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Malaysia - "Truly Asia"? Or a Cynical Marketing Ploy?

Malaysia - "Truly Asia"? Or a Cynical Marketing Ploy?

Malaysia - "Truly Asia"? Or a Cynical Marketing Ploy?

Posted: 07 May 2011 10:17 AM PDT

For many years, Malaysia has enjoyed an image that suggests it to be a rapidly developing prosperous nation that is liberal and modern in its outlook and charitable towards all its residents.

Indians particularly marvel at its bright and clean cities with their many examples of modern construction. They also have the impression that unlike the Islamic states of the Gulf, Malaysia is a "secular" country. As a consequence, Malaysia attracts Indian tourists in very large numbers and is a particular favorite with the Gliterati Bollywood crowd.

But sadly, it has taken the HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) only one rally to expose the myth that is Malaysia. For all its pretence of being a secular nation, the despotic and heavy-handed manner in which a peaceful march was repressed - the cynical manner in which its brave and patient organizers were arrested (without charge and without recourse to due process) exposes the utter hollowness of Malaysian claims to "democracy". Democracy is not merely about rubber-stamping an election ballot every few years. It is also about a process in which all citizens must be free to communicate their genuine concerns - epsecially if they are as systematically discriminated against as are Malaysians of Indian (and mostly Tamil) descent.

Contrary to what one would normally expect from a genuinely secular and democratic nation, Malaysia has systematically practiced institutionalized religious, legal, economic and educational favoritism on behalf of its Malay "bumiputras" - a word that comes from the Sanskrit (bhoomi-putr) meaning son of the soil. Under the garb of "affirmative action" - Malaysians of Indian origin (who were brought to Malaysia by the British Colonizers as indentured servants - i.e. semi-slaves to work on the plantations) are systematically denied a comparable level of funding for educatiotion at all levels. Whereas "bumiputras" are given prefential treatment in government jobs and business contracts, Indo-Malaysians have to fend entirely for themselves.

Considering that the Indians arrived in Malaysia as near-slaves and performed all the most undesirable work, if anyone should have been beneficiaries of affirmative action, it should have been the Indo-Malaysians. To go on and on about the "poverty" of the "bumiputras" while ignoring the far greater historic and present disadvantages of the Indo-Malaysian is simply a cover for closet racism and religious chauvinism and intolerance (since the vast majority of Indo-Malays are Hindus). In fact, as the Star Online (Sep 30, 2005) revealed, Indians continue to earn much less than the national average. Several poor Indian families survive on less than 4$ a day (i.e. less than a third of the average per capita income). The Economist
(22/2/2003) revealed that Indians comprise 60% of urban squatters and 41% of all beggars.
Yet, Muslims and Hindu liberals of the Indian sub-continent often point to Malaysia as an example of an Islamic-majority nation that can also respect its minorities. Indeed?!

Consider that when UMNO Youth wanted to have a raucous protest (without permits) just a few days before the HINDRAF protest -they were allowed to have their way on the streets. No one was arrested, there was no teargas, and no governamental outrage. Whereas at entirely peaceful HINDRAF rallies, the government has used teargas right from the get-go and police have beaten participants including women and children. When young girls tried to present roses as peace offerings to the violent policemen, they were coldly refused and the beatings on the rallyists continued. So much for Malaysia's liberal image.

However, police brutality towards Indians is hardly new. Every year, one reads of Indians working in Malysia who are sumamrily rounded up as though they were illegal aliens even when they had all their documents and were hired by government-approved Malaysian corporations. Rarely ever have such Indians even recieved a formal apology let alone compensation for the insult, inconvenience and psychological terror meted out on them.

But police brutality is a life-threatening reality of Malaysia's citizens of Indian-origin. HINDRAF has noted how 60% of crime "suspects" shot dead before trial by the Malaysian police have been Indians. 60% of custodial deaths (of citizens detained without charge or trial) are of Indians. The suicide rate of Indians is ten times that of Malays.

Unfortunately the mainstream Indian media has done a very poor job of exposing the systematic ethnic discrimination that takes place in Malaysia.

Consider the facts:
- Of the 5 major Malaysian banks, only ONE is multi-racial. The rest are controlled by the "poor" Malays.
- The directors of Malaysia oil-giant PETRONAS are virtually all Malays.
- Virtually all PETRONAS gas stations are owned by the "poor" Malays.
- All contractors working for PETRONAS must also be Malays (after all, they are all so poor).
- Malay businesses are NOT required by law to hire any non-Malays. But Chinese-led businesses are required by law to hire at least 30% Malays. No quotas for Indians however. - Only 5% of new intake for the police or army (or even nurses) are non-Malays.
- Business licenses for taxis and other small businesses have only been granted to Malays in recent years, and 95% of government contracts have gone to Malays even though they comprise just slightly above 50% of the population.
- Between 1968 and 2000, 144 Indian primary schools and 48 Chinese primary schools were deliberately closed. At the same time, 2637 primary schools were built exclusively for Malays.
- Of Malaysia's education budget, less than 1% goes to Indian schools even though Indians comprise approximately 8% of the population - a sharp drop from 12% in 1957.

In other words in 50 years, Malaysia's racism has driven out every third Indian from the country. The Chinese-origin population has meanwhile dropped by half to now roughly a quarter. In the period that half a million Indians left Malaysia, 3 million Indonesian citizens were naturalized and given "bumiputra" status. In other words, Indians who had been in Malaysia for almost a century are still not considered sons (or daughters) of the soil, but Indonesians not even born in Malyaysia can be considered "bumiputras".

Every Malay (rich or poor) is given a 5-15% discount to buy a home. The Malaysian government has never built a church or a temple in housing estate. But every housing estate that it builds comes with a mosque.

Taken in its totality, one cannot but help observe that the economic practices of the Malysian government greatly resemble the medieval practice of Jizya that Islamic invaders imposed on all "infidels". In fact, this is not surprising because every Muslim Malay is subject to the Shariat code. In case of disputes between Islamic Malays and non-Muslims, Shariat law takes precedence. This means that even Hindu or Buddhist or Christian or non-religious Indians and Chinese must submit to the Shariat if they ever have the misfortune of displeasing a Muslim Malay.

Malaysians Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination have noted how the Malaysian government has repeatedly refused to accede to demands to abandon its systematic policies of discrimination towards non-Malays and non-Muslims.

Hindus in Malaysia are particularly incensed that even as the Malaysian government has a policy of building mosques in every housing estate it builds for the Malays, it has torn down hundreds of temples built by Tamils on private or plantation lands that were built by their own sweat and by their own initiative. Temples have even been demolished while devotees were still praying inside.

As many on-line bloggers note: "Malays automatically get on a platter what is denied to other communities."

Perhaps, the real tragedy of Malaysia's Indians is not just that they have been victims of such pervasive discrimination but that it has taken so long for it to be revealed to the whole world. What must be especially galling for Malaysia's Indians must be how they have received so little support and help from their mother country. Even as the brave and courageous leaders of HINDRAF languish in custody, the Indian government has remained cynically silent and is on the verge of negotiating a "Free Trade" deal.

This abominable betrayal of a community in distress typifies the present political make-up of the Indian nation. The Congress and its allies and all the liberals in the mainstream media bend over backwards to hide the truth and keep trumpeting how the Malaysian state is a "liberal", "secular" and "friendly" state. Perhaps it says something about how the Indian Congress views "secularism". Positive discrimination in favor of Muslims is fine, but god forbid if non-Muslims - whether they be Hindus, Buddhists or non-religious demand fairness and justice.

The truth is that the Malaysian state - beneath a veneer of "democracy" is actually far more autocratic than Indians realize. It is practising the same type of "divide and conquer" stratagems that the British so perfected during colonial rule. The silence of Malaysia's ASEAN neighbors is also perhaps revealing - how ASEAN is mostly about capitalism and helping the region's capitalists thrive. It is not about ensuring the human rights and dignity of all of the citizens of the ASEAN countries.

ASEAN countries have yet to chastize Malaysia for the enormous inequities that exist in the country. For instance, Islam is the ONLY official state religion. While Malaysia's Muslims are free to propagate Islam and convert non-Muslims to Islam, non-Muslims are provided no such freedoms. In fact, they are strictly enjoined NOT to try and convert Muslims to other faiths. In most provinces, attempting to convert a Muslim can lead to lengthy jail terms and whippings.

Children of inter-faith marriages are automatically treated as Muslims. What is more , in most cases, a Muslim Malaysian cannot even voluntarily give up his or her Islamic faith. In a Nov 19, 2006 article in the New Straits Times, it was reported that in Perak, Malacca, Sabah, Trengannu and Pahang conversion is a criminal offense even punishable by a jail term. In Pahang, converts may even be punishhed by being caned.

Mosques routinely use loudpseakers to call Muslims to prayer which can be at 5:30 in the morning - hours before offical businesses open. When the Malaysian Bar Council described this practice as unnecessary and disturbing, this was condemned.

The Malaysia tax code is also discriminatory. Muslims are given tax breaks that other communities do not get. Moreover, in most provinces, a Muslim may not make a will that favors any person "opposed" to Islam. The latter prescription is easily distorted to prevent non-Muslims from inheriting anything from a Muslim.

The Shariat laws also permit widespread censorship on any film or literature that might even indirectly annoy Muslim sentiment. Malaysian law also requires mandatory IDs that state a person's religion. Recently, a Malaysian Minister decried how too many "effeminate" men were entering Malaysian universities.Some fear that it was presumably to lay the ground for mandatory beards on campus. Others fear that this was intended intimidate ir target young men who might be perceived as gay or bisexual.

But discrimination at Malaysia's Universities extends at many levels. For instance, Malaysia's Open University has weaker admission requirements for "bumiputras". Some years back, it was revealed that Malaysia's universities rejected 500 top-scoring non-Malays, even as it failed to fill 7000 slots that had been reserved exclusively for Malays. For instance, Malaysian universities have a goal of ensuring that 75% of their students are "bumiputras" even though their total population is only now roughly 60%. Websites for several universities openly state their pro-bumiputra focus. According to some studies, non-Malay faculties have shrunk to possibly as low as 5%. Because of negative admission quotas imposed on Indians, a medical education for an Indian in Malaysia is almost impossible.

SEAPA (South East Asian Press Alliance) has noted how the atmosphere at Malaysian universities stifles any form of legitimate dissent. Malaysian laws allow universities to prosecute students merely for speaking to the media without permission from designated authorities. They may not join political parties, or even start their own political action groups. On entry, they must take a pledge of obedience to the government.

In 2003, the Chinese Language Society was suspended because its members campaigned against a law that permitted detention without trial. Students were suspended for expressing their views on native language education. In 2001,
Choo Chon Kai - a chemistry topper was suspended for possessing and selling badges to protest the detention-without-trial law. The same law that has been used against HINDRAF leaders.
Unfortunately, there is also a huge paucity of lawyers to defend Indians who are arrested far more frequently than any other Malaysian.

As things stand, the Indian community in Malaysia faces enormous obstacles in its struggle for justice. Without support from its Indian brethren and genuine human rights activists around the globe, their battle is likely to be a very arduous one.

We can only hope that more Indians begin to express solidarity with Malaysia's Indians and other discriminated communities and call upon the Indian government to exert maximum pressure on the Malaysian government to reform itself. Malaysia's odious practices must be widely exposed and the government lambasted for its obnoxious treatment of its Indian citizens.

Notes and References
(Data for this article has been compiled from various on-line sources, including a few (understably) anonymous sources.)

The main sources are listed here:

** For HINDRAF's Summary of Oppression see:

** Minority Travails (by Aditi Bhaduri)

 "Revathi Massosai, 32, a Hindu woman was giving interviews to the media and narrating the harrowing weeks
she had had to spend in an Islamic rehabilitation centre in Malaysia for declaring herself a Hindu. Massosai, born to Hindu parents who had converted
to Islam, had been raised as a Hindu by her grandmother. She married a Hindu man and when she went to register herself as one, the authorities seized her
and put her in detention for six months to 'rehabilitate' her to Islam".
"In a recent essay 'The Struggle for Democracy in Bangladesh', academicians Amena Mohsin and Mehna Guhathakurta note that in Bangladesh 'The growth of
communal forces, attack on minorities, specially the Hindus, emergence of stunt figures like Bangla bhai, clandestine organizations like Hikmatul
Jihad and the attack on Ahmediyas are viewed with much concern.'"

IN a world where voices against Islamophobia, not without cause, are quick to be raised, it might make sense to keep in mind the words of Naeem
Mohaiemen, a film-maker from Bangladesh, specialising on political Islam,'The strange...thing is that even hyper-minority status in other spaces
(North America, Europe, India) have not given the Muslim ummah an extra sensitivity, or sense of responsibility, or even historical prerogative

(excerpts from MINORITY TRAVAILS by Aditi Bhaduri on Cobrapost)

* Other sites referenced:
"On 19.5.2007 on the 4.00p.m, 5.00p.m and 6.00 p.m news, Al Jazeera broadcasted over Astro channel 20, and worldwide, the indiscriminate Hindu temple demolishments in Malaysia."
* "In Malaysia, racism is allowed but protest against racism is not "
- A Secular Hindu blogger

married guys 101

Posted: 07 May 2011 09:00 AM PDT

since all the male teachers in my school are married, i really need to have a survival guide on how to talk to them. well, at first, i dun really think i should bother on how i talk to them until a colleague of mine gt scolded by a male teacher's wife because she thinks my colleague's sms to her husband x proper. i saw the sms. for god sake, shes just asking about work n the male teacher is the only person who is in charged.

after that incident, i became more conscious about how i talk to them n sometimes, i have to sms them for work purposes. i actually sent a draft sms to nadia first to check whether my sms is appropriate for a married guy. who knows the wife checks the husband's sms everyday. psycho.i know.

sometimes, i actually said sorry first before i said anything. i tried to be as polite as i can and as tak drama as i can. n theres one incident when we talked at the library:

people in the scene: me, aisyah, kak nairul, cikgu syamry and cikgu norman hakim.
we were talking about nyahs and how they are viewed from different perspectives.

me: tapi, saya rasa, mereka kalau macam saya perlukan seorang lelaki, mereka boleh je jadi lelaki.

(ok. what i meant was, when we really need the guys to protect us like when we wana cross the road or lift bags, they would become a man n help us. at least dat is what i saw based on my experience. but this is how the married guys heard it)

cikgu syamry: maksud pah, perlukan lelaki tu, apa dia? perlukan yang macam mana tu?

(i know what they meant because both the male teachers n aisyah n kak nairul were laughing. ok.. now.. is it my bm memang shitty or my tone salah? perlukah semuanya pasal benda2 yang dewasa? macamana untuk kita bercakap dengan mereka seperti kita bercakap dengan semua budak lelaki ipba cohort 4 yang most of the time, paham dan dengar benda yang serupa? mungkin tak mungkin berlaku. when im so careful on how i talk to them, derang pulak boleh buat lawak yang obviously akan menyebabkan isteri derang marah.)

do i talk to them like i talk to dan, dyau, zaim, zul, sunny, mamat, aiman n yuni?

or should i really choose my words because they are married n things can get really complicated n dramatic if wrongly understood.

yes, i really need a survival guide on communicating with married guys. please.

Hisham and Rais must act fast!

Posted: 07 May 2011 08:56 AM PDT

I think Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Info Minister Rais Yatim should work alongside to establish evidence as to whether what was written by my fellow-bloggers BigDog and Marahku (here and here)about 'turning Christian as the country's official religion' was based on real fact or hearsay.

However, knowing both of them well enough - people with a distinguish character - I tend to believe that some parties had lied to cover up some facts, which I personally have not seen.

What they wrote was a serious allegation and could lead to Muslims' backlash in the country. Should they have committed any cyber crime, then the MCMC under Rais should act fast before it goes haywire. And if they are found to be committing a crime under 'Akta Hasutan', Hisham should take the due course of appropriate action.

As far as the reports are concerned, Bukit Aman has started investigation (read here).

Similarly, Hisham must also act on DAP's Jeff Ooi, the Jelutong MP accused by both bloggers as inciting racial sentiment. Although he has denied allegations about his involvement, his testimonial is needed.

And to few reporters (non-Bahasa publications) who asked me why action is not taken against Utusan Malaysia newspaper for publicising such allegations (here), let me tell you that Utusan was just doing a 'straight reporting' about it and such allegations did not come from them.

Unless if your newspapers can come up with rebuttal stories, then the case would be between yours and Utusan Malaysia. What a stupid question you people asked me! And let me ask you, who is actually riding on the issue?

So, Hisham and Rais - just attend to it fast before it explodes before us!

Blogger UMNO Tegur Najib: Lebih Baik Tumpukan Negeri Yang BN Masih Kuasai Drp Rebut Selangor

Posted: 07 May 2011 09:56 AM PDT

Satu pendapat: 'If you want to damage the country give it to UMNO to rule, if you want to make it worst give it to UMNO to repair' Oleh Aspan Alias (gambar)

Dato Seri Najib berkata yang UMNO akan melakukan segala-galanya dan apa jua caranya untuk menawan kembali negeri Selangor dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. Ramai yang menghubungi saya untuk bertanya maksud 'at all costs' yang disebut oleh PM Najib itu.

Adakah PM Najib memberi isyarat yang cara yang dikatakannya itu tidak dibatasi oleh undang-undang dan etika demokrasi? Saya menjawab, "manalah saya tahu. Takkan orang pencen yang duduk di rumah sahaja boleh mengetahui apa yang akan dilakukan oleh Najib bagi UMNO kembali ke Selangor untuk memerintah".

Kalau dikira dari sudut matematiknya UMNO amat sukar untuk mendapatkan kembali negeri terkaya itu. Kita perlu mengkaji sebab yang menyebabkan UMNO Selangor itu rebah semasa pilihanraya yang lalu. Selangor memang sebelum ini merupakan kubu kuat BN khususnya UMNO dan tidak siapa pun terfikir yang UMNO akan mengalami kekalahan dalam mana-mana pilihanraya.

Dalam keadaan itu sekali pun kita telah menyaksikan UMNO tumpas dalam pilihanraya 2008 yang lalu dan hilang kuasa mentadbir negeri itu di tangan Pakatan Rakyat. Selalunya jika sesebuah parti memerintah kerajaan negeri, parti pemerintah itu susah untuk digulingkan kerana 'networking' yang terbina itu akan menjadi mantap dari masa kesemasa.

Kerajaan negeri selalunya akan menguasai pengaruh pemikiran rakyat di setiap kampong melalui JKKK yang merupakan struktor pentadbiran yang terendah di dalam sistem kerajaan kita. Tentunya rakyat yang kesemuanya ditadbir oleh JKKK ini akan menerima segala bentuk bantuan pembangunan kerajaan negeri kerana JKKK inilah saluran bantuan kepada rakyat akan disampaikan oleh kerajaan negeri.

Mahu tidak mahu kerajaan negeri Selangor telah menunjukan prestasi yang agak lebih baik dari apa yang diusahakan oleh kerajaan yang terdahulu. Jika kita lupakan isu politik partisan, maksud saya lupakan bab UMNO atau PR, Khalid Ibrahim merupakan Menteri Besar yang lebih berdedikasi dari MB-MB yang terdahulu. Jika kita dengar isu keburukan Khalid ia selalunya dinyanyikan oleh kumpulan politik yang bertentangan semata-mata untuk mendapatkan perhatian rakyat.

Satu perkara lagi yang menjadi perhitungan rakyat ramai ialah tentang momokan terhadap PR yang dimainkan oleh media perdana sejak berdekad-dekad dahulu yang tidak ada parti selain dari UMNO mampu memerintah sudah jelas tidak diterima rakyat lagi kerana momokan itu sudah terbukti meleset dari pandangan rakyat. Parti-parti pembangkang sekarang semua ada pengalaman memerintah sejak pilihanraya 2008 yang lalu dan nyata momokan terhadap PR sebelum ini tidak boleh lagi dijadikan isu oleh UMNO dan BN sekarang ini.

Kalau ada pun isu yang dimainkan oleh UMNO terhadap kerajaan PR Selangor ia hanyalah isu-isu yang dicari dan dibelek untuk diisukan seperti orang mencari kutu dalam rambut. Segala isu-isu remeh akan ditimbulkan untuk diskredit kerajaan negeri itu khusunya terhadap MBnya sebagai cara mendapatkan kembali pentadbiran kerajaan negeri itu selepas pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Yang menjadi perhatian sekarang siapa yang akan menerajui Selangor jika BN mengambil alih? Khir Toyo atau Noh Omar atau pun Mohd Zain Mohammed? Ramai berpendapat yang jika salah seorang dari nama ini dijadikan ketua untuk membawa perubahan di negeri Selangor, BN tidak akan mendapat sokongan kerana mereka bukanlah 'material' untuk membawa perubahan.

Mereka merupakan pemimpin-pemimpin yang telah membawa masalah kepada negeri itu yang menyebabkan BN tersembam di dalam pilihanraya yang lalu. Bagaimana pula mereka pula yang hendak membawa perubahan? Jika ini lah orang-orangnya yang akan dinamakan sebagai pengganti kepada kerajaan sekarang maka adalah tidak salah jika kita anggapkan yang ia akan terhempas sebelum terbang.

Rakyat sentiasa bertanya jika mereka yang telah merosakan sistem politik negeri itu bagaimana pula mereka yang kehadapan kononnya untuk memperbaiki keadaan yang dituduh sebagai tidak baik. Ada seorang rakan saya berkata, "If you want to damage the state give it to UMNO to rule, if you want to make it worse give it to UMNO to repair".

UMNO, kepada rakyat khususnya rakyat Selangor telah melihat bukti yang semasa memerintah negeri itu banyak ketidak telusan pimpinan di lihat oleh rakyat maka itulah sebab yang besar kenapa rakyat memilih pembangkang dalam pilihanraya yang lalu. Sekarang puak ini jugalah yang sedang berusaha untuk mengambil alih kerajaan Selangor.

Kita akui, didalam politik segala kemungkinan boleh berlaku tetapi kemungkinan itu tentulah beralaskan kepada situasi yang boleh diambil kira dengan tepat. Bagi Selangor kemungkinannya ada tetapi ia amat tipis selagi tidak ditentukan siapa yang akan menerajui kerajaan jika diberi mandat oleh rakyat.

Selain dari itu isu nasional juga memainkan peranan yang penting dalam penentuan samada Selangor mampu ditawan oleh BN. Isu video seks jelas menjadi 'counter productive' bagi BN. Rakyat menjadi mual dengan isu itu diperbesarkan dengan keterlaluan. Ini yang BN gagal untuk memahaminya.

Buat masa ini saya secara peribadi lebih cenderung untuk melihat UMNO memusatkan tumpuannya kepada negeri-negeri lain yang masih dikuasainya agar negeri-negeri itu tidak hilang dari genggaman parti lawan.

Ramai pendapat umum bahawa N Sembilan, Pahang dan Trengganu adalah negeri-negeri yang keberangkalian akan kalah adalah besar. Isu yang terbesar bagi ketiga-tiga buah negeri ini adalah sama; iaitu isu kepimpinan Menteri Besar mereka.

Ramai bertanya kenapalah ketiga MB ini masih berada di Pejabat Menteri Besar sedangkan pilihanraya sudah hampir tiba. Tetapi kalau rakyat menolak nanti, rakyat dan parti pembangang juga dipersalahkan.

UMNO tidak pernah bersalah. Yang lain semuanya bersalah termasuk mereka yang mengkritik untuk memperbaiki parti itu. -aspan alias

Ulasan GB

Di dalam UMNO, blogger-blogger sebegini biasanya akan tersisih. Dan kemudian akan di belasah secukup-cukupnya oleh blogger UMNO yang sifatnya kuat mencarut dan memfitnah.

Muslims hold mock funeral for bin Laden in London, threatening revenge and waving signs proclaiming "Islam will dominate the world"

Posted: 07 May 2011 08:13 AM PDT

The pictures really speak for themselves. This spectacle was organized by Anjem Chaudary, and it's worth repeating that he lives on £25,000 in benefits. Don't curse the kuffar with your mouth full, "Andy." "On this day of all days! Hundreds of militant Muslims stage mock funeral for Bin Laden outside U.S. embassy in London... as relatives of 7/7 terror attack victims weep at inquest just three miles away," from the Daily Mail, May 6:
A protest by hundreds of Osama Bin Laden supporters sparked fury outside the US Embassy in London today as they staged a mock 'funeral service' for the terror leader. Police stepped in to separate the protesters and members of the English Defence League amid threats of violence from both sides.
Radicals carrying placards proclaiming 'Islam will dominate the world' branded US leaders 'murderers' and warned vengeance attacks were 'guaranteed'. The protest came shortly after the verdict into the 7/7 inquest was released by Lady Justice Heather Hallett. She recorded that the 52 victims had been 'unlawfully' killed when four terrorists attacked three London Underground trains and a bus in 2005.
Lady Justice Hallett made a string of recommendations to both MI5 to prevent further atrocities and to 999 workers to react more effectively to major events. Relatives of the victims wept openly as the judge announced her verdict and she paid tribute to their 'quiet dignity' before reading the name of each person who died.
However just three miles from the Royal Court of Justice, Muslim protester Abu Muaz, 28, from east London claimed 'it is only a matter of time' before another attack and that the 'West is the enemy'. The capital has seen heightened security in recent days over fears of a revenge attacks by Al-Qaeda members. The protest against Bin Laden's death was organised by controversial preacher Anjem Choudary - who praised both 7/7 and the September 11 attacks. The former UK leader of the outlawed al-Muhajiroun and member of the 'poppy-burning' Muslims Against Crusades extremist group called on the U.S. to return bin Laden's body to relatives.

Echoing the deliberately impossible demand made by al-Qaeda itself, considering bin Laden was buried at sea.

He has already warned of another 7/7-style terror attack in the wake of Bin Laden's death. Britain has followed the US in placing its embassies, diplomatic missions and military bases around the world on heightened alert in recent days. An EDL member did manage to slip through police lines to unveil an effigy of Bin Laden in the middle of the 300-strong group of extremist Muslims. It prompted screams of 'USA, burn in hell' and 'Obama, burn in hell' from angry protesters....
Hat tip: Jihad Watch

A Most Justified Jubilation by Daniel Krauthammer

Posted: 07 May 2011 08:05 AM PDT

Why there should not be any moral qualms about celebrating bin Laden's demise

Osama bin Laden is dead. That is a good thing, and no one with any degree of moral sanity could feel differently. But does it follow that it is right to rejoice in his death and openly celebrate it? Among the thronging crowds outside the White House and Ground Zero, on college campuses and city streets across the country, the answer was a resounding yes. And in the statements of America's leading public figures, the coverage and commentary of its mainstream media, the same sentiments of joy and happiness were echoed. But the feeling is not unanimous. A statement released by the Vatican reflects the feelings of many uncomfortable with Sunday night's festive atmosphere: "In the face of a man's death, a Christian never rejoices, but reflects on the serious responsibilities of each person before God and before men, and hopes and works so that every event may be the occasion for the further growth of peace and not of hatred."

Similar sentiments have been heard from other religious and community leaders, on editorial pages and in the blogosphere and across social-networking sites. Even for those who do choose to celebrate, there may be twinges of uncertainty and ambivalence at the prospect of rejoicing in someone's death. There is a reason, after all, that such celebration is not a common occurrence. Not in American culture, at least. Of course there is a culture in which the celebration of death is not only common, but paramount: the culture of suicidal mass murder that is the very core of Osama bin Laden's ideology.

Is America's joyful reaction then a sign that we have strayed toward darkness? Were the crowds of chanting, hooting, dancing youth in Washington and New York actually America's equivalent of the so-called angry Arab Street, which, egged on by the ideological compatriots of bin Laden, burn American flags, behead effigies of our leaders, and chant "Death to America"?

Absolutely not. In fact, the surface similarities serve only to highlight just how opposite are their meanings and motivations. The celebrations across America did not glorify death. In fact, they weren't really about death at all. The crowds didn't lynch effigies of bin Laden; they didn't burn Korans or trample the flags of Muslim nations; they didn't raise armed soldiers on their shoulders or shoot rifles into the air; they didn't chant for vengeance or death to other nations, peoples, or religions. No, these crowds of all races and creeds came together and raised American flags, sang patriotic songs, drank and made merry, embraced and shook one another's hand. They did not glorify death, but rather affirmed life — their own lives and the life of their country at its moment of great victory over an enemy dedicated to bringing death to its shores.

That enemy was not just Osama bin Laden the man. It was the real, operational threat he posed to the life of every single American citizen around the world. And it was the organization, the mission, and the very ideology of terror that he represented and of which he had willfully and masterfully made himself the ultimate symbol during his decades-long career. The moral confusion about the issue has come about because the end to all three of these different conceptions of the bin Laden enemy — the man, the threat, the symbol — occurred simultaneously rather than separately, as they did, for instance, in the case of America's last encounter with a larger-than-life evil: Saddam Hussein. Continue to page 2 of the National Review...

Perkasa Buat Laporan Polis, PR Juga Patut Buat Laporan Polis Terhadap Blogger UMNO Dan Utusan

Posted: 07 May 2011 07:51 AM PDT

Negara Kristian: PERKASA buat laporan polis

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA) Wilayah Persekutuan hari ini membuat laporan polis berhubung laporan Utusan Malaysia yang memetik tulisan di dua blog pro-Umno yang mendakwa terdapat paderi yang mahu menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi negara.

Tulisan di dua blog pro-Umno juga mendakwa paderi tersebut berusaha mahukan perdana menteri dilantik dari penganut Kristian.

Laporan polis itu dibuat di ibu pejabat polis daerah Dang Wangi kira-kira jam 3.20 petang ini.

Bercakap kepada pemberita selepas laporan polis dibuat, yang dipertua PERKASA Wilayah Persekutuan Sharifuddin Abdul Hamid berkata dakwaan yang timbul itu adalah satu hasutan.

"Jika benar seperti apa yang dilaporkan, ia merupakan satu hasutan kepada masyarakat Kristian untuk mengembangkan agama itu bagi menjadikan satu hari jumlah penganut Kristian adalah majoriti dalam negara ini (dengan) pelbagai cara.

"Saya bimbang pendekatan ini akan menyemarakkan kemarahan umat Islam dalam negara ini," laporan polis itu dipetik.

Sehubungtan itu, beliau mahu polis menyiasat laporan tersebut.

Pada sidang medianya selepas itu, Sharifuddin berkata pihaknya mengetahui perkara tersebut berdasarkan laporan akhbar tersebut.

"Ia boleh memporak perandakan keselamatan (negara) sedangkan Islam adalah agama persekutuan," katanya.

Ditanya mengenai tindakan PERKASA selepas ini, Sharifuddin berkata pihaknya telah mengarahkan semua ahli PERKASA di semua negeri untuk membuat laporan polis berhubung dakwaan tersebut.

"Kita bertindak mengikut saluran undang-undang. Kita tidak akan bertindak sesuka hati. Harap polis dapat menyiasat," katanya.

Kira-kira 20 anggota PERKASA Wilayah mengiringi Sharifuddin membuat aduan polis tersebut.

Di Georgetown, Bernama melaporkan PERKASA Pulau Pinang membuat laporan polis terhadap ahli parlimen Jelutong, Jeff Ooi yang didakwa terlibat dalam satu pertemuan antara paderi dari seluruh negara di sebuah hotel di Jalan Macalister, Khamis lalu.

Laporan itu dibuat oleh Ketua Wira PERKASA Daerah Timur Laut, Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin di Balai Polis Jalan Patani, di sini pada kira-kira 1.20 tengah hari.

Mohd Rizuad berkata menurut laporan akhbar hari ini, dua buah laman blog mendakwa pertemuan itu turut membincangkan agenda untuk menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan, sekali gus melantik Perdana Menteri daripada kalangan penganut agama itu.

"Isu ini akan merosakkan perpaduan kaum yang telah terjalin lebih 50 tahun," katanya kepada pemberita selepas membuat laporan polis berkenaan.

Mohd Rizuad meminta polis menyiasat dakwaan blog berkenaan dan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya terhadap pihak yang cuba mencetuskan isu perkauman di negara ini.

Sementara itu, Jurucakap Pertubuhan Pembelas Islam (PEMBELA) Yusri Mohamad juga menggesa pihak berkuasa untuk menyiasat dakwaan blog pro-Umno dan Utusan tersebut.

"Jika jelas (berlaku) maka ia bercanggah dengan undang-undang dan boleh membawa kepada hasutan.

"(Negara) kita ada undang-undang, jika degil untuk dipatuhi, undang-undang perlu dikuatkuasakan," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian dalam sidang media selepas membentangkan resolusi forum "Islam Tergugat: Apa Tindakan Kita? di ibu negara hari ini. -mk

Ulasan GB

Pakatan Rakyat juga perlu buat laporan polis terhadap dua blogger UMNO tersebut dan akhbar Utusan Malaysia kerana menimbulkan isu yang sengaja direka-reka untuk menghasut rakyat.

Tindakan melampau pihak berkenaan perlu dilaporkan kepada polis, kerana apa yang berlaku pihak tertentu membuat laporan polis terhadap isu berkenaan yang berpihak kepada blogger UMNO dan Utusan Malaysia. GB yakin polis akan membuka kertas siasatan terhadap Jeff Ooi dan bukan ke atas dua blogger UMNO dan Utusan.

Sekalipun umum mengetahui sukar untuk mendapatkan keadilan daripada tindakan polis nanti tetapi jika Pakatan Rakyat tidak membuat laporan polis, maka pihak polis boleh menyalahkan Pakatan Rakyat jika mereka tidak membuka kertas siasatan terhdap dua blogger UMNO dan Utusan tersebut. Jawapan klise mereka: Tiada laporan polis dibuat oleh Pakatan Rakyat terhadap mereka.

Justeru itu, pemimpin PR jangan tidur!

Mother's Day 2011

Posted: 07 May 2011 06:41 AM PDT

We celebrated Mother's Day this evening at home with some home-delivered fine foods. It was a heartwarming time together with lots of joy and laughters.

We invited Yian's mom to celebrate this wonderful day with us. After cutting the homemade Durian Cheese Cake, we said prayer together before we settled down to foods!

Thank God for giving us our dear moms. May His blessings be with them in the years to come!



Chegubard Dicemburui, Ada Pemuka PKR Yang Tidak Senang Dengannya

Posted: 07 May 2011 06:24 AM PDT

Petaling Jaya: Badrul Hisham Shaharin yang kini menjadi tumpuan dalam PKR menegaskan beliau masih ahli parti dan menjadi ketua PKR cabang Rembau.

Bagaimanapun, bekas calon AMK itu tidak menafikan beliau tidak disenangi oleh beberapa 'pemuka' dalam PKR.

Menurutnya, beliau dituduh pengkhianat dan menyerang parti.

"Persoalannya apa pengkhianatan saya ? Adakah kerana bekerja tanpa henti tanpa menunggu arahan atau kerana saya tegas mendesak ketelusan dalam parti termasuk mendesak penyelesaian laporan penyelewengan ketika pemilihan menyebabkan saya dilihat khianat?" katanya dalam blognya hari ini.

Bekas calon PKR parlimen Rembau dalam pilihan raya umum 2008 itu mendakwa ada pemuka parti yang cuba menggagalkan program Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) yang beliau penyelarasnya.

Katanya, program SAMM berbentuk karnival pada Febuari lepas mahu dibatal oleh pemuka PKR dengan menemui pihak Majlis Kerajaan Tempatan supaya tidak dibantu atau dibatal lesen.

"Ada pula yang menjaja nama Ketua Umum PKR (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) menemui penganjur yang bukan PKR supaya membatalkan program saya di sebelah utara Semenanjung.

"Ini berlaku berulang di beberapa tempat. Untuk rekod SAMM cuba bereksperimen dengan turun ke kawasan pilihan raya kecil sebagai NGO mendekati anak muda,

"Ketika sibuk di Tenang ada pula pemuka jahat yang cuba melagakan gandingan baik SAMM dan sebuah pertubuhan yang dinamakan ANAK (Anak Peneroka Felda Kebangsaan).

"Apa sebenarnya yang mereka mahukan?" katanya.

Badrul Hisham atau lebih dikenali dengan panggilan Chegu Bard berkata demikian sebagai mengulas laporan sebuah portal berita tempatan semalam mengenai kemungkinan beliau meninggalkan PKR dan menyertai parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat.

Beliau menyifatkan portal itu silap memetik laporan kenyataan beliau di dalam blog miliknya. -FMT

Memang ada pihak PKR tak senangi saya, akui Chegubard

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Mei — Bekas anggota Majlis Pimpinan Pusat Badrul Hisham Shaharin, yang disebut-sebut akan keluar parti itu berkata, beliau masih ahli seumur PKR tetapi secara terbuka mengakui "memang tidak disenangi beberapa pemuka" dalam komponen Pakatan Rakyat (PR) itu.

Meskipun mengakui beliau ahli seumur hidup PKR, beliau yang turut dikenali sebagai "Chegubard" tidak menjawab sama ada akan keluar PKR untuk menyertai komponen PR iaitu PAS atau DAP.

"Chegubard masih ketua cabang PKR Rembau, ahli seumur hidup PKR. Sejak menjadi ahli Keadilan 1999 saya tidak pernah memperlahankan gerak kerja saya," katanya dalam satu kenyataan dikeluarkan hari ini.

Malah tegas Badrul Hisham (gambar), ini bukan kali pertama isu keluar parti ditujah kepadanya dan mungkin ada yang seronok dan mengharap sangat jika meninggalkan PKR.

Katanya, mereka yang pro-BN sudah tentu kecewa dan "saya terus diserang kerana mulanya mereka mungkin seronok dengan berita Chegubard keluar parti, namun ternyata mereka makan hati apabila mendengar kononya keluar PKR tetapi masih bersama PR."

The Malaysian Insider dalam laporan semalam menyebut Badrul Hisham yang hujung tahun lalu tewas pemilihan jawatan ketua Angkatan Muda PKR disebut-sebut kemungkinan akan keluar PKR, dan jikapun keluar akan menyertai DAP atau PAS.

Pemimpin-pemimpin sayap muda DAP dan PAS pula menjelaskan mereka tidak tahu-menahu mengenai desas-desus itu.

Pengerusi Pemuda DAP pusat Anthony Loke ketika dihubungi The Malaysian Insider mengesahkan belum ada sebarang perbincangan mengenai isu itu.

"Belum ada permohonan atau perbincangan. Saya tidak boleh komen selagi tiada pengumuman daripada Chegubard sendiri. Dan jika ada, perkara ini akan dibincangkan di peringkat pemimpin kanan Pakatan, perlu dibincangkan bersama," kata beliau ketika dihubungi tengah hari ini, sebelum Chegubard mengeluarkan kenyataannya.

Ketua Penerangan Pemuda PAS pusat Suhaizan Kayat juga memberitahu, perkara tersebut perlu dibincangkan bersama dan menerima 'lampu hijau' PKR jika benar Badrul Hisham mahu menyertai PAS atau DAP.

"Kita ada konsensus bahawa komponen Pakatan Rakyat tidak boleh menerima ahli yang keluar parti komponen... kita kena menjaga keharmonian dalam Pakatan," katanya."Bagaimanapun jika hendak terima (Chegubard atau mana-mana ahli PKR), perlu ada persetujuan PKR, dalam kes ini, jika Chegubard mahu masuk PAS," katanya lagi.

Justeru kata beliau, setakat Dewan Pemuda PAS belum ada sebarang perbincangan mengenainya.

"Kalau peringkat atas (pusat) saya tidak pasti," kata Suhaizan.

Dalam penjelasannya hari ini, Badrul Hisham menambah, ketika ramai meninggalkan parti semasa tangkapan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) lebih satu dekad lalu, "saya melihat suasana kosong yang mendesak, maka saya telah melangkah sepenuh masa bersama perjuangan ini."

"Saya dituduh pengkhianat dan menyerang parti. Persoalanya apa pengkhianatan saya? Adakah kerana bekerja tanpa henti tanpa menunggu arahan atau kerana saya tegas mendesak ketelusan dalam parti termasuk mendesak penyelesaian laporan penyelewengan ketika pemilihan menyebabkan saya dilihat kianat?" kata beliau lagi.

Badrul Hisham juga berkata, beliau tidak menafikan beliau berdepan dengan pelbagai masalah pascapemilihan selepas mendesak keadilan dan ketelusan.

"Tetapi saya pula dianggap musuh. Saya pertikaian laporan diselesaikan dengan langsung saya tak dipanggil menghadap mana-mana jawatankuasa," katanya.

Namun katanya, beliau tetap bersabar kerana ada agenda besar menumbangkan BN dan mendesak perubahan dalam negara.

Badrul Hisham juga berkata, pergerakannya sentiasa mengundang cuak puak yang dengki, termasuk program Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) berbentuk karnival yang diadakan Febuari lalu mahu dibatal oleh sesetengah pihak dalam PKR dengan menemui Majlis Kerajaan Tempatan untuk tujuan "kami tak dibantu atau dibatal lesen."

"Ada pula yang menjaja nama Ketua Umum PKR menemui penganjur yang bukan PKR supaya membatalkan program saya di sebelah utara Semenanjung.

"Ini berlaku berulang di beberapa tempat. Untuk rekod SAMM cuba bereksperimen dengan turun ke kawasan PKR sebagai NGO mendekati anak muda," katanya yang juga pengerusi SAMM.

Kata Badrul, jika beliau mahukan jawatan banyak cara yang boleh digunakan untuk memperolehinya, malah "saya pernah menolak tawaran pun."

Badrul Hisham menolak pelantikannya sebagai penolong setiausaha agung selepas tewas pemilihan pusat tahun lalu.

"Selaku anak muda saya yakin tidak salah mengimpikan sebuah gerakan yang sempurna dan untuk itu saya terus dan akan terus mendesak dan mengasak untuk perubahan itu," katanya lagi. -TMI

Truth Please, NOT Distortions of Reality!

Posted: 07 May 2011 05:11 AM PDT

I could not believe my eyes when I read the following articles in various news portals:

1. Christian leaders condemn claims trying to usurp Islam where organisers of a Christian meeting in Penang denied today allegations from pro-Umno bloggers that they were conspiring with the DAP to supplant Islam's position as the country's official religion in a bid to take over Putrajaya.

2.Anwar dubs Utusan shameless 'Umno tabloid' for Christian Malaysia report where Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim accused Utusan Malaysia of lying and confusing the public in its report today claiming Christian leaders were conspiring with the DAP to abolish Islam as the country's official religion in a bid to take over Putrajaya.The article said that in a hard-hitting statement posted on his blog today, Anwar accused the Umno-owned daily of spreading lies and slander, raising concerns that such an article could create further confusion among Malaysians.

3. Pembela asks police to probe Utusan's Christian Malaysia report which said that the police should investigate Utusan Malaysia's report that Christian leaders were conspiring with DAP to take over Putrajaya and abolish Islam as official religion, Muslim groups said today. According to the article, the Muslim Organisation in Defence of Islam (Pembela) said an immediate investigation was needed to determine the validity of the news article.

4. Pembela blames 'aggressive Christians' for Muslim siege mentality which said that the Muslim Organisations in Defence of Islam (Pembela) accused Christians of strategising an elaborate plan to ensure that more and more Muslims leave the faith, which is illegal in Malaysia.

Pembela president Dr Yusri Mohamad said the Christian community's demands over the "Allah" issue as well as the Alkitab row proved that they wanted to convince Muslims to embrace Christianity and abandon Islam.

5. 'Everlasting peace' only under Malay rule, says Perkasa where right-wing group Perkasa declared today that Malaysia can only have peace and political stability under a Malay-majority government. Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali told non-Malays today to stop questioning Malay rights, saying it would only make the country's dominant majority threatened.

6. A response to 'Making Christianity the official religion' — Organisers of the Unashamedly Ethical Conference, Penang where the writer said that he Christian community in Penang is disturbed by unwarranted and unsupported claims and allegations as contained in the write-up "Making Christianity the official religion" in the blog "The Thirteen Million plus Ringgit Guy Ramble …."

While it is true that several Christians and pastors gathered together at a hotel in Macalister Road for dinner, the gathering was never with the intention to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia nor was it with a vow to have a Christian prime minister.

7. KDN pandang serius usaha jadikan Kristian agama rasmi di mana dilaporkan bahawa Kementerian Dalam Negeri memandang serius pertemuan paderi dari seluruh negara yang dikatakan membincangkan agenda menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi negara selain melantik Perdana Menteri di kalangan penganut agama itu. Mengikut laporan itu, menterinya, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein berkata, beliau turut terkejut dan sedih dengan pendedahan terbabit kerana dikhuatiri boleh mencetuskan ketegangan serta perbalahan antara kaum khususnya penganut Kristian di negara ini.

8. Hisham: Agenda To Make Christianity Official Religion A Serious Matter where Bernama reported that Home Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein has described as serious a purported meeting of pastors in Penang allegedly to discuss making Christianity the official religion of the federation. I hope the Minister will get to the bottom of this case and nib the problem in the bud before it worsens further.

To me, it is a storm brewing in a tea-cup all because of that ONE article in Utusan Malaysia.

There have been far too many incidents whereby certain reports in that portal triggered negative reactions from various groups in our society.

A journalist has a very heavy responsibility to tell the truth and NOT distort reality. At all times, a journalist should observe and uphold journalistic principles, ethics and guidelines (which you can see OVER HERE. In doing so, the writer or the MSM must take pains to ensure that any article does not hit out at the beliefs, ideals and rituals of any religion or group so that he/she can maintain harmony in society.

According to THIS REPORT, Utusan had carried out a front-page article today titled "Malaysia, a Christian country?" (Malaysia, negara Kristian?), based entirely on blog postings by several pro-Umno bloggers. The report said that the bloggers had charged the DAP of sedition for trying to change the country's laws to enable a Christian to be prime minister, pointing to a grainy photograph showing what they described to be a secret pact between the DAP and pastors at a hotel in Penang on Wednesday.

1. Were the two writers of the article present at the event held at a hotel in Penang?

2. Were the bloggers who wrote those articles present at the same event in Penang?

3. Is there documented evidence e.g. video recordings/MP3 recordings/photographs etc to support whatever claim they made in their articles?

The photograph in that blog shows some people praying for others. Do they have recordings of that prayer to support their allegation?

Is there any statement to show that the writer of those articles was also the photographer and was also present at the event to bear witness that what they said is the truth?

4. Did the two writers of the Utusan Malaysia article HERE verify whatever information that was in the blog to ensure that what they wrote is the truth?

5. Did those who took offense to the Utusan article and are now lambasting the Christian community in Penang verify the information with:

a) Utusan Malaysia
b) The said bloggers

Did they then cross compare the information with THOSE WHO WERE THERE AT THE EVENT?

Did they ask for EVIDENCE of those claims or are they just reacting to the written word?

Now if there is NO evidence to PROVE those allegations, what are the authorities going to do with Utusan Malaysia?

While writing this post, I took the liberty of calling up one pastor whom I know and asked him to make some clarifications. He confirmed he was there at the event which was attended by pastors, DAP members and other invited guests. He clarified that it was an ordinary meeting and at one point 10-12 pastors gathered to pray a prayer of blessing on four persons. The gathering was not organized to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia nor was it with a vow to have a Christian prime minister.

As announced in THIS ARTICLE, the pastor confirmed that the dinner was held to honour several pastors from Sarawak who were in Penang for the Unashamedly Ethical marketplace conference held this morning. Such fellowship dinners are common amongst Christians and are part and parcel of the Christian custom of love and fellowship.

He said that at one point, about ten or twelve pastors gathered around prayed for the four pastors. The photograph in the blog which first carried the article as quoted by Utusan Malaysia is of that prayer and NOT that of any secret pact. He was truly saddened that the whole incident has been distorted and so far from the truth. He wondered if it was because ignorance about how some Christians pray that led to the distortion of the scenario behind the photograph.

As we all know, any journalist or writer should be fair, balanced, truthful,inspiring and meet the needs of common consumers of the news. One should write to portray an accurate picture of reality and not spin just for any agenda. One must write to create an environment of understanding within the society and not to divide its members! But what do we have here? Some get away with almost anything!

Every single news report should be carefully written to observe accuracy and exclude any undesirable and provocative issues or any distortion of reality. If not, words carelessly spoken or written can divide instead of uniting members!

When will they understand and observe the moral dimension of salience in journalism?

May this situation be resolved amicably and not blown out of proportion by any evil character!

Weekend in Holiday Villa Cherating

Posted: 07 May 2011 05:03 AM PDT

Hi peeps! Guess where we are right now? We are actually 260km away from home and that's a good news!

We are spending the weekend at beach again and this time at the lovely
Holiday Villa Cherating.

This is our second time here, first time was in 2008, right after I was done with my 'pantang' following the birth of Miki.

Now my stay here is sponsored, thank you very much Holiday Villa!! And tomorrow morning we will be joining other Advertlets bloggers for 21st Annual Cherating Sandsculpting Competition.


Our villa overlooking the ocean…


21st already??? I didn't know about this competition before… Kalau tak mesti nak join…


During the briefing…


Me and my team.. Yes, Miki included..


I can't wait to see how this place will turn out to be tomorrow…

I am updating this using the Iphone.. Hope it will turn out good…

Kristian Agama Rasmi, Utusan Penyebar Fitnah Blogger UMNO

Posted: 07 May 2011 05:31 AM PDT

Blog Anwar: Utusan Melampau, pendirian Pakatan Islam tetap agama rasmi

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Mei — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) tetap berpendirian Islam akan kekal sebagai agama rasmi negara ini dan oleh itu tidak timbul soal perikatan tersebut akan mengambil langkah mengubah statusnya jika menawan Putrajaya, kata blog Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari ini.

Pandangan itu juga mendakwa laporan Utusan Malaysia bersifat melampau dan mengelirukan rakyat memandangkan status Islam sebagai agama rasmi sudah termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Kenyataan itu dikeluarkan sebagai respons kepada laporan muka depan Utusan Malaysia hari ini di bawah tajuk "Kristian agama rasmi?"

Laporan itu juga memetik Ahli Parlimen Jelutong, Jeff Ooi menafikan dakwaan kononnya beliau menganjurkan satu majlis pertemuan paderi dari seluruh negara, yang didakwa turut membincangkan agenda menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan sekali gus melantik Perdana Menteri dalam kalangan penganut agama itu.

Menurut wakil rakyat DAP itu, beliau hanya menghadiri majlis kesyukuran yang diadakan secara tertutup untuk paderi-paderi tersebut di sebuah hotel di Jalan Macalister, George Town sebagai tetamu.

Akhbar milik Umno itu mendakwa majlis pertemuan paderi-paderi berkenaan dan ikrar menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan didedahkan oleh dua laman blog.

Nota pentadbir dalam blog rasmi Anwar (gambar), Ketua Umum PR itu berkata, Utusan Malaysia sekali lagi bertindak melampaui batas dan kini telah menghempas tanggungjawab selaku pengamal media demi tunduknya mereka kepada adikuasa.

"Amat malang bagi rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan keamanan dan keadilan apabila saban hari disogok dengan berita fitnah dan hasutan," katanya.

Tulisan itu menambah, isu agama rasmi bagi Malaysia menjadi sasaran terbaru "aparat pemerintah manakala Utusan tanpa rasa malu telah menidakkan fakta yang terbentang di depannya dengan berterusan memutar belit fakta bertujuan mengelirukan rakyat."

"Sudah dinyatakan sebelum ini, bahkan ia merupakan kenyataan rasmi yang ditandatangani oleh semua pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat bahawa Islam tetap kekal sebagai agama rasmi di Malaysia sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan pada masa hadapan," katanya.

Entri itu turut menyiarkan kenyataan rasmi tiga pemimpin kanan PR yang ditandatangani bersama pada 8 September 2008.

Kenyataan tiga tahun lalu itu, antara lain menyebut, "kami sekali lagi mengulangi pendirian menjunjung prinsip-prinsip dasar yang termaktub di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan."

"Ini termasuk soal-soal dasar seperti kedudukan Islam sebagai agama persekutuan dan menjamin kebebasan mengamalkan agama-agama lain, kedaulatan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan dan mempertahankan hak bahasa ibunda, kedudukan dan kedaulatan institusi Raja-raja Melayu serta kedudukan hak-hak istimewa orang Melayu dan Bumiputera serta hak-hak semua kaum yang telah dijamin oleh Perlembagaan," katanya lagi.

Ia juga menggariskan, berdasarkan prinsip-prinsip Perlembagaan ini "kami menolak sekeras-kerasnya pendekatan politik perkauman sempit yang menjadi dasar Umno-BN." "Pendekatan inilah yang sengaja digunakan untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan dan keharmonian masyarakat majmuk negara ini," kata kenyataan tersebut.

Entri blog Anwar hari ini menambah, jelaslah bahawa Utusan Malaysia tidak layak untuk digelar selaku akhbar arus perdana, sbealiknya ia hanya layak menyandang gelaran 'tabloid Umno' sesuai dengan kenyataan bahawa parti tersebut merupakan pemegang saham sekali gus merupakan majikan mereka.

"Amat sedih melihat akhbar yang diasaskan oleh para pejuang pembebasan tanah air dahulu telah dirantai oleh manusia-manusia rakus kuasa zaman ini," katanya lagi. -TMI

M'sia negara Kristian? Utusan bakar 1Malaysia

Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang Lim Guan Eng berang dengan laporan akhbar milik Umno, Utusan Malaysia dengan tajuk utamanya 'Malaysia Negara Kristian?'

Katanya, dengan hanya berdasarkan pendedahan dua blog blog pro-Umno, Utusan sanggup "membakar 1Malaysia" dengan mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman dan agama masyarakat berbilang bangsa di negara ini.

"Utusan mahu membakar 1Malaysia... ini amat jahat dan elemen bahaya ini sedang berlaku di negara kita sekarang," kata Lim pada sidang akhbar di Pulau Pinang hari ini.

"Saya telah minta pemimpin parti saya membuat laporan polis mengenai perkara itu. Bagaimana finah dan penipuan boleh dijadikan tajuk utama sebuah akhbar?"

Lim, yang juga adalah setiausaha agung DAP mengulas laporan di dua blog dan dipetik oleh Utusan yang mendakwa pemimpin parti itu bekerjasama dengan paderi-paderi seluruh negara yang berikrar untuk menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi persekutuan.

Selain itu, penulis blog Bigdog menerusi entri bertajuk 'Making Christianity the official religion? dan blog Marahku juga melaporkan paderi-paderi Kristian mahu perdana menteri dilantik dari kalangan penganut agama itu

Nama ahli parlimen Jelutong Jeff Ooi juga diheret dalam tulisan blog berkenaan kerana beliau dilaporkan hadir bersama.

Utusan Malaysia pada halaman cetaknya hari ini bukan sahaja menyemak kesahihan berita tersebut sebaliknya mengapi-apikan perkara itu dengan melaporkan "selain menjamu selera (Jeff Ooi) turut bertafakur semasa paderi-paderi itu berdoa."

Penulis blog, adalah pengkritik lantang mantan perdana menteri Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi tetapi penyokong taksub Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Dalam laporannya itu juga disiarkan sekeping gambar yang kononnya menunjukkan seramai 35 orang paderi tersebut dikatakan berdiri dalam bulatan dan saling berpegangan tangan tanda bersetuju untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Kristian.

Utusan yang memetik blog itu melaporkan "Apa yang dilakukan DAP adalah sesuatu yang sangat berbahaya. DAP membawa strategi politik cauvinis mereka ke satu tahap perubahan dan sensitiviti yang sangat tinggi."

Manakala blog Marahku, pula memilih tajuk 'Kedudukan agong terancam? DAP mahu jadikan Kristian agama rasmi? Menurut penulisnya parti berkenaan akan cuba meminda perlembagaan persekutuan bagi membolehkan mereka yang bearagama Kristian menjadi perdana menteri.

Menurut Lim tidak ada sesiapa yang akan mempercayai dakwaan yang dibuat oleh penulis blog berkenaan kerana DAP tidak pernah terlintas untuk mencabar kedudukan Islam sebagai agama rasmi negara ini.

Tambahnya lagi, DAP juga tidak pernah mengeluarkan sebarang kenyataan bahawa agama rasmi Malaysia iaitu Islam ditukar kepada Buddha, Kristian, Hindhu ataupun mana-mana agama lain.

"Ini permainan politik orang yang terdesak," kata Lim sambil menambah, "dalam usaha memancing undi mereka sanggup melakukan apa sahaja".

Sementara itu, penganjur mesyuarat tersebut, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship, bersama rakan-rakannya yang lain, Global Day of Prayer, Marketplace Penang dan Penang Pastors Fellowship, juga menafikan dakwaan berkenaan.

Dalam kenyataan yang dikeluarkan petang semalam, pertubuhan itu menganggap tulisan tersebut sebagai "tidak berasas dan tidak bertanggungjawab serta bertujuan memecah-belahkan dan menimbulkan huru-hara di kalangan masyarakat pelbagai kaum di Malaysia."

Mereka juga menganggap tulisan berkenaan berbaur fitnah.

Menurut kumpulan itu, mesyuarat dan seminar yang diadakan itu bagi membincangkan isu rasuah dan sumbangan masyarakat Kristian bagi memeranginya.

"Ia tidak ada kena mengena dengan politik atau menukar agama rasmi negara," kata mereka. -mk

Malaysia negara Kristian?

PULAU PINANG 6 Mei - Ahli Parlimen Jelutong, Jeff Ooi menafikan dakwaan kononnya beliau menganjurkan satu majlis pertemuan paderi dari seluruh negara yang didakwa turut membincangkan agenda menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan sekali gus melantik Perdana Menteri dalam kalangan penganut agama itu.

Menurut wakil rakyat DAP itu, beliau hanya menghadiri majlis kesyukuran yang diadakan secara tertutup untuk paderi-paderi tersebut di sebuah hotel di Jalan Macalister di sini sebagai tetamu.

Majlis pertemuan paderi-paderi berkenaan dan ikrar menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan didedahkan oleh dua laman blog hari ini iaitu 'bigdog' di menerusi entri bertajuk 'Making Christianity the official religion? dan blog Marahku di

Jeff yang ditanya mengenai ikrar itu mendakwa, ketika majlis berlangsung, beliau sibuk 'melayan' iPad selain menjamu selera walaupun turut bertafakur semasa paderi-paderi itu berdoa.

"Bukankah berdoa itu suruhan tuhan. Apa yang saya tahu, 'bigdog' (penulis blog) tidak sebut nama saya, dia tidak tuduh saya. Kalau mahu tahu lebih lanjut, sila tanya polis Cawangan Khas dan dengar rakaman yang dibuat mereka,"
katanya melalui khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Difahamkan, majlis makan malam yang dihadiri lebih 100 paderi Kristian itu diadakan di sebuah hotel di sini semalam yang kemudiannya disusuli dengan beberapa konvensyen hari ini.

Malam ini pula akan diadakan satu majlis di Pusat Kristian (Katolik) Pulau Pinang di sini dan satu ceramah perdana pula dianjurkan esok. Pertemuan itu dikatakan dianjurkan setiap tahun.

Dalam majlis makan malam itu, seramai 35 orang paderi dikatakan berdiri dalam bulatan dan saling berpegangan tangan tanda bersetuju untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara Kristian dan mahu Perdana Menteri juga dalam kalangan penganut agama itu.

Sementara itu, tinjauan Utusan Malaysia di hotel yang terletak di Jalan Burmah mendapati persidangan sehari itu yang bermula pukul 8.30 pagi berlangsung di Bilik 2 dan 3, tingkat 7 hotel itu.

Kira-kira 10 meja dan kerusi disusun di luar bilik persidangan yang dikatakan diadakan setiap tahun dengan beberapa rahib dilihat berbual-bual sebelum masing-masing masuk ke dalam bilik persidangan.

Kenyataan Jeff itu bagaimanapun berbeza dengan laporan blog 'bigdog' yang mendakwa majlis itu dianjurkan oleh kawasan Parlimen DAP dipercayai Jelutong dan turut dihadiri oleh kira-kira 100 yang lain termasuk wakil rakyat parti itu dari Sarawak dan beberapa pekerja parti.

"Apa yang dilakukan DAP adalah sesuatu yang sangat berbahaya. DAP membawa strategi politik cauvinis mereka ke satu tahap perubahan dan sensitiviti yang sangat tinggi," dakwa blog berkenaan.

Blog tersebut menambah, sebagai satu komuniti minoriti, cita-cita DAP itu jelas membuktikan mereka cuba bertindak sebagai kaum majoriti.

"Ini merupakan lembaran baru dalam politik yang mana kaum minoriti memainkan peranan sebagai kaum majoriti di samping strategi cauvinis DAP menyemai politik kebencian. Sesuatu yang pasti ia bergerak pada landasan yang sangat berbahaya," dakwa blog itu.-um

Ulasan GB

Apabila isu video seks dan gagasan 1Melayu, 1Bumi yang diwarwarkan oleh Utusan Malaysia gagal untuk mendapat sokongan pemimpin dan ahli UMNO sendiri, kini Utusan tampil dengan fitnah baru: Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Persekutuan sekali gus melantik Perdana Menteri dalam kalangan penganut agama itu.

Seperti biasa, fitnah dan kenyataan-kenyataan hasutan ini dibiarkan saja oleh pihak Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dimana sudah sepatutnya blogger berkenaan, wartawan dan editor Utusan tersebut diISAkan.

Justeru itu, kita desak supaya 2 blogger berkenaan dan wartawan serta editorny perlu ditahan dan disiasat setidak-tidaknya di bawah Akta Hasutan.

Samy Vellu, not the MCA, helped pig farmers in 1999. India kui can help too

Posted: 07 May 2011 04:05 AM PDT

By Boo Su-Lyn
May 03, 2011
File photo of Chinese Malaysians with their community leaders during a mass wedding ceremony in Klang on August 8, 2008. Chinese community leaders say that having Chinese representation in the government or not is not important. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 — Chinese community leaders have accused the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of practising a divide-and-rule policy after Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the community to vote for the MCA or risk losing representation in Putrajaya.
The leaders pointed out that other political parties in the BN, which were not Chinese-based, could also uphold the interests of the Chinese community.
"Whether we have Chinese in the government or not is not important," Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) vice-president Ser Choon Ing told The Malaysian Insider yesterday.
"We want somebody who can work for the Chinese community. Even if they are Indian, Malay; if they can work for the benefit of the Chinese, we don't mind," he said.
He pointed out that it was former MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, not the MCA, who helped pig farmers in Negri Sembilan after the debilitating Japanese encephalitis virus outbreak in 1999.
"Malays or Indians can fight for Chinese or Chinese fight for Indians... not necessarily the Chinese in Cabinet will fight for the Chinese," said Ser, who was a lawyer for the pig farmers.
Analysts have warned that the Najib administration risks losing further support from the Chinese community if it continues to send mixed signals about its policies to voters nationwide.
Pundits believe that while Najib speaks of inclusiveness via 1 Malaysia, his actions in issuing an ultimatum to the Chinese community to vote for the MCA in the coming general election, coupled with Umno's increasingly ultra-Malay stance, will not leave Chinese voters impressed.
Najib had over the weekend warned the Chinese community to vote for the MCA if they still wanted representation in Putrajaya.
"I see the MCA sending the message that the Chinese cannot support the opposition and at the same time expect strong representation in the government. They have to choose," he was reported as saying by state news agency Bernama.
MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek defended the BN chairman's remarks, saying that it was merely a statement of fact.
United Chinese School Committees' Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) chairman Dr Yap Sin Tian, however, said Najib's warning contradicted his 1 Malaysia brainchild.
"Try(ing) to divide the voters into Chinese community, Malay community; this is divide-and-rule policy," said Yap.
"We cannot divide like that... during the past 50 years, not only the Chinese community, the Malay community (and) Indian community also support(ed) MCA," added the educator.
He pointed out that Najib's remarks ran contrary to democratic principles.
"It is not in line with democratic elections... if you only vote to support Barisan, there will be no meaning (in) conduct(ing) the elections," he said.
Ser said the MCA only represented the Chinese community by name, but was powerless in influencing government policy.
"What can this MCA do in the government? They can't do anything," he said bluntly.
"Even in the current structure or during Mahathir's time, they have no power and can't influence government policy," he added, referring to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who held the post from 1981 to 2003.
Ser also highlighted the senior BN party's failure to get the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) from Chinese independent secondary schools recognised by the government.
UEC holders cannot enter public universities, although they are recognised by international tertiary educational institutions in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, China and some European countries.
"Can this MCA influence Umno and get this recognised? How many years already; (it's been) more than 30 years," Ser lamented.
The KLSCAH vice-president said the Chinese community was concerned about government policies, and was no longer impressed with election goodies.
"What they want is a basic change of the policy of the government... (like) racist policy only in favour of one race, government servant structure, corruption," said Ser, in a thinly-veiled reference to the New Economic Policy (NEP).
A World Bank report on Malaysia's brain drain published last week warned that the ongoing exodus of professional Malaysians was likely to intensify in the coming years and further erode the country's already narrow skills base.
The report estimated the number of Malaysians abroad at about one million as of 2010, of whom one-third were tertiary educated and almost 90 per cent of those in Singapore were of ethnic Chinese origin.
Malaysians abroad have cited social injustice in Malaysia, as well as better career prospects and higher wages overseas as the main reasons for leaving.
The report showed that 54 per cent of the Malaysian diaspora resided in Singapore while 15 per cent went to Australia, 10 per cent to the US and 5 per cent to the UK.
Petaling Jaya Federation of Chinese Associations and Communities chairman Datuk Woo Ser Chai said Malaysians should not be told to vote according to racial lines if the 1 Malaysia concept was to be achieved.
"We should not say what race should vote for (what) racial political party," he said.
"Our main concern is what representative can really work for Malaysia to be more prosperous and more harmonious," added Woo, who is also president of the Hainan Association in KL and Selangor.
Ser further questioned how the MCA could claim to represent the Chinese community since the party had only captured mixed or Malay-majority constituencies for many terms.
Currently, the MCA only has 15 MPs and 31 state assemblymen from the last general election in 2008. It had contested in 40 parliamentary seats and 90 state seats in GE12.

《Time》周博华音乐会 PaulWah Concert

Posted: 07 May 2011 03:56 AM PDT


日期&时间 Date & Time: 22nd June 2011 Wednesday 8:30pm
23rd June 2011 Thursday 8:30pm
地点 Venue: Pentas 1, KL Pac

Musicians: WVC Trio + String Quartet

票价Ticket Price:RM103 / RM83 / RM53
详情 Enquiry:Tel :017-6586513 / 03-78859089 
Email: /





125th Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz

Posted: 07 May 2011 03:16 AM PDT

For the first time ever, the "Historic Mercedes-Benz Concours 2011" will be staged here on May 8 at the Palace of Golden Horses, Mines Resort City. Car enthusiasts will see the largest ever convergence of the vintage three-pointed star marque in South East Asia to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the invention and innovation of Daimler and Benz.

According to a press release HERE:

The Concours is Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's initiative to celebrate Mercedes Benz's jubilee year commemorated worldwide to mark Mercedes-Benz's 125 Years of Innovation and mark the registration of Carl Benz's "vehicle with gas-engine drive" bearing patent number 37435 with the Berlin Patent Office on January 29, 1886. At the same time as Benz, Gottlieb Daimler developed the first four-wheeled motor car.

"The pioneering efforts of Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler led in the shaping and development of the Mercedes-Benz. Daimler trail-blazed the development of the automobile more diversely and enduringly than any other motor vehicle manufacturer - in all relevant areas, from drive train technology to comfort and safety through to design.
The Concours will also showcase competitor's cars including the 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500k Roadster, 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 LS Gullwing, 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Ponton Cabriolet and various versions of the Mercedes-Benz Fintail. Mercedes-Benz will also showcase its current portfolio of passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks at the Concours.

You can contact 1-800-88-1133 for more information. This event is jointly organised with Historic Motoring Ventures (M) Sdn Bhd.

Incidentally, my cousin will be taking part in this event. A few hours ago, he just loaded one of his cars, a rare vintage item, for this event. Here is his baby before it went on the road.

So if you are in the vicinity of the Palace of Golden Horses, do swing by and check out the event. You will not be disappointed. It is a pity I cannot be there as my younger boy's exams begin next week. In the mean time, enjoy the rest of the evening and do swing by later for the next post.

Happy Mothers' Day in advance!

MES Registration Program in SS3 Taman Subang PJ

Posted: 07 May 2011 03:03 AM PDT

Together with helpers from RMSB, Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor, Mimbar Selangor and helpers from Kampung Tunku Constituency Assistance Team (TunkuCAT), I organize an MUE registration drive in collaboration with Persatuan Kebajikan Penduduk-Penduduk Islam Taman Subang, Petaling Jaya on 7th May 2011 from 9am to 12noon. We manage to speak to the residents and most of them are Malay. We are warmly

Dia Dihalau Keluar Dari Rumah Oleh Anaknya Sendiri

Posted: 07 May 2011 03:37 AM PDT

Ipoh: Anak derhaka! Mungkin itu perkataan tepat diberikan kepada seorang anak berkelulusan universiti yang tergamak menghalau bapanya yang berusia 64 tahun semata-mata kerana menegur isterinya yang tidak menutup tingkap ketika senja.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira 7.30 malam di Manjung pada 5 April lalu, bapa malang yang mahu dikenali sebagai Ismail itu hanya mampu menjerit dan merayu selepas anaknya mengunci pintu pagar rumah dan menutup pintu bagi mengelak ayahnya memasuki semula ke dalam rumah.

Berikutan itu, bapa malang itu yang bersara sebagai penyelia sebuah ladang di Tapah, terpaksa berkeliaran dan hidup bergelandangan tanpa arah tuju.

Ismail berkata, dia terpaksa mencari sesuap nasi dengan menjual barang terpakai kira-kira tiga minggu sekitar Manjung sebelum membuat keputusan menaiki bas ke bandar raya ini sebelum ditahan dalam operasi Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) dan kini tinggal di sebuah rumah kebajikan di sini.

Beliau berkata, sejak kematian isteri akibat radang paru-paru pada 2005, kehidupannya mula berubah menjadi tidak terurus tambahan anak lelakinya sudah berumahtangga dan tinggal di Manjung.

Katanya, perasaan sunyi dalam hidupnya terubat apabila anak lelakinya bersama isteri serta tiga anak mereka mengunjungi rumahnya pada penghujung 2007 dan mempelawa beliau tinggal bersama mereka.

Bagaimanapun, kegembiraan tinggal bersama anak dan menantunya itu tidak lama apabila kehadirannya seolah-olah tidak diterima. Beliau juga mendakwa diberi pelbagai peraturan oleh menantu, termasuk soal remeh-temeh seperti mencuci kaki sebelum masuk rumah dan dilayan seperti orang tua nyanyuk yang tidak tahu mengurus diri sedangkan dirinya masih aktif dan sihat.

"Walaupun dilayan begitu, saya tetap sabar dan menurut segala peraturan serta kehendak anak lelaki dan isterinya itu. Ketika itu saya baru sedar pelawaan mereka tidak ikhlas dan mereka rimas kehadiran saya di rumah.

"Bagaimanapun, sebagai bapa, tidak pernah terlintas di fikiran saya akan dihalau anak kandung sendiri dan diperlakukan seperti saya tiada maruah dan nilai hidup.

"Hancur luluh hati saya kerana ia hanya berpunca daripada tindakan saya menegur menantu supaya menutup tingkap berikutan sudah Maghrib," katanya sambil berlinangan air mata ketika ditemui di sebuah rumah kebajikan di sini, semalam.

Ismail berkata, hasil perkongsian hidup dengan arwah isteri, mereka dikurniakan dua cahaya mata, namun anak sulungnya meninggal dunia ketika masih kecil kerana demam panas. -BH

Guru Yoga Culik Semula Mangsa Rogolnya Sebaik Saja Dibebaskan

Posted: 07 May 2011 01:30 AM PDT

Guru yoga culik mangsa rogol selepas keluar penjara

KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang guru yoga yang kini dibicarakan di mahkamah atas tuduhan merogol dua gadis yang juga bekas pelajarnya sanggup menculik dua gadis itu sebaik dibebaskan sebelum membuat satu rakaman video dengan memaksa mereka membuat pengakuan kononnya dia tidak bersalah.

Difahamkan, guru yoga berusia 55 tahun bertindak menculik dua remaja itu berikutan takut menerima hukuman yang bakal dijatuhkan ke atasnya.

Sumber polis berkata, guru yoga itu baru dibebaskan dari Penjara Sungai Buloh selepas tiga bulan meringkuk dalam penjara sebelum bertindak mencari semula bekas pelajarnya itu.

"Sebaik dibebaskan, suspek memandu kereta dan menunggu mangsa di kawasan berhampiran sekolah mangsa di Batang Kali.

"Sebaik melihat mangsa yang berusia 15 dan 16 tahun berjalan pulang ke rumah, suspek dengan segera bertindak memaksa mereka masuk ke dalam keretanya dan mengugut akan mencederakan keluarga mangsa jika enggan mengikut arahannya," katanya.

Sumber berkata, kedua-dua mangsa kemudian dibawa ke rumah suspek di Batu Caves. Sebelum ini, mangsa pernah dikurung di rumah sama.-hm

18-24 year-olds want to be career women: Malay men being polygamous!

Posted: 07 May 2011 02:55 AM PDT

Google Chrome – Dear Sophie

Posted: 07 May 2011 12:19 AM PDT

A heart warming video-advertorial by Google Chrome – of an Asian father who uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up…

Music by Ingrid Michaelson, a New York based indie-pop singer-songwriter.

Google Chrome – Dear Sophie from YeinJee's Asian Blog

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