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16 april 2011 – sarawakians, make it a historic day!

16 april 2011 – sarawakians, make it a historic day!

16 april 2011 – sarawakians, make it a historic day!

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 11:10 AM PDT denying BN the 2/3 majority! by kicking out the 3 decades white hair devil chief minister!

oh gosh, i love the date '16 APRIL'. why? it's my birthday! thus the best birthday gift for me this year will be to see BN lost, and the sarawak CM get booted out.

today is D-DAY – polling day for sarawak state. i hope the people of sarawak will wise up to kick taib out. it's time to give a signal to BN that their rule is not welcome at all.

what i'm worried though is that BN might play dirty like vote buying, police stopping PR's rally or even subtle threat to those staying in longhouse or the civil servants.

well, i hope sarawakians get to read marin jalleh's excellent call on the sarawakians to seize the moment and think deeply over what he wrote when they go to the polls. martin too has a message for christians in sarawak.

i hope that today's polling day will go on smoothly without any untoward incidents. i pray that sarawakians may have the guts to vote for a change. i wish to see the state of sarawak being rich, not the CM of sarawak being rich! (which he already is of course).

SO DEAR SARAWAKIANS, VOTE WISELY – the future of you, your family, your state, even the county is at your hands!

Gambar: Teka, Dia kat mana ni ...?

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 07:42 AM PDT

S: Teka, Dia kat mana ni ...?
J: Dia dalam pesawat, balik KL ...?
J: Kaaahhhhh, kah kah ...?
J: Dia dah agak, BN kalah teruk ...?

Sarawak Bergegar: 20,000 Banjiri Ceramah Malam Terakhir [updated]

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 10:09 AM PDT

Ketegangan berlaku apabila anggota polis cuba menghalang satu ceramah DAP di Kuching malam ini sebagai 'grand finale' kempen pilihan raya negeri Sarawak.

Ketegangan berlaku apabila anggota polis cuba menghalang satu ceramah DAP di Kuching malam ini.

Ketika itu, orang ramai sudah memenuhi tempat letak kereta untuk mendengar ceramah tersebut.

Setiausaha publisiti DAP, Tony Pua menganggarkan jumlahnya melebihi 10,000 orang.

Jumlah tersebut semakin meningkat dan dianggarkan mencecah 20,000 orang.

Keadaan menjadi riuh-rendah apabila seorang pemimpin DAP bertanya kepada ribuan hadirin "Polis mahu kita berhenti, ada mahu?"

Orang ramai membalas "Tidak!"

Sejurus kemudiannya, Tony mengumumkan yang mereka akan meneruskan ceramah tersebut, walaupun dilarang oleh pihak polis.

Bagaimanapun, beliau meminta para penyokong supaya tenang dan tidak menghina pihak polis.

Sementara itu, di Sri Aman, unit tujuh anggota anti-rusuhan dan kira-kira 20 anggota polis lain mengawal kawasan di depan pusat operasi DAP di situ, untuk menghalang perhimpunan parti itu malam ini.

Polis menafikan permit kepada parti itu untuk mengadakan perhimpunan akhir malam ini atas alasan ceramah tidak dibenarkan di kawasan terbuka di Sri Aman.

Bagaimanapun, DAP nampaknya sudah bersiap sedia untuk meneruskan perhimpunan tersebut.

Orang ramai semakin bertambah memenuhi kawasan lapan di situ. Sehingga jam 7.40 malam, jumlah dianggarkan sekitar 400 orang.

"Ini double standard, mengapa perhimpunan di Kuching dan bandar-bandar lain dibenarkan? Ini kan masa pilihan raya," kata ahi parlimen DAP Klang, Charles Santiago yang turut berada di situ.

DAP Sri Aman gagal mendapatkan permit polis untuk mengadakan ceramah di tempat terbuka sepanjang tempoh berkempen dalam pilihan raya negeri Sarawak ini.

Ceramah terbukanya yang pertama diadakan dua malam lalu, juga diganggu oleh polis, tetapi dibenar diteruskan selepas puas berunding.

Pada jam 7.40 malam, Santiago merayu kepada seorang pegawai polis supaya membenarkan ceramah itu diteruskan untuk tempoh satu jam sahaja.

Seorang pegawai Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) juga beusaha untuk memujuk Santiago supaya membatalkan ceramah tersebut kerana tidak mendapat permit.

Ketegangan meningkat, dan suara-suara kedengaran dari kalangan
orang ramai yang nampaknya tidak sabar dengan apa yang berlaku, dengan melaungkan "Kami mahu ceramah" dan "Undi roket untuk perubahan".

Selepas berunding, DAP akhirnya mengalah dan bersetuju untuk memindahkan ceramah tersebut ke sebuah restoran berhampiran.

Calon DAP bagi kerusi Simanggang, Leon Donald memberitahu orang ramai bahawa ceramah tersebut terpaksa dipindahkan ke Restoran Alisan berhampiran.

Polis mengumumkan melalui pembesar suara bahawa ia adalah satu perhimpunan haram, dan mengarahkan orang ramai beredar dalam masa lima minit. -mk

Banned Dogs List - Case Of DVS And MPSJ Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 09:00 AM PDT

DATELINE PETPOSITIVE THERAPY CENTRE, PETALING JAYA: A COUPLE OF REPORTS in The Star this week have raised the heckles of animal lovers and left them confused at the same time.They were about the attempts by the Department of Veterinary Services in Selangor and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) to crack down on puppy mills by banning seven breeds of dogs in the municipality. (See reports

Najib and 'al-taqiyya' principle: Lying to non-Muslims for protection of Islam

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 08:59 AM PDT

In a lengthy 10-point statement, the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) Youth did not mince its words in dismissing the 10-point solution offered by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala.
It said that the "quick-fix" proposal ignored the "the overt and covert manner which the government had discriminated against the Christian citizenry for close to 40 years".
The following is CCM Youth's press release expressing its views in response to the various statements issued by the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), the 10-point solution as proposed by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Idris Jala, and comments made in the media by the Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and various parties.

1. 10-point proposal only addressed the Al Kitab issue

The 10-Point Proposal presumed that Christians were only concerned with the Al Kitab issue. That premise is incorrect.
The 10-Point Proposal distracted both the public and the church leaders from getting to the heart of the matter, that is, the concern over the overt and covert manner which the government had discriminated against the Christian citizenry for close to 40 years that had resulted in the gradual deterioration of basic rights of Christians to freely exercise their faith...(Source: Malaysiakini)


Your right to be heard

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 05:41 AM PDT

On the eve of the Sarawak state elections, I hope the people there knows how to exercise their rights truly and fearlessly. Good luck!


And How Will It All End?

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 07:28 AM PDT

As many of you know, I love to read, surf and do small research projects to keep busy and mentally agile. Whilst I do keep abreast with the local political landscape, I opine that nothing is more interesting than eschatology/end times or doomsday theories. Antares also blogs a lot about this topic so do check out his blog.

Those who are into this topic are well aware that some prophecies and oracles from around the world concur that December 21, 2012 is the New World Age. According to this belief, it is not that the world is going to end but millions of people could die in the process of New Age Transition.

For a start, you might want to check out Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. This 2hr 41 minute movie is available AT THIS LINK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Pak Alert has launched "Project 2012″ to research this topic and investigate the facts in the light of current global geo-political developments , astrology readings and sacred prophecies about End of days/ Age transitions and try to authenticate the possibility of a Nuclear War/ Armageddon before 2012.

According to THIS LINK:

The ancient Mayan Calendar, the medieval predictions of Merlin, the Book of Revelation and the Chinese oracle of the I Ching all point to this specific date as the end of civilization. A new technology called "The Web-Bot Project" makes massive scans of the internet as a means of forecasting the future… and has turned up the same dreaded date: 2012. Skeptics point to a long history of "Failed Doomsdays", but many oracles of doom throughout history have a disturbingly accurate track record.

Prophesies from many traditions from all over the world over speak of a great transformative shift that is happening in the years around 2012. The Mayan calendar comes to a close on December 21st 2012. The Q'ero Shamans of Peru speak of this same timeframe in their prophecy called Pacha Kuti which is the time in which they say that the luminous ones will return and the world will be turned right side up again. The Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Cherokee, Maori, Jews, Christians and many others have ancient prophesies that speak to the nature of this very crucial and amazing moment in time. We are documenting much of this traditional knowledge and more in this research project.

No, I am not looney :-) but just curious to know more from the plethora of information available. Do leave a comment to share your beliefs/views. Thanks! Take care and have a restful evening.

Terang Dan Nyata, Rakyat Sarawak Bertekad Kalahkan BN

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 07:00 AM PDT

Kelompok manusia menjadi rebutan antara ceramah SUPP dengan DAP menjelang saat-saat akhir PRN Sarawak 2011. SUPP cuba menarik kelompoknya dengan mengundang penyanyi tempatan terkenal, Michael Wong ke ceramah mereka, bagaimanapun tetap gagal apabila puluhan ribu membanjiri ceramah DAP.

Keadaan di Sibu semalam menyaksikan pertembungan antara ahli politik dengan penyanyi terkenal, dalam jarak 300 meter - namun kesudahannya lebih memihak kepada DAP-Pakatan Rakyat.

Sebagaimana yang diperhatikan wartawan, hanya kira-kira dua ribu orang, kebanyakannya pemuda-pemudi, dan antaranya mungkin ada yang belum sampai umur untuk mengundi yang menunggu konsert Michael di ceramah SUPP. Sebaliknya, ceramah DAP berjaya menarik kehadiran lebih daripada 10,000 orang.

Kedua-duanya ceramah bermula pada kira-kira jam 7 petang, semalam. Tanpa kehadiran pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat utama seperti Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz dan sebagainya, DAP masih berjaya menarik perhatian ratusan orang.

Bilangan ini semakin bertambah, sehingga melebihi 10 ribu orang apabila penceramah terkenal seperti Nga Kor Ming (ahli parlimen Taiping), Hew Kuan Yau, Liew Ching Tong (ahli parlimen Bukit Bendera) dan lain-lain tiba di situ. Malah apabila konsert dimulakan di ceramah SUPP, orang ramai masih tidak berganjak dari tempat ceramah DAP.

Rakyat cabut sebaik konsert tamat

Ceramah SUPP pula membariskan Presiden Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon, Setiausaha Gerakan Teng Chang Yeow, dan calon-calon SUPP seperti Wong Soon Koh (Bawang Assan), Tiong Thai King (Dudong), Chieng Buong Toon (Batu Assek), Goh Chun Siong (Pelawan) dan lain-lain. Kesabaran hadirin mulai hilang apabila hujan turun renyai-renyai, dan menjerit agar konsert dimulakan.

Pada kira-kira jam 10.35 malam, Michael Wong mula bernyanyi untuk 30 minit, bagaimanapun beliau tidak menyeru agar penduduk mengundi BN. Selepas tamat nyanyiannya, orang di situ mula mencabut walaupun Teng Chang Yeow sedang memberi ucapannya. Keadaan ini membuatkan suasana ceramah SUPP semakin dingin, dan mereka yang belum berucap termasuk Koh Tsu Koon dan Chieng Buong Toon.

6000 sambut Anwar di Kuching

Di Kuching pula, Ketua Umum PKR Anwar Ibrahim disambut dengan kelompok kira-kira 6,000 orang, dan beliau menyeru agar pengundi menyokong calon DAP di Padungan, walaupun penyandangnya, Dominique Ng dari PKR bertanding atas kapasiti calon bebas kali ini. Beliau disambut tepukan apabila berjanji berjuang habis-habisan walaupun terpaksa mengharungi serangan seperti tohmahan dan fitnah terhadap dirinya.

Sementara itu, bekas ahli parlimen Kuching, Sim Kwang Yang juga turun padang dan berkempen untuk calon PKR-Batu Lintang See Chee How, dan Chong Chieng Jen, calon DAP di Kota Sentosa. "Ini pertentangan antara rakyat dengan politik wang. Biarpun kuasa rakyat agak tipis, namun seandainya kuasa seluruh rakyat ditumpukan, maka kuasa wang akan ditumbangkan," kata Sim Kwang Yang yang mendakwa dirinya telah menghidu bau "tsunami politik".

"Sudah 32 tahun saya menunggu hari ini. BN adalah paling lemah pada kali ini. Moga-moga pengundi merenung sebaik-baiknya, mengambil kesempatan yang ditunggu-tunggu ini," harapnya. -MR

*Chen Shaua Fui ialah Assistant Editor, dan Ong Vic Kee adalah wartawan MerdekaReview, edisi bahasa Cina. Disedut, disunting dan diterjemah dari dua laporan di Sibu dan Kuching.

Konsert BN gagal saingi ceramah Pakatan

Kira-kira 2 km di Taman BDC, suasananya begitu berbeza sekali, dengan orang ramai berhimpit-himpit untuk mendengar ceramah anjuran DAP.

BN menganjurkan acara terbesarnya semalam, dengan mengadakan konsert terbuka di Pusat Komersil 101 di Jalan Tun Jugah, yang menjadi lokasi beberapa pusat penjaja yang mampu menampung ratusan pengunjung setiap malam.

Iklan dalam sebuah akhbar menjanjikan cabutan bertuah, yang kemudian merupakan set TV dan persembahan hiburan oleh penyanyi terkenal dari Semenanjung.

Penceramahnya ialah barisan calon Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sarawak (SUPP) untuk Pending, Kota Sentosa, Padungan, Batu Lintang and Batu Kawah, berucap bersama dengan pemimpin BN dari semenanjung.

Bekas ketua Pemuda PKR, Ezam Mohd Noor merupakan penceramah pertama, dan seperti biasa, menghentam PKR, tetapi dalam nada yang lebih lembut kerana mungkin beliau tidak biasa dengan hadirin dari kalangan masyarakat Cina.

Ezam menggesa mereka supaya menolak bekas ketuanya, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim atas alasan ramai pengasas PKR telah pun meninggalkan parti itu.

"Nombor pendaftaran parti saya ialah 007. James Bond," kata Ezam berseloroh, " Dan saya telah meninggalkan parti itu. Satu-satunya yang tinggal (antara pengasas PKR) ialah 001 - Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail)".

Manakala ketua Pemuda SUPP, Sih Hua Tong - calon BN bagi kerusi Batu Lintang, pula dalam ucapannya menghentam DAP kerana memutarbelitkan sebutan nama SUPP - seperti yang dilaporkan oleh akhbar bahasa Cina - sebagai parti orang utan. Ia kerana sebutan SUPP dalam bahasa Cina hampir sama dengan sebutan perkataan orang utan.

Bagaimanapun, agak sukar untuk mengukur sama ada hadirin turut berkongsi sentimennya walaupun Sih bertanya sama ada mereka juga marah dengan gelaran seumpama itu.

Tindak balas hadirin agak lemah, berbanding dengan di perhimpunan Pakatan, tetapi apa yang jelas ialah calon SUPP bagi kerusi Pending - pakar kardiologi, Dr Sim Kui Hian, mempunyai penyokong yang ramai.

Sejumlah hadirin kelihatan beredar selepas ucapan Sim, yang dianggap salah seorang calon terkuat, yang dibariskan oleh BN dan satu-satunya calon yang dianggap mempunyai peluang untuk menumbangkan penyandang kerusi itu dari DAP.

Kira-kira 2 km di Taman BDC, suasananya begitu berbeza sekali, dengan orang ramai berhimpit-himpit seperti 'tin sadin' untuk mendengar ceramah anjuran DAP di tempat letak kereta pusat perniagaan kecil di situ.

Ketua umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim merupakan penceramah utama yang berjaya mempersonakan para hadirin sebaik sahaja memulakan ucapannya. -mk

Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 06:47 AM PDT

Good god, I actually forgot I have a blog! These days my posts have been getting fewer and much further in between. It's not that I've really forgotten about this blog, after all how can I? It's my main and first ever blog so I'll always have something to post, just not as often as before.

There really isn't nearly enough hours in the day to do all the things I wanna do these days. My work alone keeps me busy all day, then when I'm done with that, my passion for running takes up my after work hours and by the time I'm done I'll be too exhausted to do anything else and it's straight to bed after that.

Not that I'm complaining mind you. Life in general is pretty good. I'm healthy, I'm happy, I have a loving wife, what more could I want? Well, a few million bucks in my bank account wouldn't hurt ... LOL! Now if only there were a little more hours in the day to do even more of the things I wanna do but I suppose we can't have everything so easy, right?

The week went by in a flash and though I'm always happy for weekends, this week I'm doubly happy cos tomorrow night, wifey and me will be heading down to the Sepang International Circuit to take part in the Energizer Night Race. I've been eagerly waiting for ages for this race.

It's our first of many races for this year and to say I'm not a little excited would be a lie. I'm so excited that I'll probably not be able to sleep tonight ... LOL! You know the feeling, when you're looking forward to something the next day, like going for a trip or a holiday, it's always hard to sleep the night before, well, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now :D

This is one race I'm eagerly waiting for simply for the fact that I get to run on the Sepang International Circuit track which is a once in a lifetime thingy. I mean how many people can say they ran on the very same circuit that the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button drove on. I wonder if I'll be able to find some of that tyre marbles the drivers said were littered on the track ... LOL!

I'll be taking part in the 21K event while wifey will be doing the 11K. I'm sure she's going to do well cos she's been training pretty hard and has been doing some good times in her runs. Wished she was running the 21K with me but she's just not ready for that distance yet. Maybe next year, ya honey :D The only thing that I'm not all that happy with is the fact that I couldn't recce the route before hand, it would have made a lot of a difference in my run. All I could gauge about the route was what I saw from TV last week during the F1 race.

I'll be doing a single loop outside the circuit which is a 10K loop and then 2 loops around the circuit (5.5K a loop) to finish off my 21K run. I'm targeting a sub 2 hour run which is achievable seeing as how I've done all my 21K training runs in under 2 hours so far. Just hope no injuries crop up half way (fingers and toes crossed). Well, whatever it is, I'm just going out there to run and have fun at the same time. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night than running in a half marathon :D

Wish us luck.

Pancreatic Vaccine Trial Launched In UK

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 05:47 AM PDT

14 April 2011 Last updated at 20:07 GMT TeloVac pancreatic cancer vaccine trial launched in UK By Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent, BBC News

Brownbreath 2011 SS Clothink Concept Book

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 05:31 AM PDT

Photos for Brownbreath 2011 Spring Summer collection, in which clothings of the brand are seen "hanging" on various iconic buildings in Seoul City

Brownbreath Seoul City fashion collection

There's more, read the full post »

Brownbreath 2011 SS Clothink Concept Book from YeinJee's Asian Blog

Calon BN Lepaskan Tembakan, Boleh Hilang Kelayakan Bertanding

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 05:30 AM PDT

Polis siasat insiden tembakan libatkan calon BN

Calon BN bagi DUN Bukit Begunan, Mong Dagang (gambar) didakwa melepaskan tembakan yang mengenai seorang individu, dipercayai seorang pegawainya.

Polis Daerah Sri Aman hari ini mengesahkan menerima laporan satu insiden melibatkan tembakan senjata api yang dilepaskan oleh seorang calon BN.

Calon BN bagi DUN Bukit Begunan itu, Mong Dagang didakwa melepaskan tembakan yang mengenai seorang individu, dipercayai seorang pegawainya.

Bagaimanapun, setakat ini masih belum jelas sama ada tembakan yang dilepaskan itu dibuat dengan sengaja ataupun tidak kerana siasatan polis masih berjalan.

"Kita siasat bawah Akta Senjata Api. Lepas siasat, kita akan serah laporan pada pihak atasan," kata Ketua Polis Daerah Sri Aman ASP Mat Jusoh Muhamad kepada Malaysiakini.

"Jika dibuat secara sengaja, ada unsur jenayahlah. Tetapi perkara ini masih dalam siasatan dan saksi-saksi akan dipanggil (membantu siasatan)."

Menurut Mat Jusoh, pihaknya menerima aduan berhubung insiden tersebut yang berlaku pada minggu lalu.

Usaha Malaysiakini menghubungi Mong setakat ini belum berhasil.

Pagi ini, wakil rakyat DAP Jeff Oii menghebahkan perkara itu melalui Twitter dan meminta pengesahan daripada pengikutnya di laman sosial itu.

"Dengar-dengar calon BN (bagi kerusi) N26 Bukit Begunan lepaskan tembakan dan cederakan setiausahanya. Boleh sahkan perkara ini? (Ada) risiko dikeluarkan kelayakan (bertanding)," tulisan anggota parlimen Jelotong itu dipetik.

Kempen: Ada laporan, 'bukan serius'

Ketika ditanya kenapa DAP mahu menjadikan perkara itu isu dalam tempoh berkempen, Jeff menjelaskan, oleh kerana ia didakwa melibatkan pihak bertanding dalam pilihan raya, rakyat mestilah dimaklumkan.

"Calon mestilah bebas daripada sebarang dakwaan jenayah. Polis mestilah mengesahkan sama tembakan yang dilepaskan itu bebas daripada unsur jenayah kerana ia melibatkan pihak yang bertanding (dalam pilihan raya).

"SPR juga mesti dimaklumkan secepat mungkin dan perkara ini mesti dihebahkan kepada pemilih sebelum hari pengundian. Jika beliau didapati bersih, ia mesti diumumkan," katanya kepada Malaysiakini.

Bukit Begunan, kawasan majoriti Iban antara kubu kuat BN dalam pilihan raya negeri kali ini. Mong sebagai penyandang menghadapi persaingan tiga penjuru dengan calon PKR dan SNAP.

Sementara itu, mengulas tentang perjalanan kempen yang tinggal tidak sampai 24 jam lagi, Mat Jusoh berkata ia masih berjalan dengan aman tanpa sebarang insiden.

Ditanya tentang laporan yang diterimanya setakat ini, beliau mengakui ada menerima beberapa laporan tetapi bukan melibatkan perkara yang serius. -mk

Ulasan GB

Dah terdesak sangat nampaknya. Jika ikut undang-undang, ia adalah dikira satu perbuatan "jenayah" calon boleh hilang kelayakan bertanding.

Jikalah yang melepaskan tembakan itu calon Pakatan, sudah heboh 1Malaysia.

Justeru pengundi DUN Bukit Begunan wajar tolak calon BN ini, beliau amat merbahaya.

Liu Fang – Ambush pipa solo

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 05:11 AM PDT

Chinese pipa virtuoso Liu Fang playing a traditional classic, Ambush from All Sides (十面埋伏), during a 2002 show in Canada. Pipa is a four-stringed musical instrument invented some 1800 years ago. Video via Moremusicale@YT

Liu Fang is one of the world's most prominent pipa player. She's born in China, but is residing in Canada. She's performing mainly in western countries these days.

Ambush is about the final battle of General Xiang Yu in 202 BC, in which he was ambushed and defeated by Liu Bang, who later founded the Han Dynasty. The classic is believed to be written during Tang Dynasty (618–907), it's widely played in Chinese orchestras and has been used as theme song for some movies.

Liu Fang – Ambush pipa solo from YeinJee's Asian Blog

PRN Sarawak: SUPP Berkubur Esok?

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 04:48 AM PDT

Walaupun nama George Chan dianggap tidak boleh dipisahkan dengan Miri, namun pada pilihan raya kali ini lagenda itu dikatakan hampir pasti terkubur.

Kempen pilihan raya negeri Sarawak akan melabuhkan tirainya tepat jam 12 malam ini, manakala parti-parti politik yang bertanding kini memperhebatkan usaha mereka memancing undi pada saat-saat terakhir.

Pergelutan paling sengit dikatakan berlaku di bandar-bandar yang sebelum ini jarang terjadi. Antara yang menjadi tumpuan adalah kerusi-kerusi di - Kuching, Miri dan Sibu - yang sebelum ini kubu kuat SUPP dan dicabar hebat oleh DAP.

Walaupun DAP dilabelkan sebagai 'underdog', namun percaturan kini telah berubah.

Pada hari pertama kempen sahaja, ribua rakyat membanjiri ceramah-ceramah DAP - sama ada mereka ingin tahu ataupun cuba melihat wajah pemimpin utama parti itu dari jarak dekat.

Di Kuching, setiausaha DAP Lim Guan Eng berjaya menarik kehadiran tidak kurang 5,000 orang di sebuat pusat penjaja terbuka di Premier 101 Commercial Centre.

SUPP yang terdesak mengatur balas dengan mengadakan ceramah tetapi gagal memikat jumlah hadirin seperti lawan mereka. Justeru, tumpuan diberikan kepada kempen dari rumah ke rumah.

Di Miri, SUPP juga menerima tamparan apabila ceramah DAP yang diadakan hampir setiap malam menyaksikan kehadiran rakayat yang terus meningkat setiap hari.

SUPP, yang diterajui oleh presidennya, Tan Sri Dr George Chan, hanya mampu melihat apabila di kubu kuatnya sendiri, tidak kurang 15,000 orang datang untuk mendengar ceramah pemimpin veteran DAP, Lim Kit Siang pada hari keempat kempen pilihan raya

Walaupun nama Chan dianggap tidak boleh dipisahkan dengan Miri, namun pada pilihan raya kali ini lagenda itu dikatakan hampir pasti terkubur.

Perkara yang sama juga melanda Sibu, Guan Eng yang juga ketua menteri Pulau Pinang seakan bintang baru yang menjadi pujaan ribuan penyokong pembangkang.

Selain ucapannya yang lantang dan bersemangat, rakyat Sarawak juga pasti tidak akan lupa dengan beberapa lagu yang dibawakannya itu. Antaranya termasuk 'No money, no money for you' dan lagu popular Wondergirls 'Nobody nobody but you' bagi menyindir pemimpin BN, khususnya Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. -mk

Ulasan GB

Rentetan kesan "tsunami" di Semenanjung dimana MCA dan Gerakan terkangkang di dalam PRU12, SUPP bakal mengikutinya esok.

Go ahead, Muslim NGOs, protest!

Posted: 14 Apr 2011 09:36 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR, April 14 – Muslim groups will protest tomorrow against Putrajaya's release of Malay-language bibles, after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak promised yesterday that his administration would never again impound bibles. The Muslim Organisations in Defence of Islam … Continue reading

Tindakan Undang-undang Ke Atas Polis Wajar Jika...

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 02:55 AM PDT

Keluarga Allahyarham Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed berkemungkinan akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) jika hasil siasatan polis tidak memihak keluarga pegawai kastam itu.

Menurut sumber, polis memberitahu kepada keluarga Ahmad Sarbaini bahawa hasil siasatan sudah hampir siap.

"Polis beritahu kepada keluarga siasatan sudah 70 peratus tetapi tidak beritahu apa perkembangan terbaru, sebaliknya saya difahamkan polis juga setiap hari datang ke rumah Ahmad Sarbaini," kata sumber itu kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Bagaimanapun katanya, pihak polis tidak memberikan apa-apa maklumat mengenai punca kematian.

Kata sumber itu, keluarga Ahmad Sarbaini kini sedang berbincang dengan peguam untuk mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap SPRM atas sebab kelalaian serta mahu membersihkan dakwaan kononnya penolong pengarah kastam membunuh diri.

Ahmad Sarbaini ditemui mati di aras satu pejabat SPRM Wilayah Persekutuan di sini minggu lalu.

Dia merupakan salah seorang daripada 62 pegawai kastam yang menjadi tumpuan Operasi 3B kendalian SPRM dan beberapa agensi kerajaan yang lain.

"Keluarga Ahmad Sarbaini akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap SPRM sekiranya hasil siasatan polis tidak memihak kepada mereka.

"Mereka mahu ambil tindakan undang-undang ini kerana mahu menuntut keadilan bagi Ahmad Sarbaini serta membersihkan namanya yang didakwa telah membunuh diri," kata sumber itu.

Jelas sumber itu, keluarga Ahmad Sarbaini tertekan apabila ada pihak termasuk media mengatakan dia membunuh diri dan menerima rasuah.

"Itu tidak benar, Ahmad Sarbaini tidak mungkin lalukan perkara itu. Kini keluarga berada dalam keadaan tertekan," katanya.

Ahmad Sarbaini meninggalkan balu Maziah Manap, 50 dan lima anak.

Ia kejadian kedua dalam dua tahun ini. Kes kematian Teoh Beng Hock, yang ditemui jatuh dari Plaza Masalam. yang menempatkan pejabat SPRM Selangor, pada Julai 2009, masih disiasat oleh suruhanjaya diraja.

Sementara itu, peguam keluarga Ahmad Sarbaini, Ghazali Mohd Ramli ketika dihubungi The Malaysian Insider berkata pihaknya tidak akan memberikan sebarang komen dalam perkara itu sebaliknya akan menunggu keputusan hasil siasatan polis.

"Saya tidak akan cakap apa-apa, kita biar polis jalankan siasatan dulu.

"Nanti kalau saya cakap apa-apa bimbang ia akan menggangu siasatan polis," katanya.

Laporan media semalam menyebut polis telah mengambil keterangan daripada 40 individu bagi membantu siasatan kes kematian Ahmad Sarbaini.

Malah Ghazali juga berkata, pihaknya telah telah menyerahkan bukti baru, yang tidak dinamakan, kepada polis - yang dipercayai boleh menentukan sama ada Ahmad Sarbaini meninggal dunia kerana membunuh diri ataupun sebaliknya. -TMI

Ulasan GB

Demi kebenaran dan keadilan memang wajar untuk keluarga mangsa mengambil tindakan ke atas polis.

Pertama, belum pun selesai siasatan sudah dihebahkan "kononnya" Ahamad Sarbani terjun dan membunuh diri. Ia lambang tidak profesyenalnya polis.

Kedua, seperti ada sesuatu "cover-up", sama seperti kes Teoh Beng Hock. Rakyat yakin di dalam kes Teoh Beng Hock, polis dan SPRM tahu siapa pembunhnya tetapi sengaja tidak mendedahkannya tetapi melakukan cover-up sehinggakan terdedah banyak hal di dalam siasatan Suruhanjaya Diraja seperti wujudnya skrip kepada pihak yang dipanggil untuk disoalsiasat oleh Suruhanjara Siasatan.

Selain dari tindakan undang-undang ke atas polis, adalah wWajar bagi setiap rakyat memohon kepada Allah agar dikembalikan keadilan dan kebenaran dan setiap yang bersalah termasuk mana-mana pihak yang menyembunyikan kebenaran dan kebenaran diberikan balasan yang setimpal oleh Allah s.w.t.

Kebenaran dan keadilan perlu diletakkan ke tempatnya yang wajar. Tiada siapa boleh memperrmainkannya.

Wishing Well, Wishing's Swell

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 02:16 AM PDT

Posted this on my facebook notes on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 10:54pm.

Just thought I'd post this on my long-abandoned blog too, in case somebody still care enough to read.


Took the LRT home tonight, all tired and weary and so damned bloody hungry. At the 3rd station after I got in, a guy came in carrying a plastic bag full of what I imagined were freshly baked buns and pastries. "Damn, that smells like heaven..", I thought to myself, relishing the sweet aroma faintly emanating from the partially closed bag.

Much to my chagrin however, the stupid bloke then, without a care in the world, proceeded to take out one yummy looking pastry and started to eat it while standing by the door, oblivious to the fact that what was a faint sweet whiff of a scent before is now a full blown odor wafting through the air, straight into the nostrils of everyone in the coach, in particular, to one tired, weary and hungry woman who has had nothing to eat all day except for a roti canai for breakfast and 3 small currypuffs for lunch.

"I wish it'll fall out of his hand. That'll teach him a lesson for being so inconsiderate", I thought to myself, trying hard to stop myself from salivating whilst he gobbled up the last piece in his hand.

Not content with that one pastry however, the guy then took out another. "Damn!" I thought again.

And then, *plonk*

He dropped it right smack on the floor.


I had to bury my face in my backpack and keep my legs steady to stop myself from laughing out loud, or worse, jumping for joy.

Boy, oh boy.. wishes do come true after all.

Now, can I wish that some people we all know but not necessarily cherish would fall flat on their faces with their bums hanging out for all the world to see?

If indeed my wish can come true like that, wouldn't it be swell?


Posted: 07 Apr 2011 07:42 PM PDT

The Old Bintulu Airport now occupies a
prime space in the centre of the town.

Businessmen in Bintulu have been eying the opportunity of acquiring the vast area of the Central District occupied by the old airport. 
This is public land, of course, and so its disposal comes under the control of the Chief Minster, because (outrageously) he is also the Planning and Resources Minister and Finance Minister and the man who dominates his home district of Bintulu.
Under an honest administration this valuable land would be auctioned openly and conditions would be attached to benefit the wider community.  Such rules would not deter plenty of businesses that would be happy to make a go of improving the centre of their town.

Sadly, it will come as little surprise to readers of Sarawak Report that we have now received information that the Chief Minster has, instead, secretly handed the entire area to one of his own favourite family companies, Naim Cendera.
Handed over to nominees at a nominal price!    
Two prime plots in the centre of developed Bintulu - worth tens of millions handed out for peanuts
A trip to the Land Registry in Bintulu has revealed that this vast area of prime land, two plots of 11,852 hectares and 2,841 hectares, was quietly handed to Naim Cendera in November 2008.
The rent requested for these areas is ridiculously low RM88,890 per year and RM3,409 per year respectively (with no requirement to put it up over the 60 year lease provided).   
A deal of just over RM 4 million for the premium on the land is also registered, which again is peanuts for land that could raise Naim Cendera tens if not hundreds of millions in profits.
An insider has told Sarawak Report that during the secretive planning negotiations a 'smart'  deal was arrived at whereby the runway, which is federal land, was planned for conversion into a dual carriageway to service the centre.
In this way the premium has been largely avoided, ignoring the value of the surrounding land.  The two plots are assigned in the planning documents to commercial and residential purposes and both have been handed to Naim Cendera.
This vast development has gone for a piddly price - Naim Cendera 'hits it lucky' (again)
The former town-planner and member of the Bintulu Development Authority (and till recently a Director of Naim Cendera) Sylvester Ajah Subah says he knows just how the system works, which is why he is now campaigning as the candidate for the opposition PKR (PR) in the nearby constituency of Dalat in Mukah.  He told us there is no such thing as transparency in Sarawak:
"Of course other people were interested in the land.  But, it's simple, the government is favouring the developer who is the blue eyed boy of the Chief Minister.  The developer is the company that is very closely connected with the Chief Minister"

Taib's blue-eyed boys 
Sepawi – cousin to the Chief Minister. How come he does so well when it comes to Government contracts?
The Blue-eyed Boy in question is of course Hamid Sepawi, the Chief Minister's own cousin, who works with his ubiquitous partner Hasmi bin Hasnan in charge of endless construction businesses, public bodies and plantations all over Sarawak. 
The duo are the veritable Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum at the top of numerous Boards of Directors and between them they own around half of the supposedly public holding company of Naim Cendera!
Both men have also featured on Malaysia's Top 30 Rich List, owing to their vast shareholdings in the enterprises they manage.  Time and again their success can be put down to the good fortune of being chosen by Taib to be awarded contracts and land concessions.  
It is hardly surprising therefore that most insiders in Sarawak regard the men as none other than proxies and nominees for Taib himself – men behind whom the Chief Minister can hide his own business interests.
Premium for Lot 4172 is a mere RM 4 million. What if anything was paid for Lot 4173?
Consider how Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum started out in life.  Let's put it this way, they were nobody very much before Taib hit office in 1981, but after that their careers went stratospheric!
Take Hasmi bin Hasnan.  His CV for Sarawak Plantations (which is a venture benefiting from the acquisition of over 50,000 hectares of State plantation lands which Taib decided to privatise ) explains that the 54 year old had been a humble valuer in the Land and Survey Department, until Taib took over in 1981 and made the department his crucial power-base for talking over the lands of Sarawak:  
From valuer in a government department to top businessman in just a few years!
"He began his career in 1979 as a valuer n the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak.  Since 1982, he has been involved in a wide range of businesses, including valuation, project management, property development and management, timber, construction and and publishing.  He has been the Managing Director of Naim since 25 July 2003 as well as N

We Are VERY Lucky

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 01:46 AM PDT

I make no apologies for the fact that I LOVE MALAYSIA, my country, my nation, my motherland. Having lived here for 50.33 years, I have yet to find a country as wonderful as Malaysia, a nation blessed with such a vast array or resources, a diversity of culture and experience, flora and fauna that is exceptional etc. And we are not in any earthquake/tsunami/typhoon zone as well! Of course, we can say that the nation could be EVEN more beautiful with better governance, upright leaders and a populace that do not accent differences but work towards fostering harmony and unity.

This evening, I just wish to draw your attention to two websites.


DROWNING HEARTS AT LADY RIVER - Get ready a box of tissues. God bless you, Jason Kelly, for reaching out to these people.

Frankly, our nation is very blessed. We are all very blessed. May you be moved to give some aid to the victims.

Take care and have a lovely evening with your family, loved ones and/or friends.

*Thanks to Angela who sent me the two links.

3 Maut, 2 Parah, Kereta Pelajar Bertembung Lori Tangki

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 01:24 AM PDT

Jertih: Tindakan lima rakan karib bersiar-siar melepaskan trauma selepas bilik asrama mereka diceroboh bertukar tragedi apabila tiga daripada mereka terbunuh selepas kereta dinaiki bertembung dengan sebuah lori tangki di Kilometer 104 Jalan Kuala Terengganu-Kota Bharu berhampiran Kampung Gerai, di sini, awal pagi semalam.

Dalam kemalangan jam 6 pagi itu, kelima-lima pelajar jurusan kejururawatan Kolej Islam Sains dan Teknologi (KIST) Cawangan Bachok, Kelantan, itu yang menaiki sebuah kereta dikatakan dalam perjalanan pulang dari Kuala Terengganu ke kampus mereka selepas keluar bersiar-siar di Kuala Terengganu, malam kelmarin.

Mangsa yang terbunuh ialah Noor Diana Mohd Noor, 22, dari Kota Tinggi, Johor; Zur Irah Zakaria, 19, dari Kampung Titian Baru Atas Tol, Kuala Terengganu, dan Nurul Shahidah Abdul Jaabar, 19, dari Taman Selamat Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

Sementara dua pelajar yang cedera parah ialah Bazilah Abdullah, 19, dan Nur Adilah Mohd Ghazali, 19, masing-masing berasal dari Kota Bharu dan Tanah Merah, Kelantan, manakala pemandu lori, Khairi Ayub, 43, dari Kampung Alor Keladi, Jertih, di sini hanya cedera ringan.

Dua daripada tiga mangsa yang terbunuh, Noor Diana yang juga pemandu kereta Perodua Viva dan Zur Irah mati di tempat kejadian manakala Nurul Shahidah, mati di Hospital Besut.

Dua lagi rakan mereka yang cedera parah di kepala, Bazilah dan Nur Adilah dirawat di Hospital Besut sebelum dipindahkan ke Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Kota Bharu.

Rakan karib Noor Diana, Noor Ashikin Nasri, 19, berkata beliau juga diajak ke Kuala Terengganu, tetapi menolaknya kerana letih.

Katanya, semua rakannya bertolak jam 9 malam ke Kuala Terengganu malam kelmarin untuk makan angin dan menenangkan perasaan selepas terkejut dengan peristiwa asrama pelajar wanita diceroboh seorang lelaki pada waktu Subuh, Selasa lalu.

"Mereka trauma selepas melihat seorang lelaki bertopeng menceroboh masuk ke dalam asrama itu dengan memegang sebilah pisau menyebabkan mereka membuat keputusan untuk menenangkan fikiran di Kuala Terengganu," katanya ditemui di Hospital Besut, semalam.

Katanya, mangsa dipercayai ke Kuala Terengganu dengan meminjam kereta seorang rakan lain dan tidak tidur ketika berada di bandar raya itu sebaliknya beredar pulang selepas beberapa jam bersiar-siar di situ.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Besut, Deputi Superintendan Nor Zainy Mohd Noor, berkata Nurul Shahidah yang tercampak keluar dari kereta meninggal di Hospital Besut kira-kira jam 7 pagi manakala Noor Diana dan Zur Irah maut di tempat kejadian.

Tragedi ragut nyawa waktu subuh
BEGINILAH keadaan kereta Perodua Viva yang dinaiki lima bakal jururawat selepas bertembung dengan sebuah lori tangki minyak hingga mengakibatkan tiga daripada mereka mati dalam kemalangan di Kampung Gerai, Besut semalam.

BESUT – Usaha lima bakal jururawat untuk lari daripada gangguan lelaki misteri yang menceroboh asrama mereka dengan bersiar-siar di Kuala Terengganu berakhir dengan kecelakaan apabila tiga daripada lima gadis itu maut selepas kereta jenis Perodua Viva yang dinaiki bertembung dengan sebuah lori tangki minyak semalam.

Kejadian ngeri pukul 6 pagi di Kampung Gerai dekat sini itu menyebabkan pemandu kereta, Nordiana Mohd. Nor, 22, dari Kota Tinggi, Johor; Zur Iras Zakaria, 19 dan Nurul Shahidah Abdul Jaabar, 19, masing-masing dari Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian.

Dua lagi rakan mereka, Bazillah Abdullah, 19 dan Nur Adilah Mohd. Ghazali, 19, dirawat di Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kubang Kerian akibat cedera parah.

Difahamkan, sebelum kejadian, kesemua pelajar tahun dua kursus kejururawatan Kolej Islam Sains dan Teknologi (KIST) Bachok, Kelantan itu dalam perjalanan pulang ke Asrama Muiz Dalam Rhu di Pasir Puteh.

Jarak antara asrama mereka dengan Kuala Terengganu kira-kira 135 kilometer.

Kesemua rakan karib itu dikatakan telah meminjam kereta rakan mereka pada pukul 9 malam kelmarin untuk bersiar-siar.

Sementara itu, seorang rakan mangsa, Nik Sharmila Nik Amram, 21, memberitahu, kesemua mangsa pergi ke Kuala Terengganu bagi menghilangkan tekanan selepas diganggu lelaki misteri di asrama. -kosmo

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