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Tony Blair Baca Quran Setiap Hari

Tony Blair Baca Quran Setiap Hari

Tony Blair Baca Quran Setiap Hari

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:31 AM PDT

Semasa menjawat jawatan Perdana Menteri Britain dan tinggal di Downing Street, Tony Blair dikenal sebagai seorang yang enggan berbicara tentang agama. Namun, sejak bersara pada tahun 2007, Blair menjadi lebih terbuka dalam soal agama dan mengakui kepentingan agama.

Beliau yang memeluk Katolik beberapa bulan sebelum meninggalkan kediaman rasmi Perdana Menteri, kini mengaku membaca al-Quran setiap hari. Menurut Blair, dengan membaca kitab suci Islam -yang diyakini orang Islam sebagai kata-kata yang benar daripada Tuhan (Allah SWT) - memastikan bahawa beliau sentiasa celik-agama.

Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan majalah Observer, yang disiarkan semalam, Blair berkata, "Menjadi celik-agama adalah sesuatu yang penting dalam dunia yang semakin global, itu yang saya yakini," katanya, seperti tersiar dalam DM.

"Saya baca al-Quran setiap hari. Sebahagiannya untuk memahami beberapa hal yang terjadi di dunia, namun faktor utama kerana kitab itu (al-Quran) sangat instruktif."

Mantan pemimpin Parti Buruh itu yakin pengetahuannya tentang agama yang ada di dunia akan menguatkan peranan baharunya sebagai utusan Timur Tengah bagi PBB, Amerika Syarikat, Eropah, dan Rusia. Peranan Blair ini bertujuan mencari penyelesaian konflik antara Palestine dengan Israel.

Blair sebelum ini memuji Islam sebagai agama yang 'indah' dan menyatakan bahawa Nabi Muhammad adalah 'penguasa yang beradab'. Pada tahun 2006, beliau memuji al-Quran sebagai 'kitab reformasi', inklusif, meninggikan ilmu pengetahuan dan membenci tahyul. Kitab ini juga mengandungi petunjuk secara praktikal tentang menjalankan urusan perkahwinan dan pemerintahan.

Sebelum ini tersiar cerita tentang adik iparnya, Lauren Booth yang mengejutkan dunia dengan pengumumannya memeluk Islam setelah mengalami 'pengalaman spiritual' ketika melawat sebuah tempat suci di Iran. -VIVAnews

I read the Koran every day, says former prime minister Tony Blair who claims it keeps him 'faith-literate'

By Ian Drury

He was notoriously reluctant to discuss religion while Prime Minister, with his chief spin doctor Alastair Campbell famously commenting: 'We don't do God.'

But since leaving Downing Street in 2007, Tony Blair has become increasingly open about the importance of religion.

Mr Blair, who converted to Catholicism months after leaving Number 10, has now spoken of how he reads the Koran every day.

Reading the Islamic religion's holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained 'faith-literate', the former Labour leader said.

In an interview with the Observer magazine, published yesterday he said: 'To be faith-literate is crucial in a globalised world, I believe.

'I read the Qur'an [Koran] every day. Partly to understand some of the things happening in the world, but mainly just because it is immensely instructive.'

Mr Blair believes that a knowledge of the faith informs his current role as Middle East envoy for the Quartet of the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia.

The former PM's work, which has cost British taxpayers more than £2million, aims to help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mr Blair has previously praised the Muslim faith as 'beautiful' and said the Prophet Mohammed had been 'an enormously civilizing force'.

In 2006 he said the Koran was a 'reforming book, it is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance'.

But Mr Blair has also faced the devastation wreaked by violent jihadists who interpret the Koran as a call to arms.

Mr Blair said reading the Islamic religion's holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained 'faith-literate'

Mr Blair said reading the Islamic religion's holy book - considered by Muslims to be the exact words of God - ensured he remained 'faith-literate'

He was Prime Minister when the July 7 suicide bombers attacked London in 2005, murdering 52 innocent people.

Not only does reading the Koran support his peace envoy role, it also gives him something in common with sister-in-law Lauren Booth.

Journalist Miss Booth - Cherie Blair's half sister - raised eyebrows after announcing last October that she had converted to Islam after what she described as a 'holy experience' during a visit to a shrine in Iran.

Mr Blair also used the Observer interview to dismiss claims he was on a Christian 'crusade' when taking Britain into the highly divisive war in Iraq.

His former constituency agent John Burton said two years ago that Mr Blair 'believed strongly at the time, that intervention in Kosovo, Sierra Leone – Iraq too – was all part of the Christian battle; good should triumph over evil, making lives better.'

But the ex-Premier said: 'People still ask me if military decisions in Iraq or Afghanistan were based on some kind of divine instruction. It's rubbish.

'Of course not. Just as I couldn't go into a corner and pray to ask God what the minimum wage should be.' -dailymail

Ulasan GB

Itu Tony Blair, PM Britain dan beragama Katholik.

Bagaimana dengan PM Malaysia dan para menterinya yang beragama Islam?

Hisham: No action against Ibrahim Ali for ‘jihad’ call. Ibrahim above the law

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 08:28 AM PDT

Hisham: No action against Ibrahim Ali for 'jihad' call

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal
June 13, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — The government will not take any action against Datuk Ibrahim Ali for threatening Christians nationwide with a holy war against any move to usurp Islam with a Christian state.
"Action will only be taken if investigations find that the said act really contravened the country's laws," Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said in a written reply to Lim Lip Eng (Segambut-DAP) in the Dewan Rakyat today.
Lim had asked the Home Ministry to state whether it was a punishable offence for a person to declare "jihad" in the name of race and religion.
"I would advise that all parties be careful in making an accusation when its validity has yet to be verified," said Hishammuddin (picture).
The Perkasa president's threat to Christians was based on Utusan Malaysia's recent allegation that church leaders were in a plot with the DAP to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and install a Christian prime minister.
Christian leaders and DAP members have denied the reports which have sparked protests but the Home Ministry has only slapped Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing the unsubstantiated report.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was forced to meet with church leaders to clear the air but Umno vice president and Home Minister Hishammuddin later said that there was "some basis" to the reports.
The police in Penang have completed an investigation into Utusan Malaysia's claims and have handed over the case to the Attorney-General's Chambers.
Utusan Malaysia had published a report entitled "Kristian Agama Rasmi?" (Christianity the official religion?) where it was alleged that DAP leaders and Christian clergymen were conspiring to take over Putrajaya, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

Hello, Home Minister? Who are you kidding?

Malaysiakini reported:
Ibrahim: I said 'jihad' for shock value

In a statement late last night, Ibrahim sought to clarify that he used the word 'jihad' to shock the Muslims into realising that Islam was being ridiculed.

ibrahim ali perkasa ceramah in gombak 1"Jihad does not only mean perang salib (crusade), it does not mean the killing of Christians and Muslims, (but it) includes acts of prevention (by) using one's hands, mouth, writing and other means.

"Everyone lost their cool (over his speech last Saturday) but they don't realise what they do sometimes also demean Islam, and when this happens, no one is reprimanded," Ibrahim said.

He lamented that the only media that gets criticised all the time is Utusan, and that new media, be it news portals, blogs, Facebook pages or Twitter users, get away scot-free by posting articles and photos that insult the religion.

"I used the word 'jihad' to jolt people into realising (that Islam is being maligned)," he said.

You still want 'its validity to be verified'?

Blaming Rais again...

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 09:19 AM PDT

Looks like Rais Yatim is so vulnerable to attacks by blogger (including those of the pro-BN) and anti-government media, so much so everything that he or his ministry does will not get a good spin. In fact, all is wrong to them.

I am not sure what is the motive behind this 'knive sharpening' on the minister. If it has something to do with cronyism and nepotism of politics, then Rais shouldnt have been the prime target.

I wonder why didnt any 'pro-BN' or 'pro-Umno' blogger lash out at a senior minister for letting his son-in-law to monopolise the bio-matrix card project with the Home Ministry - which is valued at RM1 billion - or the RM70 million allocation to refurbish Seri Perdana, and other matters of 'political irregularities'?

When Rais launched the Hari Seniman on May 29, the anti-govt media and blogger were fast to attack him, accusing the minister of spending RM100 million in a single day. These writers, apart from not doing their homework to establish the details of the expenditure, were happy enough to ride on sentiments.

They couldnt care less whether their allegations were founded or not. What's important to them is to jump onto the 'anti-Rais' or 'anti-wheover' bandwagon. Just because their mentor blogger write nasty, they will just write nastier.

I have nothing against Rais. And I believe he doesnt know me that well as I have been avoiding 'invitations' to luncheons and dinners. But he is an Umno veteran. Najib needs him, and so is the Cabinet. We dont have the likes of Ghafar Baba anymore to play arbitrator to domestic issues.

I was shown the proof that the tag for Hari Seniman is only RM97,665 and not RM100 million as alleged by this website. One may ask what prompted the writer to sum up the exaggerated figure when the event was not so grand at all.

And then, the dissent showed by PBS deputy president Yee Moh Chai against Rais, whom he accused of 'breaking his promise' to find solutions to the low-penetration Internet broadband rate in Sabah.

I am not surprise by such statements, especially when it came from a BN component party leader in Sabah (here). PBS used to leave Barisan Nasional over the '20 issues' during the 1980s and then made a comeback. Its leaders were known to be 'bigger frogs' in jumping from one party to another.

And so, their words too contain no merit.

I have been in Sabah a couple of times with a telco provider. The problem with Sabah, apart from logistic, is the attitude of some of its politicians and local leaders. They government cannot just be seen as introducing something new to the State without being imposed some 'tolls'.

Yes, a year has passed since the ministry pledged to achieve a minimum 30 per cent penetration of broadband by the year 2010 but the government was not getting enough cooperation from local leaders to facilitate the efforts.

I wonder whether Yee is aware of the bureaucratic problems in the State. As Rais is not a Sabahan either, his ministry officials, including from the MCMC found it difficult to work there without being hassled. As the nation gets into more sophistication, such problems get more complex, it seems.

And Yee himself is so fond of avowing 'Sabah is for Sabahans', a maxim used by his party a long time ago to champion the '20 issues'. This mentality still remains domain among most Sabahans.

It is easy to criticise but when your yourself is given the mandate to carry out projects for the people, you will see it for yourself. As politics of individuals and race still thrive in the country, such problems may take a longer time to subside, even beyond the year 2020.

Lips service is so common among politicians. I believe that Yee himself is also good at it, and so are other leaders, be it in the government or Opposition. But to blatantly accuse someone of wrongdoing without realising the actual situation, is uncalled for. And for others to hitchhike on the issue, too is very unprofessional.

Rais doesnt give me anything, neither had I asked anything from him. He is still a BN minister. If he fumbles, it will also spell disaster for the BN in the next general election. Its the Opposition job to find faults in the government but if our pro-BN writers too are taking the cue from them, something is probably not right there...

also read Dunia Tiger and Jebat Berkokok...

Kes Khir Toyo: Khir Bagitahu "Tak Payah Pakai Resit" - Saksi

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 08:13 AM PDT

Saya Diarah Beli Banglo RM6.5 Juta - Syamsuddin

SHAH ALAM: Pengarah Ditamas Sdn Bhd, Shamsuddin Hayroni memberitahu Mahkamah Tinggi di sini pada Isnin, bahawa beliau tidak mempunyai pilihan selain mematuhi arahan bekas Menteri Besar (MB) Selangor, Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo agar membeli dua lot tanah dan rumah di Seksyen 7, di sini pada tahun 2004.

Gambar: Saksi ketiga, Nasir Ismail (tengah) berjalan keluar dari mahkamah sambil dikawal oleh pengawal peribadi selepas hadir perbicaraan kes pemilikan dua lot tanah dan banglo milik bekas Menteri Besar Selangor Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo di Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam di sini, hari ini.

Menurut beliau yang juga bekas rakan subahat Mohamad Khir yang dibebaskan dari pertuduhan tersebut, suruhan itu diutarakan oleh bekas menteri besar terbabit dalam satu perbincangan yang turut disertai oleh seorang ahli perniagaan, Datuk Sumadi Ismail.

"Saya setuju untuk beli kerana saya seorang ahli perniagaan dan mempunyai projek di Selangor manakala beliau pula seorang MB. Seorang MB minta saya beli rumah, pada saya, saya tiada pilihan. Patut diteruskan," katanya yang menyambung keterangannya yang terhenti pada Rabu lalu.

Saksi pendakwaan kedua itu seterusnya memberitahu, Mohamad Khir pada awalnya meminta agar Sumadi membeli rumah tersebut, tetapi permintaan itu ditolak oleh Sumadi atas alasan beliau mempunyai komitmen lain.

"Mohamad Khir suruh saya pula yang beli. Waktu itu pemahaman saya adalah beliau berminat dengan rumah itu dan mungkin satu hari, beliau mahu membeli rumah tersebut daripada saya," tambahnya.

Menjawab soalan Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Abdul Wahab Mohamed, Shamsuddin, 55, memberitahu pemilik asal hartanah tersebut, Saiful Aznir Shahabudin, 51, yang merupakan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Permodalan Kebangsaan Berhad, menawarkan harga RM7 juta sebelum dipersetujui kedua-dua pihak kepada RM6.5 juta.

Tambahnya, pembayaran pendahuluan hartanah itu sebanyak 10 peratus, iaitu RM650,000 dibuat secara tunai, sementara bakinya dibuat secara tunai dan cek, termasuk wang yang dipinjamnya sebanyak RM3,010,000.

Shamsuddin dan Saiful Aznir menandatangani perjanjian jual beli pada 23 Disember 2004.

Pada keterangan lain, Shamsuddin memberitahu, Mohamad Khir telah melantik pereka laman bebas, Nasir Ismail, 55, untuk melakukan pengubahsuaian kepada rumah itu dan saksi ada membuat pembayaran berjumlah RM1.5 juta secara tunai kepada Nasir.

"Setiap kali saya buat pembayaran, saya akan maklumkan kepada Mohamad Khir. Beliau tidak akan cakap apa-apa. Sepatutnya beliau yang bayar," katanya dan menambah, tidak pernah menerima semula wang yang dibayarnya.

Shamsuddin juga memberitahu, hartanah tersebut yang dibelinya di atas nama Ditamas Sdn Bhd telah dijual dan dipindah milik kepada Mohamad Khir dan isteri, Zahrah Kechik pada tahun 2007.

"Perbincangan berlaku antara saya dan Mohamad Khir. Dia mahu penjualan pada harga RM3.5 juta. Saya sebenarnya tidak bersetuju kepada harga itu terlalu rendah dan saya nyatakan sekurang-kurangnya RM5 juta hingga RM5.5 juta.

"Waktu saya beli harga RM5 juta, tambah ubahsuai RM1.5 juta, jadi harganya sudah naik menjadi RM6.5 juta. Saya nak bagi diskaun sedikit, sebab itu saya letak RM5.5," katanya.

Beliau seterusnya menambah, Mohamad Khir memaklumkan bahawa beliau hanya boleh membeli rumah tersebut pada harga RM3.5 juta, yang kemudiannya dipersetujui oleh saksi.

Semasa diminta menjelaskan mengapa beliau bersetuju untuk menjual pada harga yang rendah, Shamsuddin berkata:

"Setelah berbincang dengan orang rumah saya (isteri), saya ada projek di Selangor dan seorang MB mahu rumah saya dengan harga RM3.5 juta. Saya setuju kerana khuatir dengan kedudukan saya sebagai seorang ahli perniagaan di Selangor dan projek saya tergugat."

Katanya lagi, perjanjian jual beli antara beliau dan Mohamad Khir serta Zahrah Kechik ditandatangani pada 29 Mei 2007.

Saksi seterusnya menerima deposit RM500,000 menerusi cek bertarikh 28 Mei 2007 yang ditandatangani oleh Mohamad Khir manakala bakinya RM3 juta dibayar menerusi cek kepada Ditamas bertarikh 16 Ogos 2007.

Perbicaraan hari ketiga pada Isnin ditangguhkan kepada Selasa, ekoran permohonan peguam M. Athimulan yang mengetuai barisan pembelaan Mohamad Khir mengemukakan hasrat mereka untuk mencabar kredibiliti Shamsuddin.

Athimulan memberitahu, pihaknya mahu membuat permohonan agar mahkamah memerintakan pihak pendakwaan untuk mengemukakan rakaman percakapan saksi kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) kepada pembelaan yang akan digunakan untuk tujuan tersebut.

Hakim Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Baki membenarkan perbicaraan ditangguhkan atas alasan 'demi keadilan' dan permohonan tersebut dijadualkan didengar pada Selasa.

Mohamad Khir, 45, dibicarakan atas tuduhan mendapatkan bagi dirinya dan Zahrah, 45, suatu barangan berharga iaitu dua lot tanah dan sebuah rumah daripada Syarikat Ditamas Sdn Bhd, melalui pengarahnya Shamsuddin, pada harga yang murah.

Hartanah tersebut yang terletak di No. 8 & 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1L, Seksyen 7 di sini diperoleh dengan harga RM3.5 juta sedangkan ia dibeli oleh Ditamas pada 23 Disember 2004 dengan harga RM6.5 juta.

Perbuatan itu didakwa dilakukan dalam keadaan Mohamad Khir mengetahui bahawa Shamsuddin mempunyai hubungan dengan tugas rasminya sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor pada ketika itu.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Sungai Panjang itu didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu di kediaman rasmi MB Selangor di Jalan Permata 7/1, Seksyen 7 di sini pada 29 Mei 2007.

Dakwaan terhadapnya mengikut Seksyen 165 Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan hukuman penjara maksimum dua tahun atau denda atau kedua-duanya jika sabit kesalahan. -mstar

Khir Toyo Arah Catat Nilai Ubah Suai Banglo RM600,000 Sahaja - Saksi

SHAH ALAM: Pereka lamab, Nasir Ismail memberitahu, bahwa dia hanya menuruti permintaan Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo untuk menyediakan surat yang menyatakan nilai pengubahsuaian rumah di Seksyen 7, di sini ialah RM600,000 walaupun mendakwa nilai keseluruhannya adalah melebihi RM6juta.

Menurut Nasir, surat tersebut disediakan selepas Mohamad Khir memerlukan surat bagi tujuan formaliti kerana berhasrat untuk membeli rumah tersebut dan dua lot tanah itu daripada syarikat Ditamas Sdn. Bhd.

Kata saksi lagi, jumlah RM600,000 itu juga dicadangkan oleh Mohamad Khir.

"Waktu itu dia adalah MB (Menteri Besar) Selangor, apa dia suruh saya buat," katanya di Mahkamah Tinggi di sini pada Isnin.

Semasa disoal balas oleh peguam M. Athimulan yang mewakili Mohamad Khir, saksi tidak bersetuju bahawa surat itu adalah satu perjanjian kerana menurut saksi, dia tidak boleh menandatangani sebarang perjanjian ekoran status dirinya yang bankrap.

Merujuk kepada surat tersebut, Nasir seterusnya berkata, dia menerima pembayaran sebanyak RM100,000 menerusi sekeping cek bertarikh 4 Jun2007, namun tidak dapat mengingati jika dia ada menerima dua lagi keping cek bernilai RM100,000 (bertarikh 8 Ogos 2007) dan RM200,000 (10 September 2007).

Pada keterangan lain, Nasir, 55, menafikan dakwaan Athimulan yang mengatakan berlaku pergaduhan antara dia dengan Mohamad Khir yang didakwa berpunca apabila Mohamad Khir tidak menjelaskan bakinya sebanyak RM200,000.

Sebaliknya, saksi menjelaskan pergaduhan tersebut berlaku antara dia dengan isteri Mohamad Khir, Zahrah Kechik yang dikatakan tidak menggemari konsep Bali yang dibuatnya.

Nasir yang memberi keterangan sebagai saksi pendakwaan ketiga juga mempertahankan keterangannya bahawa nilai pengubahsuaian rumah tersebut melebihi RM6 juta dan bukannya antara RM600,000 hingga RM1.5juta seperti yang dicadangkan oleh Athimulan.

Selain itu, Nasir juga mengakui bahawa dia tidak menyimpan sebarang dokumen seperti resit menyebabkan dia tidak dapat mengingati dengan jelas semasa ditanya oleh Athimulan berhubung pembayaran cek-cek bagikerja-kerja pengubahsuaian.

Athimulan: Kamu tidak ingat atau tidak mahu ingat? Wang penting bukan?

Nasir: Saya lebih tumpukan pada kerja. Pasal akaun saya tidak berapa ingat kerana saya orang seni. Saya tumpukan pada kerja-kerja untuk mencantikkan rumah. Duit penting juga.

Saksi seterusnya berkata, dia tidak dapat mengingati dengan tepattarikh setiap kali Mohamad Khir didakwa menyerahkan wang kepadanya, melainkan mengatakan ia diberikan secara tunai.

"RM500,000 diserahkan di dalam sebuah beg. Wang diserahkan di kediaman rasmi MB Selangor dan waktu itu hanya ada saya dan Mohamad Khir," tambahnya.

Menjawab soalan Timbalan Pendakwa Raya Masri Mohd Daud, dia tidak menyediakan resit atau menyimpan dokumen penyerahan wang kerana Mohamad Khir beritahu 'tak payah pakai resit'.

Mohamad Khir, 45, dibicarakan atas tuduhan mendapatkan bagi dirinyadan Zahrah, 45, suatu barangan berharga iaitu dua lot tanah dan sebuahrumah daripada Syarikat Ditamas Sdn Bhd, melalui pengarahnyaShamsuddin, pada harga yang murah.

Hartanah tersebut yang terletak di No. 8 & 10, Jalan Suasa 7/1L,Seksyen 7 di sini diperoleh dengan harga RM3.5 juta sedangkan iadibeli oleh Ditamas pada 23 Disember 2004 dengan harga RM6.5 juta.

Perbuatan itu didakwa dilakukan dalam keadaan Mohamad Khir mengetahui bahawa Shamsuddin mempunyai hubungan dengan tugas rasminya sebagai Menteri Besar Selangor pada ketika itu.

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Sungai Panjang itu didakwa melakukankesalahan itu di kediaman rasmi MB Selangor di Jalan Permata 7/1, Seksyen 7 di sini pada 29 Mei 2007.

Dakwaan terhadapnya mengikut Seksyen 165 Kanun Keseksaan yang memperuntukkan hukuman penjara maksimum dua tahun atau denda ataukedua-duanya jika sabit kesalahan.

Perbicaraan di hadapan Hakim Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Baki bersambung Selasa. -mstar

Harga Ikan Naik 30% Ekoran Nelayan Mogok

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 06:32 AM PDT

Harga ikan dan makanan laut naik kira-kira 30 peratus sejak nelayan laut dalam dan pengusaha bot pukat tunda C2 mogok dua hari lalu, dakwa ahli parlimen DAP Nga Kor Ming, yang juga membidas kerajaan kerana gagal menyelesaikan isu berkenaan.

Nga (DAP-Taiping) berkata kerajaan sepatutnya membantu pihak yang terjejas itu dan bukannya mengeluarkan amaran dan ancaman terhadap mereka yang mogok itu.

Kira-kira 500 nelayan dan pengusaha bot tunda engan turun ke laut dan berkumpul di kompleks Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia di Kuantan bagi menuntut kerajaan mengembalikan sunsidi super yang dinikmati mereka sebelum ini.

Nga tidak ada sebab bagi Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Datuk Seri Noh Omar mengugut untuk menarik balik lesen nelayan di zon A, B dan C berkenaan.

"Pendirian Pakatan adalah jumpa dan bincang segera dengan nelayan kelas C2 berhubung mogok itu," kata Nga.

"Sejak mogok bermula, terdapat pengurangan kira-kira 30 peratus bekalan ikan dan tambahan 30 peartus harga ikan," dakwanya.

Pemegang lesen C2 adalah mereka yang dibenarkan menangkap ikan di kawasan 30 batu nautika dari pantai manakala bagi pemegang lesen B dan C merupakan nelayan yang hanya dibenarkan menangkap ikan dalam lingkungan 20 batu nautika dari pantai.

Hanya pengusaha bot pukat tunda terbabit dengan keputusan pemotongan subsidi.

Kerajaan telah memansuhkan pemberian diesel subsidi super kepada sembilan kategori kenderaan di sektor pengangkutan barangan termasuk teksi limosin berkuatkuasa 1 Jun lalu. -mk

Ulasan GB

GB sudah jangka hal ini akan berlaku. Tetapi kerajaan yang ada tidak peduli dan tidak perihatin terhadap nasib rakyat. Itu pun mereka mendabik dada menyatakan mereka juga telah melaksanakan agenda negara berkebajikan.

RM27 Million? Unbelievably Preposterous!

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 04:32 AM PDT

My heart bleeds. Really. At this point when the prices of goods and services are escalating in tandem with increases in the prices of fuel and power supply, how can the government have the gumption to announce HERE that it spent a total of RM27 million for the Million Youths Assembly held last month, 18 times the initial RM1.5 million budget for the National Youth Day event?

In the report, Youth And Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek stressed that the government did not use any "additional expenditure" for the event, and said a "large" amount of the RM27 million was obtained via sponsorship from the private sector.

It is absolutely incorrigible to learn that  the allocation prepared by the government to carry out the National Youth Day amounted to RM1.5 million. In a reply to Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (Marang-PAS) Ahmad Shabery said that the total costs amounted to RM27 million, where most of it was obtained via sponsorship from the private sector!!!
Whether it was public money or money from the private sector, it was still RM27 million  that was spent!!!


How can so much money be spent on the event Million Youth Assembly, held from May 27 to May 29 merely to provide a platform for youths to "showcase their talents and interests through over 200 programmes" as well as highlighting job opportunities through a Job Fair????

Imagine - Ahmad Shabery said the gathering was a "success", based on the number of youths who had reportedly attended the event in Putrajaya. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, had told reporters that the total visitors to the assembly surpassed the one million mark.

So it is justified to spend RM27 million just so that more than one million youths attended the assembly to listen to our PM call on youths to "defend Putrajaya" from the opposition if they wished to see Malaysia transformed into a developed country.

Isn't this such an expensive event? The parties concerned should justify and account for EVERY SINGLE CENT OF THE RM27 million  that has been spent. MPs and the sponsors MUST ASK WHY AND HOW THE MONEY WAS SPENT!!!

Couldn't the RM27 million be put to BETTER USE with MORE long lasting effects than a one-time event?

Just last month, The Malaysian Insider reported HERE that Khairy Jamaluddin called on the government to slash funding to ineffective programmes such as National Service before asking the public to accept subsidy cuts the Najib administration has hinted at recently.

"Don't ask people to tighten their belts before you take a red pen and razor knife to your own shopping bill," the Rembau MP told The Malaysian Insider today.

Recently, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also said fuel subsidies were "like opium" to the Malaysian economy and would have to be gradually slashed as the initial bill of RM11 billion had soared to RM18 billion for this year due to escalating crude oil prices.

Of late, we have seen how the Consumer Price Index also rose by three per cent in March — the fastest rate in nearly two years — with the price of non-alcoholic foodstuff surging by 4.7 per cent.

So after slashing subsidies, is it time for a spending spree like this one???

Certainly, Public Accounts Committee and Auditor-General should concentrate on contracts and abuse of power and make sure that every single ringgit spent is accounted for and justified!!!

Whatever the case, it is certainly unbelievably preposterous to read this maddening news report!!!

"Keluar Kelambu Jatuh Talak"

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 04:54 AM PDT

Pendang - Gara-gara terdengar 'kalau keluar kelambu, jatuh talak', seorang isteri memfailkan permohonan di Mahkamah Rendah Syariah Pendang untuk mengetahui kedudukannya sama ada jatuh talak atau tidak setelah melanggar arahan itu untuk pergi ke tandas.

Masra Abdul Khalid berkata, dia terdengar kata-kata itu daripada mulut suaminya, Mahammad Khir Md Zain tetapi terpaksa meneruskan hajatnya kerana perlu ke tandas.

"Saya ingin mendapatkan kepastian mengenai perkataan yang diucapkan suami pada malam itu.

"Pada malam itu, kami gaduh dan dia cakap kalau keluar kelambu, jatuh talak. Saya keluar dari kelambu kerana mahu ke tandas," katanya ketika memberi keterangan di mahkamah, semalan.

Masra mengemukakan permohonan untuk pengesahan lafaz cerai mengikut Seksyen 57 Enakmen Undang-Undang Keluarga Islam Kedah 2008.

Masra berkata, dia yakin dan jelas mendengar perkataan yang diucapkan suaminya.

Ditanya Hakim Rendah Syarie, Sheikh Shahmi Awang kenapa masih meneruskan hajatnya walaupun mendengar kata-kata itu, Masra menjelaskan perlu ke tandas tetapi tidak memaklumkan kepada suaminya.

Pasangan itu bernikah pada 1996 dan bercerai dengan talak satu pada 2008 sebelum merujuk kembali.

Sebaik selesai keterangan itu, Sheikh Shahmi bertanya kepada Mahammad Khir sama ada bersetuju dengan maklumat dan keterangan isterinya itu.

Bagaimanapun, dia tidak bersetuju dengan alasan tidak pernah menyebut perkataan talak dan tidak bermaksud untuk menceraikan isterinya.

"Apabila balik ke rumah pada malam itu dan masuk ke bilik, saya lihat isteri bawa bantal nak tidur di luar.

"Saya tidak menyebut perkataan talak, tetapi hanya menyebut 'kalau keluar kelambu putus'," katanya.

Dia turut menafikan keterangan isterinya itu sambil berkata 'itu dia yang kata'.

Sheikh Shahmi menegur sikap Mahammad Khir yang hanya mendiamkan diri sebelum itu.

"Sepatutnya kamu bertanya atau membantah selepas isteri kamu memberi keterangan," katanya.

Sheikh Shahmi kemudian bertanya sama ada kata-katanya pada malam itu bermaksud menjatuhkan talak tetapi Muhammad Khir tidak dapat memberi kepastian.

Berikutan itu, hakim menangguhkan kes berkenaan kepada 22 Jun ini. -SH


Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:29 PM PDT

"Negara Berkebajikan" Wujud Sebelum PAS Bekerjasama Dengan DAP Lagi

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:40 PM PDT

Media-media UMNO dalam beberapa hari ini beriya-iya menuduh PAS mengorbankan prinsip kerana mengkedepankan konsep "Negara Berkebajikan".

Sedarkah mereka "Negara Berkebajikan" ini adalah polisi yang PAS pegang sebelum Pilihanraya 2008 lagi.

Yakni, sebelum PAS menjalin hubungan dengan DAP di dalam Pakatan Rakyat.

Jelasnya, tidak timbul soal PAS menggadai prinsip kepada DAP atau PKR. Ini kerana polisi "Negara Berkebajikan" telah pun PAS kehadapankan sebelum Pilihanraya 2008 lagi.

Di bawah adalah kenyataan akhbar Presiden PAS Pusat bertarikh 27 Februari 2008 yang diambil terus dari Laman Presiden PAS Pusat:


Ditulis oleh DATO' SERI TUAN GURU HJ ABD. HADI AWANG Rabu, 27 Februari 2008 03:30
Setiap kerajaan mempunyai falsafah pentadbiran dan pemerintahannya masing-masing. Ia menjadi asas kepada semua keputusan dan tindakan yang diambil. Kerajaan Malayia sekarang ini menggunakan falsafah Negara Pembangunan (Development State) yang meletakkan pembangunan untuk kecemerlangan fizikal sebagai keutamaan. PAS menawarkan sebuah pemerintahan menggunakan falsafah Negara Berkebajikan yang mengutamakan pembangunan untuk kebajikan rakyat awam. Bagi Pilihanraya Umum ke 12, PAS memperteguhkan tawarannya kepada rakyat untuk bersama-sama bersatu dan berjuang menegakkan sebuah Negara Berkebajikan.
Konsep dan definisi
Negara Berkebajikan didefinisikan sebagai:
"Sebuah Negara yang mengutamakan kebajikan dan keselesaan rakyat sebagai agenda utama pembangunan negara". Negara Berkebajikan mementingkan pembangunan, tetapi matlamat nya ialah kesejahteraan rakyat kebanyakan.
Ciri-ciri Negara Berkebajikan
Negara Berkebajikan:
1) Tujuan utama pembangunan adalah bagi manfaat dan kebajikan rakyat awam
2) Kerajaan adalah "guardian" atau Penjaga (ibu-bapa) kepada rakyat
3) Penekanan kepada kecemerlangan moral dan nilai keinsanan (Ethic and human centric)
4) Kebendaan adalah modal, pembangunan insan adalah matlamat
5) Kesaksamaan asas di kalangan semua rakyat dipastikan, kecemerlangan individu di galakkan
6) Kebajikan rakyat adalah tanggungjawab negara
7) Rakyat sejahtera, negara makmur
Negara Berkebajikan PAS selaku "ibu-bapa" kepada rakyat tidak akan menganggap program kebajikan dan subisidi rakyat, yang tidak mempunyai pulangan keuntungan (dalam bentuk wang ringgit) sebagai satu bebanan atau kerugian, bahkan ia merupakan satu tnaggungajawab. Kerajaan UMNO/BN pula menganggap program kebajikan dan subsidi sebagai satu bebanan yang seboleh mungkin mahu dipertangungkan ke atas bahu rakyat.
Dari segi sejarah, model Negara Berkebajikan sebenar yang menjadi rujukan dan panduan PAS telah dilaksanakan di sepanjang peradaban manusia. Ia termasuklah pemerintahan Mesir dari seerah Nabi Yusuf a.s, kerajaan Nabi Sulaiman a.s, dan pemerintahan Rasulullah saw, sehingga pemerintahan Khalifah Umar Bin Abdul Aziz. Kesemua ini menjadi asas kepada Negara Berkebajikan yang diperjuangkan PAS. Walaupun negara-negara Eropah seperti Jerman, Belanda, Perancis, Sweden, dan United Kingdom mengenengahkan Konsep "Welfare State" selepas Perang Dunia Ke-2, namun ianya hanya bersesuaian dengan sebahagian daripada konsep Negara Berkebajikan PAS.
Konsep Negara Pembangunan yang dibawa oleh UMNO/BN terlalu mengutamakan pembangunan dan kemasyhuran fizikal. Ini dapat disaksikan dengan projek-projek mega seperti Monsoon Cup, Masjid Kristal (bukan tempat ibadah tetapi untuk tarikan pelancong semata-mata), Pertandingan Formula 1, Pesta Philharmonic Malaysia, 4 jet peribadi pemimpin tertinggi, dan Kompleks Bunga Raya di KLIA. Ini adalah antara banyak projek mega kerajaan UMNO/BN yang jelas tidak memberi manfaat secara langsung kepada rakyat kebanyakan.
Bagi Negara Berkebajikan PAS, bukannya imej negara tidak penting, tetapi kebajikan semua rakyat lebih diutamakan

Tawaran PAS menjadikan Malaysia sebuah Negara Berkebajikan
Sebagai memenuhi agenda pemerintahan PAS untuk Malaysia Negara Berkebajikan , PAS menawarkan kepada semua lapisan rakyat Malaysia pelbagai program berkebajikan berkonsepkan perkongsian sumber dengan kaedah perkhidmatan rakyat. Antaranya ialah:

1. Pendidikan percuma dari peringkat asas sehingga pengajian tinggi (penghapusan semua yuran pengajian)
2. Skim Pembiayaan Kesihatan Nasional bagi setiap rakyat yang tidak mempunya perlindungan kesihatan majikan
3. Mengembalikan semula pemberian biasiswa seperti yang dijamin Perlembagaan Persekutuan
4. Menurunkan harga petrol dan gas.
5. Merapatkan jurang agihan kekayaan antara golongan kaya-miskin
6. Melaksanakan akta gaji minima
7. Memperkenalkan cuti bersalin 90 hari dan cuti kebapaan 7 hari
Penegasan dan Gesaan
Berdasarkan fakta-fakta di atas, PAS dengan ini membuat gesaan dan rayuan kepada rakyat Malaysia agar memulakan perubahan daripada pemerintahan UMNO yang mengutamakan pembangunan untuk kemegahan imej negara, kepada Pemerintahan PAS yang bercirikan Negara Berkebajikan yang mengutamakan pembangunan bagi kebajikan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya.

21 Febuari 2008

Lipas Mungkin Punca Asma Di Kalangan Kanak-kanak

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 03:27 AM PDT

New York: Lipas dikenal pasti sebagai kemungkinan punca peningkatan kadar asma di kalangan kanak-kanak Bandaraya New York.

Di kebanyakan kejiranan di bandaraya itu, 19 peratus atau hampir seorang daripada lima kanak-kanak mengalami asma manakala kadar di tempat lain adalah serendah tiga peratus.

Sebelum ini, kesibukan trafik, insinerator perindustrian dan sumber pencemaran udara luar lain dikatakan punca penyakit itu.

Namun penyelidik di Universiti Columbia mendapati kanak-kanak yang tinggal di kejiranan dengan kadar tinggi asma adalah dua kali ganda berkemunkinan membawa antibodi terhadap protin lipas dalam darah mereka, petunjuk bahawa mereka terdedah dan alah kepada serangga perosak itu.

Malah, kediaman di kejiranan dengan kadar tinggi asma mengandungi lebih alergen yang dihasilkan lipas dalam habuk rumah. - Reuters

Why are Umno and Zul Nordin so afraid of Bersih 2.0

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:27 AM PDT

Corrupt Barisan Nasional : On July 9, there will be a rally in the Malaysian capital. It is called the BERSIH rally. It is peaceful demonstration to promote free and fair elections. But the UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia calls the rally 'dirty'.
Can't Utusan read Malay? If the rally is called 'Kotor', will Utusan then say that the rally is Clean? Already 13 police reports have been lodged, mostly by the UMNO Youth Wing, Perkasa, Abim and others. They called it dirty and un-Islamic. How can the 'Bersih' Rally be un-Islamic?
They continue to say that PAS is not Malay or Muslim, PAS members did not vote for change and that the Ulamak in PAS were against the Rally. Before PAS was branded as an extremist Islamic Party, and now they say that PAS and the Bersih Rally is un-Islamic.

Scared UMNO
Why does the government have so much fear of the Bersih Rally? Is it because they are afraid to accede to demands for a freer and fairer election?
And that Zulkifli Nordin, the MP for Kulim Bandar Baharu, the more he opens his mouth the more the public thinks he's nuts. Sincere apologies to all the innocent nuts like Macadamia, Peanuts, Hazel or Cashew. Just to let everyone know, no intention to hurt or abuse any nuts in this article, except Zul - for being so annoying!
When once, we had actually thought of him as a potential national leader, his speech has now betrayed his reputation. Sad to say, he is nothing but a racist slime ball. Totally ignoring the non-Malay role in nation building, he is calling on Malays to disallow the non-Malays from gaining a foothold in Malaysian politics.
But to be fair, he has always been reputed for his nonsensical speeches in the past. His racial undertones include: "Some Malays are willing to be used by this illegal gathering that is led by former Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreevanasan, an organisation that has fought strongly against Islam. But to fulfil their lust for power, these Malays are willing to become insects blinded by the false light of power. Malay-Muslims will become weak and damaged due to their own dirty hands."
And to top it all he continues: "The biggest mistake made by Malays was when they were too enthusiastic for independence and sacrificed Tanah Melayu citizenship to foreign races (Chinese and Indians)."
But he did say one thing that was factually correct: that the Malays have total control of Parliament. If all 130 Malay MPs in Parliament were to unite, there will be total Malay control. But he forgets to stress that it will actually be the Malays and Islam that will lose out if this happens. Even God won't want to see it happen!
The nature of Zul Noordin
For sure, UMNO is not going to field him in the next election. So why is he so worried about the Bersih rally? Does he harbour a faint hope that UMNO may have forgotten his amphibious qualities? With his total loss of credibility even UMNO will avoid him like the plague. Tell me, who trusts a frog? Especially one that croaks through his nose.
Everyone knew that his exit from PKR occurred a little too late, and was badly timed. UMNO had enough frogs and didn't need another extra frog. You see, frogs don't come cheap anymore these days.
The loud sigh of relief from everyone in PKR was unmistakable when he was finally sacked. Hundreds if not thousands of members remarked; good riddance to bad rubbish!
Since then, he has been trying very hard to suck up to the ruling elite with all kind of circus antics. And all this, while he still dares to declare that he is an Independent MP.
And like Utusan, he thinks that it is un-Islamic to have a free and fair election. We knew he won fairly while under the PKR banner, so why is he against the Bersih rally? Is it Islamic of him to support a flawed election?
Like all frogs with a prepared exit speech; he cited disappointment with PKR's struggles and even stressed that his Islamic beliefs were compromised. But now that PAS, a bona fide Islamic Party is involved in the Bersih Rally, he decides to call the Rally un-Islamic. When is he going to make up his mind?
Does he think UMNO will credit him for winning the next election?
Najib needs quick GE to boost his hand in UMNO
Yes, chances are still for UMNO to win this election. But not in the blaze of glory that Najib wants. No two-thirds majority or even a 'solid' win. There may even be a hung Parliament.
Which is why UMNO needs PAS. To ensure their two-thirds victory and in the event of massive voter rejection, to form a unity government to rule the country.
Next sizzler is that the identity of the person in the Datuk T Sex Video will be released very soon, and it will shock the nation. Or so, UMNO thinks. Sad to sad, it is likely to boomerang again and hit Najib where it hurts most.
But back to the Bersih Rally next month, UMNO has concluded its blue print for the next GE. It does not want this Rally to thwart its carefully laid out plans, like the demands for a 21-day campaigning period, or the usage of indelible ink. UMNO plans to use the same dubious strategies as in the concluded Sarawak Election to win.
Najib, for many reasons, wants get the GE over with as soon as possible. Then only can he get down to consolidating his power in UMNO. The GE will affect candidates in all factions of the party. The survivors will determine if Najib goes or stay.

Pilihanraya Turki : Parti AKP Pimpinan Erdogan Menang Selesa

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:36 AM PDT

Ankara — Parti Keadilan dan Kesejahteraan (AKP) Turki pimpinan Perdana Menteri Turki Tayyip Erdogan memperolehi kemenangan selesa buat kali ketiga berturut-turut tetapi perlu mendapatkan konsensus parti pembangkang untuk meminda perlembagaan negara itu.

Gambar: Perdana Menteri Turki Tayyip Erdogan dengan ditemani isterinya Emine Erdogan melambai ke arah penyokong mereka di ibu pejabat Parti AK, Ankara, semalam. — Foto Reuters

Erdogan, yang menjadikan Turki Muslim sebagai antara negara yang sedang melalui pertumbuhan pesat di dunia dan mengakhiri kitaran penggulingan kuasa tentera, memperoleh 50 peratus undi di Parlimen dalam pilihan raya yang diadakan semalam.

Keputusan itu, yang dijangka merangsang pasaran kewangan hari ini, bermakna Parti AK perlu berganding dengan parti-parti lain bagi meminda perlembagaan yang telah ditulis 30 tahun lalu ketika pemerintahan tentera.

"Perlembagaan baru memerlukan konsensus dan dialog dengan parti-parti lain dan juga keseluruhan masyarakat," kata Cengiz Aktar, seorang profesor di Universiti Bahcesehir di Istanbul, kepada Reuters.

"Kita akan lihat sama ada Erdogan bersedia untuk yang ini dengan majoriti yang diperolehnya atau akan pergi sendiri untuk meletakkan pandangannya ke atas Turki - dalam keadaan di mana kita akan ada satu situasi yang sukar," kata beliau.

Keputusan semalam adalah yang terbaik sejak Parti AK berkuasa sejak 2002 tetapi tidak cukup dua pertiga untuk memanggil referendum berhubung perlembagaan baru.

Keputusan awal dengan mengambil kira 99.8 peratus undi yang sudah dihitung, Parti AK memperoleh 49.9 peratus undi atau 325 kerusi, kurang lima kerusi daripada jumlah yang diperlukan untuk memanggil plebisit.

Pada Parlimen lalu, ia menguasai 331 daripada 550 kerusi yang diperuntukkan.

Pengkritik bimbang Erdogan, yang terkenal dengan reputasinya tidak suka pertentangan pendapat, kemungkinan akan menggunakan kemenangan bagi memperkukuhkan kedudukan beliau, membataskan kebebasan dan mendakwa penentangnya.

Tetapi dalam ucapan kemenangan di Ankara beliau berjanji akan bekerjasama dengan pesaing politiknya.

"Rakyat memberikan kami mesej untuk membina perlembagaan baru menerusi konsensus dan perundingan.

"Kami akan membincangkan soal perlembagaan baru dengan parti-parti pembangkang. Perlembagaan baru ini akan memenuhi tuntutan keamanan dan keadilan," kata beliau. — Reuters

Is declaring a holy war in the name of religion & race a crime in Malaysia?

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 02:05 AM PDT

Hisham: No action against Ibrahim Ali for 'jihad' call
Source: (By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, 13/6/2011)
The government will not take any action against Datuk Ibrahim Ali for threatening Christians nationwide with a holy war against any move to usurp Islam with a Christian state.
"Action will only be taken if investigations find that the said act really contravened the country's laws," Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said in a written reply to Lim Lip Eng (Segambut-DAP) in the Dewan Rakyat today. Lim had asked the Home Ministry to state whether it was a punishable offence for a person to declare "jihad" in the name of race and religion.
"I would advise that all parties be careful in making an accusation when its validity has yet to be verified," said Hishammuddin.
The Perkasa president's threat to Christians was based on Utusan Malaysia's recent allegation that church leaders were in a plot with the DAP to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and install a Christian prime minister. Christian leaders and DAP members have denied the reports which have sparked protests but the Home Ministry has only slapped Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing the unsubstantiated report. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was forced to meet with church leaders to clear the air but Umno vice president and Home Minister Hishammuddin later said that there was "some basis" to the reports.
The police in Penang have completed an investigation into Utusan Malaysia's claims and have handed over the case to the Attorney-General's Chambers.
Utusan Malaysia had published a report entitled "Kristian Agama Rasmi?" (Christianity the official religion?) where it was alleged that DAP leaders and Christian clergymen were conspiring to take over Putrajaya, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

The Journey To The Centre of the World

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 12:10 AM PDT

Have you ever heard of Nyiragongo Crater which lies deep in the heart of the Great Lakes region of Africa?

Image taken from HERE.

According to Wikipedia:

Mount Nyiragongo is a stratovolcano in the Virunga Mountains associated with the Great Rift Valley. It is located inside Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, about 20 km north of the town of Goma and Lake Kivu and just west of the border with Rwanda.

The main crater is about two km wide and usually contains a lava lake. The crater presently has two distinct cooled lava benches within the crater walls - one at about 3175m (10,400 ft) and a lower one at about 2975 m (9800 ft). Nyiragongo's lava lake has at times been the most voluminous known lava lake in recent history. The depth of the lava lake varies considerably.

A maximum elevation of the lava lake was recorded at about 3250 m (10,700 ft) prior to the January 1977 eruption - a lake depth of about 600 m (2000 ft). A recent very low elevation of the lava lake was recorded at about 2700 m (8800 ft). Nyiragongo and nearby Nyamuragira are together responsible for 40% of Africa's historical volcanic eruptions.

Not much is known about how long the volcano has been erupting, but since 1882, it has erupted at least 34 times, including many periods where activity was continuous for years at a time, often in the form of a churning lava lake in the crater. The volcano partly overlaps with two older volcanoes, Baratu and Shaheru, and is also surrounded by hundreds of small volcanic cinder cones from flank eruptions.

Volcanism at Nyiragongo is caused by the rifting of the Earth's crust where two parts of the African Plate are breaking apart. A hot spot is probably also partly responsible for the great activity at Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira. CLICK HERE for more.

The pictures on this website will blow your socks off. CLICK HERE to go to The Big Picture  for superb pics of the crater.

Thanks to Angela who sent me this link! Have a nice day, everyone!

Berkenalan Dengan PJ PAS Selangor: Hajat Sembelih Kambing Tak Sampai

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 12:00 AM PDT

Dr Rani hargai kepercayaan, anggap pikul amanah berat

SHAH ALAM - Ahli Dewan undangan Negeri (ADUN) Meru, Dr Abd Rani Osman menyifatkan pelantikannya sebagai Pesuruhjaya Pas Negeri Selangor yang baru sebagai satu amanah berat untuk dipikul.

Menurutnya, beliau sebelum ini telah menolak tawaran untuk menggantikan Exco Hal Ehwal Agama, Adat-adat Melayu, Infrastruktur dan Kemudahan Awam, Datuk Dr Hasan Mohamed Ali dan bernazar jika tidak pilih.

Namun menurutnya, beliau terpaksa memikirkan semula tawaran tersebut setelah beberapa ulama parti menasihati beliau untuk menerima jawatan jika telah dipilih sebulat suara oleh pimpinan pusat.

"Saya sendiri telah bernazar untuk sembelih kambing jika tidak dipilih sebagai pesuruhjaya Pas negeri, kerana saya melihat ia sebagai satu amanah berat untuk dipikul.

"Namun, kini semua terpulang kepada pucuk pimpinan parti, saya akan menunggu surat rasmi pelantikan tersebut sebelum membuat apa-apa keputusan," katanya ketika dihubungi Sinar Harian, semalam.

Beliau berkata, sekiranya dipilih menjadi pesuruhjaya negeri, beliau akan memastikan misi utama mengekalkan Negeri Selangor di tangan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) tercapai.

Menurutnya, beliau akan berbincang dan bekerjasama dengan kesemua pemimpin Pas negeri khusus dalam persediaan pilihan raya kali ini.

"Saya menganggap salah satu tugas yang berat untuk dipikul adalah untuk membawa Pas Selangor menghadapi Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13.

"Namun, saya berpendapat kesemua keputusan berhubung pilihan raya, perlu diputuskan oleh kesemua ahli jawatankuasa negeri termasuklah timbalan pesuruhjaya negeri, setiausaha, bendahari dan lain-lain," katanya. -SH



Tuan Dr. Haji Abdul Rani bin Osman adalah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Selangor bagi DUN N42 Meru, Selangor.

Pilihan Raya Umum 2008

Pada pilihan raya umum yang lepas, beliau telah bertanding di atas tiket Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) melawan calon dari Barisan Nasional (BN) Md. Ghazali Md Amin. Keputusan pilihan raya tersebut telah memihak kepada beliau :-

* Dr. Abdul Rani Osman (PAS) (14,826)
* Md. Ghazali Md. Amin (BN) (9,313)
* Majoriti : (5,513)
* Jumlah Undi : (24,478)
* Peratus Mengundi : (82.29%)
* Undi Rosak : (339)


Sebelum beliau turun ke kancah politik, beliau merupakan seorang doktor perubatan dan mempunyai sebuah klinik swasta di Pekan Meru iaitu Klinik Fitrah. Beliau yang berkelulusan M.B.CH.B (Ijazah dalam bidang Perubatan) dari Tanta Universiti Republik Arab, Mesir telah membuka klinik tersebut semenjak sekian lamanya dan bertempat di Batu 6 1/2, Pekan Meru, Klang, Selangor.

Perkhidmatan yang beliau sumbangkan amat dirasai dan dihargai penduduk Meru. Kini, klinik beliau diselia oleh beberapa orang doktor gantian dan pelatih justeru beliau kini merupakan seorang wakil rakyat.

Mesra rakyat

Selain mendekatkan diri beliau dengan penduduk Meru, Selangor melalui perkhidmatan perubatan, beliau juga merupakan seorang imam di Masjid Asy-Syarif, Meru. Kerap kali dalam beberapa minggu, akan kedengaran suara beliau membaca khutbah Jumaat di masjid dan mengimamkan solat tersebut. Beliau juga sering mengikuti program-program anjuran masjid yang mana secara tidak langsung menjadi seorang tokoh yang islamik dan sistematik.

Beliau juga kerap memenuhi jemputan penduduk untuk memeriahkan majlis kenduri mahupun perkahwinan tanpa mengira agama dan bangsa. Kelibat beliau juga sering dilihat memberi bantuan kepada penduduk Meru yang memerlukan. Rata-rata penduduk Meru amat berpuas hati dengan kepimpinan beliau tanpa mengira parti yang beliau naungi.

Putrajaya doesn’t belong to anyone else except the rakyat. We will decide who goes there

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 10:36 PM PDT

UPDATED @ 10:21:26 PM 12-06-2011
By Boo Su-Lyn
June 12, 2011
Riot police fear tear gas canisters at protesters during the 2007 Bersih rally. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan today urged leaders from both sides of the political divide to attend next month's rally seeking for free and fair elections
"We need them to hear our grievances," said Ambiga at a ceramah in Brickfields here today.
"It is the Sarawak election that has caused Bersih to call this rally on July 9. We've been engaging with the Election Commission (EC), but we're not going anywhere... there is no real meaningful change," added the former Bar Council president.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has warned against the rally, saying it will turn chaotic should opposing supporters clash.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) parties and activists are gearing up to march next month in the second such rally by Bersih, the first being in 2007 where up to 50,000 were reported to have gathered in the capital, with many being dispersed by water cannons and tear gas launched by the police.
The 2007 rally was said to play a big role in bringing record gains for the opposition electoral pact in Election 2008, where it swept five state governments and won 82 parliamentary seats.
Ambiga said election malpractices had marred the recent Sarawak state election, citing vote-buying and abuse of government machinery.
"There was a video on Malaysiakini that showed blatant vote-buying. It showed a longhouse with piles of money," she said.
"(But) the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) says we can't investigate because video evidence is not reliable," added the prominent lawyer.
The winning Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate, Joseph Mauh Ikeh, in the Tamin state seat, reportedly said the cash payments were "travel allowances" for voters. 
Ambiga also slammed BN for barring her from entering Sarawak prior to the state election last April.
"They're not afraid of me at all. It's a show of arrogance of power," she said.
She added, however, that the EC had assured her that it would persuade government-controlled media to be fair in their coverage of election candidates.
Ambiga listed Bersih 2.0's demands in its upcoming rally: clean up the electoral roll, reform postal voting, use indelible ink, introduce a minimum 21-day campaign period, allow free access to media, strengthen institutions, and end dirty politics.
"Putrajaya doesn't belong to anyone else except the rakyat. We will decide who goes there," she said to rousing applause.

Malaysia MOH: Dementia management

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 10:22 PM PDT

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Is this place familiar to you?

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:00 PM PDT

Is this place familiar to you?

Wanita Kebas Bag Tangan Di Dalam Surau

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 10:31 PM PDT

Wanita curi dalam surau

MELAKA: Keji apabila seorang wanita bertudung tergamak menjadikan surau di pusat beli-belah di Jalan Tun Razak sebagai tempat mencari 'rezeki terlarang'.

Wanita berusia 39 tahun itu dipercayai berpura-pura berada di situ untuk mengerjakan solat sebelum mengambil kesempatan melarikan beg tangan dan barang berharga mangsa.

Namun, perbuatan wanita terbabit berakhir jam 7 malam Rabu lalu apabila diberkas seorang wanita selepas melarikan beg tangan mangsanya beberapa jam sebelum itu.

Kakitangan Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) negeri ini Noryuhani Ramli, 29, berkata, ketika kejadian dia dan rakannya, Nor Azzren Bazid, 26, pergi menunaikan solat di surau pusat beli-belah berkenaan.

"Ketika masuk ke dalam surau, terdapat seorang wanita berada di situ, namun kami tidak mempedulikannya.

"Bagaimanapun, selepas mengambil wuduk dan rakan saya pergi ke tandas, wanita itu hilang bersama beg Nor Azzren lalu kami mencarinya di lokasi kejadian, namun gagal," katanya.

Beliau berkata, rakannya membuat laporan di Balai Polis Bukit Baru sejurus selepas kejadian.

Katanya, ketika dalam perjalanan pulang, dia menghubungi rakannya bertanyakan hal berkenaan dan diberitahu kad kredit yang dilarikan bersama beg tangannya itu digunakan di pusat beli-belah di Ayer Keroh.

"Saya kebetulan berada di sekitar lokasi berkenaan ke pusat beli-belah terbabit dan terserempak dengan wanita yang dicam berada di surau beberapa jam sebelum menghampirinya.

"Saya bertanya mengenai kehilangan beg berkenaan, namun wanita itu menafikanya dan mengancam menjerit. Saya minta orang ramai menahannya dan wanita itu mengaku mengambil beg rakan saya," katanya.

Menurutnya, wanita berkenaan menyerahkan semua barangan yang dilarikan sambil merayu dilepaskan. -hm

Ulasan GB

Moralnya: Jangan tinggal apa-apa barang berharga termasuk bag tangan walaupun sekejap di mana ppun jua sebelum ia lesap selama-lamanya.

Think Again

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 09:15 PM PDT

Quite a number of my friends have gone through painful experiences because they chose to divorce.

A couple must have patience, perseverance, commitment, endurance, tolerance, LOVE and many more traits to be able to live together.

Thanks to Hollywood stars and movies, many may think that when love runs out, it is time to get a divorce. It does not work that way.

To make a marriage work, there has to be effort to sustain love, nurture each other, care etc - the works.

Also, one must not try to change the other to be who he/she wants them to be.

It is being the right partner and being happy, contented and matter what.

May you and yours have many years of marital bliss and for those of you who are still looking, may you find the someone who loves you for who you are. Take care and have a lovely day!

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