenaga yang dijadual dibina di negara ini.

"Semua negara di dunia memantau dan meneliti perkembangan di Jepun. Yang penting ialah soal keselamatan negara dan rakyat. Jadi dalam soal ini kita ada agensi yang bertanggungjawab. Mereka tahu apa yang mereka lakukan dan kita yakin mereka melaksanakan yang terbaik," katanya.

Muhyiddin bercakap kepada pemberita selepas majlis Perasmian Penutupan Program Keluarga 1Malaysia, anjuran Kementerian Pelajaran, di Putrajaya hari ini.

Berikutan magnitud 8.9 pada skala Richter yang menggoncang Jepun, tiga daripada reaktor nuklearnya di Fukushima, yang hanya kira-kira 250 km dari Tokyo menghadapi kemungkinan musnah.

Puluhan ribu masyarakat yang tinggal berhampiran pusat itu juga terpaksa dipindahkan kerana kebimbangan kebocoran radiasi.

Sebelum ini, Menteri Teknologi Hijau, Tenaga dan Air, Datuk Seri Peter Chin pada Disember lalu mengumumkan Malyasia akan membina dua loji tenaga nuklear yang mampu menjana 1,000 megawatts setiap satu. Loji pertama dijadual beroperasi pada 2021 manakala yang kedua setahun kemudian.

'Tidak pasti'

Chin juga dilaporkan berkata semalam bahawa Agensi Nuklear Malaysia akan memberi penjelasan dalam tempoh terdekat mengenai impak letupan dan kebocoran radiasi di loji di Jepun itu.

Ditanya mengenai kelulusan loji pemprosesan tanah jarang di Gebeng dekat Kuantan yang dikatakan telah diberikan kepada sebuah syarikat di Australia, dan mencetuskan kebimbangan ramai, Muhyiddin berkata beliau tidak pasti.

"Kami faham penduduk bimbang tetapi beberapa syarat mesti dipatuhi seperti soal keselamatan dan alam sekitar.

"Jadi agensi-agensi yang relevan mesti kaji sebelum satu keputusan dibuat. Sama ada ia sudah dibuat keputusan atau tidak, saya tidak pasti,"

Minggu lalu, akhbar harian Amerika, the New York Times (NYT) melaporkan pekan industri Gebeng berhampiran Kuantan bakal menyaksikan pusat pemprosesan tanah jarang (rare earth) yang paling besar di dunia.

Pusat penapiasan bernilai RM700 juta itu sedang dibina oleh syarikat Australia, Lynas Corp. Mereka akan menghantar tanah jarang yang dilombong di barat negara itu di Mount Weld dengan kapal.

Ini adalah percubaan kedua Malaysia dalam penapisan tanah jarang, kali pertama menimbulkan kontroversi dan bantahan apabila ia cuba didirikan di Bukit Merah, Perak pada sekitar 1980an.

'Jangan percaya SMS'

Muhyiddin juga menasihatkan orang ramai supaya tidak mempercayai khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) kononnya Malaysia juga terdedah kepada bahaya kesan radiasi akibat kebocoran loji janakuasa nuklear Fakushima Daiichi di Jepun.

Menyifatkan penyebaran sms itu sebagai tidak bertanggungjawab, Muhyiddin berkata Malaysia selamat daripada sebarang ancaman dengan agensi terbabit sentiasa memantau perkembangan di Jepun dan di negara ini.

Justeru beliau meminta orang ramai supaya tidak terpedaya atau panik sebelum meneliti kesahihan maklumat tersebut.

"SMS itu dikeluarkan oleh pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Jangan kita mudah menerima apa sahaja yang dilaporkan itu dengan tidak menyemak.

"Jangan kita timbulkan kebimbangan yang agak luar biasa, walaupun berlaku di Jepun tetapi sehingga orang ramai rasa takut untuk mengurus atau buat kerja seperti biasa," katanya.

Radiasi loji Jepun terlepas ke atmosfera: IAEA

VIENNA: Jepun sudah memberitahu badan pemantauan nuklear Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) bahawa bahan radioaktif terlepas "secara terus" ke atmosfera daripada tapak reaktor nuklear yang terjejas akibat gempa bumi dan ia sudah memandam kebakaran di kolam penyimpanan sisa bahan api di situ.

Agensi Tenaga Atom Antarabangsa (IAEA), merujuk maklumat yang diterima daripada pihak berkuasa Jepun pada 0350 GMT, menyatakan kadar dos sehingga 400 milisievert sejam dilaporkan di loji tenaga nuklear Fukushima.

Ia tidak menyatakan butiran atau perbandingan tahap radiasi tetapi menurut Persatuan Nuklear Sedunia, pendedahan terhadap dos melebihi 100 milisievert setahun adalah tahap yang boleh menyebabkan barah.

"Pihak berkuasa Jepun menyatakan terdapat kemungkinan bahawa kebakaran itu disebabkan letupan hidrogen," menurut IAEA dalam satu kenyataan hari ini. - Reuters

Ulasan GB

Inilah akibat Malaysia mempunyai seorang TPM yang bermentaliti rendah. Mungkin beliau ingat melihat anak-anak Malaysia satu hari nanti semuanya cacat-cacat belaka akibat dari kesan radioaktif.

Muhyiddin berkata:

Jadi dalam soal ini kita ada agensi yang bertanggungjawab. Mereka tahu apa yang mereka lakukan dan kita yakin mereka melaksanakan yang terbaik

Sedangkan di Jepun sendiri, yang tenaga kepakaran mereka bertaraf dunia tidak mampu untuk menyekat bahan radioaktif terlepas "secara terus" ke atmosfera daripada tapak reaktor nuklear dengan kadar dos sehingga 400 milisievert sejam seperti dilaporkan di loji tenaga nuklear Fukushima.

Menurut Persatuan Nuklear Sedunia, pendedahan terhadap dos melebihi 100 milisievert setahun adalah tahap yang boleh menyebabkan barah, inikan pula 400 milisievert!

Kedua, ditanya mengenai kelulusan loji pemprosesan tanah jarang di Gebeng dekat Kuantan yang dikatakan telah diberikan kepada sebuah syarikat di Australia, dan mencetuskan kebimbangan ramai, Muhyiddin berkata beliau tidak pasti.

Seorang TPM, tidak pasti terhadap perkembangan yang berlaku ke atas satu projek yang begitu merbahaya kepada negara, tetapi masih terus mahu membelanya!

Justeru itu wajar rakyat menentang projek ini habis-habisan kerana jelas ia bukan satu projek yang lebih banyak membawa mudharat daripada menafaat kepada Malaysia.

Untuk makluman, KPI Muhyiddin, hanya seinci lebih sedikit dari Pak Lah.

Don't press the panic button...yet

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 05:53 AM PDT

My wife showed me a text message which she received on her mobile yesterday. I took a look at it and immediately started laughing. "Don't you believe it," I told her, "such fake emails will inevitably emerge after a disaster. It's meant to scare you and want you to send it out to other people you know."

"Well, we can't be too careful, can we?" she asked. "How do you know that it is not true?"

"It's not true because the experts around the world are saying so," I replied. "So far, the nuclear emergency in Japan is still under control and the explosion was due to hydrogen, not the radioactive materials in the nuclear plant." (This conversation too place yesterday before the situation in Japan turned slightly worse today.)

"How do you know that the experts are telling the truth?" she persisted. "What if it is a cover-up?"

"Aiyah, you have to listen to me, lah. Besides, we are so far away from Japan. Whatever radiation there will not get to us and would have been dispersed by the wind," I said.

I thought this was the end of the matter. And then today, I saw this item on the BBC website. Looks like hoaxers are using the BBC's name to scare people worldwide with this same story. It's become such a concern to the BBC that they are forced to issue a denial:

"A fake text message warning people that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant has leaked beyond Japan has been panicking people across Asia. The text message, purporting to come from the BBC, has been circulating around Asian countries since Monday.It warns people to take necessary precautions against possible effects of radiation. The BBC has issued no such flash but it has caused particular panic in the Philippines."

And the BBC story further added: "Disasters such as that currently unfolding in Japan often trigger a rise in scam e-mails intended to fool users into downloading malware or simply to spread panic. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has told computer users to be wary of potential e-mail scams, as well as fake anti-virus and phishing attacks regarding the Japan earthquake and the tsunami disasters. "Such scams may contain links or attachments which direct users to phishing or malware-laden sites," it said."

There you have it, directly from the horse's mouth.

WASPADA: 5 Sekeluarga Keracunan Akibat Makan Cendawan Tahun

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 05:30 AM PDT

Alor Setar - Akibat memakan cendawan tahun yang tumbuh di tepi sebuah terusan, lima sekeluarga di Kota Sarang Semut dekat sini dimasukkan ke Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (HSB) di sini petang semalam selepas mengalami sakit perut dan muntah yang teruk.

Gambar: Mahdzir Baharom, 53, ditemuramah oleh para wartawan di wad Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah selepas dimasukkan di hospital itu petang semalam akibat keracuran selepas memakan cendawan tahun semalam.

Mahdzir Baharom dan isterinya serta tiga anak mereka dipercayai mengalami keracunan makanan selepas memakan cendawan itu tengah hari semalam.

Cendawan tahun ialah sejenis cendawan yang tumbuh beberapa hari selepas berlakunya petir dan hujan lebat di sesuatu kawasan dan dipercayai tumbuh setahun sekali sahaja dan selalunya tumbuh di kawasan ladang kelapa sawit, getah atau kawasan berbusut.

Mahdzir, 53, yang merupakan pesara tentera ketika ditemui di HSB hari ini berkata dia menjumpai cendawan itu yang tumbuh di tepi Terusan Wan Mat Saman.

"Semasa saya pulang dari pekan Kota Sarang Semut, saya terlihat cendawan itu tumbuh subur di tepi terusan itu dan mengambilnya...hanya lauk itu sahaja makanan kami sekeluarga untuk tengah hari semalam," katanya.

Katanya dia berasa pening ketika menunggang motosikal untuk berniaga ais kacang dari rumah ke rumah dan kemudiannya muntah-muntah dan mengambil keputusan pulang ke rumahnya di Taman Impian dan ketika sampai di rumah dia lihat isteri dan tiga anaknya juga mengalami keadaan yang sama.

"Memandangkan keadaan semakin teruk, saya menghubungi abang untuk meminta bantuan, dia (abang) menghubungi polis dan ambulans dan membawa kami ke hospital," katanya.

Isterinya, Faridah Yusof, 50, telah dibenarkan keluar dari hospital malam tadi manakala tiga anaknya Siti Nur hidayah, 22, Siti Nor Bazuri, 17, dan Syafikah, 13, masih di rawat di hospital yang sama.

Pengarah HSB, Datuk Dr Juita Ghazalie berkata mereka disahkan mengalami keracunan makanan dan keadaan mereka kini stabil dan menasihatkan orang ramai berhati-hati ketika makan cendawan yang tumbuh liar di sesuatu kawasan. — Bernama

Penularan Radioaktif Ke Malaysia, Rakyat Tuntut Kerajaan Beri Penjelasan

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 04:42 AM PDT

Ahli parlimen Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah Anwar menggesa kerajaan memberikan penjelasan terperinci kepada rakyat berhubung kesan letupan ketiga di loji tenaga nuklear Fukushima Daiichi di Jepun.

Menurut Nurul Izzah, penjelasan mengenainya perlu kerana rata-rata rakyat di negara itu turut merasa bimbang akan kesan radiasi yang dihebah-hebahkan.

"Apakah peratusan kemungkinan radiasi dari loji tenaga nuklear ini akan tiba di Malaysia, berdasarkan senario 'full meltdown'?

"Pada masa yang sama, Kerajaan Pusat wajib menghentikan dahulu sebarang perancangan untuk membina loji tenaga nuklear mahupun pusat pemprosesan tanah jarang (rare earth refinery) di negara ini," katanya dalam satu kenyataan media hari ini.

Tahap radiasi loji nuklear di utara ibu negara Jepun, Tokyo dikatakan meningkat 400 kali ganda hari ini di selepas negara itu digegarkan gempa bumi dan dibadai tsunami, Jumaat lalu.

Angin perlahan yang bertiup dari loji nuklear Fukushima Daiichi dikatakan akan memberi kesan ke atas Kyoto termasuk Tokyo.

Perdana Menteri Jepun juga menasihatkan rakyat yang berada pada radius 30km daripada loji nuklear supaya berada di dalam rumah kerana radiasi dilaporkan pada tahap yang boleh mengancam kesihatan.

Menurut Nurul Izzah, perkembangan di Jepun itu terus menggusarkan rakyat di negara ini dan mempersoalkan tindakan kerajaan sama ada mempunyai persediaan untuk menghadapi sebarang kemungkinan akibat dari pencemaran nuklear jika berlaku.

"Apakah langkah berjaga-jaga yang harus diambil rakyat Malaysia? Adakah Kerajaan Pusat benar-benar bersedia menghadapi situasi pencemaran nuklear yang mungkin terjadi?

"Oleh itu, saya berharap agar pihak Kerajaan Pusat bertindak lebih pantas tetapi tepat dalam menerangkan situasi sebenar di Jepun serta apakah akibat yang mungkin dialami rakyat Malaysia di Semenanjung, Sabah, dan Sarawak," katanya. -mk

Bencana di Jepun: YPM mahu hitam putih dari Wisma Putra

Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) hari ini menggesa Wisma Putra dan Majlis Keselamatan Negara (MKN) membuat keputusan segera berhubung tahap keselamatan warga Malaysia untuk terus berada di Jepun.

Pengarah projek untuk Dana Pinjaman Pendidikan Tinggi yayasan itu, Mohamad Muda berkata, keputusan perlu dibuat segera memandangkan YPM akan menghantar seramai 84 orang pelajar lagi ke negara itu menjelang akhir bulan ini.

"Saya minta Wisma Putra buat keputusan segera, sebab kita mahu hantar pelajar lagi pada 19 dan 20 Mac.

"Kita juga dalam keadaan dilema sekarang... Kalau ada hitam putih kata kita tidak boleh pergi, barulah kita tunda (penghantaran pelajar).

"Setakat ini kita cuma tunggu keputusan Wisma Putra dan MKN kalau tidak ada kita akan hantar pelajar macam biasa," kata Mohamad ketika dihubungi Malaysiakini hari ini.

Peningkatan kadar radiasi kini dikesan di ibu negara Jepun setelah gempa bumi yang melanda negara itu sejak empat hari lalu menyebabkan siri letupan di loji janakuasa nuklearnya.

Radiasi yang dikesan itu menyebabkan sebahagian penduduk kota Tokyo meninggalkan bandar berkenaan manakala sebahagian lagi mengumpulkan bahan makanan dan keperluan.

Kerajaan Jepun kini bertindak mencatu bahan api dan bekalan elektrik dan terdapat kedai yang dilaporkan telah kehabisan bahan keperluan tertentu termasuk lampu suluh dan lilin.

Beberapa kedutaan juga telah menasihatkan kakitangan dan warganegara masing-masing supaya meninggalkan kawasan yang terjejas.

"Buat masa ini pun kita ada seramai 208 orang pelajar lagi di sana. Jadi kita kena buat keputusan sama ada untuk hantar balik ataupun pelajar terus berada di sana," kata Mohamad lagi.

Katanya lagi, kesemua pelajar tajaan MARA yang berada di negara itu telah dipastikan berada dalam keadaan selamat.

"Cuma kebimbangannya sekarang ialah (ancaman) radiasi. Tapi pelajar kita tidak berada di kawasan (loji nuklear) di Fukushima," katanya.

Tambahnya, MARA juga terpaksa menanggung kerugian sekiranya pelajar tersebut dihantar tetapi terpaksa dibawa pulang semula.

"Kalau kita kena batalkan penghantaran pelajar pada 19 dan 20 haribulan ini, teruklah kita kena bayar penalti oleh MAS sebab batalkan tempahan," katanya lagi.
"Saya juga bimbang kalau (selepas dihantar), dua tiga empat hari akan dipanggil balik.

"Kalau ada hitam putih daripada Wisma Putra, mungkin kos itu boleh diserap oleh kerajaan.

Dalam pada itu, beliau turut mengulas satu laporan sebelum ini yang menyatakan bahawa seorang pegawai YPM telahpun berada di Jepun untuk mengenalpasti keadaan.

"Itu tidak betul. Kita cuma bergantung kepada perunding kita yang berada di sana," katanya.

Malah, kerajaan Jepun juga hanya memberi kelepasan kepada Pasukan Mencari dan Menyelamat Khas Malaysia (Smart) bagi menghulur bantuan untuk mambantu usaha mencari dan menyelamat mangsa bencana di negara itu, katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika mengulas satu laporan Bernama hari ini yang memetik kenyataan pengerusi MARA, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, bahawa Mara telah menghantar satu pasukan ke negara berkenaan.

Laporan itu menyebut, pasukan itu dihantar bagi melihat dan memantau keadaan pelajar MARA di Jepun yang dilanda gempa bumi dan tsunami.-mk

Ulasan GB

GB lihat ada sesuatu yang cuba disembunyikan kerajaan daripada rakyat Malaysia. Ini berkait rapat mengenai rancangan kerajaan untuk menneruskan pembinaan loji tenaga nuklear sekalipun telah ditentang oleh wakil pembangkang.

Kenyataan Menteri Tenaga, Hijau dan Teknologi Datuk Seri Peter Chin semalam bahawa rancangan Malaysia untuk membina dua loji nuklear akan diteruskan meksipun Jepun berhadapan dengan masalah ekoran gempa bumi dan tsunami amat dikesalkan.

Ceramah AMK di Batu Gajah & Gopeng

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 03:07 AM PDT


Pada awal Mac lalu saya dijemput Angkatan Muda KEADILAN Batu Gajah dan Gopeng untuk ceramah di sana bersama-sama YB Saifuddin Nasution, Sdr Rafizi Ramli dan YB Chan Ming Kai.

Saya telah menerangkan mengenai kejayaan Pakatan Rakyat di Selangor serta perkembangan terbaru kes fitnah 2 terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Selesai ceramah di Batu Gajah, kami sempat singgah mencuba Nasi Lemak Ayam Golek sebelum pulang!


Gambar-gambar boleh dilihat di sini.

Karnival Kedah Cuba Disabotaj

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 03:48 AM PDT

Risalah perlekeh kerajaan PR

ALOR SETAR - Pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat (PR) kesal dengan tindakan pihak tertentu yang menyebarkan tiga risalah mempersendakan kerajaan PR di sekitar bandar raya Alor Setar sempena sambutan tiga tahun Kedah Sejahtera, malam semalam.

Exco Kerajaan Negeri, Datuk Ir Phahrolrazi Zawawi berkata, penyebaran bahan bercetak berunsurkan provokasi itu dikesan diedarkan pada malam pidato kemasyarakatan yang menampilkan Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang dan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

"Kita tidak pasti siapa di sebalik penyebaran risalah ini namun saya percaya ia didalangi pihak yang berkepentingan politik dan berduit kerana ketiga-tiga risalah itu berkualiti dan dicetak dalam kuantiti yang banyak," katanya selepas merasmikan Seminar Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) sempena sambutan tiga tahun Kedah Sejahtera.

Hadir sama, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kuala Ketil, Md Zuki Yusof dan ADUN Kota Darul Aman, Lee Guan Aik.

Menurutnya, antara isi kandungan risalah terbabit memaparkan wajah Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat bersama DAP, isu azan yang dicetuskan Ahli Parlimen Seputeh, Teresa Kok dan sebuah buku komik yang bersifat perkauman.

"Pihak terbabit didapati menggunakan pelajar sekolah untuk mengedar risalah itu dan ini adalah perbuatan tidak bermoral. Malah ketika pidato berlangsung, pihak berkenaan meletakkan risalah pada setiap cermin kereta yang di parkir di kawasan stadium," katanya.

Ir Phahrolrazi berkata, pihaknya yakin perbuatan itu adalah bertujuan untuk menimbulkan persepsi negatif terhadap pentadbiran PR yang semakin mendapat sokongan rakyat sejak tiga tahun memerintah.

Menurutnya, pihaknya juga menerima laporan terdapat lebih 40 kereta dipancitkan tayar sepanjang berlangsungnya pidato itu.

"Perbuatan ini amat tidak bertanggung jawab. Perkara ini diserahkan pada urusetia untuk tindakan lanjut walaupun kami percaya ia dilakukan pihak luar yang tidak senang dengan penganjuran karnival Kedah Sejahtera," katanya.

ADUN Kubang Rotan, Mohd Nasir Mustafa tidak menolak kemungkinan risalah berkenaan ada persamaan dengan risalah politik yang diedarkan pada pilihan raya kecil DUN Merlimau.

"Ada sedikit persamaan risalah berkenaan dengan di Merlimau, konsepnya sama cuma wajah pemimpin PR yang bertukar. Cerita atau isu yang dibangkitkan pun tidak sama, tetapi tujuannya sama iaitu untuk mencalarkan imej pemimpin PR," katanya.

Menurutnya, perbuatan pihak terbabit tidak profesional dan dianggap melampau kerana cuba mengaitkan isu politik dengan penganjuran karnival untuk rakyat.

Naib Pengerusi Perhubungan PKR Kedah, Saiful Izham Ramli berkata, usaha pihak tertentu yang membuat provokasi perkauman pada risalah terbabit adalah tidak wajar dan perlu dihentikan segera.

"Pemimpin PR tidak pernah kacau pemimpin parti lain dalam program anjuran mereka, namun kenapa ada pihak yang tidak senang dengan penganjuran pidato ini yang diadakan sempena sambutan tiga tahun Kedah ditadbir PR. Ini adalah program kemasyarakatan bukan program politik semata-mata," katanya. -SH

Klinik Khidmat Rakyat di Dataran Glomac

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 02:41 AM PDT

15 Mac 2011
9.00 malam – 11.00 malam
Pusat Khidmat Rakyat DUN Seri Setia, E-1-2 Jalan SS6/20A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Bekas OCPD Diarah Bayar RM200 Ribu Kepada Pemimpin PAS

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 02:19 AM PDT

Kuantan - Mahkamah hari ini memerintahkan bekas Ketua Polis Rompin, Hanafi Daud membayar kepada Dr Hatta Ramli dan dua pimpinan PAS Pahang, Mazlan Yassin dan Nazri Ahmad sebanyak RM200,000 sebagai ganti rugi dan kos akibat daripada penangkapan dan penahanan yang tidak sah ke atas mereka bertiga di Markas PAS Rompin di Muadzam, Pahang pada 10 Mei 2004 lalu.

Timbalan Pendaftar Mahkamah Tinggi Kuantan, Puan Sazlina Safie membuat keputusan tersebut hari ini setelah Peguam Kanan Persekutuan yang mewakili defendan menyatakan kepada mahkamah bahawa anak guam beliau bersetuju membayar plaintif-plaintif RM200 ribu.

Kes hari ini ditetapkan untuk perbicaraan taksiran gantirugi.

Pada 26 Ogos 2009, Hakim Datuk Mariana Yahya telah memutuskan bahawa defendan telah menyalahgunakan kuasanya apabila membuat serbuan ke atas markas PAS dan menangkap serta menahan Dr Hatta, Mazlan dan Nazri.

Hakim juga memutuskan bahawa ceramah PAS yang diadakan di dalam kawasan markas tersebut adalah satu perhimpunan yang sah dan tidak memerlukan permit polis kerana ia bukan tempat awam.

Mahkamah juga memutuskan bahawa defendan juga telah melanggar Artikel 5 (3) Perlembagaan Persekutuan kerana gagal memberitahu plantif-plaintif atas alasan apa mereka ditangkap.

Setakat ini, inilah kali pertama pihak OCPD disaman oleh pimpinan PAS di atas gangguan yang dilakukan oleh pihak polis ke atas ceramah PAS, hatta hakim sendiri menemplak defendan kerana mengganggu ceramah PAStersebut sedangkan ia berjalan secara aman dan telah banyak kali dijalankan di markas tersebut.

Dr Hatta, Mazlan dan Nazri diwakili oleh Mohamed Hanipa Maidin manakala Hanapi Daud diwakili oleh Kamal Azira Hassan. -HD

Our Lives - Worthless?

Posted: 15 Mar 2011 01:59 AM PDT

I am fuming mad after reading this report HERE which said that Malaysia will proceed with plans to build two nuclear power plants despite safety concerns sparked by radiation leaking from earthquake-stricken nuclear reactors in Japan.

Have they lost their marbles?

According to the report HERE (my comments are in brown font)

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that while the government is concerned about public safety and is watching developments in Japan, he remained confident that Malaysia would "implement what is the best" for the country.

a) If they are really concerned about public safety, would they not put OUR safety and health above ALL other issues?

b) If they are really "watching developments in Japan", they should be sweating it out and thinking "Heck, if this can happen in Japan, a first world country, what makes us think we can handle any safety issues pertaining to radiation leaks etc?"

c) Implementing what is best for the country MEANS PUTTING THE RAKYAT'S INTERESTS FIRST ABOVE ALL ELSE and not the interests of a small group of the population.

The deputy prime minister stressed that the government would learn from Japan to ensure public safety.

BBC News said:

Radiation from Japan's quake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has reached harmful levels, the government says.

The warning comes after the plant was rocked by a third blast which appears to have damaged one of the reactors' containment vessels for the first time.

If it is breached, there are fears of more serious radioactive leaks.

"I think it is something which every country in the world is taking note of, what is happening in Japan. There are many things that we can learn but what is important is the safety of the country and the people.

Yes, there are many things that can be learnt. But can they REALLY learn? Have they learnt from the mistakes of our own past let alone about nuclear plants???

Tell me...

1. Did people learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

2. Did great scientists learn from the Chernobyl disaster?

3. Do the authorities think they can be BETTER and MORE ADVANCED than the Japanese in the construction and maintenance of nuclear plants?

See the many reports HERE carried by The Malaysian Insider about this issue!

Read the many reports HERE that were featured in Free Malaysia Today!

If an organization cannot even maintain their own website, can we rely on them to do GREATER and MORE DANGEROUS tasks that put the safety of Malaysians at risk?

CLICK HERE to see an interesting website. Click on all the links in the left column and see where they lead you.

"In this matter, we have an agency that is responsible and they know what they are doing and we are confident that they will implement what is the best," he told reporters during a press conference today.

Which agency? Name them. What is their experience? Who are the officers? What are their qualifications and track record of expertise/experience?

Are they prepared to handle accidents/leakages/threats in various situations?

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin had also said that the "government will not do it secretly without informing the public".


Chin added that the Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation had opened a tender to international consultants to conduct a study on the location, suitability and safety of the location, type of technology and public acceptance of the proposal.

Please disclose all information on:

  • location
  • suitability
  • safety issues
  • budget
  • board of directors and company profile
  • technology used
  • tender details and outcome as to why the tender was awarded

Isn't the widespread PUBLIC OUTRAGE in the press and alternative media testimony that the RAKYAT HAVE REJECTED THE PROPOSAL???

Do they not hear?

Do they not read?

Don't they want to HEED OUR FEELINGS about this issue?


However, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek yesterday had called on the government to reconsider building a nuclear plant following the explosions to nuclear reactors in Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country.

He said the government must re-evaluate nuclear power in the country.


Reuters reported today that Japan's Prime Minister Naota Kan has warned that radioactive level in the vicinity of the Fukushima Daiichi plant had become high and that the risk of more radioactive leakage was increasing.

If that can happen in Japan, a first world country, can you imagine the scenario in Malaysia??????????????

According to the latest report from New York Times HERE:

Japan's nuclear crisis verged toward catastrophe on Tuesday after an explosion damaged the vessel containing the nuclear core at one reactor and a fire at another spewed large amounts of radioactive material into the air, according to the statements of Japanese government and industry officials.


The two critical questions over the next day or so are how much radioactive material is spewed into the atmosphere, and where the winds carry it. Readings reported on Tuesday showed a spike of radioactivity around the plant that made the leakage categorically worse than in had been, with radiation levels measured at one point as high as 400 millisieverts an hour. Even 7 minutes of exposure at that level will reach the maximum annual dose that a worker at an American nuclear plant is allowed. And exposure for 75 minutes would likely lead to acute radiation sickness.

The extent of the public health risk depends on how long such elevated levels persist — they may have declined after the fire at No. 4 reactor was extinguished — as well as how far and fast the radioactive materials spread, and whether the limited evacuation plan announced by the government proves sufficient.

But industry executives in close contact with officials in Japan expressed extreme concern that the authorities were close to losing control over the fuel melting that has been ongoing in three reactors at Daiichi, especially at the crippled No. 2 reactor where the containment has been damaged.

CLICK HERE for more.

If Japanese authorities cannot handle this crisis situation, can the Malaysian government do better in the event that there is a problem with the nuclear plants?

In a Free Malaysia Today article HERE:

In the video aired over Astro Awani, Rosmah had allegedly said that the tragedy was a result of carelessness in implementing environmentally-friendly planning and development in the country.

She was also quoted as stating that the catastrophe should serve as a lesson for Japan and other countries, saying the disaster was a result of rapid development and climate change.

The wife of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak also urged nations to have a thorough and well-structured development planning, and to consider climate change and green technology.
Perhaps some leaders should take lessons from the wife of our Prime Minister to develop " a thorough and well-structured development planning, and to consider climate change and green technology."

Do our lives matter to them???? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!!!

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