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Cucumber's Cool!

Cucumber's Cool!

Cucumber's Cool!

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 09:45 AM PDT

  • Cucumber Juice -General facts
  • Cucumber is VERY Alkaline.
  • Cucumber Juice is EXTREMELY good for your Hair, Skin and Nails. It Really is True.
  • Cucumber Juice is High In Potassium. Cucumber Juice can Lower Your Blood Pressure.
  • Cucumber is a wonderful source for Silica. Silica is important for healthy connective tissue, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and bone.
  • Cucumber Juice has Molybdenem, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese, Tryotophan, Magnesium, and Chlorophyll.
  • Cucumbers are a GREAT way to Cool Down Your Body.
  • Cucumber is Anti-Cancer in that it is VERY high in Alkaline Minerals and Cancer cannot Live in an Alkaline Body.
  • Cucumber Juices is also used to heal and cure issues with Acne, Water Retention, Arthritis, Kidneys, Eczema, Psoriasis, Weight Loss and Hair Loss.
  • Cucumber Juice is a useful Anti-Flam agent. Drinking Cucumber Juice can get Your Bodies Inflammation Down.
  • Cucumber Juice is a Diuretic and therefore has wonderful Cleansing Powers.

In Conclusion, Juicing Cucumbers is a quick way to lead a pain free live, to Prevent and Reverse Cancer – High Blood Pressure and other Disease.

Benefits of Cucumber Juice

Although most people are familiar with cucumbers since they typically appear on salads, few are aware that cucumber juice proves to be highly beneficial for a wide variety of health related issues. Eating cucumbers may
decrease the appearance of blemishes such as pimples and blackheads, making it an effective and an often-referred remedy for acne. However, it is essential to understand the full potential of the cucumber by examining the benefits of drinking cucumber juice to combat everything from high blood pressure and constipation to cancer.

Along with healthier skin, cucumbers contain a lot of water making it ideal for a variety of common issues. For those wishing to decrease their blood pressure, drinking this fruit in the form of juice, may provide a noticeable amount of relief as the blood pressure slowly declines. Furthermore, anyone dealing with the pains of constipation will also benefit from this fruit due to its high levels of alkaline and increased amounts of water. In terms of dieting and diabetes, cucumbers are ideal for an afternoon snack to rebuke hunger for those wishing to lose weight.

Another great factor with this fruit includes its high percentage of sulfur and silicone. For this reason, cucumber juice may aid those wishing to increase the growth of hair. The high amounts of sulfur and silicone also make cucumbers particularly good for growing healthier nails. Furthermore, cucumbers contain Silica, which is ideal for healthier ligaments, tendons, and muscles, making it perfect for people seeking relief of rheumatoid problems such as arthritis. Now for what may be the most important of all, cucumbers are extremely high in alkaline levels making it difficult for cancer to live in a high alkaline environment; therefore, cucumbers may prove beneficial in avoiding cancer of all types.

This fruit's benefits range from beauty remedies such as removing bags, restoring hair, and promoting healthy development of skin and nails to serious concerns such as potentially decreasing the risk of cancer development. Regardless of if you need a natural laxative, acne remedy.

There are a variety of ways to prepare cucumber juice, including simply running a freshly washed cucumber through a juicer. However, you may also combine this great, refreshing fruit drink with other juices such as carrot juice. Try adding sugar and honey to your cucumber beverage to sweeten it to taste. Many people prefer to add ginger to the drink mix for a spark of flavor. Regardless of which cucumber juice mix you use, drinking and eating these healthy cucumbers will definitely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, proving to be highly beneficial for all.

-Author Unknown-

*Thanks to my brother-in-law KBP who sent this to me.

letter to the pope regarding the PM’s visit

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 09:23 AM PDT

so… our holy father, the pope (i'm using 'our' here because i'm a catholic) met our PM… and it was mentioned that my country and our holy father's country, vatican city, will establish diplomatic ties.

so what does that means? am i suppose to say "alleluia! praise the lord!"? will we, catholics in our country now have more freedom to practise our religion? will we be allowed to use the word 'allah' now? will christians get to import bibles (and christian books and CDs) easily now?

of course not, i bet you! AMEN!

(sidenote: what a pity, the pope's robe is not yellow in colour.)

so why the visit eh? some people said it is to fish for votes from the catholics and christians. some said the PM is trying to appease catholics after many issues that made the catholics/christians unhappy cropped up. e.g issues on allah, alkitab, penang christian state, no cross during christmas high tea, and so on.

really? well i'm one catholic who will not be appeased at all. i won't applaud his visit at all as i look to his visit as hypocritical. look at all that has been happening in our country lately. we are being suppressed by the government, when for example, we are not allowed to use the word 'allah' which, by the way is not copy-righted to malaysian muslim, we are not allowed to import bibles (and even if we do, there must be a stamp on them). why don't the PM solved all these issues first before he meet the pope to establish diplomatic ties. what kind of diplomatic ties is he going to establish?

the first line from the malaysian insider reads:

Malaysia and the Vatican have agreed to establish formal diplomatic ties to promote mutual friendship and strengthen co-operation between both countries, Wisma Putra announced today.

mutual friendship and cooperation? dear mr PM najib, why don't you start at your own backyard first? why don't you start small? for allah's sake (the god of everyone!), establish good ties and relationship with catholics/chrisitans in your own country first.

well, actually of course i'm not the only catholic who doesn't look favorably to the PM's visit but lots of catholics too.  being very concerned with our PM's visit fearing that the pope may not be aware of what's happening in our country… or that our PM may sweet-talk the pope that all things are well with us catholics here,  a group of us concerned catholics (and some christians too) had signed a joint letter addressed to the pope. the letter was composed by one of our prominent catholic activist who is a professorial.  according to him, the letter did reach the pope before the PM's visit. i am one of those who had endorsed the letter. for the content of the full letter, please visit aliran's website.

on the other hand, martin jalleh had posted an open letter in his facebook.  the following is his letter:


Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
By Martin Jalleh
Dear Holy Father,
I am a Catholic, writing from my blessed and beloved country, Malaysia, a land of poignant diversity, pitiful contradictions, pathetic leadership and plentiful opportunity. It is a nation which I am proud of, one where anything and everything is possible – from the most virtuous to the most vile and venal.
Very soon our Prime Minister (PM) Najib Tun Razak will be paying you an official visit at your summer residence Castel Gandolfo. He will no doubt put on a "grand show" in Ganddolfo, in spite of having suffered from "heat stroke" after a recent summer of discontent in Malaysia.
The Star, an established (i.e., one dictated by the establishment) newspaper has described the scheduled visit as one "making waves among Roman Catholics" in Malaysia. Strangely the only "wave" still etched in the minds of many Catholics is a "political tsunami" that took place in 2008.
The visit which The Star claims is "bound to make an impression especially on Catholics" was not even mentioned at Sunday Mass in Catholic churches. Further many Catholics currently wave off the PM as one who is leading the nation into abysmal political backwaters.
Catholics who are against the visit, fail to understand that as a spiritual leader, your doors are open to any leader – be he honourable or hypocritical, saint or sinner, righteous or rogue and towering statesman or tyrant, though they know for sure which category their PM belongs in!
It seems this 'watershed' event will lead to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Malaysia. Still, many Catholics fail to see the difference such diplomatic ties would make on their daily lives. Will closer ties mean better times to exercise their religious rights, or will there be bolder lies?
The Star also sensationally exclaims: "There cannot be a better opportunity, and at a more appropriate juncture, for the Malaysian leader to highlight the country as one that embodies the principles of inter-religious harmony and respectful co-existence."
Ask anyone who does not read the mainstream press and they will tell you, Holy Father, that since Najib became the PM, Malaysia has been slowly but surely imploding as a result of unprecedented racial and religious insensitivities and intolerance brought about by Muslim zealots and bigots.
In the past, Malaysia had so often been touted as a melting pot of all races and religions in Asia. It has now become a boiling pot! We were once a model, a showcase of a multi-racial-religious society. Now the Government has to put on a big show though the reality that we are so divided is showing!
The truth be told, inter-religious harmony is a myth in this country. Sincere attempts at inter-religious dialogue with Muslims and earnest intellectual discussions and discourses have often been derailed by a mob adept only at displaying their ignorance and irrational arguments to justify their intimidating behavior.
Myth & Mockery of Moderation
The Star also quotes a senior Malaysian diplomatic official involved in the behind-the-scenes work with the Vatican as saying: "The Vatican has also been wanting to engage with Malaysia which it recognises as a moderate Muslim nation made up of various ethnic groups.''
Joceline Tan, a senior journalist of The Star at her jocular best even "canonises" the PM as such: "There is no doubt the Western world has begun to take note of Najib as a Muslim leader of reason and moderation and the visit will certainly reinforce that."
If Najib was indeed "moderate" we would not have had to contend with controversial race and religious issues which are too many to list down here. Najib's heavy-handed response to the recently held Walk for Democarcy (to institutionalize clean and fair elections) made Malaysia look like a moderate Police State!
Such is the "moderation" of Najib that Christians to date cannot use the word "Allah" though a High Court in 2009 had affirmed it as a constitutional right.  Surely the shocked and speechless Preacher to the Papal Household, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, who visited East Malaysia in 2010 can fill you in on the details!
The PM's political party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) has been politicising religion for its survival by creating unfounded fears and insecurities, sowing seeds of suspicion (and definitely not of "reason") amongst Muslims, and deepening their distrust for the adherents of other religions.
Malays/Muslims are made to feel that they are always under siege and non-Muslims are their enemies! Yet, as the Muslims are constantly reminded, Malay/Muslim rights have been carved into and guaranteed clearly by the Federal Constitution. The only party that they have to fear most is the Umno elite and warlords!
Imaginary threats and bogeymen have been created by Umno and its cohorts, such as the Christians being hell-bent on confusing and converting every Muslim and the latest being an unsubstantiated allegation of a Christian conspiracy to replace Islam as the official religion, and to pave the way for a Christian PM!
At times the paranoia created has reached such a ridiculous level that the enlightened Muslim community have expressed their embarrassment and even disgus. Marina Mahathir, a truly moderate Muslim lady once highlighted the existence of a group of defenders of the Islamic faith whom she called the SS (the shallow and superficial).
They are people "who have nothing better to do with their lives than look for monsters under their beds, enemies in their blankets or crosses in their buns (and) ice-cream biscuits". She also wrote about "the Simple-Minded and Stupid (SMS)…who believe every little message that comes into their hot little phones, no matter how unlikely".
There are also the "Korrupt Kombative Knuckleheads (KKK) who "will do things like throw firecrackers into churchyards, destroy temples and raid married people's bedrooms".  She pointed at "the supreme irony of trumpeting our religious superiority while at the same time claiming that it only takes biscuits to destroy us".
Meanwhile Najib's Government through its religious departments and the Home Ministry in particular, dominates, dictates, decides, determines and even defines what non-Muslims can and cannot discuss, deliberate on, display in print, and do. Talk about moderation!
In 2008, the then Home Minister, when issuing a show-cause letter and several warning letters to The Herald (the Catholic newspaper in Peninsula Malaysia) made it his implicit prerogative and position to preach to and pontificate on what Catholics should and should not believe in!
Umno-owned papers, especially the Utusan Malaysia are allowed to go on a spree of spinning falsehood, spouting lies, spewing seditious articles and spreading what the Minister in the PM Department called "outdated racist propaganda" with impunity and immunity provided by the Home Minister.
In June this year, the Utusan Malaysia claimed that millions of ringgit were being funneled from some 11 foreign Christian organisations to fund the Walk for Democracy . The organisers denied any links to Christian funding, saying instead that funds for the march came from local sources.
Bishop Paul Tan of the Melacca-Johor diocese who is concurrently president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia, said the Malay daily "appears to have a licence to publish unsubstantiated and wild allegations aimed at fomenting discord between Christians and Muslims in Malaysia."
"It appears the authorities are more interested in checking and monitoring people engaged in legitimate expression of their rights than in stopping people who spread all sorts of calumnies against individuals and groups in this country," he added.
Honour or Hypocrisy?
The religious freedom of Christians and other faiths tragically rests on the PM's political expediency and circumstantial goodwill conveyed during crisis moments in cordial, congenial and courteous close-door meetings together with a chosen few – and not on the constitutional guarantees of religious freedom!
Muslim extremists or fanatics who have been found guilty of sedition, criminal intimidation and sacrilegious acts either go scot-free or are given  light and ludicrous court sentences which make the Attorney-General's Chambers, the judiciary and the government laughable, and reduce Najib's "moderate" resolve to check extremism to mere lip service.
Fanatics, extremists, or what the Minister in the PM Department calls "clowns" are given a free hand in taunting and threatening Christians and other faiths with a bloodbath and a holy war (jihad) whilst the landscape is littered with an increasing number of "Little Mullah Napoleons" running riot with their own brand of religion.
What gives extremist Malay/Muslim groups the audacity to display their insolence with impunity? The moderate PM is their inspiration! During the 61st Umno Annual General Assembly, Najib moderately vowed to defend Umno's five-decade stranglehold on the federal government even if it meant "crushed bodies", "lost lives" and "ethnic cleansing"!
After being PM for almost three years, Najib has failed to fight the fires of racial and religious fanaticism, aggressively fanned by his own party. He takes flight and hides behind his 1Malaysia slogan – a faltering façade, farce and flop which makes him look so utterly foolish! Now we have another slogan – "moderation"!
According to Najib's Umno, the Malay/Muslim majority in this country must stamp their superiority over the rest, made all the more easier by Executive Supremacy! Yet this very party that harps on supremacy (be it race or religion), claims that Muslims here can be very easily confused, convinced, controlled and converted!
Perhaps the saddest outcome of today's "moderate Malaysia" is that we have accepted the distinction between "Muslim and non-Muslim dominated areas". Yet, there was a time when the citizens of diverse races and religions so successfully lived together side by side in mutual respect and admiration!
Tengku Razaleigh a veteran in Umno once with dead honesty declared that ours is a "sham democracy…one which existed only in name but grievously compromised in substance, reality and fact"!  According to the politician and prince, Malaysia has "a domineering style of leadership with the cult of the great leader". How can there be moderation?
I hope that you will remind our PM of your wise warning in 2009 when speaking at the King Hussein bin Talal mosque in Amman, that the "manipulation of religion sometimes for political ends…is the real catalyst for tension and division and at times even violence in society…"
I pray, Holy Father, that you will not allow our Prime Minister to politicize the papacy and use the visit as a political ploy and a public relations exercise with his predictable "moderate" proclamations, pious pronouncements and pretentious promises.
In spite of the depressing scenario that I have so described, we are not discouraged nor do we despair. You had once declared that "interreligious and intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims … is a vital necessity, on which in large measure our future depends".
It is this path and one towards a "more authentic mutual understanding" with our Muslim friends which many Catholics in Malaysia continue to strive towards. The divine always triumphs over evil human designs.
May the heavens intervene when His Holiness meets His Hollowness! May hype give way to true hope! May honour prevail over hypocrisy!  May humility be the spirit that will grace the hallowed halls of Gandolfo!
(18 July 2011)


don't forget eh to read the letter that reached the pope:

najib visits vatican: malaysian catholcis write to the pope

[Bergambar & Video] BERS✔H 2.0: Najib Disambut Dengan Lagu "Yellow Submarine"

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 10:31 AM PDT

Protes terakhir Jumaat lalu semasa lawatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak ke London menyaksikan tidak kurang 50 orang rakyat Malaysia dan juga asing berpakaian serba kuning dengan iringi lagu the Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'.

Tindakan itu sebagai membantah tekanan, sekatan dan hambatan yang dikenakan ke atas perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 pada 9 Julai lalu.

Bertempat di hadapan Hotel Intercontinental, London, penunjuk perasaan membawa sepanduk yang antaranya tertera "Ya kepada pelancongan, tidak kepada penyiksaan", "Bebaskan pemimpin kami sekarang", "Hentikan tahanan tanpa perbicaraan", "Hentikan perdagangan dengan Malaysia yang kejam' dan melaungkan "Malu, malu, malu Najib".

Najib dan isterinya Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, bersama Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein dan Menteri Luar Datuk Seri Anifah Aman ketika itu dalam perjalanan ke hotel untuk makan malam.

Tunjuk perasaan bermula pada jam 7 malam hingga 8 malam, 15 Jun dan menurut seorang pemimpin pemuda PKR Ginie Lim ia mendapat sambutan bukan sahaja rakyat Malaysia tetapi juga rakyat Britain.

Hanya Anifah yang sanggup bersalaman dan berdialog selama 15 minit dengan penunjuk perasaan manakala perdana menteri, isteri dan sepupunya terus mengangkat kaki menuju hotel berkenaan.

Katanya, beliau prihatin dengan apa yang diluahkan oleh penunjuk perasaan itu tetapi kerajaan perlu menjaga keselamatan orang ramai termasuk ahli perniagaan di kawasan perhimpunan berkenaan.

Anifah juga mempertahankan tindakan keras polis ke atas peserta perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0.

"Tindakan polis berpatutan. Malaysia mempunyai pelbagai bangsa dan jika terjadi huru hara itu mungkin menimbulkan rusuhan perkauman. Kami tidak mahu ambil risiko.

"Awak tidak tahu apa yang berlaku di sana, awak tidak berada di sana" katanya.

Anifah juga ditanya mengenai tahanan enam pemimpin Parti Sosialis Malaysia yang ditahan mengikut Ordinan Darurat.

Bagaimanapun apabila ditanya bila mereka itu akan dibebaskan, Anifah meminta mereka bertanyakan kepada Hishammuddin.

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Penang Free School revisited

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 06:07 AM PDT

It has been a good 40 years or so since I left the Penang Free School.and frankly, Alma Mater or no Alma Mater, there was very little reason for me to go back there. True, maybe I had paid some brief visits on three or four occasions but apart from those, the only other time I could remember going there was perhaps some 10 years ago. It was a Saturday - a mid-morning, I think - and my old classmate and I were wandering along the deserted corridors on the upper floor. A rude shock awaited us when we wanted to come down and found the metal gates firmly shut and padlocked. Luckily, one of their supervisors saw us and let us out. We were relieved. We weren't looking forward to spending the night at the school with whatever ghosts that were supposed to inhabit the place.

Anyway, I found myself briefly at the old school again last Friday to deliver about 30 new chess sets to them. At first I was debating whether to give them to the Penang Chess Association or the PFS Chess Club, but I was convinced that donating them to the school would be a much more meaningful gesture. The PCA is rich enough to acquire their stock of chess equipment whereas the school chess club would surely appreciate equipment that they can use for years to come.

So there I was, entering the school gate, going past the front porch then turning the corner to approach the canteen. The old basketball and volleyball courts are no longer there but at least, the Gardening Club is still there. I wonder whether are there still students tending after the plants?

Driving out, I had to go counter-clockwise round the school field. A pleasant drive, though still a bumpy one. After all these years, the road remains uneven and the trees cast a cool shade. I'm back reliving the 1960s and 1970s!

The neat staff quarters are still there, so are the school library, the hostels and of course the bungalows in the far distance. But what's this I see?

The school pavillion, now painted in yellow and orange, instead of its original white. That came as quite a shock. The old headmaster's quarters is still standing but it is now no longer part of the school. Some other organisation have gotten possession of it, renovated it and made it commercial, which is a pity. A great loss to the school.

I saw a group of boys milled around the cricket pitch and I stopped to watch them throw a few balls at the batter. Nice to know that cricket is still being played at the school. Back then, we had practiced during the afternoon PERA sessions. But the game never caught on in the country and the PFS remains one of the very few schools left that tolerate the game. The boys quickly came around me. Sir, do you play cricket? Are you an Old Boy here? They told me that a school team had toured Australia earlier in the year and were beaten in all the games. No surprise there. And as quickly as they came to talk with me, they said goodbye. I'm now left alone at the corner of the field but newly filled with memories that are now resurfaced.

Political Humor

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 07:32 AM PDT

A bus full of politicians was driving down the highway when suddenly it swerved and crashed into a tree on a farm.

A few days later a police came to the farmers door and asked if there had been a bus crash here, and of course, the answer was yes.

Then the police asked the farmer what had happen to all the politicians that were on the bus. The farmer said that he had buried them all.

The police thought this was strange and asked him if all of them were dead before he had buried them.

To this the farmer replied, "Well, not all of them, but you know how politicians lie!"

A man dies, and he's looking in the gates of hell.

There he sees John Kennedy with an incredibly ugly girl. The man turns to the Devil and asks why John Kennedy is with this hideous looking person. The Devil replies, "Well, John has done some bad things in his life and that's his punishment."

The man looks around a little more and sees Bill Clinton with a beautiful model. The stunned guy asks "What's Bill Clinton doing with that model?" The devil replied, "Well, that model did some pretty bad things in her life."


The Secret Service has been worried by Bill Clinton's practice of taking early morning jogs. They got a real scare the other day when somebody threw a beer at the president. Fortunately, it turned out to have been a draft, and Clinton was able to dodge it.


Bill Clinton, Hillary Ramrod Clinton, Al Gore, and Tipper Gore are flying aboard Air Force 1 on their way to visit the Communists to share their success stories about taxing Americans.

Bill: "Why don't I throw this hundred dollar bill out the window and make someone very happy."

Hillary: "Well, why don't you throw ten hundred dollar bills out the window and make ten people happy."

Al: "Why don't you two jump out the window and make me and Tipper happy."

Tipper: "Why don't we all jump out the window and make everybody throughout the United States and world happy."

Lots of folks are forced to skimp to support a government that won't.

There's one thing the Democrats and Republicans share in common: Our money.

...Veni, Vedi, Clinti--I came, I saw, I lied.

A little girl asked her father, "Daddy? Do all Fairy Tales begin with 'Once Upon A Time'?"

He replied, "No, there is a whole series of Fairy Tales that begin with 'If elected I promise'."

-Author Unknown-

Posted for laughs with no intention to offend anyone.

BERS✔H 2.0: Pemuda Difitnah Pegang Pisau Mahu Saman Berita Minggu

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 08:19 AM PDT

Seorang peserta Himpunan Bersih 2.0 dari Unit Amal PAS mahu menyaman Berita Minggu milik Kumpulan New Straits Times kerana mendakwa dia memegang pisau semasa perhimpunan di ibu negara, 9 Julai lalu.

Abdul Razak Endut, 32, dari Temerloh berkata edisi 10 Julai yang menyiarkan gambarnya dengan tajuk "seorang perusuh membawa pisau dalam perhimpunan haram" manakala tajuk kecilnya pula berbunyi "perusuh guna senjata, batu, lawan polis" adalah tidak benar.

Sebaliknya Abdul Razak yang mesra dengan panggilan "Ajak" berkata dia hanya memegang sebatang bendera Malaysia dan bukannya pisau seperti mana yang didakwa.

Selain Berita Minggu, gambar sama turut dimuatkan oleh akhbar New Sunday Times dengan tajuk "Peaceful (Aman)?" pada muka depan.

"Saya mahu saman Berita Minggu kerana telah menjatuhkan imej saya, disebabkan gambar itu ramai yang bertanyakan hal sama kepada saya.

"Setakat ini saya tidak tahu berapa jumlah yang akan disaman, saya akan berbincang dulu dengan peguam saya," kata Abdul Razak kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Kelmarin, Abdul Razak yang bekerja sendiri tampil membuat pendedahan berhubung gambar yang disiarkan Berita Minggu.

Dia berkata selain tidak memegang pisau, dia juga menafikan membaling batu ke arah pihak keselamatan.

Pada perhimpunan Bersih 2.0, Abdul Razak diarah agar menjaga Pengarah Pilihan Raya PAS pusat Dr Hatta Ramli dan peserta perhimpunan berhampiran Menara Maybank.

"Apabila polis menembak gas pemedih mata, saya ternampak angin meniup ke arah orang ramai... saya mengambil kanister itu dan membalingnya ke arah sebuah padang dengan harapan orang ramai akan selamat," kata Abdul Razak mendedahkan perkara sebenar dengan berpakaian sama seperti yang disiarkan dalam Berita Minggu.

Gambar Abdul Razak berdepan pancutan meriam air dengan memegang bendera negara juga dirakamkan turut disiarkan media antarabangsa sekali gus menolak dakwaan beliau memegang pisau.

"Ketika itu (saya baling kanister gas pemedih mata) gambar saya dimanipulasikan. Mana logiknya saya bawa pisau dari Temerloh? Saya terpaksa lalui tiga sekatan jalan (untuk sampai ke ibu negara)," katanya.

Sementara itu, peguam yang mewakili Abdul Razak, Ahmad Nizam Hamid berkata pihaknya akan memfaikan saman itu dalam masa terdekat.

"Sebelum ini saya telah nasihatkan dia (Abdul Razak) untuk saman NST dan Berita Minggu kerana siarkan gambar palsu... ini satu kes yang bagus kerana melanggar etika.

"Tindakan ini perlu diambil kerana ia sangat tidak beretika mereka ubah gambar asal, ia adalah satu tindakan yang sangat tidak bertanggungjawab," katanya.

Pada 9 Julai lalu, ribuan rakyat Malaysia telah menyertai Himpunan Bersih 2.0 untuk menuntut pembaharuan sistem pilihan raya.

Pada perhimpunan itu, lebih 1,600 peserta termasuk pimpinan Gabungan Pilihan Raya Bersih dan Adil (Bersih 2.0), Pakatan Rakyat dan Pemuda Umno ditahan. -TMI

Bongkar isu BERITA MINGGU edit gambar Peserta BERSIH seperti membawa pisau.

Peserta demo: Saya tidak bawa pisau

Abdul Razak Endut yang dilabelkan oleh akhbar arus perdana sebagai seorang peserta ganas pehimpunan BERSIH 2.0 tampil membuat penjelasan pada ceramah PAS di Kuala Lumpur Sabtu lalu.

Katanya, beliau hanya memegang sebatang bendera Malaysia dan bukannya pisau seperti yang didakwa oleh akhbar-akhbar milik Umno dan BN itu. Abdul Razak juga menafikan beliau membaling batu ke arah polis.

"Apabila polis menembak gas pemedih mata, saya ternampak angin meniup ke arah orang ramai... saya mengambil kanister itu dan membalingnya ke arah sebuah padang dengan harapan orang ramai akan selamat katanya.

Abdul Razak atau terkenal dengan nama Ajak adalah anggota Unit Amal PAS - pasukan sukarelawan yang ditubuhkan bagi mengawal orang ramai pada perhimpunan 9 Julai lalu berhampiran bangunan Maybank.

Akhbar Berita Minggu pada 10 Julai menyiarkan gambarnya dengan tajuk: "Seorang perusuh membawa pisau dalam perhimpunan haram" manakala tajuk kecilnya pula berbunyi: "Perusuh guna senjata, batu, lawan polis".

Gambar yang sama juga dimuatkan di halaman utama New Sunday Times dengan tajuk: "Peaceful (Aman)?".

Berpakaian baju dan penutup mulut yang sama, Abdul Razak membuka lilitan kain hitam dan mendedahkan wajahnya sambil mendapat tepukan gemuruh mereka yang hadir.

Perisai manusia

Katanya, beliau menyertai rakan-rakannya membentuk perisai manusia bagi menghalang polis bergerak ke arah orang ramai yang cuba berhimpun secara aman.

"Bagaimanapun, FRU membawa meriam air dan menembak ke arah kami. Apa yang patut saya buat untuk menghalang trak FRU? Saya minta bendera (Malaysia) daripada seorang peserta dan dia bagi saya. Saya kemudian berdiri di hadapan dan disembur meriam air FRU.

"Harapan saya... peserta ini adalah rakyat Malaysia, orang kita sendiri, mengapa polis lakukan ini," katanya dengan emosional.

Gambar Abdul Razak berdepan pancutan meriam air dengan memegang bendera negara juga dirakamkan oleh Reuters yang sekaligus menolak dakwaan beliau memegang pisau.

"Ketika itu (saya baling kanister gas pemedih mata) gambar saya dimanipulasikan. Mana logiknya saya bawa pisau dari Temerloh? Saya terpaksa lalui tiga sekatan jalan (untuk sampai ke ibu negara)," katanya.

Pada 12 Julai lalu Pemuda PKR Pulau Pinang mendakwa gambar itu dipalsukan. -mk

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Light and Cheesy....

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 05:42 AM PDT

With Aishah

With Pp @ Bakpo and his very adorable wife Aishah

An extremely romantic and loving couple

Pp with one of his very best friends, Malek

J and her darling best friend F

Invois Cincin Berlian Lady Gajah, Kastam Didakwa Cuba Ubah Data Transaksi

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 06:45 AM PDT

Cincin Rosmah Mansor RM24.45 juta: Data kastam cuba dipadam- Chegu bard

Pengerusi Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM), Badrul Hisham Shaharin mendedahkan pihak Kastam di Raja Malaysia (KDRM) cuba melindungi transaksi pembelian cincin berharga RM24.45 juta yang dibeli isteri perdana menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Menurutnya, sebaik sahaja siasatan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) dilakukan ke atas individu bernama A. Krishnan, sistem kastam di kargo Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur telah mengalami masalah.

"Sebaik sahaja siasatan SPRM bermula maka sistem kastam di Kargo, KLIA telah 'down' hampir 3 jam.

"Kakitangan agen pengurusan kargo tidak lagi boleh mengakses sistem kastam seperti biasa selepas itu, pelbagai 'syarat' dikenakan semuanya dijalankan secara 'manual'," kata Badrul atau dikenali Chegu Bard.

Beliau berkata, satu pekeliling turut ditampal di papan kenyataan kargo di KLIA, namun ditanggalkan beberapa jam kemudian kerana mungkin tidak mahu arahan rasmi itu 'dibocorkan'.

"Kami telah menjangkakan sebelum ini data dalam sistem ini mungkin saja akan dipadamkan atau dipinda untuk menjaga 'Imelda Rosmah'. Bayangkan dalam kes lebih serius iaitu kes pembunuhan Altantuya rekod imegresen pun boleh dipadamkan," katanya yang juga Ketua Cabang KEADILAN Rembau.

Menurut Chegu Bard, Sabtu lalu KDRM mengeluarkan borang asal yang hanya boleh dicetak oleh pegawai tinggi kastam atau agen pengurusan terlibat, berhubung transaksi itu.

Kewujudan 'borang kedua'

Katanya lagi, borang yang dinamakan 'borang 2′ dikeluarkan pihak kastam untuk membuktikan berlian itu dibawa keluar ke Singapura 4 hari selepas ia dibawa masuk ke negara ini.

"Kononnya belian itu hanya untuk pameran berlian yang dibuat di rumah VVIP sahaja dan kemudian dibawa keluar semula ke Singapura," kata Chegu Bard.

Menurut sumber dalaman, kata Chegu Bard, kewujudan borang kedua itu menyatakan bahawa pembelian berlian tersebut menggunakan 'hand carry'dan borang secara manual keluar ke Singapura.

Chegu Bard berkata, sumber itu juga memaklumkan Freight on Board (FOB) pembelian tersebut berbeza, sedangkan FOB adalah nilai sebenar barang yang dibeli mengikut harga invois.

"Nombor daftar ROC Jacob & Co pun tak sama, sepatutnya jika barang masuk untuk pameran dan sebagainya seharusnya ada terma ikrar, tetapi sebaliknya dalam sistem kastam ketika belian itu masuk lansung tidak wujud sebarang terma ikrar hanya untuk pameran dan akan dibawa keluar semula," Chegu Bard memetik sumber tersebut.

Chegu Bard berkata, sekiranya dakwaan itu tidak betul, Rosmah perlu tampil untuk menafikan dakwaan itu sejak awal lagi.

"Bagaimana pula dengan gelang 'zebra' dan jam 'zebra' yang juga keluaran Jacob & co yang jelas ada gambar Imelda Rosmah menggunakannya ? Adakah Jacob & co hanya bagi pinjam kerana dia terpilih menjadi duta produk Jacob & co ?," soal beliau. -KD

Marcos, Mubarak & Mahathir – Who’s The Richest Man?

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 05:15 AM PDT

Corrupt Barisan Nasional

The mounting pressure from 18 days of historic protests finally drove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office, after 30-years as his nation's iron-fisted ruler. But the dictator should not shed a single drop of tear because the fortune he amassed is more than enough to finance his retirement comfortably. It would be nice and jaw-dropping if Forbes can compile the world's richest dictators or politicians simply because it would put world's richest man, Mexican Carlos Slim (worth about US$54 billion) and Bill Gates (net worth about US$53 billion) to shame.
Armed with suspended constitution for 30 years, Hosni Mubarak was in virtually every piece of business deal in the country thanks to guaranteed profit from monopolies, red-tape fees, bribery fees, nepotism and whatnot. The British Guardian newspaper estimated the wealth of Mubarak and his family at somewhere between US$40 billion and US$70 billion. That's about US$1 billion to US$2 billion net profit annually on average, not bad for a job as a president ruling a nation with GDP per capita of just $6,300.

Hosni Mubarak Demoracy 
In fact, Mubarak knew it was game over when the protesters persisted even after he cut the nation's internet access and use of forces to intimidate the tens of hundreds of protesters. And his delayed exit was definitely not to pray for a dignified exit but rather to buy time to move money around and hide significant parts of his fortune. If former Philippine President Marcos had US$684 million on deposits in various Swiss banks alone, expect nothing less than that from Mubarak's Swiss accounts. The Swiss government has said it is temporarily freezing any assets in Swiss banks that could be linked to Mubarak.
Believed to have flown to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, much of Mubarak's wealth were from investment deals in British and Swiss banks or tied up in upmarket real estate in London, New York, Los Angeles and expensive tracts of the Red Sea coast, not to mention commissions from arm deals. Mubarak's half-Welsh wife, Suzanne and their sons, Gamal and Alaa, accumulated wealth through partnerships with foreign investors and companies. Mubarak's wife's fortune alone was estimated at about US$5 billion.
Regardless whether Mubarak's wealth is US$40 billion, US$70 billion or more, the fact remains that tracking the money trail would be almost impossible,let alone claiming it back to the people of Egypt. If the Philippine government couldn't even bring back billions of dollars plundered by former dictator Marcos more than 20 years after his death, what more can the new government of Egypt do to recover it with today's information technology?
 Marcos Mubarak Mahathir Richest Man
Obviously top army officials were on Mubarak's payroll judging from his ease of exit from the country. Mubarak may no be the President of Egypt anymore but his tentacles are still in the country. His worry is not about money but more on possible prosecution or assassination. But if you think Hosni Mubarak is the richest man on earth, wait till you hear what has former dictator Mahathir Mohamad plundered. How about US$100 billion?
Using the same rule of thumb that Mubarak "earned" about US1 billion to US2 billion annually, Mahathir's wealth easily top US$22 to US$44 billion over his 22-year of iron-fist rule. However Malaysia has more natural resources than Egypt and economically, Malaysia is richer although not necessary less corrupted than Egypt. Just like Egypt, corruption in Malaysia is so entrenched that every institutions are tainted – from the monarchy, judiciary, executive, legislature to the lowest ranking policemen on the street. Hence Mahathir is easily worth more than that.
If there's one factor that is separating Malaysia from Egypt, that's unemployment. The present government of Malaysia may be more corrupt than previous Mubarak's administration but Malaysia's ruling party is smart enough to generate jobs in various government departments especially to cater for the ethnic-Malay, though the jobs created are not needed. If there's one group that would take to the street just like the Egypt uprising, it would be the ethnic-Malay themselves.
Mubarak Red Sea Resort Sharm el-Sheikh 
As long as the Malaysia government can provide them with jobs, the scale of demonstration seen in Egypt would not happen in Malaysia. And as long as PM Najib Razak and his mentor Mahathir Mohamad can keep the pace in feeding these mouths and play the racial cards in their "divide and rule" doctrine,they can rule the country for many more decades and in the process continue to plunder the country.
By the time they're ousted from the country the same way as Marcos and Mubarak, provided there would be an uprising of the same scale as Egypt in the first place, Mahathir and his followers could easily become the richest man on earth. And if there's an uprising in Malaysia, do not expect any friendly police or military men in sympathy of the demonstrators. Again, Malaysia is very different from Egypt so an uprising of such stamina and scale is very distant.


Posted: 18 Jul 2011 04:56 AM PDT

Who would expect the daughter of a former Malaysian Prime Minister (PM) to come forward to voice her sentiment and position with regards to the Bersih rally? That daughter is none other than Marina Mahathir, the daughter of the longest serving PM of Malaysia who has time and again shown Malaysians that being the daughter of a former PM does not silence her from saying and doing something that may appear to be at divergence with the government that her father once led. Her presence at the Bersih rally with her children makes her a unique person that dared the odds of being ridiculed and be seen as an outcast by the ruling elite, and also probably from some close associate of her father. I salute her for being different and her resolve at wanting to be together with the people to witness for herself the genuine surge in 'people's power' demanding only what is rightfully theirs. Had Marina been at the forefront of Bersih from the very outset, I believe she would have drawn more protestors and be named the 'crown jewel' of the Bersih movement. I think she must have inherited some of her father's traits i.e. resoluteness and stubbornness.

Being a participant at the rally, Marina obviously had a firsthand insight into all that occurred during the rally. She must have savoured the tear gas and the chemical laced water that rained over the participants. I believe too that Marina had a conscience and a strong belief in the cause of Bersih; otherwise it would be rather foolish of her to be in the crowd. This is certainly unlike the coward Ibrahim Ali or the DPM Muhyiddin himself who must have observed the rally via remote control, and they are the ones now making statements that they have little knowledge about. Surprisingly, MIC leaders have taken a step back and avoided making any statement about Bersih. This can give rise to speculation that MIC may have an opposing view concerning the rally that may not be in consonant with its partners in BN.

Marina's remark on the government's handling of the Bersih rally is telling. She forthrightly accused the government of being scared stiff of Bersih and the thousands that rallied only to be tear gassed, sprayed with water cannons and some being beaten up, reflects how desperate and fearful the government was of Bersih. Marina's remarks about the way the authorities had treated the protestors and how she viewed the future of the UMNO/BN government can be worrisome for Najib. Surely, her remarks should served as a wake-up call for Najib's administration, that unless something serious is done to placate Bersih and all its participants, Najib can expect a much larger Tsunami to hit the shores of UMNO/BN in the next GE. And judging from the actions of the government towards Bersih in the aftermath of the Bersih rally, the hardened stand of the government is not going to be softened. Rather the statement by DPM Muhyiddin to tell their side of the story is sure to raise the ire of Bersih and its supporters that could further dampened any reconciliation between Bersih and the government.

It is obvious to me that the powers that be have little inkling as to how the Bersih issue ought to be handled. They have failed to understand and to believe that the Bersih rally is not about politics and stubbornly held that the opposition leaders had a hand in Bersih, with the grandiose view of toppling the government. The presence of some notable opposition leaders in the rally is to me coincidental, because besides them being politicians, they are also part of the ordinary people demanding their constitutional rights. They therefore have the same rights as any other ordinary citizen believing and supporting the cause of Bersih. This is whole the crux of the issue surrounding Bersih that was willfully misunderstood by the Naijb government.

And finally, if only the government had heeded the advice of His Majesty the King and to take a less antagonistic stand against Bersih, the rally could have been avoided and a sure boost for the Najib government.


Salam BERS✔H Dari KL Ke New York

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 05:27 AM PDT

Salam BERSIH dari KL ke New York Oleh Nurul Syaheedah

Pagi hari yang cerah disinar mentari, dihiasi pepohon hijau dengan daun berjuta melambai sayu. Tanah subur bersulam bunga berbagai warna diatas bumi diiringi bunyi kicauan burung-burung, menjadi petanda hari bersejarah yang bakal diukir.

Sambil menyaksikan segala keindahan alam serta kesibukan insan di Kota New York, hati bersyukur kepada tuhan akan kebebasan yang dinikmati di bumi orang. Sebaliknya hati terasa hiba lagi terharu memikirkan apa yang telah berlaku di tanah air sendiri 12 jam yang lalu.

Sememangnya saya bersyukur dengan apa yang telah negara kita capai tetapi realiti kini sukar untuk disembunyi kerana bau bangkai janji kemerdekaan terhidu kuat serata dunia.

Semenjak tahun 1946, rakyat telah berani bangun dan keluar ke jalanraya di bandar dan desa untuk menentang penjajah British. Keberanian berjuang kerana kebenaran berpaksikan hak asasi telah melahirkan sebuah negara merdeka pada tahun 1957.

Alhamdulillah kita bebas dari penjajahan 500 tahun warga asing.

Tetapi, sejarah hitam 1969 mengajar bagaimana nafsu kuasa pihak yang mahu mengangkat satu ketuanan telah mengikat kembali kebebasan demokrasi dengan akta darurat berlapikkan hujah perkauman menjadi nyata. Mimpi merdeka bertukar ngeri kotor lagi menghampakan.

Masya Allah, kita dijajah kembali bukan sahaja dengan dilarutkan demokrasi tetapi jauh lebih dasyat kerana minda dan jiwa dijajah hipokrasi sebuah nasionalisma sempit lagi menghimpit.

"Inilah nasib kisah orang melayu,
Hujah lapuk lagi palsu diterima bulat generasi minda yang lesu,
Korupsi, Kolusi, Konspirasi depan mata biar diam membisu,
Sibuk bersubahat menghalang rakyat berhimpun untuk bersatu,
Yang mahu Negara Bersih dan bukan kiasu,
Suruh semua bersyukur buta sejarah yang lalu,
Tetapi buat lupa dosa kerajaan yang aib lagi tidak malu,
Ibarat kisah si Luncai dengan labu-labu..Biarkan..Biarkan"

Mana boleh dibiarkan...... dibiarkan begitu sahaja?

Oleh itu tahun 2011 menyusul di atas usaha gergasi 2007 untuk mengembalikan jiwa
Malaysia yang berbilang bangsa melalui pilihanraya bebas dan adil menjadi agenda murni patriot jitu negara.

Oleh itu hak demokrasi berani bertembung dengan tamparan kuku besi otokrasi yang tidak mahu negara Bersih daripada dijajah hipokrasi demokrasi penuh korupsi.

Oleh itu kuning menjadi haram, bersih pula dikotorkan dan rakyat terus ditakutkan dengan cerita momok konon mengancam bangsa oleh pemangsa khayalan ciptaan ilusi jiwa muflis bersongkok tinggi.

Mana boleh dibiarkan.....dibiarkan begitu sahaja?

Tanggal 9 Julai bermulalah perjuangan menuntut janji demokrasi sebenar.

Tanggal 9 Julai bermulalah perjuangan membebaskan ekonomi untuk semua.

Tanggal 9 Julai bermulalah perjuangan memerdekakan minda dan jiwa daripada penjajah otokrasi Putrajaya.

Mana boleh dibiarkan.... dibiarkan begitu sahaja?

Tepat jam 10 pagi bermulalah tiupan panggilan Bersih pada 9 Julai 2011 di Melbourne, Australia yang terus bergilir mengelilingi dunia secara aman sehingga tiba di Kuala Lumpur di mana patriot pertiwi yang ramai berhimpun damai diserang bertubi-tubi oleh penjajah baru biru yang tidak bersantun lagi lupa diri serta ikrar suci menjaga rakyat dahulu dan bukan diutamakan bersubahat bersama tuan berbibir merah jambu berambut kelabu.

Tepat jam 10 pagi setibanya giliran tiupan Bersih di Kota New York, 12 jam selepas Kuala Lumpur yang masih basah berdarah lagi pedih berasap memahat sejarah; Bersih disambut dengan kain rentang kuning memanjang dan semangat Malaysia Muhibah yang baru.

Mana boleh dibiarkan..... biarkan begitu sahaja?

Maka tuhan dan dunia menyaksikan melalui YouTube, Facebook, Twitter mahupun SMS; pertembungan antara kebenaran dan kebatilan, antara patriot dan penjajah dan antara Bersih dan Kotor.

Maka Patriot Bersih beribu ditangkap, berjuta menunggu sedangkan "Patriot" Kotor hanya beratus beratur paksa manakala juak berjuta menyorok di belakang tengkolok hanya taat berolok membuat bising seperti ayam berkokok menunggu disembelih keris tumpul lagi bengkok oleh puak pemakai songkok tinggi yang ghaib kehadiran tersesat di jalanan sebagai alasan balasan dosa nista pahlawan palsu berjiwa lesu.

"Ada Bersih, Ada Kotor,
Yang takut berkata karut,
Yang berani sanggup digari,
Akhirat nanti jawablah sendiri,
Buku di tangan kanan atau kiri,
Orang berani tidak takut mati,
Kerana niat suci didalam hati,
Berjuang demi Ilahi."

Memang benar pagi hari yang indah menjadi petanda sejarah baru diukir.

Cahaya mentari menerangi kegelapan penindasan serta pepohon hijau demokrasi memberi teduh kepanasan kezaliman, kicaun burung penuh kesyukuran perjuangan murni baru dimulakan dan warna-warni bunga ibarat berbagai bangsa bersama untuk menjadikan Malaysia Bebas, Bersatu dan Bersih.

Insya Allah, Malaysia Muhibbah Merdeka sudah lahir bersih dari kekotoran pengkhianat bangsa-pemungkir janji-pemecah amanah-penghasut durjana.

Terima kasih Bersih yang penuh cinta untuk pertiwi dan dengan penuh sayu salam AlFatihah untuk wira Baharudin yang gugur merintis perjuangan menuju kebebasan agar dipenuhi janji merdeka yang sebenar!

Pesanan Peringatan bersama dari Thomas Jefferson:
"Apabila Rakyat takut kepada kerajaan, Ia dinamakan Penjajahan (tyranny), Apabila Kerajaan takut kepada Rakyat, Itu Namanya Kemerdakaan (Liberty)."

Masih mahu dibiarkan..... dibiarkan begitu sahaja? -MR

Joey McIntyre – Stay The Same

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 03:12 AM PDT

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are.
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same, cuz there's nothin' 'bout you I would change.

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize, all the dreams you have inside.
Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are.
When you learn to love yourself, you¹re better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same, cuz there¹s nothin' 'bout you I would change.

Believe in yourself.
Reach down inside.
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
Have faith in what you do.
You'll make it through.


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BERS✔H 2.0: SPR Perlu Dengar Suara Rakyat - Timb Menteri

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 03:14 AM PDT

Shah Alam – Kesediaan Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) untuk mengenal pasti kelemahan adalah satu anjakan kepada penambahbaikan sistem pilihan raya negara.

Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, Datuk Saifudin Abdullah berkata, dalam proses penerangan yang diberikan, badan pe-ngendali pilihan raya itu hendaklah juga mendengar pandangan rakyat berkenaan kerja-kerja yang dilakukan mereka.

"Saya berharap penerangan SPR tidak terlalu bersifat defensif, iaitu mempertahankan apa yang difikirkan baik, sebalik-nya perlu bersifat akamodatif, iaitu sedia mengambil kira dan guna pakai idea dari rakyat.

"Apa yang penting bukannya kerja SPR, tapi adalah sistem pilihan raya yang terbaik untuk negara," katanya, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian bagi mengulas kenyataan Timbalan Pengerusi SPR, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar mengakui kelemahan badan berkenaan, terutama dalam aspek komunikasi hingga menyebabkan ramai orang keliru atau tidak tahu mengenai langkah penambahbaikan yang dilakukan.

Menurut Saifuddin, apabila rakyat tidak tahu, atau maklumat itu tidak sampai, mereka dengan mudah boleh dikelirukan atau dimanipulasi pihak berkepentingan. -SH

Ulasan GB

Pemikiran dan pendirian timbalan menteri yang seorang ini lain dari yang lain.

Sukar untuk mendapatkan seorang menteri atau timbalan menteri yang fikirannya matang dan pendiriannya bersih seperti Saifuddin Abdullah.

Sebelum ini GB sudah menyatakan bahawa Saifuddin Abdullah, Baka Baik Terakhir Yang UMNO Ada. Petikan:

Jikalah ramai pemimpin UMNO macam Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah ini, habis Pakatan.

Mujurlah dalam pemimpin UMNO yang ada kini hanya ada seorang sahaja pemimpin matang dan terbuka serta mungkin pula beliau merupakan baka zuriat baik yang terakhir yang UMNO ada kini - itulah Saifuddin Abdullah.

Tetapi biasanya pemimpin sebegini hayatnya di dalam UMNO tidak lama. Dia nanti akan dicemburui oleh pemimpin-pemimpin haprak UMNO yang ramai itu. Qabil cukup-cukup cemburu dengan sifat baik Habil. Lalu dibunuhnya Habil. Itu kisah dari Al-Quran.

GB sering juga didatangi oleh pimpinan mahasiswa yang menyatakan mereka lebih senang dan gembira untuk berurusan dengan Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi ini berbanding dengan Menterinya sendiri, Khaled Nordin yang ilmunya tak setinggi mana, tapi ego dan sombongnya tak terperi dasyatnya.

After Queen E Snub, Najib Looks To The Pope To Rebuild His Image

Posted: 17 Jul 2011 06:03 PM PDT

Malaysia Chronicle

The Vatican City is a landlocked sovereign city-state. Its territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, Italy. It has an area of approximately 44 hectares or 110 acres, and a population of just over 800.

The Pope is the head of state of Vatican City. The term Holy See refers not to the Vatican state but to the Pope's spiritual and pastoral governance, largely exercised through the Roman Curia. His official title with regard to Vatican City is Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City.

The principal subordinate government official for Vatican City is the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, who since 1952 exercises the functions previously belonging to the Governor of Vatican City. Since 2001, the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State also has the title of President of the Governorate of the State of Vatican City.

Though the population of the city-state may be under a thousand, the influence of the Holy See stretches globally. The Holy See is pastor to 1.2 billion Catholics world-wide and commands diplomatic influence over numerous countries and international organizations.

Such is the influence of the Holy See that President Obama, weeks upon election into the office of the President of United States, paid a courtesy call to Pope Benedict XVI. An act of office, started by the late President Kennedy who initiated America's connections with the Vatican.

Limp response

In 2002, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad met Pope John Paul II for talks on Christian-Muslim relations at the Vatican. Neighbouring Indonesia and other mainly Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq and Pakistan have decades-long diplomatic ties with the Vatican.

According to a government official, previously Malaysia did not see a need to establish ties with the Vatican and there were political concerns such a move would be criticised by the opposition party namely PAS.

Yet, of late PAS has been seen by Malaysians as more moderate than Najib's own UMNO. And it is indeed, UMNO via its mouth-piece Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa that has been attacking Christians.

Last month Najib met with Malaysian church leaders in a bid to ease religious tensions stirred by a Utusan Malaysia report that alleged Christians wanted to replace Islam as the official religion and install a Christian Prime Minister. An allegation that is still under a protracted investigation.

Najib is not a beacon of consistency when it comes to issues concerning the Christians in Malaysia. Back in January 2010, churches were attacked over the courts decision that gave The Herald, the Catholic church newsletter, the right to use the term 'Allah'.

Najib's response is typical, first denying that UMNO was flaming the issue and secondly that the Police would know best how to resolve any attacks against churches.

It is his limp response to the growing religious tensions in Malaysia that has Malaysian Christians disappointed. They are not confident that the Najib administration is capable or willing to protect their rights as citizens who have a constituted right of freedom to practice their beliefs.

And with general elections to be held no later than July 2013, Najib is desperate for every vote in his favor including from Christians, who make up 10 percent of the 28 million population.

Making use of the Christians

This visit to the papacy along with the prospect of Malaysia forming deplomatic ties with the Vatican is probably a face-saving move to affirm's Najib's attestment that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim country. A move designed to give the impression and perception, yet hide the real realities.

This is especially needed after last week's snub by Queen Elizabeth over his "excessive" crackdown on a citizens march for free and fair elections.

Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, head of the Institute of Ethnic Studies at the National University of Malaysia, said the federal government had made many attempts at interfaith dialogue in recent years. But these attempts have not been very successful, he said, in part because many aspects of religious practice are controlled by the state, such as regulations regarding Muslims who renounce the faith.

Forming ties with the Vatican would help the government demonstrate to Malaysian Christians that it respects different religions on an international level, Shamsul added. It would also contribute to Najib's "1Malaysia" policy, which promotes national unity and inclusiveness, he added.

"He is trying to use external activities to impress upon the domestic constituencies that his government is recognizing the contribution of Christians in the country," Mr Shamsul said.

But Christians unlikely to be fooled

A swing by Christian voters to the opposition in the 2008 election was partly attributed to dissatisfaction with the government's handling of religious issues.

While Najib's meeting with the pope is likely to be received well by Christians, analysts say it may not necessarily increase their support for the governing coalition, dominated by Najib's UMNO party, ahead of elections that must be held by mid-2013.

"Symbolically it's meant to have that effect," said Farish Ahmad Noor, a political scientist at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. "Whether that translates into a significant shift in votes, I still think that depends on a lot of other domestic concerns. There's no point in Najib going to the Vatican if we were to have another spate of church bombings."

It is telling that UMNO has not commented on this visit, neither has Utusan Malaysia or Perkasa. These staunch protectors of Malay rights and defenders of Islam have remained mum about Najib's visit to the Holy See.

Instead it is the Christian community especially the Catholics who have voiced their disapproval of the presence of Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Murphy Pakiam, who may only be there for the image it can create for the Najib administration.

The Najib administration, with an eye to the photo opportunity that a call on the Pope would entail, may want the highest placed Catholic cleric in Malaysia in the picture, presumably for the impact it would have on Malaysian Catholics.

Lina Joy and UMNO's forked tongue

And this is what the visit is really about. Creating an image that the Najib administration is moderate and kind to Christians. But Najib speaks with a forked tongue.

For example, in Kota Baru a few weeks ago, the PM described Ambiga Sreenevasan, chairperson of Bersih, the pressure group for electoral reform, as "anti-Islam" for the watching brief she held as the then president of the Bar Council in the Lina Joy case a few years ago.

Lina Joy was a Muslim who converted to Catholicism before marrying a member of the faith. She filed a case against the Registration Department for insisting that her religion in her MyKad be marked as Muslim when she had converted out of the religion.

She lost the landmark case at every stage of its adjudication in the courts in what many felt was a violation of the freedom of religion guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

Najib's tagging of Ambiga as "anti-Islam" was an astonishing misconstruction of her professional role as legal counsel in the Lina Joy case. But this is precisely the kind of distortion that has come to mark the PM's deportment in matters of grave concern.

Pope Benedict has made the defense of freedom of religion a foundational plank of his papacy. He is certain to look askance at a leader who has little or no grasp of professional legal norms, let alone constitutional ones.

So Najib may smile at the photo opportunity of meeting with such a leader as Pope Benedict XVI, but is he really prepared or matured enough for the reality of establishing relations with a city-state that commands the adoration of 1.2 billion followers?

- Malaysia Chronicle

Arrested in hotel room for wearing Bersih t-shirts

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 12:48 AM PDT

Source: (Joseph Sipalan & Kow Gah Chie, 18/7/2011)
It was to be a weekend trip for a group of four youths to Cameron Highlands to enjoy nature in all its splendour. The previous week had been hectic, what with the Bersih 2.0 rally and the numerous controversies that cropped up, so it would have been a well-deserved holiday for three aides to Seputeh MP and DAP national organising secretary Teresa Kok. Little did they know that the Bersih 2.0 stigma would continue to trail them all the way to the idyllic hill resort town.
Teh Hoong Keat, Lan Suet Ling and Chin Kah Wai, along with a friend, had planned on a two- day, one-night stay in Cameron Highlands last Saturday to stretch their legs and possibly even go jungle trekking. However, by the time the night was over, they had lost all desire to finish their holiday.
Teh said they adjourned to the girls' hotel room to hang out after dinner and visiting the night market, when a hotel employee knocked on their door about 12.45am. "They asked us to change rooms because a family was staying next door and we may have been a bit noisy," he said. "By that time, I think he saw us wearing Bersih T-shirts in the room. After we changed rooms, about 10 minutes later someone started knocking loudly on our door." When they opened the door, at least 13 people who were waiting outside had barged into their room without identifying themselves, Teh said. "I asked them who they were, and one of them showed his ID, a chief inspector Basar Safar. He said the hotel management had called the police to tell them there was a group of people wearing Bersih T-shirts." Teh said Basar had asked the group to follow the police back to Cameron Highlands district police headquarters, only giving the reason that it was a "public security issue".
'Nearly three hours wasted'
The group had initially argued against going to the police station, but had little choice as all their MyKads were being held by a female officer, who told them they would only get the documents back at the station, said Teh. Lan said they were also told to ride in the police car to the station, where they were then made to wait for two hours without any instructions after reaching there at 1am. "They just made us wait at a side hall, where there were a few sofas. We waited and did nothing. We thought they wanted to take our statements, but they did nothing. "By 3am, the same chief inspector came and told us we were free to go. We asked if we had anything to sign, and he said no and even returned our T-shirts to us. He told us, 'you pakailah sesuka hati kamu' (wear it however you wish)." The ordeal however did not end there, as they had to wait at least another half-hour for the officers to send them back to the hotel, fighting back the chilly night air in just T-shirts and shorts, Lan added. Teh said the police action was sheer injustice and an invasion of their privacy, stressing that nowhere in the law does it state that the Bersih 2.0 T-shirt is illegal. Lan however pointed out that they chose to only wear the T-shirt in their hotel room as they acknowledge that this is still a sensitive matter.
DAP's Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, who was acting as legal counsel for the trio, indicated that they will probably not take any legal action over the weekend fiasco. "Since Malaysia is now a police state, suing the police would be a waste of time and money," he said at a press conference earlier.
An officer from the Cameron Highlands police headquarters today confirmed the case, but stressed that the quartet were not arrested. The senior officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they did not infringe on the privacy of the four as Bersih has been declared an illegal organisation and wearing a Bersih T-shirt is not allowed.
"You cannot wear it outdoors or indoors, even as pajamas," the officer said, adding that they decided to release the four unconditionally as they were not involved in an illegal assembly.
Prior to this incident, police had arrested five Pakatan Rakyat leaders across the country last week for wearing Bersih T-shirts, including DAP's Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa.
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16 Of The Smartest Children In History

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 12:21 AM PDT

At the age most of us were playing with food and discovering our toes, child prodigies around the globe are learning complex languages and studying fields we've never heard of.

Many of these children went on to do great things.

Others were crippled by emotional instability.

Some have great potential and are just getting start.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—The six-year-old composer

At the age of three, Wolfgang Mozart played the harpsichord and by six, he had written his first musical composition. This was followed by the first symphony at the age of eight and opera at 12.

The legendary composer's musical talents were quickly discovered shortly after his birth in Salzburg, Austria in 1756.

As a five-year-old, Mozart performed at the University of Salzburg with the piano and at the imperial court in Vienna the next year. At the age of 14, he set out to Italy to become an opera composer.

He died at the age of 35 and left behind more than 600 composed pieces.

William Rowan Hamilton—Multilingual by the age of five

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1805, William Rowan Hamilton showed his intellectual abilities at an early age, mastering Latin, Greek and Hebrew by the age of five.
By the time he was 13, the future mathematician knew 13 different languages, including Sanskrit, Persian, Italian, Arabic, Syriac and Indian dialects.
At the age of 15, Hamilton found errors while studying the works of French mathematician Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace.

He was appointed Professor of Astronomy, Director of the Dunsink Observatory and the Royal Astronomer of Ireland while he was still studying as a university student.
His greatest contributions includes a theory of dynamics and quaternions, a method used for three-dimensional space in mathematics.

Ireland's greatest mathematician was knighted in 1835 and died in 1865.

Pablo Picasso—The greatest artist of the 20th century

Born in Spain in 1881, Pablo Picasso developed his skills early, producing complex pieces with the support of his artist father and by the age of 15, his first large oil painting The First Communion was displayed in Barcelona.

The following year, his painting Science and Charity won a gold medal in Malaga and received honorable mention at a national exhibit for the fine arts in Madrid.
His interest in modern art eventually caused a rift between him and his parents.
In the early 20th century, Picasso co-founded the Cubist movement. His technique and style would change often throughout his life.

The artist died in France in 1973.

William James Sidis—The smartest man who ever lived

At eight years old, William James Sidis proved his mathematics giftedness by developing a new logarithm table based on the number 12 and gave a lecture at Harvard University a year later. The child genius set the world record as the youngest person to enroll at the prestigious university at the age of 11 and graduated cum laude five years later.

Sidis is considered to be the smartest man who ever lived, by some, with an estimated IQ of 250-300.

Before his own experience with the terrible twos, Sidis had taught himself to read and shortly thereafter, became fluent in eight different languages and wrote four original works of his own by the age of seven.

After an incredible childhood – or lack of it – adulthood was a struggle for Sidis and newspapers at the time reported that his "genius had burned out" due to the numerous obscure blue collared jobs he obtained throughout his life.

Shakuntala Devi—The "Hindu Mathematical Wizardess"

Born in 1939 in Bangalore, India to a lion tamer father, Shakuntala Devi started her relationship with numbers through card tricks she played with her father at the age of three.

Nicknamed the "Human Computer," and "Hindu Mathematical Wizardess" Devi demonstrated her mathematics abilities at the University of Mysore and Annamalai University as a child.

Her talent has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records several times, such as when she extracted the 23rd root of a 201-digit number mentally and when she found the cube root of 332,812,557 in seconds.

In 2006, she published "In the Wonderland of Numbers," a story about a girl fascinated with digits.

Robert James Fischer—The greatest chess player

At 14-years-old, Robert "Bobby" Fischer won the World Chess Championship becoming the youngest winner of the title. In that year, he captured the attention of the chess world with what has since been dubbed as "The Game of the Century."
He broke another record the following year when he became the youngest international grandmaster of all times at the age of 15.

In 1972, he became the highest rated player in history with an FIDE rating of 2785.
In 1992, he played a match against an old rival in Yugoslavia and violated a United Nations sanction. Fischer dodged authorities for the next 12 years until his capture in Japan in 2004. He was eventually released in 2005 and granted Icelandic citizenship.

Throughout his chess career, he set many records, including beating two components at a quarter-final and semi-final for the world championship with identical scores.
Fischer died in Iceland in 2008.

Theodore Kaczynski—The Harvard graduate turned unabomber

Theodore Kaczynski, known by most as the "Unabomber," started out as a child prodigy, receiving his acceptance to Harvard University at the age of 16.
He later went on to earn a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Michigan where his thesis paper was so complex, his professors at the time admitted not really being able to understand it.

At 25, Kaczynski became the youngest professor at the University of California, Berkeley but resigned two years later, moved in with his parents and eventually to a secluded cabin in the woods.

His mail bombing spree lasted twenty years, killed three people and injured 23. He is currently serving a life sentence.

But before the Unabomber, there was a young boy who measured an IQ of 167 in the fifth grade.

Kim Ung-Yong—A guest physics student at age three

At the age of three, Kim Ung-Yong began taking courses as a guest physics student at Hanyang University in South Korea. By the age of eight, he was invited by NASA to study in the United States.

Born in 1962, Kim Ung-Yong is listed as having the highest IQ at 210 in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The young prodigy began speaking at four months old and merely two years later, he was able to read in Japanese, Korean, German and English.

As a 16-year-old, Kim left NASA and decided to attend college in Korea to earn a doctorate in civil engineering.

Kim has been an adjunct professor at Chungbuk University since 2007 and has published approximately 90 papers on hydraulics in scientific journals.

Sufiah Yusof—The troubled prodigy

In 1997, Sufiah Yusof received her acceptance to St. Hilda's College, Oxford to study mathematics at the age of 13. A few years later, the Malaysian intellect disappeared form her flat after a final examination.

She was eventually found working as a waitress in an Internet café and claimed her parent's intense pressure on her to succeed led to the runaway.

Upon her return, Yusof lived with a foster family and gave her undergraduate degree another attempt in 2003. The following year, she married a lawyer from Oxford and never completed her program. The marriage lasted 13 months.

In 2007, it was discovered that the once child prodigy has since been working as a prostitute. The news was revealed days after her father was charged with sexually assaulting two 15-year-olds.

Yusof is now reported to be working as a social worker.

Kathleen Holtz—The youngest lawyer

Kathleen Holtz started California State University, Los Angeles at the age of ten and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in philosophy. As a 15-year-old, she started law school and became the youngest lawyer in California and, most likely, the nation at the age of 18 in 2007. The average age for individuals taking the bar exam in California is 30.

After passing the bar, Holtz worked for the law firm TroyGould.

In 2009, NBC was reportedly planning a television series based on Holtz' story starring Hilary Duff.

Michael Kearney—The world's youngest university graduate

At age ten, Michael Kearney received a bachelor's degree from the University of South Alabama and at 17, he received his second graduate degree from Vanderbilt University.

Hawaiian-born, Kearney is listed as the world's youngest university graduate in the Guinness Book of World Records.

At 21, Kearney had collected four undergraduate degrees and a year later, he received his doctorate in chemistry.

In 2006, Kearney won $1 million in AOL's Gold Rush and $25,000 on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire in 2008.

He has had early aspirations to be a game show host. At a young age, Kearney was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Gregory Smith—The four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee

In 1999, at ten years old Gregory Smith received a four-year scholarship to Randolph-Macon College worth approximately $70,000. The young boy eventually graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in History and Biology.

Two years later, Smith added meeting with Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, speaking in front of the United Nations, and being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize to his list of life achievements.

Smith has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times since then for his humanitarian work in East Timor, Sao Paolo, Rwanda and Kenya.

As a 16-year-old, Smith entered the University of Virginia to study for doctorates in mathematics, aerospace engineering, international relations and biomedical research.

Colin Carlson—The environmentalist boy genius

Colin Carlson taught himself how to read as a toddler and graduated from Stanford University Online High School by the age of 11.

At nine-years-old, he began taking college credit courses at the University of Connecticut and enrolled in the university full-time as a sophomore by the age of 12.

Carlson currently holds a 3.9 grade point average as a dual-degree honors student in ecology & evolutionary biology and environmental studies.

He recently filed an age discrimination complaint against the university when they denied his request to participate in field work that would require him to travel to South Africa.

The boy genius has interned with the Sierra Club, founded an environmental organization and testified before the state legislature.

Jacob Barnett—The next Nobel Peace Prize winner

At the age of eight, Jacob Barnett began attending Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

With an IQ of 170 – higher than Albert Einstein's – Barnett could be in line for a future Nobel Peace Prize, according to one of the world's leading scientists and the 13-year-old's professor at college.

His mother told the Indianapolis Star that her son tested out of algebra 1 and 2, geometry, trigonometry and calculus after two-weeks of studying on the front porch.
Barnett has not let Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of autism, slow him down.
Since enrollment, Barnett has been taking advanced astrophysics classes and is working on expanding Einstein's theory of relativity. He is also working on challenging the Big Bang theory.

Akrit Jaswal—The seven-year-old surgeon

At seven years old, Akrit Jaswal added "surgeon" to his resume. Born in 1993, the child surgeon became India's youngest physician and university student.

The only downfall is that the young intellect knows just how gifted he is, reportedly saying, "People saw my potential and wanted to help me excel in life…I think they're of above average intelligence, but not as clever as me."
Jaswal has an estimated IQ of 146.

Saffron Pledger – possibly one of the youngest members of a high IQ society
Image: nerissa's ring via flickr

She hasn't even experienced proper schooling yet, but three-year-old Saffron Pledger already has an IQ score of 140 and might possibly become one of the youngest member of Mensa, an intellectual high IQ society with members in more than 100 countries.

In order to be a part of the scholarly society, members must score among the top two percent of the world's IQ scores.

With her current score, Pledger is already 40 points above the national average and three points ahead of former President Bill Clinton.

The English-born Pledger is reported to be able to write, read, count up to 50 and solve simple mathematics.

She is the daughter of eight-time game show champion Danny Pledger, a 23-year-old web designer.

-Author Unknown-

Thanks to Angela who sent me this post.

Lagi BERS✔H Ditekan, BN Kehilangan Lagi Banyak Undi

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 12:57 AM PDT

BN merasakan kerajaannya terancam, kata Marina

BN yang berada dalam kedudukan panik merasakan kerajaannya kini terancam dan tidak mampu berfikir secara jelas lagi, kata anak sulung mantan Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir.

"Mereka rasa terancam kerana memandang remeh BERSIH pada 2007 dan pada pilihan raya umum 2008 mereka hilang banyak kerusi di parlimen dan dewan undangan negeri. Dan oleh kerana kini dalam keadaan panik, mereka tidak boleh berfikir dengan jelas lagi. Apa di kepala mereka adalah hanya cara untuk menang pilihan raya.

"Awak boleh dapatkan semula sokongan orang ramai dengan hanya berbaik kepada mereka. Awak tidak boleh dapatkan sokongan dengan bersikap jahat. Awak tak boleh tuduh peserta perhimpunan itu semuanya kumpulan samseng, mungkin ada segelintir. Tetapi bukan semua mereka.

"Majoriti mereka adalah kumpulan professional. Kumpulan itu adalah berbeza-beza dan ia sebenarnya 1Malaysia, muda, kaya, miskin, setiap bangsa dan agama menyertainya," kata Marina dalam satu wawancara dengan Malaysiakini.

Pada 9 Julai lalu, Marina juga mengambil bahagian dalam perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0. Beliau turun ke jalanan bersama anak dan rakan-rakannya.

Mereka bermula berhampiran Jalan Pudu (Berjaya Times Square) dan berarak sepanjang Jalan Hang Jebat di hadapan Stadium Negara menuju ke bangunan Majlis Olympik Malaysia.

Katanya, mereka yang turun pada hari itu begitu bangga dengan pertubuhan BERSIH 2.0.

"Saya mungkin tidak setuju dengan perjuangan mereka tetapi mereka melakukan perkara yang baik. Kami semua menjadi 1Malaysia.

"Sekarang kerajaan melabelkan kami dengan pelbagai nama. Biar saya beritahu, mereka kini kehilangan banyak undi.

Mereka mungkin beranggap mereka telah tewas tetapi biar saya beritahu, sebenarnya banyak yang masih di atas pagar dan sudah tentu (tindakan kerajaan itu) mereka akan menyokong pihak satu lagi. Saya lihat ini jelas dalam media sosial, terutamanya di emel, twitter dan blog," kata Marina.

Ulasan GB

Thanks Marina for reminding them in time.

Benar, selagi pihak kerajaan dan polis terus-terusan menahan, menangkap dan menyiksa mereka yang menyokong perjuangan BERSIH, merampas baju mereka, atau menghalang rakyat dari menyebar dan mendapat maklumat mengenai BERSIH, Barisan Nasional akan kehilangan lebih banyak undi di dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang!

Yang menyokong perjuangan BERSIH, seperti kata Marina, "sebenarnya 1Malaysia, muda, kaya, miskin, setiap bangsa dan agama menyertainya".

Last Welcome Party Day in London For Najib & Rosmah (2of3) 15072011

Posted: 17 Jul 2011 10:42 PM PDT

Docs Say Dr Jeyakumar Detention Cruel And Unjust

Posted: 17 Jul 2011 10:26 PM PDT

Home News Columns Letters Video Mobilekini Books SMS Komunitikini Property Jobs Travel Food Stock Edu Car Map 176 doctors call for release of 'PSM 6' Jul 17, 11 5:26pm 10 friends can read this story for free One hundred and

Win People Back By Being Nice, Not Nasty - Marina Tells Govt

Posted: 17 Jul 2011 10:15 PM PDT

Home News Columns Letters Video Mobilekini Books SMS Komunitikini Property Jobs Travel Food Stock Edu Car Map Gov't feels threatened, says Marina M Krishnamoorthy
Jul 18, 11
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